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  • Once again, Israel's influence outpaces Russia's
    • In what appears to be a great timing, the police (some say anti-terrorist police) in UK have announced that they progressed with their investigation of Skripal poisoning and they have several Russian suspects ei. people who they think are involved.

      Amusingly, the novichok transmogrified from gel to spray, the supposedly professional hit ended with novichok being (presumably) dumped in the bushes for a tramp lady (Dawn Sturgess) to find, and police (but not Metropolitan Police which would not comment - so we have no clue what "police") are saying they identified suspects, and they are Russian.

      The nerve gas 8 times stronger than sarin takes 9 days to kill tramp lady that, so they say, mistook it for perfume, and applied it directly to her skin damaging, they say, her face and hands, because everyone knows you spray perfume on your face and hands.

      All this before autopsy is performed (it will be done from today) which is meant to establish the cause of death.

      All the while, Porton Down, UK government chemical weapons facility nearby, has not even been able to establish the source of the novichok. (they have stock of their own, by the way), not that you can see it from the news.

      Oh, and Skripal and Skripal's daughter still have not contacted his ailing mother, while being kept, "for their own good" in safe house by some vaguely identified security agency.

      There is another coincidence that is worth noting: in the hospital where Skripal and his daughter were admitted, there were doctors who freshly completed training in Porton Down and this allowed them to have presence of mind to apply anti-nerve agent treatment.

      Will be educational to know if Dawn Sturgess will get a proper inquest. Right now it has been adjourned to January 2019.


  • Israel closes Palestinian university in East Jerusalem, indefinitely
    • Don't know about burning, but looting is a historical fact:

      This from The Economist:

      “Farewell, my books! How much midnight oil did I burn with you…” Al Sakakini wrote these words shortly after Jewish soldiers swept through Jerusalem’s affluent Arab neighbourhoods of Qatamon, Musrara and Baq’a, “collecting” 30,000 books, newspapers and documents. The haul included works of immeasurable historical or religious significance, such as hand-written copies of the Koran and Hadith, emblazoned with gold leaf. Some 40,000 other books were seized from abandoned homes in urban centres such as Nazareth, Jaffa and Haifa. In writing, Al Sakakini wonders if his treasured possessions were looted or burnt. “Were you transferred, with due respect, to a private or public library?” he asks, or “did you find your way to the grocer, your pages wrapping onions?”

      And this:
      Only about 6,000 books are still labeled “Absentee Property”—and these, we were told, can be seen by logging into the National Library of Israel and searching by call numbers starting with AP. Brunner speculates that the other 24,000 books that are listed in the documentation are either mixed in with the general collection or have been lost or destroyed. Another 50,000-60,000 books are known to have been looted from other parts of Palestine, mostly textbooks, which Brunner speculated were mostly destroyed or sold. During the discussion that followed the film, he also made the point that rare manuscripts (estimated by a knowledgeable member of the audience as numbering around 50,000 originating from 56 libraries in and around Jerusalem) are not included in the estimates and are totally unaccounted for. There are rare Palestinian manuscripts in the collection at the National Library, but they are not accessible by the general public. There are also rare Palestinian manuscripts at Hebrew University.


    • Let me take a walk down the memory lane to Poland:

      "After the Polish defeat in the Polish Defensive War of 1939 and the subsequent German and Soviet occupation of Polish territory, Poland was divided into the areas directly incorporated into the Reich, areas directly incorporated into the Soviet Union and the German-controlled General Government. According to Nazi racial theories the Slavs needed no higher education and the whole nation was to be turned into uneducated serfs for the German race.[1] The only schools that remained opened were trade schools and courses for factory workers.[1] Himmler prescribed:[2]

      For the non-German population of the East there can be no type of school above the four-grade rudimentary school. The job of these schools should be confined to the teaching of counting (no higher than up to 500), the writing of one's name, and the teaching that God's commandment means obedience to the Germans, honesty, industry and politeness. Reading I do not consider essential.

      By 1941, the number of children attending elementary school in the General Government was half of the pre-war number.[3]

      On the territories incorporated into the Reich, education in Polish was banned and punished with death. Throughout Polish territory the Germans abolished all university education for non-Germans. All institutions of higher education were closed. Their equipment and most of the laboratories were taken to Germany and divided among the German universities while the buildings were turned into offices and military barracks."


  • Irish senate passes bill banning products from Israeli settlements
    • Thank you, inbound39, for highlighting the story of Dead Sea Minerals.

      "Young Israelis hawking skin care products, ostensibly made from minerals from the Dead Sea, have become a common sight in malls around the world. They grab customers passing by their kiosks and coerce them into buying overpriced cosmetics, many in an attempt to make money as quickly as possible to fund post-army travels.

      But the aggressive maneuvers utilized by the Israeli salespeople, coupled with the fact that many of them are working illegally, have roused the suspicions of the FBI, US Homeland Security, embassies around the world trying to combat labor fraud, and journalists who are uncovering questionable sales tactics.

      The issue came to a head in New Zealand earlier this summer, where a Dead Sea Spa kiosk in an Auckland mall was accused of swindling an elderly lady and forcing her to buy $5,000 worth of cosmetics. According to Campbell Live, the New Zealand Channel 3 TV program that first aired the story about the elderly woman, Dead Sea Spa had also charged an autistic man $4,400 for cosmetics in a half hour period, though $1,000 of the charges were not connected to products. On a separate occasion, a saleswoman sold $17,000 of products to a man with short-term memory loss who could not remember purchases he made just minutes earlier."


  • First they came for Alan Dershowitz
    • Peacedoc was being sarcastic, and you fell for this....

      Nowadays I use (/sarcasm), to clarify for those who do not know my writing.

  • Obama was shocked -- shocked -- to find that settlements were eating the West Bank!
  • The pathetic caving of Nickolay Mladenov
  • Hitchhiking to Treblinka
  • 'Ali is on the grill!' Israeli settlers celebrate burning of Palestinian baby
    • My mother's family lived in Warsaw, Poland, in a Powisle neighbourhood, on Na Tamce Street.

      When my mother was little, she and her father were passing a house where Jews were hiding and were found. Family that housed them and adult Jews were shot on the spot, but one of the SS-men took little baby by its feet, took a swing and smashed baby's head
      on the wall of the townhouses.

      My grandfather forced my mother to watch, holding her head forcibly, so that she could not hide her face or run.

      "You must never, ever forget what you saw" - He said.

      This is why, amongst other things, I support Mondoweiss.


  • Mr. Lansman comes to Tel Aviv: Jeremy Corbyn's senior ally wants to restrict free speech on Israel
  • US leaves UN Human Rights Council, a 'cesspool' of bias against Israel
    • Every time US has a hissy fit and leaves an international forum, its ability to influence that forum becomes non-existent.

      Its a peculiar way of "having a say" (NOT) in relevant international bodies.

      When WILL it become obvious to EVERYBODY that Israel is nothing but a liability?


  • 'The Israeli military said,' the New York Times reports
    • This is the case against Norman Finkelstein?
      Where his crime is to speak up for a friend in an acrimonious divorce who not only looses his reputation but is fleeced by the lawyers in the process?

      "However two things caught my attention. First, Dr. Finkelstein claimed there was no evidence of the alleged “countless” episodes of “unspeakable violence at Dr. B.’s hands [that] began back in 1991.” A big claim. Second, counsel claimed fees of $50,000 one afternoon. They then adjourned for lunch only to return with a bill for $80,000. Something was not right.

      The matter then spilled in to the criminal justice arena when Dr. Finkelstein began to confront the lawyers. He informed them of his intention to write an article exposing what in his view was perjured testimony. They did not deny the factual content of the draft he sent them. Rather, the attorneys wrote to Dr. B.’s lawyers and not to Dr. Finkelstein, saying publication would harm him (Dr. B.) personally and professionally. Soon thereafter Dr. Finkelstein was arrested, jailed overnight and made subject to a restraining order. "


  • 'Israelism' documentary tracks changing generational attitudes of American Jews
    • Fauda, is a good thriller.

      But it is also a skilfully executed "shooting and crying" whitewash of Zionism as a practice.

      There are no checkpoints, walls, there is no occupation, no settlements, no Nakba.... only inexplicably hostile and bloodthirsty Arabs who want to kill Jews.


  • After the Gaza massacre, how can Jews sleep well at night?
  • Is the Saudi Prince becoming a Zionist?
    • Although Israel has not yet named itself "Nation State of the Jewish People", it is already taking steps to extend the jurisdiction of their religious courts over Jews world-wide.

      I want to consider the ramification of such development and the logical follow on: Are Vatican, Saudi Arabia and Teheran allowed to extend their jurisdiction to, respectively, Christians, Sunni and Shia Muslims worldwide ?

      And how soon before religious figures will demand the government to provide them with tools, - people and resources - to implement their rulings abroad?

