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born part Arab part Scots/Irish, worked in training ulema for the european environment/ journalist broadcaster for many years working mainly for bbc. From a faction of euro-islam much favored by the establishment, writer etc nothing really of interest may as well move along.

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  • 'This is our state, the Jewish state.... our nation, language and flag' --Netanyahu triumphs with new law
    • "Lebanese Cedars were also namechecked in the Old Testament"

      Prior to that Gilgamesh and Enkidu killed the Ogre amongst the Cedars of Lebanon, the Gods killed Enkidu with fever as the Ogre was their watchman, Epic of Gilgamesh, he fears death after losing his lover so religion and all that Jazz.

      (Gilgamesh and Enkidu wrestle and then become friends inseparable, its from Iraq)

      also the snake steals the plant of immortality while Gilgamesh bathes, its the original press.

    • “When does the future begin?”

      i think because there was a comment by a bataween, district of baghdad, which you answered so this made me think of

      Frankenstein in Baghdad by Ahmed Saadawi, for those who still read novels I don't but I know people who do and they tell me about them.

    • "Does your personal heritage permits you to lie that much"

      I'm fairly sure it was Shafi'i of Gaza who said that if the state of enmity between the sects became intense one was authorised to practise "protective dissimulation" in respect of other Muslims, the Wahhabis like to claim it is a Shia innovation it isn't,

      If i had any advise i would read the whole of The Bee, Muhammad Assad translation, but of course the reason for takiya, the necessity of takiya is obvious, the intense prohibition on lying which lies at the heart of Islamic ethics... obviously.

  • Ocasio-Cortez hedges criticisms of Israel-- 'I may not use the right words'
  • As Gazans protest demolition of Khan al-Ahmar, two minors are killed
    • "Today, six million Palestinians dispersed in various refugee camps are denied the right of return to their ancestral Palestine; the other six million lived under occupation in Gaza and the West Bank. For twelve years, two million Palestinians have been imprisoned under a brutal land and sea military blockade in Gaza.

      During this time there were three major military assaults where Gaza was relentlessly bombed for weeks. Recently, since 30 March 2018, unarmed Gaza demonstrators calling for the Right of Return are shot at with high grade military assault rifles leaving more than 124 dead and 13,000 severely wounded with hundreds of amputees and potential amputees. (Dr Swee Ang, Global Research, July 2018"

      “The Criminalization of War: Gaza” will examine:

      The ongoing crimes committed against the people of Palestine,

      The broader process of Israeli territorial expansion,

      Israel and the criminalization of war as defined by the Kuala Lumpur Declaration launched by Tun Mahathir Mohamad in 2005,

      The mounting tide of Islamophobia

      The role of the “Global War on Terrorism” as a pretext to wage war on the broader Middle East,

      The propaganda campaign directed against Palestine,

      The recent history of Israeli aggression against the People of Palestine including the strategic and geopolitical dimensions,

      The Israeli plan to confiscate Gaza’s offshore natural gas reserves.

      For further details on the July 16th meeting on Criminalizing War: Gaza in Kuala Lumpur click image above to access the PGPF facebook page

      For Michel Chossudovsky’s other presentations in Malaysia under the auspices of the International Movement for a Just World (JUST)

  • Netanyahu’s war on transcendence 
    • "doesn’t change the fundamental definition of a ghetto"

      Probably best to start any foray into Ghettology with Sugar Minott

      I am not saying he is not in some way derivative but still its the fundamental text of Ghettoites

  • First they came for Alan Dershowitz
    • "Darn you, Jobs and Wozniak!"

      do you really wanna know about Hard Times

      we buck up ona hard times...3 stone a the fire...the have all have all the have none have none...we buck upon hard times....

      when i was youth i used burn collie weed in a rizla now i am a man i burn it in chalwa..

    • even the defunct an phoblacht anticipated the vote...

      "Senator Ó Donnghaile described the existence of settlements as a war crime and said the Irish government must comply with diplomatic and economic sanctions against the state of Israel.

      “The Irish government cannot on the one hand condemn these illegal colonial settlements and on the other hand freely trade with them.

      “This is the time for action and to make history. We have a duty to not only condemn Israel’s illegal occupation and aggression against the Palestinian people.”

      He continued: “I am calling on all Seanadoirí from all political parties to support this Bill and make a stand for justice, rights and peace in Palestine.” "

  • Hasbara is dead
    • "Make the case against Israel with a bi-partisan approach"

      because despite the American delusion you can not have politics without politics, until the poor "whites" of America learn what class is they aren't going anywhere...Amy Chua knows it, as did Eugene Debs,

      "Listen Up Liberals: Anti-White Discrimination Key to Trump's Election (and Re-Election)

      "White anxiety about antiwhite discrimination cuts across party lines. According to a 2016 Pew study, about half of Republicans believe there is a lot or some discrimination against whites, but so do nearly 30% of Democrats. . . . .There is in fact some justification for these feelings of white marginalization - at least among a certain segment of the white population. Poor and working-class whites have among the highest rates of unemployment and addiction.

      Life expectancy is declining for whites without a high school degree - something true of almost no other demographic, including high school dropouts from other racial groups. Educational prospects for poor white children are extremely bleak. Private tutors and one-thousand dollar SAT courses are completely cost prohibitive to poor or even working-class people - and poor whites don't benefit from affirmative action. Whereas most elite colleges do special outreach for racial minorities, they rarely send scouts to the backwoods of Kentucky. Out of roughly two hundred students in the Yale Law School class of 2019, there appears to be exactly one poor white - or three, if we include students from families living just above the federal poverty line. Administrators have described this class as the 'most diverse' in the school's history.

      "It is simply a fact that the 'diversity' policies at the most selective American universities and in some sectors of the economy have had a disparate adverse impact on whites. Relative to their population percentage, working-class whites, and particularly white Christians from conservative states, are often the most underrepresented group at America's elite universities. White employees increasingly feel victimized by prodiversity promotion policies that they see as discriminating against them - and the United States Supreme Court has agreed, striking down as illegal a particularly bald-faced attempt by the city of New Haven, Connecticut, to invalidate promotions for white firefighters in order to promote more minorities.

      "While whites generally are still extremely disproportionately represented in the U.S. Senate, the media, and the corporate world, working-class whites are decidedly not. Between 1999 and 2008, only 13 of the 783 members of Congress who served had spent more than a quarter of their adulthood in blue-collar jobs.

      As political scientist Nick Carnes writes, 'Although women and racial minorities were still underrepresented at the end of the twentieth century, their gains during the postwar period sharply contrasted [with] the stable underrepresentation of working-class people, who made up between 50% and 60% of the nation during the last hundred years but who constituted 2% or less of the legislators who served in each Congress during that time.'

      "The result of all this is that working-class whites have among the lowest upward mobility rates in the nation. Not surprisingly, when surveyed about the prospects of children today, whites were overwhelmingly more pessimistic than Latinos and blacks. Just 24 percent of whites believed the next generation would be better off financially or the same as their parents, compared to 49 percent of blacks and 62 percent of Latinos.

      "Beyond their economic anxiety, many whites feel an intense cultural anxiety. America's culture wars are nothing if not a fight for the right to define our national identity - and it's a bitter, race-inflected battle. After Beyonceé channeled Black Lives Matter at the 2016 Super Bowl, half the country deified her while the other half accused her of 'cop killer entertainment.' At the 2017 Oscars, the question of whether Best Picture would go to La La Land (a throwback musical that some criticize for 'whitesplaining' jazz) or Moonlight seemed to have massive implications - as did the gaffe that initially gave the award to the former by mistake.

      White male heroes like John Wayne have given way to the clueless white male, who doesn't even know how racist he is, and is regularly made into television sport (as on Saturday Night Live). For tens of millions of white Americans today, mainstream popular culture displays an un-Christian, minority-glorifying LGBTQ America they can't and don't want to recognize as their country - an America that seems to exclude them, to treat them as the enemy."

      ------Amy Chua, Political Tribes, Group Instinct and the Fate of Nations

  • 'We have been ignored': Palestinian diaspora in Guatemala responds to Jerusalem embassy move
    • " i had never heard of it before"

      really, I like this version old man with guitar gets some youth screaming, Dr. Bruce Cockburn.

  • Miriam Adelson urges young American Jews to 'have more Jewish babies' and 'lobby governments' for Israel
    • "Adelson gave $70 million to Birthright earlier this year. At that time, Michael Bloomberg gave the program $2 million"

      as King Kong (the great soundman not the enormous gorilla) sings "dem a pree the money and dem na pree the flock" and "me na see not justice inna dat".

      pree to check out to fixate on...etc

    • " the name is"

      Lag a' Mhuilin, hollow of the mill, in fact.

  • Jewish allies must understand that solidarity entails a loss of privilege
  • Birthright dissident calls on 1000s of Jews doing trip to 'make Birthright uncomfortable'
    • "Buddhist teachings have no room for the idea of a creator God of the type preached by the Abrahamic religions"

      but interestingly they are identical in practise, the Barmaki kept a Buddhist shrine in Balkh long after their conversion, Balkh where Ibrahim Ibni Adhem was born.

      I am not theorist but a practitioner so what is Muraqabat if not Dhyana, faqr (poverty), riazat (lifes hardships, samsara), zuhd (asceticism),.

      As to God, the creator, lets be clear it can not be being have any plans choose anything be anywhere etc kind of like Dharma, the ineluctable working out of things, in my experience Lamas are quite as tiresome as priests or "imams"...Persian literature is full of Buddhism

      it was Shahrastani in ...he died 1100ish ce, who wrote of Buddhists that they are Sufis, Qalandars took over the caves of Buddhists ascetics in Uighur, former Buddhists like many Iranians and Central Asians,

      but I agree Tirthikas and deists cause a lot of trouble, problem is

      "Since nothing ever need be done, there is freedom
      and since nothing occurs, nothing remains

      Since there is no going, the ongoing process of coming comes to an end.

      There is no single thing or duality that occurs by being created.

      Conventional designations do not exist even in the state of confusion

      Their nature is devoid of existence, non-existence, and Karmic process.

      The fruition is timelessly free of ordinary consciousness.

