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  • The case for US government sanctions on Israel
    • 'To succeed that movement needs to be fully aware of both local and global geo-political trends because these, and only these, will create openings for a successful campaign to impose U.S. government sanctions on Israel'

      The US has now entered it's Transition State phase prior to America's Schism from Kahanist/Apartheid Israel. America will soon be all in on 1P1V1S as the One State Solution to Apartheid, once Jareds explosive testimony/exposure/charges of encryption/conspiracy with Netanyahu over UN 2334 hit American consciousness, with Netanyahu's removal followed by Trump's removal

      Trump/Haley/and the Nearly-Indicted Netanyahu are now not only all in on dispositive Jerusalem disaster, but all in on the now mortally stung ('stung' as in Netanyahu busted by Mueller and removed from leadership of the Clean Break Drive as the incredible Netanyahu-Kushner encryption/conspiracy over UN 2334 is already central to Mueller's Charges/Trump Impeachment) Clean Break Drive on Iran

      America’s Schism from Israel is a foregone conclusion because the Schism from Israel has already been anticipated by Diaspora Jewry’s Schism from Israel, Israeli Judaism’s Schism from Diaspora Judaism, and other existential internal Israeli divisions

      The Diaspora was trying to stick Adelson/Bannon's Alt Right/and other Evangelicals with the Kahanists and Exit Stage Left

      Didn't work and now Jstreet and everyone to their right is just one big bag of Kahanists, one big bag of JudeoChristian Kahanists like Sarah and Nikki combined with all the usual NeverTrumper, Neocon, Hillary Kahanists, etc

      Being a Kahanist is like being a little bit pregnant - if you want to attack Iran and keep the Settlements - you've got your Kahanist Party Card in your pocket, like Hillary and Richard Haass, the 'Velvet Glove over the Raised Fist within the Star of David-Kahanists'

      Hillary and Cheney have the same foreign policy - Kahanism

  • US vetoes UN resolution on Jerusalem, as Muslim states recognize East Jerusalem as Palestine's capital
    • ‘Nikki’s Ode to the Stung Clean Break Drive on Iran’

      ‘These boots are made for walking
      And that’s just what they’ll do
      One of these days these boots are gonna walk the plank for you’

      No walking back the Putin-stung Clean Break plank, Nikki, but cute pirate boots, matey!

      Hope your 15 min blown on Trump was worth it because you’re never climbing down from the top of the mast you lashed yourself to with that spectacle

      Netanyahu and Trump wouldn’t even let you cancel your show and tell which was ALREADY a dead letter after Trump blew up the Clean Break Drive with Jerusalem and any hope of Saudi/Gulf cooperation with Israel’s drive on Syria/Iran.

      Well, then again, it was Netanyahu correctly making the move to ‘unify absolutely everyone’ and stick JStreet and the Diaspora to him with Jerusalem, his fate now their fate. Nope, he ain’t going down alone anymore, nosiree. Everybody’s going down together if Bibi goes down – if Mama ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy, he made sure of it

      After Jerusalem the word was already out that Saudi is OUT of your Putin-Stung Clean Break Drive and that means No Presidential Soup for you ever, Nikki, but still you got out there and walked down that plank. Guts, real guts

      Trump finally found someone that was loyal to him, no matter what – quite a legacy, Nikki, quite the legacy. Own it, walk it, and your pirate boots fit so wear them, wear them for the rest of your life

    • ‘The Impeachment of the Co-Presidents Netanyahu and Trump’

      After the UN GA vote on Palestine, Netanyahu’s moll Nikki Haley is now ‘taking names’ and threatening all the states of the world – it reminds me of the same thing Bibi did after his ‘involuntary narcissistic rage’ event over his unsuccessful encryption/conspiracy with Jared over UN 2334 (now the central thrust of Mueller's Charges/Trump Impeachment) with his astonishing and revealing direct ordering of the US Congress to retaliate against all the UN Sec Co states of the world, and coinkydinky the same thing Adelson did after the Iran Deal, when Adelson and the Lobby started threatening US Congressman who broke from the Israel Lobby, until they were desperately hushed because of the catastrophic optics and pushback from saner heads in the Lobby, amongst others

      Real American of you, Sheldon, Nikki, Bibi - like Don Corleone-American

      verbatim Netanyahu video transcript '... I, President of the United States, ...' as Bibi role-played what he would do as President of the US, like now

  • Israel's top diplomat spouts anti-Semitic criticism of American Jews -- 'having quite convenient lives'
    • Happy Thanksgiving to all
      - library lecture notice below:


      'Putinchev’s Cobra - The Stung Clean Break Drive on Iran'

      WHEN: Wed Nov 29, 2017, 5:00 ~ 6 pm
      WHERE: Otay Branch San Diego Public Library,
      3003 Coronado Ave, San Diego, Ca 92154
      WHO: Dr Lance Dale

      Overview, zeitgeist, context and potential sweeping clarification of US and Israeli strategic intent and current play in the light of the Iran Deal, UN 2334, the ICC, and other recognized existential events*

      The Stung Clean Break Drive on Iran

      Putin's Triple Crown – Hillary, Trump and Kahanist-dominant Political Judaism

      Matrix/Intersectionality Checkmate, Modeling PM Barak/8200’s Great Tsunami on Israel

      Zeitgeist Snap and Shattered Pro-Israeli/Kahanist Glass Ceiling

      The Struggle of Judaism to free itself from Kahanism and it's Messianic Settlers, ‘The Missed Pivot: Hillary’s Misfired Next Level’, ‘the CIS and the Israeli Generals Revolts’

      Mueller’s Windfall Checkmate, ‘Connected Trump/Netanyahu/Kushner Cases’, ‘Mueller’s 2nd Bite at Big Zion’

      The La Brea Tarpit of Kahanism and Jared Stuck to It

      The Social Revolution against Trump merging with Sociocultural American Revolution against Kahanist-dominant Israel Lobby/Israeli Apartheid

      The Great Wave of Kahangawa – heads up guys in the boats!

      Schisms, Fusions, Transitional States, and America’s Schism from Israel anticipated by Diaspora Jewry’s Schism from Israel, Israeli Judaism’s Schism from Diaspora Judaism, and other existential internal Israeli divisions

      Fusion of Messianic Settlers fused to Adelson fused to Bannon fused to Trump fused to Netanyahu…whoops

      ‘Getting Seen pushing America into Clean Break Wars – Netanyahu’s Royal Discomfiting of the Pooch’ – Bibi’s catastrophic surfacing/exposure of 30 yrs of prime Israeli/AIPAC Clean Break Strategy as ‘Mr Iran’ melts down

      The Successful 2nd American Revolution, the Obama Revolution over Kahanism, a ‘Club of 2’

      Please visit/view daily headlines at and leading up to talk- if possible

      next in series;
      'Netanyahu’s Putsch over the Iran Deal and UN 2334 at the heart of Trump’s Impeachment', and 'Obama’s Successful 2nd American Revolution over Kahanism'

      Amongst many other things, on this day I'm thankful that I saw the Kahanist Avocado on Morning Joe (Richard Haas) say he now has 'No Strategy' after facing the double catastrophic news that
      1- Trump and Putin decided not to have Trump help the Clean Break Drive launch into Syria, and ALSO
      -that Mueller is now focusing on the Jared-Netanyahu conspiracy to subvert UN 2334. Voila, CHECKMATE ISRAEL AND THE ISRAEL LOBBY

      Courage is contagious....

      Tzipi Hotovely is a Kahanist and a Kahanist is a Jewish H------ite, according to Encyclopedia Judaica
      An American Kahanist Fascist State, a police state serving the Kahanist ideology, is what made Netanyahu tick

  • Ayelet Shaked and the fascist ideology
    • Reorganization of Judaism free of Kahanist Fascism/Zionism is the answer, for those who would like to bother. As Beinart said, it's never going to be the same to be a Jew again

      Alpher correctly identifieds Shaked as a fascist but he neglects to specify just what kind of Fascist she is - she is a Kahanist Fascist, a Jewish H*****ite Fascist, which is what Kahanism is

      Kahanism is a crime against humanity, and Kahanist Apartheid is a crime against humanity

      Jewish/Kahanist White Supremacism is flavor #29 of the 31 flavors of White Supremacism -- nothing more and nothing less. Sorry for the 'no special double standard for Kahanists', not get out jail free card just because your fascism has it's raised fist in a Star of David

      The public spectacle of Jewish exceptionalism straining to somehow differentiate Jewish Supremacism from all other White Supremacism is entertaining and futile

  • 'Auto-anti-Semitism!' Naftali Bennett declares war on Jewish self-hatred in Israel
    • Putin-chev’s Cobra –

      Unlike the daring Russian fighter pilot acrobatic maneuver but unusable combat technique, Putin has just done the most astonishing weaponized thing ever dreamt (at least since last summer) or I am a test monkey’s uncle.

      The Plan:
      This Grandmaster has successfully moved his pieces to trap and destroy the Israeli Lobby/Jewish Lobby in the US, by entrapping Jared and Trump in his Jewish Russian Oligarc honey-money sweetheart deals collusion traps, thereby opening up the Grandmaster’s windfall felony exposure of Jared, Trump, and Netanyahu in their Dec 20- 23 2016 collusion with General Sisi of Egypt to subvert and overthrow the eventually successful passage of the existential to the Kahanist Apartheid UN Sec Co Resolution 2334.

      Well, that and the money laundering and Buddy Boy’s collusion with Putin himself and his Oligarcs, and the Israeli Jews in the NY money laundering markets for Israelis and Russians

      Jews in Israel, Russian and the US looting and conspiring all together, kind of as transnationals.

      Putin sends in his Jewish Russian Oligarcs in order to trap and expose both his Russian Jews as well - heres the beauty - other Israeli Jews and US Jews intent on WWIII with Russia if necessary in the pursuit of W*r with Iran, the Clean Break 2.0 Plan, when they themselves get busted.

      WWIII averted - a miracle. Jewish power in the US and Israel is completely exposed and busted by the American people, as they went after Trump and Putin. Yep, Putin.

      CHECKMATE Jewish Power in US and Israel. Putin avoids the WWIII coming his way by the Lobby intent on Iran. The greatest strategic checkmate of all time?

      It’s one of the overarching strategic victories over the Israeli Lobby/Jewish Lobby in the US as well as Israel

      Putin-chev’s Chutzpah – the Checkmate of Netanyahu and the Israel Lobby and their drive to WWIII

  • Charlottesville is moment of truth for empowered U.S. Zionists (who name their children after Israeli generals)
    • The Windfall Existential Checkmates, by the bushel under the Great Green Sea, under wave after wave of the Great Tsunami

      'Kahanist White Supremacy' is flavor #29 of the 31 Flavors of White Supremacy

      Zionism as practiced by it's Israeli enthusiasts is a Kahanist White Supremacist Apartheid ... Full Monty in the kleig lights of our fresh Sat Yuga Zeitgeist post Charlottesville.

