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  • Death by chocolate: Selling war with Iran to Israelis one ad at a time
  • Timeline: Attempts to censor students and faculty who stand up for human rights on UC campuses
    • ‘according to the US’ means the people in government who run the country, whose policies don't require codification. One of their principal policies, which you (Annie) seem oblivious to, is to never speak ill of Israel. Never. And when they do, like Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, they become pariahs.

      The policy is spelled out in the document published by the State Department. Criticism of Israel is the "new anti-semitism" and we all know that anti-semitism, which used to be okay in America, is now NOT okay. While there is no law against anti-semitism, it is common knowledge that society and The Lobby will get you if they suspect anybody of anti-semitism.

      So that is why you won't find ANY criticism of Israel or Zionism by anybody of importance. It's the new anti-semitism, not by law, but by common agreement of the PTB. US Vice president Biden, a career politician from Delaware, has declared that he is a Zionist.

    • So your position is that the "new anti-Semitism" is a US policy that applies to foreigners but somehow doesn't apply to Americans. Obviously UC doesn't agree with you and UC isn't alone. Criticism of Israel is forbidden. Remember when Obama lost his bearings and tried it? He's still paying the price for that.

      Criticism of Israel in any public institution is punished. Professor Juan Cole, Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney -- injured for it. And that's because anti-Israel statements are considered to be anti-Semitic, as I said above. It's what it is. It's forbidden, by anyone.

    • Under the false assumption that criticism of Israeli state policies constitutes hate speech against Jewish students, the report recommends wide forms of censorship to limit criticism of Israel.

      This is entirely consistent with US policy. According to the US, criticism of Israel and Zionism is "the new anti-semitism."

      Anti-Semitism couched as criticism of Zionism or Israel often escapes condemnation since it can be more subtle than traditional forms of anti-Semitism, and promoting anti-Semitic attitudes may not be the conscious intent of the purveyor. Israel’s policies and practices must be subject to responsible criticism and scrutiny to the same degree as those of any other country. At the same time, those criticizing Israel have a responsibility to consider the effect their actions may have in prompting hatred of Jews.

      In contrast, new anti-Semitism, characterized by anti-Zionist and anti-Israel criticism that is anti-Semitic in its effect—whether or not in its intent—is more subtle and thus frequently escapes condemnation.

      However, disproportionate criticism of the Jewish State and/or Israelis and demonizing them as barbaric, unprincipled, selfish, inhumane, etc. is anti-Semitic and has the effect of causing global audiences to associate those bad attributes with Jews in general.

  • Report: Israeli police officer witnessed Zion Square 'lynching' and chose not to intervene
  • Official rationale for NYPD spying falls apart with report that 'no leads' came from spying on Muslims
    • On the other hand, what's wrong with cops wasting time collecting unusable information. It keeps them off the streets, for one thing. I post inflammatory comments all the time, have been doing it for years, also have had an anti-war website for years -- I hope operatives have fun with it.
      bomb-terror-obama-mosque-church-explosives -- deal with it.
      Speech is still free.
      (Go my bail?)

  • The viral skinnydipping scandal, and the real story
    • Congress-critters must register as foreign agents. Or agents-in-general, anything but representatives of their constituents. The system is broken, don't blame only aipac but mainly the culprits taking the bribes.

  • State Dept defines settler violence as terrorism
    • The Haaretz link on Israel terror is behind a paywall. Try this to go to the source:

      pp 105-106
      In December, well-publicized Israeli settler attacks on IDF personnel and an IDF military base in the West Bank sparked a public debate in Israel on the phenomena of settler violence; political and security officials pledged to implement several steps to curb and punish these violent attacks.

      Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak labeled settler acts as having “the characteristic of homegrown terror;” several months earlier, IDF Head of Central Command Avi Mizrahi labeled attacks against Palestinians and their property in the West Bank as “terror” and ordered the administrative deportation of a dozen Israeli settlers from the West Bank settlement of Yitzhar. In 2011, a total of ten Palestinian mosques in the West Bank and Jerusalem were vandalized or set on fire in attacks that Israeli authorities believed were perpetrated by settlers, up from six such incidents in 2010 and one in 2009.

      2011 Terrorist incidents
      * On November 10, at the Mamilla Cemetery in Jerusalem, vandals sprayed “price tag” graffiti in Hebrew on four Muslim graves.
      * On December 14, unknown vandals burned a mosque in Jerusalem and sprayed anti-Arab graffiti (e.g., “A Good Arab is a Dead Arab,” “Mohammed is Dead”).
      * On December 15, Israeli settlers attacked a mosque in the village of Burqa in the Ramallah governorate, setting it afire and defacing it with “price tag” graffiti.

  • 'Get ready to fight Iran,' Washington Post warns in URL
    • Obama has repeatedly made it clear that Iran is a threat and that "all options are on the table" and he hasn't done it "behind closed doors." Obama: "America’s commitment to Israel’s security is unshakeable."

      Hey, I say go for it if the Zionists wish to end their experiment. Iran is ready:
      TEHRAN – If Israeli military threats against Iran take place the “best opportunity will be provided for the disappearance of this fake regime from the scene of the world and hurling it into the dustbin of history,” an Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) commander warned on Saturday.

      Iran can put a hurt on the USA also.

  • In September, the agendas collide
    • On July 7, 2012, Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren appeared on the Hugh Hewitt show. He said:

      "There’s an institute in Washington here, right from where I’m speaking, called the Bipartisan Research Institute that said about six, seven months ago, that if the Iranians decide to break out or sneak out, they can get a deliverable device, nuclear device, within 54 days. And within a year, that period will be reduced to 12 days. . .So that was, oh, more than half a year ago they said that, so the Iranian program today, according to that institute, would be something like 25 days. So the sprint is also getting shorter and shorter in distance.

