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  • Goldstone contra Goldstone
    • "Goldstone’s primary need is to remain a member in good standing of the organized Jewish community in SA. So he caved, the sign of a weak man unwilling to face social ostracism over principle."

      Thanks for your insights

  • 80 year old Palestinian woman stoned by settlers
    • I have heard stories like this from CPT witnesses. Palestinian children being spit on. Many of the settlers are crazed savages

  • Could Goldstone's logic in defense of Israel have saved apartheid in South Africa?
    • Wish the Guardian or another MSM outlet would dig even deeper. .

      Goldstone family drawn into row over Gaza report
      Three weeks ago, Goldstone announced that his family had asked him not to attend his 13-year-old grandson's bar mitzvah because militantly pro-Israel Jews said they would picket the synagogue during the ceremony. The synagogue elders had also expressed concern about the threat of disruption. Although the source of the threats was unclear, they were linked by Goldstone's supporters in the Jewish community to the South African Zionist Federation and the chief rabbi.

      "It's the establishment behind this," said Steven Friedman, a professor of politics at Rhodes university who is a critic of the South African Jewish leadership's unbending support for Israel. "The chief rabbi orchestrated the whole thing. There is a sustained attempt to vilify Goldstone by the Zionist Federation. The only reason he's coming now is it's a public relations disaster. They were getting a roasting in the press in the South Africa."

    • Let’s not forget
      link to
      Co-authors back Goldstone report, blast critics

      Published April 14, 2011

      |o-authors of a scathing U.N. report on Israel’s conduct during its 2008-2009 offensive in Gaza said Thursday they stand by their work, hitting back at critics who’ve pushed to have its findings withdrawn after the report’s lead author, Richard Goldstone, aired doubts about one of its central conclusions.

      In a statement published on the website of Britain’s Guardian newspaper, Goldstone’s three colleagues said there was “no justification” for any move to review or rescind the 575-page report — which among other things accuses Israel of deliberately targeting civilians in its campaign against Hamas militants. The report also condemned Hamas for targeting Israeli civilians by firing rockets at Israeli cities.

    • "The situation in the West Bank is more complex. But here too there is no intent to maintain “an institutionalized regime of systematic oppression and domination by one racial group.” This is a critical distinction, even if Israel acts oppressively toward Palestinians there. South Africa’s enforced racial separation was intended to permanently benefit the white minority, to the detriment of other races. By contrast, Israel has agreed in concept to the existence of a Palestinian state in Gaza and almost all of the West Bank, and is calling for the Palestinians to negotiate the parameters."

      Oh my god. Goldstone totally rolled over. Making excuses. As if Israel's separation, confiscation, control of water is not to permanently benefit Israeli's and any Jew who wants to come be an automatic citizen.

      Goldstone "agreed in concept" only

  • The law and practice of apartheid in South Africa and Palestine
    • Clearly Goldstone was pressured. He did come out and say that the findings stood

    • One of the big differences between the apartheid situations in South Africa and the OCT is the persistent resistance to justice by the US congress in regard to the Palestinians situation.

      The US congress is in support of apartheid in the OPT

    • "But in practice there is little difference."

  • UNESCO votes to admit Palestine as a full member
    • Clinton sold out long ago. People are aware

    • I have been politely hounding Chris Matthews for years now. He is receptive to ideas, guest etc. His producers not so much. But you can get through to him. Also politely hound the rest of the MSNBC (Ed, Rachel, Lawrence) crew.

      Have yet to be successful at getting him to have Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett on his program to discuss the facts on the ground in Iran. Must be road blocks up like they had up against Professor Juan Cole (which were discovered by Cole)

    • The US has blocked sending in international observers/peace keepers for decades. I think the US has vetoed this at least four times at the UN

    • this one is interesting over Weekly Standard. Still trying to paint the OWS as "antisemitic" Watch the clip

      Used to go read over there to read the spin. Read which war or immoral invasion Kristol was promoting next
      More Anti-Semitism—and Conspiracy Theories—at Occup

    • Have put up several Mondoweiss links that make it through. Important to widen cracks and let the line in as many places as possible

    • they have always been to Hollywood for me. But go there to see what is up. What folks are saying. They seldom are brave enough to put up anything on their front page that criticizes Israel.

    • Listened again. Seems Chris Matthews is growing a pair

    • the spin over at Huffington Post..

      Palestine Statehood Bid: U.S. Cuts Off UNESCO Funding After Palestine Vote .4000 comments

    • Adam, Phil, Annie, Mondo team. Have you heard Chris Matthews hammer Israel a bit. Hammer Obama on being too soft with Israel. Listen.

      8:17 start
      This President "gets pushed around by Bibi Netanyahu" "we are the ones giving them 3 billion a year" not the other way around.."get tough with Israel" Never thought I would hear this out of Chris Matthews mouth.

      Matthew on new JFK book

    • Congratulations Palestine!

      ""The U.S. has been clear for the need of a two-state resolution, but the only path is through direct negotiations and there are no shortcuts, and initiatives like today are counterproductive."

      "shortcuts"how fucking absurd when US officials repeat "there are no shortcuts"...who do they think believes anything the US says about this situation.

    • flip the script... out of Israel and the I lobbies play book

    • Israel as well as the I lobby have been setting the go get Iran stage for a solid eight years. Repeating unsubstantiated claims far and wide with the majority of MSM's blessings. No challenges when the same old same old repeat the false claims about Iran

    • Call, visit, twitter, facebook email your Reps contact MSM outlets, etc demand that the US cut aide to Israel. At the very least demand that Israel itemize where they are spending US aide. Demand that any aide used in any way shape or form for illegal settlements, illegal walls, bulldozing Palestinian homes etc be cut.

