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23. Torontonian. Against lying hypocrites. Back after a lengthy hiatus.

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  • Israeli sniper kills unarmed Palestinian protester during demonstration in occupied village of Nabi Saleh
    • @Mooser:

      A clear example of "zion-itis" in action:

      "Only one *Arab* was shot in the guts"-- you can practically hear the spittle frothing in his face as he rages over the audacity the Palestinians have in continuing to live in Palestine.

      Imagine the outrage if I say "oh only one settler got stabbed in the leg" or some such thing?

  • Anonymous attacks on American Muslims for Palestine and Jewish Voice for Peace signals 'escalation' against Palestine solidarity movement
    • It's (w)horowitz and his little cabal of ghouls. Who else?

    • "“The Freedom Center is placing these posters on college campuses across the country in conjunction with its release of a report on the Top Ten College Administrations Most Friendly to Terrorists and Hostile to the First Amendment,” reads a statement on the website. "

      Barring the slanderous BS about "terrorists" in that statement, the fact that (w)Horowitz and his goons are pretending to care about freedom of speech as a principle on uni campuses is just sickening.

      A sick, perverted joke, just like the freedom centre as an entity. All there is to say!

  • Family of 16-year-old Palestinian girl killed by Israeli forces remembers a bright young math student, poet, and politically charged youth
    • And they'll continue to use the "pressure cooker" as opposed to all-out war on the Palestinian people. That way they can try, pathetically, to say "see, we're not that bad" whilst comparing their actions to those of countries engaged in legitimate "total war", ie. Syria for the past 6 years.

      To my mind, pressure cooker is no less bad even if it is comparatively less bloody. They're pushing a wet cloth to Palestinian faces and then demonizing them when they lash out to push the cloth away.

  • Once I was lit by moonbeams
    • @Grover

      More pointless kvetching and of course the inevitable insults directed at those Jews who see Palestinians as human beings.

      Typical from the likes of you, of course. But why is it that this rubbish is absolutely the only thing the self-styled "defenders of Israel" can produce? Time after time after time after time, a never-ending stream of drivel.

      Could it be that this nonsense is all you have, and you're aware of it? I challenge you to make an actual argument for once.

      You'll fail, of course, but the challenge is on the table.

  • More and more people see 'one state only' but Remnick fears it will be like Bosnia
    • The two-state solution is dead because Israel never wanted it and so killed it.

      There can be no peace without dignity, which is something that Israel seeks to strip away from the Palestinian people. Zionism demands as much.

      Therefore-- the Israelis yet again force the Palestinians to respond aggressively and violently if need be. With the disgusting new administration in America, I really do think things are going to get worse before they get better. All legitimate violent resistance by Palestinian factions ought to be on the table options-wise.

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  • Fordham bans Students for Justice in Palestine
    • @Hasbarat

      Stop whining, hypocrite.

      Stop lying, hypocrite.

      Hillel is 110% a political group. A Jewish and Zionist organization that, typically, promotes Israel and anti-Palestinian sentiments, including anti-Palestinian denialism.

      Pathetically enough, almost all Jewish religious and cultural groups are likewise political in this vein.

      "bad, bad people here at MW"

      Good god. The irony in a character like you calling anyone else "bad" is so thick it's unbelievable.

      Go away, hasbarat.

  • 'Constructed crisis for political ends': anti-Semitism claims are prime weapon for UK Israel lobby, Al Jazeera shows
    • Tw*ts like Elliot Miller: "Hey look over there!"

      A lot of assumption on his part, a lot of whataboutery.

      Let's not forget the fact that anyone who wants to paint "the Islam" as violent across the board can't pretend that Judaism, per old testament scripture, is a genocidal, cult-like, ethno-supremacist religion.

      Of course, it'd be stupid to accuse "the Jews" of harbouring these qualities as a people. But if they start to play those kinds of games as far as Palestinians or "the Muslims" in general are concerned-- well.....

  • Love in the age of Trump
    • Yeah, he kinda does.

    • Friedman looks like an ugly, fat toad. And that's an insult to toads and other amphibians.

      These people simply don't deserve Jerusalem. All Likudniks and "settler" advocates should be barred from the city for life with severe punishment for transgressors.

  • Scenes from Gaza on the last day of 2016
    • Stand fast. Don't accept any loony self-serving "peace deal" from Palestinian-hating Israel and push back against the more irrational social policies of Hamas.

      Of course, you didn't ask that question in good faith, did you?


    • Certainly, the Palestinian Christian element at home and abroad in the diaspora ought to be shown off as often as possible.

      Doing so works against those who simply hate all Muslims for being Muslim and who spread lies about them as well as the lie that Palestinians are "only Muslim terrorists".

  • Alan Dershowitz has threatened to leave the Democratic Party if Keith Ellison becomes chair
    • A lying, Palestinian-hating ghoul and a rapist?

      Let the pig go to the Trumpster ranks. At least there his values would resonate.

  • 'Arab ID-holder suspect' is shot by Israeli soldiers at East Jerusalem checkpoint
    • Exactly. And these Israelis brag about how efficient krav maga is as a martial art all the time.

      Barring the fact that the IDF is notorious in Palestine for shooting people out of hand and then lying about it-- if these people were attacking with knives, it should be very simple to subdue them non-fatally.

      The only conclusion? If these people are actually attacking, and the IDF isn't just lying (which it does often enough), then it's clear that the IDF simply doesn't value Palestinian or non-Jewish life.

      Extrajudicial murder and otherwise denying suspects medical care seems to confirm this fact.

  • The formal end of the two-state solution
    • The best way to think of it is Christoph Waltz saying "kookoo" in Spectre.

    • At least the ghoulish buffoon Abbott is gone. Small mercies, right?

    • What, to shell residential neighbourhoods in Auckland? Or to beat up and molest pre-teens there?

    • Basically this. The typical Zionist temper tantrum will give way to cyber attacks and other methods of "retaliation"--as if cutting aid (to countries like Senegal) and throwing bitch fits wasn't bad enough.

  • 'We betrayed the legacy of the Holocaust': Professor Yair Auron pushes Israel to confront complicity with Bosnian genocide
    • @Hasbarat

      "“They offered both weapons, a minor amount albeit, and to train our men for free, but this was only to apply to fighting the Mujahedin. ” "

      The testimony of a Serbian genocidaire. A lying, conniving, Eastern Orthodox supremacist snake.

      I mean, stands to reason that you'd see someone like that as trustworthy in what he says. For normal, non-sociopathic people, though...

      " That’s it? That’s all they got! That’s Israel’s contribution to a ‘genocide’? "

      Figures that you'd actively try and deny that the Serbs were genocidal or what they did amounted to attempted genocide, lol.

      Absolutely disgusting to see you snigger at the attempted extermination of the Bosniaks, as well as a mass culling of the Croatian people. But they're "only" Muslims and Catholics, right?

