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American; political science major, M.A.; former ISM volunteer in the West Bank

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  • As Gazans protest demolition of Khan al-Ahmar, two minors are killed
      2 hours ago:

      Israeli air raids kill two [more] Palestinian teens in Gaza

      Hamas says it launched rockets and mortars in response to Israeli air strikes, which also wounded 14 Palestinians.
      At least two teenagers in the Gaza Strip have been killed by Israeli air raids, according to Palestinian health officials, as Israel carried out the largest daylight attack on the besieged enclave since the 2014 war.

      Amir al-Nimri, 15, and Luay Kaheel, 16, died of their wounds on Saturday shortly after an air strike targeted al-Kutaiba, an area in western Gaza, the health ministry said.

      Twelve others were wounded by the attack.

      The al-Kutaiba square is adjacent to a park frequently visited by families over the weekend, especially during the summer months, witnesses told Al Jazeera.

      "That's why so many civilians have been hurt in the latest strike," Maram Humaid, a journalist in Gaza, said.

      In a Twitter post, the Israeli military confirmed it targeted a "high-rise building" and said it had "warned" residents to evacuate prior to the attack.

      Two other people were wounded in earlier Israeli air raids, which targeted several neighbourhoods in Gaza, raising the total figure of those hurt to 14.

      Following the attack on al-Kutaiba, a ceasefire agreement was reached through international and regional mediation efforts, Palestinian officials said on Saturday.

      In a Twitter post, Hamas, the group governing the Gaza Strip, said the efforts of "several parties" including neighbouring Egypt succeeded in implementing a lasting ceasefire.

      There has been no immediate confirmation from the Israeli side.

  • 'Kite terrorism' -- Israeli government takes on 'sarcastic' global press
    • There is this. Innocent animals as collateral damage from human activity:

      [from 29 May Today in Palestine list]
      [with photos] Times of Israel 28 May -- Drone footage released Monday showed how hundreds of acres of one of the most scenic areas of southern Israel have been reduced to burned, blackened wasteland by firebomb-laden kites flown across the border by Palestinians. By the end of winter, the Be’eri Crater Nature Reserve is normally blanketed with green grass interspersed with red anemones. The park’s trees, grass and ground are home to many species of wildlife. However, hundreds of kites carrying flaming material have been flown across the border by Gazan Palestinians in the past few weeks, and photos show the entire area has been reduced to blackened stubble. On Sunday alone a further 50 acres of the nature reserve were consumed by fire started by the kites. Rafi Bavian, security officer of the Sdot Negev Regional Council, said that the plants would eventually grow back, but he mourned the destruction of wildlife. “We are sure that time will do its part, the rain will return and the flowering will begin again,” he told Ynet news site. “But to see the crater area burned like this, and to think of all the animals burned to death is heartbreaking.”....

  • Israeli police arrest Ramadan wakers in Jerusalem
    • Yes (see IMEMC story about him above)

      AND overnight between Mon and Tues they did this (from Ma`an, above):

      In the central West Bank district of Ramallah, Israeli forces raided the village of Nabi Saleh and detained five members of the Tamimi family. They were identified as Iyad Wissam al-Tamimi, Mahmoud Wajih al-Tamimi, Bahaa Muhammad al-Tamimi, Mutassem Khalil al-Tamimi and Assem Samih al-Tamimi.

      AND from WAFA (also in the list above):

      The Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS) accused the Israel Prison Services (IPS) on Tuesday of responsibility for the loss of sight of a prisoner due to medical negligence. PPS attorney Ahmad Safiyyeh said preliminary results for tests conducted on Tuesday for Hassan Tamimi, 18, at Shaare Tzedek hospital in West Jerusalem showed that he has totally lost sight in both his eyes. He said the direct cause for his loss of sight was damage to the nerves of the eye due to medical negligence during his detention.

      The Israelis really have it in for the Tamimi clan.

  • Israel has shot 29 medics at Gaza border, killing two
    • just, you must spend nearly as much time searching in this sewer as I do! I have long since given up trying to find any logical reason for so much that the Israelis do. I just keep telling myself (as they do) that it's security, security - that is, it's paranoia, they really think that every despicable action of theirs is excused by the 'fact' that everyone is out to get them. And they are busy making sure that this will become the reality. When I first learned about their actions, and about the whole ghastly history of the theft of Palestine, all I could think about was, "Why should the Palestinians have to pay for what the Germans did to the Jews?" And there is no answer, of course. There is no justice.

  • A Reuters photographer from Gaza explains what it's like to cover the Great March of Return
    • You're welcome, Boomer. I've rarely been so unsure of how to do a newslist as I was this time. During the terrible Israeli attack on Gaza in 2014 there were two of us working on the lists, which helped - the other was Seham, who did so many of these lists in past years. Sometimes I just think: Where to begin? And how can I possibly make sure to get all of the important articles? And does anyone really want to read this when it's so tragic?

