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  • (Updated) In Photos: Worldwide protest against Israeli attack on Gaza
  • Israeli forces shell UN school where displaced Palestinians gathered, killing at least 9
    • Here we go with the Russified syntax again. All of a sudden there’s a Faberge egg in his mouth, and he can’t talk.

      Maybe you don't care but when you spamming the thread with so many comments, you only divert the topic to Mahane's topic. So, please stop with your endless comments.

    • @Walid:

      Thanks for copying my comment, since it is still relevant. Declaring that I am proud of Israel (and I still), doesn't mean that I am happy that kids were killed. I sure and I hope that many here that support Hamas don't happy that Israeli are killed. Now, read again my comment and see there is nothing there that I have to apologize or ashamed.

    • @lysias;

      I ought to express this lawyer’s opinion, in case Mahane’s threat disturbs anyone at this site...

      I participate in this site for a year and, although I am a Zionist and support my country, I never, never went to ad hominem and never attack personally. If you are an honest man, you should not agree ad hominem against me, although I am not under my real name like many here. sefoid comment saying I want more kids will be killed is a libel. I am a man of peace and want to live with peace with my neighbors, not to kill their kids. I please ask you to ask the editor to delete the ugly comment seafoid wrote against me. I do thank you in advance.

    • @lysias:

      I was polite and I used delicate language.

    • @Walid:

      Should make Mahane very proud.

      Walid, look, I respect your opinions although I don't agree with most of them. What you are doing now is unfair and put me in a position that I don't deserve. I appreciate if you withdraw from this statement.

  • 'No food, no water to revive awaiting certain death...': Horrifying report from Khuza'a village following Israeli attack
  • 'Slate' blames Birthright for indoctrinating American Jew who was killed fighting for Israel
    • @Shingo:

      That’s almost too funny coming from someone who refuses to provided sources as a matter of principal.

      Nonsense. I always provide sources like articles and videos. Check my profile before you write wrong information.

      No it doesn’t, it shows that poor schmucks who are forced to serve under Israeli laws are being sacrificed for Netanyahu’s political ambitions. ISrael are not defending themselves, they started the war.

      See my other reply to you in the same subject.

    • The word "Taglit" means "discovery" and the eye in the middle of the Shield of David (Star of David) is watching toward Israel.

    • @Marnie:

      I have been told Ethiopian soldiers are put in very “hot” spots. I don’t know why, but something tells me, if this is true, that racism is involved, “you’re not really one of us, so you’re more expendable” otherwise known as being “Uriah” (not official, just my idea).

      One of the bizarre comments I read in MW and I wonder why no one asks you for "source". I sure you don't really know the Israeli society and how really things going in the IDF. Until now, Israel announced 32 dead soldiers in Gaza and many injured. If you check the list you will find that all the range of Israeli society is represented, including "Ethiopians" (meaning, Jews from Ethiopian origin, most of them were born in Israel) and yes, love it or not, also Palestinians soldiers are serving in the IDF, serving their country. This high number of dead and injured soldiers shows that we are ready to die to defend our homeland and families, no matter your sophisticated analyses. The Palestinians know it, also MW readers should know.

    • @seafoid:

      Thank you very much for uploading those two videos in MondoWeiss.

  • The deafening silence around the Hamas proposal for a 10-year truce
    • @Shingo:

      The building was not being used, so no, it’s not.

      I sure that most readers here, even the anti-Israeli readers, think it is strange argument. It seems to me that you are desperate and invent explanations for any situation since it is hard to you to condemn any act of Hamas.

    • @talknic:

      If UNRWA handed them to Hamas where’s the problem?

      No problem at all, talknic. Storage of missiles in school where children suppose to learn, is a legal act under the international law. You are the man of the international law and I sure you will find the correct UN resolution declares that all Hamas activities are legal.

    • Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird condemned Tuesday rockets which were discovered in a UNRWA run school in Gaza, and also the fact that the UN organization in all likelyhood, passed the rockets to Hamas officials.

      “Even more alarming were reports that in the first case, officials with the United Nations returned these weapons to Hamas, a listed terrorist organization, once Israeli officials discovered their location.",7340,L-4548492,00.html

    • BRUSSELS (EJP)---The European Union on Tuesday strongly condemned ‘’the indiscriminate firing of rockets into Israel by Hamas and militant groups in the Gaza Strip, directly harming civilians.’’