      It is beyond all description, imagination, or expression"

      From the tantra "The Reverberation of Sound"

      or as "The six expanses" puts it

      "within mind itself, in which things manifest within frames of reference,

      whatever establishes these frameworks is pure within its own place"

      thats right people just do nothing, ever, if you can, its gods holy plan.

  • Wah!!! Dershowitz shunned on Martha's Vineyard!
    • "but pedophilia if acted upon is not his own business"

      like 2:33,

      qala ya Adamu, so god says to Adam 'tell them their natures' so he does pronto..but god just ploughs on 'i alone know all the secrets all you reveal and all you conceal" god he's like your sixth sense best not harm anything, if you read it closely, Donald old boy, not harm anything, probably you will suffer though, but you suffer anyway..we don't have no way.

  • 'This is apartheid, there is no better word for it': Calls for boycott growing among mainstream Israelis
    • "We screamed for help as we watched the IDF shoot one of our children in the head and then imprison one of our daughters for reacting like any other human being would after seeing such violence"

      thank you Abu Yusef, Ahed Tamimi is a global superstar, it may not save her i hope it does, thank you.

  • US Jewish leader expresses compassion for refugees at US border-- and contempt for Palestinian refugees
    • "The kid should be stopped by non-lethal means, if possible"

      just stop jon, the horse is dead, "if possible", you don't hear yourself,

      "If an adult criminal sends a kid to commit arson, then the primary responsibility lies with the adult (in this case Hamas)"

      "If......." ...." ..(in this case Hamas)"

      have you seen the picture of Yasser Amjad Abu Naja (13) with his head blown out....if an adult ....if are a lost soul man...but kind of no loss judging by your deliberations, no loss to us, because of kites ...the kid should not be killed, if possible, but you safe from Amjad now, sleep easy, enjoy the world cup.

  • Birthright walkout is met with vitriolic rage in Israel -- 'Radicals' 'You will get raped'
    • “to say something I don’t want to say”.

      "The death of free expression in England
      Robert Henderson

      The convictions in 2018 of Jeremy “Jez” Bedford-Turner and Alison Chabloz for simply saying things our politically correct elite do not want to hear set a new benchmark for the imposition on England of the totalitarian creed which is political correctness. It is a totalitarian creed because (1) it touches on all aspects of life through the application of the non-discrimination or equality principle and (2) its followers insist that there is only one permissible view, the politically correct one.

      The convictions

      Mr Bedford-Turner has been found guilty of inciting racial hatred in a speech he made outside of Downing Street and sentenced to 12 months imprisonment, of which half will be served on licence. The main thrust of the speech was his concern about the close relationship between the Metropolitan Police and a charity Shomrim which acts as a private Jewish security force.

      Ms Chabloz, a singer and musician, has been convicted of three offences relating to the use of a public electronic service. These arise from three songs she had written which were placed on social media and deemed to be grossly insulting to Jews.

      Ms Chabloz was sentenced to 20 weeks imprisonment suspended for two years, given 180 hours of community service plus a fine, victim’s surcharge and costs. She is also banned from using social media for a year. Moreover, the conviction will continue to hinder her both socially and professionally after the two years are spent because it will make it difficult or impossible for her to enter countries, especially places such as the USA and Canada."

  • It's time for Tom Friedman to face the contradictions of liberal Zionism, and move on
    • "that I hadn’t been living inside of anything but a mythology" Liz Rose

      "Because man dare not live with men alone,

      But always with another fairy-tale"

      Abu al 'Ala al Ma'ari,

  • Israeli activists respond to Palestinian call, hang photos of fallen protesters along Gaza fence
  • What it means to survive in Gaza
    • "When I am not consumed with these psychological questions, I like to travel in my imagination. I do this every day. I don’t need travel documents in order to be able to do this, nor do I need anyone to open the crossing for me.....

      I hope that I managed to drop a few hints that can help open some ears and doors"

      Hanan that was wonderful, best of luck.

  • Hitchhiking to Treblinka
    • "A taliban bigshot claimed there were only 2 places for women"

      One day Ibni Marwan met the great Layla Akhiliya he asked her

      "What is it in a man women most like"

      "Cheeks like a woman"

      "What else"

      "Hair like a womans"

      "And what else"

      "Sire an older man needs authority or wealth to be successful with women, so Amir al Mumineen a man like yourself"

  • Extremist settlers burn Palestinian olive orchards in northern West Bank
  • Gaza protests are where we say 'NO' to Trump's decision to move embassy -- demonstrator explains
    • To whom should we complain?
      And who listens to our complaints?

      Should we complain of our death by humiliation to our lord and master?
      And will death bring us back to life?

      We are a herd of sheep and the butcher is our shepherd
      And we are exiles…walking in our own lands

      We carry our coffin for a castle
      And express our condolences…from ourselves…to ourselves

      Because our lord and master
      - May he live for ever - !!!

      Saw us as a "middle nation" (Islamic concept of moderation)
      So left us without a dunya (world) and without a deen (religion)

      Rulers, no, you have not betrayed us
      You have not shown yourselves as weak

      May our lord reward you
      You have turned our lands into a nightmare for our enemies

      You have granted our wishes
      And here is Al Aqsa thanking you

      For in your condemnations, at times
      and in your threats, at other times

      You have broken American's nose
      So she did not move her embassy

      And if she did, God forbid
      We would have lost Palestine
      This victory is enough for you and enough for us
      Our congratulations.

      Ahmed Matar

  • 'Ali is on the grill!' Israeli settlers celebrate burning of Palestinian baby
    • "There is no such thing as “Arabic”."

      Modern Standard Arabic they do say is taking over, but who doesn't love their local slang

      ask an Arab lady Arabic teacher

  • US leaves UN Human Rights Council, a 'cesspool' of bias against Israel
  • IDF snipers: choosing who to shoot
    • "a helpless creature?"

      In the case of Musawi the Israelis did know his six year old son was in the car with him and burned to death, servir l'etat, you have to forget as you remember.

    • "nobody’d dare lay a finger on us" "Mooser"

      "As I pass through my incarnations in every age and race,
      I make my proper prostrations to the Gods of the Market Place...."


      As it will be in the future, it was at the birth of Man —
      There are only four things certain since Social Progress began: —
      That the Dog returns to his Vomit and the Sow returns to her Mire,
      And the burnt Fool's bandaged finger goes wabbling back to the Fire;

      And that after this is accomplished, and the brave new world begins
      When all men are paid for existing and no man must pay for his sins,
      As surely as Water will wet us, as surely as Fire will burn,
      The Gods of the Copybook Headings with terror and slaughter return!" Kipling. R

      "wabbling fingers" you good with those?

      "And the Gods of the Copybook Headings, I notice, outlast them all"

  • Organizer of the Great March of Return says protests in Gaza 'must go on'
    • "and sporrans were in fact ancient Israeli garments and accessories"

      why would the uncircumcised have a need for sporrans, the case makes itself, haggis, neeps and stovies, as Mr. Cohen demonstratedJews have an affinity for 3's of things so thats probably one of theirs too.

      As Iran face Spain, what score would be best for Jews do you think, being a "people" is so tiring being no more than a person is at least facing a fundamental reality, you just another being, they are infinite.

    • Page: 23
  • If I had to live in Israel again, 'it would actually drive me insane' -- Shaul Magid
    • " I think it would actually drive me insane"

      oddly Tarafa wrote, kind of echoing 'Ecclesiastes 1:18'

      "Too much wisdom is folly; for time will produce events, of which thou canst have no idea; and he, to whom thou gavest no commission, will bring thee unexpected news" (unexpected news)

      where does Magid live now?

      "For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow"

      If your sanity relies on being unrealistic it can't it says in the Quran 2:267-9

      "O you who have attained to faith! Spend on others out of the good things which you may have acquired, and out of that which We bring forth for you from the earth; and choose not for your spending the bad things which you yourselves would not accept without averting your eyes in disdain. And know that God is self-sufficient, ever to be praised.

      2:268 Satan threatens you with the prospect of poverty and bids you to be niggardly, whereas God promises you His forgiveness and bounty; and God is infinite, all-knowing,

      2:269 granting wisdom unto whom He wills: and whoever is granted wisdom has indeed been granted wealth abundant. But none bears this in mind save those who are endowed with insight.

      2:270 For, whatever you may spend on others, or whatever you may vow [to spend], verily, God knows it; and those who do wrong [by withholding charity] shall have none to succour them.

      2:271 If you do deeds of charity openly, it is well; but if you bestow it upon the needy in secret, it will be even better for you, and it will atone for some of your bad deeds. And God is aware of all that you do."

      wisdom is easy its what you are anyway wisdom in flesh and blood, don't forget who you are and freak out, the American nightmare is nearly over.

    • " is to provoke Mondoweiss members to reply with Antisemetic comments in order to claim this website is Racist"

      it's like Simalcuz went to college,

      "Hegemony, especially when irresponsibly exercised, inevitably results in a backlash."

      I would guess he is mid-course, probably snorting Aderall in the back row and not taking notes, "backlash" is nearly a classic.

  • You can no more be a socialist Zionist than you can be a meat-eating vegan
    • "The early mode of Zionist colonisation necessitated that it be carried out collectively as the most efficient mode. This was also true in the American and South African settler colonies. Settlements could only be defended on a collective basis. Private enterprise was incapable of building up the institutions necessary to create the Zionist framework of the future Israeli state"

      and in response the Palestinians of Gaza are dissolving governance

      Siege and resistance in Gaza: an interview with Toufic Haddad

      "We are witnessing yet another popular uprising launched around all the historical issues of the Palestinian movement (for return, self-determination, liberation etc.), and seeing all the new means that Israel and the international “community” have used to try to control and subvert Palestinian rights.

      There is yet another important factor. Hamas, which won the 2006 elections [for the Palestinian Legislative Council] and attempted to reform the Palestinian national movement through the Palestinian Authority’s state-like institutions, eventually concluded that Gaza is ungovernable within existing constraints.

      Self-governance – the crowning achievement of the Oslo Accords signed in the 1990s – became a way to alleviate Israel from the most “burdensome” elements of its occupation, while leaving it in ultimate control.