  • Five arrested, as Jewish protesters block Senator Cardin's office over his silence on Gaza killings
    • Very sorry, I looked that up at about 4 am, not really awake! 1 Jordanian dinar is worth about US$1.41. 1 US dollar is worth .71 Jordanian dinars. I got it backwards! Thanks for correction.

  • Saudi Arabia's crown prince says Israelis have a 'right to have their own land'
    • Thank you, just! Sorry I haven't been able to find many optimistic articles for you lately.... I have looked! I just hope I am still alive and kicking when Palestine is finally free - at my age that is not a given!
      Esp. with my English-Irish-Northern Irish-Scottish (and a little North African) ancestry, I was depressed to find this very discouraging article on Northern Ireland today - and the "Good Friday" agreement is often touted as being something to aim for in Palestine/Israel:
      ..."According to the World Health Organization, Northern Ireland has a higher rate of post-traumatic stress disorder than recorded in 30 other conflict regions, including Lebanon, Israel, and Iraq. In addition to the deaths over the course of the conflict, civilian injuries exceeded 100,000, which amounts to approximately one per seven families. One person in five reports having seen a corpse; 40 percent have direct knowledge of a conflict-related incident. Studies also establish intergenerational transmission of trauma. One in every five 18-year-olds suffers from a significant mental health problem
      The two communities — Catholic and Protestant, especially in the working-class areas — that are the bastions of Republican and Loyalist support are sealed in their respective physical and mental

    • To: just, RoHa, Citizen, eljay: So far, so good. Think my soul is still intact. But I must confess that there are days when I can barely make myself compile the news.

  • Israel deployed more than 100 snipers along Gaza border in preparation for nonviolence protest
    • Yes, this list was filed at just after 6 am Eastern Daylight Time. The IDF isn't losing any time adding to the carnage.

      Latest from IMEMC at 7 pm Gaza time (12 noon EDT):

      UPDATED: The Palestinian Health Ministry in the Gaza Strip has reported that Israeli soldiers killed, Friday, thirteen Palestinians, and injured at least 1272, including many who suffered serious wounds, in several parts of the Gaza Strip. The latest casualties at the time of this report has been identified as Jihad Zoheir Abu Jamous, 30, who was shot with a live round in the head, in Khan Younis . . . .

  • Video: Jewish settler looses attack dog on Palestinian shepherd and flock, maiming sheep
    • Video from November 2008, Christian Peacemaker Teams - Israeli settlers attack Palestinian shepherds and international accompaniers with large rocks. They manage to steal a donkey and stab it to death.

    • It's quite common for settlers to attack animals belonging to Palestinians. Not just grazing animals but sometimes pets. Don't think I've see them using a dog to do it before (I may just have forgotten) - they usually hit the animals with sticks or run them over, but I would not really be surprised if these vicious settlers bit the sheep themselves.

  • Video: Israeli forces attack Palestinian medics aiding injured youth
    • You are very welcome, LHunter.

    • James Michie - The newslist comes out twice a week, actually, unless there are difficult circumstances - e.g., the power is out for days because of a northeaster, and I can't access the internet. Or because I'm out of the country on vacation once a year, etc.

      It DID come out on Friday (yesterday morning, the 16th - note that LHunter's comment above was posted on Friday afternoon), and the previous one came out on Monday, the 12th. Phil can only post them when I send them! I try not to have them arrive on the weekend, because he may not be around to post them then.

  • Palestinian man dies after arrest; family says he was beaten to death
    • Palestinian Beaten, Dies During Arrest; Israeli Army Claims He Charged Soldiers by Jack Khoury
      Haaretz 22 Feb
      (includes video of arrest)
      ...A video distributed online documents an incident in which a Palestinian man is assaulted by Israeli soldiers during a military operation in Jericho. The military confirmed that the Palestinian later died of his wounds.
      The video shows the soldiers overtaking the Palestinian and continuing to beat him while he lays on the ground with several soldiers around him.
      The military confirmed that the video documents an incident that took place Wednesday night in Jericho, but claims it captures it in a way that does not allow full comprehension of the incident....

  • Video: Palestinian journalist is overcome by emotion, seeing Jerusalem for the first time in his life
    • I'm very glad to hear that you managed to get there. When I was in Jerusalem, especially at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, I kept thinking about how easy it was for me to get there as an American, and how impossible it was for most Palestinians and also even for my American Muslim friends with Arabic names, who would have given anything to be with me. The situation is outrageous.

  • Israeli soldiers shoot 3-year-old Palestinian child in the head during West Bank military training exercise
    • I watched her video, gamal, and was impressed by her openness and lack of pretense. I always find female pioneers interesting, too.
      Do you ever watch the BBC genealogy series Who Do You Think You Are? (also known as WDYTYA, of course) They take a famous or semi-famous person and help that person trace their ancestry as much as they can, then make a TV episode about the most interesting ancestors found. Back in 2006 they did actress Julia Sawalha (Absolutely Fabulous, etc) who has Huguenot and Bedouin ancestry. It turned out that her grandmother on her Jordanian father's side was quite enterprising - she ran a hotel and a string of businesses in Amman. It was an unusual position for a woman (especially, one imagines, a traditional Bedouin woman at that time) to hold. You can learn more at the link below, and if you're in the right area (I'm not, I can only see WDYTYA when I'm in England or Ireland, though I was lucky enough to see this one) you can watch the episode.

