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  • 'Destruction of Israel' is its abandonment by American Jews, in novelist's imagining
  • Jewish groups slamming Trump on refugees are hardhearted when it comes to Palestinian refugees
    • Crocodile tears of Zionist clown Schumer for refugees a few days ago:

      He never shed a tear for Palestinian refugees in Gaza getting pounded with 500-pound bombs in the 2nd massive assault in 5 years on Gaza whilst Zionist squatters in Ashkelon who stole that land from Palestinians celebrate watching Gaza burn. Not a single Zionist tear is shed for the massive suffering inflicted on Palestinian refugees over decades of occupation.

      A few days before he was killed trying to disarm an unexploded Israeli missile, Hazem Abu Murad, the head of Gaza’s bomb squad, estimated that Israel had dropped between eighteen to twenty thousand tons of explosives on Gaza since 7 July.

      Schumer is a HYPOCRITE and an enabler of war crimes against Palestinian refugees.

  • Netanyahu's tweet for Trump suggests two leaders have cut a deal on Jerusalem or Iran, says former ambassador
  • It turns out Jews are as stupid as everyone else
  • Jared Kushner fired me over Israel ten years ago
    • Jared Kushner wants to step right into his father-in-laws Presidential shoes and be the first Zionist Jewish President. Too bad for him, that Trump himself will obliterate that ambition by becoming the most hated President in U.S. history if he's not forced out by impeachment first.

      You may remember that I supported Bernie over Hillary; therefore, do not misinterpret what I'm about to write: No Zionist should ever be allowed to ascend to the Presidency. I know-I know, but given the choice of a Zionist Enabler; a self-loathing Zionist and Trump (where do I start...?) Anyway, it didn't happen, maybe for the best, Bernie would have prolonged the status quo and Obama would have kicked the resolution on settlements to him.

      Zionism is a crime and all who further it are complicit therefore they should not occupy a position where they can give Zionism legitimacy.

      Jared Kushner is riding daddy-law Trump coattails right into oblivion. He is not qualified for any position relating to the I/P issue. No Zionist is qualified. There will never be peace until justice for Palestinians is restored and I see that happening; NEVER. Not in my lifetime or future generations. If however the world acts and forces Zionists to abandon the folly of Zionism which is a supremacist crime; then I believe peace is possible, but then this is why Zionists are so powerful to prevent that from ever happening. However, the biggest lie of all is this notion that only the parties themselves can settle the issue. This is goebbel hasbara. Until the world sees Zionism for what it really is, a crime against humanity, and puts an end to this crime, then there will never be peace.

      I'm glad he fired you too. He on the other hand probably regrets it and not because he might have been unfair but because he underestimated your commitment to the cause of this site. In a Zionist-controlled environment maybe he believes that commitment would have fizzled and you wouldn't have done as much damage to his cause as you have.

    • naïve.

    • In his election night speech Donald Trump said he would be “fair”. I deeply hope he puts Fairness as his top priority in all his presidency’s deals.

      An he'll sell you swampland too, and pretend that's fair.

    • Exactly.

  • Alan Dershowitz has threatened to leave the Democratic Party if Keith Ellison becomes chair
    • Really? Good riddance to Dersh-bag, and take Chuck with you! Oh and Bibi has some posts you can fill, so you no longer have to pretend, America first.

  • Resolution for 2017: Stop substituting 'the occupation' for 'Zionism'
    • And May condemned Kerry's speech.

      I hope elections are accelerated in the U.K.; she's going down into anonymity.

    • It’s not the occupation. It’s Zionism.

      Hello-oh! Thank you! Thank the Lord! Finally! Finally, ringing in the New Year with the truth about Zionism being exposed. I've been almost an isolated voice since at least 5 years now trying to make this point, even with the smartest individuals in different rooms ignoring my dogged pursuit of this issue, who thankfully don't lack compassion but whose moral compass might need an adjustment. Hey! I don't want to judge; I'll blame it on years of indoctrination. But mother! has it been an uphill struggle to make people see that It's ZIONISM, Stupid!

      I was of course a little nicer about it; wasn't I Mr. Silverstein? The day he writes an article like this finally showing he gets it; I'll be back with my pearls of wisdom and not a minute sooner.

      To everyone who's holding back on speaking the truth about Zionism; you're still chasing your tail; you're still not getting it; maybe you don't want to get it; but you're lying to yourself; therefore you're lying to others; and you've wasted so much precious time; therefore you're part of the problem not the solution despite your efforts.

      Now at this 11th hour, when Zionism is being exposed as the Lobby was first exposed some years ago, we face emerging fascism with a Trump presidency; and trust me the issue of Zionism is going to get very contentious. Already, there is chatter among our Zionist-suborned policymakers intending to legislate equating and even replacing anti- Semitism with the new and fraudulent version: anti-Zionism. We cannot allow this to happen. This is the worst that can happen. It will abort the emerging awareness regarding Zionism's true nature essential for justice. Zionism is inherently fascist, and very regrettably, Trump is the perfect standard-bearer for Zionism and we have a battle royal looming to take this delayed discussion to the heights it should have gone after Obama took office.

      Had everyone come around sooner, on the issue of Zionism, we wouldn't be facing the censorship firing squad that's about to be mobilized to stop the true narrative from going viral.

      Happy New Year to one and all, although hard times are coming. Resist ZIONISM.

  • Why Obama waited 8 years to take on Netanyahu
    • I’m going to hi-light the following so I don’t have to repeat and emphasize its importance further: Resistance activism by all, everyone, is going to be very necessary and important during the Trump Presidency.

      This is a pivotal moment in time and we cannot let it slip through our fingers or our freedoms, justice and values will be irreparably damaged. The struggle has become larger than the Palestinian issue; this is a fight for U. S. democracy, other democracies, justice, liberal values and our independence and sovereignty.

      First we must protest and resist all legislation equating anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism. We must also condemn as a threat to the First Amendment proposed legislation to penalize BDS. If we allow these two issues to be legislated on; if we allow BDS activism to be shut down we will be muzzled and hog-tied and repression will win. This is a fight that must go viral the moment these threats rear their ugly heads. It will likely happen and it is a continuation of post 9/11 repression; Zionized Democracy if you can call it Democracy; I call it incipient fascism.

      The Democratic Party will support justice in the Middle East only if it takes on the forces of intolerance in its own ranks. That means the Israel lobby. You can’t defeat an enemy if you can’t name it.

      BINGO! But can anyone name the enemy? The Lobby is but an extension of the other. So can you name the enemy? Despite Obama finding a spine at the 11th hour; he didn’t name it; Kerry didn’t name it. No one’s naming it!

      It’s called ZIONISM Zionism is the enemy no one wants to name. Not even Zionists can name what they believe, because they know it sounds bad to discuss it mainstream.

      I wonder if the first time people uttered and discussed Nazism; it gave them that, uh – uneasy feeling?

      There is shame associated with the word, Zionism, with good reason. So many crimes have been committed on behalf of Zionism with total impunity. Zionism is ethnic cleansing; it is a crime against humanity, it is Apartheid and it is inherently anti-Democratic, subversive and fascist. It stands for bigotry and supremacy. That’s why you rarely hear it uttered on mainstream discussion. Yes, it’s being written about, but that’s different, it’s more, impersonal.

      I’ll bet if the Zionist mainstream narrative replaced Israel with Zionism, we would start to feel the rumblings of a coming seismic event. Ain't gonna happen.

      Don’t count on the Democratic Party either to criticize Israel. Look who was just selected Senate Minority Leader, that Zionist shill, Chuck Schumer. They might as well have advertised his appointment with a banner reading: All criticism of Israel is henceforth-CENSORED.

      Schumer didn’t waste a minute criticizing Kerry’s speech. That’s loyalty for you. You can’t serve two masters, and Schumer serves Zionism first; so do most Zionists world-wide. Zionism first. Not to identify Zionism as the enemy is putting it first.

      And it’s not just the political system in Washington that is infected with Zionism; you mentioned important news outlets; but it’s so much wider and deeper. That’s why we can’t allow Trump to lock in Zionist power by having Congress issue laws that bind our ability to shame and expose how Zionism corrupts, subverts and diminishes not just U.S. democracy but other democracies as well.

