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  • NY insurgent who said 'Dems can't be silent anymore' about Palestine clips AIPAC poodle in primary shocker
    • It sure didn't take long for the right wing to smear her after her victory. The Daily Caller links her to Thomas Lopez-Pierre who "used slurs against Jewish and black New Yorkers in public forums and while running for office himself."

    • Page: 16
    • Do you know if HRH Prince William commemorated or even mentioned the fallen British soldiers and citizens who died in the 1946 Irgun bombing of the King David Hotel where he was lodged?

  • If I had to live in Israel again, 'it would actually drive me insane' -- Shaul Magid
    • If Philip Weiss, until this speech, thought Israel was the United States or that American Jews are Israeli Jews – then it calls into question everything he’s ever written about his State of Palestine and his Arab nationalist cause...If you guys want to have a racially pure State of Palestine and want to promote an “authentic” Arab identity – you’d be better off understanding your enemy well.

      Say what? This is the most inane comment ever on this site.

  • 'Israel has no choice' -- 'NY Times' columnists largely line up behind Gaza massacre
  • Stars — They’re Just Like Us: Celebs outraged over Gaza are speaking out
    • That's especially great that Gigi Hadid spoke up. She's got 9.2 million followers on Twitter. Netanyahu has only 1.4 million on his personal account and 0.6 million on his PM of Israel account. Gal Gadot has 1.8 million.

  • Umm Al Hiran is ethnically cleansed 'voluntarily'
  • Israeli snipers shoot 6 Palestinian journalists, killing one--making international headlines
    • It's encouraging to see Shaun King tell his 1.7 million Facebook followers,

      I need you to understand what Israel is doing to Palestinians right now. Yesterday an Israeli sniper shot and killed a beloved photojournalist named Yasser Murtaja. That’s him moments after they shot him. I’ve seen the video. He died soon thereafter. It’s disgraceful.
      In fact Israeli snipers have now killed 30 Palestinian protestors. They aren’t even face to face. They are shooting them from across the border fence. In addition to the 30 people assassinated by Israel, nearly 500 more have been shot and thousands have been injured. These are war crimes. This is a humanitarian catastrophe. This violates international law.

      Shaun King is an enormously influential journalist.

  • Killing Palestinian protesters turns into a PR debacle for Israel
    • "Apartheid Israel can be defeated, just as apartheid in South Africa was defeated".
      --Winne Mandela, 9/6/36  – 4/2/18 .

  • On the 'double standard' for Israel
  • Ron Lauder's two-state epiphany elicits rage and condescension in Israel
    • Perhaps one place to understand the so-called "liberal Zionist" is this 1990 LA Times review of a book written by a self-described "liberal Afrikaner" who writes of "anguish" as he explores the "complexities" of the South African conflict. He "wears his heart on his sleeve" and talks of his "fear" of black people. He's worries his mostly leftist friends will think him a racist for discussing at length "the record of violence that blacks have perpetrated against whites and a soul-shaking depiction of the atrocities he says are committed by black against black." He captures his country's "problems in all their complexity, a book in which there are crimes on all sides."

    • BTW, the letters to the editor the Times ran are all by Jewish Zionists, and a couple are sharply critical of Lauder.

      Yes. I noticed that too. It reminds me of this Chomsky quote:

      The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum – even encourage the more critical and dissident views. That gives people the sense that there’s free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate.

      But you already know that. The spectrum of "acceptable opinion" in the NYT runs from liberal Zionism to right wing Zionism.

  • Jennifer Rubin likens Trump to Hitler in 'blood and soil' ethno-nationalism that threatens Jews
    • I recall that Trump declared, “We are stopping all our attacks on Judeo-Christian values.” This was at the Values Voters Summit in October. The use of the phrase "Judeo-Christian" is to explicitly include Jews and Christians but not Muslims, atheists, and others. I think Rubin wishes she were being excluded by Trump, but she is not.

    • Andrew Beaujon recently published a piece in the Washingtonian worth reading: The Left Has a Jennifer Rubin Problem, Too. He gives examples from Dan Rather, Laurence Tribe, Joy Reid, Salon, and Media Matters as evidence of her newfound embrace by liberals.

  • AIPAC is suddenly getting a lot of bad press, in Jewish papers and 'Washington Post'
    • Another example: In a recent Twitter thread on the NRA, MSNBC's Chris Hayes wrote

      Part of the NRA's strength for a long time was that it was truly bi-partisan and single issue. It will ultimately come to regret the turn its taken...It's part of the broader polarization of American life, but paraphrasing Michael Jordan "Democrats buy guns, too."...Although few and fewer households have guns over time, while more and more guns are sold, which is correlated to the the NRA's evolution into a hard-right culture war outfit.

      A twitter user responded, "similar thing happening to Israel, seems like." Hayes replied,

      it's not nearly as far along the road as the NRA but trending in exactly the same direction...AIPAC conferences will, I think, sound like this very shortly.

      This was a week before the recent AIPAC conference.

  • For Bari Weiss, Israel advocacy was both ideology and good career move
    • I am baffled by Joe Scarborough's comments to Bari Weiss on his MSNBC show:

      “You look at the attacks against you. You’re talking about free speech, and you were attacked of course after this column for trying to inhibit free speech at Columbia when, in fact, you were praised for actually being a free speech champion. And trying to get more voices out there. But still, you were attacked and people tried to stifle your voice after writing this column.”