      " ROFLMAO"


  • Israel advocates worry Trump's pick for State has anti-Israel bias
    • " He will face opposition from Russia haters Lindsey Graham and the rabid John McCain,"

      Opposition to boorish, potato-faced Russian ethno-nationalists is about the only thing the likes of McCain and Lindsey Graham get right when it comes to geopolitics. As long as they're not trying to sideswipe Iran, I'm fine with hostility towards Putin and his pack.

      The Russians schemed to get that orange poison dwarf into the White House (and remember now, hating Trump doesn't mean that I "love Hillary", before you go off on a tangent). The Russians are currently in bed with the far right in Western Europe and with the neo-Nazi "alt-right" in America.

      They quite simply don't deserve to be idolized in the way that your brand of far leftist idolizes them. Remember, the people they're supporting in Europe and America hate Arabs, Iranians, and Muslims in general about as much as the Israelis do.

      Stupid scum, in other words.

  • More than half of US aid 'to entire world' goes to Israel and it ignores our warnings on settlements -- Kerry
    • Israel doesn't listen to America?

      Well, there's a very simple solution to this problem.

      Cut off all aid to Israel. America is absolutely in a position to dictate terms to the so-called Jewish state; on Palestine, on Lebanon, on Iran.

      If Israel won't play ball, then cut them out. No aid, no diplomatic support, nothing.

      Simple, if only anyone in America had the guts to do it.

  • Who knew! Israel almost started war with Hezbollah in 2015, IDF officer reveals at NY synagogue
    • LOL guess they shouldn't be bombing Hezbollah then?

      I had a good laugh over those IDFers who got blown up by the AT missile back then. That's what happens when you provoke violence from organizations you've made into your enemies.

  • In full page NYT ad, liberal Zionist group calls for ethnic segregation to retain Jewish majority within Israel
    • I hope there will be a Palestinian majority in the next 20 years. The Jews never ever deserved a "state of their own", especially not when the creation of such a state meant the trampling on the rights and aspirations of an entire other people.

      Guess what, guys? The holocaust is over. Maybe it's time to learn how to get along with everyone else in the world and lose the disease known as Zionism.

  • Trump praises Israeli policy of ethnic profiling following bombing in Manhattan
  • In Brookings poll, most Dems say $38 billion aid package to Israel is 'way too much' while the GOP is split
    • How much they should really be giving Israel: $0.00.

      The 40 billion ought to be going to the Palestinians and Lebanese, particularly when it comes to economic improvement and allowing for the Palestinians and Lebanese to obtain a qualitative military advantage in the Levant, particularly over the so-called "Jewish state". Palestine and Lebanon need such an advantage so they can defend themselves effectively against the shiftless, perfidious state that refuses to define official borders.

  • 'There's no occupation'
    • And the moon is made out of blue cheese.

      Gotta hand it to these cretins-- the bubble they've built around themselves certainly can be impenetrable.

      Too bad for them that America and the rest of the world disagree with the spurious, idiotic assertion that the occupation "don't real". Whining "Jew hater" at anyone who simply states the facts of the occupation will never change anything, either.

  • Netanyahu's 'ethnic cleansing' video earns strong rebuke from State Department
    • Jews cannot be "ethnically cleansed" from the Palestinian West Bank.

      Simple as that. Why? Because the Jews living there and claiming the stolen land they squat on as "part of Eretz Yisrael" are nothing more then a pack of Palestinian-hating land thieves.

      If the Palestinians were to cohesively kick them out on their asses and claim the "settlements" for Palestinian use, it'd be no different then the removal of, say, committed National Socialists who "settled" in the East as part of the National Socialist Party's "Lebensraum" project.

  • Dozens of Spanish cities declare themselves ‘Free of Israeli Apartheid’
    • @Hasbarat:

      Yawn. Go cry about it somewhere else.

      Fewer and fewer people the world over have any time for bleating cries of "anti-Semitism!" without any basis from the sniveling pro-Israel and Palestinian-hating camp.

      The fact that you have to go back some 550 years to try and whine at the Spaniards just shows how pathetic you are.

    • Absolutely.

  • It's war between Netanyahu and the generals (and the PM may just have lost the corporal)
    • @Hasbara:

      Yawn. More pathetic attempts at nothing.

      What are you good for? Showing us all what pathetic jokers the self-styled "internet warriors for Israel" are.

      That's really about it, ain't it?

  • There's no room on campus to be progressive and pro-Israel
    • LOL and once again we see in all this kvetching and hand-wringing over the BDS movement-- demonization of simply stating the facts about Israel's actions towards Palestinians included-- that the pro-Israel element simply doesn't want to see anyone standing for the Palestinians in any way whatsoever.

  • Many leftwing Israelis are leaving the country -- 'Forward' breaks an important story
    • @Hasbara:

      The fact that the ultra-orthodox and the "national-religious" camps try to pop out as many children as possible, something that they think is their duty "for Zionism and Israel", doesn't change the fact that "leftist" Israelis seem to be fleeing the country.

      I always laugh when people like you try and pretend that Palestinian women are "baby factories" and nothing but. Two or three children on average is nothing compared to the regular litters created by the "settlers" and the revisionist Zionist element.

    • @Steve Loser:

      Yawn. Go away.

  • A new milestone: BDS at the Olympics
    • @Catalansbara:

      Only the last one you mentioned is remotely "hot" to a comparable level with Israel's war on the Palestinians. I for one would have no problem with Ukrainian atheletes refusing to shake hands with Russians, or spitting at Russians, or hitting Russians, because of the war in Donetsk.

      As Israel is responsible for the conflict with the Palestinians, Russia is responsible for the situation in East Ukraine.

      "and yet none of the athletes from the conflict zones exhibited this behavior."

      Yawn. Stick your self-righteous indignation back up the smelly hole it came from. You and yours (dare I guess where they might live?) aren't entitled to even one iota of respect.

      "The Olympic Games is a wrong forum for this "

      Nope. It's the right forum for this. The Olympics are a farce anyways when it comes to "promoting world unity" or whatever they market themselves as doing.

      As long as Israel and Jews around the world ban or aid and abet those who ban Palestinian atheletes from even making it to the Olympics, Israeli contestants deserve nothing better in terms of treatment.

      "truly, the face of the Israeli judoka after the refused handshake has become one of the most memorable images from the Olympics. "

      Hyperbole. A petulant, stupid expression is hardly memorable. That old bag who was talking about 1972 at Rio isn't memorable either.

  • After Palestinian takes gold in Rio for Jordan, Israelis claim his roots are 'Israeli'
    • The concept of "Schrodinger's Palestinians" comes into play. Palestinians don't exist or "aren't real" unless they need to be accused of something awful that Israel and Israelis are far more likely to do-- blowing up children, for instance, or stealing land from other people.

      Then, and only then, do the morally and mentally sick people who make up the hasbarat camp actually admit to the existence of the Palestinian people. It's really demented and pathetic, to say the least.

    • Exactly. #youknowyourepatheticwhen you can't even refer to Palestinians as "Palestinian", and so repeatedly fail to do so.

