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  • That was Jane Harman of Newsweek trying to quash Medea Benjamin's stellar soliloquy against drones
    • I agree,and yes salute their courage.
      I must have missed that Harman resignation thing.Their has to be a reason she would give up the power of her office for Israel,or is that the reason,her constituents saw it too?
      Another harpy of hate,death and war,in a nation filled with their brainwashed sheeple.
      Check out the comments on the WAPO story about the new assassination of an alleged Cole conspirator.What a bunch of devil worshipping martial scum draft dodging warriors there,except for a very few who were castigated for their humanity.
      I see some more blowback in our future.

  • Who's the anti-Semite?
    • Yeah,only one tenth of one percent of the worlds population are sane,and the rest are raving racist hating lunatics.Hey we had a nice moon to rave about!

    • Well,one could support the candidacy of the only patriot left running for POTUS,Dr.Ron Paul,despite his alleged faults listed by his and our enemy the MSM.
      As my brainwashed liberal insulated sister in law just said,if I was one issue voter,I'd vote for him.What she doesn't realize that all those accusations of racism,antisemitism etc.are articulated by the worst enemies of minorities and common working people of America, and even of Israel,as how is Israel faring being the most isolated and corrupt entity on earth,along with US?
      Not an Ed Koch moment("how am I doing") for sure.

  • Beinart warns Jews that not talking to Palestinians and anti-Zionists 'makes us stupid'
    • Nice attempt at a worthy cause,peace and justice,but when Beinart lays those terror charges at the feet of the Palestinians,all I can think of is Helen Thomas and why do they use terror,why do they hate Israel,and why do people like Beinart use piss poor descriptions of Palestinian violence vs. defending Israeli violence ?
      Sorry,as I've seen this guy on Cspan numerous times,my faith in him as a message mover is very very small,as he still uses BS as truth.
      Is he more better than right wing morons?Yeah,a little,but it seems mental faculties of Zionists are shrouded in poopie cockie,delusion and paranoia,despite their expert texpert reputations.

    • I imagine outside ruling circles and their flunkeys it's already minus zero,and I'm sure the MSM will report that with their usual felicity and alacrity.

    • Whats really funny is that Americans seem, very willing to ingratiate themselves to their Jewish masters in media,(BW,DS,KC etal,)finance,healthcare etc. in our neolibcon economy.
      Anti Zionist?Again,what people do in their own nation is their business,but when my nation is destroyed and made more evil(not that we were unblemished before this coup d' tat, of course)) by following corrupt Zionist monster neolibcon dual citizen 5th columnists,my blood boils.
      I understand completely the Jewish peoples want of a safe secure homeland,but they aint getting that result by being scumbags.
      Ron Paul in 2012.

  • Growing chill between Obama and Muslims could prove a headache in November
    • Yeah,watching hypocrites squirm is one of my favorite pastimes,but the MSM has failed to be society's watchdog,so it's only rare instances that I can enjoy.
      I mean,they are all total hypocrites,but they are called experts,belied by their serial cluster f*cks,lies and dead bodies who can no longer point out that these experts are wearing no clothes.

  • Video: #Flagwoman protester raises Palestinian flag on Israeli military vehicle outside Ofer prison
    • If we bear fruit around here,be assured it aint poison fruit,like hasbarites and neolibcons produce.

    • Sir,there is an old song (written by two nice Jewish boys in fact)which states that some see what they want to see,and disregard the rest.
      Now of course that is not just for right wingers,it also involves the left and all those people stuck in the middle of their nowhere,but not to see courage in action here is a bit much to deny.

  • Tail has stopped wagging, so dog can stop talking about war with Iran
    • That was a know no.

    • Absolutely nothing,say it again!War;Uh,Good God what's it good for,absolutely nothing,say it again................

    • Damn Lysias,not to be a sycophant,but you are a good source of info,maybe the best on the web,from what I've seen.
      Me,I'm just a prejudiced Amakelite,so know quid pro quo is necessary or looked for,just pointing out your wealth of knowledge.

    • Because he aint that smart.
      Bottom freakin line.
      And he is soulless.
      I read somewhere yesterday that his association with all the 1% affected him in his outlook.
      I wish I read that in 08.
      The only Constitutional scholar and honest man left in American politics is unmentioned by our criminals,so I will;Dr.Ron Paul.

    • Notice the story about the island in the Persian Gulf being contested between Iran and UAE? or another of our puppets.
      Let's run it up the flagpole and see who salutes,neh?

    • American Zionist Jews may talk a good massacre,but the Israelis carry it out.

    • Yep,they are scheming and planning at this very instant to get the sheeple up in arms to back their wars of choice,and with the help of all the minions of Israel in our government,look out world.
      Until the MSM either is FCCed out of this stranglehold of misinformation,or the sheeple finally bleat their despair at 120 decibles,we will pay the consequences.
      At Wapo,the posters not once(well I gave up after 50 or so) said that the FBI has, had, no evidence to tie OBL to 9-11, a sign of a brainwashed populace grasping straws of nonsense over rational thinking,and until this borg is neutered we are screwed.

