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US citizen originally from the UK with a scientific background - PhD in biotech area. Actually now not a US citizen as I could not stomach the addiction to war and disrespect of other nations.

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  • Jewish activist who counseled Lorde on BDS gets the full 'kapo' treatment in the Israeli press
    • Zionism is to Judaism as Islamic State is to Islam.

      There is no point in 'arguing' with a Zionist bigot, their racism is so deeply embedded in their personality.

      It would be more helpful for Mondoweiss to sponsor and advocate directly for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, rather than focus on intellectual masturbation.

      What about documenting and supporting those trying to overturn the constitutionally illegal anti-BDS laws in the US?

      What about identifying and calling out all of the illegal Zionist 'charitable' donations to illegal settlements?

  • 'NYT' leaves out Dennis Ross's charge to US Jews: 'We need to be advocates for Israel'
    • Ross talks about dual loyalty not being something that should be raised. He completely ignores the evidence of actual traitorous activities by Zionists.

      David Niles, the post war White House advisor, attacked State Department personnel and had them removed for pointing out the truth that Israel would be detrimental to US interests. Edwin Wright's testimony is revealing:

      WE have multiple people involved in illegally supplying weapons to Zionists after WW2:

      Then we have Zalman Shapiro at NUMEC, stealing weapons grade uranium for a foreign state and being protected by Zionists in the DoJ.

      Milchan and the krytron nuclear triggers.

      History is full of examples of Zionist traitors who were protected by fellow Zionists in the investigative and judicial branches of government.

      Ross is just another hypocrite and a traitor to the US. He and the JINSA crowd advocate for Israel and have steered the USA to an expensive and disastrous Middle East policy.

  • Don't say the Z-word
    • Zionism is to Judaism as the Islamic State is to Islam.

      Both racist, supremacist organisations should be opposed by those that support human rights.

  • Advice to British leftwingers on kicking racism out of their anti-Israel rhetoric
    • National self determination was a founding principle of the United Nations and intended to free people from colonial rule of their own lands.

      This principle was established before Israel declared its foundation but well after the founding of the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand - all countries that have recognised the nature of their founding and have attempted to 'compensate' the original inhabitants of their countries.

      Israel on the other hand was declared after the UN foundation and in direct contradiction of the UN founding principles. The right of self determination does not extend to a geographically dispersed group that is / was connected purely by religion. Especially a group that practices discrimination and human rights abuses against the indigenous population. That was meant to have been recognised as an unacceptable aspect of history. Hopefully it will still be so if Israel is forced to accept equal rights for Palestinians and the return of their property. The Jewish National Fund has a big bill to pay and lots of land to reallocate.

    • Zionists continue with their delusions and want everyone to speak nicely to them and accept their delusional state of mind as valid.

      Seek therapy and get over the indoctrination of lies that form the basis of Zionism.

      Zionism is to Judaism as Islamic State is to Islam.

      And Zionism deserves the same fate as Islamic State.

  • 'Most-read' article at Washington Post calls Israel 'savage, unrepairable society'
  • Obama and the Zionists
    • Yonah, You mention that American Jews are protected by the equal application of law in a democracy. This is what the Palestinians wanted in Palestine and given the Mandate there would have been a Palestine and not just an expansion of Egypt and Jordan as you try to claim.

      The insistence of Zionists to take Palestinian land and have self rule was a denial of democracy and the seeds of a racist, supremacist society. That is the source of the problem and the issue that Zionists cannot accept.

  • Obama tells Americans it is 'abrogation of my constitutional duty' to defer to Israel on Iran Deal
    • Hopefully, once the deal is done he can use the lobbying by Israel as an example of AIPAC working as the agent of a foreign power and force legal registration changes for AIPAC.

      Let's finish what JFK tried to do!

  • Reps Deutch, Lowey, and Israel choose Netanyahu over Obama-- and who will bring down the hammer for the Iran Deal?
    • Win or lose the vote, once it is done, Obama should use the actions of AIPAC to immediately order the Attorney General to investigate the finances of AIPAC and force their registration as agents of a foreign power.