      The Nightflower roasted like a Santa Fe poblano pepper on my grill, ready for the relleno stuffing

      Nope, no more soup for N**** or Jewish H*****ite* Kahanists!

      Multidimensional CHECKMATES: Kahanist Apartheid, Kahanist Israel/Jewish Lobby in the Diaspora, Zionism as practiced by it’s Israeli and US enthusiasts, Political Judaism, and solutions such as IP1V1S a fresh ‘Reorganized Judaism free of Kahanism’

      CHECKMATE Multidimesional CONNECTED CASES: Richard Spencer reported/video in Times of Israel from 8-18-17 post Charlottesville calling himself a ‘white Zionist’



      CHECKMATE ISRAELI/JEWISH LOBBY CLEAN BREAK 2.0 PLAN/Wxr on Iran and WWIII if necessary in that pursuit (aka Apartheid Israel’s Only Way Out)

      Let’s recap further CONNECTED multidimensional checkmates:
      We got them all in One Big Bag, all the Kahanists. All stuck like a tarbaby to each other.

      UN SCR 2334 Trump, Kushner and Netanyahu TREASON Clear and Present Danger to the US
      CASE 2000 Moses, Adelson BRIBERY = MASSIVE US Congress/etc TIES
      CHECKMATES: Trump, Kushner and Netanyahu. ISRAEL AND ISRAEL LOBBY. CHECKMATE ‘ONE BIG BAG’ OF KAHANISTS, all stuck together

      ‘Putin’s Checkmate on Netanyahu Lobby’ preventing WWIII (s400s over BG)
      ‘Obama’s Checkmate on Netanyahu’ preventing WWIII (UNSCR 2334)

      The Kahanist Alt Right are anti-Muslim because they are Kahanists, the Kahanist Christian useful foot soldiers of the Kahanist Apartheid and Kahanist Israel Lobby

      Sheldon Adelson, Morton Klein ZOA and Steve Bannon are ALL supporters of the Kahanist Alt Right because the Kahanist Alt Right supports Kahanist Apartheid Israel.

      The Kahanist Alt Right admires Avigdor Lieberman and Netanyahu and their Anti-Muslim Kahanist Israel, just as Anders Breivik and Geert Wilders do

      The Kahanist Christian Alt Right are largely the product of the Islamophobia cottage industry of the Israel Lobby/Jewish Lobby (Frank Gaffney, Cliff May, Daniel Pipes, Pamela Geller David Horowitz, Rudy Giuilani, etc) - thats why ZOA, Sheldon Adelson, The Settlers, Dermer, Oren, etc all support them


      *Encyclopedia Judaica

      Courage is contagious

      2020 Sat Yuga - the Successful 2nd American Revolution Party
      Vote Tulsi and Lance!

      Running the board - Bannon is STUCK to the Settlers = CHECKMATE ZERO DEGREES OF SEPARATION

      When Wolf Blitzer says Apartheid Israel or apartheid and israel in a sentence, it's GOGOGOGOGO

      Sat Yuga is already here...

  • At town hall, Sen. Warren says Israel Anti-Boycott Act 'violates our basic constitution'
    • Victory over Israeli/Jewish Lobby anti-BDS legislation is a strategic victory

      More and more Americans, including Jewish Millenials, are going to be boycotting this 21st Century Apartheid until it howls

      Anyone hating these underhanded and sleazy Israeli Lobby/Israeli Lawfare tactics against Americans should boycott Israel on the grounds of the threats it poses to American freedom and American values

      Israel needs to fear Americans who value their freedom

    • Israel and it's Lobbys prime existential fight over BDS, the focus of all it's lawfare, and they come up not only with bupkis but the humilation of Jewish interests caught in flagrante delicto trying to suppress American First Amendments freedoms. Astonishing...

      This public spectacle of Jewish interests (Sen Cardin, etc) openly trying to bully Americans into silence over the Kahanist Apartheid should be OPENLY SHAMED

      Sen Cardin should be OPENLY SHAMED and driven out of the Senate for his anti-American Pro-Israeli Facist/Kahanist sympathies

  • Bari Weiss and the neoconservative hold on the Democratic Party establishment
    • 'No turning-points in Connected Trump, Kushner and Netanyahu cases'. Checkmate is another term for 'no turning points'

      Those are my liberties with todays Debka headlines reiterating the ‘Explicit linkage of Trump and Netanyahu’. This meme will be mainstreaming, hopefully by sunday talking heads.

      Talking Head Richard Haass, Velvet Glove Kahanist like Hillary in massive chaos and disarray much? The Kahanist Avocado ripe for the plucking? Humiliations galore!

      Netanyahu, Trump, and Jared - the political proverbial xxxx Men Walking. Add AIPAC and the REST of the Lobby to that. As Beinart says Judaism is 'never' going to be the same. It's the End of Political Judaism and the beginning of 1P1V1S

      CHECKMATE ISRAELI/JEWISH LOBBY CLEAN BREAK 2.0 PLAN/Wxr on Iran and WWIII if necessary in that pursuit (aka Apartheid Israel's Only Way Out)

      Let's recap:
      We got them all in One Big Bag, all the Kahanists. All stuck like a tarbaby to each other. All in one bag calling each other 'Kapo'

      UN SCR 2334 Trump, Kushner and Netanyahu TREASON Clear and Present Danger to the US
      CASE 2000 Moses, Adelson BRIBERY = MASSIVE US Congress/etc TIES

      CHECKMATES: Trump, Kushner and Netanyahu. ISRAEL AND ISRAEL LOBBY. CHECKMATE 'ONE BIG BAG' OF KAHANISTS, all stuck together

      'Putin’s Checkmate on Netanyahu/Jews' preventing WWIII (s400s over BG)
      'Obama’s Checkmate on Netanyahu/Jews' preventing WWIII (UNSCR 2334)

      ‘Settlerite Forces’: Adelson, Bennett, Hilltop IDF/JDF, Settler IDF/JDF vs Diskin/CIS and CNAS, Obama, Kapo Haass, Kapo Indyk, Kapo Hillary, Kapo Jane Harman

      Sabotage of Iran Nuke Deal (like UN SCR 2334) a Clear and Present Danger to the US averted by Obama stopping In Motion Israeli/Jewish Lobby Attack on Iran Sept 2012

      Vote the Successful 2nd American Revolution Party

      Tusli Gabbard for President - the Obama Revolution continues!

  • 'Netanyahu doesn't have a vision for peace,' Gillibrand says at town hall aroused by boycott bill
    • Cowabunga!

      A big New York railroad spike driven into Mad King Bibi - no doubt part of the Diaspora Revolt against the Kahanist Apartheid

      Let's not forget to SHAME Israel and her Lobby for continuing to try to criminalize American freedom of speech as part of the American Police State created to prop up the Apartheid

      Times of Israel is repeatedly referencing Mondoweiss

      “I am concerned that Prime Minister Netanyahu does not have a plan for peace, and doesn’t have a vision for peace,” Gillibrand said Saturday at a town hall meeting in the Bronx in New York City, in remarks first reported by Mondoweiss, an anti-Zionist news site.'

      “He just said my only hope is that I protect my people from rockets,” Gillibrand said. “If you don’t have a vision, if you don’t have a plan, then it is never going to happen. And so we do need to require more of our world leaders, and I think a call to action to Israel’s government to have a plan for peace is really incumbent on all of us.”

      Gillibrand was responding to a questioner — whom Mondoweiss identified as belonging to Jewish Voice for Peace — who challenged her support for a bill that targets the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. The American Civil Liberties Union has said the bill impinges on speech freedoms.'

      We need to take the Lobby down to the mineral level - as we are doing

      We need to run the board on Israel and the lobby - one victory after another without them getting ONE MORE BITE or one more breath of air

      Courage is Contagious...

  • Schumer and Macron equate anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism so as to target BDS
    • and Richard Haass the Velvet Glove Kahanist, like Hillary

    • Kahanism is a crime against humanity - Kahanist Apartheid is a crime against humanity

      Zionism as practiced by it's Israeli enthusiasts is Apartheid, Kahanist Apartheid

      When Zionism as practiced by it's Israeli enthusiansts is Kahanism, Zionism is a crime against humanity.

      Apartheid is a crime against humanity, per the UN, Geneva, all international law - so is Zionist or Kahanist Apartheid

      'One Big Bag of Israeli/Israeli Lobby/Jewish Lobby/Neocon/Hillary's Boys and Girls Kahanists...including Chuck. Including Hillary'

      Including Hillary, David Brooks, Tom Friedman, Mort Klein, Adelson, Bennett, Smotrich, Bibi, Bannon, Sarah Palin, Lindsey Graham, Trump, Dennis Ross, Dershowitz and the REST of the Israeli Lobby/Jewish Lobby

      Kahanists are now successfully split and fighting each other - the strategic victory

    • 'No Wall, No Ban, No Wxr with Iran' - pass the word

      Vote the Successful 2nd American Revolution Party

      Lets put Tulsi Gabbard on our ticket - - perhaps even for President!

      No more Israeli and Israeli Lobby/Jewish Lobby Clean Break Plans

      We got them all - 'One Big Bag of Kahanists'

      Courage is Contagious

  • Bill making it a federal crime to support BDS sends shockwaves through progressive community
  • US foreign policy in the Middle East
    • great job - your picture speaks a thousand words

      Israel*, ISIS, and Saudi Arabia - the new axis of evil in the Middle East

      *to include the Israel Lobby/Jewish Lobby in the US

  • Campaign to stop Linda Sarsour from speaking at CUNY was an epic flop
    • “She is the face of a movement,” Lahren said, and questioned whether Sarsour was also “going to be the new face of feminism now?”

      'The new face of feminism'?- Let's certainly hope so - what an amazing person

      She is on Trump and Kushner like bees on honey - she is one of the leaders and role models of the coming new generation of post-Israel Lobby post-Zionist Americans who see thru Israeli Lobby/Jewish Lobby hasbara at light speed.

      The Revolution is the Americans who stood up to AIPAC over the Israel Lobby/Jewish Lobby/Israeli False Flag attempt to force Obama into a War on Syria (and then Iran) in 2013. These are the ones who will take AIPAC, the Lobby, and the Apartheid apart

      She's one of the Americans Obama is proud of and prepped America for with UN SCR 2334

  • How Israeli moves in Jerusalem are scotching Trump's 'ultimate deal'
    • The Checkmate of Israel and the Israeli Lobby

      Mueller's windfall investigation of Jared over Russia lays bare Jared's simultaneous illegal sedition with Israel during Dec 2016 as Jared and Trump were caught in flagrante delicto subverting the USA over the devastating UN SCR 2334 against Apartheid Israel.

