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I'm a happily-married, vegetarian and atheist Canadian with two wonderful cats. :-)

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  • Braying donkeys
    • ... Pinhas Lavon, for example, in 1955 summed up his objection to the way Israel treated its Arab citizens by stating bluntly that “Nazism is Nazism, even if carried out by Jews.” ...

      Correct. Unfortunately Zionists have convinced themselves and enough of the world that evil is virtue but only when Jews do it.

  • Documentary on Israeli-Palestinian dialogue -- 'Pomegranates' -- leaves the viewer even more despairing
    • || RoHa: The young Israelis are whining about injustices that were committed against other people, and which stopped more than seventy years ago. The young Palestinians directly experience injustices being committed against themselves right now, and by the society to which the young Israelis belong. ||

      Right, see, Arabs hate Jews more than they love their own children. And, anyway, next year in Jerusalem. Ancient homeland cherry tomatoes.

    • || Elizabeth Block: I went to hear a Zionist talk (I was there as a spy/dissenter). He talked about getting Jewish and Palestinian kids together, having them get to know each other and be friends.
      And then what? The Jews turn 18, join the army, and oppress, arrest, maim, kill their “friends.” ||


      Let's be friends but first you have to recognize and accept that:
      - you are not my equal;
      - this is my "ancient neighbourhood" and I'm in charge here;
      - many of your non-Jewish friends must leave to make room for however many of my Jewish friends wish to "return" to this neighbourhood; and
      - if my Jewish friends and I want something of yours, we have every right to take it.

      What? You don't want to be my friend? What kind of a Jew-hating anti-Semite are you?!

    • ... The film excuses the imbalance of power between the sides by talking about Jewish suffering in the pogroms and the Holocaust ...

      That's one of the pillars of Zionism: Acts of injustice and immorality committed against Jews justify acts of injustice and immorality committed by Jews.

      It's shameful how Zionists continue to whore out the Holocaust to justify the on-going (war) crimes of their colonialist and religion-supremacist "Jewish State" project.

  • Bassem Tamimi on court decision to hold family members indefinitely: 'we can’t expect anything else from the court, this is life under occupation'
    • || RoHa @ January 19, 2018, 7:47 pm ||

      You make it sound so...I dunno, not anti-Semitic. When, really, everyone knows - because a Zionist said so - that Arabs hate Jews more than they love their own children.

  • What's wrong with colonialism?
    • || jon s: ... Although I note once again that you do hold on to your name ... ||

      What name other than her actual name do you think she should have?

      || ... I don’t think that Israel is a perfect democracy. ... ||

      But you do know that it's a religion-supremacist "Jewish State" and you're OK with that.

      || ... I still think that it’s important to be here and to take part in the struggle for democracy and for peace and social justice. ||

      Yup, because if you struggle for those three things you never have to struggle for justice, accountability and equality.

    • || Mooser: ... Damn, I think “Grover” has stumbled on a formula which makes Zionism impregnable. Simply call every criticism of Zionism an insult to the Jews. That should work. ||

      Add in JeffB's assertion that all Jews are responsible for the actions of some Jews and - Ta dah!!! - you have a sure-fire way of keeping Jews everywhere safe for all time (or at least for a Thousand Years).

    • || Kaisa of Finland: ... for some reason after reading it, the song above started to play in my head ... ||

      I really like the sound of the Finnish language (suomi?)! :-)

    • || Steve Grover: Yes Eljay,

      Anti-Zionism=Anti-Semitism no matter how much JVP tries to bullshit that away. ... ||

      Yup, and that's why you Zionists keep doing everything in your Jew-hating power to anti-Semitically conflate Zionism with all Jews and all Jews with Zionism. You don't even try to bullshit that fact away.

      || ... An’ the rhymin’ might suc[k] ... ||

      There's no "might" about it.

    • || Steve Grover @ January 31, 2018, 3:26 pm ||

      That's so cute! The rhyming sucks (again), but I'm impressed by your determination to anti-Semitically conflate Zionism with all Jews and all Jews with Zionism in order to label me an anti-Semite for being anti-Zionist.

      Keep up the good work, you ol' Jew hater, you!

    • Stevie was a guy who thought he was Judean
      So he stole some Palestine
      Did a lot of evil, never caring that his
      "Jewish State" is just a crime

      Get out, get out
      Get out from where you don't belong
      Get out, get out
      Get out from where you don't belong
      Get out, Stevie, go home

    • || jon s: ... I dislike fanaticism. ... I always try to understand different viewpoints and narratives, I see nuances and shades of gray. We’ve seen the consequences of the fanatical mind-set: totalitarianism and terrorism, violence and misery. Not for me.
      So I prefer not to be alienated from our people’s identity, heritage and culture. I prefer to stay here ,to do my modest part in the good fight, for peace and social justice and democracy and not to desert from the battlefield. ... ||

      You've upped your fight rhetoric from "peace" to "peace and social justice and democracy" but you continue to avoid fighting for the universal and consistent application of justice, accountability and equality because - like all Zionists - you want to ensure:
      - that Israel remains a religion-supremacist "Jewish State";
      - that it gets to keeps as much as possible of what it has stolen;
      - that it is absolved of its obligations under international law (incl. RoR); and,
      - that it and Zionists are absolved of responsibility and accountability for past and on-going (war) crimes committed.

    • || jon s: ... Zionism was not a form of colonialism because the Jews immigrating to Israel/Palestine were settling in the Jewish historic homeland. ... ||

      Geographic Palestine was not (and still is not) the ancient/historic/eternal/one true homeland of people all over the world - citizens of homelands all over the world - who choose to embrace the religion-based identity of Jewish.

      Zionism was indeed a form of colonialism because those Jews who left their actual homelands all over the world to settle in the foreign land of Palestine were doing so in order to help realize the Zionist goal of a religion-supremacist "Jewish State" in as much as possible of Palestine.

