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Part time activist. Participated in the 2010 Gaza Freedom Flotilla.

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  • Hasbara is dead
    • Ah, but dear Ms. Clinton is talking of another run at the Presidency in 2020! A good gauge of how far we have actually come will be to see if her effort gets quashed in its infancy - as it well should if the Dems are truly shifting to the progressive left on this and other issues - or not.

  • Dems have four congressional candidates willing to criticize Israel -- and 'reap political rewards'
  • Isaac Herzog won't apologize for saying intermarriage is a 'plague'
    • I know I'm a bit late with this, but I'd like to report my wife to the Jewish Agency as one of the 'lost souls', since she married me, a non Jew, 18 years ago.

      As far as helping her find herself by getting rid of me, though, I wouldn't waste the Agency's time. She's perfectly content remaining 'lost', thank you!

  • Riveting Thai cave story was missing one element -- Israel to the rescue!
    • While I completely understand and sympathize with all the cynicism surrounding what Israel has done to help free the Thai soccer team, I do think we should acknowledge that some of its citizens have basically done a good thing here. If the state chooses to use this action for propaganda purposes to whitewash its crimes against Palestinians, that's another story. But, at least for those who donated time, effort and resources to help free these people, we should give thanks.

  • Liberal Zionists say that Israel and the U.S. are in the same struggle against rightwing forces
    • I assume you mean that Zionism itself would die if it ran out of money. If so, I'm in total agreement.

  • Egypt and Senegal let me down, but there's always Mexicooooo!
    • Ahmad echoes my sentiments, and my sympathies, for the World Cup teams. I still have France (I'm of French descent and my daughter lives in Paris) and Belgium (my same daughter's partner is Belgian) to root for. But, first and foremost, I'm hoping El Tri continues on. If, somehow, the Mexican team pulls off what would be the biggest upset in international soccer history, I'll certainly be celebrating. And, it would, indeed, make it that much sweeter to watch our fascist leader in the WH grimace over it!

      Go, Chicharito!!

  • It's time for Tom Friedman to face the contradictions of liberal Zionism, and move on
    • It's always gratifying to see Zionists, particularly Jews, evolve into human beings that make no distinctions about who does and who doesn't qualify for basic human rights. As difficult as I believe it is for them to come to that realization, it has to be a truly liberating transformation for which I have nothing but the highest regard. Mazel Tov!!

  • Israeli left leader says intermarriage by U.S. Jews is 'actual plague' and he vows to find 'a solution'
    • Absolutely, but I wouldn't stop there. It's good for humanity, since it makes it nearly impossible hold prejudices against other people when you have a strain of them in your own DNA!

    • , just misguided.

    • I bet there is a direct correlation between the waning of religious faith and the increase in mixed marriages in this country. Institutionalized religions, even in their best forms, divide people between those that know the 'truth and the way', as espoused by their religion, and those that don't.

      Absent religious barriers, people are far more likely to mix with the 'other' and to overcome fear and ignorance of - and even marry - that same 'other'.

    • Including me, Arab American, and my Jewish wife, Jan.

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  • Gaza protests are where we say 'NO' to Trump's decision to move embassy -- demonstrator explains
    • You can recognize the existence of a Palestinian 'state', as a people with nationalistic ambitions, without supporting the two-state solution.

    • That's what worries me too. The more of a threat you become to the Zionist leadership, the more likely you are to have your career destroyed - and, if that's not successful, to be murdered. Jeremy, if he hasn't already, may reach that point if Labor wins.

    • This so-called 'peace plan' will amount to nothing more than a demand for unconditional surrender, attempting to force the Palestinians to give up all legitimate claims, as supported by international law, for what might be described as better prison conditions.

      The corrupt Arab leadership in the region will support this worthless piece of paper, but the Palestinian people will not.

  • Mal Hyman's outspokenness on Gaza massacre is a sign of things to come in Democratic races
    • Since he supports the two-state 'solution', which put him in the liberal Zionist camp, I'd say he is more of a sniff than a breath of fresh air.

  • Palestinians protest in Ramallah against the 'Authority of Shame'
    • I felt the full force of PA's corruption when, in 2010 after joining the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, I read that it was opposed by Abbas. I was shocked at the time, but came to realize thereafter how much of a collaborator was, and is, Abbas and the PA.

      It's long past time for the Palestinian people to rid themselves of this self-serving, corrupt bunch of collaborators and replace them with people of dignity and courage that put the interests of the people ahead of personal wealth and political expediency. This demonstration is a very encouraging sign that this may come about, hopefully soon.

