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  • 'Washington Post' headline: US must reevaluate aid to Israel
    • Grant...Another big thanks for all you do for justice

    • Iran hammering all over the place. MSNBC, CNN, CSpan Washington Journal, local and national newspapers. No challenges

    • The "in kind" interest free loans that Israel does not pay back etc etc. The US gives Israel far more than 3 billion. They also get that in one package, not broken up the way other countries who receive aid do.

      I believe the US has to borrow when they give Israel their welfare payment all at once and the US has to pay interest on that money.

    • Pincus testified in the Plame outing. I attended the trial for just over a week. Did not get to hear Pincus's testimony
      "Libby Prosecutor Focuses on CIA Officer's Status
      Network NewsX Profile

      By Walter Pincus
      Washington Post Staff Writer
      Monday, May 22, 2006

      The classified status of the identity of former CIA officer Valerie Plame will be a key element in any trial of I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, Vice President Cheney's former chief of staff, according to special counsel Patrick J. Fitzgerald.

      Fitzgerald has said that at trial he plans to show that Libby knew Plame's employment at the CIA was classified and that he lied to the grand jury when he said he had learned from NBC News's Tim Russert that Plame, the wife of former ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV, worked for the agency.

      Libby's lawyers have said their client did not know that Plame's job at the CIA was classified, and therefore he had no reason to remember conversations about her or lie about them to the grand jury. "

    • One more thing that Israel gets away with is not having to categorize where they spend US aid...itemize the way other nations that the US gives money to. Reporting just where the money is spent. At the very least they should demand that funds not be spent on illegal settlements, wall building, illegal housing in E Jerusalem. The very least

    • I agree about Pincus "stenographer" Have often wondered just who he is working for. Will go to listen to Brzezinski.

      Ros Lehtinen, Rohberger, Brad Sherman, Ambassador Wendy Sherman, David Cohen were banging hard on the "lets go get Iran" drums during the hearing "Future of U.S. Policy on Iran and Syria" (CSpan)
      Rep Rohberger repeated "Irans nuclear weapons" several times. That guy is a mad man. Of course no one corrected or challenged him. Ros Lehtinen has always been more concerned about Israel's welfare than the US's.

      Over A Cspan
      Congress Continues to Examine Iranian and Syrian Threats
      "Washington, DC
      Friday, October 14, 2011

      Obama administration officials are testifying on Capitol Hill for a second day on Iran and its alleged involvement in a plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States. While President Obama has called for additional sanctions to be placed on Iran, Treasury Undersecretary David Cohen told the House panel that current sanctions are working.

      The House Foreign Affairs Committee held the second of a two-part hearing focusing on the terrorist threats from both Iran and Syria, but most of the hearing focused on Iran. U.S. authorities say the assassination plan involved two men linked to Iran's security agencies.

      Cohen said he has seen "the economic impact of the sanctions" which has "made it increasingly difficult for Iran to engage in the outside world."

      But concerns exist in Congress about other countries' cooperation and business partnerships with Iran, including China and Russia. But Cohen said meetings with the international community have resulted in "a tremendous reduction" of international business transactions with Iran.

      Both witnesses at today's hearing testified Thursday before the Senate Banking Committee. Cohen testified along with Wendy R. Sherman, undersecretary of State for Political Affairs."

  • Touring Palestine, you see... Jewish symbols everywhere
    • Art Gish had talked with us for several decades about this. Israeli's persistent and cruel efforts to poke at and incite Palestinians. Just flat out cruel.

  • The joyful theater of Tahrir
    • "The girl was part of a group of demonstrators who taped their mouths to symbolize the punishments for free expression under army rule. "

      Will never forget when peace and justice activist Art Gish came into a middle east forum where two Jewish professors on Ohio University's campus had kept Art Gish from being on the panel with his mouth taped and sat in the front row directly in front of the panel.

      One of those Professors Ureili was on the panel. He said one inflammatory thing after the other about Palestinians. I stood up and objected to his successful efforts to keep Gish off the panel while he repeated inflammatory and untrue things about Palestinians. Had never heard Gish say anything Anti Jewish....Never ever.

    • Great pictures does that go "a picture worth a thousand words" Egyptian people holding Mubarak accountable for crimes against humanity. Far more than what the American people have pushed for in regard to the Bush administrations crimes against humanity. Americans are learning from Egyptians.

      One thing I object to is some of the OWS organizers trying to spin the myth that they started these world wide protest. Hooey. Stop trying to take credit for these uprisings. Just get on and stay on the justice and accountability need to try to spin that they started this movement.

      One of the organizers at the Dayton Ohio OWS rally on Saturday announced that these protest around the world were the largest of all recorded times. I went up to her later and let her know that the protest in the states, Europe and around the world before the invasion of Iraq were the largest of all times. When have 30 million marched against a war before a war? Not that the US MSM noticed, covered or cared. So so sad.

      Anyway glad the MSM is covering the OWS movement but will always wonder if they had acutually let folks at home know how many millions nationwide were marching etc, how many world wide if that would have changed that rush to an immoral and illegal war. So so sad how many have died and been injured.

      On Saturday I attended the Occupy Wall Street movement in Dayton Ohio. I stopped counting the crowd at 300 people. Yet there was nothing about this gathering made up of union members, retired teachers, students, unemployed some by choice and some by circumstance. I spoke with incredibly articulate participants and some not so much. Clearly the common thread was Justice and accountability for those who brought the US economy to the brink of bankruptcy as well as a demand for fair paying jobs, access to health care etc.

      But in Sunday's Dayton Daily News not a mention about the largest crowd that has turned up yet. No interviews with the protesters there.

      I talked with a retired Cargill worker who was 61 and talked about why his son is making an hourly wage that he made 20 years ago. He talked about how during the 90's the new Cargill executives moving in demanded larger incomes, struck out the automatic cost of living increases in Cargill workers ipaychecks and raised their incomes by 10%.

      I talked with a laid off teacher who was working two minimum wage jobs to supplement her income.

      I talked with one fellow who had been laid off from a GM plant in Dayton who had applied for a job at Wal Mart.

      There were also young people who had chosen not to work and those who could not find work after entering deep debt for college.

      All kinds of folks some incredibly articulate and others not so much.

      But not one person was asking for a free ride. Not one. People demanding a level playing field. Fair ride. Accountability for the Wall Street Banksters who knowingly socialized their losses with little to no interest on those loans and continue to privatize their profits and protect their wealth at all cost

      The overwhelming theme was justice and accountability. But guess what the Dayton Daily News was not there that day covering the very diverse crowd. They have covered this group when fewer people and less diveristy exist during the week

  • Erdogan dis'd Obama to his face-- US is Israel's 'lawyer'
  • Zuckerman turned on Obama over Israel. 'WSJ' refuses to say so
    • " Here he attacked Obama for playing the Middle East "game" all wrong by pushing on settlements."

      Where else would Obama start? Parts of the illegal wall used to confiscate more Palestinian land, the bulldozing of Palestinian homes, businesses, olive groves, the persistent humiliation of Palestinians, the right of return, where else would Zuckerman say that Obama should have started?

      How many times do leaders in that neighborhood, Palestinians, former CIA analyst, historians etc have to repeat that the persistent expansion of old illegal settlements and building new illegal housing in E Jerusalem is the major issue standing in the way of peace.

      Millions of times I guess

    • "This is irresponsible and deceptive. "
      Nothing new for the WSJ.

      The line is being drawn between truly justice and accountability seekers on Palestinian streets, Wall Street and US Main Streets. Zuckerman is not one of those people

  • Neocon orgs seek to paint Wall St protests as anti-semitic
    • That young man was clearly a nut job...going to find them in any crowd...teabaggers and OCW. He was cruel, anti Jewish and a serious creep. If they could show one demonstrater after the next like this crazy hateful dude they might have a point

      Kristol and this young man have a great deal in common. Although Kristol is worse. Kristol stirs up Islamophobia is a hater like this kid and promoted a war that has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Muslims based on false intelligence
      All of the protesters that MSNBC has interviewed have been interviews articulate, focused protesters with a serious message. Justice and Accountability.

      The bit of coverage on the hundreds of thousands of us who protested the invasion (before the invasion)that the MSM provided the American public sitting at home on their sofas was the clip of the 20 people with hoods over their heads. Saw this clip over and over again. 20 people out of several hundred thousand in New York in Feb 2003. Seniors, truck drivers, students, teachers... Vets etc etc adn they kept showing the public the 20 people with hoods over their heads

  • Barney Frank needs to answer the aid-to-Israel question
    • Frank voted "nay" on the Gramm Leach BlileyActHouse Vote on
      Conference Report: S. 900 [106th]: Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.

      Over and over again we hear Republicans blame Frank for the Fannie Freddie debacle

    • Looking for his voted on the repeal of Glass Steagall
      The Repeal of Glass Steagall

      In the background of the go-go economy, the feeling grew among some economists and the financial community that Glass-Steagall hampered America’s financial competitiveness. Among the many voices favoring this was Alan Greenspan along with former Goldman Sachs partner Robert Rubin, Bill Clinton’s Treasury Secretary. In a 1995 speech and testimony to Congress Rubin signaled the Clinton Administration was ready to repeal Glass-Steagall:

      “The banking industry is fundamentally different from what it was two decades ago, let alone in 1933.” He said the industry has been transformed into a global business of facilitating capital formation through diverse new products, services and markets. “U.S. banks generally engage in a broader range of securities activities abroad than is permitted domestically,” said the Treasury secretary. “Even domestically, the separation of investment banking and commercial banking envisioned by Glass-Steagall has eroded significantly.”

      Anyone who thinks the repeal of Glass-Steagall was forced on an unwilling Bill Clinton need only read Rubin’s testimony.

      A year later Sandy Weill set in motion the forces that would finally end Glass-Steagall. Weill proposed the most audacious financial merger in American history: he would merge one of the largest insurance companies (Travelers), one of the largest investment banks (Salomon Smith Barney), and the largest commercial banks (Citibank) in America. The problem was the merger was illegal in terms of Glass-Steagall.