      The only consolation is, that, as Israel invariably gets special treatment when breaking international law, it will only be Jewish people worldwide who will get visits from Mossad - trained enforcers of Israel's Rabbinical Courts.

      I shudder to think of the consequences....

      Horse's head in the bed for marrying out?
      Kitchens wired with explosives for mixing diary and meat?
      Enforced shunning for those not eating kosher in New York?

      Mind boggles


  • Why Israel banned my play 'Prisoners of the Occupation'
    • Anybody who noticed that YoniFalic has not commented lately:

      You are wrong. He had. a lot.


    • Page: 9
    • Contributed. Hope you will finish your project.

      Looking forward to my purse with Palestinian embroidery made by the Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour who was imprisoned by Israelis for writing a poem.

      Frankly, she could have been a Polish poet, writing against many times our country, Poland, was occupied.

      Resist, My People, Resist Them

      Resist, my people, resist them.

      In Jerusalem, I dressed my wounds and breathed my sorrows

      And carried the soul in my palm

      For an Arab Palestine.

      I will not succumb to the “peaceful solution,”

      Never lower my flags

      Until I evict them from my land.

      I cast them aside for a coming time.

      Resist, my people, resist them.

      Resist the settler’s robbery

      And follow the caravan of martyrs.

      Shred the disgraceful constitution

      Which imposed degradation and humiliation

      And deterred us from restoring justice.

      They burned blameless children;

      As for Hadil, they sniped her in public,

      Killed her in broad daylight.

      Resist, my people, resist them.

      Resist the colonialist’s onslaught.

      Pay no mind to his agents among us

      Who chain us with the peaceful illusion.

      Do not fear doubtful tongues;

      The truth in your heart is stronger,

      As long as you resist in a land

      That has lived through raids and victory.

      So Ali called from his grave:

      Resist, my rebellious people.

      Write me as prose on the agarwood;

      My remains have you as a response.

      Resist, my people, resist them.

      Resist, my people, resist them.


  • Video shows Israeli interrogators attempting to coerce confession from Ahed Tamimi
    • écrasez l'infâme,

      There are more records than can be listed, here is one of them:

      See Haaretz:

      Israeli Prime Minister After Six-Day War: 'We'll Deprive Gaza of Water, and the Arabs Will Leave'

      Declassified minutes of security cabinet sessions in the months after the Six-Day War show government ministers who were at a loss to deal with its implications. (....)

      The material being posted on the state archives website includes hundreds of pages of minutes from meetings of the security cabinet between August and December 1967 (.....)

      He [ Prime Minister Levi Eshkol ] said: I cannot imagine it – how we will organize life in this country when we have 1.4 million Arabs and we are 2.4 million, with 400,000 Arabs already in the country?

      One of the solutions to the new situation, according to Eshkol, was to encourage Arabs to emigrate. In this context, Eshkol told ministers he was working on the establishment of a unit or office that will engage in encouraging Arab emigration.

      He added, We should deal with this issue quietly, calmly and covertly, and we should work on finding a way for them to emigrate to other countries and not just over the Jordan [River].

      Eshkol expressed the hope that, precisely because of the suffocation and imprisonment there, maybe the Arabs will move from the Gaza Strip, adding there were ways to remove those who remained. Perhaps if we dont give them enough water they wont have a choice, because the orchards will yellow and wither, he said in this context. Another solution, he said, could be another war. Perhaps we can expect another war and then this problem will be solved.


  • Jennifer Rubin likens Trump to Hitler in 'blood and soil' ethno-nationalism that threatens Jews
    • Annie, it is weird, but I have seen this in individuals where unhealthy narcissism is combined neuroticism.
      They combine exaggerated sense of entitlement is inexplicably linked to unfulfillable neediness - for reassurance, for security, for validation.

      It is tolerable in occasional individual we may encounter in life, but if you have to deal with political entity its really tricky. Welcome to Israel Lobby.

  • Israeli courts denies Ahed Tamimi’s request for public trial
    • Newsweek, US edition has Ahed Tamimi post up:


      "Lieberman’s decision to hold the proceedings in camera, keeping the trial concealed from the scrutiny of the public eye was not made in a vacuum. It must be considered in the context in which the military court system—an integral part of Israel’s regime of occupation in the West Bank—operates. It is not a neutral institution seeking to apply the principles of justice and human rights. Rather, it is a system dedicated to maintaining the occupation: a regime in which the judges and prosecutors are always Israeli soldiers, and the suspects and defendants Palestinians."


  • Rabbi Cardozo: outlawing circumcision would 'end the state of Israel'
    • I am mortally offended by women who do NOT have a bit of their genitals removed at the young age!

      This is the absolutely offensive indication of the fundamentalist religious discrimination being committed against fairer sex.

      And taking Israeli rabbi as a proponent of such a archaic thinking you can see how impossible it is to argue that newborn girls will never be regarded as equal in the eyes of their families and the society at large unless some part of their genitals (why not LABIA? WHAT is WRONG with LABIA?) will be considered so essential to their tribal and religious identity that they have to be sliced off in the recognition of their belonging to that tribe and race and religion??

      This is twenty first century! Kurdish women and Israeli women fight along the menfolk against barbarians at the gate, but will anyone, ANYONE wish to cut their genitals? No!

      And in the countries where there is equal access to mutilation, there is a drive by some of the so-called proponents of " rights for women"
      (often from countries that promote that sacred right to mutilation for MEN and not for women) to argue that not holding such rights to girls is barbarian.

      Mothers! fight for equality of your daughters! Remove bits of their genitalia in a progressive step to a new, just world of tomorrow!

      It’s an act of love and acceptance, a celebration of life, performed by devoted and loving parents, welcoming the new little girl into the tribe [as per Jon S].

      (Sarcasm alert)
      105 / 117

  • In calling for end of Jewish state, Avraham Burg is painted as 'troublemaker' at liberal NY synagogue
    • Steve Grover, you said

      You gotta give up on dream of being a Rottenführer in the SS.

      It is even more "uncool" to be so devoid of arguments, and devoid of abilities to employ them, that one must immediately use personal attacks . Please show me one racist comment by Eljay. Not "neo-anti-Semitic" but racist against Jews comment.


  • Skeptics who see Russiagate as warmongering will never get respect in the press
    • What makes me feel really cynical about this "Russia-non-gate" is that in comparison with USA involvement in subverting other countries' government it is a grain of sand on a beach.

      Of course, this is couched in weasel words like: "we support democracy" (right type of democracy, not, God forbid, Venezuela-like independent-of-USA-democracy).

      When USA supports "democracy", it is invariably linked to IMF manhandling countries to make conditions favourable for foreign (read: USA) investment.

      Please see this video of Victoria "f--k the EU" Nuland: She admits (at 7min25sec) that USA pumped $5 000 000 000 to help Ukraine to choose right politics.


  • Palestinian mental health professionals in Israel say international conference should not be held in Tel Aviv
    • International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy (IARPP)'s 2018 conference is being held on those dates

      June 14 - June 17 2018 in

      Roosevelt Hotel, 45 East 45th Street, NYC
      New York City, USA

      it would be a perfect place to demonstrate against the following year's conference plans 102/113

  • Message from Massachusetts: When we fight we win!
    • Jon66,

      You are conflating discrimination, which is odious and illegal, and boycotting which is legal and enshrined in the First Amendment of Constitution of US.

      I want to believe that you are genuinely unable to grasp the difference, but suspect you are deliberately trying to confuse the two as part of your hasbara outreach.


    • USA prohibits making business with many individuals based on their national origin: Russians, North Koreans, Iranians etc.

      So you see this list:

      "based upon such other person’s race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin , gender identity or sexual orientation".

      prevents people (under the punishment of loss of free trading) to disapprove the actions of states that run against their moral compass.

      And we all know that the legislation is designed to prevent the loss of trading opportunities for Israel due to moral compass of ever increasing group of people.98/109

  • In propaganda coup for Israel, NYT frontpager ascribes Gaza's misery to Palestinian infighting
    • Dimadok, you asked: Expelled, or left voluntarily?

      This quote from book by Dr. Walid Khalidi ( as published on www.
      "The expulsion of the inhabitants of Najd [took place] on 13 May 1948, before the establishment of the State of Israel directly. Israeli historian Benny Morris writes that the residents of the neighbouring village of Sesame were expelled at the same time by the Palmach brigade of Hanegov (Negev). The brigade launched a number of small attacks north and east, in coordination with the deployment of the Givati ​​brigade southward in the first half of May."