      So getting professors fired champions free speech? She's Bizarro Free Speech Champion.

  • There are only two kinds of Jews, Schumers and Feinsteins
  • AIPAC conference will feature lots of liberal Democratic speakers
  • Zionism's tailspin: Stark minority of young California Jews are 'comfortable with idea of Jewish state'
    • Marvelous! I don't think even Frank Luntz could spin this to Israel's favor. People complain about millennials, but I love 'em.

  • Roger Cohen misses the Palestinian reality
    • It seems the NYT editors offer greater license for falsehoods and misrepresentations to the opinion page columnists than to news reporters. And now that the paper has eliminated its public editor, that license goes unchecked.

  • Israeli lawfare organization sues BDS activists for advising Lorde to cancel Israel concert
    • I am no lawyer, but I am unaware of any treaty between New Zealand and Israel that would require New Zealand to enforce a civil judgement of an Israeli court if the defendants are in New Zealand. So the whole lawsuit seems pointless except for ill-advised PR.

  • 'We’re going to have nothing to do with (peace process) any longer' -- Trump threatens Palestinians
    • I think I've heard this before.

      When they disrespected us a week ago...

      Now you come and say "Don Corleone, give me justice." But you don't ask with respect. You don't offer friendship. You don't even think to call me "Godfather."

      That money is on the table...

      When I wake up, if the money is on the table, I'll know I have a partner. If it isn't, I'll know I don't.

      Because I can tell you that Israel does want to make peace.

      Don Corleone will give up protection in the East - and there will be the peace.

  • Messianic Mike Pence spouts pseudo-biblical literalism in Jerusalem
    • Kerry has told an Abbas confidante to stay strong and not give in to Trump because he may run for president in 2020. The lobby would certainly try to to derail any Kerry candidacy--he would likely by the least favorite candidate from their perspective. And a Kerry candidacy would certainly thrust foreign policy to the fore of debate in the party.

  • Netanyahu has taken a wrecking ball to Israel's favorability ratings among Democrats
    • Indeed, Annie.

    • With Republican Americans even more united on this issue and Democrats even more divided, Republicans will certainly exploit it as a wedge issue in 2018 and 2020 by attempting to carve-off Israeli-supporting Democrats. I can see it now. The DNC will counter by adopting more pro-Israel rhetoric and suppressing Democratic supporters of Palestinian rights. Sentiment for Palestinians will be attacked as helping Trump and the GOP. At times the Democratic establishment will smear us with invective in order to keep our voice from being heard.

  • Once again, 'NYT' says Judaism = Zionism
    • Lots of Jews support BDS.

      Indeed. JVP's Rebecca Vilkomerson wrote in Twitter about the Times article:

      Disastrous appointment. Really tired of misleading reporting of “Jewish students” as a monolith of opposition to BDS when plenty support it. It intentionally blurs the line between discrimination and advocacy for human rights for all.

  • Trump's line on 'shithole countries' is a mainstream view in Israel
    • When Trump made his "shithole" disparagements, I was reminded of the racism in Leon Uris's Exodus, which depicts the "stinking" Arab villages with "overwhelming stench" and "vile odors." From the footnotes of Finkelstein's Beyond Chutzpah:

      Putting aside its apologetics for Zionism, the sheer racism of Uris's blockbuster [Exodus] bears recalling. The Arabs, their villages, their homes—to the last, they're "stinking" or engulfed in "overwhelming stench" and "vile odors." Arab men just "lay around" all day "listless"—that is, when they're not hatching "some typical double-dealing scheme which seemed perfectly legitimate to the Arab," or resorting to "the unscrupulous ethics of the Arab ... the fantastic reasoning that condoned every crime short of murder," or "becom[ing] hysterical at the slightest provocation." As for Palestine itself before the Jews worked wonders, it was "worthless desert in the south end and eroded in the middle and swamp up north"; "a land of festering, stagnated swamps and eroded hills and rock-filled fields and unfertile earth caused by a thousand years of Arab and Turkish neglect. ... There was little song or laughter or joy in Arab life. ... In this atmosphere, cunning, treachery, murder, feuds and jealousies became a way of life. The cruel realities that had gone into forming the Arab character puzzled outsiders. Cruelty from brother to brother was common." Truth be told, not much has changed in official Zionist propaganda (Leon Uris, Exodus [New York, 1959], pp. 181, 213, 216, 227, 228, 229, 253, 334, 352---53).

  • Finally a 'New York Times' columnist says liberal Zionism is dead
    • This column will provoke controversy...

      I fear Ms Goldberg may be eating alone at the office lunchroom. Cohen and Friedman may someday join her table, but no way will mean boys Brooks and Stephens be sitting with her.

  • A foreign leader -- Netanyahu -- set Trump's agenda in Middle East, Michael Wolff book says
    • At times, RoHa, Ms Nauert can make WH spox Ms Sanders seem adorably sweet in comparison.

    • Matt Lee is hilarious at the State Dept daily briefing:

      QUESTION: Well, hold on. Just one more on this issue. It has to do with this report about the ambassador in Tel Aviv, who is reported to have wanted the administration to stop calling the West Bank occupied. Without getting into internal government deliberations, does the administration still believe that the West Bank is occupied?

