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To help resolve the Palestinian / Israeli problem within International Law.

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  • Breaking: Presbyterian Middle East and Peacemaking committee votes to divest from CAT, Motorola and HP; full plenary to vote later this week
    • This piece from the Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle east had this to say about Palestinians access to the dead sea ....3. Israeli authorities are denying Palestinians access to the
      Dead Sea, although it is located in Palestinian territory
      Although the majority of the Dead Sea’s western
      shoreline is located in the West Bank—Occupied
      Palestinian Territory—Palestinians are denied access to
      the beaches of the Dead Sea. The Almog Checkpoint is
      located at the Beit Ha'arava intersection and controls
      movement to and from the northern Dead Sea. Since
      May 2007, not even Palestinians with permits to enter
      Israel have been allowed to cross the checkpoint and
      enjoy the beaches on the shores of the Dead Sea.8 9 As
      noted by Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem, such
      restrictions violate international humanitarian law.10 It
      thus adds insult to injury that Israeli companies are
      appropriating the resources of the Dead Sea to which
      Palestinians are illegally denied access.

  • Roger Waters urges Presbyterians to divest
    • Aiding and Abetting 55[1a] and Assisting a grave war crime is how the Rome statute [ICC act UK 2001] describes Companies and others who invest in the settlement enterprise and the continuing ethnic cleansing of Palestinians to make way for them, enough of this, we don't want to offend our Jewish friends idiocy, a crime is a crime whoever commits it, Knowing the difference between right and wrong is all the Presbyterians need to know.

  • Higher price of water to Palestinians in Negev: using thirst to force them out
    • While labelling goods " made in the Palestinian Territories" is more accurate than "Made in Israel" which is false, "made in Palestinian Territories" is misleading since the place of manufacture does not differentiate between illegal Israeli settlements [war crimes] and genuine Palestinian products. This could well be in breach of our own UK Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations where at 5[2][a] inter alia if in its overall presentation [a commercial practice] in any way deceives or is likely to deceive the average consumer in relation to any of the matters in that paragraph, even if the information is factually correct.

  • 'FT': Iran obsession suggests 'western policy is driven by Israel'
    • Clinton just added China and Singapore to the list of countries with the waiver on oil imports exempting them from sanctions and cutting their banks off from the US banking system, 20 countries in all now including India, Iran now has most of its biggest customers still on board, not that China with its billion and a quarter population would allow its vital energy and foreign policy be dictated to by 7 million Israelis, through the US congress, the sanctions will fail, what then?

  • 'NYT' op-ed says denial of statehood makes militant Palestinian confrontation inevitable
    • According to Abu Rudanieh the PA leadership had still not decided to resume its effort to achieve UN recognition of a Palestinian state. He said the Palestinians would decide on the matter after consulting Arab countries. [ Jerusalem Post 17-06-2012] He also said the PA would wait and see if the US would present new ideas to revive the peace process during Erekets visit to Washington this week. Now thats what I call positive action, having to ask others, who just happen to be in Washingtons pocket, whether you should ask for statehood. Maybe IDF Military Advocate General Mandelblit's warning that the Palestinians going to the ICC would mean war, and that he hoped the US, would help the PA understand the gravity of its actions[] I wonder what he means by that? I hope Abbas does not get the message.

  • Amnesty Int'l collapse: new head is former State Dept official who rationalized Iran sanctions, Gaza onslaught
    • Former Sec of state Madeleine Albright featured at an Amnesty International 'shadow summit' in Chicago, people were asking how a notorious apologist for the mass murder of children should be allowed to speak on the rights of women and children. When told that half a million children had died as a result of Iraq sanctions, and whether it was worth it, Albright replied "it is a hard choice, but we think the price was worth it" Amnesty International can only go downhill from here.

  • Deep in the West Bank-- a Jewish Arcadia
    • Who is going to stop them, recognition as a state at the UNGA is a prerequisite before the ICC can investigate these crimes, unfortunately according to Abu Rudanieh the PA leadership had still not decided to resume its effort to achieve UN recognition of a Palestinian state. He said the Palestinians would decide on the matter after consulting Arab countries. [ Jerusalem Post 17-06-2012] He also said the PA would wait and see if the US would present new ideas to revive the peace process during Erekets visit to Washington this week. I'm sure Washington will have plenty of ideas to revive the annexation process, so desperate are the PA to get back round that table. To be fair they must be under a lot of pressure to to agree to talks without the Israelis agreeing to stop settlement building, an obligation under the road map, that's why Israel/US keep on insisting talks must proceed without preconditions. If it is so difficult for the PA to go to the UNGA for that state recognition how much more difficult will another request to the ICC be, especially after the IDF Military Advocate General Mandelblit has said the PA's actions with regard to the ICC as "war to take us to the ICC" and hoped the US would help the PA understand the gravity of its actions. [ cable] I'm sure they have, and in no uncertain language. I hope the PA have not forgotten the strategy put forward before its claim for statehood at the UNSC, Zomlot, Senior official in Fatah's Dept of Foreign Relations said " How has Israel sustained the status quo for nearly 20 years? The bilateral process has led nowhere, and one of the tools to sustain the status quo was negotiations themselves. We stopped that, and we stopped that strategically. Negotiations under the previous terms were just prolonging negotiations. The terms of reference were created and accepted by Israel before we even started. WE ARE NOT GOING BACK TO THE OLD DAYS OF NONSENSE". We shall see.

  • Iranian nuke would balance Israel and produce stability -- Waltz
    • Alastair Cambell Tony Blairs Communications Director wrote in his memoirs that in late 2002 Areil Sharon threatened to nuke Bagdad if Saddam hit Israel with rockets again and later that ..“Campbell also relays another nuclear threat a year later when George Bush told Blair he feared that Ariel Sharon, the former Israeli prime minister, was planning to launch a nuclear attack against Iraq. In an account of a conversation with Bush at a Nato summit in Prague in November 2002, as diplomatic pressure intensified on Saddam Hussein, Campbell writes: “[George Bush] felt that if we got rid of Saddam, we could make progress on the Middle East. He reported on some of his discussions with [Ariel] Sharon, and said he had been pretty tough with him. Sharon had said that if Iraq hit Israel, their response would ‘escalate’ which he took to mean go nuclear. Bush said he said to him ‘You will not, you will not do that, it would be crazy.’ He said he would keep them under control, adding ‘A nuke on Baghdad, that could be pretty tricky.’”

      That the threat was made so cavalierly can only provoke some speculation as to whether current Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is behind the scenes once again playing this bargaining chip with regard to Iran. I have long wondered why Western leaders pay so much attention to Netanyahu, the leader of a small country of 7.5 million with a gross domestic product only a little bigger than that of Portugal. Is it because, behind closed doors, they still talk the way Sharon did? Does Israel regularly use its nuclear warheads to blackmail the US and the West more generally? [Juan Coles Informed comment 21-06-2012]

  • BDS victory: TIAA-CREF drops Caterpillar from social choice funds
    • Wonderful news, by divesting in caterpillar TIAA-CREF can only encourage other pension fund holders and companies to do the right thing, 72 million is no small sum,and could be the start of an unstoppable trend, even the most ruthless and unscrupulous investor knows it is not nice or financially sound[in the long term] to invest in war crimes.

  • The Case for Israel (Studies): It’s not hasbara. Honest.
    • @hophmi, "Why is that arrogant? Usually, if a university president opposing something, the Board of Trustees is not likely to support it". If the students decide in a democratic way to support BDS then no matter what the President might say is of no account, she can of course warn that the trustees may not like it, but so what, its what we call democracy.

    • David Bernstein said [ in the David project, in this post] " We also know, especially after strong anti-BDS statements were made by President Amy Gutman, that BDS has no chance for success" at the University [of Pennsylvania] What insufferable arrogance, the University President is against it, therefore it will not succeed.

  • Why I am using 'Israel firster' again
    • There is no better reason to use the term 'Israel firster' or in another context 'apartheid' than both are true, and both have the added benefit of driving them absolutely ape shit.