    • Yeah,a hawkish Yoda,another midget with a bad attitude.
      Are all these stay puft marshmellows making up with institutional power what they lack themselves,as none could or would fight their way out of paper bags on their own.

    • C'mon,laying the blame or speculation at Obombas bobsey twins feet is laughable.The only reason war is receding in the US is because the feathers in the Zionist wind haven't found the breeze from American public opinion to their liking and are tacking like Kerry on a windsail.
      Kagans(the donut warrior) wife advises Obomba.What else do you need to know?
      Jumpin jimini.
      Any word from the used Iranian car salesman,or is he at Guantanamo to pay for his weirdness and unusability by criminals itching for war?
      Talk about an impeachable offense.

  • Obama high-fives Jimmy Kimmel after he calls Netanyahu a warmongering 'yahoo'
    • If Obombas administration hasn't decided to attack Iran,it's only because the winds of public opinion aint blowin their way,just ask the used Iranian car salesman.
      Of whom a word has not been said lately,neh?

  • Major olive producing village ordered to uproot 1,400 trees by May 1
    • Sorry,Obomba just gave millions to the PA to shut up and countdemoney,expect nothing from them.
      When they start refusing our dough is when they will find justice,as we only bribe and divide for Israel.

  • Gurvitz on 'Israel’s not-so-stellar record on treatment of Christians'
    • The old chicken and egg story;What came first,anti goyimism or antisemitism?
      Could all us goyim be like MLKs daughter?

  • Bradley Manning could become the Ellsberg of our age (if the media would just stop marginalizing him)
    • A traitor that saved myriad more American lives?Some traitor.sheesh.
      And for what?did all those people die for?
      Absolutely nothing.
      Say it again!
      Absolutely nothing!

    • Let's cut to the chase;The Vietnam war had nothing to do with Israel,while the WOT is all about Israel,its expansion and its security,justice and human rights be damned.
      The media that informs its people and limits government idiocy has subjugated itself for that purpose,US be damned.
      The easiest call since the world was started,but denied by the perps.
      sheesh;we sheeple are not all morons.

  • Fighting Jews-- then and now
  • Harvard Israel conference presents 'innovation' to hide occupation
    • Oh yeah,we are all writing Hebrew letters and Hebrew numbers right?
      It's Arabic in case you didn't know.
      Intel chips?Yeah,computers have sure ushered in an age of enlightenment neh?
      And wasn't Jobs Arabic?
      I will admit that Jews are great at the hard sell and marketing though.

  • '60 Minutes' profiles Palestinian Christians, Michael Oren falls on his face
    • Yada yada yada.
      Why should they be docile to the destruction of their world?
      Are they lap dogs?
      Are the Zionists peace loving and docile?Ha!

  • Israeli celebrity says she enjoyed video of IDF attacking Danish activist because he looked like a Nazi
    • Though I'm sure there are a lot of blond Danes,aren't more dark haired,ala Rasmussen or Viggo?

    • Oh,and not giving a sh*t is a sign of depravity,and a lack of spiritualism,but we all know Jews are the most noble believing people on earth,or at least their rituals say,despite polling to the diff.(57% of American Jews don't believe in God,according to the NYTs of 05?)
      And it seems the Israelis also,with all their spits in Gods eye.

    • This woman, who I guess has lived her whole life in Israel,experienced anti Semetism from Europeans?Wha?
      They believe their own nonsense.
      Does she love the Samson Option?
      Some radical might call her uncivilized, neh?

  • Rifle-bashing lieutenant-colonel solves Jewish problem created by Freud and my mother, says author of 'Indecent Proposal'
    • He also is a human being whose ID has been corrupted by years and years of power over others,ala prison guards,a very soul destroying occupation.

  • Jodi Rudoren heads for Jerusalem
    • Well,since Abramson? was made editor,how has the coverage changed?In fact,it seems worse now,the NYTs and its various offshoots of pathetic propaganda.
      Get your rabbits feet.

  • Iran didn't threaten to 'wipe' Israel out -- Israel's deputy prime minister
    • Yeah,an Iranian who supports Israel and it's vassal the USA,who have repeatedly called for no options off the table,including nukes,against Iran,is concerned with the Iranian peoples welfare?

  • P5 +1 Iran nuclear talks went swimmingly! Netanyahu is fuming
    • As we flew over the mountains on the way in,and I'm sure we have enough C whatevers to evacuate them in a hurry,a repeat of 19th century disasters is unlikely,but our puppets will pay a heavy price,unless they've already punched their tickets to Malibu,or Waikiki.

    • Page: 6
    • How do you know that Hitler would have stopped his aggression after regaining historical German lands stolen after WW1?
      War was declared by the Allies you know,and once declared,what would Hitler have done,give them up?And let millions of potential terrorists(Jews,his avowed enemy,he wrote a book about it,)disrupt his rear areas,ala the French underground?Remember the Nissei?Why did that liberal paragon,FDR,enact a similar policy?And they the Nissei,weren't even the target of a books anger,a book took to heart by a majority of the German people,I believe.
      And I never read it,as I'm not a follower who needs others to do my thinking for me,I'm a genius in my own mind,but ask my wife,she might differ,sigh.

