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  • Where is the #MeToo movement for Ahed Tamimi
    • I think its time for everyone with a conscience, to write to their Senators and Representatives and DEMAND an immediate stop to the annual, automatic, donation of billions of our tax dollars to the rogue state of Israel. It is NOT sufficient to simply request that none of our dollars go to support the bullying of the Palestinian people; that's a cop-out and cowardly. Stop ALL AID to Israel and demand sanctions until they learn to respect the Palestinians as Human Beings, not "dogs" or "animals".

  • 'There's no occupation'
  • It's war between Netanyahu and the generals (and the PM may just have lost the corporal)
  • 'Their sorry will not bring back Mustafa': Israeli govt tells grieving Palestinian family son was 'killed by mistake'
    • That's not all the USS LIberty's survivors "were told" but they were told by their own government to keep quiet about anything relating to that attack on penalty of court martial.
      Reference this episode whenever you want to find out just how much power the Israelis have over our government. Remember as well, that it was the first time the Medal of Honor, the nation's highest award for valor, was awarded to the Commanding Officer of the USS Liberty outside of public view. Why was that? When our government is not outright lying to us it is simply omitting the truth.

    • When it comes to reparations to that family for the loss of their loved one, be assured that the American people will be paying the bill for Israel's major Oops.

  • Daniel Berrigan's 1973 prophecy: Israel is becoming 'the tomb of the Jewish soul'
  • Tim Canova calls Debbie Wasserman Shultz 'corporate stooge' after primary loss. But they still agree on Israel.
  • Church of Sweden explores BDS as 'only chance to liberate Palestinians and Israeli Jews'
    • "Defending international law and human rights"?? Isn't that a function of the United Nations?
      Where the hell are those 'blue helmets' when you really need them?
      Viva BDS! and to hell with Israel!

    • "Non-violent ways"? Non-violence isn't worth spit against violence. When are the oppressed of the world going to understand this basic truth? The only thing the oppressors understand is the maddened crowd clawing at the gates; the peaceful crowds are easy to control and subdue.
      Revolution is the Solution.

    • If the un-liberated jews of Israel have been overlooked a bit it's only because their plight pales alongside of that of the Palestinians. If the Israeli Jews have been BS'ed into "serving" and "defending" their country in the IDF, they're no worse propagandized than the Americans are in "defending" their country. Governments routinely lie to their citizens.

  • Critiques not fit to print: Students and allies respond to 'NYT' coverage of Palestine activism on campus
    • Neither students nor anyone else have the "right" not to be exposed to views they find unpleasant. That sort of restriction on speech might well obtain in Israel but it doesn't fly in the United States. If you disagree with a view, you do have the right to refute that view, if you can, or to STFU if you can't. That spirit, with a touch of vulgarity for emphasis, is the essence of America.
      There is no reason under the sun why anyone shouldn't be able to question the Holocaust or any other historical event. Legislating against the right to do so only points to the weakness of the claim in the first place. History is replete with false claims, in fact, many see recorded history as a series of lies. Both those who write history and those who attempt to suppress its criticisms, have agendas and everyone is free to question everything, beginning with the historical evidence of a god, down to claims of self-serving events under the label of Holocaust.

  • Progressive foreign policy missing from revised Sanders revolution
  • Israel bans entry for two more US activists
    • Apparently it's past time for us to stop aid to this troublesome state. It can't receive our citizens it shouldn't be receiving our dollars! To hell with Israel!

  • Let's talk about Russian influence
    • Right on 'inbound', the American populace is way overdue for an explanation as to what exactly is meant by this bullsh-- propaganda we're fed about a "special relationship" we're suppose to have with Israel. NO ONE HAS EVER DEFINED WHAT THAT MEANS!!
      It's also time for the American voters to remind those pandering and cowering whores in Congress that they were sent to Washington to represent the American people, NOT Israel!

  • Sanders-backed candidate in FL says Wasserman Schultz won't 'protect' Israel
    • Keith, You seem to be catching on to the pseudo-profession of law being only a game of words--they're also known as "wordsmiths". May I recommend a book that will reveal more about the game of law?
      For each generation there seems to be a clever bunch who've discovered a way to survive without working. In these days of total corruption they've also become the biggest enablers of crime,,,not surprisingly.

    • Don't know , but there's a big boatload of people who WILL vote for ethnicity alone. When will people wake to the fact that they're sending people to Congress to represent them and not Israel? Israsel is not a state of the United States.

