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  • Seven years a terror suspect
    • Oh sure, Johnny.

      Even without applying the full Zionist entity criteria used for the civilian population of Gaza, one can have a quick look at Azrael laws concerning military service and realize that there aren't that many civilians among the invaders --even on the pre-67 side of the fence.

      Further, when you start an endless war, you make what's good for the goose good for the gander. Just remember that. When you declare some massacre a "mistake" or "necessary for security reason" just guess what you are justifying in the future.

  • 'This is our state, the Jewish state.... our nation, language and flag' --Netanyahu triumphs with new law
    • You know, Maghlawhatever, the same old shit was told to the Algerians and all other colonials.
      Also, flippant dismissal by calling people "romantic" is not an answer to the points raised.

    • Maghla

      Most Israelis were not around in 1948 so it counts as sins of the fathers

      Forget the biblical stuff and the fathers. The sons are squatting without a formal permission from the owners of the land, period. Being born somewhere does not give automatic citizenship.
      (As for "sins of the fathers", still irrelevant anyway, take a gander at the current generation, more Nazi-like than anything before .)

      Willy Brandt went to Warsaw

      How dare you? Brandt escaped Nazi Germany and he fought against it in the war. He was a real resistant. He went to lead and represent an enemy and successor of the occupiers of Poland, not out of the same Nazi state. As different as invader-"Israel" to a restored Palestine.

      ... in say 1990 they could have changed . I know Palestinians who were ready to live together with them. I know Palestinians who believed in the peace process and moved back to Ramallah to make the state work.

      And I know a lot of deluded people everywhere, too. Also Frenchmen, Norwegians, Greeks, Croats and Americans named Pétain, Quisling, Tsolakoglou, Pavelic and Kushner, so what?

      The point is that only a bona fide plebiscite, including all Palestinians anywhere in the world and excluding all invaders and offspring thereof, from the date of declared hostile intent, counts as the formal will of the owners of the country --a plebiscite done in the absence of any occupation or other duress. Good luck with that.

      In the absence of self-determination, you'll always get a national liberation war sometime. Even if some good people delay it by being "reasonable", it always ends up there, ask any Africans. Or in a successful genocide, ask American natives.
      The JaboGurions know this; you don't seem to.

      At the end of the day the Beitar Jews have no other home

      What rot. Almost all have at least one other citizenship, or the right to one, and the US has already agreed and guaranteed to take up all who don't. And if they are "Betar", good luck giving them Palestinian citizenship anyway. My humble prediction is that the current suicidal fanaticism on the invader side will expand yet a lot more by the time push comes to shove.

      If you don’t have the political forces...

      you build them --you start by weeding out your collaborators. That's what recent history of WW2 and decolonization should have taught all.

    • RoHa,

      You're absolutely right.

      I believe that the last official statement among Zionists, ie not for PR consumption, is still Ben Gurion 1938 (World Council of Poale Zion):
      “The boundaries of Zionist aspiration include southern Lebanon, southern Syria, today’s Jordan, all of Cis-Jordan and the Sinai.”

      How? The statement of strategy for Zionist consumption also was in a 1938 speech:
      "After we become a strong force as the result of the creation of the state, we shall abolish partition and expand to the whole of Palestine. The state will only be a stage in the realization of Zionism and its task is to prepare the ground for our expansion. The state will have to preserve order – not by preaching but with machine guns."

      Peace-loving Labor socialists all.

    • Bah, as long as human sacrifice is an everyday event that doesn't even rate a mention any longer, they don't really need animal sacrifice.

    • Maghla,

      Stop justifying colonialism, theft and murder.
      So occupying other people's land is not the problem, eh, as long as the locals are just natives? Only the "excesses" seem to be a problem?

    • Page: 53
    • The big question is how did Zionism, Hatikva, the great hope, end up led by such an asshole.

      Check your irrational sympathies. "Zionism, Hatikva" was initiated and implemented by assholes bigger than the current Yahoo.
      And, important to observe, followed by the same ilk.

  • Leading US Israel supporter is abused at Israeli airport for having 'Palestine' pamphlet
    • I just hope that now Koplow Sr will either disengage from Israel or actively campaign against it.

      Mr. Halpern has no idea how tasty Kool-Aid can be. Ask Jim Jones. He may become an Iliberal-Zionist if he's not already that, though, and Koplow Jr may become a Liberal-Zionist, if he's not that already.

