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I am a news junkie, and am passionate about human rights, and do not like any kind of violence against unarmed civilians. I love to travel, especially in Europe, and enjoy learning about different cultures, and eating the local cuisine.

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  • Just boycott settlements? Liberal Zionist agenda faces huge pressure now
    • It was apparent long time ago, that Israel should be boycotted, and BDS should not apply ONLY for the illegal settlements. If Israel refuses to end the occupation, the land theft, and if it continues to kill unarmed civilians, there is only one way to make them understand it is wrong - BDS. 60 years is a long time for any people to suffer this way.

  • US liberal Zionist group sees 'hope and conviction' in Knesset on day it passes Jewish state law!
    • Democracy means giving hope to all people, and not only some.
      Israel is a democracy in name only.
      With this new law passed Israel is officially an apartheid nation.

  • Israel declares itself apartheid state, and gov'ts must hold it accountable -- Omar Barghouti
  • 'This is our state, the Jewish state.... our nation, language and flag' --Netanyahu triumphs with new law
    • I mean the minority within Israel. Of course if you go with the one state narrative, then it will be "majority". It is disgusting that they keep getting away with pretending to be the victim, while in reality they are villains.

    • It's borders are expanding on a daily basis, at the expense of the indigenous people.

    • This is our illegal nation built on stolen land, and you are supposed to ignore the fact that we are evil enough to kill, steal, and occupy, until we have rid the Palestinian territories of all Arabs. Our sugar daddy is also complicit in our crimes.

    • Once again Israel showing the world that it will keep the apartheid state going, and it will keep making the minority feel like second class citizens.
      Crooked Bibi is doing his darndest to keep Jewish supremacy alive.

  • Israeli law bans former soldiers and critics of the occupation from speaking in schools
  • Israel closes Palestinian university in East Jerusalem, indefinitely
    • The zionists are evil. To them, the Palestinians are inferior, and do not deserve to be free, must live under siege, have their lands stolen, no electricity, have their fishing rights diminished to almost nothing, no jobs, must go through check points, and it looks like education is an entitlement only for their privileged children. The more the Palestinians suffer, the more satisfaction they seem to get. Sadists.

  • US has intervened in twice as many elections as Russia
    • Eljay and Misterioso, considering the number of times he contradicted himself, reversed himself, and confused the country, pundits who questioned his sanity seems to be right. No sane person will behave so erratically, and I am wondering when the republicans in congress will allow their patriotism to kick in, stand up to him, and do something to stop this runaway train. The longer he stays in power, the more damage he is doing to the country. Damage that will be irreversible, and harm the fabric of this nation. Scary.

    • America might have interfered in other nations, but no other US president has stood next to America's enemy or friend on a stage, and totally rejected his country and his intelligence officials, and instead choose a brutal dictator and the KGB, on foreign soil. I have never seen any other world leader behave like he did, and that goes for dictators too. It seems Trump became a Russian official at that moment.

      He did not put America first, instead the world saw him put Russia first.

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  • Palestinian paramedic Razan al-Najjar was 'deliberately and fatally shot' by Israeli sniper -- B'Tselem
    • They deliberately kill unarmed youth, members of the media, medical personnel who only want to help the injured, and unarmed activists, and then they whine that they are victims, and everyone wants to wipe them off the map....something is horribly wrong with this picture, and just like Trump's presidency, it seems their supporters prefer to ignore the evil in front of their eyes, and blames everyone else.

  • Eight more Jews walk out on 'Birthright,' saying tour has no place for Palestinians
  • Ocasio-Cortez hedges criticisms of Israel-- 'I may not use the right words'
    • I hope you are right.

    • This was predictable. Their independency seems to get lost when it comes to the big election, and they need the support of AIPAC and others, to win. Either that or she has been advised by the Democratic party, to tone it down.