      The coming years are going to be critical and the stakes are very high. Fascism is rearing its ugly head in the form of Zionism, with Trump already its standard-bearer. I know this sounds farfetched; but it’s not. At stake is global stability. Beyond the Palestinian struggle and the fact that Zionism is inherently fascist and has a dramatic negative impact on Democracy; Zionist power engages in geopolitical machinations to the detriment of millions and it will continue to do so with increasing risk to global stability, our freedom and democracy.

      Again, the Trump years will be pivotal in taking back our power; or surrendering it for good. Resist. Resist Zionism.

  • With US reportedly poised to abstain on U.N. resolution slamming Israel, Egyptians withdraw it under pressure
    • Wrong. As a matter of fact, Dershowitz was on CNN tonight stating that the Resolution originated with the Obama Administration and it is Obama and Kerry that tried to push it through. He said that they're the ones most interested in seeing this Resolution pass; that even the Arab states are not that keen on it (only I really doubt this part). So Egypt is just the go-between that Israel has been pressuring with bribes and threats not take it to the U.N.S.C.

    • I can't stand al-Sissi! He better move this resolution forward and quit stalling for Zionist bribery that will only get him deeper into a trap and hole he'll never get out of. He should understand that if he doesn't get this Resolution done quick; Zionists are going to dump Gaza on Egypt with Trump's blessing and he's going to have an even bigger problem on his hands when that happens, including the fact that Al-Aqsa will be stuck in the middle of projected hostile Zionist territory with hundreds of thousands of rabid settlers screaming for it to be torn down to rebuild their Temple.

      This is definitely not the time to capitulate to any kind of threats or bribery Zionists are pressuring sissy with.

      Obama is off on vacation while his entire legacy is crumbling in the background. This is something he can do to put the brakes on Trump-crazy train. He better call up his Saudi monarch friend and get this done, vacation or no vacation.

      Apparently the Obama administration was going to veto or abstain and the effing Arab League has to think about this???

      What don't they understand? Either they get this done or Jerusalem is Zionist Settler Territory and Gaza becomes part of Egypt. Those Saudi Monarchs must be, as many are right to suspect; paid Zionist stooges for sitting on this.

    • Deferred until Egypt and other Arab states are sure it won't be knocked down by the U.S. There will be ONLY one opportunity before Trump takes office to get this done.

      Obama better take time of from golf in Hawaii to ensure this gets done, or ZERO will be affixed to his legacy forever.

      I suggest everyone email the WH and State Department to pave the way immediately for this Resolution.

    • This is why this resolution must get to the SC BEFORE Trumptwat assumes the Presidency.

  • Wikileaks emails did a tremendous public service, revealing how government works
    • Please email the White House Obama Administration and Kerry at State Department and ask that they indicate a YES to the Resolution that has been temporarily put on hold for a vote before the U.N. Security Council because of Israeli pressure on Egypt, but that might still advance to the S.C. soon if Egypt feels confident the U.S. will not veto it. The WH must circumvent the pressure that Israel is putting on Egypt to stop this Resolution. Obama or Kerry must indicate publicly in some way that settlement expansion is wrong and condemn it now, so that Egypt pushes the Resolution through confident that the U.S. might either abstain or vote YES.

      This Resolution is pivotal in pre-empting Trump's new policy defying international law, and instead catering to Zionist settlement expansion, as well as moving the U.S. Embassy and pre-empting any declaration or resolution that might be sponsored by a Republican majority Congress and Zionist shill, Senate minority-leader, Schumer, trying to declare Jerusalem Zionism's capital.

      This Resolution must pass before Trump assumes office so email the WH and State Department before it's too late.

  • Israel threatens to toss Antony Loewenstein after he asked Lapid question about apartheid
    • You know what's really sinister? ZIONISM.

      The slaughter of hundreds and hundreds of Palestinian children in the past 8 years alone with cluster bombs as the necessary evil to preserve your wretched land grab operation is real sick.

      EAT THAT instead of pooping so much hypocrisy and the goebbel hasbara you spread so thick around here.

    • Please read the comments section to understand how backward and ignorant some Democrat Jews are:

      If the letter to Obama had been written by Hillary; they'd find an excuse to turn on her as well for their f...cking, precious Zionism. Liberals, my ass, except when it comes to Palestinian rights! Liberal Zionists would stab their own mother in the back should she threaten Zionism with Palestinian rights. Good thing it was only an easy target like Ralph Nader and they can still come out look all self-righteous. But any idiot knows that it wasn't because of what happened 16 years ago Gore vs Bush that brought out all the vitriol!

      I can also imagine real high-minded conversation taking place in Tel-Aviv cafés among Liberal Zionists; except when you bring up how Palestinians have been ethnically cleansed and oppressed for almost 70 years; then no doubt they turn real hypocritical, ugly and base and you can cut the apathy with a knife.

    • It's hard to reject entitlement and privilege; no matter how well-intentioned Zionists are.

    • And he is very handsome.

      Yeah, about as handsome as the portrait of Dorian Gray. Don't embellish evil.

  • Adelson and Saban were kingmakers, now they're beggars
    • I'm not buying any of this.

      The only thing that needs to happen for Zionists of all stripes to rush into each other’s arms and make up is for Trump to move Friedman to Jerusalem and Palestinians to revolt with intifada, which of course, they're going to do with good reason! So all this potential divisive drama and pretend wailing to be displayed by so-called Lib Zios over the fate of Zionism in the hands of extremists and righteous navel gazing will be kabuki theater meant to cleanse so-called Liberal Zionists while the deal with the devil is done. There might be litres upon litres of ink wasted crying over the legitimacy of it all purely for show.

      What should be addressed is how dangerous it is for a radical who wants Egypt to rule Gaza and Jordan to rule the West Bank to become Ambassador for such policy, and for the grand theft that is about to defraud Palestinians of years of struggle, their land, justice and all their rights and force them to be permanently segregated from all their refugee brothers and sisters while living on Bantustan patches of land in between sprawling illegal settlements built on their stolen state .

      This Zionist against Zionist, Jew against Jew charade is not going to lead anywhere and it's pure fantasy to think that somehow Zionists on one side will save the day when they hardly shed a tear for Gaza while it was being pounded into the ground twice first by Kadima and then by Likudis! There is no difference between Zionists of any stripe. The ones who pretend they're on the Left for everything but full rights for Palestinians and pre-67 borders are different from their right-wing comrades only in that they're totally hypocritical; while their right-wing counterparts are not ashamed to show themselves for who they really are - criminals, occupiers, land grabbers and racist colonizers.

      So I don’t expect a moral uprising happening any time soon or at any time at all among Zionists even Jews that will rescue the Palestinians from the fate that awaits them under a Trump Presidency and it galls me that this devastating appointment and assurances to Netanyahu are something to celebrate or be hopeful about! What’s the matter with everyone since Trump was elected? I swear, people are spinning every move he makes into something haplessly hopeful and earth shattering. I’m aghast at the self-deception.

      So Adelson got a sop and that’s it for his 35 million (10 after the primaries and 25 just prior to the election)? Well he didn’t just get that! He’s getting his dreams fulfilled: an Ambassador that embraces the settler movement, an undivided capital Jerusalem for Zionism, a solution to the Palestinian problem; handing them over to Egypt and Jordan’s governance while keeping all their land and finally a potential invasion of Iran once the deal is torn up as Trump promised. Geez; I’d say Adelson scored basement cheap and came out the big winner!

      And you think that in appointing his Zionist son-in-law Kushner to the East Wing probably to inherit the new-emerging political Trump dynasty to potentially become the first Zionist President in U.S. history represents America First?

      And you think Saban isn’t benefitting from this outcome? Don’t you know by now that Zionists hedge both sides for the exact same goal and cause? So the fact that Saban got a huge consolation prize with the appointment of Zionist shill, Chuck Schumer, as minority leader in the Senate; that’s just crumbs. And you think that having a Democratic leader in the Senate who was opposed to the Iran deal; who tried to pressure Democrats to attend Netanyahu’s speech to Congress amongst other machinations on behalf of Zionism isn’t a huge score for AIPAC, Saban, Adelson and the entire Zionist apparatus that rules Washington?

