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  • Approaching Easter and Passover
    • They automatically believe the problems Palestinian Christians have all stem from their own Muslim folk, not from anything Israelis do.

  • Al Jazeera publishes leaked intelligence files showing Netanyahu lied about Iranian nuclear threat
  • Warriors for 'the ultimate truth' gather in New York
  • Speech to AIPAC could give Netanyahu his out
  • Next U.S. elections threaten Israel's 'total isolation' -- and the Israeli public is worried
    • "No matter who wins, USA 2016 will be zionist".

      Agreed. The US will remain a prisoner to Zionists for who knows how many more years.

      As well put by Blownaway below.

  • Democratic Party leader echoes Netanyahu's new theme: Hamas equals ISIS
    • Huh?? Your link is to "define ISIS", I saw nothing of your % things.

    • "During the 1920s the Communists Zionists (at that point the bulk) wanted to form a unity with the Palestinian people as part of the common proletariat rising up against capitalists as common laborers… That was rebuffed. During the late 1920s to early 1930s there was a movement of creating a common future by that point the Palestinians had become pan-Arab nationalists so that attempt was rebuffed".

      Let's have the truth about why those rebuffs then, and the continuing rejection of Israeli versions of peace. From no other than Jabotinsky before those rebuffs:

      "Thus we conclude that we cannot promise anything to the Arabs of the Land of Israel or the Arab countries. Their voluntary agreement is out of the question. Hence those who hold that an agreement with the natives is an essential condition for Zionism can now say “no” and depart from Zionism. Zionist colonization, even the most restricted, must either be terminated or carried out in defiance of the will of the native population.

      To imagine that they will voluntarily consent to the realisation of Zionism, in return for the moral and material conveniences which the Jewish colonist brings with him, is a childish notion, which has at bottom a kind of contempt for the Arab people".

  • Amira Hass and the end of Jewish ethical history
    • Yes Mooser, but that is not enough. Jabotinsky again:

      "Zionist colonization, even the most restricted, must either be terminated or carried out in defiance of the will of the native population. This colonization can, therefore, continue and develop only under the protection of a force independent of the local population – an iron wall which the native population cannot break through. This is, in toto, our policy towards the Arabs".

      Britain until 1948, the US for many decades until now, and for who knows how much longer.

    • "I thought one of Zionism’s aim, a clearly stated aim, too, was to get rid of, not be encumbered by, or held back by, 'Jewish morality'."

      You thought that because it is fact, as so clearly put by Jabotinsky in 1923:

      "We hold that Zionism is moral and just. And since it is moral and just, justice must be done, no matter whether Joseph or Simon or Ivan or Achmet agree with it or not.

      There is no other morality".

  • 9 Reasons why Israel is under rocket attack 
    • Tell me, Talknic, something I have often wondered. It is this:

      Are what is today Sderot, and places nearby, actually Palestinian rather than Israeli, according to the 1947 division that Israel officially accepted??

  • Israel's message to the Palestinians: Submit, leave or die
  • Reporters talk about Sykes-Picot of 1916 (and ignore the Balfour Declaration of 1917)
    • "The Truth according to Fromkin. It’s unintentionally funny–in what universe has any people ever voluntarily granted a chunk of their own homeland to foreign immigrants to create their own state?"

      None better to tell the real truth about that than Jabotinsky, writing this in 1923:

      "My readers have a general idea of the history of colonisation in other countries. I suggest that they consider all the precedents with which they are acquainted, and see whether there is one solitary instance of any colonisation being carried on with the consent of the native population. There is no such precedent.

      The native populations, civilised or uncivilised, have always stubbornly resisted the colonists, irrespective of whether they were civilised or savage.

      Every native population, civilised or not, regards its lands as its national home, of which it is the sole master, and it wants to retain that mastery always; it will refuse to admit not only new masters but, even new partners or collaborators.

      Every native population in the world resists colonists as long as it has the slightest hope of being able to rid itself of the danger of being colonised.

      That is what the Arabs in Palestine are doing, and what they will persist in doing as long as there remains a solitary spark of hope that they will be able to prevent the transformation of 'Palestine' into the 'Land of Israel'." [from The Iron Wall"]

  • Fear of anti-semitism accusation did not stop Presbyterians from witnessing occupation
    • For starters, Pat, how many other nations are there that have people advocating their destruction?

  • 'Netanyahu won't act without a cane to his ass' -- Erekat says, urging ICC on Abbas
    • What specifically does Abbas give as his reasons for not taking their case to the ICC? And what are considered to be the real reasons, if different?

  • 'Israel is bitterly dividing American Jewish community' -- AP
  • Let it go
    • Such wise and true words, Clif.

    • "Israel and its oppressive actions and policies are tarnishing the moral standing of Judaism and attaching, perhaps unfairly, the responsibility for that oppression to all Jews".

      Add to this what LeaNder said: "the artificially created Jewish Zionist identity, to start with. Its basic premise is: United as Zionists against the world out there we must stand, Jewish dissenters are self-haters. Since Zionism (and apartness?) is the essence of Judaism".

      "Food for thought" indeed.

      Judaism was, effectively, hijacked, as epitomised in the Jabotinsky claim:

      "either Zionism is moral and just or it is immoral and unjust. We hold that Zionism is moral and just. There is no other morality".