      And here is direct quote from Benny Morris:

      "In coordination with Giv'ati's local pushes southwards the besieged Palmach Negev Brigade during May carried out a number of small pushes northwards and eastwards. Burayr, northeast of Gaza was taken on 12-13 May. Its inhabitants fled to Gaza. The 9th Battalion troops killed a large number of villagers, apparently executing dozens of army-age males. They appear also to have raped and murdered a teenage girl.
      The same day, the inhabitants of neighbouring Sumsum and Najd, to the west , were driven out. In Sumsum the occupying
      troops found only a handful of old people. The blew up five houses and warned that if the villages weapons were not handed over the following day, they would blow up the rest. But inhabitants repeatedly returned to the village either to re-settle or to cultivate crops. At the end of May, a Negev Brigade unit, with orders to expel "the Arabs from Sumsum and Burayr and burn their granaries and fields", swept through the villages, encountering resistance in Sumsum and killed 5 (or, according to another account - 20) and blew the granaries and a well. The troops returned to Sumsum yet again , on 9th of 10th of June, again burning houses and skirmishing with Arabs.

      So: expelled , or left voluntarily? What do you think, dimadok?

    • dimadok, you are trying, but closer look really makes your comments naive to say the least.

      but the feel good story from COGAT website from 2015 is not going to cut it.
      Please go to and confirm that cement is strictly controlled (and totally inadequate, taking to account that Israel damaged and destroyed 40000 multi occupancy dwellings in Gaza)

      Tell me, is Gaza allowed to lay the internet cable that is not controlled by Israel? Do you think the Israeli Navy would allow the ship carrying the cable from, say, Europe, arrive at Gaza port?

      Do you think that destruction, by Israel of Gaza only power plant, and subsequent refusal to provide materials for its reconstruction, and the refusal to allow adequate fuel into Gaza, is NOT the example of Israel interfering outside its borders?

      Do you think that Israel preventing Gaza from trading or having imports via sea route is example of Israel NOT interfering outside it's borders?99/110

    • Dimadok, you said:

      "Thanks. Gaza is free to do whatever they like to".

      Except for following, which depends on Israeli permission:
      Exporting anything (no permission from Israel - Egypt only allowed to open boarders to people not products by treaty with USA and Israel)
      Importing anything (some foodstuff allowed, only some medicines allowed, very little fuel allowed )
      Leaving Gaza via Israel (needs permit)
      Leaving Gaza via Egypt (needs Egypt permit which is issued with cooperation with Israel only)
      Having identity papers (issued only by Israel)
      Having internet (fully controlled by Israel)
      Having fish industry (fully controlled by Israel navy)
      Having visitors (fully controlled by Israel )
      Having agriculture (fully controlled by Israel border guards as they shoot farmers)
      Rebuilding housing destroyed by Israel (import of cement/glass not permitted)
      Rebuilding infrastructure destroyed by Israel (import of cement/glass not permitted)
      Rebuilding of UN buildings destroyed by Israel (import of cement/glass strictly controlled and rationed).
      Importing from anywhere but Israel (impossible in practice - Israel earns huge sums from selling to Occupied Territories at an inflated prices)
      Having electricity (unable to purchase as cannot trade and earn)

      but, dimadok, apart from that Gaza is free to do whatever they like to do. 97/108

  • NYT op-ed describing Israel as a place of refuge is missing the word, Palestinians
    • Like cherry tomatoes, fleeting field hospitals in disaster zones, drip irrigation and outcrop of Nobel Prices, there is a sudden outbreak of handwringing of liberal Zionists in the all the usual media.

      The lament is about the threatened deportation for black skinned asylum seekers / immigrants in Israel (the deportation of caucasian infiltrators-immigrants from Ukraine and Georgia is not on the cards).

      The promises of selfless acts of civil disobedience are all written about at some length. You would almost leave with the impression that the government of Netanyahu has been forced on saintly Israelis by a vengeful anti-semitic God (/sarcasm). 90/101

  • Sentenced to 65 years for helping Palestinians: Read an excerpt from Miko Peled's 'Injustice: The Story of the Holy Land Foundation Five'
    • This from Dallas Morning News

      Four men convicted in Dallas in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing trial have been transferred to special federal prisons where their communications and dealings with the outside world will be more closely monitored.

      Prosecutors had advocated the transfer of Ghassan Elashi, Shukri Abu Baker, Mohammad El-Mezain and Mufid Abdulqader from the low-security Seagoville federal prison south of Dallas to one of the Bureau of Prisons' Communications Management Units.

      On April 20, U.S. District Judge Jorge Solis dropped a requirement that the men stay close to Dallas in order to aid their lawyers in their appeals.

      That cleared the way for them to go to the special prisons, where their calls are limited and monitored, along with all their mail, and they are required to use English when dealing with outsiders.

      El-Mezain and Baker are now being housed at the Terre Haute, Ind., facility. Elashi and Abdulqader are at a similar facility in Marion, Ill., records show.

      The use of euphemistically called Communication Management Units (CMUs) is a relatively new way of restricting speech of people that current political powers do not approve of. It is a one of the raft of measures that were introduced, unopposed, since "War on Terror (and political dissent)" was announced after "catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbour" that took place New York in November 2001.

      The example of environmental activist Daniel McGowan supports that view:


  • Israeli diplomat calls on American students 'to restore the honor' of vilified word-- Zionism
    • I should have expressed myself more precisely:
      When I wrote:
      "I have real problem whenether suicide bombings are described as “disgusting”."
      I should have written:
      "I have real problem whenether all suicide bombings are described as “disgusting”.

      To clarify:
      Suicide bombings should not be judged more harshly than any other type of bombing. And yet it is. We let hasbara to take over our critical faculties on the subject95/106

    • I have real problem whenether suicide bombings are described as “disgusting”.

      Cannot see for the life of me why they are considered somehow more morally abhorrent than say drone attacks or targeted assassinations.

      For me, it is one of the most successful hasbara memes, and I bristle at the ongoing attempt at brain-washing.

  • 14-year-old girl forced alone into Gaza is another example of the Israeli occupation's cruelty
    • Jackdow,

      you said: "What’s dehumanising is murdering people for no reason"

      It seems you are trying to divert the conversation from the topic that we were discussing, which was that Isrealis are using Nazi practices of each doing its banal job and not noticing that threating human beings as product to be processed results in evil being perpetrated.

      But let me tell you that I agree that it is dehumanising to murder people for no reason. Only........... nobody does that. Nobody.
      There is always a reason to kill or rape or maim.

      Nazis did this to rid themselves and world of Jews, which they considered as parasites on their society.

      Nazis did this to Slavs to rid themselves of the resistance to their deserved (/sarcasm) of the space to expand the Third Reich.

      Jews did that to Palestinians to rid themselves of natives whose presence would stop them getting majority and prevent them from marketing themselves as "only democracy"TM.

      Jews do that to Palestinians to squash any resistance and sense of peoplehood that may be harboured between the native population of Palestine

      Soviets did that to Ukrainian kulaks whose presence stopped them introducing the soviet kibbutz s on the fertile Ukrainian soil.

      Soviets did this to Nazis, (who did this to Soviets), who felt that the only way to deal with Jews and Eastern European Slavs is to squash any potential counter - attack possible by Soviets.

      You see, they all followed the wisdom of Israelites:
      As the Talmud puts it, “If someone comes to kill you, get up early in the morning to kill him first.”

      So, Jackdow, look critically at some latest killings/murders happening to humans and to not-quite-humans in you coveted Palestine and try to work out the "non-reason" for each of the murders you will hear about. 95/106

    • Jackdaw, you said:

      "A sick sick sick projection"

      No not projection. Using of numbers instead of names is a perfect way of dehumanising people, and, undoubtedly, it is used by Israelis to dehumanise Palestinians.

      "Cemeteries of numbers: Israel takes revenge on Palestinian corpses"

    • To Israeli administrators, in all banality, Ghada (is this is her first name) was just a number, not a person; it is almost surprising that she had no number tatooed on her forearm, it would make work of Israel Border Police so much easier (/sarcasm)91/102

    • Hi, she was looked after by a distant family members in Gaza.88/99

  • Pro-Israel Democrats concede 'human rights' issue is killing the brand
    • yonah freeman, you said:

      "The Jews of Odessa suffered a pogrom in 1871".

      Yes, they really didn't manage to get on with Greeks in Odessa, did they? May have something to do looking after number 1 and with backing Ottoman Empire....

      But the loss of life of thousands of Christian Europeans that allowed for The German Empire to be founded on January 18, 1871, is just an irrelevant bleep in history, totally unworthy of yonah's attention.

      And imminent loss of live of African refugees being kicked out of Israel is non-subject, because in 1871..........(!)


  • No, hurting Palestinian refugees doesn't help peace
    • Mayhem, you asked:

      Are the current machinations of the PLO wanting to disengage from Israel helping peace?

      Anything that brings the cost of Occupation back to Israelis, where it belongs, will help Israel consider peace, rather than comfortable status quo.

      Ilan Goldenberg wrote in 2015 in Foreign Policy:
      "Thousands of Israel Defense Forces soldiers would likely be deployed in the event of a Palestinian security dissolution, and their long-term presence in former Palestinian Authority-controlled areas would likely cost billions of dollars to Israeli taxpayers. The Palestinian Authority’s 2014 budget was $4.2 billion, roughly half of which was funded by international donors that would not be willing to foot such a bill if the costs were borne by Israel.