  • 'Kite terrorism' -- Israeli government takes on 'sarcastic' global press
  • Heralded by Palestinians as 'angel' and 'merciful martyr,' Razan Al-Najjar is an afterthought in western press
    • I beg to disagree. I think most Americans are sick and tired of perpetual war, particularly in the Middle East, and are catching on to the negative impact our ties with Israel are having on this. But, like a growing number of other issues, the government is basically doing its own thing, subservient to the military industrial complex and detached from the wishes of the American public.

  • Joyless in Zion
    • 'Being a decent human being isn’t just a Jewish value as Emily states. It’s a value by much of the world.'

      This is a point I've been trying to drive home to my Jewish allies in the movement for quite some time. Those of us who consider ourselves enlightened on the subject have to, once and for all, stop talking about Jewish values. They are HUMAN values!

      If you are going to confront Jewish exceptionalism, you have to do it completely.

  • Tom Friedman has advice for Palestinians: Embrace Zionism
    • I like your idea of resettling Palestinians in this country, although I fail to see how it could ever happen to the extent that it would help reshape the narrative in this country. Bringing victims of war, particularly those who have suffered because of us, to this country does, over time, humanize these victims so they eventually become like you and I in Americans' views. The Vietnamese are a good example of that.

      Regardless of how the conflict continues to play out, I would more than welcome Palestinians coming in large numbers to America. After all, we certainly owe them that opportunity for decent lives here after all the harm we have caused them with our unquestioning support for Zionist Israel.

    • ---- and I'm much more embarrassed to say that I was once a liberal Zionist quite a number of years ago, who used to argue the Zionist narrative while debating my Arab uncles. When they told me, over 40 years ago, that the Yahuds stole Arab land, I objected strongly. When I finally 'got it' some years lare, I went back and humbly apologized to my uncles for my foolishness.

      Anyway, just another example of the power of the Israel lobby in shaping the narrative in this country heavily in its favor.

  • 'What did you do when Gaza was dying?' A visit with the freedom flotilla in Copenhagen
    • Once again, although I am a previous flotilla participant (2010 Freedom Flotilla), I object to the continued attempts to carry on with an action that has long since served its purpose and serves little purpose now. These are expensive enterprises that, in almost all cases, wind up with a seizure of the boats and any valuables on the vessel or activists involved, a couple of days in Israeli prison and practically no media coverage - at least no ACCURATE non-Zionist controlled media coverage. And, if the argument for doing so is that it gives the people of Palestine inspiration to know there are still internationals striving for their freedom, I'm not so sure that's so true anymore.

      The Palestinian people, I believe, must take matters into their own hands if they have any hope of securing their freedom. What they are doing on the Gaza border is, arguably, a step in the right direction. The intense suffering, while very painful to observe, is necessary to reach their goal, which is dependant upon the end of Zionist power. Violent actions like those of the IDF against the peaceful demonstrators of Gaza are awakening many more in the world to the evils of Zionism, which will hasten its demise.

  • Gaza killings are rending the Jewish community
    • They are hesitant to lose their place in the tribal Jewish community which, for most of these troubled souls, is all they've ever known. Faced with the choice of being launched into a full-blown identity crisis or simply looking the other way, they are choosing the 'easier' way out. Unfortunately, by doing so, they are committing themselves to continuing, unresolved, inner turmoil over this most basic of personal issues. Their souls are at stake but, I believe, most don't even realize it.

      (Note: I am not a Jew, but have witnessed this inner conflict in my two Jewish stepchildren over the past 20 years I have been married. Fortunately, my wife has since freed herself from this bondage, or we would not have survived together this long).

  • Falsely accusing Palestinians of anti-Semitism is malicious
    • People of the cloth, like Rabbi Jacobs, particularly rile me when they they take blatantly immoral positions like this. They strike out on two counts - against their religion and against humanity. To me, they are more despicable than the hard right Zionists who, at least, are not hypocrites, as is Ms. Jacobs.

  • 'NYT' columnist says killing Palestinian civilians is... good for Palestinians
    • Whenever one of my 'liberal' friends, who's ignorant on Israel/Palestine, tries to tell me that the NYT is the best newspaper out there, I cringe and have all I can do to explode. I may not tell him/her about the heavy Zionist bias, at least not right off. But, I do hasten to remind him/her about Judith Miller's 'leadership' in duping the American public into supporting the Iraq invasion by telling out-and-out lies (before they got around to firing her ass but much too late, that is).

      As far as I'm concerned, when it comes to Israel/Palestine, the NYT's motto should be 'all the news that's shit to print'!

  • Stars — They’re Just Like Us: Celebs outraged over Gaza are speaking out
    • Meanwhile, the silence of our dear Congress on this is deafening! Clearly, they are deeply afraid of having to take a stand on this latest Gaza massacre. On one hand, they don't want to incur the wrath of the Israel lobby and jeopardize their political future. On the other, though, they would find themselves out on an island, vis a vis the sentiments of the world community and a fast-growing majority in the US, if they showed support for Israel at this time and on this issue.