      They actually think they can erase Palestinian identity simply by refusing to say Palestinian. Hasbaratshit tweeps and the Israeli PR people refer to Palestinians in Israel as "Israeli Arabs" without fail, simply call Palestinians "Arabs" generically as part of this twisted endeavour.

  • The breathtaking arrogance of Alan Dershowitz's 'advice' to Black Lives Matter
    • *Douchewitz. Famous hater of the Palestinians and defender of Jeffery Epstein and his patented "pedophile island".

    • I will say that BLM is histrionic and obnoxious. While there exists significant issues facing the African American community regarding police abuse and heavy-handedness, they simply face nothing remotely like what Palestinians face on a regular basis.

      BLM could also do well to pick and choose who they defend, instead of pretending that petty criminals like Mike Brown are on the same level as innocent African American men who are clearly the victims of unjustifiable police slayings.

      Douchewitz is nothing but, but I don't like how the BLM is trying to attach itself to the Palestinian cause. It's not helpful.

    • @hasbara:

      Do you have no shame whatsoever? The irony in you accusing someone of not being interested in "other perspectives" is so thick it's got a physical presence.

      But you are nothing but a propagandistic troll, so....

      An apologist for Douchewitz, at that. Sad!

  • Canadian Greens back BDS
    • Hilariously, I wonder whether or not the people who're so upset about the BDS movement-- peaceful Palestinian resistance, essentially-- are as up in arms about the (actual) demonization and dehumanization of the Iranian people implicit and explicit in the rhetoric of those who seek to re-instate "boycott of Iran"?

      Actual demonization and dehumanization; not a matter of stating facts RE: the BDS movement. In this case, the people who seek to isolate Iran tend to lie about a people far more politically diverse then the Jewish and Zionist Israelis, lie and pretend that Iran is full of people who adhere to Khomeinist Islamism and nothing but.

      Anyone who actually pays attention to Iran knows differently. But the demonizers of the BDS movement who scream for "crippling sanctions" on Iran are nothing if they're not evil, bigoted hypocrites of the very worst order. A shame on the people they claim to represent across the board, to say the least.

    • @Hasbarat:

      Yawn. What's the difference between Canada and Israel?

      In Canada, we're at least taught that what was done to the native peoples was a crime and not something to be proud of in terms of the history of the nation. Aboriginals have freedom of movement and equal rights.

      In Israel? Jews are taught that the ethnically cleansing, land-stealing Yishuv was "the real victim" and brainwashed to believe, as you are, that the Palestinians were and are "foreign" to the land and that dirt peasants and city dwellers from Europe were and are the "real" inhabitants.

      In Israel, the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians is seen as a heroic act to create the "Jewish state", if it's even acknowledged at all. The Zionist and Jewish street froths with hatred at the very notion of Palestinians having rights or even the right to exist.

      Quite simply: you're the worst kind of ridiculous hypocrite. Go away, DaBakr.

    • At least JT won't stand for overt anti-Palestinian demonization on the part of the pro-Israel Jewish community, though. There's a slight improvement over Harpoid, at least.

      I really do believe that JT ought to be more like his father. Good work on the Syrian refugees, though.

  • Israeli mayor: No Arabs in our pools because their 'hygiene culture is not like ours'
    • @Mikhaelsbara:

      Face reality. Zionism is a racist (and religiously bigoted) ideology that's infected Jewish minds since the late 19th century.

      I've seen all too often how pro-Israel, or rabidly pro-Israel Jewish people refer to Palestinians, Arabs generally, and non-Jews from the Middle East generally. It's really revolting and stupid- - no other way to describe it.

      And this is just the "diaspora".

    • Interestingly enough, my ethnic Polish grandfather was one of the refugees who went from Siberia through Iran, to Palestine and then to South Africa.

      He says that the Palestinian Arabs were decidedly cleaner across the board then the Jews involved with the Zionist project.

      I'll say that he does make the distinction between Zionist Jews and Jews in general. He wasn't referring to "the Jews" as being "dirty" as a people-- it's just to my mind a funny anecdote considering how Zionist Jews routinely accuse Palestinians and "the Arabs" of being "dirty".

  • Five US citizens detained, interrogated, denied entry to Israel
  • Using Rep. Johnson's innocent comment to stain his reputation was the real crime
    • John Greenblatt: a termite in need of insecticide.

      Come at me, hasbarats. Guess what I referred to you as there? No insult intended to innocent rodents, BTW.

  • Clintonites knocked out platform references to 'occupation' and 'settlements' in fear of Adelson, Zogby says
    • HFS. Is that what he actually looks like? Or did you guys have fun with his photo?

      Troll under the bridge doesn't even begin to cut it!

      And it's natural. He's hideously ugly on the inside and on the outside.

    • @Hophmi

      Yawn. The "vast majority of Americans", my ass.

      In reality, the problem is apathy, and that goes for a number of issues-- Palestine just being one of them.

      The Americans who think that the peaceful resistance of the BDS movement is "anti-Semitic" also think that the Palestinians existing is "anti-Semitic".

      The point being, that your friends very often are ethnocidal lunatics that shouldn't matter when it comes to serious debate around Israel's abuse of the Palestinian people and issues like the 100% illegal, illegitimate, conflict-perpetuating occupation.

      So sling your whiny propaganda all you like. What I said is the actual truth of the matter. You feel me?

  • Israeli flag is wielded as weapon against Berlin protesters of apartheid
    • @Yonah Fredman.

      Yawn. I guess it's very easy to screech "anti-Semite" when one's political ideology is rooted in the deliberate conflation of the Jews with Israel and the Zionist movement.

      Yes, while fanatical young Zionists (Israeli or otherwise) are screaming "self-hater" and "dirty Arab-lover" at holocaust survivors who sympathize with Palestinians, somehow it's more important to try and smear people who stand for Palestinian rights in the context of Israel-Palestine generally.

      Pretty pathetic. That's all I'm going to say.

  • BDS victory in Mennonite Church Canada
    • It's always sickening and pathetic to see these cretins crying that simple fact-based reports and testimonies from people on the ground constitute "demonization" or "delegitimization" of the so-called "Jewish state".

      It's clear that the pro-Israel Jewish community will brook no opposition whatsoever, at least when it comes to the dedicated propagandists and Palestinian-haters.

      Palestinians "aren't allowed" to defend themselves in any way whatsoever. It's pretty clear to me that these "advocates" for Israel would only be happy with the Palestinians if the Palestinians all shot themselves in the head or otherwise willingly committed national and cultural suicide.

      "Resist by any means necessary", in the face of this kind of (largely) collective mentality, isn't a bad thing at all. You can't fault those Palestinians who do just that.

    • Quite simply, pro-Israel Canadian Jews have far too much influence in government, as far as this goes.

      It's a shame because Canada is not like America. Although most people are "apathetics" or will claim to be "neutral" on the issue, far more of the people in Canada who know about the issue are pro-Palestinian then they are pro-Israel.

    • Trudope is simply pathetic when it comes to Palestine and Lebanon.