      For an Israeli public that is increasingly decrying socioeconomic strain at home, the additional cost of a return to a full occupation of the West Bank would be an unwelcome burden to bear.For an Israeli public that is increasingly decrying socioeconomic strain at home, the additional cost of a return to a full occupation of the West Bank would be an unwelcome burden to bear. But much more unbearable would be the emotional cost of having young Israelis resume security responsibilities for the entire Palestinian territory. This would be a tragic development for Israelis and Palestinians alike."87/98

    • Mayhem, you said

      Recognizing “the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine,” Great Britain was called upon to facilitate the establishment of a Jewish national home in Palestine-Eretz Israel (Land of Israel)"

      Great Britain was called upon recognising "the historical connection" and "to facilitate" by none other than very Jewish people themselves who had a wizard idea to colonise land that had other people (Palestinians) living there since "time immemorial".

      Writing about it in passive voice does not make it moral.86/97

    • dimadok you said:

      can you clarify to me and readers here one issue , why is being a descendant of a refugee makes you refugee as well? And why it this designation is only applied to Palestinian Arabs and their families?

      Not sure if, based on current evidence, Zionists will ever win pissing contest with Palestinians when it comes to accusing opponent of undeservedly "feeling special and/or exceptional and/or chosen by G-d", so not a clever argument, dimadok, wouldn't use it, if I were you.

      On the more formal note these are other groups living in conditions of protracted refugee situations:

      During a meeting of its Standing Committee in March 2008, UNHCR informed that "at the end of 2006, over half of the 9.9 million refugees worldwide were living in exile in protracted situations."

      It noted that "The 10 largest populations living in protracted situations were: 1. Over 1 million Afghan refugees in Pakistan, 2. Nearly 1 million Afghan refugees in the Islamic Republic of Iran, 3. 350,000 Burundians in the United Republic of Tanzania, 4. 215,000 Sudanese in Uganda, 5. 174,000 Somalis in Kenya, 6. 157,000 Eritreans in Sudan, 7. 132,000 Angolans in the Democratic Republic of Congo, 8. 132,000 refugees from Myanmar in Thailand, 9. 128,000 Congolese (DRC) in the United Republic of Tanzania, 10. 107,000 Bhutanese in Nepal."85/96

  • 'We are proud of her': Palestinian teenagers on the importance of Ahed Tamimi
    • eljay, you said

      Kudos to these teenagers for speaking out to MW. May they never find themselves trapped in a Ben Caspit nightmare

      Worth pointing out that it is only a nightmare for those teenagers. For Ben Caspit it is a wet dream .

  • Trump calls Egypt, Afghanistan, Turkey and Jordan 'enemies of America' for Jerusalem vote
    • I really do not see the reason why Trump should be prevented from stopping the aid to Egypt, Jordan and Turkey.

      Aid to Egypt and Jordan is just a bribe for those countries to play nice with Israel, and it should be shouldered directly by Israel.

      Stopping aid to Turkey would not hurt Turkey that much, and will give Turkey more room to manoeuvre when interacting with Russia, Iran and European Union.

      What is not to like?

  • A Jewish 'sickness': Israeli journalist explains young American Jews' support for Palestinians
    • Jerry Hirsch,

      You said:
      Eva Smagacz, the first Khazar skeletons have finally been analyzed and show no genetic similarity to Jews. Your Khazar theory has been proven false!

      Khazar theory is not mine - it is considered leading hypothesis between, amongst others, Russian history experts.

      (And don't knock Russian sciences, because behind almost every Jewish Nobel price there is a Soviet education system in the background)

      Two unrelated skeletons, from early Khazar period and from late Khazar period, whose DNA compared with haplotypes that is present in 10% of Ashkenazi Jews is hardly a revolutionary proof, able to prove something as "false". Its just too narrow an analysis.

      And independently of the presence or absence of Khazaria/Turkic ancestry we must not loose sight that such presence or absence is not in itself a carte blanche allowing Eastern European Ashkenazi Jews to colonise Palestine at the expense of natives. 84/95

    • Jerry Hirsch,

      you wrote about to Misterioso:
      I don’t see it in the document you linked to. I don’t see it on Google either except in your own comments on numerous websites.

      You didn't see it, because Misterioso did not quote the paper verbatim . If you read it, rather than use google, you will realise that Misterioso refers to the folowing:

      "(...) ancient DNA analysis of six Natufians and a Levantine Neolithic (Lazaridis et al., 2016), some of the most likely Judaean progenitors (Finkelstein and Silberman, 2002; Frendo, 2004). In a principle component analysis (PCA), the ancient Levantines clustered predominantly with modern-day Palestinians and Bedouins and marginally overlapped with Arabian Jews (...)"

      Obviously, it was not correct to say "excerpt" about something that is not verbatim. 83/94

    • Jerry Hirsch, you said

      Zaid, so you claim that the author of this article and founder of this website, Philip Weiss, who is Jewish, is a actually descended from Khazar converts

      Very likely, although he is likely to have Slavic female ancestor. There is also a chance that he is originally, via his paternal line, from Anatolia, via Khazaria.

      You are not implying that this makes him any less Jewish, do you?

      And by the way, how do YOU think his ancestors arrived in Eastern Europe? Parachuted by Romans to Rus?

  • Why is the Israeli army finally worried that Gaza is on the brink of collapse?
    • Compare and Contrast:


    • From Haaretz 2012:

      in 2007, Omert's govenrment decided to tighten the siege.

      The cabinet decision stated that
      “the movement of goods into the Gaza Strip will be restricted; the supply of gas and electricity will be reduced; and restrictions will be imposed on the movement of people from the Strip and to it.”

      Read this: and throw at the face of anyone who tells you Gaza should beat Singapore by now:

      "In addition, exports from Gaza would be forbidden entirely. However, the resolution added, the restrictions should be tailored to avoid a “humanitarian crisis.”

      Read this: and throw at the face of anyone who tells you that call for BDS is immoral:

      Col. Shlomi Mukhtar of COGAT to Israeli High Court: “it is the state’s right to decide that it doesn’t intend to have economic ties with, or provide economic assistance to, the other party in the conflict, and to adopt a policy of ‘economic warfare.'”

      Calculations of calories is the most shocking aspect of caging civilians indefinately:

      The “red lines” document calculates the minimum number of calories needed by every age and gender group in Gaza, (...) On average, the minimum worked out to 2,279 calories per person per day, which could be supplied by 1,836 grams of food, or 2,575.5 tons of food for the entire population of Gaza.

      And logistics , banality of it:

      Bringing this quantity into the Strip would require 170.4 truckloads per day, five days a week.
      From this quantity, the document’s authors then deducted 68.6 truckloads to account for the food produced locally in Gaza (...)


  • Documentary on Israeli-Palestinian dialogue -- 'Pomegranates' -- leaves the viewer even more despairing
    • Eljay,

      I will only add: The acts of injustice and immorality committed against Jews on another continent and in another century justify acts of injustice and immortality committed here and now by Zionist Jews.78/86

  • Facing serious damage to its image, Israel must smear its critics as anti-Semites
    • Steve,

      You said: The fact that some members of the Labour Party want him [Tony Greenstei] expelled for antisemitism is a disgrace

      It is a disgrace, but if you read up on the subject, there is ever growing need to expel people from Labour Party. So many of those who are not impressed by Israel are trying to join or already joined the ranks!

      There must be a dedicated team in Labour Party trawling through the media history of applicants and members. We are, after all talking of thousands (The Telegraph says 40 000 + 10 000) people.

      Assume two hours of research, plus copy and pasting into the rejection letters, per person.
      (50 000 x 2) / 8 hours per day / 5 days a week

      its 50 years of work for a single researcher. But this cull took place over few short months in 2016, so I have a suspicion that we see the fruit of the efforts , as quoted in the article above:

      "Erdan’s ministry [ Ministry of Strategic Affairs and Hasbara] was asked in 2015 to ‘guide, coordinate and integrate the activities of all the ministers and the government and of civil entities in Israel and abroad on the subject of the struggle against attempts to delegitimise Israel and the boycott movement’. . . . Erdan has been put in charge of large-scale efforts to target foreign individuals and organisation,” and his staff is “recruited from the Mossad foreign intelligence agency, the Shin Bet domestic intelligence agency, and the military intelligence directorate"."77/85

  • Vic Mensa's searing piece in 'Time' on Israeli oppression is prefaced by clunky disclaimer re anti-Semitism
    • Ali Abulimah on Internet Intifada brings to attention the fact that the video has been re-edited by Apple to take it's sting out:

      "New video leaves out Palestine:
      (...) So it was disappointing to see that when Apple Music published a completely new “exclusive” video for “We Could Be Free” this week, Palestine appears to have been airbrushed out.