  • Lawsuit aims to block U.S. foreign aid to Israel as clandestine nuclear power
    • Pray what is so unusual about our government 'selectively' obeying the law? It is normal routine.

      The president routinely ignores the Constitution for heaven's sake---what's the violation of a law or two compared to that? We have an over-reaching presidency, an unrepresentative, corporate controlled Congress, and an extra legal Supreme Court guided by political ideology. It is well past time for a revolution, as Jefferson made clear of its periodic need.

  • Former AIPAC official says Israel should get no US aid without ending 'oppressive' settlements
    • I can explain it clearly Emory, it's because we, the American people, have no say in the matter. For a truly "novel idea", start a movement to allow the American people to vote on whether or not we should be sending billions of our scarce dollars each and every year into eternity. As long as our 'bought and paid for' Congress of whores does the voting the outcome will remain the same. The Jewish lobbies control our Congress and by extension our government. Time to wake up America! Let the American people decide if we have a "special relationship" with this rogue state or if it's really an expression of the Jewish lobbies' propaganda.

    • Here's another novel idea, let's let the American people 'vote 'on whether or not we should be shelling out billions of our scarce dollars each every year into eternity, instead of

  • Anti-occupation activists stand with Black Lives Matter as Jewish orgs attack movement over Israel criticisms
    • Gosh, Marnie, I think we should all line up and after a proper ritual involving painting our bodies blue and dancing round the fire, commit mass suicide in retribution for our common sins, or those of our ancestors. Would this right the wrong?

  • Using Rep. Johnson's innocent comment to stain his reputation was the real crime
    • I'm positive that some people feel that "termite" is a most apt description for what Israelis are doing to Palestinian land. Israel is in fact 'eating away' at Palestinian land from the inside, in exactly the same manner as do termites, to the eventual erosion of the entire structure. Yes, a most apt description of what Israel is doing, illegally, and on an ongoing basis.

  • How much should we push to change US policy towards Israel? Your contribution will decide.
    • The fact that you can ask that question, in the way you did, says a great deal about your reticence concerning moving away from supporting Israel's criminal enterprises. Grow a pair and get out there against this rogue and criminal nation. Tell the truth loud and clear; at least you can then renew your claim to self-respect. Who are you afraid of? Start with the Congress!For a worthwhile project, undertake to explain to the American populace exactly what is involved in this "special relationship" we're told we have with Israel. No one has ever defined what this relationship entails. Do America a favor and exposed this propaganda scheme! Who first coined that term "special relationship"? "How far you push" shouldn't be decided by money but it seems a certainty that if you do start to push for that "change" the money would start flowing in to support your new-found courage.

  • 'Does he believe in a God'? -- DNC leaders wanted to undermine Sanders
    • Let the world know when you progress from "disturbed" to downright angry, Boomer, because that's what it's going to take to effect change.

  • NLRB upholds union's right to support Israel boycott
    • oneangrycomic----may this all come to pass! Certainly the American people should be able to figure out that Israel controls our election process, when and despite the fact that neither of the main candidates, need Israeli money, they nevertheless are groveling for Israeli support. That spectacle alone should tell any thinking person all he needs to know about this very "special relationship" we're suppose to have with Israel. It may be 'special' but it's not in our favor!
      No one has ever explained or defined this "special relationship" to the American populace, we don't have a clue as to what it entails, except for the annual drain on our Treasury of billions of dollars. The American public hasn't been informed about what constitutes this relationship; are we joined at the hip with this troublesome state? If so, who voted for this? In fact, what is the source of this "special relationship"? Who decided this? Certainly not the American public!
      This "special relationship" is a fine example of Israeli propaganda; there's NO basis for it but if you repeat it often enough it becomes accepted as real. So there's our "special relationship"!

  • Separation and conquest: Israel's ideological barrier
    • What Israel's critics can't seem to get through their heads is that god gave all that land to the Jews alone! Ain't nobody bigger than god,,oops I mean God. (it really pisses him off when people forget to capitalize his name.) The Jews go one step further, they don't even complete his name (G-d) so as to minimize the chance of misspelling, which also tends to piss him off.
      Why the Jews' god, ooops, I meant G-d, is so pissed off all the time is a mystery since they created him.

  • Democratic Party leadership lines up against BDS -- and the 'nuts' who support it
    • Well said John Douglas! Cuomo is clearly kowtowing to the Israeli interests ahead of his own constituents. He's the governor of New York not Tel Aviv! We have way too many sniveling clowns like Cuomo within our government structure. Time to get rid of the Cuomo dynasty!

