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  • Once again, Israel's influence outpaces Russia's
  • Eight more Jews walk out on 'Birthright,' saying tour has no place for Palestinians
    • I salute these young adults for putting themselves into the action for justice. They are thinking adults, which the world needs and must cultivate. They are models for future entrants onto the field. And by sharing their stories they encourage others.

  • Ocasio-Cortez hedges criticisms of Israel-- 'I may not use the right words'
    • echinococcus,
      Your question is reasonable to me. I'm reminded of George Washington calling a strategy meeting, deciding how to respond to a change in the situation. It's not always the best time to attack. Sometimes a constructive retreat conserves energy and enables preparation for the next move.

      Brilliant excerpts, thanks. This case is clear and powerful.

    • Thanks for that analysis Annie. It makes a lot of sense to me. She doesn't want to trigger a major assault against her at this time. Just hold her ground. The humanitarian angle is the root angle. The problem with Zionisim is in the humanitarian crises it inherently spawns. The problems are now serious enough to warrant an honest Congressional review of the situation, with new approaches examined.

      Another congressional candidate, Dave Moore, is advocating ending all aid to Israel until they withdraw to the 1967 borders.

      Another group of candidates who are emphatically rejecting corporate funding are the Justice Democrats
      If justice were applied in Palestine, if Americans only knew ...

      Once this topic breaks into the election discussions, it'll become difficult to keep it out of the news. It crosses a line into a new dynamic. A lot of people can become informed almost overnight. A lot of formerly fearful people can start coming out with their stories. An avalanche of information ... justice. It could happen.

  • After long opposing divestment, Episcopal Church acts to end complicity 'in injustice in Holy Land'
    • To paraphrase the founder of Christianity, you can only have one top priority, money or morality. This decision should be a no-brainer. Congratulations to the Episcopal Church for finally getting there. My deep thanks to those in the church who kept pushing for justice.

  • Netanyahu’s war on transcendence 
    • Thanks for this GREAT article. It describes the moral monster that is Israel, vividly and articulately. The civilized people in Gaza make a stark contrast. Such a tragedy, for both monsters and victims.

  • Zionism ate my religion, and I am taking it back
  • On Rabbi Andy Bachman’s public congratulations to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
    • LHunter, thanks for this solid, realistic assessment of how the oligarchy will try to take down Alexandria. You should be on the PBS Newshour.

      It will be interesting indeed to see how this plays out. The oligarchy appears to be getting desperate. There are counter forces actually beginning to mass, so a real breakthrough in the enemy lines could occur. Democracy could be rescued. This is definitely a time to support these insurgents, helping them stay on course for justice.

    • "Come into my parlor", said the spider to the fly.

      Rabbi Bachman should discuss the "nuances" of Zionist barbarity with Alexandria in a public forum, on C-SPAN. We can safely predict he will NOT do that. That's because he is not interested in an HONEST discussion. That's because he has ulterior motives.

      Alexandria should absolutely NOT go to Israel. It's a kill zone. Remember Raza Al Najar. Remember Yitzhak Rabin. Alexandria should be cautious for her safety.

  • First they came for Alan Dershowitz
  • Hasbara is dead
    • Good analysis.

    • Thanks for this great post, an article in itself.

      "I can also tell you that very few members of Congress—at least when I served there—have any affection for Israel or for its Lobby. What they have is contempt, but it is silenced by fear of being found out exactly how they feel."

      On the one hand this is a disheartening picture of the U.S. Congress. On the other hand, it is a revolution ripe for exploding. It tells me the grass roots need to keep hammering, hammering, hammering.

    • Bingo!

    • Well put.

    • "political reality" is a euphamism "let Zionist criminals keep their ill-gotten gains". History has shown that "facts on the ground" can be removed, and mass murderers can be tried and convicted.

    • I agree the strongest case is in showing Americans where their own self-interest lies. Their entire economy is under assault, e.g. "War Profiteers and Israel's Bank".

    • Second that! Some historians of the future will write books and give talks on C-SPAN about the key role played by Mondoweiss. Mondoweiss will also provide a trove of information for such historical research.