  • 'NY Times' uses old tricks to distort Israel's latest attacks on Gaza
  • Palestinians on high alert as Israel prepares to hand over East Jerusalem nature reserve and Muslim cemetery to settlers
    • Annie, I saw this too, and it sounds so surreal, to think how low Saudi Arabia can go. They are now sleeping with their enemy, just like the UAE and Qatar. All this because they want to conspire with the US to give Iran the same treatment the US gave Iraq, I guess. They have a common enemy, and they don't care if the Palestinians are killed, or if their new buddy keeps stealing their lands, as long as they can all hold hands and sing kumbaya. Disgusting lot, and they deserve each other.

    • They accuse the Palestinians of wanting them wiped out from this earth, but it is they who keep the viciousness going, slowly trying to wipe out indigenous people, by stealing their lands, and taking over Muslim cemeteries. Imagine if Arabs had taken over Jewish sacred grounds, they would be howling like a pack of wolves. I guess there is no point looking at Arab nations like Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Qatar, for help, they are busy plotting and planning with these evil people, and being cozy with them. This is such a sad situation.

  • First they came for Alan Dershowitz
  • Hasbara is dead
    • After a while it gets harder for the hasbara to keep trying to defend the indefensible. How long can apologists in the US media, keep pretending what the world sees in live pictures, unarmed civilians being killed by precision bombs and snipers, is all the fault of the victims. The justifications for massacre after massacre, is sounding lamer, weaker, and it makes those carrying the water for Israel, look like they are full of BS.

      Now if the Congress can find the courage to stop the aid, weapons, and unwavering support, going to the zionists, and stop enabling them, the end game will be swifter.

  • Obama was shocked -- shocked -- to find that settlements were eating the West Bank!
    • Here is something else that is shocking:

      "Qatar donated $250,000 to some of the most extreme pro-Israel organizations in the United States, including one that funds senior Israeli military officers to go on propaganda tours.

      Joseph Allaham, a lobbyist working for the Qatari government, transferred the money through his firm Lexington Strategies in late 2017 and early 2018.

      The sums included $100,000 to the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), $100,000 to Our Soldiers Speak and $50,000 for Blue Diamond Horizons, Inc.

      Our Soldiers Speak describes itself as the “vehicle through which the IDF [Israeli army] and the Israeli National Police dispatch senior officers to select campuses overseas” and to give “briefings” to members of the US Congress.

      Blue Diamond Horizons is a company controlled by Mike Huckabee, the Christian Zionist former governor of Arkansas."

      It seems the Saudis and the Qatari's are vying for America's love.
      They are also throwing their own, the Palestinians, under the bus, by sleeping with the enemy that kills their children.

  • Speaker at Israeli gov't conference promotes genocide against Arabs and non-Jews
    • Only God's chosen are entitled to call for the massacre, or genocide of Palestinians/Arabs, and their ardent supporters in the US, say nothing, and by being silent, seem to condone not only these disgusting words, but stay silent when the words turn into action, like the lastest display of zionist violence by snipers, against protesters a few weeks ago.

      The irony of it is, we keep being told ad nauseam, that it is the Arabs that want to obliterate Israel, and that it is Iran that wants to destroy Israel, and we are supposed to pretend to be deaf, when zionist officials, rabbis, and sons of politicians, call for the genocide of Palestinians, by asking the IDF to bomb it back to the stone age, or suggest they be put in concentration camps. The title of "zionazis" is well earned.

  • Israeli activists honor Razan Al Najar in her ancestral village of Salama
    • It is a sad and unfortunate situation, and depressing to think these poor young people, live in such miserable conditions, and without ANY hope., while the people who occupy them, live their lives in freedom, and their kids able to go anywhere they like, and pursue their dreams wherever it takes them. This is inhumane treatment of any people, and an injustice that has gone on for too long. I blame the US primarily of aiding, arming, and shielding, these despicable occupiers.

    • How many young people killed, who never lived to see freedom?

      How many children and youth, have never known a life without Israel's bombs destroying their homes, schools, hospitals, shelters, and killing entire families. It is sad, inhumane, and cruel. How many parents have lost their children, and will never see them married, and living in peace? How many will survive this slow genocide, will be get back their stolen lands, and live without fear of being killed by a precision bomb, or a sniper? How many Arab nations will plot and plan with the occupier, and ignore the plight of their own? No one seems to have the answers.

