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  • Why liberal Zionists have nothing to say about Ahed Tamimi's slap and arrest
    • She hit someone? Well, she exercised admirable restraint given that she has all the right to kill that soldier --read your Geneva Conventions and the UN Charter, period.
      One would expect you to be thankful and humble, and look at your attitude. Bad, bad.

  • Writing about what should be done to girls in the dark is incitement to sexual assault -- Shany Littman to Ben Caspit
  • New Israeli train line with station named after Trump was built on stolen Palestinian land
    • How many times has the clueless thing parading as "Jack Green" been told that individual land ownership is not the only social order, and even if it were the only one it has Jack Sh|t to do with territorial sovereignty?

      No need to be creative in insulting people when one feels like it: it's enough to call them Zionists.

  • Zionism didn't have to turn out so badly for Palestinians, says Roger Cohen
    • Sibiriak,

      No Jewish (ethnos), no Judaism (religion)

      Provide even one (1) single, common ethnic/cultural etc. element, common to the many diverse strands of "Jewish" that is not strictly liturgical/religious, or admit that you have given up the most basic requirement of logic.

      There is no difference from Christianity. If your contention were true, which it isn't, then Christianity and any other religion should be equally qualified for recognition as an "ethnos", too, according to you.

    • Michael,

      When we speak of a Jew, we mean someone who traces his/her descent to Eres Yisra’el of antiquity

      Thank yo so much for confirming that "Jewish" identity is
      plumb crazy.

      You don't believe me? Just read your definition, agreedly a commonly held one among people who call themselves Jewish.

      By the way, our so-called Moderators seem to be letting your logorrhea unchecked, for the express purpose of reducing the number of their readers. I have no problem with any content, be it inhuman and revolting, as it often is coming from Zosters. Yours is a major space problem that intentionally blurs the eye and liquefies the reader's brains.

    • I think the classy Zionist phrase Mr. Cohen is searching for here is “necessary evil”

      10/10, Eljay

  • Israeli lawmaker calls Palestinians visiting relatives in Israeli prison 'beasts' and 'human scum'
    • Johnny 66 continues his courageous advocacy for Nazi-o-nist occupation. Sure, Palestinians must resist in the open air, with known addresses where you can knock on the door at visit times. No need for hiding, eh. I suppose he is also convinced he's clever.

    • The usual Johnny 66 writes:

      we agree that Hamas is a terrorist organization and that Israel is a democratic state

      without ever having answered or even discussed the post, further above, that clearly establishes that
      1. The Zionist entity is a terrorist organization according to the very rules of even the colonial powers that "gave" it its existence

      2. All individuals and organizations who are resisting the colonial invasion and occupation, especially where illegal even by the explicit declaration of all the imperialist powers that illegally granted the Zionist entity a recognition of their initial barbarian conquest, are doing so with the express authorization of international law, several times reaffirmed in US resolutions.

      Add: There can be no officially slave-holding "democracy" nowadays; the time of ancient Athens and dark-ages US are long past.

      Add: John 66 is a despicable propaganda agent. Looking up the words "Julius Streicher" is recommended.

    • Apart from the fact that war criminal Shalit had an entire, aggressive, genocidal government exerting collective punishment using the pretext of his being taken hostage, he was a regular uniformed murderer, taken hostage by the civilian resistance in a war of aggression. Not a protected person; on the contrary, free game! Of course the ICRC does something for these guys, too: did you properly inform yourself once in your life?

  • What it takes to make change for Palestine: see what longtime activists say
    • Ain't necessarily so. You'd be surprised how many "conservatives", middle-class dreamers and outright fascists, even, are ready to join the ranks and black-eye the Zionist varmint. Don't try to screw it up all.

  • Pop star 'Lorde' honors BDS call, cancels Tel Aviv concert
    • How so? Finland is independent since 1917. The different regimes in Eastern Karelia, after 1923 Soviet Karelia , were never part of the state of Finland except during the Finnish occupation in the Winter War, 1941-1944. Plus the part of Ladoga-Karelia etc that was ceded by treaty to the Soviet Union. Besides, we are talking about the current Russian state and its respect of international law, as opposed to USrael.
      What are you trying to say?

    • Mooser,

      Take it from someone who knows them exceedingly well: no brains are required to become a surgeon, only memory. In the US it requires a lot of money, too. As for the strategically delicate propaganda task of "teaching" history within the Zionist propaganda machine, I'm sure it's a straight issue of... scientific competence, as we all can see.

    • How is Russia under an Apartheid regime of genocidal foreign colonial invaders just like your good self, squatter? Besides, right now Russia is definitely one of the few world powers respectful of international law.

    • Emory,

      You're speaking for yourself, I suppose. Many others want an effective boycott and they shun every and all "Israel" Master-Race citizens because that is the only goddam way to make the boycott effective. If the goons don't feel on their own skin that they are pariahs, especially when they travel, there is no way the essential boycott objective of collective demoralization of the Zionist population can be achieved.

      Many of us also shun all Zionists, anywhere, the moment they show who they are.

      By the way, can you once please articulate why individual Zionists shouldn't be targeted?

