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  • Former president of Modern Language Association resigns following decision to ban debate on BDS
  • Wyden turns himself into a pretzel on free speech and Israel Anti-Boycott bill!
    • pretzel, brezel, Brezzel, Brezn is from Latin brachium= "arm" which refers to the idea of two arms crossed or even folded. Original from southern German speaking areas as Alssas, Frankonia and so on. Nothing "Jewish" in the origin of the brezzel

  • The power of hasbara culture
    • Thanks Yakov, for this insightful and well written piece. As someone who has no choice but to deal nearly every day with issues related to the I/P conflict, I would never dare to challenge this hasbara culture. Your article gives me a further understanding of the power behind and let me be much more careful as before reading Your article. Therefore the question is, if this was Your aim? I don't think so, but I fear that the result in the minds of many people like me is to be more careful and to be silent about these issues also in the future.

  • What if Bernie Sanders had delivered his speech at AIPAC!?
    • Thanks for using the term "occupation", alone this word would disqualify You and much more Mr. Sanders from speaking to AIPAC. You know very well that You should say "Israeli entities or territory controlled by Israel" (United States-Israel trade and commercial enhancement sec.909. b 7).

  • 'NYT' finally mentions 'Goliath' -- in rightwing ad smearing Max Blumenthal
    • Again the Palestinian case is framed in US as an inner-Jewish affair between people like Adelson, Boteach, and the Blumenthals. Trump may at least change this.

  • 'New York Times' whitewashes poll showing Israeli support for expelling Palestinians
    • This idea of "preferential treatment" of Jewish Israeli is the logic (and racist) consequence of the demand to recognize "Israel as a Jewish state". I can't understand why in the US mainstream the demand for recognizing the Jewishness of Israel is broadly accepted, but the racist results are denied, even everybody who points to this fact is demonized and ostracized.

  • A totalitarian democracy
    • Isn't it appropriate to question the author in using the term "almost" in the following sentence?

      " It is the almost complete lack of empathy for the suffering, death and destruction caused by the evils of the occupation and an almost complete lack of critique against what is so obviously the most inhuman and abject of policies. "

      Reading about the behaviour of the yeshiva students after the Rabin assassination, the treason of his own father, the behaviour of the settlers and soldiers in the South Hebron region ... It seems to me much more honest to say: "It is the complete lack of empathy for the suffering ..."

      My greetings to the brave Ezra and to the people of Ta'ayush, but most of all to the Palestinians living in the villages of the south Hebron region!

  • Twenty-two years after the Ibrahimi mosque massacre, nonviolent resistance remains strong in Hebron
    • Benjamin Weinthal's smear campaign against codepink is going on: "Israel has slammed a German city council in the state of Bavaria for awarding a tolerance prize to the radical US NGO 'Code Pink,' which rejects Israel's right to exist and has ties to Holocaust deniers in Iran. " Benjamin Weinthal in Jerusalem Post

    • Thanks for that. Since the author is from codepink, some may be interested in the following episode about a German city awarding codepink with a price coming under pressure by pro-Israle groups.

      Codepink was smeared by Jerusaem Post journalist Benjamin Weinthal as anti-Semitic On Twitter and others followed him. The majority of the city counsel of Bayreuth decided again against pressure to award the Wilhelmine-price for tolerance to Codepink Anti-Semitic Controversy in Bayreuth.This event may mark a shift also in Germany about the pro-Israel sentiment. The tide is changing.

  • British schoolboy questioned for pro-Palestine badge and pro-BDS pamphlet
  • Video: Scenes from a bloody Sunday in Palestine
    • Wasn't there a huge protest against an opera named "The Death Of Klinghoffer", with a Jewish man in wheelchairs, Mr. Klinghoffer, killed by terrorists, and a chorus out of Palestinians singing about their suffering? Sounds to me that we have a new libretto for such an opera "The humilation fo Majid al-Fakhouri at Hebron", the chorus will be heavy weaponed Israeli Border policemen whining about the attrocities against them forced by14year old Palestinian grils.

  • 'New York Times' picks up Bernie Sanders's 'socialist' kibbutz but leaves out the ethnic cleansing
    • What means “legitimately bought” or “legally to Palestine” in this case? You have the anglo-saxon idea of property and you have the quite different Ottoman rules of property and century long tenants.
      The pre-48 Zionists (e.g. Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael) bought land from the “legal” landowners, mostly sheikhs in Lebanon and Jordan, who never had seen the land they sold to Zionists. Their right to the land they “possessed” was limited, particularly it did not include the right to cancel the tenants or even to force them to leave the land.
      The Zionist took the property titles (until today as you can see in the Hebron houses) to force the century long tenants to leave it. It is also a colonial habit to decide on what is legal and what not. The anglo-saxon property rights are a very special case and differ from most definitions of property in the world.

  • The world the settlers made
    • "good rational people"? What sort of people engage with airbnb? People have less money but are open minded to other people, that means "good", humble people. That means also neither Avigdor Lieberman nor other big settlers will be part of airbnb. So it may be that Phil was trapped by the selection of people by the airbnb system?

  • Park Slope Food Coop censors letters on BDS
    • Good to know what is going on in Brooklyn, seems to be axis mundi: “Park Slope, Brooklyn, is one of the most liberal and highly-educated communities in the western hemisphere, indeed any hemisphere” – These words sound to me as a somewhat colonizing perspective by an author who presumably is mastering a single language at all and pretends to know not only the whole “western Hemisphere”, but even “any hemisphere”, or am I wrong?

  • Netanyahu: 'We need to control all of the territory for the foreseeable future'
    • "with the sword"! Everybody should recognize the religious metaphor which combines fighting and building according to Nehemia 4:18: "Each builder worked with a sword strapped to his side, while a trumpeter remained beside me to sound an alarm." That's the national-religious worldview of the president of the state of Israel.

