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Jill St. Cu

Seen the world, and realize that most of it could care less about the Jews .

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  • 'Curricularizing Israel'-- the Hebrew program in suburban Chicago schools
    • I took Hebrew in the very first class at Evanston Township High School in the 1970s. ETHS is a very diverse high school in the Chicagoland area. The author mentions in this article that the classroom can be a safe place for students to feel comfortable with their Zionism. What is wrong with that? While the rest of the school was singing Yasser Arafat's praises we had a safe place to discuss Israel's policies without fear of retribution. Fast forward, not much has changed. My kids take Spanish at a suburban high school and they have Spanish cultural days and 'fiesta's" So why should Hebrew class be different? Has the author sat in on Arabic language classes in the Chicago area? What do they do differently? Do they not discuss modern day geo political issues in the Palestinian Territories with the teacher's own personal agendas? If there is parental and community demand for a specific language to be taught and enough students to take the class, then what is the issue? That the history of Israel is skewed b/c history is written by the victors? I took a modern Greek class and the hatred for the Turks and anything to do with their culture was pervasive. Which also leads me to another argument as to why Hebrew should continue to be taught in the classroom.. Any student with any interest in archeology would need a basic understanding of Hebrew, Aramiac, Greek and Arabic. Good luck with that.
      I just hope she never has to flee a country b/c she's a Jew.

  • Coen brothers and Bob Dylan went to Zionist summer camp
    • When you grow up in small towns with small Jewish populations, it's not uncommon to go to religious Jewish camps, Zionist or otherwise. It's mostly to meet other Jews and in some cases, meet future spouses.
      By the way, with intermarriage between Jews and Christians at an all time high, it's not unusal to see Jews name Callahan and Fitzgerald.

  • Palestinian officials come out in support of BDS movement after Abbas' disavowal
    • The Holocaust started with a boycott.
      There won't be a Jewish state or Jews in a few generations.
      Why won't the Arab world open their doors to their brethren? Is it because if there were no Israeli/Arab conflict then the Arab world would have to deal with their own problems and not turn their attention to Israel?
      Why is Israel ( Jews) always the target? Why don't we boycott China ( horrendous human rights record), or other countries where child labor laws don't apply? The reason is because the Jews have been and always will be a easy targets.
      The BDS movement is anti Semitism. I have been all around the world and I will say one thing, no one gives a rats behind about the Jews.. never did and never will. Open your eyes people.

    • What a bunch of hypocrites! Omar Boughadi has a degree from Tel Aviv Univeristy and one of the BDS movements leaders just passed away from cancer and spent his last month being treated in an Israeli Hospital ( Hadassah).
      Why are the BDS members allowed to have it both ways? The rules don't apply?

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