    • Perhaps Kati Miranda could add a 4th picture, of Netanyahu holding leashes to collars on the other three?

    • Who speak English clearly and articulately, to connect with the American voters.

  • Obama was shocked -- shocked -- to find that settlements were eating the West Bank!
    • It's all about BIG Money. They don't actually care about Jews either. Otherwise they would not sell Jews a war zone by calling it a "safe haven". Mafia all the way.

    • Fascinating information, thanks. More evidence of the overwhelming power of the Israel ("it doesn't exist") Lobby.

    • So let's re-locate Israel to a set of remote islands.

    • Good points. For new MW readers, more background on that is at

      My guess is that Obama knew a lot.

    • Good news! One of the first acts of the Continental Congress in 1776 was to BOYCOTT all British goods, and prohibit the shipment of key American goods to Britain.

    • Of course Obama knew. Just as every bribed and threatened member of the press and congress knew. A thoughtful article on Obama's situation is
      "Obama Reminds Allies: 'Remember What Happened to Dr. King?'"

      Obama also remembered JFK, and may well have had his children threatened. Would you sacrifice your child to stand up to Netanyahu?

      All the candidates running for congress who are willing to criticize Israel MUST take their personal security very seriously. Remember Razan Al Najar. I don't mean to be alarmist, but be cautious, not careless.

      The importance of the New Yorker article is that it is putting this topic into the public discussion. That will help give these candidates cover going forward.

  • Dems have four congressional candidates willing to criticize Israel -- and 'reap political rewards'
    • How about doing that in a public forum with an equal number of anti-Zionists free to explain why they see Zionist values as barbaric atrocities?

    • Another congressional candidate who deserves support is Dave Moore. He is adamant about reining in the war profiteers.

      He says he will push for ending all aid to Israel until they return to the '67 borders, in a comment to this article "USS Liberty Survivor Named US Delegate on Gaza Flotilla"

    • "We would welcome the opportunity to speak about the ways in which our progressive values are inherently interwoven with our Jewish and Zionist ones."

      "Come into our parlor", said the gang of spiders to the fly.

    • Bibi: There's thinking it may be time to increase our presence in America, beyond simply controlling the politicians and the press.

      Tzipi: What do you mean?

      Bibi: A modest sized area, in New York, near the city, that would be an actual part of Israel. A remote province, surrounded by the United States, but legally a part of Israel.

      Tzipi: I don't know.

      Bibi: There would be a ready supply of settlers in Brooklyn.

      Tzipi: What about the people already living there?

      Bibi: That should be no problem. We'll use the Biblical solution.

      Tzipi: That would really antagonize the neighbors. We could get into a fight with the U.S.

      Bibi: It'll hardly be mentioned in the press, just something vague. The entire Senate will be on board, and almost the entire House. We've done this sort of thing before, just not quite this magnitude. Remember the Liberty!

  • The Gaza blockade is illegal-- and so is the use of force to maintain it
    • It would. Along with a LOT of things in our current situation that warrant a thorough review. From this article, I'd suggest Sari Bashi conduct a public panel disussion reviewing the parallel cases of Razan Al Najar and Ahed Tamimi. Let's stop the incessant omission of Palestinian human beings from the discussions. Let's have intellectual honesty, with ALL the facts put on the table, and ALL points of view heard. Or are we living in a trope? Over to you, Sari.

  • Israeli activists honor Razan Al Najar in her ancestral village of Salama
    • Thanks for your beautiful post. Watching some children playing in my neighborhood the other day, I found myself thinking similar thoughts.

      Razan Al Najar is truly a noble soul and a model for humanity.

  • How can Bend the Arc claim to 'unite a progressive Jewish voice for justice for all' but ignore Israel?
    • ALL Zionists NEVER mention the Palestinians. This is a purposeful, strategic tactic. It is the ONLY way they can put on their theatrical act of pretending to care about justice. If they were to participate in a discussion in which the Palestinian situation were actually considered, they would be shown to be utterly incapable of defending their massive, ugly lies. It would shred their delusion, and simply be too embarrassing. And the "donors" would immediately cut off their funding. Stosh Cotler is fraud.