      "America is a very large country with very big military capabilities. It’s not threatened with destruction by Iran the same way that Israel is. Israel is a small country with limited capabilities, and we’re in Iran’s backyard, and the Iranian regime never misses an opportunity to say that its finest dream is to wipe Israel off the map. [Really, he said that.]

      "And so given our capabilities, our timetable is much more limited that the United States timetable is, and it’s not determined by the American elections. It’s not determined even by the tempo of the contacts with the Iranians that have been going on in various capitols. It’s determined by the degree to which the Iranians are progressing on the nuclear program, moving parts of that program into fortified underground bunkers. And those are the clocks that we are looking at, and they will determine our actions. . .In October."

      Oren was referring to The Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC), a Washington think-tank founded in 2007 by former Senate Majority Leaders Howard Baker, Tom Daschle, Bob Dole, and George J. Mitchell.

  • Syrian crisis moves into the camps: 20 Palestinians killed in Damascus refugee camp
    • Considering the two principal story sources, we don't know the motivations of unknown citizen journalist Ramy al-Asheq but we do know that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is a rebel-aligned table-top operation in London.

      So take these accounts with a large grain of salt.

  • New round of Iran sanctions pressures Obama to move closer to Israel's 'red line'
    • An Israeli empathizes with Iranians.

      Aug 4, 2012
      The former head of Israel's intelligence service Mossad Efraim Halevy on Thursday said on Israel Radio he "would be very worried about the next 12 weeks," if he were Iranian.

    • @Roya
      The subject is military buildup, of course, not sanctions.
      So you get an "F" in blogging.

    • re: new sanctions
      The most powerful man in the world, acting as the U.S., has imposed new crippling, biting sanctions on two financial institutions, two giants of the world financial system, China’s Bank of Kunlun and Iraq’s Elaf Islamic Bank. Say what?
      Under Treasury Secretary Cohen: “Today’s action exposes these banks’ continued business with designated Iranian banks, and effectively cuts them off from the U.S. financial system.”

      I bet they’re disappointed. Way to go, Team USA. Take that, Bank of Kunlun and Elaf Islamic Bank.

    • @Fredblogs
      "Iran’s M.O. isn’t to openly make war, but to send terrorists to plant bombs"

      There are --
      -- 44 terrorists are described on the US National Counterterrorism Center's (NCTC) annual calendar -- but not one Iranian.
      -- There is a full description of terror threats in the NCTC annual report : “Sunni extremists accounted for the greatest number of terrorist attacks and fatalities for the third consecutive year" etc. but not one mention of Iranians.
      -- There are 29 “Most Wanted” terrorists on the FBI list but not one Iranian.

      So where did you get the false information that Iran sends terrorists?

    • @ritzl
      There have never been two or three carrier groups in the Persian Gulf. Even BillM didn't claim that. There have been two carrier groups in the region, and one in the Gulf, but if they weren't there they'd be somewhere, wouldn't they.

      I'm not claiming it's a good idea, I'm disputing wrongful claims. Again, if you missed it: "It doesn’t greatly increase the cost of oil, isn’t hideously expensive, isn’t exhausting the Navy and only employs a maximum of two (of eleven) carriers, not even close to half of the active carriers (eight)."

      At least get the facts right.

      Actually the carriers (particularly in the Gulf) make inviting targets for Iran cruise missiles and the Navy of course knows that, so in that sense they are a war preventative.

    • I disagree.
      It doesn't greatly increase the cost of oil, isn't hideously expensive, isn't exhausting the Navy and only employs a maximum of two (of eleven) carriers, not even close to half of the active carriers (eight).

  • Netanyahu can provide no evidence to Schieffer to back up wild charges of Iranian 'terror campaign' in 24 countries
    • @Sassan
      "The truth must be told."
      Go ahead -- tell the truth, why don't you. What are the facts. Name the names, and describe the evidence of their deeds.

    • The most recent National Counterterrorism Center’s annual report, for 2011, doesn't even mention Iran.

      Report highlights follow:

      Sunni extremists accounted for the greatest number of terrorist attacks and fatalities for the third consecutive year. More than 5,700 incidents were attributed to Sunni extremists, accounting for nearly
      56 percent of all attacks and about 70 percent of all fatalities. Among this perpetrator group, al-Qa‘ida (AQ) and its affiliates were responsible for at least 688 attacks that resulted in almost 2,000 deaths, while the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan conducted over 800 attacks that resulted in nearly 1,900 deaths. Secular, political, and anarchist groups were the next largest category of perpetrators, conducting 2,283 attacks with 1,926 fatalities, a drop of 5 percent and 9 percent, respectively, from 2010.

      • Attacks by AQ and its affiliates increased by 8 percent from 2010 to 2011. A significant increase in attacks by al-Shabaab, from 401 in 2010 to 544 in 2011, offset a sharp decline in attacks by al-Qa‘ida in Iraq (AQI) and a smaller decline in attacks by al-Qa‘ida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) and al-Qa‘ida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM).
      • The most active of the secular, political, and anarchist groups in 2011 included the FARC (377 attacks), the Communist Party of India-Maoist (CPI-Maoist) (351 attacks), the New People’s Army/Communist Party of the Philippines (NPA-CPP) (102 attacks), and the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) in Turkey (48 attacks).

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