    • "For them being Jewish means a few watered down customs and most importantly, supporting Israel (and as a bonus, hating Arabs/Muslims)".

      Sounds to me pretty much like a description of so-called Christian Zionists.

  • Hillary Clinton's flipflop: We were wrong to take hard line against settlements
  • In Bloomberg internal news memos, 'there is no such country' as Palestine
  • 'There is no veritable religious freedom here': Postcard from the Christian community in East Jerusalem
    • >>> "If you let the books speak for themselves".

      Ah, there's the rub. Plenty don't do that, preferring their own theories from their centeries later ivory towers. Little more than a hill of beans. The truth is indeed that:

      "there just isn’t any documentary, “scriptural” support for the proposition that “Pauline Christianity” was a major departure from the framework of the Church Jesus described".

    • >>> "I’m a secular Jew and I can still grasp all of that".<<<

      Yeah, and didn't you do it so well. Spot on, as usual. I am a Christian and I say gracias!

  • Pope watch: Incendiary flyer passed out in Jerusalem says Francis's visit is against Jewish law
    • "Why would Christians support Jewish Zionist racism?"

      For many of them, because they have been seduced by JohnHagee and similar others.

      "For a time is coming when people will no longer listen to sound and wholesome teaching. They will follow their own desires and will look for teachers who will tell them whatever their itching ears want to hear".
      2 Timothy 4:3, New Testament

    • But you are still saying “Many of them[Christians] respect Jews and support Israel. Those who don’t can go to hell"?

  • Repentant Enablers: German Christians, the Holocaust and the resurgence of German power
    • "The “deal” aspect of the Jewish-Christian dialogue is simply put:

      Christians, repent for your sins, hold fast to Israel, and be silent on the Palestinian question. Silence on Palestinians is demanded, otherwise the accusation is that Christians have returned to their previously abandoned anti-Semitism".

      Insidiously clever and disgusting. We Christians are to salve our guilt of one failure and injustice by becoming guilty of promoting another failure and injustice [to put both mildly]. And so many have fallen for this ploy, hook, line, and sinker, and for so long.

      "The Christian enablement list is extended through the various movements of Christian Zionism. Taken together and with their influence on the politics of the enabling political entities, Christian enablement of Israel and disablement of Palestine may be the single greatest contributing factor to the dire situation that the Palestinians face today".

      It is a chilling indictment of Christian betrayal of the one they claim to follow. But there are plenty of us who have seen through the lies and the manipulation. We have taken a strong stand against their golden calf, and for truth and integrity and justice.

  • Apartheid label is reminiscent of runup to Holocaust -- Michael Oren
  • 'Courting powerful Jewish donors,' Christie calls for aggressive foreign policy
  • Inspiration on the quiet streets of Palestine
    • It is not blind hatred of anyone. It is with open eyes that see continuing injustice, its source and its likely solution.

      You don't have to leave this site, you are quite free to express your viewpoint here.

  • Historical whitewash: Great Britain must be held accountable for its role in the Nakba
    • "and everything to do with racist colonialism".

      As confirmed and spelled out by Jabotinsky in 1923 in his The Iron Wall:

      "My readers have a general idea of the history of colonisation in other countries. I suggest that they consider all the precedents with which they are acquainted, and see whether there is one solitary instance of any colonisation being carried on with the consent of the native population. There is no such precedent.

      The native populations, civilised or uncivilised, have always stubbornly resisted the colonists, irrespective of whether they were civilised or savage. Every native population, civilised or not, regards its lands as its national home, of which it is the sole master, and it wants to retain that mastery always; it will refuse to admit not only new masters but, even new partners or collaborators.

      To imagine, as our Arabophiles do, that they will voluntarily consent to the realisation of Zionism, in return for the moral and material conveniences which the Jewish colonist brings with him, is a childish notion... Every native population in the world resists colonists as long as it has the slightest hope of being able to rid itself of the danger of being colonised. That is what the Arabs in Palestine are doing, and what they will persist in doing as long as there remains a solitary spark of hope that they will be able to prevent the transformation of "Palestine" into the "Land of Israel."

      It does not matter at all which phraseology we employ in explaining our colonising aims, Herzl's or Sir Herbert Samuel's. Colonisation carries its own explanation, the only possible explanation, unalterable and as clear as daylight to every ordinary Jew and every ordinary Arab. Colonisation can have only one aim, and Palestine Arabs cannot accept this aim. It lies in the very nature of things, and in this particular regard nature cannot be changed.

      Zionist colonisation must either stop, or else proceed regardless of the native population. Which means that it can proceed and develop only under the protection of a power that is independent of the native population – behind an iron wall, which the native population cannot breach.

  • America's rabbi hoovers celebrities
    • "Even G-d is love? But who said these things and why do we just take it for granted? The source for G-d being love and for marriages being based on love rather than lust is Christianity. Its source is not the Hebrew Bible but The New Testament".

      Not so, it is already there in the Tanakh.

      Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;
      for his steadfast love endures forever!
      Let Israel say, “His steadfast love endures forever.”
      Let the house of Aaron say, “His steadfast love endures forever.”
      Let those who fear the Lord say, “His steadfast love endures forever.”
      Psalm 118:1-4

      "At the same time, said the LORD, will I be the G-d of all the families of Israel, and they shall be my people. Thus said the LORD, The people which were left of the sword found grace in the wilderness; even Israel, when I went to cause him to rest.