    • || Nathan: ... Yes, ending the Jewish state means the end of Israel. ... ||

      Ending the "Jewish State" means the end of Jewish supremacism. That's a good thing...unless you're a Zionist hypocrite who objects to supremacism unless Jews do it.

      Ending the "Jewish State" does not have to mean the end of Israel. But if Israel were to be ended by democratic will, that would be fine. If it were to be replaced by a secular and democratic state, that would be fine, too.

      If it were to be replaced by a different form of supremacist state, that would be unjust and immoral. I would condemn. But you can bet your boots that this new construct would have its equivalent of hypocrite Zionists defending it and spewing all manner of whataboutism to justify its and their actions.

    • || jon s: It’s remarkable how much the extremists on both sides echo each other, each side denying the other’s legitimacy . The Palestinians are not a real people and are not indigenous. No, the Jews are not a real people and are not indigenous. ... ||

      So lame, jon s, comparing the indigenous population of Palestine to the Jewish supremacist (Zionist) foreigners who covet/ed the territory.

      || ... This country is the homeland of both Jews and Palestinians and both are indigenous and should enjoy equal rights. ||

      Assuming that "this country" is Israel, it's the homeland of its Jewish and non-Jewish Israeli citizens, immigrants, expats and refugees, equally. If it is the homeland of (all) Jews, that's only because it currently exists as a religion-supremacist "Jewish State" construct.

    • || Jon66: Eljay,
      “The Palestinians don’t just have ancestors in the area – they are in the area. ”
      That avoids the question. ||

      No, it addresses the question. As usual, you just don't like the answer. Pull your pants back up.

    • || Jerry Hirsch: Eljay, then by your logic Theodore Herzl wasn’t a Jew. Clearly you are confused. ||

      I don't see how. The religion-based identity of Jewish is acquired by:
      - undergoing a religious conversion to Judaism; or
      - being descended from someone who underwent a religious conversion to Judaism.

      Perhaps you're suggesting that neither of these conditions applies to Mr. Herzl. Or perhaps you are confused.

    • || Jerry Hirsch: ... the Jews have a 3,000 year history in the land of Israel. To call them occupiers in their indigenous lands is an insult to rational thought. ... ||

      The indigenous inhabitants of geographic Palestine have a long history in geographic Palestine. To assert that all people in the world - citizens of homelands all over the world - who have chosen to embrace the religion-based identity of Jewish have "a 3,000 year history" in geographic Palestine is an insult to rational thought.

    • || Jerry Hirsch: Eljay, you sound like a broken record. Continually confusing religion with ethnicity. ... ||

      You sound like screeching distortion. Jewish is a religion-based identity. There's no confusion about it.

    • || Jon66: ... How can one argue that ACTUAL hijacking, murder, suicide bombing, indiscriminate rocket attacks, stabbings, etc., are justified because one had ancestors in the area? ||

      The Palestinians don't just have ancestors in the area - they are in the area. They were and are indigenous to it. Many (most?) Zionists are not, but you've spent the past ~70 years stealing, occupying and colonizing as much of it as possible while expelling or oppressing as many Palestinians as possible.

      You, sir, are no jackdaw. And if Nobel Prize winner Konrad Lorenz were alive today, he'd tell you the same thing.

    • || Jerry Hirsch: Certainly the Arab conquest of Palestine in the seventh century had all the qualities you now criticize the Jews for. ... ||

      The Arab conquest of Palestine happened in the 7th century. The Jewish colonization of Palestine happened in the more-enlightened, post-WWII 20th century and continues in the 21st century.

      (BTW, thanks for risking the wrath of ZioHQ and acknowledging that Palestine existed in the 7th century.)

      || ... The critical difference being that the Jews are indigenous to that land while the Arabs are indigenous to the Arabian Peninsula. ||

      The critical difference being that in the 20th century...
      - some people who had chosen to embrace the religion-based identity of Jewish; and
      - considerably more people who had chosen not to embrace the religion-based identity of Jewish,
      ...were indigenous to Palestine.

    • || Avigail Abarbanel: ... I have a strong suspicion that you are an apologist for Israel and are trying to deflect the topic. ... You know perfectly well what my point was in this article, you probably just don’t like it… ||

      Guys like Nathan and Jon66 present an inquisitive and seemingly reasonable face for Zionism. But they remain fundamentally Zionist and - as you noticed - they tend mostly to distract and deflect.

      Guys like DaBakr, Jackdaw, Mayhem and JeffB dispense with the pretences altogether.

      It's like a Zionist "good cop / bad cop" routine.

    • Well, I wasn't bucking for sympathy, but thanks. :-)

      More importantly, thank you for your excellent article. I do agree that the focus should be the crime and that the laws addressing it should be upheld in all cases. (Justice, accountability and equality, universally and consistently applied.)

    • ... Colonialism is never for the benefit of the colonised, and it is always carried out in the context of a system of violence, control, and domination. ...

      I've used (and been criticized for using) the kidnapping-and-rape analogy because that's what Zionism's "Jewish State" project most resembles to me: An unjust and immoral desire for possession...
      - justified by a powerful and irrational sense of entitlement;
      - realized and maintained through the use of brutal force; and
      - utterly opposed to any just and moral resolution.

  • Targeted for nonviolent resistance: Israel seeks imprisonment of Palestinian activist Munther Amira
  • Israel declares the entire village of Nabi Saleh, home to Tamimi family, a closed military zone
  • Trump's line on 'shithole countries' is a mainstream view in Israel
    • Anyway, I'm done with this particular distraction of yours. I suppose it won't be long before you launch into another one.

    • || Jon66: Annie,
      That’s just ludicrous. ... ||

      In March of 2014, during his attempt to defend the behaviour of Israel by comparing it to African states, Zionist Jew characterized African states - ALL of them - as "hellholes":

      ... And tell me, African states are all hellholes, everywhere Africans go they fill their land with crime and poverty, why should we expect Israel to be any different? ...