      And in the same breath he tries to court the "anti-war no matter what crowd" that's really far left by talking about how fighting Daesh isn't as much of a priority as it is.

      If he can pretend that you can be some kind of peacenik (although he has supported Iraqi forces with logistics and so on) with the likes of Daesh or Wahhabi-takfirist groups generally, then he sure as hell ought to be able to stand with the Palestinian people and recognize the legitimacy of their nationalist claims and their cause.

      He's a disappointment generally. I think his father would be far better on the issue if he still lived.

  • Israeli officers permitted to open fire on boys with slingshots
    • @Boris:

      You're little more then a hasbarat cretin, but let's dissect your nonsense segment by segment:

      "I just wonder how long a “boy” would live if he had thrown a rock – let alone petrol bomb – at a New York police officer?"

      Typical spineless attempts at deflection.

      The cowards and Palestinian-haters of the army of occupation routinely murder Palestinian children, and then lie about it. Zionism conditions them to behave as such.

      As you deny the youth of Palestinian children murdered by Israel, so will I deny the "right" of the spawn of "settlers" to be seen as children.

      Hateful little kahanist land thieves, the lot of them.

      If officers of the NYPD did anything remotely similar to what the illegal army of occupation does in the Palestinian West Bank, then they would deserve to have rocks thrown at their heads, or the backs of their necks. End of discussion.

      The fact remains that NYPD officers don't remotely do things like that. Idiotic, spurious attempt at analogy.

      "And please spare me the b/s about “occupation”…"

      What "BS"? Don't like facts?

      Rhetorical question. I know that you and many of your cohorts absolutely despise facts when it comes to Israel and Palestine and Lebanon.

  • Pregnant Palestinian woman, 27, is killed in Hebron
    • Virtually all of these killings have had the IDF/Border Police account disputed by Palestinians who say they were there at the time.

      Now, the pro-Israel hasbarat camp may very well damn the Palestinians as "liars" or "lying Arabs" or something equally bigoted and racist (and echoing of the old canard of the Jews being a "lying people" generally), but to the objective observer, something's seriously rotten in the army of occupation.

      When you consider that these people are brought up to see Palestinians as "evil" and "less then human", it's not far fetched at all to assume that the army of occupation is out and out murdering the people it claims tried to "attack" and it's NBD because they're "just Palestinians" or "just Arabs".


  • New Jersey becomes 11th state to pass anti-BDS measure
    • Maybe Crusty Chris will keel over from a heart attack. I almost feel bad for his kids, though. Almost.

  • Clinton to Palestine: Drop dead
    • @Hasbara runt:

      "2/3 of the country thinks BDS is antisemitic."

      A shameless, stupid lie. Are you proud to be a shameless, stupid liar?

      "Why would the Democratic Party want to endorse a position that a supermajority thinks is hate speech? "

      Yawn. Why would the Democratic nominee for the presidency hob-nob with Palestinian-hating Jews and cretinous freaks who would rather starve and bomb Iranians as opposed to talk to them on an equal footing?

      Speaking of legitimate hate speech: pro-Israel Jews in America and elsewhere are literally the only people I've heard of who think they have the "right" to call Palestinians "animals" in shrieking rants on public airliners, or to concoct putrid little narratives based on shameless lies and attempt to push them as fact.

      Only pro-Israel Jews. Perhaps it's some insidious aspect of the "Jews are a special people" notion so many of them are brought up with?

    • @hasbara runt:

      You whine:

      "The Zionist enterprise controls everything right? #noeuphemismshere"

      It's abundantly clear that Jews, and pro-Israel Jews in particular, do have an abnormal degree of influence in American politics. It's obvious, there's no point trying to deny that.

      The fact that you hasbarats hysterically shriek "anti-Semitism!" (as you do with virtually everything else, lol) whenever anyone makes even the slightest noise about the issue-- that just once again shows the problem as what it is.

      "Maybe try not lying to yourselves about the amount of support your cause has and you won’t be so upset when nothing happens."

      Your main allies are fanatically Palestinian-hating, frothing at the mouth "diaspora" Jews, and people who want to nuke Tehran or outright call for the destruction of the non-Jews of the Middle East, or ridiculous wingnut "Christian" Zionists who want all Jews who don't convert to Evangelical Protestantism at the Second Coming to burn forever in lakes of fire.

      Great bunch of people you've got, there.

      Outside of America, popular opinion of Israel is consistently a lot more negative then it is positive. Most people aren't into geopolitics but it's pretty clear that the facts in the matter of Israel-Palestine-Lebanon are damning towards Israel and in favour of the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples.

      And when people who otherwise don't do geopolitics are presented with the facts....

      Well, all I can say is that there's one more person with pro-Palestinian sentiments after that.

      Nice spoiling attempt, though. Hasbara fail.

  • Media accusations of blood libels -- against Abbas and Sanders -- amplify a Jewish tribal fantasy
    • @Hasbara


      You're whining about Abbas not wanting to waste time with idiots? Or that Abbas, god forbid, doesn't like Zionist Israelis and doesn't want to be around them in his free time?

      Pathetic. Do you, I wonder, apologize for Israeli Jews who want to take away the little rights of Palestinians in Israel ,or don't want "filthy Arabs" living by Jews?

    • The stupidest of all is how Nutty and the other Palestinian-haters and legitimate blood libelers (accusing Palestinian mothers and fathers of willfully sacrificing their own children to "make Israel look bad, for example) try and run with a soundbite.

    • @Hasbara

      It's common knowledge to anyone who's not a demented ziobot, a Palestinian-hater, or some kind of ignoramus otherwise, that Israel isn't interested in even a remotely fair peace and so Israel has no ground to stand on whining about how Abbas "isn't a partner for peace".

      Israeli and Zionist "peace" is no peace at all. The fact that you people continue to push your BS and demand that the only acceptable Palestinian "peace partner" is one who bends over for you and throws his people under the bus is nothing short of pathetic.

    • I don't know why some people actually continue to listen to the pathetic, hypocritical whimpering of Nutty, Goldberg, et al to the vein of "Israel wants peace, the Palestinians don't".

      Israel and the vast majority of Jews around the world calling themselves "Zionist" have proven time and time again that Israel does not want peace. That Zionism is an ethnically and religiously bigoted ideology bolstered by a lying narrative, one that simply would not exist in practise if it didn't walk hand in hand with shameless land theft and ethnic cleansing.

      An Israeli, Jewish ,and Zionist "peace" simply isn't. No Palestinian in his or her right mind could or should ever accept what the Israeli and Jewish and Zionist types (per their own words) float as "peace proposals".

      Never, never, never.

  • Palestinian teen is shot repeatedly and killed after crashing car into settlers' vehicle in occupation
    • Hmmm. Yet another "incident" where no member of the occupying forces receives so much as a scratch, and the Palestinian is absolutely riddled with bullets...

      Who do they think will swallow this tripe?

      Rhetorical question. It's clear that only demented, rabid pro-Israel types-- Zionist and Jewish or simply possessed with a fanatical hatred of Palestinians and all Middle Eastern non-Jews-- will accept this nonsense at face value.