  • Israel begins demolishing Bedouin homes outside Jerusalem -- 'Trump's July 4th gift to Netanyahu'
  • Wah!!! Dershowitz shunned on Martha's Vineyard!
    • I don't know what he expected. You cannot side with a nation that occupies, steals, and massacres unarmed civilians, and also support a morally corrupt man like Trump, and expect decent people to love you, and make you feel wanted.

      He should move to a red state where Trump is a hero.

  • Birthright walkout is met with vitriolic rage in Israel -- 'Radicals' 'You will get raped'
    • This was always a "brainwashing" trip. For a nation that acts like charity case, and a welfare queen, they seem to have the shekels to finance Jewish Americans to come over there, and listen to their brainwashing programs, to ensure they will have loyalty and support when these naive folk go back home. It is impressive that these brave people were able to push back, and refuse to be part of the grand scheme to justify the occupation. I am sure the trip to the other side will be very rewarding, and the truth will prevail.

  • "A Watershed Moment in Palestinian History": Interview with Jamal Juma’
    • Kushner, whose bed Netanyahu slept on, whose family sends thousands of dollars to illegal settlements, and who gave Jerusalem to the greedy zionists, pretending to be the honest broker is laughable. Kushner and those going along with this charade simply want to blame the Palestinians later on and say they were not "interested in peace", after throwing breadcrumbs at them.

      The chances that Kushner, a flawed broker, will achieve peace, when many experienced, and qualified diplomats could not, is zero, especially when there is nothing left to offer the victims of this occupation.
      What a waste of tax payer money.

  • It's time for Tom Friedman to face the contradictions of liberal Zionism, and move on
    • Thanks for reminding me. I purchased the movie, and need to watch it.

    • This is a incurable sickness prevailing in pro Israel pundits, journalists, members of congress, and reporters in the media. It is a sickness that prevents them from speaking negatively about Israel, and even when they criticize human rights violations, or the killing of unarmed civilians by others, stating examples of others committing the same crimes, strangely, the name Israel, never, ever, comes up, even if hours before Israel has killed unarmed youth, women, or the disabled. They dare not utter it.
      Today I heard Steve Schmidt, who just left the Republican party criticize Israel, and I almost fell off my chair! It is such a rare event.

  • The pathetic caving of Nickolay Mladenov
    • I noticed that too. Could it be Norm Finklestein does not do interviews, or perhaps the zionist media avoids getting him, because he will speak the truth?

    • Everyone has a price....obviously the zionists must have found his.

  • LGBTQ Palestinians: Israel uses Pride celebrations to 'normalize and justify occupation'
    • I guess it is hard to break out of old habits! When an article is about Israel, and it is negative, try to make the Palestinians look bad. Heh.

    • It's like putting lipstick on a pig. Israel loves to pretend it is a open minded and liberal nation, compared to others, but signs say different:

      "Man who attacked Jerusalem gay pride last year accused of fresh plot
      Extremist who stabbed several people at last year’s march suspected of trying to organise another attack from his prison cell

      Jerusalem’s gay pride parade has gone ahead under tight security after it was alleged that an ultra-Orthodox extremist who stabbed several people at last year’s march, killing a 16-year-old girl, was attempting to organise a fresh attack from his prison cell.

      Israeli officials said Yishai Schlissel had been arrested in prison on suspicion of plotting with his brother, Michael, to harm march participants. Michael Schlissel, who was arrested on Wednesday, denies the allegations.

      Speaking before the parade started, the Jerusalem police chief, Yoram Halevy, said: “We have disrupted and prevented an attempt to hurt people during the parade. The march will take place as planned. We will ensure that the public is able to realise its rights to free expression and protest in Israel’s democracy.”