    • Yes, I would guess that EVERYONE would appreciate an answer to that question!

    • My point exactly! This "dual-citizenship" business is pure crap and shouldn't be allowed! It is contradictory on its face! No one can have allegiance to two nations at the same time.

  • Chuck Schumer 'worried' that his daughter was not marrying a Jew
  • Flanked by AIPAC and Israeli consul, Cuomo signs anti-BDS order
    • Someone should wake up Cuomo and Schumer and remind each that neither was elected to represent Israel!

  • Palestinian parliamentarian Khalida Jarrar returns to West Bank after more than a year in Israeli prison
    • Apparently Israel's judicial/legal system parallels that of the United States in using "plea bargaining" as a means of speeding up what they call 'justice'. What a farce! Why are we supporting this state? Stop all aid NOW!

  • Clinton forces dig in against changes to Democratic platform on Israel
    • JW- why not pray for a real revolt, like a revolution? because that's pretty much what it will take to turn things around.

  • 'My weekend in Palestine' changed an Australian man's life
  • Clinton campaign is 'nervous' Sanders will push 'divisive' battle over Democratic platform on Israel
    • Or alternatively, Clinton will simply lie to Sanders, as most ambitious politicians routinely do, about the I/P issue, in order to achieve her main goal and birthright, the presidency,

      Strange that we never hear much about the role of dynasties in this free country. Wonder why that is? Hmmmm...couldn't be the work of the powers behind the scenes could it? Playing with the public's need for 'name recognition' to compensate for their ignorance. Give them someone with some familiarity and the outcome is predictable. How else to explain, that in a nation of over 300 million people, we continue to bounce from the IdiotBush dynasty to that of the Clinton's?

    • Of what use is 'private criticism' of Israel or of anything for that matter? How did Israel reach this lofty position of being above criticism, a status not conferred on any other nation in the world?

  • 'Clinton scares the generals' -- Democratic Party divides over foreign policy
    • Jeeeezusss, Snow Kitty! did you read the accompanying article at all? Try re-reading Oliver Stone's comments for what is meant by 'scaring the generals'.

  • Israel announces yet another new settlement, as U.S. plans to join Europe in fresh criticism
    • Oh, mercy me. Not a "fresh criticism"!!! How will Israel ever survive "a fresh criticism"? If that's the best we can do why don't we just STFU? The U.S. is pathetic, no,,,beyond pathetic in its 'kid glove treatment' of that land-stealing, occupier, Israel. Why not simply stop our support --I shouldn't call it "our" support because the American public damn sure didn't get to vote on this FOREVER annual donation of billions of our scarce dollars. The American government is lying to the American public about this relationship with Israel. The American public is tired of government lies and this year's election is the proof that the game is over.

  • Anti-Semitism is considered a serious moral failing. But no one calls out anti-Palestinian bigotry
    • I wonder how many remember way, way, back when Hillary was a newly minted "first lady" and she had the temerity to express an honest opinion about Israel and how quickly she was made to realize the power of the Jewish presence in America? Hillary has had a few more changes in opinion since that time and they were all to suit the purpose at hand more than they were to express an honest opinion.

    • Well said, Sweetling,,, a thought occurs while reading your comments---Has there ever been another example of a group of people who 'self-hated', or is that a peculiar Jewish creation?

    • But how many generations must we go through before this enlightenment takes place Terry?

    • Well articulated and should all be in Capital letters! You have the essence of the problem. Distortion and manipulation have long been favorite tools of the propagandists.

  • Roger Waters tells France: 'Supporters of BDS, attacked by your judiciary, have my unequivocal respect and love'
    • I can't quite wrap my mind around the French accepting this sort of tyrannical behavior from their government. The jews are small in number but they manage to be everywhere that it counts. I don't understand why denying the Holocaust should be a crime either. Won't there always be those who doubt the numbers involved in the Holocaust regardless of whether they're vocal or not? Is the French government attempting to program the French mind? Why doesn't the French government pass a law against denying DeGaule's wartime exploits? Should the United States outlaw denying our Civil War? How would that affect the reality of that event?

  • Israeli govt accelerates settlement construction, 'opposition leader' Isaac Herzog calls for electrified fence between Israel and West Bank
    • Regardless of where this fence will be situated and we can be sure it won't be the 67 borders, wouldn't that fence prevent Israel from engaging in its favorite past-time , that of stealing additional Palestinian land? Just wondering.

