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Radical dissident. Retired.


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  • The Holocaust in the service of Israel
    • TONY GREENSTEIN- "...your implication that US quotas for Jews (or indeed other refugees) were generous"

      Whoa Tony, why are you putting words in my mouth? I never said nor implied that the greatly reduced quotas were generous. I was responding to your misleading statement that the Western powers "refused" to take in "Jewish refugees." Your statement sounds like the Western powers specifically excluded Jews, which isn't true. Furthermore, Jews were given some preference over Eastern European Catholics and Orthodox Christians. How can you possibly interpret my statement that the "...the curtailment of US immigration quotas was not directed specifically at Jews...." implies that these curtailed quotas were "generous?" Curtailed quotas are not generous by definition. As I indicated, I liked and appreciated your article overall, however, you seem to have a lingering bias concerning Gentiles and anti-Semitism which biases your interpretation of what I (and Tree) actually said.

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