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  • Four are killed, as Gaza protesters move tents closer to border
    • Kay24, Are you familiar with Operation Ulysses? The director of Mossad took Jewish Zionists who were recent immigrants from Arab countries, trained them for a year & a half in Islam, espionage & sabotage. Posing as devout Arab Muslims & Palestinian nationalists, they were planted in Palestinian refugee communities in the West Bank & Arab states. This occurred during the 1950s & 1960s. Some, under directions from their handlers, even married Palestinian women & had children by them -- a good way to perfect your cover. The wives & kids had no idea at the time, of course, that their Palestinian husbands & fathers were actually Jewish Israeli spies.,7340,L-4422919,00.html

  • Netanyahu hat-tips settler who called for extermination camps
    • JLewisDickerson, "Thanks for pointing that out. I used a google image search , so I did not get a good feel for the actual site. "

      I figured it was probably something like that. Or that you were making a very important point that everybody got but me. Since I've read so many of your posts in the past, I was sure you wouldn't agree with the ideas on that site, though. That's what made it a puzzlement.

    • Mooser, Thank you. I just ordered a 90 day supply of irony supplements from Amazon. I guess we'll know it's working if I come back & post a link to Stormfront. This could take awhile. ;)

    • gamal, Ah, yes. I failed to consider the obvious allure of free stuff. But the 1st one's always free, you see. That's how they seduce you into buying their ridiculously overpriced Trojan Pig of Islam socks, boxer shorts, dinnerware, luggage, cologne, & of course those 'I'm Free-a Shari-a' ties, for when you want to make a good impression. Please promise me you'll try to be strong?

    • @JLewisDickerson, I clicked on the link you posted here under the title 'The Punishment for reading a Bible in Saudi Arabia', & discovered you sent me to a hate site. Phony photos, phony reports, & vile comments. When I checked out the 'About us' section, I read that the site's stated mission includes the following ---
      "Encourage a total ban on Islamic immigration
      Encourage the end of asylum policies.
      Encourage reversal of residency and citizenship to actively practicing Islamic migrants."

      I know I'm not as smart as the other posters here, but I really don't understand why you sent us there. What am I missing?

  • The never-ending crisis of Zionism
    • Mooser, "Are some of your best friends Arabs? That’s the real test."

      He may believe that any Palestinian taxi driver who calls him 'habibi' is his actual friend. I think the real 'real test' is whether he'd want his sister or daughter to marry one.

  • The problem with Miko Peled's 'Holocaust: yes or no'
    • Jonathan,

      I don't understand why you find his position on that so problematic. In several countries, people labeled holocaust deniers or trivializers are sent to prison for years, & required to pay large fines, solely for expressing their opinions/beliefs. Being 'treated as criminals' isn't metaphorical. Even in the US, they receive numerous death threats, get beaten up, have their homes & offices firebombed, etc. So Peled doesn't find these 'punishments' acceptable. Do you??

  • Trump appoints ex-Israeli settler to oversee peace process
    • Mooser, Alas, $38 billion is just the bare minimum. As per the article here, " The policy statement notes in part that a Trump administration will “ensure that Israel receives maximum military, strategic and tactical cooperation from the United States, and the [Memorandum of Understanding] will not limit the support that we give.”

    • Nikki Haley also said that were her party to control the White House, “we would make international agreements that were celebrated in Israel and protested in Iran, not the other way around."

    • Hi AddictionMyth, Hope is a wonderful thing, but this was one of the headlines on Democracy Now, 11-28-'16.

      " Last year, Haley became the first governor to sign legislation against the BDS, or Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, an international campaign to pressure Israel to comply with international law and respect Palestinian rights."

  • Despite Turkish posturing, detente with Israel won't change the Gaza blockade
    • jon s, "There’s also the issue of returning the remains of the two fallen IDF soldiers and the two Israeli civilians being held in Gaza. "

      If the Israelis want something from Gaza, they should be talking to/ negotiating with Gaza, not Turkey. Of course, the Gazans must have learned by now that the Israelis' word is worthless.

  • Video: Palestinian carrying watermelon is stopped for four hours by Israeli soldiers
    • ritzl, Thank you! And thanks for reading my posts! I often read something here that I want to reply to, but am usually working double shifts, & by the time I sit down to write a comment or question, everybody's already moved on.

    • Kay24, "Why do we keep sending billions of dollar to the Middle Easts biggest spy threat to the US?"

      Because Zionists keep making really big donations to our political candidates?

    • Kay24, " They seem to be suspicious/afraid of a damn watermelon. "

      That's true. But for years they were so suspicious/afraid of even a painting of a watermelon, that they banned such images from the kingdom & imprisoned the artists. And the rest of the world didn't seem to notice or care. I mean, really! What kind of people ban colors?

    • This part of the interview has nothing to do with watermelons, but I'm including it anyway, just 'cause I really like the artist.

      "When the Israeli tanks rolled into Ramallah, they made a point of trying to punish the Palestinian civilian population by destroying as many private cars as they could: "It was just a game to them," says Tamari. "Sheer bravado. The tank commanders would drive along the pavements rather than the roads, taking out as many cars as they could. Then they started driving up into people's drives and garages, wrecking anything they could find. For weeks afterwards, all these smashed-up cars were lying around: people kept them, hoping to sell bits of the engine, or perhaps the seats. They didn't want to face the fact that something so expensive was completely lost. Of course, there is no insurance for an act of war.

      "A friend of mine had a little red Beetle that we used to go out for drives in. It was one of the cars that was destroyed, and when I saw it all smashed up with its legs in the air like some dead insect, I had the idea of making an installation with these cars. I got the PA to lay a stretch of tarmac on the edge of the El Bireh football field - a road symbolically going nowhere - and arranged the crushed cars in a line, as if in a traffic jam. We had a big party to open the exhibit - le tout Ramallah - and went home at midnight.

      "Then, at four that morning, the Israelis invaded again. My house was opposite the playing field and I could see the Israeli tanks passing. They would stop when they got to the installation, and you'd see these two heads pop out of their turrets and you could see them transfixed by this sight, trying to make sense of it. Eventually, after about a week, a whole cohort of Merkavas turned up and the tank commanders got out and discussed what to do. Then they got back into their tanks and ran over the whole exhibit, over and over again, backwards and forwards, crushing it to pieces. Then, for good measure, they shelled it. Finally they got out again and peed on the wreckage. I got the whole thing on video..."
      The Guardian, Oct., 2002

      Btw, her crushed car exhibit also included appropriate music, & "colorful folkloric & religious amulets positioned on the windshields, the kind that are supposed to protect the driver".

    • "Vera Tamari has spent half her life as an artist under Israeli occupation: "Up to Oslo, the Israelis used to monitor all our exhibitions. There were very few Palestinian art galleries, so we used to hold our shows in schools, churches, municipal halls - whatever was available. People piled in - students, labourers, political people, shepherds. It was so crowded that there was hardly any room to see the paintings. It was the first time in their lives that many of these people were seeing actual works of art. Their noses were rubbing against the paint as if they wanted to smell the oil.