      The LORD has appeared of old to me, saying, Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love: therefore with loving kindness have I drawn you".
      Jeremiah 31:1-3

    • "The principal reason for the breakdown of marriages and relationships is that in modern times they are built not on lust but love".

      Talk about turning things upside down. The mind boggles.

      G-d has always been love.

      "Yet Zion says, 'The Lord has deserted us; the Lord has forgotten us'.

      Never! Can a mother forget her nursing child? Can she feel no love for the child she has borne?

      But even if that were possible, I would not forget you!

      See, I have written your name on the palms of my hands; Your walls are continually before Me". Isaiah 49:15-16

    • They are indeed freaks. Christians United for Israel are a disgrace to the name they claim, Jesus Christ.

      Chief conductor, or so he thinks, is "circus master Hagee".

  • 'There has been terror for some time': Vatican responds to Jewish extremists attacks against Christians ahead of Pope's visit
    • Snippet from the kairos document:

      "In this spirit the document requests the international community to stand by the Palestinian people who have faced oppression, displacement, suffering and clear apartheid for more than six decades. The suffering continues while the international community silently looks on at the occupying State, Israel.

      Our word is a cry of hope, with love, prayer and faith in God. We address it first of all to ourselves and then to all the churches and Christians in the world, asking them to stand against injustice and apartheid, urging them to work for a just peace in our region, calling on them to revisit theologies that justify crimes perpetrated against our people and the dispossession of the land.

      1.1 “They say: 'Peace, peace' when there is no peace” (Jer. 6:14). These days, everyone is speaking about peace in the Middle East and the peace process. So far, however, these are simply words; the reality is one of Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories, deprivation of our freedom and all that results from this situation:

      1.1.1 The separation wall erected on Palestinian territory, a large part of which has been confiscated for this purpose, has turned our towns and villages into prisons, separating them from one another, making them dispersed and divided cantons. Gaza, especially after the cruel war Israel launched against it during December 2008 and January 2009, continues to live in inhuman conditions, under permanent blockade and cut off from the other Palestinian territories .
      1.1.2 Israeli settlements ravage our land in the name of God and in the name of force, controlling our natural resources, including water and agricultural land, thus depriving hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, and constituting an obstacle to any political solution.
      1.1.3 Reality is the daily humiliation to which we are subjected at the military checkpoints, as we make our way to jobs, schools or hospitals.
      1.1.4 Reality is the separation between members of the same family, making family life impossible for thousands of Palestinians, especially where one of the spouses does not have an Israeli identity card.
      1.1.5 Religious liberty is severely restricted; the freedom of access to the holy places is denied under the pretext of security. Jerusalem and its holy places are out of bounds for many Christians and Muslims from the West Bank and the Gaza strip. Even Jerusalemites face restrictions during the religious feasts. Some of our Arab clergy are regularly barred from entering Jerusalem .
      1.1.6 Refugees are also part of our reality. Most of them are still living in camps under difficult circumstances. They have been waiting for their right of return, generation after generation. What will be their fate?
      1.1.7 And the prisoners? The thousands of prisoners languishing in Israeli prisons are part of our reality. The Israelis move heaven and earth to gain the release of one prisoner, and those thousands of Palestinian prisoners, when will they have their freedom?
      1.1.8 Jerusalem is the heart of our reality. It is, at the same time, symbol of peace and sign of conflict. While the separation wall divides Palestinian neighbourhoods, Jerusalem continues to be emptied of its Palestinian citizens, Christians and Muslims. Their identity cards are confiscated, which means the loss of their right to reside in Jerusalem. Their homes are demolished or expropriated. Jerusalem, city of reconciliation, has become a city of discrimination and exclusion, a source of struggle rather than peace.

      1.2 Also part of this reality is the Israeli disregard of international law and international resolutions, as well as the paralysis of the Arab world and the international community in the face of this contempt. Human rights are violated and despite the various reports of local and international human rights' organizations, the injustice continues.

      1.2.1 Palestinians within the State of Israel, who have also suffered a historical injustice, although they are citizens and have the rights and obligations of citizenship, still suffer from discriminatory policies. They too are waiting to enjoy full rights and equality like all other citizens in the state.
      1.3 Emigration is another element in our reality. The absence of any vision or spark of hope for peace and freedom pushes young people, both Muslim and Christian, to emigrate. Thus the land is deprived of its most important and richest resource – educated youth. The shrinking number of Christians, particularly in Palestine, is one of the dangerous consequences, both of this conflict, and of the local and international paralysis and failure to find a comprehensive solution to the problem.
      1.4 In the face of this reality, Israel justifies its actions as self-defence, including occupation, collective punishment and all other forms of reprisals against the Palestinians. In our opinion, this vision is a reversal of reality. Yes, there is Palestinian resistance to the occupation. However, if there were no occupation, there would be no resistance, no fear and no insecurity. This is our understanding of the situation. Therefore, we call on the Israelis to end the occupation. Then they will see a new world in which there is no fear, no threat but rather security, justice and peace".

    • "So who do those evangelicals think were Christian in the first centuries after Christ?"