      Why ARE African states hellholes? Why is it that not a single one of them is a nice place to live? ...

      According to your Comments archive, you've been on MW since June of 2014. What's truly ludicrous is this:
      - For ~3-1/2 years, my reference to Zionist Jew's characterization of African states hasn't troubled you one bit (at least not enough to ever mention it).
      - Suddenly you're terribly offended by my reference to Zionist Jew's characterization of African states.
      - But for some strange reason, you still don't seem to be the least bit bothered by the fact that Zionist Jew - one of your brothers-in-supremacist-arms - actually made that characterization of African states (and, as far as I know, has never retracted it).

    • || Annie Robbins: yourself being the exception! because you used the term yourself, quoting eljay — thereby perpetuating it. o what a tangled web we weave… ||

      Jon66 hates it when he gets caught with his pants down...and yet he keeps pulling his pants down in public.

    • || Jon66: Eljay,
      “I pointed out that your fellow Zionist, Zionist Jew, was responsible for the term”
      And that’s were we differ. I think the person who uses the term is responsible for it. ||

      OK, I'll play this game. A quick scan of your archive indicates that you are responsible for:
      - referring to undocumented Mexican immigrants as "rapists" and "murderers";
      - calling IDF soldiers "institutionalized settler terrorists"; and
      - suggesting that "Zionism gives people a reason to hate Jews".

    • || Jon66 @ January 17, 2018, 9:10 am ||

      You suggested that Trump was paraphrasing me. I pointed out that your fellow Zionist, Zionist Jew, was responsible for the term. You moved the goal-posts, as you are wont to do. But I'm not interested in playing your dishonest little game.

    • || Jon66: Eljay,
      It’s not the list it’s the characterization. ... ||

      It's Zionist Jew's characterization. If you have an issue with it, take it up with him.

      || ... You have consistently used the term. ... ||

      I have and I've already explained why. Sibiriak gets it. I know you do, too, even though you're pretending you don't.

    • || Jon66: I think he was just paraphrasing Eljay,
      “being less bad than Saudi Arabia, Mali, African “hell-holes”, China and 19th-century America. ”. ||

      I can't take credit for that list of countries. It was your fellow Zionists here on MW who, after boasting about how great Israel is, felt the need to defend it by comparing it favourably to these countries.

      For example, here is Zionist Jew defending the "moral beacon" and "light unto the nations" "Jewish State":

      ... And tell me, African states are all hellholes, everywhere Africans go they fill their land with crime and poverty, why should we expect Israel to be any different? ...

      Ain't Zionists grand?

  • Facing serious damage to its image, Israel must smear its critics as anti-Semites
    • || Nathan: ... “Criticism” is about making suggestions that are meant to help out in improving or correcting some shortcomings. For example, you might tell someone that he should improve his driving by taking some lessons. That would be criticism: You have pointed out some fault, and you have a suggestion for bettering the situation. ... ||

      "Criticism" is you telling Barkotsche the wife-beater he should stop beating his wife and seek anger-management counselling or you'll have to report him to the cops.

      Zionism is Barkotsche the wife-beater telling you to go fuck yourself because:
      - you're singling out the world's only Barkotsche;
      - he's entitled to beat his wife of many years (he calls it "self-determine on his historic spouse"); and, anyway,
      - rapists and murderers are out there committing more-serious crimes.

  • What MLK's 'Letter from Birmingham Jail' tells us about Ahed Tamimi in a cold Israeli cell
    • || Jackdaw: ... Wanting to return to your home makes you a racist? LMAO! ... ||

      Geographic Palestine was not and is not the "home" of people all over the world - citizens of homelands all over the world - who chose and who choose to embrace the religion-based identity of Jewish.

      I don't know if "wanting to return to your home" makes you a racist, but when "wanting to return to your home" actually means advocating, engaging in, supporting and or justifying terrorism, ethnic cleansing, theft, occupation, colonization, oppression, torture and murder - all for the greater glory of a religion-supremacist state in as much as possible of a foreign land - "wanting to return to your home" makes you an unjust and immoral human being. In short, it makes you a Zionist.

    • || Jackdaw: You guys can rationalise till your blue in the face, but that won’t change the facts one iota. ... ||

      Yup, the facts won't change:
      - MLK anti-Semitically conflated Zionism with all Jews and all Jews with Zionism; and
      - you approve of his anti-Semitism.

    • || Jackdaw: ... Beeeeeegot. ||

      Nobel Prize winner Konrad Lorenz is turning in his grave.

    • || Jackdaw: “When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You’re talking anti-Semitism!” —Martin Luther King, Jr.

      King was a full-throated supporter of Israel. Sorry guys. ||

      It's interesting - but not surprising - that a Zionist like you would approve of MLK's anti-Semitic conflation of Zionism with all Jews and all Jews with Zionism.

    • Palestinian leaders call on PLO to suspend recognition of Israel in latest fallout from Trump Jerusalem decision

      Seems like a foolish move, IMO. But leave it to a Zionist - in this case, King Bibi - to be the bigger biggest asshole by playing the victim card...again:

      ... “The root of the conflict between us and the Palestinians is their steadfast refusal to recognise the Jewish state in any borders whatsoever”. ...

      Right, KingZio. The problem isn't that you kidnapped women, chained them in your basement and repeatedly raped them - it's that they refuse to recognize you as their master. What an asshole.

  • Ahed Tamimi should stay in prison because she might slap again -- Israeli ethicist
    • || @Ba: ... daughter Ahed commit acts of resistance that are specifically committed to create scenes making the IDF look as badly as they possibly can. ... ||

      Yup, it's utterly shameful that the victims chained in the rapist's basement refuse to create scenes that make the rapist look as good as he possible can.