  • Birthright dissident calls on 1000s of Jews doing trip to 'make Birthright uncomfortable'
    • "We see this in any state where religious authorities are inextricably linked with the government"

      Thank you for that fundamentally important point. This is precisely why the US Constitution prohibits an official state religion. Any religious organization that acquires money and power, including state power, will attract people hungry for money and power. Some of these many be deluded believers, but many will simply be swindlers of various sorts. Some of this seems to have been going on in this case e.g.

    • It's your birthright - support ethnic cleansing and get a free trip, including a camel ride! If you enjoy the trip you can join the IDF and shoot a Palestinian!

    • The strategy of avoiding all discussion of the Palestian people, the human sacrifices in the "sacred" project, comes straight from the top. Jacob Rothschild, on the 100th anniversary of the Balfour declaration (a letter to his uncle Walter Rothschild), explained why his family had bankrolled the establishment of Israel. It was specifically NOT to rescue Russian Jews, but rather for the "that sacred goal, the return of Israel to its ancestral homeland". He never mentions the Palestinian human sacrifices made in pursuit of this "sacred goal".

      Every single Zionist in public life follows Rothschild's lead on this point exactly. Coincidence or influence?

      Among my Jewish friends I notice a strong interest in Buddhism, and I can see why. It's been around as long as Judaism (longer if you consider the older yoga tradition from which it grew). It emphasizes compassion for every living creature. It does not advocate genocide, slaughtering every man, woman, and child, leaving "nothing left alive that breathes". It does not claim an inherent ethnic superiority, with which it justifies treating other people as animals (not having a human soul). It does not teach that a non-Buddhist life is worth less than a single Buddhist fingernail. It does not advocate living in a segregated Buddhist community. It doesn't try to restrict your marriage partner to only Buddhists. And it doesn't require you to believe in God if you're not comfortable with that. You can simply do the practices to calm your inner being and see where that takes you.

    • Totally agree. That was a brilliant information warfare operation, beautifully carried out, and a solid blow for facts and justice.

  • Palestinians protest Trump's 'Deal of the Century' in Ramallah
    • It's easy to make money on land deals when you simply steal the land. Ask Trump's son-in-law, or his ambassador to Israel.

  • Wah!!! Dershowitz shunned on Martha's Vineyard!
    • Great response by Norman Finkelstein. Dershowitz neglects to consider the evil in which he participates.

  • US Jewish leader expresses compassion for refugees at US border-- and contempt for Palestinian refugees
    • "US Jewish leader expresses compassion for refugees at US border– and contempt for Palestinian refugees"

      That's because Mr. Goldstein is secure in his delusion that he has a God-given right to slaughter innocent Palestinians. And Americans (USS Liberty), and Mexicans, and anybody else should the occasion arise. After all, he's on a mission from God.

  • Birthright walkout is met with vitriolic rage in Israel -- 'Radicals' 'You will get raped'
    • "The former congressman Brian Baird once said that when you criticize Israel even privately to Israeli officials, say over the 2009 Gaza slaughter, they flip out on you, even if you’re a congressman"

      I recognize this tactic from time spent in sales. It's a last ditch tool to control someone. I heard this used by a guy who later explained it to me. First he tries his straightforward approach of benefits and costs. If that doesn't work he starts adding pressure, becoming more demanding in his manner. This will intimidate and flip some people. His final stage is to rage at them (I thought he was going crazy). But that will flip some people, he claimed. On another occasion this same guy told me how he had become an evangelical Christian.

    • Just, I so totally agree with your post praising these women and all who rallied to support them. This was a brilliant information warfare operation, expertly carried out, a solid blow for the facts and for justice.

  • Liberal Zionists say that Israel and the U.S. are in the same struggle against rightwing forces
    • genesto, thanks. You expanded my meaning, absolutely accurately.

    • Beautifully succinct, clear, and central.

      "explain how they can be so ‘enlightened’ and humanistic and at the same time support a settler-colonial project"

      They never even attempt to explain this key part of their picture. Instead, they follow the example of their leader at the financial wellspring of Israel, "Lord" Jacob Rothschild. He explained that his family bank financed Israel for "that sacred goal, the return of Israel to its ancestral homeland" (8:50 in video).