      At a press conference after the ministerial meeting, EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said all ministers recognized ‘’Israel's legitimate right to defend itself against any attacks’’ but the EU statement underlines that the Israeli military operation “must be proportionate and in line with international humanitarian law.’’

      ‘’While fully recognizing Israel's legitimate security needs, the EU underlines that the humanitarian and socio-economic situation in Gaza must be addressed. It reiterates its call for the immediate, sustained and unconditional opening of crossings for the flow of humanitarian aid, commercial goods and persons to and from the Gaza Strip, in line with UNSC resolution 1860 (2009),’’ the statement said.

  • 'Telegenically Dead': Israel’s crumbling media war
    • @Shingo:

      (Hamas) Goals.
      1. To end the blockade of Gaza
      2. End the attacks by Israel
      3. End the occupation

      All three goals were already achieved on August 15, 2005, when Israel withdrew from Gaza strip, 8,600 Israeli citizens were evacuated and 21 Israeli villages were destroyed. By doing so, Israel ended the occupation. Israel didn't impose any blockade on Gaza strip, only after the Palestinians started to create home-made missiles, smuggled missiles and launched them on Israeli cities and towns. So, now they are fighting, as you say, for goals that they already had without fighting.

    • @Shing:

      No. It suggests that Netenayhu is prepared so sacrifice them for his own political ambitions. Israel is not defending it’s homeland. They have no clear goals or strategy, but are fumbling their way through this with zero success.

      Are these solid facts or just your assumptions? If you present yourself as one who knows everything going on the battlefield, I wonder if you can tell us about the goals and successes of Hamas.

    • @Inanna:

      Al-Qassam Brigades were claiming 52 Israeli soldiers dead last time I checked a few hours back.

      ...and Al-Qassam Brigades were not claiming its dead fighters nor release photos of them.

      I think the Israeli govt is slow in releasing info on the dead partly to stem the pushback against such a high number.

      ...and this high number shows us that the Israelis are willing to die in order to defend their homeland no less than the Palestinians.

    • Page: 11
    • @Seafoid:

      Thanks for the video. Here are more videos of Lucy Aharish speaking with Palestinian journalists:

    • @Ritzl:

      600 dead in Gaza is the equivalent of 90,000 dead in the US (600*150).

      1450 missiles launched from Gaza is the equivalent of 217,500 missiles launched from Cuba to USA (1450*150).

  • The fascists wanted to murder us: An eyewitness account of Haifa's anti-war protest
    • @shingo:

      Cue MY1 to tell us this never happened and that brotherly love was felt by all and the call for peace was sung in unity.

      No, I won't tell you this never happened, but since you called me, I can tell you that the Palestinian community leaders in Haifa were against those protesters. The same occurred in Nazareth.

  • Netanyahu's latest 'cartoon evidence': racist image identifying Muslims with terror
  • Finally, Israel is alienating the US mainstream media
    • Mooser:

      “We” should be careful? Hey mehane, are you “settling” in here? Want me to subdivide my property and give you half, or should I take it from my neighbor?

      No, I don't want nothing from you, just stop analyze each word in my comments, usually out of topic.

      My name is Mahane, not Mehane. In Hebrew, Mehane is Enjoyable thing causes good feeling, and I don't think people here think that Zionist like me is Mehane.

    • @Walid:

      Mahane, Israel has now admitted to 29 deaths, it still has 21 more to admit to. In time the number of declared dead will increase and Israel will simply say that the additional deaths were results of seriously injured soldiers having died. Usual Israeli lying.

      I am reading the same sources as you, like Al-Jazeera in Arabic, and I believe there is something in those reports. But, again, I sure Israel will announce about all dead IDF soldiers after full identification. Today, I learnt from Israel TV Channel 2, that the process of the identification is not easy since many soldiers were killed by anti-tank weapon (Cornet) and actually no much remained from their bodies.

      Israel is not lying in this case. Israel has its sensitivities and has to bring accurate information to the families. I sure you can understand that Israel is not Al-Jazeera and can't published the fact that there are dead soldiers before knowing their names. Just think what such report can do to thousands of families their sons are in Gaza.