      Nothing’s changed. It’s only 100 times worse and there’s nothing here to celebrate. Palestinians even worse than the rest of us have hard times and darkness ahead.

  • Trump pick for ambassador to Israel supports Israeli annexation of West Bank and calls liberal Jews 'kapos' (Updated)
    • American chumps threw away billions on a hoax called the two-state peace process. Now, with Friedman leading the settler movement, with U.S. stamp of approval, settlers will pull their pants down and collectively moon the entire world from the West Bank.

      Latuff's cartoons are an education in awareness. Palestinians were betrayed by Abbas, acting dictator, since he doesn't believe in elections until he can obliterate all hope for justice. He's no more than a judas who sold out Palestinians and most of their land to his Zionist masters.

      I agree that the only positive in this is that Israel can no longer hide its ugliness behind a pretense of legitimacy. Let's waste no time condemning this Apartheid pariah.

  • More than half of US aid 'to entire world' goes to Israel and it ignores our warnings on settlements -- Kerry
  • 'We have to channel fear into organizing': Muslim-Americans prepare for Trump's 'Muslim registry'
    • Forgive me all for having to quote that nut job Flynn to make a point:

      Islam is a political ideology; it's a political ideology. It definitely hides behind this notion of it being a religion.

      We are facing another ‘ism,’ just like we faced Nazism, and fascism, and imperialism and communism. This is Islamism, it is a vicious cancer inside the body of 1.7 billion people on this planet and it has to be excised.

      Notice how he conveniently excludes ZION---ISM. And let me tell you; Zionism is most assuredly a political ideology hiding behind a religion, and is excluding what it considers inferiors of another religion, Islam, from their rights as human beings. Zionism is also the largest proliferator of Islamophobic propaganda in the modern world. Now, Zionism may not be a cancer afflicting every single Jew and white Christian, but it is a cancer that metastasized in America and Europe and subverted democracies to access power over public opinion in order to spread its deception and propaganda and Zionism is Islamophobic at its core, and most of all SUPREMACIST and supremacy imposes occupation, oppression and resorts to political influence and hostile machinations to provoke regime change to neutralize neighboring countries and influence other countries to submit to the will of Zionism. Therefore the blow-back, and revolt in the Muslim world, (referred to as a cancer by Flynn) is in direct response to the real cancer that is metastasizing; the real ISM of the later part of the last Century and early part of this one - ZIONISM, a modern-day supremacist political ideology using a religion, Judaism, to deceive, lure and control.

      And one more thing: Judaism, Catholicism, Protestantism, Hinduism end in ISM; just like Islamism! These are all religions, but NAZISM AND ZIONISM and even NEOLIBERALISM AND NEOCONSERVATISM are the real political ideologies that have much in common, especially supremacism of the imperial kind, and are a blight on humanity and peace in our world.

      Maybe, just maybe, General Flynn is hiding behind the Supremacism he embodies as a Zionist Neocon when he calls 1.7 billion people a cancer. Maybe, he's afflicted with the worst ISM of all; the malignant Zionist/Neocon cancer.

    • Well, what a relief! Finally a topic of serious concern, as opposed to a discussion on the non-existent anti-Semitism in Trump’s cabinet, gets the lead headline it deserves.

      If I were part of the Muslim Community this is what I would suggest. Get together with Black Lives Matter, because blacks in America have been fighting discrimination and oppression for a longer time and they may be able to impart wisdom on how to tackle this enormous challenge in a country where ignorance is bliss and racism is rampant. Of course, there are ways to try to sensitize the American mass on how painful it is to be profiled and marginalized for doing nothing wrong, and Blacks have been dealing with this scourge for a long time, and maybe they can guide you and maybe it might help for the two to join in solidarity to fight this injustice. This goes for Latinos as well. There should be an overlap of the three most threatened groups on this issue, because there is strength in numbers. Joining together on these issues will create a powerful movement and coalition that politicians/legislators would be foolish to ignore.

      None of us white, Christian, Jewish, even Asian (Japanese Americans should be reminded of what they suffered) should sit back in complacency and allow this kind of fascism to infect our society. This profiling must be condemned by the rest of us everywhere it rears its ugly head.

      America is becoming more like Israel every day; but Palestinians have it much worse. The influence of Zionism in America via police training in Israel, Airport security contracted to Israeli firms, and other tools of oppression Zionists excel in is infecting the American system, including Zionist influence in American government policy and finally the demonization of Islam and Muslims by Zionists via mainstream media (especially Fauxfoxnews) and increasing propaganda is staggering, toxic and contagious.

      Don’t give up; as I stated, networking, reaching out to other groups also threatened with suppression and oppression on overlapping issues will strengthen your cause.

  • General under consideration by Trump for Defense has slammed Israel for impending 'apartheid'
    • Please stop hanging on to every scintilla and red herring that war hawks like Petraeus and Mattis throw up!

      Mattis is just another crazy Islamophobe to join the Trump team. He wants to bomb Iran after he helps Trump shred the Iran deal. Read up on his position on Iran; it's perfectly clear why Trump is seriously considering him and it has nothing to do with a two-stater fantasy. F! the two state! It's gone and buried; now move along. Like Mattis has one drop of compassion for Palestinians....not. He must have been parroting Patraeus. Whatever that temporary lapse was; it meant nothing when he hates Muslims enough to lead a World War against them.

      Do you know that arch-Neocon Republicans wanted to push Mattis to run for President???

      What gets the Mad Dog all hot and bothered? War with Iran!

      Oh bruther, naïve doesn't cover it. Get real, please.

    • Well, finally a realistic comment on this topic!

      The reason Mad-dog (that's his nickname) Mattis is being considered is because he's a rabid Iran hater, just like Flynn and Pompeo. Mattis has called Iran more dangerous than ISIS and was very critical of the Iran Deal.

      And he's the perfect General and MIC-man to prepare the military for war on Iran.

  • I'm not worried about anti-Semitism
    • was the blackout on her. Trump has a lot of faults, but I must admit I feel great relief now that the imminent threat of war with Russia has disappeared or at least diminished with the defeat of Hillary.

      I really didn't want Hillary or Trump to win; guess I was hoping for Americans to think outside the duopoly strangling their democracy, but it never pays to bet that Americans will think.

      I commend you on being one of the few who does, but are you relieved that the imminent threat of war will be with Iran instead? That's not to say that war with Russia is off the table, mind you. It'll be on the back burner until Iran is destroyed and plundered, OR, Russia could step in and up the Zionist/Neocons plans again like it did in Syria. Then we'll have war with Iran and Russia. So, it's not such a relief; you just can't escape American idiocy. Maybe picking a fight with Iran will finally put an end to the overwhelming stupid choices Americans repeatedly make.

    • Wow, Trump met with Kris Kobach this weekend because he might put him in charge of Immigration to set up a Registry; he's got that bigot, racist Sessions for Justice and three Islamophobes headed for NSA, Defense and the CIA to plot war with Iran that could possibly trigger world war, and they're bringing back torture and a discussion on pseudo Jewish angst over imagined loss of status is so pressing?

      This is really not helpful because all it does is add further fuel and significance to this non-issue of anti-Semitism that was manufactured out of nothing in the Trump administration's words or actions so far, that could justify all this.

      So can we put this navel gazing to rest once and for all, because the threat level against Muslims is through the roof and Latinos are going to be hunted down and persecuted as well and we may be heading for a war with Iran, as if there aren't enough real threats this new administration poses?

      And today, just for show, Trump invited, Robert Johnson (ex-owner of BET) for a meeting because he just can't think of any black people who could be an asset to his administration. Of course not! How can he put a black man in charge of an office in the racist, police state he's trying to create??? Well, no doubt he'll think of something to make his modern-day Jim Crow class system seem palatable to the masses.

      But hey, don't let me interrupt you; carry on with this much ado discussion. Guess we have to cover the threat level to Jews first and foremost, even if the conclusion is: there is none.