      As per strategy, his "explanation" never mentions the Palestinian human sacrifices made in pursuit of his "sacred goal". He asks us all to ignore the question you ask.

    • Thanks for that battering ram of facts. I hope Ms. Weingarten is having a teachable moment.

    • An estimate - if there were not big "donors" behind it, this movement would completely collapse within six months.

    • Given her role as president of the American Federation of Teachers, Randi Weingarten is amazingly ignorant. I'd inform her that the Old Testament was similarly used to justify slavery in the Old South. Eventually American students will have classes in which the parallel racist claims and arguments of Israel and the Old South will be examined in detail.

      This will help promote the ideals enshrined in America's Declaration of Independence and Constitution. They are the very ideals, based upon equal justice for all human beings, which Israel tries at every twist and turn to subvert and destroy. I suggest Ms. Weingarten take some classes in the history of civil rights. And resign her post until she does so.

  • It's time for Tom Friedman to face the contradictions of liberal Zionism, and move on
    • Totally agree. Each such "coming out" or "great escape" is an event to celebrate, both for the individual and for humanity.

    • Page: 19
    • Shortly before a Tom Friedman appearance on MSNBZ's Morning Joe -

      Joe Scarborough: I read on a blog the other day somebody saying we're Zionist patsies. Is that accurate? Are we Zionist patsies?

      Mika: What exactly is a patsy? Lee Harvey Oswald said he was a patsy.

      Mike Barnicle: Oswald was definitely a patsy. A patsy is somebody set up to take the fall. We're more like Zionist stooges.

      Willie Geist: You mean like the Three Stooges? So we would be the Four Stooges?

      Voice: On air in ten, people!

    • On his deathbed Thomas Friedman may very well say - "Please forgive me for not having the courage to tell the truth."

  • The pathetic caving of Nickolay Mladenov
  • NY insurgent who said 'Dems can't be silent anymore' about Palestine clips AIPAC poodle in primary shocker
    • The PBS Newshour's Lisa Desjardins reported on Alexandria's victory tonight with NO MENTION of her calling out the Israeli "massacre" of Palestinian protesters. I expect Tel Aviv Rachel will also stick to her Zionist script. Raw Zionist power.

  • Hitchhiking to Treblinka
    • That is STUNNING! In a way, a very impressive achievement in news management. Yes, they clearly are operating as a collective monopoly, and as such should be broken up under anti-trust laws.

    • You're right. At least not so far. Ultimately I trust Phil's judgement about how fast Mondoweiss can go in informing the American Jewish community, which is a centrally strategic part of his mission. Often too big a movement can cause a major setback.

      But over time it seems to me there has been movement in what gets covered. Phil's including this point in this article to some extent opens the door on this topic. Editors often rely on reader comments to push the envelope on a topic, which eventually justifies a full article on that topic. So I try to see where Phil's at, and work with him to advance the more "incendiary" facts.

    • "But Jewish separation was an 'active choice' that created a solipsism,' she writes. 'It also had its consequences. It meant that Jewish individuals and communities cultivated their own alienness, and that although they were willing to engage in contractual relations with the Poles, they did not wish to enter into a shared world with them.'"

      This deserves exploration.

  • Democrats are losing their fear of AIPAC and Haim Saban
  • Mr. Lansman comes to Tel Aviv: Jeremy Corbyn's senior ally wants to restrict free speech on Israel
    • "Jon Lansman works hard to police the debate on Palestine"

      Lansman is like an ancient Levitical priest enforcing The Law, which strictly forbade ALL questioning.

  • Mal Hyman's outspokenness on Gaza massacre is a sign of things to come in Democratic races
    • "Things that used to be seen as really bold, now if you frame them well and your tone is more low key, you can get a hearing… People know we’ve lost our moral compass and the empire is sputtering."

      Thanks for your very realistic approach, Mr. Hyman. I'd suggest a key thing your constituents need to learn is that they've been duped. Israeli-born, Jewish therapist Avigail Abarbanel has written,
      "It’s time for American Jews to recognize they have been duped"
      And American Christians have been duped right along with them. Recognizing a deception is the key to re-examining a whole area.