    • John66,

      Quoting from an organization that is obliged to work under the gun of the Zionazi occupation won't help anyone. The official BDS guys can limit their scope. We don't have to.

    • Marnie,

      Are you saying that BDS should target individual Israelis who are private citizens not sponsored by the Israeli government?

      That is exactly what many of us are saying is necessary for any boycott to be even partially effective. Boycott must include at the very least all Master-Race residents and all other Master-Race citizens of the Zionist entity. As you said, " The entirety of israel should be targeted IMO."

    • Very good question by John66.

      To be effective, boycott (and future sanctions) must hit all Master-Race holders of Zionist entity citizenship. With, of course, exceptions for those who actively resist the Zionist regime.

      For us as private citizens, shunning them at every contact may be the only way to impress them how much of a pariah the invader entity is, in contrast to the outrageously privileged position now given by the US and EU.

  • Mohammad Saba'aneh sends Christmas greetings from Palestine
  • New Yorkers rally in solidarity with Ahed Tamimi
    • Best and best-worded question of the year, hands down.
      Our "liberals" continue to believe that we are a democracy, though ("by and large" is always the qualifier, no matter how big a proof of the opposite is shoved in their face day after day.)
      Our alphabet-soup spy and assassin outfits concur.

  • The New York Times tries to make the Ahed Tamimi story go away
    • Is Johnny 66 really as clueless as he lets on?

      So "progressive" for him is about vanity "issues" as redefined by the imperial warmongers, i.e. the right of women and transsexuals to become war criminals and uniformed murderers just like their more moronic "straight" cavemen.

      Not about fighting or joining colonial invasion and imperialism, respecting international law or committing war of aggression, siding with the oppressor or the oppressed in the class war.

      A Democrat Zionist with the extra dose of clumsily feigned cluelessness.

    • Issues are either progressive or not.

      Wrong. What counts is how you want them solved, duh.

      Take gay rights for example. It’s a progressive issue.

      Wrong, that's an issue where all "Democrat" imperialist stooges are agreed, and almost all "Puke" imperialist stooges opposed. The left doesn't give a rat's ass about the uniformed murderers being allowed to be transvestite or not, or the Zionist army being all-homosexual or not. One way or the other, it's all gallows bait.

      You really sound like a home-grown Zionist.

    • For John66, in his infinite cluelessness,

      Gay rights, women’s rights, etc are all supported by progressives and opposed by conservatives

      Get it?

      John66 is just as progressive, then, as the NSDAP: after all, S stands for Socialist and A for Workers.

    • IMO the biggest obstacle to acheiving freedom and equal rights for the Palestinians are these liberal Zionists who have access to huge audiences

      To say nothing of those who have a hand at the helm of Palestinian solidarity organizations, forums etc.

  • 'We should exact a price' from Ahed Tamimi 'in the dark,' Israeli journalist says
    • Condensed Shenfield: be nice to your torturers. Yarright.

    • immediately order that a soldier under attack be able to return fire

      Way to go, girl. A slap from an unarmed little girl to a trespassing Cossack armed like a dreadnought is "fire" to the Z. If anyone still listened to the usual Jewish victimization stories, that enough is a good reason to stop hearing.

  • A day after UN vote on Jerusalem, Israeli aggression intensifies in the West Bank
    • News: Guatemala announces embassy relocation to Jerusalem, outside the even Imperialist-recognized Zionist entity

      Makes sense, for a once German-Nazi-dominated banana republic, home of the worst native American genocide. Way to go.

    • Can we start calling him “Colonial Catalan”?

      That overinflates his value. He's just Typical Zionist Catalan, much more typical of the workaday Sadinazism of these ordinary-looking philistines (with my apologies to the Philistines) than the fire-and-brimstone Mayhems and other buffoon prophets.

  • The never-ending crisis of Zionism
    • Time for Peace

      Jews that support Israeli-Judeo-Zionism at all costs, and those who will take to the barricades in defense of the historic, benevolent, altruistic Judaism taught to them by their traditions.

      The measurement unit to quantify the population you just described is ppm.
      Look it up.

    • Who gives a flying flup what the hell anything means in the propaganda language of the genocidal invaders? "Israel" indeed. Who the fuck appointed you to redefine age-old concepts? Have you ever really tried to learn?

      Besides, if you buy every Bull Sh|t sold by Zionist propaganda like you do this one, I'm sure you must also buy the one about Lebensraum and no-negotiating negotiations and so on. Clown on, I'm sure your ignorant repetition of Z chat will endear you to many.

    • Mooser,

      How much "Eastward"? Does it make it into Sinkiang, say?

    • Not only you don't seem to ever think twice before parading your ignorance, Maghlawatan, you also seem to generally adopt whatever trendy BS the Zionists push on the unaware.
      Sefardís are of Spanish origin and still Spanish-speaking except for some of the latest generation. Confusing them with Arab Jews is an intentional propaganda effort by the Zionists.

      To which you are contributing. "Non-Ashkenazi" my a$$. A big, undifferentiated mass of unwashed Southerners in the service of the Western (well, not so Western, but passim) superior brain, eh?

