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Jane Porter

I was born during ww2, ,in Paris. been a fashion designer, My Dutch parents both protected and helpedgerman and dutch jewish friends during the war. these were the people I lived with during my youth.Later I learned from jewish friends from polish origin how to judge Israël, they were against it, considering it a colonial occupation.

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  • Slouching toward Gilead (or how Zionism collapses into anti-feminism)
    • “Cry Baby Israel,” by Vacy Vlanza, Counterpunch, June 27/18
      Thank you, Misterioso for this article, It's brilliant

  • "A Watershed Moment in Palestinian History": Interview with Jamal Juma’
    • Imagine how low US and Europe's policy supporting Israel's aim to annex whole Palestine, and that they choose an real-estate company boss like Jared Kushner, from a family more well known in New-york as slums-lords to advance this plan. The United States and their European and Arab door-mats really show what they really are: a bunch of gangsters supporting by weapons and money their gangsters moldavian friends of Israel.

      If the UN and the IPC had any raison d'être, all these people should be tried and jailed in the Hague, like Milosevic and other international criminals.

  • The beautiful game: a history of whitewashing international crimes 
    • I read somewhere that the argentinian team declared they were shocked and supported a gazan football-player ,during the right to return march, who was shot in the leg and was amputated. that was one of the reasons that decided them to cancel the game.

  • Striking images from the last week of Gaza's Great March of Return
  • One State Foundation launches today
    • A one-state solution? how?I notice that none of the supporters never talk main problems to implement such a project, and it is not mentioned in this piece either.They seem to look at it as a logical scenario for the future.

      What about the settlers? What about the Likoud, Beitnu etc.. completely supported by gouvernments of most countries, received with all honours in Europe, in US, even in India.
      All these countries making a lot's of money with Israel.
      Shouldn't first Israel get a completely new leadership, which seems not to exist at the moment.
      Also the Palestians should renew drastically their PA.
      how will they call this One-state new country? It should be Palestine of course, but...?
      It'll have to through a very bloody fight for transition. Just look at the war of independence of Algeria. And it was a colonisation very similar to the the Israelian one.

  • Mohammad Tamimi: 'They beat me into confessing'
    • Wel, if WAPO dares to publish this story, it means that the situation or Israel is not so good anymore in the western countries and especially in the US. who supported them until now.
      Interesting too, the comments on the article, especially the zionist ones.
      And when you see how the intellectual contribution of Jewish communities has been important for Europe through the centuries and now , we see how much damage Zionism, in Israel and elsewhere has done to this,and how lot's of these zionists complete brainwashed idiots are supported by western racist idiots and crooks for their own purpose.
      But luckily intelligent and courageous Israelis, though they were brainwashed there from the cradle,realized that and are fighting today against zionism . As a young brilliant Israeli writer said(sorry I forgot his name): "Israel is the dirt under Europe's nails. Indeed what Europe could not do after they lost their colonies, they applaud Israel for what it does to the Palestinians and other countries around it. ..They receive Liberman and Nethanyahu like heroes all the time.

  • After disturbing tour of Hebron, Roger Cohen takes a step away from Zionism
  • Stop talking about Ahed Tamimi's hair
    • Strange western ethnocentrism to note that though being a Palestinian they are so surprised that that her looks is European or American. these people seem not to know Mediterraean
      'mare nostrum' people where you meet everywhere blond people with light eyes wherever you travel, South-France and Italy, north Africa, Turkey and middle-East...but still different from the western blondeur. look at Ahed well, Her fair skin hair and eyes is of a real different quality than western
      She is a real Mediterraean girl. And so true and natural

  • If you genuinely back the Palestinian cause, you must support the right of return
    • History has its own reasons or purposes,that reason does not know yet.
      One day the strength will change side. .The colonized people, im this case the Palestinians will have politically diplomatically, even militarily, enough strength to destroy the colonial order imposed on them.
      and then all this confusion about anti-sionism, anti-semitism will disappear.
      Like in Algeria, after 132 years of occupation, the settler (pieds-noirs) left ,and then Adios Algerie Française.
      And one day, even near, Israeli will leave, and Adios Palestine Jewish land.
      I was a witness in France of the war in Algeria. Palestinians and Israelian who love this land where they live, and as there are more and more Israeli who understand and share the Palestinian feeling openly, they both should prepare this day together, in order to avoid the cruelty of the end of the French colonization. And prepare to this moment good and honest leaders....then this country could really the pearl of the Middle-East.