      So much of what Americans think about Israel is incorrect. For example, the terrorism in Israel's foundation is generally unknown.
      "Terrorism: How the Israeli state was won"
      A basic survey of relevant history is at
      A deep dive into the details of establishing Israel is at
      "If Americans Knew"

      Your constituents need to know the truth so they and their children won't be roped into more needless war.

      America is supposed to show the world the freedom to have an open mind.

  • Israeli lawmaker: 'Jewish race is the greatest human capital, the smartest'
    • They definitely have the standard signs of a cult. They are told -

      - they are the most special people,

      - they must live in segregated communities,

      - they must not marry non-Jews,

      - they must send a tenth of their income to headquarters,

      - they must not question these laws,

      - and if they make even tiny transgressions they will suffer devastating curses.

      Controlled by fantasies and threats, they are perhaps the world's longest running, duped cult.

      "And that’s why you can’t fool us, the Jews" -Miki Zohar

      On the other hand, Israeli-born Jewish therapist Avigail Abarbanel has written,
      "It’s time for American Jews to recognize they have been duped"

  • 'I'm targeted by the Israeli army,' Razan al-Najjar said before she was killed
    • Intentionally assassinating medical personnel. Calling the Israeli army "moral" is a classic example of the "brazen lie" tactic. It's very brazenness gives it a degree of immunity with some listeners. In reality, Israeli "morality" is what most people mean by "evil".

      God will certainly bless Razan al-Najjar for her holy work, practicing love in the face of evil.

  • 'Israel has no choice' -- 'NY Times' columnists largely line up behind Gaza massacre
    • "But even if you completely dismiss the Palestinian right of return "

      consigning the Palestinians to an inferior status, beneath your own status, in which it is moral for you to slaughter and rob masses of innocent people,

      it seems they will never agree with your arrogant assumptions.

      And it's not just the Palestinians who are being pushed around.

  • Netanyahu used 'leadership of American Jewish community' to block Obama policy -- Ben Rhodes
    • Thanks for that info, glad to hear it.

    • The Jewish Zionists play the Christian Zionists like a fiddle. Trump is by no means ignoring the Israelis.

    • A more accurate analogy would be that Bibi worked Obama like a godfather working a precinct captain. All the major gangsters converged at once and threatened total destruction of his entire agenda.

      But like JFK, Obama realized he was dealing with insane people. So he cut Bibi out of the loop and arranged the international nuclear agreement with Iran. Making it international made it harder to take down. And it undercuts Israel's main reason why the US should go to war in Iran. (Domestically he got the ACA through against all odds.) (And he dodged the fate of JFK, MLK, and RFK.)

  • Democratic leaders grow fearful that Israel will divide the party
    • "a lot of negativity toward Israel" is a way to avoid saying "people are waking up to the scam". And as J. Haldeman noted, once the toothpaste is out of the tube it's hard to get it back in.

      "Support for Israel, in short, was American", as long as the cover story held.

      "Democrats are going to have to talk about Gaza." The information is starting to overflow the old containers of permitted speech. The toothpaste is getting out of the tube. The reins of control are coming apart.

  • 'Let's talk about art'-- NPR promotes Israeli claims about Gaza massacre and leaves out medic's killing
  • IARPP clamps down debate on Palestinian mental health at its conference in NY
    • "the IARPP proceeded to forbid discussion of this topic"

      Given the topic, this shows conclusively that the IARPP's current leaders are mentally and emotionally deranged.

      Thank you Alice Rothchild for the clear and sane analysis of this situation.

  • Joyless in Zion
  • Portman and Perlman, and the liberal Zionist awakening
  • 'NYT' columnist says killing Palestinian civilians is... good for Palestinians
    • Thank you for that.

      Bari Weiss' dishonesty is so thorough it doesn't matter exactly which rotten motives drive her. No pretense is credible.

    • Thanks for that highly relevant detail.

    • You make an important point.