      The new video now contains comforting interfaith scenes of a Muslim, Christian and Jew praying and a multicultural message of tolerance.

      It ends with a scene of Mensa standing in front of a large crowd of people from all over the world, a sort of reprise of the famous Coca-Cola ad."

      Before thinking that Mensa folded, please consider that it is very likely, that he has no final editorial say in production of his videos. 78/86

  • Israeli Jews will never accept Palestinians as equals -- Klutznick, chair of Americans for Peace Now
    • Yonah Fredman,

      You asked:

      When will the Palestinians begin a campaign to get citizenship in Jerusalem? Why not? Because the equal rights campaign has no strategy on the ground.

      They will begin a campaign to get citizenship in Jerusalem, the day Israel will drop its claim it is a country for Jews, and will create single category of citizen:
      and not like now,
      where you are currently allocated documents based on your ethno-religious category: Jews (privileged) and various non-Jews (not so privileged). 76/84

    • We already have ample proof that Zionism, by definition, is supremacist in its ideology.

      Let's assume that, by some miracle, the occupied native Palestinians will get voting rights, just so that Israeli government see if they can get BDS off it's back.

      Lets even assume that there will be a new Israeli citizenship, independent of religion, race, country of origin of one's ancestors and of colour of skin.

      Lets then assume that religion will return to private sphere.

      How open, then, is Judaism as a religion and Jewishness as a culture to the idea that non-Jews are their equal? 75/83

  • Ahed Tamimi offers Israelis a lesson worthy of Gandhi
    • Ahed Tamimi, slip of a girl, is seen in this beautiful song about Palestine at 2.00 minutes mark.



    • Really Emet?

      Any proof for this "Some of Ahed’s friends" accusation? Or are you just assume all Palestinians are the same, in a racist sort of way?

      Where did this happen? Not in the Occupied Territories where Palestinians have a right of resistance, per chance? And what exactly was that man doing there? Was he resident of Havat Gilad, an illegal Israeli settlement near the Palestinian city of Nablus.

      Maybe he came across a Palestinian native that decided no longer to lower his head in subjugation, or a Palestinian who was humiliated one time to many by settlers or colonial army, or a Palestinian who lost everything due to deliberate acts of Israel, and had nothing to live for anymore?

      I know what motivates people to raise against occupiers. After all, my family has proud history of resistance going back generations. I do not believe that armed resistance of Palestinians against Israel Occupation is any different from resistance of Polish partisans against German Occupation.

      Was he one of those masked men in the photo, or was he just their spiritual guide?

  • Israel issues BDS blacklist against 20 organizations-- 'badge of honor,' Munayyer says
    • "Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan"

      Can we please call Gilad Ergan's Ministry by its full name?

      המשרד לנושאים אסטרטגיים והסברה

      Ministry of Strategic Affairs and Propaganda (as in Hasbara = Propaganda/Information/Public Relations)72/81

  • If you genuinely back the Palestinian cause, you must support the right of return
    • Any refugee who freely gives up a right to ( safely) return to his homeland ceases to be a refugee.

      How many Jews currently waste away yearning to return to their native countries? How many registered refugees with UN? 71/80

  • Jewish activist who counseled Lorde on BDS gets the full 'kapo' treatment in the Israeli press
    • Mooser,

      You wrote about Dabakr's comment:

      That’s some resilient social structure

      I am ashamed to admit that his is first time (and hopefully last) in my life I laughed out loud when reading comment with words "death camp" in it.

      Dabakr, are you sure you are an asset to Israel goverment led propaganda effort?70/79

  • Why liberal Zionists have nothing to say about Ahed Tamimi's slap and arrest
    • I was surprised by censorship ban of screening of the "Radiance of Resistance" in Singapore.

      Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) banned film for its "skewed narrative" (...) . and amid concerns that the film may cause disharmony among different races and religions in Singapore.

      "Radiance Of Resistance, directed by American film-maker Jesse Roberts, explores the Israeli-Palestine conflict through the eyes of nine-year-old Janna Ayyad and Ahed Tamimi,14, two young female Palestinians living under military occupation in Nabi Saleh, Palestine.

      The 2016 documentary won the Best Documentary award at the Respect Human Rights Festival in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

      According to the IMDA website, the one-hour film was banned from public screening and distribution here as it explores the Israeli-Palestine conflict "without counterbalance"."

      I understand the fear of disturbances, even if the film promotes non-violent resistance.

      But the phrases of " "skewed narrative" and "without counterbalance" are straight from Hasbara Handbook, and I venture to conclude that either there is an active Israel Lobby in Singapore, or alternatively, that US Embassy was prompted to act by The Strategic Affairs Ministry ( in Hebrew, Ministry of Strategic Affairs and Hasbara), headed by Minister Gilad.

  • Voices of the Thousand: Mondoweiss authors tell why they write for us
    • I know Annie, it’s not perfect 68/77

      But to return to the topic: I truly believe that Mondoweiss is a once a generation phenomenon, similar to that of Dreyfus Affair, and Emily Zola’s letter “j’accuse”.

      I think they will both be on the school curriculum of my great grandchildren.

    • Mooser,

      My good result is largely due to self--consorship in the restricted areas.

      Not sure it is something worth celebrating, and I bet my last dollar it was not the initial vision for Mondoweiss that Phil started with, especially taking to account that he was pushed out from MSM for wishing to engage in difficult subjects. 67/76

      I think I would be much less peeved off if the matter was stated as a policy, clear and above board. 67/76

    • Donated.

      While doing so, may I expressed my sadness that Mondoweiss moderates ( and it was not doing so at the beginning) discussion of Jewish lives in Europe.

      It is not possible to understand Zionism while not allowing to discuss its roots.

      While I understand the fear that even discussing the matter may lead to accusation against Mondoweiss that it justifies pre-war anti-semitism ( as opposed to understanding frictions of multicultural societies), I believe covering it is vital for integrity of its journalism. 66/75

  • Times super-Zionist Bret Stephens commits fallacy and falsehood, on Jerusalem
    • Boris,

      You said:

      Elhaik’s research had been debunked my the science community.
      Yet, you keep posting it.

      Please post the links to reputable research that undermined Dr. Elhaik's research methods or his conclusions.

      So far, I was not able to find any, but maybe you have something substantial, published in pear reviewed journal, that I missed?

      65 / 74

  • 'My aim is not to resolve the conflict' -- former top Israeli negotiator
    • Keith, you wrote:

      EVA SMAGACZ- “Yes, we know, and I feel sorry about the history.”

      What history? Zionist myth-history? During the period of Classical Judaism, Jews were relatively privileged compared to the Gentile peasants.

      I do agree with your comments. My point, which may not have been clear was that suffering from persecution was not on a Jew/Gentile axis, but persecuted/non-persecuted human beings axis:

      In narrative of supremacists like Jack Green, Jews are convinced that their suffering was somehow unique in intent, consequences and depth.

      I find this deeply insulting to multitude of persecuted minorities throughout the ages, like Ukrainians who's family members perished during Holodomor, or, indeed, as you suggested, to peasants in the feudal systems of Europe.

    • Jack Green, you said:
      "Jews had been persecuted for centuries in majority-gentile countries".

      Yes, we know, and I feel sorry about the history. but have you ever notice that other groups: economic, religious, and national were also persecuted in those countries.
      Have you also noticed that such persecutions rose in times of economic instability and fell in times of economic growth for all the groups, and not only Jews?

      How on earth does that allow Jews (in your words) to persecute Palestinians for over a century?

    • Jack Green:
      You claim:

      There is no boycott of China even though China invaded Tibet & transferred millions of Chinese settlers into Tibet.
      This is news to everybody who follows the conflict. Care to provide evidence for those "millions" of Chinese? Where do they get their food from, not to mention roofs over their heads?

      There is no boycott of Turkey even though Turkey occupies part of Cyprus and Turkish settlers have moved into occupied Cyprus.
      well, occupation of Cyprus is an ongoing stumbling block in negotiations of more access of Turks into the EU economy, and Turkey does not claim that whole of Cyprus is it's eternal fatherland given to them by Allah.

      There is no boycott of Morocco which occupies part of Western Sahara.
      Marocco gave Western Sahara residents Marocco passports and full equal rights, including right of participations in national elections.

      Unlike China, Turkey and Morocco, the Israel’s occupation began because Israel was attacked.
      Israel's occupation started when pre-Israel militia started to ethnically cleanse Palestinian natives from not only the area United Nations proposed as area to be under Zionist control BUT ALSO outside that area and all the way to green line. HOW ELSE do you think there is miraculous majority of jewish voters in Israel??

      Also, unlike China, Turkey and Morocco, Israel offered to end the occupation if Palestinians would sign a peace treaty.
      I think this curtain has been raised, and this rabbit cannot be stuffed back into the hat: too much freely available information clearly states that Israel never meant for the "offers"to be anything but a fig leaf to cover their asses politically, while determined and ongoing ethnic cleansing of native Palestinians was and is being carried out.