  • 'The left has forgotten what it means to be Jewish'-- says leader of Israeli 'opposition'
    • JosephA, You explained shortly and clearly the similarity of Islamic State and Israel, 'both take part in state-sponsored USA, Europe, Saoudi Arabia ...etc. and even work together, Israel attending wounded IS fighters in their hospitals, well exchanging all kind of services and intelligence, Beeing both mercenaries of the wealthy nations cited above. Well that's how I see it. And note that Is never did any harm to Israel.

  • Thousands march to UK parliament calling for justice on Balfour centenary
    • To Misterioso, Yes really an interesting comment, and what a work to state all these informations about historical details that I ignored included the The statistics of owned properties.
      Thank you and bravo!

  • On my sixth visit, I've never seen Gaza so devastated
    • Why does israel have to be "recognized by the Palestinian?". A real country doesn't have to demand to be recognized,
      So it means thatIsrael has doubts about its legality
      Imagine that in the Warsaw ghetto or in Auchwitz, that the occupying Germans would have compelled the inmates of the camp as well as the rest of the polish people to "recognize" their land as a German country. And don't forget the zionism was invented by german jews, completely german culturally. Prussia in the 18th century invaded their eastern neighbors, displaced the original population to install german colonists, The French at the end of the 19th century compelled the Kabyian in Algeria to leave their land to install french colonists, and as the people refused they burned their villages massacred part of villagers, and put their people on their land. The french Pieds-noirs were poor people in France, the government wanted to get rid of them, fearing new uprising and revolutions, so they made them rich settlers in Algeria. So if you look at the History of Israel , the plot is quite similar.
      In the History the invaders of a land became legal when they mixed with the population,Ex: the franks who invaded Gaule (France) but mixed themselves with the original population. And that was not the case of Israel, who wanted Palestine for " jews only." That'was the Zionists founders 's aim.

  • The problem with Miko Peled's 'Holocaust: yes or no'
    • About Holocaust: It included Jews, Gypsies, Poles Russians, But this genocide has been kidnapped by pro-Israel Jews and non-Jews. The word Holocaust appeared more than a decade later after WW2 and since then so many other "holocausts " happened in the world.".
      In the 1990's watching a french TV talk-show called"ça se discute' Let's discuss it' a French government ex-minister Simone Weil, one of the best they ever had, a brilliant woman, was invited as survivor of Auchwitz with 2 gypsies to recall how they were taken away from there
      because the Red Army was arriving, and how they walked a very long journey in the snow and lot's of them died of weakness during the trip. When she was asked if she knew that these people were also there. She said "no" very coldly and never addressed to the to others. It surprised me from a woman I then admired. It was clear that she didn't want to share any memories with these Gypsies.
      And the word Antisemitism, was also kidnapped for political purpose. But real racists don't make any difference: When at school, I was 12 years walking with 2 other class-mates, discussing who they liked and who not, in our class, then giving my own opinion, I said: The one i like best is A M Rosenberg. Answer: Hum! trop youpine! (ugly name forJewish,) and later
      round the corner, an Algerian worker was stooping ,repairing the side-walk then the other girl
      spat on the floor, saying : Sale arabe!. Wel!, that was in the end fifties. I witnessed other times
      when Arabs and Jews were put in the same bag in popular racism. As both not christians, circumsised and not eating pork.
      So jews fighting "antisemitism" don't be so exclusive
      it's time you admit the Arabs in your club!