      Keep the pressure up. Go to the If Americans Knew website and order brochures, information packets etc. Hand them out where ever you go

    • Chas Freeman who was hit hard by the I lobby and hit back. He did not take their cruel bullshit lying down. So appreciate his clear words.

      "The United States must now let the international community do for Binyamin Netanyahu what Jimmy Carter did for Menachem Begin – make Israel an offer of peace it will not let its prime minister refuse. This means ceasing to block the diplomatic tough love for Israel that only non-Americans can provide, and it means withdrawing U.S. funding and other support for Israeli policies and programs that harm U.S. interests or constitute obstacles to peace. The combination of international pressure and diminishing U.S. support is necessary to concentrate Israeli minds on the long-term choices before their country.

      Peace has long been available if Israel would only trade sufficient land for it. The vast majority of Israelis favor swapping land for peace. A succession of right-wing Israeli governments has worked to obviate this possibility by creating adverse “facts on the ground.” It is time instead to create circumstances that will empower the Israeli majority to push their country’s recalcitrant politicians into peaceful coexistence with the other peoples of the Middle East."

  • How's that for turnaround time? -- US cuts off funding for UNESCO
    • That is the link up above. Or did Adam put this up when you posted this

    • Such a good point! Why waste the money on Nuland or anyone else just relaying Israel's demands

    • AP's Matt Lee was indeed "grilling" And Victoria Nuland was starting to sweat. Her upper lip and chin were almost dripping. She was raising her right eye brow so high it almost hit her hair line.

      "who shares this goal" Lee pounded

    • "But she said the U.S. would maintain membership in the body."

      Who said she determines who "maintains membership in the body" Generally if you do not pay your dues in most clubs or organizations they boot your ass out.

  • Tahrir tells Oakland-- 'Don't afraid, go ahead'
    • whoa I am clearly not so great at spelling but..."encouragement" for heavens sake

    • Keep pushing...

    • What a lesson in decency for every American!
      The very same people that were sabotaged time and time again by the USA, and to a lesser extent by the rest of the “civilized world”, extend their sympathy to the American people instead of a well deserved F-U!"

      You sure can say that again. What a lesson in grace, dignity, compassion and forgiveness.....encourageent and unity. And most Americans have no idea about exactly how we have supported many of the middle east dictators and many do not care

    • Annie as soon as I read the post, looked at the pictures tears running down my face. Did not know if I would post that felt like such a pathetic softy. This is what I have always believed. Given the opportunity when basic needs are generally taken care of food, water, shelter, clothing that the human heart is capable of feeling compassion towards any other.

      Thank you Phil for posting this and thank you to the people on Tahir square for extending their compassion and encouragement to the OWS..or as I like to refer to the movementas Occupy All Streets. And thank you to the people of Egypt for demanding that their war criminals be held accountable. Americans should be taking notes

  • Palestine's UNESCO bid to come up Monday (amid Simon Wiesenthal Center hypocrisy)
    • So absurd! A center named after a man who was so committed/obsessed with accountability for crimes against humanity trying to block this humanitarian effort. Sad.

  • 4-year-old Palestinian girl is rendered quadriplegic by Israeli military training in occupied West Bank
    • " skipped over the following headline from my list today and chose one about Jordan's Abdullah & Grapel instead, as if they are more worthy of recognition than this little girl:"

      Thank you. What a heartbreaking story. I often avoid looking at these pictures because my stomach goes funky and I start to lose it. BUT Americans should be forced to look at the results of our support for Israel no matter what.

      Dead Iraqi bodies, injured Iraqi people etc. Look at the results of our support and invasions.

      Have been out to the Dayton Ohio Veterans Administration with my WWII father many times the last four years. Just recently had to go there several times with him (he is in a wheelchair, unable to walk) to get a new wheelchair etc (the etc is very involved) Anyway once I was able to get my father transported back to the nursing home that is now his home due to serious complications I went back into the VA and sat and talked with two Iraqi Vets who were both missing limbs. I had been with my father in the wheelchair special equipment section of the VA. One young man had three limbs missing, the other two legs up to the knees. Did not talk with them at the same time.
      After talking with them about the service they were receiving at the VA, the weather, etc etc (again do not push or probe the Vets I talk with unless they open a door, and many do if you spend enough time with them and are really interested in what they have been through) But even after talking about light issues I had to find a restroom, go into a stall and cry for their serious and honorable losses. So sad that they sacrificed their limbs to a war based on a "pack of lies"

  • Palestine in Oakland-- Scott Olsen and Tristan Anderson
    • How many activist and international reporters has Israel killed or injured?

      at If Americans knew
      Journalists Killed and Injured in Israel/Palestine
      Documentary Video: Shooting the Messenger
      Al Jazeera English - This documentary on the deliberate killing and intimidation of journalists in conflict zones, examines how international reporters became targets. Watch Documentary

      Summary of Events in the Detention, Interogation & Torture Of Prize Winning International Journalist, Age 24, Gaza Native Mohammed Omer by Israeli Authorities
      Mohammed Omer - This is a compilation of his first hand account of the events of June 26 and June 27, 2008. On June 28th as this is being transcribed Omer is again in transit to a European hospital in Gaza due to chest pains and difficulty breathing as a result of the following. more