      Independent Community Bankers of America CEO Kenneth Guenther captured the audacity of the deal in an interview with Frontline:


    • Why he wants the US to release a prisoner who undermined US National Security in such a massive way?

    • Often like his stance on domestic issues but he take a hard turn right and when it comes to Israel.

      He voted no on the 2002 Iraq war resolution

      Frank's hard and sustained push for the release of Pollard should be hammered. His votes to isolate Palestinians is right wing radical. The legislation that he has voted for to sanction Iran is filled with unsubstantiated claims about Iran.

      Did he vote to get rid of Glas Steagal?

      I find his comments towards those that question him demeaning and over the top

  • A mixture of feelings as prisoners near freedom
    • Interesting ratio.

      Other interesting ratio's at.... If Americans knew:
      Israelis and Palestinians Killed in the Current Violence
      At least 6,430 Palestinians and 1,084 Israelis
      have been killed since September 29, 2000.

  • 'New York Review' publishes Patricia Storace deconstructing David Grossman's blindness
    • "The publication is brave because the New York Review is at last granting an American liberal writer (who I believe is not Jewish) greater moral authority than the Israeli icon whom she is reviewing, negatively. For Storace exposes the blinders worn by even the most respected Israeli artist when trying--honorably-- to grapple with the occupation and racism that surround him. And Storace uses the book to interrogate Israeli foundational myths."

      "at last granting" more light coming through the cracks

  • What do Jewish settlements look like?
    • What is the black square in these teeth of the fortress. Look out points?

    • Wondered if you would be writing more about your time in Israel, illegally occupied Palestine? Have you or will you visit any Palestinian refugee camps? Or did I miss it? Have you ever thought about hooking up with Christian Peace Makers and living with some of the Palestinian shepherds who are constantly hassled by illegal settlers?

      Would sure like to see someone contrasting water access and use in some of the super nice areas in Israel and water usage in the West Bank and the Gaza. Water water water

  • Only 7 Republican congresspeople to visit Israel this month
    • So amazing that after former Rep Bob Ney went to prison for accepting gifts trips from special interest and new legislation was passed to stop these trips paid for by special interest groups...they continue. Grant Smith has continually tried to shed the light on these illegal and immoral trips. Great that Medea Benjaman jumped on board

      AIPAC Congressional Lobbying Junkets to Israel Illegal Charges IRS and DOJ Filing
      A complaint filed today with the IRS and Justice Department charges the American Israel Education Foundation (AIEF) is a "sham" charitable organization of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. The AIEF, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation which reported $26.3 million in 2009 revenue, is housed in the same facilities as AIPAC. AIPAC was incorporated as a domestic lobby in 1963 by a former Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs employee, six weeks after the Justice Department ordered its parent organization, the American Zionist Council, to begin registering as an Israeli foreign agent.

      AIEF recently paid expenses for more than 80 members of Congress to travel to Israel during recess, but does not disclose planned activities or educational curriculum. Rabbi Bruce Warshal called AIEF "an amazing organization of which no one has ever heard…It's amazing that someone hasn't filed suit to stop this charade."

      According to the 29 page IRmep Center for Policy and Law Enforcement filing, AIEF meets the IRS definition of an AIPAC "sham corporation"

      @move over Aipac
      Visiting the Office of Congressional Ethics about AIPAC Junkets to Israel
      On September 27, 2011, in Latest News, by Move Over AIPAC! ..By Medea Benjamin

      Two members of CODEPINK, Tighe Barry and myself, along with Grant Smith from IRmep had a meeting with three lawyers from the Office Of Congressional Ethics (including the OCE’s director) about the complaint we submitted regarding AIEF/AIPAC trips to Israel. We walked them through our complaint, including the growing body of evidence that AIEF functions more as a lobbying slush fund than a legitimate charitable nonprofit.

      OCE explained the rules from their more narrow perspective. They said that while AIPAC might be taking advantage of every loophole, the trips may not be illegal. OCE explained that without documentable “factual evidence” of wrongdoing, they won’t initiate an investigation— and that it is up to us to provide that evidence.

  • The social fabric
    • Phil is often more than willing to "swallow his pride" Much of what he post in his reflections on his upbringing is full of reflection and a great deal of honesty. This post too.

      Only a professional could determine if he has "Aspergers" From a peasants point of view who has friends who have children with Asbergers (and I know these young people) Phil does not seem even a little "Aspergsy" . He and his wife (hope she knew he was going to be writing this post) seemed willing to bring us into their honest feud. I thought it was cute and honest.

      Cleary Weiss has the very intelligent piece (often those diagnosed with Aspergers are quite bright) but both of these young people who are quite intelligent but are basically unable to read another persons signals, be ask assertive about the other individual's life etc. Seems to leave them rather isolated. Sad.
      The one young man spends most of his time on computers but his social worker is helping him develop the capacity or at least pretend to be interested in others and have a conversation with others that is more of an exchange rather than being so one sided. I have had one way communications with this young man for years knowing he was often isolated. Asking him how he was doing, what he was interested in etc. He would often share things he was reading about etc and incredibly well informed about certain subjects and if a person was willing to listen and accept that this was not going to be a two way conversation you could learn quite a bit. Anyway Asperbers seems to be a lonely condition that they are learning more about all of the time.

      Phil would more than likely not be involved with a blog that encourages others to share information, opinions, make suggestions about the I/P issue etc if he was even a "little Aspergy"

    • "and Luc took an arch pleasure in ignoring me or baiting me. "

      So great to hear your intelligent and wise wife helps keep your feet on the ground..adding to your depth. I am sure your tendencies from her view were interesting. She decided to marry someone who is kind of "aspergy"
      Also sure that you help her in some ways.

      Spitzer never listens to people especially when they make relevant points. He trumps them no matter what. He is so pro Israel no matter what they do he is cross eyed. Although he sure went after Wall Street fat cats and then you can be sure that part of the taking him down was cultivated by....

      Only your closest partner can often see your weaknesses...takes a person who wants to grow to listen. Congratulations hopefully to the both of you.

      In DC at the Move Over Aipac conference I purposely threw out a question to both Phil and Adam who were on the stage receiving an award from Medea Benjaman which for me demonstrates who a person is. I asked "who morally and financially supported Mondoweiss's birth?" All ready knowing the answer. I wondered if Phil and Adam could give some of the credit to the Nation. They did with prompting.

      I think this is always an indication of honesty, integrity. Sharing the credit

  • No problem-- Obama's State Dep't spokesperson is married to Romney's neocon foreign policy adviser
    • Is there only one pot to choose advisers from? The Israeli lobby pot? Kagan with Romney. Luti and Feith with Perry.

      Just moving the lie manufacturers around from one administration after the next.
      The Lie Factory
      A Mother Jones Special Investigation
      The inside story of how the Bush administration pushed disinformation and bogus intelligence and led the nation to war.

      —By Robert Dreyfuss and Jason Vest

      January/February 2004
      7 Comments | Post Comment..That became the mantra of the shadow agency within an agency.

      Putting Wurmser in charge of the unit meant that it was being run by a pro-Iraq-war ideologue who'd spent years calling for a pre-emptive invasion of Baghdad and who was clearly predisposed to find what he wanted to see. Adding another layer of dubious quality to the endeavor was the man partnered with Wurmser, F. Michael Maloof. Maloof, a former aide to Perle in the 1980s Pentagon, was twice stripped of his high-level security clearances‚ -- once in late 2001 and, again, last spring, for various infractions. Maloof was also reportedly involved in a bizarre scheme to broker contacts between Iraqi officials and the Pentagon, channeled through Perle, in what one report called a "rogue [intelligence] operation" outside official CIA and Defense Intelligence Agency channels.

      As the momentum for war began to build in early 2002, Wolfowitz and Feith beefed up the intelligence unit and created an Iraq war-planning unit in the Pentagon's Near East and South Asia Affairs section, run by Deputy Undersecretary of Defense William Luti, under the rubric "Office of Special Plans," or OSP; the new unit's director was Abram N. Shulsky. By then, Wurmser had moved on to a post as senior adviser to Undersecretary of State John Bolton, yet another neocon, who was in charge of the State Department's disarmament, proliferation, and WMD office and was promoting the Iraq war strategy there. Shulsky's OSP, which incorporated the secret intelligence unit, took control, banishing veteran experts‚ -- including Joseph McMillan, James Russell, Larry Hanauer, and Marybeth McDevitt‚ -- who, despite years of service to NESA, either were shuffled off to other positions or retired. For the next year, Luti and Shulsky not only would oversee war plans but would act aggressively to shape the intelligence product received by the White House

  • Israeli embassy tried to get alarmist Iran question into 2008 presidential debate, then coordinated Gaza onslaught's end with Team Obama
    • "Eventually, Shamai thought it wasn't a good idea to continue with our project as he didn't wish to compromise the FBI investigation any more than necessary"

      One has to wonder about just who Liebowitz was truly interested in alerting? How much this leaking did interfere in the FBI's investigation?

  • Fragile Egypt
    • Yes be safe. And thanks for the up close stories

    • "She believes sectarian forces are, in the end, manipulated by international capital for neocolonial interests. I don’t. I see these religious alignments as deeper than material and neocolonial forces. They reflect the human passion for meaning-- channeled by our worn-out religions into exclusivist madness, the same madness Gandhi witnessed as the Raj disappeared and language riots broke out and Muslims and Hindus divided. "

      Why not both?

    • "Walking back from the Cathedral, I thought about Zionism in Jewish life. The men holding their wrists up with the crosses tattooed at the cathedral—they are as dyed in the wool in their ethno-religious identity as Zionists are in theirs. As dyed in the wool as the “beards” of the Muslim Brothers. To visit Egypt is to be reminded that cultural/nationalist/religious identification is a tremendous force in human life, stronger than material impulses, and there is choice in it--those Coptics are choosing to tattoo their wrists, Jews choosing to line up behind Zionism."