      MS NAUERT: I can’t confirm that conversation or what --

      QUESTION: I’m not asking you to. But do you still – does the administration believe that the West Bank is occupied by Israel?

      MS NAUERT: I can only say that our position has not changed. Our position on that hasn’t changed.

      QUESTION: Well, does that mean that – does that mean that you still regard the West Bank as being occupied?

      MS NAUERT: Matt, I can just tell you our position hasn’t changed. I’m going to be very careful with the words because anything related to this region, as many others --

      QUESTION: Exactly.

      MS NAUERT: -- is extremely sensitive.

      QUESTION: Exactly.

      MS NAUERT: Our position has not changed, and I won’t budge from that.

      QUESTION: Okay. At some point it would be nice to find out exactly what that position is. You shouldn’t be afraid – precisely because it is so sensitive, you shouldn’t be afraid, unless you’re embarrassed by what the policy is. Not you personally, but whoever. You shouldn’t be afraid to say what it is instead of just saying it hasn’t changed.

      MS NAUERT: I don’t think – Matt, as you have seen, when America speaks about a matter, it is taken very seriously.

      QUESTION: I know.

      MS NAUERT: And so that is why it’s important for the United States to be careful with its words. And you may not get all the words that you were hoping to get, but I’m going to be careful with the words. Okay?

      QUESTION: Okay. Well, does that include tweeting stuff about “little Rocket Man” and things like that?

      MS NAUERT: Matt.

      QUESTION: Be careful with your words? Or “fire and fury” is going to rain down on North Korea?

      MS NAUERT: I’m not even going to go there, Matt. Okay?

  • 'We have taken Jerusalem off the table' -- Trump bullies Palestinians
    • Trump didn't just pull that phrase ("off the table") out of his twitter arse. Nikki Haley used it three times in her Dec 10 Face the Nation appearance. Unfortunately John Dickerson didn't pursue the apparent contradiction with stated policy about not prejudicing the final status of Jerusalem. Instead he changed the topic to Korea. Hopefully the press will pursue more clarity from this ridiculously incoherent administration.

  • 'Want to boycott Israel? Be my guest, there will be a pricetag' -- Israeli official warns Europe
    • BDS has “absolutely no place on a college campus because it goes against the values that American academic institutions stand for. That’s the language we need to start speaking.”

      Someone forgot to tell the students of the University of Michigan. From the Michigan Daily:

      #UMDivest's resolution — for the first time in the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor’s history — passed in Central Student Government early Wednesday morning with 23 voting in favor, 17 against, and 5 abstained.

      “We feel like we finally were given a voice on this campus,” a SAFE student tearily said to the audience.

  • The Weinstein effect drags in Israel
    • David Boies sure gets around. He represented Virginia Roberts against Jeffrey Epstein's pal Alan Dershowitz.

  • Rachel Maddow's lineup of crazy U.N. speeches spotlights Arafat-- and leaves out Netanyahu!
  • 'NYT' piece on nationalism as a cause for ethnic cleansing leaves out the Nakba
    • Thanks, Phil. "Norman Finkelstein’s critique of self-determination as a desideratum in Israel and Palestine". Is there a reference for this? I'd like to read it.

  • Democratic candidate for Illinois gov'r fires his running mate over BDS
  • Going veg
    • Nice article, Phil. I've been vegan for over a year now. Recently on the vegan subreddit someone posted about how Israel has the most vegans per capita. As most vegans lean left, a sh*tstorm ensued in the comments about Palestinian rights. Although I was just a bystander, it was comforting to know that attitudes are changing on Israel.

  • Charlottesville is moment of truth for empowered U.S. Zionists (who name their children after Israeli generals)
  • 'I will not be bullied, intimidated threatened over my unshakeable support for Palestinian liberation' -- Linda Sarsour
  • Outnumbering the racists
    • Fox News says it will no longer use the "Fair and Balanced" motto. So perhaps Hadassah can adopt the motto now. It makes about as much sense for them as it did for Fox News.

  • Oren sees 'radical implosion' of US Jewish support for Israel -- then calls Palestinian polygamy 'existential threat'
    • The Time of Israel reported five months ago that top rabbis had sanctioned polygamy to counter Arab demographic trends:

      Each year, a number of Israeli rabbis affiliated with the rabbinate give permission for dozens of Orthodox Jewish men to take a second wife, despite the fact that polygamy is illegal under state law, an expose by Channel 10 television revealed on Monday.

      An organization catering primarily to the Jewish Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox communities actively encourages and facilitates polygamy, claiming the practice will help reduce the number of single women within their communities and at the same time give Jews an edge in the demographic race against Arabs in Israel.

  • Jews made America great so 'we deserve our influence' on Israel policy, Dershowitz tells Scarsdale synagogue
  • The war for 'The New York Times'
    • If climate-denying/human-rights-denying Bret Stephens doesn't like two new NYT colleagues' opinion of him, his thin skin will be in for a rough time once he starts reading the "Readers' Picks" comments of his columns.

  • Editor is fired then reinstated after he refuses to cut Sarah Schulman's paragraph on Palestine solidarity
  • Bret Stephens's greatest hits
    • In order to unsubscribe to the WSJ a few months agoI had to call a 800 number and explain my reasons. I simply said "Bret Stephens." Now I will do the same to the NYT. But at least I can go back to the WSJ now.