  • London's Palestine Expo defies smear campaign attracting more than 15,000
  • Israel charges UNESCO with 'Fake history'
    • Are the Alcazar and the Alhambra in Spain considered Spanish world Heritage or Arab?

      What a rubbish this Nethanyahu is telling. Good of you Ofir to denounce this stupidity.

  • A burning Zionist and non-Zionist debate the settlements
    • Yes, Amigo, I also stopped reading at this point,I am sorry for Jonatha n Ofir whose posts I never miss on Mondoweiss...and always read to the end.
      This guy Souza must be a Sephardi Dane, For his half part he should better remember how
      Arab jews builded together beautiful civilization in the tenth century in Granada, Al-Andalus
      instead of going on and on with that rubbish about Jerusalem and Palestine....just as stupid as the Catholic crusaders claiming it was theirs because of Jesus.

  • Packed room on Capitol Hill hears Palestinian student say he thought three IDs and a separation wall was normal for children everywhere
    • so all these pro-palestinian actions like this one at congres are as we say in french:

      Bandaging a wooden-leg

      Pleading for the colonised to be treated . . .more humanly.

      but give them back their own land Oh no! None of these Human rights agencies are thinking of it

    • Israel would be not existing today, if not supported heavily, financially politically, arming it ,even with nuclear power, from the beginning until now, erasing in the western media all their crimes.

  • How 1967 changed American Jews
      Speech of general de Gaulle at a press-conference in 1967 and video, unfortunately only available in french and spanish.
      In this interview he also mentions a talk he had with Abba Eban
      In another TV conference, just after the 6 days -war ,he stressed that the Israeli after this victory shouldn't occupy the Palestinian territories that it would be disastrous mistake for the future of Israel. Then all the french press insulted him.
      But i couldn't find this video.

  • A Republican plan for peacemaking: 'break the will' of the Palestinians and force them to 'accept defeat'
    • This Pipes is just as stupid as the `Nazis, with their race story...and pretending that Obama
      is Muslim: How is it that he is an historian, doesn't even know that to be a muslim, you must regularly go to the mosque,and read the Ko-ran, as a jew is a jew if he practice his religion and go to the synagogue, idem for a Catholic, a buddhist......if you don't practice any religion, you are just a human being. This story of zionism based on a bible story is just as fake as the roman catholic
      crusader story claiming Jerusalem and Palestine because jesus -Christ was born there.
      A land belongs to the people who live there. their stupid idea that Palestine belongs to the jewsis pure rubbish.
      Hitler invaded France saying it was part of Germany because the german tribes, the Franks, when they invaded it, give it their name:kingdom of the FranKs/Frankreich.
      The hebrew tribes like muslim or other semitic tribes belonging to other religions dwelled everywhere in the middle-east and still d,. as the actual borders were made a century ago by European invaders.

  • Why I'm keeping my child home from school in Israel on Holocaust Day
    • Yes. It's a fantastic book, and besides Congo, Along the centuries, greed and powers have murdered millions if not billions of people to get their wealth. The Holocaust looks more like the European inquisition which killed Arabs and Jews in Spain(who were allied in this time and got the same fate) Read Les Morisques ou le racisme d'état, by Rodrigo de Zayas.
      And as well, Beside theJews, the Holocaust included the Gypsies, the Russians, the homosexuals , and even the Poles, and again Poles,Jews and Russian in Ukraine,murdered by Ukr. nationalists/nazis. Why does the West and Israel just focus on the Jews?
      On french television,were invited survivors of Auchwistz: Simome Weil, a former minster, and two gypsies women, the journalist asked Mrs.Weil if she knew about the gypsies, she didn't
      looked or spoke to them during the whole show, and just said dryly: No and she dismissed to comment it.