      "It was very exciting, but the Israelis soon became aware of the importance of these exhibitions and started hitting the League of Palestinian Artists. They made us get permits to show our work, censoring art and invading artists' studios. Several of us were imprisoned, usually on charges that they were painting in the colours of the Palestinian flag. They would say, 'You can paint, but don't use red, white or black,' and they would imprison you if you used those colours. You couldn't paint a poppy, for example, or a watermelon: they were the wrong colours."

      continued in next post .....

    • I'd like to respond to this article/video, but it's several days old, & I imagine no one is reading the comments on it anymore, so I'll just be talking to myself. On the other hand, what have I got to lose? So, here goes.

      I'd have thought Israel would have gotten over its obsession with Palestinian watermelons by now. For 26 years (from 1967 to 1993) Israel declared it illegal for anyone in the Occupied Territories to display, or even possess the Palestinian flag. Some brave souls did it anyway, for which they were arrested, often beaten, & forced to watch their homemade flags shot down, stomped on, & ripped to shreds by the IDF.

      Then in 1980, the Israelis passed an additional law making it illegal for Palestinian artists to use the colors of the Palestinian flag, either individually or together, in their works of art. (Jewish artists could still use any colors they wished, of course.)

      According to the New York Times, the Israelis were actually arresting people in Gaza for the criminal activity of carrying cut slices of watermelon, because the fruit has the same colors (red, white, black & green), as the Palestinian flag.

  • How I discovered what Phil Ochs thought about Israel
    • DaBakr, "one of the most complex land disputes in the past century" -

      That's ridiculous. (Do people really fall for that line?) There's nothing "complex" or complicated about the situation. It's kinda' like saying if some thug stole your car at gunpoint & refused to give it back, that would be one of the most complex property disputes in the past century. Only more so.

      The Israelis should remove their soldiers & settlers from the Palestinian's land, which has been under Israel's 'belligerent occupation' for nearly half a century now, & stop tormenting the Palestinian people. Anything less is simply wrong, & inexcusable. You see? It's really very simple.

  • Speak softly and act like a big dick
    • MRW, "Why didn’t they go after Rubio last week when he started it ?"

      That's a very interesting question. I may be wrong, but it seems to me that the venue makes a difference, that the public generally holds candidates to a higher standard during a televised debate than during their campaign rallies, town hall meetings, etc. Rubio's 'small hands' remarks were on the campaign trail, while Trump's response was on the debate stage, where he's expected to present himself to the country & the world community as presidential.

      Also, when Rubio asked his supporters "And you know what they say (about men with small hands) don't you?", he immediately answered "They can't be trusted! " Which gives him some implausible deniability. :-)

    • "Rubio even went after Trump for plastic surgery, saying “he should sue whoever did that to his face.”

      I can see how it might have looked that way, out of context. But, that remark was attached to his preceding comment about Trump's "bad spray tan" vs. Trump's mocking of his (Rubio's) own make-up application. And Rubio didn't use the word 'doctor'. I don't really think he meant to suggest plastic surgery. Not that it actually matters.

  • More details about Bernie Sanders and Kibbutz Sha'ar ha-'Amakim
    • This is an excerpt from a piece on Counterpunch.
      "As Secretary of State, Kissinger facilitated the horrendous September 11, 1973 coup against the democratically elected government of Salvador Allende that brought to power the ruthless Augusto Pinochet in Chile. As some 5,000 people were being detained and tortured in Chile’s National Stadium, Kissinger told Pinochet, “You did a great service to the West in overthrowing Allende.” The Pinochet dictatorship, which lasted for two decades, left over 3,000 people dead or missing, thousands tortured and hundreds of thousands driven into exile.

      There was also Kissinger’s role in the brutal 1975 Indonesian invasion of East Timor, which took place just hours after Kissinger and President Ford visited Indonesia. They had given the Indonesian strongman the US green light—and the weapons—for an invasion that led to a 25-year occupation in which over 100,000 soldiers and civilians were killed or starved to death. The UN’s Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation in East Timor (CAVR) stated that U.S. “political and military support were fundamental to the Indonesian invasion and occupation” of East Timor.

      The report by the UN Commission on Human Rights describes the horrific consequences of that invasion. It includes gang rape of female detainees following periods of prolonged sexual torture; placing women in tanks of water for prolonged periods, including submerging their heads, before being raped; the use of snakes to instill terror during sexual torture; and the mutilation of women’s sexual organs, including insertion of batteries into vaginas and burning nipples and genitals with cigarettes.

      From 1969 through 1973, it was Kissinger, along with President Nixon, who oversaw the slaughter in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos—killing perhaps one million during this period. He was the one who gave the order for the secret bombing of Cambodia. Kissinger is on tape saying, “[Nixon] wants a massive bombing campaign in Cambodia. He doesn’t want to hear anything about it. It’s an order, to be done. Anything that flies on anything that moves.”

      In 2001 the French Judge Roger Le Loire issued a warrant to have Kissinger appear before his court to account for his actions. When Kissinger received the summons at the Ritz Hotel in Paris, he fled the country. More indictments followed from Spain, Argentina, Uruguay—even a civil suit in Washington DC.

      The late writer Christopher Hitchens, in his book The Trial of Henry Kissinger, skewers Kissinger for ordering or sanctioning the destruction of civilian populations, the assassination of “unfriendly” politicians and the kidnapping and disappearance of soldiers, journalists and clerics who got in his way. He holds Kissinger responsible for war crimes that range from the deliberate mass killings of civilian populations in Indochina, to collusion in mass murder and assassination in Bangladesh, the overthrow of the democratically elected government in Chile, and the incitement and enabling of genocide in East Timor.

      Hitchens was a lot harder on Kissinger than the civil Bernie Sanders. “Kissinger should have the door shut in his face by every decent person and should be shamed, ostracized, and excluded,” Hitchens said. “No more dinners in his honor; no more respectful audiences for his absurdly overpriced public appearances; no more smirking photographs with hostesses and celebrities; no more soliciting of his worthless opinions by sycophantic editors and producers.”

      Hitchens could have added another category of people who shouldn’t solicit Kissinger’s dangerous opinions: presidential candidates."

    • David, "I also thought his venting on Kissinger carried some personal emotion possibly tied to their shared Jewishness, and how they’ve dealt very differently with it, in public service to America."

      Uh, sure, that must be it. What other explanation could there possibly be?

    • David, "the first former Communist ...? On what planet is it off limits to ask Bernie if he is or was a Communist ..."

      If mommy is a commie then you gotta' turn her in! :-) Are you proposing that we ask all of the presidential primary candidates (in both parties) whether they are now or have ever been, members of the communist party? If it's only Bernie you're worried about, on what do you base your concern? Is it just because he & his 1st wife volunteered on that kibbutz in Israel for a few months, during his early 20s? He's 74 now. I think you're making too much out of it.

    • And, no, it was not "code for uppity".

    • Annie, I used the word 'snippy' affectionately, & was indicating that he was upset by her remark.
      I'm not the enemy.