  • All eyes on Moscow
    • At issue here is whether the US can successfully bully Russia, China and Iran. The US are telling China that they must cut their own throats by limiting oil imports from Iran while giving their friends a pass, I'm sure the Chinese will tell them where to get off, US hubris knows no bounds,the US bottom line of no enrichment at all, is of course a non starter, so it does not look good for a negotiated settlement, unless Obama can spin the negotiations past November. In the event talks do not succeed J Petras has an excellent article on his site here..

  • Romney gives a thumb-up to Israeli strike on Iran
  • Rebranding Israel
    • There are politicians like Lieberman in many Conservative Parties in Europe, the leaders of these parties usually keep the 'backwoodsmen' out of any influence on policy or as North says "hidden up in the attic". In Israel these types are traversing the globe on hasbara missions.

  • American living in Jerusalem squeezes Obama on 'Audacity of Hope' (the boat, that is)
    • You are right American, Shurat Hadin are taking legal action against all activists against Israel, even cases which have absolutely no merit, but they have deep pockets and they know a majority of people can be censored and intimidated into silence or inaction simply with the possible burden of costs and/or bad publicity, they are legal thugs. Philip Giraldi had an excellent article on them over at May 23, 2012, Terrorizing Through Lawfare.

  • Lauder gets right with the lord
    • Cleaver ploys by the Israelis, Lauder needs to put the "talks" failure firmly in the PA's preconditions, but they are not preconditions, the Israelis have failed in their obligations under the road map, to stop settlement building, it is Netanyahu's policy to continue settlement building at breakneck speed, for that he needs time, which the talks provide, so what is there to talk about, maybe Palestinian surrender terms. The US middle east envoy is in the region and plans to break the current stalemate,it has been reported in the Jerusalem Post by a Fatah official [14-06-2012] that after Hale's visit the PA leadership will make a final decision whether to go ahead with the statehood bid at the UN or return to the negotiating table. And London based AL-Quds Al-Arabi quoted a senior Palestinian official as saying renewed US efforts are designed to stop the PA from pursuing recognition by the UN of a Palestinian state. If Abbas falls for that one, he would deserve Obama's medal of Honor presented by Netanyahu.

  • Israeli navy attacks international observers off the coast of Gaza
    • Ahadhaadam, " The ICC ruled the apartheid wall illegal" so. No they did not, the ICJ did and that was only an opinion. The ICC can act on breaches of its criminal provisions, which mean individual Israelis including the Prime Minister could be indited by the court and subject to arrest in any of those other states signed up to the Rome statute [ICC] yes even the commander of that Israeli warship who shot at the observers described in this post . A Palestinian application for observer state status [ many regard that as a certainty, since all that is required is a simple majority of those present to get it] this is required before any ICC involvement in any war crimes investigations in occupied territories, although it appears you do not want any Israelis brought before the ICC for war crimes.

    • Adam, everybody knows Israel is in breach of International Laws and not just the ones mentioned here, but until the PA do something about it by getting Palestine recognised as a legitimate state at the UNGA and then on to the ICC nothing will happen, nothing. The US, in or out of election year will do nothing at the UNSC so people should save their breath, also there is no guarantee the ICC route will be successful politicised as it is, but to at least not try would be criminal, and it would confirm without doubt that Israel was indeed above International Law, I don't think that will happen, but if it did a new strategy would be needed. So until we know the legal route is closed we can only observe.

  • Billboard campaign to end US aid to Israel hits LA -- thanks to CBS
    • Annie, I remember a piece on this last year, these billboards must be very expensive, I also remember Jeff Blankfort putting up a home made poster over the freeway made out of a sail, he says it was very effective especially when he trained a headlight on it at night, surely this kind of thing would be much cheaper or maybe more effective around a city or at specific functions like at AIPAC, Do you think I should contact them with the idea? Also there would be no need to censor the content.

  • Should we call it apartheid?
    • The International Legal study funded and co-ordinated by the Government of South Africa, found that the practices of Israel in the West Bank including East Jerusalem and the Gaza strip constitute both Colonialism and Apartheid
      Also The Russell Tribunal last year found that Israel practiced Apartheid, so we have considered legal opinions from respected jurists all saying the same thing, many South African leaders who knew Apartheid in South Africa, say that Israels is worse, The Apartheid regime in South Africa at least wanted black South Africans as cheap labour, whereas the Israelis just want the Palestinians to disappear, the method they have chosen is ethnic cleansing bordering on genocide. So when confronted with a "conversation stopper" just refer to the opinions above.

  • The things I miss (confessions of an activist)
    • Excellent post Sarah, it gives us enormous inspiration. You sound like a student of the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates, who taught his students that the pursuit of truth can only begin once they start to question and analyze every belief that they ever held dear. If a certain belief passes the tests of evidence, deduction, and logic, it should be kept. If it doesn't, the belief should not only be discarded, but the thinker must also then question why he was led to believe the erronious information in the first place. Your opponents could do with looking at the evidence of International Law and the opinions of the International community, you will not convince the zionists, I don't even try, but most ordinary people know the difference between right and wrong, so keep up the good work.

  • Groundhog day at State: Settlements are 'nonconstructive,' Israel continues to construct
    • Am I correct to say that most pro Israel right or wrong diplomats almost always avoid declaring that Israeli settlements are illegal and breach International Law ect. Similarly it would appear state mouthpieces are told to say, our position is well known, without actually saying their illegal even when prompted by dogged questioning, maybe they hope this fact will go down the memory hole, before Israel annexes them.

  • 'Of course' -- Abbas will return to UN to try to become non-member state
    • Danna, Thankyou for this excellent informative and truthful comment, Professor Finkelstein also talked about only approx 10% of the French people actually resisted the German occupation on the grounds amongst others, that the Germans were ruthless [Norman Finkelstein on Hezbollah you tube] What you say is also true that things like BDS may take a long time, but equally, circumstances could change quite rapidly, especially if there were a major war in the region, I agree with your last sentence, just keep on keepin on.

    • The question is what have the peace negotiations [if they get underway again] got to do with establishing observer State status at the UNGA, in my opinion absolutely nothing, in fact the negotiations envisioned by Israel are designed to put off forever the notion of a Palestinian state, until they have established enough facts on the ground, to that end it should be remembered that at a west Jerusalem meeting in November 2007, Tzipi Livni told Ahmed Qureia that she believed Palestinians saw settlement building as meaning " Israel takes more land [so] that the Palestinian state will be impossible "; that " the Israel policy is to take more and more land day after day and that at the end of the day we'll say that is impossible, we already have the land and we cannot create the state". She conceded that it had been "the policy of the Government for a really long time" Abbas said he was willing to get round the table again, but not to negotiate, what is he going to talk about, the weather?

  • B'nai Brith Canada wants to ban utterance of words 'Israeli apartheid' at publicly-funded events
    • This is good, trying to ban the truth, according to the International Legal study funded and co-ordinated by the Government of South Africa, found that the practices of Israel in the West Bank including East Jerusalem and the Gaza strip constitute both Colonialism and Apartheid here: link to
      , indeed many leading South Africans when comparing Israels practises with the Apartheid regime in SA say Israels is worse, and they should know. The Russell Tribunal last year here: link to
      also found Apartheid was practised. Toronto officials find the term Apartheid odious, it is, and its TRUE.

    • This is good, trying to ban the truth, according to the International Legal study funded and co-ordinated by the Government of South Africa, found that the practices of Israel in the West Bank including East Jerusalem and the Gaza strip constitute both Colonialism and Apartheid here: , indeed many leading South Africans when comparing Israels practises with the Apartheid regime in SA say Israels is worse, and they should know. The Russell Tribunal last year here: also found Apartheid was practised. Toronto officials find the term Apartheid odious, it is, and its TRUE.