  • Netanyahu responds to Ban Ki-moon's criticism of the Israeli occupation (Update)
    • I wonder exactly what Netan'yahooo thinks is Israel's posture to be regarding the Palestinians if not as an oppressive occupier? Does he see Israel as a benevolent guardian, while it systematically gobbles up Palestinian land for what are illegal settlements? If Netan'yahooo is going to criticize Ban Moon for telling the truth, he should stand ready to refute that truth; the world has been and is patiently waiting for the Prime Minister's version of these systematic land thefts in search of Greater Israel.

  • Running for top UN job, UNESCO chief to appear at Zionist celebration on Capitol Hill
  • Seachange in public opinion: 'I am tired of Israel using US-made rockets to bomb Palestinians so that ultra-conservatives can steal their land'
    • Way too little Martin, and way too late. The holocaust industry is alive and robust and not in danger of expiring. Why your efforts helped in getting it codified into law. Don't you remember?
      One can question Christopher Columbus, and what he did to the native Americans; why, we can even question your bible or the existence of your god, but YOUR 'eternal victims' have managed to outlaw, in a number of nations, the questioning of the holocaust. Now that's real power! Let's hear it for the Jews! And by the way Martin, that "special relationship" you and your ilk always trot out there at every opportunity, is pure bunk, contrived by your propagandists. The American public damn sure doesn't know or even have an inkling of what this 'special relationship' consists, except that we're damn sure it involves an "eternal" drain on our treasury. You had a great deal to do with that too, Martin.

    • Kinda makes you wonder at the usefulness of the United Nations, doesn't it? Israel has been flipping the UN the bird for as long as it has existed

    • "Rogue nation" is a most apt characterization for Israel, I use it as often as possible when commenting on it's many criminal cations.

  • Obama friends Netanyahu with one-sided statement
    • "Expelled" from an area that wasn't theirs to start with? Are you a lawyer by any chance?

    • Excellent compilation of facts,,,, but in presenting them, I hope you realize you're automatic induction into the anti-semite column. ;-)

    • Empty expenditure of gas! "Extraordinary bonds" along with "special relationship" are nothing but catch phrases without specific meaning--no one has ever defined what this "special relationship" with Israel entails. The American public has no clue to what extent we are joined at the hip with Israel, according to those who control us and our thinking. The Jews, all 2% of the population of the United States, control every aspect of American life, as well as it international relations. The rest, the 98%, just goes along with them because they must! AIPAC expends more energy denying this 'influence' they exert over our government, than anything other issue, and there are many more! America has yet to awaken.

    • And that's why this is no "negotiation" at all, it is one side, telling the other side, what will be!

    • Psst! It's called word manipulation and distortion, stock in the trade of the world's scummiest pseudo-professionals, the lawyers (parasites), the enablers of all crimes worthy of note.

  • Israel wants $5 billion a year in military aid from the US
    • Yes, that's precisely the point! Israel's needs are met before those of our own people. Every one of those "paid for whores in Congress" should be receiving a blast from the real citizens of this nation about who should get priority. They're all cowards when it comes to kissing up to the Jewish lobbies, because, quite simply, they run our government, regardless of how loud and often AIPAC denies that most obvious fact. And they also WANT and WILL GET the traitor Pollard's release. The tail has been wagging the dog long enough--time to get the hell out of the Middle East and tell Israel to go to hell! We owe them exactly nothing!

    • Pssst,, Americans have no say in the matter, or haven't you noticed?

  • Glen Weyl's agonizing journey to boycott the country he loves
    • Why is it considered "rude or myopic" to refer to someone as an 'Askanazi Knight', who has publicly declared his love for Israel over that of his native country? What would you call him Annie? A patriot perhaps?

  • Dear Chief Rabbi, your sermon on Palestinian violence failed tests of moral and communal leadership
    • How does one get to be a "Chief" rabbi? In true Jewish fashion, does he have to out-argue or out- shout all the others? And why should anyone pay any more attention to the ramblings of one religious nut over the others. I'm sure we can find another religious nut to contradict each and every word uttered by this funny looking character.