    • You are very welcome, rhkroell! I find that doing these newslists forces me to look at everything that's going on in Palestine (and a lot of what's going on in Israel), even when I don't really want to, since it can be very depressing. Although the MSM mention I/P more than ever before, I would still miss a lot if I depended only on their articles. Not to mention the fact that I couldn't recognize the slant so many of them have....

  • Ahed and Nour Tamimi charged with assault, Nariman Tamimi charged with incitement for broadcasting encounter on Facebook
    • Thanks much, everyone! Sorry I haven't posted as many lists as usual during the holidays. I aim for at least two a week, though I remember when Seham and I (and Shadi before us) posted one every day! This was back when Palestine was barely mentioned in the media and it was very hard to find news of it in English.

      I think the least I can do is compile these lists, after the hospitality shown to me and other ISMers in the West Bank years ago.

      My area is forecast to get a blizzard tomorrow - if our power stays on, there will be a new list then.

  • Israel opens an investigation into army for killing double-amputee in Gaza
    • The IDF has an interesting view of morality. Shooting helpless people is apparently OK, but stealing??? That is a terrible moral failure.

      An IDF soldier was suspended from his position and faced additional punishment for allegedly stealing fruit from a Palestinian produce vendor in the West Bank city of Hebron on Saturday, the army said.

      A video of the incident quickly surfaced on social media, showing the soldier taking apples from the cart, which had been left vacant in the street while the owner was hiding inside a nearby shop during a violent demonstration in the city.

      The sergeant, a squad leader from the Givati Infantry Brigade, can be seen running over to other soldiers and handing them pieces of fruit.

      The Palestinian vendor, watching the apparent theft from inside a shop, can be heard in the video repeatedly calling the soldier a “sneaky thief.”

      He adds, sarcastically, “To your health. Good on you.”

      In a statement, the army said it investigated the incident and was taking disciplinary measures against the soldier.

      “Today, during operational activity in Hebron, an IDF commander took fruit from a Palestinian’s stand. The IDF does not condone this behavior. The incident was investigated and the commander was suspended from duty and punished,” the army said.

  • Ibrahim 'the half bodied,' an icon of Gaza skirmishes, loses his other half for Jerusalem
  • Letter to a drone
    • Thank you very much for this, Ahmed Alnaouq.

      Readers might also try the book 'The Drone Eats with Me: A Gaza Diary' by Atef Abu Saif.

      "In this luminous account of Israel's 2014 invasion of Gaza, Atef Abu Saif creates a literary equivalent to Goya's 'Disasters of War'. 'The Drone Eats with Me' deserves to become a modern classic of war literature.v But for all the surrealist absurdity of the horrors Abu Saif chronicles, the book pulses throughout with the sublime, mundane, and ferocious love for life." -- Molly Crabapple

  • As olive harvest begins, settlers flood Palestinian trees with sewage
    • Here is a video of extremists from Itamar settlement attacking Palestinians trying to harvest their olives in a village near Nablus today (Thursday). The olive harvest used to be a joyous time for Palestinians, with whole families picking olives and picnicking in the groves - my time doing this in other villages near Nablus back in 2002 showed me what Palestine must have been like before the settlers came. I can't express my sorrow and anger at seeing what the West Bank has become because of them.

  • Eight EU countries tell Israel to pay up after destroying solar panels donated to Bedouin village
    • Doesn't really seem likely, JosephA! If you scroll down the newslist a bit farther, you will see this the beginning of this Electronic Intifada article:

      How the EU mocks victims of Israel's crimes / Ali Abunimah
      EI 18 Oct -- ...On Wednesday, the European Union put out a statement about Israel’s reinvigorated settlement drive, its forced expulsions of Palestinian Bedouins and its evictions of Palestinian families in Jerusalem. The statement does not clearly condemn Israel’s actions. Instead, it says the EU “has requested clarifications from Israeli authorities and conveyed the expectation that they reconsider these decisions, which are detrimental to ongoing efforts towards meaningful peace talks.” This is diplomatic speak for: we barely have the courage to even criticize you, let alone to take action ... On Wednesday, Israel’s Haaretz newspaper reported that eight European states are about to take the “unprecedented” step of threatening to demand $35,000 in compensation from Israel for the structures and equipment they funded in the West Bank that Israeli forces recently confiscated. While this move is being marketed as a bold and tough European step, it only underlines how timid the EU really is. The sum in question is a tiny fraction of the at least $74 million in European-funded aid projects that Israel has destroyed with impunity. The fact is that the EU is an active enabler of Israel’s crimes....