      Of course, sometimes IDF, like all armies in the world, lying to families about the CAUSES their sons were killed in order to prevent from the enemy sensitive information, like sensitive places attacked by missiles or destruction of sensitive infrastructure.

      BTW, Walid, those 40 dead IDF soldiers were killed in several different combats with Hamas fighters. Until now, Hamas didn't announce about its dead fighters and I didn't see even not one photo of dead fighters although thousands of photos and videos from Gaza were published around the world. It seems to me that Hamas hides this information.

    • @Walid;

      First, the correct word is Shayetet (not Shetayet). It comes from the Hebrew word Shayit (sailing, marine).

      The example you talk about is not what I mean. The families of the dead soldiers in the Mansouriyeh battle received the news about the death of their sons. Israel didn't hide the fact that they died, and this is the subject of my comment.

      Maybe you right and the number will be 50 or 100. But one thing I sure, Israel won't hide even the death of one soldier. BTW, Walid, those soldiers, 25 until now, 50 as you say, didn't die from road accidents, but in a battles with Hamas fighters.

    • @Walid;

      Yesterday morning (Sunday 21.7.14) you reported here that in addition to the 13 dead IDF soldiers there are more 20 dead, which today I can write it is not correct (I am not speaking about the 7 dead Israeli soldiers from today morning).

      I very appreciate your efforts to search the media and report here the news. But I think that sometimes we should be careful and wait a little before we publish the news. Not each report, even from a reliable source, is correct.

      I want to emphasize again and I hope I won't receive bad replies like yesterday: Israel never hide the news about dead soldiers. It takes little time before Israel announces the bad news since the bodies have to be first recognized by the families.

      Israel is a small country and it is impossible to hide a fact about Israeli soldier died in the battle.

  • Massacre in Gaza: At least 60 killed in Shuja'iyeh, over 60,000 in UN shelters
    • @Mooser:

      I please ask you to stop mocking my language. If not, I won't enter MW site, won't comment and won't reply to others. Tx.

    • @maximus:

      Hamas is not targetting civilians – have been killed in the past few days than in the past few years.

      Nonsense!!! Shooting missiles on civilians, hit or not hit, is a war crime. Don't try to play with calculations. We don't have to be killed to satisfy you.

      BTW, if you are from UK, please, on my behalf, thank to your government for supporting Israel.

    • @Mooser:

      Oh well, when you rate your Officers on Torah Knowledge and they know no more of tactics than a novice in a nunnery, these things can happen. Maybe somebody forgot to hold their arms up or something?

      I want to see the reactions here if I write same thing about dead Hamas fighters. It seems to me that in this site, no matter the rubbish you write, it will be published if it against Israel and Zionism.

    • Look, many were killed today, from Gaza and Israel. Indeed, many Palestinians were innocent civilians trapped between IDF and Hamas. But many others were Hamas fighters died in the battle with the IDF soldiers. Why all of you use the words "massacre" and "slaughter"?

      Maximus: Got a link? I mean, a direct link with a direct quote from a Hamas official, not a hasbara site. Yes, I got. Please, check my profile.

      Blah chick: I would call also Israel operation as self defense. IDF is defending the Israeli civilians from all those war criminals shooting missiles on Israeli cities and towns.

    • @Maximus:

      Someday, this lousy sound and light farce known as the "iron dome" will protect you.

    • It’s not a war. It’s a ghetto uprising.

      Na'am, Ya-seafoid, a very expensive ghetto. No problem, Qatar pays.

    • @Walid:

      I noticed that you use the word "admit" many times. Israel always announces the soldiers who fell in battle, but it usually takes a few hours to one day. The reason for this is simple: In Judaism, a deceased person must be identified by his family. Till this process is not complete, Israel doesn't announce about the dead soldiers. Moreover, Israel doesn't announce soldiers were killed before the final identification in order not to cause stress to thousands of families who have soldiers at the front. In case many soldiers died, like today, this process of identification is relatively long.

    • @Walid:

      Erdogan is a fake and one of Israel’s biggest fans.