      Hamas is abandoning civil governance and service provision because it understands, correctly, that it is a trap. The Palestinian Authority cannot manage Gaza and its contradictions without sovereignty and freedom of movement and goods"

  • The dangers of conflating anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism
  • Ireland: A special case of Palestine solidarity
    • "a lot in common with Irish folk"

      I am in the south, there are Arabs everywhere, if Egyptians still qualify, Syrians make my bread, they seem to get along with the Irish, I am so misanthropic haven't a clue why, but to be fair Arabs are on their best behaviour, next generation we shall see.

  • Laurie Anderson screams in Jerusalem, but has nothing to say about Gaza
    • "laurie anderson is a scab"

      she remember when one young Bonaparte went to South Africa to observe the Zulu war and he got too close and some Zulus killed him...with edged weapons... oh superman...laurie is a scab too true.

  • The way to the 'occupied lands'
    • “While we, and our children, suffer to get our basic needs. My heart was breaking every time I watch a child enjoying their childhood and having enough space to grow while my daughter lacks all of it.”

      "I would like to know what she envisioned doing and happening in this event" why? and isn't

      "with the violations of our rights," the answer you are looking for?

      Perhaps call her in for questioning if she is ever allowed to leave Gaza again?

      you were not affected by the conditions under which these people are forced to live?

      "Majd was shot in the leg on May 14, the day of the heaviest injuries and casualties in the Gaza Strip since the 2014 war. in the memory of Nakba. He told Mondoweiss: “I’ll not stop until I return to my land.” "

      you are implying there is something illegitimate in this mans struggle? If so what?

      Do you think if they gave up being Arabs that would help you to see them as human beings with all the rights you imagine you are endowed with? Samar watching her daughter fail to thrive in a poisoned prison camp recording events at the fence and you want to question her? Stephen get a hold yourself

      "what she envisions doing" going home with her daughter, are you implying she "envisions" doing something reprehensible, if so what?

      maybe you could write a personal note to Samar, Reem and Majd explaining the limits of legitimate struggle for the Palestinians trapped in Gaza and the "envisionings" of their future, tell them why it is right that they can never go home, wrong to aspire to it, that they should refrain from their threatening behaviour at the prison walls...and not speak Arabic in Israel,

      why are you so threatened by the appalling suffering imposed on these people that you instead of standing with them want to catch a young woman out, didn't you read her story? where should her daughter go?

  • Portman and Perlman, and the liberal Zionist awakening
    • "We praise ourselves for our superior ethical nature"

      which is about as spiritually toxic as it is possible to be,

      "praise ourselves" why? what good is that,

      one time a man went up to a Lama and told him

      "I have done 10 million Benza Guru mantras"

      "Oh" said the Lama (Rabbi)

      the guy was a bit put out so raised his voice

      "I have completed 10 million Benza Guru mantras"

      The Lama fixed him eye to eye and said

      "Oh, what a shame"

  • 'Our stones are stronger than their weapons': thousands in Gaza demonstrate for the ninth straight Friday
    • "to sacrifice their lives to be heard"

      so why are you discussing the Palestinians in Gaza and not say those in the Lebanese camps or Jordan, do you hear them?

    • " Let us pray there are some pragmatic Palestinian minds paying attention….. for the sake of not only Palestinians but all of us"

      I agree best to start with an unwarranted slur against the Palestinian people, "not only Palestinians but all of us"...? by which you mean what exactly?

      "You are offering insights into what is necessary to turn around the misfortunes of Palestinians"

      you have no shame do you, you know how to "turn around the misfortunes of Palestinians", which is

      " If Palestinians posed no threat that could be believed by rational people Israel would still vilify them but they would have to expose their true attitude"

      oh dear "rational people"..."expose their true attitude"...Fucking Palestinians if only they had you're and Stephens insights..5000 wounded 100 dead, no Israeli casualties, medieval siege 70 years of expulsion bombing repression murder and massacre, fucking Palestinians if only they'd been pragmatic none of that would have been necessary...smug hatred posing as impassioned you even fool yourself with that shit?

  • They prayed for Gaza's dead. Now it's time to say the mourner's prayer for Zionism
    • "Keith, why does any of that matter? I am going to assume for the sake of argument that you have a deep understanding of Jewish history, which I do not"

      no need to go to that extent

      " I sort of doubt you do" shit whats with Americans you can't be trusted with treaties nor with your own freely entered in to assumptions, slippery customers.

      "But lots of people belong to groups with history and traditions of which they are proud—"

      I was once a stalwart of Streatham and Croydon Rugby Club, we would get drunk before the game and lose badly with many injuries it was a proud tradition which we never violated.

      "sometimes the history is romanticized or mythical" if you can arrange enough platitudes in a straight line thats yatzee isn't it

      "So long as they don’t claim a license to start violating other people’s rights"

      there is this site Mondoweiss it has a column by the wonderful Kate, it may not be for you She uses the word Palestinian quite regularly even though they are fly in the ointment of Anti-Aparthiedism,

      "why does it matter?" can i refer you to your concluding observation...

      "In some cases the tradition might even urge people to be compassionate. Then it is a good thing, isn’t it?"

      without lying to yourself which "tradition" did you have in mind, ones you don't know anything about perhaps? or ones you recognise all too well,

      I am much sought after to teach the compassion practices associated with certain ngondro cycles, I am very strict with my students and I can tell Donald that in your usage compassion is but an empty word, comforting and useless compassion is hard Donald tears at the very foundation of self and its morbid self- cherishing, i only consider people with 20 years or more consistent practise experience, the last two both German cracked up had to leave early, its tough.

      like Jonny Osbourne sings "go to Church on Sunday no love in your heart on Monday"

      why does it matter ask a Palestinian, your own heart or Avalokiteshvara

      I pay homage to Noble Avalokiteśvara, recalling his qualities:
      Forever joyful at the happiness of others,
      And plunged into sorrow whenever they suffer,
      You have fully realized Great Compassion, with all its qualities,
      And abide, without a care for your own happiness or suffering!

      om mani peme hung hri

    • "What makes them “Jewish ethics”? Simple.
      They’re the kind of ethics which don’t allow you to fire on, (spot aim and fire in cold blood) at unarmed Palestinian demonstrators, or invent excuses for doing so"

      yes Mooser like when Peter Tosh does a version of that Nina Simone song

      "invent excuses"..

      "Downpresser man
      You can't run, you can't bribe Jah-Jah
      Can't call him in a bar
      Fe can drink some
      Devil soup (make a deal)
      Can't bribe him to run a car now
      Can't test him faith
      Downpresser man"

      downpresser people and their enablers are so tedious, i really love that paragraph you wrote, inspiring like a Beethoven crescendo, you a master at this, radiallahuanhu

    • "You oppose Israeli apartheid" and so don't need to support Palestinians

      "A handful of people here have various other axes to grind"

      sure but I don't think tribally, racially, denominationally, communally, nationally not even personally really and I am not waiting for a great new beginning, not another one..

      An Irish TD in Dail Eireann quotes some words of serving Israeli ministers,

      sure you anti-Apartheid and pro-nothing, how liberal is your Zionism..let me count the ways, incidentally members of Hamas are also subject to these inhuman policies but you got your axe ground and sharp for them, don't you? the Dail a million times better than your lame Houses.

    • "your indictment of all jews for their moral weakness has been noted"

      "my theory: the arab world has been on its heels since the mongol invasion and has yet to bounce back. that’s 800 years of backwardness. tough to recover overnight" but thats not really a theory is it?

      "but the imprisonment of gaza is nothing that i can explain away and it is a fact that needs to be faced" which one are you going to use for that?

      "care to explain the poor state of the arab world in 2018?" or Africa? or Iraq? South East Asia was in a mess some time ago, do you know why?

      You don't need any help with indictment Yonah, thats not weakness thats racism pure and simple, face up to it sooner rather than later.

    • "Holy Trinity of Jewish Identity" shit man the Christians really got to you, that was uncalled for

      "Everywhere else I get called a self-hating Jew"

      "This is a pretty harsh comment forum"

      In these days of the Gaza Fence you're flippancy makes me think Robert how can you hate yourself when you don't even know yourself, never met him.

      "God, the Torah and the Jewish people", I have always thought that if you were going to hyphenate Zionism with anything it should be with white racism or European Genocidal Settler Colonialism-Zionism, rather than with Judeo.."trinity"..?

      thats a bigger more permissive club than the warm embrace of the Jewish community, as an aside the people who call you "self-hating" call me and people like me less than human irrationally murderous doomed to wallow in our low IQ morally worthless lives and having no right to ownership of anything, just as well I am too hardcore to give a shit about the attitudes of phoney moral and spiritual weaklings like you, you going to have to find a new way to talk to the victims of the crimes of you and your community,

      Its time you look in to the astonishing tolerance you have for the grave crimes you at very least let pass with little resistance, every member of your community is hanging on the Gaza Fence, Judaism is dying because of cowardice, with your arses on silk you think you have forever to muse about to what extent you destroy our lives and is about you understanding that it is not about you but your victims, two ears one mouth.

      there is a sufi saying "what you can do for yourself, do it...what can only be done by others allow them to do it"

      "Today’s Jewish rebels could become the nucleus of a future Jewish leadership that understands that to move on we must let go of some old ideas that have not turned out as well as some had first hoped"

      you had better start talking to and supporting Palestinians you have so fucked up the Jewish community that without the help of the Palestinians you are lost, i guess you can see that now it is obvious, perhaps they would like to hear of all you have suffered for your excellent principles or you could look in to finding another way to talk,

      write to Ahed Tamimi she has free time nothing to do, She could give you some pointers on how to deal with hardcore shit, she has angel eyes.

  • Haifa activists vow to continue protests following 'brutal' police crackdown
    • "The hideous mangling of every direct quote"

      please give an example, otherwise you are going to look stupid,

      "I cannot make sense of who said what" Buttu said Ali replied, for example, i know whats going on. Is everybody talking at you? and you don't hear what they say?

      "denies the people reported upon the chance" I think the problems you're end we' re receiving loud and clear here, perhaps try something less challenging to get you started.

      also your comment was total shit, unless you up your game i won't be reading the next one, you only get one chance, you blew it.

  • Falsely accusing Palestinians of anti-Semitism is malicious
    • "The entire concept of “semitism” is spurious"

      Lets all be Celts, and settle our disputes in the car park too drunk to fight, no harm but everyone gets to express themselves...even the spurned...lets all be Gaels from now on.