  • Young Gaza musicians break the Israeli siege – by accident
  • Ayelet Shaked and the fascist ideology
  • Settler violence against Palestinians nearly doubled from 2016 to 2017
    • The horrific video you mentioned, "just", was in the July 24 newslist (taken from IMEMC), soon after the hospital invasion happened. There's certainly no harm in mentioning it again though, since it's well worth seeing. B'Tselem takes its time publishing such things because they first carefully investigate the happenings and get witness testimonies that are not available right after the event.

    • Thank you, just, for the comment. It does encourage me!

  • 'You are a Jew, you need to stand with the Jews': Peace activist Ariel Gold assaulted by settlers in Hebron
    • Try THIS settler woman: Jan 16, 2007 Yifat Alkoby, a settler from the Jewish settlement of Tel Rumeida in Hebron, is seen harassing women and girls from the neighboring Abu-'Ayesha family, who were forced to build a metal cage around their home to protect themselves from the repeated attacks by Jewish settlers.

  • Nationwide 'rally against Sharia law' reflects violent surge of Islamophobia since Trump election
    • Sadly, 'food deserts' are not a myth. The poor, mostly Latino city near me has no grocery stores of its own (just 'convenience' stores) and people must take buses to other towns to get affordable and decent food. Many poor neighborhoods have this problem. In this city the bus system makes things even more difficult for people by not allowing them to take more than 2 bags on a bus!
      My own largely affluent town was a food desert for over a year when one grocery chain took over a strip mall from another chain and then spent many months redoing the store. The only other place to buy food in town for that year was an expensive 'health food' store. People in town without cars (many elderly) had to take a 2 1/2 hour bus trip (the bus only ran every 80 minutes) to a store in another town. More than just an inconvenience for many people.

  • Palestinian Authority to hold questionable 'supplementary' elections in Gaza
  • Leonard Cohen song is anthem of Jewish exclusivists
    • I have avoided reading this for some time. And now that I have read it, I am going to forget it. I am nuts about Leonard Cohen's music, and Hallelujah is my favorite song in the word. I miss him and all the music he could have written if he'd lived longer. So is this denial? Who cares, that's the way it is.

  • Netanyahu gov't mulls bill to ban Israeli rights groups from bringing legal cases on behalf of Palestinians
  • Soldiers smash stone memorial to Palestinian girl, 17, shot in Hebron after alleged stabbing
    • And yet see this Al Jazeera article from April 10 (included in my April 11 newslist):

      Facebook vs Palestine: Implicit support for oppression

      "Facebook's censorship and information sharing policies reveal a persistent pro-Israeli bias."

    • amigo, the MSM in Ireland must be out of touch with the people. When I visited the Republic and also Northern Ireland in 2006, I noticed a lot of support for the Palestinians. More than once someone said 'God bless you for going to Palestine' when they learned that I had been there. I also noticed the remarkable pro--Palestinian murals in Belfast which combined Irish Gaelic and Arabic. Full disclosure: I am an American, but my descent is 45% Irish according to DNA. I am proud of the Irish people who have stood up for Palestine, and am happy to hear that my reports may help to recruit more supporters!

    • Thank you amigo and gamal. It is the least I can do when so many others are giving their lives to the cause.
      I am sick at heart seeing what has happened and is still happening to people in the Middle East. I can't even express my feelings about Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Afghanistan in particular - nor about my country's leading role in so much of the suffering in the area.
      May God help them all.

  • Palestinian held in killing of Israeli soldier had seen two best friends killed in occupation
  • Palestinian-American teacher brutally attacked by Jewish Defense League outside AIPAC conference
    • "Ex-JDL Activist Found Guilty in Bombing Death
      October 15, 1993|ERIC MALNIC | LA TIMES STAFF WRITER

      A former Jewish Defense League activist extradited from Israel in July was convicted here Thursday of complicity in the 1980 bomb death of a secretary at a Manhattan Beach computer company.

      A federal jury deliberated for less than three hours before finding Robert Manning, 41, guilty of mailing the explosive device that killed 32-year-old Patricia Wilkerson.

      Manning's wife, Rochelle, 53, who is fighting extradition from Israel, and Westside real estate broker William Ross, 57, who is a fugitive, still face charges in connection with Wilkerson's death.

      Robert Manning has also been named by federal officials as the prime suspect in the 1985 bombing death in Santa Ana of Alex Odeh, head of the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee's western office, although Manning has not been charged in the case."

      NOTE that no one has ever been arrested for Alex Odeh's murder.

  • I am a proud Palestinian woman and a humanitarian. I am also the mother of the youngest Palestinian prisoner in an Israeli jail.
    • I am so sorry. This is pure evil. I know it's not much help, but you have many people caring about your family and especially your little boy. I will do what little I can to spread the word.

  • Video: Due to power shortages in Gaza, Palestinian barber styles hair with fire
    • Thanks Annie for highlighting this! There are two stories in this newslist right after the Gaza section, with more Yacoub Shaheen videos. One of the videos has him singing in Syriac - he's an Assyrian Christian. The man who came in second is a 1948 Palestinian from Majd al-Krum in the Galilee, now living in the US. Quite a night for Bethlehem and Majd al-Krum and all Palestinians!