      Obama successfully parried the clear and present danger from Trump, Kushner and the Israelis

      During Dec 2016 it was globally reported that Trump had colluded with Bibi and even General Sisi of Egypt to subvert President Barack Obama and American foreign policy over America's support of the existential-to-Apartheid Israel UN SCR 2334, declaring all Israeli settlements in Palestine to be 'flagrantly illegal' and paving the way for 1P1V1S

      Jared Kushner, family friend of Netanyahu, was obviously front and center in the secret collusion between Trump and Bibi, during Dec 21, Dec 22, and Dec 23 when the (unanimous 14-0, US abstaining) vote took place

      Jared and Trump have obviously committed t*****n with Israel in Dec 2016, let alone Russia.

      Mueller will expose Israel, Kushner, and Trump over this: CHECKMATE

      The bombshell Dec 23rd 2016 passage of this historic resolution detonating over Israel precipitated the infamous 'involuntary narcissistic rage' from an increasinly psychologically desperate and unstable Bibi Netanyahu - looking to this observer like he apparently required medication and forced public unequivocal conciliatory statements to the US regarding Israel's continued appreciation of the US as a partner.

      Will Mueller seize Jared's computer and/or find he used Israeli encrypted communications with Netanyahu and the Israelis in Dermer's office in the Israeli Embassy during their infamous completed crime of trying to subvert President Obama and the US?


      The million dollar realization is COLLAPSE of Israeli/Israeli Lobby domination of the American political landscape.

      Jared's collusion with Israel and Bibi over UN SCR 2334 is STUCK LIKE A TARBABY to Jared's collusion with Russia

  • If Trump is serious we may be seeing the most significant step in 20 years of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations
    • Jared's Secret -

      something brewing 1/16 inch under the surface was there was an ALREADY KNOWN crime of collusion between the incoming Trump administration and a foreign government - the collusion with Israel around UN 2334.

      There is the KNOWN December 2016 'Crime of Collusion with Israel against the USA' with Jared's December 'backchannel' collusion with Bibi/ the Israelis as they sought to derail the US policy of support of UN SCR 2334, in attempt to wrest power from Obama and thereby to rescue a desperate Israel

      Jared just got sloppy and thought he could do the same thing with the Russians that he just did with the Israelis


      Jared's collusion with Bibi and the Israelis over 2334 is stuck like a tarbaby to Jared's collusion with Russia

      When asked about OTHER foreign agent interference in the US besides Russia, Brennan said he would like to do that behind closed doors. LIKE WHAT HAPPENED WITH UN 2334, right, Mr Brennan?

      CHECKMATE ISRAEL - the America people are beginning the public spectacle of Israeli/Israeli Lobby interference in the American political system

      Thumbs down on Jared - how about 5 yrs for a count over Israel and 5 for the count over Russia?

      Hey Jared, where did you go to talk to the Bibi over UN 2334, the Israeli Embassy, Dermer's office? ha!

  • The message of the Orb
  • Here we go again! Netanyahu disputes Trump administration, urges him to 'shatter Palestinian fantasy' about Jerusalem
    • This is yet another windfall opportunity for the forces of good, lightness and blue sky as Trump focuses the world on the Hair on Fire Apartheid

      The Bald Angry Man has taken off his mask and Israel is as jumpy as Trump's lid during today's speech!

      The Israeli Right* is spooked and hardening up fast against Trump quicker than Krazy Glue - Kristol is telling them 'I told you so' and they are going to PENCE after they brush Trump aside

      Israel is in chaos and on the brink of 'The Inevitable Israeli Civil War'/says Rogel Alpher, Haaretz

      We're going to get down to the VERY untelegenic, frothing, obscenity spouting Anti-American Settlers PDQ and THEN watch American public opinion -

      Americans are SEEING and LEARNING as these public relations catastrophes are caught under Klieg lights and exposed

      What Amb David Friedman thinks of the 'kapos' is the level of how much the tolerance the Settlers have with Americans. Venomous

      WAPO'S motto 'Democracy Dies in Darkness' is exactly what happens when Israel and the Israeli Lobby get what they want.

      It's time to drag the Nightflower out into the sunlight and let the sun shine in and out of every orifice of AIPAC and the Apartheid

      *Kristol and his NeverTrumper Neocons angling for their hail mary PENCE
      *Adelson who just Jumped the Trump with his hareem of Lindsay Graham, McCain
      *'Hillary's Neocons' - The Kagans and the Other Kagans, etc, and The Nightflower herself

    • Got to love it!

      1- Incoming indictment of Bibi
      2- Freefalling Trump
      3- gearing up for 1P1V1S and the dismantling of Apartheid

    • Trump team 'shattering Israeli/Jewish fantasies' today - wow

      Trump team today: '...Western Wall ... site is in the West Bank, and therefore the Israeli government has no authority over it.' SNAP!


      'U.S. diplomats snub Israeli offers to help with Trump's Western Wall visit: It's in West Bank, you have no authority'= TOI
      Diplomats stationed at the U.S. consulate in Jerusalem refused to hold talks with Israeli officials about arrangements for U.S. President Donald Trump’s planned visit to the Western Wall during his trip to Israel next week, claiming that the site is in the West Bank, and therefore the Israeli government has no authority over it.


      Bibi, Israel, and Trump are in freefall down the crevasse ... faster, please

  • Land Grab: Israeli Knesset passes law legalizing expropriation of privately-owned Palestinian land
    • To get at and stop the Kahanists/Neocons in the Trump adminisration (and a war on Iran) we had to stop the Kahanist Apartheid in Israel - it had to be done in concert, as is happening as we speak

      This Palestine Annexation Law reaction, the toppling of Bibi from the imminent indictment, UN SCR 2334 - it will save the world from the Clean Break Kahanist War with Iran

    • I'm proud of the American Jewish community for having crossed the Rubicon - the ADL, J Street, etc and isolating Adelson, ZOA, Netanyahu and the Settlers

      This is the split we have needed - it's an undeniable public split of Jewish Power in the US and it's front page news. This is the learning curve that the rest of America needs to get up to speed on 1P1V1S and WHY

      It's a matter of replacing the Apartheid One State with the 1P1V1S One State - easy to understand, everyone gets the vote

      In concert with UN SCR 2334, the tsunami of international opinion including US liberal Jews overwhelming this Palestine Annexation Law, the ICC will be all over Israel like a hot cheap suit now.
      I guess Derschowitz's House of Cards Case for Israel will now be shown in full in flagrante delicto violation of Article 4 of the Geneva Conventions, etc,

      Now all we need is the Pre-Bon Voyage indictment of Netanyahu for bribery BEFORE he embarks on his 'Get Iran Summit' on Feb 15 - Bibi has 5 sleazy scams, false flags, or other lies in his head to get Iran, just like he had 5 to save the Amona settlement.

      Events have overtaken Netanyahu AND Trump, as the Kahanist Israeli Apartheid and the Kahanist Israel Lobby in the US respectively. The collapse of the Israeli Apartheid is hitting the Kahanist/Trump Israel Lobby in the US like a tsunami
      This flows into the Revolution against Trump in a HUUUUGGE way - as I imagine he would say it

      This is the way the Trump Administration's false flagging and ginning up a war against Iran is going to fail - by way of the indicted Netanyahu and collapsing Apartheid unable to coordinante with the Trump administration true believers like Flynn, the infamous Michael Ledeen (known Mossad connections for decades, central in helping fabricate the Niger Yellowcake Fraud that Ledeen stovepiped to the OSP Doug Feith - the rest being history), the infamous Eliot Abrams (Iran Contra, Iraq, full bore for a war with Iran), Steve Bannon, Pompeo, Sessions, Bolton, Krauthammer, Kristol, HILLLARY CLINTON and Dick Cheney, and the REST of the Kahanist Israel Lobby /Jewish Lobby in the US

      One Big Bag of Kahanists - that's the historic yield and legacy of this law

  • Netanyahu scandals reflect corruption at the heart of Israeli society
    • Hopefully the indictment(s) will come next week or before Feb 15 - Bibi is going to be gone to the US and then Australia and wonted be back until the end of Feb ...

      If we can give Bibi a Indictment for a Faux Bon Voyage party that would be wonderful

      This is the perfect avenue by which to stuff the Iran War which Bibi and Trump's Gang are trying to gin up with their summit. Larry Wilkerson says a false flag i a guarantee

      Trump is not going to meet with an indicted Prime Minister, and Bibi probably won't be so eager to leave home turf anyway.

      On the other hand, if Trump offered Bibi and Sara 'Mansion Arrest' at Mar a Lago with all the Pinks and Leaves Bibi and Sara could stuff in their pie holes, that could be the bonzanza deal of the century - problem solved!

      'No Ban, No Wall, No War' for Trump and the REST of the Israel Lobby

      Watch Bibi be toppled ....and all of it, including with Trump, will collapse

  • 'No Ban, No Wall' highlights the common struggle in US and Palestine
    • This is so wonderful - this confluence of the Social Revolution against Trump and the REST of the Israeli Lobby

      That poster of the woman with the American flag hijab is so iconic - it says it all for me -

      Best of all is that I think we are going to get Netanyahu on all the bribery charges BEFORE he can go on his US trip Feb 15 and visit Trump for their 'Get Iran' summit.

      Why would Trump bother to meet with a prison bound already indicted toppled Israeli PM? How absolutely st*pid can he be?

      The Apartheid is in a state of collapse:

      Amona Evac tomorrow morning or so - dozens of Amona is what everybody is talking about as the 'Jewish Civil War'
      Azaria sentencing and expected pardon
      Next weeks resurgent attempt to pass the 'Palestine Annexation Law' straight into the teeth of UN 2334
      Bibi indicted, toppled
      Summit with Trump humiliated. Trump humiliated as side benefit.

      Fresh Emergency Israeli Elections vs centrist Lapid shadow government, supported by Diskin/CIS and CNAS
      Transition to 1P1V1S Working Group

      Diskin/CIS is going to need Ch 7 upgrade of UN 2334 - Bibi is NOT going to concede power/resign power

  • Before there was 'fake news' there was Judith Miller
    • Let's compare Arnon Moses to a US media owner like Dan Abrams, let's compare the corruption case against Netanyahu to what the Israeli Lobby does to the US media owners

      The amazing thing to me currently is the clear parallels between the bribery cases against Netanyahu with Arnon Mozes and the coereced suppression (worse than what Bibi was doing to/with Moses) of the American media regarding reporting on Israel and Palestine

      The US media has already had done to it (to the level of full spectrum dominance/corruption/intimidation) the same kind of CORRUPPTION that the Israel Media is starting to have (though to a lesser degree than the dominated US media)..