  • Rob Malley and Chris Hayes can't talk about Adelson's influence in scrapping Iran deal
  • Life in Gaza
    • It is very bad manners to cross post an article from Counterpunch but this worth serious consideration for those Americans determined to escape the stultifying trap of demonisation

      Stanley Cohen, he checked out the real situation..

      "I have known well most of its founders and current leadership including those that have either been assassinated or languish, today, in Israeli prisons and elsewhere denied any scrap of justice or due process. Over the years, I have spent literally thousands of hours meeting with movement leaders in prisons, at conferences, in Palestine and elsewhere.

      These are virtuous, dedicated, nationalists who seek not power for the sake of it or personal profit but have long stood among those who have fought against overwhelming odds and violence to lead the way toward a Palestinian home built of the marrow of freedom, justice and equality.

      Contrary to the Israeli and Western effort to reduce Hamas to a collective of essentially unschooled or unsophisticated foreign born so-called Islamists, nothing could be further from the truth. Hamas is a movement born of Palestine, composed of Palestinians who were raised on the very streets where the blood of their people and families, has been lost to the occupation terror imposed by Israel. For the many who suffer from a now decade old blockade of Gaza–with its lack of food, water, medicine and mobility–Hamas and their families have known the same isolation and paid a like price"

  • UN head says Gazans 'caged in a toxic slum from birth to death' as human rights council votes to investigate Israel
    • "Hamas has to be held accountable for much that goes on in Gaza"

      well perhaps but that will be by the Palestinian people should they think it necessary, and not Kay by you or any one associated with the US or Israeli societies..that would be ridiculous...

      you don't have the standing

  • On Gaza: The end will continue
    • Hi Keith

      so many issues relate to this but if you in to education related stuff, i am rushed, i have link about Chris Searle and the school strike in support of him it strikes at the heart of what are still very current issues heres a link etc look in to it if you like, to the struggle for education against employer led and government monitored training.

    • "the historical judgment is certain. Let’s be honest"

      an old acquaintance of my family Ziauddin Sardar spoke with Andre Vlitchek and is quoted in this latest piece

      "When the Saudi Crown Prince gave an interview to the Washington Post, declaring that it was actually the West that encouraged his country to spread Wahhabism to all corners of the world, there was a long silence in almost all the mass media outlets in the West, but also in countries such as Egypt and Indonesia."

      Sardar remarks

      “Trust between Islam and the West has indeed been broken… We need to realize that colonialism did much more than simply damage Muslim nations and cultures. It played a major part in the suppression and eventual disappearance of knowledge and learning, thought and creativity, from Muslim cultures. The colonial encounter began by appropriating the knowledge and learning of Islam, which became the basis of the ‘European Renaissance’ and ‘the Enlightenment’ and ended by eradicating this knowledge and learning from both from Muslim societies and from history itself. It did that both by physical elimination – destroying and closing down institutions of learning, banning certain types of indigenous knowledge, killing off local thinkers and scholars – and by rewriting history as the history of western civilization into which all minor histories of other civilization are subsumed.”

      “As a consequence, Muslim cultures were de-linked from their own history with many serious consequences. For example, the colonial suppression of Islamic science led to the displacement of scientific culture from Muslim society. It did this by introducing new systems of administration, law, education and economy all of which were designed to impart dependence, compliance and subservience to the colonial powers. The decline of Islamic science and learning is one aspect of the general economic and political decay and deterioration of Muslim societies. Islam has thus been transformed from a dynamic culture and a holistic way of life to mere rhetoric. Islamic education has become a cul-de-sac, a one-way ticket to marginality. It also led to the conceptual reduction of Muslim civilization. By which I mean concepts that shaped and gave direction to Muslim societies became divorced from the actual daily lives of Muslims – leading to the kind of intellectual impasse that we find in Muslim societies today. Western neo-colonialism perpetuates that system.”

      when it comes to judgement there is going to be one long queue outside Mr. History's office.

  • Donald Trump is a hero to Jewish Israelis
    • "Homonyms prowl round the house all night"

      don't touch them the dirty things carry "Homonymous Hemianopia", which isn't half as bad as it sounds but why risk it, Antonyms are so expensive these days

      if you are invited to Homo Si Tec (it's in Cakavaski), it is unlikely to be as shocking as one has every right to expect unless they do so over an unreasonable distance.

  • Debunking 18 claims justifying this week's Gaza massacre
    • "why children are being allowed/encouraged to be in the midst of a riot"

      allowed because Palestinians are easily controlled, having no agency eh...but why whines the naif..

      Both Palestinian and Arab women and children have been targeted by the US and Israeli armies, they can be abused, murdered, raped, tortured but when they fight back you get the vapours since they are not excluded from the conflict they'd better fight back what is their alternative, the good graces of American and Israeli imperialism (including its settler variant).


      "Politics of Precarious Childhood: Ill Treatment of Palestinian Children under the Israeli Military Order This paper examines the corollaries of the exceptional treatment of Palestinian children under the Israeli military rule. It is shown how the widespread and systematic ill treatment of Palestinian children accrues from exceptional provisions and lack of legal cover of the Israeli military law. Such lack constitutes a precarious condition under which Palestinian children are not treated as children but as a security threat legally accountable for their acts, in many respects with ways similar to adults. Precarity, the paper argues, is produced through three conditions. First, the lack of protection is institutionalised through the legal, territorial and population-regulating techniques internal to state channels. Second, the lack of protection delegates significant power to the discretion of what Judith Butler calls the ‘petty sovereigns’ – to the soldiers, interrogators, police officers, etc., who are asked to rely on their own judgment when making decisions on the fundamental matters regarding the order and justice, even life and death of children. Third, the use of discretionary power is not only encouraged by the legal system and its exceptions; it also works in tandem with the institutional culture of impunity that accepts the violent disciplining, even torture, of Palestinian children"

      Politics of Precarious Childhood. (PDF Download Available). Available from: [accessed May 19 2018].

  • Peace begins with Israel ending the Nakba
    • yes I know don't they believe he emerged from a top hat with the constitution engraved on two gold plates, and then lied about the fruit tree and was lynched but was redeemed and arose in Tijuana riding with Emiliano Zapata, a fascinating people the Yanks, but no wonder they're confused.

    • "What Palestinians need is their George Washington who will energize them"

      how inapt, but actually that was Zohra Driffs issue how to wake a somnolent people being crushed and exterminated from their despairing apathy, not always in a manner consonant with civility.

      do you know Badawi al Jabal and the origin of his work Holy Flames, its quite a story better than cherry trees and redcoats, no one needs anymore G.W's.

  • After the Gaza massacre, how can Jews sleep well at night?
    • Why do all those who advocated a Gandhian approach not celebrate the Palestinians quintessentially Gandhian confrontation with injustice...where are all the Gandhians?

      the picture of the wheel chair warrior who Israeli snipers killed made me think of

      "The strength to kill is not essential for self-defence; one ought to have the strength to die. When a man is fully ready to die, he will not even desire to offer violence"

      "I have been repeating over and over again that he who cannot protect himself or his nearest and dearest or their honour by non-violently facing death may and ought to do so by violently dealing with the oppressor. He who can do neither of the two is a burden. He has no business to be the head of a family. He must either hide himself, or must rest content to live for ever in helplessness and be prepared to crawl like a worm at the bidding of a bully.
      The strength to kill is not essential for self-defence; one ought to have the strength to die. When a man is fully ready to die, he will not even desire to offer violence"

      or you can read the whole thing sounds like Fearless in Gaza to me but then Gandhi isn't supposed to make you feel bad its about revolting condescension towards Palestinians, not a goddamn Gandhian in sight...he never said it would be bloodless...even children facing death..

      i get the feeling that most Americans get nothing from Palestinian heroism, it doesn't compute the urge to demean to lecture is just irresistible just more disgust with Arabs ...weird do I not have my finger on the white pulse..often surprise me

      check it out ...

  • 'Today is one of the most tragic days in the history of the Jewish people': one American Jew's response to the Gaza massacre
    • "are you thinking clearly?"

      if you subject America to simple institutional analysis Jewish power is subsumed within an ocean of moneyed interests, the politics of American communalism generate endless threats to order, the powerful conniving Jew, the rampant Black man, the welfare queen, the lazy mooching wet-back, the vengeful Arab,

      and now the 'goys', who they? have they been trying to do good and Jews not letting them, the emergence of Angry White Man ( can the Incel movement really be real, i don't want to be a goy boy if it is, thats a psyop, no real man admits to not being able to get laid, its against nature, we lie, I am not sure what role Jews have played in this, i won't look into it) is frankly hilarious despite all the suffering

      I would avoid communalism like the plague, like theology its just nonsense, no one ever worries about the Greeks.

    • "Stupid antisemitic remark"

      No Jews Were Harmed in the making of that comment, your timing and insensitivity are spectacular, imagine how outraged about 'anti-semitism' in comments(?) you are going to be when ( 56 dead 1900 wounded) when Israel kills 1000 Palestinians on the border,

      so somebody said something you really think it is appropriate, perhaps stupid bitter, do you think it respectful! to introduce anti-semitism into the thread..really? respectful to the dead who are themselves labelled rabid unreasoning anti-semites (56 dead 1900 wounded was that yesterday, today what)

      you should be ashamed

  • Dystopia: The Live Feed
  • Nikki Haley blames Iran, Hamas for deaths of Palestinian protesters, as UN officials call to investigate Israel
    • "Israel plasters Gaza with leaflets telling Gazans to stay home"

      Like Twain said what can you do with the apogee of satire

    • Did I see her walkout during the Palestinian representatives speech?

      America is achieving the irrelevance she so richly deserves, the mediators and deal makers?

      These people would be incompetent gangsters, i suppose is life easy when you speak only in the language of sanctions, assassinations and war..know no restraint or law.

      America should stop listening to those voices in its head, unless it is enamoured of Gander Sauce.

      when you kill us it isn't blood you spill its just the iron that is in our souls.

      things are about to get really really difficult, it doesn't matter anymore who is to blame

      no point in harbouring fear, you can't hear us speak so like in space you can't hear us scream,

      so fear for is pointless for us, like Winston sings Fear, my life start and is ending in colonial wars in all the same places, you have to choose you know not just wring your hands and regret it all we can't stop and I know to whom I offer my whole hearted support.

