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howard lenow

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  • You won't have Ethan Bronner to kick around anymore . . .
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      I don't think being Jewish disqualifies a reporter from reporting on Israel/Palestine. I don't think having a son or daughter serving in the IDF does either. If that logic is extended, we wouldn't pay attention to Palestinians reporting from Gaza or the West Bank or East Jerusalem, or we shouldn't pay attention to so many of the important blogs and other outlets where similar "conflicts" may exist.. It is a silly argument, in my view. It's the actual reporting that matters, so long as any "conflicts" such as they are, are disclosed.

      I don't want to be put in the position of defending the NYT or any other media outlet and that is not what I was saying. I do think Ethan Bronner was unfairly villified too often on this site and in our movement generally. I also know that he has been villified from the right as being too sympathetic to the Palestinian narrative. So, again, he is a reporteer, not an activist. I just think we should pick our battles where they make sense and not fall prey to the same shibboleths that characterize the shrill and unfair attacks from the right.

    • I wish folks would give up on the gratuitous attacks on Ethan Bronner. Frankly, I think his reporting was often brilliant and ground breaking. Yes, he wasn't the public relations director for the BDS movement (which I support, by the way) but he covered on the ground stories in the West Bank and Gaza and East Jerusalem and he has a deep knowledge of the conflict and the history. I believe he did his level best to be fair, as he saw things, and he contributed to opening up the dialogue and the reporting in the New York Times on the issues that had never been covered by the Times with any sensitivity to a Palestinian narrative. I will miss his reporting as Bureau Chief.

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