      Let's indict or question the 'Arnon Moses' of the US media world for corruption - like Dan Abrams or any of the other owners of the media venues

    • Judith Miller - a true 'Israeli Lobby-fake news' heroine

  • 'Constructed crisis for political ends': anti-Semitism claims are prime weapon for UK Israel lobby, Al Jazeera shows
    • 'You can still oppose Trump, without tying the Palestinian cause to your agenda'/
      Better yet, why not convince Trump supporters that Israel is not the true friend of the US? -

      The take down of the Kahanist Neocon/Israeli Lobby/Jewish Lobby in tandem with the collapsing Kahanist Israeli Apartheid is what's going on right now

      Trump is roped together with Bibi and they are plunging down a crevasse - their plummeting mass creating enough momentum and constant destabilization of the other to do the trick after UN 2334

      Trump sticking himself to Bibi (see the Tom Friedman article 'Bibi makes Trump his Chump') is just the next verse in the saga of monumental blunders of this narcissistic buffoon

    • 'The Successful 2nd American Revolution-Party Planks'


      28th Amendment specifically targeting negation of Israeli manipulation and Pro-Israeli manipulation of Congress specifically, or by any other foreign nation and it's supporters,restricting and eliminating foreign or foreign supporter-donations to the US Political System, donations to American political campaigns

      First force AIPAC to register as agency of a foreign government, re-open the Rosen-Weissman and Rep Jane Harman completed crime of obstruction of justice

      Second - declare AIPAC illegal based on outcome of above

      A handful of other additions are likely but will try to keep it simple - love to hear some pro bono 28th amendment language suggestions

      Vote the 2nd American Revolution-Party as part of the social revolution against Trump and the REST of the Israel Lobby

  • Israel-Palestine conflict could 'explode' under Donald Trump, Israel supporter warns
    • The 'Civil War between the Jews' would basically be dozens of Amona evacuations...

      1P1V1S avoids 'Civil War between the Jews' of attempting to extract the 'fanatic subset' of Settlers. The Civil War would basically be dozens of Amonas

      There is a confluence of military strategies now -

      Diskin/CIS will need UN Ch 7 support whether the final outcome will be 2 State (which it won't ) or 1P1V1S

      Uri Avnery - a long/last promoter of Two States - has an interesting article regarding dealing with what he calls 'Group 3' of the Settlers, the Fanactics, the Messianic Settlers
      He admits it's going to take force

      Where is that force going to come from for the 2SS (Avnery) or 1P1V1S? - it's gonna come from Diskin/CIS with UN Ch 7 support, that's where

      This is a confluence of strategies

      Avnery describes (as did Barak, others) 'Civil War between the Jews' - the 'Messy Two State' with dozens of Amona Evacuations (like the one coming Feb).

      Diskin/CIS will probably keep the Settlements INTACT and protected/guarded so there is no Pricetagging attempts, etc as it everything move to the 1P1V1S

      One State, everyone voting, all 5 million Diaspora Refugees returned. A great beginning. Any Israeli effort directed at Palestinian reparations, etc rather than at threatening Iran, further Clean Break Adventures, etc

    • RECAP - how sweet it is!

      In the last few days we have seen:

      The 'Palestine Annexation Law-Woodchipper' known as UN SCR 2234 has worked it's magic and the future has been transformed - Netanyahu and Lieberman both basically publically saying it's SHELVED FOREVER - they have been humbled before the G*ds, apparently

      Woodchipper Victory tally:

      1- Bibi massively Red Lined publically - with UN SCR 2334 and more - and SEEN as Red Lined
      2- Bibi Toppled (on the way out, bribes, involuntary narcissitic rage and meltdown, etc)
      3- Bibi's 2nd Putsch on USA overthrown - once it's leader was toppled it fizzled/is fizzling
      4- Dismantling Israeli Apartheid on the table post Bibi - Diskin needs the UN Ch 7 upgrade to UN SCR 2334 to dismantle the Apartheid and keep order from the messianics, etc
      5- Attention now turning to the Kahanist Israel Lobby incompetently being led by Trump - the transformative windfall or meta-strategic reason for taking down the Apartheid half of the tag team, the Neocons and the REST of the Israel Lobby/Jewish Lobby. It's the Successful 2nd American Revolution

      One Big Bag-Taking down ALL the Kahanists

      Going straight to 1P1V1S - giving the vote to everyone in the one state including the FOB 5 million Palestinians. Easy to understand, 1P1V1S One State replacing Apartheid One State.
      1P1V1S Solution looking sweeter and sweeter - there's 10 million Palestinians and 6 Million Jews between the Shining River and Shining Sea - full rights and responsibilities for all

      Obama is like Nicoloas Cage in Raising Arizona - he's already pulled the pin on the Bibi Biker from H*ll - Bibi is a done deal at this point, so is the Apartheid. It's signed sealed and delivered - Sorry Mr Smalls!

      Now on to the Clown in Waiting...

      Lots of Blinking going on - and not once by Obama

      Obama already has it won, once Bibi was going down it was a day of victory for Obama. Without Bibi there is no Bibi's 2nd Putsch (Congress being directed by the Lobby and Bibi, like they tried with Bibi's 1st Putsch over the Iran deal)

      Bibi blinked on Bibi's 2nd Putsch against the US, cuz he's being toppled (and disgraced)

      Bibi blinked on the Palestine Annexation Law and was forced to make a pro-US statement after his 'involuntary narcissistic rage' episode (clinical, add that to his hostile staredown of the UN - good thing this guy is being forced down now due to the bribery/etc otherwise he would have to be removed for medicial/psychiatric instability

      Trump blinked on the move on the embassy, and has to watch his buddy Bibi get toppled and the Apartheid collapse

      Obama looking very very good at this point... fully within his zone

  • 'Morality within the army is becoming less important among Israeli society': Azaria conviction reveals divisions across Israeli society
    • I suggest Jimmy Carter/Carter Center round up the 5Million Palestinian diaspora and conduct the Palestinian registry for the total 10 million Palestinians vote for One State, coming into possession of their UN 194 Human Rights
      He deserves the honor

      We're talking about dismantling the apartheid, booting up 1P1V1S and the transition from Apartheid to 1P1V1S -

      Diskin and the CIS need Chapter 7 upgrade of UN SCR 2334 in order to dismantle this Apartheid. They WANT to do it. They want to do it because they are smart

      Chapter 7 was being discussed from the outset - if Diskin needs the UN force to succeed with the dismantling of the Apartheid flowing from UN SCR 2334 into 1P1V1S One State

      Gen Diskin - do you need Chapter 7? - the time appears very ripe with the approaching Palestine Annexation Law - Netanyahu is ALL IN on the vote carrying forward (along with Bennett, Oren and all the usual suspects) - ALL IN in jumping into the messianic abyss with The Palestine Annexation Law

      There will be no 'after' the Palestine Annexation Law for Netanyahu and his political parties ... that's the key. Yep, factor that key point in an it's a clean sweep I'd say

      About 1Million Israelis and more are going to get fit to be tied when the Palestine Annexation Law is stopped, and probably Netanyahu being required to step down. That's where Gen Diskin and the Commanders for Israeli Security ALREADY ARE - ready for the collapse of the Apartheid.

      The CIS wants to make sure no one gets hurt - and that's a very laudable outlook

  • In 'breathtaking' UN vote, Obama changed his policy on Israeli settlements, making them a war crime -- Finkelstein
    • coming talk

      ‘The Successful 2nd American Revolution and Seismic Transformations of Jewish Power in the US and Israel’

      WHEN: Sunday Jan 15 2017, 2:00 - 3:15 pm
      WHERE: Otay Branch San Diego Public Library,
      3003 Coronado Ave, San Diego, Ca 92154
      WHO: Dr Lance Dale


      The Successful 2nd American Revolution

      -The Successful 2nd American Revolution Playbook

      ‘Obama as a Transformational American President regarding Jewish Power in US and Israel’. A ‘Club of 2’

      ‘Red Lines on Bibi’ – UN SCR 2334 and American Recognition of Palestine. Legacy as ‘man who lost Israel’

      ‘Bibi, Trump, and the onrushing ‘Palestine Annexation Law-Woodchipper’.

      ‘Checkmated and desperate Knesset’s passage of the Palestine Annexation Law’ into the Ch 6/possible Chapter 7 teeth of UN Sec Co Resolution 2334

      Transitioning to ‘1P1V1S One State’, ‘1P1V1S One State replacing Apartheid-One State’, Marwan Barghouti. 10 million Palestinians and 6 million Jews – do the math

      The Cost of Netanyahu’s continued pursuit of passing the Palestine Annexation Law – triggered/greenlighted Chapter 7 upgrade to UN SCR 2334, and some Israeli summary removal as head of state apparently ‘on the table’, calls for it from Israel x 5, triggered ICC hot in flagrante delicto cases

      ‘One Big Bag’ – the entirety of the Kahanists swept up together – the Apartheid and the Kahanist Neocons, etc, ‘Bibi and Trump as Israel and the Israel Lobby’

      American Recognition of Palestine – shifts in American media coverage

      Diskin/CIS needs Chapter 7 upgrade of UN SCR 2334 to dismantle Apartheid

    • He's looking like one happy dude all of a sudden...

      Such a wonderful and informative academic analysis

  • Netanyahu's holy war, and the coming Jewish schism
    • What we're currently seeing is Bibi's 2nd Putsch against the United States of America - let's all preempt/cure this with massive 'Redlining of Bibi and Trump' - particularly around the Palestine Annexation Law 2nd and 3rd Knesset readings

      Bibi, Bennett, Oren are all GOING FORWARD into the Palestine Annexation Law Vote - this is Picketts Last Charge GOOD GROUND, everybody. The law is going to get shot down by the Israeli Supreme Court, UN SCR 2334 and should be reason for REGIME CHANGE for any government adovcating such a war crime in the presence of a fresh UN SCR 2334. Diksin is going to need UN Ch 7 support - that's also the punishment for Bibi moving forward with the PAL-law vote

      @JohnKerry Powerful, lucid speech. World & majority in Israel think the same. Bibi, on verge of messianic abyss, determined to go forward

      Let's make sure the Palestine Annexation Law vote costs Netanyahu his job IMMEDIATELY if not before. There will be no 'after' the Palestine Annexation Law - this can also be the trigger for updating the UN SCR 2234 to be passed as Chapter 7 so Diskin gets the help he needs to keep order and begin dismantling the Apartheid.

      There IS no Two State - we're going DIRECTLY to 1P1V1S NOW!

      Netanyahu's behavior is being made to cost him the Israeli premiership - bring on the P1V1S1 Transitional Working Group, Diskin/CIS/CNAS, and Yair Lapid's swelling Shadow government as well. Hell, let Ehud run, we don't care. It' the transition to 1P1V1S that is the most important thing - Diskin knows the Palestinians as his own - he'll be creative, no doubt

      There must and will be a COST of any attempts to pass the Palestine Annexation Law - updating UN SCR 2334 to be passed under Chapter 7 rather than the current Chapter 6.
      Diskin/and the CIS need the Chapter 7 support in order to be the spearhead of dismantling the Apartheid and avoiding the '2nd Masada being prepared for by Bennett and his Kahanist Messianics - this will be the 2nd aspect of the

      Let's all REDLINE Bibi and Trump around the Palestine Annexation Law prohibited by UN SCR 2334 - let's take Custer down, it's Trump's Last Stand!

      'General, You go down there...there are thousands of Indians down there, and when they get done with you... you go down there if you got the nerve'.

