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  • 7 dead in terrorist attack in Bulgaria
    • colin wright

      -you are indeed a busy little propagandist -obviously mondoweiss considers you their left hand man -so much time on your hands to play the liberal -thats ok -keep up the hasbara

      what is it your trying to say with all your comments

      whats the message colin left wright left wright left wright

      you have so far posted these comments on this post

      1.There’s a narrow window where Israel could be simultaneously both sure and not culpable — but it’s a narrow one.

      2.That does spell ‘set up.’ All this does bear a strong resemblance to that rather smoothly orchestrated ‘attack out of Sinai and bombing of Gaza’ a few months or a year back. Didn’t that come at a time of mounting social tension as well?

      3.Incidentally, try counting the public statements of solidarity, sympathy, outrage, etc in connection with these dead Israelis.

      4.People are also overlooking that rather ridiculous Arbabsiar farce (‘Jack’ is still in jail, by the way). At least the Israelis and possibly us may have been working to frame Iran for some time.

      5.I think it would be more accurate to say ‘Israel is desperately looking for a mechanism, any mechanism, to get us to carry out or at least to implicate us in an assault on Iran and Hezbollah.’

      6.Maybe they mean exactly what they said. Maybe they just don’t want to be point man for Iran on this one. Maybe both. Maybe neither.

      There’s also all sorts of mid-range possibilities.

      For example, Mossad was tracking the perpetrators and let them go ahead. They weren’t supposed to succeed of course. Just get caught with the bomb in hand and the fuze lit, so to speak…

      It’s some kind of fringe group Mossad has been nurturing that got a little out of hand…

      7.What if the perpetrators — or at least those who let the attack go forward — turn out to live in Tel Aviv?

      8.Indeed. Mossad at work, is my take. As I say, that’s what comes of playing monkey games. “Quod est demonstrandum” hell. Qui bono?

      9.“Well who should be condemned besides in general such incidents, when it is obvious that there is not yet any real “crime scene data” available even for the Israelis…”

      That would all depend on who wrote the script.

      10.Ultimately, everything Israel does is indeed necessary if there is to be an Israel. The state can only exist through the continuous application of repression.

  • The crisis of Jewish identity
    • There is no such thing as israel – there is however ‘occupied Palestine’ or ‘zionistan’. Your pick.

      not a pick

      just ask yourself

      which came first

    • rizla

      wake up and sit up straight

      who is Juan Cole:-is this the man you refer to
      the expert
      is he someone famous
      wikipedia says
      Cole was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His father served in the United States Army Signal Corps and afterwards in the Satellite Corps and, when Cole was age two, his family left New Mexico for France. His father completed two tours with the U.S. military in France (a total of seven years) and one 18-month stay at Kagnew Station in Asmara, Eritrea (then Ethiopia). (Cole reports that he first became interested in Islam in Eritrea, which has a population roughly half Christian and half Muslim.) Cole was schooled at a variety of locations, twelve schools in twelve years, at a series of dependent schools on military bases but also sometimes in civilian schools. Some schooling occurred in the United States, particularly in North Carolina and California.[4]

      why not check the real facts out for yourself

    • dear mr weiss and company

      history they say is a good teacher

      the people who practiced the jewish relegion built a house of worship in jerusalem
      the first one to be built by the jews
      that temple was destroyed-all that is left is a wall .the moslems built their house of worship on top of the ruins -they had the numbers and conquered the jews
      for centuries the jews were persecueted by those that practised christianity and islam

      history teaches us this

      then the jews captured jerusalem back from the moslems and the jews were united again

      anyone who attacks a jew now for the first time in many centuries faces resistance

      philip weiss - freedom to live as a jew free from attack was earned by those jews who fought for jewish rights over many centuries
      many times they paid in blood
      and i refer to times before the holocaust

      only a few years ago country clubs in a america had signs up


      the arabs want jerusalem back and the jews must fight to keep it
      that is the reality whether you like it or not


      what is it exactly that you do not understand about your jewish identity

  • Top university presidents tour Israel and the West Bank on comp hasbara trip
    • What a totally stupid idea.israeli universities have more to offer arab students than those in other middle eastern countries
      Israel must be encouraged to do more to educate young arabs
      Boycotting israeli institutions will not help at all

    • Fantastic news for the palestinians who are attending world class educational facilities in the west bank and israel.

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