    • The center of Rosner's picture is his assumption that the motive of the crowd is not a legitimate protest, but instead is an immediate military threat against Israel. To see reality this way requires ignoring a large amount of information. Zionists are never willing to discuss this ignored information. They avoid all face-to-face debates to maintain this strategy. They relentlessly stick to their version without consideration of the other, from Jacob Rothschild, on the 100th anniversary of Balfour's letter to his uncle Walter, down to Rosner at the Times today. This violates a fundamental guideline of all rational analysis, from science to law to common sense. And that is the guideline that ALL evidence shall be considered.

  • Rob Malley and Chris Hayes can't talk about Adelson's influence in scrapping Iran deal
    • Yeah, it's almost kind of funny to watch their expressions as they pick their way around the Israeli mastodon.

    • "Also, undercovered is the courtship by Israel and its friends of right wing Christian Evangelicals."

      I've wondered if esteemed Reverend Hagee is getting some money under the table.

    • I agree the "reporters" are covering up to keep their jobs. Being sensitive to history I take as their somewhat plausible cover story. Meanwhile, there is an acknowledgement that at least some historical actions against Jewish communities were accompanied by claims of Jewish domination.

    • Superb article on the absurd news! Those guys MUST be aware of all you are describing here. They're news professionals! Are they twisted up inside, knowing people are seeing their pretense? But there's all that money... Or do they agree with W that "Hey, we'll all be dead and it won't matter"?

      (Is absurd news the same as regular fake news, or a separate sub-species?)

  • Israeli military shot over 500 Palestinians in the head during Gaza protests
  • 'Likudism' invades the academy: continued Zionist attacks on activism and scholarship at SFSU
    • Maghlawatan, stunning eyewitness testimonies!

    • Second that. I'd like to see a garbage accusation of anti-Semitism blow up in somebody's face big-time. Who's funding this trash? It looks strategic.

  • For we are God's special victims (an ode to the state of Israel)
    • Did you by any chance apprentice with the lawyer of Meyer Lansky, head of Murder Incorporated?

  • Today's lead 'NY Times' article on the Gaza massacre is a model of dishonesty
    • I occasionally check it out on the web. You're right about the equivalence of tactics.

    • Update - By this evening the Gaza massacre has disappeared from the MSNBZ shows. Rachel is back to focusing on Trump's idiocy, with two stories tonight on his "inexplicable reversal of policy on a Chinese firm", Israeli citizen Adam Schiff as chief speculator on that. No mention of Trump's blunder in opening the US embassy in Jerusalem on Nakba (Catastrophe) day. THAT blunder is unmentionable. That might get into the Nakba, all those other massacres, Israel's terrorism, political bribery & intimidation, its control of America's press, etc.

    • Morning Joe does a great job of covering the unavoidable story of the contrasting celebration in Jerusalem and the Palestinitians dying in Gaza. Joe's team covers the protests while avoiding the central facts about WHY Palestinians are protesting. Lots of hints and carefully chosen words. Lots of talk about Trump's "lack of strategy", as if that were the problem. The obligatory expressions of undying loyalty to Israel. Their bosses at MSNBZ should be pleased at their obfuscation. Real professionals.
      "War Profiteers and the Roots of the War on Terror"

  • The 'fake news' story is fake news
    • It does appear the war profiteers are gearing up to reap their next round of obscene profits from the slaughter of Africans.

    • iResistDe4iAm, great post. With the advent of the internet, the real news has a chance against the official fake news for possibly the first time in history.

    • "were able to inject just the right amount of poison in just the right amount of ears via Facebook" - JohnSmith

      That's one theory. And such precision! On the othere hand, Lanny Davis, White House Special Counsel for the Clinton administration and Senior advisor to the Israel Project, argues that FBI Director James Comey was conclusively responsible for Hillary's loss. He bases his analysis on poll results immediately before and after Comey's announcement about the FBI investigation into Clinton's emails.

      Lanny Davis at least presents a case for his conclusion, while you do not. And you both ignore the MANY normally Democratic voters who refused to vote for Hillary because of her POLICIES that were too obviously bought and paid for by Wall Street and Zionists. To say nothing of her conspiring with Israeli citizen Debbie Wasserman Schultz to sabotage Sanders' strong campaign. While she hid her financing from her most ardent supporters, she couldn't hide it from everybody, due to the internet.

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