      We're calling it into the stands. Let's make the Palestine Annexation Law the move with these guys - this is GOOD GROUND.

      The Split in Jewish Power is between Kahanists and all other (mostly liberal) Jews - it's the Kahanists that we're bringing down, the Kahanists in both the US and Israel (also the ones like Wilder, Breivik and other Kahanist (anti-muslim and pro Kahanist Israel) fascist movements

  • Why Obama waited 8 years to take on Netanyahu
    • 'The answer is simple: the Israel lobby was against any real action. Jewish Americans of my generation and older opposed any pressure on Israel. So there was no pressure (till now, and Trump)'

      'Time to Red Line Bibi,Trump and the REST of the Jewish Lobby/Israel Lobby/Neocons'

      Now is the time for maximum pressure and Red Lines on Bibi - and that pressure consists in hammering 'Kahanism' in the US and Israel - calling it out - dragging the Nightflower out into the sun - teaching America about it from the inside.

      courage everybody ...

      Showing and explaining to people what it is - STOPPING encouraging it (many Jewish people, many others) if someone has been previously supportive.

      It's time to question power and question Jewish power in the US and Israel - and put some RED LINES on it - one great place to start is to put a red line around Bibi and the Palestine Annexation Bill

      Bibi, Trump nor anyone else crosses the Red Line of passing the Palestine Annexation Bill into the face of UN 2334, even if changes to Israeli government because necessary, there are votes of no confidence for a semi-invalid Netanyahu

      The focus on the 'Palestine Annexation Law' is critical now - so far MK Oren, MK Bennett, PM Bibi, David Friedman, Trump and 100,000s of thousands of Messianics, Settlers, and other Kahanists have come out to dance in the open

      It reminds me of Zorba the Greek, the 3rd Time, the best one, the log that broke the camels back careening down the slope, the zip of metal on cable at dizzying momentum - yep the Palestine Annexation Law was one log too far

      It's out of the hands of Jewish power except for those like Diskin/CIS at this point - 'not opposing any pressure on Israel' was the inch they needed, they made it their carte blanche and that just ended in delicto flagrante with UN 2334

      The rhythm is different than it being '8 yrs' - lots has been happening too
      Obama has a basketball rhythm - theres a lot of unconscious teamwork - it's very dynamic.

      We fastbroke em.

      'The bigger they are the harder they fall 'said Aaron David Miller - that's what it sounded like to me when he said it, the hubris was like jasmine. 'Every mountain unclimable until it's climbed, every ship unsinkable until it's sunk'

      It is kind of a 'S*ck on this Big Zion' Moment, as Tom Friedman might have it. One Big Bag, we got them all, the Lobby and the Apartheid. We had to anyway, they made sur of it

      Progress toward the 1P1V1S might as well begin - now we're going to really make progress

      I think the rumor of the Yair Lapid CIS/CNAS centrist Israeli Working Group would be a good solid bet to talk to. Diskin would be terrific - if it turns out there is an Israreli Party in a 1P1V1S Palestine Pie that would be a good thing

      There's going to be 10 million Palestinians (5 million FOB and out of the refugee camps and coming into posession of their human rights) and 6 million Jews between the River and the Sea - those are 10 to 6 odds if you do the math - and why not everybody get to work making sure those 10 million Palestinians have full human rights and protections, immediately. No time like the present, the fierce urgency of now. StartUP those Repartations to Palestinians, ASAP - that kind of a start up nation, Germany did it..

      It's a transformation into Sat Yuga, that's what so beautiful

      The funniest thing was it was all tied up with free Paletinians at the same time

  • Scenes from a neoconservative meltdown
    • Humiliations galore! Has any group Scr*wed the Pooch and got caught in flagrante delicto so thoroughly as this, in a long long time?

      Next thing these 'Neocons in full rout', 'Neocons in the Open' will try to do is play their 'Abuser as Victim-Game' again - they get to channel and recapitulate the masochist that way.
      Over and over - it's compulsive and it's really the only trick they have, like a One Trick Pony kind of thing.

      Lake has been OUTED, drug out in the sun. SUNLIGHT!

      It's the story of the century! It's better than the OJ case and best of all Dershowitz is in it and Loses! It's great

      Jewish power is what Eli Lake is all about, and he is meltdown, absolutely right.

      Loss of Narcissistic defenses that he (and so many, many others/most of us, to some degree) were forced to develop as young kids, Kahanist stuff, Avigdor Lieberman stuff, the bullying type of stuff, the inglorious bastard, the 'Abuser as Victim-Game' like Bibi keeps trying to find an audience for, the empowered side of the Narcissistic Sadomasochistic coin. Now he's the flip side, he's been flipped. Snapped, he's in shock and awe, and thru that is anger. And he doesn't know who this anger is for, except he does. He's got a very steep learning curve/high cliff and he has zero time. This guy is dangerous, if he had any power. ONLY STOPPED, only restrained, not curable.

      a supremacist, militant, entitled Kahanist, big money and big power. Valhalla almost.
      The Bully Stick. Made Men. The Flexian Neocon (The Shadow Elite, Wedel), the 'normalized Neocon', the 'Kahanist is A-OK' vaudeville show.

      Wiley Coyote is one step from institutionalization. BEEP! BEEP! Bib!, says Palestinian roadrunner. People are literally spitting on him almost.

      Narcissistic Meltdown - imagine the energy he would unleash in some way if he could - like Johnny Rocco in Key Largo, imagine that to avoid feeling like this this guy has done just about anything he needed to, or even wanted to. Look at how angry and NASTY it is, it's old deep down primal narcissitic defense-creating stuff. He needed help long ago but turned into a LOTR guy name like a gulp in the throat

      Bibi and Eli Lake are people for whom there is no place left to run. They've lost their Invisibility Sutra, the Nightflower is exposed and it a Little Shop of Horrors, ain't it? Has everybody seen the world just SPITTING ON JEWS - it's amazing. Does Bibi see those people applauding and spitting in his dreams, even? BINGO

      so busted, Jews - Peter Beinart has long said now that 'Jews will never be the same' as America begins to be informed as to just what happened 12 23 16 with UN 2334 - it's an incredible story with massive amounts of intrigues, Russia and Bibi! Evidence! Humiliations Galore!.

      'Jews will never be the same' - neither will the people who lived with Jews, either. Best of all, the challenging of authority and speaking truth to power can be fresh American thing. Lots of fresh America things, like not tolerating a Kahanist Israeli Apartheid

      Imagine the imminent exposure of Apartheid Israel to Americans, black and white - thar she be - Apartheid Israel - how about suits against Israelis during JASTA trials, the suppression of the American media by Kahanist/Zionist disapproval, Saban and Hillary, Trump and Adelson and now bizarrely, Trump and Bibi. Bibi's 2nd Putsch against the US, a clear and present danger to the United States of American, the 3rd time's a charm time, everybody who's counting

      Now that is what I call Easy's one big bag. The Apartheid and the Neocons, all the Kahanists and Geert Wilders, Breivik

      controlling media coverage of Israel and Palestine to the point of absurdity in the plain face of reality. To obfuscate Americans to the point where they are so systematically and obviously lied to and misinformed is actually called psyops and propaganda, not journalism

      We don't want an america complicit and active in following a Kahanist Clean Break Objective for Israel/The Israel Lobby (to save Apartheid I and the Israeli Lobby's absolute supremacy) - and we're going to make that happen now - there is a transformation happening right now, everyone can feel it - and like blowing sand in the pages of time

      The CIS/CNAS Working Group and the Yair Lapid volunteering centrist Israeli government would seem to be a good fit for this moment. The world has already started applauding - it's clearer better without any of this Kahanist silliness anymore, masquerading as this thing or that

      For Bibi there is a different story.

      Berlin, 1945. Bibi, alone in his bunker, the man who lost Israel

      The Prime Minister of Israel has had a nervous breakdown and is no longer fit to command. The CIS, Yair Lapid's Yesh Atid can form a coaltion - ELECTIONS IN ISRAEL or straight to the 1P1V1S?
      We also need some pro bono work for a 28th amendment, America free of foreign donations from the state of Israel or in service of Lobbying congress for aid, money, arms, intelligence, or anything else.

      28th Amendment - would Rep Tusli Gabbard perhaps care to sponsor an amendment like this? Private law groups? Southern Poverty Law Center?

    • What we are seeing is a very toxic narcissistic spiral downwards - same as Bibi, same as is coming all over. That's why the CIS is there and apparently a CIS/CNAS Yair Lapid 'Shadow Government' (reported TiimesofIsrael iirc) centrist Israeli Working Group, to take over now that Bibi has so obviously and clearly 'Broke Bad', so clearly and cliinically and strategically obviously deteriorated? Timberrrrr....Heisenberg royally discomfitted the Pooch, I would say. Imagine a legacy as the man who lost Israel...

      Me, Myeself and Irene-level Involuntary Narcissist Rage is actually a diagnostic term, and Bibi is a prime example of it - he's really a model for it and so is Lake. You took the bully's carte blanche away from him. So this previously toleranted Kahanist becomes a so 'Busted Jews'-guy, hostile and regressed, at the end of his rope, desperate, vengeful, ready to do anything is the way everybody sees it. J Theres a better way to live without the distractions from the drama queens

      The Commanders for Israeli Security and many American Jews will be there with a significant part of the state apparatus to prepare for 1P1V1S and rights and responsibilities for all under the law

      Election in Palestine are necessary to preceed votes Pan-Israel/Palestine, including the 5 million refugees who need their purple thumbs and will have them soon, many of/most to them if they becomes well off?

  • It is time to recognize the US-Palestinian conflict
    • 'But, one thing is certain: the US and Palestine are on a collision course'

      ‘Into the Palestine Annexation Law-Buzzsaw’ - like an old January Christmas tree into a woodchipper.

      Netanyahu’s diabolic postponing of the final readings of the already infamous ‘Palestine Annexation Law’ (referred to by Powers) until late January has magically transformed itself into a miscalculation of unbelieveable porportions now that UN SCR 2334 has materialized directly in it's path

      Better still, it has AGAIN drug Trump into the stuck at the hip-mix for an onrushing Round Two whupping of his already disastrous Near-Presidency

      Like a badly staggered Luchador Tag Team trying to pick itself up after having been body slammed into the mat by Obama, Bibi and Donald have hazily heard the bell ring for Round Two of the Trump Donnybrook

      Hmmm – sounds more like some kind of high pitched whine rather than a bell, OMG, it’s a BUZZSAW!