      If you have no fear you have no anger either or any need of exhausting hope this is us, can be easy no need to be uptight this is us all of us, so whatever you do be easy, it comes naturally like for Winston

    • "More likely he’d be spinning"

      you just invented that whole cloth, me old salt or is it you disgraceful Dandi, when you have an embarrassment of riches you mess up, i've got no discipline.

  • Israeli government minister justifies Gaza massacre by calling Palestinians 'Nazis'
    • "According to jon s...that means they can be massacred"

      JonS ....

      ah Jonshua....i didn't altar a thing

  • Live Blog: Massacre in Gaza as US and Israel celebrate embassy move to Jerusalem
    • "An “achievement” for Hamas"

      I note this marks the end of the so called Jewish Ethical Tradition, when not bleating about their own trauma the murderers both blame and lampoon their victims,

      what a worthless excuse for a man..

  • 'Superpowers will not give us freedom so we will take it with our own hands': scenes from Gaza's final Friday protest at the border
    • “People here are tired of life"

      yes man I have come to Dublin for Nakba day, we going to Dabke all day and then to Shakshuka

      , I didn't book a table ...because its my birthright, and barman tonite in the Shelbourne hotel is a Tunisian called Sa'afi, he asked me "Sir where are you from"...English went out the window ...and then it was all Arabs, he makes a mean mint julep, we going to take back all that is ours, and then a drain a glass of Malbec, sweet and salt like blood.

    • "I certainly would not"

      the land you are on is where they used to eat from, the space you are in is where they used to live jon, why take us for fools.

    • "through which supplies are delivered to their own people"

      i mean what could be the problem, right, how is your food delivered?

  • Ahed Tamimi's brother detained in overnight raid on Nabi Saleh
    • Do you remember

      "At 5 o’clock 11-year-old A’hd Tamimi was struck by a rubber bullet in the arm and carried, crumpled, into the house where I was sitting. She wasn’t crying. A journalist came limping after her, hit in the thigh. By then the Israelis had shut off power to the village and a tear gas attack had set a neighbor’s yard on fire and soldiers were firing live rounds into the air to intimidate people. I felt trapped. All I wanted to do was leave"

      A bad day in Nabi Saleh by Philip Weiss Nov 12 2012, as the video of her interrogation demonstrated that girl has experience and is very competent.

  • Ending seventy years of exile for Palestinian refugees
  • Mahmoud Abbas seals his intellectually impoverished legacy
    • " so if Abbas wants to argue that Ashkenazi Jews are not native to the region he can stress that point"

      I suppose he could but this whole insanity derives from this way of looking at ancestry and descent contrived by Zionism, the history of the actual population of the area is also complex I am apparently descended from a group some of whom who were at one time Hijazi Jews, that is not an area of dispute in the family, we have no information about when our forbears "converted", there are in our history as in everyones many lacunae, Zaid once reminded me, rather sharply, how much Arabs do not like this way of looking at things,

      the problem is the savage injustice of Zionism not what we think of "Jews", the point is the theft of the rights of Palestinians not their failure to recognise one whole lot of irrelevance about the nature of Jewish descent, experience or history, I think discussions of Palestinian attitudes to Israelis, Jews or the Holocaust are an incredible act of arrogant inhumanity on the part of western observers,

      its not the issue and making it an issue in the overall context Europeans and Americans and Israelis are going to lecture us about prejudice, don't make me laugh,

      In Germany a woman is being told she can't wear a Hijab as a teacher and in France prominent people have called for the re-writing of the Quran, while we prepare to destroy Syria and Iran,

      have already slaughtered untold numbers, but Holocaust denial? really be serious.

    • " I was talking more about the pure feudal model, from which reality diverged more or less in different places and at different"

      I know very little about this history only these very few facts because it was part of material I had to organise for a guy working in sharia compliant financial instruments, and there was all this stuff about Venetian, I honestly didn't know they were Florentine, bankers and i was struck that in the back of mind I thought lending at interest was not allowed at that time, I know very little about feudal Europe, it never came up much in my reading.

    • its better with the bit you excised

      " Our findings support the Khazarian hypothesis depicting a large Near Eastern–Caucasus ancestry along with Southern European, Middle Eastern, and Eastern European ancestries, in agreement with recent studies and oral and written traditions"

      and also the startling result that Saudis (Arabians) are (distribute separately) distinct from other middle eastern populations, what does that mean?

    • "which were prohibited for Christians"

      neither of great the houses of Bardi or Peruzzi were Jewish and yet lent money at interest, famously the merchant bank aspects of their businesses collapsed when Edward 3rd defaulted, i don't recall the rates but know that their losses calculated with the incurred interest that they would have expected to charge are reckoned at 700,000 florins and 500,000 florins respectively, they fell out of banking but are still around and aristocrats, at least Bardi and thus I guess Peruzzi also, Edwin Hunt writes about them, they adapted Eastern commercial practises, double entry bookkeeping and issuance of cheques...there is some interesting stuff about Jews using Christian intermediaries so as to be able to realise an interest bearing transaction between themselves, the intermediary charged a fee drawn on the interest,

      I think the story of European Jews is more complex and interesting, they were a significant part of the rebellious "robber bands" of medieval Europe..Benjamin writes about them, like gangs or something equally racy and exciting, not all accountants.

  • By wrecking Iran deal, Trump politicized Israel
    • "The “cleverest hasbarist of all” had to ask his Chef Rabbi"

      I know you get an encomium even when being flamed, blessed art thou amongst the sons of Hasbara, did you feel as we went through the looking glass and Iran fired on Israel from Jabal Tonkin, or was it Wadi Maine...

    • Some shocking admissions and hardly adequate excuses offered by Max Blumenthal at MOA for his previous positions re Syria.

      Do you not think

      "didn’t take a serious look at what was actually going on"

      should be the motto for American observers of the Arab World, or the Empire in general.

      "Yes, Max "didn’t take a serious look at what was actually going on" in Syria. And didn't for five more years. He began writing for Al Akhbar in Lebanon in July, 2011. As a journalist, he was obligated to inform himself about what was happening before writing about it. Syrian police and military had already been massacred by then. Post office workers had been thrown to their deaths from the roof because they were "government supporters." The violence of the "protesters" was even being reported in Israeli newspapers.

      He says he "didn’t think it was going to become, you know, the 7-year devastating conflict that it became." That is apparent. Libya was already descending into the F-UK-US “Mission Accomplished” with NATO bombers warming up to finish the job. Perhaps Max’s dad had assured him that Syria would follow the same pattern his emails with Hillary Clinton show he had helped plan and define in Libya.

      BTW: Has he ever addressed his father's role in the destruction of the once most prosperous country on the African continent? I haven't read or heard anything from Max on Syd Blumenthal's pre-Qaddafi "removal" explanation that Libya had to be destroyed to:

      Steal their nationalized oil.
      Confiscate the hundreds of tons of gold and silver Libya held.
      Prevent Libya from establishing a gold-backed currency and pan-African development bank to compete with the US petro-dollar and IMF, and lift Africa out of neo-colonial subservience.
      Yeah. Max was "pretty quiet on Libya and not really - didn’t really make any coherent statements on that either."

      That newspaper that Max publicly maligned and quit ("grandstanding" as he now says) "had taken an anti-imperialist agenda." Did that paper ever reject any articles Max wrote defending "the Syrian revolution"? I didn’t think so. Who had "an agenda"? Because it sure sounds like it was Max who was so focused on his new book release and two upcoming book tours that at the least he abandoned journalistic values. Or did he fear that "being associated" with a paper that also published articles critical of "the revolution" could hurt book sales?

      After all, he thought it was all going to be over soon anyway"

  • The 'fake news' story is fake news
    • in relation to Nigeria my initiation in to the real world was when i was six and they killed the Sardauna and then war...

      just out of interest here is letter about Ahmadu Bello Sardauna of Sokoto Hausa-Fulani descsndant of Usman dan Fodio, nothings ever been the same since..allah ka jikan Gamji dan kwarai

      "In Memory Of Late Sir Ahmad Bello
      Late Sir Ahmadu Bello, the Sardauna of Sokoto also Gamji dan kwarai (May Allah grant him eternal peace) ‘’was a politician of distinction, unaffected by selfish interest, dedicated to service and committed to unity and the brotherhood of the human person’’ Late Wada Nas.
      On 15thJanuary 1966 he was killed by misguided military officers mostly Igbos, as a result of failed coup d’état. The Ahmadu Gamji Dan Kwarai was a fundamentalist for unity, an embodiment of democracy and civilization. He dedicated his life for service to humanity and he died in such. He worked assiduously for unity of Nigeria and North in particular.
      During his reign the North was a united entity with no reference to tribe or religion, people in the region came to be associated with NORTHERNERS as a tribal name, rather than reference to a particular region, religion or race as the current situation.
      In his time the north was a magnet; attracting all sphere of human being. The over two hundred tribal groups considered themselves as Northerners without any rancor, different from the current situation, in which people make reference to race or region. Today the North has becomes a disjointed family. People no longer fight for unity and progress of the region but self aggrandizement.
      Sir Ahmad was a liberal person who believed in freedom of worship for every Tom, Dick and Henry. He did not allow his selfish interest to override public wishes. Before I proceed I would like my reader to deduce from one of the Sir Ahmadu Bello’s speech to be mention below
      ‘’Here in the Northern Nigeria we have People of Many different races, tribes and religious who are knit together to common history, common interest and common ideas, the things that unite us are stronger than the things that divide us. I always remind people of our firmly rooted policy of religious tolerance. We have no intention of favouring one religion at the expense of another. Subject to the overriding need to preserve law and order, it is our determination that everyone should have absolute liberty to practice his belief according to the dictates of his conscience…” - Sir Ahmadu Bello
      People criticize Gamji with some mockery names like dictator, jihadist, anarchist, regionalist, religionist etc. I cannot say you should not criticize Sir, Ahamadu Sardauna but the fact remains that he is a non controversial figure and a liberal person who look at individual rather region.
      It was same Sardauna who you ascribed with all sort of names that recognized an achievement made by a Christian Plateau boy and finally sent him outside country to studies mining engineering. Also, same Gamji bought the first Bible for late Chief Sunday Awoniyi former Chairman of Arewa Consultative Forum. I had that Baba Ahmadu Ahmadu Bello did become angry with Christians who didn’t go to the Church, he even drove some to the Churches.
      Same Sardauna had at his midst the like of Micheal Audu Buba, from Plateau, Edward Maminso from Adamawa, Jolly Tanko Yusuf from Taraba, Mr. Achimugu from Kogi and several other notable Christian ministers who had very close political relationship with him. His deputy the Makaman Bida was not a Hausa/Fulani but Nupe.
      I am calling on the critics to continue with their criticism. As words cannot destroy greatness nor can they bring down a steady fence. I heard that “one only criticize when he/she has nothing to say about him/herself. So please, criticize Ahmadu but know that your criticism is worthless if you have not done better than Gamji.
      It was same Ahmaddu Bello who was reported to have told Dr. Nnamdi Azikwe and Chief Obafemi Awolowo “Don’t envy the unity of the North but worry about the division in the South so that we can have a united South and a united North in a united Nigeria". It was upon this that he once advised Dr. Nmamdi Azikwe that for us to achieve unity in Nigeria we need to appreciate our differences so that we can live of them.
      Same Ahmad Bello you call a corrupt and greedy person left only a traditional house neither a car nor saving despite his influence. Same corrupt Sardauna issued a query to a minister, who was a party officer, for failure to account for 50 kobo!
      One thing that is certain, you cannot stop people from criticism; Prophet Muhammadu (SWA) and Isah Alaihin Salam (Jesus) was criticized rather than Gamji. I only bring this to the fore, as a remembrance to who I considered my hero and role model.
      Long Live, Northern Nigeria
      Long live Nigeria.