  • Trump intends to move US embassy to Jerusalem, Palestinian president says
    • It is not correct that Russia recognised West Jerusalem as capital of Israel.

      Russia merely stated intention that they are prepared to recognise West Jerusalem as capital of Israel as part of comprehensive peace plan (which, of course has not not happened and now is not likely to happen), which is not the same as outright recognition.

      This important nuance has been completely lost (or deliberately omitted) from western media reporting.61/70

  • US embassy move to Jerusalem would spark 'fanaticism and violence' and end US status as negotiator -- Arab leaders
    • It's on all the news.

      Trump will move the Embassy.

      International Law, or what's left of it has been officially shredded. We are now officially in the legal territory when borders can be changed by force, and the weaker party just will have to lump it.

      Wet dream for the military-industrial multinationals.60/69

  • Flynn's plea on Russian influence reveals... Israel's influence!
    • Why would Flynn lie about this to federal agents? I.e., what was he protecting? Buzzfeed says, he was worried about the Logan Act. But interference on behalf of Russia– or Israel.

      If Flynn talked to Russia about Israel and Logan Act applies due to Russia "annexing " Crimea, it is curious why, if any member of administration talks to Israel, the Logan act does not apply even thought Israel is annexing West Bank and Jerusalem.

  • Why a children's book has Zionists losing their minds
    • Mayhem, you said:

      Take the letter ‘I’ which according to this little book stands for “I is for Intifada, Arabic for rising up for what is right, if you are a kid or grownup!” which plainly is promoting violent insurrection.

      Right............ using violence to stand for what is right in the absence of adequate (international) law enforcement is promoting violent insurrection.

      Yep, that is what nations Do to shake off the foreign occupations.

      Try to say to Poles that their uprisings against Russian occupation of Poland in 1931 and 1963 was wrong, or their uprisings against Prussian occupation of Poland in 1948 was wrongt.

      Try to say to mujahideen forces that they were wrong to fight Russians in Afghanistan.

      Try to say to resistance fighters of France or Yugoslavia that they were wrong to resist Germans, and see how well you fare.

      You could also argue with Chinese that they were wrong to resist the occupation by Japanese between 1931 and 1945.

      Good luck 59/67

  • American Jewish visitor forced to sign loyalty oath in order to get tourist visa to Israel
    • Oh, according to reports their question is better than "Are you now or have you ever been etc"

      It goes: "Are you now or have you ever been, and do you promise never ever to be .....etc"


  • Forget pinkwashing, it's brownwashing time: self-Orientalizing on the US campus
    • Boris, you said:

      There were a series of rebellions, and, after over hundred years of unrest Romans dispersed Jews from their native Judea. This started the migration and persecution of Jews all over the world.

      Unfortunately, there is no historical research to support that myth ( however convenient it is as an excuse for colonising Palestine).

      Did you not read the words of Israel Bartal, Avraham Harman Professor of Jewish History, former Dean of the Faculty of Humanities at Hebrew University and the chair of the Historical Society of Israel.

      I shall put them in bold type this time:

      “Although the myth of an exile from the Jewish homeland (Palestine) does exist in popular Israeli culture, it is negligible in serious Jewish historical discussions. Important groups in the Jewish national movement expressed reservations regarding this myth or denied it completely…….”


    • Israel Breaks Up Foreign Worker Couples by Denying Employment Permits:

      The population authority is increasing pressure on caregivers to report on their relationships and insists that one member of a couple leave Israel if the other wants an extended work permit


    • Annie, my comments DO end up in trash file. But trash file numbers hardly increased in last year, which means that the comments are removed - manually or by algorithm.

      I did complain to Adam by e-mail just before last donation drive.
      I was dismayed, since April, I think, by moderating decisions: both by what was not allowed, and by what was allowed.

      And I positively hated that comments complaining about moderating process were also rigorously moderated. 53/60

    • The second figure represents the number of comments I submitted, and the first the number of comments that had been passed by moderators.

      From my experience, the best censorship is the one where not only topic of consorship is scrubbed, but also any mention of censorship itself.

    • I'm glad you asked!

      There are topics on which I cannot really express myself, and they tend to align with the area of expertise of YoniFalic.

      It was discussed in this thread:

      I especially dislike idea of not being able to express myself about things that I cannot express myself. 51/58

      Hence the idea of fraction.

    • Hey,

      Whatever it takes to make Israeli Jews look like victims in American eyes.

      These organisations and their mis-apropriations would be laughed out of campus anywhere in Europe.

      And use of blue and white kaffiyehs is just....... blood curdling odious. Reminds me of Werhmacht belt buckles proclaiming "Gott mit uns".

      Just WTF??? incomprehensible.

  • Fifty-five Israeli lawmakers throw their bodies down for 'everyone's child,' killer Elor Azarya
    • "Fifty-five Israeli lawmakers throw their bodies down for ‘everyone’s child,’ killer Elor Azarya"

      If that's 'everyone's child', imagine what sort of gruesome society he represents.
      Society that breeds little monster killers and is proud of it.

      (oh the irony!!)

  • Dispatch from Gaza on reconciliation between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority
    • You are implying that Hamas is responsible for terrorist attack in Sinai al-Rawda mosque? If so, you are the only one (not counting other hasbaristas who try hard to link Hamas with terror)

      In reality the Egyptian public prosecutor, after talking to survivors, said the attackers held flag of Islamic State.

      Islamist militants have been active in the Sinai since 2013, killing at least 1,000 Egyptian security forces personnel. Islamic State condemns Sufi practices as un-islamic, while many Sufis live in Sinai.

      Al-Rawda mosque had zaouia, Sufi equivalent of madrassa, in its grounds.

      To use 300 deaths from terrorist attack to support your propaganda efforts is truly disgusting.


  • 'Where did we go wrong in our homes and schools?' David Harris laments young Jews' hostility to Israel
    • Hopmi,

      you said:

      "Do those include young American Arabs? Because they don’t seem focused on launching BDS movements against their native authoritarian countries"

      Maybe because all these countries have given it's native populations right to vote?
      Because all those authoritarian countries have not been hell bent in ethnic cleansing their natives?
      (here feel free to complain that Israel is judged by different standard than Burma).

    • hopmi

      you said:

      "Why the hell would you expect him to talk about the other victims of the Shoah in this context? Why on Earth is that relevant?"

      Your incomprehension is the mirror image and exact opposite of my incomprehension when people accuse me of Anti-semitism for discussing Israel-centric trespasses (holding Israel to a different standard) without first fixing the entire Universe.

      Welcome to my world.

  • Israel has more legitimacy than US because the bible mentions Jerusalem, not New York -- says David Harris
    • Jackdaw

      You said

      "It’s the Joooooowwwwwwss that brought you to the I/P conflict".

      This is true.
      One Jew. Phil Weiss.

      And the realisation that it was Poles (of Jewish faith), who were so heavily instrumental in colonisation of Palestine, and the obscene injustice that this entailed. I feel responsible for my compatriots actions.

      Just in case you think that this is the only colonisation by Poles that I feel responsible for (which I would expect, considering that you assume your tribe to be the centre of universe), let me disappoint you.
      I feel also responsible for colonisation of Ukraine by Poles, that took place from 16th century.

    • Eran Elhaik's work is just as explosive as any Iranian nuclear weapons would be, and I sincerely hope that he has a discreet oхрана around Sheffield against those guys who have habit of killing Iranian nuclear scientists.

    • Jackdow,

      you said:

      "Let’s not kid ourselves. It’s only the Joooooooowwwwssss!! The Jooooooooowwwwwsss!!"

      Do you realise how your obsession about victimhood of your tribe, with it's dismissal of the suffering of all humanity, makes you sound narcissistic, and not in a vanity way but in the NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) way?

      It is really off-putting.

  • Israel's top diplomat spouts anti-Semitic criticism of American Jews -- 'having quite convenient lives'
    • Jack Green:

      You said:

      "Hitler wanted the Jews out of Europe. If Israel had existed, all six million could have gone to Israel".

      Absolute hogwash.

      Zionists, wanted to leave weak Jews behind and breed Hebrews. They did not want observant Jews in Palestine. In the '30s the Jewish Agency handed out certificates, and anyone who was religious/ observant had difficulties obtaining one. The result of that policy was that even though there were "Dati'im" among the settlers, the first Kibbutz Dati had to wait until 1937, and Poalei Agudat Yisrael didn't get a kibbutz allotment until 1943.

      And lets not forget Golda Meir, who was quite blunt as to whom she would and would not welcome:
      "A proposal was raised in the coordination committee to inform the Polish government that we want to institute selection in aliyah, because we cannot continue accepting sick and handicapped people. Please give your opinion as to whether this can be explained to the Poles without hurting immigration," read the document, written by Meir to Israel's ambassador to Poland, Katriel Katz.