      The evil of what Israel is doing against the peaceful protesters in Gaza cannot be denied. Those that try, Like Nikki Haley, come across as the pathetic dupes of the lobby they really are. Ergo, Congress' silence.

    • 'Until our congress is able to remove those shackles, and reject the shekels, we will always be in this status quo.'

      I LOVE this! May I use it?

  • Thousands protest across the occupied West Bank and besieged Gaza Strip to mark the 70th anniversary of the Nakba
    • There are only two ways I can think of to strike a chord with the American public. The first is to show them, up close and personal, the suffering these people have endured these 70 years at the hands of the Zionist criminals. They need to see and hear their individual stories and these stories need to be related to the support we give to the Jewish state towards perpetrating this suffering. This has to be a message of your future tax dollars at work in bringing about suffering that give us less, not more, security in the world.

      The second way is to relate the oppression of the Palestinians to the wars of choice currently being conducted throughout the Middle East - wars that have cost this country treasure (about 7 trillion dollars and counting - money that should be going to help rebuild our failing nation instead) - as well as blood (thousands of our soldiers who have died needlessly). This, of course, pales by comparison to the millions who have been maimed, driven from their homes or killed from these conflicts. But, of course, I digress because we are talking about what resonates with the American public, and the loss of Middle Eastern lives, with few exceptions, does not.

      Look, this is still a hard sell, but it is all we have. I do believe that if, one day, we have enough of the mainstream media, as well as political leadership, on our side, we can get this message out in a way that WILL make a difference. Our struggle is to continue to strive to reach that point.

  • By wrecking Iran deal, Trump politicized Israel
    • 'Resistance means calling out Netanyahu and his neoconservative allies. It means identifying Israel’s very non-existential interest in destroying the Iran deal: because Iran and Hezbollah are a threat to its regional hegemony.'

      In right-wing Zio world, EVERYTHING is an existential threat!

  • Maybe Israel is interfering in our politics over the Iran Deal? Naaah!
    • I understand the Phyllis Bennis has FINALLY blamed the rush to war with Iran on the Israel lobby.

      Can Chomsky be far behind?

  • The 'One Democratic State Campaign' program for a multicultural democratic state in Palestine/Israel
    • Real progress doesn't happen without so-called 'pie in the sky' dreams. After all, aren't these the goals towards which we strive, even if we may never achieve them?

    • Exactly! It's the Israeli Jews who must accept this fair and just settlement of the conflict, or face dire consequences in the future.

      Ironically, the very existence of the Jewish people as a vibrant ethnic, cultural, and religious group depends upon their ultimately accepting everyone else in the region as equals, starting with their own country.

  • The struggle of Palestinians is the struggle of Native Americans
    • Interesting how the Zionists are able to turn arguments against them on their heads. Instead of the Zionists being the obvious, current-day version of the white Christian settlers of this country that dispossessed the native Americans of their land, they, once again, become the victims whose bravery and steadfastness in fighting off the local savages resulted in the establishment of the glorious state of Israel! These characters always seem to take chutzpah to new heights of absurdity!

      I have another, Zionist bizarro-world example for you. I had an argument with a Zionist crazy recently, who claimed that Palestinians consider Jewish lives a thousand times more valuable than their own. Otherwise, why would they continue to have prisoner exchanges where they give up 1 Israeli Jew for a thousand Palestinian prisoners? I kid you not. Someone made this argument straight-faced. I was so stunned I couldn't respond!

  • 'Youtube' removes video tribute to Yaser Murtaja and other Gaza victims as 'sensational' incitement
    • "But it shows us the deep reach of Zionists, who can even shut up the rabbis, who should be the keepers of the ideals."

      Which rabbis, may I ask, are being shut up? From what I've seen, and with very few exceptions, rabbis have voluntarily shut up or, in the case of the chief rabbis in Israel, have spewed out some of the most vile, racist diatribes against Palestinians that I've ever heard or read.

  • Natalie Portman’s cancellation: Inching towards the tipping point
    • This is just reflective of the inner turmoil that ensues when a Zionist first confronts the conflict between his/her human values and the reality of what he/she discovers to be a racist ideology. It's part of the growing process that, if carried through, must lead to a complete rejection of Zionism.

    • Couldn't have said it better myself, eljay! Good work!

    • That's right! the only discrimination my Jewish wife and I, a Goy, have ever faced in the 19 years we've been together is from Zionists!

    • Wow! Married a Goy? That's as bad as marrying a black, right?

      For sure, the response is just as racist!