  • Netanyahu's 44 seconds of silence at UN are being widely mocked -- 'pathetic,' 'creepy'
    • „When bad behaviour is rewarded it only gets worse”. One of the few truths the president of the state of Israel presented to his audience. However, how did he behave? I followed the UN webcast and found the following:

      In contrast to all other speakers he didn't greet the president of the assembly. In contrast to all other speakers he left the audience without waiting for being accompanied by the president of the assembly. And in contrast to all speakers, he extended his time to speak over more than the double as all others. Netanyahu had 43:08 min, near to all speakers were under 20 min at least, most were about 15 min (Austria, Greece, Germany, Ireland).

      We will see what the behaviour of Netanyahu will be during his next speech at UN.

  • U.S. is even more implicated in Israeli settlement project than we thought
    • Citizenship is available to non-Jews who have been residents for three out of the previous five years.

      Thanks again for clarification. Some people, Christians, told me about their personal experience that it is nearly impossible to stay in Israel as a non-Jew for a number of years. You don't get a work permit and many more bureaucratic obstacles, not to mention the standard comments by most Israelis: "What do You want here, if You aren't Jewish."

    • Thanks Hophmi.
      All that is required is a Jewish grandparent, or marriage to someone with a Jewish grandparent

      I tried to defend the laws of the state of Israel. However, You emphasizes the biological racist core of this laws. My point was citizenships for non-Jews. What is the way of non-Jews to citizenship of the state of Israel, when he / she has neither Jewish heritage nor is married to a Jew? Only conversion, what else?

    • with emphasis on maternal bloodlines and marriage – you should add that conversion, by an orthodox rabbi and confirmed by the Chief Rabbinate is also sufficient for citizenship. The Zionist idea of citizenship differs somewhat from biological racism.

    • Thanks hophmi, sounds like nice guys and ordinary people. When I met an (reformed) Rabbi from London living in Jerusalem in about 2007 he told me that these American settlers play „Wild West“ with weapons and all that stuff in the West Bank. What is Your perspective on that assumption? May be Phil should offer some more than low day school tuition, may be also shooting on native people?.

    • In these days when the new novel by Jonathan Franzen will be published, I’m thinking about the Berglunds in "freedom", and the topic of Jewish heritage in this novel. The brother of the main figure failed to earn his living in the US, lived on the expenses of his mother and siblings, became more and more observant to Jewish customs, and eventually went to Israel in a settlement with his family. That’s my idea of these American settlers. Was Franzen criticized as anti-Jewish for his novel in the US?

  • Why did a Jewish Day School student cry hysterically when she learned about the Deir Yassin massacre?
  • Roundtable on the Palestinian solidarity movement and Alison Weir
    • Preston enright writes: "Atzmon’s recent piece in “Veterans Today” was pretty awful. He goes so far as to suggest that Rabbi Alisa Wise of Jewish Voice for Peace deserved to be “lynched. . . on the spot.”"

      I don't want to defend the author of this piece (Atzmon), but I'd like to show that Preston enright frames the author's idea falsely, when saying he suggests lynching. The full (sarcastic) sentence is:

      "But there is something that must be said about the Christians at Friends of Sabeel. The fact that they tolerated this infuriating Jewish exceptionalist speech for 90 minutes and didn’t lynch the Rabbi on the spot proves that the Christianity may well be what it claims to be – tolerant and forgiving."

    • “A significant amount of her work does suggest anti semitism” (Jennifer Hitchcock) sounds to me as a very weak argument for discrediting a person like Alison Weir.

  • Did the BBC cover up the anti-Semitism of Gaza's children?
    • After reading ritzls analysis I became more and more worried about the perspective on the issue which the piece of Robert Cohen has taken. The article is based on the assumption that human rights should not be applied fully to people who are seen by Westerners like him as anti-Semitic. And this decision is based only on what they say, whether they use the words “Jew” or “(the) Jews” or “Israeli” correctly and without taken into consideration their age (children) and what they did to other people eventually. There is something fundamentally wrong in Robert Cohen's piece.

    • “If this is the truth and the children of Gaza are cold hearted, old school, antisemites then they do not deserve the world’s sympathy.”

      What means “they do not deserve sympathy”? Isn’t that the Netanyahu argument? We can deny human rights / imprison / kill an anti-semite. Or most often: when we want to deny human rights / imprison / kill someone we have to show that he is an anti-Semite?

  • A cosmopolitan's regrets: Roger Cohen on the Jewish condition
    • Most comments point to problems with such books, and I agree. There is a problem with biographies / autobiographies focused on ethnicity, and particularly on Jewishness. All to often they tell the same melancholic story, mostly to gain sympathy for the people involved as members of a group. It is most often disappointing to read such stories and I know only few exceptions such as the books by Primo Levi, Ruth Kluger, Imre Kertesz. And reading such books you should have in mind, what Stanislawski stated: „we can no longer read autobiographies as factual first-person accounts.“ (Michael Stanislawski,: Autobiographical Jews. Essays in Jewish Self-Fashioning, Washington 2004, p. 177). Same with Cohen’s book.

  • Israeli settlers attack US consulate convoy in the West Bank (Updated)
    • The most probable outcome of this incident will be a secret instruction by the US government to the US personnel in Israel/Palestine not to cooperate anymore with Palestinians without the permission of Jewish settlers.

  • The Minds of Others: An interview with Max Blumenthal
    • In Germany live about 100.000 citizens who may see themselves as ethnic or cultural Roma and Sinti or as members of other minority groups generally put under the umbrella term "gypsies". Not a single of them will be deported to an other country.
      Some Roma who don't have citizenship were war-refugees from the Kosovo-war and will now sent back, which is for many of them particularly the kids a hardship after mostly more than ten years in Germany. I oppose this politics. However, Kosovo is an international recognized Country and some may see it as legitimate to sent war refugees back. Other Romas, mostly citizens of Romania, went to Germany under the protection of the EU-laws. Many of them have no job and cause the typical social conflicts. These politics are based on treaties between Kosovo and Germany, Romania and Germany, the EU and so on.