  • Donald Trump is ready to bring Islamophobia into the White House
    • So then why is the U.S. involved with Israel in a genocide of Muslims? If you group together the number of victims of Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen; there are probably close to two million Muslims killed on behalf of regime change (Netanyahu's Clean Break) and millions displaced. And now Trump is loading his cabinet with Muslim-haters. This is a policy of the power-driven minority, Zionists together with U.S. military force trying to suppress and neutralize this expanding majority.

    • That’s why he ridicules what he sees as inferior, imperfect women, a disabled man and even a judge who’s happens to be Latino, an expanding minority he wants to suppress with mass deportation.

    • Michael Flynn, the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, has advised Trump throughout the campaign. Since leaving his intelligence post, Flynn, thought to be a potential national security adviser in a Trump White House, has said he’s “been at war with Islam, or a component of Islam, for the last decade.”


      It's official, Trump has given him the position and the only question is, will he accept and everything indicates he will because the man is obsessed with Islam and now he's going to be given almost free rein to poison minds with fear and loathing and persecute Muslims everywhere and especially in the U.S.

      Here's what I don't like about Flynn. He's got an obsession with Islam and he's got tunnel vision when it comes to Iran. He's a wild card; unpredictable. He scares me because there's too much anger there. Also, this is a man who I suspect wants to get close to Russia to manipulate Putin into looking the other way on invading Iran. He wants to look into Putin's soul and pull out an Islamophobe like himself. If only Putin wouldn't see this as a chess move for American hegemony; thankfully, it might be harder than he thinks to gain Putin's trust. This man is driven by Islamophobia; everything revolves around this obsession. Hitler had an obsession too, and it ended up with the slaughter of millions of Jews and a world war that took the lives of millions more in this world.

      So where is Flynn going to take his obsession? How many millions more Muslim lives will his obsession claim? He joining forces with Trump, and Netanyahu egging them on; will we be faced with war with Iran and a world war? Flynn wants to fight Islam on different fronts like a Crusader. IMO, he's conflating the War on Terror with war with Iran. Anyway, he comes off as somewhat of a mad-man and a loose cannon.

      Next, I really, really don't like it when I see Bannon and anti-Semitism in the same sentence, because it's factually incorrect and it plays into the Zionist agenda. Bannon is a supremacist, yes, but the irony is that he has gravitated to Zionism like a moth to a light. This is because, Zionism, is a supremacist ideology, and he's fascinated with the immense power that Zionism wields as he wishes he could do the same thing in America and get away with it like Zionists are doing in Israel, the Palestinian Territories and with their neighbors in the region, inflicting indiscriminate oppression and aggression to suppress what he considers to be intellectually inferior minorities, Blacks, Latinos and Muslims who also tend to support a system of government that he detests. Okay, these are my observations, and I'm thinking that this guy is all about conservative and white purity and white power, but again, what makes him gravitate to Jews who support Zionism is that Zionists have raised supremacy almost to an art form in that they have so much control in protecting Zionism and herding Jews through fear to this ideology, and he no doubt relates to that kind of power and control and Zionism reflects his own vision of what America should look like. Again like Flynn there's a kind of obsession there, a kind of fear of being out-numbered one day by the "inferior" ethnicities and therefore those ethnicities must be controlled somehow. And the fact is that I'm sure he's encouraged to see a rise in nationalism in some countries of Europe, because the thing about supremacists is that legitimacy is extremely important to achieving their purity plan, just as Zionists also make a big deal of legitimacy, so they can carry out their racism, ethnic cleansing and suppression with impunity. If there is anti-Semitism in Bannon it's that in embracing Zionism he's embracing an anti-Semitic ideology that morally corrupts Jews generating resentment and hostility.

      The truth as history proves is that supremacists are delusional. You can't have legitimacy in today's world if you're suppressing and oppressing others. We would have to regress so much as a civilization to tolerate such a thing, but these supremacists actually think they can pull it off and we must oppose them every step of the way. I think supremacists believe they're the saviors of civilization like may of us believe that the greatest threat to our planet is climate change. If they could they'd all get together and hold a summit; they feel that threatened. However we can do something about climate change; but they can't control expanding demographics in America, Israel or the rest of the world; it's crazy.

      Trump is attracted to supremacism like he's attracted to beautiful women; he can't help himself. That's why he ridicules what he sees as inferior, imperfect women, a disabled man and even a judge who's happens to be Latino, a minority he wants to . The imperfect minorities that he fears are changing America and making it less great. Look at his family: they always present the portrait of perfection and power.

      He sees Blacks through the same lens he sees Latinos, bringing crime and drugs. Sure there are a few black, latino and muslim supporters but these to him provide the façade he needs for legitimizing what he really stands for. It's all about power, caste, but not so much em...power.

      All these guys want to bring about a racial, ethnic caste system. They just can't justify it...yet, but they're trying to pave the way. And they want to order the world that way as well. And it all comes about through suppression, oppression and if necessary, asin the Middle East, neutralizing with military force, kind of like Neocons have been doing, like what Zionists have been doing for decades; like Zionist Robert Kagan's scary treatise The Benevolent Empire praising American hubris and imperial hegemony.

      Whites, Christian whites need to say no to white power; and Jews need to say no to Zionist power. Not in my name you don't. What's encouraging to see is that groups mobilizing for the rights of minorities such as Black Lives Matter, are voicing not only their cause but the Palestinian cause, their Latino neighbors' , and other rights and they're joining together marching against the rise of nationalism, supremacy, corruption in government and finance and wars on behalf of imperial hegemony because all these are inter-related.

      People are recognizing all this for what it is, abuse of power of the privileged few over the many, through racism, hate, corruption, oppression and suppression and they're protesting the deception and crimes that sustain this abuse. We must join them.

    • Sorry, before I comment on the topic at hand, I want to briefly address an important point arising from Livni's comment on settler outposts being the welcome (mat?) for a bi-national state. I wish this topic/discussion weren't buried at the end of the wonderful I/P updates Kate provides.

      Someone should tell Livni it's already one state. She's at least a decade or more late. Luckily, Israel doesn't have a constitution so I'm hoping one day we can refer to the Federation of Israel and Palestine, just like we have the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina comprised of two separate religious and cultural ethnicities as we have in Israel and Palestine.

      The notion of one-state I/P should go viral so Trump doesn't try to revive a trumped-up defunct corpse once known as two-state . Now I know both sides fear the future one-state, but both sides need to stop mourning a corpse that's already ashes to dust that Israel killed with 600,000 settlers, and start celebrating the birth of a one-state. So can we start referencing Israel as the One State, when someone says two-state, we say, one state. We need to start kicking around the idea of one state for two peoples. Unless we start recognizing, trending it this way, people will continue to hang on to illusion instead of reality.

      Israel and Palestine are ONE STATE already where regrettably Israelis are inflicting Apartheid on Palestinians.

      I like the way Reza Aslan discussed it in 2013 criticizing Obama for his spinelessness in allowing Israelis to humiliate him and Biden.:

      His last sentence: We might as well start getting used to it.

      One state is here...get used to it, already!

  • Neoconservatives warm up to Trump (maybe they have an agenda)
    • With Schumer leading on the Right and Trump on the Left...what's that you say? I got them mixed up? You mean they're not interchangeable?

      The U.S. government is a hornet's nest of Zionists and Neocons pooping all over the American people's democracy. We've all become powerless.

      Schumer, Mr. Iraq war, Anthony Weiner's ticket to politics, cheer-leader for Netanyahu, and he can't wait til Trump tears up the Iran deal he opposed. F....KING TRAITOR.

      Who's the Democrat...who's the Republican? You can't tell one side from the other; they're all in the service of one nation: ISRAEL! I've never seen it as obvious as it is today. We're all screwed and especially Palestinians, Syrians and Iranians. These Zionists and Neocon bastards running the world are going to destroy us all.