      Who appointed you to adjudicate a Sefardí complaint, by the way?

    • Mooser

      “Jon s” doesn’t touch guns in defense of residency.

      So who should I believe, Johnny S "the Lefttits"who suggests that he doesn't touch guns (except an occasional lynching chair) or mine own lying eyes that read that any and all "immigrant" invaders, even from Brooklyn, are owned by the army for the rest of their natural life, or at least until old and decrepit? In more pillpulling terms, IF Johnny declares himself a "secular lefttits" AND Johnny publicly despises the Ultra-Orthodox AND said Ultra-Orthodox are the only ones to be exempted from "serving" in the Wehrm... pardon Zionist entity army THEN Johnny has his gun and is a soldier.

      A soldier like the entire Master-Race adult population of occupied Palestine. And that does cancel a number of protected statuses in the Geneva Conventions. Not to forget that the Ultra-Orthodox squatting over the Green Line against the request of their own imperial masters are organized in armed militias, but that might be another topic.

    • Skipper

      We see Arab (& Turkish & Persian) Muslims, nurtured, schooled, and propagandized in Arab, etc. lands engaged in wars and quasi-genocides amongst themselves

      Thanks for this candid giveaway of how Zindoctrination works. From unfertilized ovum all the way to the grave. No air intake from the outside allowed.

      So non-members of the mythical family are either a big, boiling, undifferentiated, subhuman mass, out for mischief independently from any imperialism, or an undifferentiated mass of rich morons out there to serve you crazies.

      Thanks again for showing the damage Z can do to a brain --supposing there was one there in the first place.

    • Hughes,

      The Liberalz are delighted by the occupation. As long as it is in place, one can pretend to be "ready for negotiations" about some hypothetical negotiations provided so many unstated conditions are met, and to continue the ongoing genocide until final success while maintaining a respectable facade of supporters of 2 states, opposition to occupation and even support to BDS (limited to post-67, natch.)

      If the occupation were to really end overnight (to "end" in part, again, as for them and their supporters it is ony post-67) well then they would be suddenly bare-ass naked, without any "do-gooder" fig leaf. The occupation is key to the LiberalZ' well-being, icon and credibility in the credulous West, while for the Likudonazis there is no loss of image involved in transforming the occupation in outright annexation and disappearing the inhabitants in plain daylight instead of "bei Nacht und Nebel" (sorry but any discussion on Zionism unconsciously brings German loan expressions, can't help it.)

      I always prefer the current government that call its shots to any LiberalZ.

    • And, right on cue, the Judeo-so-and-so great-muckamuck of Zionist entity agriculture calls for an official magick prayer

      Looks like they've been too wasteful even with the water stolen from Palestine.

    • Whatever means the Zionists got their state by is not relevant: they will hang for getting their state --and no, it doesn't look as if the wars and genocide they are committing, now extended to several populations in addition to that of Palestinians, can be successful: each extension brings new enemies and new indictments.

    • There's a Schipper writing a new edition of the Protocols of the Elders of Alamut.

    • Jackzz,

      Uhh….I live in Israel and I interact with more Arabs in a day, than you do in a year

      You interact with "Arabs" just like extermination camp guards interacted with "Untermenschen", back then. And, mind you, they were seeing more of them than you'll see "Arabs" in a lifetime.

    • the Jews were doing fine, except for the occasional blood libel, massacre, expulsion, persecution and pogrom. And the Holocaust

      The invading history teacher is forgetting the worst of the Eternal Persecution Of The Jews: a slap from a 16-year-old little girl, flag-waving by a double amputee, a severely wounded kid threateningly lying on the street in a coma, a possible pebble throw by a six-year-old... and these are only the most recent few days of the ongoing Persecution By Big Bad Goys.

    • Misterioso,

      What are you trying to do, appeal to the better nature of a Zio caveman, a tool?
      Ain't any!

    • Or perhaps a severely wounded boy lying comatose on the pavement was an even more formidable enemy --after all, he had to be murdered urgently.

      To say nothing of a double amputee. A very formidable enemy, that.

    • You're right, Emet, the formidable enemy is a 16-year old girl who doesn't shy away from slapping you murderers.

    • Correct. Only, our Zionist-led government has promised to take up any Zionist from Palestine in case heshe would be the rare case without a right to some other citizenship. Take heart, these are exceedingly few. On the other hand, we exported to the Zionist entity thousands and thousands of goons that we'll have to reuptake when they come sniveling back. As just punishment on us for supporting them and not doing anything about it --voting, pitchforks, whatever.

    • Hughes,

      The aims of your request for a program statement have always been crystal clear, as is the fact that is it to be commended. All very good. One thing, though: we have been playing this game for give or take a hundred years; the Z, GB and US team has been exposed and worse very many times, often and regularly. Their credibility is at its lowest possible point ever. Short of a breakthrough in information reaching the public directly --like If Americans Knew taking over CNN, and/or a resignation of the dominant US parties, or a rise of the IQ level, the yield of this instrument is maxed out and definitely in the diminishing returns department.

