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  • Forget pinkwashing, it's brownwashing time: self-Orientalizing on the US campus
    • Annie:

      "kaisa, there’s a excellent movie .."

      Thanks for the tip! I'll try to find it!

    • p.s. Annie:

      The official talk was ofcourse that: "Israel is the best country in the world", but the other stories started coming up, when I started to know people and wanted to hear more about their private histories.

    • Thank you Annie for this!!

      It is interesting how that confirms exactly the things I was told by my Mizrahim friends.. All what is there, was their experience too! And it was very common for the Mizrahim boys (2nd generation)* to try to look for a wife from Ukrain and other former Soviet countries, because marrying a "white European" would "raise their raiting" in those different categories, where the Ethiopian Jews were the lowest and the white U.S. Jews** the highest.. (The gap between the Jews from U.S. and the Mizrahim was so wide, I do not remember them really meeting each other anywhere.)

      *(My experience based on the years 2005-2009)
      **Simply because of their own attitude towards other people..

  • Israel has more legitimacy than US because the bible mentions Jerusalem, not New York -- says David Harris
    • "..the most widely read book in the history of the world.."

      Yes, and ofcourse that makes everything written in it a fact, like:

      "But for Adam no suitable helper was found. 21 So the Lord God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping, he took one of the man’s ribs and then closed up the place with flesh. 22 Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man.

      23 The man said,

      “This is now bone of my bones
      and flesh of my flesh;
      she shall be called ‘woman,’
      for she was taken out of man.”

      (Genesis 2:4-3:24)

      Most likely the only time in the history a man has given birth to a woman and not the opposite, like it usually seems to be.. Truly a reliable sourse for just about everything in the world!

    • And before you ask Jackdaw, here is an example..

    • "You don’t give a rats ass about Arabs.."

      Dear Jackdaw,

      We - as Finns - have not got such limitations in giving help. So yes, we are also helping Syrian refugees in the refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan, also both Irakis and Kurds, where ever they need help. We have also taken refugees from all of those countries mentioned before and chidren and their right to go to school and live in peace have always been in our special interest. We do not ask their religion nor their nationality. Each child, girl and boy, deserves a life without oppression and violence. You just have to get used to the idea that the Zionists and their interests are not the center of the world.

    • "What the hell are Jows.."

      Maybe he meant Yows??

  • Israel's top diplomat spouts anti-Semitic criticism of American Jews -- 'having quite convenient lives'
    • Jack:

      "I favor an independent Palestine. You favor the destruction of Israel.
      Who’s the one not willing to compromise?"

      How can Palestine be independent, if the illegal settlers and the IDF are not leaving?? Most of the settlers are immigrants from Europe and U.S. and have no personal connection to the land. If the Settlements should be allowed, it would mean all the Palestinians living in diaspora, thrown away from Israel would also have permission to return and to resettle to their areas inside Israel.

      So there are two possibilities: Two states, one under the Palestinian rule and one under the Israelian rule, East Jerusalem for the Palestinians and the other part for the Israel or one state, new name, under common rule and with equal rights.

    • Jack:

      The more you try to feed me with this Zionist propaganda, the more I start to think that maybe the only solution is that Israel ceases to exist. If the Zionists are not ready to compromize and to see the other side of the situation, then what there is now, must stop existing. It can become something else then. I do not believe in deportations of those Jewish Israelis who were born in the area, but there is nothing acceptable with some American/European born brainwashed people thinking they are entitled to dictate all of the terms, how things should happen.

      You made me think that the only way to peace might be no Israel. Some united area with common administration, new name, new flag, but no Israel.

    • Jack:

      "Jews lived for centuries in Hebron & Gaza. In 1929, Hebron & Gaza were ethnically cleansed of their Jews. In 1948, the West Bank & East Jerusalem were ethnically cleansed of their Jews. Why is it illegal for Jews to rebuild their homes in Hebron, Gaza, the West Bank & East Jerusalem.."

      And why are the Palestinians not rebuilding their homes around Israel in those areas/villages they were thrown away in the past and Israel is rather demolishing new homes all the time??

      I have no idea why some American or European Jews would have any legitimacy to "rebuild" anything in Gaza or East Jerusalem. Would be different, if we were talking about the Jewish Palestinians who used to live in the area before Israel.

      "In 1967 when there were no settlers in the WB or East Jerusalem, this is what Arab leaders said.."

      Wellcome to the 21st century. Zionists were the external intruders, you assume they would have been wellcomed by roses and huggs??

    • Jack:

      "I favor statehood for the Palestinians if they want it & are willing to live in peace.."

      So the thing you can start to do right now, is to start demanding the IDF and ALL of the Illegal Settlers immidiately leaving the WB and the East Jerusalem. When this is done, maybe the Palestinians will be ready to discuss about the future.

    • Jack:

      "I never claimed that the Jews were the only people who had been persecuted & I favor statehood for the Roma, the Kurds, etc. if they want it.."