      How about this Rabbi?
      "After his “homosexuals are perverts” speech and his “women in the army become non-Jews” speech, Rabbi Yigal Levenstein of the Bnei David pre-military academy in Eli has now said that homosexuality should be eradicated like AIDS.

      In his latest incendiary lecture delivered in January, the fiercely anti-liberal rabbi reiterated his objections to any acceptance of homosexuals as normative people, decried the inability to refer gay men and women to conversion therapy, and generally described acceptance of homosexuality as madness."

  • Gay Liberation Network declares 'We Stand With Palestine' during Chicago's Gay Pride Parade
    • It is heartening, although realistically it cannot happen in Red states.
      I am so disappointed in most of the Democrats, because they toe the zionist line. Alexandria Orcasia-Cortez sounds very promising, and I wish there were more with spine like hers. I have to contend with a corrupt senator here, who shows unwavering love for the zionists, and I suspect helped him out of some ugly situations, which explains the devotion for the zionists.

    • It is a sham. Israel is a democracy in name only. No true democracy will keep this brutal occupation going, and steal lands from it's neighbors. No democracy has one law for themselves, and have a different rule of law for those they occupy, and suffer under their powers. Most importantly no democracy will keep millions of people in open prisons, and not give them their freedom. Israel is an apartheid nation, that loves to pretend it is just like other western nations.

    • Great job Gay community. I wish other communities would have the courage to do the same. Human beings who have experienced discrimination, and have to struggle for their rights, always understands, and have compassion, for others.

  • The defiance that launched Gaza’s flaming kites cannot be extinguished
    • After all David used a slingshot and killed the evil giant, why not flaming kites?

      Necessity is the mother of inventions.
      Desperate times call for desperate measures.

      These kids are resourceful. It is unfortunate that the Palestinians have to struggle so hard just to get their freedom, and that they are being unmercifully killed by deadly weapons, while they have to defend themselves with stones, homemade rockets, and kites.

  • Israeli left leader says intermarriage by U.S. Jews is 'actual plague' and he vows to find 'a solution'
    • Herr Herzog represents a vast number of Jewish people in Israel, who thinks they are the master race, and everyone else is beneath them.

      Thankfully, the vast majority of Jewish Americans, are better than that.
      I personally know some Jewish folks who married Christians, Catholics, Buddhists, and even Muslims. Everyone seems to be happy.

  • A Call to Action from Gaza: Cover your city with posters of the Great March of Return heroes
    • Those Irish soccer fans are really admirable. I am always impressed how supportive they are to the Palestinians, and they show it in large numbers. If only Americans were not so brainwashed by the media, we would see this here too.

    • Here is how far the hatred has spread. This guy must come from the illegal settlements, he certainly behaves that way. The narration is great and even funny. We can only hope the Australian voters have more intelligence than the ones who voted for Trump here. This guy is a typical zionist, he attacks and then pretends HE is the victim.

      In Melbourne Australia spreading the lies and hate.

  • Extremist settlers burn Palestinian olive orchards in northern West Bank
    • Viciousness based on hatred is now part of their psyche. Actions prove it.

    • They certainly are very vicious people living in those illegal settlements.
      Some are even called terrorists, so that explains all these ugly crimes against the Palestinians. It makes one wonder if it is their upbringing, or the result of being brainwashed, and taught to hate the other side, from their young age, that makes these zionists stoop to such disgusting behavior, that borders on evil. I guess it suits Netanyahu and Israeli leaders, to have these scum terrorize and attack helpless Palestinians, and make their lives miserable. These are Israel's thugs without uniforms. No one seems to be doing anything to stop their crimes.

  • Gaza protests are where we say 'NO' to Trump's decision to move embassy -- demonstrator explains
    • Apparently Prince Salman of Saudi Arabia, met with Netanyahu in Jordan recently...the devils are up to no good...Iranians had better be very cautious. Arabs in the ME better realize that Salman, has gone over to the dark side, throwing the Palestinians and others under the bus. Netanyahu and Salman, two most dangerous creatures in the region.

    • I hope so, Annie. His voice is the only one that speaks for the Palestinians.
      The others seems to be muted by the same forces that silence our politicians and the media here.