      They just don't even think logically like that. They have a one track mind in which Zionism/Israel has become a kind of golden calf to which they give their allegiance and bow the knee.

      Their response to the cry of Palestinian Christians, in their Moment of Truth document of 2009, has been to ignore {or be unaware of} what they say, or to denounce it.

  • Israel's unending settlements 'mortally wound idea of a Jewish state' -- Indyk
    • "What a terrible irony of history".

      It is the terrible legacy of Presidents and their lackeys. Holocaust guilt will be replaced or superceded by the guilt of bending the knee to Zionism and shafting the Palestinians, over a long period.

      Two wrongs do not a right make.

    • Jeff Klein: "Can anyone defend this today?"

      Yes, everyone who defends the reasoning and/or the result.

    • " A change of regime and abiding by the law does not disappear a country".

      Modern examples are Germany after the Nazi regime, Russia [and others] out of the Soviet Union, and South Africa post apartheid.

  • Long faces at Israel's birthday party
    • "they lost whatever was good in their religion and substituted a particularly odious golden calf".


      "And I looked, and behold, you had sinned against the LORD your God. You had made yourselves a golden calf. You had turned aside quickly from the way that the LORD had commanded you". Deuteronomy 9:16

    • "The only dogma today is the Jewish State".

      Pretty much what happened a long time ago:

      "But the thing was displeasing in the sight of Samuel when they said, "Give us a king to judge us." And Samuel prayed to the LORD. The LORD said to Samuel, "Listen to the voice of the people in regard to all that they say to you, for they have not rejected you, but they have rejected Me from being king over them.

      Like all the deeds which they have done since the day that I brought them up from Egypt even to this day-- in that they have forsaken Me and served other gods-- so they are doing to you also.…"

      1 Samuel 8:6-8

    • "say you don’t support Israel and immediately you will be shunned and told you are likely a self-hating Jew. Israel has become defacto the God of the Jews".

      Indeed, and not just Jews, but any non-Jew who challenges Christian Zionists.

  • Welcome to the post-peace process era: A review of Ali Abunimah’s 'The Battle for Justice in Palestine'
    • "I hope it goes well beyond the last 20-years of ‘peace process” foolishness to recite the facts of life within Israel 1948-1967 and the facts of the occupation (1967-present)."

      I hope and expect it also includes the facts of life within Palestine 1948-1967, as well as a brief outline of those pre 1948.

  • Five reasons the breakdown of peace talks is a good thing
    • Yes, more than enough already. Obvious trollers should be banned, or their troll posts like that one, deleted as soon as detected.

      I am a moderator on another blog, and I would have removed that one.

    • Indeed. Loud and so wrong for but a moment of madness. It has passed, and his silence since then to the truth others present, is deafening.

  • The interfaith agreement on the 'errant weeds' of Christianity, Islam and Judaism
    • Jesus was straight up about violence planned upon him or in God's name. Christianity comprises only those who follow Jesus Christ as their model.

      "I know that you are Abraham's descendants. Yet you are looking for a way to kill me, because you have no room for my word". John 8:37

      "They will put you out of the synagogue; in fact, the time is coming when anyone who kills you will think they are offering a service to God". John 16:2

  • John Kerry's framework proposal sets the stage for the ‘Gazafication’ of the West Bank
    • Not "stupid", seafoid, but supine and callous, with pretty words. Summed up in what thankgodimatheist says.

    • "Meanwhile Judaism is utterly lost." Yes, it has been for a long time. Hijacked by Zionism's atheistic ideology decades ago, and its leaders seduced by Zionism's presence and power. Israel has become the golden calf. And it is a repeat of 1 Samuel 8:8.

  • Shimon Peres' selective memory of apartheid
  • State Dept: No US aid to Israel until budget deal is reached
    • "their blanket, knee-jerk support for Israel right or wrong. The fundies I know never think about what’s been happening to the Palestinians–what would Jesus do?"

      Exactly, Citizen. It's a total abuse of scripture, and an oxymoron. Israel is their idol, their golden calf. Which makes them blind people that try to serve two masters, and means they have hearts of stone.

      Jesus said: "So if the light you think you have is actually darkness, how deep that darkness is! ...".

  • A honeymoon apart
  • No one knows what Obama stands for
  • Dubious Intelligence and Iran Blackmail: How Israel is driving the US to war in Syria
    • Sez the one who always comes to Israel's defence. You are the Israel-centric one, Zionist Israel is your obsession, you want to keep it at any price.

  • Mubarak is released while the Obama administration second guesses its second guess
  • 'The one and only Jewish state,' Netanyahu says, pounding the rostrum
    • "It’s just the little ignorant man Truman, repeated endlessly"...

      ... by so many mindless, heartless, and clueless clowns who have likewise sold their soul for a mess of pottage, happy to genuflect ad infinitum to their petty little golden calf.

    • Actually, 1948 came from 1947, and 1947 from 1917....

  • Moe Diab on peace talks 'That's either insanity or it's intentional failure'
    • That could be it, outside the box, inside their box.

      In case you haven't heard it, here is what an 8 year old Palestinian girl once had to say about the wall.

      It's on this video, starting at 5:25.