  • The liberal double standard on boycotting North Carolina and boycotting Israel
    • Lookee over there

    • Thanks, Phil. As someone with both transgender and Palestinian members of my immediate family, I thank you. I would never have expected that trans rights would become more accepted before Palestinian rights, so the struggle continues. Thank you, too, MW staff.

  • Zionism and feminism are incompatible, leftwing voices say
  • Trump's pick for amb. to Israel funded settlements in Jerusalem's Muslim Quarter
  • Trump warns annexation of West Bank will cause 'immediate crisis' between US and Israel - Lieberman
    • My hunch is that the disingenuous prime minister prompted the U.S. administration to draw this red line. Netanyahu, who doesn't want to rock the diplomatic boat, needs cover from Washington to fend off Naftali Bennett and the annexationists in his coalition. Netanyahu certainly understands the diplomatic cost of letting the mask slip to reveal the ugly face of apartheid.

  • After exciting disruptions, David Friedman hearing is a walk in the park
    • Trump's new pick for Labor Secretary, Alexander Acosta, could also be in for an interesting confirmation hearing. Mondoweiss readers may remember him as the federal prosecutor who gave Jeffrey Epstein a controversial sweetheart deal when Epstein's friend Alan Dershowitz was defending him.

  • Why Trump is even thinking about naming pro-Israel apparatchik who opposed him to high position
    • Abrams' late wife Rachel called Palestinian children "devils' spawn." Abrams should feel right at home with David Friedman.

  • More and more people see 'one state only' but Remnick fears it will be like Bosnia
    • Citizen, I put together a transcript of Linda's powerful speech:

      "Peace be upon you brothers and sisters. My name is Linda Sarsour and I am one of the national co-chairs for the Women's March on Washington. I stand here before you unapologetically Muslim-American, unapologetically Palestinian-American, unapologetically from Brooklyn, New York. Sisters and brothers, you are what democracy looks like. Sisters and brothers, you are my hope for my community. I will respect the presidency, but I will not respect this president of the United States of America. I will not respect an administration that won an election on the backs of Muslims and Black people and undocumented people and Mexicans and people with disabilities, and on the backs of women. Many of our communities, including my community, the Muslim community, have been suffering in silence for the past fifteen years under the Bush administration and under the Obama administration. The very things that you are outraged by during this election season, the Muslim registry program, the banning of Muslims, the dehumanization of the communities that I come from , that has been our reality for the past fifteen years. Sisters and brothers, if you have come here today as your first time at a march, I welcome you. I ask you to stand and continue to keep your voices loud for Black women, for Native women, for undocumented women, for LGBTQIA communities, for people with disabilities. You can count on me, your Palestinian-Muslim sister, to keep her voice loud, keep her feet on the street, keep my head held high because I am not afraid. Sisters and brothers, fear is a choice. We are the majority. We are the conscience of the United States. We are this nation's moral compass. If you want to know if you are going the right way, follow women of color, sisters and brothers, we know where we need to go and we know where justice is because when we fight for justice, we fight for it for all people, for all of our communities. I want to remind you that the reason why you are here today is because mothers and yoga teachers and organizers and bakers came out to organize ordinary people made this happen. No corporate dollars, no money from corporations, this is your dollars, this is your work. You made this happen. I am honored to stand here today on the stage as a national co-chair with Tamika and Carmen, who are my sisters, but also my family. I organize for my mother and I march for my daughters and all of my children, but most of all, I am my Palestinian mother who lives in occupied territories. I am so proud to be here with you all. Justice for all. "

  • Israeli 'human interest' matters a lot more than Palestinian 'human rights' in Washington Post
    • "Rage", as used in the NYT headline, is a race-loaded word. A Google search of the NYT web site yields 7 hits for the phrase "Israeli rage" and 3,950 hits for "Palestinian rage".

  • Stephen Cohen calls out liberal media for demonizing Russia, slurring Tillerson and stigmatizing all dissent
    • In October the Department of Homeland Security and Office of the Director of National Intelligence issued a joint statement fingering Russia on behalf of the U.S. Intelligence Community. Politifact listed the 17 agencies that make up the U.S. Intelligence Community.

      Air Force Intelligence, Army Intelligence, Central Intelligence Agency, Coast Guard Intelligence, Defense Intelligence Agency, Energy Department, Homeland Security Department, State Department, Treasury Department, Drug Enforcement Administration, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Marine Corps Intelligence, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, National Reconnaissance Office, National Security Agency, Navy Intelligence and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

      But it isn't clear how many agencies made independent assessments rather than merely rely on the analysis of other agencies in the USIC.

  • Jewish brawl on CNN signals breakup of the pro-Israel monolith in the Trump era
  • Palestinian farmers are the first line of resistance to Israeli occupation
  • Israel approves huge shopping mall for settlers in occupied territories
  • David Horowitz threatens to sue student for op-ed condemning 'hate' posters
    • I have used the SPLC quote in the comment section of two student newspapers after Horowitz appeared on campus. Each time he responded directly to my comment with a very defensive reply. It's hilarious he is so thin-skinned and is easy to provoke into a rage.