      More shabby journalism from the Associated Press
      Palestine Media Watch - The Associated Press continues to dish out shabby journalism, as the hollow piece on the killing of Palestinian Journalist Nazeh Darwazeh below from Karin Laub again amply illustrates. more

      From triumph to torture
      John Pilger, The Guardian - Israel's treatment of an award-winning young Palestinian journalist is part of a terrible pattern more

      Video: final footage of Reuters journalist killed in Gaza
      David Byers, The Times of London - The editor-in-chief of Reuters demanded that Israel launch a "thorough and immediate investigation" into the killing of one of its cameramen in the Gaza Strip yesterday. more

      New year, old story
      Gideon Levy in Haaretz - Eldar had already brought his cameraman, Majdi al-Arbid, to the hospital in serious condition. An IDF sniper shot him from a range of 300 meters in Jabalya, despite the fact that he held a television camera in his hand – or perhaps because of this. more

      Israel Strikes to Silence Palestinian Media
      Human Rights Watch - The Israeli military’s destruction of a Palestinian media office in Gaza City June 28th had no justification under international law, Human Rights Watch said today. The helicopter gunship attack was the third air strike against Palestinian media in the past two months. more

      Attacks on the Press 2003 – Israel and the Occupied Territories
      Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) - The Israeli army continued to imperil reporters and restrict their work in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, making the area one of the most complicated and dangerous assignments for journalists in the Middle East. During 2003, two journalists were shot and killed by Israel Defense Forces (IDF) fire. Others encountered harsh treatment at checkpoints or had to contend with army-imposed limits on their movements. more

      Israel Muzzles Palestinian Journalists
      Khalid Amayreh in Al Jazeera - The international press organisation “Reporters Sans Frontiers” (RSF) recently lambasted Israel for abusing and harassing Palestinian and foreign journalists covering the Intifada against Israeli occupation. more

      Palestinian Journalist Shot Dead
      The Australian - A Palestinian journalist was shot dead by Israeli troops in a refugee camp on the outskirts of the West Bank town of Nablus while covering protests against the killing of Hamas spiritual leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, medical sources said. more

      Agence France Presse Photographer Shot by Israeli Military
      New York, March 9, 2004 - The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) is concerned by today’s shooting by Israel Defense Forces (IDF) of Palestinian photographer Saif Dahla in the West Bank city of Jenin. Two witnesses—Dahla’s brother, Reuters photographer Said Dahla and Reuters cameraman Ali Samoudi—told CPJ that there were about half a dozen journalists standing together on the sidewalk of a residential neighborhood in Jenin, covering an Israeli incursion into the city in the early afternoon when the shooting occurred. more

    • Have you looked at the video clip over at Occupy Wall Street not only showing Olsen on the ground bleeding from his head..then shows an Oakland police officer backing up and lobbing another tear gas can into the group of protesters trying to help Olsen. Go watch

  • Reform Jews' biennial will feature ultra-right, Sharansky and Kristol
  • Occupy Oakland calls for general strike on November 2nd after police fracture Iraq War veteran's skull
    • I believe Quan was out of town. Very little attention being given to the woman who actually ordered the Oakland Police to attack the unarmed

    • Wondering if these are the same tear gas cannisters sold to Israel to throw at Palestinians

    • Over at the Occupy Wall Street site they are asking people to call Mayor Quan.

      We are all Scott Olsen: Occupy Oakland #OWS
      Posted Oct. 26, 2011, 8:53 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt

      Late last night, Scott Olsen, a former Marine, two-time Iraq war veteran, and member of Iraq Veterans Against the War, sustained a skull fracture after being shot in the head with a police projectile while peacefully participating in an Occupy Oakland march. He remains unconscious in critical condition at Oakland's Highland Hospital.

      Olsen was hit at close range. After demonstrators rush to Olsen's aid, an Oakland cop waits a few beats before lobbing a second tear-gas canister at the crowd. They are attending to Olsen when the canister explodes, sending smoke everywhere.

      Press release from Iraq Veterans Against the War.

      Our hearts and prayers go out to Scott and his family.


      Call Mayor Quan's office and demand that she investigate this incident and allow peaceful protests to continue: (510) 238-3141

  • The pro-Israel lobby courts influential African-Americans
  • US handwringing plea to Israel: building settlement units will only help Palestinian statehood bid
    • "saying that such a move would harm U.S. efforts to thwart the Palestinian bid for statehood at the United Nations...."

      Clearly unable to convince Israel to do the right thing because it is the right thing to do. Clearly unable to convince Israel to stop their illegal activities because it seriuosly undermines the US. Trying to show how these illegal activities undermine Israel based on the 67 border is one of the last ditch efforts as the two state solution shrivels up and is becoming unrecognizable.

      Phil..think the Mondo team will be interested.

      Over at the Occupy Wall STreet site

      We are all Scott Olsen: Occupy Oakland #OWS
      Posted Oct. 26, 2011, 8:53 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt

      Late last night, Scott Olsen, a former Marine, two-time Iraq war veteran, and member of Iraq Veterans Against the War, sustained a skull fracture after being shot in the head with a police projectile while peacefully participating in an Occupy Oakland march. He remains unconscious in critical condition at Oakland's Highland Hospital.

      Olsen was hit at close range. After demonstrators rush to Olsen's aid, an Oakland cop waits a few beats before lobbing a second tear-gas canister at the crowd. They are attending to Olsen when the canister explodes, sending smoke everywhere.