      Don't let America kill Nigeria, aren't you satisfied with blood yet.

    • "I urge readers to watch her interview of two Boko Haram survivors, some of the best journalism you will ever see"

      what did you learn from it?

      did ZaKZaky come up,

      "Nigerian Military: “The Real Boko Haram”

      A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

      “The Nigerian military has long been suspected of manipulating Boko Haram to its own ends.”

      Hammad Ibrahim, a soft-spoken, intelligent young man, accompanied his father, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, the leader of Nigeria’s Shia Muslims, to a conference on Solidarity with Palestine, in Beirut, last week. I was there, along with other reporters and activists. Young Hammad told our group that Boko Haram, the Nigerian jihadists, are terrorist thugs who get their weapons and money from both Nigerian and foreign donors, just like the Islamic State, with which Boko Haram is aligned. Hammad’s father, Sheikh Zakzaky, is recognized as a force for reconciliation among the various religious and ethnic groups in Nigeria. But Zakzaky’s Shia followers have been targeted by both Boko Haram and the Nigerian military, which has long been suspected of manipulating Boko Haram to its own ends. The Nigerian army killed three of the Sheikh’s sons in 2014 during a march against the Israeli occupation of Jerusalem.

      By this weekend, Hammad was also dead, killed by the Nigerian military shortly after he arrived back in the country ( from the Palestinian solidarity conference) in a massacre of unarmed Shia Muslims that left his father with bullet wounds in both hands. The military claims the Sheikh’s followers were plotting to kill the army chief of staff when his motorcade was blocked by demonstrators. But, it was pure murder on a massive scale, with as many as 1,000 dead and two hundred bodies piled up at a morgue on the outskirts of town. The military then bulldozed a Shia shrine and Sheikh Zakzaky’s home. One of the Sheikh’s followers, Bukhari Muhammed Bello Jega, wrote on his Facebook page that “the REAL BOKO HARAM is now on the loose” in form of the Nigerian army, “bombing buildings and killing innocent civilians.” Soon after posting that message, Mr. Bello Jega was also killed by soldiers, along with his wife and infant child.

      “It was pure murder on a massive scale, with as many as 1,000 dead.”

      It is not strange at all that the Nigerian military, which for years did little to halt the rise of Boko Haram terror, has unleashed a hell on earth for peaceful Shia Muslims. Saudi Arabia, the fountainhead of funding for jihadists all over the world, has just formed its own....."

      " ‘Nigerian soldiers are Boko Haram,’ Islamic scholar says"

      "Islamic scholar and activist, Shabbir Hassanally has accused the Nigerian government and the country’s army of being behind Boko Haram.

      Hassanally told Iran’s Press TV in an interview published today, December 15, 2015, that the Nigerian Army ‘can’t fight Boko Haram, because they are Boko Haram’ themselves.

      The scholar made the comments following the recent battle between the army and Shiite Muslims in Zaria, Kaduna State.

      “You want to be strong in fighting terrorism, go and fight the people who have given allegiance to Daesh (ISIS), but of course they can’t fight Boko Haram, because they are Boko Haram”themselves,” Hassanally said.

      “The government of Nigeria is controlled by Tel Aviv and Washington,” he added saying that the authorities in Abuja do not take any measures without the approval of their “masters” in Washington.

      and Vanessa Beeley does some amateur journalism

      "It is logical, rational and reasonable to speculate that Boko Haram is effectively another terrorist trade name, brought into existence, to destabilize a region that is daring to jailbreak from US colonialism and to explore alternative bi-lateral trade pathways that deviate from the US regional “road maps”.

      Boko Haram’s presence, has a threefold purpose:

      It successfully elevates the Nigerian army to defender of the “meek” against the “terror” threat and provides cover for any violent opposition suppression.
      It gives the US justification for “boots on the ground”, military support for anti Boko Haram aka pro US factions, and the ubiquitous drone strikes against the alleged “terror” strongholds, a devastating strategy already observed in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen to name a few.
      It ensures the fragmentation, sectarian division, and fracturing of unity and a state of perpetual chaos which will seismically derail China’s investment in Nigeria’s physical and economic infrastructure essential to their US exclusive growth.
      Sheikh Zakzaky had alluded to this very terror “patent” in his reaction to the suicide bomb attack on the Shia Arba’een procession in Kano on the 27th November 2015. Over 24 died and many were injured in further violent targeting of the minority Shia community in Nigeria"

      How does blackness intersect with Muslim these days do you think?

      my halcyon childhood days were spent in Kano, Zaria, Jos, Maiduguri, Katsina rock, wonderful people beautiful place,

      any one remember the Ogoni, Ken Saro-Wiwa, Biafran war. boko are not the start of any story more like a denouement . the activities of Royal Dutch Shell...if you have any interest in Nigeria and definitely look in to Usman Dan Fodio if you want to worry about Islam, but he was Fulani rather than Hausa like Boko ....

      i didn't watch your link what did you learn about Nigeria from it?

  • Another distorted 'NY Times' report on Gaza focuses on 'blazing kites' instead of Israeli snipers
    • Yes with 45 dead and not even a scratch suffered the Snipers have won a great victory, its all too easy for the blessed, the world is awed.

      whats a leftist to do when

      "And another bright spark said how about we trash and burn the crossing where supplies are delivered to our own people?"

      i know they are so stupid it must make you laugh so..leftist, like Watts wtf is wrong with these people?

  • Philadelphia Jewish groups try to stop publication of article critical of Israel, insist on BDS training for Inquirer editors
    • "If any generosity is in order"

      In the Bhadrakalipa sutra Buddha enumerates 6 parameters of which generosity is number one, better get cracking, some of us are already on 3, winning at enlightenment is so self affirming.

    • " If they weren’t there"

      you know Ms.117 when you try to teach people "self defence", cavity seizing, Dimak , joint locks, strikes, blood and air denial etc the ultimate self defence is....Not Being will need voodoo doll counter measures but still not being there is supreme amongst many techniques...

    • "but when Ms. Adler’s picture"

      "Move her to where she surrounded by the white background"

      "So does Ms.Abulhawa"

      Is your wife ok with what you do with your cursor, what an understanding woman,

      "There’s probably a name for that"

      There certainly is.

    • "what color skin are we Jews supposed to have"

      "supposed" check your privilege it's "allowed" to have, not the same colour as Kanye West, thats out of style now Megan Markle? is about what you need to aim for, I am available should any blondes wish to dip their brush in more muted hues...i will not shirk my responsibilities.

  • Major bike race will kick off in Jerusalem Friday even as snipers line up on Gaza border
    • "Israeli troops fired live rounds"

      I see some people after the success of American Sniper are suggesting now would be the time to make Israeli Sniper: the world is target rich.

  • Umm Al Hiran is ethnically cleansed 'voluntarily'
    • Hey Mr. Ofir you have the affect, who has the words, you one of us Ofir a proper Black, Black Man.

    • “open-air prison”,

      but if you think about it, its much worse than that, you can't be born in prison and acquire a life sentence at that moment..can you? you don't have the words Ofir.

  • Remembering Joel Kovel, a restless explorer
  • Is the Saudi Prince becoming a Zionist?
    • "the racist nut jobs in Saudi Arabia the better"

      I have worked for Saudis and it is rarely understood how deeply integrated they are in the Imperial project, and just how influential they are, you may find this hard to believe but they know what they are doing, very technocratic and malevolent to a degree that is hard to understand, through the grapevine i hear that the Prince I worked for is a hopeless heroin addict controlled by his (Fasi Moroccan origin Saudi wife, she is my connection through her father a phoney sufi sheikh with many Sri Lankan followers) wife who feeds him the drugs and controls his 100 million a year income...i had to get her from a flat in Kingsway once that of her fathers second wife that she had trashed ....she got in the back of the car her eyes burned my ears like insane without shame the second wife was a Morrocan woman who had spent a whole evening telling me that all Egyptians are liars, boy man felt cold towards all of them

      Is it an absolute rule that we can't genocide anybody at leeway?

    • "Israeli and Saudi interests have converged in the recent years"

      Saudi Arabia and Israel have always been the principle regional opponents of Arab Nationalism, Pan Arabism and all local revolutionary and anti-colonial forces...its not new, it is just a love that now dares to show itself,

      the purpose of coming out now is the ongoing politicide of the Arabs to prepare them for the new dispensation something like "village league" states, and a process of de-development by bombing and sanctions, so that the Arabs can concentrate on their competitive advantage in being slaves of American capital,

      But at least now no one can criticise the Saudis for Anti-semitism, well i mean you could but why would you want to.