    • Jeremy Corbyn says he will recognize Palestine as a state if the Labour Party wins in the UK. We can expect the zionist lobby over there will fight hard to work against him, like they do here.

    • It seems The Presbyterian Assembly has voted overwhelmingly for BDS and support of Palestinians. 10 big wins. Great work by all.

      Late on the night of Friday, June 22, 2018, the Presbyterian Church (USA), which represents nearly 1.5 million Americans, voted overwhelmingly in support of justice for Palestinians through resolutions on everything from opposing legislation challenging boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) campaigns to defending the right to call Israel a colonial state!

      A slate of pro-justice resolutions, put forth by USCPR member group Israel Palestine Mission Network (IPMN), passed with overwhelming majorities. PC(USA) rejected resolutions whitewashing Israel’s treatment of Palestinians and instead cast votes:

  • Democrats are losing their fear of AIPAC and Haim Saban
    • US leaders have enabled Israel, by sending billions of dollars, and the weapons that are used against unarmed civilians. There is no way they don't know that Israel is pretending to be the victim of occupied people. Surely, they are not that stupid. The US could have easily ended the occupation, long time ago, by threatening to stop all aid and weapons going to the occupier, but they pretend to believe the excuses, even when unarmed women and children are massacred. Israel's master plan has worked, between AIPAC and the controlled media, the American people have been made to look at Israel as the long suffering victim.

    • Israel is getting boycotted more than ever. In the sports and music arenas, in colleges, in the educational fields, by churches, by professionals, by scholars, and through the business channels.
      Let us not forget Israeli products.
      It must be beginning to hurt. Here they can feel just how their crimes are despised.

      I love the Celtics fans.

    • Do the Evangelicals know that perhaps the Jews will not welcome Jesus, when he "lands" in Jerusalem? Do they realize they are being used as tools to get Jerusalem, aid and weapons from the US, and the unwavering support that Evangelicals shower on them?
      If they genuinely cared about Christians, the zionists will not be treating Churches this way:

      "Three major Holy Land churches implored Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday to prevent the advancement of a draft bill they said was aimed at expropriating their lands.

      Heads of the Armenian, Greek Orthodox and Catholic churches in Jerusalem also accused the Israeli authorities of failing to keep a committment made just a few months ago that brought an end to a major crisis between the sides.

      In February, the Jerusalem municipality began enforcing tax collection on church property, while separately lawmakers in the parliament worked on advancing a law that would allow expropriation of church property."

    • Yes, in many ways they are. Also those in Congress and the media, who never dare to criticize the way the US keeps ignoring the plight of the Palestinians, and look away when they are killed, or pretend it was the zionists who had the right to "defend" themselves, are also enablers.

    • Interesting article. Wealthy American Jews like Saban and Adelson, have done a huge disservice to Americans by using vast amounts of their wealth, to buy loyalty, and that unwavering support, for a nation that had pariah status long time ago. Congress went against American values, to make sure we patted Israel on it's head, anytime it killed thousands of civilians, and gave them the aid, and the weapons, to enable them to keep the occupation, and land grabs going. Saban, Adelson, and their ilk, are unpatriotic to this country, and have put an alien country above their own. Could this sudden boldness by certain members of Congress continue, or will it fizzle out soon?
      America needs to distance itself from Israel, but I cannot see it happening soon.
      Right now Jared Kushner continues to please Netanyahu, and giving Israel all he can, including Jerusalem ( expensive gift from Adelson).

  • 'Ali is on the grill!' Israeli settlers celebrate burning of Palestinian baby
    • Good question Eljay. For which I am sure you will not get a sensible answer.

    • Stephen Shenfield, we should not be surprised that the zionists took the name "Palestinians" too. They have had this bad habit of stealing many things from the indigenous people, including land, water, olive trees, and even soil, and destroying what they cannot.

    • It seems as this the other commenter said not a team played by Arabs/Christians, but British and Jewish team members.
      Although it seems the Jews perhaps took that name "Palestinians" as a convenience (like many other things today).