  • Human Rights groups up pressure on Obama to investigate Israeli killing of U.S. citizen
  • 'Shame on you,' Israel, for turning Obama 'into some Jew hater,' Tom Friedman says
  • Liberal Zionists see 'window of opportunity' for two states in last three months of Obama administration
  • Desperately seeking a strong man -- Donald and Hillary
    • Thanks, Annie!

    • Yesterday Tim Kaine criticised the "cozy bromance" between Putin and Trump. TPM's Josh Marshall has also described it as a bromance. And there is a popular internet meme including a photo-shopped horseback photo of the two.

      Bromance is comedic form of homophobia. It mocks straight men for perceived gayness. Gayness is the punchline--the joke.

  • Huma Abedin dumps Anthony Weiner, occupation denier
    • Well, If he needs an attorney in this marital mess, I'm sure Dershowitz would be happy to represent him pro bono. After all, they both know to keep their underwear on.

  • Many Clinton Foundation donors oppose BDS-- and so does Clinton
  • Progressive foreign policy missing from revised Sanders revolution
  • Pro-Israel groups close in on anti-BDS victory in California legislature
  • Israel lobby panics about 'spoiled' next generation of American leaders turning against it
    • Not only for scientific progress, but Max Planck's insight on QM also applies to progress on human rights: "A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it."

  • Video: Israeli soldier throws 8-year old Palestinian girl's bike into bushes
    • Sigh.

      QUESTION: Last week, an Israeli soldier in the occupied city of Hebron roughed up a little Palestinian girl on a bicycle, and then he took her bike and destroyed it. My question to you is very simple: Should Israel compensate this little girl for the bicycle? Very simple.

      MR TONER: So I don’t know that that’s a question we necessarily should answer from the podium of the State Department, but what I’ll say is we understand the tensions that exist in Israel regarding security and security concerns, but – and I’ve seen the video; I know what you’re talking about – it’s also legitimate to say that what’s portrayed in that video is concerning and raises emotions on the part of many people who see it, and that any security forces – and I’m talking about not just Israel’s, but any security forces around the world – have a difficult job. We understand that they have to balance a lot of factors in carrying out their duties, but they also need to be aware of how their actions portray what they’re doing and the reasons behind what they’re doing to the rest of the world. So that’s a question for the Israeli authorities to speak to. I’m just offering my opinion.

      QUESTION: But you subsidize Israel to the tune of billions of dollars.

      MR TONER: We do.

      QUESTION: Should you deduct like $100 to pay for that bicycle? It’s a serious question.

      MR TONER: No, I --

      QUESTION: Should you deduct $100 from the $40 billion or so that you’re about to give Israel for the next 10 years, and say this is to replace the bicycle?

      MR TONER: Said – so I spoke about this a little bit yesterday. Our security relationship with Israel is important both to Israel’s national security interests as well as our own, as well as the region’s, and it’s vital that we maintain that close cooperation. And, frankly, that relationship, as I said yesterday, is ironclad. Israel is a strong democracy in the region and a strong proponent of democratic values in the region. We’re looking at this incident. I agree that, again, for those who watched the video, I can see where it raises emotions and raises concerns. And what we’ve always said – and that bears – that is true for Israel’s security forces or Israelis, as well as for Palestinians – is that all sides need to bear in mind and take – or make efforts not to escalate tensions and be aware that their actions could escalate tensions in what is already an overly tense situation. And I think that’s our message.

      QUESTION: So you don’t – you will not urge Israel to compensate this little girl --

      MR TONER: I’m not aware of any efforts on that part.

      QUESTION: -- to the tune of $100 for – to pay for the bicycle?

      MR TONER: I’m not aware that we – and I’m not even sure we could do that.


  • The 'New York Times' is dead set on marginalizing Jewish anti-Zionism
    • I almost stopped reading the NYT article when it referred to "Jewish Voices for Peace." If the author and editor can't even get the organisation's name right, how much could they possibly know about it?

  • Israelis take on Facebook 'monster' with claims it knowingly incites Palestinian attacks
  • Your support today determines: How much truth?
  • 'Palestinians ought to be free' -- Cornel West's historic moment
    • In the Guardian today Cornel West endorses Stein

      This November, we need change. Yet we are tied in a choice between Trump, who would be a neo-fascist catastrophe, and Clinton, a neo-liberal disaster. That’s why I am supporting Jill Stein. I am with her – the only progressive woman in the race – because we’ve got to get beyond this lock-jaw situation. I have a deep love for my brother Bernie Sanders, but I disagree with him on Hillary Clinton. I don’t think she would be an “outstanding president”. Her militarism makes the world a less safe place.

  • In latest pander to Israel lobby, Clinton smears Max Blumenthal's criticism of Wiesel as 'hateful'
  • Evening march to Cuomo's suburban house is latest action against his blacklist on boycott
    • Dear Gov. Cuomo. I am spending this Fourth of July weekend driving from one end of your state to the other end without spending one thin dime except to fill the gas tank. While it's unconstitutional of NY to blacklist BDS supporters, it isn't unconstitutional of me to personally blacklist NY. Cheers.

  • Dershowitz approves Clinton's 'muscular foreign policy,' and Sen. Warren is a 'surprising Israel hawk'
  • Brexit vote leaves progressives suspended between nativists and neoliberals
    • In between banging my head against all sorts of hard objects, I turn to Phil's writing to calm me down. This post is very calming.