    • Constructive Engagement definition:

      An equal-force encounter between Zionists armed to the teeth, Uzis, grenades, rocket launchers, nukes, what-will-you, and a bunch of kids throwing rocks.

  • Ocasio-Cortez hedges criticisms of Israel-- 'I may not use the right words'
    • Hope is legal here

      Makes sense, Mooser. Did you expect the government bandits to ban all the hopeful boobies who bring them to government?

    • Karnak,

      It’s not too late for her though

      Personally for Ms Cortez, of course it's not too late; she presumably is full of the best intentions, unlike the warmongering old "middle class" champion mountebank Sanders.

      But is sure is way too late for Ms Cortez' candidacy, the Nth in a long line of fake challengers running under the Democrat Party banner. Just talking about the relatively recent past, of the so-called left characters, who all successfully rallied the boobies back to the voting booth, how many managed to do anything at all that went even a little against the will of the Owners of the Country?
      As to whose who got elected and were carrying hope-and-change, lemme see, what did they do?

      You just don't go under the banner of the worst enemy of the people and worst war machine if you intend to fight against it. Duh. That simple. Of course it's way too late.

      But why does it matter what she says on her website? ... When people campaign on peace they tend to win, and that fact tends to be erased, either by silence or by the elected official turning toward war after the election. When someone wins a primary campaigning for peace, others need to learn of it. And when they win a general election campaigning for peace, others need to learn of it. This is how you get more candidates to support peace.

      The notion that someone will secretly plan to work for peace while going silent or pretending to favor war until they are elected has very few examples to support it and thousands going against it
      A candidate who surrounds himself or herself with people who delete peace from a website is a candidate hearing bad advice, and a future official likely to go on hearing bad advice."

    • Today, 7/17.
      The timid paragraphs titled "Peace Economy" are still not on her Spanish web site

      Textbook example of Democrat electoral politics.

    • Nobbled, too. You don't look like a poney race guy.

    • Sibiriak,

      You use the term the occupation of Palestine, what did you mean by that?
      AOC: Oh– I think, what I meant is that the settlements that are increasing in some of these areas and places where Palestinians are experiencing difficulty in access to housing and homes.

      Do you think you can expand on that?

      AOC: Yeah I think — I am not the expert on geo-politics on this issue...

      If that, to you, is clear, unequivocal, that tells me something about you but not about the topic.

    • Walters,

      More re your thought-inducing post.

      Your closing paragraph was very much to the point, the point of discussing anything electoral:

      ...if Americans only knew … Once this topic breaks into the election discussions, it’ll become difficult to keep it out of the news. It crosses a line into a new dynamic. A lot of people can become informed almost overnight. A lot of formerly fearful people can start coming out with their stories. An avalanche of information …


      So how come "It makes a lot of sense" to you that "She doesn’t want to trigger a major assault against her at this time. Just hold her ground"? The point in being clear, firm and secure, instead of crumbling and I-dont-really-know-I'll-learn hedging, is in provoking a big, open discussion, jumping on the opportunity of the newly-gained media spotlight. What better opportunity do just that than a "major assault"?

      The hedging would only make sense if one's objective is to bring votes to the "Party" from the disgusted public (and get the disgusted public to come back to the fold against their better judgment), rather than educate and organize them thanks to the electoral publicity.

    • Walters,

      Thank you so much for bringing a non-Demolican, non-Repucrat candidate to everyone's attention.

      This candidate is unlikely to cave in, as he has no Party nanny.

      He has put in a lot of thinking about Palestine, specifically, and has a separate "Palestine/Israel" page.

      He's lived on both sides of occupied Palestine, and seems to know the subject well; check out About>Bio.

      Also note the humor when you click on his "ProWar?" tab.

      Why do you think he's not getting the big media hoopla of the Dim-candidate lady?


      As for not taking corporate financing, that's only significant if you are not a candidate of the Corporate Finance Party itself, duh! Otherwise one's making the people pay directly for the privilege of getting screwed with their own money --corporate dictatorship doesn't even have to cough up for that!
      Applies both to Sanders/Cortez and the Justice Democrats.

    • Sibiriak

      I’m talking about the official BDS movement which does NOT restrict itself to post-1967 territories.