      That said, no one should gloat about it being not being Palestinians, because according to a book written by James M. Dorsey, name Shifting Sands, a book about sport and politics in the Middle East and North Africa, the Palestinians (indigenous people) were playing soccer during those times.

      "In an effort to forge useful relationships through soccer , Palestinians first created their own informal national team in 1910 that played primarily against missionary clubs. Encouraged by local media, the Arab Palestinian Sports Federation and a national team played it's first match against a squad from the American University of Beirut were born 21 years later as Palestinian Counterparts of the PSA and the PFA. The team "will refute Jewish claims and Zionist propaganda that Palestinians are ignorant and have nothing to do with sports" Filastin quipped."

      (Filastin, I gather, being the Arabic newspaper during the British mandate).

    • I am always disgusted by the viciousness shown by these people. They are filled with hatred, contempt for those who are without a voice, and act like they are superior to all, which looking at their disgusting behavior, they are far from.

      For those who have never seen this, I link a video, showing a soccer match between Australia and Palestine in 1939.
      So much for the mean Hasbara that keeps claiming there was no Palestine before.
      So where were these Israelis/zionists at that time? There was NO occupation, nor any thieves to steal lands in 1939.
      Israelis/zionists were non existent in that region.

  • Palestinian official links US withdrawal from UN human rights body with US taking 'crying babies from their parents’
    • Unfortunately, that Rabbi was trying to help a lost cause. Miller is evil personified. One could picture him in a nazi uniform. He has done damage to this country, and any other president might have kicked him out, but then Trump surrounds himself with these types to help with these these ridiculous policies.

    • That is such a frightening thought. Trump, should be held responsible for such a disaster. He is incompetent, and has no clue how to handle this. He has taken a bad situation and made it into a nightmare. He has no comprehensive plans to settle this problem, or any other problem for that matter, and this will leave many little kids in limbo, and in some case not be reunited with their parents. This was an inhumane policy, based on vindictiveness, and the desire to appease his base, like most policies are.

    • What Trump unleashed on those poor immigrants, who lost their children, and babies, was traumatizing for them, and an embarrassment for the country. People around the world were shocked at what had happened, and many like Ms. Ashrawi, were quick to point out that America could not afford to criticize other nations, when it was equally guilty of human rights abuses. His base must have some low standards when it comes to their president.

  • US leaves UN Human Rights Council, a 'cesspool' of bias against Israel
    • The US is going to end up yet another pariah nation, especially now that it has openly publicized it's loyalty to the other pariah nation, Israel.

      I guess expecting two well known human rights abusers, who act outraged at others, to respect such council and it's laws, is expecting too much.

  • Mal Hyman's outspokenness on Gaza massacre is a sign of things to come in Democratic races
  • IDF snipers: choosing who to shoot
    • Looks like Israel is going to lose big daddy, who usually protects it from world criticism, resolutions, and being held responsible for the massacre of unarmed civilians.

      US to withdraw from UN Humans Rights Council.

      "WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley will announce on Tuesday that the United Sates is withdrawing from the United Nations Human Rights Council, a Trump administration source told Reuters.

      The United States is half-way through a three-year term on the main U.N. rights body and had long threatened to quit if it was not reformed, accusing the 47-member Geneva-based body of being anti-Israel.

      Reuters reported last week that activists and diplomats said talks with the United States on reforms had failed to meet Washington’s demands, suggesting that the Trump administration would quit.

  • 'Let them eat candy' – Israel’s ideological war against incendiary kites from Gaza
    • Why are the zionist whining about the cost? How much damage do they cause when they send their precision bombs into civilians structures, and UN shelters, and how many lives lost due to zionist violence? This is just another ruse to play victim, and pretend the kites were deadlier than their snipers. No one is buying.

  • 'The Israeli military said,' the New York Times reports
    • Let us not forget that the zionists have used some banned weapons on civilians, like DIME on Palestinians, and cluster bombs in Lebanon, which resulted in children being killed for months afterwards. They are ruthless, and evil.
      History has shown that such evil has a bad ending.