    • Curious;Do you think Romney would have the chutzpah to charge a drunk used car salesman of potentially murdering Israelis and Americans in a flight of neolibcon fantasy that should have brought his administration down in an age of former reason disposed by our media watchdogs?
      How about the alleged murder of OBL,the alleged perp,with no evidence but MSM and government collusion of alleged complicity,and ignoring every protocol of civilized behavior,and in fact a hit to hush him up,if one looks at our track record,but the MSM doesn't care a whit,as they are in on the con.
      At least with Romney,we know he's an empty suit,this guy Obomba,is an empty suit portrayed as knowledge inc.

    • Speer;It's like saying that Hitler was not a bad painter,despite years and years of propaganda that he was a terrible artist.The art attributed to him may not have been Renoirish,but it sure a hell of a lot better than paint splashes on canvass,which today,to some idiots, are worth millions.

    • Shouldn't that be neoLIBcons?It's a bipartisan effort.
      As Romney and Obomba are two sides of a oneheaded coin,what's the diff?In fact,I'd rather Republicans acting like Repubs than Democrats like Obomba in office anyway,maybe then we'll have some vocal opposition to their neolibcon policies,as under the shrub.
      A total disaster,this gumbie POTUS.And he threw US all under the bus with his expansion of the drone campaign,when I terminated(I imagine he saw that movie,it's modern cultural touchstone,with the bad guys plain as day))my support.

  • Peggy Noonan blasts Republicans for Iran warmongering
    • Hey,knucklehead,that statement is totally responsible and true,that what the state of Israel wants to do is up to them,but it also doesn't mean we have to agree or support it,as an independent state decides its policy,and our policies should reflect our needs,not Israels,as reality has shown US.
      And they will have to deal with the consequences of said decision,and you know that if they didn't have US and Euro muscle and wealth behind them,they wouldn't act the way they do.

  • Wallace interview with Ahmadinejad was little more than deliberate demonization
    • The Iranian regime is an Islamic democracy,and its government is legitimate and supported by most of Iran's people.They won the last election cleanly despite Western bloviators claims.
      Israel is a racist theocracy that excludes and demonizes a great part of its population.
      Yawn.Propaganda is tiresome.
      Do you think having to choose between tweedle dee(Obomba)and tweedle dum,(Romney) is not a dictatorship in some form?A choice of two moronic clowns of equal gravitas of idiocy?

  • On anti-Semitism, war crimes, and old poets
    • Europe stood by?I thought at least some of Europe fought the Nazis tooth and nail.
      Maybe the occupied nations have guilt for helping the Germans send people to CCs,but GB,Australia,Canada,TheSU and US have none,despite hasbaritic claims like our failure to bomb the camps or trains.
      Do they have a "rescuers of the holocaust victims museum" in Israel?They should.
      Much more logical than having a museum about foreign crimes we had nothing to do with,and insults US as complicit,while indoctrinating our schoolchildren in a narrative that fails to note who were the rescuers of said victims, but alleged goyim antisemites.

  • NYPD helped Mort Zuckerman--8 years later, his paper shills for NYPD spying
    • Didn't the prior owner of the NYDN get pushed overboard at sea?(Another Zionist)Did Zuckerman have a billet on that ship?Maybe that's why he gives the cops all that dough?

  • Orlando Fox affiliate calls neo-Nazis a 'civil rights group'
    • Well,shouldn't any college grad know recent history about Hitler and his political party?What do they teach them,American Idol?
      It's sort of like Obomba being called a commie,when he is a neolibcon capitalist nightmare,but it is all over the internet.
      An intellectual vacuum created by propagandists who have dumbed America down to the level of Freedonia.

  • Jewish press concoct threat against 200 Jewish students in Florida university
    • The bullies get a taste of their own medicine,and call it terrible.
      Why are Zionists,despite their bellicosity,so soft?
      Moral midgets with cannons(nukes) so big they can't use em,must be frustrating,neh?

  • Book recounts Mike Wallace being attacked at NY party by Barbara Walters and Mort Zuckerman over '60 minutes' Israel coverage
    • And if the anchors aren't Jewish,they are usually well coiffed and made up ken or barbie doll goyim spieling vacuous BS.
      A long time wonderment;How did the speech impeded Baba Wawa get to be a news anchor in the first place?I've read that her family are Jewish exiles who once ran Cuban casinos for the mob.WTF?Connections count.(see Chris Wallace)
      And Mike Wallace,the fact that occasionally he sought balanced coverage doesn't absolve him for all his unbalanced coverage,and his son is a neolibcon on Fox,is he not?

  • Israel bars Gunter Grass from entry under law barring former Nazis
    • An author banned for words in a poem.Let the book burnings begin,watch the flames grow higher,as our dreams and hopes of a sober,safe and prosperous world for all go up in smoke.
      Never have so few destroyed so much.