    • My point wasn't that Blumenthal is wrong in all his ideas about Israel and Palestine, but I want to give an explanation why people as B. and Sheen were seen as “lunatics” = “irre Israelhasser” in Germany. There is not and will not be in the next future a “mass deportation of Roma” as B. says. If you read something like that as someone who knows German and particularly the European laws and also the politics of EU member states, You will not only disagree but You will wondering why any person may have said something like that and the answer will be: “He is a lunatic” or “He is full of hate”. The same with Germany as a “paranoid society”, a “freak show” and so on. Germany is no more than any other western (post-)capitalistic country “paranoid”.
      B. visited a marginalized group of the German elite, some MPs who are seen by most of their own left-wing party members as “lunatics”. He should not be surprised that he was measured on that audience he choose. In Germany Israel and the I/P-conflict is an issue of the political elites. It is used by all parties to demonstrate to an international (!) audience that they are good Germans, Israel is the marker for showing not to be anti-Semitic, which is for German elite much more important than for the elite of other countries.
      And at least, B. is playing the Jewish card in Germany against a critic and names him a “gentile politician” and obvious he insinuates that someone who is “Gentile” should not express an opinion about anti-Semitism towards a Jew. He wants to silence a Gentile on being a Gentile and that’s ethnocentrism at its best.

    • Nobody should be surprised that Blumenthal and Sheen are covered in German press as “lunatics”. Besides all exaggerations and offensive remarks of Blumenthal, particularly the remark about “mass deportation of Roma” which is totally false, the attitude of Blumenthal is both colonial and ethnocentric. Two points to think about: 1. Colonial: Besides the colonial attitude to come to Germany without being able to discuss in German language, which is the mother tongue of about 120 Mio Europeans, moreover he argues from an over-identified US-American point of view and is not able to understand the uniqueness of German experiences towards Jews and Jewishness. 2. Ethnocentric: He distinguishes between the legitimate Jewish voices and illegitimate "Gentile" voices. Jewish anti-Israel critique (he himself) and Jewish right wing pro-Israel hypocrisy (ADL and so on) are legitimate, but he does not accept “gentile Politicians” to criticize his extreme views on Israel as anti-Semitic.

  • Palestinian babies not included on Israel gov't list of most popular names
  • University of Illinois trustees vote to reject Salaita reinstatement
  • Reports of anti-Semitism in Ukraine and Hungary
    • Due to EU regulations every Hungarian, Jewish or Christian or atheist, is free to live in all member states of the EU. Actually many Hungarians are living in Berlin, Jewish intellectuals also as Peter Nadas, György Conrad, Imre Kertesz.

  • Grandson of Oxfam founder calls on org to cut ties with Scarlett Johansson
    • Is Oxfam US as corrupt as Amnesty US under the former General Secretary Suzanne Nossel? Main goal: "to cement the US’ position of dominance worldwide".

  • Three 'NYT' stories propagate official Israeli narrative
    • I read the piece from Shuttleword about education before the mondoweiss covering and I think that it is very different from Rudorens approach. Reading the article about education in East Jerusalem every open minded reader will understand that a cultural occupation is brought forward by Israeli officials who are lying about it. The Palestinian point of view is presented in some diversity and clear facts (4 out 185 East Jerusalem schools accepted the Israeli curriculum because their is no choice if You want to get access to an university without loosing an additional year).

  • How Hillel shifted from pluralist Jewish space to arm of Israel lobby
    • Thanks Annie, due to my lack in American English I didn't catch that phrase which is on 4:40. Unbelievable. May be, he had seen Jarmusch's new movie. Firestone presents nothing else than a sophisticated and intellectual hate speech.

    • 3:40 is most interesting. Firestone about BDS: "They are really bad guys". Who demonizes whom?

  • A Jewish Christmas message to the unsaved world
    • „Christian shock therapy“ on Christmas? Haendel's Messias reduced on somewhat anit-Jewish content? May be that also prophet Ellis when reading Luke chapters 1+2 will re-think his angry attitudes against some of the most inspiring messages of mankind.

  • Hadassah author claims American Jews are turning against Israeli military
    • To Nicole Krauss: What sort of Israeli-American Jewish thinking is represented by Nicole Krauss? I’m reading her novel “Great house”. I’m astonished to read a novel, in which every person has a name, most of them well chosen. Only two have no individual names although important: “a German dancer” and an “Arab” in East Jerusalem. Also the emotional and narrative framing of both persons is disturbing: children murdered by their mother in the one case, a child fleeing an “Arab” man without any reason in the other. What is the perspective of her writings?
      Some ideas?

  • 'NYT' stonethrowing piece gets it from rightwing propagandists
    • “romanticize”, Hophmi, are You serious? When I visited East Jerusalem and the west-bank I saw what was going on. When I spoke to Palestinians, I understand that they are interested in the same things that I’m in: having a job, being respected in their basic needs and rights, having the chance to bring up their children, building up their houses for the growing number of children, nothing else, but all this forbidden or destructed by the occupation. On the other side, I saw Israeli civilians with guns and “shit-eating smiles” (Indyk over Arafat) going in the middle of the narrow streets of the Arabic quarter of East Jerusalem forcing everyone to go aside, they were rude and aggressive. Rock throwing is all to understandable if You face such a violence in Your own neighbourhood.
      Many non-Jewish Europeans have this experience which has nothing to do with "romanticize".