  • Ismail Khalidi likens '5 Broken Cameras' to 'Battle of Algiers'
    • These are grave war crimes [Geneva 49.6] unfortunately the Israelis are getting away with calling them neighborhoods and such like, and claiming it is their right to expand them. The US and EU do not have the political will to oppose them at the UNSC, finding it more convenient to encourage them instead. Until the PA get their act together and apply for Observer state status at the General Assembly thereby qualifying beyond doubt to be a state for ICC purposes, it is left to civil society and BDS to apply the required pressure.

  • 'NYT''s Sanger says Iran nuclear program is 'direct threat to the U.S.'
    • American, I know your comment "remove yourself from the internet" had to come after someone's comment, but why mine?

    • Regime change is and always has been US policy in Iran since 1979, Intelligence reports whatever they say are incidental to this overiding objective, they are helpful if they confirm policy, if they don't they are ignored. The only thing stopping more aggression from the US is the cost benifit analysis, that darn Strait of Hormuz. For an excellent analysis of Iran's nuclear activities you must consult this piece, 'some facts about Iran's nuclear activities' from David Morrison who many people regard as the best researcher in the UK, here.

  • Jewish org's letter warns Presbyterians divestment from occupation 'taps into our deepest fears'
    • That first, Dear Friends letter with the violins in the background had me convinced for a few seconds, my god their good at manipulation.

  • A debate about the two-state-solution with Norman Finkelstein
    • @ Kathleen "I thought Palestinians are unable to present this as a case because they do not have the status as a sovereign or recognized state or something like that" That's correct the prosecutor at the ICC has deemed Palestine not to be a state and that to qualify as a state notwithstanding that most knowledgeable observers think they already are a state, by virtue of their acceptance with UNESCO, so in order to satisfy the prosecutor they have to go to the UNGA and get a majority of one, of all those states present and voting [most people regard this as a certain vote in favour] in order for the ICC to take up their complaints, which he has said he would do the moment the General Assembly gave them observer state status and the Palestinians wanted him to start the investigation.

    • Kathleen you ask, "But what do Palestinians do when Israel keeps expanding, keeps bulldozing Palestinian land and homes and building illegal settlements? Not much legal Palestinian land to discuss when that keeps happening". In my opinion the Palestinians need to go to the UNGA get the majority of one required by the Prosecutor at the ICC and ask him to investigate all the war crimes [too many to mention here] committed by Israels Leaders since they accepted the jurisdiction of the court, remember Israels Leaders are not immune from prosecution, starting off with the first war crime article 49.6 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, Transferring citizens of the occupying state into occupied territory, in my opinion a slam dunk, will the PA have the spine to do it? the jury's still out.

  • The 'honest broker' comes clean: Obama admits the US is 'more attentive' to Israel than Palestinians
    • German Lefty you are correct about the NPT, but you must agree the German Government are being totally irresponsible in the sale/gift of these nuclear weapons delivery systems here is what the left leaning Die Tagezeitung said on the matter "Germany is a strange country. When SPD leader Sigmar Gabriel recently traveled to Hebron and said that the disenfranchisement of the Palestinians reminded him of apartheid in South Africa, a storm of outrage broke out. But the fact that Israel's government is pushing ahead with settlements, thereby destroying the basis for a two-state solution, is accepted by most German politicians and journalists with a shrug of the shoulders."

      "Similarly, the (news) that Germany is supplying Israel with submarines which can be equipped with nuclear weapons has prompted little indignation. But when a writer such as Günter Grass, in an unfortunately worded poem, gives expression to his concern that this could lead to an escalation in the conflict with Iran, half of Germany takes offense. It is to SPIEGEL's credit that it has tried to steer the debate back along rational lines."

      "It's a serious matter when Germany, as the world's third-largest arms exporter, apparently pays little consideration to the consequences of its policy (of exporting submarines to Israel). After all, military equipment is not supposed to be exported to crisis regions (under German government guidelines). This applies to the export of German tanks to Saudi Arabia as well as to the supply of nuclear-capable submarines to Israel, whose government is currently openly threatening to attack Iran's nuclear facilities. When he criticized that fact, Grass had a point." Link to Spiegel online [ Helping Israel defend itself is Germany's duty 06-05-2012]

    • Obama said maybe the window of opportunity has already closed, and whose fault is that number 1, US aid in the billions, with no strings, political help by vetoing resolutions at the UNSC on for instance settlement building, making Israel virtually the sixth permanent member, enabling, no encouraging Israel to continue committing war crimes. 2, The European Union encouraging Israel with sweetheart trade deals, with no strings, with the message carry on with the ethnic cleansing and war crimes, sorry, they do occasionally say these crimes are unhelpful, subsidised nuclear capable submarines from Germany, in breach of non proliforation treaties, tolerating Israels destruction of EU sponsered aid projects, with out so much as a peep, the Israelis would be fools to obey International Law when they can act with such impunity. Then we have the PA, no don't laugh, who for nearly 20 years watched while hundreds of thousands of settlers flooded into the West Bank while ethnically cleansing the Palestinians, and who even now refuse to take the neccessary steps to bring the perpetrators of these crimes to book at the ICC.

  • Finkelstein stands by 'BDS cult' accusation, says it's 'historically criminal' to not support the two state solution
    • All the International Laws are in place, the venue at the ICC is up and running and waiting for a "State " to make a complaint, the Prosecutor has rejected the first Palestinian request to address war crimes in OPT on the spurious grounds that Palestine is not a State insisting that they go to the UNGA and get the neccessary majority of one, ok what are they waiting for, Professor Finkelstein is forever saying just enforce the Law, quite right, but if the Palestinian leadership do not want it enforced [whether because of the political fight that would ensue with the US and the enevitable loss of aid or Israel witholding tax revenues etc] should in no way deter the Palestinians from taking them on, at the moment its all they have got, these threats are tantamount to a thief who has just robbed your house saying do not report me to the police or I will come back and rob you some more, to fold to such pressure would be to say, I have no self respect and I must do what my masters tell me or they will punish me, if thats the case they desearve to be punished, its possible nothing will come of going to the ICC or standing up to the bullies on the block, but not to at least try would be criminal.

    • I cannot see why people are getting hot under the collar about Professor Finkelstein, he has not changed his position, everything he advocates is to be based on International Law to which end he quotes HRW,UNGA and the ICJ and a settlement based on the 67 borders, then he said "who could not support BDS of course you should" he then said that Israel is a legal state, and that reality must be faced by Israels opponents. My only critisism is he does get too hung up with the minority view one staters in the BDS, some individuals in the leadership perhaps, but thats Norman, he is a one off, who like myself could never be a good member of a committee, and as his own political origins which were not exactly mainstream, some kind of Maoism or such like, it is frustrating for him to hear some people in BDS [ in his opinion] taking those same wrong steps that he took when he was young and naive

  • German submarines for Israel outfitted with nuclear-tipped cruise missiles
    • Germany with no nuclear weapons sells/gives submarines with nuclear weapons capabilities to a known nuclear state thus leaving itself and the whole of the European Union open to nuclear blackmail. Martin Van Creveld Professor of military history at Hebrew University in Jerusalem has said "We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome and we have the capability to take the world down with us, and I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under". Merkel has also breached the non proliferation treaty, Iran will have taken notice and will have stiffened its resolve not to give in to western hypocrisy.

  • Obama's kosher cowboys
    • Drone strikes against Pakistan have resulted in over 90% of the Pakistan public hating the US, surprise surprise, similarly in Yemen where Al Qaeda are multiplying thanks to the drones. These policies are so counterproductive that blowback is inevitable. The same with computer viruses, the US is so vunerable, maybe they think all their enemies live in caves and have no access to computers, by the way here is how the UK legislation regards cyber war------ 1, terrorism interpretation, 1e, Is designed seriously to interfere with or seriously to disrupt an electronic system. [ Terrorism Act 2000] Sorry I forgot terrorism is only terrorism when the other does it.

  • 'Do you feel more Arab or more American?': Two women's story of being detained and interrogated at Ben Gurion
    • They can count themselves lucky they did not encounter these Israeli security guards [Israeli police shoot US students laptop on entry to Israel, Haaretz.]