      And the Palestinians??

    • Jack:

      It should not be my job to find you relevant books to read, since you are the one who loves to use history as an excuse for all kinds of oppressing and violent actions today, but I think this could be a book for you to start:

      (If you do not wish to read this book, you can surely find other books of the same subject and please read something deeper than two lines from Wikipedia!)

    • Jack:

      "The English, the Scots, the Welsh, the Dutch, the French, the Belgians, the Swiss, the Germans, the Italians, the Swedes, the Danes, the Norwegians, the Finns, the Austrians, the Hungarians, the Romanians, the Bulgarians, the Turks, the Spanish, the Portuguese, the Czechs, the Catholics, the Protestants, etc. have not been confined to ghettos nor have they been victims of genocide.."

      Hoh hoijaaa Jack, as would say in Finnish..

      Please start studying some World History instead of some kind of Zio History..

      Emory already said it all and as Oldgeezer pointed out, maybe you should check the history of the Nazis and the Roma people too..

    • Jack:

      Why do you think you are entitled to have two home countries (I asume you were not born in Israel) and the Palestinians non (so the West Bankers should just give up an leave so that you can fit in??)?? Sounds quite greedy to me? My Israelian friends taught me Judaism was all about caring and sharing, so are you now telling me suddenly it is not?? Or have Judaism and Zionism ever really been connected??

    • Jack:

      "Should Finland grant Finnish citizenship to Palestinian refugees?"


      Ofcourse we are!

      "A requirement for citizenship is that you live in Finland and that you have done so for a sufficient length of time (period of residence):

      If you have refugee (and here we do not separate people by their background, religion or anything else) status in Finland or you have been granted a residence permit on the basis of subsidiary or humanitarian protection, it is enough that you have lived in Finland for the past four years without interruption (to be able to aply for the citizenship). (And if you are not a criminal, you will most likely get it, I have not met anyone who did not..)

      Your period of residence begins from the date on which you submitted your application for asylum in Finland or for a residence permit."

      We have former Palestinian refugees living in here who have Finnish citizenship. We also have Jewish Israelis who have Finnish citizenship for themselves and for their children (allthough they most likely did not come here as refugees or asylum seekers). Here we have same rules for everyone, so no separate laws based on someones identity, religion or other background.

    • "Elizabeth Warren shows she will fight Wall Street, but not the Israel Lobby.."

      Obviously we have to start this change from the bottom to the top, not the opposite.

      27.11.-2.2.2017 we'll be having Rania Madi and Lia Tarachansky touring in the three biggest cities in Finland, talking about the I/P and Zionism from the history untill today. A lot has been happening here this year around this issue. There is no time to wait for some "good world leaders" to appear, might never happen, we (the average people) have to start working about this now and some change might start happening.

    • Lonely Rico:

      My questions are: Why do women so often have to become like men, before they can really gain some power? And why do some women feel urge to vote for those men who are known to be p***y grabers?? That is like kicking your own ankle.

  • No way to treat a child
    • Kay24:

      And when you look at those pictures and then today, you ask, like honestly, how the h*** was it let to become like this?? (And yes, all kinds of reasons may be given, but nothing there could ever be good enough to be acceptable..)

    • "The video contains pictures of different Palestinian cities, before the creation of the state of Israel by the Zionists in 1948.."

  • Bret Stephens equates anti-Zionists with white nationalists in the 'New York Times'
    • Sorry, I am confused.. Who's DNA are we talking about here?? What did the DNA tests of the Palestinians show?? How close "ancestral connection" to "the land" did they have?? I want to see their results!!

  • Washing ashore in Hawaii
    • RoHa:

      "So a bunch of Minnesotans are going to claim Finland as their ancestral homeland, and drive you all into Russia and Sweden.."

      How naive am I.. Such thought did not even cross my mind..

      Allthough, there is a whole book written about them and they did not seem to be very violent or "greedy for power". But isn't world interesting and surprising when you start to dig deeper into the details??

    • Bont, just to give you a small detail of the history: When some hundreds of thousands Finns left to go to work in U.S. around the end of the 19th-beginning of the 20th century (because of the unemployment and the Russification of Finland) , most of them ended up in the Northern Lake areas and some of them mixed with the Native-Americans. So there are still people called "Findians" around Minnesota area: Mixed Finns and Ojibwas. World is not black and white, it is mixed in all of its colours. The link is in Finnish, but you can watch the pictures.

    • Bont:

      It is up to all of us as individuals to choose, if we wish to seek for similarities and for love or to seek for differences and for hate. And that is how the world is going to be built in the future.

      Just want to share a song of my favorite Swedish artist (born Iranian) Laleh, I see no differences between us:

    • Bont:

      "..every other culture outside of the white, Christian strain of humanity.."

      What is this "White Christian strain of humanity"?? Christianity has been divided and reformed several times and there is no one Christian strain.