      Anyway, sorry for the digression but my question was: very good request. How, now, to make them respond to it when nothing is forcing them? Key word force.

    • Marnie,

      It seems that jews in israel, america and the rest of the world who say with their mouths they are against the occupation, are really only against it because it is ‘telegenically’ horrifying and nothing more.

      Thank you. For another reason, too. They know their comeuppance is due and try to ensure that everyone is brainwashed enough to accept the absurdity that their occupation is limited to post-67, post-48, whatever --insurance policy. And it's not only Jews or only Zionists, either.

    • Hughes,

      In the same vein, and if you don't mind the flippancy too strongly, it would be the proper thing to do for the wolves to define in advance how much of a lamb they intend to eat.

      What, of all things on heaven and earth, would oblige Zionists to state their conditions or negotiate anything when the US is their b|tch, the resistance is totally disarmed and dead to all practical purposes, a puppet aboriginal police is firmly in place, all Europeans are fighting to be the first to lick stinky American bottom and even the Boycott organizations abroad are infiltrated and sometimes guided by "liberal" Zionists and "antisemitism" hunters?

      What makes the Zionists so stupid as to respond to the victim when they are not really, really forced to?

    • Most Israeli Jews are Sephardi and the rest are mostly 4th generation descendants of Shoah survivors.

      Maghlawatan, you are pitifully ill-informed. The Sefardí are certainly not a large chunk of the Zionist invaders; in numbers they trail way behind the Arab Jews, the Yiddisch-speaking East Europeans and possibly behind the Germans and some other groups, too.

      Also, if by Shoah you mean the 1940s genocide it hasn't been 100-120 years yet.

    • “the occupation corrodes Israel and its image, and will continue until Israel extricates itself from the Palestinians.”

      So extricate. Get the hell out of Palestine, back to America or wherever you are from, and do it while it can be planned and done with leisure and order. Simple.

    • In which a leftwing organization cares about Jewish soldiers maintaining their honor and purity of arms; and has nothing to say about human rights violations against an occupied, subject people.
      I find this so dispiriting it is hard to put one word after another.

      It is not a "leftwing" organization, it is a ZIONIST organization. Zionist. Cannot be "leftwing". Cannot be anything decent.

      Your honesty in seeing what is going on is to be commended but if you still cannot draw all the obvious conclusions (that do draw themselves, really) you are in line for a lot of "dispiriting".

      And something else:

      American Jews were not silent. Jews acted. Our leaders went to the White House.

      and the ones that had some success were the ZOA that lobbied to close US borders to European Jewish refugees.

  • How Palestinians can transform statelessness into strength
    • A lot of good stuff there. One thing, though: stop calling organs of the Zionist military occupation "Palestinian leadership". It leads to serious equivocation and makes communication difficult.

    • Citizen,

      How to make most Americans aware and informed is of course a huge problem --what we re supposed to do, theoretically.

      But how NOT do do it should be freakin obvious: it's not achieved by vile, destructive attacks on If Americans Knew by tribals.

  • How a Palestinian girl from an occupied village emasculated the Israeli army
    • Smith,

      If you were not a propaganda guy you'd respond point by point instead of suddenly asking irrelevant questions, then stopping all discussion altogether while repeating an unfounded assertion that had been countered.

      So your main goal is to keep the invaders staying on other people's land, no matter what, and that's what you're working towards. OK, but that was obvious from the start --if you won't discuss that position on its merits no need to start a discussion like you did.

    • Smith,

      If you were interested in "setting the record straight" as you say, you would address the issues under discussion instead of suddenly abandoning a confrontation on issues that you started yourself and jumping to some kind of pre-loaded nonsense questions on "my" position.

      So if you want the record straightened, go back to my post: the Palestinian people is collectively the sole owner of sovereignty over the territory of Palestine. Zionist invaders, with a colonial and genocidal intent clearly declared in 1897, have been given by imperialist colonial powers what is not theirs to give. Justice requires restitution of both sovereignty, which includes the power to decide Palestinian citizenship for invaders and offspring thereof, and property.

      You are using the language of Zionist propaganda: " You want Israeli Jews to be expelled from Palestine..." they are not there in their quality of Jews, followers of a religion, but in that of Zionists, i.e. participants of a political movement. Some Jews currently in Palestine, some of them non-religious but nominally "Jewish" according to the Zionist invaders, are Palestinians inasmuch as they are descended from Jewish Palestinians pre-1897.

      No, I don't want them expelled or driven in or up or down or anything: justice orders that the Palestinian people, entire, collectively decides in the absence of occupation or any duress its wishes on territory, citizenship of it and residence rights. Among other things. You are not the Palestinian people and you have no right to order that the invader offspring continue to impose itself upon the invasion victims. That was being discussed. You can go back to my last post and take it up point by point, or continue ignoring whatever is being discussed, which of course is a great way to get anywhere.

    • Smith,

      Read again:
      You: "Ahed will say what she will say"
      Me: "She did, many times and forcefully. Where were you, asleep?"

      Of course you decided for her and the Palestinian people, by presenting as adjudicated the absurdity that Palestine is "home" to total invaders. Read again: "The Palestinian people is the owner of the entire territory of Palestine." That includes a decision on the citizenship of any non-Palestinian on the territory.