  • Did the BBC cover up the anti-Semitism of Gaza's children?
    • Semites like to resort to semantics to distract attention from their murder and mayhem. And when semantics don't work, lies are the next line of defense!

      You are judged by your actions - let's focus on the actions of murdering innocent civilians, including hundreds of children and traumatizing many more.

  • When a U.S. president demanded inspections of a nuclear facility in the Middle East (and failed)
  • Nine reasons Obama is going to win on Iran. The first: Netanyahu
    • Actually the NPT does not place a limit on the purification level. It is focused on the peaceful use of nuclear technology; so, for example, 90% enrichment for a nuclear power plant for a ship would be within the bounds of the treaty. Signatories only limit themselves to not manufacture a nuclear weapon - so legally they could even do research as long as they don't make a bomb.

      It should also be mentioned that Israel stole large amounts of purified uranium from the USA via a front company, NUMEC. Leaving a site in Pa. heavily contaminated and requiring hundreds of millions of dollars for clean up. No one has been prosecuted, which shows the penetration of the Israel lobby into the US government.

  • Schumer says Jewish and American interests on Iran deal differ but he has 'to do what's right for U.S.'
    • Jews are a religious group and not an ethnic or racial group.

      The fact is that Zionists, whether Jewish or not, hold positions of influence in the US government and exercise that influence for the benefit of a foreign country.

  • Gaza’s al-Nasser Salah al-Din Brigades prepares for next Israeli war
    • Yonah,

      Try reading Ilan Pappe's "The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine" he makes good use of Zionists own documents and Ben Gurion's diary to clearly show the case that the Zionists initiated armed action and had target lists of Palestinians to murder. Arab armies were under resourced and ineffectual in trying to protect the Palestinian population.

      The Zionist propaganda fell apart with access to official documents and translation by brave people like Ilan Pappe.

  • Front-page attack in New York Times says BDS movement is driven by minorities' 'hostility toward Jews'
    • Is a 'liberal Zionist ' like a slave owner who didn't beat his slaves?

      Zionism is inherently supremacist and racist, it must disappear completely and one state with equal rights be the objective.

  • Obama's long & passionate Monday with Saban, Foxman, Hoenlein and other Jewish leaders demonstrates power of Israel lobby
    • That Jews can affect a nation’s decision to go to war is of course an anti-Semitic trope

      They are doing this as Zionists and not as Jews. Anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitic.

      That Israel firsters can act against the interest of the USA should be made clear to the American public. The Zionists want to spend US money and lives in the interests of a third country and American citizens are acting against the best interests of the USA.

  • We're all anti-American now
    • When I first moved to the USA in February 1989 I arrived at JFK and stayed in White Plains. I was exposed immediately to the poverty sub-culture where the local McDonald's was staffed by poor Hispanic staff that could not communicate in English.

      On travelling in to Grand Central Terminal for my first day of work at an office on 42nd Street, I was appalled to have to step over homeless people living in the station and to be greeted with the stench of stale urine. On my way to the office there was a homeless shelter run by a church but during the winter people would still die in doorways because of the terrible cold.

      This is a reality comically displayed in the North Korean propaganda but, in my experience, non the less true and something I saw in many cities of the 'richest' country in the world.

      Not something that Hollywood shows of the exceptional America. The Internet now allows a diverse source of information - like Mondoweiss, and other sources of information. When the UN Human Rights Commission issued a report this month on the USA; these 'alternative' sites were the only places that covered the report. The US Main Stream Media is controlled by the oligarchs for whose benefit the USA is run. The 99% are propagandised and deluded to believe in their exceptionalism. Exemplified for me when national sporting competitions are called "World Series" and American football have "Worls Champions". The United States of Anosognosia!

    • People are drawn to America as the world's largest economy and deceived in to believing that the country is somewhere 'exceptional' because of Hollywood 'propaganda'. The ability of the USA to control it's image is declining with the Internet; more and more people are aware of the discrimination and racism. The disgrace of poverty and lack of access to healthcare for a substantial minority of the population and the myth of social mobility.