      To the Palestinians: two eyes for an eye. A pool of blood for every drop of blood. All "settlers" and IDF personnel ought to be considered legitimate military targets.

  • Israeli forces kill Palestinian teen by 'mistake'
    • "A mistake".

      Yeah, right.

      Make no mistake-- this sort of behaviour on the part of the "IDF" is entirely rooted in their Zionist upbringing, which teaches them that the Palestinians and "Arabs" generally are less human compared to Jews. Per this logic, it's NBD if a "brave" IDF soldier (lol, they're mainly third-rate cowards who throw temper fits when they learn war isn't a video game) maims a Palestinian for life or ends up shooting a Palestinian dead (aka wantonly murdering) on the flimsiest of pretexts or for seemingly no reason at all.

      Maybe at the end of the day "two eyes for an eye" and "a pool of blood for every drop of blood" makes sense in a morbid way as the Palestinian go-to route in the context of Palestine, as long as this filthy occupation continues.

  • Question for the Israeli left: Why do you discount the possibility of a second Nakba?
    • Yawn.

      Get it through your thick head-- the neurological disease known as Zionism causes the afflicted to hold a pathological, rabid hatred of the people who lived on the land before the "Zionist Dream" kicked off in full.

      Advocate for poisoning their water, sure. Refer to them repeatedly as "less then human" or as "animals" or at the "least" as "filthy Arabs", sure.

      Advocate for their annihilation in the Gaza ghetto or their "transfer by force in necessary" in what remains of Palestine, sure.

      Deny all you want. Perpetuate the whingy, snot-nosed perpetual victim trope of "the Israeli" all you want. It won't change the facts one bit.

    • What pleasant appearances?

      Metropolitan tel-aviv, you mean?

      Because that really seems to be about it as far as I see it.

  • Israel wants a peace process – but only if it's doomed to fail
    • @ "two states for two peoples": a tired old refrain that's essentially meaningless in practise.

      The only way a two-state solution will work is if the Israelis go back to the 67 borders, if the Palestinian state is economically viable, has the right to self-defence, and is geographically contiguous, if all the "settlers" and the illegal occupation are both removed from where they have no right to be-- with the Palestinians acquiring the assets in the "settlements" built by the Israelis-- and if the Palestinians are allowed a partial right of return within the confines of the new Palestinian state.

      Israel, of course, isn't for any of these things, because Israel doesn't want peace and seeks to make an utter farce out of any "peace process" or "negotiations".

      Even if Hillary wins-- the rest of the world is going to get increasingly tough on the so-called "Jewish state"-- especially if that state causes another massacre of the innocents in Gaza, or the West Bank, or in Lebanon.

    • Good. Considering that the Israelis will ensure that the talks fail, it seems inevitable that France will finally formally recognize the Palestinian state.

  • Tel Aviv Gay Pride: Not a cause for celebration
    • If the gays only care about "LGBT" people being killed in the first place, or think that gay pride in Tel Aviv absolves Israel of its conduct in Gaza and the West Bank and previously in Lebanon-- then they're clearly pretty shitty people and I see no reason to tolerate their notions of being "persecuted for their sexuality" in return.

  • Clinton campaign is 'nervous' Sanders will push 'divisive' battle over Democratic platform on Israel
    • Good. I hope it causes these awful people as much stress as possible. Maybe Hillary will blow a blood vessel in her brain and drop dead.

      Saban and Adelson kicking the bucket would only be good for America as well.

    • @hasbara:

      Yawn. You're still playing the disingenuous and pathetic game of labelling anyone who isn't Palestinian-hating and pro-Israel of being a "Jew-hater".

      Public criticism of Israel is right and proper and necessary, in the context of Israel, Palestine, and Lebanon.

      Israel was, is, will be the most morally bankrupt party in those conflicts. Israel is not a strategic ally-- it's a money-sapping liability that contributes considerably to the attempts by some to demonize and dehumanize all Arabs and Muslims. It lies about the enemies it made for itself and tries to get other people to go to war for it in that regard.

      Public criticism of Israel, and the racist, religiously bigoted ideology that is Zionism is paramount when it comes to actual discourse and debate and the true meaning of "freedom of speech".

  • A brief history of the 'Nakba' in Israel
    • Uncannily similar. These people are worse though in the sense that the Stalinist butchers didn't make up ridiculous fables about how they were the "real victims" as they murdered and ethnically cleansed whole populations.

      At least not to my knowledge. I could be wrong-- but from my family history, Poles who were ethnically cleansed and deported to Siberia by the Soviet union, there's no report of the Soviets claiming anything other then "might makes right".

    • @hasbara cretin:

      It's always fun to deal with and dispel the lies of the hasbarat camp, for sure!

      " While about 600,000 Arabs left their homes in Israel, over 800,000 Jews left their homes all over the Arab world."

      Firstly, you try to strip the Palestinians of their national identity by referring to them generically as "Arabs".

      For the slow-- a Palestinian is a kind of Arab, but Palestinians aren't interchangeable with Peninsula Arabs, much in the same way Maghrebi Arabs aren't.

      You take one of the lower estimates. Per Palestinian historians, at least 750,000 Palestinians were ethnically cleansed and expelled in 1947-40.

      "That is a “transfer of populations.” "

      Wrong. That's an idiotic term applied by those who seek to de-legitimize the Palestinian right of return while endorsing the farcical "Jewish right of return".

      " Add to that the continued manipulation of “refugee” status on the part of UNWRA"

      Hilarious. Absolutely hilarious and pathetic to see someone who accepts the Jewish manipulation of who's a "refugee" who can "return" to Israel, whining about UNWRA and their classification of who is a Palestinian refugee.

      For the slow: If all the Jews of the world are "refugees" from the "Jewish homeland", then it goes without saying that all of the Palestinian diaspora are in effect a refugee population with a right to return to historic Palestine also.

      " and an entire Arab world that inhumanely connived and refused citizenship to Arabs who left Israel. "

      Yawn. Typical hasbarat-- attempting to absolve the original and dire sins of the Jews and Israel by pointing fingers to the lesser sins of the surrounding Arab states; who only engage in that sort of behaviour under the principle that the Palestinians ought to be allowed a right of return to Palestine.

      The primary arbiter of inhumane behaviour in this scenario is, of course, Israel. Is of course the pro-Israel Jew who denies the Palestinian right of return and pretends that Israel is morally absolved in blocking that Palestinian initiative.

      "The need for justice has to come from Arab countries, not from Israel. "

      Yawn. A statement with absolutely no substance, outside of the typical attempt to baby that stupid, spoiled child of a nation-- Israel.

      Israel has not once shown the Palestinians anything resembling justice or equal treatment or a fair deal.

      Your whining and wailing aside-- Israel must do right by the Palestinians, or be held to account.

      End of discussion.

  • Saying Israel has no right to exist as a Jewish state is not anti-Semitic
    • @hasbarat:

      Always interesting that you fools try to break this nonsense out as though it makes an "argument" in the slightest.