  • Trump administration has no comment on Israeli settlement boom
    • I didn't mean to make you feel guilty, oldgeezer! I was already feeling guilty myself for not keeping to an exact schedule (say Tues Fri Sun) lately, which would obviously make my newslists easier to find.
      Many thanks to you and Annie and amigo!

    • Thank you very much, everyone!

      'Oldgeezer', I was taken aback by your calling my summaries 'weekly'! They are supposed to come out three times a week, but I have to admit that several times lately I have only managed to do them twice a week, because of a bad personal health scare (now, I hope, over) that required me to go to doctors some 11 times, in my town and at hospitals in cities nearby. I remind myself that if I lived in Gaza I would have been lucky to get to a doctor at all!

      Will try to get back to three times a week from here on out. The news does tend to get away from me if there's too much of a gap between newslists, and I know I disappoint people if the newslist does not appear.

    • Me?? No way, 'just', but thanks! It's the Palestinians who are amazing for somehow surviving all this and not going insane.... I just hope my listing of what is happening in Palestine helps get more people to join the cause.

      Also amazing are the Syrians, who have been and still are experiencing more disasters, through no fault of their own, than anyone should ever have to. I am full of rage today at Trump's targeting of them (along with many other Arabs) when they have already endured so much. Actually can't say how angry I am about this.

  • Gaza fishermen see 'worst times ever' as Israeli Navy kills one and injures three others
  • Waqf: 14,806 Israeli settler incursions on Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in 2016
    • just, I missed you! At the times when I think this effort is pointless, you cheer me up (and on).

      It is nice to see someone comment on articles way down the list - shows you somehow got that far!

      Happy New Year to you, and to Kay24 also. May the Situation improve, unlikely as that seems.

  • Israelis 'neutralize' 48-year-old at Qalandiya checkpoint-- 240th Palestinian to be killed in wave of unrest
    • Astonishing photos of wildfires in Israel:,7340,L-4883634,00.html

      Fires continue to rage into the night
      For the third consecutive day, fire crews work around the clock to contain and extinguish a series of massive brush fires that broke out earlier this week; state of emergency declared in Haifa, with 13 neighborhoods being evacuated and all firefighting aircraft being scrambled to control the blaze that has forced the evacuation of thousands.

  • Trump praises Israeli policy of ethnic profiling following bombing in Manhattan
    • Why Trump's Call for Israeli-style Racial Profiling Is a Terrible Idea, According to an Israeli Expert

      Blanket profiling of any racial group is counterproductive and a waste of resources, says former security head at Ben-Gurion International Airport.

      ...Where Trump gets everything wrong, Schiff says, is that in Israel profiling is not done on the basis of blanket racial distinctions. In fact, Israel’s history is proof that profiling suspected terrorists on a racial, ethnic or religious basis is ineffective. The current Israeli profiling system, for instance, was developed in the aftermath of the attack on what was then called Lod Airport in 1972, when three Japanese militants opened fire in the airport lobby and killed 24 people.

      Attacks by non-Arab, non-Muslim terrorists have been rampant throughout Israel’s history with air travel security, from the German terrorists who aided Palestinian terrorists in the kidnapping of an Air France flight Tel Aviv to Entebbe in 1976, to “Hugo Muller,” the Dutch passport holder who brought a bomb into Ben-Gurion Airport that same year. And of course, there was Anne-Marie Murphy, the pregnant Irish chambermaid who in 1986 almost boarded an El Al flight with a suitcase bomb that was placed in her bags, unbeknownst to her.

      For this reason, the Israeli system of profiling places a great deal of effort on behaviors that are deemed suspicious. Israeli security officials are reluctant to explain what those behavioral signs are, what exactly triggers security officials, and how much of the people that trigger security personnel just happen to be Muslims. But according to Schiff, Israeli profiling focuses on a large number of triggers, from suspicious appearance, to shifty demeanor, to a backstory that just doesn’t sound right....

  • 'Their sorry will not bring back Mustafa': Israeli govt tells grieving Palestinian family son was 'killed by mistake'
    • Court Rejects Police Attempt to Blame Cop Killing of Palestinian on Victim's Cousin

      Ali Nimr to remain in custody after police claim his driving forced them to shoot him cousin dead, but only due to his past traffic violations.

      read more:

    • The Israelis didn't stay sorry for long. Now they've blamed Mustafa's death on his brother-in-law Ali, who was driving:

      "BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) -- Just a day after Israeli intelligence summoned the parents of Mustafa Nimir, who was shot dead by Israeli forces on Monday during a military raid on the Shufat refugee camp in occupied East Jerusalem, to tell them that the 27-year-old was “killed by mistake,” an Israeli police spokesperson Wednesday announced that Mustafa’s brother-in-law 25-year-old Ali Tayser Nimir, who was shot during the incident, is suspected by Israeli police of causing Mustafa’s death.

      Israeli police spokeswoman Luba al-Samri said in a statement that Ali, who was driving the vehicle at the time and was detained by Israeli forces after being injured during the incident, was now being accused by Israeli police of “causing the death of the young man (Mustafa)” by driving negligently which prompted Israeli forces to open fire on the vehicle.