      So now Trump's supremacists and ZOAs supremacists are going to party together. They're going to celebrate the new supremacist manifesto on how to suppress minorities so that Zionist Christians and Jews get to rule the planet from the extreme right...into the ground. Okay, I'm having a bad day, first it was a choice between Hillary and Trump. Now, we're getting the new Zionist leader of the Senate planning the next WWar with the head of the soon-to-be Fascist police state, America and Netanyahu couldn't be more pleased to see America moving in his direction; the extreme right direction.

      Maybe the owner of the site below can get us all out of here in time to watch everything blow up from space.:

  • Trump may kill Netanyahu with kindness
    • Lemme put it to this way: Zionism is a criminal endeavor operating outside the rule of Law and like most criminal operations; it's days are numbered. Zionists are like criminals that pulled of the heist of the Century and then go around bragging about it and buying up all the stores and paying off officials to look the other way.

      Quit hiding your criminal operations behind ISIS. That distraction is about to be eradicated by Russia, Iran and the U.S., like it or not.

      You guys are responsible for Hezbollah and Hamas militant resistance in that you continue to illegally occupy territory that isn't yours and then you justify wars that are tantamount to state terrorism killing women and children gratuitously every chance you get in these military assaults.

      Zionism is a criminal operation and it started committing crimes of terrorism, ethnic cleansing from day one and illegal occupation supported by yet more war crimes since. You all are quickly becoming the biggest, baddest black stain in the global community. You're not becoming a pariah state; you have been a pariah state the moment you started ethnically cleansing and settling illegal territory.

      Criminals like your Zionist compadres in Israel and others peddling influence abroad to hide the crimes shouldn't be able to brag about their crimes except before a War Crimes Tribunal. There, you all can brag all you want. The chickens will come home to roost and everything you bragged about in your post: credit rating, blah and blah, is but the calm before the storm that will catch you off guard.

      There is no legitimacy in the crimes being committed by Zionism and your hubris and bragging are like a cheap tin sound echoing in the wind that doesn't fool everyone and soon will fool no one with any moral compass.

  • Epic battle looms over accused anti-Semite entering White House, and 'NYT' graywashes the moment
    • except for the few 1000 left-wing israelis who still read this dying rag.

      If that's the case then you must be a carrion insect on a feeding frenzy cause you just can't get enough!

    • Why am I not surprised he's attending ZOA's gala? It's natural for a white supremacist to gravitate to the leading supremacist ideology in this 21st century, Zionism. They'll surely exchange ideas on how to suppress and oppress and in some cases ethnically cleanse expanding minority demographics: in the U.S., latinos, Muslims and blacks and in Israel, Palestinians (Arab Muslims) and black refugees. Oh, if only one could be a fly on the wall with a microscopic tape-recorder!

    • If Bannon is a white supremacist and I don't deny he is, he's an equal opportunity offender and much more so with minority demographics, black and latino, that threaten the conservative wing and his wish to push the country further right.

      Now, this anti-Semitism hype is just that, hype, and feeds into a Zionist narrative that we should not be enabling, so my advice is: move along; nothing to see here.

      Don't feed Zionism.

    • One can only hope and with it ridding government of all foreign influence and corruption.

    • One can only hope.

    • @echino

      We still have to hear of any Jewish people moving to the Zionist entity where they will face a Trump-squared regime.

      The smart Jews stay put; the dumb ones are squatting all over Palestine, Israel to them, that's why Israel's moving ever closer to the extreme right. So I guess when the day that all Christian Zionists dream of, comes; the rest of them can be reassured that all the smart ones were spared. Hopefully for us, they won't get anymore bright ideas on how to get rid of their less desirable counterparts.

    • It's odd, isn't it, all this hyped up anti-Semitism? Yesterday, Huffpo had a big bold headline reading something like: Anti-Semite in the White House, something to that effect and so-called intelligent Democrats there were hyper-ventilating over the Jew-hater and potential threat to Jews.

      And some of you here actually believe that thousands of Jews are gonna flee to Israel when they have it so cushy right here where they are in the U.S.? That's a laugh too!

      So then, what's wrong with this picture? Zionists being such a conniving lot, you have to dig a little deeper to get the answer.

      The first leader Trump speaks to on winning the election is his good friend Netanyahu. Trump’s in-laws are Zionists and his daughter converted.

      Trump has two advisers that should make everyone's skin crawl: Zionist James Woolsey and Neocon ret. Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn. These two goons are dead set on bombing Iran and so is Netanyahu.

      Woolsey tried to fabricate intelligence that Saddam Hussein masterminded 9/11 as a casus belli for the Iraq invasion. He’s one of the Zionists who fabricated intelligence to sell that war to Americans grieving over 9/11. That’s how sick and devious he is and now he’s one of Trump’s top senior advisors! Hello? - major red flag.

      Unfortunately for him, Americans are sick and very weary of war. But start crying anti-Semitism threat from ever internet news headline and every mainstream news outlet and American concern rises for Jews and in consequence the Jewish State.

      Meanwhile Latinos and Blacks, the real endangered species in America under a Trump Presidency get put on the back burner of concern, because we can’t have that narrative distracting from what’s on the Zionist agenda. So what if expanding minorities are going to be suppressed under a Trump administration, when Jews are in trouble. The question is: what trouble are they facing? Bannon? Ha! That’s a laugh!

      So fast forward, a short while into his Presidency; Trump tears up the Iran deal and Netanyahu comes out defending the man who put the Jew-hater in the White House as a true friend of Israel and Jews, and warns that if something isn’t done about Iran, Jews will again be wiped away from the face of the earth et voila! You have a radical change in policy and potential war with Iran made palatable to a concerned American public blinded by media warnings and punditry fear-mongering anti-Semitism.

      The Zionist media started this and you’re running with their fake narrative playing right into the hands of Zionist war-mongers. You know somewhere there's a Zionist think-tank hoping you take this viral. So forget Latinos and Blacks, the real demographics in trouble under Trump and his side-kick Bannon. Let’s get all concerned over this fake anti-Semitism, play into this hype narrative, and help them prepare a war with Iran, and make Trump the savior of the Jews and the Jewish State.

      That’s why AIPAC is “neutral” on the subject of Bannon. They know something you don’t.

      But will AIPAC say anything publicly? Unlikely. The AIPAC policy is to ensure that there is “no daylight” between the US government and the Israeli government, and with Trump being such an unknown.

      Unknown to AIPAC? Not since Woolsey became Trump’s chief national security adviser, and nothing happens without a nod from Bannon, CEO.

    • So actual anti Semite is about to have an office in the White House and the Zionist have nothing to say.

      Zionist strategy has been anti-Semitic from day one.

    • That's not it, but it's something to do with fear and war.

    • You ask a very perceptive question which I hope to answer soon below.

    • Without realizing it, you're playing right into the Zionist narrative.

    • Oh lord, I can't believe I'm agreeing with this....whatever. But I am.

  • Trump will have 'minimal interest in foreign affairs' -- Israeli gov't forecast
    • Netanyahu already knew what to expect from Trump. Carte blanche. The contents of what was sent to Israeli diplomats was meant to be leaked as everything Israel does is calculated. This is purely diversionary. Netanyahu was confident Trump would win and even more assured of Trump's loyalty to the Zionist cause. Nothing in U.S. politics of any significance to Israel happens without overwhelming influence by Zionism's protectors. Trump is Israel's man and Netanyahu is pretending he doesn't know to what extent. It just looks good to the rest of the world that Israel is just as much in the dark or skeptical as the rest of the world when nothing could be further from the truth.

  • Trump's path to 'most pro-Israel' president paved by bankruptcy expert and real estate attorney who once lived in a settlement
  • 'Trump shows America's dominant ideology': A Palestinian take on the US election
  • In Ohio, Muslim-Americans fear bitter election will lead to civil unrest
    • Go back and check out the states where Bernie won. Most of them were open primaries, which means that, yes a lot of democrats supported Bernie but he was also appealing to many Independents and Hillary was not bringing in Independents. This is why Bernie believed he was the better choice to beat Trump and he was, because if Democrats had chosen Bernie he would get the majority of Democrats on board AND he would bring those Independent supporters with him. But the DNC was myopic, and a lot of Democrats who couldn't see the writing on the wall for the glass ceiling are to blame for this outcome.