      William Blum provides good insight into the USA's attempt to influence world affairs and the fact that the USA has not ever really been a force for good. Try "America's Deadliest Export - Democracy". The revelations of the Senate Inquiry are simply a superficial affirmation and the reactions of war criminals like, Cheney just show that many American's are deluded about what deTocqueville meant when he described Americans as being exceptionally practical and less interested in intellectual pursuits. I guess Americans embracing exceptional as special just confirms deTocqueville's point!

      All I can think is that Osama Bin Laden won more than he expected on 9/11 because the mask has dropped and the aggressive, self serving bully is more on show than it ever has before. Although American's can still delude themselves that 9/11 was jealousy of American 'freedoms' and not a result of Americans killing millions of non-Americans and being proud of it in the best colonial imperialist sense of pride.

  • Poster questioning Zionism makes her feel 'unsafe', Wellesley student says
  • A visit to Auschwitz
    • Post WWII the total number of deaths was put at 4 million. After the fall of the Soviet Union the actual records were found and the number revised to 1.1MM. Still an horrific example of man's inhumanity to men but not allowed to be discussed, so very difficult to understand the extent of the horrors visited on various ethnic, political and religious groups.

  • As Kerry scrambles to prevent Palestinian action at UN, Israeli govt makes clear it will never accept Palestinian state
    • Destroy the wall, but why destroy the 'settlements', just remove the settlers and let the Palestinians use the properties. After all the US effectively paid for them all!

  • British Parliament votes overwhelmingly to recognize Palestinian state
    • Ottaway's speech is a long time coming but still reflects a lack of understanding of the facts.

      Interesting that he believed that the Holocaust justified giving away someone else's land (the Palestinian land) - European guilt paid for by another people. This being totally contrary to the UN Charter on self determination. In addition, the partition matter was not settled by the General Assembly - this was simply a proposal. The Arabs wanted one state - something that they may still get!

      In addition, his understanding of the 'facts' are incorrect. Israel has generally been the aggressor and Ilan Pappe's "Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine" clearly uses Ben Gurion's own diaries to document Zionist plans to murder influential Palestinians and to seize land. Arab armies did not 'invade' because Jordan had been paid off and the other rag tag forces simply tried to defend Arab populations from the Israeli onslaught. Made possible by the provision of arms by Zionist supporters in the US and Europe.

      History continues to be distorted by Zionist propaganda, despite honest Israelis like Pappe trying to set the record straight. The only fair future is one state with equal rights for all and the return of the refugees.

  • 'Civility' is for dancing classes, not universities, and is tool of pro-Israel political operatives -- Franke
  • Goldberg tries to police view that Israel's actions fuel anti-Semitism
    • Zionism is to Judaism as Islamic State is to Islam.

      A perversion of a religion into a racist, nationalistic and militaristic philosophy that is intolerant of others.

  • Salaita firing turns into a 'catastrophe' for University of Illinois
    • Perhaps Professor Salaita can write a paper on the obvious letter writing campaign by pro-Zionist groups to label his anti-Zionist comments as anti-Semitic.

      The letter writing campaign to Ms. Wise simply endorses the correctness of some of his tweets!

  • US branch of the Jewish 'family' owes the homeland 'unconditional love' -- Rosner
    • Probably hard to achieve absolute numbers of Zionist supporters versus Islamic State because of the large disparity in the total numbers of followers of each religion.

      One thing is for sure, the nationalist, pseudo-religious movements that do not respect human rights must all be defeated. The Islamic State needs to be crushed and so does Zionist Israel.

    • Sean,

      Just one point. Israel was very much pushing for the war in Iraq and Netanyahu published a famous article stating the case:

      He was also instrumental in "A Clean Break" - put together with the help of American Zionists:

      Destabilizing Israel's neighbors was a major thrust and it is not co-incidence that we have the chaos in Iraq and Syria.

    • "None of them has ever advocated anything remotely like the horrors the end of Zionism would really entail"

      There would be no horrors - just one nation from the Med to the River Jordan with equal rights for all and no Jewish supremacist ideology. This is what the alternative was when the Zionists decided on their militaristic pursuit of a Zionist homeland. It is still the only morally acceptable option.