  • By stressing accused Orlando shooter's Muslim name, Trump can gain upper hand on Clinton -- Michael Oren
    • In Donald Trump's carefully prepared security speech today, he said,

      When I am elected, I will suspend immigration from areas of the world when there is a proven history of terrorism against the United States, Europe or our allies, until we understand how to end these threats.

      Under this criterion, all Palestine passport holders, Christian and Muslim alike, could and would likely be prevented from immigration.

  • Clinton forces dig in against changes to Democratic platform on Israel
    • The 2012 DNC platform win for the Israel Firsters was pyrrhic.

    • According the Jewish Journal, former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is warning Senator Sanders not to start a DNC platform fight over Israel: “We don’t need more division,” he said. Villaraigosa is a Clinton supporter. ACK!

  • Front-page play for Israel battle shows that Israel has lost the Democratic Party base
  • Tom Friedman needs to get an inoculation (attacking BDS) before he can say how bad Israel is
    • You can always count on the Readers' Picks comments to reveal the bias of the NYT on I/P. Here is the #1 Readers' Picks comment:

      Ray Leonard
      Lancaster Pa 10 hours ago
      B.D.S protests seek to put economic pressure on Israel because moral arguments fail to persuade their leaders. It does not seek to destroy Israel, and once and for all stop conflating criticism with intent to destroy Israel. Economic sanctions work. It's time the US government put real pressure on Israel to end its universally recognized illegal occupation of Palestine.

  • Israel looks to wall in the BDS movement
    • Thanks, Just.

      In yesterday's briefing, a questioner (probably Said or Matt) followed up on the previous day's briefing. Ms Trudeau used the occasion to specifically criticize boycotts of Israel while also refraining from specifically criticising Israel's silencing of Omar:

      QUESTION: Just wondering if you were able to find out whether or not U.S. officials had raised the situation of Omar Barghouti directly with the Israelis or if you are just going to stick to the public comments that you made yesterday.

      MS TRUDEAU: Okay. So thank you for that. Today is a holiday in Israel. I have no updates on our conversations with the Israelis, however we will discuss this with the Israelis, as we do a range of other issues. Our strong opposition, of course, to boycotts and sanctions of the state of Israel is well known, however I would reiterate, as a general principle, we support the freedom of movement as well as freedom of expression even in cases when we do not agree with the political views espoused.

    • Today at the daily briefing at the State Dept, it was Ms Trudeau's turn to be clueless.

      QUESTION: Okay. The Israelis have imposed a travel ban on the BDS, the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions founder, or co-founder, Omar Barghouti.

      MS TRUDEAU: Yeah.

      QUESTION: Do you have any comment on that, they’re preventing --

      MS TRUDEAU: So we’ve seen the reports. We would refer you to the Israelis for comments.

      QUESTION: Okay. Well, I tell you what, because last month, earlier last month, there was a conference to – actually to counter BDS, a conference that was attended by the American ambassador and so on. And in fact, one of those present giving speeches by – from the Israeli side basically threatened Mr. Barghouti directly, and he implicitly called that maybe they ought to be targeted and assassinated and so on. Do you – you don’t find this a bit disturbing that Israel is using – uses whatever tactics to prevent this activism that is largely peaceful?

      MS TRUDEAU: So I can’t speak to those comments. I haven’t seen those specific comments. I know we talked about this conference before.

      QUESTION: Right.

      MS TRUDEAU: I would say, as a general principle, we support freedom of movement for Palestinians and permanent residents of Israel.

      QUESTION: Okay. Because Israel seems to be doing this against journalists, against activists and so on. Do you call on them not – to sort of cease and desist?

      MS TRUDEAU: I don’t think anyone should question the U.S. Government on freedom of expression.

      QUESTION: Okay. I have to a couple more. Sorry, I have a couple more questions on Palestinian-Israeli issue.

      MS TRUDEAU: Of course.

      QUESTION: Also --

      QUESTION: Can you just stay with Barghouti for one second?

      MS TRUDEAU: Yeah, of course.

      QUESTION: So when you say that you – in principle, you support – what was it you said?

      MS TRUDEAU: It was freedom of movement for Palestinians and permanent residents of Israel.

      QUESTION: Including Mr. Barghouti?

      MS TRUDEAU: As a general principle.

      QUESTION: Yeah, but you don’t have --

      MS TRUDEAU: I can’t speak specifically to this case. For that, I’m going to refer to the Israelis. However, I would say as a general principle, yes.

      QUESTION: Well, I mean, is this something that you’ve brought up with the Israelis?

      MS TRUDEAU: To my knowledge, at this --

      QUESTION: Or is this only something that you’re responding to Said’s question with? I mean, I’m just trying to figure out --

      MS TRUDEAU: At this stage, I don’t know if we’ve raised it with the Israelis.

      QUESTION: I’m just trying to figure out if this is an issue that the U.S. is concerned about.

      MS TRUDEAU: So freedom of movement for Palestinians --

      QUESTION: Yeah, yeah.

      MS TRUDEAU: -- and permanent residents is a concern. I don’t know if we’ve raised this specific issue.

      QUESTION: And is it – would it be possible to find out?

      MS TRUDEAU: Yeah, I can definitely check.