    • || DaBakr: You folks are just never going to get over the fact that MLK was an ardent supporter of israel. ... He was a man and prophet. ... ||

      He was a man and, like all men, he was fallible. So there's nothing to "get over" about his poor judgement regarding Jewish supremacism in/and the religion-supremacist "Jewish State".

    • ... Kasher: “So she is permanently provocative. So I can understand the judge” [who has so far not released Ahed on bail, unlike her cousin Nour, ed].

      Interviewer: “But she’s a minor. How can she be dangerous?”

      Kasher: “Dangerous in the sense that she can slap the… slap another officer, and another… ‘Dangerous’ doesn’t need to mean jeopardizing life. It means breaking law and order. I mean, not acting properly, to the extent that disturbs the people from accomplishing their missions.” ...

      It sounds as though Mr. Kasher would like Ms. Tamimi to act like an Israeli so that she won't be perceived as a demographic threat and Jewish Israelis will breed with her.

      Mr. Kasher sounds disturbingly like the sort of person who would like Ms. Tamimi to “learn the hard way” that her behaviour was unacceptable and that a “price should be collected” from her “in the dark, without witnesses and cameras”.

  • Vic Mensa's searing piece in 'Time' on Israeli oppression is prefaced by clunky disclaimer re anti-Semitism
    • || Jackdaw: ... It would not change things on the ground ... ||

      OK, so you are saying "murderers exist, so it’s OK to rape". Thanks for the clarification.

      || ... but it might change your perspective on things. ... ||

      I doubt it. I don't have your supremacist "murderers exist, so it's OK to rape" mindset.

      || ... even though, IMHO, you’re real scared of the truth. ||

      I won't know if I'm scared of the truth until I hear what it is. So, please, enlighten me: What is the truth?

      I'm all ears.

    • || Jackdaw: Of course I disagree. ... ||

      Of course you do. You're a Zionist hypocrite.

      || ... Eljay. Have you ever sat down, one to one, and discussed religion with a devout Muslim? ... ||

      Jackdaw. Will a one-to-one religious discussion with a devout Muslim put an end to Jewish colonialism, supremacism and (war) crimes? Or is this just another Zionist way of saying "murderers exist, so it's OK to rape"?

      || ... Eljay? Eljay? ||

      What an odd squawk for a jackdaw to make. I wonder what Nobel Prize winner Konrad Lorenz would make of it.

    • || Jackdaw: ... Most people in Israel, recognise that the Arabs are playing a zero sum game. No Israel, and no Jews in the region. It took the Arab world 200 years to disgorge the crusaders States, so why make ‘peace’?

      Please. The Mondoweiss echo chamber cannot tolerate the Arab’s view. ... ||

      Jews lived in geographic Palestine before the Zionist Crusade began in the 20th century and they will continue to live in geographic Palestine after the Zionist Crusade has ended.

      Please. What really bothers the hateful and immoral members of the Zionist echo chamber is the loss of privilege they will face when their deliberately and unapologetically (war) criminal and religion-supremacist "Jewish State" construct eventually falls.

      So rather than take any reasonable steps toward a peace based on justice, accountability and equality, Zionists cry victim and double down on their decades-long and on-going campaign of oppression, colonialism, intransigence and sundry (war) crimes.

      Aggressor-victimhood sure is a tough gig... :-(

      || ... If you want to be on the side of a Universalist Islamic creed, that’s up to you. ||

      I oppose and condemn Islamic supremacism and I oppose and condemn Jewish supremacism. I have no doubt that we agree on the former, but because you're a Zionist hypocrite, I have no doubt that we disagree on the latter.

    • || Jackdaw: ... What’s worse Vic, an old Arab woman being punched by a Jewish soldier during a riot, or a Jewish man being shot to death by an Arab terrorist only because he was a Jew. ... ||

      What's worse: A Jew being punched by a German soldier during a riot or a German man being shot to death by a Jewish terrorist only because he was a German.

      You must be the exception to Konrad Lorenz's observations.

    • Rapper Vic Mensa has published a wrenching piece in Time Magazine about “oppression and abuse” in Palestine. ... But check out two of the opening sentences in the article:

      I am not anti-Semitic, and the views expressed in this essay are in no way an attack on people of the Jewish faith. My words are a reflection of my experiences on my trip, and my criticism lies with the treatment of Palestinian civilians by the state of Israel, no more and no less.

      Those words are an insult to the essay itself. They were obviously stapled in by Mensa’s minders, the editors. I say this as someone who has been in the editorial business forever (i.e., I don’t know it for a fact); but the article has nothing to do with Jewishness. ...

      Jews and Judaism are the human shields of Zionists, employed:
      - to justify the past and on-going evil of Zionism;
      - to deflect legitimate criticism levelled against Zionists and their oppressive, colonialist, (war) criminal and religion-supremacist "Jewish State" construct; and, if/when/as required,
      - to redirect blowback onto non-Zionist Jews.

  • Liberal Zionists can't talk about the shooting of Mohammed Tamimi
    • || Annie Robbins: the false equivalence is stunning. ... ||

      Like a good Zionist, the rabbi compares:
      - a young European Jew trained to fight for Jewish supremacism in/and a religion supremacist "Jewish State" in as much as possible of Palestine; with
      - a young Palestinian trained to fight the supremacist goons who enforce the "Jewish State's" on-going theft, military occupation and colonization of his actual homeland.

      Zionists are truly hateful and immoral people.

  • A private tour of the Hebron Heights winery
    • || Boris: ... But one thing that we may agree that it was kind of low to accept the two bottles from Moshe as a gift. You should have paid for them. ||

      "We" may agree with you, but I don't agree that they should have put more money into the coffers of Jewish supremacists or their colonialist-based venture.

  • Israeli Jews will never accept Palestinians as equals -- Klutznick, chair of Americans for Peace Now
    • || catalan: ... Despite the fact that the bds wishes me to suffer and in some cases to even die ... ||

      AFAIK, BDS doesn't give two shits about some Bulgarian guy who hails from Spain (he guesses) and lives in New Mexico. But please do provide a link to substantiate your claim. Thanks.