    • David," the first Israeli citizen? On what planet is it off limits to ask Bernie if he is or was a Communist, or a Zionist, or an Israeli"

      I think the key word here is 'ask'. Last June, on Diane Rehm's radio interview with Bernie, she said "Senator, you have dual citizenship with Israel." He got a little snippy & made it very clear that she was mistaken, & that he is a US citizen, period, who has never had, nor wanted to have dual citizenship with ANY other country.

      She said that he was on a 'list' on the internet. Turns out that list includes pretty much every Jewish member of the House & Senate & Cabinet & Ambassador corps, claiming the are all American/Israeli dual citizens. (It's very popular on anti-Semitic sites.) She brought the issue up with him, based on a post on the station's Facebook site, requesting her to ask why we should make him POTUS, when he's a citizen of another country. Ms. Rehm has apologized, & said she should have 'asked' Bernie if he was a dual citizen, rather than declaring it as a fact.

  • 13-year-old Palestinian girl shot dead at gate of settlement
  • Goodbye to all that (my Jewish-WASP shtik)
    • Mooser, Clicked your link to Reg Kehoe & His Mirimba Queens. That is not Klemzer music!!

    • Mooser, And let's not forget Zionist food. This is one of the definitions from Gilad Atzmon's Israeli Lexicon.

      "Humus – a traditional Jewish Polish vegetarian dish brought to the Middle East by Zionist pioneers. Not to be confused with Hamas."

  • Adam Sandler says he's devoted to Israel because of his parents
    • Steve G., " Fret not Leahj. There will be a Rat Dog concert in Israel. Most likely in Caesaria."

      Sure, Rodent Pup, & all that. But I don't believe Elvis ever played Israel, did he? After all, he was 'The King'!! Now, if the Zionists can succeed in coaxing him out of hiding, get him to shave off his disguise beard, slip into a sparkly white jumpsuit & show up on stage in Tel Aviv, then I'll be impressed. (Nothing less will impress.) He's going to be 81 next week, so if not now, when? And, no, Elvis impersonators don't count.

    • Mooser, “Leahj” let’s just say “there’s some raw work done at the peptobismal font from time to time”, and leave it at that… "

      I don't understand what that means.

    • Mooser, "Please, I’m dying to know! What are “all our accomplishments” that “Whites” should be proud of."

      Well, duh! White people invented self-tanners.

    • Annie, "i mean — lenny bruce was friggin talented."

      And Mort Sahl.

    • Hi Annie, The Jerusalem Post had a piece about Mickey Hart, a former drummer with the Grateful Dead (& its only Jewish band member), who was going to be the 1st member of the band to ever play a gig in Israel. That was in 2013. So, Jerry Garcia may have traveled to Israel, but not to perform.

    • Mooser, " You would steal from them their proud self-proclaimed and universally recognized connection with Judaism? "

      As many Israelis say, 'There is no G-d, & He gave us this land.'

    • Mooser, That's so true! If only you weren't a Jew, life under Stalinism was extremely delightful. One might even say it was a worker's paradise.

      And have you ever noticed that when it rains, only Jews get wet? I mean, when was the last time you saw a Gentile walking around with a soggy yarmulke on his head? (That's my proof.) Raindrops are very anti-Semitic, especially the European ones. They're the worst.

    • RoHa, "None of you are worthy of even speaking his name."

      I very seldom do. ( He was brilliant in Hamlet, though. :-)

    • Mooser, "I’m so poor I’m wearing a cardboard Kippah!"

      I was pretty sure 'Mooser' wasn't your actual name, but now I think I know who you really are. Bernie!!!! :-)

    • JustJessetr, "Self-hating Jewish nonsense."

      Well, how very original of you! That reminds me of the late author, human rights advocate, & Hebrew University professor, Israel Shahak. After surviving 3 years in the Warsaw Ghetto, 2 years at Bergen-Belsen, a couple of years fighting for Israel in an elite IDF unit, & numerous death threats from his fellow Israelis, he was told that he was being accused of being a self-hating Jew.

      This was his reply, "That is a Nazi expression. The Nazis called Germans who defended Jewish rights self-hating Germans."

      The more things change .........

  • Trump's claim of 9/11 celebration in New Jersey is based on arrest of 5 'laughing' Israelis
  • Netanyahu's fancy watch
    • Annie, I played your video. I wouldn't turn one down, but there still weren't any sequins. Or cubic zirconia. Btw, my mother told me that in her day watches had jewels, usually 17, but they were inside, where nobody could even see them. A sort of inner bling, which apparently made them work better.

    • Annie, " (fancy has to have an element of bling about it)"

      Yeah, this doesn't even have any sequins! :-)

    • Annie, Of course, design isn't everything though, because appearance & quality aren't always related. I'm thinking of Sarah Palin, who looks better than she is. And of those genuine $8,000 'Hermes' handbags they sell on the sidewalks of New York for only $70. (That Italian leather feels suspiciously like Chinese plastic.) And of a pretty little sports car I once had. The seller told me it was "used, but cherry". Right! It chose to spend more time with the mechanic, than with me. And then there's SPAM, which sorta' looks like it might be food.

    • Philip (may I call you 'Philip'?), I find this new expose' a little perplexing, & am afraid I'm missing the point. Most of the articles here address human rights, often life & death issues. Why are we talking about somebody's watch?? Well, since we are, I'll toss in my 2 cents.

      First, according to Forbes Israel 2013, Bibi & Sara had a combined worth of over 41 million shekels, or US $10 million. With over 10 million bucks, he can certainly afford a $5,000 watch.

      Full disclosure: While I will never be a millionaire (much less a multi-millionaire), I do wear a Rolex. Everyday. It was a very special birthday gift 15 years ago, from someone, now deceased, who loved me. I'm sure I'll be wearing it for the next 15 years too, probably much longer. A lot of my friends buy a new $100 watch every year, so it comes out about the same cost-wise. And I know that if I ever find myself in desperate need of cash for food, rent, a medical expense, -- whatever -- I can always pawn or sell mine. Because they hold their value pretty well, regardless of age.

      I don't believe my watch tells you anything whatsoever about my good character, or about the lovely, delightful person I am. :-) All it can tell you is what time it is. And there are plenty of better indicators of Netanyahu's lack of character, of just what kind of person he is, than what he wears on his wrist.

  • 'It Has Become A Prison': The ghettoization of Hebron
    • JLewisDickerson, "This reminds me of Ariel Sharon’s “maintained uncertainty”* which was designed to “maintain acquiescence”** on the part of the Palestinians! ! !"

      I found this post, which also included ideas on 'learned helplessness', very interesting. Thank you.

    • mcohen, "Luckily no Israeli,s have been killed otherwise the retaliation would have been far greater."

      Do you mean overall, or just in Hebron? The last I heard, 81 Palestinians had been killed, & 12 Israelis, including an Israeli father & son, who were just outside of a settlement south of Hebron.

      " i think that 11/11/15 was day one and full scale conflict is on the horizon in the region."