      Press release from Iraq Veterans Against the War.

      Our hearts and prayers go out to Scott and his family.


      Call Mayor Quan's office and demand that she investigate this incident and allow peaceful protests to continue: (510) 238-3141

  • The lobby rescues its old warhorse from glue factory: Israel is a strategic asset
    • Asking Hops to recognize that is like asking to see a unicorn. Not going to happen.

    • "Then there is Pollard, the man whose spying completely compromised our nuclear cold war strategy wasting decades and trillions of dollars in work leading to the death of up to 1,000 people."

      And Barney Frank etc want Obama to release him.

    • "The Zionist, for their part, are determined to have a state, in Palestine or in the view of extreme elements ALL OF PALESTINE AND TRANSJORDAN AS WELL"

      The extreme element IS WINNING

      Quite the document.

    • No need to rescue "Israel is a strategic asset". This endlessly repeated myth has never stopped being repeated

    • That would describe the US also. Birthed via genocide, built on the backs of slaves etc. While we have done some good things too, but in the shadow of our dark side

    • Many former CIA analyst have been repeating that Israel is a US National Security risk. Specifically Israel's continued expansion of illegal settlements in the West Bank and illegal housing in E Jerusalem. Former head of the CIA's Bin Laden unit Micheal Scheuer, former CIA analsyt Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst Kathleen and Bill Christison, former CIA analyst Flynt Leverett. As well as General Jones, Wesley Clark, Zinni etc. Questions about Isreals illegal activities and how they have undermined US National Security made it into the 9/11 report.
      Zbigniew Bryzinski, Jimmy Carter, Queen Noor, King of Jordan , Arch Bishop Tutu, Mandela etc etc have all addressed Israel's illegal activities as immoral, illegal and as a growing strategic risk for the US.

      The stage being built to isolate, demonize and threaten Iran is still continuing to grow
      Sure appears that the MSM is allowing the very same people who lied the US into Iraq to set the stage for an eventual attack on Iran based once again on unsubstantiated claims.

      This latest neo con hearing where many unsubstantiated claims were repeated about Iran. Reuel Marc Gerecht for heavens sake testified. Why are Iraq liars listened to and recycled?

      If our congress people really wanted well informed scholars to discuss the situation with Iran? Where were Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett? Clearly our congress people do not want individuals who have been right in the past about Iraq, who have negoatiated with Iran (Hillary Mann Leverett) who were former CIA middle east analyst to testify.

      Reuel Marc Gerecht...heaven help us. The man is a liar


      Congress Examines Iranian Threat to U.S. Security
      Washington, DC
      Wednesday, October 26, 2011

      A House subcommittee met earlier today to hear about Iran's role in the alleged plot to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador to the U.S. while he was here in Washington. U.S. Authorities say the plan involved two men linked to Iran's security agencies.

      Lawmakers also took a look at Iran's role in the international community and the Middle East, as well at its potential to harm the U.S. through terrorist activities. Members considered the effectiveness of the current sanctions on Iran, and whether additional measures should be taken.

      Testifying at the hearing were Retired General Jack Keane, who was the Army's Vice Chief of Staff from 1999-2003; Reuel Marc Gerecht, from the Foundation for Defense of Democracies; Matt Levitt of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy; and Lawrence Korb from the Center For American Progress Action Fund.

      Updated: Wednesday at 3:53pm (ET)

  • Strike Three? Bronner is violating the Times' ethics code -- again
    • And the bloody New York Times commercials keep repeating how you get news that is accurate. I have boycotted the NYT's ever since they allowed Judy "I was fucking right" Miller to spew WMD lies from their front pages. Judy 's lies just whizzed by the editors.

      That paper is covered with the Iraqi peoples blood

  • Minneapolis panel pitting Zionist and anti-Zionist Jews gets no media attention
    • And in the Balfour Declaration there were specific things said about recognizing the local "civil and religious rights of non Jewish people" all ready living in Palestine. How crazy when people say there was never a Palestine.

  • Breakthrough: 'Ynet' honestly seeks answer to question, How did American Jews get so rich?
    • At the exclusion of others. Total ethnocentrism.

    • "How did American Jews get so rich."
      Often promoting one another aud nauseum. Even former employees at NPR documented "pervasive cronyism" at NPR. Especially in the upper ranks at NPR. Allegedly there was an outside group that came into do an investigation of these claims and then wrote a report that has never been released. Talked with Juan Williams about this when he visited Ohio University. He responded that I had "done my homework" and that there was truth to this story.
      All you have to think about is how many of the host of NPR programs are Jewish. How does this happen without "pervasive cronyism"

    • 10 years or so ago

    • I clearly remember NPR doing a story on a Professor at Ohio State coming out with a book about how wealth is divided amongst different religious groups in the US. I believe there was a huge negative response about her documented findings. Something about the amazing amounts of wealth amongst Religious Jews and not sure where she went with cultural Jews.

      Did not hear much about the book or story after the NPR story

  • Bronner lets his hair down-- will appear w/ Perle and Bolton on Iran-scare panel hosted by Islamophobic shop
    • ok I go into Starbucks. Anyone notice the New York Times in the top slot (often the only newspaper being sold) at Starbucks. Such a deal

    • They sure do. You can be sure the NYT's will continue banging on the let's go get Iran drums.

      Hell they refused an editorial by Flynt Leverett several years ago.