    • || yonah fredman: ... you can take the position of this land is ours and you are colonialists and must leave. or a position that everyone should be equal. and that position does not have a flag. ||

      It certainly isn't the flag of Jewish supremacism you and your fellow Zionists keep waving.

  • New Orleans adopts divestment measure proposed by BDS campaigners
    • || @aa @ January 13, 2018, 9:12 am ||

      Zionists are funny. They're perfectly happy to single out the world's only Iranian / North Korean / Saudi Arabian / Iraqi / Afghani state for harsh economic sanctions, military attacks, destabilization and/or regime change but don't anyone dare single out the world's only Israeli state for anything remotely similar because that's just anti-Semitism and "Jew hatred".

      Aggressor-victimhood sure is a tough gig... :-(

  • Privileged American Jews are safe thanks to 'Israel's might'-- Roger Cohen
    • || dimadok: ... Nothing will prevent the next thing happening to Jews, except state support, statehood and national home. ||

      Chanting that mantra makes you feel good about justifying the Zionist evil you advocate, support and defend - and your US neo-Nazi brother-in-arms salutes your resolve - but if the desire to kill Jews is strong enough a religion-supremacist "Jewish State" carved out of geographic Palestine won't prevent the "next thing" either.

    • || dimadok: Interview with the US neo-Nazi:,7340,L-5069827,00.html
      Headline: ” No Jews, no 9/11, says leading US neo-Nazi”
      Message: Jews need to go home, to Israel.

      Sigh… ||

      Zionists like you keep pushing the message that Israel is the "ancient / historic / one true homeland" of Jewish citizens of countries and homelands all over the world. A US neo-Nazi has heard your message and he agrees with it. Your efforts have been rewarded - you should be rejoicing, not sighing.

    • ... He is saying what I grew up believing, that Jews are special. ...

      Like all Jewish supremacists (Zionists), Mr. Cohen believes in (the) three fundamental pillars of Zionism:
      - People who choose to embrace the religion-based identity of Jewish are entitled to a religion-supremacist "Jewish State" in as much as possible of Palestine.
      - Acts of injustice and immorality committed against Jews justify acts of injustice and immorality committed by Jews.
      - Jews are entitled to do unto others acts of injustice and immorality they would not have others do unto them.

  • New Israel Fund's Daniel Sokatch exposes the bankruptcy of liberal Zionism
    • It's no mystery that the NIF is a Zionist organization (albeit of the kinder, gentler persuasion). As I indicated in this thread last February, the organization's FAQs state:

      … The New Israel Fund was founded more than 30 years ago to actualize the vision of Israel’s Founders, that of a Jewish and democratic state …

      According to NIF’s CEO:

      “In the end, what is most Jewish about the Jewish state is that it was founded to be a state for the Jews … That founding vision, enshrined in Israel’s Declaration of Independence, referred to the multilayered connection that the Jewish people has always had to Israel, to the arc of Jewish history that necessitated the creation of a state for the Jews … “


      “In a charged conversation with Makor Rishon, the International Director of the New Israel Fund, Daniel Sokatch, rebuffs the criticism against his organization: ‘They say that we are anti-Zionist. It’s a mistake, we want what’s best for Israel’. … "

  • From Spinoza to Vilkomerson, Jewish voices for peace have long been banned-- by Jews
    • || Mooser: ”deserves death ” is not to be taken literally.” “Jon s”

      Did anybody remember to tell Elor Azaria that? ||

      Maybe somebody did, but then somebody else told him that a "price should be collected”. Unfortunately, Azaria didn't catch the part about "in the dark, without witnesses and cameras".

    • || jon s: ... I don’t live on stolen land ... ||

      You live in a town located outside of Israel's / Partition borders that was acquired by military force and colonized by Israel.

      || ... I am living in my people’s historic homeland ... ||

      Geographic Palestine is not the "historic homeland" of every person in the world who chooses to embrace the religion-based identity of Jewish.

    • || Paranam Kid: ... In prison, she will become like a lioness, and may well take on a leadership role in the Palestinian struggle. ... ||

      All the more reason to fear for her life. If there's one thing Zionists are likely to despise even more than "militant" Palestinians - who are easy to portray as dangerous to Israel Jews - it's a young, female Palestinian Gandhi.

  • 'Curricularizing Israel'-- the Hebrew program in suburban Chicago schools
    • || yonah fredman: Regarding Zionism’s infiltration into Judaism: I think in the aftermath of the Shoah the creation of israel inevitably got all tangled up in the conception of God. If one believes in a God who stood silent during Auschwitz, there is a need for some sort of redemption and this is not only national but religious as well. And this is natural after such a shit storm to have some major convulsion.

      Personally, I think the shoah indicates a far more deistic god than a theistic god. but to those who cling to a more personal god, nay, in fact believe in a god who has chosen the jews to receive the torah and to suffer, such a god and such a belief is not going to treat the shoah and the establishment of israel as some historical blips, but as seismic events. ... ||

      All that just to describe one of the basic tenets of Zionism: Acts of injustice and immorality committed against Jews justify acts of injustice and immorality committed by Jews.

      But I suppose if members of Group A believe that their belief in a particular god makes them special and one day members of Group B fuck up members of Group A, it makes perfect sense to believe that instead of seeking justice from the members of Group B who fucked them up the remaining members of Group A have a right - a special, god-given right - to devise and implement a plan to indefinitely fuck up members of Group C and deny them any justice.

    • ... Recently, iCenter, the Jewish Federation, and community members have been working tirelessly to help save the Hebrew program at Evanston Township High School ... Members of the community spoke about the program at the last two school board meetings, which are streamed live on YouTube. Curious about how the debate would unfold, I binge-watched the two meetings. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, all the comments presented a one-sided narrative of Israel, conflating Zionism with Judaism.