  • 'NYT' never mentions military occupation in piece calling Palestinian stonethrowing a cultural practice
    • The confession is presented with photos as a Video in the last part of the Rudoren / NYT Report with the subscription: "Excerpts from Muhammad Abu Hashem's interrogation by the Israeli police along with photos of his arrest."
      I have a different view on people who uses themselves as weapons. May be that You and "the rest of us" may agree that the Biblical Samson was also something like that. Judges 16:30 "And Samson said: 'Let me die with the Philistines.' And he bent with all his might; and the house fell upon the lords, and upon all the people that were therein. So the dead that he slew at his death were more than they that he slew in his life."

    • Schapira uses material In her documentaries to which only selected people were given access by the Israeli authorities. Especially, interviewing prisoners was only allowed to Schapira personally, who is without question a partisan supporter of the state of Israel. My question now is why the Israeli officials gave Jode rudoren/NYT the named, selected, and obvious fabricated audio of the confession of Mohammed and if it is common practice to provide such material to all news media. Do you know something about it? Provides the border police and the military courts in the occupied territories such audio tapes to every interested person? Did Mohammed agree in publishing it? Or is the article itself an expression of colonial supremacy?
      About the "so called suicide bombers", it is clearly a fact that this people don't name themselves "suicide bombers".

    • Nobody mentions yet that Rudoren/NYT presents material provided from the Israeli Border Police, the taped and obvious fabricated confession of the 17 year old Muhammad Abu Hashem. Two questions arise: 1. Is it in accordance with the journalistic ethics of NYT to present news material from an occupying force based on military law without questioning it? 2. Has a non-Jewish, non-pro-Zionist reporter, especially a Palestinian news source also access to the same material?
      The same with some documentaries about so called suicide bombers interviewed in prison under the auspieces of the Israeli security by Jewish / Israeli / pro-Zionist journalists such as Esther Schapira [] who also produced a documentary about Muhammad al-Durrah and comparable pieces presented in main stream medias.

  • 'Zionism's bad conscience' (Kovel's first anti-Zionist piece, in 2002)
    • Important parts of the article "Bad conscience" sound strange to me. I don’t think that it is a good idea to call Begin, Shamir and Sharon as “mass murderers”, and I also don’t agree with an argumentation against Zionism which uses tropes from philosophical deterministic and essentialistic discourse such as “cannot”, “can only repeat”, “degenerate”, “only ... can”.

      Zionism therefore cannot grow; it can only repeat its crimes and degenerate further. Only a people that aspires to be so high can fall so low.

      That’s not the style of an open discussion, that’s defamation. I agree that rightwing and liberal Zionist also uses such demonistic and deterministic terminology. I found on Mondoweiss so many sophisticated and human thinking authors and pieces, but the article 2002 is not one of them and I'm wondering why it was published today.

  • An interview with Ben Ehrenreich, author of 'extraordinary' Nabi Saleh piece in 'NYT Magazine'
    • I’m very impressed by this important statement:

      And to do so with scrupulous attention to my own role in it, to the power differentials at play. This means, in other words, using the platform that I am unjustly rewarded with in order to step back and allow other people, who are systematically deprived of any platform, to speak.

      He admits that he was “unjustly” rewarded with a platform which the people who deserve to get it will never be allowed to.

  • 'I know you have another email address, give it to me' (Deported at Ben Gurion)
    • “the officer tried one more time, telling me that he was my friend, here to help me and that if I collaborated he might change his decision”

      Are information/testimonies available about pro-Palestinian activists who collaborate with Shabak? It would be astonishing if there are no spies and agent provocateurs within the group of the internationals in Palestine.

  • A Catholic heritage community is next on the occupation's chopping block
    • Thanks again, I learned a lot, and now I understand why a retired Lutheran pastor from Beit Jala went to Chile. When I heard about his plans, I wondered, why Chile, but now you gave me the answer: The Palestinian Diaspora from his village lives there. However, it is also clear that the restrictions of the Israeli occupation forced him to leave his homeland.

    • Thanks Mike_Konrad for the information about Palestinian immigrants to Chile. Your remark about a Palastinos soccer club from 1920 is very useful as argument against the “invented people” sermon. However, my thoughts were with the Christian Palestinians from today. They are well educated and very important for the Palestinian civil society. One of them Dr. Mitri Raheb wrote a book helpful to understand the situation of Christian Palestinians (M. Raheb, I am a Palestinian Christian, Minneapolis: Augsburg Fortress 1995). Others are more active in their communities like the Abrahams Herberge. Dr. Raheb was heavily criticized by pro-Israel Christians for his saying: “Jesus was a Palestinian”. Christians needed some time to accept that Jesus was a Jew and now they don't feel comfortable with the idea that also Palestinians have a claim in Jesus as one of them. It sounds bizarr but some Christians understand the "Jewishness" of Jesus as an argument for the zionistic project and opposed to the rights of the Palestinian people, including Palestinian Christians.

    • I visited Beit Jala and Bethlehem some years ago and met humble and well minded Christians. However, back in Europe I found that (mostly protestant) hasbara agents tried to smear these Christians from Beit Jala and Bethlehem as terrorists and agents of Hamas as thieves who misused the donations for terorism. A unbelievable bunch of lies was thrown on honest Palestinian Christians from pro-Israel fellow Christians. Palestinian Christians are often well educated, have family members living in different countries in Europe whose entry to their homeland were often denied by the Israel authorities. They have to fight to hold together the families since the Palestinians who left the Palestinian territories (often for higher education not available for them in Palestine) for more as seven years were not allowed to return to their homeland. It is a shame that even fellow Christians act in such a way to Palestinian Christians.

  • Delegation of librarians and archivists headed to Palestine as 'truth-seekers and info-skeptics'
  • Johannesburg demo against Israeli Independence Day ends in violence
    • Your democracynow link shows the codepink people protesting drone-war during a Congress hearing. Ok, Annie, You made a point about disruptive protests.

