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born 1938, first visited Palestine/Israel 2007, "to see for myself".Historian.

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  • Freed to travel, Barghouti will receive Gandhi award on Sunday at Yale
    • With an almost hysterically pro-Jewish and DemocraticState ,l but entirely devious government in the UK, it would be well to remind the FCO and Mrs May personally that they can choose decent and peace-seeking people like Mr Barghouti, or, in this centenary year of the Balfour Declaration, continue to back Mr Netanyahu and the increasingly "cowboy" Israeli government.
      The BDS movement is probably doing better in other European countries than in the UK (or the US) as the Israeli fomenting of a bogus "anti-semitism" scare has apparently succeeded, again .
      Any fair-minded person of any race or nationality must admire Mr Barghouti 's steadfastness. Mr Nader's record is also quite admirable (makes one think a little of the Kipling lines about losing their heads)

  • An unlikely dramatic hero, poet Taha Muhammad Ali takes the Kennedy Center stage
    • extremely moving, and should stir a reflex of compassion in all. The sheer coarseness of so much Israeli response to the Nakba is damning- let's keep focussing on this tragedy and invite decent people to react to it as befits.

  • The formal end of the two-state solution
    • My elder son has just visited the Kafka museum in Prague , and it strikes me how surreal Israel's stance today is , as expressed by Netanyahu's apparent rant at the New Zealand P.M.
      We have a brazen example of chutzpah here, based, one supposes, on the pseudo-religious faith of Zionism.
      Netanyahu is very much in the line of Begin and Shamir, of course, whose two-fingers to the world are best symbolised by the assassination of Bernadotte, all those years ago, but never to be forgotten.

      Decent Jewish people ought not to pretend that Judaism and Zionism are identical , and I recall a somewhat similar distinction made by Gambetta when he castigated not Catholicism but "clericalism" as the enemy of the republic. It should be (would be, if official Jewish spokesmen allowed it) quite possible to condemn Zionism in its theory and ,above all, its practice while respecting Judaism.
      As Alan Hart has explained, Zionism is the enemy of Jewish people everywhere.
      It has encouraged the sham "two-state solution" for decades and has fomented wars and justifies incessant murders of Palestinians,in the name of Greater Israel.

      Jews who are not resident in Israel , and in particular those living in the US -and New Zealand!-must decide if their primary loyalty is to their home country or to the Jewish State.
      Trump is an unknown quantity, probably a damp squib, but the situation where Zionists can exercise such malign influence in the world, especially in their cruelty to Palestinians , cannot persist forever.

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