      You have only to go to Huffpo and Kos to see how bitter Democrats are, blaming Bernie for this loss, alleging he was too hard on Hillary during the primaries. They still don't get it and it's up to the rest of us to make them see and prepare the way for someone more courageous than Bernie who aspires to bring genuine change. The Democrats lost because they failed to tap into the disgust with the Washington status quo and presented a candidate who was part of that status quo and who lacked the genuineness to appeal to the disenfranchised public. They have themselves to blame for their lack of vision and their inability to tap into the moment, because at this time revolt against the establishment was the general sentiment but Democrats failed to seize on that glaring reality and instead obsessed with making Hillary, the first woman to break the glass ceiling when she was so flawed, a Neocentrist insider and wrong for the moment. Democrats blew it despite all the star power and media support for their candidate. That speaks volumes.

      This is a teachable moment and yet some Democrats, too many imho, are pointing the finger at Bernie instead.

      One of the positive outcomes of the Trump victory is that the media was left with egg on its face. The media that are nothing but corporate gatekeepers for a Zionist/Neocon agenda have lost the trust and respect of the public at least for the moment. Hopefully, Americans will hang on to that skepticism.

      However, grave dangers lurk with Trump's victory. Trump is already flanked by Necons Giuliani and Pence and even Christie, and others will flock to his side, and there's a Republican monopoly now in government to continue the Neocon/Zionist agenda. Trump had a very hard line against Iran and has no problem bringing back torture and he's not transparent. These and other disturbing aspects that Trump displays tell me that Americans are facing hard times and so is the rest of the world. But again, it looks like this is the necessary evil for this time. The responsibility is to fight and resist it every step of the way, but this won't happen until Americans start to see where Trump is taking them. Hopefully, the honeymoon between Trump and the angry masses will be short-lived.

      Impeachment, hard times, and even pitchforks, whatever it takes to get the Zionist/Neocon agents out and bring about genuine change.

    • Gotta repeat this comment I made elsewhere, here:

      Why is it that no one sees the “pussy grabbing” president vs the 1st woman president irony as the karmic lesson this really is?

      Clue: you don’t always get what you want….you get what you neeeeed!

      Apparently, the Universe thinks this was a necessary evil. Trump is the spanking everyone not just Democrats need right now and there’s a very good reason why. The why is what’s getting lost in translation.

      (Dana Bash couldn't figure out why Trump used this piece of music as his theme song. I think no one really gets it...yet.)

      Trump sprinkled fairy dust everywhere with his Victory Speech early this morning....and the lame ass media actually fell under his spell. First the libel threats and now the honeymoon----lol- all this is just too priceless!

    • Remember the headline after the 2004 U.S. election in the U.K. Mirror about the 59,000,000 dumb Americans? Somewhere in the world, or maybe in people's minds around the world this headline is flashing:


      Democrats are a sorry lot this morning in more ways than one. The party's over. Not even The Boss, Stevie, Beyonce, Bill, Warren, Obama, Michelle and every star in the universe could sell Hillary after the fatal mistake that Democrats made. It's gotta be karma.

      Democrats threw Bernie under the bus. Bernie was leading a genuine movement for change when they threw him and his lofty, radical ideas away and Trump jumped on that emerging movement and rode it to the finish line. Trump is not about a movement; he's the necessary evil that will finally jumpstart the revolution that Bernie tried to inspire. Democrats wanted Hillary to break the glass ceiling more than they wanted a necessary movement for change that is more than necessary. Real dumb. They had blinders for the moment in front on them and all they wanted was Hillary. And the worst part is that they weren't even enthusiastic about her; it was the idea of a woman and to hell with genuine change!

      Trump won blue states that Bernie won in the primaries. There's so much karma in those blue-state wins. Democrats handed this election to Trump when they threw Bernie and his genuine movement to the curb. Obama's movement was never genuine.

      There is a bright spot in this however for the rest of the world. Americans aren't ready for a visionary leader, and I won't say Bernie rose all the way to that height but he was right for paving the way; he was on the right track. Now, Americans are stuck with Trump, and as Farrakhan put it: he's going to take Americans on a rocket ship to hell. That's the route they've chosen.'s well-deserved and maybe when Americans get back from that trip, they'll finally see how their choices have rained so much misery, pain and destruction on others for so many decades. Maybe once they've felt what it's like to be sent to hell; they'll finally make the responsible choices that will better this world. Americans are going to learn the hard way to stop lusting for power.

      It's surreal to think that one of America's President-elect famous quotes will be: You can do anything; grab them by the pussy.... Americans have really, truly proven that anyone can be President. LOL. It's surreal. Do they really believe this will turn out okay? The media deserve Trump, Washington deserves Trump, Americans deserve Trump and the leaders of our world who've enabled American imperial hubris deserve Trump. Unfortunately, the rest of us who see where this world is headed, don't. Hopefully, we'll be spared.

      Democrats threw away all the domestic social gains achieved when they refused to recognize the movement for genuine change.

      Yes, I wanted this outcome, because once the easier route with Bernie was eliminated; this was the only route left. Hillary would only have perpetuated the agony. Ironically she got lucky. Soon she'll no longer be responsible for the darkness coming.

      And then maybe, another outcome awaits: Trump might end up impeached...I have to admit there's a fascinating unknown here. It's just too surreal to fathom.

  • Lanny Davis's power seder, dedicated to Palestinian-Israeli peace, and Pee Wee Reese
    • Okay, Americans are about to vote for a hawkish neolib woman who's going to impose a no-fly zone in Syria that'll trigger war with Russia and perhaps the worse tragedy of this Century and that hypocrite Lanny Davis's seders are consequential on the eve of the impending disaster Americans are going to rain down on everyone?

      Hillary or Trump; Trump or Hillary - either we get deep transformation through a World War or through a citizens' revolution - choose your poison. Americans, and especially stupid Democrats and establishment Republicans with her are going to regret choosing the devil they know.

  • Clinton aide called Netanyahu a ruthless 'wing nut' and Israel 'depressing'
    • And the big divide is based on how far do they go in screwing the Palestinians of their rights but definitely not on whether screwing them is off the table.

    • Hillary's just as much of a wingnut as Netanyahu. If she had it her way there would never be elections in the Palestinian Territories, and if there are, than the U.S. better fix the outcome.

  • Clues to the end of the world shared during final 2016 presidential debate
    • After Trump loses, and it's looking that way, he needs to make an explosive concession speech now that he's been on the inside and knows who's really got the reins of power. Sure he should go through the fake motions of congratulating his opponent, but then he should expose everything. What does he have to lose? It's the only way. You can't build something better without demolishing the rotted structure first. This is not a reno project. This is a demolition to rebuild and it's right in line with his business. Now that he was on the inside, he knows who and what brought about the rotten corruption that exists inside and he should expose it all before tearing it up from the rafters down. He knows the power that Zionists together with their Neolib and Neocon counterparts wield, and he should expose it. If he doesn't do this; he's done all this for nothing. I doubt he's that honest; and suspect power means more to him than exposing the truth.

      Now apparently, if he loses, he's going to launch his own network and it would be a monumental mistake if he hires that Zionist gatekeeper, Ailes, to help him run it. One thing's for sure: Bannon will be involved. If Trump gets in bed with Zionists and Neocons; he'll wake up with flees and much worse.

      We'll see who he really is. My guess is he's after power any which way, so now he's going to try the Citizen Kane media mogul route to get it, and maybe if he solidifies the rotten system instead of bringing it all down, he'll end up just like Kane; a broken, bankrupt, disillusioned man. We'll see.

    • Marnie,

      I agree with you. Here's just one of many reasons why I don't trust Trump: he uses Wikileaks only when it's convenient for him as an instrument to expose Clinton's corruption, but earlier stated that Snowden is a traitor who should be executed, instead of an individual who should be honored because he risked everything to demonstrate how the government rigs Constitutional rights by spying on Americans and threatening free speech. So you can bet that if Trump were in power, he'd condemn Wikileaks as an espionage organization and avail himself of all tools of fascist control.