      Similarities and huge differences. Have the Coptics or the Muslim brotherhood chased groups of people off their land, killed some of them while terrifying others, built walls separating individuals from their lands, cut down orchards, removed people from their own homes and then demanded that these same people that they have seriously abused recognize that these crimes are approved by them. There are some huge differences

    • "And an Egypt ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood ala Iran would spell more neighbor issues for the fortress state."

      I have read that this is a cultivated myth. Surprised you jumped on that band wagon. I have also read that the Muslim Brotherhood supports El Baradei who I know would not be supporting Iran having any controls in Egypt.

    • "I wonder how much power they will have among the masses-- all those people with their religious identity tattooed on their wrists."

      frozen in their minds and spirits

      So so sad the harm done as a result of religious or cultural prejudices that people have stemming from cultivated fear and hatred. When so called religious folks are threatened by others religious beliefs demonstrates a shallow faith.

  • Some preliminary questions about the alleged Iranian terror plot
    • dbg agrees with you poa

    • Must be taking lessons from the US and Israel

    • Never.
      Sure about that.

    • Hillary Mann Leverett over at RACE FOR IRAN"plot without logic"
      "mainstream pundits all ready calling for retaliation"

      "most senior US officials all ready saying the Iranian government will be held accountable" Based on allegations.

      Last night Chris Matthews immediately jumped on the let's go get Iran bus. Basically demanding retaliation. Chris Matthews is too chicken shit to have Flynt or Hillary Mann Leverett on his program to discuss Iranian issues intelligently. The Leveretts would flatten him

    • Clinton has been banging on the bad bad bad Iran drum for years now. She has repeated ridiculous things about Iran.

      Some sane voices over at RACE FOR IRAN.
      Leverett on al Jazeera: Thin U.S. Charges of Terror Plot Escalate Tension with Iran
      Hillary Mann Leverett appeared on al Jazeera, please see video link above, shortly after news broke that the Obama Administration has accused Iran of trying to arrange the assassination of Saudi Ambassador to the United States, Adel al Jubeir. According to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and the formal criminal complaint released today, the planners envisioned killing Ambassador Jubeir in a crowded Washington, DC restaurant, where, the Administration charges, tens if not hundreds of other people could also have died. The central figures in the alleged plot are an Iranian-American dual national living in Corpus Christi, Texas and his cousin, allegedly a Revolutionary Guard general working in the Quds Force. The Iranian government has denied the charges and denounced them as a fabrication.

      Please go to Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews blogs etc and demand that they have some sane and well informed voices about Iran on their programs. Push them please

    • Maddow brought up the "alleged" checks written to Manssor Arbabsiar. Is Stuart Levey still the Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence?

      This sure all smells fishy. We can be certain that the FBI will not be checking into any meetings that Ledeen, Gerecht, Woolsey, Pollack, Micheal Rubin may have had with these fellows.

      How can they expect any semi informed people to believe them when they claim these things about Iran or anyone else Israel or the neo cons want to take out? And when will Maddow, Chris Matthews etc ask any logical and sceptical questions about the sources , the credibility?

      Follow those checks

    • Great list. Add the Iranian magical laptop story. Hersh's stories about Mossad and US forces on the ground in Iran for years now.

      Go get bad bad bad Iran has been up at Aipac and Jinsas website for close to a decade now.

    • She went along. Although she did say "alleged" but no tough questions

    • "This sound like a bad joke."

      I smell Micheal Ledeen and Micheal Rubin. Follow the dead bodies

    • Eric Holder and Clinton let Marc Rich off the hook. And let's not forget who Rich was doing big big business with.

      "Rich has been credited with having created the spot market for crude oil in the early 1970s, revolutionizing commodity trading.[4] His tutelage under Philipp Brothers afforded Rich opportunities to strike deals with various dictatorial régimes and embargoed nations, such as Iran, using a special relationship with Ayatollah Khomeini, the leader of the 1979 Iranian Revolution which saw the overthrow of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran. Despite the American embargo, Iran would become Rich's most important supplier of crude oil for more than 15 years.[5] He earned billions selling oil for the Iranian ayatollahs."

      "On January 20, 2001, hours before leaving office, Clinton granted Rich a presidential pardon. Because Rich's former wife had made large donations to the U.S. Democratic Party and the Clinton Library during Clinton's time in office, Clinton's critics alleged that Rich's pardon had been bought. Marc Rich had made substantial donations to Israeli charitable foundations. Clinton explained his decision by noting that similar situations were settled in civil, not criminal court, and cited clemency pleas from Israeli government officials, including then-Prime Minister Ehud Barak. Federal Prosecutor Mary Jo White was appointed to investigate. She stepped down before the investigation was finished and was replaced by James Comey. Comey was critical of Clinton's pardons and Eric Holder's pardon recommendation.[9] According to Rich's attorney, Holder advised to circumvent standard procedures and to submit the pardon petition directly to the White House.[10]"

      Eric Holder and Obama never interested in prosecuting Bush administration war criminals, he and Obama agreed to allow the telecommunication companies off the hook for illegally wiretapping,

      Holder and Obama essentially let the Aipac espionage investigation/trial be swept out the door.

      U.S. Drops Case Against Ex-Lobbyists

      By Jerry Markon
      Washington Post Staff Writer
      Saturday, May 2, 2009
      "Lawyers for Rosen and Weissman attributed the withdrawal of the case in part to the Obama administration. "We are extremely grateful that this new Administration . . . has taken seriously their obligation to evaluate cases on the merits," the lawyers, Abbe D. Lowell, John Nassikas and Baruch Weiss, said in a statement. "

      I attended Eric Holder 's nomination hearing in DC. I stopped counting how many times he said "no one is above the law" at 25. Feinstein, Leahy, Feingold all kept saying "no one is above the law" They all know that this is bullshit and that the American people have little to no faith in this often repeated and very hollow statement. Or for that matter little to no faith in the so called justice system.

      I would never trust Holder. And would never trust what the FBI, CIA the OBama adminstration say about Iran.

      Go to the website Race for Iran if you want information about Iran that you can trust

    • Steve is far more compassionate, fair minded and seeking justice far more than some give him credit for.

      thanks for linking POA. I think you have far more in common with Clemons than you imagine

    • "alleged, alleged, alleged" Curveball, false WMD intelligence, magical Iranian laptop, Seymour Hersh has written a fair amount about Mossad and US special forces in Iran, the killing of Iranian nuclear scientist, Israeli cyber attacks on Iranian nuclear facilities. A long list of reasons to logically question these allegations.

    • "Is it unfathomable that the FBI could have found a crazy and/or impressionable person who was acting on his own accord but was in some way related to elements of the Iranian government?"

      It is not unfathonable at all. Can anyone say "Curveball?" Israel and the Israeli lobby want to take out Iran so bad they can smell the dead and injured. How far will they go? Can you say being integral parts of creating and dessiminating false WMD intelligence about Iran. Could care less about the deadly and costly outcome in that unncessary war. Willing to go with any and all fabrications. We should all be questioning the credibility of the FBI and any other sources when it comes to claims about Iran.

      Soon after the invasion of Iraq ledeen, Reuel Marc Gerecht, Woolsey, Kristol, Gaffney, Cheney, Micheal Rubin, Bolton etc etc were all over the place repeating unsubstantiated claims about Iran. Rachel Maddow, Terry Gross and many other news outlet host allowed guest to repeat the unproven claims. Maddow, Charlie Rose and Gross repeated the false claims about Iran themselves. The only time I heard any MSM host challenged for repeating those claims was during Charlie Rose's interview with former Bush administration official and former CIA middle east analyst Flynt Leverett. Leverett politely nailed Rose when he repeated the "Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map" hogwash. I have not heard one MSM host challenge the same Iraq warmonger culprits when they repeat these claims. Not one challenging question. One would think that is the very least they could do after the majority of the MSM went along with the Bush administrations lies.

      Then we had the Iranian magical "laptop" story.

      Scott Ritter On CIA´s Magical Laptop (go google and watch the interview with Ritter)

      Scott Ritter"An American laptop. The CIA owned it" "no direct to the Iranians" "this laptop has disinformation written all over it" "no supporting evidence to support this"

      That was the laptop that allegedly had proof that Iran had a nuclear weapons program.

      Last night Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, etc all covered this story. Chris Matthews went ape shit. Did not question the sources, the credibility nothing. Rolled over. Not one challenging question about sources etc. At least they kept saying "alleged"

      These are the same so called liberal press that would not even whisper about the Aipac Rosen/Weissman espionage investigation. Not a whisper. I guess it is just too much to ask our MSM to ask logical, challenging questions. Can anyone say "Curveball"

  • Afternoon headlines
  • Irvine 11 conviction reveals double standard and bias
    • Prosecuted?

    • There has been a noticeable difference when callers bring up the I/P issue in a respectful way. All Washington Journal host now interrupt the caller ask questions about resources for the information and sometimes just interrupt the caller. Now I don't object to host of shows asking their quest or callers where they are getting their information (in fact I think this is critical and can be a chance for callers to plug accurate information sources) but the host do not apply this standard to all callers when they repeat unsubstantiated claims about Iran, about the Iraq war etc. They apply these questions generally to those calling in with relevant questions or comments about the I/P issue. I assume this is due to the pressure from Camera who has a segment of their site devoted to attacking CSpan and claiming that all callers are anti semitic. Go check out their CSpan watch website.

      Clearly Cspan is bending to this pressure. Sounds like their filtering system seems to be blocking out folks who call in about this issue. Have been watching and listening to Washington Journal for several decades. The wall of silence was coming down. Now seems to be going back up.

      During the week that the Palestinians were making their bid at the UN for recognition of statehood Washington Journal did not have any guest on to inform the public from both sides views. Nothing. Silence. No Un folks..nothing. Was the oppotune time to inform the public on the history, UN process etc. Nothing

    • thanks for what you did in New Orleans and keeping the spotlight on this issue.