      QUESTION: Because, I mean, there’s two arguments here. One is from the Israeli perspective that this guy is running a campaign that basically – that they see as a threat. But then there’s the other side --

      MS TRUDEAU: Which is freedom of movement.

      QUESTION: Right, and whether – and you oppose – you say you oppose the BDS tactics. You don’t like boycotts; you think that they’re – you’re – you think that they’re bad, and so the question is: If you basically agree with the Israelis on this --

      MS TRUDEAU: We support freedom of movement.

      QUESTION: Yeah, I know, but in this specific case --

      MS TRUDEAU: But let me check and see if we’ve raised this specific case.

  • Calling Israel a 'modern day miracle' and 'vibrant bloom in desert,' Clinton says BDS is anti-Semitic
  • Democratic Party is now split over Israel, and Clinton and Sanders represent opposing camps, says Pew
    • Indeed. The Pew poll also shows that support for Palestinians increases with education level.

  • Donna Edwards's campaign unsettles the Israel lobby inside the Democratic Party
    • Hi amigo. I'm not sure if I read your comment right, but Bernie was among the 17 who didn't sign the AIPAC letter--it's a shorter list than 83 who did sign.

    • Revealed today AIPAC backed a Senate letter urging increased military aid to Israel. Eighty-three U.S. senators signed. The seventeen who didn't sign are:
      John Barrasso (R-WY)
      Barbara Boxer (D-CA)
      Sherrod Brown (D-OH)
      Tom Carper (D-DE)
      Bob Corker (R-TN)
      Al Franken (D-MN)
      Tim Kaine (D-VA)
      Angus King (I-ME)
      Christopher S. Murphy (D-CT)
      Rand Paul (R-WV)
      Jack Reed (D-RI)
      Bernie Sanders (I-VT)
      Jeff Sessions (R-AL)
      Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH)
      Jon Tester (D-MT)
      Tom Udall (D-NM)

  • Obama's November surprise
    • I don't think there will be any movement toward peace as long as the U.S. thinks it can achieve an agreement without applying meaningful pressure on the stronger party.

      QUESTION: Different topic. Okay. Very quickly on the Secretary’s speech yesterday --

      MR KIRBY: Yeah.

      QUESTION: -- at J Street, he said that, quote, “I can tell you for these next nine months,” talking about the peace process, “we will not stop working to find a way.” Then he went on to say, “And so we will continue to advance the two-state solution as the only solution because anything else will not be Jewish and will not be democratic and we understand that,” unquote.

      Now, does he have – like, is there something in the offing? Is there going to be some sort of an initiative that the Secretary might undertake, perhaps either – because we’re talking about a very short period of time.

      MR KIRBY: The Secretary is very mindful of the time left while he has in office, and he’s also mindful of the importance of this issue. And I don’t think I can improve upon his words from last night, that he is very committed to continuing to try to work to get to a two-state solution. Does he have an initiative or an announcement to make? I have nothing for you on that today. I can just tell you that the point he was trying to make last night was that for as long as he’s the Secretary of State, he’s going to continue to work on this and work as very – as hard as he can.

      QUESTION: The reason I ask this question, because only months ago – maybe couple months ago – the President himself said there’s not likely to be anything. But listening to the Vice President and listening to the Secretary of State, they’re basically saying that this thing is alive and kicking and we’re going to push for it. So --

      MR KIRBY: I don't know that anybody said it wasn’t still an objective. We’ve also said – I know I’ve said and I know the Secretary has said that it’s up to the leadership there in the region – all parties, the leadership on all sides – to take the kinds of affirmative steps and initiative to get us there. We can’t do it for them. It can’t be legislated externally. It has to be something that they decide to move forward on. And as both, I think – as both the Secretary and the Vice President said last night, it’s difficult to see that way right now because that sort of leadership isn’t being fully exerted. But that doesn’t mean that we aren’t still committed to it, that we aren’t still going to try to help them get to a position where they can make these decisions and we – they can take the kinds of actions to reduce the violence, restore the calm, and move forward. I don’t see the gap, quite frankly, the way you’ve described it.

      QUESTION: Maybe just --

      MR KIRBY: We’re all still committed to it.

  • Anti-BDS legislation faces crucial hearing tomorrow in California Judiciary Committee
    • I am not sure why the California legislature would take actions that invite BDS supporters to spend their vacation dollars elsewhere. After all, any individual consumer who supports BDS can more easily boycott California than California can boycott that consumer.

      Next time you're considering where to vacation, take a glance first at the Anti-BDS Legislation Map at Palestine Legal.

  • 'Haaretz' exposes 'The New York Times'
    • Yes, the NYT published a Kershner article on the efforts of the Israeli army to get some former soldiers to return property that isn't rightfully theirs. The article includes, without noting any irony whatsoever, two photos of the Israeli military in the annexed Golan Heights.

  • Palestinian reflections on Israel's hysterical attack on BDS
    • "This is not news anymore! "

      Minister Katz's threat to resort to "civic assassination" of BDS leaders, presumably including U.S. citizens, has been met with a big yawn by the U.S. State Department. From Friday's briefing:

      QUESTION: Yeah. I wondered if you had time to look at what – the speeches that took place and the statements made by Minister Katz, whether that can be considered as incitement, especially in this atmosphere of heightened tensions and so on. And --

      MS TRUDEAU: We have seen the comments. We’re going to refer you to Minister Katz on that.