    • Annie : “what exactly does your article inform us that is not contained in the post above?”. I wanted to point to the disruptive character of BDS-SA protest. However, I don’t want to defend the behavior of the security personal or something like that.

      My two objections are: 1. The BDS-SA group planned to disrupt and to disturb the event. That is not clearly stated in the material above (only stinky bombs, which sound a little bit more childish than disrupting a performance with the aim to disturb the whole event). If the four Hillel student picketers of the Butler/Barghouti Brooklyn event are criticized, than the same standards should be applied to BDS-SA activists. 2. May be I’m prejudiced, because I defended Winnie Mandela in the 80ties and had to learn that I was wrong. I had also some experiences with unusual aggressive and sometimes violent behavior of SA activists. We should consider that some people act with a clear provocative and aggressive agenda which is not at all fair to other people. If I defend the rights of the minority who wants to have a BDS event in Brooklyn against the will of a majority of the Brooklyn or New York establishment, I should also defend the right of a Jewish or pro-Israeli minority in SA to have an event for Independence day against the will of the majority of the pro-Palestine SA establishment.

    • Hm, I ‘ve some experiences with SA political activists, which are strange and are very different from what’s usual seen as non-violent protests in Western countries (remember the deeds of the once celebrated Winnie Mandela).
      There is also some information about the events from BDS SA, which shows more clearly the disruptive character of the picketing than the “stinky bombs” mentioned above:

      BDS South Africa Co-ordinator Muhammad Desai said the protest was directed at the celebration and not the individual performers. Some protesters managed to gain entry to the Lyric Theatre and “released stink bombs and chanted slogans which disturbed the performance that was taking place” said Desai.

    • You should be very careful here. May be that the SA pro-Palestine activists like to exaggerate a bit just as the radical Brooklyn pro-Israel activists exaggerated the removal of the four Hillel students from the BDS event with Barghouti and Butler as an anti-semitic act.

  • Investigation of Brooklyn College BDS event rejects charges of anti-Semitism
    • I can't accept the one sided view on France and also on the events called the Toulouse shootings. The murderer killed three and wounded seriously one French paratrooper of North African background. Then he killed two children, one father and another person of a Jewish school. It is not fair to isolate the killing named last from the deeds of the murderer before. Both should be taken into account. It is clear that there is an anti-semitic background, but also an anti-Western background, and in this case and in respect to the psycho of the murderer it was for him also a question which killings will find a more impressing Media covering.

      The Jews in France are mostly very positive to the French laicistic tradition and live in the first European land which gave equal rights to all people and also to Jews during the French revolution. The French Jews are far from hyppy to be used for pro-Israel and anti-Muslim propaganda. There is a debate about the polls done by the Israel project and their use of it in the media. The French Jewish community (CRIF) protested against the American Jews who did the poll

      “American Jews simply do not understand the French community. (…) U.S. Jews have a complex because they didn't help the Jews of Europe during the Second World War."

      So spokeswoman of CRIF Edith Lenczner. It is obvious which aims are behind the poll itself and the propaganda of the Israel project. Pro-Israeli American Jews try to dominate the French discourse about Jews, Muslims, Catholics, Protestants and non-believers in France. We should, and especially people truly troubled by the situation of the Jewish community in France, should listen to French Jews in France when judging about this country and its Jewish community with a great tradition.

    • @yrn Thanks for the link. It is not quite clear to me in which direction Waters want to reconsider his position. We will see it in the next weeks. But to argue about zionistic or diasporic Jewishness with Judith Butler is a totally different level of discourse.

    • @RJL will lead "mislead Jews" back to the tribe! Good luck in convincing the philosopher and queer-activist Judtih Butler that only one great narrative of "the" (=all) Jews exists: the zionistic one.

  • Exile and the Prophetic: Jew in the Box
    • You made a point by saying it is a good thing to have people speaking to each other, especially people who normally don’t. However, there are some problems with a box with a “Jew” in and with the place Jewish museum in Germany which You don’t reflect. The “average” Berliner has no problem at all to meet Jews and Israelis, if he is interested. The tens of thousands Jews and Israelis in Berlin meet every day non-Jews without being forced to speak about “Jewish identity”, but what they like to speak about. When I talk to my “Jewish” neighbor, we don’t talk about politics or religion, but this and that, cars, weather, sports, and I know he is a decent person, helpful, friendly, such as I also try to be. Should I relate these characteristics to his Jewishness and take him as an example of Jewish identity? No, he is my neighbor, that’s all.

    • This idea of a Jew/Palestinian/German/Human being in the box is pathetic first and for all because a human being exposed to the gazing audiences is hurt in its dignity. In the case of a Jewish museum in Germany and in exposing a Jew the shame fells on the onlookers. It is a trap for the visitors. They were exposed as people who need this environment, Jew box, to be able to have a conversation with someone “other”. The only adequate reaction to the installation Jew in the box is to ignore it.
      May also be that one reason for the installation is the notorious lack of adequate material. The Jewish Museum of Berlin is very poor on original Jewish material, many video installations, posters and so on.

  • Two very different Israeli replies to Samer Issawi's invitation
    • I think you dig far to deep in this case. Israelis are bored by the suffering of the Palestinians. They are able to write a letter in minutes to show their superior ability to find the point: life, and we, Israeli Jews, Zionists, are living, and you, poor Palestinian, not realy worth of thinking about, you are dying as an act of suicide, not our failure. That's all: Bored by the suffering of the Palestinain people. That's my experience with Israelis.