    • This story is incredible but it would appear the US Embassy was not involved on this occasion, I would like to know why, the State dept would be forced to make it clear to any US visitors to Israel, who may have Arab relations of friends or even Arab sounding names that they could be harassed, intimidated and abused, let the State dept make this official, as far as Sandra Tamari is concerned on yesterday's post I'd like to see her get Lawyered up and go in both feet down the middle and sue Clinton for discrimination, imagine what Shurat Hadin or the ADL would do, they would clean out the State dept financially.

  • US Embassy to American in trouble in Israel: 'You're not Jewish? Then we can't do anything to help you'
  • Once she joined 'Women in Black' and opposed aid to Israel. And then-- she ran for Congress and went to AIPAC
    • Is there any worse political opportunist than Sinema, by the way she visited " the Arab Territories occupied since 1967 including Jerusalem" of which the Golan Heights is part, the United Nations Security Council in resolution 497 unanimously declared " the Israeli decision to impose its Laws, Jurisdiction and administration in the occupied Golan Heights is null and void and without legal effect, did this craven clown know that.

  • AP investigates the 'Made in Israel' label
    • Yigal Palmor is talking nonsense, he should consult the decision of the highest court of the European Union the ECJ in BritaGmbH v Hauptzollamp Hamberg Hafen case No 386/08 in 2010 here the court declared that products manufactured in the West Bank, East Jerusalem or the Gaza strip by an Israeli company do not qualify for preferential EU treatment because no part of those territories are part of Israel and they say an examination of both Euro med agreements the EC signed with Israel and the PLO for the PA confirm that fact. Also the Generalised system of preference[GSP] by which the European Union determine where goods originate ie, not where they have been shipped from, but where they are deemed to have been produced or manufactured is also clear. This will have huge consequences for Israel if Palmor persists in this nonsense.

  • Switzerland's largest supermarket chain to label products from Israeli settlements
    • Migros will also axe "made in Israel" tags, said Monika Weibel. The chain previously identified the products as coming from Israel, very kind of her to say they will continue to deceive her customers until 2013, even then I don't think the Israelis who are responsible for the labelling in the first instance will comply, that would be as good as admitting the truth as found in the European Court of Justice in 2010 Brita GmbH v Hauptzollamp Hamberg Hafen case number C386/08 the verdict of the court was " Goods manufactured in West Bank cannot be considered made in Israel and that the West Bank is not a part of the state of Israel as defined by article 83 of the Israel- Euro med agreement and the corresponding article in the PLO for the PA-Euro Med agreement, unfortunately Switzerland is not a member of the EU and so the CPUTR 2008 does not apply to them, I am sure other consumer laws they have would, how about fraud.

    • Baby steps indeed pabelmont, for a long time many people thought only the Trading standards authorities could bring prosecutions, the Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights here in the UK never told activists that individuals could bring prosecutions insisting that only the Trading Standards Authority could do so, that is not true, it is not easy, but here's how a private prosecution can take place -- (Public) private prosecutions

      Although it is usually the case that prosecutions are brought by prosecuting authorities, most notably by the police / Crown Prosecution Service or local authorities, it does not necessarily mean that a private individual cannot launch his own prosecution. Some statutes are proscriptive in terms of who may prosecute under them. S 83(1) of the Weights and Measures Act 1985, for example, provides that proceedings for most offences under that Act shall not be instituted by or on behalf of anyone other than a local weights and measures authority or the chief of police. Other statutes, however, including the TDA and CPA, have no such limitations.

      In MFI Furniture Centre Ltd v Hibbert (1996) 160 JP 178, Balcombe LJ said: “S 27(1)(a) of the [CPA], which imposes a duty upon every weights and measures authority ... to enforce [within their area the safety provisions and the] provisions of Part III of the Act, does not limit the powers of others to prosecute. Thus Mr Hibbert, [the local authority officer who laid the information in this case] like any other person, had the power to prosecute – see, e.g., s 6 of the Prosecution of Offences Act 1985. … now if only us activists had as much money as Shurat Hadin who seem to be making millions for their clients on cooked up and spurious legal arguments, but I should not complain, at least they are having a go through the legal process which is more than I can say for our side and we have the law on our side.

    • It should not be forgotten that the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations [ CPUTR 2008] applies to the whole of Europe labelling is just one component of that regulation here is what that means ---- When is a commercial practice unfair?

      A commercial practice may be unfair if it:

      a) It contravenes the requirements of professional diligence (Regulation 3(3)(a)).

      b) It materially distorts or is likely to materially distort the economic behaviour of the average consumer with regard to the product. (Regulation 3(4) (a) and (b)).

      c) It is a misleading action (Regulation 3(4)(a) and 5).

      d) It is a misleading omission (Regulation 3(4)(b) and 6).
      Here in the UK it is a criminal offence as it would be in Europe to for a trader to label a product manufactured or produced in the West Bank as manufactured or produced in Israel [ One of the UK ministers involved with this issue admitted that this was the case.] In the Swiss case it would appear to be a Misleading action, but equally I am involved with Asda superstores over the sale of Soda stream carbonating devices from Mishor Edomin in the West Bank who do not put any Geographical or Commercial origin or Geographical address or that of any other trader on whose behalf the Agent is acting on their labels or packaging in breach of section 6 CPUTR [misleading omissions 4 a and 4c ] the fact that the factory in Mishor Edomin is a war crime also the settlement is a war crime are material facts a consumer needs to know in order to make an informed purchasing decision. Also because the consumer does not know the origin of the product, the consumer is unaware his purchase does in fact contribute to the financial and ongoing viability of the illegal settlement enterprise this itself constitutes aiding and abetting contrary to the Geneva Conventions and ICC act UK 2001, in fact Soda streams senior management have said they are going to expand this illegal factory in the near future [Sodastream Annual Report for Fiscal year ended 31st December 2010] most right thinking people would be horrified to discover their 50 pound purchase contributed to such ongoing criminal activity, so all the Laws are in place they just need acting on.

  • Visualizing Palestine: Where the color of your license plate dictates which roads you can drive on
    • What is depressing is that people never learn the lessons of history, everyone knew Afghanistan was the graveyard of Empires, the Soviets found that out in the 1980's, the US knew better and are now being kicked out, the South Africans knew better until the World taught them a lesson, now Israel.......

  • The antiwar thinktank: West Point
    • My comment above should read todays 29-o5-2012 not april. Sorry.

    • Patrick J Buchanon has a good piece over at, mentioned Mondoweiss and quotes Phil Weiss " I am still reeling" on the debate with Jeremy Ben Ami. [How Bill Kristol purged the Arabists 29-04 2012]

  • US official -- we went to Israel first
    • According to RT, Netanyahu and Barak refused to meet Wendy Sherman when she arrived in Jerusalem to brief them on the talks with Iran, she had to brief junior officials. [Bad news unwelcome: Israel refuses to listen to US Envoys report on Iran, 26:05:12 RT.] It could be wishful thinking of course.