    • Bont, what bothers me is that you obviously live in U.S.A.?? Why are you living there, if you don't share "the American values"?? And if the destiny of the Native Americans touches you so much, what is it, you yourself have done to improve their conditions (you are also living on their former land now!!)??

    • "White supremacist culture however is malignant towards every other culture outside of the white, Christian strain of humanity. It actively seeks to dominate and humiliate all other cultures different or opposing to it, with unashamed illusions of superiority. Its not the same thing as other cultures raising itself up because white culture puts every other culture down. Thats what’s white culture is. Its the nigger, the Muslim terrorist, the docile but smart Asians, the uppity bitch, the slut, the faggot, the lazy brown people, the dirty Indians, the uncivilized natives. The worthless masses of poor forsaken by God and billionaire prophets.."

      Dear Bont,

      I don't know who you are and in which bubble you were born. I most dearly recommend you to travel around the world: India, Africa, the Middle East and what ever place you are talking about. I have seen enough to get speechless "infront of" your comments. When you personally meet little girls who are circumcised, infected and in sevear pain just because of some "eternal" beliefs of no real argument or meet villages where people really bealieve AIDS can be cured by having sex with a new born, I don't know what you mean at all. It doesn't need a "White European" to know how to be crule or ignorant.

      If the "White World" is so bad as you say, why is there a young Afghan woman (born in Kabul 1984) eleceted as a member of Finnish Parliament and now also working as Deputy Mayor of our Capital City Helsinki?? Why can't she be doing the same in her first home country, which I am sure she'd be happy to do too. One day she might be our president and I would not mind at all. She shares the same values I do of humanity and what is the most important in this life.

  • Video: Brisbane musicians rework Nick Cave classic to demand he cancel Israel show
    • P.s. RoHa:

      Sorry, that last sentence was like so bad English.. I hope you got the point anyway!

    • RoHa:

      "Dare I ask whether they succeeded??"

      Heh.. :) Depends on what you mean by succeeding.. Finns used to have "Nature religion", worshipping ancestors and different "Gods" in the nature (like Bears and somekind of "God of Thunder"..??) . Anyway, with their "religious conversion" Swedes brought also fex. the teaching of reading and writing. So I don't know, if they succeded with converting Finns to really religious people, but the desire for education might have come from there..

      Anyway, it just frustrates me, when people get stuck with the past. Like they could change some of it and keep some of it or just eternally use the history as an excuse for everything today. History can't be changed and also we have no idea what the world would look like, if one piece of the history would be taken off.

      Like, obviously I will always think it was wrong Russia attacked Finland 1939, causing the war and so much suffering and left so many people without home, but it happend. And then again, we have no idea how Finland would look like now, if the war did not happen. Personally, I would propably never have even been born (not like that would have been any kind of loss for the humankind, but still), since my mothers mother lost her first fiance in the war (he was a pilot, shot down by the Russians) and after the war she then met my grand father.. And almost all my friends have similar stories, like my friends mother, who was a child and had to leave from the lost areas in Karelia, was relocated on the west cost of Finland, where she later found her husband and one of my best friends is their 4th child.

      So it is like waste of time getting stuck with whining about all what happened so many years ago, we can't change it anyway. The only thing we can do, is to try to work for things that happen now and in the future, to try to get justice for those who are suffering now and trying to prevent the worst things happening in the future anymore.

    • "Now it is 2100th century.."

      I am sorry, if someone thought he/she had woken up in the future. These "year figures" are obviously impossible for me to get right, 'cause in Finnish it would have been 2000-luku/2000-talet på svenska. And in English ofcourse, it should have been 21st century.

      (Same with the pounds and miles and cups and Farenheits 'cause they are kilos/grams, meters, desiliters and Celsiuses here.. Too much confusion for such everyday things, so I am sure this was not the last "mix up".. My apologies..)

    • Bont..

      "I’m sorry but Australia is just as settler colonialist as Israel or America and no superficial apology is going to change that.."

      I don't get your point?? Aren't you living in "a settler colonialist U.S.A." yourself?? Benefiting its system and living in a land which "was stolen from the indigenous people"?? So aren't you the biggest hypocrite here?? Criticizing "the European white supermacism", which built the land and still you are living in there right now?? (I have never been a fan of the political/social system of the U.S. and that is why I have never had any intention to live there either..)

      Sometimes I am wondering, if you are just a "troll", cause you obviously have to know that Arabs had a big role in slave trade and the human right issues in Arab countries are not in very good shape ('can't blame white Europeans for that..)

      So when we are discussing Israel/Palestine here, we are talking about the fact that Zionists took a land, which was not empty and those people (no matter what their religion was) were forced to leave and are now living in "diaspora" all around the world or under the occupation in inhuman conditions. And atleast I am going to try to help them as long as I can.