  • Iran has 'promised' 'another Holocaust' -- CBS commentator
    • Ah,go back and rewrite some more history books,your arguments fall as flat as Judge Doom steamrollered.Hey,are Zionists Toons?Sounds likely,as they are quite demonic and bloodthirsty.
      How many Tutsis or Hutus did Israel welcome ?Tamils?
      This idiocy is past the sell by date!
      Could one imagine the litigation and guilt put on America if we had bombed the trains or camps?Talk about guilt by association.
      I believe our government already pays alleged holocaust survivors in some way or another,so its Katy bar the door,I guess.

  • 'Israel's policy endangers world peace' -- Jakob Augstein and Gideon Levy have Gunter Grass's back
    • I read that there were inaccurate translations from the German,so maybe the measurement of it as a good poem was lost in translation.
      But its accuracy is bulls eye.

  • Episcopalian twit (a review of JFK's former mistress's memoir)
    • Jack Kennedy was no WASP.He was Irish Catholic.
      Sounds fishy to me about all the sexual perversion,as I can't fathom such behavior by our political leadership(except maybe bent dick),but maybe that power corrupts deal is totally correct.

  • Grass smears in 'Times', plus new translation of his 'I've had it with the West's hypocrisy' poem
    • Wow,that video made me want to go get a gun and start shooting the evil bastards.
      Oops!Sorry,DHS,just acting out!

    • From such statements conspiracy theorists leap out of between the lines.
      Every IDF member who has shot at Palestinian children,women and unarmed civilians are more guilty than any 17 year old last ditch draftee shooting at allied warplanes,sorry hasbarite.
      If Grass had condemned the Muslims,why do I have a feeling his detractors would be admirers?

  • Finkelstein 'not going to be an Israel-basher anymore' but remains 'appalled and disgusted'
    • Well,our puppet in Egypt is out,our puppet in Jordan is probably hearing Islamic footsteps and in Lebanon our attempts at producing a puppet are stillborn so far.
      You want secure borders in Israel?Secure the lives of your neighbors against violence and destruction and treat them as you would yourself and you will reap peace!
      Live and let live!
      Simplicity neh,or the product of a naive simple mind ?I'm sure the monsters will endorse the latter,as they are.

    • And remember Obombas is too,and more of them have never put their ass on the line,unlike at least some of the shrubs.
      Give me an honest(they don't couch their evil like liberals) scumbag over dishonest scumbags anyday.
      We have to punish the guy who lied to US about his intentions of change,because we must send a message to these clowns,that even if your opponent might be worse,(and since Nulands husband is Romneys FP adviser whats the diff?)lying must be punished.
      One and Done!

    • Yeah,the villain we installed and backed to the hilt during his most (alleged-everything is an account by serial liars)evil deeds.
      Yawn.This is getting tiresome,rebutting idiocy.

    • Let's see,the Zionist MSM backed Bush in that Florida debacle to the hilt,so I imagine a little payback by grateful GOP criminals was in order,and the MSM obliged by denying voice to the anti war,covering up the protests and under reporting them,and supported the efforts of the Zionist Bloombergs imprisonment and abuse of said protestors,a full scale quid pro quo of criminality,but the evidence of collusion is inconclusive?

  • With 'last ink,' Gunter Grass breaks silence on Israeli nuclear program threatening world peace
    • I saw some academic from Oregon used the same terminology in dissing critics of the AGW campaign,as they need treatment for their mental disease of questioning group think by the same class of clowns who brought US Iraq,Afghanistan,Iran and all the rest of the nonsensical idiocy in our world today.
      The fruits of serial lying are skepticism,and even possibly eschewing reality of an actual threat(AGW-who knows for sure,give US the data free from politics,but with all the current events of political idiocy lead me to believe that there will be no stopping it and we will adapt if true).

    • Every country should have nukes except the batsh*t crazy ones like US,Britain France and Israel.

    • Progressives (allegedly)want progress.You are talking about regressives who want US to go back to caveman days of might makes right,and critique every enlightened author from Mr.Grass to our outdated and outmoded Anglo founding fathers who gave US our now outdated Constitution,a naive recipe for disaster in the neolibcon playbook of naked bigotry and hate.

    • Yeah,and I wonder if the victims of the US military and the IDF don't consider our Nazi like actions as equivalent to the SS,with our Seals,Green Berets and other Special(SS?) Forces.
      Let's pin all of Hitlers crimes on a 16 year old draftee,yeah,that's it!

  • Leading sociologist says 'the enemy' includes 'disloyal' individualistic young Jews who push human rights
    • Curious;Does a liberal hawk eat everything and anything,while a conservative hawk picks and chooses?
      Intellectualism is dead(among unintelligentsia,it exists among the outcasts) in America,Western Europe and Israel.Its been consumed by Zionism and the cult of speciallity.

  • A twitter debate on Israel/Palestine and racism
    • Astute observation.

    • Since Vandenhuevel took over the Nation,it's become a farce.I also get the Washington Report newsletter by one Lou Dubose.It also sucks and has become nothing but a shill for the democrats as the Nation has, a complete mockery of their mission to inform.And look at the Guardian,a once stalwart defender of right,which has now joined the neolibcon ranks of traitors.