  • Iranian talks fail after neocon 'blitz' -- as Obama dispatches aide to reassure Tel Aviv
    • US/Israel needs Iran to lie prostrate before them by complying with their every demand, even this would not be enough, a change of regime is required, one which the US will not have to withdraw their support for, this scenario will not come about since all the main political groups in Iran fully support the nuclear program, The US has been accused of not understanding or having any respect for the countries it invades, it thinks other counties only comply with US demands when threatened financially or militarily, this is true to a large extent, but I suspect the Iranian people have too much self respect to be intimidated. Things do not look good for a peaceful resolution, yet whatever the costs to Iran [a very proud Nation] the costs to US/Israel and for the rest of the world must be prohibitive

  • American Zionist responses to Tel Aviv riots-- largely indifferent, but some outrage
    • seafoid,I do actually, I did a pamphlet in the late eighties on sectarianism in Liverpool in relation to Belfast and how similar the two cities were, with the influx of poor Irish, Liverpool had 100,000 mostly catholic Irish settled in the city centre and along the docks, Liverpool must have seemed like another part of Ireland in fact the Irish born population exceeded that of any Irish town except Dublin, Cork and Belfast, anti-Irish feeling soon surfaced with newspapers linking immigrants with rising crime and disease. No popery was raised to the status of a successful vote catching slogan in Liverpool politics for nearly a century, indeed we had Protestant political parties and Catholic ones, In one constituency[Scotland] the Liverpool Catholic Irish had formed the Nationalist party and Parnell addressed 20,000 of them at a meeting in Liverpool, Parnell's election agent T.P O'Connor was elected MP in 1885, the only election of an Irish Nationalist outside Ireland, this constituency was held by the Catholic community until Archbishop Downey would not allow the title Catholic to a political party and so the Catholic Representative association was forced to change its name to the centre party it also had 19 Liverpool councillors, the same sectarian politics were practiced on the other side when the"Protestant Party" was formed in 1922. The city was convulsed by riots and sectarian violence, in one incident , Priests at St Anthony's [ the church was on Scotland Road but the parish extended into protestant Netherfield Rd] knew of 157 families [833 individuals] who fled from Protestant streets. There were Protestant victims too. The parish of St. Martin-in-the -Fields, which included Scotland and Vauxhall roads, was four fifths Catholic, but here the school church was stormed and 110 Protestant families left the neighbourhood, houses were marked to denote the creeds of their inhabitants' beatings and looting were common as partisans aimed to enforce a monopoly of faith in their area. The growth of the Labour Party very slowly transformed Liverpool Politics, People like Sidney Silverman and Bessie Braddock eventually won out. Sidney Silverman contested Catholic Exchange Constituency as the Labour Party candidate in 1933, he faced the Conservative JJ Shute A prominent Catholic and friend of the former MP and Privy Chamberlain to the Pope Sir JP Reynolds, local Labour leaders, however were conccious that Silverman was not the best possible candidate for Catholic Exchange, but they were ill prepared for the sectarian nature of the campaign which followed because of his Jewish origin, Thomas White the Conservative Leader, regarded the candidature of Silverman as "a blunder of the first magnitude" for Labour, as it ignored the susceptibilities of the large Catholic vote in the constituency JJ Shute had obviously been chosen because of his religion and because there was no large Protestant vote in the constituency they could exploit his religion for all they were worth. Public declarations by many well known Catholic Politicians like this--- Catholics must vote for JJ Shute because 1, As Catholics you cannot accept the extreme socialist policies of Mr Silverman,it is not good for the working class and 2, You cannot expect Mr Silverman to further the just claims of our Catholic schools. During the door to door canvassing, attacks on Silverman as an enemy to the Catholic religion and as a Jew went on relentlessly. Silverman said after his defeat that-- "This was a triumph of religious prejudice over political conditions. My opponent throughout fought the campaign purely on a religious basis and managed to persuade enough hungry, ill clad, badly housed people to vote for him on the basis of the similarity of their religions [" Sydney Siilverman" by Emrys Hughes] Bessie Braddock who had no religion had similar problems in her Constituency but after winning in1945 kept her seat up till 1970, a strong Labour Party took over in Liverpool at this time enabelling the Catholic and Protestant working class to vote on ordinary class issues. I do not have the computer knowledge to down load my pamphlet, my son could do it but he is not here at the moment I will try and post it shortly if you are interested.

    • These things never change the Irish coming to Liverpool because of the potato famine had these headlines to face, " Ireland is pouring into the cities, and even into the villages of this island, a fetid mass of famine, dirt and fever. Liverpool, whose proximity to Ireland has already procured for it the unhappy distinction of being the most unhealthy town in this island, seems destined to become one mass of disease" [The Times in a leader article 2nd April 1847] and the Liverpool Mail had this on 6th November 1847 " That the scum of Ireland come to Liverpool and die in thousands is true. But whose fault is that? Misgovernment in Ireland--idleness on the part of the peasantry and ignorance and extravagance on the part of the gentry....
      "The people that come here are not labourers... they are beggers and paupers. They never were labourers. They never did an honest days work in their lives. They lived by begging, as the Roman Catholic prelate regrets to say they cannot do now, for the potato crop failed and when they arrive here, begging is their profession, the workhouse their retreat, the fourpenny loaf per day a certainty and medical aid, port wine soup, a coffin and a Christian burial". And far worse from the local Orange and other Protestant church leaders, we even had serious rioting with whole neighbourhoods ethnically cleansed, we all came to love each other eventually but it took a long time.

  • Why 'Brand Israel' is failing
  • If Obama really has things under control, then why the loose talk from CentCom's Mattis?
    • Mattis sounds like a knuckle dragging idiot to me, another US General when asked what they were doing in Afghanistan replied "to kill the bad guys" where do they get these clowns, subtle they ain't, I recommend a few years at a Swiss finishing school, paid for by the pentagon of course.

  • U.S. and Israel coordinate-- and signal hard line in Iran talks
    • Above post should read credible not creditable. sorry.

    • Chet, the Iranians are only threatening to close the strait in the event of their being bombed by US/Israel, a last ditch scenario no doubt, but it is their only creditable option, call it mutually assured destruction, it is certainly the one option keeping the US/Israel at bay.

    • You have a right to be skeptical, Turkey and Brazil concluded a deal with Iran back in 2010, both countries knew the US position intimately, unfortunately the US position at the time was that they expected and were confident the talks would fail and were shocked when a deal was concluded, Hillary Clinton attacked Turkey and Brazil for reaching the very deal Obama wanted a few weeks previous . The Iranians should take note, the US/Israel will not take yes for an answer, remember Iran has been under increasing sanction well before any nuclear issue arose. Regime change by any means is and always has been the name of the game, in my opinion nothing the Iranians do will change US/Israel policy, thank goodness the Iranians have the ability to close the Strait of Hormuz, the major obstacle stopping the lunatics from using force.

  • Google is partnering with Technion and Cornell in NY
    • An important vote is coming up in the European Parliament on 24th May 2012, regarding the possible upgrade in the Association trade agreement with Israel, on hold since 2008 because of Israels abuses. Some MEP's have written saying Europe needs Israels generic pharmaceuticals and they will support an upgrade, Teva, HQ'd in Israel is the worlds largest producer of generic drugs. However it should be noted that article 2 of that agreement states,------ ' Relations between the parties, as well as all the provisions of the agreement itself, shall be based on respect for human rights and democratic principles, which guides their internal and International policy and constitutes an essential element of their agreement.' The question is, after all the breaches of International Law and its continuing ethnic cleansing how would Israel interpret an upgrade, it doesn't bare thinking about.

  • Bill Kristol celebrates Republican Party purge of 'oldfashioned Arabists' Scowcroft, Baker and Bush I
    • Three Muslims in new French Government Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, Yamina Benguigui and Kader Arif, now Romneys being too French could have legs, ah well trust the terrorist supporting French, back to freedom fries.

  • Danish right-wing: ‘Made in settlement’ labels preempt Israel’s expanding borders
    • What is needed is a challenge to Ahava in the form of a petition or injunction along the lines of the excellent Yesh Din petition in the Quarries case in the Israeli High court, quarrying material from occupied territory is no more nor less a natural resource than minerals from the Dead Sea, in fact the similarities are striking, all the same International Law arguments deployed by Yesh Din could be used to greater effect in a UK court, I am sure the Israeli courts perverse verdict would not be repeated. Unfortunately the Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights in the UK, don't appear to want to make these challenges, all they seem to be interested in are collecting funds and more funds God knows what they spend them on, all I know is that any communication I try to make with them on these matters is ignored, I am sure they mean well, but a perusal of the number of cases they have taken over the years is instructive ie pathetic, they seem to be reduced to a letter writing campaign, one Lawyer writing a letter to the Home or Foreign office with 100 others endorsing it.