      Of course, sick people were Holocaust survivors.

      Devorah Hakohen writes in her book Immigrants in Turmoil:

      The Sick and the Disabled:

      The Immigration Ministry aliyah officers were instructed to grant visas only to those in good health. Shapira, who served simultaneously as minister of health, explained That more than 10 percent of the displaced persons in the camps in Germany and Austria required continuous medical attention. The reports indicated a total of 2,300 cripples, 100 cases of tuberculosis, and a host of other chronic and contagious diseases. Shapira maintained that medical care for the immigrants was a very expensive proposition, whereas the state could barely cover the cost of absorption. A debate raged between the Jewish Agency and the Ministry of Health as to the question of financing. Shapira claimed that it was the Jewish Agency's responsibility to finance absorption, including medical services; the Ministry of Health was prepared to supply the administrative and medical staff on condition that the Jewish Agency handled funding.

      From November 1948 on, medical supervision was introduced in the DP camps to prevent the immigration of persons who were seriously ill. Here, too, the Ministry of Health and the Jewish Agency clashed. The ministry accused the Jewish Agency of laxity in its supervision because its policy was to organise the aliyah of as many people as possible. In the end, it was decided to establish a joint committee of physicians to determine criteria for the immigration of the sick and disabled; the committee was instructed to keep the number of sick olim to a minimum. Nevertheless, many diseased, sick, and elderly persons in need of medical attention and welfare found their way to Israel. Giora Josephthal claimed that they constituted close to 9 percent of the immigrant community.

      In December 1948 it was decided to tighten the medical selection. A review board under the joint auspices of the Ministry of Health and the Jewish Agency was asked to prepare a list of diseases that would bar a person from immigrating.

      Instructions were also given to halt the immigration of crippled people: Yitzhak Raphael, who had just returned from a trip to Europe, affirmed that the DP camps in Germany were full of people with such handicaps. He told the Jewish Agency Executive that he had ordered officials there to stop granting them visas in compliance with the Executive's decision in this regard1.
      As an increasing number of immigrants began arriving from Islamic countries, dismal reports were received about the health of this population. Accord ing to Raphael, during the medical examination of prospective olim in a certain North African country, thirty-four cases of venereal disease, trachoma, and other contagious illnesses were diagnosed in one day.

      Despite the orders to cut back on the number of sick and disabled immigrants, they continued to arrive in Israel. The aliyah activists either looked the other way or were tricked into believing these people were well. The burden of these immigrants' care fell on the Jewish Agency's Immigration Department, Its director, Zvi Herman, raised an outcry about the seriousness of the situation, claiming chat elderly and handicapped persons accounted for nearly 18 percent of all newcomers and demanding that immigration from the DP camps in Germany and North Africa be reduced in view of poor health that prevailed there.

      Nevertheless, immigration swelled rather than diminished, and the medical situation worsened. The dilemma was grossest in those areas where it was planned to liquidate the Jewish community, such as the DP camp, in Europe and countries like Bulgaria and Libya, where nearly the entire population had been transplanted to Israel.

      The question was what to do with the many sick, handicapped, and elderly people who remained. The Jewish Agency asked the JDC to take than people under its wing, and indeed, the willingness of this organisation to help somewhat easeed the hardship. However, the overall problem was not solved, and as the months went by the difficulties mounted. In the stormy debate over Israel's immigration policy, the plight of the old and suffering become a pivotal issue."

      SO NO. SIX MILLION WOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO ISRAEL. To say otherwise is no whitewashing and re-writing history.


  • The Clinton scandals entailed violent threats against people who knew about his sex life
    • I have always felt deeply betrayed by Richard Goldsone's "if I had known then what I know now, the Goldstone report would have been a very different document".

      Many felt that the pressure on him was enormous, and he faced being cast out from his family and from his community.

      But what if the pressure was way heavier than that? What if some pro-Israeli supporters threatened his family with harm?

      He is neither stupid nor evil. He must have known that any walking back, even to express the regret for the font size used in Goldstone Report, would be enough for his report to be hasbara'ed to to the ground and turned to dust, and will open Palestinians to repeated Israeli attacks, the horrors of which he must have been fully aware of.


      It is a coherent and plausible scenario, explaining action which was sudden, morally incomprehensible, and followed by withdrawal from public eye.

  • 'Want to boycott Israel? Be my guest, there will be a pricetag' -- Israeli official warns Europe
    • If only the price tag for boycott was being sued.

      Unfortunately, it means physical violence where Ron Brummer comes from. The threat is designed for proponents of equal human rights for everybody to keep looking over their shoulder.


  • As battle rages in UK Labour Party, Moshe Machover expelled after asserting 'Anti-Zionism does not equal anti-Semitism'
    • Yay!
      So happy!

    • YoniFalic,

      I hear your frustration about not being able to use your in depth knowledge of Jewish history in the comments section.

      But it seems that your postings on your subject matter can be misconstrued as inadvertent violation of rule 2 of comments policy, unless it discusses persecution of Jewish minorities in second millennium AD.

      I dearly miss comments section of the early Mondoweiss.44/49

    • JeffB,

      you said

      "The racism is generalized the rape is specific".

      And here you missed the point, deliberately I suspect, and filled the page with nebulous verbiage. And all for the sake of moving conversation sideways with this "racism is plural and rape is singular" caper (why? did you never hear of gang rape?)

      Lets get back to the topic you are hard trying to avoid:

      You said that both accusations :

      A. of criminal behaviour ( supremacist baby killers or rapist) and of

      B. of posessing offending - to a racist - characteristics (christ killers/ kikes /mother-fucking yellow/black/brown bastard"

      are both equally damming.

      This means that being a rapist/supremacist killer is no more damming than being a called by deeply offensive epithet of christ killer / kike/ yellow/black/brown bastard.

      Let me explain something to you about morality:

      If my brother was exposed as a rapist or war criminal, I would consider that a more damming than if somebody called him every racist epithet in the world.

      And do you know why? ( and why do I feel I need to explain it to you?)

      Because in the first accusation establishes that he is guilty. The second accusation makes him a victim.

      How did you arrive at the conclusion that BOTH accusations make people you represent VICTIMS, I will never understand


    • JeffB,

      You said:

      "They are both equally damning."

      Lets see the same argument in a different millieu, away from Zionism:

      If someone calls you a "motherfucking yellow/black/brown bastard", and its a belief and an insult based on their prejudice,


      another calls you a rapist and this is based on proved fact ( with pictures) of the crime you committed,

      are both of these equally damning?

      You say that the both people who say these things want the same outcome:
      You don't specify, but I assume you mean to stop you.

      It this was not an argument about Zionism, would you even for a moment think that you have a leg to stand on?


    • JeffB, you said: Maybe call us “Christ killing kike bastards” on television as opposed to “racist oppressive colonialist baby killers”?

      Ok, let me unpack that for you:
      The first is a racist description combining religious belief with racist epithet that describes Jews.

      The second is a factual description of contemporary behaviour of a section of Israeli population, consisting of people who subscribe to Zionist ideology.

      First phrase has been used to denigrate Jews. Second is factual and documented description of killers who hold supremacist views and oppress natives.

      Why are you arguing so hard these two population are one and the same?

    • JeffB, you have just conflated Zionists with Jews, so that opposition to Zionist colonial ideology which is free speach is smeared as racism against Jews.

      It is deliberate, of course, because european racist supremacism against natives cannot really be argued on its merits, at least not in polite society.


  • Feel-good Gaza poster in NY window draws feel-bad response from neighbor
    • Jack Green

      You asked:
      "Why were Palestinians murdering Jews in 1920?"

      Are you referring to the 1920 Nebi Musa riots?

      Also known as 1920 Jerusalem riots took place in British-controlled part of Occupied Enemy Territory Administration (which would shortly become Mandatory Palestine) between Sunday, 4 and Wednesday, 7 April 1920 in and around the Old City of Jerusalem. Five Jews and four Arabs were killed.

      Let me go to Jabotinsky for an answer:

      My readers have a general idea of the history of colonisation in other
      countries. I suggest that they consider all the precedents with which they are acquainted, and see whether there is one solitary instance of any colonisation being carried on with the consent of the native population.

      There is no such precedent.

      The native populations, civilised or uncivilised, have always stubbornly resistedthe colonists, irrespective of whether they were civilised or savage. And it made no difference whatever whether the colonists behaved decently or not.
      The companions of Cortez and Pizzaro or (as some people will remind us) our own ancestors under Joshua Ben Nun, behaved like brigands; but the Pilgrim Fathers,the first real pioneers of North America, were people of the highest morality, who did not want to do harm to anyone, least of all to the Red Indians, and they honestly believed that there was room enough in the prairies both for the Paleface
      and the Redskin.

      Yet the native population fought with the same ferocity against
      the good colonists as against the bad.