    • "Everyone deals falsely. They have healed the brokenness of My people superficially, Saying, 'Peace, peace,' But there is no peace. "Were they ashamed because of the abomination they have done? They were not even ashamed at all; They did not even know how to blush".

      Jeremiah 6:13-15.

    • Yep. That's always been the way to reach the "heart" of Zionist Israel.

      If is about the hardest word to make actual history.

    • "Where can they go"?

      That's their problem. They made their own bed, let them sleep on it.

      Welcome to living outside the box.

  • 'Onion' says Israel builds new settlement to host 'future peace talks'
  • Bored with the Jews
    • Yes, it would be more appropriate, but that relative obviously conflates the two because to her they are one and the same.

  • Chris Christie courts Sheldon Adelson
    • "Israel as a Jewish state and the fulfilment of Zionism can never be normal".

      Well, you got that bit right, Liam.

      Ask any Palestinian. This abnormality has no adequate words to describe it, or the experiences it has inflicted, and continues to inflict, on all in its path.

  • The answer to the tragic frenzy of Jewish Israeli fear is nonviolent resistance
    • As justicewillprevail says, "take a look in the mirror", RJL.

      Only when you can accept and respond positively to what Mark Braverman observes in his Fatal Embrace video, will you have any credibility.

  • House passes AIPAC's 'strangle Iran' sanctions, 400-20
    • "AIPAC’s actions are so egregious, and those of Congress so supine".

      Doesn't that just about say it all?

    • That fact warrants constant repetition. And neither will the current President say that, or deny the Holocaust.

  • John Kerry's doomed peace process is deja vu all over again
  • The interfaith ecumenical deal asylum seekers
    • By “peace” they mean “shut up, stop bothering us, just put up with it.” [SS]

      More than that, in Zionist lingo it means "let us run all over you and enjoy our ill-gotten gains. And be happy with the few scraps we didn't take from you".

  • Video: Israeli soldier suffering 'flashbacks' brutally attacked Palestinian workers near settlement
    • vigilante n. someone who takes the law into his/her own hands by trying and/or punishing another person without any legal authority. In the 1800s groups of vigilantes dispensed "frontier justice" by holding trials of accused horse-thieves, rustlers and shooters, and then promptly hanging the accused if "convicted." [thefreedictionary]

      You were looking at a "fighting back" scenario. I was looking at ultimate justice.

      Maybe what you're talking about is "natural justice". Meaning, what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Indeed.

    • That's playing by their rules. Descending to their level. Vigilante justice. It would just continue the spiral.

      Force him and all Zionists to play by our rules, which would result in their vacating any rights to rule Palestine, other than via democratic election.

      The rule of law with courts to try war criminals and other riff raff like him. Real justice.

      Name a street? Nah, bring back Palestinian names and promote the history Zionists have tried to hide and erase.

    • And what would those just dues be, amigo?

  • If Kerry fails, Israel will be an apartheid state 'and that didn't work too well the last time,' CENTCOM general warns
    • What a depressing array of comments. What an evil and cruel world has been created and/or colluded with by "the land of the free". Shared values. Hypocrisy, narcissism, exceptionalism, and power at any cost for any purpose. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  • The language of Power
    • I think Castellio makes a fair point. Many of us here on Mondoweiss could probably say we came to be “seeing the situation more clearly” and thus became “more sensitive to the historical moment” about Israel/Palestine, than we were in our past. I sure can. And that we are therefore "a better person for the change".

    • More cloud cuckoo comments and mindless labeling. Better to say nothing than to keep being an embarrassment. What people understand is how to wink-wink and nod-nod.

  • Israel's new political face on Palestinian refugees: 'we have been waiting... for more and more of them to die'
    • "It’s out in the open– will the US government pay attention now???"

      No, of course not, do you think they are sane and ethical?

      They are "joined at the hip" and have "shared values" with Zionist "morality".

  • 'This is worth it, folks,' Kerry says of talks-- and warns of 'avoiding war'
  • Exile and the prophetic: Obama's Robben Island
  • Obama succumbs to rightwing 'fearmongering' -- of Israel's 'delegitimization'
  • 'Let's go back to Gaza and give it a thorough cleaning'
    • "the usual Soft Zionist delusion"

      All Zionism is delusion, illusion, elusion and collusion.

      "It’s all about them. Always."

      That they deserve their own nation. That that land is theirs by right, by history, and by God. That they will get and keep it all, by any means whatsoever, by whatever it takes. That there is no other morality.

  • 'We turned a refusing land into an inspiring oasis' --the narcissism of Shimon Peres
    • Clear, pointed, and another knockout. Love it.

      You do what you do so well here at Mondoweiss, talknic. Kudos.

    • "Judaism is much greater than that, a peaceful and forgiving religion".

      You think so? Why? Where is that practised consistently in the Tanakh?

      "Sadly, Zionism has hijacked and destroyed the true meaning of Judaism".

      You surely got that right. Whatever Zionism touches, it misuses and it abuses, it mars and it mutilates.

  • 'Fuck it, I Love Israel' -- Artists 4 Israel bombards Ibiza with hasbara condoms
    • And you've got 5633 other posts with stories like this?

    • "The enemies of Israel hate us for our freedoms".

      Not hate, mate, but anyway, it's about freedoms denied to those that "favorite Jew" Jabotinsky called "natives".