  • All Palestinians can become Israeli citizens, but they can't vote, says lawmaker in Netanyahu's party
    • @ Harry Law
      Why vote in the Knesset? No knesset, No Israel, It was Palestine since 2000 years or they must together find a new name for a total new history of this land.
      But how do we get rid of the horrible settlers and the likes of Nethanyahu and his gang,
      Both sides must choose completely new people to lead them, with two historical persons
      Marwan Barghouti and Vannunu, and a lots of young generous people from both sides who
      were working together already
      and dismantle the nuclear Dimona and the weapons.
      But with the interference of the corrupt UN and Western states nothing of this will happen.
      But what is this stupid idea the comments seem to accept that the palestinians become citizen of israel. Israel was the last colonial project, and why should the people who always lived there in a land called Palestine should become Israeli citizen.
      Some french who had lived in aAlgeria for generations chose to become Algerian, In Angola
      many portuguese chose to stay and became Angolan, and also in other portuguese coloniesl
      Why are zionists so self centered and don't accept being born in Palestine to be palestinian
      or call the land Arab-Jewish Republic. AJR or something like that.

  • Straddling the intellectual colonization fence: A review of Noga Kadman’s 'Erased from Space and Consciousness'
    • I remember sometime around 1968 in Paris, I watched a film about the destruction of Palestinian villages and cities by the Israelian army, the filming of the ruins of these place and the description of how they were beautiful before the destruction, The landscape looked like French Provence. The film was produced and co-authored by the owner of the small cinema and feminist filmmaker C.Roussopoulos, and a Palestinian (which name I forgot). The film stopped immediately to be shown and Ms roussopoulos said to the medias that she had 'disagreement about the film with the Palestinian author. then we never heard from it again.
      Thanks to Ilan Pappe, it' now world known. but then the power of the french jewish lobby made it impossible to publish and discuss. French left journalists I knew wouldn't listen to that story(jews and non jews.) Only jewish journalists who had sided the Algerians in their struggle to be independent, knew that and said that something similar happened in Algeria at the end of the 19th century when the french army erased hundreds of Kabylian villages and farms killing the resisting inhabitants to to put French colonists in there place. So, I understood then the French support in Israeli crimes. as Marechal Bugeaud the perpetrator of this french ethnic-cleansing has one of the most important street in Paris named after him and is in history-books considered as a Hero.

  • Linda Sarsour raises over $100,000 to repair vandalized Jewish cemetery in Missouri
    • It reminds me that im mid 1980, a French engineer, working in Iraq for french building -company
      told me that they had, cleaning the ground to build a factory, by mistake damaged an old Jewish cemetery.
      The government of Sadam Hussein obliged them to pay huge amount of money to restore the cemetery.
      At the same time, a civil nuclear plant also built by a French company got bombed by israeli
      air force.
      If Ms Sarsour has some money over, that she 'll send it to Palestine to repair houses or cemeteries. If she she organise a new crowd founding , I would be happy to send money.

  • Albert Einstein's advice to Jared Kushner
    • In 1955, the year he died, Einstein wrote that “our stance towards the Arab minority is a true touchstone of our moral standard.”

      The Arabs in Palestine were ,then not a minority.
      They were the inhabitants of a land called Palestine composed of Christians, Jews, Muslims
      and Druzes And it was a population of mixed ethnic origin, through all the invasions like so many other countries through the history. The last conqueror is a minority, like the Turks ,
      or the Normans, the Roman etc... Why can't the last conquerors just not mix with the rest, as a part of them,accepting the culture of the occupied Palestinians would enrich culturally themselves and the palestinians.this small land. And those who still believe that God had giiven them this land....then they should pray god that he shows them another 'empty land for
      a landless people .