      She added in the statement that the police and prosecution are accusing Ali of causing Mustafa’s death due to “negligence, driving without a driver's license, driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, and endangering the life of a human,” adding that the police are set to request that the Jerusalem magistrate court extend the remand of Ali again on Thursday.

  • Israeli military clears Israeli military of war crimes in Gaza
    • The State of Palestine PLO Negotiations Affairs Department produces very detailed daily reports of Israeli activities in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza. Sample for 23 August:


      Flying Checkpoints

      1. At 09:00, Israeli forces set up a checkpoint in Al-Khan Al-Ahmar area
      located along the main road connecting Jerusalem and Jericho and then detained a resident.
      2. At 19:30, Israeli forces set up a checkpoint as they raided Al-Issawiya village then searched residents and vehicles.

      At 19:30, Israeli forces raided Al-Issawiya village and set up a checkpoint.


      1. At 17:30, Israeli forces detained Ashraf Issam Al-Abbassi in Ras Al-Ammoud neighborhood in Jerusalem city.
      2. At 23:30, Israeli forces detained Safwan Jamal Amour in Al-Thuri neighborhood in Jerusalem city.
      3. Israeli forces positioned at a checkpoint in Al-Khan Al-Ahmar area
      located along the main road connecting Jerusalem and Jericho detained Abdallah Al-Batroukh {A resident of Al-Eizariya town}.

      Fire Attacks

      At 00:10, Israeli forces positioned near the entrance of Hizma village fired stun and tear gas grenades towards several residents for alleged stoning.
      Obstruction of Places of Worship

      At 09:00, a group of Israeli settlers under the protection of Israeli Military and Police forces stormed Al-Aqsa mosque compound in the old city of Jerusalem and provoked worshipers.


      Lesley Bravery of the New Zealand Palestinian Human Rights Campaign produces reports based on these NAG reports and disseminates them via email. You can find these reports here:
      These reports are completely separate from mine.

  • A French, a Palestinian, and a black woman all wade into a pool
    • Incidentally, Krauss, the following statement is not true: "It’s about creating taboos around women’s bodies – and has Nida ever considered that it is ONLY women and never men?"

      There is in fact an Islamic dress code for Muslim men, though granted it is not as difficult as that for women: Muslim men may not go uncovered between the waist and the knees. If they wear Western swimsuits they are breaking this rule. There are other requirements: Muslim men may not wear gold, for example. Men have been arrested in the Gulf states for breaking one of these rules.

  • Settler on motorcycle kills 85-year-old Palestinian shepherd and his donkey
    • Thanks everyone, always hope that the information will help somehow to counter the lies we see in the MSM

    • Amazing, gamal, hope I never post anything that's false. Never intend to, but probably do sometimes.

    • ToivoS said: - This story has a “newsworthy” hook. Gee, how often is it that some fanatic settler kills an 85 year old herder and his donkey? -

      Well now let's see. There's the little boy whose horse was deliberately killed in front of him, the 90-year-old man who was attacked by a police dog when he was asleep upstairs in bed at night, the many sheep killed by poison or with knives with their young shepherds nearby, the Ghaliya girl whose family was torn apart in front of her on a Gaza beach by a shell fired from a warship, the three kids who were bounced off a settler car which immediately fled the scene.... Oh there are a lot of things like this - I've succeeded in forgetting most of them. I think.

      Adam (or Phil) doesn't always choose a story with a 'hook' to lead off my list with. And even if he does, some people will read only that story and ignore the rest of the stories, and not comment on any of them. But that's OK - the other places (Shadi's blog, the listserv, various egroups) where this list appears don't normally attract any comments. I just want people to be aware that these things are constantly happening. Even if they don't want to know, the repetition of the horrors will get to most of them eventually.

    • Citizen, I don't know about my sanity, but it IS getting harder and harder to do the list because there is hardly a ray of light anywhere. Sometimes I look back at the lists from 2003 to remind myself that the situation has always been bad, sometimes even worse.

      Israel has done a wonderful job of conning not only most of the US population but especially our politicians -- or maybe some of the latter know exactly what's going on but love money and power more....

      One thing (out of many) that really bothers me is the thought that if change finally does come, and even if there is a withdrawal from the West Bank (unlikely), that area has been ruined forever by all the settlements and Jews-only roads and destruction of the environment. There can never be a return to the way it was. Reading "Palestinian Walks" by Raja Shehadeh fills one with despair.

      What must it be like to be Palestinian and know that no matter what you do, things will just get worse? Non-violence, 'cooperation' with Israeli security, peace talks -- nothing works any better than violence, and the latter just makes the situation get worse faster, though unlike the others it does make the world pay attention. It must make some people feel better though that they've got some licks in.

  • Oscar-nominated filmmaker detained by Israeli forces during demonstration in occupation
  • Jordan slams door on Gazans
    • Looks like a good candidate for Seham's former Today in Palestine category 'Arab collaborators' (or something like that, can't remember the exact name).