      This is key – as the Apartheid collapses, Bibi is apparently successfully manipulating an ‘easily moved’ Trump along for the ride. Ahem, this works in our favor now

      Once Itay Zalait puts up a Golden Donald statue next to another Golden Bibi in Rabin Square, hopefully in some kind of disgusting lewd embrace that captures reality ... then the social revolution in America against Trump can include the revolution against the Israel Lobby. The more Trump is identified with the Lobby at this point, the better it is. If the Lobby is Trump and Trump is the Lobby, we couldn't ask for a better positioning

      Here, have a 'wafer thin-dinner mint', Mr Trump, glut yourself on it, says the maître d'

      First we have the sleazy Trump shennagins with Bibi and Sisi failing to sabotage the US position over UN 2334, and looking STINKING AWFULLY BAD doing it, then, the expected 'Me, Myself and Irene-level involuntary narcissistic rage' directed at the UN and Obama, and coming right up, a righteous Bibi, Trump and Friedman all in high dudgeon and all trying to pretend the 'Palestine Annexation Law' isn't precisely as disgusting, sleazy and untenable as it is. America is watching all of it and LEARNING. YUCK

      The Apartheid and the Israeli Lobby/Neocons (as currently being championed by Trump) will collapse together, and they will be need to be SEEN doing so AGAIN at the Palestine Annexation Law fight and fight over the Friedman confirmation at the Senate. They closer Trump is to Bibi the more of a disaster it is for Trump - Israel AND the Lobby going down together as more and more of America will be wishing them well as it happens and reminding them not to let the door smack them on the way out

      Like 2 roped mountain climbers plunging down a deep crevasse, the momentum of one dragging the other with it, Bibi and Trump have already given each other ‘just enough rope’ to do the trick. Trump can't imagine Israel failing to the degree it will take him down with it. Think again, Donald, you picked a real loser as a dancing partner with Bibi post UN 2334

      With the Bibi as the Apartheid, and Israel's Great White Hope Trump as representative of the American Israeli Lobby/Neocons, we have all the imagery we need to picture the Apartheid and the Lobby plunging down together

      The incoming UN Sec Co Resolution detonating over Israel – as it now has [Merry Christmas!] before the late January final vote on the law was certainly no unforeseeable 'Black Swan' event. Didn’t Bibi realize what passing the Palestine Annexation Law right in the face of the UN 2334 would look like? Is he crazy?

      Bibi is in chaos and the only choices he has are grasping at straws trying to postpone the inevitable - Amona, the Azaria Trial, and the Palestine Annexation Law. He's writing checks that cannot be cashed. Everybody knew it was coming, Bennett and Netanyahu were practically begging Obama for it

      Yes, Israel and it’s Israeli Lobby-Champion are heading straight into the upcoming ‘Palestine Annexation Law’ vote 2 minutes after Donald is sworn in, cheer-led by a fuming David Friedman all set to show the world who’s boss and just who feels the mostest absolutely entitled to Judea and Samaria, no matter what

      Trump will be lucky if he makes it out of the next 30 days intact - he's looking like a fool and a freier of Bibi's already.

      Under incalcuable pressure, the now checkmated and desperate Knesset will pass this prima facie indefensible crime against humantity Hague Bait- ‘law’ directly into the teeth of the standing UN SCR 2334 directly prohibiting anything of this sort, like an old late January Christmas tree into a woodchipper

      That Donald choose to straddle that tree before it went in - well, there it is. STRIKE TWO!

  • Breaking: UN Security Council passes historic resolution against settlements as two-state solution 'slips away'
    • The evidence is now overwhelming that we are seeing a seismic transformation of Jewish power in America.

      Israel itself (and it has said so) regards these events as ‘existential’ and dispositive. Today’s UN Sec Co Resolution, the successfully advancing ICC cases, and the Iran Deal (preventing the Apartheid from ‘escaping’ by way the chaos created by triggering a major regional if not international war) constitute sufficient ‘existential’ events. Israel cannot and will not be able to continue in it’s current makeup as a state under these conditions.

      Today’s UN Sec Co Resolution ‘against Israel’ is only the latest in a stunning 5 yr string of major defeats and fiascos of Jewish political power in the US and in Israel itself. Out of a list of 7 major defeats, let’s look at the last 4

      1- In Sept/Oct 2012 President Obama, in coordination with Israeli generals (Diskin and others, ‘The 1st Israeli Generals Revolt’, later developing into the CIS by 2014) stopped an in motion Israeli attack on Iran, designed to tripwire the US into war with Iran.
      This constituted a clear and present danger to the United States of America which was successfully stopped by President Obama

      2- In August 2013 Obama threw out the ‘Blob’s Playbook’ for a fresh Clean Break-motivated war on Syria which the ‘Washington Foreign Policy Blob Playbook’ (where ‘the Blob’ is the Neocon/Israeli Lobby designation d’jour) with with decision to not attack the Assad regime with a major air war (Russia says there were over 600 targets in the near American attack) This was attempt to create a fresh Clean Break-planned war wholly supported, falseflagged, and ginned up by the Jewish Lobby/Israel Lobby and Israel, amongst other players

      3- March – July 2015 President Obama stopped what amounted to a Israeli/Israeli Lobby putsch attempt (- what some have called ‘Bibi’s Putsch’) – over the United States and it’s political system, in a desperate attempt to thwart the successful finalization and implementation of the (existential) Iran Nuclear Deal.
      This also constituted a clear and present danger to the United States of America which was successfully stopped

      4- Today Dec 23 2016 President Obama’s greenlighting of the UN Sec Co Resolution designed to STOP Jewish annexation of Palestine (and the Palestine Annexation Law), over the political bodies of Netanyahu and the incoming President Elect Trump, is yet another instance of stopping a titanic exercise of Jewish political power at the UN over the last 50 yrs.

      Taken together these 4 events can be conceptualized together as ‘one set’ – one set of examples of attempted exercises of Jewish political power having been decisively stopped by President Obama, with enormous results for both the US and Israel.

      One step further, this set of events can be conceptualized as a ‘Successful 2nd American Revolution’, and certainly as abundant evidence of an American president who has been ‘Transformational for Jewish power in the US and Israel’

      Another way of looking at it is Obama has been using a different set of conversations, a different playbook, one that is revolutionary and anathema to the ‘Washington Foreign Policy Blob’s Playbook’. These instances listed above of stopping major exercises of Jewish political power are descriptions of the results of some of those conversations from Obama's fresh playbook.

      We can call it the ‘Successful 2nd American Revolution Playbook’

      These reversals of Jewish power have decisively changed the present day world we live in – the world we live is a direct result of these listed 4 or 5 instances of successful exercise of Jewish power in America having been successfully reversed and thwarted by President Obama

      As far as American revolutions go, it’s only a ‘Club of 2’– George and Barack. Sorry Abe

      I prefer to call it ‘The Big Three’ – not bad for a legacy, either way

      Obama has been a transformational president specifically because he has STOPPED the exercise of aggressive ‘Kahanist’ Jewish political power in the US and Israel– and most Americans don’t even realize this yet, because the Media is so distorted by these very same actors.

      Obama has also opened up the floodlights for exposure of the Israeli Lobby/Jewish Lobby/Neocons in the US, including the suppression of the media regarding them, which is long overdue as well, with great possibilities for the future.

      Truly a transformational and revolutionary American President. What an amazing day

  • With US reportedly poised to abstain on U.N. resolution slamming Israel, Egyptians withdraw it under pressure

      'Obama Admin was going to ABSTAIN from UN vote condemning Israel before Egypt delayed the vote'

      Oh yeah, the Kahanist Israeli/Kahanist Israeli Lobby Tag Team is GOING DOWN -

      3 Existential Events (seen as such by Israel itself) for the collapse of Israel Apartheid - The Iran Nuclear Deal (CHECK), UN Sec Co Res against Israel (IN THE MAIL!) and the successfully advancing ICC cases(CHECK).

      The time is RIPE RIPE RIPE for the UN Sec Co Res!

      2 of these Existential Events by themselves are 'existential'- the ICC and the fresh UN Sec Co Resolution against Israel.

      Alan Dershowitz finally lost his 'case for Israel' and kissed the Apartheid goodbye just a week ago, due to the UN Sec Co Res and the ICC being triggered by the Palestine Annexation Law

      We'll be hitting the 3/3 Existential Events for the dismantling of the Apartheid - it's the PERFECT TSUNAMI

      Times have radically changed but Netanyahu and Danon still think they are the INVISIBLE MEN! - that the Palestine Annexation Law and all the partying and gamefixing with Trump was INVISIBLE to Obama and everyone else. HO HO HO, Merry Christmas, Bibi, Santa Claus has got something in his stocking for you alright!

      Bibi Bennett and all the Settlers have been singing and dancing about the Settlement building parties they're going to have, taking the Golan, the Palestine Annexation Law, and how much they LOVE Settling Palestine all week. They've been saying the FIX IS IN with President Trump ...... er......whoops - well, yes, there is that little problem that the REAL American president was WHITE HOT even before Bibi started making side deals with Trump before Obama is even out of office, essentially bypassing the last couple months of his Presidency.

      Tsk tsk, Donald. You just removed any qualms Obama every might have had about SLAMDUNKING you too, and since you're BEGGING FOR IT - can you feel it coming, baby, I sure can!

      Trump's presidency just got flattened before it even started.

      On Day 1 of his administration he is going to look at an Apartheid in a state of dissolution and an Israeli Lobby/Jewish Lobby/Neocons in CHAOS. There IS no Israel Lobby of 1P1V1S, Mr Trump

      Obama is going to tear Netanyahu AND TRUMP a new one - and it's on it's way

      Now for the Existential Crises for Wolf Blitzer, Andrea Mitchell, Chris Matthews, Dan Abrams, Joe Scarborough, Chuck Todd and the REST of our enablers of the Apartheid and the Lobby - I haven't seen any reporting yet but the Ameican Media has done a VAST DISSERVICE to the American public for decades now - they have been IN ON THE LIE and IN ON THE FIX - they OWE IT TO US to start making up for it and actually start reporting on Israel and the Israel Lobby extensively now - starting with these UN Sec Co Res votes and manuevers - including the unseemliness of Donald weighing in AGAINST HIS SITTING PRESIDENT

      Obama is a Transformational American president regarding Jewish power in America - it is time to no longer defer to Jewish power when reporting news, and to look at it critically rather than pretend it doesn't exist

      The Big Lie is going to be torn to shreds over this - everybody can make it happen, too. Go for it! This UN Sec Co Resolution and Bibi and Trump's involvement in it is going to break thru ... question authority and question the heck out of Jewish power in America and Israel

      No more Kahanist Clean Break-wars and no more being forbidden and tabooed from even talking about it from the Powers that Are, soon to be the Powers that Were

      All we got to fear is fear itself and OBAMA ain't afraid anymore. Nobody should ever be afraid of these guys again.

  • Hell just froze over: the New York Times runs an article saying Zionism is racist
  • David Friedman is out of step with American Jews and dangerous for Palestinian human rights
    • Caroline Glick to Friedman's rescue!

      Choice Glick on Friedman at JPOST (she is unquestionably my favorite JPOST columnist) - she goes after J Street (apparently run by Soros and Muslims, basically) and kissing off of the Diaspora. She ends by implying it's every man for himself-time in Israel and the Diaspora and the Liberal Diaspora has made it's (wrong) choice

      'And now, here comes Friedman, who sees no point in going along with this anti-Israel nonsense. Friedman not only doesn’t view Israel’s refusal to deny civil and property rights to its citizens in Judea and Samaria as a reason to oppose Israel. He supports these rights. He even supports Israel’s legal right to govern Judea and Samaria'.