    • Thanks aiman, that was part of the lecture I heard from her. The biblical style "parabel of the neighbour" narrates about someone (=Hamas) who is shooting in your bedroom and forces you (the victim) to answer - against Your own will - with a superior weapon. So You (=Israel) became for the second time a victim, that means a victim in a superior ("eternal") order. This parable was headlines in European newspapers during "cast lead" and one of the major hasbara attempts to justify the murderous slaughter of Palestinian civilians during that event. Additionally, she teaches her European audiences how to deal with Muslims. The state of Israel and especially the University of Haifa were presented by her as much more succesful than Brussels and London in dealing with Muslims, especially Muslim women. If you are a liberal Israeli or American Jew who owns like Salzberger-Os some literary or rhetorical skills you should use them best for hasbara.

    • Thanks to Ira Glunts for reporting about this letter. I was not astonished to read such patronising advices to Issawi. Issawi uses the only way of securing his humanity which is left to him. He is a Palestinian prisoner facing cruel and inhuman treatment by Shin Bet which now everybody knows so well by the movie "gatekeeper" (Avram Shalon: "We became cruel and acted like the Germans in Poland"). I read some books of Oz and attended also a public lecture of his daughter Fania Oz-Salzberger. If I hadn't seen it by myself I couldn't believe the arrogance mixed with liberalism represented by the famous Oz-family. Both are deeply committed to the zionistic aim to dominate the land between the sea and the Jordan river, but both wish also to be seen as most moral people. To me it is an either or.

  • In bill discriminating against Arab- and Muslim-Americans, Boxer and 17 other senators serve Israeli gov't over their own -- Greenwald
    • What do You think about the argument given by Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) quoted in Haaretz

      "There are thousands of people with Arab American backgrounds who visit Israel each year and they face far less hassle than Israeli Christians, Jews or Muslims trying to visit the United States."

  • Amira Hass brings justification of stone-throwing against violent occupier to US
    • You're missing the point. The argument about stone throwing is about resitance against armed soldiers and the whole mass-controll weapons arsenal of the IDF and border control police. You shouldn't bring in single cases of tragic events in the discussion about the different ways of resistance.

    • I don’t think that it is a good idea to speak about stone throwing as a “duty” for Palestinians. The wording shows how “Israeli” (= in love with violence and tribal logic) even the wonderful Amira Hass is. The idea of institutional violence is important, but it should not be used to dehumanize people who are representatives of the institutions. It is much more helpful to distinct between violence against things and violence against human beings. Every stone thrown by a Palestinian against a soldier is a brick in the wall to secure the victimization of the oppressing force.

  • All that furor over Carter at Cardozo, and who shows up? Jews for Jimmy!
  • Hiroshima epiphany
    • Some comments are offensive to You. This is totally understandable, since I also read some comments here as offensive and stereotyping and full of prejudices, e.g. about the Irish wife-beaters or Annie's outcries about Catholics or Your comment in which You wrote in a very bold language about an AIPAC-free restaurant. Many people would see Your comment about an AIPAC-free zone as hateful or even antisemitic, but are You hateful or antisemitic? No, they want to silence Your hopefully sometimes more sophistiated critic of AIPAC in exposing You as someone who hates the friends of Israel or even Jews as such.
      The discussion about the uniqueness of the Jewish holocaust or about the politics of Israel against the Palestinians didn't opposes Jews as Jews, but people claiming a superior right to teach other people what is allowed and what not - and to silence them putting a single point out of context and expose it as hatful or antisemitic.

  • 'NYT' runs another piece warning people not to intermarry during delusory secular interval of 30s and 40s
    • History of religion has a long story to tell about opposing intermarriage by religious leaders (Bible: Ezra/Nehemiah; Ruth). It is obvious that the opposition is born out of an interest to give strength to the own community. What religious leaders never took into account is the also obvious fact that intermarriage can bring to many people a more appropriate understanding of the “foreign” and also the "own" denomination or belief. The opposition of Jewish religious leaders against intermarriage was not different from views on this matter shared by Catholics and several Protestant denominations. The holocaust changed the set of arguments used (and misused) against intermarriage but not the strong convictions behind these negative attitude to it. The opposition against intermarriage is always grown out of a problematic idea of community building which is not really interested in the happiness of women, men, and children but in the favors of a special community.

  • '92d Street Y' says Roger Waters appearance is cancelled -- Updated
    • @biorabbi: Always nice to read when pro-Israel fans compare the IDF with murderers such as these Syrian people. Did you not get a little bit nervous or atleast hesitating about these comparisons?

    • Unbelievable pathetic, but no suprise.

  • Roger Waters at 92d Street Y? Israel advocate calls for 'real Jews' to stop this assimilationist obscenity
    • As I foretold in an unpublished comment on Mondoweiss some days ago, the event with Roger Waters will be, and now it is cancelled: .

    • RW represents much more than BDS. He lost both his grandfather 1916 and his father 1944 in the wars against Germany. His family paid heavy tribute for fighting against inhumanity.
      The NYC debate about his appearence at 92nd Y seems to be a Jews-only discussion. American Jews should fight against the dominance of people like Friedman and Marcus who want to define what a "real" and "non-assimilationist" Jew is. This question is near to the Atzmon-debate about Jewishness. I will leave it for the inner circle to debate, but: RW forced to speak outside the Jewish circles will be heard in the world.
      P.S. I guess the event will be cancelled.

  • 'Do you know any Arabs in London?' Israeli airport authorities grill British photojournalist before kicking him out
    • It is a shame that neither the US, nor UK nor EU countries are interested in doing something against these security politics. Israel is free to perform kafkaesk and most often worser policies of security against foreign citizens, but citizens of Israel even officers of IDF, Shin Bet and Mossad enjoy all the freedom provided in Europe and US, no interrogation, no questions about emails, facebook, mobiles or about their record of human rights violation against the Palestinaian population, nothing, no questions.