    • A privileged South African American Jew.A real conundrum there,as when did he leave South Africa,when the ANC took over?
      How do these intellectual frauds become pooh bahs of debate?
      Nevermind.(hey,that fits!)

  • My spirit is American (a religious manifesto)
    • As a fellow American,I say good for you.This is my promised land,a much more beautiful and wonderful land than a patch of desert with multiple ghosts of animosity,with some considered more righteous than others,a plank invisible in our Constitution,but becoming more and more prevalent among our unintelligentsia.

  • Covering Adelson, Matthews leaves out the 'Obama Oy Vey' factor
    • Shirley you can't be serious?

    • C'mon,your using terms that are crafted and perpetuated by our masters.I guarantee the rest of the world are more in terror of US,Israel,GB and France than we are actually threatened by alleged terrorists,even if the media masters of America have its panties in a wad about it.
      And when Adelson mentions his country,boy does the bile rise in the throat. Does he mean the nations military that he wished to serve in,as opposed to ours which he had to?
      A monumental comedy routine,but the laughs,other than at their sheer chutzpah,are few and far between.
      And the fat boy goes to Israel and genuflects.Jeez.Is he as wide as he is tall?

  • Those who criticize Israel join campaign to 'slaughter the Jews en masse'
    • Well,wouldn't the Vietnamese or Tutsis or whomever have a quibble with that statement of the greatest of the 20th centuries crimes?Subjective or objective is funny like that.(I'm not belittling the Jewish victims,just saying some might query that as they had their own hells to go through)

    • The global internet campaign to destroy Israel might be the most laughable statement in Ziohistory.Cyber speech threatens all,much more than nukes,tanks ,planes and missiles in the arsenal of Israel,and the MSM still spews their BS daily in their defense.
      Right now,the Zionist pen is still mightier than the internet pen,witness our total confusion in the body politic,with supposed peaceful people wholeheartedly backing warmongers of all stripes,and impugning the only guy running who can rescue US as a racist,and a troglydyte,when a careful reading of his positions reveal him as much more sober and constructive than all these other warmongering whores of Zionism,power and money,which of course are related.
      Add to it that real anti Semite haters would love Israel to be secure and peaceful as Aliyah would become much more attractive and more Jews would go there.
      Hitler thought so also.Funny dat.
      To paraphrase Platoon,the only thing that can kill Israel,is Israel,and they seem well on their way.

  • Survivors of Kandahar villages massacre speak to western journalist
    • Evil.
      A thought just hit me;Could this guy(or guys)who have been on numerous extended deployments decide to take matters into their own hands and end this stupid evil war on innocents(of course they don't feel that way about it,I do) and speed up their withdrawal,by this act?Could Bales have been thinking of his fellow troops who have seen their lives become a merry go round of war by Yuppie draft dodging creeps and acted?
      And of course it in itself was a selfish act,as they obviously hold the Afghan people in contempt,but one never knows what runs through the heads of the brainwashed and revenge filled.(9-11)
      Some guy on another thread said the little girl was not shot in the leg,that she was faking?I mean ,out of the mouths of babes is found truth.

  • Sullivan unmasks Goldberg as a propagandist for Netanyahu's 'lies, bluffs and deceptions' aimed at getting us into war
    • Are the Iranians the recipients of those Krytons stolen by the Zionists from California nuke labs?Vedy interesting!

  • Boycott measure goes down, 60-40, at Park Slope Food Co-op
    • The Guardian is probably realizing suicide is not painless.(To their bottom line-would that all our media came to that conclusion)

  • The Toulouse killings and the false specter of European anti-Semitism
    • Is this called find the hidden goyim?#35 Lee Smith?Nah,fooled again.

    • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ........I guess you like that one note neh?

    • Israel's struggle?What struggle are you talking about?Their struggle to deny to others what they want for themselves?

    • I always thought it was a scientific term for related language groupings.
      And aren't Jews Middle Eastern in origin?Isn't that what everything about the Jews returning to Israel is about?And one would think the failure of Jews to relate to their fellow ethnic or linguistic travelers the PALS! as the height of bigotry,hey but what does this unlearned and unwashed mostly European bigot know?
      European bigots with the temerity to say,unlike Zionist bigots,that all men are equal(in theory at least),so who are the real unenlightened?
      It's starting to get like a comic book.

    • Of course,the reality is how did such a minute part of humanity have such a powerful control of the rest of us?(and yes,the pen is mightier than the sword,especially when the pen is monolithic.)
      The blowback is just beginning,and until the Zionists relinquish this power,and seek peace,justice and understanding,among all,as human fellow travelers,I see danger and trauma ahead,sorry.

    • Yeah,like today's times don't promote nationalistic groups in every nation involved in the Israeli securitization pact against their own nations interests.
      What are you,in a bunker under the White house?
      Hitlers ghost is resurrected daily,despite your panties getting wadded over the priming of the pump of hate by hasbaritic seppeku and delusional idiots who actually believe their divinity,however devoid of spirituality.

    • Do you mean before he was silenced?