      Obviously it was not ok, how the Aboriginals, Maoris and the Native-Americans etc. were treated in the past, but it was also time when the human psychology was not understood the way it is today and those people honestly did believe they were doing the right thing and "civilizing" the "pagans" (Exactly the same thing the Swedes did to us..). Now it is 2100th century, we know better, so we can try to do things differently.

      "We are not responsible for the past, but we are responsible for the present and for the future."

  • Prince Charles decried White House's failure to take on 'Jewish lobby' over Israel
    • Jackdaw:

      " I can say from experience, that Israel is a decent place for Jews and Arabs to live in.."

      Maybe, but as long as everything happens on the terms of the Zionists:

      "The survey, published by the Jerusalem-based Israel Democracy Institute, found that 58 percent of Israeli Jews favored stripping those Arabs who challenge the basic Zionist narrative of their voting rights."

      "More than 40 percent of Israeli Jews, for example, said that Arabs should not be allowed to purchase land outside their own neighborhoods and communities. Two-thirds of Israeli Jews said they were opposed to including Arab parties in the government and appointing Arab ministers. Less than a quarter said there were willing to include Arabs in policymaking decisions related to governance and economics, while only 16 percent would include Arabs in policymaking decisions related to peace and security. More than half of Israeli Jews (52 percent) said it was preferable for Jews and Arabs to live separately so that Jews could preserve their Jewish identity."

      So Israel is far from a democracy, where everyone has equal rights to vote, to move, to work and to buy house where ever they wish.

    • Jackdaw:

      "Yes we are. Now we have a choice as to where we live.."

      Oh nice, you can have one foot in U.S. or Europe and another one in Israel, while you made the life of the Palestinians a HELL.. How cute.

      And before you start lecturing what a civilized democracy Israel is, watch this following video.. Do you realize how ridicilous and absurd the whole Israel and the IDF looks like?? (I am only waiting for the day, the U.S. voters realize where their billions are going each year, and instead of supporting this craziness wish to use that money for f.ex. developing their own health care system..)

  • Settler celebration of life of Sarah turns into a torment for Palestinians in Hebron
    • "The army has no control over these thugs.."

      Your comment reminded me of this video published by Breaking the Silence:

      "The record date -16.10.15- day operations of Rabbis for Human Rights organization with Palestinian farmers are also accompanied them legal. The olive harvest their lands outside the settlement fence stockmen matches the same day with military and civil administration."

      This is worth watching..

  • UK minister forced to resign over secret Israel meetings as questions continue to swirl
    • p.s. Jackdaw:

      Didn't Gene Simmons&co. just collect some special funding for the IDF?? I am sure the generous and oh, so caring Israel could just use that extra money to treat those wounded Syrians!!

      Or do you mean that Israelis are generous only, if someone else pays for it???

      (Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) raised a record $53.8 million at its annual Western Region Gala on Thursday, Nov. 2)

    • Jackdaw:

      " The Israeli hospitals of the Israeli Ministry of Health have treated the 50,000 Syrians, gratis.."

      Oh poor Israel, it surely needs some Humanitarian Aid for that. Like you'd really care about some gunshot Syrians..

    • Jackdaw:

      "Patel might just have easily hoped to give British aid to the humanitarian effort Israel is engaged in treating ALL wounded Syrians who come to her border for medical care.."

      Well, if Israel honestly wishes to be so helpfull, it can surely do it with the money the IDF receives anually from the U.S. Are you honestly saying, that the IDF and Israel are economically doing so bad, they need some "humanitarian aid" to help others.. Maybe you need to do some travelling around the world to see the people who REALLY need some humanitarian aid..?? (I must say that your comment sounds like a joke to me, but I am responding just in case you really meant it!)

  • The Russiagate farce, or how the Russians corrupted our pristine democracy
    • RoHa:

      "What would be the point of that?

      Sending messages to your wife?? Depends on what kind of relationship you wish to have with her.. And as a Forgein Minister, representing the whole country, I wish the text messages would mostly be about our forgein relations and f.ex. giving support to the occupied Palestinians.

    • RoHa:

      "Whom was he supposed to send dirty text messages to?"

      Maybe to his wife?? (Specially when there were more that 200 text messages..)

    • " I would like to see Trump removed.."

      Why aren't you simply having a #metoo campaign in the White House and all the levels of administrations in U.S.?? Would be the easiest way to get some new elections and shake(undermine) all the established "leaderships", 'cause where ever you have a bunch of older* men with lots of power, you will find enough of #metoo..

      (We cleaned that table in 2008 when our Forgein minister had to go after he got caught sending dirty textmessages to a young erotic dancer. Cleans the air and balances the power relations. I deeply recommend.)

      *And now I do not mean all the older men, but some, right!!

  • The Weinstein effect drags in Israel
    • "“I’m an Israeli in my heart and mind. I love that country, I love what it stands for.."

      Well, you surely do..