    • So who believes the zionists anymore? It certainly looked like the majority in the world does not, going by the last votes at the UN. It seems their Prime Minister lies, is corrupt, and being investigated, their officials lie, and their military also lies. They are also known for being deceitful even recently, when they doctored a tape showing a young medic who was killed brutally by the IDF, in a negative light, to justify her killing, and then they admitted it was doctored. Lying is second nature to them. Unfortunately they have made sure their lying voices are loud, through their apologists who work as writers, and journalists, in the zionist media.
      These journalists have lost all credibility, because their loyalties to Israel are stronger than their sense of professionalism, and fairness.

  • Laurie Anderson screams in Jerusalem, but has nothing to say about Gaza
    • Laurie like so many others like her, has amnesia, and is in denial, when it comes to the occupation, and the Palestinians.

      They have to keep justifying the zionists crimes, by blocking out Gaza in their little minds.

  • The Knesset officially declares that Israeli democracy is for Jews only
    • So much for the only "democracy" in the Middle East, and so much for the denials that Israel is an apartheid nation. Just like nazi Germany was for the Aryan race only. Racism stems from such policies.

  • 'Every bullet has a precise address' – another Israeli journalist justifies the massacre
    • It makes you wonder that if Israelis were under occupied, and Palestinian snipers shot dozens of them as they protested that occupation, if these pro occupation journalists and media personnel, would have written the same way, justifying the slaughter.
      You don't have to wonder for long.

  • Don't expect Elizabeth Warren or Kamala Harris to be critical of Israel
    • The Kusher family are being rewarded well for all that devotion shown by them. It might get even more lucrative, since he handed over Jerusalem to the zionists. I have never seen such corruption, so arrogantly, and blatantly, from the West Wing before. Whatever happened to the rule of law, and being held accountable?

    • No US politician with a sense of decency, and genuine concern for human rights, will not want to criticize Israel. Unless of course they want to run for office, or get re-elected.

      Trump, Jared, Schumer, Cuomo, and the congress, seems to love this man:

      "Scandal-plagued Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has once again been questioned by police in connection with one of three corruption cases which continue to dog his political career.

      Police interviewed the premier at his Jerusalem home on Monday night over his alleged dealings with communications company Bezeq Telecom, as a handful of protesters calling for his resignation demonstrated on the street outside.

      The incident is the third time Mr Netanyahu has been questioned in connection with a corruption investigation known as Case 4000, which alleges Walla – a news website owned by Bezeq – gave Mr Netanyahu’s government favourable coverage in exchange for regulatory benefits."
      Independent uk.

  • Palestinians protest in Ramallah against the 'Authority of Shame'
    • When will the Palestinian leadership accept the fact that the zionists are taking full advantage of the fact that there is no unity among them, and that there are elements among them, that are playing into the zionist's hands? It seems the Palestinian people are suffering partly because their representatives cannot get their act together. Good for these people to protest and show their disapproval. Abbas is a huge disappointment, and seems to be reluctant to change the status quo.

  • Israeli drones drop Ramadan blessings leaflet on Gaza-- before four more are killed
    • Mooser I agree. Those who are paid will also embarrass themselves by saying anything for a few shekels.

    • What is sick and disgusting is Jackdaw pecking at comments, and seemingly unable to understand them, and acting outraged at nothing.

    • Not covered by the MSM. Nothing about the killing of the young medic, nothing about the latest killings, and no mention about these leaflets by sadistic zionists at all. I guess they cannot portray Israel as the victim, so they don't bother.

    • This is as disgusting as the nazis wishing their victims a Happy Hanukkah. These zionists are sadistic, and have a cruel streak in them.