    • Idiotic?In what way was he incorrect in his observation that Zionists are warmongers who have turned our nation into a mad dog to copy Israel and make it guilty by association?
      Of course America has had its share of rabidity in non Israeli dealings,but remember the Zionist media gives that cover daily also.A quid pro Quo?
      And I bet the Zionists have Obomba by the yukapuk,somehow and someway,why else his capitulation to the dark side?Maybe something to do with his eligibility as POTUS,don't discount the possibility.

    • Please sir,inform the FBI of your evidence;They have none at this time to tie OBL to that dirty deed.
      Funny dat.
      The age of Bullsh*t continues unabated,undeterred,and green lighted by propagandists everywhere in the misdeveloped world.

  • Zionism totalled
    • I bet the Ugandans had a sigh of relief on hearing Palestine was elected to be fed to the wolves instead of them.

    • About as accurate as Nubians considering themselves to be Chinese,and I'm not impugning your statement,just the wacky postulation that Semites are Caucasian.(wanna bes)

  • 'Washington Post' all but leaves out the fact that scientist caught in 'Mossad' sting is Jewish and Zionist
    • Well,at least the prosecutor nailed him on being a traitor to the US,instead of equivocating as usual.A fracture in the narrative!

  • Peter King hypes Hezbollah threat to US
    • Ol Pete,whose district was just redrawn to include part of the North Shore of LI,is just mining more of the Zio voters,and I,in talking to an elderly Jewish fellow,have seen the fruit,as how would Jewish voters support some Irish(American?) bigot with his history of corruption and total lack of any policy achievements? other than his Irish terror support, if it wasn't his Israeli donation campaign,and his total fealty to non American interests.
      What else is new in this world of hypocrisy?

  • One crazed murderer sparks Zionist calls for European migration to Israel
    • And the roots of anti-Islam were deeply entrenched among the Western psyche long before the USA was established.

    • Well,if all the French Jews did make aliyah,do you think this shooter might be copied in other nations,as an aliyah campaign of ethnic cleansing?
      Everyone except the propagandists that is,as they would give up their stranglehold on Western discourse over our dead bodies.

    • How much violence is caused by the Israeli (and American)state?9-11,Iraq,Libya,Lebanon,Syria,Afghanistan,Pakistan etc.want to know for sure.

    • Does this imply an Afghani border jumping incident as they flee the crazed gunma(e)n and a run on our borders?

  • The Jewish establishment goes to bat for Ray Kelly and the NYPD
    • Unfortunately,the French shooter reenforces this illegal and racist policy,as it feeds the fear.I read today that this French guy was arrested in Afghanistan by the coalition and was released.Hmmmm.

  • Einstein's crime
    • Damn,I always think along the same lines;A Palestinian state for Palestinians,and a Jewish state for Israelis,coexisting on the same land,with Palestinian courts for Palestinians,and Jewish courts for Jews,with joint police patrols,joint army patrols,etc.,with both sides represented and both sides benefiting.Of course its never been done before,and of course complicated,but what other solution is there,other than continuing disaster?

  • Pentagon fears Israeli strike on Iran would drag US in
    • Iran?Haven't we resupplied them with our castoffs and outdated surplus army(wabbit detectors)crap?

    • Well,in talking to an 88 year old American veteran of D-Day,he, a sailor,called the marines bellhops(uniforms),while the marines called the sailors swabbies.(the deck)
      The American military could be now called the Israeli Foreign Legion.

    • Well,it's a tool to divide Pakistan and India and to keep them at tension,so it fits the Zionist playbook of divide and conquer,aint that what has happened here?

    • Cause she's a no good Zionist liar.Where's our Shane to rescue US?

  • Israeli academics call for massive attack on Gaza to 'mow the lawn' -- before November election ends the 'opportunity'
    • Well,as WAPO says give our mass murderer(s?)some slack,should we give the Toulouse shooter some?
      The sh*t is getting thicker and thicker.

    • How about a photograph instead of painting,as a painter interprets his subject,but a photo captures reality better,and shows ones true colors,even a black and white one.
      As in the Israeli partisans paint a very very pretty picture,but a photo of their handiwork reveals reality as much darker and ugly.

  • As I read this, I cringe
    • Hitler is being resurrected by your nations(and mine) Hitlerish actions,which have lessened his crimes to just another human gone bad,a very prevalent condition among the conditioned cowards who believe their own bullsh*t,a sign of insanity.
      If Iran aspires to Hitlers infamy,they are doing a very very poor job of it,and their leviathan of speedboats and obsolete aircraft,backed by vintage tanks,are not up to snuff in this world gone mad,and out of the fascist(US and Israel) practice of continual warfare,as they haven't initiated conflict with anyone in 200? years.
      Ah,those damn facts!(spots)begone!

    • And all of Europe belongs to the Celts,it's their mother country.Sheesh.

  • 'Daily Beast' ode to Livni makes no mention of Gaza assault
  • NYT buries the lead-- Iranians halted weapons program in '03 and have not restarted it
    • The coalition of the swilling?Dharun Ravi in jail while the swillers run free.And they are gonna deport him after his sentence?The world turned upside down,by a bunch of yuppie clowns that couldn't shine Jeffersons shoes with a picture book learning program.Hate crimes indeed,and here comes the citizenchip to monitor our unfriendly thoughts towards the evil bastards whose actual hate is evident everywhere.