    • signed.

      Richard Siverstein correctly identifies David Friedman as a Kahanist.

      Not just out of step - way beyond the pale - 'Kahanist'

  • Israel threatens to toss Antony Loewenstein after he asked Lapid question about apartheid
    • If Anthony really wanted to make Lapid apoplectic and watch steam burst from his ears he could have added - 'and Gorgeous George, how about the 5 million Palestinian refugees waiting to come home? - being illegally preventing from returning with all the rights in the world including UN 194, the Geneva Conventions, and all international law?'

      'When does Apartheid policy like that become simply state terrorism'

  • Adelson and Saban were kingmakers, now they're beggars
    • I think it incredibly important right now to start calling out and identifying Kahanism as Kahanism - to start calling Kahanists out as Kahanists. We need to develop the vocabulary, language and conceptual framework to understand Kahanists - all of which have been forbidden and tabooed by the beneficiaries of being unstoppable

      It's time to TEACH America about Kahanism and how it works in Israel as well as the US. David Friedman and the Senate confirmation fight is one teachable moment for teaching America about Kahanists, the Palestine Annexation Law is certainly another.

      We need to see the debate with our well known pundits/foreign policy personalities (Tom Friedman. David Brooks, Beinart, Goldberg, etc) as they SPLIT even futher into their corners, as Beinart and so many others now see happening.

      They need to be SEEN and SEEN being Seen. We need lots of sunlight and lots of exposure as America starts filling in a lot of data points and develops the vocabulary, language and critical faculties that the Lobby has made so sure to obfuscate and blind Americans to over the last decades

      America needs to SEE THE SPLIT of Jewish power, America needs to begin understanding Kahanism, and to begin looking differently at our famous Neocons/Israeli Lobby/Jewish Lobby that has been having so much fun the last number of years and is chuffed to the bollocks regarding many of Trump's appointments.

      America needs to start seeing Kahanism in Israel as well with Netanyahu himself being a perfect example of Kahanism, also Bennett, Smotrich, Marzel etc.

      Yes, Hillary's buddy and personal friend Bibi, the Kahanist. Imagine the optics of that in a decade or two - openly Kahanist buddies.

      All the Amona protests had the Kahanists (Marzel, Smotrich, etc) coming out of the woodwork as reported in a number of Israeli papers. The Settler movement and the governments supporting them have ALL been Kahanists/Jewish Supremacists/Creators of Apartheid

      David Friedman is a great model and teachable moment for Kahanism - but we have some old business to take care of as well, because it should become eventually common knowledge in the US (and be taught in the Universtities, etc) that the Neocons have been Kahanist all along

      Yep, America's Clean Break-wars are Kahanist-wars, those smiling Neocons are Kahanist fascists, to a degree that Kahanism has really become a genuine dominant movement of 'American fascism'

      Oh dear, 'Kahanist America' and it's Kahanist Clean Break-wars, what will the historians say? What will we teach our kids?

      The Neocons have served to 'normalize Kahanism' to a couple of generations of Americans now - America now needs rise up and REJECT Kahanist thought, plans, and acts (the Kahanist Clean Break-wars including the Iraq War, near war on Iran, near full war with Syria, Libya, annexation of Palestine, etc)

      Obama is a Transformational American president regarding Jewish power in the US and Israel - stopping the Israeli/Israeli Lobby putsch on the Iran Deal, stopping a war with Iran that Israel tried to trigger several times and was in motion to attack (until he stuffed Bibi on it) in Sept/Oct 2012, and now, STOPPING Israeli annexation of Palestine/Palestine Annexation Law with the coming UN Sec Co Resolution support.

      If everybody can start identifying Kahanist ideology (like David Friedman, Bibi, Bennett, Smotrich, the Neocons) and calling it by name - then we are off to the races

      It's time to drag the Kahanist Nightflower out in the sun and roast it like a poblano pepper on the grill - it's time to OUT all the Neocons as the Kahanists,, and the Clean Break-wars as aggressive militant Political Judaism which is KAHANIST

      The terrific thing all the fresh exposure of the Nightflower that is taking place because of the David Friedman nomination, the Palestine Annexation Law (which hasn't even impacted yet), the early January blockbuster UN Sec Co Resolution. Saban's smears against Ellison, it's all terrific and OUT THERE IN THE OPEN so people can say YUCK

      Obama laughed at Bibi's 911 Video with Bibi's crocodile tears over Palestinians ethnically cleansing Jews from Judea and Samaria (Trudeau calling it 'inappropriate and unhelpfu' and Obama laughed at it and the horse it rode in on - this is the behaviour of a sociopath or borderline and Obama was having none of it - that's the SAME SMARTS we need to disseminate to all Americans to not buy the 'Abuser as the Victim' game Bibi loves. Friedman supports that same S&M suckers game.

      Reject the 'Abuser as victim' game and let's take the abuser down. It's 'clinical' and many people are finally starting to see this

      The Kahanist Alt Right is part of the same sucker's game - we hear the faux cries of 'anti-semitism' when the Kahanist Alt Right reveres Israel and it's Kahanists.

      The only Jews Steve Bannon, Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann DON'T like are the ones who aren't Kahanist enough to match their toxic messianic Kahanism/Neoconism. They'll take their Jews Kahanist, thank you

      Yep, 'real Kahanists want to go to Iran' - Sarah, Hillary, Flynn, Bolton, Pompeo, Sessions, Cheney, Kristol, Boot, Krauthammer and the REST of the Neocons

      Breivik, Wilders, LePen, Velvet Glove Kahanist Hillary, Kahanist Dick Cheney, and the REST of the Kahanist Neocons - it's all one big bag of Kahanists.

      Beinart remarked recently in Haaretz on the American Jewish center no longer holding - using as models the the Kahanist ZOA Wing SPLITTING with Liberal Jews

      I love to see the major Jewish TV personalities to be SEEN and seen to be seen as SPLIT - and for America to understand enough to understand why - and that all has to do with understanding American Kahanists - from Sarah Palin and Steve Bannon to Krauthammer, Cheney, and Bolten

      I want the split visible to the American public so the American public can start having a more mature take on Jewish power in America - particulary on Kahanist Jewish power in America

  • Trump pick for ambassador to Israel supports Israeli annexation of West Bank and calls liberal Jews 'kapos' (Updated)
    • Richard Silverstein's site also calling Friedman 'Kahanist':

      'Trump’s Bankruptcy Lawyer to be New U.S. Ambassador to Israel, Kahanists Now Control U.S.-Israel Relations'

    • Alan Dershowitz’s 'Case for Israel' has fallen apart

      Alan Dershowitz called it a 'political bombshell’ he was dropping on an Israeli audience - but it's worse than that, Alan - it's ‘an existential bombshell’

      Dershowitz said Israel is not ever going to be the same after the UN Sec Co Resolution against Israel and the ICC case against Israel goes hot, which is what Alan said was going to happen

      The combination punch to the face of Apartheid Israel of the UN Sec Co Resolution and ICC isn't even the end of the story;

      1 Looming UN Sec Co Resolution
      2 ICC cases going hot according to Alan
      3 Embassy moved to Jerusalem
      4- David Friedman ambassador
      5- Looming Azaria Trial verdict
      6- Looming Amona Evacuation against promised resistance
      7- Palestine Annexation Law
      8- The Settlers turning on Bennett, threats made
      9- Kotel Law against Reform and Conservative
      10- Flaming impunity of Bennett and Bibi in the face of the freiers they made out of the US, stringing them along on the Peace Process along with their Israel Lobby helpmates like Alan

      And the incredibly sleazy picture Israel is now presenting to the world now that we can see it with its mask ripped off operating out in the open - thanks Miko

      Obama is getting ready to UNLOAD on these incredible clowns

    • Viva la Revolution!

      How much 'enough rope' is in a mile of rope?

      1P1V1S is the cure of the Apartheid

      It's like the Kahanists in Israel and the US are just bringing on all the clowns they can find for The Big Tent Clown Party

  • 44% of Israelis support annexing West Bank; half of those favoring annexation think Palestinians shouldn't be given equal rights
    • Israelis favoring the Palestine Annexation Law PAL will be high until they lose Israel because of it.

      Same with robbing banks - it's great till you get caught

  • Defending Ellison, Jewish writers publish 'apartheid' description of Israel in 'Slate' and 'Washington Post'
    • We want a quick hard flip of Israel and the Israel Lobby at this point - shocking frontpage news of Obama and the US supporting the UN Sec Co Resolution against Israel in reponse to the Palestine Annexation Law, Apartheid, etc

      We of course want frontpage lobby-strangled media busting news of American Recognition of Palestine as well - straight down the line like Jimmy Carter's recommendations in the NYTimes

      We want Wolf Blitzer, Andrea Mitchell, David Brooks, Tom Friedman, Chuck Todd whitefaced with shock as the words 'Apartheid Israel' escape their clenched lips. We want them SEEN, and exposed in overexposure. We want the Nightflower drug out in the sun and roasted like a Santa Fe poblano pepper on my grill

      This is the time for 'Shock and Awe' of Israel and the Lobby - let's make it unrecoverable

      We want the American media who has been in on the fix for Israel and the Neocon war machine to be in CHAOS and eating their words as new journalists breakthrough and start to examine the Lobby's stranglehold on American media and career destruction of those that tried to stop Israel and the Lobby

      We want to GO BIG and take them down to the mineral level of the political landscape

      Like roped mountain climbers crossing a crevasse without belay, we want the Lobby going down with the Apartheid ROPED TOGETHER - the momentum of one carrying the other with it - ZipZipZip!

      The Neocons and Apartheid Israel TOGETHER - which is the only way it ever was going to work. Both members of the Tagteam going down TOGETHER, unable to rescue the other.

      There IS no Israel Lobby of 1P1V1S - we've got the Neocons/Lobby and the Apartheid in ONE BIG BAG

  • I hereby chuck my right to Jewish national self-determination
    • Yakov - oh yeah, absolutely - and the 'Azaria Trial' is going to pale by comparison to the optics of the onrushing 'Amona Evacuation' spectacle. It is the tsunami, and it is upon Israel AND the Israel Lobby

      Israel is in 'Strategic Checkmate' - it CANNOT give up Occupied Palestine. All else was bluff. The Apartheid is FIXED IN PLACE

      Mad King Bibi and the Messianics will ONLY have power taken from them, they will NEVER relinquish it.

      It is the 'Mother of All Jewish Clusterf*cks' if I may put it so crudely - but the CF is a good thing - the Kahanist Settlers (no reasoning with these whacks) vs the Sane.

      The Sane are preventing a catastrophe for the Jewish people, and by catastrophe I do not mean 1P1V1S and the loss of Israeli Apartheid, which is a good thing, I mean something even worse.