      "..among a number of firms hired by Weinstein was the Israeli firm Black Cube, whose employees are self-advertised as "highly experienced and trained in Israel’s elite military and governmental intelligence units." According to the contract, signed in July, Weinstein explicitly hired Black Cube to prevent the New York Times and the New Yorker's original reporting on Weinstein, as well as actress Rose McGowan's book detailing his alleged abuse.."

      We all know that Israel is a place where equality and human rights are highly valued!

  • Five Palestinians bodies recovered from tunnel bombing after Israeli court ignores emergency rescue petition
    • Roha:

      "Perhaps some geneticist knows.."

      Just remembered reading about this lately. Maybe there are some answers in here :) !

    • RoHa:

      " Jews simply are not more important than other people.."

      Exactly. Not the only victims and not more important than others.

    • Jack, maybe this will help you..

    • Jack:

      "Zionism Jews had been persecuted for centuries.."

      Sorry to say, but you have got the same recording playing over and over again for sometime now. No real answers. I wish some day you will wake up and see the world with its full colours. It is worth it.

    • Jack Green:

      "So you consider American supremacy illegitimate where the US gives preference to Americans returning from abroad over non-Americans entering the US?"

      Do you not see how desperate and pathetic your comments are?

      Here is a Swedish celebrity Gina Dirawi.

      She was born in Sweden, but both of her parents are Palestinians. Her parents grew up in refugee camp in Lebanon, but they both have living family/relatives in Israel/Palestine.

      Gina's mother's family is from Village Sha'ab in North Israel, where from she has made an episode for her TV-series called "Ginas Värld" - Gina's World.*

      Now she can go to visit her relatives there, but she has not got the same possiblity to move back there as YOU do, like there is NO BIRTH RIGHT for her to return to her mother's home village, unlike you, who claim you have some special DNA from somewhere like 2000 years ago..??

      So Jack why is that?? Where is your proof, that you have any connection whatsoever to whatsoever part of that land?? And why does this girl who has a clear proof of where here family comes from, not have the right you have for this land??

      Do you understand how F***ING SICK AND RIDICILOUS you sound like???

      When standing next to this girl, what is your explanation to her: Why have you got a birth right to that land while she has not????

      *Sorry that this program can probably not be seen outside Finland..

    • Moose:

      "So I guess the fact that I have a “genetic connection” to the Middle (or Near) East obligates me to support Zionism.."

      I don't know, if I should find these kind of discussions weird or hilarious..?? (The matter itself ofcourse is a serious one.) Few days ago a friend of mine asked for a recipe for a good autumn dish and I recommended that she should try to make Shakshuka. So I went to internet to find a good recipe for her and found a really simple and good one. It was called "The Israeli Shakshuka" (I said to my friend, it is originally from North-Africa) and I posted the link to her. After posting the recipe, I noticed the comments under it. Someone had written: "Shaksuka is not from Israel, it is originally from Tunis. You stole it from us." Then another one had answered: "It was originally Jewish, when Jews lived in the Middle East thousands of years ago. So the Arabs stole it from us and now we took it back.."

      After that I had already lost my apetite and felt, I might never be able to eat that "food of regional politics" anymore..

    • Moose:

      "And they are too naive to understand what they are revealing about themselves and Zionism in their comments.."

      That is true. It has been very eye-opening for me to read MW and specially some of the commentators here. My "Israelian Jewish bubble" was one point of view, but here I've definately seen another one. (More cruel and inhuman..)

    • "Jewish terrorism arose as self-defense against Palestinian terrorism.
      Palestinians murdered Jews in 1920, 1921 & 1929. Note the time period. Palestinian terrorism came before Jewish terrorism.

      The occupied have no right to kill the occupiers when then occupation is the result of the aggression of the occupied. Palestinians were the aggressors so they have no right to murder the occupiers.."

      OMG Jack, the Zionists came from outside of the area and decided to settle down without a permit from the people who already lived there. You honestly expect the Palestinians would have been there serving some sparkling wine and snacks to wellcome the "new comers"?? I don't know why you even bother to write all this tiring b*** ***t here. You can dig how deep you wish, but you will never find true legitimacy for the Zionists' actions!!

    • Jack:

      "American & British armed forces have been studying the Israelis to learn how to lower casualties among innocent civilians in the wars they are fighting.."

      Where is there a war between Israel and the Palestinians??

      If I have understood correctly, war is something which happens between two or more parties with somekind of an army. So where is the war, when you have fully armed soldiers against unarmed women and children, who sometimes might throw stones and f.ex. air force and advanced cyber techniques against some "miserable" rockets??

      When the other party is overwhelming in its power and the other party fully controlled by them, there is no war going on there. You may use another word for it, but war ain't the one.

  • Thousands march to UK parliament calling for justice on Balfour centenary
    • Greta, your comment made me to remeber this video:

      "Leve Palestina (Long Live Palestine) by a Swedish-Arabic musical group called Kofia, that was based in Göteborg and existed during the late 1970s and early 1980s. They played left-wing music supporting the struggle of the Palestinian people. The group had about ten members that remain unknown. This song is from the album Palestina, mitt land (Palestine, my country).."