  • 'We cannot divide the land': Israeli academic Yehouda Shenhav on bridging the gap between Israelis and Palestinians through Arabic literature
    • To DAbakr. "Of course this theory is not only recent and totally bogus but pathetic in its denial of what is so obvious only the most mediocre minded true believers would even entertain the idea in the first place."
      No this theory is not recent. In the time of the Dreyfus affair,at the very beginning of the 20th century, Anatole France, mentioned the Askenazi came from a country near the Caspian sea.He was very involved as a Dreyfusard, and got physically attacked by the anti-Deyfusards. His publisher, Calmann-Levy and Mrs de Caillavet, the woman he shared most of his life with, were Jewish.He was thus a real 'phylo semite' Some of my jewish friends informed me about this theory and rejoiced it, as they had traveled to Iran and Afghanistan, discovered that most of them resembled a lot the people of these countries and were proud of that. Maybe the sephardic Jews who came to Spain with the Arabs could maybe claim to be from Judea, but not really as they lived in the whole Near-East from Baghdad and Damascus And further some Tunisian jews claim to be Judaised Berbers. They recognized as real jews from Judea, the small jewish community of the Island of Djerba. So the claim of the first not-religious socialists Zionists that God promised them the land is very dubious. Uri Avnery wrote once that Hertzel would have preferred to get some land for the Jews in Argentina, as he couldn't stand the climate in Palestine'.

  • Israeli govt and its supporters admit the fight to defeat BDS has failed
    • You just have to watch BH Levy, just let him talk, then you see how stupid he is, and thinking he was branded once The new philosopher, in France His stock in trade has been anti-communist/Afghnistan, anti-muslim/Lybya and so on, and even worse, very much listened to
      by several french presidents. and now since a few years fighting "anti-israel and "anti-semitism.
      French gov should not let this guy of the country, He really pours shame on France
      So zakaria is right to let him tell his bullshit. But inviting such morons to his program means
      that he is mediocre journals and of course it does make the channel he works for a stupid
      one. but Levy is from a billionaire family who made the money in selling african wood,so he may also have paid to be on CNN

  • Saturday's marches are going to make America great again
    • @ Roha
      Don't forgetPCR is a fan of R. Reagan and worked with his government,
      And about Trump he forgot to mention his catastrophic policy with Nethanyahu
      and his support for annexation of the whole west bank to Israel
      and about the workless poors of the US, he never presented a viable and clear plan to
      get really work back to them.
      I am following JL Melenchon's campaign in France, as he is running for the the presidential elections He explain clearly in his meetings, what has to be done to really how to bring back
      work to the people, he works with the work unions, and was himself work minister duringF.Mitterand's presidentship and left the socialist party as they were no more, like the Dems in US as they were no more a left party. his campaign on youtube is very interesting but of course in french, but even latching the and the crowds who attend his meetings is quite interesting.

  • The Palestinian state never had a chance: a review of Toufic Haddad's 'Palestine Ltd: Neoliberalism and Nationalism in the Occupied Territory'
    • Yes, Maghlawatan, indeed the founders of Zionism were german,
      Hertzel had a friendly contact with the Prussian Kaizer who was the first interested in his project in Palestine. Uri Avneri once told this story
      and how the Kaiser went to Jerusalem to visit him, he also in an other article told an historical story very similar in details to Israel a state who annexed a neighbour country and expelled the people living there, and asked: guess which state is this? then concluded that of course we would think of Israel but he meant Prussia in the18th century, so that Israel just copied Prussia the way it invaded Poland and brought there german settlers.
      And the national language the zionists imposed is spoken with a german accent,noticed a Algerian linguist specialized in semitic languages, concluding that the yemenite jews are the only ones who speak it properly, So from the beginning the zionist story is german story

  • Remembering Revolutionary Yiddishland
    • thank you so much for this article recording a beautiful page of jewish history. Most of my french- jewish friends, mostly from polish origin have helped the Algerian during their fight for independence.
      Your article reminds me also f the beautiful poem by Loius Aragon sung by Leo Ferré," l'affiche rouge," about the Manouchian underground group in WW2: Ils étaient 23 quand les fusils fleurirent
      23 étrangers et nos frères pourtant......I maybe should translate it for you
      And you see the list with their names

  • Arafat started the fires!
    • Every time I read one of these hysterical psychopathic accusations from israeli government and medias against Palestinians, I mentally quote, like you did, Mr Kanaaneh, but from La Fontaine's fable: the wolf's answer to the lamb claiming he was not yet born to trouble his water in the past
      Si ce n'est toi c'est donc ton frère!