    • The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations [cptur] 2008[SI No 1277 ] was Transposed into UK law from the European Community Legislation, the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive [UCPD] all European countries have had to put this into their National Laws or regulations, these relate to unfair commercial practices, of which wrongful Labelling is an obvious example, to which a UK minister has admitted, a trader would almost certainly be committing a criminal offence if he labelled something originating in OPT as coming from Israel, the EU rules of origin are that goods originate not where they have been shipped from but where they are deemed to have been produced or manufactured, so there are criminal laws in place to stop traders misleading consumers, many people thought only the Trading standards authorities could bring prosecutions, not true,here's how a private prosecution can take place -- (Public) private prosecutions

      Although it is usually the case that prosecutions are brought by prosecuting authorities, most notably by the police / Crown Prosecution Service or local authorities, it does not necessarily mean that a private individual cannot launch his own prosecution. Some statutes are proscriptive in terms of who may prosecute under them. S 83(1) of the Weights and Measures Act 1985, for example, provides that proceedings for most offences under that Act shall not be instituted by or on behalf of anyone other than a local weights and measures authority or the chief of police. Other statutes, however, including the TDA and CPA, have no such limitations.

      In MFI Furniture Centre Ltd v Hibbert (1996) 160 JP 178, Balcombe LJ said: “S 27(1)(a) of the [CPA], which imposes a duty upon every weights and measures authority ... to enforce [within their area the safety provisions and the] provisions of Part III of the Act, does not limit the powers of others to prosecute. Thus Mr Hibbert, [the local authority officer who laid the information in this case] like any other person, had the power to prosecute – see, e.g., s 6 of the Prosecution of Offences Act 1985. … I am at present in correspondence with Asda Stores Who amongst others stock Soda Stream products from Mishor Edomin in OPT [ these products were forced to pay the proper import duty after the EUJ court case in 2010 Brita GmbH v Hauptzollamp Hamberg-Hafen,case No C-386/08 25:02:2010, the verdict was goods goods manufactured in West Bank cannot be considered made in Israel, and although they do not now have a made in Israel label on them in my opinion still breach this regulation, because it is a misleading omission under regulation 6. Information a consumer would need to know when purchasing such products, for example whether that purchase aided or abetted or in in any way contributed to the financial/commercial viability of those illegal enterprises[ which of course they must do]and ongoing war crimes. This for me is still a work in progress.

  • U. of Haifa stops Nakba commemoration, as prof writes hate post calling for 'Many Nakbas'
    • Anyone who has had the misfortune to read some of the comments from the Jerusalem Post on a daily basis, would find these repulsive comments by the learned Professor mild by comparison. Some truly disturbed people in Israel.

  • BDS victory: South Africa strips Ahava’s ‘made in Israel’ label
    • MHughes976, According to International Law all property emanating from OPT in breach of this law has no title and as you may be aware, if you have no title [ownership] you should not be able to sell it, legally that is, the 'nemo dat quod non labet' rule applies "no-one can give a better title than he has got" In july 1943 an International conference was held in London, its mandate was to upgrade the Hague regulations since they were not specific enough on property transfers, particularly because of the Nazi depredations in much of occupied Europe, these resolutions were put together by the leading jurists of their time and represent the latest and definitive word on the transfer of property rights and interests both within and outside occupied territory The USA, USSR, China and the United Kingdom and Dominions amongst others adopted them, here are the first four resolutions:-
      (1) The rules governing the validity in third countries of the acts of belligerent occupants and of transfers of, or dealings with, property, rights and interests of any description whatsoever derived from such acts, are rules of international law the non observation of which entails international responsibility.
      Note: In courts of third States cases may be decided according to a variety of legal considerations, but the result must be in harmony with the rules of international law, the main contents of which are set out below. The Conference has not discussed the conditions under which a third State that does not give effect to the said rules is liable to pay damages to the injured party and/or his State.
      (2) The occupant does not succeed, even provisionally, to the status or rights of the sovereign whom he displaces. The occupant has at most, under international law, only limited rights or jurisdiction and administration; acts in excess of these limited rights are null and void in law and are not entitled to legal recognition in any country.
      (3) The rights of the occupant do not include any right to dispose of property, rights or interests for purposes other than the maintenance of public order and safety in the occupied territory. In particular, the occupant is not, in international law, vested with any power to transfer a title which will be valid outside that territory to any property, rights or interests which he purports to acquire or create or dispose of; this applies whether such property, rights or interests are those of the State or of private persons or bodies. This status of the occupant is not changed by the fact that the annexes by unilateral action the territory occupied by him.

      (4) a country subject to belligerent occupation has no status in international law. Any rule of international law establishing the invalidity of transfers of, or dealings with, property, rights and interests effected by the occupant applies also to similar transfers and dealings carried out by any associate or agent of the occupant acting for him or in his interest. the occupant nor his associates or agents has the right to transfer a title of any property, rights or interests whether private or public to a third country in breach of International Law. Pay close attentiion to resolution 3 it is clear these imports have no validity, Yesh Din used this resolution in their case against the Commander of the IDF in the Quarries case recently.

    • I am hoping to go forward as a litigant in person on the false labelling practices of Ahava in the near future, the trading standards authority who should do this, are reluctant to do their duty, I am waiting for their reasons via a freedom of information request, and will proceed when I receive it, I attended Wirral Magistrates court last month and they disputed the venue London or Wirral, Here is the initial summons with evidence attached below:-

      To the accused: AHAVA UK LTD [Company number: 03038060]

      Address: AHAVA UK LTD
      Brunel House
      George Street
      GL1 1BZ

      Alleged Offence: That on February 14th 2012, AHAVA UK LTD did supply me via the internet with a cosmetic product, the origin of which had a false country of origin. The product stated Israel on the product container, packaging and information leaflet. The product and packaging also had a zip code no: 86983 which is the code for Mitzpe Shalem, a settlement situated inside Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT). This is an offence in breach of a statutory instrument, the ‘Cosmetic Product (safety) Regulations 2008. Section 12(1)(a).’ As created by the 1987 Consumer Protection Act (CPA). Specifically section 12(3)
      Under section 12(1)a of the safety regulations, goods manufactured outside the European economic area (EEA) must be labeled as to their country of origin.

      Prosecutor: Harry Law - litigant in person


      Date of Information: 19 MARCH 2012


      Gloucester Magistrates Court
      PO Box 9051
      GL1 2XG

      I have evidence to validate my claim that the product stated as having its origin in Israel is false. Please refer to attachment 1 which is a photograph of the product, please note the post (and/or Zip)code in the Hebrew line under the false address is 86983 which is the code for Mitzpe Shalem, an illegal Israeli settlement situated in Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) – see maps enclosed (attachment 2 and 3] According to customary International Law all settlements in OPT are illegal (Geneva Conventions Article 49.6, 1949). This was confirmed by the opinion of the World Court ICJ in 2004 by a 15-0 majority, this position has also been reaffirmed by successive British Governments who have declared that the West Bank does not constitute part of Israel, nor therefore, do the illegal Israeli settlements therein; including Mitzpe Shalem.
      I have evidence in the form of a letter from Yaacov Ellis, chief executive officer and president of AHAVA also known as Dead Sea Laboratories Ltd, in the letter dated in 2010 he admits that his factory, visitor centre and the settlement Mitzpe Shalem are situated inside the West Bank, but denies that they are illegal.
      I also have a letter from the civil administrator of the occupying forces in the Megilot Regional Council where Mitze Shalem is situated. The administrator confirms that Dead Sea Laboratories Ltd is the only company to be given permission to excavate mud from the area and that those operations continue today (2011).
      Clearly the settlements of Mitzpe Shalem and the production facilities of AHAVA (Dead Sea Laboratories Ltd) are situated in OPT, not in Israel and because AHAVA Uk Ltd are supplied by its parent company AHAVA/Dead Sea Laboratories Ltd in OPT the claim that the products country of origin is Israel is false and an offence as described in my allegation.