  • 'Most-read' article at Washington Post calls Israel 'savage, unrepairable society'
    • I suggest pmb1414 that it has gone beyond 'embarrassment' to full anger, as more are accurately seeing Israel's illegal activity as being done in our name, due to this often stated "special relationship" we're suppose to have with that rogue state and which no one has ever defined for the American public. It's past time to "question" ,,,we should be in the "shouting angrily" mode.
      Like it or not, we are seen ,by the world, as complicit in every illegal event perpetrated by the Israelis--that's the simple truth and we must crawl out from under the control of the Jewish lobbies and the out-sized influence of the Jews in our high offices. There is no mystery about why the Arab world despises us and it's time we addressed it honestly and did something about it.

    • What? Mon Dieu! and Sacre Bleu besides! You mean to tell me that the Post has joined the reality club? How astounding! Maybe we can look forward to an article delving into this permanent status of victim-hood so often used and abused by the Israelis, or perhaps the automatic smear of 'antisemitic' directed to any and all who dare to criticize Israel and its illegal policies? Or maybe an article addressing the stranglehold the Jewish lobbies have on our whorish Congress, which has yet to issue a NO vote on any bill supporting Israel 's clearly illegal activities?
      Of course the ultimate demonstration of honest journalism, would have to be an article debunking the "eternal victim-hood" status of the Jews, by pointing to how many of our most populous states are in fact being represented by Jews, despite the well known fact that the Jews represent a bare 2% of the population. Such pitiful "victims", almost makes one get misty.

  • The effectiveness of the pro-Israel lobby to intimidate our press has reached new heights
    • Although it is useful to point out the Jewish lobby's stranglehold on our media, we shouldn't be distracted from the very real and ongoing pressure it exerts on our Legislature/Executive Departments. Everyone in any position of power, in these United States, "walks softly and carries "no stick", when it comes to any criticism of Israel, no matter how slight the criticism, which should tell anyone, capable of analysis, who is in control of our nation. O'bummer can get mad as hell and stomp his little feet, but he will fall in line according to the lobby's wishes. Hasn't that been demonstrated enough for even a dunce to understand? It is well past time to rid ourselves of this "special relationship" we are 'told' we have with Israel and which no one has ever defined for the American people, or we WILL end up fighting and dying in Israel's wars.

  • Fact Check: MSNBC’s Palestinian loss of land map
    • The one thing you can depend on, is that Israel will NOT provide you or anyone else with a map of Israel. That would not suit its larger plan, which consists of more and more land thefts.

    • But, but, you have to understand that god gave them all that land (it's in the "book') (which they wrote) and they haven't been able to contact him since, or they'd have a lot more. So they might end up "writing" another book to cover the rest of the Middle East. (If they can locate god).

  • White House knows the violence stems from occupation, but won't spend political capital to say so -- Dakwar
    • Well said Kiwi! I served with your troops also, while in the Navy Patrol Squadron. I also served in Vietnam in 67/68---- and I agree that Americans are complicit in all of the illegal activities perpetrated by Israel. All of this, stems from that so-called "special relationship" we have with Israel, which has never been adequately defined for the American people, and therefore, calls into question why this 'status' has never been challenged ----and the answer is simple enough, the Israelis, or Jews if you prefer, have a 'lock on the board' of our government and its political processes and anyone daring to call attention to this 'most obvious fact' is labelled antisemitic if he's not Jewish, or a 'self-hating Jew' if he is one. They cover all bases! That's the game that has been played for years and it continues unabated to this moment. The Jews are the best organized self- interest group in the world and therein lies their success. Organize, organize, organize!

  • PLO: France to submit Security Council resolution on international protection force at al-Aqsa mosque
    • Whatever Israel "agreed" to Bryan, during the original formation of Israel, no longer obtains, when the Supreme and Divine leader of ALL the Jews", Netan'yahoo, has refused to delineate his ever expanding borders and for obvious reasons. Bear in mind as well, that the Supreme and Divine leader of ALL THE JEWS!, HERR NETAN'YAHOO, HAS ALREADY DECLARED JERUSALEM TO BE ISRAEL'S CAPITAL, NOW AND FOREVER MORE! Hey, that should count for something, After all he is one of god's 'chosen'!

  • Larry Summers holds forth on subjects he doesn't know about
    • Yes, Kathleen, it's the same reaction I experienced, when reading Summers smug comment on the makeup of the Supreme Court, the Senate, Treasure and AIPAC. What amounts to a 'brag' for a JEW is considered 'antisemitic' if uttered by anyone outside the tribe. And in their effort to cover all bases, they've even devised a unique category of assailants within their own ranks to be labelled "self-hating Jews" . It's silly in the extreme and unique in that there's no other self-hating group in the world. How despicable can a group be, that develops self-haters?

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