      Brilliant and desperate arcticle.

  • Palestinian farmers are the first line of resistance to Israeli occupation
    • Yes, thank you so much, Clare
      How sad and desperate you must feel writing this article,
      as I am reading it. Sure I 'll dream tonight about Ayyun and Wadi Qana.
      When will these barbars disappear from ALL Palestine! They won'T even been
      forced to pay, for destroying life and land of a people, as the Germans had to pay and and are still doing for their crimes and theft and will never be tried at the ICJ.
      And thinking that European leaders claim everyday that they are with their heart absolutely bound to ....this entity they name Israel ( Manuel Valls prime minister) of the country who helped them to get the nuclear weapons.
      And Nethesrland, my country, who invite every year Netaniahu or Lieberman, to the parliament and the king receiving Nethanyahu for dinner at the palace.
      And we are just a little crowd protesting surrounded by ten times more police than the demonstrators at the door of the parliament.
      for the rest it's business as usual,
      Grotesque and shameful!

  • Challenging anti-Semitism and the Trump presidency
    • to roberthenryeller

      Yes quite! Such imbeciles, also Netanyahu and co....
      as in all human communities exist, but the strange thing is
      that the morons who govern us respect these people,not
      the brillant, intelligent and good and sensitive people of the Jewish phil Weiss, Karl and the Marx Brothers etc etc.....

    • to Keith,
      And don't forget that the new antisemitism is actually Anti-arabism The real semites, and by extension islamophobia, between the European and American christians, because Christians always need somebody to hate ,without any complex to utter it as this is not socially forbidden.
      There never was a Nuremberg to condemn France for example for the millions of Moslems they killed to conquer the ones the police and the population regularly insults harasses or kills in France during the whole 20th century until now.
      But a law was proposed by pres. Hollande, and M.Valls to fine or put in jail as 'anti-Semite' anybody who publicly speaks against zionism.

  • Ari Shavit’s humiliating fall from grace: AIPAC, Hillel cancel events in wake of groping story
    • This AIPAC and other organizations who condemned and threw out a serious journalist are
      really ridiculously victorian.
      This lady's photographs in other times would have been found on the site of an escort agency.
      I have known a lot's of women journalists, especially the ones specialized in politics who just used their charms to have a good article and didn't make a fuss at being courted even in a rude way.
      Annie Robbins and Keith fortunately had the good reaction about this lady.
      To deprive students of Ari Shavit lectures in universities is a shame!
      Maybe the truth is that they preferred him not to have exchanges with students in the actual
      problematic tensions in the "jewish world" about Israel/Palestine. So the lady gave them the occasion to manifest their American puritanism.

  • New ad campaign in college papers calls out Israeli leaders' bigotry against Palestinians
    • Thanks, Echinococcus! What you wrote is the simple historical truth.
      The Algerian colonial history has, more than South -Africa as so many compare the israeli conquest of Palestine. At the end of the 19th century, the French republic wanted to get rid of their many poor afraid of an other revolution, and having lost Alsace and Lorraine provinces
      decide to settle them on lands they had conquered in Algeria. In Kabylia, Marechal Bugeaud ordered the population to leave their lands and their farms to install the french settlers.
      the kabylian refused, so He ordered the army to burn theirs villages, and farms. Lots of them were murdered. Guy de Maupassant who had visited this beautiful part of Algeria, returned there after the massacre and was horrified. In a history school- book about the colonial french empire, published in 1905, this story is commented as indeed "sad but necessary".(see M.Albright about 500.00 Iraqi Childen's death.
      So, Bugeaud/Kabylia, Ariel Sharon /Deir Yassin.......Nothing new under the sun.
      And get rid of people who they thought a threat to their capitalist polity and using them in their colonial project. And who was admiring in France and lauding the israeli for there success in palestine
      the xenophobic ant-jews French bourgeoisie ! and this was felt and commented by most of my jewish friends with whom I grew up.