      I'm not sure what you mean. I thought it started in October.

    • 'Dubbed operation “Breathing Closure”, the plans have been enacted for vague “precautionary measures” to “contain potential attacks in the future and maintain the safety and well-being of Israelis”.'

      I remember what happened in 2006 when the state of Israel & Hezbollah went to war against each other. The US, like several other countries, worked to quickly get their citizens out of Lebanon -- out of harm's way & safely home. It seems to me that if Israel is worried about the safety of Israeli citizens in Hebron, the right move would be the same. Go get them out of that dangerous place & put them back in Israel, where they belong. And are welcome. What a good idea!

    • kalithea, " kicked while dying, and left to die on the public street while a Zionist shouts: Die you son of a bitch…die!. "

      That's a minor mistranslation. What he actually shouted was 'Die you son of a whore...die!' Which to a Palestinian boy, would be even worse.

  • An answer to the security guard at Ben Gurion airport who demanded to know, 'Why do you have to go to Gaza?'
    • DaBakr, Our countries should treat each other's citizens the same. Would you be happy about the US treating Jewish Israelis leaving from one of our airports, the way your guys treated this Jewish-American at your airport? Not to mention the numerous Palestinian-Americans who've flown all the way to Israel/Palestine to visit family members, only to be interrogated for hours, then refused entry & sent back. And that's not a cheap flight, either. Is it alright with you if we do that, too, to the same percentage of Israelis arriving here?

    • "My answer to “why do you have to go to Gaza” would have been “none of your damn business”. "

      Or perhaps, "I didn't have to. I chose to."

  • Has Netanyahu's revisionism ended the use of the Holocaust as enabler of Israeli injustice toward Palestinians?
    • " Netanyahu is, after all, the son of a crack pot “historian.” "

      Who's your daddy?

      "...the Israeli prime minister is reminiscent of his father, who said in a 2009 interview that “the Arab enemy is so difficult because his tendency is toward conflict, it's part of his nature. Enmity is part of his personality and character. That is the personality of the Arab, that he is not willing to reach compromises or agreements. It doesn’t matter what level of resistance he meets or what price he is forced to pay. His existence is that of permanent war.” In the same interview, Netanyahu the elder proposed seizing as much territory as possible, holding onto it by force and levying collective punishment — such as withholding food to entire cities and cutting off electricity and education — on all those who resist. He said even worse things that didn’t make it into print."

    • Robert, " Yad Vashem’s encyclopedia of the Holocaust contains entries for major Nazi officials. Himmler and Goebbels and Hitler, of course. Their entries are shorter than that of the mufti."

      I have a small correction. The editors of the 'Encyclopedia of the Holocaust', which was commissioned by Yad Vashem, did devote an inordinate amount of space & attention to the mufti. Their article on him is over twice as long as the articles on Goebbels & Goring, longer than the ones on Himmler & Heydrich combined, & longer than Eichmann's. But, the piece on Hitler is (just barely) longer than the mufti's. Of all of the biographical entries in the entire 4 volume encyclopedia, ONLY Hitler's exceeds the length of the mufti's, though. And not by much.

  • Facing down hecklers in NY, Gideon Levy calls for equal rights for all in one state
    • Oh, there you are Siberiak! I meant to thank you for your earlier comments on Crimea. Very interesting & informative! Thanks for posting it.

  • Video: Israeli mob attacks Eritrean, mistaking him for Bedouin assailant
    • Kris, Beautiful! Thank you.

    • hophmi, p.s. I was including Gaza, of course.

    • hophmi, " How many Black men have been shot unjustifiably by American police officers, and how many have been shot be Israeli police officers?"

      'How many'? You're asking us to just compare the actual numbers? But, Israel has a population of around 8 million, while the US has about 320 million. IOW, we have a full 40 times more people than Israel does, which means a lot more police & a lot more black citizens. Israel has 8 million people altogether, & the US has 42 million African-Americans, & G-d knows how many cops. So, instead of asking 'how many', perhaps you should ask 'what percentage'?

      Also, although you've only used the term 'black men', I assume the comparison you're really asking for is between African-Americans unjustifiably shot by our law enforcement agencies, vs. Palestinians (or those who might be mistaken for Palestinians) unjustifiably shot by Israeli police, border patrol, soldiers, etc., in Israel & the Occupied Territories. Is that correct?

    • lysias, From EJI -

      ' Congress never passed an anti-lynching bill, instead capitulating to Southern politicians who argued that such legislation constituted racial “favoritism”...'

      Can't make this stuff up.

    • lysias, "When blacks were lynched in the old Jim Crow South, it was often after a woman had actually been raped."

      That's been a commonly held belief in this country since even before that old film, 'The Birth of a Nation'. It almost excuses lynchings, as other people think 'Well, if my daughter, wife, mother or sister were raped, I'd want to kill the guy, too'. Problem is, that isn't why most of those thousands of black people were lynched. Less than 20% were accused of raping anybody. And of the roughly 19% who were, many of the women eventually recanted, or were found to have simply lied about being attacked, after it was too late.

      They were primarily lynched for being 'uppity', for not knowing their place. Willie James Howard, 15 years old, a little bit 'slow', but always happy & friendly , was lynched for giving a white girl a Xmas card. Jesse Thornton was lynched for referring to a white man without using the title 'mister'. Jeff Brown was lynched for accidentally bumping into a white girl while he was running to catch a train. Black soldiers, returning from the battlefield, were lynched for refusing to take off their military uniforms on demand.

      Black people were often "lynched for social grievances like speaking disrespectfully, refusing to step off the sidewalk, using profane language, using an improper title for a white person, suing a white man, arguing with a white man, bumping into a white woman, and insulting a white person".

    • diasp0ra, Your post reminded me of this piece I read on 972 Mag. It's by a young Palestinian-Israeli woman named Towibah Majdoob.

      " Today I am afraid that my Israeli neighbor will discover my Handala necklace, which I have been wearing for years, and call the police. Today I fear that my Israeli neighbor will find out that Arabic is my native tongue, and that my small apartment in Tel Aviv is the source of the smells of majadra and pita with za’atar that fill the building, and that my computer speakers are the ones playing the voice of Umm Kulthum in the evening.

      Today I will try to hide my ‘R’s and ‘A’s, every suspiciously prounounced letter in my speech, so that the Israelis do not suspect me. So that neither the police nor an armed passerby executes me.

      I do not want my very existence to worry anyone. In my small bag are several academic articles — Edward Said’s “The Betrayal of the Intellectuals” — and a small purse embroidered by a Palestinian woman from the Negev, which I bought two autumns ago. There is also a driver’s license and a photo of my mom, who passed away 10 years ago. I look at her every time I miss her, or whenever I am afraid I might forget what she looks like.

      I am afraid someone will be worried by my Arab facial features and decide to kill me on live television. If soldiers surround me with their guns pointed, how will I convince them that I cook my own food, that I recently found out that I even cook well (and savor the cooking experience), but have yet to master using the big knife? How will I convince them that I am afraid of large or even medium-sized knives? If they surround me, how will I convince them that I can only use a small fruit knife to slice meat, or that I am afraid of all knives? How will I convince them that I am a PhD student at Tel Aviv University?