  • Israeli army blows up three Palestinian wells in occupied Hebron
    • Gamal, I would love to watch/listen to the taraweeh video you linked to. However, when the video starts all I get is the first two syllables and then it goes silent! This is very odd - don't have that problem with the other videos on that YouTube page.....

  • Palestinian teen is killed after allegedly killing 13-year-old Jewish girl in settlement
    • I hate to tell you all this AGAIN, but I don't write the headlines for the Palestine newslist. Ever. Nor do I choose which story to lead with. Take your complaints up with Phil or Adam or whoever posted the newslist!

  • Israel destroys Bedouin village al-Araqib for the 99th time
  • Palestinians forced to delay the start of Ramadan as Israel celebrates 49 years of ruling Jerusalem
    • Outraged by the idea of Muslims having to delay the starting celebrations for Ramadan. Can you imagine Christians being made to delay Christmas Eve celebrations, carol services, etc.?

  • Hebron victim is buried 2 months after Israeli medic killed him, but medic's lawyers wants him disinterred
    • Leanne and the Trolls updated - excerpts

      Since yesterday, a number of developments have happened. Mostly good. The best one being that Leanne Mohamad’s speech has gone viral and is being shared all over the world.

      The Speakers Trust has released a statement where they imply that Leanne Mohamad’s speech was not removed because of pressure from trolls but to protect her safety and because they cannot keep up moderating comments as a small charity. They affirm that she is still a regional winner and was never disqualified. They have also indicated that the videos of Leanne Mohamad will be restored...

      David Collier, another professional UK hasbarist also joins the fray, this time retweeted by anti-Palestinian bigot Melanie Philips who equates pro-Palestinian activism as an attack on UK Jews...
      Collier is so vile that he calls Mohamad “weaponised” as though a teenager who speaks on something that is important to her is a weapon. This is disgusting hate speech against a minor. Collier “feels sorry” that Leanne Mohamad wasn’t outright silenced and has gotten global attention for describing the ethnic cleansing of her people....

    • Thanks, Annie, for this link! I heard about this just after I'd sent out my newslist. But I knew someone would remedy this deficiency!

      See Leanne on Twitter: @LeanneMohamad. She says at one point "Why it is called a 'Speak Out Challenge' when I am then silenced" - and she has received a great many hate tweets - as well as lots of encouragement. Perhaps Mondoweiss readers could send her more encouragement?

  • Holocaust survivor and activist for justice Hedy Epstein dies at 91
    • Why was she separated from her grandchildren, Annie?

      The people that made me angry were the ones who insisted she wasn't a REAL Holocaust survivor, since she took the Kindertransport to England and so didn't die in Germany like the rest of her family...

  • Settlers raid Palestinian home and beat a woman and pepper-spray her daughter
    • Thank you gamal. I guess comments can be pointless since they don't change anything, but quite often people add in comments articles we all should see.
      And of course I like to know that someone has actually read the newslist! I know it's hard to get through.

  • Human Rights group: Gaza power crisis has led to death of 29 Palestinians, mostly children, since 2010
    • I read the Beaumont article in the Guardian, just, but decided not to include it in Wednesday's newslist. I am thoroughly sick of people blaming the victims of Israeli murders. It is always possible that there are personal or psychological explanations for some 'attacks' (if they are attacks) by Palestinians, but I doubt that this is often the case. At any rate, I am not going to help publicize such 'explanations'.

  • Settlers break camera of Palestinian who documented notorious killing in Hebron
    • You're welcome, just! It is getting harder to find lighthearted stories.

      We can't blame these settler children for behaving as badly as their parents - but where will it end? I remember passing some settler women at a checkpoint in the West Bank and the contemptuous looks they gave us ISMers -- I don't think I'd ever been looked at quite like that before. Was it because we were presumably pro-Palestinian? Because we were not dressed as Orthodox Jews (although some in our group were in fact Jewish)? I don't know. Their minds are certainly screwed up.

  • The banality of evil as captured in a selfie
    • Thank you Refaat. Don't know how you endured that - humiliation is often worse than injury and is inexcusable at any time. I have not forgotten or forgiven instances of humiliation that happened to me decades ago, and most were not as bad as what happened to you since there was usually less of an audience.
      I wonder if the Israelis have any idea how much hatred they engender with this behavior? Apparently not, since they continue to blame 'incitement' for any Palestinian resistance.

  • A 50-year-old Palestinian is killed in alleged attack, while two 12-year-olds are arrested
    • Haaretz 17 Apr by Nir Hasson

      Relative of murdered Palestinian teen Muhammad Abu Khdeir beaten up in Jerusalem

      A 63-year-old Palestinian was attacked Thursday night in Jerusalem by unknown assailants. As of Saturday evening, the police have yet to launch an investigation.

      The man, Zoheir Abu Khdeir, a resident of East Jerusalem’s Shoafat neighborhood who works at an Egged bus parking lot, was beaten severely by at least two men. According to relatives, Abu Khdeir described the attackers as Jewish.