      But if Hillary wins the election we should be discussing how the Left became the Right virulently defending her, and how this trend is directly related to pervasive Zio-neo corruption in politics and the media. We have only to look to Israel where the Left is practically extinct to know who's pulling the strings and setting the standard in the U.S..

      Sure Trump is disgusting and can't be trusted, but the good thing about his candidacy is that he's bringing to the surface that there's something rotten in Washington and that the media is part of that rot and so is Hillary of course.

      The U.S. system is indeed rigged and it has a lot to do with securing Zio-neo power. But what boggles the mind is that Americans on the whole just don't care since they have allowed all this Zio-neo corruption to infect both sides and refuse to go in another direction or give a third party with clean hands a chance. So I say whatever fate awaits Americans, and it won't be good, is well-deserved.

    • Thanks. He did say he wants to drain the swampland in Washington if he wins; so will he pass on an opportunity to scorch the earth if he foresees a loss?

      He's already saying the election will be rigged; the media rigs the system; so what's stopping him from exposing how the Republican establishment also rigs the system? Not much. If I were him -- I'd go Samson and take a wrecking ball to the whole damn fix structure.

      p.s. The fix was laid by both the Zioneolibs and Zioneocons; their agenda is one and the same; ergo the duopoly to secure the Zioneo agenda.

    • I just listened to Trump's policy speech in Gettysburg and watch out Zionist Lobby; Trump's gunning for foreign interlopers and foreign influence on government and policy.

      I hope he means it. Unfortunately his son-in-law is a Zionist who might not take kindly to his anti-Lobby policy.

    • So in other words: he's equal opportunity.

    • The media is already calling the election win for Clinton even suggesting a landslide, although her Presidency will be built on a swamp of war and deceit for starters, and I believe will end up perhaps more reviled than W. Bush's was.

      Here's a thought: since the Republican Party has in part turned on Trump, maybe when he starts to see the writing on the wall he can exercise a sort of Samson option and take down the whole Republican structure with him by lambasting established Republicans as the principle challenge to his campaign and traitors to the conservative cause. Establishment Republicans are doomed anyway. And what would Trump be losing if he did this? Many Conservatives would eventually thank him for demolishing what they were unable to destroy and then could start over and create their vision of conservatism.

      I wouldn't put it past him to use this last-minute option; as he's practically leaving the Party in ruins anyway even though W started the job.

      Now if only someone would stand up and tear up the Democratic Party; they so deserve it. Maybe Hillary will do the job because as I stated earlier: she might just end up being the most hated President in U.S. history. I hope so. So she just might take the Party down with her after all.

      And then the Revolution might break out and perhaps the end of the two-party system will follow. It'll be an opportunity to correct this destructive duopoly after never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity, which led Americans to a choice between the lesser of two evils...or is it evil either way?

    • This post is incomplete...I added to it in the next.

    • Here's what Trump, Putin and Duterte factually have in common: All three believe that Hillary Clinton (and the Zionist cabal she represents which rarely gets blamed but is just as culpable) is responsible for the mess in Iraq, Syria and Libya to name a few. Although, Putin and Dute generally believe that America and Americans are a force for corruption and degeneration, and they're not alone because I'd say at least half the world or more are of the same opinion.

      A large part of the world's population is resentful of the U.S. for meddling on the wrong side of their civil wars and revolutions and with good reason!

      I never really believed the Arab Spring would get off the ground because of the duplicity exercised by the U.S. in regards to who should be free and who's freedom is a threat to U.S. interests.

      It's time for the U.S. to have it's own Yankee Spring, and to interpret someone who wrote this first (as I can't remember where I read this, maybe here): Trump will hasten the Revolution and Hillary will delay it and therefore Trump must win and as Louis Farrakhan put it so well: Trump will take the U.S. into the abyss of hell...on a rocket ship. And I say: it's about time and could not be more well deserved, while others less brutally honest than myself will put it this way: it's a necessary evil.

      However, should Hillary win, then the process will be more like Chinese torture and by the time she's through with her reign, she will be the most hated woman in America and everyone will run to the Republican side no matter who gets the nomination, and from there the Revolution will spring after the excruciating delay. So isn't it better not to postpone the inevitable, if what will come out of it in the end will benefit, not only Americans, but the entire world?

      Hard times are coming to America whomever wins.

      Will Syria become the bay of pigs if Hillary gets her way? Remember, she's no JFK. Her instincts are all wrong and she's proven this over and over again. She spells the threat of war with Russia and Trump has his own obsession: Iran.

      Maybe North Korea will go all nuclear and make all the above threats moot.

      Hard times coming for Americans; but of their own making.

    • Here's what Trump, Putin and Duterte factually have in common: All three believe that Hillary Clinton (and the Zionist cabal she represents which rarely get blamed) is responsible for the mess in Iraq, Syria and Libya to name a few. Although Putin and Dute generally believe that America and Americans are a force for corruption and degeneration, and they're not alone because I'd say at least half the world or more are of the same opinion.

      A large part of the world's population is resentful of the U.S. for meddling on the wrong side of their civil wars and revolutions and with good reason!

      I never really believed the Arab Spring would get off the ground because of the duplicity exercised by the U.S. in regards to who should be free and who's freedom is a threat to U.S. interests.

      It's time for the U.S. to have it's own Yankee Spring, and to interpret someone who wrote this first (as I can't remember where I read this, maybe here): Trump will hasten the Revolution and Hillary will delay it and therefore Trump must win and as Louis Farrakhan put it so well: Trump will take the U.S. into the abyss of hell...on a rocket ship. And I say: it's about time and could not be more well deserved, while others less brutally honest than myself will put it this way: it's a necessary evil.

      However, should Hillary win, then the process will be more like Chinese torture and by the time she's through with her reign, she will be the most hated woman in America and everyone will run to the Republican side

  • The Jewish confession on a future Yom Kippur
    • When I wrote gentrified Zionist; I really meant a Zionist who's more refined in his hypocrisy. What can be worse?

      And as far as Silverstein is concerned; I earnestly see something positive happening, no disrespect intended.

    • Forgive me, but I just had to link this post with this one on another site:

      And I want to make special note of his reply to @ Yehuda who is what I would refer to as a hollow, gentrified Zionist oblivious to the glaring consequence of the space he takes up in Israel.

      Now, both posts, this one and Silverstein's have a common thread that warms my heart and especially the latter's because I see this religious existential crisis as a light at the end of a tunnel; it's an oxymoron of hopeful despair. I see Silverstein has evolved since last I perused his site.

      Lose your humanity or we lose our religion! Deceptive Zionist ultimatum. It is already lost and many are lost with it. Zionism's only redeeming quality is to inspire a higher purpose in those that choose to resist.

  • Netanyahu's 'ethnic cleansing' video earns strong rebuke from State Department
    • Netanyahu is as evil as Zionism. Only a demented despot would twist the truth the way he's doing in that video. Sick.

  • Dozens of Spanish cities declare themselves ‘Free of Israeli Apartheid’
    • Why do Zio-supremacists hate Jews so much?!

      Because once their self-fulfilling prophecy materializes, then they can justify their crimes with We told you so. In other words they will prove they're still society's victims. It's a win-win strategy to legitimize crimes against millions of others on behalf of the greater good called Zionism.

    • Yeah you would dredge up shit from the dark ages to justify Zionist crimes in modern history. It speaks volumes about who you are right now and not who Spaniards in the 21st Century are. Zionist crimes will be the downfall of Zionism and nothing else!

  • Syrian death tolls and the kinder gentler jihadists
    • I would rather a Gary Johnson who fumbles on what to do about Aleppo? because meddling in foreign regions is very foreign to his politic, than a Hillary conflict pyromaniac or a Trump bomb the shit out of everyone as the solution to everything. So the Zionist monopoly media and their viral Aleppo poison dart to take down the third party leader, can kiss my behind!

  • Huma Abedin dumps Anthony Weiner, occupation denier
    • @catalan

      Just because I like Israel where I know many nice people does not make me a Zionist. I also like Russia, France and pretty much everyone else with the exceptions of some sadistic places.