  • Rightwing video says New Israel Fund supports 'foreign agents' who persecute Israeli soldiers
    • "I’m just trying to prod you to express yourself clearly"

      Wittgenstein was very down on private languages, I thought because of Hegel or something, I doubt Hebrew is much of a problem, humans are kind of magic they make everything work we speak a common tongue and in fairness should stop acting up, but i don't think in language so never really sure about what is going on, incoherence has no grammar but an infinite vocabulary.

  • Netanyahu's cheap theatrics fall flat, but alas, he has an audience of one -- Trump
    • "The world is on to your" ... not so sure what with the burgeoning support for Kurdish Kibbutz of Rojava we just seem to have moved to the next level, snake or ladder depending on your view.

    • and to complete our pleasure Noam Chomsky, Judith Butler, Gloria Steinem and Michael Walzer among others call on President Trump to continue "military support"for the SDF, no Rojavan Gandhis needed, and sanction Turkey, a bigger war on the horizon well they've been so disappointing so far but a Chomsky Trump axis this could be the good one, Turkey is mentioned but no mention of Iran but after this stellar paragraph i am not sure of anything anymore

      "While the attack on Afrin is a violation of international law comparable to those of the Assad government, the Trump administration has made only feeble protests against President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s depredations. By accepting Turkey’s attack, the US has become complicit in Erdoğan’s ethnic cleansing plan to expel the Kurds once and for all from a part of Syria where they have lived for centuries, and to eradicate the democratic experiment developing in Rojava."

      Chomskys war...

      "The Emergency Committee for Rojava is calling on the US government to:

      • impose economic and political sanctions on Turkey’s leadership;
      • embargo sales and delivery of weapons from NATO countries to Turkey;
      • insist upon Rojava’s representation in Syrian peace negotiations;
      • continue military support for the SDF."

  • The struggle of Palestinians is the struggle of Native Americans
    • "Hum an rights aren’t about where your ancestors came from"

      my dear sweet naive little darling...i don't come from anywhere and personally never rank order anything however like a dumb little maze inhabiting shrew i have a mental map of my rights which i only ever exceed when i think i can get away with it, you know what i mean hughes.

    • "We could’a been a contender"

      when you take a dive in Hoboken you can always get a rematch at Armageddon, the big boss doesn't anyone win all the time, there are no undefeated by the time the credits roll.

    • thank you that was fascinating,

      "we didn't want to be who our oppressor wanted to be so er that whole drunken Indian time...............but thats the Indian who saved us"

      "I will not become you"

      thank you a lot of people can relate to that insight

    • I have always thought "Chief Joseph" was about the most elevated human being I had ever of, on the reservation his white Doctor gave his cause of death as "A broken heart", native heart technology has significantly improved since then now they don't break.

  • Documenting the Nakba: an interview with poet Dareen Tatour
    • Mr. Haifawi, stared at your name for a bit, i like it, checked out your freehaifa site, great stuff and Arab48, whose photographs reminded me Arabs can't speak without moving their hands when I went to school in England they made me sit on my hands and i almost completely lost the ability to speak stuttering using the wrong language reluctantly they allowed me to fold my hands on my lap but it wasn't the same so i listened kept speech to a minimum it seemed sensible given that it was such a vexed issue for them, glad to see Arabs maintaining the tradition.

  • The end of exclusivity
    • "is the myth that criticizing Zionism is racism"

      having failed to confront the phony Anti-Semitism affair in Labour so far as far as I know the people expelled Machover was reinstated, but two Jews, with Greenstein, one of them Israeli (reinstated) one black person Wadsworth and one black and Jewish person Walker as things stand Labour and Corbyn are finished, because it is putsch by the Blairite wing of the party having tasted blood they will only feel encouraged to continue expelling their enemies for confected Anti-Semtism, or bringing the party in to disrepute, an authoritarian concept par excellence meanwhile we gird our loins for a desperate struggle against global Jihad.

  • Flaming kites mark fifth Friday of Gaza protests
    • thank god one is allowed hate the British without it being deemed problematic, I would no less sing the National Anthem round here than I would loudly ejaculate an Allahu Akbar, people are so sensitive (Shashi Tharoor reviewed in Ireland)

      "British racial theories were in full flow in relation to railway matters, with legislation making it impossible for Indian workshops to design and manufacture locomotives.
      Racism was also reflected in the penal code: “there had never been a taboo against homosexuality in Indian culture and practice until the British Victorians introduced one.” Crucially, Britain also “helped solidify and perpetuate the iniquities of the caste system”, which was made out to be more uniform and pervasive than it had been. Religion became a useful means of divide and rule, with the fostering of a two-nation theory that eventually divided the country and made partition inevitable; one million were killed and 17 million displaced.

      Tharoor’s assertion that “stories abound” of Hindu and Muslim communities “habitually working together in pre-colonial times” is a bit loose and ambiguous, but Lord Oliver, the secretary of state in the 1920s, admitted a predominant bias in British officialdom in favour of the Muslim community to offset Hindu nationalism. The British also sponsored a Shia-Sunni divide in Lucknow and generally transformed religious differences into public, political and legal issues.

      There are also reminders of the vile racism of Winston Churchill: “I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion . . . Let the Viceroy sit on the back of a giant elephant and trample Gandhi into the dirt.” Tharoor seeks to demolish the myth of “enlightened despotism” given brutalities like the Jallianwala Bagh massacre of 1919, with soldiers “emptying their magazines into the shrieking, wailing, then stampeding crowd with trained precision”. It is a pity he does not give the context for the comment of William Joynson-Hicks, home secretary in the 1928 Conservative government of Stanley Baldwin, that “we conquered India by the sword and by the sword we shall hold it. I am not such a hypocrite to say we hold India for the Indians.”

  • Israeli snipers shoot another 178 Palestinian protesters, killing three
    • Dear Kate,

      another litany...anyway if you haven't seen this in my pursuit of Arabs called Faris who i can praise see attached

      you might get an impression of what we are up against as a Faris lives up to his name in confronting the iceman..Sakur

      respect g

  • U.S. and European clothing brands are skulking away from workplace safety in Bangladesh -- at int'l risk
    • for the sake of completeness, giving credit where it is due on the matter of Jihad in Bangladesh and that is one word,

      HuJI, Bangladeshi Jihadism is, in the literature traced to one source, HuJI a wholly owned brand of the Brezinski, Harakat ul jihad al islami, who participated in the defeat of Russia, went home in to the crucible of Bengal, and after the genocidal Pakistani war '71 and salvation at the hands of Indian Army, they were still strung out in Bangla, Brezinkis boys came home with predictable results, it used to be the richest place on earth according to Chomsky, then Britain made landfall,
      the rest is history we need not know anything about that as Islam like the nut flush trumps everything.

      They had a cotton superior even to Egyptian, like silk they say, Britain made it extinct, what will American corporations gift them, suicide, like the Indian farmers?

      by the way Dissident Voice have a review you might think is worth a look

    • how about this excert, some insights perhaps? I do not in anyway mean to demean the crusade against jihad, just a tad sick of that way of screaming at the world...

      Michael Humphrey

      " Religion, Power, Disorder
      The reluctance of the Pakistani military to confront the Taliban's growing political
      influence and military power is the product of the contradictory allegiances of
      the postcolonial Pakistani state and the role of the military in it. On the one hand
      Pakistan is a geopolitical military-rentier state that signed up to the global war on
      terror, on the other hand it is a state that has franchised its sovereignty, exploited
      religions and ethnic divisions and emphasized uncertainty as a mode of political
      management to control dissent and maintain power. The Pakistani military supply
      geo-strategically important resources for which they receive rent in the form of
      economic aid, loans and loan guarantees. Internally the military controls large
      businesses, extensive landed interests and remains unaccountable to the population.
      In addition the military have formed strategic alliances with religious militias,
      among them the Taliban, as a way to project strategic depth into Afghanistan as
      well as use them as agents of violence and humanitarianism in the internal political
      management of Pakistan (Bhatt, 2007).
      The present war on the Frontier and state counter-militancy strategies deployed
      to contain para-statal militias are not merely a problem of the re-assertion of state
      territorial sovereignty or the attempt to recover a monopoly over the use of violence.
      War and counter-militancy must be understood as the politics of the management
      of disorder in the Pakistani postcolony and the competing hypergovernance of
      populations, "transnational processes of domination, regulation and resistance"
      (Bhatt, 2007: 1075). Hypergovernance involves global projects, Western and
      Islamic, acting at the local level articulated through global discourses - rule of law,
      human rights, humanitarianism and Islamic radicalism. As well as it's geo-strategic
      relationship with the US as a "frontline" state in the war against global jihad,
      Pakistan forged a close relationship with Saudi Arabia under President Zia ul Haq
      who supported the promotion of Wahhabist Islam through global organization
      Rabita al- Alam al-Islami (Muslim World League) (Bhatt, 2007). The reach of Saudi
      influence in the Pakistani population is a product of labor migration, remittances,
      Saudi economic loans and aid, the export of Wahhabist education, Saudi Islamist
      militia support, all accommodated by the Pakistani military-rentier state. The role
      of the Pakistani military in this relationship has been to look after the ideological
      and political interests of the Saudi state in Pakistan.
      Political disorder in Pakistan arises from its predicament as a postcolony, a state
      dominated by new modes of governance and forms of wealth which displace politics
      into the market, criminal economies and the courts. As the state out-sources its functions and franchises force, para-statal organizations "begin to mimic the state
      and the market by providing protection and dispensing justice, social order itself
      becomes like a hall of mirrors" (Comaroff and Comaroff, 2006: 34). If the state
      cannot produce certainty and order then it must manage uncertainty and disorder by
      emphasizing it as a mode of governance. Politically this leads to the separation of the
      protected and unprotected and the expansion of the use of violence to settle political
      struggles. The escalation of violence is itself a mode of governmentality in which
      the state uses the military, along with shadow forces (gangs, vigilantes, militias),
      to challenge stateless militias. The overlap between legitimate politics and criminal
      activity creates "gray zones," spaces of indirect government (Auyero, 2007). In
      these spaces emerge "private indirect government" in violence and criminality
      that become articulated in legal and political forms with the trappings of state."