      You whine:

      " Always interesting that the world can have dozens of islamic states and no one bats an eyelash"

      Well, that's strictly speaking not true. People like you whine about it all the time.

      The fact that normal people "don't bat an eyelash" is because those populations are indigenous, have lived there naturally. Those are their countries.

      Do you whine about the European states being "Christian" or otherwise majority Christian as well? Whine about populations who've always been there?

      You whine:

      " but the thought of one jewish state in the world makes some cringe and scream racism and intolerance. "

      Because the one "Jewish state" is entirely artificial, and entirely founded on wholesale land theft and ethnic cleansing.

      It only exists because of the racist, intolerant political ideology that is Zionism-- an ideology that in practise lauds ethnic cleansing and land theft as "moral" in the 20th and 21st centuries, as long as "only the Jews do it".

      If there was a natural population of Jews, who were always there and their state by virtue of the indigenous population was a "Jewish majority" one (none of these factors apply to Israel), then people wouldn't take issue with it.

      You whine:

      "Gaza is 99% muslim, sigh. West Bank is 98% muslim, boring. Israel is 75% jewish..OH NO! Funny."

      Once again, for the slow (you): Gaza's population as it is isn't the byproduct of land theft and ethnic cleansing.

      Neither is the Muslim population of the Palestinian West Bank, occupied or otherwise.

      But-- the state of Israel is entirely the byproduct of land theft and ethnic cleansing. The overwhelming majority of Jews in the so-called "Jewish state" are not indigenous to the Levant; they are a foreign implant from all over the world, living off the "fruit" of their land theft and ethnic cleansing.

      Can you remotely parse what the difference is?

    • Exactly. The only people who're 100% of the time trying to make it about "the Jews" are the Israeli state and pro-Israel Jews around the world themselves.

      These are the people who say "there's no difference between a Zionist and a Jew" and that "Israel speaks for all Jews around the world".

      These are the people who routinely equate standing up for the rights of Palestinian and Lebanese people with "hating Jews for being Jews".

      It's obviously an attempt to try and turn the issue into one of extreme identity politics-- as you said, it's really about actions and abuses undertaken, not the identity of the people engaging in those things.

  • If it had been up to Hillary Clinton, there would be no Iran Deal
    • @Hasbara whiner:

      You write:

      " It’s just amazing that you leave out the part about “members in Congress.” Just amazing and disingenuous."

      It's the height of irony for you to accuse anyone else of being "disingenuous", especially when it comes to this issue.

      Congress, to its eternal shame, is in Netanyahu's pocket on this crucial issue (or otherwise up somewhere where the sun don't shine).

      Hilary was influenced by cowardly, evil people like Saban and Netanyahu. Congress? Influenced by the same cowardly, evil people.

      You're just grasping desperately for any chance to accuse people of whatever, per the attempts to poo-poo anything critical of Israel.

      " You dismiss any notion of nuance in order to hammer home your agenda."

      This is actually really gross (and typically pathetic) coming from the likes of you.

      Ever heard sayings about glass houses and throwing stones? Or the pot calling the kettle black?

      Things like that?

  • 'Her absurd generals, her military junk' -- Daniel Berrigan's prophetic speech on Israel in '73
    • And.... crickets.

      It always is "funny" to see people who belong to a group notorious for its extreme hatred of the Palestinians, "the Arabs", and indeed any and all non-Jews from the Greater Middle East try and pretend that they care about "anti-Arab racism" in any form.

      I really don't get, in light of the reality of people like him, what he's trying to go for here.

    • @Hasbara whiner:

      There's long been an alliance, particularly in Europe, between the rabidly pro-Israel elements of the Jewish population, and people who could only be described as "Nazis" in terms of their views on non-Jews from the Middle East, Slavs, and of course the Roma people.

      Apparently racially minded fascists who want to ethnically and religiously "cleanse" Europe of "subhumans" are kosher provided they hold forth on how they "love Jews and Israel". That seems to be the shield these parties hide behind, with the blessing of the rabidly pro-Israel elements in question.

    • @Qualtrough

      Like all "defenders of the JEWISH STATE!!!!" all he's got is boring babble, wild accusations, and hypocrisy.

      Stands to reason that he's going to contradict himself in some regard in the line of duty spewing his nonsense and his rhetoric.

    • @Hasbara whiner:

      " Of course, what Berrigan’s speech shows is that the radical left has always had a yen for Arab dictators, and that has led to its absorption of the antisemitism that pervades Arab societies. "

      Of course, what we see here is more typically disingenuous and fact-free whinging from someone whose main goal in life is to try and poo-poo anyone who criticizes the "Jewish state" even slightly.

      I'm no far leftist, but your first claim is nothing but slanderous and by no means something that can be substantiated.

      Your second claim is even more fact-free and another ugly attempt at slander.

      I know that Hasbarats try and portray "the Arabs" as "worse then hitler" but it's clear that "anti-Semitism in Arab societies" couldn't hold a candle to what ultimately came to a head in Europe during the 1930s and 1940s.

      Relentless Zionist and Jewish demonization of "the Arabs" leaves it impossible to take you seriously in the least, to say the least. Mischaracterization of the understandable antipathy towards Israel and Zionism amongst the Palestinians and the Lebanese as "hatred of Jews for being Jewish" only makes your standing even worse.

      " It’s also interesting that you leave out Berrigan’s anti-Arab racism. Berrigan claimed that Arabs have a “capacity for deception.” By Berrigan’s logic, the other states in the Middle East constituted “criminal Muslim communities.” "

      Sounds like something you'd laud him for-- if that's the case that he said that, you'd think he'd have been good friends with Zionist Jews around the globe.

      " And of course, the speech is the same brand of ignorant ridicuousness we often hear from the radical left about Israel. In 1973, Israel was still basically a socialist state; Berrigan claims that it had not yet dealt with poverty and misery."

      It's the opposite of ignorant or ridiculous. Berrigan was of course referring to the comparative (and state approved) poverty and misery of Palestinians in Israel, especially in comparison to the Jewish and Zionist population.

      ". American Jews were active in the antiwar movement; Berrigan called out American Jews to an audience doubtless primed to believe the worst about Jews. "

      These very same Jews seemed to have no problem with the war created and imposed on the Palestinians by people who claimed to speak for all Jews.

      American Jews deserved to be chewed out then, and it's even more the case now. All the whining and squealing of "it was anti-Semitic" by some dopey little propagator of hasbara lies in the world isn't going to change that fact.

      " But typically, Mondoweiss defends this kind of extreme speech, which calls Israeli Jews and American Jewish leaders criminal."

      Yawn. Hysteria and your histrionics otherwise, as I've already said, won't change the facts.

      But typically, the resident Palestinian-hating hasbara troll attempts to scream "bigotry" like the awful hypocrite that he is.

      So pathetic.

  • 14-year-old Palestinian girl shot, 12-year-old Palestinian girl tortured after alleged attacks
    • @hasbara whiner:

      Yawn. Whose word do we have? That of the lying, Palestinian-hating IDF and other occupation authorities.