      Today I am afraid that someone will be afraid of me. Today I am afraid of everything around me. Afraid that someone will knock on my door.

      Today I was afraid I would mistakenly call my brother by his name, Arafat, when he called to ask how I was doing while I was walking outside. I was afraid to say: “Hello, ahlan, Arafat,” lest they suspect and execute me.

      We live here and we understand our blood is cheap — cheaper than anything you can imagine. "

    • Zaghlul, That's true, but we must give credit where credit's due. Claiming the man's death was merely an unavoidable 'oopsy', is at least an improvement over Bibi's favorite, claiming the Palestinians did it, just to make Israel look bad.

    • Btw, it's pretty ironic that the victim was seeking asylum in Israel, because he couldn't feel safe in his former country.

    • "And completely foreseeable by the true perpetrator of the attack. His blood is on the hands of the terrorist who committed this stabbing attack."

      Well, of course. The true perpetrator must have realized that Israeli law enforcement, joined by a lynch mob spewing hatred, would murder an Eritrean asylum seeker, who they decided looked kinda' like a Bedouin. That was to be expected. And what if their victim were a Bedouin? He could still have been perfectly innocent of any crime, right? He could have been one of those innocent Bedouins. But, although the guy they killed was clearly unarmed & greatly outnumbered, they chose against taking him into custody & questioning/interrogating him, opting to execute him instead, with no real evidence of his guilt. The late true perpetrator, evil genius that he was, knew they were going to do that.

  • In Israel/Palestine, Jewish attackers are arrested, Palestinian suspects are shot
    • DaBakr, "It is MUCH harder to get a permit to own a handgun in Israel then the US "

      That certainly doesn't apply to settlers in the Occupied Territories. The Israeli government strongly encourages them to have guns.

  • East Jerusalem is closed for Palestinians, but settlers march unimpeded
    • Mooser, What an interesting mind you have! :-)

    • " At least Putin claimed Nikita gave the Crimea away without permission and he took it back "

      A couple of thoughts come to mind. First, Crimea held a referendum, in which 97% of the citizens voted to leave Ukraine & join Russia. They then declared their independence, in the spirit of self-determination, & requested to join the Russian Federation. This should not have surprised anyone. Year after year, in poll after poll, the vast majority of Crimeans said they wanted to secede from Ukraine. And in the last census, 84% of Crimeans listed Russian as their native language. Only 3% listed Ukrainian. Most of the people living there are ethnic Russians, not Ukrainians.

      Another difference is that the US, & its allies, have punished Russia (& Crimea) with harmful economic sanctions. To my knowledge, no sanctions have been levied on Israel.

  • Mourners of Gaza mother and child killed in airstrike urge resistance-- '3rd, 4th, 5th intifada, whatever it takes'
    • Jackdaw, The next 'major difference', is that the Israelis have been given state of the art weaponry by the US, France, & others. Subsequently, they have a powerful army, navy, & air force, with fighter planes, attack drones, Blackhawk helicopters, battleships, submarines, 3-ton bombs, satellite surveillance, phosphorous bombs, tear gas, skunk trucks, armored tanks, an iron dome, stun grenades, cluster bombs, hundreds of nuclear weapons (aka Weapons of Mass Destruction), etc., etc. But the Palestinians have none of that stuff. It's most certainly not a fair fight.

    • Jackdaw, " A major difference is that Palestinian driver deliberately set out to murder unarmed civilians, while the IDF unintentionally caused collateral damage and death."

      Au contraire! The 20 year old Pal's 1st & 2nd targets were uniformed IDF soldiers. The 2 civilians (who, like the soldiers, are still very much alive) were only "collateral damage". When they tried to intervene, he tried to defend himself. And as I mentioned, he is in custody & unlike Israel, will be punished for his actions.

      " Anyone here see the difference?"

      Of course the real major difference is that one side is the occupier, the other the occupied, for 48 years now, & counting. The occupier steals their land, water, & other natural resources, regularly kills their women & children, tortures them, imprisons them, & humiliates them on a daily basis. What exactly do you expect?

    • Hi Irvi, You wrote " It seems that nobody here read that in the very same day a guy from Um El Fahm run with his car into several people and after wounding them also got down from the car and shot them from close distance. "

      I suspect you're thinking of a recent incident where a young Palestinian Israeli drove his car into a female soldier, then got out & stabbed her & another soldier, plus 2 civilians. No shooting occurred, from "close" or any other distance. That perpetrator was apprehended & will be severely punished for his attack. The Israelis, however, will get away with theirs. Also, unlike the pregnant girl & her 2 year old daughter in Dan's article, none of the victims in Um El Fahm were killed. There was no loss of life. Another major difference is that his article refers to the actions of a state, the Israeli government, 'democratically' representing the Israeli populace, but the incident you brought up is the act of a lone individual, representing no one but himself.

  • What's behind Netanyahu's war on stone throwers
    • From Wiki --

      Jewish Israeli stone throwing refers to the Israeli practice of throwing stones at others, usually either at Palestinians by settlers or by Orthodox Jews to force their religious beliefs on others. The practice among Israel's ultra-orthodox has been documented in Jerusalem since the early 1970s. Stone throwing has been used by Israeli settlers to prevent Palestinians from using roads the settlers consider theirs. Traditionally, the Israeli military and police have been more lenient when it comes to stone throwing attacks by Israeli Jews than by Palestinians or Israeli Arabs, leading to the growth of the practice.

      Throwing stones has been used historically by Jews as a means to fight better-armed authorities or to control communal conduct. Israel has been no exception.

      According to Hebrew University academic Yehoshua Kolodny, stone-throwing was prominent in an old Yiddish song his mother sang to him as a child and that had been popular among Bund workers. The song was about resistance to state violence by Jews living in the Russian empire:Loifn polizei farbei − di kinder varfen shteyner. ‏('The police are running to and fro − the children are throwing stones.'‏) ' In 1902 in Minsk in Imperial Russia, Jewish Bund supporters - a trade union movement that also wanted cultural autonomy for Jews - would often throw stones at police. For instance a December 1902 proclamation from the Jewish Independent Workers Party ahead of a planned demonstration called for members to "bring stones to throw at the police if they are detained or if the demonstrators meet with barriers."

      It also played a role in the creation of Israel, both in fighting the British and in expelling Palestinians from their homes in what became Israel in 1948. In 1947 after the Jewish Irgun had kidnapped and killed two British sergeants - hanging their bodies in a grove of trees with an anti-personnel mine underneath, British soldiers rampaged in Tel Aviv in retaliation, vandalizing shops and cars. Young Jews in Tel Aviv responded by taking to the streets and stoning British military patrols. The events and their aftermath came to be known as the The Sergeants affair.

      In the aftermath of the Deir Yassin massacre of 1948, carried out by the Israeli Irgun and Stern Gang militias and that resulted in over 100 Palestinian villagers killed, Palestinian survivors were loaded into trucks and then paraded through West Jerusalem while Jews spat at them and threw stones at them.