  • On 'socially conscious' dialogue tour, Harvard Radcliffe Orchestra will visit Bethlehem but not 'occupied territories'
    • Great piece. It seems that Harvard has changed to a much more pro-occupation position than it was in the 80ties.

  • New nationwide ad campaign to call for end of US aid to Israel
    • @Amar: I don't share Your (slightly supremacist) objection. It is important that all religious groups are represented in the media, especially Muslims, only on this way the public will learn that all religious groups have the right to speak out, not only non-Muslim or jewish orgs. By the way, in the case of a "Jewish" - whatsoever that might be - some may think, oh this liberal Jews ...

  • The most rational political course in Israel is also the most immoral -- Noam Sheizaf
    • You made a good point in looking on the premises of the so called "rational" course of actions. Israelis (also NS) often present themselves as straigth forward thinking "rational" people when it is about the "Palestinian question" [in other "questions" they prefer to be overwhelmingly emotional]. But is it really rational? The founder of the tradition of "Realpolitik" in political sciences, that means rational political decisions concentrated on power, was Niccolo Macchiavelli. Macchiavelli told his prince something like that: "If you occupy a foreign country it is not a problem to kill people. If You kill a father of a family, the next generation will forgive. However, if You take the land and the houses of the family, they will never forgive." Therefore I would also challenge the argument of rational politics. If Israeli politicians think to be rational in producing Mio people as ever lasting enemies in their neighbourhood, they will fail at last.

  • Anti-semitism charge against Mearsheimer failed
    • Great reading, thanks for that. In thirty years or so, we will hopefully have such comments by Josh Blumberg, but then it will be to late for a whole generation of Palestinians and thousands of hasbara fellows will also be on place for Josh. Tragic.

  • Israelis flock to Berlin-- some for 'multicultural vibe'
    • My point is that Israelis who are interested in getting EU-passports (tenthousands of them every year in Poland) are mostly interested in practical aims such as travelling free in all EU-countries as an EU citizen, getting all social welfare or education which is given in all EU-countries to all EU-citizens without national restrictions. They are not critical to Israel policies and mostly commited to their homeland and families.
      The Israeli influence on EU countries may grow and develop to a situation where national Jewish communities mixed up with Israelis getting more and more powerful and influential to the EU MidEast politics. May be in some years we will have a Hagel hearing situation even in European countries, see Ed Milibands confession that he is a zionist .

    • The German embassy in Tel Aviv gives every year 3,000 new German passports to Israelis.
      The aljazeera report is misleading that most of them are critical against the state of Israel, that isn’t true. Most of them came to Berlin on personal reasons and many, many of them are supporters of the policy of their homeland.

  • 'NYT' landmark: Jewish philosophy prof says we 'really ought to question' Israel's right to exist
    • The first step to an honest scientific answer is to leave the term "the Jews" behind. The Romans never fought against "the Jews" that means "the Jewish people" but against several groups who happened to be Jews. The Romans had during this fights against distinct "Jewish" groups also many Jewish allies.
      See Josephus (hebr. Josef ben Mattathias and lat. Flavius Josephus), who first fought against the Romans then became the Roman chief propagandist and ended up as an friend of the Roman emperor and died in a villa of the Emperor in Rome as a free man.
      In 70 CE the Jewish ruling classes in Judaea and Galilee lost their power. Who had fought against the Romans lost his land, but not the same with the ordinary inhabitants of Judaea, Samaria, and Galilee. They settled in the region mostly at least until Bar Kocba, but also far longer until the Arab conquer of the Mideast and also beyond (see the reports of the crusaders) . After Bar Kocba the same situation. Only Jeursalem was changed into a Roman military colony, forbidden for Jews (ironically for "security reasons").
      The Archeological evidence is against the story about a mass suicide at Masada. No mass grave was found, no bones, only few bones of presumably Non-Jewish people.
      The ancient history of the Jewish people is very different from the hasbara version told at Masada. The history of the Jewish people is mostly seen as a series of tragic events, which is to some degree understandable (Spanish expulsion, pogroms in Russia, holocaust), but not always correct.

    • The number of comments to the NYT piece about Questioning a Jewish state by Prof. Levine is exploding, every hour about 40 new comments, now 203. Very interesting to study the wide range of apologetic arguments given by the supporters of the Jewish state which are foremost also strong supporters of the occupation.

    • "It should be noted nearly every country is a homeland for a particular ethnic people." That's simply false, nearly no country is without historical minorities and in the many cases of the post-colonial world (esp. Africa, Asia) You have countries with about 200 languages and ethnic groups. Even in Europe neither France nor the UK nor Finland nor Sweden and also neither Syria, Turkey or Egypt are homogenous and had to learn to give equal rights to all its citizens. you should rethink Your colonial perspective on countries, ethnicities, and minorities.

    • But also: Many dogs, rabbit's death.

  • Settlers party for Purim amidst clashes in Hebron
    • Emil Fackenheim, Jewish philosopher educated in pre-Kristallnacht Germany until 1937, gave a lecture about Esther in 1995. Post-Holocaust Non-Jews should learn to stand by Esther and her people and enjoy in the hanging of Haman (which means the deeds of the IDF), but Jews also should learn that the demand of Esther not only to kill Haman but also his ten sons who had no guilt in anything which is narrated (which means hate against non-Jews) went to far: “Then said Esther: 'If it please the king, let it be granted to the Jews that are in Shushan to do to-morrow also according unto this day's decree, and let Haman's ten sons be hanged upon the gallows.' And the king commanded it so to be done; and a decree was given out in Shushan; and they hanged Haman's ten sons.” It would be interesting to know what the Hebron settlers teach their children about the ten sons of Haman.

  • Video: Israeli settler lecturing Palestinian farmers -- 'You'll all be our slaves, if you're worthy, if you behave well'
    • My knowledge in modern Hebrew is fine for understanding the basics of the "questionable" claims of the settler. I’m happy that the Palestinian farmers begin to laugh about the nationalistic-religious-Jewish-zionist fool.