  • #PayPal4Palestine campaign urges PayPal to serve Palestinians, not just Israelis
    • The definition of anti-Semitism is, as they say, “fluid”.

      If you anti- semite your are anti-arab, whatever religion they have: christian , jewish, moslem or not religious. The founders of Israel were not semitic, it's just one of their annexations for their exclusive use, like the Holocaust, denying the other groups of people beeing murdered by the nazis.
      The jews who greatly contributed in European culture, were German, French, British, Dutch, Polish, Russian and so on, with a religious background as most Europeans: catholic or protestant. It is most stupid that ignorant christian racists invented this term semite for the Askenazi group that never came from Palestine. They were persecuted as a religious entity like the protestant by the catholics and vice-versa in all Europe

  • Solidifying behind Clinton, foreign policy establishment gins up a cold war with Russia/Iran
    • What a nightmare, this Clinton and her associates!!
      Yes, let's hope that Ms. Stein will have enough votes to block these psychopaths.
      OTHERWISE the USA goes to suicide with a department of state
      beeing a department of war....

  • Democratic platform is more militant against Iran than it was before Iran deal
    • This woman Clinton, not only wicked and corrupt, is an imbecile as well as her American zionists and Israeli associates.
      This small Jewish community gave the world over the centuries
      such brilliant thinkers and artists.
      How is it possible that they fell to such a low level of stupidity.
      And thinking that this woman and her maffia is going to win the presidential election

  • Israel-splaining
    • Look,it's time to be aware that "anti-Semite" or anti-semitism is an old word designing anti-jews in the beginning of the 20th century and on.
      It's really "passé".
      Actually the real Semites are the Jews and Arabs belonging for centuries to the Arab peninsula. Being Jew or Muslim doesn't mean
      you are a Semite.
      So concerning Israel/Palestina, historically the palestinian arabs and jews who lived in Palestina(included the jews from Iraq and other Arab lands are the only ones intitled to call themselves Semites.
      Not nethanyahu & Co coming from East-Europe.
      the only

  • Netanyahu agonistes
    • My wish is that Palestinians, Christians, Jews, Muslims or whoever else always lived there (look at Salman Abu Sitta on Google) get their whole land back, after such a long colonial history, the last being based on an
      old Bible fairy tale....and of course the Israeli born there and sympathetics to the Palestinians have the right to be part of this Palestine land. But on both sides, young intelligent people should choose and promote new people to lead them in one democratic
      government. To get rid of all the old crocodiles, and corrupted leaders they have now. Palestina would be the light in the Middle-East....but this is a dream. And would't have the help from corrupted UN, corrupted EU and US, nor from their shameful neighbours

      This would be a new

  • Don't say the Z-word
    • So! in the UK one risks to be fined, threatened, sacked from your job and god knows what else...not speaking nicely about zionism, like in M.Valls's France? Jonathan you are lucky to live in Denmark. I hope they are not backwards as the french or british politician clowns.
      I remember travelling in Sicily, somebody there advised me never to utter the word "maffia" that could be dangerous for me...and instead
      use the word "rose-bush" if we tweet something nasty about Isr. or Z. we'll have to use something like flower-bed, angel of the garden.

  • DC meeting between Israel and Saudi Arabia marks end of Arab Peace Initiative and two-state solution
    • Two crooks governments who both stole countries belonging to other people on false historical pretenses helped to that by the British empire and still backed by the western countries and the UN.
      What a shame for the world so-called leaders.
      What can the world expect from Us aways backing maffias.