      I am very surprised to read this comment. You wrote in reply to me, that Turkey helps Israel with oil supply. OK, let's say you right in this point but I assume Turkey did it to keep its economic interests in the region. But I wonder why did you conclude that Erdogan is "Israel’s biggest fans" after he said yesterday terrible things that no other leader, even Muslim, ever dared to say ("Israel is worse 100 times than Hitler" just one of his sayings).

    • OK, five minutes ago Israel announced that 13 IDF soldiers died in the battle in Gaza. the IDF IDF encountered armed Hamas fighters and many explosives at homes and streets. Hamas asked the citizens not to leave their homes.

    • It is not a massacre, it was a battle between two armed groups, IDF and Hamas, in which several civilians, women and children, were in the middle. There are between 15 to 25 Israeli soldiers dead and several tens injured including battalion commanders, results of the heavy battle. please, wait until the evening (Israeli time) to the news and realize that the number is correct.

  • Palestinians celebrate report that Hamas captured Israeli soldier
    • Tzombo:

      I am sorry, but I am not interested in science fiction nor in fairy tales.

    • @Annie;

      OK, good!!! I want people here to know that there is a war between Hamas fighters and IDF fighters, not "massacres" and "slaughters" as you report here. In this war, there are many battles and many causalities to both sides. Those dead fighters, from both sides, fell in dignity, not like fish in the barrel. I think the Hamas fighter deserves from you little respect.

      settlers kidnapped a palestinian and killed him.

      When? It is something new from today or are you referring to Abu-Khdeir? If the later is correct, let me remind you that also 3 Israeli teens were kidnapped and killed. Both events are evil!!! and I condemn both of them.

    • Even it is truth that an Israeli soldier was captured by Hamas, I don't understand how peoples can celebrate with dancing and cakes in one of the terrible days of this war.

      BTW, Israel announced that Hamas fighters entered Israel. There are causalities among IDF soldiers. I don't have the number yet.

  • Gaza City resident Amal Sarsour: 'There is no place to go, death is around us all the time'
    • @Kay24:

      You are right just. This is going to backfire on Israel like never before. The entire world (except Bill Maher and the US of course)

      For the convenience of the readers that didn't hear about Bill Maher:

  • Israel is in a pickle
    • @Walid:

      Thanks Walid. Nice to know that ISIS members are our friend. I hope they are reading MW too.

    • @walid:

      Speaking of destruction, Israel’s pals in Mosul today burned down a Syrian Catholic church that’s 1836 years old. A clear message to Christian of Iraq.

      Speaking of destruction, Palestine's pals in Mosul today burned down a Syrian Catholic church that’s 1836 years old. A clear message to Christian of Iraq.

      I wonder how all of you would react if I write the same comment but replace "Israel" with "Palestine". I imagine that after several replies indicating I am a liar, you would ask for "sources". But not in this case, since it is clear to all MW readers that those Iraqi Muslims are "Israel's pals".

  • Gaza is a concentration camp, and it's an American delusion not to recognize that -- Weschler
    • @Qualtrough:

      Do you call long range missiles launched on civilians "means of resistance"? If yes, you are no more than war crimes supporter. Good to know, thanks.

    • A concentration camp with about 10,000 missiles, many of them long-range missiles, with a network of tunnels, each is built from 600,000 tons of cement. A concentration camp that has armed drones and an army of several thousand soldiers. A concentration camp controlled by an organization who do not care its own citizens...

      ...No, I am not speaking about Buchenwald nor about Bergen-Belsen.

  • First night of Israeli ground operations kills 27 Palestinians; Ambulances come under fire attempting to retrieve the injured
    • @Walid:

      Turkey talks big against Israel but actually continues being Israel’s biggest ass-kisser, ...

      I don't think Turkey is just "talking". Thursday night, the consulates of Israel in Istanbul and Ankara were attacked by a mob and according to Israeli channel 2 yesterday, the Turkey police didn't protect those consulates and let the mob attack them by stones chanting "Death to the Jews". Israeli foreign minister, Lieberman, called to the Israeli representatives families to leave Turkey and return to Israel. Israel called the Israeli citizens not visit Turkey.

  • 'We are moving from Iron Dome to an iron fist': Israel launches ground invasion of Gaza
    • @Annie Robins:

      Next time, better delete my comment but don't change its content. You are desperate.

    • @Shingo:

      it was odd that someone as illiterate as you...