      After all this time the Palestinians have still not given up, and we won't either.

  • May, Netanyahu celebrate Balfour while Palestinian politicians call for UK to apologize, recognize Palestinian state
    • Jack:

      "BDS is not in the best interest of the people doing BDS. For example, if an Israel bond pays higher interest than a French bond, it’s in my interest to buy the Israel bond. If I choose not to buy it because of BDS, I’m doing something that is not in my interest.."

      Well, you might have never heard of people to whom equal human rights and a humane way of treating other people are far more important than "the higher interest from a bond".. Might be a surprise for you, but yes, we are here!! And for us the BDS works just fine: Not only boycotting things from the occupied areas, but rather boycotting everything coming out of Israel at the moment and the whole idea of Israel the way it is built right now.

  • My journey away from Zionism
    • Oh Jeff,

      Since you are always trying to go through all the world and its history to find excuses for the Zionist's actions, here is an example for you to follow:

      Today outside the police station in the town of Kuopio there stood a bicycle with a note:

      "I stole this. And now I am trying to return this. I was all too drunk. I am very sorry."

  • Newspaper ads offer employment help for new immigrants to Israel -- but only if you're Jewish
    • "Working for Santa Claus" (From an animated cartoon called Santa Claus and the Magic Drum)

    • Moose:

      "Santa: “Boys, do you know what day tomorrow is?"

      You know, all Finns might not believe in God, but we all believe that Santa Claus lives in Finnish Lapland in a place called Korvatunturi and from there travels to all over the world to share gifts to every child. (And there is no religion involved in that story, so it is not like Santa would first ask one's religion before giving his gifts..)

    • Translation in English:

      I Make Christmas Into My Heart

      "It’s Christmas night, I listen to its silence alone
      And the language of my heart is wordless
      Only stars adorn the nocturnal space by shining
      And an open mind longs for eternity

      (Chorus x2:)
      Like this I make Christmas into my heart and to a silent mind
      Jesus child is born again

      It’s Christmas night and the land is dressed in a snow veil,
      If only I could be as pure
      It gets thoughts tuned to the feel of Christmas
      Like a heartfelt melody would play inside of me

      (Chorus x2)

      It’s Christmas night, its deep peace floats into innermost
      Like I would be a part of the great universe
      Only candles and gold ribbons glow into the dark,
      But my mind is full of brightness.."

      (The lyrics are in form of a poem, so the translation is what it is..)

      I see no reason why we could not all fit here(on the Earth) side by side with our different traditions.

      (Only barbecuing in the Christmas time in Finland might be fatal..)

    • Moose:

      "Approximately half of the 25 best-selling Christmas songs were written by Jewish composers.."

      Now that is an intersting detail!! Who would not have heard many of those songs sang by Bing Crosby..

      For me Christmas is about silence and peace of mind and it did not make me feel less Christmas, having other people celebrating Hanuka at the same time (when I was in Israel). We were all lighting(?) the candles anyway.

    • Echi:

      "Even Oulu was warmer.."

      I lived three years in Joensuu (I grew up in South Finland) and allthough almost all my father's family lives there and I love the North-Karelian people, I could not take those "Siberian winters". So I ended up living in South-West costal area, where the winters are shorter and milder and hardly more than two weeks real coldness in a winter.. And there are lots of Finns who love the winter, but I am not one of them :)

    • echi:

      " I try never to offer unsolicited advice re spelling .."

      Why not?? I don't mind!! Ask RoHa, if I've gotten better with my would/if sentences. At least I have tried :)

      "Minua ei haittaisi, jos antaisit minulle neuvoja miten kirjoittaa sanoja englanniksi."*

      "I would not mind, if you gave me advice on how to write words in English."

      *would= - isi

      Minä = I (minua = to me), ei = no, haitata = matter + -isi = would (= haittaisi), jos = if, antaa = to give (annat = you give/antaisit = you would give), minulle = to me, neuvoja = advices (singular= neuvo), miten = how, kirjoittaa = to write, sanoja = words (singular = sana), englanniksi = in English.

      I just simply love languages, so feel free to correct me, when ever you feel like it! :)

    • "It’s why when Mika Waltari wrote “The Egyptian” he only used the definite article in its title.."

      And as some commentators here might have noticed, in Finnish we do not have definite or undefinite articles at all, so I am using them as wild as I use commas when writing in English. And in Finnish "The Egyptian" is called "Sinuhe egyptiläinen". (In Finnish only proper nouns are written with capital letter - like the first word of a sentence - which might also be seen in my written English, when I am mixing or forgetting or just not being precise..)

    • Amigo:

      "Don,t complain.."