      If they will not accept it then the rest of the group needs to step up (as they are increasingly doing) and state that Zionism does not represent Judaism and that Zionism must be isolated (perhaps initially through BDS) until there is a morally acceptable solution instead of continued murder.

      It worked in South Africa and it can work in the case of Israel.

    • I don't think that percentages matter. It is simply recognizing that for one faction of a group (Zionists to Judaism) to say that they represent a religion does need acceptance by the rest of the group.

      In reality both religions have their problems but it is scary that followers of Judaism have traditionally accepted that Zionists are the upholders of their religion. When in fact they can see that Zionists do not represent their religious values - especially as Israel continues the slaughter of innocents and brushes off criticism with delusional comments. This support of the group may have something to do with religious education in synagogues presenting a rose colored picture of Israel. As we see from JVP, Monodweiss and other groups more people are deciding that Zionists do not represent their Judaism. In fact, many can see that Zionism is the antithesis of Judaic values.

    • Perhaps we should just accept that as ISIS and Al Qaeda are not really Muslims, Zionists are not really Jews. They are a nationalist, racist group that operate under the guise of a religion that many do not really follow.

    • The issue is that "Zionism is to Judaism as the Islamic State is to Islam".

      Both are nationalistic, militaristic perversions of a religion and both ignore human rights, tolerance and everything their religions are meant to stand for.

      So why should any Jew be pressed to be supportive of Zionism, when it is the moral and humanist values of their religion that they treasure. They should purge Zionism just as Islam needs to purge IS and Al Qaeda.

  • After first visit to Israel, 'Foreign Policy' editor says religious, garrison state has 'passed its sell-by date'
    • "There is no objective reason to oppose Jewish national self-determination. No anti-Zionist, including Rothkopf, has mentioned one."

      Many mention that the colonists ethnic state was built on lands stolen from the inhabitants of that land - who had their rights to self determination trampled on.

  • When a Jew gets 5/3 of a vote...
    • Yonah, perhaps the issue is not so much of the religious background of the candidate but their political leanings.

      Janet Yellin is presumably a very capable person and will execute her role with the best interests of the USA in mind and her religion is not a factor. However, Stanley Fischer as her number two would, given his record and views, be more inclined to consider Israel's interests. Religion and religious values are not a concern - just potential loyalty to a foreign state.

  • AIPAC plays the long game on new Iran sanctions
    • "The conventional knowledge.."

      Zionist knowledge? 5% is a long way from over 90%!

      Iran has an inalienable right to nuclear technology and it is only the zionists and Israel firsters that are pushing the agenda to deny them their rights.

      The game is up as the Israel Firsters crawl out from under their rocks the American public can more clearly see who is pushing for war on behalf of a paranoid apartheid state that has nothing in common with the US.

  • Sydney Pollack, gunrunner
  • (Updated) Senator Chuck Schumer promises more Iran sanctions, vows to 'defeat' Arab world and Palestinians
    • Interesting how the Hasbarist diverts the conversation from the real topic.

      What can be done to impact Schumer?

      Can US citizens initiate an ethics campaign with the Congressional Ethics Office to censure Schumer for breach of his Oath of Office?

      This video clearly shows his allegiance to a foreign power.

    • Many posters have commented that Schumer is obviously not talking as a US Senator but as an Israel Firster.

      This is in breach of his Oath of Office:

      Those that are constituents of Schumer should report him to the Congressional Ethics Office.

      I tried posting earlier but the moderators chose not to include. I guess that they want talk and people to blow off steam rather than take action.

      US citizens need to take action against the Israel firsters that are traitors to their country.

  • Netanyahu says Rouhani denies the Holocaust. But he doesn't
    • It is a fact that the Holocaust happened and it is the greatest stain on human history.

      The biggest issue for the Iranians and others is that Zionists have instituted a 'propaganda' campaign based on 6 million dead - with 'never again', etc

      Factually this figure was based on a post war estimate of 4 million dead at Auschwitz. Following the fall of the Soviet Union the records were uncovered and the figure revised to 1 million. The plaque at Auschwitz was altered but there was no debate or discussion allowed around the reasons for the differences - Soviets also had an agenda. In fact you can be imprisoned in some European countries for even debating the numbers.