      You should watch this lets go get Iran hearing. Over at Cspan. They had Reuel (invade Iraq now Iran) Marc Gerecht testify. But of course no scholarly folks like Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett

      Congress Examines Iranian Threat to U.S. Security

      Washington, DC
      Wednesday, October 26, 2011

      A House subcommittee met earlier today to hear about Iran's role in the alleged plot to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador to the U.S. while he was here in Washington. U.S. Authorities say the plan involved two men linked to Iran's security agencies.

      Lawmakers also took a look at Iran's role in the international community and the Middle East, as well at its potential to harm the U.S. through terrorist activities. Members considered the effectiveness of the current sanctions on Iran, and whether additional measures should be taken.

      Testifying at the hearing were Retired General Jack Keane, who was the Army's Vice Chief of Staff from 1999-2003; Reuel Marc Gerecht, from the Foundation for Defense of Democracies; Matt Levitt of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy; and Lawrence Korb from the Center For American Progress Action Fund.

      Updated: Wednesday at 3:53pm (ET)

    • And those endless buy the New York bloody Times on the air. Repeating how it is the paper to rely on for accurate information. Boycott the NYT's

  • J Street presses division inside Jewish community, blaming neocons for leading 'charge to war in Iraq'
    • I have always said that those who pushed for the invasion of Iraq were made up of a confluence of interest groups. Neo, oil, theo cons. But I believe the neo cons were the most effective pushers. Hell they dominated the Office of Special Plans, Office of Net Assessments and the WHIG. White House Iraq Group. With Judy "I was fucking right" Miller at the New York Times reporting total lies with the Bloody and grey lady's editors going along and the rest of the MSM just repeating the lies...war game set.

    • Jesus Mary and Joseph...heaven help us. 4th largest oil reserves in the world, largest US embasssy in the world. The US military is clearly used to protect multi national oil interest around the world etc.

      As Americans keep their pedals to the metal the hundreds of thousands dead, injured, millions displaced, 45oo Americans dead, 30-60,ooo injured (that figure is all over the place) the dead are sadly just a bump in the road. The US is clearly spiritually and morally bankrupt.

    • And they booted Garner out who wanted to maintain the Iraqi army (not put them all out on the streets) as Bremer did. Then set out the plans for contractors and privatizing oil. Diane Rehm did an interview with Bremer a few years ago. He lies as much or more than Micheal Ledeen and Cheney

    • In Ron Susskinds book "The Price of Loyalty" Bush 43"s Secretary of the Treasury Paul O'Neil states that in the verly earliest Bush cabinet meetings Paul Wolfowitz , Cheney and Rumsfeld focused on taking out Iraq immediately. O'Neil also stated that when he started investigating the sources of funding to the 9/11 terrorist and some of that funding was linked to upper level officials in the Saud hiearchy he was sent on his way. Cheney I believe gave him the boot.

      We hear very little out of former Secretary of the Treasury Paul O'Neil.
      Also keep wondering where Ahmad Chalabi is right now? Hear very little about him.

      Perle, Wolfowitz, Bolton, Feith, etc all resurfacing

    • "The most renegade of the lot could be Libya and Iraq, the two that have actually been attacked. Kenneth Schortgen Jr, writing on, noted that “[s]ix months before the US moved into Iraq to take down Saddam Hussein, the oil nation had made the move to accept euros instead of dollars for oil, and this became a threat to the global dominance of the dollar as the reserve currency, and its dominion as the petrodollar.”

      I have read numerous articles about this. But important to remind people

    • Most of us have jobs. I happenned to work full time for 35 years as most people here have. Now part time duties. Great to have the time to really follow what is going on as most people do not. One should not have to dig for accurate information the way we had to do before the invasion of Iraq. Those working 40-60 hours a week or less should be able to come home and turn on the news and expect investigative reporting instead of the Iraq lies that were repeated over and over again to the public on most MSM outlets. Still you turn on MSNBC and from 5 pm to 10 pm Chris Matthews, Al Sharpton, Ed, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence etc repeat the same boring stories about what Rick Perry said etc. A bit of information in there about economic disparity charts, what is going on here in Ohio etc.

      No one asking questions about how the very same WMD's in Iraq folks have been and continue to set the stage for eventual military action against Iran.

    • The invasion of Iraq was pushed by a collaborative group. Neo, oil, theo cons. All are drowning in the blood of the innocents who sacrificed their lives based on a pack of lies and the blood of the Iraqi people.

      Psychopaths seem to run around together

    • basically you just described similar sentiments as former head of the CIA's Bin Laden unit Micheal Scheuer. His informative website Non Intervention...important reads over there

    • It is a fact that there were a disproportionate amount of right wing Jewish Zionist who pushed for the immoral and illegal invasion of Iraq. The folks who signed the letter to Clinton about Iraq at the Project for a New American Century website. The blueprint for most of what is going on in the middle east is at the PNAC site.

      Must reads
      A Clean Break Securing the Realm...another must read

      Jason Vest article at the Nation in 2002 "The Men from Jinsa and CSP" a must read. First article that was quite alarming before the invasion of Iraq and where the false intelligence was coming from

      Former CIA analyst Kathleen and Bill Christisons articles about this radical group including "A Rose by Another Name"
      A Rose by Another Name
      The Bush Administration’s Dual Loyalties
      Kathleen Christison worked for 16 years as a political analyst with the CIA, dealing first with Vietnam and then with the Middle East for her last seven years with the Agency before resigning in 1979. Since leaving the CIA, she has been a free-lance writer, dealing primarily with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Her book, “Perceptions of Palestine: Their Influence on U.S. Middle East Policy,” was published by the University of California Press and reissued in paperback with an update in October 2001. A second book, “The Wound of Dispossession: Telling the Palestinian Story,” was published in March 2002.