      That guy, remember, who wrote:

      "I am prepared to take an oath binding ourselves and our descendants that we shall never do anything contrary to the principle of equal rights, and that we shall never try to eject anyone".

  • 'No consequences... ad finitum' -- Reporters reject State Dep't explanation of US policy on settlements
    • "We don’t accept the legitimacy of continued settlement activity. We remain hopeful that both sides will look at the important opportunity we have here to build trust and confidence and move back to the negotiating table".

      That says it all. Hypocrisy and contradiction - doublespeak.

      Talking softly to the one out of line and a big stick shown to the affected other.

      Shared values, joined at the hip.

  • Exile and the prophetic: Atoning for the sins of empire
    • Germans had their empire, taken after WW1. They had another for a short time under Hitler.

      Sounds like it could be said that Israel in the 60s was a kind of continuance of empire under the cover of reparations. But perhaps that is being too harsh. At least I doubt the German government ever thought of it that way, and certainly Israel was not interested in playing a subservient role to anyone.

  • US and Israel are accused of manipulating Hague to acquit accused Serb and Croat leaders
    • I understand your point, Gil, and yes, I do agree with you there.

      What I was stating I realise is rarely if ever borne out in practical terms. My purpose was to express the desirable and the just in ethical terms.

      The principle Churchill alluded to in his famous quote about governance, is what applies to jurisprudence. We all know about the fact that, with the system of justice we have, too many of the guilty go free or get a smack on the hand, and too many of the innocent are convicted and seen as guilty and have to do time or even worse.

      Natural justice on its own can often be dangerous because that is what people are capable of misusing in serious ways, and legal justice as carried out has imperfect results because we are imperfect people.

      We rightly choose legal justice, therefore. It is clearly the better of the two in practice. But the principle and ethics of natural justice is what most people long for. We just don't know how to make it work in practice.

    • "acquitting a guilty defendant does serve justice if there is insufficient evidence to meet the legal standard of guilt. As I said before, that bar is properly set quite high. To artificially convict a guilty defendant when sufficient evidence of guilt is not available would undermine justice".

      That's talking about legality justice, "the legal standard of guilt". What most people who have a heart and a thirst for justice are looking for is natural justice. They care about the people the guilty party has damaged and want them to have closure.

      By natural justice I mean actual justice in which someone who is literally guilty because they have actually done what they are accused of, pays what is a just price and is seen to do so.

      To do otherwise "would undermine justice", so that acquitting a guilty defendant would be to serve injustice.

    • Don't ya know - shared values.

  • 'I was not a party to, and never will be, to the planting of trees on expropriated and stolen land': Former South African Ambassador to Israel rejects JNF trees planted in his name
    • "Regrettably, my permission was not sought to plant a tree/s in my or the name of a South African Ambassador on usurped land, the rightful land of the Palestinians and Bedouins. I reserve the right to the usage of my name with or without my permission.

      I have supported the struggle against Apartheid South Africa and now I cannot be a proponent of what I have witnessed in Israel, and that is, a replication of Apartheid!

      The "Certificate" awarded to me by Mr. Rafael Barak, the Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the backing of the Jewish National Fund, is nothing less than an offence to my dignity and integrity. I was not a party to, and never will be, to the planting of "18 trees", in my "honour", on expropriated and stolen land."

      What else can we expect from such people, those who live by the axiom, "there is no other morality" than Zionism.

  • Weiner should be 'hounded' for his support for apartheid
    • "But it’s a negotiation and you need people on the other side who represent their people and can ensure an end to the conflict."

      There's only one way to end the conflict. It is spelled out clearly and simply by US Jew Mark Braverman.

      If you can actually listen carefully to him, hophmi, and remain in your present mindset, and that is representative of most Jews in and out of Israel, then Mark will be proved right, there will be no end.

  • Let's don't talk about Israel
    • This is to correct and flesh out my 6:57 pm post. It is important to get the details of the exchange Mark had with the Pastor. Here is the relevant transcript:

      "So I gave my talk, and I talked about how- my experience, about how shocked and horrified I was, and how I felt it was very important to work for justice in Israel/Palestine because if we didn't have justice there would never be peace. And that the Jewish people really needed to take a good hard look in the mirror and say, 'You know what, yes, we've suffered, yes we've been victims, but yes we can also do wrong and we need to fix ourselves. It's as simple as that'. And I said, 'I think people need to confront Jews about this'.

      Afterwards the Pastor came up to me, and said, 'You know, I really agree with what you are saying, and I'm with you 100%. However, I have one issue, which is that we need to be very sensitive to Jews when we talk about this'.

      So I said to him, 'What do you mean by that?' He said, 'Look, I work with interfaith
      groups, and I've been part of an interfaith group with Imams and Rabbis for 20 years, and we talk about all kinds of things, but we don't talk about this'.

      And, I looked at him...I said to him, 'Pastor, you need to do something else with your Christian guilt'. I said, 'The Rabbis who don't wanna talk about Israel and don't want to question Israel's actions, are not friends of Israel. And they are not friends of the Jewish people.

      And when Christians collude with that and go along with that, they're not being friends of the Jewish people, and this is not what Jesus Christ would want you to do'.

      That was a moment of truth for me. I said to myself, 'I don't know where that came from, but it's what I'm supposed to be doing'."