      Seems like Camera has convinced CSpans Washington Journal to not touch the Israeli Palestinian conflict, allow guest and host to repeat unsubstantiated claims about Iran and block callers who bring up serious questions about our Reps and US pledge of allegiance to the I lobby and Israel. Another shift taking place on Cspan.

      The wall of silence had come down a bit on longer. Allowing the wall to go back up due to pressure from the I lobby

  • The 99 percent in DC
    • The "cult" issue

      I grew up Catholic. 12 years of Catholic schools. Priest lived across the street, Sister of Nortre Dame across the alley. The Nuns were the backbone of the church yet never given any credit. I think I saw too much. Hypocrisy runneth over.
      Although many of those nuns made us aware of civil rights issues, common decency, trying to live by "do unto others as you would have done to you" The strongest message I was left with growing up Catholic was "WE are ALL born in the image of likeness of God" That message resonated

      I am not Catholic, left the church as soon as I could at 18. Just too many contradictions, hypocrisy. Yet embraced the deepest truths. Then studied Buddhism, other comparative religions. Many of the same basic truths run through so many religious and spiritual beliefs. Always contradictions.

      But in my book all Religions are basically "cults" based on the definition of cult. Catholicism, Judaism, Christians, Muslim, Lutherans, Mormons, Buddhism etc etc.

      Someone tell me which religions are not "cults"

    • Adam
      David Brooke"s has an undermining piece up about the 99% Occupy Wall Street protest. Clearly has not gone down to talk to any of the protesters as MSNBC's Ed continues to do. Oh how I wish the hundreds of thousands of us (millions nationwide, 30 million world wide) who were protesting, petitioning, lobbying, being arrested before the invasion would have received this kind of MSM coverage. We did not. Maybe just maybe some lives could have been saved if those at home could have seen who was really out on the streets before the invasion. Oh I know that is so yesterday. I know Obama and all our Reps keep saying "move on, next chapter, do not be about retribution, witch hunts, vengeance" Still keep wondering why holding the Bush administration warmongers and liars accountable for the unncecessary deaths in Iraq and the deaths and injuries of American soldiers is "vengeance" and not JUSTICE.

      Brooke's fails to acknowledge that the common threads running through all of the issues (economic disparity, access to jobs, living wages, health care, unnecessary and costly wars both in blood and treasure) that the Occupy Wall Street protestors across the country are focused on are JUSTICE and ACCOUNTABILITY.

      Brooke's inability or unwillingness to go down on those streets and hear what they are saying for himself demonstrates he has his head up where the sun does not shine about the protest. He appears to be one of the 1%...afraid to really listen to or examine the real reasons for these protest.

      JUSTICE and ACCOUNTABILITY on all fronts!

      Here is David Brooke's arrogant piece. (unable to link)
      .Op-Ed Columnist
      The Milquetoast RadicalsBy DAVID BROOKS
      October 10, 2011

      The U.S. economy is probably going to stink for a few more years. It is beset by short-term problems (low consumer demand, uncertain housing prices, too much debt) and long-term problems (wage stagnation, rising health care costs, eroding human capital).


      problems, but we can at least use this winter of recuperation to address the country’s underlying structural ones. Do tax reform, fiscal reform, education reform and political reform so that when the economy finally does recover the prosperity is deep, broad and strong.

      Unfortunately, the country has been wasting this winter of recuperation. Nothing of consequence has been achieved over the past two years. Instead, there have been a series of trivial sideshows. It’s as if people can’t keep their minds focused on the big things. They get diverted by scuffles that are small, contentious and symbolic.

      Take the Occupy Wall Street movement. This uprising was sparked by the magazine Adbusters, previously best known for the 2004 essay, “Why Won’t Anyone Say They Are Jewish?” — an investigative report that identified some of the most influential Jews in America and their nefarious grip on policy.

      If there is a core theme to the Occupy Wall Street movement, it is that the virtuous 99 percent of society is being cheated by the richest and greediest 1 percent.

      This is a theme that allows the people in the 99 percent to think very highly of themselves. All their problems are caused by the nefarious elite.

      Unfortunately, almost no problem can be productively conceived in this way. A group that divides the world between the pure 99 percent and the evil 1 percent will have nothing to say about education reform, Medicare reform, tax reform, wage stagnation or polarization. They will have nothing to say about the way Americans have overconsumed and overborrowed. These are problems that implicate a much broader swath of society than the top 1 percent.

      They will have no realistic proposal to reduce the debt or sustain the welfare state. Even if you tax away 50 percent of the income of those making between $1 million and $10 million, you only reduce the national debt by 1 percent, according to the Tax Foundation. If you confiscate all the income of those making more than $10 million, you reduce the debt by 2 percent. You would still be nibbling only meekly around the edges.

      The 99-versus-1 frame is also extremely self-limiting. If you think all problems flow from a small sliver of American society, then all your solutions are going to be small, too. The policy proposals that have been floating around the Occupy Wall Street movement — a financial transfer tax, forgiveness for student loans — are marginal.

      The Occupy Wall Street movement may look radical, but its members’ ideas are less radical than those you might hear at your average Rotary Club. Its members may hate capitalism. A third believe the U.S. is no better than Al Qaeda, according to a New York magazine survey, but since the left no longer believes in the nationalization of industry, these “radicals” really have no systemic reforms to fall back on.

      They are not the only small thinkers. President Obama promises not to raise taxes on the bottom 98 percent. The Occupy-types celebrate the bottom 99 percent. Republicans promise not to raise taxes on the bottom 100 percent. Through these and other pledges, leaders of all three movements are hedging themselves in. They are severely limiting the scope of their proposed solutions.

      The thing about the current moment is that the moderates in suits are much more radical than the pierced anarchists camping out on Wall Street or the Tea Party-types.

      Look, for example, at a piece Matt Miller wrote for The Washington Post called “The Third Party Stump Speech We Need.” Miller is a former McKinsey consultant and Clinton staffer. But his ideas are much bigger than anything you hear from the protesters: slash corporate taxes and raise energy taxes, aggressively use market forces and public provisions to bring down health care costs; raise capital requirements for banks; require national service; balance the budget by 2018.

      Other economists, for example, have revived the USA Tax, first introduced in 1995 by Senators Sam Nunn and Pete Domenici. This would replace the personal income and business tax regime with a code that allows unlimited deduction for personal savings and business investment. It’s a consumption tax through the back door, which would clean out loopholes and weaken lobbyists.

      Don’t be fooled by the clichés of protest movements past. The most radical people today are the ones that look the most boring. It’s not about declaring war on some nefarious elite. It’s about changing behavior from top to bottom. Let’s occupy ourselves.

  • Panic and shock sweep Cairo
    • "You’re going to run interference for Jewish terrorists no matter what they do, DBG."


    • 60 minutes did a 20 minute segment on the situation in Egypt right now. The arrest, the beatings, the quick trials by the Egyptian military. Encourage folks to go watch (unable to link)

    • Phil just sent the BBC folks (have had a fair amount of contact with them over the years) your latest about Cairo at Mondoweiss. Gave them your email. Hope that is ok.
      Let them know you were there and have constantly let them know about Mondoweiss.

      Hope you contact them or they contact you. Would great to hear you sharing your experience on the BBC.

  • The Ninety-Nine Percent
  • Muslim and Christian cemeteries desecrated in Jaffa on eve of Yom Kippur
  • Operation Enduring Failure: Ten years of war on Afghanistan
    • I come from a huge military family. Air Force. Now where did I compare the US military to Hitler's army. Stop putting words in my mouth.

      But now that you said it. In Iraq and in Vietnam you might have a point

    • "Well you can thank dead Iraqis and Afghanis they aren’t bossing you around right now. "

      This is not a joke and not funny. How would you respond if Mooser had referred to dead Jews, Poles, Gypsies who were exterminated during Hitler's rampage.

      Not funny Dan. Not a joke. Apply the same standards.

    •, January 2002

      Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG),, 23 January 2002


      According to Afghan, Iranian, and Turkish government sources, Hamid Karzai, the interim Prime Minister of Afghanistan, was a top adviser to the El Segundo, California-based UNOCAL Corporation which was negotiating with the Taliban to construct a Central Asia Gas (CentGas) pipeline from Turkmenistan through western Afghanistan to Pakistan.

      Karzai, the leader of the southern Afghan Pashtun Durrani tribe, was a member of the mujaheddin that fought the Soviets during the 1980s. He was a top contact for the CIA and maintained close relations with CIA Director William Casey, Vice President George Bush, and their Pakistani Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) Service interlocutors. Later, Karzai and a number of his brothers moved to the United States under the auspices of the CIA. Karzai continued to serve the agency's interests, as well as those of the Bush Family and their oil friends in negotiating the CentGas deal, according to Middle East and South Asian sources.

      When one peers beyond all of the rhetoric of the White House and Pentagon concerning the Taliban, a clear pattern emerges showing that construction of the trans-Afghan pipeline was a top priority of the Bush administration from the outset. Although UNOCAL claims it abandoned the pipeline project in December 1998, the series of meetings held between U.S., Pakistani, and Taliban officials after 1998, indicates the project was never off the table.

    • Trans-Afghanistan PipelineFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to: navigation, search
      Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline
      Country Turkmenistan
      General direction north–south
      From Dauletabad gas field, Turkmenistan
      Passes through Herat
      To Fazilka, India
      Runs alongside Herat–Kandahar highway,
      General information
      Type natural gas
      Technical information
      Length 1,680 km (1,040 mi)
      Maximum discharge 27 billion cubic meters per year

      The Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline (TAP or TAPI) is a proposed natural gas pipeline being developed by the Asian Development Bank.[1][2][3] The pipeline will transport Caspian Sea natural gas from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan into Pakistan and then to India. The abbreviation comes from the first letters of those countries. Proponents of the project see it as a modern continuation of the Silk Road.[4][5] The Afghan government is expected to receive 8% of the project's revenue.[citation needed]

      The roots of this project lie in the involvement of international oil companies in Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan beginning of 1990s. As Russia, who controlled all export pipelines of these countries, consistently refusing to allow the use of its pipeline network, these companies needed an independent export route avoiding both Iran and Russia.[6][unreliable source?]