      Abu Khdeir is a cousin of Hussein Abu Khdeir, the father of Mohammed Abu Khdeir, the teen who was abducted and murdered by three Jewish assailants in revenge for the murder of three Jewish teens in 2014.

      Zoheir Abu Khdeir was diagnosed with a broken nose, a severe cut to the face and bruises to his eyes and head. He had to receive 12 stitches and was hospitalized overnight.

      According to his family, he is in a dazed state and has trouble describing what happened. His eyes are almost shut by the bruises, the family said.

      About an hour after the assault, a family member called the police but was told Abu Khdeir would have to come to the station and file a complaint. His relatives said they told the police emergency line that they had photos of the car Abu Khdeir’s friends said was connected to the assailants. But the police did not launch an investigation.

      On Friday, Abu Khdeir’s son went to the police station in Neveh Ya’akov in north Jerusalem, not far from Shoafat. Still, the police refused to take his complaint and said Abu Khdeir would have to come to the police station himself. According to the family, the doctors who treated Abu Khdeir filed a police report.

      In the summer of 2014, two days before Mohammed Abu Khdeir’s murder, Shoafat residents complained to the police that Jewish men had tried to abduct a 9-year-old boy in the neighborhood. The residents said the police did not take their complaint seriously enough, later enabling Mohammed Abu Khdeir’s abduction and murder.

      It later emerged that the three suspects in Abu Khdeir’s murder had tried to kidnap the 9-year-old boy two days earlier.

      “We don’t want it to be like it was with Mohammed, that the police did nothing,” Majed Abu Khdeir, the victim's brother, said on Thursday night. “What would happen if the opposite had happened, if a Jew had been beaten up? An arrest within minutes.”

      The Jerusalem police said they had no record of a complaint to the police hotline or the station.

      “The incident was not reported to the police,” they said. “The relevant officials have been informed, and if he indeed cannot come to the station, a policeman will go to him tomorrow to take his statement properly.”

      read more:

  • Rejected by Brazil, Israeli settler leader Dani Dayan given diplomatic post in US
  • Netanyahu defends Israeli military after soldier caught on tape executing Palestinian: 'Any challenge to the morality of the IDF is outrageous'
    • Citizen and just -- You have no idea how many nights I almost chicken out of doing the Today in Palestine newslist! I start the list by looking at a few favorite news sites, and too often what I see is so horrendous that I think, "No, I can't do this" -- and then I remember again that the Palestinians actually have to live this horror, and I can't not report it. Someone has to do it! And I am inspired by the many stories of heroism and patience on the part of the Palestinians.

  • UN envoy condemns execution in Hebron as 'gruesome, immoral and unjust'

      Israeli Soldier Suspected of Murder Has Been 'Abandoned on the Battlefield,' Family Says

      ". . . The Israeli army has opened an investigation into the shooting and Haaretz has learned that the soldier could be facing murder charges.

      The soldier told military police during questioning over the weekend that he fired at al-Sharif because he thought he might be carrying a bomb. However, the military is treating his version with skepticism. Had he believed that the assailant was armed with an explosive device, he would have been expected to clear the scene. Furthermore, the gunfire could have set the bomb off.

      In fact, the IDF's preliminary probe into the incident found that one of the commanders on the scene had searched the subdued assailants to make sure they were not carrying explosives. A military source says that the soldier was not instructed to deal with the attackers, and even if he had thought they were carrying bombs, there were three commanders in the area could have dispelled his concerns.

      In a press conference outside the soldier's house, his sister turned to IDF chief of staff Gadi Eisenkot and the IDF Spokesperson's Unit, asking them not to rush to convict her brother. Her brother, she said, is an Israeli patriot, and she 'fears that he will not receive a just trial.' The soldier's sister said that they grew up in a mixed Jewish-Arab city, and that her brother has friends from all sectors of society.

      The soldier's Facebook page suggests otherwise. He is following the page of right-wing extremist Baruch Marzel, and after the Beitar Jerusalem soccer team won a match, he wrote in a Facebook post: 'Thank you Beitar for the victory over the Ishmaelites.' "

  • Israeli soldier filmed executing wounded Palestinian man
    • @hershel --

      "Not the least bit surprising that this incident is declared an “execution” without even mentioning the soldier’s justification: that the terrorist’s coat appeared to be covering an explosive vest and poor Ramzi was still twitching around. "

      Explosive vest? This tactic has long since been abandoned by the Palestinians. The last bombing involving a suicide belt/vest was the one at a shopping center in Dimona, Israel on 4 Feb 2008, more than eight years ago.

      Do try to keep up.

  • Illinois lists 11 companies banned from doing business with state due to BDS
    • Thanks ritzl. And thank YOU for your post, since I didn't realize that this law was equivalent to a bill of attainder!

  • Israeli soldier says it is his job to frighten 5-year-old Palestinians
  • Palestinian fugitive is killed inside Palestinian embassy in Bulgaria; family calls it 'assassination'

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