      This is the big mistake Zionists have made. An abhorrent and disgusting crime has been used as a PR tool by Israel (and the ADL) and they cannot allow that PR campaign to be modified by the facts.

      This belittles the historical significance and importance of historical discussion in ensuring that people know the truth. Truth is sacrificed for PR benefit.

  • Another Jew describes his journey away from Zionism
    • Citizen,

      Not sure why there has to be a comparison with other religions, but the distinct ethnic groups that practice Judaism show considerable conversion. The Khazars are not theoretical there are historical records - Shlomo Sand provides plenty of references. They are the source of the large Jewish communities that inhabited Poland and the western areas of the former USSR as they were pushed west by the invading Mongols - much like other tribal groups in the Europe / Asia boundary area.

      You actually confirm my point regarding the maternal lineage. As the Caucasus was the home of the Khazars and the maternal gene for up to 40% of Ashkenazi originated in the Caucasus this demonstrates that they came from that area and not the Levant.

    • Let's be clear 'Jewish' is based on a religion - Judaism and has nothing to do with race.

      There is no Jewish race, ethnicity or however you wish to define it. The ancestry of Jews is all people who have practiced Judaism - including the vast numbers of converts - especially Khazars who are the foundation of the Ashkenazi Jews (a significant minority of Ashkenazi have a maternal mitochondrial gene of Caucasus origin).

    • A theory that believes in privilege for one group based on divine right is racist!

  • Geller's 'savage' ad displays the racism inherent in Israeli colonization
    • Perhaps a statement on the ads should be requested from the ADL.

      It would be very interesting to get their viewpoint on whether they consider the ads defamatory.

  • Savage Geller bus ad hits San Francisco Muni
    • Perhaps we should ask whether the judge was basing his decision on the US legal and constitutional considerations or his support for Zionism?

      Not that Phil generally allows questioning of the loyalties of employees of the US government.

  • To understand the history of Palestinian dispossession look to the words of Zionist and Israeli leaders
    • This has been extensively covered in response to CAMERAs assertions:

      Ben Gurion was a deceitful Zionist who lied to the International Community and wrote his true thoughts in his diary - which he presumably never expected to be public because it was in Hebrew. Like many of the Zionazi comments he made in published books - also in Hebrew.

      Zionists cannot accept the facts because they totally undermine the basis of their beliefs which are based purely on deception and lies.

  • Secrecy pact over Israel's nukes, reached by Nixon and Meir, serves policy of 'nuclear coercion' to avoid peace deal
    • Final Judgement details the very strong links between James Angleton in the CIA ( and Israel.

      Angleton was a key supporter and it is likely that he was part of the cabal that was involved with the JFK assassination. In fact a US court verdict found the CIA to be complict. This was a cover to use CIA, anti-Castro elements to create confusion while Lansky and his friends did the deed.

    • The blocks to an investigation into NUMEC are clearly identified in a GOA report that show that for 13 years US officials were prevented from getting to the bottom of the situation - the lobby at work!

      In terms of JFK and potential Israeli involvement in his assassination I suggest that you search for "Final Judgement" by Michael Collins Piper; he is a little rambling in his writing but pulls together a lot of information that is very intriguing about the links between various players like Meyer Lansky and Israeli intelligence. JFK was assassinated just a few months after he gave Israeli an ultimatum on their nuclear program - an existential threat from an Israeli perspective.

  • My spirit is American (a religious manifesto)
    • A great piece Phil that provides a thoughtful insight into balancing religious and secular experiences.

      I would be interested to understand how teaching at synagogues goes beyond Judaism to build Zionist indoctrination.

  • Rockets are collective punishment
    • The terrorism of the Israeli colonizers in the West Bank does not only consist of acts of blatant violence and shooting. We should also consider their theft and control of the water, destruction of agricultural crops and the theft of private property.

      This would define the majority as terrorists.

  • The myth of Israel's favorable treatment of Palestinian Christians
  • Taking Israel at its word, Florida legislature passes one-state resolution
    • It is hardly democracy when another country bribes US politicians and gets away with it.