      Throwing stones at cars that were seen to break the Sabbath is practiced among the ultra-Orthodox community of Jews, such as the Hasidim community. At the request of the Jerusalem police, the practice was halted during the first intifada. In Mea Shearim women who sport ‘immodest dress’ have often been subject to stoning. Sometimes, the Haredi stone throwing has a political nature, to protest the arrest of prominent members of the community arrested on suspicion of things like money-laundering and tax fraud. Palestinians in Shuafat's refugee camp have been targeted by the ultra-orthodox from Ramat Shlomo, the Hassan Bek Mosque in Jaffa was stoned in October 2000 by Jews, who tried to set it on fire, in the wake of demonstrations and rioting by Israeli Arabs elsewhere in Israel, including local rioting and stone throwing in Jaffa.

      Peter Beinart writes that similarities exist between political reactions in Israel and the United States to stone-throwing protests by Ethiopian Israelis and Afro-Americans. One condemns the violence, but calls are made to look into and attend to the problems that give rise to such episodes. He then asks why Israeli attitudes are different if the stone-throwers are Palestinians. In the former instances, he argues, the grievances behind the violence are acknowledged and promises are made to redress them. The IDF website brands all Palestinian stone-throwing as 'unprovoked', and as 'threats to the stability of the region', and yet Beinart thinks it absurd to characterize behaviour by 'people who have lived for almost a half-century under military law and without free movement, citizenship or the right to vote,' unprovoked."

      In May 2015 The Netherlands warned its citizens about travelling near West Bank settlements in the following terms.

      "Jewish settlers live in illegal settlements in the West Bank . . These settlers organize on a regular basis demonstrations close to the roads. These demonstrations are sometimes violent. This happens when settlers throw rocks toward Palestinian and foreign vehicles."

      The warning specifically identified the hills around Hebron and Nablus as potentially dangerous, where the "extremist settlers are liable to be hostile."


      Haredi attacks, involving both stone throwing, violent clashes with the police, vandalism arson at bus stops, broke out in 1985-1986 to protest posters showing what they regarded as immodest women.


      Jewish Orthodox Israelis threw stones at passing cars throughout the year to protest infractions of the Sabbath. Large scale protests broke out, involving stone throwing in June and July in response to the opening of a car park near the Old Quarter of Jerusalem. On 9 August, the Jerusalem city mayor Nir Barkat was stoned by dozens of ultra-orthodox demonstrators who held him responsible for the car park's opening.


      April 12, 2011 Jewish settlers from Itzhar in the West Bank, some wearing masks, threw stones at the Palestinian villages of Asira al-Qibliya and Urif. The incident was caught on film and showed Israeli soldiers standing by as the settlers threw stones at the Palestinians. When the Palestinians responded in kind, the Israeli soldiers fired in the air and fired tear gas at the Palestinians.

      24 January 2012 Natali Mashiah was attacked in her car by a group of stone-throwing Israeli Orthodox Jews in Beit Shemesh. The mob smashed her cars windows, slashed her tires, poured bleach over the inside of her car and threw a rock that hit her in the head as she fled the scene on foot. Ms. Mashiah said she believed the men intended to burn her alive. Before the attack one of the men involved called her a "slut." "I thought, this was it, this is the end, I am going to die," she told Israeli newspaper Harretz. "The look in their eyes reminded me of the lynching in Ramallah," a reference to the 2000 killing of 2 Israeli reservists by Palestinians in the West Bank city of Ramallah. "I yelled to them, 'But I'm Jewish,'" she said.

      19 May 2012 Fathi Asayira from the West Bank village of Asira al-Qibliya was shot in the head by an Israeli from the Yitzhar settlement during a confrontation that began with the settlers, some masked and carrying firearms, pelting Palestinian villagers' homes with stones. Israeli human rights group B'Tselem obtained video of the incident that showed Israeli soldiers and police failing to intervene to protect the Palestinians. Mr. Asayira survived his wounds. Five other Palestinians were also wounded.

      June 19, 2012 Vered Daniel and her 7-month-old child were attacked by stone-wielding Israeli Orthodox Jewish men in Beit Shemesh. The attack was due to what the men considered her "immodest" clothing - a long, baggy black dress. She was pelted with stones, at one time while holding her child, on multiple occasions over ten minutes. "These were massive rocks. I held my hands up but they wouldn't stop," she told Israeli news site Ynet. There were no arrests.


      10 May 2013 Thousands of Israeli Orthodox Jewish teenagers threw stones and water battles at supporters of Women of the Wall, which wants Jewish women to be allowed to pray at the Western Wall in Jerusalem's Old City. The women were praying near the site. Orthodox teens pelted the women with stones as they were escorted by Israeli police out of the area. Three of the men were arrested.

      6 January 2014 Masked Israelis from the Yitzhar settlement went to the village of 'Urif near Nablus in the West Bank to vandalize a reservoir project being constructed with money from USAID and to throw stones at a Palestinian home and at a local school. Israeli soldiers accompanied the settlers and stood by while they carried out the attack, according to footage of the incident released by Israeli human rights group B'Tselem. The attack lasted for about 50 minutes. None of the Israeli soldiers on site took action to stop it, or to arrest the perpetrators. "The filmed record of the incident indicates that the soldiers acted with disregard to their duty to protect the Palestinians: they did not put an end to the violent acts they witnessed, responding only when Palestinians threw stones back at the settlers," B'Tselem wrote of the incident. "The filmed record indicates that the military, which is required to defend Palestinians in the West Bank, in actual fact served as a security entourage for violent settlers. During the incident, the military backed the settlers in their assault on Palestinians and their property.

      June 2014 Jewish youths pelted Christian worshippers at the Church of the Multiplication in the Galilee.

      21 October 2014 Israeli Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem's Mea Shearim neighborhood threw stones at public buses and slashed their tires to protest advertisements depicting women and girls holding a Torah scroll and wearing prayer shawls, which the protesters deemed obscene. About 50 Orthodox Jews participated in the violence. The advertisements were placed by a group called "Women of the Wall" which wants female Jews to be allowed to pray at the Western Wall in Jerusalem on the grounds of equal rights. There were no arrests.

      December 4, 2014 two settlers passing through a checkpoint to an Israelis-only road in the West Bank city of Hebron had a stone thrown at their car. The settlers stopped and threw stones, smashing the windshields of nearby parked cars and eggs that were waiting to be picked up at the checkpoint by a Palestinian shopkeeper in Hebron. The Palestinian car owners complained at the destruction to Israeli soldiers and police on the scene. The two settlers were allowed to drive on unimpeded. The incident was captured on video.

      January 2, 2015 Jewish Israelis from the illegal Adei Ad settlement outpost in the West Bank threw stones at cars carrying US diplomats to inspect the site of suspected settler destruction of olive trees owned by Palestinians. The cars were only lightly damaged and there were no injuries. There were no arrests.