      The original project started on 15 March 1995 when an inaugural memorandum of understanding between the governments of Turkmenistan and Pakistan for a pipeline project was signed. This project was promoted by Argentinian company Bridas Corporation. The U.S. company Unocal, in conjunction with the Saudi oil company Delta, promoted alternative project without Bridas' involvement. On 21 October 1995, these two companies signed a separate agreement with Turkmenistan's president Saparmurat Niyazov. In August 1996, the Central Asia Gas Pipeline, Ltd. (CentGas) consortium for construction of a pipeline, led by Unocal, was formed. On 27 October 1997, CentGas was incorporated in formal signing ceremonies in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, by several international oil companies along with the Government of Turkmenistan.[citation needed]

      Since the pipeline was to pass through Afghanistan, it was necessary to work with the Taliban. The U.S. ambassador to Pakistan, Robert Oakley, moved into CentGas in 1997. In January 1998, the Taliban, selecting CentGas over Argentinian competitor Bridas Corporation, signed an agreement that allowed the proposed project to proceed. In June 1998, Russian Gazprom relinquished its 10% stake in the project. On 7 August 1998, American embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam were bombed under the direction of Osama bin Laden, and all pipeline negotiations halted, as the Taliban's leader, Mohammad Omar, announced that Osama bin Laden had the Taliban's support. Unocal withdrew from the consortium on 8 December 1998, and soon after closed its offices in Afghanistan and Pakistan.[citation

    • Drug Use Has Increased in Afghanistan, U.N. Report Says
      Published: June 21, 2010

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      .KABUL, Afghanistan — The last several years of poverty, conflict and widely available opium are taking a toll on the Afghan population, with roughly 800,000 Afghan adults now using opium, heroin and other illicit drugs, a jump from five years ago, according to a study by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.
      Drug Addiction, And Misery, Increase In Afghanistan
      by Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson

      April 16, 2009 A growing number of Afghans — including children — are escaping the pain of war and poverty by using opium or heroin, for as little as a dollar a day.

      A United Nations survey begun this month is widely expected to show that at least 1 in 12 people in Afghanistan abuses drugs — double the number in the last survey four years ago.

      Experts say that the alarming trend is not being addressed by the Afghan government and its international partners, even though most officials acknowledge that the drug scourge threatens lasting stability in Afghanistan.

      Many of the addicts, especially the women, feed their habit in secret, inside walled, mud-floor family compounds.

      Sorry unable to link.
      Suggest reading these reports
      Drug Use in Afghanistan Survey
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      Jun 22, 2010 – Around 1 million Afghans suffer from drug addiction, UNODC reports On 22 June 2010 the UNODC released its latest Drug Use in Afghanistan ...
      UNODC Reports Major and Growing Drug Abuse in
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      VIENNA, 21 June (UN Information Service) - A survey on Drug Use in ...

    • I am in contact with my friend.

      And yes the US presence there does great harm and some good. If we focus on cultivating a sincere interest in supporting the majority of people in Afghanistan through agricultural alternatives to growing poppies for illegal uses. Which do not kid your self some evil (yes evil) US and other forces are involved in. We are talking about billions of dollars here being made through Afghanistans largest export.

      I am in support of cultivating agricultural, medical, and educational resources (they need to determine how) to Afghanistan via our military and other means.

      Again I did not support the invasion at all. Not at all. But we are there. And you can be sure are not leaving. So in the mean time how the US deals Afghanistan should be turned to at the very least rebuilding, replanting other ways for the people to make a living. As well as the means to export those agricultural products.

    • Oklahoma Farmer.
      I think you would be very interested in the writings and interviews with former head of the CIA's Bin Laden unit Micheal Scheuer. There are numerous interviews with him at CSpan Washington Journal. He has a website called "Non Intervention" He has written numerous incredibly informative books about why US support for Israel no matter what they do is not only an immoral stance but has and continues to jeopardize US National Security.

      There are also many other former CIA analyst who write and talk about this issue. Ray McGovern (go google his writings and interviews) and listen closely. Former CIA analyst Kathleen and Bill Christison (over at Counterpunch) Also can google interviews with them.

      The 9/11 commission Report actually mentions how US support for Israel no matter what they do has been and continues to be a threat to US National Security. Many others in the past have brought this up Queen Noor, the King of Jordan, Former President Jimmy Carter, Former National Security Adviser Zbiniew Bryzinski, former weapons inspector Scott Ritter(go watch the interview with Seymour Hersh and Scott Ritter at CSpans WAshington Journal) The title of the interview is "Target Iran"

      Lt Colonel Karen Kwiatowski's article "The New Pentagaon Papers" is a must read about what took place in the Pentagon's Office of Special plans while she was there. How basically Jewish American citizens who are Israeli firsters put the welfare of Israel before US National security. Created and dessiminated false intelligence about Iraq alleged WMD programs and helped send men and women to invade Iraq based on this false intelligence.

      Another great article is "The Men from Jinsa" written by the Nations investigative reporter Jason Vest in the fall of 2002.

      Go read the selected files of the Aipac/Rosen/Weissman espionage investigation (google it). This 9 time delayed trial and investigation were swept under the rug by our so called justice system. Former Congress woman Jane "waddling on over to interfere in this investigation" Harman and others did their very best to shut this investigation and trial down.

      Go read how basically Israeli agents/ US citizens (Kenneth Pollack, Rosen,Weissman, Lawrence Franklin) have stolen highly classified US documents and passed them onto Israeli officials.

    • Mooser why not join up or encourage your kids or relatives to join up? So you and "your people" can put their own asses on the line for what mostly rich white , yellow bellied chicken hawks are after. Go kill for lies, Israel and US hegemony. Stop talking about it

    • "had wiped out"

      One other thing that I learned and verified was that the government of Afghanistan had demanded hard proof that OBL was directly involved 9/11 and the Bush administration had never provided that hard proof.

      If the Bush administration had really just wanted to go after Al Qeada they would have sent in special forces the way Obama illegally did in Pakistan.

      Also learned from Haroon that the US, Russia, all other invaders of that country are very interested in those huge mineral deposits in Afghanistan. Huge sources of uranium.

      James Risen recently wrote about this issue that the people of Afghanistan have been aware of what invading forces have been interested in for a very long time.

      U.S. Identifies Vast Mineral Riches in Afghanistan (unable to link)
      A bleak Ghazni Province seems to offer little, but a Pentagon study says it may have among the world’s largest deposits of lithium.
      Published: June 13, 2010

      ."WASHINGTON — The United States has discovered nearly $1 trillion in untapped mineral deposits in Afghanistan, far beyond any previously known reserves and enough to fundamentally alter the Afghan economy and perhaps the Afghan war itself, according to senior American government officials.

      The previously unknown deposits — including huge veins of iron, copper, cobalt, gold and critical industrial metals like lithium — are so big and include so many minerals that are essential to modern industry that Afghanistan could eventually be transformed into one of the most important mining centers in the world, the United States officials believe.

      An internal Pentagon memo, for example, states that Afghanistan could become the “Saudi Arabia of lithium,” a key raw material in the manufacture of batteries for laptops and BlackBerrys.

      The vast scale of Afghanistan’s mineral wealth was discovered by a small team of Pentagon officials and American geologists. The Afghan government and President Hamid Karzai were recently briefed, American officials said."


    • "And the number of Afghans dead? No one knows. No one knows. But the estimates, most likely too low, are soul-rattling. 12,000-14,000? 40,000? Tens and tens of thousands of civilians, and the numbers just keep getting uglier, as Brian Katulis of the Center for American Progress told Democracy Now!"

      I had the great honor of getting to know a Fulbright scholar from Afghanistan who was studying at Ohio University for three years. He is a wonderful young man who missed his very large family, wife and 4 children while he was studying in the US. We spent hours talking about his country, his family, his religious beliefs etc. I learned a great deal. His father was a retired military man who had fought against the Russians with the Mujahadeen. After his family compound had been bombed by the Russians and he remembers clearly his mother picking up his oldest sisters (1 of 12 children) body parts in the compound his father moved the family via walking, part of the trip in vehicles to Peshawar Pakistan and then went back to fight the Russians. Haroon (have permission to use his name) was four years old at the time.

      I learned so much from him and was able to ask his father questions (via email) when the US invaded Iraq. I learned that the Russians has wiped out almost all of Afghanistans pomegrante, grape, almond, etc orchards. That the agricultural traditions had essentially been wiped out. A perfect condition to increase the cultivation of poppies. What other choice did farmers who had previously been growing other crops have at that point? (years to cultivate those orchards)

      When the Bush administration illegally and immorally invaded Iraq based on a "pack of lies" Haroon and his father kept stating "does the US want to lose Afghanistan again" After deserting the majority of people in Afghanistan after Russia pulled out. They also kept repeating way back in 2003/2004 that the only way to deal with the more moderate Taliban was to bring them to the table. The only way. That the slaughtering of several thousand surrendered Taliban (go watch Convoy of Death...Afghanistan Massacre..Amy Goodman was one of the only media outlets to cover the release of this documentary way back when) really pissed people in Afghanistan off. Who can blame them. The US said nothing about this horrific slaughter of those who had surrendered to the occupying forces. Go watch that documentary.

      Haroon has lost a cousin, an uncle and a brother in law in the last six months. The suffering of the people of Afghanistan is immense.

      I did not support the invasion of Afghanistan when the Bush administration invaded. But now that we are there. We must try to figure out ways to productively help the people of that country. They have suffered so much and for so long

  • Kol Nidre in Cairo. Not
    • Intolerance of diverse religious beliefs demonstrates fear and bigotry whether that intolerance takes place in Egypt, Israel or the US.
      Those who are intolerant are clearly not very confident in their own belief system.