      It is hardly democracy when unelected ziocon members of the Department of Defense, Office of Special Plans, circumvent the elected officals and government experts with lies, intimidation, etc and push a war through deceit.

      It is hardly democracy when these same sayanim officials are providing secret US government documents to Israel and only one - Larry Franklin - goes to jail.

      The US democracy has been co-opted by illegal and non-democratic actions of Israel which are protected by their sayanim in the government and main stream media.

      That is why places like Mondoweiss need to be more broadly read.

  • Exclusive Excerpt: Miko Peled's 'The General's Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine'
    • Gilad - I actually agree that the story of Jesus cannot be proven, not sure about Mohammad as that was later and I have not looked at the evidence. However, the key point is that only Zionists use a religious text based on fairy tales as a Title Deed!

      If you look at the history of the region, it has been under the control of various empires for millenia:

      The Arabs were obviously very upset and some became violent when they discovered that the guests that they had allowed to settle in Palestine had a plan to steal their home.

      I am sure that you would not be happy with a guest (even someone who claimed to have lived in your house) visiting your home and then planning to throw you out and change the locks!

    • Gilad - what evidence is there of the actual existence of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, etc? A religious text is not factual. The story of Noah in the bible is actually from the Babylonian text / story "The Epic of Gilgamesh". Trying to base real life situations on religious fantasy is a major factor in the conflict. And in Hebron a very small Jewish community have inserted themselves in the city to 'lord it' over the Palestinians - hardly likely to engender a reconciliation when Palestinians cannot directly enter their homes because they are blocked to protect Jews!!

      The Zionist adoption of the religious Judaic texts as history is delusional and will ensure that peace will be very difficult to be achieved.

      What is needed is one country with equal rights for all - something that Palestinians originally accepted (late 19th and early 20th centuries) until they realized that the Zionists were deceiving them and planned to take over the land and disenfranchise the Palestinians. Something that is made very clear in the published writings of the early Zionists.

    • Gilad. What is Jewish History? The contemporary historical records from before CE, that have been retrieved say little about Jews. The city of Jerusalem was founded as a site for a temple to Shalem - hardly Jewish.

      Using Jewish religious texts as a basis for history is totally unacceptable and it has led to the Israeli politicization of archaeology with efforts focusing on trying to prove the religious texts rather than find the truth. I have seen original photos of carvings that were difficult to decipher being transformed by "restoration" into perfect Menorah!! Simply to reinforce the political myth.

      As regards the Temple Mount - there is a lot of evidence that the "Wailing Wall" is actually the wall from the Roman fort - Antolia and has nothing to do with a Jewish Temple.

      I am sure that there were Jewish Temples in Jerusalem and there is indisputably a religious connection to the city. However there is no need to fabricate and obscure the evidence to make it fit with a religious text that has no basis to be considered a factual record.

    • He did not ignore the importance of Jerusalem to Jews. Did you read the part about his origin? He describes Jerusalem as "sacred to Jews, Christians and Muslims".

      You see what you want to see because you do not wish to face your own bigotry and the false history that you have based your life on - like Peled had.

      Much of Israeli "history" is fabricated myth that has no basis in fact and whenever Zionists are challenged on the facts they simply resort to insults.

      Zionist history will never be acceptable because like Israel it is based on lies and deceit.

    • All religions have issues and the world would be a better place without religious intolerance. The Islamic state of Al Andalus was a beacon for religious tolerance - especially for Jews - and was a source of many lost historical texts.

      The current focus on demonizing Islam is a strategy of the Zionist neocons who wish to create a Holy War for the west against the mainly Islamic Middle Eastern Countries to destabilize them for Israel's benefit. The Koran actually emphasizes tolerance for the Abrahamic faiths; although attacking Islam will result in reprisals. This has clearly been seen.

      This is the premise of "Clean Break" a strategy paper written by David Wurmser for the Israeli government in 1996 and adopted by the neocons in US government - Wolfowitz, Perle, Rhode, Franklin, etc. A major reason for the Iraq war.