      I know, and that does not carry a lot of weight, not so much because the official BDS movement is a bunch of non-clandestine orgs under Zionist and PA occupation but because the official movement is mainly directed by local, Western persons with diverse motivations. So the practical results depend more on their local interests than anything else. Also, there is no "official BDS" when it comes to determining targets and objectives for each boycotter.

      So again, "supporting BDS" in the abstract doesn't mean that much, even though every inch is welcome, even coming from Zionists with their inimical agenda.

    • Sibiriak,

      Support for Israel’s continued existence and a two state solution is perfectly compatible with the BDS movement.

      Of course it is. Avnery and a bunch of "Labor" and our very own Johnny S all support a boycott of the post-1967 territories. It's perfect as a strategy for keeping the loot of the Nakba and avoiding any accounting (called 'peace'.)

      That's why "supporting" BDS means jackshit by itself.

    • No this, no that, but first and foremost no clear, unequivocal stance --there's the rub.
      Like Sanders, and Obama before him, she surely has a secret agenda that must remain cloudy and indecisive until she gets in power and then, zzzam! she'll come out of the phone booth in her Superwoman costume.

    • We've watched it already. It's an old number to avoid people to wake up and send the parties to hell.
      Justt as we already watched the wait-and-see comments by the local liberal commentariat, similarly intended to delay and nobble any reaction that could be threatening to the Democrat party.

    • How can the DSA provide any "counterweight" if they already agreed to run a candidate within the Democrat party --and obviously want her to "win" --whatever that means?

    • Put not your trust in any Democrat, in whom there is no help. Ever.
      This is a class society, and no party or "party" can serve two enemy classes at the same time.

  • 'NY Times' uses old tricks to distort Israel's latest attacks on Gaza
    • Good point:

      completely ignore Palestinian complicity in their misery

      The Palestinian complicity in their own misery is undeniable. As soon as the British announced their intent to take over from the Ottoman Empire and bring a colony of invader-settlers, a general insurrection may have sent the invaders packing. Or again, it might have lost. No use bitching about that.

  • Irish senate passes bill banning products from Israeli settlements
    • Ossinev,

      Certainly the Avnery crew deserve credit for their letter of support; same for the lib-Zios who support some boycott limited to the post-67 (as long as they don't sabotage the general boycott effort or don't attempt to direct the solidarity movement.)

      I'm not saying they don't but it's not a good idea to leave any reader in the illusion that these guys are any less dangerous than the currently reigning fraction. A reminder that their aim is getting peace to keep the loot of the invasion, Nakba and wars is always in order.

    • Of interest in the context of the bill is the support for it from a number of ex-Israeli Ambassadors and other Israelis

      Of interest? It's rather good old Same Old. They say it black on white: they want a boycott limited to post-1967 conquests so that they can, in the long run, keep the pre-1967 illegal conquests, including the bandit state illegally declared in 1948.

      They also say in so many words that the "two-state" solution is desired by their faction of Zionism as the only way to enjoy, in peace, the spoils of illegal invasion and robbery and mass murder and other crimes against humanity.

      Liberal Zionists are more intelligent and much more dangerous than the non-liberal, stupid variety.

  • 100 days since protests began, Gazans reflect on what the Great March of Return has accomplished so far
    • We’ve tried war, let’s try peace.

      That applies to you guys.
      Try preaching that to people like Johnny S.

      The Palestinians haven't tried war yet.

  • Netanyahu’s war on transcendence 
    • I'll defer to your evaluation re the public's mind and its cultural references.

    • Smíth correctly concluded at the end of his post:

      The Great March of Return is the Gaza Ghetto Uprising.

      He is right: no matter how you define "ghetto", this one is similar to the Warsaw ghetto 1941-42 in everyone's mind.

  • 'Killing Gaza' gives faces to statistics of 2014 massacre, echoing Goldstone
    • Jackzz,

      Some "what if" questions are a good exercise indeed.

      As in:
      How many generations would have avoided being wasted on all sides, had the Palestinians succeeded in their anticolonial resistance to the British invaders, and put the Zionist varmint on all available boats the very day Balfour's note was made public?

    • a series of intimate portraits of Palestinians who witnessed hellish events during the seven-week Israeli attack of 2014 and demonstrates that the political issues at the heart of the conflict can never be resolved by more violence

      If you had written that you wish it wouldn't need more violence to reach a solution, almost everyone would second that; that you believe it won't need violence to get solved, some people would agree. But an absolute, like a law of physics, that it can "never'be solved by violence, totally counter-intuitive, flying in the face of 120 years of experience? At that point, you may as well call it a matter of religious belief.