      What could be worse than the loss of Israel for the Jewish people? Well - the loss of Israel AFTER a long Jewish civil war (Ehud Barak calls it a 'Bosnian-type Civil War') waged by the hopeless Messianics vs Everybody Else, as the Messianics are rooted out in dozens of 'Amonas', but with tens or hundreds of thousands of people, some of them prepared for ultimate 'Bennett Sacrifice'.

      The CIS are the people preventing the 2nd Masada, 'Bennett's Masada', where the faithful are supposed to make 'sacrifices of their life' for Eretz Israel. Bennett has already called for it - he and Smotrich and their Rabbis are ALL IN

      That's why the Commanders for Israeli Security created itself, and that's why the smart set from Unit 8200 split in Dec 2012 in the incredible power vacuum of the stuffed in motion Israeli attack on Iran in Sept/Oct 2012, as Palestine clawed it's way to access to the ICC. Israel was checkmated and Diskin knew it, so did Col Liron Libman and the IDF legal teams (Published, Wikileaks Embassy cables). Obama and Kerry are talking to THESE Grandchessmasters, the Israeli genius-level - not Bibi. Obama/Kerry have said so in public a number of times now.

      As Hagai El Ad and many others have said Israeli Apartheid will be cured ONLY by outside intervention (namely the looming UN Sec Co Res which Obama is greenlighting, plus UN measures to follow including the CIS) and the cure for Apartheid is 1P1V1S. Power will be taken from Israel/Bibi/Smotrich/Bennett - not conceded. The Apartheid will collapse around the CIS. The CIS will prevent the catastrophe of the Jewish people/Settlers called for by Bennett ('The Sacrifice', 'the 2nd Masada')

      In the violent 1st Amona partial evacuation in 2006 Jews went on a pricetagging vendetta against even the Israeli police involved in the action.

      'Jewish on Jewish' violence like this - rather than 'Jewish on Palestinian', is the underlying dynamic now. Same thing in the Diaspora minus the violence - the 'civil/societal 'war' in the Diaspora' is just beginning.
      Strategically - Israeli Jews have been successfully turned unto/against themselves - basically Kahanist Settlers versus Sane People/CIS rather than using Palestinians, Iranians, Syrians, Lebanese, Iraqis, or even Russians as vents. The Messianics against the Sane - but it's on the Jewish dime now and not lashing out at Russia (via Vicki Nuland and the Neocons), lashing out at Iran (all the Neocons, Hillary, Trump administration), Palestinians, Lebanese, Iraq (via ISIS support out of the Jordanian camps) on and on

      1- 'Diskin/CIS UN Ch7 Plan' to create the 1P1V1S in preference to a fullscale 'Israeli Civil War' (Amona writ large) and casualties/catastrophe to the Jewish people that would entail - most recently warned about by PM Ehud Barak, also Tamir Pardo
      2- Marwan Barghouti elected to the Central Committee while in jail- what's to stop Barghouti from being elected to Presidency sitting in jail while the entire Palestinian people are sitting in jail in occupied Palestine? - the answer is NOTHING
      2- Palestinians meeting with Obama regarding the UN Sec Co Resolution NOW
      3- Scattered reports (JPOST, Haaretz) of a desperate Bibi/Bennett agreement they're floating to try to hold off on the 2nd/3rd readings/finalization of the Palestine Annexation Law until Trump is in place. WON'T WORK
      4- 'The Neocons and Apartheid Israel are GOING DOWN TOGETHER' - it's a TWO-FER, two birds with one stone. Here's hoping they'll enjoy each other's company in their own special circle of h*ll
      5- 'Political Judaism' is OVER - in Israel as well as the US - we just need to get it done in time (we're on schedule) so the Trump administration has it's b*lls removed in one fell swoop (it's Neocon balls Pompeo, Mattis, Bolton?!, Carson, Sessions, etc are metaphorically speaking whacked off as Trump and the Neocons/Israel Lobby is hit by the tsunami of Israeli Aparthied's collapse) , so the Neocons in the Administration cannot gin up the almost likely attack Iran they're drooling to make happen. Clip Trump's wings, so to speak
      6- 'Mad King Bibi of the Rabbinic Hermit Kingdom of Judea and Samaria' is hitting REALITY, and the Kahanist Neocons are along for the ride. Like Thelma and Louise!
      7- Dr Strangelove aka Chuck Krauthammer and the whole Neocon movement is KAHANIST, folks. Hillary is just a Velvet Gloved-Kahanist. SNAP!
      8- Breivik, Wilders, LePen,the Kahanist Alt Right, Velvet Glove Kahanist-Hillary, the Settlers, Neocons, and Apartheid Israel = ONE BIG BAG. One Big FAT bag of Kahanists.

      So yep, things are looking PEACHY- Courage is contagious!

      ps: Amona P4 =- 'Preemptive Protection of Palestinians from Pricetagging' - during and following the Amona Evacuation is an EXPECTED anticipatory move by Israel - Israel must preempt these attacks and call up WHATEVER amount of Shin Bet/IDF/police manpower needed and spare no expense. Failure to do so will be INCLUDED in demands that the ICC include these pricetagging warcrimes and terror (essentially a form of state sponsored terror) will we all KNOW will be attempted


    • The Palestine Annexation Law which passed 1st reading today in the Knesset is a windfall opportunity for snapping the trance about Israel and 'Political Judaism' as a positive force in either the US or Israel

      Lets ALL take a good hard look at Political Judaism - in Israel as well as America

      Let's look at Israelis now as the Kahanists they are rather than how we might wish them to be. While we're at it lets look at our Kahanist Israel Lobby/Jewish Lobby as they are, rather than what we blind ourselves to

      While we do it, let's keep in mind that our media has been so distorted by the Lobby that most Americans literally can't THINK about Israel and the Lobby critically at all - it is propaganda known as 'obsfuscation' where the public literally does not have enough data points to even think intelligently about the issues - and know that that is a 'manufacturing of consent'/'thought policing' of incredible importance. This obsfusction is a deliberate program of propaganda on the American people. Gee - thanks, Lobby!

      Kahanist Political Judaism, such as today's Annexation of Palestine with the Palestine Annexation Law, is Apartheid, and Apartheid is actually a crime against humanity as recognized by the UN, Geneva Conventions and all international law

      Seeing Israeli Jews as 'bad' (great article by carolina landsmann regarding this 'Opinion: Are Israelis the Bad Ones?'- she says 'YES') and shaming them because of their behaviour is actually a healthy, 'mentally well' thing to do - so congratulations to one and all who can get there.

      Yes, shaming Jews - unimaginable and unthinkable as that may be to so many.

      Imagine a world in the US without the 'Political Judaism' of Neocons/Israeli Lobby/Jewish Lobby - such as no war against Iraq, no near war against Iran, no war in Syria, no Clean Break-motivated wars at all

      Imagine the US with No Kahanist Anti-Muslim Islamophobia cottage Industry of the Flexian Neocons ('The Shadow Elite', by Wedel) like Gaffney, Perle, Krauthammer, Kristol, etc, etc - whipping up America for wars against Muslims, just like the Israelis do against 'their' internal Muslims Palestinians) and external Muslim enemies - the rest of the ME

      Imagine a world in Palestine without Kahanism/(Zionism as practiced by Israelis) and Kahanist Settlers - imagine 1P1V1S and think HOW MUCH better that would be

      Imagine a Trump administration that CANNOT muster the poltical cover to get behind and support 1- this fresh Palestine Annexation Law, Bennett, Smotrich, and Bibi 2- ginning up a war with Iran (like Flynt and Ledeen want to do) after tearing up the Iran Nuclear Deal

      Imagine America free of Joint Sessions of Congress called by Bibi, free of Bibi's Putsch, and the masses of AIPAC-lobbyists sluicing money to their 'contributors'

      Imagine an American presidential poltical campaign without a 'One Issue' Saban behind Hillary and 'One Issue' Adelson behind Trump

      Imagine America free of the Israel Lobby, with it's Kahanist 'Clean Break' foreign policy/warfare and support of Kahanist Israel

      It's a WAY better place.

      Please support President Barack Obama as AIPAC's girl Hillary(DONE), the Israeli Lobby/Jewish Lobby, and Israelis(DONE) are removed from power on the American political landscape

  • ADL's Greenblatt is the one who needs to express 'contrition' for accusation of Keith Ellison
    • So the ADL is worried about 'stereotypes about Jewish power'? - I think this is soon going to be the least of ADL's worries, and for J Street as well, as we're going to see real Jewish power undergoing radical changes in short order

      Real-life Jewish power in the US in Israel is experiencing a transformational American President regarding 'Jewish power'

      Obama’s Transformative Effects on Jewish Power in the US and Israel? - such as stopping stopping Bibi's in motion attack on Iran in Sept/Oct 2012, stopping Bibi's Putsch against the US over the Iran Deal, and stopping Israeli Annexation of Palestine?

      Obama's Transformation of Jewish Political Power/Political Judaism in the US and Israel:
      1-Stopping Israeli Annexation of Palestine
      2-The Dismantling of Israeli Apartheid and the Israeli Lobby
      3-The Dismantling of Political Judaism: The Israel Lobby in the US and Israeli Apartheid

      What the UN Sec Co Resolution against Israel is going to do is STOPPING Jewish power in Israel and beginning the rolling back and dismantling of the Apartheid

      Where does the ADL stand on the Palestine Annexation Law passing in the Knesset and UN Sec Co Resolution against Israel? Thought so…

      Where does J Street stand on the Palestine Annexation Law passing in the Knesset and UN Sec Co Resolution against Israel? Thought so…

      The mice are going to be seperated from the men - there are no Liberal Zionists/Liberal Kahanists.
      Zionism as practiced by it's Israeli enthusiasts (and they've got bells on their toes these days) is Kahanism and Apartheid, and Apartheid is a crime against humanity according to the UN, Geneva, and all international law.

      I want Peter Beinart, Jeffrey Goldberg, David Brooks, Tom Friedman, and the REST of the punditocracy on the record regarding the Palestine Annexation Law passing in the Knesset and the UN Sec Co Resolution against Apartheid Israel - preferably sooner rather than later before they begin extensively coordinating their stories. I want them thinking on their feet, in the midst of the shock and awe

      The Zeitgeist is against Apartheid Israel and the Israel Lobby supporting it.

      The time is ripe for the UN Sec Co Resolution against Israel - the time is ripe for dismantling the Apartheid that will flow from this, as well - these are existential transformational events taking place for Jewish power in the US and Israel.

      Barack Obama is going to be known as a Transformational American President primarily for the Successful 2nd American Revolution of 4-2-16 (The Iran Nuclear Deal Framework) which he has led. And it had everything to do with 'real Jewish power' rather than stereotypes

      It's a Club of 2 - George and Barack, sorry Abe....

      OK that doesn't sound quite right - let's call it the big three: 'George, Barack, and Abe'

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