  • Elor Azarya, King of Israel
    • As a french citizen I suspect this soldier Azarya. to be a north -african jew. Many of my friends in Paris were Tunisian or Algerian or Moroccan jews, and most of them having names of arab or berberian tribes. During the French colonisation they received french citizenship.
      Many of them declared to me being judaïsed berbers. most of them settled in France after Independance of their natives lands. They told me that the poorest went To israel convinced by their rabbis go to Israel, that it was not safe for them to stay in north -Africa.This was quite a lie, as some of them found out and returned to France or to Morroco where they are very close to the Royal court or spend their holidays in Tunisia. In Israel they were treated as "schwartz"

  • Donna Edwards's campaign unsettles the Israel lobby inside the Democratic Party
    • Well, I read her declaration about foreign policy, it's maybe "progressive" the American way, but still promoting the American world leadership with just a few critics about the way foreign policy is done right now in the US. And she is OK with Nato. If she succeeds she 'll just turn to be a another
      Yeswecan Obama in skirt.
      And about Israel: Stop funding Israel and Egypt in weapons an d money.
      Use your big power at the UN as you have done with Iran, to get Israel's Nuclear bomb program well as your other nuke friends the Saudi

  • Finding 1 'Arab' in Israeli basketball, NY Times espouses Zionist racial theory
    • Amigo, Bravo! This description with humour of Israel's racist and deeply stupid policy is clear and perfect......
      Further for other commenters: the present Historic Homeland of Palestine belongs to the Palestinians, christians druzes muslims and others who lived there and stayed there for thousands of years,
      See Salman abu sitta and also Shlomo Sands

  • Understanding the fundamental roots of conflict and suffering: An interview with Rich Forer
    • Some comments show that some people don't believe in Rich Dorfer's approach of this problem:
      Jews and Israeli shutting their eyes on the truth for such a long time. I believe that his approach is very important to ,maybe one day, solve this drama for all the people living on this small country.
      Further:Antisemitism always seemed to me un inappropriate word for the xenophobic and racist way the western christian world treated the jews. Actually, since the Holocaust, western christian found a new form of it hating the Arabs semites/Islamophobia....except the the rich ones with oil, with whom they can make good business, selling weapons and and all things they crave to have. I have witnessed all my life how the North-african workers were treated in
      France. I have seen really horrible things happening to them, and if the french had treated them decently, they wouldn't have had the Charlie hebdo and the Bataclan massacres.
      So what Rich Dorfer does is one of the best way to resolve deeply the mentality of the people in the Western sphere and the situation in Palestine.
      One land for all. For this: Get rid of Abbas the corrupt collaborationist and Nethanyahu the mad murderer, to begin with, and get decent leaders to build a new honest society there, then maybe the Levant could be saved.

  • 'We wasted 40 years talking about nothing, doing nothing' -- Pappe demolishes peace process
    • I remember having received a mail from Uri Avnery, where he was asking: which country invaded a foreign country displacing most of the population, to install its own people on the conquered land ? Prussia in the 17th century! Exactly the same way as Israël.
      In another letter he told about the meetings and understanding between Th.Hertzl and the German Kaizer at the beginning of the 20th century. The Kaizer was very interested in the Zionist project in Palestina and supported it warmly. He even came to Jerusalem , had his tent pitch outside of the city, where he received Hertzl to discuss it further. In this time the Ottoman Empire was crumbling and all European powers were eager to get a piece of the spoils. But later his support of the Turks against the British and the end of ww1 put Germany out of the game. When the British empire won the game.... we know the rest, the Balfour declaration and so on... Like the Keyzer the British needed a European agent there along with their Arab puppets and at the same time to be rid of a powerful jewish elite as well of the intellectuals and the working-class jews mostly promoting socialism and even communism, so to kill 2 birds with one stone. Then the US after the end of the British Empire used the same pawns on their sow disorder and chaos there but on a more absurd and cruel way
      Now the West has always got rid of their pawn when they don't need them anymore, but Israël has the Bomb thanks to the French, and and Saoudi-Arabia declared to have it too thanks to Pakistan.
      So these two rogue countries who are allies...are now able to get rid of the West who is arming these killers like mad.
      What a mess! And all the peaceful intelligent ideas we can have to resolve the horrible situation in which so many civilians live in the ME are completely useless

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