      "the right, affirmed by the ANC as integral to their anti-Apartheid movement, of white “invaders” to continue to live as equal citizens in post-Apartheid South Africa", is a compromise to end the fight in a given situation, in a given country. Not a universal right: other colonial peoples had completely different takes, as in Algeria or even India. Again, "When there is theft, justice means at least restitution." The SA solution may be an acceptable compromise to Palestinians --we don't know. It sure isn't up to some Murkin or so to impose all over the place.

      (Even in the countries that admit citizenship by place of birth --not a general rule by far-- that is conditioned most of the time to being there legally, ie by full consent of the local population and subject to its laws, not as some armed invader, occupier and thief. Would be interesting to see what most Europeans had to say about that in 1945.)

      As for collective punishment, there is no punishment in returning undesirable enemies to country of origin (or, in the rare case, to the third country that already declared readiness to accept; in this case the US.) Or even detaining them: even Dr Schweitzer was detained by the French because of his German citizenship and did not complain. Undesirable enemies the Zionist invaders are, as long as the war of aggression of the Zionist organization, now represented by the invader state, against Palestinians continues: they are Master-Race nationals of the official enemy power.

      I have to admire the final paragraph, where you so generously offer money, admittedly a tidy amount, in exchange for... the country the Palestinians want back (and forcefully said so before resistance was murdered and gagged in 1993.) I am not sure that such a well-meaning, if mercantile, offer would be met with cries of delight: most Palestinians may well take offense if they feel it is their right to get back their country (*and* get paid abundant reparation.)

    • Smith,

      the statement he’s suggesting for ‘Ahed would be a call for Jews to clear out of the entirety of historic Palestine, “returning” to their natural homeland in–what? the Pale of Settlement? That’s certainly not what I would regard as a just outcome

      Who, excuse me, gives a rodent's behind what you (a non-Palestinian I take it, as opposed to Ahed) or I "regard as a just outcome"?
      When there is theft, justice means at least restitution.
      Generally it also means punishment.

      The Palestinian people is the owner of the entire territory of Palestine. It is the only population collectively, in its entirety and in the absence of any duress and occupation entitled to decide what justice is.

      Ahed will say what she will say

      She did, many times and forcefully. Where were you, asleep?

      Let’s not take it upon ourselves to decide for her.

      Which is just what you did.

      I must say that the outright fanatical cavemen Zionists are more likable, to me at least, than those who sneakily work to ensure a residual "right" for Zionist invaders to continue squatting.

  • Trump threatens to cut aid to countries voting against Jerusalem decision at UN
    • Sure, Balkan-"Catalan". Sure. The path of compromise, so well trodden by your Zionist sewer creatures. They made exactly 0 compromise since their official founding Congress 120 years ago. They don't bend and they will be broken when the wind is strong enough. Watch it.
      If you need a drawing to understand, ask.

    • Felicitous choice of words, Theo. You hit it exactly at the right spot.

    • No. not 9 agin but only 1/2: Guatemala. I'll give that a half-banana. The rest don't exist.

    • All US actions go "against countless UN security Council votes". All US "threats are pure thuggery"."

      Where is your logic?

  • The case for US government sanctions on Israel
  • Michael Oren says Palestinian activists stage 'kids in American clothes' to provoke Israeli army
    • Bumblebye

      A 16-year-old girl whose kid brother has just been shot in the face by the goons (not mentioning the long years of torture and murders committed against the family) would be "foolhardy" if she is human.

  • In video tours of Palestine, Nas Daily plays native informant
    • Arby,

      No, that option is not available. He seems to be a successful businessman, a Harvard alumnus now running a profitable no-cost channel with Z propaganda ("This 25-year-old quit his $120,000-a-year job to be a Facebook star" as the Z-propaganda presentation goes.)

      As [email protected] says, here, "This Arab second class citizen got a first rate education in Israel. One that has enabled him to study abroad, land fast track jobs in New York City, and travel the world to his heart’s content". Don't you imagine for a second that the Zionist entity minders would choose an idiot when picking a show-window successful Ayrab to do propaganda for their occupation.

      So the charitable, "at best", interpretation is impossible.

    • Either way, what are you saying?

      What I am saying is already written: You should re-baptize (oh, pardon!) yourself Philistine.

      That people should give a thanks to Italy every time they eat a pizza? What kind of provincial nonsense is that?

      That cultural appropriation, i.e. intense propaganda efforts by colonial or imperial invaders to present the culture of invaded people as their own, is the same as their presenting their victim people's razed cities as never inhabited, its mass graves as parks without history... is one of the defining elements of genocide.

      Absence of gastronomic curiosity or solipsism to the point of not checking something (because, to caricature Bishop Berkeley, what one doesn't know in one's provincial closed mind surely doesn't exist) --that is not a hanging offense. Participation in cultural operations in support of genocide most definitely is.