      Every native population, civilised or not, regards its lands as its national home, of which it is the sole master, and it wants to retain that mastery always; it will refuse to admit not only new masters but, even new partners or collaborators.


    • JeffB

      You say:
      "try and work towards dialogue not confrontation"

      Looking at it from tail end of the nineteenth century, "dialogue" with European immigrants really "improved" Palestinian lot in their native land (/sarcasm).

      JeffB, I thing you really, really, really wish for more "dialogue" and for continuing "improvement" of Palestinians lot....


  • Zohra Drif's Algeria memoir shows how occupation leads to terrible violence
    • JeffB,
      I am not claiming that Zionists use Christian Excuse.

      I am saying that similarity between Algeria and Palestine is based on use of Excuse, whatever it may be, by European Colonists who want to settle a North African country.

      Zionist's Excuses are varied and many, and they have ability to transmogrify into another whenever argument becomes uncomfortable:
      Religious argument, race argument, nation argument, people without land, our pastsuffering is so exceptional, that stealing today is justified... and my favourite that you just furnished: Rules don't apply to us arguments.

      Oh, and guys, please read my posts twice, before calling me a racist again.


    • Of all the arguments about what would give right to French to colonise Algeria, I favour the Christianity Excuse.

      Christianity excuse goes like this:

      Christianity spread to north Africa and Algerians have been Christian for several early centuries A.D, before converting to Islam.

      Over the following centuries, periodically, Europe was getting a foothold or two on the Algerian soil.

      And that's it Folks!

      Because Algerian ancestors were christian in the past , and because they were invaded few times over the years by European Christians, that, so the logic goes, gave French European Christians perfect right for colonising Algeria.

      Can can anybody else see the similarity in logic employed by "a perfect little tiny" only demotheocracy in the Middle East?


  • How Kurdish independence underpins Israel’s plan to reshape the Middle East
    • Emet, you said:
      "How come the "Palestinians" never demanded a state from their Ottoman overlords?"

      I don't know . But maybe because the concepts of states and nationalism are modern concepts?

      Do you know how come "Tunisians" and "Algerians" didn't demand a state from their Ottoman overlords?

      And does your sneering remark implies that Tunisia and Algeria are still a fair game for being colonised by Europeans?

  • An Atheist in the Yeshiva: The education of Yossi Zvi Gurvitz
    • Mooser,

      By that, I think he means Spartanism, so that the paragraph should be read:

      "Compared to Spartanism, Christianity was a mere shadow" 34/40

  • US bans Palestinian runner from Chicago Marathon days before race

    • "Now if they only could explain (.....) who whispered what in their ear."
      "Alqadi does not just runs marathons, he runs marathons in the name of the Palestinian cause, carrying the Palestinian flag and donning the red, white, black and green colors on his clothing as he runs.

      Cui bono........? I wonder.....

  • A Jewish atonement for Zionism
  • Zohra Drif's memoir of Algeria's fight for freedom is stunning
    • MHughes976, you said:

      "I’ve been following Jackdaw’s suggestion a few steps further. Amy Hibbell mentions the two highly articulate victims, Guiraud and Michel-Chich,

      I am all for fairness. The attacks outside of cashbah were in response to:

      "In summer 1956, the French-colonial “ultra” vigilantes considerably increased their level of violence against the Algerian population and any French settlers suspected of sympathizing with them.

      and especially:

      "She and Samia Lakhdari carried out their own bombings as a response to an especially cruel French attack. On August 10, 1956, colonial agents planted a huge bomb in the upper Casbah, which killed more than 70 Algerians. The FLN decided to strike back by taking the fight to the colon areas, which had been peaceful until then"

      I assume that, if the course of logic employed by our resident Zionists is to be followed, we are to pass over suffering of 70 native Algerians, who were killed, ignore the suffering of an unnamed number of native Algerians who survived and live with their injuries, and concentrate on the suffering of couple of colons , as if their suffering were to be greater, because colonial enterprise kept their name in the public domain(!).

      I cannot think of a better example of an inbred racism and supremacism exposed by this line of thinking. 33/39

  • Between our life and our mother Algeria, we chose our mother: Excerpt from 'Inside the Battle of Algiers: Memoir of a Woman Freedom Fighter'
    • So many similarities between Zohra Drif, in her understanding of colonialists/occupiers, and female members of my family, taking part in resistance against occupation.
      These women had something in common: societies they belonged to did not look at them as fully human by occupiers. Their occupiers all considered themselves chosen, superior and " breed apart". 32/37

  • High holidays? Meh
    • I deeply believe that people seek religion, and ritual that comes with religion (some call that ritual an observance) when the world around them is being destroyed and controlled by "others".

      Raise of nationalism (some call it patriotism) also follows destruction and luck of control.

      In the evolutionary terms, we lessen sense of dread and anxiety with ritual and repetition while seeking to strengthen our tribal links, to close ranks within our extended families, while our xenophobia and paranoia are ranked up by our primitive reptilian brains.

      Phil feels increasingly not a outsider but an American, and he is middle class, as are his friends. His wife is free to search for improvement in her eudonic rewards including her spirituality.
      Friends that Phil describes feel safe.

      Politicians are masters in manipulating those feeling of safety, or dread, or being attacked either from inside or outside of society that we reside in. They are also masters in "divide and rule" and "unite and lead" techniques.29/34

      I mourn the loss of languages on the planet. One of those is Yiddish, and it has been destroyed by design.

  • Jews have religious commandment to support Israel and fight BDS -- American Jewish Committee
    • JeffB, you said:
      The less threatening the Palestinians are the more humanitarian measures can be taken towards them.

      This may be your (ever so humane /sarcasm) position, but it is not a position of the State of Israel as is very persuasively discussed here:

      "Everything you think you know about Israeli-Palestinian peace is wrong":


    • JeffB, you say:

      But if horrific violence proves necessary it will and should be employed. Jews know far to well what statelessness means to ever under any circumstances regardless of the cost to others or ourselves go back to that. And yes I meant that to sound as chilling as it does.

      So lets be clear: To prevent JEWISH statelessness, means that horrific violence will be employed, if necessary, regardless to the cost to others (NON-JEWS), and it is meant to be chilling.

      We already know, that to alleviate JEWISH statelessness, it was necessary to make PALESTINIANS stateless. Tell me, what other, chilling horrific violence can reminding Palestinians expect in hands of State for Jews? What horrific scenarios did you envisaged when you employed this phrase?

  • Netanyahu, say hi from me to the penguins in Antarctica
    • This "Will you fellate a donkey for Israel, senator?" skit has been deliberately, systematically, scrubbed from the internet.
      I cannot find video's at all using "donkey, fellatio, donkey" search.

      Which just tells you how on the point the skit was.28/33

      I could still find a copy using "donkey, senator, Israel" search:

  • Soros and the Illuminati! Netanyahu Jr. spreads anti-Semitic cartoon
    • One imagines that anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists will keep talking about that time when the son of the Prime Minister of the Jewish State inadvertently exposed the secret Jewish plot to rule the world.

      How depressing and how true.
      It will also add weight into claims that it is permissible to use racist anti-Jewish stereotypes, or, to use another word: tropes.27/32

  • 'Voice of boycott' was heard in Montgomery and South Africa, why not Israel? Roger Waters writes in 'NYT'
    • YoniFalic (...) thinks supporters of Israel should be executed. #callforgenocide.

      Yes Hopmi.
      In your logic, Nuremberg Trials were a call for genocide of German people.


  • Netanyahu declares West Bank is Israel 'forever,' as liberal Zionists cry out for 'make-believe peace process'
  • Prominent Israeli rabbi preaches rape in war time
    • Rabbi David Rosenfeld from Washington DC writing in a "Ask the Rabbi" at

      "At the same time, the captive woman undergoes a month of transition till she becomes a full Jewess. She stays in his home and is made especially unattractive. Her hair is shaved off, she is given unappealing clothes, and her nails are let to grow (v. 13). She sits at his doorstep crying over her parents and past. If the soldier still desires her after that period, perhaps there is something deeper to his attraction. She converts (only if she is willing to) and he marries her. But in the much likelier outcome that the soldier has long lost interest in her, he must set her free, neither selling her nor making her work for him.

      It is also significant to note that this section of the Torah is immediately followed by the section of the hated wife (relating to the laws of inheritance) and then by the section of the rebellious son. As the commentator Rashi (Deut. 21:11) points out, the sections are connected. One who goes so far as marrying the coveted woman will eventually hate her, and he is quite liable to father rotten kids through her."

      Is this applicable to observant Jewish soldiers joining American Army, I wonder?24/26

    • He is by far not the only prominent rabbi who has this view (that rape is permitted during the war):

      This was in YnetNews last year:

      "Rabbi Col. Eyal Karim, who was announced on Monday as the IDF's intended new chief rabbi, has provoked controversy with previous misogynistic statements, such as opposing female conscription and implying that rape was permissible in times of war."23/25,7340,L-4827240,00.html

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