    • In this video Mark Braverman has this to say:

      "So I returned to the United States, not knowing what I was going to do with this experience and with the feelings I was having. And a very dramatic thing happened:

      The Jewish community that I had grown up in didn't want to hear about it - I was accused of being anti-Semitic, of being a self-hating Jew, of opening the door to the next Holocaust - you weren't supposed to talk about this, it was not ok.

      And frankly, what do you do, when your Jewish daughter-in-law or son-in-law tells you you can't talk about it? Well, what you do is, you start to talk about it".

    • I suggest what Mark Braverman has to say on video is directly relevant to what Phil is saying. Mark is talking about Christian pastors, but it's the very same thing; "we don't talk about that".

      Notable also is his telling story about the wall, and what an 8 year old Palestinian girl had to say about it.

  • Exile and the Prophetic: ‘Hannah Arendt’ and the future of conscious pariahs
    • "Self-hating" Muslims? Self-hating" Americans?

      Curiously, it seems Falk is labeled as anti-Semitic rather than a self-hating Jew. Or is he being called both by some?

  • U.S. gov't sides with 'UN Watch' and lobby and against Richard Falk
  • The kids are back, and it's not alright
    • may that be a true prophecy, and not just for one of those kids but for most.

    • "they either have no understanding or a very racist (Jews first, others nowhere) ideology. Saddening."

      They understand very well the "Jews first, others nowhere" ideology. It's called Zionism, about which Jabotinsky said, "There is no other morality". That's why they have "no understanding" of anyone else.

    • Couldn't have done it without Donald, that's who my applause goes to!

    • "The argument that you must live in a state to support it is weak."

      The argument that you must have your own state for protection from antisemitism is weak.

  • Approaching 60, Norman Finkelstein reflects
    • "Deeply intellectual, driven to record facts and share them, impervious to hasbara, shunned by their own people, the subject of waves and waves of hatred both online and in real life.

      Magnificent people. They deserve our support."


    • "I’am Palestinian and I learned so much from his books to this day my views on the conflict are shaped by what I read in his books years ago.

      The facts are “The Holocaust Industry” and “Image and Reality of the Israel -Palestine Conflict” are incredibly informative and ground breaking books that should be available in every library, bookstore and if I had my way, part of college curriculum."

      That says volumes about his sagacity and his legacy. He and his books are now part of history.

    • "Maybe less talk of the zionist entity and some talk about Israel evolving into a truly inclusionist state based on equality".

      How is that achieved without talking about the Zionist entity? The inclusionist state you propose must be what replaces the Zionist entity, which is now one state based on apartheid, exclusivism, and inequality.

      You surely are more than well aware that "a truly inclusionist state based on equality" means not only the end of the Zionist entity, but the end of the ideology of Zionism being applied. That is, an end to apartheid, exclusivism, and inequality in Israel/Palestine.

    • "Finkelstein enjoyed the support of the great Holocaust scholar Raul Hilberg, and earned the enmity, even the hatred of Alan Dershowitz. That’s a very impressive track record". One that will live on long after Dershowitz and his ilk have been seen as the dregs they are and then forgotten.

    • Have you tapped that "resentment elicited", yourstruly? If so, what did you find, who were they, and how many were/are they?

  • The horror: 'Breaking the Silence' releases women's frightful testimonies of occupation
    • "But worry not , the day of atonement is nigh and the price will be the end of Israel."

      And what will take the place of Zioville?

    • What you said in your 9:02 post could be said by any Palestinian regarding Israel. Demonizing, deny right to exist, justify terrorism.

    • "BTW WikIPedia is second hand opinion, infested by and subject to propagandists".

      You could yourself set the record straight on Wikipedia, anyone can.

    • Ecru, you forgot to mention "self-hating Jew".

  • Understanding the Holocaust, and the Nakba, in the Jewish narrative
    • "It is becoming increasingly problematic however to talk about our suffering and persecution during the Holocaust without acknowledging our culpability in the ongoing oppression of the Palestinian people".

      "increasingly problematic"? Surely it has been just as problematic from day one of Zionism in action.

      "The core values of dignity, respect for all, and speaking out against injustice that many Jews hold dear, are being corroded by Zionism".

      "being corroded"? No, "have been corroded". This has been the case for 100 years due to the nature of Zionism and its priorities, and its gaining of the allegiance of most. To what was so simply and clearly put by Jabotinsky, "There is no other morality".

    • "What else could be a reason?"

      Jewish origins and the specialness attached to it. That is, chosenness, being the chosen people of God, which is something unique.

      "You only have I known of all the families of the earth: therefore I will punish you for all your iniquities". Amos 3:2

    • Your last paragraph, eljay, is one I have read from you a number of times. It never fails to stir in me an adamant "yes" to such an excellent little summary - thanks.

  • A Jew, Jesus and Justice for Palestinians: An interview with Mark Braverman
    • "meaning it gives you the choice to believe in what you want, but basically you cannot be Jewish and accept Jesus".

      The Christian scripture, The New Testament, likewise give a choice to believe in what you want, but basically you cannot be a Christian and reject Jesus.

      "if according to Christianity it was OK to reject Jesus, why did Christianity for the last 2000 years to do everything it can up to expelling and killing to make Jews accept Jesus by force".