    • Well,my Merriam Webster Collegiate dictionary has no Lede at all.
      Probably arrived with the neolibcons in 96?as the dictionary was published in 93.

  • How important is it to the Times (and us) that Greg Smith is Jewish?
    • Doesn't the prevalence of Jews all over our media invite discussion of bias?I mean even the sites like here and Salon(GG)and DNow are Jews.What kind of healthy discourse is there when ethnic and religious conformity are necessary credentials for bloviation or even sane discussion?(Free will,of course,we don't have to come here,and we can shove our alleged bias up our ass,I know,but where else is there to go?Freakin Joan Walsh and the rest of the liberal hypocrites?Crooks and Liars?They just about all suck,outside of Moon of Ala,Infowars(with their strange fixation on dead Communism,)and very few others.The Guardian has gone neolibcon also.a veritable wasteland of biased fraud info,along with AJ which committed harikari over Libya and Syria. )
      I blame the governments devaluation of alleged agencies like the FCC,which have destroyed our conversation by allowing Zionist media conglomeration,as every MSM network is Zionist leaning or controlled,and our nation serially lied to,as we descend into the cellar of the tower of Babel,as divide and conquer is the new civilized playbook by the uncivilized.
      I see the bane of European Jewry Demanjuk died today,with all the sins of Adolf Hitler buried with the Ukrainian fall guy for German consumption,and another Maus gone to his demise.(As a former German soldier coworker who emigrated after the war told me,"you do what they said,or you were one dead Maus".)

  • 'No amount of reading and word of mouth could have prepared me for the reality' -- Remembering Rachel Corrie
    • Ludicrous,not stupid,as propaganda has its purpose,and is calculating.

    • The bigger picture drawn by the Zionist monster morons who wouldn't let the media(even if they wanted to)to cover Cast Lead from a hilltop miles away?Isn't that the disconnect?That none of this makes our news,unlike Vietnam's constant idiocy displayed on our boob tubes every night?The monsters have learned that lesson,and that's why any real coverage of our and Israels inhumanity are not on our MSM,as real evidence of the Gaza and West Bank ghettos (and Iraq and Afghan and everywhere else)would reveal their complete and utter contempt for human life which make Uncle Adolf and histories other bogeymen seem benevolent.

  • Brian Williams suggests that Israeli attack on Iran will invite terrorism to London Olympics
  • Latest expulsion from the occupied territories: 55 Harvard students
  • Fighting from civilian areas? Perfectly understandable-- in Syria
    • Awful?Did you quote the Syrian State news service?I bet their take is much different than the Syrial liars take.
      Let's see,who should I believe?Serial liars or non serial liars?

    • Yes,when we back Al Qaeda,aren't we Al Qaeda?(or whatever the Ziomonsters call em)

  • Gaza scoreboard
    • Well they take seriously all those neocapitalists who run around saying how good that is,despite a much higher bodycount,(I believe nothing the MSM says anymore,about Stalin, Hitler ,Pol Pot or any of the bogeymen they use to scare US into submission)and a much less well off populace.

    • It's only the first quarter score,give em more time.2TDs and 2 safeties,or 6 field goals and a TD?Or is it the sneaky(er) game,final score 76-0?

  • Egypt is looted, and the U.S. press calls it 'reform'
    • When has the WAPO or NYTs ever railed against all our military bases all over the world?Their silence is telling,and how many Zionists own stock in Raytheon etc?Profit over people,a definite sign of misplaced ethics.
      Vietnam's old peaceniks have a dog in this fight,Israel,that they didn't have with isolated Vietnam,witness all those alleged humanitarian hypocrites of yesteryear's peace mantra.

  • The evolution of Peter Beinart
    • Any chance his views changed because of our lack of success in Iraq?If we had gone in and the cakewalk predicted by the lame had been true,you can bet his tune would be the same,despite the immorality displayed by that action,and all the preceding Kabuki theater of our installing and supporting our boy Saddam prior to his going on the prod off our reservation.
      Another triangulating moral midget with a pulpit to spew from,an earnest dweeb of intervention and destruction,and a sign of the intellectual vacuum in our higher learning facilities.
      Hilltop youth smokin weed?You mean pacifists?Or does it have a different effect on Israelis chosen by God,reenforcing delusions of grandeur?

  • @IDFSpokesperson tweets inaccurate video and fake civilian casualty statistics
    • Maybe the old Guardian,but not this new neolibcon criminal Guardian that sprang from the head of Julian Assange being led to the guillotine,a very very unAthena like scenario and exposed by Assange with his remarks,which made him just another exposer of Ziomachinations and fair game for the neolibcon imperialist monsters of stupidity and venality.
      And screw Al Jazeera also,another criminal enterprise.

    • Wasn't that old quote about "loving their children more than they hate us(Israel)"relevant?Of course Palestinian children are targeted as collateral damage,but if Israeli children are killed it's the height of barbarity,witness the Israeli fixation on their schools being bombarded,and those settlers children that were murdered last year, as it still makes the news today,unlike all those Palestinian child deaths of Cast Lead.