  • House Dems slam NYPD spy program as throwback to 'dark chapters' in US history
    • Peter King [R-NY] said, " if your looking for an Islamic terrorist, you don't go to Ben's Kosher deli, when they were looking for the Italian mob, they didn't go to an Irish bar ". and I might add if you are looking for an Irish terrorist supporter all you need to do is visit Peter King [R-NY] in New York. ' In 1985, the Irish government boycotted the St. Patrick's Day parade in New York City, the biggest celebration in the Irish American calendar. The cause of its umbrage was Peter T. King, that year's grand marshal and someone the Irish government said was an "avowed" supporter of a terrorist organization, the Irish Republican Army'. [P King IRA supporter and enthusiastic counter terrorism advocate. By Peter Finn Washington post staff reporter March 5th 2011.]

  • Removing MEK from the terrorist list would raise chance of war
    • There are now two types of terrorist, those aimed at states the US does not like, and would like to regime change, those terrorists can be materially supported it seems by US citizens [since it appears the US government are helping such groups or turning a blind eye to them] here I mean Al qaeda and associated groups supporting the free Syrian army against Assad and also the MEK, a state dept listed terrorist group killing scientists in Iran and materially supported with lucrative speaking engagement fees from the MEK to the likes of John Bolton R Giuliani Howard Dean, Tom Ridge et al, and then there are the other terrorist groups or as I prefer to call them National Liberation movements like Hezbollah and Hamas, were should you donate a penny to, will see you in jail for life, the hypocrisy is stunning, do the US think the rest of the world stupid?

  • Exporting the occupation: Israel markets its drone expertise to the world
    • Seafoid, just done my bit for shop a fada went to my local supermarket and before buying some Israeli fruit, tested them for freshness I think they were over ripe because my thumbs went clean through them, no sale, sorry.

  • Israel still holds 1000s of political prisoners, including 27 Palestinian members of Parliament
    • Van Esveld--Israels position is that it has no human rights obligations to Palestinians in Occupied Territory, the Geneva conventions 1949 and the Hague Regulations 1907 are both mandatory on Israel, it is incumbent on other signatories to those treaties to ensure the Palestinians have those rights and to take steps against Israel for such flagrant abuses of them. The European- Israel trade agreements have within them clauses on human rights which must be observed, if only they had the political will to enforce them, as one of Israels biggest export markets they could apply enormous pressure.

  • Pogroms -- Palestinian teachers and veterinarian have their cars taken away from them
    • Whats an enforcement campaign? the UN office for the coordination of Humanitarian affairs [OCHA] says that a total of 620 structures in the Israeli-occupied West Bank were torn down in 2011, of which 62 were European-funded.

      Of those affected, 600 were in the Area C zone of the occupied West Bank where Israel has full civilian and security control. Twenty of the demolitions were in Area B, where Israel and the Palestinian Authority have joint responsibility. Clearly ethnic cleansing is going on here, the West is complicit they probably see the train wreck ahead but prefer to do nothing,disgraceful.

  • Foxman says Google and Facebook are on his team to combat 'internet hate'
    • ICCA task force co chair Yuli Edelstein lives in an illegal West Bank settlement, a well documented grave war crime[geneva 49.6] and because Edelstein lives there by choice and is well aware of all the circumstances of the crime he purposefully aids and abets, makes him a war criminal, no question, that beats antisemitism.

  • We're still losing
    • Unfortunately human rights are a minority concern amongst most peoples and Nations of the world, people are only engaged when the abusers are resisted violently or peacefully, then, even when reported [how many in the US know about the hunger strikes] are their own consciences raised or their own way of life is disturbed. The Palestinians have the dead weight of the US and western elites to overcome and through them the corporate media, the Palestinians have the sympathies of most of the world but it would be nice to have a countervailing force within the Arab world [remember when the former Saudi Ambassador to the US threatened dire consequences over US intransigence, all hot air] that will take time, at the moment the Arab league could not agree on what colour wallpaper to put in their HQ.

  • Neocons + Goldberg see coalition as heightening likelihood of war
    • The US/Israel tell us Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states[Sunni] are just as opposed to Iran[Shia] as are US/Israel, correct, but only the Leaders, Chomsky is forever quoting the poll recently which revealed that just 10% of the Arab populations consider Iran a threat whereas 80 odd percent thought US/Israel as a direct threat, also Nasrallah [Shia] is a hero in many parts of the Arab world. The US/Israel could come unstuck big time if they miscalculate this equation.

  • Netanyahu gets special audience on nuclear talks
    • Israel-- Stop them doing what they are legally entitled to do, while we continue to produce nuclear weapons outside all nuclear treaties. Ashton-- Yes, we agree, I'll do my best.

  • Biden gives Israel the green light on Iran in speech to rabbinical convention
    • What really annoys me is the casual way he says in effect I don't care if 70% of the oil keeping the economies of the world afloat stops flowing and the west is involved in WW3, Biden knows the US would be drawn in as would the coalition of the willing. Who can remember just after cast lead all the leaders of the West slapping Olmert on the back when they visited Israel even our Prime Minister Gordon Brown sent the Royal Navy to patrol the seas off the coast of Gaza, truly bizarre.

    • Telling the Israelis that they still have time to attack Iran, even as the talks with the 5+1 have just got underway and seem to be going well, are the words of a war criminal, this lunatic is a disgrace to his office, as for being an Israel supporter, an attack on Iran would unite the Arab and wider world against Israel and would surely hasten its demise.

  • Israeli military raids office of human rights organization 'Stop the Wall'; steals computers and hard drives
    • Scott, I'm afraid Abbas will do and say nothing, that would upset his masters too much, I am reminded of Abbas's diplomatic anger when our Denis Healey UK Labour told Geoffrey Howe Conservative, during a debate in the house of Commons that " it was like being savaged by a dead sheep"when will Abbas retire.

  • In 'Nation' BDS debate, Barghouti demands rights, Avishai pleads to protect 'progressive and creative' Israeli elites
    • Having an Israeli source of origin is already toxic in many stores, I fear the day will come when anyone trading in Israeli goods will themselves be driven out of business, businesses don't need the hassle or the security considerations of the Israeli embassy in order to do the same business they could do with 20 other competitors dealing in the same goods, unless they are buying drones and look what happened to the EDO factory in Brighton UK it was wrecked, same with Raytheon in Londonderry which is no longer there. One hopes this campaign keeps to the straight and narrow but it cannot be guaranteed.

  • Why no condolences from Obama to David Cameron?
  • ICG: The peace process is a 'collective addiction that serves all manner of needs, reaching an agreement no longer being the main one'
    • Hostage, thanks for those links, I did not mean they had done nothing, simply my frustration at what many people regard as the Quartet's obvious playing for time and being in Israels corner combined with the interminable talks around that table, when it was obvious the talks were going nowhere and in any case as you say Netanyahu gave them their answer in a way they cannot misinterperet by legalising those settlements. Maybe a blessing in disguise.

    • The Quartet road map should not have proceeded one day longer than the first breach of it by Israel's daily transfers of its own population into Occupied Territory in breach of the Geneva conventions [a grave war crime article 49.6] Here is what phase one said -Israel takes all necessary steps to help normalise Palestinian life.

      Israel withdraws from Palestinian areas occupied from September 28, 2000 and the two sides restore the status quo that existed at that time, as security performance and co-operation progress.

      Israel also freezes all settlement activity, consistent with the Mitchell report. who is to blame, well obviously Israels contempt for International Law is well known, but they do not recognise that this aspect of Geneva applies to them in relation to the OPT, it does of course, but they genuinely think it does not, States cannot pick and choose which parts of those conventions apply to them, they apply in their entirety to everybody. The PA on the other hand, I think are more culpable they saw the settlements expand every day, but kept up the pretence that they would not create that many problems, now 650,000 settlers later, they now know how wrong they were, what can they do about it, hopefully follow Hostage's advice on state recognition and ICC membership, or in the words of Professor Finkelstein, JUST APPLY THE LAW.