  • 'Kite terrorism' -- Israeli government takes on 'sarcastic' global press
    • Typical zionist tactic. They desperately try to justify their latest massacre, by blaming the Palestinians. Once again Israel has been condemned by the world (except the US and Micronesia), for it's latest slaughter of unarmed civilians, and once again, they try to blame the victims, for it. This is getting old and ugly, and how much will the apologists for this brutal nation, keep believing the garbage Israel throws out to justify the massacres?

      How many Israelis killed by kites? None

      How many Palestinians killed by snipers? Dozens (and thousands injured).

      That cartoon is very descriptive, and self explanatory.

  • 'I'm targeted by the Israeli army,' Razan al-Najjar said before she was killed
  • 'Israel has no choice' -- 'NY Times' columnists largely line up behind Gaza massacre
    • Thanks Annie. I certainly missed it. :))

    • I have heard Bari Weiss speak about this a couple of times, and she had the most disgusting sympathy for the snipers, and blamed it all on Hamas. She pretends she is neutral, but her unwavering support for the killers always wins over.
      Shame on the New York Times, for being the mouthpiece for the zionists. Did I miss it or did Bret Stephens, whose son served in the IDF, join the zionist journalists in the NYT on this shameful justification for this massacre?

  • Israeli forces shoot and kill Izz al-Din Tamimi in Nabi Saleh
  • Israeli army says the killing of Palestinian medic Razan al-Najjar was 'just an accident'
    • Isn't it strange that despite all the bragging you hear from apologists, that the IDF are experts, and very skilled, that they make so many "mistakes" and seem very inept?

      Even the USS Liberty was a "mistake".

      Who the heck do they think they are fooling? Oh yes I forgot, that would be the US Congress.

  • Cal State, East Bay student govt unanimously passes BDS resolution
    • Another article on the same subject:

      "Striker Gonzalo Higuain said they had "finally done the right thing".

      But Israel's defence minister said it was "too bad" Argentina's footballers did not "withstand the pressure of the Israeli-hating inciters".

      "We will not yield before a pack of anti-Semitic terrorist supporters," Avigdor Lieberman tweeted."

      Isn't it strange, Israel massacres civilians, many shot at the back, and expects the world to love them. Israel's brutal attack on unarmed civilians incites hate around the world. No one loves vicious killers of civilians. Hating killers does not make anyone anti-semitism. How they twist words, and try to blame the victims, again.

  • The unwarranted presumption of Israeli soldier innocence in the killing of Palestinian medic Razan al-Najjar
    • Unfortunate that helpless Palestinian's livelihood, and very existence is cut down by vicious actions. The kites are a protest to this:

      "Olive tree felling is a longtime strategy of Israel’s occupation regime in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Since 1967, an estimated 800,000 Palestinian olive trees have been destroyed by Israeli authorities and settlers.

      In February 2015, Irish-born filmmaker and photographer Bryony Dunne traveled across the West Bank and encountered evidentiary support for such activity (in tree stumps and civilian stories). Over the course of one week, she moved through Israeli checkpoints, and around Israeli settlements and military bases, while heading north to the Palestinian city of Jenin, staying with five Palestinian families along the way. These families earn their livelihood farming either olives or almonds as members of Canaan Fair Trade, a cooperative that supports approximately 1,700 small farmers throughout the occupied West Bank in the sale of produce to international markets." Juancole

      How about this then?

      "A December report by the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem said Israeli settlements have overtaken a half-million acres of former Palestinian lands in Israel-controlled Area C, which was placed under full Israeli control in 1990s accords. B’Tselem said 200,000 to 300,000 Palestinians live in Area C.

      “What the Israeli settlers are doing in those areas is a disaster,” said Avshalom Vilan, executive director of Israel’s powerful Farmers Federation, a mainstream private farmers group. “They’re stealing from the lives of their Palestinian neighbors, and making their lives impossible.

      “It’s in Israel’s interest for Palestinian farmers to work their land peacefully,” Vilan said. “We will all pay for this.”

      Finally, in the same vein, it will be agreed by most of the world that trained snipers should be killed too.

    • Watch this Kuwaiti official tell Israeli officials to get out, and call them child killers. I could understand his anger, and know many feel that way too.

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