      A current 11th grade Hebrew student at the school spoke to the board about the vital connection between Hebrew and Israel. “It is important to have a representation of Israel and Judaism in the school,” she said. ...

      Jewish is a religion-based identity that is acquired by:
      - undergoing a religious conversion to Judaism; or
      - being descended from someone who underwent a religious conversion to Judaism.

      The identity of Jewish doesn't come from being born in "Judea and Samaria" / "Jewish State" / Israel or from speaking Hebrew or from adopting Jewish culture. If it did, many (most?) currently non-Jewish Israelis would be Jewish.

      So it's no surprise that Zionists - who insist that the Jewish identity is about more than just religion - inevitably and necessarily reduce Jewish to religion.

  • What Palestinians can learn from South African anti-apartheid struggle
    • || Emet: ... Jews are indigenous to this land. ... ||

      Some Jewish people are indigenous to geographic Palestine. Some are not.
      Some non-Jewish people are indigenous to geographic Palestine. Some are not.

      || ... If you don’t accept this ... || will never cease to be a hateful and immoral Jewish supremacist (Zionist).

    • || Naftush: Ah, Israel as rapist and the Palestinians as its female victims. ... ||

      Doesn't matter if the victims are female or male - the relationship is the same.

      || ... I’ll explain myself better. Palestinian civil society and Palestinian leadership hold themselves together only by negation, i.e., fixating on Israel. ... Haidar Eid proposes that they cure these ailments by doubling down on them. ||

      Yes, you explained yourself better: The victims hold themselves together by negation, i.e., fixating on the rapist. The rapist is entitled to double down to cure the ailment, while the victims should simply accept their fate and make themselves comfortable in the basement.

    • || Naftush: ... The “dawn” that the author seeks will start to break when Palestinian civil society faces up to what it is, what it isn’t, and what Israel is and isn’t, irrespective of “lessons” from South Africa. ||

      The victim can spend all day every day facing up to what is and what isn't, but she won't be liberated from the rapist's basement until he faces up to what he is.

    • || Annie Robbins: at best? as far as i know neither singapore nor hong kong’s territory include a huge swath of uninhabitable land inside its border. i’m not sure how much of gaza’s territory is uninhabitable because of that 32 mile “security border” with israel, but it’s a lot. ... ||

      Yeah, I forgot about that. But that doesn't show up in any google search so my point remains.

      Perhaps it would be better to say:

      The Gaza Strip is one of the most densely populated places on Earth.

      Or perhaps a small paragraph of helpful (and, IMO, damning) information would help clarify the claim:

      The Gaza Strip - which has a population of P - covers an area of approximately N square miles. Thanks to Israel's "security borders" - an M square miles (militarized) stretch of territory *inside* Gaza's border that is roughly W meters wide and runs the full K km. length of the Strip, Gaza's population is confined to NminusM square miles, effectively making the Gaza Strip the most densely populated place on Earth.

      Just a thought.

    • ... The South African struggle against apartheid, it is generally understood, was based on “four pillars”. These were:
      1.International solidarity and international isolation of the apartheid state ...

      That may be the toughest pillar for Palestinians to build given the political and financial power and influence wielded by Jewish and non-Jewish Zionists.

      ... The Gaza Strip is the most densely populated place Earth. ...

      I did a quick google of this claim and couldn't find any support for it. At "best", it's the third most densely populated place on Earth. IMO if the claim can't be supported, it shouldn't be made because Zionists will use it as a distraction.

  • Ahed Tamimi offers Israelis a lesson worthy of Gandhi
    • || Marnie: I’ve read some comments by zionist white trash daring to ask where is the palestinian peace maker? Where is their Gandhi?

      In an israeli prison, FFS, where else would she be? ||

      Six feet under, or otherwise silenced "in the dark, without witnesses and cameras".

    • ... According to Israeli commentator Gideon Levy, Ahed’s case demonstrates that Israelis deny Palestinians the right not only to use rockets, guns, knives or stones, but even to what he mockingly terms an “uprising of slappings”. ...

      JeffB has helpfully explained just what it is that Zionists expect from the non-Jews in geographic Palestine:

      ... If the Palestinians act like Israelis they won't be a perceived as a demographic threat and the Jewish Israelis will breed with them ...

      The rapist wants his victims to stop struggling, lie back and enjoy the ride.

  • Finally a 'New York Times' columnist says liberal Zionism is dead
    • || Emet: Because the “Palestinian” story is like Swiss cheese. It’s full of holes. ... ||

      Unlike the claims of Jewish supremacists (Zionists), which are all holes and no cheese.

    • || Mooser: “IOW, Jewish supremacism is too big to fail,”

      Oh, I don’t know. The American Confederacy had about 5-6 million whites in it. ||

      Sure, but whites are weak whereas Zionist Jews are Captain Israel strong!

    • ... Notice the immediate pushback from a liberal Zionist, Daniel Seidemann:

      Maybe you’re right Michelle. We are under attack from Netanyahu’s government, viewed with contempt by the ideological left, and the facts are the facts. But there is no alternative to 2 states. Destroying it doesn’t create an alternative out of the ashes. There is no giving up. ...

      IOW, Jewish supremacism is too big to fail, even if it means doing more "necessary evil" to secure its future.

      Liberal Zionism: "Kinder, gentler" injustice and immorality.

  • Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as capital of 'Jewish people' is assault on my religion -- Queens rabbi
    • || Boris: This is my last comment here, which sums everything up:

      Losers, you can’t face reality! ||

      Not only does that comment not sum up everything, it isn't even accurate. I, for one, can face the reality that no matter how much lipstick you losers put on your pig, Zionism is just another brand of supremacist, colonialist and (war) criminal evil.

    • || Mooser:
      “– being descended from someone who underwent a religious conversion to Judaism.”

      If that is true, why did I have to go to Hebrew School and religious instruction two nights a week and after services on Saturday? Why didn’t I just know all that stuff?