  • Four are killed, as Gaza protesters move tents closer to border
    • 'Israel will investigate' reminds me of the scene towards the end of 'Casablanca' when the Claude Rains character famously tells his men to 'round up the usual suspects', while standing next to the murderer, Humphrey Bogart, he's protecting. There's just about the same amount of sincerity in each circumstance.

  • Natalie Portman says, Enough!
    • I read that she has been a J Street supporter in recent years. Let's hope that, like others that started with J Street, she will advance to at least a JVP level of awareness and support.

    • This is just one more crack in the Zionist wall, catalan. Eventually it will crumble and fall. After all, evil eventually outdoes itself, and Zionism is truly evil!

    • This IS shocking! I like, in particular, to follow celebrities who take positions on this issue, no matter which side they are on. She was on my 'Bad Celebrity' list before this, but now gets to join the ranks of Roger Waters, Alice Waters, Danny Glover and the like. Bravo, Natalie, and here's hoping you can withstand the shitstorm that follows!!

      I still think she overacted a bit in 'Black Swan', though.

  • Israel and its Democratic Party friends complain -- Trump gave Syria to Russia 'on a silver platter'
  • George Washington University divestment vote cancelled due to safety concerns following threatening anti-BDS posters
    • We all have to continue to stand up to these Canary Mission bullies! If we do, they will show their true cowardice and eventually go away!

  • Some Israeli soldiers on Gaza border have reached out to 'Breaking the Silence'
    • It's commendable that these soldiers are willing to expose the crimes of Israel and the IDF. But, keep in mind that they are all, to the best of my knowledge, still Zionists who support the original sin, Zionism, that caused this tragedy in the first place and will continue to do so until it's renounced and destroyed.

    • This will go over really well with the world's 1.8 billion Muslims!

    • Yeah, peace by unconditional surrender. THAT'S what all the Zionists are looking for!

  • Thousands demonstrate at Gaza border in 'Burn Israeli Flags' Friday
    • I find it quite interesting that the Great March leadership is, I believe, putting forward light-skinned, blond-haired Palestinian children to help garner international sympathy and support. This is completely opposite to the dark-skinned, dark-haired keffiyeh-wearing, slingshot toting, angry youth the Israelis love to display as typical of the young Palestinian terrorist generation that poor Israel must oppose with brutal military force or face extinction.

      The Zionists, ironically, will label this as manipulative - or, as the idiot Michael Oren has ignorantly claimed, part of the absolutely phony 'Pallywood' project played out by professional actors that aren't even Palestinian. However, unfortunately, it takes this type of effort on the part of the Palestinians to begin to project Palestinians as human beings simply striving for basic freedoms, like you and I. When this breakthrough finally takes place, i.e. the West sees the humanity in the Palestinian people and rejects the terrorist image Israel keeps trying to sell, the end of Zionism will be within sight.

  • Global outrage mounts over Israeli killing of Yaser Murtaja, from 'NYT' to Federation of Arab Journalists
    • More evidence the the Great March is an unqualified success!! None of Israel's attempts to deflect and distract from, or outright lie about, what's happening is working. Even the Zionist-controlled NYT can't run and hide anymore.

      The best case scenario for the Palestinians as a product of the March is playing itself out!

  • The 'New York Times' stops being a stenographer for the Israeli army (today anyway)
    • I think it's important to continue to clarify that this whole idea of the destruction of the Jewish state is really about the end of Zionism and the establishment of a truly democratic state in Israel. No one is seriously talking about 'throwing all the Jews into the sea!'

  • 'NY Times' bias about Israel's massacre in Gaza just won't go away
    • Good article written by AP in the SF Chronicle this morning which gave an accurate, if somewhat restrained, report on the demonstrations and the shootings. The report was of the IDF shooting unarmed demonstrators and said nothing of the mythical 'clashes' reported earlier. It seems that international pressure is forcing mainstream media, at least AP for now, to issue accurate, while restrained, reports. It's definitely a step forward.

  • Israel just lost American Jews
    • When the end comes to Zionism, these gutless reptiles in government will act as though none of this, despite having occurred over many decades, ever happened. They will hope and pray that there won't be any accountability for their treachery. We should be ready to make sure that there is!

    • Of course, and that's fantastic!

    • We have been announcing the 'breakup' for decades now, the most personal being what was considered the end of Israel as the world's victim following its murder of 10 Turks on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in 2010. That was supposed to be the beginning of the end of Zionism, but - at least politically and financially - it's stronger than ever at present. So I wouldn't get too excited about this - at least not yet.