  • 'You cannot be a democracy and not a state of all its citizens': Jamal Zahalka on what the rejection of the 'State of all its Citizens' bill means for Israel
    • Thanks, Marnie. Self-destruction sounds good.

    • Make me cry, Marnie.
      Women in the occupation army have problems? They should have many more. How about a nice shootout with the Orthodox uniformed and un-uniformed killers?
      Wish them all the plagues of Egypt and pray that the Zionist entity keeps it religious bigot government. We'll slide back even worse if the smarter bunch comes on top.

    • US Citizen

      This is a political and religious system founded on the notion of ethnic supremacy like apartheid South Africa. It will not last.

      Their model is not South Africa but the US of A.
      If it makes it for long enough to complete the genocide of the owners of the country, it will last as long as the US.

  • Zionism ate my religion, and I am taking it back
    • Keith

      The Holocaust changed that. Who could believe that was God’s will?

      Anyone who could believe the many God-ordered atrocities in the Old Testament.

    • Holy Gangland

    • When mainstream Jewish institutions wake up in bed with Donald Trump, the religious influence of Zionism is due for some serious form-critiquing.

      And when private persons sound like they only just now woke up from a 100-year beauty sleep (kissed by a Trump?), all you can do is say better late than never.

  • On Rabbi Andy Bachman’s public congratulations to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
    • Tuyzentfloot,

      The foreign policy paragraph was pulled, then in response to general reaction she tweeted that it was inadvertently done by unidentified persons, and the blurb came back as "Peace Economy" on her English-language web pages only. Meaning the Spanish-speaking (larger) constituency don't need to know.

      She speaks much better than Sanders but it's the same old slithery shepherd-dog material.

      The issue is right there: no dismissal can be "lazy and cheap" enough if you are out to get votes for the Demolican (or Repucrat) party. Unless you can bring one example of anyone running for that "party" in the last 70 years with any success in overturning the will of the ruling-class owners on anything significant (not just cultural crap.) One.

    • that’s a strawman. maybe i didn’t make myself clear

      No, you did make a clear exception to common logic.

    • Ms Robbins,

      There's even less linear logic in that last reply about strawmen.

      You write yourself that her "independence" is no different than that of the Sanders mountebank's:

      sanders, whatever he's become, was never part of the dem party "machine". for the most part, he ran an independent campaign

      an "independent" campaign to bring the independent vote to the main machine of US imperialism and war.
      It had a huge success doing just that, so why not a repeat?
      I do second your congratulations to the DSA for a 90/10 BDS vote (while suspecting that good part of that is "libZ".) But these people deserve the severest censure for thinking [pretending to] that after several generations of sheepdog fakes (and Don Quijinich), they'll be the first to turn around the main US imperialist political machine, belonging to the Owners of the Country, and make it act against the owners' class interest.

      i don't know her views on venuzuela and am not into the russia thing at all.

      both highly relevant

    • she’s not “come back to the fold” she targets voters who have not voted before. she’s DSA running on a dem ticket.

      And getting new votes for the Democrat Party makes it that she works against the Democrat Party, is that it?

      There might be some logic in that --just not the usual kind of logic.

    • Rabbi here, Rabbi there,

      Weren't Men of the Cloth supposed to keep to religion --not politics?

    • Keith,

      The Steppling article points to a number of things re Ocasio that are suspect but not necessarily proof to take to a court. Your conclusion is sound. Also, she is "ahead of the pack" inasmuch as she remembered to update the Sandersian program to include sympathy to Palestine and to switch to mentioning the working class instead of the old horse's insufferable appeal to the middle class, so she may have some success... in calling back the stray sheep.
      Anyway it will be interesting to see what the Zionists do with her.

      The link given by Ms Robbins is to an article about not politics (=class content) but "nuts-and-bolts" (the how.) Looks like a typical come-back-to-the-fold, Sanders II campaign, calling all the gulls to register. Vote for the leading administrative party of US monopoly capital and you'll make miracles happen.

      “Listen, I get it. I get why you don’t want to be a Democrat.”
      No she don't.

      Sometimes I have the impression that for most people it all revolves around what the current person of interest subjectively believes (supposedly.)