  • Are Obama and Netanyahu now joined at the hip for election season?
    • Seafoid "Occupation is behind a wall and Israel has won" Jeff Halper in an interview with Frank Barat seems to agree with you.--
      I wrote an article about this once “Despair as a policy”. The Zionists have always always said that once the Arabs despair, and Jabotinsky put it interestingly “despair of the land of Israel ever becoming Palestine” – that was the end, victory for them. Israel feels that it’s what we have got now. If you go today to the West Bank, Gaza might be different, you’ll hear the people say that they don’t care anymore, let me have a job, let me live my life and I’ll be happy. In a sense, Fayyad feels he can respond to that.

  • 'Let go of two-state solution insanity' -- says Illinois congressman who supports transfer
    • My comment above should have said enrage a billion and a half muslims in the world, not a million and a half, sorry, big difference.

    • Joe Walsh's solution would mean enraging a million and a half Muslims in the world, a minute fraction of whom are in the process of kicking the butt of the greatest army the world has ever seen out of Afghanistan. The US political scene is full of f...... crackpots, I despair sometimes.

    • Legally speaking the US [and its friends] do regard themselves as above International Law, which is probably true, since the UN architecture was conceived by the victors of WW2 [ China and France later came on board ] as a means to give legitimacy to any act they wished to implement. And since there is no higher authority than the 5 permanent members of the Security council to stop them, any action that any one of those members takes [and their friends] even if in theory illegal is ipso facto legal, the other 4 may condemn that member and put forward a resolution to that effect, but that resolution would be vetoed. The US could never get away with condoning ethnic cleansing on this scale with world public opinion, but legally, from a UNSC point of view, in my opinion they could.

  • BDS Scorecard: Methodists recommend sanctions & boycotts; reject divestment
    • Citizen, The point I am trying to make is that it is not just the investments in the occupation which is problematical, but that those investments are in fact aiding and abetting or assisting war crimes, did they look at it in this way, I don't know, but last year I wrote to all the Managing Directors of the major supermarkets in the UK with the accusation that their investments in the settlement enterprise constituted breaches of the ICC act 2001 for the reasons above [Knowing that only the Attorney General can bring a criminal charge under that act] I threatened a civil suit under the act to them personally [similar to the Bilin village v Green park International in Canada last year that was a civil action] it concentrates the mind wonderfully to be one day expecting a Knighthood through the post from the Queen, instead to be accused of being a war criminal. All I know is if the shoe was on the other foot, thousands of zionist lawyers would be firing lawsuits all over the place with a guarantee that most people would be intimidated. By the way most of them wrote back saying they no longer source produce from the OPT, I do hope this makes sense. If you are interested I will post the letter I wrote in the near future.

    • It would appear the United Methodists [UM] have been looking at the Caterpillar investments in the wrong way, as somehow supporting the occupation of OPT as a bad thing, which it is of course, but it is not illegal per se, its longevity is unusual since occupation is supposed to be temporary, and so the UM have maybe thought, some people think the occupation right, some think it wrong, if we keep up the investments, well no big deal. The problem for the UM is this, they are investing in well documented war crimes as set out in my comments above,and not simply what some people might argue as being an illlegal occupation. For instance Halliburton assisted the occupation of Iraq quite legally after the UN gave its belated blessing to the coalition and after UN resolution 1483 was passed telling the coalition that all monies collected from the sale of oil was to be put in a fund for the Iraqi people only. No one could complain had the UM invested in Halliburton since whether you agree with it or not, was legal, but had Halliburton used their bulldozers to ethnically cleanse Iraqis from their homes end businesses then the question of war crimes would have been raised and quite rightly, I wonder if the UM looked at these investments in that way?

    • Just to further the anology in the comment above, if anyone suggests that because Caterpillar are a legal company and the Holy Land Foundation are not, imagine two cases of speeding [1] an upstanding member of the public is caught speeding [Caterpillar] he is prosecuted, no question [2] a thief is caught speeding [ Holy Land Foundation] he is also prosecuted for speeding and also for theft. So in my opinion to answer my own question above, there is no difference.

    • The US Government regard the settlements as war crimes under the 1949 Geneva Conventions, these conventions are regarded as customary International Law the implementation of which is mandatory for all states, to aid and abet or assist in any way war crimes by investing in companies that profit from the occupation is also a war crime. In the UK unlike the US we have the ICC act 2001 which makes it a criminal offence to aid and abet or assist war crimes 55[1a] and/or 55[1d]. Caterpillar for instance have specially designed bulldozers with hugh blades and armour plating to destroy Palestinian homes and businesses to make way for illegal settlements, all in breach of those criminalised sections of International Law in Geneva and ICC and ipso facto war crimes. Put another way anyone sending money or investing money even in a charity which is in any way associated with what the US state dept consider a proscribed organisation involved in war crimes [ see Holy Land Foundation] can be sent to prison for life. What is the difference?

  • Native American and Indigenous Studies Scholars defend UCLA Professor David Shorter and supporters of BDS
    • Only when people like Andrew Leucher are hauled over the coals for violating first principles of natural justice and fair play will things change, its good to see support from his colleagues who seem determined to confront not only abuses of academic freedom but also of the Administrators abuse of their own procedures.

  • It took decades for South Africa boycott resolutions to gain traction
    • These are enormously encouraging statements, even when confronted with so many what to us are egregious wrongs, sometimes a quick fix is not possible. Short of a war of course.

  • It's apartheid in the West Bank, but Obama and liberal Jews are too 'intimidated' to say anything -- Perlstein in Rolling Stone
    • Samud, Thanks for that Finkelstein link, whether one state or two is up to the Palestinians to decide, and you must agree that there is no political party in OPT or anywhere on earth that advocates a single state at this point in time, I agree, the way things are going your solution may be the best to argue for, although I think the Israelis will go for the fried chicken option favoured by a former Israeli Minister, keep all the best bits of OPT and let the Europeans finance the cantons which are left, which is what they are doing now in any case.Ending the occupation and the war crimes is the first priority the other two, important as they are, I think are amenable to negotiation.

    • Blake, You are correct, my apologies, but they did encourage their Dominions to support the resolution.

    • Sandelpasti, The UN has declared the Israeli state legitimate through UN resolution 181 Nov 1947 Gt Britain, being the mandate power approved the resolution, you may not like it, but you would be in a minority if you tried to reverse it. In fact the Saudi initiative of 2002 offered normal relations with the state of Israel on behalf of all the Islamic states along those 1967 borders.

    • Krauss, "Finkelstein also did great, before he snapped and became a centrist 'Liberal' Zionist." In my opinion his centrist Liberal Zionism simply means what the majority of the world also believes ie, that the Israeli state is a fact and that it is a legitimate fact [within its 67 borders] and that any attempt to destroy that state would not garner much support, so he is working within the parameters of what is possible in the real world. He also agrees with targeted BDS, Here I may disagree with him, I personally think BDS should target all of Israel, not to destroy the state but to force it to obey International Law.

  • 'NYT' fails to disclose Kershner's tie to Israeli government-linked think tank
  • Growing chill between Obama and Muslims could prove a headache in November
    • I would encourage as many muslims as possible to try and get as close as possible and to be photographed on the campaign trail with hypocrites like Obama, preferably with long beards wearing Keffiyeh's and hijab's,watch them squirm, I think Medea would do it.

  • Video: United Methodist Church votes against divestment
    • The settlements enterprise are ongoing war crimes UNDISPUTED [Geneva 49.6] and ICC Act 2001 UK 8[2bv111], To aid and abet a war crime ICC Act 2001UK 55[1a] and/or 55[1d] assisting a grave war crime, UNDISPUTED, the Christians who voted against the resolution are simply aiding and abetting or assisting war criminals, and therefore are war criminals themselves, thats the Law, in the UK at least, I know the US has not signed up for the ICC, but our Attorney General could make a good case under the act since the perpetrators did it purposefully. He would not of course, war crimes charges are only for the ‘other’.

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