      Because it was not Christianity doing that [if it did], but Christendom.

      Christianity is believers who follow Christian scripture, whereas Christendom is those who in practice rejected and reject, and violated and violate, what their own scripture spells out very clearly in several ways, to do what they sometimes did..

    • "he has described no path forward for believing Jews".

      What, yonah, is the path forward for believing Jews? Path forward from what to what?

    • Thanks WJ.

      In fact Jesus gave His own blessings and curses. They're in Luke 6:20-26 right before He talked about loving your enemies.

    • "A difficult verse:"

      1. Which of those two do any people tend naturally to adopt - which did most Israelites adopt?

      2. It is very helpful, because the alternative is what we see around the world today and yesterday - violence and strife, hard hearts and arrogance.

      3. Indeed He does. "that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? And if you greet only your own people, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that? Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect". Matthew 5:45-48.

    • Yes Citizen, thanks for spelling it out. This was given to Abram while he was still living in Haran, somewhere in what is now Iraq. See also my post above.

    • "What if they abandon Christianity in the Holy Land?"

      They already have, in what they have done to avoid being cursed. The Kairos "Moment of Truth" word from Palestinian Christians has fallen on mostly deaf ears.

      The curse has been misunderstood and misapplied. The blessing and curse was originally given to Abram before there were Jews or an Israel. The New Testament applies it to Christians, the New Covenant people as the descendants of Abraham by faith, not by lineage.

      In that sense Jesus Himself applies the blessing and curse to how His people, not Jews or Israelites, are treated, see Matthew 25:31-46.

    • How's this for "helpful change"?

      “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your Father in heaven".

    • Thanks, PeaceThroughJustice, for your posts on this thread. Excellent and relevant points that needed to be clearly presented, and you did just that. It's been a most interesting discussion.

  • If the US wants a two-state solution, it will have to impose it by force
  • Palestinian's message to Kerry: 'We do not trust you and America'
  • Why Palestine is different
  • Israeli right denounces reported settlement freeze, promised by Netanyahu to Kerry
    • What's amazing about that? Israelis in power have not just wanted to, they have broken international law as a matter of course for decades. What would be amazing would be if he, or similar, showed respect for international law and didn't want to break it.

  • 'Do you know any Arabs in London?' Israeli airport authorities grill British photojournalist before kicking him out
    • "must take back being Jewish from Zionism before it’s too late."

      Hasn't it already been too late for too long?

      You're so right, "they really need DESPERATELY to scream out “NOT IN MY NAME!” and keep repeating [it] until they cannot be ignored."

  • Palestinians prepare to observe Passover: Israel puts West Bank under general closure for Jewish holiday
    • 'Palestinians prepare to observe Passover"

      Really? Where was that in those news items, and where is that in reality?

  • Zionists thrill that Obama will recognize ancient Jewish connection to 'homeland' (undoing his Cairo error)
    • "We must first of all desire to help ourselves and then the help of others is sure to follow.”

      "help ourselves" do what? What help of others should follow, or has followed? When? How did that come about?

    • thanks annie, I had missed that one.

    • And you are not going to change. If Obama used his power responsibly it would be a whole new ball game for Israel that could see the end of it being ruled by Zionism.

    • "While Germans (only) pay money, Palestinians pay with their land and lives. It’s unfair. Neither of us has done anything".

      One of "us" has indeed done something. It is [or was] Germany, and what it did was the Holocaust, the Shoah.

    • Absolutely. Thanks for stating what should be obvious.

    • That's true, but where's the teeth? Actions [and inaction] speak louder than words.

  • New Faces, Same Agenda: Incoming Israeli government will intensify push to colonize the West Bank
  • Obama to visit Bethlehem (any chance of Pope Benedict's photo opp?)
  • Obama scared AIPAC into silence, then defeated it
  • Netanyahu's agenda for Obama leaves out Palestinian state-- 'especially in this Middle East'
    • And it is a pleasure that you have arrived to join us, we thank you for your time. This is indeed the place for you, as it is for most of us who come here. A fact that was once so well expressed by a Mondoweiss poster:

      "God, this is like blogging heaven here…I come here sometimes to rest my weary soul that’s been abused, pounded on and outraged on other sites… I wanted to throw up, scream, cry, and tear off my hair.

      So when I’m sick and tired of battling biased ignoramuses elsewhere, when I need an injection of hope, when I want to do battle on a higher level (and by higher, I DON’T necessarily MEAN POLITICALLY CORRECT, far from it), I COME HERE!!!"

    • "That is the Israel that all of you know. That is the Israel that all of you love".

      That is the Israel of fantasy, of manufactured lies. That is not the reality, the one built on the broken bodies and hearts and the shed blood of those who dared to tell of the true Israel they knew from bitter experience, and of the land and people they love.

  • The false equivalence of liberal Zionists
    • "And yes, we are currently occupying Iraq".

      Really? With what?

      That was then, this is now! :-))

  • Video: Israeli settler lecturing Palestinian farmers -- 'You'll all be our slaves, if you're worthy, if you behave well'
    • "closed military zone"Just another name for apartheid". That is, just another name for thievery, also known by some as "sharing". As Dagon says, "the Israeli lives to steal".

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