      The good news is that the progressive movement is forcing the Democratic Party, against its will to keep pandering to billionaire Zionist donors, to move towards the Palestinians and away from Zionist Jews on this issue. They are being aided by young Jews who, all sides agree, are moving away from Jewish exceptionalism and towards human rights for all as they more and more distance themselves from Israel. However, this, too, is nothing new, since American Jews had little connection to Israel prior to the 1967 War. The political establishment, including the Democratic Party leadership, is resisting this strongly, as it needs that Zionist billionaire money desperately to survive. Witness the silence to date from practically all of Congress regarding these daily massacres. Bernie demonstrated that there is a way around reliance on corporate, Zionist money by securing millions and millions of small donations, but its still questionable if enough money can be raised this way to overcome the corporate and Zionist financial influence in national elections. We're talking billions of dollars here!

      The success of actually achieving a 'breakup' depends, to a great extent, on where the Palestinians go from here. If they keep the pressure up, keep exposing Israel's crimes for the world to see, then this may, indeed, be the beginning of the end of the Zionist grip on our country. Once that happens, Zionism will likely disappear, hopefully as quickly as did apartheid in South Africa. I'm still hoping to celebrate that day before I die.

  • Jewish state, Jewish values, Jewish shame
    • As a non Jew, it still irks me no end to read or hear about 'Jewish values', as if they are somehow superior to normal, garden variety human values. As I was growing up, I never heard about 'Arab values', although I'm sure I know what the response by most readers here is to the term 'Christian values'.

      If you are committed to eradicate Jewish exceptionalism, which is at the core of Zionism, then you have to accept that there are human values accepted by all of humanity, period. There are no other ethnically-derived values that transcend these.

  • B'Tselem calls on Israeli soldiers to defy shooting orders, lest they commit war crimes
    • Hats off, certainly, to B'Tselem for finally taking this principled position now. It's yet another indication that the corrupt Zionist establishment is rotting away from within.

      It might have saved many lives if B'Tselem had taken this position back in 2008 or 2014 before the Gaza massacres of those years, or before any of the Lebanon or other massacres going back further. I guess that will have to remain a stain on B'Tselem's conscience forever.

  • Geraldo Rivera regrets not backing Palestinians in Second Intifada
    • Looks like Geraldo is trying to free his conscience, something a number of hard ore Zionists tend to do once they are retired and immune from damaging attacks on their careers by the Zionist pitbulls. He actually lost me long ago before I knew he was a Zionist when he hyped up 'discovering' the location of Al Capone's secret vault, only to reveal an empty pit!

  • Killing Palestinian protesters turns into a PR debacle for Israel
    • I disagree that Michael Oren can spin anything. Wasn't it he who claimed that the Tamimi family is nothing but a Palywood acting group? Then there was the interview on 60 minutes some years ago when he got caught with his pants down trying to get the program to squelch the story of how Christians are persecuted in Israel, only to be exposed by Bob Simon on camera for his ham-handed attempts.

      No, Michael Oren is nothing but an utter embarrassment to the Zionist establishment. Here's hoping he's stays in office, though I expect him to be 'retired' soon. He's a positive force for our side!

  • 'We will not wait 70 years more': scenes from Gaza's March of Return
    • The Palestinians are fully aware of the dangers they face by confronting the IDF at the border and are willing to suffer the consequences, much like the Indian people, led by Gandhi, were when they revolted against British rule in the 40's. The goal of the Palestinians now, as was that of the Indian people back then, is to continue to grow the resistance and wear down the Zionist regime until it realizes it's better to lay down its arms than it is to continue its morally bankrupt Occupation.

  • 'NY Times' continues to whitewash Israel's crimes on the Gaza border
    • Hats off to the Washington Post! Now, let's see if it can withstand the backlash, i.e. the withering attacks from the loyal Zionists sure to come, if they haven't already.

  • Despite Israel's threats of violence, Gaza protesters have peaceful dream
    • This is going to get worse and worse with mounting casualties. But, it is necessary. The only other option is for Palestinians to slowly die, either from the poisonous water or, more generally, from the stranglehold Israel has on the most densely populated area in the world which makes life unbearable. The Palestinians need to be careful in their messaging, though, if they hope to mobilize the world community to support this effort. Simply demanding their right of return won't work, and might even play into Israeli arguments, irrational as they are, that allowing all dispossessed Palestinians to return home would mean the end of the Jews in Israel, if not everywhere. While most of the world community recognizes that Palestinians live under horrendous conditions that need to be improved, many less are ready to let them all back into Israel to reclaim their stolen land.

      If the Palestinian leadership changes the stated goal of the March as the liberation the Palestinian people from their prison-like conditions, it will have a much better chance of success.

  • Israeli soldiers claim 3-year old in Hebron was 'camouflage' for 'agents of terrorist activities'
    • Keep taking these pictures and exposing the ugly face of Zionism to the world. This is a powerful way to break down and defeat the criminal Israeli regime and its lackeys here in the US.