      Bill Christison joined the CIA in 1950, and served on the analysis side of the Agency for 28 years. From the early 1970s he served as National Intelligence Officer (principal adviser to the Director of Central Intelligence on certain areas) for, at various times, Southeast Asia, South Asia and Africa. Before he retired in 1979 he was Director of the CIA’s Office of Regional and Political Analysis, a 250-person unit.

      They can be reached at: [email protected]

      By Kathleen and Bill Christison
      Former CIA Political Analysts
      December 13, 2002

      Lt Col Karen Kwiatowski's article "The New Pentagon Papers"

      Many of Seymour Hersh's articles including "The Stovepipe"

      If you go and read Phase I and Phase II of the Senate Select Committe on Intelligence (pre war intelligence) which finally caught up with what Jason Vest and others were writing about where the false intelligence was coming from before the invasion you will read about more details


  • Palestine in Oakland
    • Stay safe...document..document

    • ok folks go check out the video up at Occupy Wall streets website of the Iraqi war Vet Scott Olson after being hit lying on the ground bleeding as people go into help. The video clip shows another Oakland police officer backing up and throwing another tear gas cannister into the crowd trying to help the injured Iraqi war Vet. Horrifying

      SORRY UNABLE TO LINK. This may do it
      Posted Oct. 26, 2011, 8:53 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt

      The resistance continues at Liberty Square and worldwide!
      NewsLiveStreamForumChatUser MapNYCGAAboutDonate We are all Scott Olsen: Occupy Oakland #OWS
      Posted Oct. 26, 2011, 8:53 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt

      Late last night, Scott Olsen, a former Marine, two-time Iraq war veteran, and member of Iraq Veterans Against the War, sustained a skull fracture after being shot in the head with a police projectile while peacefully participating in an Occupy Oakland march. He remains unconscious in critical condition at Oakland's Highland Hospital.

      Olsen was hit at close range. After demonstrators rush to Olsen's aid, an Oakland cop waits a few beats before lobbing a second tear-gas canister at the crowd. They are attending to Olsen when the canister explodes, sending smoke everywhere.

      Press release from Iraq Veterans Against the War.

      Our hearts and prayers go out to Scott and his family.


      Call Mayor Quan's office and demand that she investigate this incident and allow peaceful protests to continue: (510) 238-3141

    • To think that the young Iraqi soldier did two tours has been allegedly seriously injured by Oakland police. This is insane, outrageous and criminal. Let's hope they get to the bottom of this.

      I have been spending a fair amount of time in the Dayton Ohio Veterans Administration with my WWII father. This has been the case for the last four years Have talked with lots of Vets about their service. The other day I talked with two Iraqi war vets. One with two missing limbs the other with three missing limbs (we were in the section of the VA where Vets were being fit with specialized wheelchairs). They both had metal and plastic limbs. I tiptoed around the deeper issues. Only dig deeper when I have gotten to know Vets or if they open those doors which has happenned.
      After talking with these two Vets about their care, the weather etc. I went around the corner into the restroom and wept in one of the stalls for what seemed to long for their enormous losses. Clearly they will go through the rest of their days with these losses. Cheney, Bush, Wolfowitz etc should be driving these Vets, cleaning their bed pans etc for the rest of their lives.

    • The Diane Rehm show focusing on the OWS protest this morning. Send in your questions, comments etc. Email, call, facebook, twitter

      [email protected]
      Be polite with the screener. Stay on topic. Be clear and polite if you get on. Let them know you may be a first time caller they really like first time callers

      A new Washington Post-Pew Research Center poll has revealed that more people support the Occupy Wall Street movement than the Tea Party. The spark for the movement came from “Adbusters” – an anti-consumerism magazine based in Vancouver. It proposed an "occupation" of Wall Street on September 17, 2011. The idea caught fire. Since the first protest, “occupy” movements have sprung up in across the country from Seattle to El Paso,Texas. The movement has been accused of being a “mob” and a front for special interests. But progressive politicians are increasingly trying to harness the movement’s support. Join us to discuss the appeal of the movement and its impact on American politics.

      Jim Tankersley reporter, National Journal

      Ken Vogel chief investigative reporter, POLITICO

      Jonathan Smucker volunteer, Occupy Wall Street

      Michele Pendergast volunteer, Occupy San Francisco

      Joshua volunteer, Occupy Chicago

      Corryn Freeman volunteer, Occupy DC/K Street

  • Jennifer Rubin's fast track to intolerance
  • Why Palestinian rights are not front and center for OWS meta-brand
    • From Anti Jewish claims to a claim that there are a disproportionate amount of Jewish protesters at OWS..who need this?

      Hope OWS takes on the GET MONEY OUT focus

  • Why did Steve Jobs not want to meet his Arab-American father?
    • interesting.

      Have been pushing Chris Matthews etc for years to cover how many of our congress members are millionaires and how they have personally profitted from reduced capital gains taxes that they voted for

      Capitol Gains
      Are members of Congress guilty of insider trading—and does it matter?

      By Megan McArdle

    • Jobs cult. Listen closely to who Gross promotes and books etc she covers. Very limited

    • By the way what does Jobs or what he did have to do with a middle east mostly focused on the I/P issue website? Are you taken with him Phil?