      You like Israel, eh? And it's not a sadistic place, eh? But Israelis are using Palestinians for target practice while they're under military occupation and oppression. Israel's soooo nice huh? Palestinian children and the disabled are locked up and denied justice in Israel. Nooooh, that's not a sadistic place from your limited, biased view.

      If you're not a sure do a great imitation whitewashing everything Zionist.

    • First of all, it's very hypocritical to bring Jesus into this when you do nothing but paint the immoral Zionist crime with the hasbara-lite brush to mitigate the crime. You think you're not transparent, but your Zionism-lite glows like kryptonite. You pretend like no Jew should be singled out as a Zionist by making it seem like everyone does this migrate so why single out members of your tribe: everyone settles elsewhere; feigning ignorance or diluting the crime called Zionism at its inception giving rise to a modern-day war crime of massive ethnic cleansing proportions that to this day has been dismissed and suppressed i.e. the Nakba, and multiple war crimes engendered since by Zionism for decades to the present against Palestinians with complete impunity (including the racist no-return for the dispossessed).

      So next time a supporter of Palestine turns out to be a pedophile that would invalidate the whole BDS movement? Here's the flaw in your distorted analogy, the fly in the patronizing hasbara slop.

      BDS is a non-violent movement for justice while Zionism is a wall of violent force and injustice; a cruel weapon of colonisation leading to forcible dispossession of others. So for me to choose to equate an individual's personal depravity to the depravity inherent with Zionism is cogent symbolism of the spiritual decline Zionism produces in those who embrace it. Even if Weiner were a saint in his private life; Zionism would still be the hateful crime that is perpetually generating injustice. So his saintliness would be stained by his support for Zionism. A fatal error in judgment.

      However, if a pedophile choses to support BDS, that would not make BDS any less redeeming in its objective to bring about justice for millions of human beings i.e. Palestinians, since the cause is great, beyond the flaws of any of its members, just as a pedophile priest or priests didn't succeed in the destruction of the Christian cornerstone upon which the Church was founded and built upon, first by Peter and today continued by Francis, the present leader of 1.2 billion faithful. The cause survives because it elevates the spirit in the service of mankind.

      The difference here being the cause must have the power to redeem and Zionism, the cause of Zionists, is but a generator of moral decline therefore in the case of Zionism, associating the depravity of one or more of its members to the depraved cause inflicting injustice on millions, is potent symbolism for the spiritual decline of those who push deception, hypocrisy and propaganda to perpetuate evil against a part of humanity.

    • Weiner is the poster boy for Zionism, but not just because he regurgitates the delusional aspects of Zionism and the lies that Zionism tries to cover up and get away with.

      Weiner is the poster boy for Zionism because he perfectly represents the depravity that Zionism generates because you can't be a moral person and embrace the injustice and everything indefensible that Zionism generates.

      Weiner is the face of Zionism. Zionism tries to hide that it is really ugly and immoral but like Weiner it too is being exposed for what it really is: depravity parading around as some kind of superior, entitled society still pretending to be the global victims of a present-day, non-existant persecution. In fact it is Zionism doing the persecuting and there is nothing superior or elevated in its moral, ethical or dare I say, spiritual quotient that is in fact non-existant in the staggering hypocrisy that Zionism exudes.

      Weiner is today the unvarnished portrait of Zionism. He is the Dorian Grey of Zionism; the political tool of Zionism unmasked in all its shame.

  • A look at Breitbart's 'Alt-Right Lite' plan for Israel/Palestine
    • And what does this melding of Bannon’s site and Trump mean for the future?

      Zilch! But the melding of these two cosmic egos could lead to a well-deserved cataclysmic event for all the fools of the world and especially for Amerikaland where most of them live.

      Geller likes him: It takes one Islamophobe to recognize another.

      Like Trump or Bannon give a shit about Palestinians. I understand the Russians putting lipstick on the pig but this scrapes the bottom.

  • A new milestone: BDS at the Olympics
    • Treat people well because they rarely have any meaningful impact on the actions of government officials. Kindness.

      Even Nazi wannabes? The German people circa 1935 would agree with you.

    • Catalan my ass! Apologist for Zionist war crimes - you bet!

    • The Olympics is just one venue from which the Ziokaners should be banned.

      I would spit all over my hand first and ask him to shake that.

      So Israelis the majority of whom were in the military at some point oppressing, killing and committing war crimes against Palestinians for decades want the rest of us to just shake their hand. Would you shake the hand of someone who has the blood of another on his hand? Oh and I'm not interested in your hasbara justifications.

  • After Palestinian takes gold in Rio for Jordan, Israelis claim his roots are 'Israeli'
    • He should have joined the refugee banner; it would make a tremendous statement for all suffering Palestinian refugees and especially for Palestinian athletes under Israeli oppression who suffer Israeli aggression against their athletic ambitions.

      When a Palestinian competes under another flag while millions of Palestinian refugees suffer without their homeland; this is what he unintentionally solicits and promotes:

      Jordan is Palestine.

      I've been trying to avoid being baited by the likes of any statement appearing here which is a staggering indignity; but I have to again wonder how such a statement that implies a war crime; ethnic cleansing, and is so loathsome to all who suffered the Nakba made it here of all places. I have good reason to recoil again and again.

    • Now that the Olympic Committee established a refugee banner no Palestinian should ever compete under the flag of another country while millions of Palestinians are still refugees!

      It galls me that any other country Israel or Jordan would take credit under such circumstances!

  • Money talks as Trump does u-turn on Israel
    • You really think Bernie's donors will bolt to Trump??? Fat chance. Trump will end up proving he's really the icon of the wealthy entitled; the 1%. Should he become President: let them eat cake will become his executive signature.

    • There was rampant blind endorsement for Trump during the primaries on this site. I was always against Trump, because Trump is a faker and a racist and Trump is only about his brand and power. And I was supporting Sanders albeit cautiously because I was skeptical that his Zionism would get in the way of his good intentions, but I was never skeptical that like Trump, money and lust for power would corrupt Sanders; more like tribal shaming or pressure interfering with his wider agenda to derail whatever sympathy he has for Palestinians.

      But I have to say, Sanders was weaker than I imagined to capitulate to endorsing Hillary when she'll end up betraying his platform. He lost my respect right there.

      But to imagine that Trump would not be a turncoat on I/P neutrality is really naïve.

  • Outside RNC, Cornel West has inspiring words for the Palestinian people
    • Neither Hillary Clinton nor Trump will do anything to improve the situation for Palestinians. We can expect perhaps 8 more years of hell for Palestinians, unless Trump becomes President which will make it 4 years of hell or less because I predict impeachment and then there might be a way to escape the disastrous decision Americans will make choosing Trump. However, choosing Hillary is as disastrous if not more for Palestinians.

      Trump is already off the rails. I can guarantee you that if everyone in the convention hall started screaming for Pence to replace him; and if by some miracle that were possible then even Pence would stab him in the back; that's how much chaos, mistrust and animosity Trump elicits even within the Republican party at this stage. He's like the dumb American version of Caesar.

      Today the Trump campaign had a woman associated with Melania's speech take the fall for the plagiarism that they still refuse to call by its name but I'm just not buying the story about how the blunder came about. This appears to be yet another lie to cover up the humungous lies they've been telling that the passages that quote Michelle Obama weren't taken from the latter's speech. Trump will evade the truth even if it's biting him in the ass. His aides and manager have been blatantly lying for an entire day and a half. Who can trust a word that Trump utters. This fiasco can't be more revealing about Trump's integrity and I shudder to put integrity in the same sentence with Trump!

      And again, Hillary elicits just as much mistrust no matter how much she tries to polish her act. Already she's betraying the liberal base by moving to the center in her upcoming choice for VP that's rumored to be either Kaine or Vilsack. She could give a rat's ass about Sanders and his platform. Sanders should never have endorsed her.

      I just can't believe that Americans have chosen these two LIARS as nominees for the Presidency. This just proves: in life, you get what you deserve. Unfortunately the rest of the world pays a heavy price for American stupidity and Palestinians are sadly at the top of the list.

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