  • On the 'double standard' for Israel
    • The Zionist charge of a double standard emanates from the 'world's victim' mentality at the core of its ideology.

  • Older Jews are officially terrified of young Jews' views of Israel
  • The problem with Passover
    • Great article! It articulated the many problems I, as a non Jew (married to a Jew), have with Judaism, in general, and Passover, in particular. I have found the traditional Passover ceremony to be offensive on a number of levels, starting with the notion of an angry, vindictive God bent on violent revenge against the infidels, to the demonization of the Egyptians, something that, I believe, also carries forward to this day. And all of this about the Exodus, which has no historical basis in fact!

      The only Passover Seder I wish to attend any more is the one put on by IJAN every year. It's inspirational and uplifting, but really bears practically no resemblance at all to the traditional ceremony.

  • Trump appointed Bolton because Republicans desperately need Adelson's money
    • Interesting article and very plausible. However, I still think Trump, for his part, is preparing for war as a last resort should he be in true danger of being ousted from office.

      War, after all, is the last refuge of a failing tyrant. Just recall how the unpopular and incompetent George Bush was able to win a second term!

  • Israeli killer gets community service-- and Ahed Tamimi gets 8 months for slapping
  • War-loving, Muslim-hating John Bolton wants to give 'pieces' of Palestine to Jordan and Egypt
    • Why stop with Palestine when the whole ME is there for the taking?

    • Wisdom and intellect are mutually exclusive. That's how!

    • I recall my asking Ray McGovern at an event early last year if John Bolten would be successful in ultimately insinuating himself back into the government, fearing that he just might eventually do so. He insisted that there was no way this would ever happen.

      I respect Ray a great deal, but he turned out to be wrong and my fears have been borne out. This is one of those times I truly wish I had been wrong and Ray right!

  • Ron Lauder's two-state epiphany elicits rage and condescension in Israel
    • Thanks, Annie. I'm not saying our relationship is perfect by any means. But, being completely open to, and accepting of, each others cultural heritage has certainly made it stronger than it otherwise would have been.

    • --- or maybe Judaism just disappears, along with all the other religions, and we have one less barrier to assimilation!

    • My wife (Jewish) and I (Arab) are living proof of what you said, Annie, i.e. that she can be, and certainly is, still Jewish while I'm still Arabic. We just embrace those aspects of our respective cultures that are positive and accepting - not to mention fun and delicious!

    • First of all, you're coming from a position of fear and ignorance. All indications are that, as happened in South Africa, the freeing of millions of Palestinians from an apartheid existence won't threaten the existence of the Jewish people. Further, when polled some years ago about right of return, the great majority of diaspora Palestinians made clear that they wouldn't up and leave their current home nations - ones they've lived in for generations in most cases. They all DO want acknowledgement of, and some sort of compensation for, having their land stolen and, in a number of cases, having family members killed or maimed in the process.

      I'm afraid that it will take a seismic shift in the mentality of Israeli Jews for just peace to happen. But, the consensus before the end of apartheid in South Africa, was that Afrikaners would never accept sharing of political power with Blacks. So, anything is possible.

    • @Mooser: Certainly the 'outside group' has a voice in this process - a voice that can be heard once the 'inside group' is open to it.

    • catalan: Either you are joking or so thoroughly brainwashed that you have no idea what you are saying.

      This is the type of Zionist nonsense we all have to continue the fight to dispel before any real progress can be made.

    • Look, simply stated, assimilation occurs once a group frees itself of the fear, born of ignorance, of creating deep relationships with those outside of their group. And the more people interact with those outside their ethnic, racial and national group, the more likely they are to intermarry.

    • Yes, and Lauder even called Naftali 'my inspiration'!

      That says all you need to know about Lauder!

    • Left unsaid is the 'when' and the 'why' we will now be going to war with Iran, if not North Korea as well. The 'why' is because Trump is sinking under withering attacks from many sides and needs a war to deflect and distract, and remain in power. After all, it worked well for incompetent George Bush, who even extracted a second term since he was a 'war president' that couldn't be removed in the middle of the conflict.

      The when is probably within the next three months, since Trump is fast running out of time!

  • Memo to 'NYTimes:' Go to Ahed Tamimi's village in Palestine and report the truth
    • Jackdaw reminds me of the racists of the 60's, mostly in the south, who maintained that black people were treated far better in the US historically than they ever have been in Africa - and that they should be GRATEFUL for this!

      All that's lacking from you, Jack, is your calling Palestinians Uppity Arabs!