      Every person who is Jewish is a convert. Every single child has to be converted to Judaism. ||

      The way I understand it, it doesn't matter if you don't "just know" all that stuff right away. The moment you're born to a person who underwent a religious conversion to Judaism - Ta dah!!! - you're one of the Jewish people (at least until Mikhael excommunicates you). Any religious stuff that happens later is just icing on the "Jewish people" cake.

      But if that's not the case - if every person including (just to abbreviate) the descended need to undergo a religious conversion in order to be officially considered Jewish - I really don't see how anyone (or any Zionist) can argue with a straight face that Jewish is fundamentally anything other than a religion-based identity.

    • || Boris: ... Jewish identity is not defined by your religion. ... ||

      I agree: Jewish identity is not defined by a person's religious beliefs. But it is very much defined by the fact that it's a religion-based identity that can only be acquired by:
      - undergoing a religious conversion to Judaism; or
      - being descended from someone who underwent a religious conversion to Judaism.

    • || Boris: Well, it works every time – sooner or later Israel-bashers reveal themselves as Holocaust deniers. ... ||

      There's nothing "Holocaust denial" about the fact that the deaths of non-Jews in WWII are of no interest to Zionists because they don't benefit Zionism or the "Jewish State" project.

      || ... another dismisses its uniqueness. ... Jews, unlike everybody else, were hunted and murdered simply for being born Jewish ... ||

      There's nothing "unique" about being hunted and murdered simply for having a certain identity. In what may be the most effective genocide ever, 100% of Amalekites were wiped off the face of the earth simply for being Amalekites.

    • || Annie Robbins: simple fact is that it was used at least six million time

      in ww2? i thought 6m was the outside figure, not a “simple fact”. ||

      I believe "it" refers to whatever method was used by Nazis to identify who was a Jew, not the method used to kill Jews*.
      (*And non-Jews. But those deaths don't help Zionism, so they don't count.)

    • || Annie Robbins: welcome, and could you clarify what you mean ajweberman? ||

      I think he's correctly stating that there is no Rabbi David Shapiro of Queens. I did some googling and that does seem to be the case.

      But the "endorsed by Norton Mezvinsky" video names a Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro of Queens and he does exist.

  • Quaker group honored by Yad Vashem for helping Jews during Holocaust is now banned from Israel
    • || eljay: The ASFC ... ||

      Correction: The AFSC ...

    • The ASFC failed to accept and respect two principal tenets of Zionism:
      - Acts of injustice and immorality committed against Jews justify acts of injustice and immorality committed by Jews.
      - Jews are entitled to do unto others acts of injustice and immorality they would not have others do unto them.

  • Israel issues BDS blacklist against 20 organizations-- 'badge of honor,' Munayyer says
    • || @Daar: ... Is mw still the anti-zionist crowds ‘crackpots on display’? ||

      Dunno, but it sure does have a lot of Zionist crackpots on display.

    • || Mooser: ... They think Zionism is entitled to any historical atrocity or genocide, no matter when it happened or who the protagonists were.
      But without any of the consequences which attended the atrocities, of course.
      In fact, they see the atrocities and genocides as necessary and laudable steps in nation-making. ||

      Zionists: Late to the party and three sheets to the wind.

    • || catalan: ... But the goal of BDS is to starve the relatives in order for them to agree to allow the return of 8 million descendants of refugees including all of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, so that the relatives would be killed. ... ||

      Let's see:
      Goals of BDS

      The BDS movement aims to pressure Israel to respect international law by:

      1. Ending its occupation and colonization of all Arab lands and dismantling the Wall
      International law recognises the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, Gaza and the Syrian Golan Heights as occupied by Israel.

      2. Recognizing the fundamental rights of the Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel to full equality.

      3. Respecting, protecting and promoting the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties as stipulated in UN resolution 194.

      These are three basic rights without which the Palestinian people cannot exercise its inalienable right to self-determination.

      The BDS movement does not advocate for a particular solution to the conflict and does not call for either a “one state solution” or a “two state solution”. Instead, BDS focuses on the realization of basic rights and the implementation of international law.

      Nothing there about "starve the relatives in order for them to agree to allow the return of 8 million descendants of refugees including all of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, so that the relatives would be killed." Your English-to-Bulgarian/Spanish (you guess)/New Mexican translator appears to be (deliberately) malfunctioning.

    • || @Da: ... Israel is small, tiny in fact many would say. ... ||

      Thanks to the Zionist penchant for theft, occupation and colonization, Israel isn't quite as tiny as it was at Partition.

      || ... We know what bds is ... ||

      It's a threat to Jewish supremacism and the religion-supremacist nature of Israel. No wonder you Zionists despise it.

      || ... low rent flash in the pans like lordes ... ||

      Yup, lordes (sic) is such a "low rent flash in the pan" that, among other things:
      - she was offered a gig in Israel;
      - the Israeli Minister of Culture beseeched her to re-consider her decision to cancel;
      - she was invited to meet with the Israeli ambassador to New Zealand; and
      - the Jerusalem Post referred to her cancellation as "nothing short of a huge win for" BDS.

    • || @DaBr: @m
      Certainly titled to an opinion but it’s doubtful you’ve ever been to Israel ... ||

      || Marnie: I actually live in israel. Suck on that. ||

      Props to you, Marnie, even though it's unlikely to make a dent in TheBaker's robust Zionist arrogance.

    • || Jackdaw: ... I never said I admired Kornrad Lorenz. ... ||

      It's true: You never said "I admire Kornrad (sic) Lorenz." Allow me to correct my previous post:

      eljay   January 8, 2018, 2:14 pm
      || Annie Robbins: jack, you lost me. … ||

      Jackdaw is highly intelligent. Nobel Prize winner Konrad Lorenz said so.

      || ... My patience with eljay has been worn thin. ||


    • || Annie Robbins: jack, you lost me. ... ||

      Jackdaw is highly intelligent. The Nazi party member and known anti-Semite he admires said so.