      March 22, 2015 A 6-year-old Palestinian girl from the West Bank village of al-Tuba, near the illegal Jewish settlement of Ma'on, was hurt when a settler threw a rock at her and hit her in the head. She was not seriously hurt.

      June 3, 2015 Several Palestinian vehicles were damaged when Israeli settlers near the Nablus area settlement of Ma'ale Efrayim threw stones at passing traffic.

      8 August 2015 Israeli settlers attacked the home of Mahmoud Fazza al-Kaabna, east of the village of Taybeh, in the West Bank, with stones and firebombs. Mr. Kaabna was struck by one of the stones but unhurt, while the firebombs failed to burn his house down.

    • Re: stone throwers - The ultra-Orthodox Israelis have a habit of throwing stones at the police during their frequent protests against one thing or another, as well as the cars of anyone foolish enough to drive through their neighborhoods on Shabbat, & on female tourists walking around with exposed elbows. Would those minimum sentences also apply to Israeli Jews?

  • Berkeley human welfare commissioner fired for backing occupation divestment resolution
    • This is an intro to John Gertz. Three years ago, AFTER Gertz led these 2 projects, Darryl Moore appointed him to Berkeley's Peace & Justice Commission. What an interesting choice.

      "... A few East Bay individuals are threatening to bankrupt the Berkeley Daily Planet unless it stops publishing criticisms of Israel’s policies and actions—opinions and ideas they brand “anti-Semitic.”

      Some of them have been contacting the paper’s advertisers, urging them to cancel their contracts. One has created a website dedicated to attacks on the paper.

      The expressed goal, in the words of an April 21 e-mail from one of them to the Planet’s executive editor, is to make the Daily Planet “reform, or close, or bleed money until you are forced out of business or die broke.”

      The Planet is by no means Gertz’s only target—he has been a vindictive fanatic for many years, going ballistic when any possible criticism of Israel is discussed. When the council voted in 2005 to ask for an investigation of Rachel Corrie’s death, he took out after councilmembers who voted to support the inquiry. From an online report at the time:

      “For Gertz, his vendetta over the Corrie vote goes beyond the Peace and Justice Commission. He is focusing on future mayoral elections when two councilmembers who voted for the Corrie resolution, Linda Maio and Kriss Worthington, might run for the city’s top job.

      “The real political objective is that Maio is going down and so is Worthington,” Gertz said in a phone interview, but didn’t specify how he would ensure their defeat. “They refused to rescind their vote on Corrie. That’s it for them. They’re toast.”..."

  • 'Jimmy Carter's cancer is God's punishment,' says leading Israeli newspaper
    • And Carter will be 91 next month.

    • From Wiki's piece on the Pulsa diNura -- Oh, My!!
      "Accusations of the use of this curse by religious Jews against Jewish figures who have committed major transgressions has been made often over the past 50 years and quoted mostly in Israeli media. As the saying goes in Israel "you have not made it in Israeli politics until you've been cursed by the Pulsa DiNura." Early in the 20th century, Haredi Jews in Jerusalem were accused by the media of having recited the curse against the linguist Eliezer Ben Yehuda. There have been unsubstantiated media reports of the curse being recited against archaeologists and authors. Prior to the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, there were reports that the curse had been recited against him. On February 26, 2012, Tamar Yonah of interviewed Yosef Dayan, who with rabbinical guidance was involved in the Pulsa DiNura of Yitzhak Rabin and Ariel Sharon.

      Avigdor Eskin, a member of the Gush Emunim (bloc of the faithful) claimed to have recited the following maledictions of the Pulsa diNura on the night of October 6, 1995: "Angels of destruction will hit him. He is damned wherever he goes. His soul will instantly leave his body... and he will not survive a month. Dark will be his path and God's angel will chase him. A disaster he has never experienced will befall him and all curses known in the Torah will apply to him. I deliver to you, the angels of wrath and ire, Yitzhak, the son of Rosa Rabin, that you may smother him and the specter of him, and cast him into hell, and dry up his wealth, and plague his thoughts, and scatter his mind that he may be steadily diminished until he reaches his death. Put to death the cursed Yitzhak. May he be damned, damned, damned!"
      Rabin was assassinated within the month.

      In July 2005, the Israeli media, without citing sources, reported that opponents of the Gaza pullout plan recited the Pulsa diNura in the old cemetery of Rosh Pina, asking the "Angel of Death" to kill Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Six months later Sharon suffered two strokes and was in a coma, fighting for his life, until his death on January 11, 2014. Of course, most analysts think this was due to his age (77) and obesity.

      Reportedly, ten rabbis and kabalists instigated the same curse at the gravesite near Safed several months prior to the assassination of former prime minister Yitzhak Rabin.

      On November 7, 2006 the HaEdah HaCharedis said it was considering placing the curse on the organizers of the gay pride parade scheduled to march in Jerusalem on November 10, 2006. Israel Army Radio interviewed Rabbi Shmuel Papenheim who announced, “The Rabbinical Court has held a special session and discussed placing a ‘pulsa denura’ on those who have had a hand in organizing the march.” Papenheim, editor of the haredi religious umbrella organization’s weekly magazine, added that the rabbis were also considering placing the curse “against the policemen who beat haredi Jews.”

  • On the Road to Tantura: Interview with Hala Gabriel
    • Mooser, " You have to understand, “Jon s” has a dual-loyalty problem. He’ll never be loyal to Israel, because he can scurry back to the US after he steals whatever it is he thinks he wants Palestine. Israel can’t survive people like that. "

      Israel, Schmisreal. It doesn't do all that much for the US either.

    • Jackdraw, "How is it that there’s no mention in Hala’s article that 13 Jewish Alexandroni Brigade soldiers died in the battle for Tantura? "

      Maybe because the topic wasn't really about 'Zionist soldiers who died in battle when they attacked a civilian Palestinian village, whose villagers tried to defend themselves with a handful of old WWI rifles'. It was about the cold blooded slaughter of captured POWs & unarmed non-combatants after they'd already surrendered. Apples & oranges.

    • Dear Bumblebye, Really? Oh. Okay. Thank you!

    • Stephen, I give up. The full link shows up fine, until I click 'Post Comment'. Then most of it vanishes. Poof!!

      The piece is titled -- The ICRC and the Detention of Palestinian Civilians in Israel's 1948 POW Labor Camps. It's on

    • Stephen Shenfield, I first heard of Israel's forced labor camps from Ghada Karmi's book "Married to Another Man". She said that although they were set up during the 1948-9 war, the prisoners were typically held for between 2 to 5 years, with most being released by 1955. And that many of the guards were German Jews who'd escaped from Nazi Germany.

      As Israel & the Red Cross open the relevant archives, more information is becoming available about the system. There were 5 official camps, visited by the ICRC, but around 17 more that the Israelis kept off the radar. The latter, of course, were often the worst. At one point, 82% of the 'official' prisoners were Palestinian civilians, unarmed, non-combatants, (even some as young as 12). Since you could be shot for trying to escape, they just claimed you'd tried to escape whenever they shot you. Here's a link to an article that might interest you.