      Even if the girl was actually planning to stab some illegally occupying, Palestinian-hating type? It's clear that the ultimate responsibility lies with the illegal occupation and the thugs calling themselves "Israel Defense Forces". Creating an environment that's so abusive to Palestinians that they try and strike back by any means necessary?

  • The banality of evil as captured in a selfie
    • @hasbara whiner:

      "These numbers say nothing about who was at fault."

      Unlike world war 2, the Israel-Palestine conflict was started by the Yishuv and exacerbated by the Israeli state.

      The Jews are the only party in the conflict who've committed wide-scale ethnic cleansing. They're also the only party who's murdered civilians on a comparatively wide scale, and the more then any of the other belligerents in Israel's wars on the Palestinians and Lebanese combined.

      " Please explain why Palestinians were murdering Israelis before settlements & before occupation."

      "Murdering". Palestinians were killing Israelis and fighting the murderous, thuggish IDF prior to 1967 because of the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, the land theft by Israeli Jews, that began in earnest in 1947 and continued all the way through to the renewed large-scale ethnic cleansing in 1967.

      A handful, if that, of the Jews killed in the years between 1947 and 1967 were actually "murdered".

      In contrast, Israel (the Jews) routinely murdered Palestinians on the borders of the Israeli state, and in other places.

      Murders, unjustifiable killings, maiming, systematic abuse and humiliation..... let's just say you don't have a leg to stand on when it comes to attempts at selective outrage.

    • @m1945"

      "Please explain"

      Obfuscating stupidity? Cool beans.

      Or it could be that you really are that slow. It's very possible considering your views on the Palestinian (and the Lebanese also, to be sure) people and your Zionism.

    • @hasbara whiner:

      Only when you spam and post links like this totally out of context does it help your nasty little narrative.

      That's of course, the "Palestinians started it and they're doing it for no reason" narrative.

      My response? End the aggression against the Palestinians, the aggression that's been a staple of the Jewish and Zionist movement since before the official creation of the so-called "Jewish state" in 1948.

      All Palestinian rocket firings are retaliation or in response to something the Israeli state or the IDF enact or do.

      Want the rockets to stop?

      Stop stealing Palestinian land. Stop shooting up fishing boats in Gsza, or "pre-emptively" striking parts of the Gaza Strip (often killing civilians). Stop maiming and murdering Palestinians out of hand in Gaza and the occupied West Bank both.

      Those are just some of the reasons, outside of generic Palestinian "revenge-ism" for things like this:

    • @hasbara whiner:


      In actuality, it's been pro-Israel propagandists who've been "corrupting" Wikipedia articles on the Israel-Palestine situation for years.

      Creating individual articles for every "settler" who gets farted at while working to make Palestinians murdered or maimed by Jews footnotes, if that, at "best" whenever it happens.

    • @hasbara whiner:


      Nope. This picture is a good example of the "banality of evil" per the scribblings of Hannah Arendt.

      Hamas isn't "sending" anyone. No one's filming "suicide videos".

      No Israeli in the occupied West Bank who's been stabbed or shot or run over is an "innocent civilian".

      It seems to be IDF, "Israel Border Police", and the invasive cretins who steal land and often act as illegal paramilitary belligerents who call themselves "settlers".

      If this latter party is to be considered "civilian", then what are they doing stealing land in an entity that's not considered by anyone to be "part of Israel"? Israeli civilians belong in Israel, not in what's left of Palestine.

    • @Palestinian-hating Zionist:

      All four of them are legitimate military targets as long as they remain in occupied Palestine and act as belligerent, hostile combatants.

      I'd like to see a "before and after" picture of them, if you know what I mean.

  • Clinton's Passover message about 'fighting oppression' is highly selective
  • Thousands of Israelis fill Tel Aviv's Rabin Square in support for soldier who executed Palestinian
    • @oldgeezer

      We also see the willingness of the pro-Israel "diaspora" to stand with and agree with people in North America and Europe who're no different then Nazis and neo-nazis, provided that they don't hate Jews and instead hate Arabs, Iranians, Turks, Kurds, and indeed all non-Jews in the Middle East.

      We see the same thing in regards to "as long as they hate the Muslims then they're fine" on the religious level.

      One only has to look at what passes for "argument" in "favour of Israel" that comes out of the mouths of these people in real life, on social media, etc.

      "No no it's all lies those Arabs are liars" is literally the tamest, least offensive thing I've ever heard. That doesn't speak well at all for these people.

  • Israeli solider filmed killing Palestinian in Hebron charged with manslaughter
    • 95% of them according to some polls approved of the slaughter in Gaza two years ago. I'm always partially suspect of polls in relation to the broader population but in the Israeli Jewish case, stats like that 95% and now this 57% pro-extrajudicial murder really do correspond with reality.

      I mean, these are people who're reverting back to the idiotic "Palestinians don't exist" rhetorical tract which was so common before Oslo. They're sick, stupid, and ever so childish-- and the notion that they don't see Palestinians, Lebanese, and Arabs generally as humans (or at "least" not as humans equal to Jews) really continues to prove itself to be accurate.

      To all intents and purposes, the "diaspora" is as bad or even worse when it comes to this. At least when you consider the dedicated hasbarists and the very rabidly pro-Israel types.

  • Clinton propagates false understanding of Camp David
    • The sad fact remains that if the Israelis weren't "perpetual victims" in the eyes of some, and Jewish, then most everyone would be pointing out the fact that they were only ever legally entitled to a fraction of the land that made up Mandate Palestine.

      A good response to pro-israels whining about a more intense focus on this conflict in particular-- if they weren't propagators of extreme identity politics (up to and including demanding to be seen as the "real victims" when they're the ones blowing up children in Gaza) as far as the issue goes, then people would pay it no more attention then any other nasty little ethno-nationalist conflict.

    • She's gross. And the fact remains that what she's babbling on about shows up how gross the people she's trying to court are.

      The Palestinians: one of the only groups of people in the world who're demonized for doing what anyone else in their position would do.

      The Palestinians: one of the only groups of people in the world who're told to be "grateful" whenever the people who stole from them and ethnically cleansed them offer up minute scraps and demand to be labeled as "generous".

      It is the Jews who ought to be grateful that the Palestinians allowed them 6% of Mandate Palestine. That 6% was bought from Palestinian Arab land-owners as it is.

  • 'NY Times' publishes op-ed writer's blatant falsehood about Palestinians without blinking an eye
    • @Hasbara whiner:

      Yawn. Enough said.

      In reality, boycotting economic/commercial products from Israel is good enough. Not buying from rabidly pro-Israel, Palestinian-hating Jews amongst the "diaspora" is also a good idea.

      Poo-poo all you want. You cretins can't stop BDS and that's why you're getting so bent out of shape over it.

    • He's also got the definitive "shit-eating grin", as an afterthought. He deserves a kick in the ass at best for writing up that drivel.

    • A pro-Israel hasbara type engages in the dissemination of idiotic lies. What else is new?