  • Three harsh critiques of the lobby
    • Baroness Tonge has not lost her post; she is simply no longer part of the Liberal Party in the House of Lords and is now effectively an Independent. Hopefully she will continue to express her views.

  • Both sides are wrong in the ‘Israel Firsters’ debate
    • Israel firster is a perfectly descriptive term and rightly brings up the issues of loyalty. Pressing your government to gave famine aid to Somalia does not require you to break the law or to act in a manner that is negative for your country's interests.

      Israel firsters have, in a number of cases, broken the laws of their country of origin to support Israel. NUMEC is one example of an Israel firster diverting nuclear material from the USA to Israel for weapons, after using his US nationality to set up a front company. This was against the laws of the USA and against the interests of the USA. The follow up investigation lasted 13 years and was blocked on many fronts - one can assume from influential government officials who are Israel firsters.

      Then there is the case, also documented by Grant Smith at :

      It is proven that Israel firsters in the US government gave Israeli officials confidential US industry data that helped Israel in Free Trade negotiations and cost US industry business and jobs. Again this is an illegal act on behalf of a foreign state.

      Victor Ostrovsky's book "By way of deception" clearly describes that there are citizens of many countries who are willing to break the law to help Israel.

      To raise these issues is not anti-semitic as it has nothing to do with religion but loyalty to your country of citizenship and this lack of loyalty is being demonstrated by citizens of different religions.

  • 'Tablet' says writers who talk about Israel Firsters are channeling Hitler
  • Jack Ross in Brooklyn tonite-- on Elmer Berger and the 'foreign nationalism' of Zionism
    • Victor Ostrovsky clearly indicates that dual loyalty is a major issue for zionists - who may have one nationality but overriding loyalty to Israel.

      His description of the role of the sayanim networks is disturbing in that zionists are willing to act in a way that is detrimental to their employers (Example of an aerospace company employee in France giving access to Exocet secrets) or detrimental to their countries (Jonathan Pollard, etc).

      Of course Zionist organisations wish to prevent public debate of such issues and will use charges of antisemitism to stifle discussion and prevent an airing of a zionists' overriding loyalty.

      In the current drive for war with Iran; we have key personnel in government department's who are zionists but American citizens (not dual nationals). Their loyalty appears to be helping Israel achieve its goals rather than what is in the best interests of the USA. As we all know they are aided and abetted by control of the mass media message, which has become more obvious with the advent of the Internet and alternative media outlets like MW.

      However, it would seem that the 'hidden' zionist cabal will lead the USA down the path of war which will strain the US economy and lead other countries to move away from the US $. The American people will be given some other scapegoat to blame because the mass media will maintain its zionist slant.

  • Iran sanctions backlash-- oil buyers ditch dollar
    • The USA established the hegemony of the US$ at the Bretton Woods conference in 1944 while the allies were in a weakened position because of World War II:

      The zionist sanctions that are pushed through Congress are proving to be against US economic interests and will have a major impact on the US ability to fund deficits with Treasuries as other countries move to alternative currencies.

      I doubt this will be fully explained in the mainstream media. As long as our politicians get their zionist pay checks they will continue to do whatever Israel wants.

  • Publisher of the 'Atlanta Jewish Times' suggests Mossad should assassinate Obama
    • Arrest him and send him to Gitmo under the NDAA.

      Perhaps he was thinking of the successful JFK hit as elaborated in Final Judgement.

  • 'Israel Firster' gets at an inconvenient truth
    • A very interesting article that demonstrates the failing attempt to control the debate by those who would put Israel's interests before those of the USA - or their country of birth.

      Can legal action be taken against Chuck Schumer et al for being in breach of their legal Oath of Office?

      What about the issue when placed in terms of the sayanim? Victor Ostrovsky clearly lays out in his book "By Way of Deception" that there are people who are willing to betray their countries for Israel. With examples of hi tech employees helping Israel steal technology from their employers, among other examples.

      This is broader and more serious than simply advocating on behalf of Israel and some Jewish people are willing to cross the line and take actions that actual harm the country of their birth. This can potentially create problems for Jewish people who have no such divided loyalties.

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