  • Liberal American Jews are giving themselves permission to say goodbye
  • Israel is sucking up all the oxygen in the White House
    • Competitor or just looking out for its interests and its peoples,and possibly,heaven forbid,other peoples?Unlike US, who care not one whit for our victims, and their lives just their treasure that we think is ours by blasphemer divine right?
      And someone mentioned our medias credibility?Wha?Did he mean their fealty toward their one handed clapping?
      And just what do they(MSM) have on Obomba,that makes him such a pliable toady?Maybe proof on his eligibility as an American citizen?It wouldn't surprise me one iota.

  • #USWeaponBombGaza trends globally
    • New definition of arrogance;Those who had it all, but still want more.
      Instead of being pierced by a million small cuts,the Palestinian people will rush the Zionist enclave and overwhelm it.
      What other scenario is there left to them,,other than complete eradication?

  • Obama victory over Netanyahu gained support, time
    • If our army was a draftee army,the same breakdown would be seen in ours,as our people are the softest malleable bunch of marshmellows in world history,caught up in voyeurism,consumerism and fattism, incapable of discipline,brainwashed by traitors,and of the same ilk of those Sodom and Gomorrah idiots of yesteryear,overweening pride mixed with venality,a sign of a collapsing people.
      Pathetic and non pitiable,as our pity quotient has expired.

  • Stunning photos of woman demonstrator slammed to sidewalk by water cannon, at Qalandiya checkpoint
    • If American blacks had resorted to violence,they would have ended up like Nat Turner,and their descendants like Dred Scott,instead of their antecedents.
      Are Palestinians also 3/5 human? like the slaves?

  • Israel strikes Gaza, killing 11, injuring 16
    • How far is west Gaza from east Gaza,a few hundred feet?Talk about a narrow indefensible state.Sheesh.
      Ah,the Rotweillers were stopped from blowing up Iran and Syria(well at least openly)so they had to exercise some some good old repression on their captive mice,as therapy for their frustration.
      I see the Iron Dome was given credit for shooting down 25 of 27 large bottle rockets.Stock options anyone?Iron rusts,maybe the Stainless Steel Dome would have better connotations?

  • The radicalization of Yossi Gurvitz
    • Hey,if they want Masada,that's their choice.My issue is leave US out of it.
      Unfortunately,that is not the case.

  • 'New Republic' says Obama 'detests' Netanyahu and treats him shabbily
    • Ho ho;of course Jews are human,they breed with other humans and their offspring can breed also.It's scientific.
      I think the problem is the opposite,that many Jews think they are gods,and we(goyim) are not.
      And what did Begin say?Verification.

  • Netanyahu says, You also refused to bomb Auschwitz
    • Despise Achmadinejad?Do you know him personally,or is your attitude strictly Ziolearned?I saw him talk on TV,he seemed level headed,sane and a nice person,sort of DeNiro like in his speech and demeanor.

  • Blasting Obama as 'blurred,' McConnell assures Israel lobby that bipartisan Congress will authorize 'overwhelming force' against Iran
    • All phony denials aside,the Israelis are stealing more land.
      All phony denials aside,they refuse to join the IAEA and let international inspectors list their arsenal of nukes.(And what about US,do we let furriners(other than Israelis)spy on our nuclear arsenal?)
      All phony denials aside, they are Hitlers ideological nephews and we are their puppets.
      All phony denials aside,I look at McConnell and I see traitor.

  • Opposing boycott, Walzer shares stage with speakers known for attacking Islam
  • The last time a Democratic president took on Benjamin Netanyahu...
    • And how do we not know that the MSM has some info about his alleged place of birth,or some background info that if publicized would implode his reelection campaign?How else do we explain his hope and change abrogation?Blackmail is a very effective tool of criminals with the power to control our discourse.
      Trust;An extinct human value among the se(y)rial liars.

  • US officials sharpen Iran rhetoric as AIPAC comes to town
    • Does this mean full scale lobotomization of the Iranian people?Is it aerially possible?Talk about a condition that they can never meet.

  • Ten reasons why AIPAC is so dangerous
  • Iran's Oscar win reveals Israeli movie-goers to be brainwashed bumpkins
    • Ah,the old women's rights and gay angle,the hasbarites last quiver in their arsenal of idiocy and calumny.
      Isolating, oppressing,and threatening them will never ever open their culture to the goals allegedly spewed by those who use these charges,as the oppressors could give two craps for the Iranian people,or else they wouldn't advocate nuking and bombing them , as only their own misbegotten state matters to these paranoid wackos.

    • As a guy from the street,I guarantee any support of Israel expressed is a mile wide but an inch deep,and the event of the day that changed everything,and which is suppressed in certain circles,is the impetus for the American peoples disconnect from reality,and that's why any revealing stuff about that day or other disasters is suppressed or ignored by the MSM,as the truth would cut that mile wide inch deep support off at the soles of the foot.
      Andrew Adler anyone?

  • Harvard's 'one-state' conference spurs 'National Review Online' to suggest expelling Palestinians from Jewish state

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