  • First they came for Alan Dershowitz
    • Tuyzentfloot,

      Well, it means a returning reader already has a cookie directing him to the language first chosen,

      That is unimportant. I am saying it for the third time: There is no mention anywhere on the Spanish page of the foreign policy statement. At least as of this morning. And to me that is ominous., because that's the heart of the story.

      Also, one doesn't have to eat sh|t every single day to know it's the same serving as yesterday, cooked better. I am not saying this Nth avatar isn't sincere, intelligent, all those beautiful things. But she is out collecting votes for the main administrative organ of US imperialism and war of aggression. Not gonna discuss that further, just hope she keeps her position on Palestine and commits it to writing.

    • It's not that he can't afford the expensive wines and canapés...

    • It still goes direct to the Spanish page when I click; can't understand how you get English on the same link unless they classify the reader with initial cookies; anyhow, there is still no mention at all of any FP except the separate P.Rico chapter in the Spanish part. Spanish is her constituency's main language.

      The distrust is based on the usual sheepdogging MO of the Democrat Party. While we don't know whether she's subjectively a Don Quijote like Kucinich or a consummate embezzler like Sanders, the attention-gathering "bold" statement followed by immediate walking-back and wishy-washiness has been a constant with the latter kind, take anyone like Jackson, etc.

    • Tuyzentfloot

      It's not anywhere on the link you posted.
      It only makes an appearance if you switch to "English".
      Going back to the full Spanish-language page, not a single word on anything international except Porto Rico.

      I'll be danged. Now this really starts looking like a special operation.

    • Peacedocument is a bit confused:

      While Turkey certainly practices settler colonialism in Cyprus, Russia and China are not occupying powers, while the "PA" is officially the occupiers' police force, and Hamas doesn't have enough means to buy a popgun, let alone occupy and colonize any foreign territory. The Zionist entity is officially a colonizing occupier, even for the colonial powers that run the UN.

      What "the Jews" were doing in that message is unclear.

      So we should support Peacedocument's suggestion where it applies and insist on boycotting both the Zionists and Turkey.

    • Citizen,

      That foreign policy statement did come back to the site (following protests) as I reported

      But It's hard to believe it was an innocent glitch (especially with "supporter-run" web sites (?)

    • Sure, it's good, vintage Finkelstein. Very nice job.

      But then one has to start wondering. Most of us always believed the ultimate sacred cow to be "Israel". What do you know.
      The real unslaughterables today are the libruls. The Mac-using PC, bless their greedy, warmongering eyes. WWIII is no problem, just keep the decorum.

      It sure feels good to bash the Dershow no matter the pretext but it would have better not to have the same kind of sh|t on both sides.

  • Hasbara is dead
    • Who's the so-and-so who opposes RoHa for King?

    • Atlanta,

      Golden words. As RoHa said, tying any cause to a party guarantees visceral opposition by the opposed "political tribe".

      Practically all organizations in the business of somehow opposing Zionist oppression, if not its occupation of Palestine, seem to be mainly in another business. That of restricting the outreach strictly to what's called "Liberals" in America. Or to a "liberal" Jewish audience.

      They ensure that any attempt to end US participation in the Zionist abomination remains confined to a small AND notoriously impotent percentage of the population.

      But it's very wrong to call for "a bi-partisan approach". Any bi-partisan approach will be directly under Zionist orders. A strictly non-partisan approach is the only one with any chance of being effective.

  • Obama was shocked -- shocked -- to find that settlements were eating the West Bank!
  • Dems have four congressional candidates willing to criticize Israel -- and 'reap political rewards'
    • Now you're talking, Waters.
      This guy not only says he intends to cut Zionist welfare, he is not a Dim or Puke so he isn't Answering to a Higher (ruling-class) Authority like the Hebrew National Hotdogs or the Dims and Pukes.

      That's why he's not on Weiss' radar.
      The liberals, like the real rich, don't like people who are not hogtied from the get-go.

  • Miriam Adelson urges young American Jews to 'have more Jewish babies' and 'lobby governments' for Israel
    • Thanks for the good news, Citizen. That's the first reliable sign there won't be war there.

  • The Gaza blockade is illegal-- and so is the use of force to maintain it
    • It would be interesting to have a review of HRW activity worldwide, which up to now has always been as the "White Helmets" of US imperialism.

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