  • Ahed Tamimi, 17, to serve 8 months in prison for slapping soldier in occupied village
    • Love Gaby to death! She's one tough little woman, certainly having to be as a human rights attorney in an unabashedly racist state like Israel. I still remember meeting Gaby in Israeli prison in 2010 when she told us, in no uncertain terms, to refuse to accept fault for crimes fabricated by Israel in order to be set free earlier. She told us to be strong against the pressure the government was putting on us, and we were. It turned out to be best advice we received while 'guests' of the Jewish state.

    • More likely, Israel, having once again having been caught with its hands in the cookie jar, has backed down under international pressure. This has been the case many times in the past, usually with regard to indiscriminate house demolitions. Things will, indeed, have changed if the criminal Israelis don't impose punishment on the Palestinians in some other way for having lost this particular battle. That, too, has been their M.O. in the past. The Tamimi's, for their part, will likely be targeted even more in the future by the world's most moral army.

    • Smart move!

  • Dear Senator Harris, You have been drinking the pro-Israel Kool-Aid
    • Excellent letter, Alice! It reflects what I've been feeling - and the messages I've been leaving at Harris' office - about our Zionist-loving senator for some time now. Looks like one of two things is happening here. Either those early, Zionist-sponsored, brainwashing trips to Israel had quite an impact on Harris' thinking on the subject. Or maybe she's just another spineless Democrat pandering for rich Zionist political donations and freedom from the howling crowd should she show even the slightest sympathy for Palestinians.

      In either case, I have no use for her anymore. She certainly doesn't represent me!

  • Abbas calls US Ambassador to Israel a 'son of a bitch,' ambassador accuses Abbas of antisemitism
  • Landmark 'NYT' op-ed by Jewish official blames Israel's leadership for its isolation (not BDS)
    • Broadside, no need to apologize. My wife, Jan, and I share your views as well.

    • Jews, like my wife, are marrying out more and more simply because they are being exposed to the outside world and seeing, first off, that relationships with non Jews don't necessarily threaten their Jewish heritage. They see that they are free to choose whomever they want as their mate based on all the reasons a free people have available to them to do so.

    • The joke is that the two-state solution is an absurd idea and has been for decades! As stated in the article, there are about 650,000 settlers (or, at least 300,000 to 400,000 with land swaps factored in) that will have to be moved to create this mythical state, or be integrated into the new Palestinian state (which is the height of absurdity to think that would ever happen). How do you move them (without civil war breaking out)? Where do you put them? Who pays the enormous cost to do this? See the problem?

      Those that call for a Palestinian state at this point are liberal Zionists in self denial who don't want to examine the full implications of such a drastic move. They simply want to get rid of the problem, i.e. the Palestinians. The realists either accept Israel as an apartheid state or seek to make it a true, single state democracy, with equal rights (at least de jure if not de facto) for all in Israel proper and what's currently the Occupied Territories. Jewish supremacists support the first solution. Principled people who value human rights for all support the second.

  • Netanyahu’s AIPAC speech – interrupted
    • Excuse me while I first wipe a tear from my eye. I was so moved by Bibi's inspiring speech that my eyes welled up and I got goosebumps!

      Bottom line - Bibi's 'wonderful' speech demonstrates, yet again, that intelligence and wisdom are mutually exclusive!

  • AIPAC is suddenly getting a lot of bad press, in Jewish papers and 'Washington Post'
    • Right! The NRA only influences gun policy while AIPAC, and its lobby allies in Congress, adversely affects US foreign policy.

      That's a BIG difference!!

  • For Bari Weiss, Israel advocacy was both ideology and good career move
    • Bill, Islamophobe-on-steroids, Maher did much the same thing when he had the delightful Ms Weiss on his show too.

    • I, for one, will choose Phil, a reasonable person with a heart, over Bari, an unabashed Arab racist, any day of the week!

  • 'Someone is paying Trump to do it' -- Pompeo elevation shows neoconservative lock on foreign policy
    • There you go!!

    • If this ultimately takes us to war with Iran, I don't ever want to hear from apologists like Chomsky and other liberal Zionists that say the Israel lobby has power over our government only as it pertains to the Palestinians. An Israel-inspired war with Iran would prove that the lobby's influence carries far beyond Israel/Palestine, resulting in untold misery for our nation.

      If this doesn't send a chill down the spines of everyone that cares about protecting US sovereignty against control by a hostile enemy - in
      this case, Israel - I don't know what will. Time for all to start reading what Alison Weir has been trying to warn us about for years.