      As usual, running to ad hominem is the best way to run from the subject. Why do you call me "Illiterate"? Can "illiterate" writes more than 1,000 comments and received many replies? Here are my comments:

      Can "illiterate" write such comments? If the answer is no, I please ask you to stop deal with my characters and deal with the subjects I write in my comments, if you want to. Thanks.

    • @Shingo:

      Sorry, Although I am a potato man, I don't talk rubbish. Now you are replying directly to my comment. Last time, when I linked to a video shows the Palestinian envoy admits that Hamas missile attacks are war crimes, you chose to emphasize my "skills as statistician". So, let's continue, how is my English now, Shingo?

    • @Justpassingby:

      What is wrong with these people? There must be somthing wrong with their mentality? This is what the nazis did.

      I agree with you and asked myself the same questions: What's wrong with them and their mentality? Why they launch missiles on civilians exactly like the Nazis did in WWII when they bombed London with missiles.

  • Tel Avivians brave sirens for clothes in NYT story about 'Fashion during wartime'
    • @Maximus:

      Going by how quickly their plucky IDF boys ran away from Lebanon, and how they are pissing their pants at the thought of a ground invasion in Gaza, I have a funny feeling Israeli society would fall apart.

      I don't understand why are you wasting your time here if you have "funny feeling" that Israeli society would fall apart.

      BTW, several minutes ago, IDF soldiers started the ground battle. Most of the soldiers pissed their pants.

    • @Allison:

      Thanks for the article. I very glad that although more than 1,000 missile attacks (only 100 today after the "cease fire"), life in Israel continues in all fields.

      BTW, Allison, the designer of the clothes in the photo is Rowan Shaaban, a Palestinian from the Palestinian town Tur'an, North Israel.

  • 'I am a Jew. Israel is NOT My State'
    • @Walid;

      This one was good... :-)

    • Even B’Tselem, normally on the straight and narrow, panders to the Israeli the public. Why else release such a ridiculous report that characterizes the weapons fired from Gaza as action that “defies humanity and is morally and legally reprehensible.”

      Several of you cited B'Tselem many times when he reported against Israel and said that this organization is a reliable source, so why not this time? because it is not comfortable?

    • I am a Jew
      Israel is NOT my state
      Judaism does not equal Israel

      Correct!!! No one forces you to support Israel or to declare that Israel is your state. You can be a Jew any place in the world. We can manage without you, but please, leave us alone.

  • Israeli strike kills four Palestinian children playing soccer on Gaza beach
  • Following missile attack last Saturday, al-Wafa Hospital receives warnings of new round of bombings
    • @talknic;

      “I appreciate honest answers” The record shows you don’t

      OK, now I appreciate your honest reply!!

      C) Please quote verbatim Hamas asking Gaza citizens to stay at homes in order to protect them. thx …. I’ll wait…

      You don't have to wait. several days ago, I linked to two different videos: one is about the Palestinian envoy opinion about the missile attacks and the second is about Hamas asking Gaza citizens to stay at homes in order to protect them. I didn't receive even not one reply deals with those videos. The only replies were about the level of my English. Unfortunately, you wrote one of those null replies. Any way, thanks for your current reply.

    • While most of you agree that Israel commits war crimes and most of you blame only Israel in the situation, most of you also ignore the other side and don't deal with its activities honestly. Until today, after one week of the operation I didn't hear your opinions in the following subjects:

      1) Do you think that missile attacks on Israeli cities and towns are war crimes?
      2) Do you think that firing missiles from populated regions in Gaza strip is moral?
      3) If Israel kills civilians deliberately, why Hamas asks Gaza citizens to stay at homes in order to protect them? Maybe Hamas thinks Israel doesn't bomb populated regions?
      4) While most of you agree that the photo from Sderot shows Israelis watching the bombing of Gaza is not moral, do you think that Palestinians celebrating the missile attacks is moral?
      5) Do you think Hamas allows freedom of speech in Gaza?
      6) With so many evidences and so many videos and testimonies, why Palestine doesn't appeal to the ICC?

      I have many more questions, but I think the above are enough. I appreciate honest answers, not "but you are doing the same..." (which most of you agree).

  • Netanyahu says there will never be a real Palestinian state
    • @Annie;

      the US should have skipped israel and dumped the $ into health care for americans.