      Just goes to show how pointless it is to "engage" or "dialogue" with these people, or even give them the time of day. But the fact that they whine and bleat "anti-Semitism" as though it constitutes some kind of argument ought to be proof enough of what I just said.

  • Israeli army operation in downtown Ramallah causes sweeping fire
    • All IDF in Ramallah and indeed the entire Palestinian West Bank forfeit even a minute of peace and any right to safety or security.

      Goes equally as much for the "settlers" who steal land in what's left of Palestine.

  • Segregation of Palestinians and Jews in maternity wards becomes an issue in Israel
    • Hilarious to see nutty and the rest of them claiming that the Palestinian West Bank is "Jewish land" and is "Israel".

      When they do that, they are essentially saying that the Israeli state proper, per their expansionist definition, is most definitely an apartheid state beyond any doubt.

      Their propaganda always is pathetic. But these are people who think whining "anti-Semite" in response to any kind of criticism regarding Palestine and Lebanon is a valid argument and more importantly (for them) some kind of last word.

    • Once again, Palestinians in Israel overwhelmingly report something that's markedly different from the Israeli hasbara narrative.

      Once again the response from Israeli Jews generally is "no no it's wrong there's nothing wrong here" if they're not out and out calling Palestinians in Israel "liars" generally.

      One can be assured that the PR hacks for Israel WILL out and out call Palestinians in Israel "liars" whilst chanting the stale propaganda lines with the exact same wording time after time.

      Sickening, and pathetic. But that's something that's very, very typical when it comes to this.

  • Note to Progressive Jews: The right of return is not the 'i'm-doing-you-a-favor' of return
    • The land theft and ethnic cleansing of Palestine was and remains deeply unjust since it's not remotely resolved.

      The ongoing treatment of Palestinians in the context of Israel-Palestine-Lebanon by Israel and Israelis remains to be deeply unjust.

      But no-- whine instead about something that's completely hypothetical at best.

  • Goldman Sachs is funding Hebron settlers
    • @Hasbara:

      You're an idiot, first and foremost. Also not valuable at all.

      Now that stating the obvious is out of the way-- they're considered "settlers" because they ARE "settlers".

      A pack of racist, smelly, stupid land thieves, guarded by the army of occupation.

      These are people who throw their feces at the Palestinians and then have the audacity to scream "filthy Arab" at the Palestinians?

      " they returned to homes that were legally owned by the Jewish community before they massacre by their Arab neighbors in the 1920s when the community was hacked to death with axes and other weapons?"

      Whiny piddle at best. Can't expect more from a "settler" apologist.

      Barring the fact that there's no continuity between the smelly, poo-throwing land thieves of today and the handful of Jews who were killed in the area during the 1920s-- the events that you whine about were a direct result of illegal Jewish squatting on Palestinian land, and the obvious intent of the Zionist movement to push for a "Jewish state" on as much land as possible, and more importantly a state "free of Palestinians".

      The sad fact remains that if the Jews were content to remain on the 6% of Mandate Palestine that they bought-- the only part of Palestine they were entitled to or had any right whatsoever to live in-- then the killings in Al-Khalil in the 1920s would've never occurred in the first place.

  • How I discovered what Phil Ochs thought about Israel
    • Yawn. Denial of the illegal occupation from the first and whining about the Palestinians wisely refusing to "negotiate" with those who had just ethnically cleansed 250,000 more of them?

      People who denied Palestinians even existed with every breath, smiling smugly with ugly, gormless Golda Meir faces?

      There's a good term for people like you. "Muppet", or "muppets" plural. Whiny, stupid, bereft of anything but hasbarat propaganda. I'd say be ashamed but it's clear that shame is an entirely foreign concept to you.

  • Here are 6 incidents of Islamophobia on campus in the last week
    • Sounds about right. I know that the "SSI"s on campuses throw shit fits over "hate" graffiti that criticizes Israel, but they're almost unanimously silent across the board when anti-Palestinian, anti-Arab, or anti-Middle Easterner in general graffiti pops up.

      It's no coincidence that many of the people who write hate graffiti against "the Arabs" or "the Muslims" seem to think that they "can't be racist/religiously bigoted" if they love Jews and Israel.

    • That's pretty nuts. Unfortunately the fact is that the hasbara camp works hand in glove with people who're just generically racist or ethnically/religiously bigoted a whole lot of the time.

      Especially when it comes to attacks or insults on Palestinian symbolism, on campuses or elsewhere.

  • Advocate for 'white British people' bridles when Rula Jebreal mentions race
    • Speaking personally-- I think people who make up lies about the refugee crisis and Middle Eastern people in Europe generally ought to be ostracized and essentially "excommunicated" from the pro-Palestinian camp. Same thing as what happens, ideally, to those who just use the pro-Palestinian cause as a vehicle to try and express certain other views that aren't exactly great.

      Europe is not being "overrun" by refugees. The crisis is totally the fault of the repulsive leaders of Europe's Eastern Block. People like Viktor Orban, Milos Zeman, and Robert Fico.

  • Birthright ends trips to Israel -- 'American Jews are better off imagining Israel than seeing it'
    • Good propaganda joke in your first line.

      And on the second one: I'm almost dying. You really have to be loopy to believe that they're "maintaining their humanity" or that there are "nonstop" threats and attacks "for no reason".

      You ought to win a prize for your boorish, oafish kind of audacity. Not a good prize, but a prize nonetheless.

  • Eric Alterman contradicts himself about anti-Semitism on campus
    • @Hasbara:

      Shameless, idiotic babble. I'm no leftist-- as supporting Palestine is a common sense issue that ought to transcend the left-right spectrum-- but whinging "leftofascist" at people as your newest ad hominem attack is nothing but incredibly pathetic.

      Incredibly pathetic. I'm sure that's your go-to look but it doesn't legitimize being that way.

      Typically, accusations of "anti-Semitism" on college and uni campuses are extremely over-blown to say the least. But we are talking about a people who think saying "Palestinians are as good as Jews and have righta" is the moral equivalent to being a Nazi.

  • Young liberal Zionists, it's time to let go and move on
    • I really don't care if liberal Zionists are "afraid" or "uncomfortable" on campus because people are demonstrating what Israel actually does in the occupied Palestinian West Bank.

      If you're afraid and "uncomfortable" because people are standing for human rights and justice then the problem lies with you as far as I'm concerned. Nothing's being made up or exaggerated by the pro-Palestinian activists on campus, and yet you hear whining about "not showing the full picture" when the occupying IDF aren't made out to be "as much the victims" as the people they maim and kill and abuse and humiliate.

      Liberal Zionists ought to put an end to the occupation. Not hand out shitty Israeli knockoffs of Levantine food and whine about the apartheid analogy and promote Zionism as some kind of morally upright national liberation movement as opposed to an ideology rooted in land theft and wholesale ethnic cleansing, at least in practise.

      A funny way to end this post-- they have really nothing at all to say when confronted with the fact that the Jews who came to Palestine were only ever legally entitled to 6% total.

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