    • Catalan

      "I've never heard of pizza without tomato sauce"

      Yeah, all the things YOU never heard about.
      It's been made without any tomato at least since the first record of it in 997. Or the Latin record of ~200 AD.
      Classical pizza is still made without tomato and no dough artist would even think of questioning that, but of course those stupid Neapolitans forgot to ask Catalan. Otherwise they wouldn't have started.

      You really should rebrand yourself: "Philistine" is a good name.

    • John S says "lighten up"! It was humor, hear?

      Who the hell if not a total write-off of a person would decide that what he excretes is "humorous"? In the normal world, outside the Zoccoon, the reader decides if anything has any humor.

      Meatheaded, unfunny and revolting statements by criminals against humanity and accessories to mass crimes like our Illegal Squatter of Bîr As-sab, dropped from the Bronx or such, fall far short of it.

  • US vetoes UN resolution on Jerusalem, as Muslim states recognize East Jerusalem as Palestine's capital
    • Mayhem,

      Cutesiest of all are those goons who start a war of aggression and then complain that there is a war. Especially those among them who adopt as nickname their program of aggression and war but seem so surprised, shocked, I tell you! when there is war and retaliation.

    • Kaisa,

      The USrael has been more isolated than it is now in several past GA votes. Which are, by the way, powerless by definition. For the life of me, I can't see what is radically new now or the justificative facts to make you believe the world may now be "ready for some HONEST negotiations". Anyway, no need to go on about it.

    • Kaisa,

      Just to avoid misunderstandings.
      This is not a question of "supporting a war". There is a full-blown war that's been going on for 70 years and counting and the question is how to stop it.

      I can't imagine it to ever get stopped by just hoping that the lion will lie with the lamb tomorrow. Any idea how many GA votes and talks and so on have been taking place in the 70 years? Look at how impressed the USRael is. No concession is forthcoming, ever, as long as the US stands and the Zionists are not bleeding.

      This being said, the peaceful way is there and it has always been available if the players so wish: it is for the Zionists to become rational actors overnight instead of ideologically indoctrinated Brave-New-Worlders and to comply with the requirements of law and reason when there is no armed (and superior) force to oblige them, and/or for the Americans to have a democracy with freedom of expression and association, where informing the population is possible and the popular will dictates the actions of the government, where cutting the Zionist umbilical cord does not call forth an immediate military takeover. Good luck.

    • Kaisa

      It is difficult for me to see how that one state would be accomplished without the Palestinians becoming the 2nd class citizens on their own land.

      It's not just difficult, it's impossible!
      That's why Palestinian resistance, before being murdered in 1993, was not so much into discussing 1ss, 2ss, just SS, etc. It just said let's get back Palestine.

      Most colonial peoples also solved it: like the Algerians, they offered their citizenship to those colonist offspring who committed themselves to being loyal Algerian citizens. Deciding the details of citizenship laws for Palestine, though, is nobody's business but the Palestinians' and definitely not that of American liberaloids.

      This has nothing to do with either a 2ss nonsense (or temporary compromise?) or the Imperial Liberals' trendy 1ss "equality" which would be nothing but the continuation of colonial rule and normalization of theft under a new, cutesy facade.

    • Hughes,

      But perhaps it is just within possibility that Israel should put forward, for all to see, what its idea of a fair permanent situation is. This should be a short term aim for liberal Zs too, I believe, if they have any sincerity

      Hmm. A Turkish proverb for you:
      "Hope is the poor man's bread. Eat it, Tommy Atkins*, eat it!"

      (* "Mohammed" in the original)

    • Kasia,

      Who said stay passive? I'm only observing that for the majority of Palestinians, the main thought of a majority of Palestinians is not "it is finally time for the Palestinians to get their own state" but "it's been a hundred years since Palestine has been stolen and must be given back."
      I'm also observing that all the "equal rights" feel-good nonses is jus as much nonsense as the cohabitation utopia.

      You are absolutely right, and we must repeat the following every morning, noon and evening:

      no-one could ever have believed that one day Soviet Union would collapse and that boarder[*] would be open and about 2,6 million Russians traveling through it annually to spend their holidays or just coming to shop in Finland..
      I know it is hard to believe in change, but since world is under constant change anyway, we have to try to affect the way it is changing!

      So it's a good idea to work for change. Conditions change; the US sinks; new alliances form; the Nazi occupation was called impossible to defeat as late as 1943.

      The Zionist riffraff could therefore be physically defeated. If you want to "affect the way" you may help arm the resistance and defeat the puppet administration. What seems impossible is that the ideological crazies would compromise as long as the US is standing.

      [*] a boarder is someone who pays you for a bed /room in your house and perhaps also breakfast and dinner.

    • Fincham,

      There was no legal or moral justification whatsoever for the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine

      Just so! Right! And, let's add, there is no moral justification for your... lawyerly acrobatics trying to legitimize the survival of that colonialist "creation". Time to abort.

    • Kaisa,

      And does someone honestly believe that the settlers would suddenly start to treat the Palestinians as equals, if it became one state?? The IDF would stop bullying the Palestinians and the checkpoints would be removed.. ?? I just do not see that coming in atleast the next 200 years.

      Thank you for an injection of sanity. We don't get that often enough.