  • American Jews need Israel to be safe -- megadonor Paul Singer
    • Ah, two of my favorite topics, Jewish assimilation and intermarriage. As I've noted here before, I believe me, an Arab American, and my Jewish American wife are living examples that intermarriage not only works but can, and should, broaden and enhance each partner's life. My wife, in order to show full respect for me and my culture, had to renounce Zionism entirely. While she lost Jewish friends as a result, she has made many other new, non Jewish - as well as Jewish - friends along the way. Most importantly, she's relieved herself of the terrible burden embracing Zionism entails. As for me, I've been a globalist for all of my adult life, so I had no such adjustment to make since we first met nearly 20 years ago.

      As for religious and cultural concerns, they are constantly being addressed by our ever-evolving relationship. Neither of us embrace religion at this point, each of us having come to see it as divisive even in its most progressive form. Culturally, we've embraced the best of our respective heritages and discarded the worst, while being open to all of the world's other cultures.

      Things certainly aren't perfect in our relationship. But, at least, we're not bound by the problems created by man made racial, religious, cultural -
      or even national - divides.

  • There are only two kinds of Jews, Schumers and Feinsteins
    • Yeah, sorry Phil, but I have to agree with will these people. If you said there are only two kinds of Jews IN CONGRESS, the Schumers and the Feinsteins, I would have agreed with you. But, as pointed out above, you are talking about liberal vs hard right Zionists, leaving out my wife and all the progressive, anti-Zionist Jews that we hope will help lead the transformation to justice for all in the future.

      I think further explanation - or even a retraction - is on order here.

  • The European Union must act to end its complicity with illegal Israeli settlements
    • --- and, BTW, opposed the flotilla movement! That, by itself, shows Abbas to be nothing more than a Zionist collaborator!

  • Israel 'made a desert bloom' -- and I helped -- Kamala Harris to AIPAC
    • And Biden, by that time, will be 80 years old!!! That's says all you need to know about the 'vitality' of the Democratic Party establishment!

  • Rabbi Cardozo: outlawing circumcision would 'end the state of Israel'
    • My thoughts, exactly. If we could end the Jewish-privileged state and create a true democracy in Israel by simply banning circumcision, I'd say, "Bring it on!".

      Unfortunately, of course, this is nothing but typical religious nonsense. It still boggles my mind that any adult with half a brain would take something like this seriously.

  • Israeli left leader praises Trump and bewails 'Palestinian majority' and 'Palestinian narrative'
    • Ah, the 'two-state solution' again! Reminds me of one of my all-time favorite film noirs, "The Night of the Living Dead". No matter how much you try to kill it and move on, it stays alive in its own despicable way, causing nothing but misery for the living.

      I've yet to see an analysis by these poor liberal Zionists, clinging with a death grip to this nonsensical 'solution', of what to do with the hundreds of thousands of settlers who would have to be moved in order to create this mythical state. Would you carve out a piece of Jordan to accommodate them?? Then what do you do with the Jordanians??

      Absurd? You bet!!

  • Schumer and Dems outdo Trump at AIPAC-- there's no peace because 'Palestinians don't believe in Torah'
    • I totally get what you say. But, my point is to challenge the notion that Judaism is separate and distinct from Zionism. I believe you've helped me make my case that it isn't. Sure, there are progressive Jews that renounce this particular passage in the Old Testament. But, many more do use it as justification for the crimes of ethnic cleansing, whether or not they personally believe it.

      After all, it's in the Bible!

    • OK, so I'm going to ask the question again but, as before, expect this post to be removed once the censor(s) see it. Here goes. If the Torah, as I understand it, says that God promised Judea and Samaria to the Israelites, how is there not a connection between Judaism and Zionism? And, if there is, why WOULDN'T the Palestinians reject the Torah?

      Please help me here. I honestly want to be enlightened on this.

  • AIPAC panics over progressives abandoning Israel
  • Avraham Burg speaks at Temple Israel in Boston
  • 'Israel-related censorship' on Upper West Side is deplored by 40 Jews, including Beinart, Hirschmann, Peratis, Zellner
    • And Bennett’s in-line to replace Bibi.

      You think Israel is a racist state now, just wait.

  • California Democrats buck national party-- opposing bills to penalize boycotts of Israel
    • Excellent news! Those in Congress who slavishly follow Israel's agenda to the detriment of US policy and individual citizen's rights must be held accountable. They need to be confronted and even threatened with removal from office for their betrayal, just as they have been threatened for decades by the Israel lobby if they didn't toe the 'Israel first' line.

      If we do this, there's no doubt we will ultimately win back our Congress.

  • Mohammad Tamimi: 'They beat me into confessing'
    • There are some good and brave people there, some of which are friends of mine. But, as a state, you're right. Israel seems to lack any socially redeeming qualities at this point.

    • How long can these so-called eminent, mainstream news sources, like WaPo, continue to run from the truth? This tells us that the answer is not forever!

      Can the Zionist-controlled NYT be far behind??

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