      :) And I won't. I have actually always loved this dark autumn/early winter with lots of candles everywhere (homes, cafes, restaurants..) It is the sunny cold January-March I dislike. (-5 Celsius with snow is ok, but anything colder than that.. No thanks..)

    • And before Echi gets here: ITS shortest!!

      (I have no idea when I've started to write "its" "it's", when "it's" should rather be "it is", but I am trying to remember it now!!)

    • Moose:

      "You must believe in spring.."

      :) And burning a huge amount of candles..

      (Here in South the day will be less than 6 h in it's shortest in December, but up in the North, they'll have several moths without daylight.. I do not know how they cope, but I quess people get used to everything - just think about the Inuits in the Greenland.. )

    • "..recruiting non-white Jews to make Aliyah in huge numbers. They cleared most of the world of its non-white Jewish population and made them Israelis.."

      There are Israelian movies about it, how the non-white Jews were located to the worst places, in the middle of the desert and so. So it was not a good deal for most of them, like for those who came from India and elsewhere. That's why the whole "one Jewish people" is a joke. When I lived in Israel (It is soon 8 years ago when I left last time), the only thing that seemed to unite the Israelian Jews was the "common enemy". The goverment of Israel does not want peace, 'cause it would not last in a times of peace. The eternal conflict serves the goverments cause, 'cause that is the way to keep it's citizens somehow united and better under it's control.. (That is an outsiders point of view..)

    • Moose:

      BTW, in Israel, I did not get traumatized at all, eventhough in Sukkot we had to use the stairs (instead of the elevator) back and forth from the 11th floor to bring all the food outside to the garden :) Maybe I thought God was a bit funny making us to do so, but we* had fun anyway, so I only have some warm memories about that..

      *"the young ones"

      (This was before "my Israelian bubble" got broken..)

    • "Christmas, while every year my life has to revolve around this holiday I don’t celebrate (Christmas time- Bah! Humbug!)"

      Must be a traumatic experience in one's life: Christmas - and think: Every year!!

    • Mooser:

      "At 9:45 am? The day is yet young and there’s much more dumbness to come.."

      Thanks Moose, you gave me the best laugh of the day :) (And it is 9.18 pm here already :) )

    • Mooser:

      "Wait a minute “Jeff b”! The Ashkenazi Jews and Mizrahi Jews are different races? What the hell is this? I thought we were all Jewish?
      Pls. explain! One race, one blood, one soil, is the way I learned it.."

      Now you've caught him :) ! Congrats!

  • Contest! Design a logo to celebrate the IDF's 70th birthday
  • Eli Valley lost work at Jewish paper for savage cartoons of Foxman and Dershowitz (but only the Israeli press cares)
    • "rye bread.."

      What?? Now the Zionist have stolen our rye bread too?? First they took hummus and falafel and made them "The National Foods of Israel" and now, are they taking our rye bread too?? Are there no limits with the Zionist brutality??

      (By the way, my Israelian Jewish friends ate often white bread with mayonese and tuna, while I boiled my red lentil soup..)

  • Danish pension fund blacklists four Israeli companies linked to settlements
    • p.s. I don't know, if you can use "heterogenic" in English like that (in Finnish you can)? I meant something like "various, multiple".. (I hope the point was taken.)

    • Echi:

      "You don’t want to be on the $35,000 list.."

      We have to start somewhere.. (As I wrote above, EU is so heterogenic in it's point of views on Israel, that "the action" has to start on national level, country by country.)

      And while the message of the Zionist lobby (borrowed from the link I gave above) in EU is this: "Prof. Fischer pointed to the fact that Israel is a flourishing democracy and noted that when looking at figures, the emerging understanding of Israel is different than what appears in the media..", then all visibility of "the other side of Israel" is needed visibilty.

    • "How the EU mocks the victims of Israel’s crimes.."

      And this is such a challenging issue, because there are 28 EU member states with large amount of representatives from all of the countries and having a statement of something, you would need some kind of mutual understanding. At the same time you have organizations like "European Friends of Israel"* lobbying it's "point of views" (apparently with Israelian funding) and both Jewish and Christian Zionists inside EU administration, so in the near future I see the "action" against the occupation, illegal settlements and for some kind of fair solution for the Palestinians coming from the "grassroot level" and from the national states one by one. It is amazing how the Zionist lobby can be found everywhere and that is why the opposite information has to be "pushed through" strong (The Zionist lobby has been very active in selling it's picture of Israel with "Hummus, Falafel and the sunny beaches of Tel Aviv"..)


    • ".., Belgium was leading the move. The other countries involved in drafting the letter are France, Spain, Sweden, Luxembourg, Italy, Ireland and Denmark.."

      Good news!! And I can only say, I am REALLY!!! irritated we are not on the list yet.. So let the work continue.

    • p.s. Hophmi (connected to your earlier links):

      Dansk Folkeparti* is like the "Donald Trump of Denmark": They can say lots of things, but they alone do not decide for the laws..