      But you are still reading too many fairy tales.
      Like the one where Zionists make any concessions, meaning any. Or the one where any significant number of Zionists continue to reside in a state where Palestinians have any political rights.

    • Maghlawatan,

      How about the basic asset, ie the Watan, ie the territory?

    • Talkback,

      Like the “destruction” of South Africa under Apartheid

      Agreed. The necessary condition for keeping the scare quotes, though, would be that the Zionist crazies are logical actors, on the whole, and recognize when enough is sufficient and when they have to give up. The "Samson Option" was not popular with South African Whites.

      It means the dissolution of its Apartheid regime

      Agreed on the whole and it certainly would represent progress; I suppose one would also ask the Palestinian people if it also wants its land.

    • Fincham,

      Of course the Zionist entity is illegal: what's that immortal nonsense you are trying to spread about " partition plan borders it declared on 14 May 1948"? Declaring anything in the absence of formal permission from the people you colonized is illegal, period. It makes you a colonizer whose butt must be kicked out.
      As for your "oh my they are armed" you sound just like the collaborationists of Nazi occupation.
      You really make the crows laugh with your "non violent South African liberation" nonsense. What are you? Some Pollyanna youngster who only reads fairy tales?

    • Fincham,

      But the two states already exist as legal entities. Neither is going to announce that it no longer exists.

      Mind your vocabulary, please! You mean "juridical entities in their own mind":

      The invader state is **illegal**, the diametrical opposite of "legal"; its presence anywhere outside the 1947 fiat borders is illegal also even according to the imperial pirates GB and US and their clients.

      As for your hypothetical Second Entity, which I suppose to be the Palestinian State, the verb is not "exist". This state is fully imaginary, the PA is not a "state" in any acception of the term but a petty police administration in the service of an armed occupier, just exactly as the Nazi occupation's local administrations in several European countries before 1945.

      A one-state solution can only come about by an agreed union of the two existing states

      Very faulty use of the word "only".
      There are other ways:
      it can come about by the physical destruction of the occupier and the foundation of an indigenous state.

      Faulty use of the expression "to come about": there already is a single state in all of Palestine, a totally illegal one, whose presence in Jerusalem/Quds even contravenes the travesty of law of the USUK imperial beasts.

      There can be no such agreement until Israel has recognized Palestine, halted the settlement program, and ended the occupation of the West Bank and the siege of Gaza, so that Palestine has gained its freedom

      Sure, and what else can they give you with that? Apparently all one has to do to get it is ask, if we listen to you.

    • They thought France and the UK would follow. Trump is an idiot. He doesn’t realise that both countries have more Muslim than Jewish citizen

      That is why, Shirley, both these countries have been the Zionists' beatch for a good 100 years. And counting!

  • Israel opens an investigation into army for killing double-amputee in Gaza
  • Israeli Jews 'will never accept' giving vote to Palestinians -- liberal Zionist leader
    • Reb Friedman,

      It is not rationalization if you see it as survival

      Who the f[rench] cares what you guys "see"? There are facts and there is international law. Period.

    • RoHa,

      Agreed, this is not from the usual Fredman. Style analysis is also off. Good point.

      I think the Palestinians can consistently say " Either (a) give us a genuinely independent state, or (b) make us full and equal citizens of a unified state", but I agree with you that they need to clarify their strategy.

      There you lose me. Fredman, or his ghostwriter, wrote all this stuff just to create an illusion that "the Palestinians" are only their Vichy Zionist puppets, and that there are only these two absurd "solutions" in the running --to make you forget the obvious and popular one: "Give the country back!"

    • The Propaganda Division peón droning again:

      It’s hard to understand why the point of view of the American Jews would be so important

      Soooo hard to understand:

      They feed you criminal parasites, protect you from your well-deserved fate, cover you in international institutions, subvert the US Constitution to attack their own country, send the more stupid among their kids to be soldiers with your foreign criminal army, so of course they own your a$$ to your last toenail. And, before I forget, the real government of Zionism isn't stupid enough to live in your shitty statelet; come meet them in Westchester County.

    • The liberals in the U.S. voted for Hillary; the left voted for Bernie.

      Interesting: so the liberals voted for an openly fascistic war criminal and defender of war of aggression (well, many of them did, effectively), while the "left" voted for a warmongering mountebank whose lifelong job has been to make US imperialism digestible to the US population. Some "left".

      What goddam "left"? Where do you think you are? This is the US of A and there has been no "left" of any shape or description for the last 50 years.

    • Kaisa,

      Your wishes do you credit.

      Now think how "realistic" it is to expect the US+Zionist entity to make any concessions when there is absolutely nothing to force them to do so. No armed force, no action, not even a "boo" from other nations, nothing, and any organized leadership in Palestine a Quisling administration.

      Very realistic? A little realistic? More realistic than justice being done?

      My take is that the odds for both are about the same. And what we're hearing is propaganda to make the Palestinians give up their rights in advance, in exchange for "concessions" by the enemy that will never come, not in a year of Sundays.

    • Hughes,

      Thank you for the thoughtful remark.