    • Well that may be but his willingness to discount and make fun of the loss of life in Iraq, Afghanistan etc and the tolerance for that bullshit by Phil, Adam etc demonstrates a massive double standard. If that same type of twisted and sick humor were used in anyway to make light of the murders of millions of Jews, Poles, (seldom mentioned anywhere) Gypsies etc by the Hitler killing machine you can bet your ass Phil and Adam would either not allow this or jump on those individuals asses. Mooser often undermines the seriousness of these deaths by poking fun in a twisted way

    • Phils post and efforts are clear, honest, admirable. He is trying to save Israel and the Israeli lobby from their own destructive actions

    • Pathetic

    • The Defense of Democracies (Defense of Israel) organization hosted Micheal the other day. Cspan covered his talk. He contradicted himself in the very first sentence. Stood up after Clifford May introduced him and said "I can not plug my books because of Israeli law" And then immediately promoted his books.

      He started his manipulated history lesson of the conflict in 1949. He later said the "notion" of a Palestinian state started in the 80's. Never brought up illegal settlements as one of the biggest problems. Said that Israel could "defend itself by itself" (just when will Israel and the Israeli lobby stop pushing the US into unnecessary and immoral wars) Although the US has certainly done their share of that on our own.

      Later Oren focused on Israel and the Israeli lobby's demand that the US consider Iran an enemy and how dangerous they are to Israel and the US.
      Oren "Iran is the parmount threat"

      Oren's biggest whopper was when he said "support for Israel is at an all time high"

      Phil and all think you would be intererested in hearing Micheal Oren's spin over at CSpan

    • Phil it is a shame that the synagogue was closed on such a holy day/ hour for religious Jews.

      Can you tell me what this means
      "when we renounce all vows"

      "I heard Israel condemned over and over in speeches. People carried posters with the Jewish star on them, a symbol of Israel, sometimes with a red circle around it and a line crossing through it. And a man carried a sign covered in Arabic but with a few English words. "I hate Israel, Israel is behind it," it said."

      During the MSM's coverage of Tahir square protest Richard Engel and others kept saying they did not see any anti Israel signs at all. Kept wondering if that was true.

      I wonder how Egyptian's feelings towards Israel would change if they started abiding by UN resolution 242 and really attempted to get back to the 67 border, stop building illegal settlements etc

      "We're cousins, Muslims like to say to Jews, and Jews like to say back. We're both sons of Abraham. And now we're not. There's utter separation, and mistrust. It's a great cultural breach. It feels like it will be longlasting."

      What is this human phenomena to always make someone else the eternal bad guy, someone you can beat up on, someone not as good, the evil one. And then those who cultivate this horrific thinking and manipulate the situation around that thinking .

      Hope the synagogue opens. If the Egyptians are not going to be tolerant of others faiths then they should try to pretend. Just the way Israel tries to pretend they are tolerant of the "others"

  • What do a Jewish state and a Catholic table have in common?
    • Whoa some strong words about Israel on the Diane Rehm shows international round up hour. Just reported that Panetta had strong words about Israel this week. That Israel "is more isolated than ever" They reported that Gates has said the same thing. That both of these individuals have said that Israel is more and more "at risk"

      Yochi Dreazen senior national security correspondent, National Journal magazine said that Netanyahu "hates and does not trust Obama" And Obama "hates and does not trust Netanyahu" Very strong words

  • A society coming apart at the seams: Settlers attack IDF in the West Bank
    • And the enormous amount of aide from American Jews who are supporting illegal settlement building. And the US aid to Israel that is not scrutinized by our congress. Israel should be required to cut off any percentage of US aid to Israel that is being used in illegal settlements. Israel should be required to report where every penny of US aid to Israel is used. The way the US requires of other countries that we give aid to.

      The money provided by American citizens to fund illegal settlements should be investigated by the US Treasury and deemed being in support of state sanctioned terrorism

  • Rambunctious reporters question US State Dept's double standard on Syrian/Palestinian aspirations
    • When over the last five decades has the WH press corp asked questions like htis well except for Helen Thomas. The crack in the decades long building of the Wall of Silence on this issue is getting wider.

      Keep pushing folks. Contact your Reps. Go to the website of IF AMERICANS KNEW and BDS to get information to take to your work places, universities, churches, mosque, synagogues ANYWHERE YOU GO.

      "QUESTION: Okay. Well if – you guys have – correct me if I’m wrong; I thought you guys said you were going to veto it in the Security Council. So no matter how long the Security Council takes to look at it, whether it’s in the Security Council or not, it ain’t going anywhere. You guys are going to kill it, correct?
      MS. NULAND: Was there a question there, Matt?
      QUESTION: Yes. Is that right? You’re going to veto it in the Security Council. Why should the Palestinians wait when you’ve already said you’re going to veto it in the Security Council? Why is it incoherent for them to go to someplace else to try and get the – something minor that they would like, that they think is important to them.
      MS. NULAND: Again, our view has not changed. This is not going to create a state for them.
      QUESTION: But Toria, they don’t even say it’s going to create a state for them.
      MS. NULAND: It is going to make things harder.
      QUESTION: Why?
      MS. NULAND: It creates tensions that add to the environment and makes it harder –
      QUESTION: In other words, it gets Israel upset.
      MS. NULAND: I didn’t say that. I simply said that it further exacerbates the environment of tension. We’re trying to create an environment of trust. We’re trying to create constituencies for peace.
      QUESTION: And you think that Palestinian membership in UNESCO creates tensions? Palestinian membership in the Office for Outer Space Affairs creates tensions?
      MS. NULAND: Matt, I think I’ve said what I can on this subject.
      QUESTION: Well, the problem with what you’ve said on the subject is it doesn’t make any sense, and most of the world, almost all of it, disagrees with you. A, they don’t believe it’s incoherent because they’re voting for it, and B, I don’t think you can get away from the fact that you have said you were going to veto it at the Security Council. So saying the Palestinians should wait for the Security Council to act when they know – because you’ve told them and the rest of the world – that you’re going to kill it, doesn’t make any sense.
      MS. NULAND: Doesn’t change the fact that we oppose this at UNESCO.

  • Why isn't Kusra killing on the front page of our newspapers?
    • "f anyone needs to imagine what the roots of becoming a terrorist look like, they don’t need to look far with regular examples like this thread depict…"

      Tell it It is not difficult to imagine that after witnessing the violence of the US invading countries based on known false intelligence, being part of killing and injuring hundred of thousands ...or witnessing and experiencing the endless Israeli oppression, death and destruction of individuals, their homes, olive trees etc turns people into radicals. One would have to be the extraordinary individual or with others committed to non violence to over come natural instincts to want to fight back.

      Glenn Greenwald talks about why Al Alawaki became more "radicalized"
      GLENN GREENWALD: Well, he, as I said, was born in the United States and went to college in the United States and, for a long time, was considered by the U.S. government and the media to be a moderate Muslim cleric. In fact the Pentagon invited him to a lunch in the wake of 9/11 in order to talk to him and other Muslim leaders about how to root out extremism in the Muslim community. The Washington Post had him host his own chat about the meaning of various Muslim holidays and the like. So, for a long time he was viewed as this, sort of, moderate figure. He became increasingly radicalized, like a lot of people have, over the last decade, as the United States has continued to slaughter Muslim men, women and children in multiple countries around the world, and he definitely became much more hostile in his sermons to the United States, and began arguing that it wasn’t just the duty but the right of Muslims to not just be passive receivers of violence by the U.S., but also to begin to attack the United States back as a means of deterring further violence. And so, he definitely became a great concern to the U.S. because he was so effective in communicating these ideas in English to large parts of the English speaking Muslim world. And, of course, expressing those ideas that the United States is engaged in aggression against the Muslim world and that Muslims have the right or even the duty to fight back rather than getting passively slaughtered, whether you agree with those ideas are not, or think they’re horrible ideas, they’re obviously rights you have to express under the First Amendment of the Constitution. The government began claiming that it wasn’t just his messages and his ideas that were bothering them and making them want to kill him, but the fact he started to have an operational role in various plots, such as the attempt by Abdulmutallab to detonate a bomb in a jet over Detroit over Christmas. They claim that he was involved in the attack by Nidal Hasan on the Fort Hood base that killed 14 American service members. The problem with that is that, there’s been no evidence presented that he’s actually been involved in any of those plots. He is not been indicted or charged. If he has been involved in those plots, then the solution is to charge him with those crimes, bring him before a court of justice, and prove his guilt; not simply to order him killed as though the President is judge, jury, and executioner."

    • so sad.

      Folks should link like wild at other sites..send to all

    • Just watched video clip. Exhausting. Can only imagine what it is like to do deal with this every day every minute. Will anyone be held accountable for this murder?
      enough enough enough

    • great one up by Glen Greenwald on the OBama administrations unlawful assassination
      The due-process-free assassination of U.S. citizens is now reality

    • "And the state of Israel tolerates marauding rightwing colonists as they torch a village's mosque and make for its olive trees. No one is protecting these villagers, except international volunteers. Morgan Bach is protecting a village not far away, with her presence.

      In the 60s the New York Times was factchecking the Jim Crow accounts. This time around we must rely for American reports on a 24-year-old idealist from Seattle to tell us what is going on. If you wonder why our politics are broken on this issue, and why American public opinion is stuck, a big part of the answer is that American reporters are not going to Kusra."

      Thanks....passing on

  • PA says Tony Blair has lost all credibility (though he's better than Dennis Ross)
  • 'Are there any Palestinians unaffected by the occupation?' I ask him
    • Read this one a few years ago. The light bulbs in this young ladies head were turned on


      I grew up in a secular, socially progressive household. My father and his parents identified closely with Judaism, but for reasons that had little to do with organized religious practice or Zionism. Rather, they identified suffering of any sort – especially their own – as a distinctly Jewish experience, and attributed their superstition about provoking bad luck to their old-world Jewish background.