  • Israel's image takes another hit with the 'Prisoner X' scandal
    • There is a good analysis of what’s going on behind the Prisoner X case. It was argued in Haaretz by Anshel Pfeffer (Mossad identity crisis) that the Mossad chief Meyer Dagan changed the politics of the Israeli secret service into a tool of warfare. Obsessed with killing enemies the Mossad lost his identity as a secret service which has to collect information secretly and without being uncovered to be helpful for the main actors of politics, namely the government.

  • First they stole our books, then they took our story
    • Thank You for this powerful speech about the "good-doers" from the side of the oppressors. When I watched the documentary about the books some months ago I also shed tears and felt that this single crime tells so much more about the moral status of the founding of the state of Israel than many "disputed" claims about the events of the years 1946-1950 (e.g. Deir Jassin). However, we should be aware that many Zionist hasbara offices are working on this and will present their story about the books. We will hear from them.
      The second idea is about “a right to express their endless subtext of ineffectual Palestinian efforts”. To me everybody has a right to express ideas and near to all of them transport subtexts. The aim of a discussion is to speak about the framing of ideas and about subtexts. And I agree that even this documentary at least seems to tell a story of helpless Palestinians who don’t really care about books and that we should be happy that well educated librarians from the state of Israel took care of this valuable books over decades. This subtext should be exposed as it is: immoral and supremacist.

  • SNL on Hagel: 'It is vital to Israel's security for you to go on national television and perform oral sex on a donkey... Would you do THAT for Israel?'
    • I got it, thanks for assistance in this technical matter. The SNL vid is really funny, but it was cut from the show, I learned! However, the real Hagel hearing or the Kennedy testimony, given by Phil, or also the vid from the hearing about Palestine/Israel with one congresswoman/man after another confessing their unshackable commitment with Israel are near to shocking.

    • Unfortunately, the vid is only available for IDs from US. Would it be possible to get some more information about what's going on there?

  • Bloomberg backs Brooklyn College over BDS event as another official withdraws funding threat
    • Thanks for giving answers and objections to my feelings about Democrazy Now! Oh, "Breaking the Set" is really "robust", straightforward and not Butleranian, thanks for this.

    • Just a question for a better understanding what is happening on democrazy now! I'm not an US-citizen, but I like Democrazy Now! very much. However, sometimes I feel, that especially Amy Goodman (not Juan Gonzales) feels uncomfortable in presenting news about the Israel-Palestine conflict, e.g. the presentation of the movie which equates the state of Israel with South-Africa apartheid, also five broken cameras and so on. The same in this case. Omar Barghouti, who unfortunately seems to read written statements, is near to be questioned like a defendant by Amy and the other guy. Is also democrazy Now! part of this "progressive" political establishment who don’t want to discuss the Israeli-Palestine conflict? Thanks for Yout help to understand what's going on.

  • Unedited security camera footage shows Israeli officer fired at Hebron teenager after he retreated
    • Thanks Shmuel,
      it seems to me that the female officer had interpreted the situation with Muhammad as a chance to improve their "career options".

    • I'd like to understand the distinction between IDF (regular troops in which everybody has to serve?) and border police (professional troop you choose to earn money?). Is the so called "border police" part of the IDF? Which is the Hebrew name? (and ironically which is the "border").

    • Obsidian, You have an extreme good faith into people with weapons. However, even if I follow your point of view, the problem is the third shot. I can't see anything else than two soldiers and a female IDF-officer who kills a heavily wounded person.

  • Despite pressure from pro-Israel organizations, Judith Butler to receive the Adorno Prize today
    • @ Klaus: I found Mondoweiss since a German Jewish website posted that Judith Butler published her answer to a Jerusalem Post article in Mondoweiss, which was for them a proof that Judith is , I apologize the wording it’s not mine, an anti-Semite who publishes on “a clearly anti-Semitic website”. I wanted to read Judith’s answer and to check if it’s true that she published on such an website. I found a website with many contributions from an inside Jewish perspective (“I met him at seder”) and postings about the Middle East.

      @ Annie: I have also heard about Butler’s book “Parting ways” which will be discussed at the Jewish museum in Berlin in the next days. Is it controversial in US? I’m wondering how is it possible that such a controversial figure like Butler will be appointed as a professor at Columbia University?

    • Some may be interested to read a few words from an eyewittness of the celebration. I attended the Adorno-price-celebration. Judith made an impressive speech about Adornos famous, at least to his readers famous, sentence: “There is no good life in the bad” German: Es gibt kein richtiges Leben im falschen”. It stems from Adorno’s minima moralia which is seen by some of my former teachers in philosophy as the most important of Adorno’s works, however, textbooks in Philosophy mostly prefer Negative Dialektik or the early Dialektik der Aufklärung as main works.
      Judith’s idea was, that the “good” life means a moral life, and she states that a moral life in our times facing the totally wrong and systematic denying of basic rights to million of people “waiting at fences” can only be a life of protest and resistance. She didn’t mention Israel or Palestine, and it was clear that also the US Mexican border fence or the African refugees in the Mediterranean Sea or at the Greek-Turkish border or at the Egypt-Israel fence or wherever were meant. She didn’t “single out” Israel and this was a great strength of his speech. She spoke in German which was very surprising to me since most Americans don’t bother with foreign languages. It was also a great sign of respect. To me it was somewhat ironic to see all the politicians from Frankfurt sitting and applauding to someone who speaks about protest and resistance. It was a great speech. The celebration itself was a little bit sad, at least to me. For me it was like a family event where an important member of the family is not there. Nobody speaks about them, but all felt the loss. Most people in the Paulskirche felt very uncomfortable to have this event without the Jewish community of Frankfurt.

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