      *"Danish People's Party"

    • hophmi:

      Of all the people, one would think you would be the one not critizicing "Dansk Folkeparti", because they are the one's who are supporting right-wing Zionists in Israel through European Friends of Israel.

      What comes to the latest immigration laws, the reasons behind them are that in some areas and schools the Danish Laws have been broken and radical versions of Islam has been taught. Many of the moderate Muslims support these laws too, to prevent radicalization. (I could not find a link in English, but if you are interested in the issue, maybe you can find some..)

  • In Ireland, a Palestinian is understood
  • Feel-good Gaza poster in NY window draws feel-bad response from neighbor
    • p.s. Jack:

      Next time you write about "all countries" (195 of them?), please go through their legislations, before using them as justification for your racist ideologies.

    • Jack:

      "citizen of the Kingdom of Israel or the Kingdom of Judah.."

      But wasn't Israel "the only Democracy in the Middle East" ??

      "Are all countries racist because all countries give preference to their citizens & descendants of their citizens.."

      Now you are obviously writing your own "world order" here all the time, but again you are wrong: Finland does not give preference to all of the descendants of it's citizens = A Finnish grandmother doesn't "give" anyone the Finnish citizenship any easier than, lets say, our Eljay would get it, if he wanted to apply for one. If you were not born in Finland or do not have a Finnish parent, you'll be "in the same line" with others when applying your citizenship.

      So please stop creating your own stories and serving them as facts.

    • Amigo:

      "Btw, we Irish would have not viewed the British as good guy,s for many reasons.."

      I know. I have a dear Irish friend with whom we have shared our experiences.

    • Amigo:

      "Actually , the Russians / French/British/ et al were the good guys.

      The Germans were the bad guys because they attacked and occupied other nations and murdered their citizens.."

      Just a little note: The Germans were the bad guys, but I would not call the Russians that good either.. They anyway attacked and occupied part of Finland and left more than 400 000 Finns without home..

    • RoHa:

      "Does Finland demand to be recognized as a Lutheran State??"

      Oh, thank G-O-D no!!

      We also do not need any religious control from the govermental level and neither do we need anyone dividing people to the chosen and not-that-chosen ones..

    • Jack:

      "Wikipedia says that Finland .."

      "7 out of 10 Finns are members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland, which was disestablished in 1869 by the Church Act. It was the first state church to be disestablished in the Nordic countries, to be followed by the Church of Sweden in 2000. ."

    • Jack:

      " But what I saw in the camps in Lebanon is far worse and far more hopeless.."

      And why is it, that those Palestinians are living in a refugee camp in Lebanon, instead of living in their original lands, villages and homes in Palestine??

    • Jack:

      "You’ve confirmed that even having an established religion doesn’t have to mean.."

      Are we having somekind of misunderstanding here??

      In 1869, Finland was the first Nordic country to disestablish its Evangelical Lutheran church by introducing the Church Act. So "Lutheranity" is not described as a state religion in the Finnish Constitution or other laws passed by the Finnish Parliament.

      About 25,3% of Finnish population does not have any religion at all and if you do not wish, you can live all your life here without ever telling anyone about your religion or what you believe in.

      After living in Israel I know very well, non-Jews have not equal rights with the Jewish citizens of Israel. For me it did not matter, of course, cause I could just leave and move to live somewhere else, but there are people there, who have no other fair choice.

      I do not understand who can honestly think that when the Zionists arrived to Palestine and took over the Palestinian land, homes and villges, they should have just said: "Oh please, you're wellcome, just take my house, I'll move to the garden to live.."

    • Jack:

      "Contingency plans are important.."

      So I have one advice for you to follow:

      "Do to others as you would have them do to you.."

    • Jack:

      "Do the people of Finland have the right to a religion-supremacist “Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland in Finland.."

      Well, in Finland everyone has the same rights, meaning: It does not matter, if you are a Jew, a Muslim, a Christian, a Buddhist or what ever, you will still have the same rights to buy land, move/travel around the country, decide for yourself where you want to live, work, go to school or whatever you wish to do. The Church has no role in defining anyones civil rights: It can decide, if it wants to marry (?) a gay couple in it's holy matrimony, but it can't prevent the gay couple getting married in a civil matrimony in a magistrate..

      So please do not use examples you know nothing of.. I'd like to remind you, that I have also lived as a "Gentile" (I guess I learned that word from you) in Israel. So I know very well, how that system works too..

  • Jews have religious commandment to support Israel and fight BDS -- American Jewish Committee
    • John O and Amigo:

      About "right to return":

      I don't know how it is in Ireland, but at least in Finland, just anyone who has had a permit to stay and work/study in Finland, can after 5 years apply for Finnish citizenship (refugees after four years) and it is usually always given. No "Finnish ancestors" are needed and the religion or your former nationality won't matter. I guess it does not work that way in the "Zionist democracy of Israel"?

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