    • Although Zionists love to boast that the "Jewish State" is "moral beacon", a "light unto the nations" and a "Western-style democracy", they inevitably defend it as being less bad than Saudi Arabia, Mali, African "hell-holes", China and 19th-century America. Go figure.

  • Haass and Kristof can't cross the Zionist Rubicon
    • ... Haass tweeted:

      Israel cannot remain 1) Jewish; 2) democratic; 3) secure; and 4) prosperous in a single state. Israel and its supporters should embrace a 2 State outcome before it is too late not as a favor to Palestinians but as a favor to itself. ...

      Although they may care for justice, accountability and equality elsewhere, Jewish supremacists (Zionists) don't care about justice, accountability or equality in I-P.

      All that ever matters - even to the "kinder, gentler" liberal Zionists - is Jewish supremacism in/and a religion-supremacist "Jewish State" in as much as possible of Palestine.

  • Stop talking about Ahed Tamimi's hair
    • || @Daar: ... B) the difference? There is only a “difference” in your mind and to what you think. There is no difference. ... ||

      Rapist and victim and the violence each commits - it's all the same to the Zionist...but only if the rapist is a Jew and the victim is a non-Jew. Reverse the roles, and the Zionist hypocrite wastes no time finding a difference.

    • The world would be a better place if more people were "brainwashed" to fight evil than were "devoted and brave" enough to do evil.

    • || DaBakr: Perhaps all of those things to some but psychotically delusional to others. And brainwashed by her parents to boot. Maybe she is proud but we’ll never know- just as so many MWs believe but do not know wether young Israelis are devoted and brave or brainwashed. ||

      Whether she and they are devoted and brave or brainwashed, the difference between Ms. Tamimi and "young [Zionist] Israelis" is that she is fighting / protesting the on-going acts of injustice and immorality deliberately committed by Israel while they are enabling / committing / defending them.

    • || @aBk: ... Israel has 100s of passionate, good looking photogenic women/men of ALL colours and backgrounds to do similar pro israel pr work. ||

      Beauty, they say, is skin deep. Apparently Zionist "morality" is just as shallow.

    • Zionists seem to prefer their MooslimAyrabs to look like ugly/evil caricatures of real people, just like anti-Semites prefer their Jews to look like ugly/evil caricatures of real people.

      It's one of those "shared common values" things.

    • ... Israeli centrist lawmaker and former Ambassador to the US Michael Oren ...

      This could/should be shortened to "Zionist asshole Michael Oren".

  • Why I am not at the MLA
    • || jon s: eljay,
      You’re saying that Israel is NOT the Jewish historic homeland? ... ||

      I'm saying exactly what I said: Geographic Palestine is not the "historic homeland" of every person in the world who has chosen to be/come Jewish.

      || ... The homeland is part of what it means to be Jewish ... ||

      Geographic Palestine was and is a homeland to some Jews and a homeland to some non-Jews. It is not "the homeland" of all Jews. So you're saying that "what it means to be Jewish" is flawed by design.

      Or perhaps you're anti-Semitically suggesting that Jews who do not covet geographic Palestine are "insufficiently Jewish" or "not real Jews". Huh.

    • || amigo: ... “I am not an invader in my Historic Homeland.No Jew is an invader in their Historic Homeland.” Jon S.

      Please provide evidence of the authenticity of your claim as would any authentic teacher. ||

      He can't authenticate his Zionist claim because he knows that geographic Palestine is not the "historic homeland" (or "ancient homeland" or "one true homeland") of every person in the world who has chosen to embrace the religion-based identity of Jewish.

  • Haaretz smears the Tamimi family to counter worldwide solidarity with 16-year-old Ahed
    • || jon s: Jasonius, Tunnels penetrating Israeli territory are, indeed terror tunnels. They are not used for moving goods food and medicine into the strip, not 99% of the time, not 1% of the time, never. ||

      Israeli forces...
      - penetrating not-Israeli territory;
      - militarily-occupying not-Israeli territory;
      - defending and enabling the on-going colonization of not-Israeli territory; and
      - oppressing, maiming and killing not-Israelis,
      ...are, indeed terror forces.

      They are not used for moving goods food and medicine into Israel, not 99% of the time, not 1% of the time, never.

    • Abused by her father and, later, violently abused by the Bob the Rapist, the victim chained in the basement and awaiting further abuse lashes out at her captor. Researcher Mr. Urquhart-Smallville - who believes that the Male People have a right to "self-determine" themselves in women - explains that "man-hatred" is behind the victim's desire to harm the world's only Bob the Rapist.

    • "German-Israeli researcher" Petra Marquardt-Bigman is troubled by the actions of the Tamimi family but has nothing to say about decades worth of past and on-going oppression, military occupation, colonialism and (war) crimes committed with impunity by Jewish supremacists (Zionists) just like her in geographic Palestine.

      Ms. M-B points out that the Tamimis "have always wanted the elimination of the world’s only Jewish state", as if to suggest that it's immoral for them to oppose a supremacist state in Palestine.

      The German side of "German-Israeli researcher" Petra Marquardt-Bigman should appreciate the fact that one of any kind of supremacist construct is one too many and that opposition to supremacism is a moral stance.

      Unfortunately, Ms. Petra Marquardt-Bigman's Zionist side - hateful, immoral, hypocritical - is the dominant one.

  • If you genuinely back the Palestinian cause, you must support the right of return
    • || Donald Johnson @ January 6, 2018, 12:56 pm ||

      Good post, as usual.

      || ... That seemed to be what many Israelis wanted— toss the Palestinians as little as possible and then forget they exist or if they aren’t satisfied, blame them for not accepting the “ generous offer”, keep stealing land and apply force as needed to keep them under control. ... ||

      That's seems to be what Zionists still want.

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