    • you know its the same thing everywhere see below

    • "But it could have a new bad consequence — another addition to the rise in jihadist Islamism around the globe. Bangladesh, with 163 million people, is the third most populated majority Muslim nation in the world, but until the past few years violent jihadism had not surfaced there"

      that is surprising, considering the simmering concentrations of the jihad prone.

      "now it has" , probably inevitable really,

      will America be supplying the "violent jihadists" or will Bangladesh be sourcing them from elsewhere.

      At least rising American Imperial violence isn't a problem that would be inconceivable.

      Is Islam the only thing that goes on in Muslim countries from your point of view?

      Muslim lives Don't Matter, and they have a point in regard to the garment industry in Bangladesh,

      but what about all those millions...millions of Muslims you have so recently killed or is that not the point, what about Mosul hadn't heard either because it doesn't fucking matter..guess why?

      you counter jihad now, that is a proud profession.

      without googling tell me what is a quomi madrasa and what is significant about them (its about social structure not the nizami curriculum or fundamentalism)

  • Las Vegas print shop refuses to print JVP banner over Israel politics
    • "Should the law force me to even sell bread to people who misuse commas?"

      Could we not have cake?

  • The Gaza border is a theater of cultural resistance
    • now everybody wants to speak up, I guess the Palestinians are fortunate in who their colonizers are, can any of this be taken seriously here Hughes reviews the remarks of the Jewish Community Relations Council, who apart from their depravity are remarkably stupid, Jewish Community Relations Council just happened to taxed by the Palestinian tragedy...more lime full blown psychosis than trauma..

      “When Israelis murder Palestinians, it’s a tragedy — for Israelis.” by Richard Hughes

      "Hamas was democratically elected by its people because it distinguished itself from the collaborationist leadership of the Palestinian Authority. Israel defines Hamas as terrorist because Hamas is determined to resist the Zionist entity. Israel’s minions in legislative bodies in other countries have been used to create the “designated terrorist” label.

      “Brutal dictatorship” is a buzzword applied to all political movements asserting independence from imperialist control.

      "It is a tragedy that Hamas has chosen to direct its resources to the building of tunnels and rockets, rather than building hospitals, schools, housing, and factories that would create prosperity and opportunity for the Palestinian people.”

      Are these the same hospitals, schools, housing and factories that Israel has been bombing since 2006? Are these the same tunnels that Gazans used to bring in vital humanitarian goods not allowed through Israeli checkpoints? Doesn’t Hamas have the right to its primitive rockets when Gazans are being periodically bombarded by Israel and its highly sophisticated fighter jets?"

  • George Washington student Senate passes divestment resolution as intimidation campaign continues
    • " this apparent shift in wardrobe"

      Arthur Shnitzler should sew, would be a dream story.

  • Adi Shosberger called Israeli soldiers ‘terrorists’ -- and Israel has turned on her
    • "Muslims for Labour"

      In the UK Muslim Labour groups (mostly Pakistani) and organizations, in those wards where the Labour party is dominated by Muslims are universally and I mean universally loyal Blairites, perhaps they have a weakness for patronage, who doesn't, as exemplified by the London Mayor Khan, fervent Zionists all,

      in fact they are so right wing it's probable that they will ignite a Jihad among the bloods and Muslims bruv's...its a very serious problem for the UK community as it is now at the centre of state repression with elected Muslims etc cheering them on, any one remember the Muslim Parliament more skullduggery.

    • Tony Greenstein writes very well of the fate of cowardly Jewish groups who can't directly address the issue such as the pathetic JVL in the UK labour party

      "Last week Wes Streeting, a right-wing anti-Corbyn MP appealed to MPs to form a posse which would accompany Smeeth to the venue where she would give her perjured evidence. Streeting stated that Smeeth was

      giving evidence against Mark Wadsworth – "the guy who abused her at the antisemitism inquiry launch – and we expect there to be a protest outside against her."
      Marc, as anyone who watched the recent BBC programmes The Murder that Changed a Nation on the Stephen Lawrence murder, would know, played an integral role in the campaign. Marc has been one of Britain’s best known Black anti-racists. It is a scandal that he has been suspended for nearly 2 years because of allegations by a supporter of the world’s only Apartheid state, Israel"

      this latest Europe wide anti-Semitism gambit is pretty ill advised relying as much of it does on anti Black and Muslim prejudice, not to say this unwarranted attack on Socialists, but its all just a game right.

  • Welcome the doubting liberals
    • "There is every reason to oppose the occupation with a liberal, wide-ranging discussion that can bring the Palestinian case fearlessly into the mainstream. When they can be heard (rather than being lied about by the likes of Lieberman and Netanyahu), Palestinian claims for their human rights will be recognized"

      "My Gazan colleagues were strategic survivors of sustained threat and violence. After the war in 2012, my team crafted an explanation for their small children: Israel and Gaza held plenty of good people, but they had angry governments. When the governments fought, everyone was afraid. But angry governments will fall, so my colleagues taught their children that all the good people must remember how to live together"

      you don't see any contradiction between those two paragraphs, why would Palestinians teach their children a basically liberal Zionist view? you don't need to be angry to defend yourself from a century of aggression, the Palestinian case fearlessly? but they said that you say oh oh well you just an observer..sorry benefactor,

      " I can hear – and at times I also feel – the retort, “But they…!” Yes, Israel’s advocates at times punish and exclude and rationalize. As long as they have the weight of inertia behind them, they can do so. Netanyahu doesn’t have to pretend any interest in a resolution while he has Trump"

      inertia? on what analysis is that notion based

      "This language is true, and it is broadly actionable. The potential breadth includes a number of liberals and liberal Jews, who are increasingly dismayed by a radicalizing Israel. The curiosity of any disillusioned erstwhile Zionist should be welcomed. They can help grow the movement for Palestinian rights, and they can pave a path for others to shake off the orthodoxy and seek justice"

      so if this language is true what is it that you are accusing the exclusionist Palestinians of , too much truth?

      you seem to be selling something maybe Americans like that but i get all British " oh how lovely but no thank you, not for me I already have several"

      "Hidden people need visibility" sure but chocolate boxy ventriloquism on their behalf doesn't help anyone, phony positivity rings kind of hollow

      how come

      Marilyn Garson worked with communities affected by war, including Afghanistan and Pakistan (2005 – 2010) and the Gaza Strip (2011 – 2015). She is a co-founder of the Gaza Gateway, a social enterprise creating employment in Gaza. She writes from New Zealand, and blogs at Contrapuntal: Transforming Gaza. You can follow her on Twitter @skinonbothsides.

      what you just come to help calm down angry people in dangerous places blighted by inexplicable bickering, touring the empire hotspots doing what "liberation the business model"

      excuse my rudeness your piece really went down the wrong way with me, but I am in every way everyday getting better and better...Vultures also attend catastrophes but they don't come to help.

  • Palestinian Christians and Muslims call on faith communities to help end the occupation
    • "but look at all the wonderous stuff we do with slave labor on stolen land"

      well CigarGod please keep in mind that you are addressing traumatised people who are constitutionally unable to look at themselves other than with worshipful reverence, only ever whisper to them gently, oddly they are convinced that there is something seriously wrong with us like we all have syphilis and a permanent hard on (cf jk toole).

      but I am must admit that i am sick to back of my teeth with the ignorant shit Americans pronounce about Arabs, Islam and currently pretty much anything that occurs to their adderal addled brains, self criticism is liberating projecting your shit on to others is not going to do you any good at all, nuclear missiles and squadrons of marines will not save you from the awful consequences of all this slaughter and larceny.

      I love the bit of the Quran where God addresses the neoliberals and their mountains of gold, he brews up the gold in to a hot drink and then pours in to their mouths saying here "taste your wealth", and he loves you, the rest of us don't, fuck the usa.

  • Portman's move puts pressure on liberal Zionists to take a stand
    • " “Went off” can sometimes mean"

      If an English Muslim fundamentalist invites you" to go off" round the field, it would be sensible to get him/her to clarify exactly what they have in mind

    • you ever heard of Kisa Gautami, shit has gone down will continue to go down why be a prisoner of it,

      honestly you surprised me, you a funny guy but i don't doubt your anguish that at least is apparent in all you write, but what is the Zionism of Jew who doesn't live in Israel?

      I am always impressed when someone refuses to be provoked well done really you take care, you self tormenting nutter, take care of yourself don't punish it.

    • "Parroting doesn’t make you Parrot…"

      I Parrot because I feel that best expresses my engagement with life.

      Liberalism like a game of Twister you will end up with your head up someones arse, possibly your own but not necessarily.

    • "i am too dovish and they wish to avoid screaming at the friday night table. when i communicate with many of the characters here in the mw comments section, i do not reveal my dovish side, but reveal my support for traditional values: as in: the survival of Israel as a Jewish state"

      you might find gender fluidity less exhausting, you man of many guises, you hustler of "traditional values" to the vicious avantgard, you manage to convey your pathology really vividly.

    • CigarGod that is a manifesto I feel I could wholeheartedly support it's so risk free, calming like a political opioid, Liberalism it leads to harder stuff.

  • Video: Israeli soldiers cheer after shooting Palestinian protester in the West Bank
    • "Did I get banned"

      not yet argonne 18 once they complete their Gause-Hermite quadrature formlae you will be but that gives you at least 512 comments till you get subjected to the arbitrary function, can you see the matrix elements.

    • “joyfully cheering about shooting a person trying to clear the access road to his home and calmly discussing other ways to hit him and the other people with him are part of the discordant soundtrack accompanying 51 years of occupation.”

      and CNN in an article about the Egyptian Liverpool star Mo Salah describe him as having a "snipers calm in front of goal", is America having some kind of seizure stuff is leaking out all over.

    • shooting and laughing now, that's progress of a kind.

  • Revealed: Israeli Justice Ministry directly involved in international 'lawfare' activities against BDS movement
  • Reclaiming Judaism from mystical nationalism
    • "It took the Rabbis Kook, Sadan et al to innovate that"

      It reminds me of "you weakened the rock that begot you" that a Jewish teacher quoted when telling us about Heschel, and the unity of all Judaisms, he was very erudite I recall that God gets weak when people flaunt his laws, very different to anything I had ever heard, big place this world.

      ( this was actually in a Madrasa, but it was kind of my Madrasa so anything goes)

      thank you Rabbi

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