    • Oooops! I meant 'veterans' of the Alexandroni Brigade.

    • DaBakr, "...he publicly apologized before the court then-a day later retracted his retraction.'

      Katz was under intense pressure to capitulate, by his family, friends, & the fellow Zionists on his kibbutz. Plus, he 'began to suffer an aneurysm during the proceedings'. Also, some of the people he interviewed, both Palestinian & Israeli eyewitnesses, were very uncomfortable about testifying against the Brigade in a public trial, & starting claiming they couldn't remember what they'd told him. And the trial itself was a lawsuit brought by the Alexandroni Brigade, suing him for a million shekels, which if he lost, he couldn't pay. He deeply regretted signing the settlement on the drive home on the night he signed it. But the courts ( & I assume, the applicable laws) wouldn't allow him to change his mind. The last I heard, he still fervently believes the Tantura massacre occurred.

    • DaBakr, Also, you said "The student (he was almost 60 yrs old) Katz that presented this thesis of massacre was discredited in both lower and higher Israeli courts..."

      I think that could be a little misleading. There was the start of a trial, then an out of court settlement, privately, during a 5 hour meeting between Katz & the lawyers for both sides. They hadn't even gotten to presenting his defense yet. The only ruling by the court was that the settlement he signed was legally binding. Nothing more. And the only ruling by the High Court was a refusal to accept his appeal, because the lower court judge's ruling that the papers he signed were legally binding were correct. The courts never issued any ruling concerning the accuracy of his thesis, or whether he was guilty or innocent of libel.

    • Hi DaBakr, I don't mean to intrude, but I'm confused by your posts on this issue. Are you saying you don't believe the massacre at Tantura took place, or that you don't believe there's enough evidence to know one way or the other, or are you claiming 'no' massacres were committed by the Zionists/Israelis? Also, are you denying that Palestinians were held in Israel's forced labor camps?

  • Churchill, Iran & 'Duck Dynasty': Mike Huckabee brings his presidential bid to the Israeli settlements
    • Those AIPAC funded TV ads I'm bombarded with, members of Congress opposed to the deal, Republican presidential hopefuls, & even Bibi himself keep stressing that they only object to this particular "bad deal", & simply want us to impose harsher sanctions on Iran, enabling us to negotiate a "better deal". Yet Huckabee said "and also to show solidarity to the Israeli people and to show their extreme disgust with any deal with Iran. " ANY deal? Any at all?

  • Time Warner executive moonlights as speechwriter for Netanyahu
  • Spanish Jews resisted oppression in tunnels and, exiled, clutched their keys
    • Catalan, "The heart of Sepharadic culture in Europe was Thesalonikki. All Jews there were killed. That must warm your heart, a place emptied of Jews. The joy you and Giles must feel. "

      I've never seen anyone here call for the killing of Jews ( in Israel or the diaspora), Palestinians, or anybody else. That's a pretty nasty straw man you've created.

      Btw, if you're referring to the wish for removal of the half million or so Israeli Jews who are squatting in the Palestinian Occupied Territories, they have no legal right to be there in the 1st place. Plus, those settlements are clearly meant to steal other people's land & water by aggressively establishing 'facts on the ground'. So they're not only illegal, they're also unethical & immoral.

  • 12 pretty good signs you're vacationing in an apartheid country
    • Dear Double, It appears that most of the posters here are Jews. Can't you see why they might shed tears of sadness & shame at the injustices, brutalities, & humiliations committed by a group of their own people, calling themselves the 'Jewish state', flying a flag with the Star of David on it, & whose highest leader claims to speak for all of world Jewry?

      As for 'terrorists', it should go without saying to any reasonable person, that the vast majority of Palestinians subjected to nearly 50 years & counting of Israel's 'belligerent occupation' (the legal term), were not & are not terrorists. Many, perhaps most, of Israel's victims are just ordinary babies, children, women, & the elderly.

      Plus, there is something to the idea that one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. It's said there are 3 main categories of terrorism, -- non-state terrorism, Al-Qaeda for example, -- pre-state terrorism like that employed by the Irish & the Zionists to gain their states, -- & state terrorism. Bill Moyers (among others) has stated that Israel is guilty of state-terrorism. The question "Who is a terrorist?", like the question "Who is a Jew?", can have more than one answer, depending upon your perspective.

  • Netanyahu and the unraveling of the British Jewish consensus
  • Netanyahu flails against int'l conspiracy, as liberal Zionists seek orange revolution against 'fading strongman'
    • piotr, I preferred the 'Thanks, goodbye' ad. I especially liked the part where Netanyahu took down the framed photo of himself next to Sheldon Adelson, & packed it away.

  • Israeli Supreme Court upholds law allowing housing discrimination against Palestinians
    • DS, You're concerned that "Arabs don't serve in the army or pull their fair share in the country", yet ask for equal rights. Of course, Israel's Ultra-Orthodox Jews aren't exactly known for their willingness to serve in the IDF, to follow the laws of the land, or to contribute much to the tax base. When they riot, they call the police "Nazis", & their attitude toward the Israeli government generally seems to be hostile. Would you also say the Haredim should have been stripped of their civil rights?

  • Elizabeth Warren says killing Palestinian civilians is 'the last thing Israel wants'
  • Hope in the one state solution 
  • ‘Lone soldiers’ and young ideologues from around the world contribute to Israeli war crimes
    • Norman F.,
      "Of course, anti-Semites and Israel haters are quick to label Jews fighting for Israel as mercenaries."

      I've never seen that accusation by anyone. Would you mind offering a couple of links?

      "They’re not doing for it money or to advance nefarious goals but out of a strong sense of identification with Israel and its people."

      If their identification with Israel & its people is so strong that it makes them want to participate in killing women, children, & babies trapped in a concentration camp, perhaps they should consider moving to Israel. The Israelis would welcome them.

  • Attacks on demonstrators in Rome
    • Kay24, Re: That IDF video of the mortar attack at the UN school - One of the newswomen on CNN Sunday, mentioned that it not only had no time stamp, it didn't even have a date stamp on it. It could have been from years ago. She asked the Israeli spokesman if the reason they had released it with the time & date stamps removed was for military secrets & national security, & he said 'yes'. I don't understand that.

  • 'Can you tell who is an Arab?' appeal is tax-deductible
    • Mahane, You've been trying to conflate your belief that Arab men are imprisoning their Jewish wives within Palestinian towns, with what appears to be your all-time-favorite movie, "Not Without My Daughter". First, I'm surprised you didn't know this, but Iran is not an Arab state. Iranians aren't Arabs. Secondly, while Iranians rule Iran, Israeli Jews rule Palestinian towns & villages, whether they're in Israel or the West Bank. ( Hint: That's why they call the West Bank "Occupied Territory". The Palestinians in the OT are subject to the whims & wishes of the guys who are actually in charge, the armed, bored Israeli soldiers & the armed, fanatical Jewish settlers.) And yet you believe that tens of thousands of Israeli Jewish women are being held in the Palestinians' villages against their will? Amazing!!

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