      It was only when my stepmother initiated our membership in a liberal reform synagogue that I became actively curious about Jewish history, religious practice, and the modern state of Israel. This was an interest that I pursued through college.

      As I traveled throughout Israel – that is, on the inside of the 1948 green line – I was struck how the Israeli government’s racist policies, such as the systemic denial of state resources to communities of Palestinians with Israeli citizenship, infected even the most routine activities. It was small incidents that made clear the consequences of this unjust system. Getting kicked out of a store while shopping with a dark-skinned friend and hearing the Hebrew University program director discuss the importance of avoiding Arab neighborhoods in his orientation speech shattered the notion that Israel was a safe haven, even for the people to whom I felt closest – like my friend who was ejected from the jewelry store.

      One of the most memorable moments was my cousin’s pained description of her husband’s military service in Gaza. The husband chose to go after much internal moral wrangling. But his service was ultimately a good thing, my cousin justified, because unlike many of the soldiers, he was compassionate, allowing pregnant women to pass quickly through checkpoints. In light of the racism I had witnessed, her reasoning was horribly distressing – even more so because I respected her political involvement with antioccupation movements like Women in Black and liked her personally.

      I vowed at that moment never to sacrifice basic logic to quell discomfort over my own privilege.

      A year later, in 2000, the current Intifada erupted. I joined a group of Jewish activists in New York to form Jews Against the Occupation (JATO) to work in solidarity with politically likeminded organizations. We understood “solidarity” to mean that we would take the lead from our Palestinian allies in defining the terms of a movement that would lead to justice for the people of the region. My cousin’s explanation of her husband’s military service underscored the need for the oppressed to shape the struggle – after all, the vast majority of Palestinians were demanding an end to the occupation, not a more compassionate occupying army.


    • Phil "when I jostle a young Palestinian woman"

      Does this mean you "jostled" her by just walking by? Or was there physical contact?

      Phil "- I was afraid of anyone wearing a yarmulke, because these were people who abused us and hurt us."

      Did you have a yarmulke on? Or just your khakis and black t shirt?

      Phil "Even in the States you might think she was dressed a little inappropriately but this is Israel and it has a bold physical culture, and yes I find it captivating. Israel is unencumbered."

      "bold physical culture....Israel is unencumbered" You can say that again

      Phil "I am sure he has insecurities, don't we all, and maybe he is also flirting with the young Mizrahi woman by putting out his package like a baboon. But when I recount the story to other Israelis later they agree that he was behaving very Israeli. The famous rudeness, sometimes it fails to charm."

      I have heard many friends who travel internationally a great deal say that this is common knowledge and a very common opinion of Israeli's in Thailand, Vietnam, India, Australia etc. I have heard world travelers talk about this "Israeli arrogance in other countries" and disrespect for other cultures that they are traveling in for four decades.
      Phil "My American friend says that Nablus was jammed for the Abbas speech and the people were enthused. We meet a professor who opposes statehood for the same reason that my activist friends in Ramallah do-- fear about compromising the right of return-- but he concedes that Abbas now has prestige approaching Arafat's because he mentioned apartheid three times in the speech. This man cannot deny the groundswell of support. People want an end to occupation"

      Thanks for this. One program on NPR they were interviewing several young Palestinians who were in total support of a ONE STATE SOLUTION. Wondering what the percentage of Palestinians who are leaning or being pushed this way by the facts on the ground.
      Phil "Then my sunglasses, and then reaches into the machine to get my backpack. I walk away with my eyes misting. It is what always happens at Qalandiya. Every Zionist in America should have to go through these chutes before they talk to people about the achievements of the Jewish state. "

      Thanks. Staying human. How often have you been through one of these check points? Did the Israeli soldiers look at you in odd ways? Were they aware that you were observing their behavior?

  • Photos of the crowd at the opening of MECA's 'A Child's view from Gaza' Exhibit
  • 'Time' features generational divide over Israel-- when will 92d St Y stage this family affair?
    • Early on Obama expressed he was aware that there was a change going on in the Jewish community in regard to the conflict. Clearly every little bit helps. But

      "But speaking my mind on these topics — a very Jewish thing to do — has never been easy. During my childhood in the New York suburbs, support for Israel was as fundamental a family tradition as voting Democratic or lighting the Shabbos candles on Friday night."

      For decades the majority of Jewish families have not talked about these brutal racist actions of the Israeli government. . Clearly this is changing.

      "The bliss I felt floating in the Dead Sea, sampling succulent fruits grown by Jewish farmers and roaming the medieval city of Safed, the historic center of Kabbalah mysticism, was tempered by other experiences: watching the construction of the imposing "security" fence, which not only tamped down terrorist attacks but also separated Palestinian villagers from their land and water supply."

      "fence" demonstrates an unwillingness to even go to the middle on this one. State the facts. Fence, wall, BARRIER...partially built on internationally recognized Palestinian land. International criminal court and the UN have determined is ILLEGAL.

      "Polling of young American Jews shows that with the exception of the Orthodox, many of us feel less attached to Israel than do our baby boomer parents, who came of age during the era of the 1967 and 1973 wars, when Israel was less of an aggressor and more a victim."

      "less of an aggressor and more a victim"

      When was this? Never. She needs to read more about the facts and history of the acquisition of the land.

      " Over 40% of American Jews under 35 believe that "Israel occupies land belonging to someone else," and over 30% report sometimes feeling "ashamed" of Israel's actions."

      In many ways this is sad that this is what we call movement. What is over 30%?

      "They were sharing their families' experiences of life under occupation and life during the war in Gaza," she remembers. "So much of what they were talking about related to things that I had always been taught to defend, like human rights and social justice, and the value of each individual's life."

      I believe that this another myth that so many Jews are brought up with.

      On the other hand celebrating that there is movement.

  • Imagine if this article was about whites and blacks in the US
    • "An 80% Jewish majority in the combined area of the West Bank and pre-1967 Israel is attainable by 2035 in light of the current demographic trend, bolstered by a unique aliyah potential of 50,000 olim annually. It requires Jerusalem to declare aliyah the top national priority, leveraging the relative strength of the Israeli economy, whose credit rating was recently upgraded by the Standard & Poor agency -- the intensified anti-Semitism in the former Soviet Union, Western Europe and Argentina, and expanded Jewish education in the U.S."


  • Pro-Israel whitewash of 10-year-old's killing unravels in court (and online)
    • Great interview over at with Grant Smith about Aipac's new strategy with funding etc
      Grant F. Smith, director of the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy in Washington, D.C., discusses the clarification of his August article “Does AIPAC Have Only Two Major Donors;” how AIPAC has changed its mandatory disclosures and tax returns to obfuscate the organization’s donors and methods; how the American Israel Education Foundation (AIPAC’s “travel agency”) shuttles members of Congress to and from Israel, even though lobby-sponsored trips are supposed to be banned; the organizations (not just AIPAC) that constitute what is known as the “Israel lobby;” and how the Foreign Agents Registration Act is selectively enforced based on political concerns, not objective criteria.

    • Max's coverage of this brutal murder of that little Palestinian girl turns my stomach into knots just as the brutal murders of the illegal Israeli settlers in Itamar. Sickening

  • Sullivan on Obama's 'capitulation' at the UN
    • Sullivan "Many of the chieftains in his own own party - Reid, Hoyer, et al. - are more loyal to the Israeli prime minister and their core donors than to their own president. The GOP is even worse: actively going to Israel and colluding with the Likud against the US administration to enable more and more illegal settlements on the West Bank. AIPAC's roll-call at its last conference revealed a veto-proof majority of Congress. Veto-proof. I doubt that was a message designed to be buried.

      So any genuine attempt to put any serious pressure on Netanyahu would be immediately undercut by the Hill. So would have recognizing the Palestinian state at the UN. If Obama had followed through, the Congress would have responded by cutting off aid to the Palestinians, backing Israeli annexation of parts of the West Bank, and would reveal triumphantly that even a president who has done as much for Israel as Obama (bunker-busting bomb sales, rescuing embassy staff in Cairo spring immediately to mind) cannot break out of the constraints any president is under when tackling this subject."

      Ouch.. tell it.

    • Adam think you will be interested
      September 26, 2011

      Rupert Murdoch's Weapons of Mass Destruction
      The Hollywood Big Shot and Israel’s Nuclear Triggers
      In the wake of the 1973 Ramadan war, itself a clandestine operation of tipoffs by the Kingdom of Jordan, Zionist Milchan procured conventional weapons and ‘krytrons’ which trigger nuclear bombs. For those building nuclear weapons in their bedrooms, ‘krytrons’ haven’t changed much since their invention in the 1930’s for high-speed photography. They are electronic switches and, somewhat worryingly, a quick ‘shopping’ search on the internet revealed that you can buy them for around $20. Anyhow, then came Murdoch.

      The director Terry Gilliam whose Brazil was made with Milchan-money said in Los Angeles Magazine, a decade ago, that “personally, I don’t know anyone who has ever made any money with Arnon.” Cynics might say that given Murdoch’s poor business sense (MySpace etc.) he was obviously a good partner proposition. In the same magazine piece, Milchan boasted “I consider him one of my best friends, and I think vice versa.” That’s quite a statement given he was trying to buy MGM with Murdoch’s Australian rival, Kerry Packer a year before he made the deal with News Corporation.

      Milchan’s support for apartheid in South Africa, meanwhile, was absolute – though he was cleared of wrongdoing in the U.S. over a $300,000 commission paid to him by Raytheon on Hawk missiles. Nevertheless, his company became the largest defence procurer for the South African government. And Milchan was going into the nuclear weapons business with Israel and South Africa. He was even involved in Israeli nuclear testing at the South Pole. There was also a media angle According to Andrew and Leslie Cockburn’s Dangerous Liaisons,“the Rabin Government recruited…Milchan to launder purchase influential publications.” No wonder he gets on with Murdoch who uses influential print publications to cast his shadow over the body politic of nations to reduce regulation of his profit-making TV businesses.