    • Heard about 10 minutes of the program. Tired of this effort to canonize Jobs. Know he was a genius, innovator, visionary billionaire. Really bothered that the guy never really spread credit for the products created amongst the geniuses that he could afford to harness.

      He could have made those to bridge the digital divide. How many jobs did Jobs create in the US?

      Interesting that he would make such a rigid judgement about his bio father. Guess he deserves no more no less

  • David Brooks propagandizes for Netanyahu-- he has no partner for peace
    • ""As an American Jew, I was taught to go all gooey-eyed at the thought of Israel…"

      Brooks takes shots often. Have often notice this about Brooks. His logical mind goes gooey when it comes to Israel. Logic departs goo appears

  • Gelb's 2007 analysis of Middle East policy proved dead wrong (on settlements, Palestinian state, neocons, Arab dictators)
    • After Obama and Biden took it up a notch in regard to Israel continuing to expand, build illegal settlements and illegal housing in E Jerusalem and then were publicly kicked in the cajones by Israeli officials, it seemed obvious that the increased support for the Arab Spring was partially a response to this.

    • "It will help to defang the neocons and forestall an attack on Iran."

      "forestall" Sounds like you think an attack on Iran is imminent.

      This morning on the Diane Rehm show they had warmonger Micheal Rubin on to discuss Iran, Syria. Phyllis Bennis was incredible. Consistent honorable stances

    • Gelb "They are right again about why the United States should not be making counterproductive threats about war against Iran, let alone fighting another war. But they are wrong again about the prime movers behind the bombast. Wolfowitz and Perle and company surely favor another nice little war, but they are temporarily discredited. Meanwhile, plenty of foreign policy experts and politicians now call for “getting Iran.” And by the way, so do the two most powerful men in America, who neither need nor heed lobbying — George Bush and Dick Cheney."

      Let's hope Perle, Wolfowitz, Feith, Cheney etc etc and more than "temporarily discredited" They are all drowning in the blood of the Iraqi people...they deserve to be in prison. The MSM is starting to recycle Wolfowitz a bit. Feith with the Perry campaign. Cheney lurking all of the time

  • 'J Street' urges Israel lobby group to sever ties with Elliott Abrams's wife Rachel for 'unhinged hate speech' against Palestinians
  • My wife forswears the groovy iPad forever
    • I was really shocked by all of the efforts to canonize Steve Jobs for ipad, iphone, iphone....iiiiii. Ok I get the visionary the innovator but not an inventor. Created need for stuff folks did not even know they needed. A huge part of his agenda was making billions. How many jobs in the US did he create? How many of his products did he offer to those who could not cross over the digital divide.

      i i i should be an indication about the focus

  • Props for the amazing political space OWS created (but who is talking about Palestine?)
    • Making a deal of that fact is not worthwhile but avoiding it is also not worthwhile. Greed is the factor out of control greed.

    • "One guy I talked to in the workshop said he was disturbed by the talk of Jewish bankers at the protests"

      While this is a silly thing to focus on the truth is there are a disproportionate amount of bankers, hedge funders, brokers that are Jewish especially at the top of the ladder on Wall Street.

      There have been a disproportionate amount of heads of the treasury etc who have and are Jewish. Even Jon Stewart brought attention to this on one of his programs. Greenspan, Summers, Geithner, Bernanke, Greenspan, Rubin etc etc.

      Does this mean that Jewish bankers are responsible for the economic catastrophe? Out of control greed was responsible for the economic catastrophe. Greed is the disease.

    • "we all have neocons in our families and we know that they operate out of fear for the Jews in Israel. "

      I don't buy "that they operate out of fear for the Jews in Israel" I think that this is some of the fear. But I also believe that there is a persistent superiority factor embedded in the Jewish culture and Jewish faith that is tough to be honest about. I have heard it, seen it. Clear and brutal racism exist in the birth of Israel and illegal occupation of Palestinian lands.

      Some of it fear some of it racism.

    • "A few hundred or few thousand people achieved this." Clearly the MSM is with them the coverage has been endless even when it involved just a few thousand protesters. While I am so happy to see this the MSM's clear negligence not to cover the anti invasion of Iraq protest, marches before the invasion where tens of thousands marched in the fall of 2002 and then Feb in New York City several hundred thousand marched with WWII, Korean, Vietnam, Desert Storm and 9/11 families against the invasion led that march were ignored by MSM TV outlets. Basically ignored by NPR also.

      OWS is being covered every night on the MSM.

  • Muammar Gaddafi captured and killed in Sirte
    • Of course the US and other Nato nations did not want Gadhafi put on trial he would have pointed right at those who have supported this mad man for decades. Could not have that. So they allowed those he had committed crimes against to execute him for all the world to see.

      The way Gadhafi's live and then dead bloody body has been shown all over the US MSM yesterday and this morning reminded me of a Roman colesium where the public watched and cheered the brutal deaths of others. The host of many of these shows (Richard Engel was one of the worst) smirking, gloating and celebrating his death by it sure looked like an execution. This is what the world has come to? This is what an emerging democracy looks like. Libya must have been taking notes when Saddam was caught and executed. I am disgusted by the whole thing. Gadhafi should have been put on trial.