      QUESTION: Right.

      MS TRUDEAU: We understand that there are several divergent translations of the Hebrew that could happen. I can’t read it in the original format, so I’m trusting my experts.

      QUESTION: But I imagine that you have your own interpretation.

      MS TRUDEAU: I’m going to refer you to the minister --

      QUESTION: And Ambassador Shapiro --

      MS TRUDEAU: -- to speak to that. As you know, Ambassador Shapiro attends many events in his professional role.

      QUESTION: In the event that Minister Katz said what he said about targeting and eliminating the leaders of the BDS – which is really a peaceful – it’s not an armed kind of resistance or group – would that be a disturbing thing? Would that be considered by U.S. --

      MS TRUDEAU: I’d ask you to talk to Minister Katz about what he specifically meant on that one.

      QUESTION: But to you, I mean, you consider statements made by --

      MS TRUDEAU: Yeah, Said, I can’t read into it --

      QUESTION: Okay.

      MS TRUDEAU: -- because we understand that there’s – even in Israeli press, there’s very different interpretations of what he said.

      QUESTION: Right. If you would indulge me for a minute --

      MS TRUDEAU: Of course.

      QUESTION: -- because, I mean, there are statements that are made by the Palestinian leaders, for instance, that are deemed inciteful. Would this be – in the event that this is exactly what he said, would that be deemed inciteful?

      MS TRUDEAU: I can’t speak, again, to exactly what he said. We understand there’s a lot of different interpretations. I’d refer you to him to clarify that. But again, as we do almost every day from up here, we do call on all parties to reduce the rhetoric.

  • Netanyahu and Sen. Leahy tangle over Israel's killing of Hadeel Hashlamoun, 18
    • QUESTION: Go to the Palestinian-Israeli issue.

      MR KIRBY: Sure.

      QUESTION: I wonder if you could share with us any information pertaining to the letter that Senator Patrick Leahy and 10 other members of Congress sent to Secretary Kerry regarding investigating Israel for extrajudicial executions.

      MR KIRBY: I’m not familiar with a particular letter from – you’re talking about --

      QUESTION: Yes, there was a letter that was sent by Senator Leahy --

      MR KIRBY: Okay, yeah.

      QUESTION: -- to the Secretary of State on the 17th of February --

      MR KIRBY: Yeah, yeah, okay.

      QUESTION: -- requesting investigating Israel and Egypt for abuses of human rights, including extrajudicial executions of Palestinians by Israeli soldiers, and to see if that can reflect on what we supply them with weapons.

      MR KIRBY: I’m sorry, I was getting it confused.

      QUESTION: Okay.

      MR KIRBY: We have received that letter by Senator Leahy and we are responding to it. I would tell you that our assistance to Egypt and to Israel is and will remain in full compliance of the law. We absolutely take that fundamental obligation seriously, and that’s not going to change. And we’re going to continue to work with Congress to deal with issues where we believe any of that aid and assistance needs to change in keeping with the Leahy Law.

      QUESTION: Do you believe that Israel is complying with the Leahy law? Do you believe that the law that was passed in 1997 --

      MR KIRBY: It’s not – it’s not a law that Israel has to comply with. It’s a U.S. law we have to comply with, Said.

      QUESTION: I understand. Okay, let me rephrase --

      MR KIRBY: And so we do. And so we do.

      QUESTION: Okay. So let me rephrase this. Do you think that Israel is conducting itself in a way where it is not violating human rights, rights of the Palestinians, or committing human rights abuses of the Palestinians?

      MR KIRBY: So again, let me put this in two different buckets. We obey the law.

      QUESTION: Right.

      MR KIRBY: And we don’t provide assistance to any security forces anywhere where we have credible information that they’ve committed a gross violation of human rights. That’s the law and we follow the law. Your second – the second part there, you’re basically asking me do I think Israel has never violated the law or not – or never committed human rights violations, and in this particular case I think you’re referring to recent stuff. And I’m – we’re – I’m not able to make a judgment on that right now, but we’ve --

      QUESTION: In fact, the --

      MR KIRBY: -- but we scrupulously follow the law.

      QUESTION: John?

      QUESTION: In fact – no, I’m so sorry, just can I just stay on this for a minute? In fact, the letter talks about four Palestinians that were killed execution style back then, but although since you mentioned some recent stuff, I mean, it happened again last Thursday in plain sight of the whole world. I mean, you probably got – you probably got to see that where a wounded man was laying on the ground, not moving, and then he was executed with a bullet to the head.

      MR KIRBY: And Prime Minister Netanyahu has spoken to this, as have senior leaders of the IDF. And they’re investigating it. And they made – they said very clearly that actions such as those portrayed in that video – again, this was based on just the information of looking at the video – do not comport with their own core values as a military.

  • Rejected by Brazil, Israeli settler leader Dani Dayan given diplomatic post in US
    • "According to U.S. state department policy, America also views Israel’s settlements in occupied Palestinian territory illegal under international law."

      I wish that were the case, Allison. The watered-down U.S. State Department policy is, "We do not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlement activity." There is nothing in that craven policy statement about the illegality of settlement activity or even about the illegitimacy of currently-constructed settlements.

  • The AIPAC rabbi walk-out that wasn't

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