      But what did Rupert Murdoch know about his best friend, Milchan and his association with the license-less exportation of hundreds of nuclear triggers to Israel? Certainly, the Murdoch press has been unstinting in its support for Zionism. That doyenne of Middle East journalism, Robert Fisk, gave it as a reason for leaving The Times (of London) in 1980s when Murdoch’s henchman spiked his piece about the U.S. shooting down of an Iranian passenger plane killing 290 people including 66 children.

      Still, the redoubtable U.S. Customs Department seemed to give up when they tried to subpoena Milchan’s financial records so perhaps there is nothing to link Murdoch’s partner with nuclear weapons trafficking. Records apparently were “missing”. Except that thanks to self-declared Israel-supporters, Meir Doron and Joseph Gelman, we now know that Shimon Peres recruited Murdoch’s friend to work with German company GKT, part of the European consortium Urenco, which produced centrifuges for uranium enrichment. Milchan worked on an operation that involved photos of blueprints of centrifuges accidentally on purpose being left on a kitchen table so they could be photographed and sent to scientists in Dimona. It was Murdoch’s recently acquired Sunday Times that would then reveal Israel’s nuclear weapons facility in Dimona. And, of course, the whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu was then honeytrapped out of Britain and into years of solitary confinement.

    • Sullivan piling on Obama and the US's likely veto

      So many articles written by heavy hitters in regard to President Obama and the US’s likely veto of the Palestinians bid for statehood and how the US has and continues to lose credibility and influence

      Hillary Mann Leverett really zings Obama

      link to
      “But it is the Palestinian issue that highlights the extent of Obama’s craven ineptitude. In his address to the General Assembly last year, see here, Obama declared that, within the coming year, there should be “an agreement that will lead to a new member of the United Nations—an independent, sovereign state of Palestine, living in peace with Israel”. (This was the sole “applause line” in the speech.) One year later, Obama used his speech today (which elicited, literally, no applause from the General Assembly as it was delivered) to lead the charge against United Nations recognition of a Palestinian state. And, as with his remarks about Afghanistan and Iraq, the level of intellectual dishonesty in Obama’s comments about Palestine was astounding even for a politician running for re-election. ”


      link to
      Palestine Vote Showcases the Decline of American Power
      Sep 27, 2011

      Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas listens as President Barack Obama speaks at the U.N. on Sept. 21.

      By Juan Cole

      The United States, castigated by its critics as recently as a decade ago as a “hyper-power,” is now so weak and isolated on the world stage that it may cast an embarrassing and self-defeating veto of Palestinian membership in the United Nations. Beset by debt, mired in economic doldrums provoked by the cupidity and corruption of its business classes, and on the verge of withdrawing from Iraq and ultimately Afghanistan in defeat, the U.S. needs all the friends it can get. If he were the visionary we thought we elected in 2008, President Obama would surprise everyone by rethinking the issue and coming out in favor of a U.N. membership for Palestine. In so doing, he would help the U.S. recover some of its tarnished prestige and avoid a further descent into global isolation and opprobrium.”

      James Zogby
      A Disturbing and Dangerous Week at the U.N.

      link to
      “This was a disturbing and dangerous week at the United Nations. After all the drama leading up to this session of the General Assembly, we come away with three troubling facts clearly established: the Palestinians, despite a valiant effort, are no closer to a state; the Israelis are more isolated, yet more emboldened than before; while the United States emerges from the week weaker and less trusted as a world leader.”


      Motivating enemies: Interventionists and the UN veto

      link to

      By mike | Published: September 21, 2011

      For most of a decade I have said in books, articles, interviews, and speeches that America’s war with the growing Islamist movement is motivated by the Islamists’ belief that U.S. foreign policy is an attack on their faith and brethren. Generally, this effort has been akin to yelling into a closet. The dominance of pro-Saudi and especially pro-Israel political influence and money in both political parties, the media, and the academy is just too strong to allow more than fleeting opportunities to tell Americans that they — and their soldier-children — are and will continue to be at war because of the impact in the Muslim world of the foreign policy of Washington and its NATO allies.

      Steve Clemons over at Washington Note
      Obama Tells Palestinians to Stay in Back of Bus
      link to
      President Obama’s speech at the United Nations yesterday paled in comparison to the soaring, expectation raising addresses he gave early in his administration, particularly in Cairo, but also at past UN General Assembly gatherings. The President has lost his groove.

      Obama opened with FDR’s line that “We have got to make, not merely a peace, but a peace that will last.” This was the perfect set up line for the President to describe how the United States was going to reinvent its leadership in an increasingly complex world where the old rules are not working.

      President Obama could have described in his address a new set of global deals among the world’s last era powers and ones now rising — particularly Brazil, India, Turkey, China — and talked about the need for responsible stakeholders in the international system to deliver on a package of rights and opportunities for citizens of the world, perhaps a new Global Social Compact that America could help design but which would need to be supported, ratified if you will, by other of the world’s great powers.

  • Human rights orgs to UN: Sends a clear message that human rights are universal - move the Goldstone Report forward
    • So many articles written by heavy hitters in regard to President Obama and the US's likely veto of the Palestinians bid for statehood and how the US has and continues to lose credibility and influence

      Hillary Mann Leverett really zings Obama
      "But it is the Palestinian issue that highlights the extent of Obama’s craven ineptitude. In his address to the General Assembly last year, see here, Obama declared that, within the coming year, there should be “an agreement that will lead to a new member of the United Nations—an independent, sovereign state of Palestine, living in peace with Israel”. (This was the sole “applause line” in the speech.) One year later, Obama used his speech today (which elicited, literally, no applause from the General Assembly as it was delivered) to lead the charge against United Nations recognition of a Palestinian state. And, as with his remarks about Afghanistan and Iraq, the level of intellectual dishonesty in Obama’s comments about Palestine was astounding even for a politician running for re-election. "

      Palestine Vote Showcases the Decline of American Power
      Sep 27, 2011

      Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas listens as President Barack Obama speaks at the U.N. on Sept. 21.

      By Juan Cole

      The United States, castigated by its critics as recently as a decade ago as a “hyper-power,” is now so weak and isolated on the world stage that it may cast an embarrassing and self-defeating veto of Palestinian membership in the United Nations. Beset by debt, mired in economic doldrums provoked by the cupidity and corruption of its business classes, and on the verge of withdrawing from Iraq and ultimately Afghanistan in defeat, the U.S. needs all the friends it can get. If he were the visionary we thought we elected in 2008, President Obama would surprise everyone by rethinking the issue and coming out in favor of a U.N. membership for Palestine. In so doing, he would help the U.S. recover some of its tarnished prestige and avoid a further descent into global isolation and opprobrium."

      James Zogby
      A Disturbing and Dangerous Week at the U.N.
      "This was a disturbing and dangerous week at the United Nations. After all the drama leading up to this session of the General Assembly, we come away with three troubling facts clearly established: the Palestinians, despite a valiant effort, are no closer to a state; the Israelis are more isolated, yet more emboldened than before; while the United States emerges from the week weaker and less trusted as a world leader."


      Motivating enemies: Interventionists and the UN veto

      By mike | Published: September 21, 2011

      For most of a decade I have said in books, articles, interviews, and speeches that America’s war with the growing Islamist movement is motivated by the Islamists’ belief that U.S. foreign policy is an attack on their faith and brethren. Generally, this effort has been akin to yelling into a closet. The dominance of pro-Saudi and especially pro-Israel political influence and money in both political parties, the media, and the academy is just too strong to allow more than fleeting opportunities to tell Americans that they — and their soldier-children — are and will continue to be at war because of the impact in the Muslim world of the foreign policy of Washington and its NATO allies.

      Steve Clemons over at Washington Note
      Obama Tells Palestinians to Stay in Back of Bus
      President Obama's speech at the United Nations yesterday paled in comparison to the soaring, expectation raising addresses he gave early in his administration, particularly in Cairo, but also at past UN General Assembly gatherings. The President has lost his groove.

      Obama opened with FDR's line that "We have got to make, not merely a peace, but a peace that will last." This was the perfect set up line for the President to describe how the United States was going to reinvent its leadership in an increasingly complex world where the old rules are not working.

      President Obama could have described in his address a new set of global deals among the world's last era powers and ones now rising -- particularly Brazil, India, Turkey, China -- and talked about the need for responsible stakeholders in the international system to deliver on a package of rights and opportunities for citizens of the world, perhaps a new Global Social Compact that America could help design but which would need to be supported, ratified if you will, by other of the world's great powers.

    • ": human rights are universal, and all those suspected of committing crimes under international law will be pursued, irrespective of any political considerations."

      Oh yes

    • More from Juan Cole on the potential US vote against Palestinians bid\
      Palestine Vote Showcases the Decline of American Power
      NATO ally Turkey has also broken with the U.S. over Palestine policy, vowing to do what it can to end the shameful and illegal Israeli blockade on civilian Palestinians in Gaza. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has vowed to change Obama’s mind, reminding him of his 2010 speech to the U.N. General Assembly, in which the U.S. president looked forward to the establishment in short order of a Palestinian state. Erdogan says of the veto threat, “We have difficulties in understanding their position. … The U.S. has always advocated a two-state solution.”

      Even NATO ally France, which has troops fighting in Afghanistan alongside U.S. forces, broke with Obama on Palestine, advocating a compromise abhorred in Washington and Tel Aviv whereby the Palestinian Authority would join the Vatican in being a formal U.N. observer state. Indeed, NATO is divided on this issue, with Spain and Norway joining Turkey and France in bolting from U.S. leadership. In the wider European Union, the split is even more stark. With countries traditionally willing to follow the U.S. lead on important geopolitical issues now breaking with Washington on Palestine, it is no surprise that the tier of rising world powers known as the BRICS—Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa—is unanimously in favor of the Palestine bid at the U.N.

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