    • Nader has been right on some issues for a very long time. Have always gone for the lesser of two evils. Knowing that candidates are not "evil" but deal with facts on the ground that are greater than we are totally aware of. I am so disgusted with Obama and his drones for peace through killing, and his unwillingness to hold anyone accountable for the Iraq war crimes, wiretapping, Holder and Obama dismissing the Aipac trial, torture issues etc I do not think I can vote for him. Worked hundreds of hours on his campaign not fooled had watched him too closely in the Senate, knew it was a highly put together campaign...what other choice did we have. But now so dissapointed in his foreign policy strategy..does not push the rule of law bringing OBL, Gadhafi to trial the way Bush and Cheney should be. Just a slim push for accountability would have sufficed

    • Obamas drones try to kill Gadhafi the very dictator that a month before he said he was not trying to kill. Gadhafi then left to be executed by Libyan rebels. US MSM host gloat as they display gruesome bloody images of a live then dead Gadhafi with a bullet hole in his head. And this is called the birth of a democracy...civilization...killing for peace. All so absurd

      This is change I don't believe in

      msnbc's Richard Engel was gloating last night on Rachel Maddows as he described why Gadhafi had tried to make a deal with the US, had shared information after 9/11 with the US, paid retribution for Pan Am Lockerbie,broke down his alleged nuclear weapon program. Engel gloated as he said Gadhafi had had an epiphany when he saw Saddam Hussein pulled from a hole in the ground. Engel continued to gloat as he said that Gadhafi had been pulled from that drainage pipe. Gloating as he said Gadhafi was killed.

      So this is the message that other dictators are receiving as they watch Gadhafi's dead and bloodied body shown over and over again in the MSM. and hear one MSM hypocrite after the next gloat about the execution. Make a deal with the very country who used to support you and this is what you get. Richard Engel was sickening.

      I have been a die hard Dem since I was 18 (now 59).I have been listening to Romney very closely because I am so disgusted with Obama. No way can I vote for Romney (his economic plan), don't think we will get much different with health care from him. But Obama has been such a dissapointment especially in regard to holding anyone accountable for the bloody immoral invasion of Iraq, torture, wiretapping and now his killing for peace agenda. Peace in the form of drones. No due process. This is truly change I do not believe in. This is the first time in my life that I am not only thinking about not helping the Dems but not voting.

      Why not apply these same standards of accountability to US war criminals? If Obama supports the Libyan people taking justice into their own hands then I expect all of those who support this type of brutal and gruesome action would support the Iraqi people coming after those who lied a nation into an unnecessary and immoral invasion into Iraq. This type of accountability for all of the thousands dead and injured

  • Pro-Israel donors are at the heart of Defence Ministry scandal in Britain
    • ot

      The next few days it will be all Gaddafi has been killed . Over at Huffington Post they have some gruesome pictures up that I quickly rolled over. Amazing to think that our MSM will not post Iraqi dead, or US soldiers dead or injured but will post and gloat over pictures of a dictator that nations including the US supported for decades. Sure not to be any discussions of that anywhere in our MSM. Of course they wanted him dead, if he were captured alive and made to testify he could have pointed right at all of the nations who supported his dictatorship. Going to be days of this Gaddafi is dead celebration. Those who supported him for decades can breathe a sigh of relief that he is unable to testify about their complicity

      The oil vultures are swarming around Libya

    • Phil on MSNBC's Martin Bashirs the other day he did "Martin Bashir Discovers Anti-Semitism at Occupy Wall Street Protests "

      He showed the clips of the Committee to close down the I/P discussion/debate.

      He did end the segment saying that he had been down to the OWS protest and had not seen any of these signs or activity

    • "I keep saying that the Israel lobby is a central factor in the making of our foreign policy, and some day journalists are going to have to cover the story"

      Carter, Bryzinski, Ritter, Hersh, Zinni, General Jones, Micheal Scheuer, Queen Noor, King of Jordan and so many others have been saying the same thing for a long time. Not holding my breath for when MSM journalist will really dig in. Thank goodness for the internet

  • Feingold says Palestinian Authority doesn't acknowledge Israel's right to exist
    • Stop putting words in peoples mouths. I have never called Feingold "stupid" or "dumb" Have always appreciated Feingolds stance and votes on domestic issues. But when it comes to the majority of stances on foreign policy issues he often falls in line with the Israeli lobby agenda.

    • decades of this..calling themselves liberal why they enforce, create legislation and policies that are radical and racist.

    • Palestinians have recognized that Israel "exists" based on the 67 border

    • "But I don’t understand how you can ask the United Nations for membership when you don’t even acknowledge the right to exist of the country that’s going to be your neighbor."

      Feingold's blind support for Israel no matter what they do is such a shame.

      Palestinians have recognized that Israel "exists" based on the 67 border. Demanding that they say "right to exist" is absolutely absurd

  • 'New York Times' claims that 'Fatah runs the West Bank'
    • "Isn't it time the Times assign a fact checker to keep watch over the chronically sloppy Bronner?"

      The Bloody Times "assign a fact checker" . Not happenning. They allowed Judy "I am fucking right" Miller to spew deadly lies about WMD's in Iraq...why start "fact checking" now?

  • Rachel Abrams says Palestinian children are 'devils' spawn'-- while Israeli children play with Transformers and draw your heart strings
    • Ghalid Shalit's name and pictures and his release has been all over the MSM. Andrea Mitchell, and so many others naming him but never one name of one Palestinian. No names...the nameles and faceless Palestinians.

    • What a disgusting racist Rachel Abrams is. To think that her racist husband has been successfully meddling in US foreign policy and undermining US National Security for decades

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