      In a more clownish vein, I suppose that the necessary and sufficient conditions for "a 2ss" are in fact obvious, they may even be a matter of tacit general consensus:

      1. The (perhaps total) fall of the US
      2. Zionist madmen acting rationally when cornered

      We can start assigning the odds of a co-occurrence of these two conditions.

    • Like there is an issue about knowingly buying and eating rat poison because someone labeled it "Beluga Caviar, Finest Quality"?

      Are you serious?

      Wasn't there a discussion about the journalist's responsibility to unmask, somewhere on this site?

  • The Chanukah of fire and occupation (is not about ancient times)
    • John66,

      Who is ever speaking about Klinghoffer?
      Who said an American tourist on the high seas is the same as a Zionist invader -apart from you? Besides, we have inflicted enough damage on the world for making any US citizen of any religion or without religion a target of anyone driven to insanity by it.

      You really sound like some malignant Zionist, the way you distort discussions. To say nothing of the severe solipsism.

    • The Borises and John66es may want to know that the invaded Palestinian people has an unrestricted right to resist by all available means and that the occupying uniformed murderers are officially free game, as active participants in crimes against humanity and war crimes.

      Why does anyone have to defend or minimize the use of fully legitimate resistance in any shape or form?

    • Someone is in fact taking the racist Boris seriously: the MW minder who lets this open murder incitement pass, while strictly censoring remarks to the effect that the Palestinian people have the recognized right to resist by all available means. Again, it is deeply regrettable that it was a slingshot instead of a warplane full of all appropriate devices.

    • Neither side in the struggle upheld religious tolerance

      Let's avoid sounding just like some Zbubble obscurantist screed, if you'll pardon my butting in. One is flabbergasted: where is what religious intolerance in the Macedonian / Seleucid administration? In fact, that is a time of maximal tolerance to any and all crazes.

      The McCabs, now, are another story. They were not trying to oppose any "intolerance": they were the Al Qa'ida and Daesh of their time, low brow murderers. What got their goat was the tolerance of the imperial government that would not dictate to people what superstition to follow, make believe or act delirious about. Just as it is for Daesh now.

      Come off "My Jewish Learning" that is spreading the Zaesh obscurantist gospel, indicting, just as the McCabs did, the Hellenistic tolerance and open mind as religious oppression or sumpin'. You could look up a couple of serious historians. If they must necessarily be "Jewish"to please anybody, no problem, many are.

  • HBO chief got his start in hasbara
    • A deep curtsey, Master of Words.

    • Can we please stop using the Zionists' own lying terms, not only for their description of their own genocidal "liberalism" but also for things that are obviously meant to camouflage their nature?
      Like "ha-sebarah": it means "explanation" but what it is is just Nazi-style PROPAGANDA --on steroids, much more powerful than that of Goebbels, also because so many possibly well-meaning repeat Zionist terms, helping and amplifying said propaganda. Repeat the word: propaganda.

      What do you call a long-handled flat piece of metal used for digging? Meaning a shovel?

  • Anti-Christianism
    • Danaa,

      Than you for the thoughtful answer. Well said., for the gist of it.

      My problem, though, is the following: Enough is sufficient. There is no need for all the self-consciousness and the discrimination when talking. Giraldi is absolutely right not to waste most of his time in fine distinctions, and anyone who wants to play with "antisemitism" and related concepts can go to hell --with our benediction.

      Yes, there are all this infinite nuances among the Zionists, but far and large it does make sense to lump big majorities in smallish groups with the whole group --this is your favorite statistician speaking.

    • I have often wondered is Jonas is truly nuts or if he's striking a pose for propaganda sake.

      This last post clinches it: he is not pretending.

    • The phenomena of Jews who become neonazis is known...

      Of course, any number of them: Rabin and Barak and Sharon and the Yahoo and the Eyelet and so on and so forth.
      Or those who were Paleo-Nazis anyway, with Ben Gurion and Begin and their merry bands. Not to forget the Proto-Nazis with Vladimir Jabotinsky and Co.

      Watch your plurals, by the way. I can understand that you are allergic to Greek plurals as to anything to do with classical learning because of your McCab's grudge you have been personally nursing these last 25 centuries but there is a limit to deliberate ignorance.

    • Sorry for the typo in the address --too late to edit.

    • Danaa,

      Not a good idea to lump all Jews into one basket, as a majority are as far from neoconservatism as most of us are.

      How can a majority be "far from neoconservatism" when a majority is obviously supportive of Zionism? There is a logical impossibility there.

  • Neoconservatives may finally get their war with Iran, from Donald Trump
    • Keith,

      I don't mind the Democrat and "liberal" hypocrisy or their pitiful attempts to ignore the past (including the Dim propagandists in our midst.) That is their nature, as lowly peons in the organization managing US imperial aggression worldwide.

      What gets my goat, though, is the absolute lack of even trying to concoct some kind of story to sell us why this Trump reminder/rehasher is anything new, when they have themselves made it f&^%g Law of the Land. They aren't even trying to argue any longer. They just say it and expect to smuggle it through, unchecked.

      Goebbels has been dead all of 72 years --but his ghost still riding fom success to success.

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