      I agree. Israel strong enough and I think doesn't need US money.

  • Not In Our Name: The Jewish duty to stand with the people of Gaza
    • @SQ Debris;

      And do you salute Palestinians defending their homeland from fascist thugz?

      Yes, I salute Palestinians that defending themselves from "Price Tags" thugs, defending their land from racist mobs etc. I don't salute Palestinians commuting war crimes against civilians.

    • @Sumud:

      People that are defending their synagogue from a riotous mob are not provocateurs.

      I salute you, French JDL, I salute you Ilan Halimi!!!


  • How many people have died from Gaza rockets into Israel?
    • @Shingo:

      Wow, the semi literate potato salesman suddenly wants to know about standard deviation and standard errors and wants to see a standard curve. All of a sudden, our potato salesman is also a statistician. I guess the MY1 camp has recruited new staff.

      I think that your opinion about the interview with the Palestinian envoy will be more interesting to the MW readers, not the potato seller(s) skills.

    • @phan nguyen;

      In this particular post I have kept analysis to a minimum,...

      Your cool and heartless "analysis" is no more than racism!!! Nothing won't help you: Those attacks are war crimes no matter how many were killed, Hamas is a group of war criminals and their day will come, not by Israel but by the people they declare they protect. Their destiny will not be different than other dictatorial Arab regimes.

    • @Nguyen:

      What is the mean? could you, please, calculate the standard deviation? standard error? Could you, please, draw a standard curve so we can predict future results?

      In conclusion, Nguyen, what is the purpose of all these endless calculations? Do you think that since no many were killed in Israel, Israel should live with the missile attacks? Those attacks, hit or not, are war crimes.

      Here is an interview with Palestinian envoy to UNHRC admitting that those missile attacks are war crimes:

  • 'Protective Edge' has nothing to do with protection
    • Sumud:

      Hamas announced they will be firing a new type of weapon on Tel Aviv right about now, 9pm TA time.

      Poor organization under blockade with primitive weapon.

  • Terror in Gaza: 57 seconds after 'warning,' Israel destroys a house
    • @Shingo:

      147 out fo 900 is a huge failure. That’s a success rate of 16%.

      First, the system intercepts only long range missiles and only missiles that are going to hit populated areas. Second, is this your problem with the missiles attacks? the percentages of the interceptions?

    • Five minutes ago, heavy missile attack from Gaza to...The West Bank. Channel 2 reported that the Palestinian Authority asked Israel to use sirens when missile hit Palestinian territory.

    • @Annie and Taxi:

      i’m curious what they are chanting. it sounds and looks more like cheering for a soccer game. are you sure this isn’t the night palestine won the asia cup challenge?

      any Arab speaker will recognize the chant in it:
      “With soul, with blood, we give ourselves to Talal”.

      Taxi, They are chanting "Birah, Bildam, Nafidik Ya-Aqsa!!!" (بروح بدم نفديك يا اقصى). "With soul, with blood, we shall redeem you, ohh al-Aqsa (mosque)"


      Please, allow me one correction: The word in the headline is not "Muslims" but "Prayers" (little similar in Arabic: Musleemin, Mussalin). The rest of your translation of the headline is correct, imo.

    • @Ritzl:

      Sorry, My bad. Here is the video you are looking for. Please note that it was edited by MEMRI*, so to be fair with you, I listen carefully to the interview and in 1:15 the interviewer doesn't use the words "human shield".

      (*I don't use to upload edited videos but I can't find the original although I used Arabic in the search option)

    • Giles:

      How can you stay inside the Zionist hasbara bubble when the truth is so plain?

      We are not in Hasbara bubble, most Israelis now, mainly in the south, are sitting in shelters.

    • @Kay24:

      I ask you to accept my sincere apologies: I really apologize that the state of Israel has sirens to warn the citizens, I apologize that we built shelters so people can hide when they hear the sirens, I apologize that Israel developed the iron dome system in order to intercept the Hamas missiles and I apologize that no one was killed until now although we experienced several hundreds of missile attacks. I apologize, really apologize.

    • @Abier:

      How wrong for the international press to infer that they are using bottle rocket level missiles, with no payload, as
      well as sticks and stones.

      Yes, of course, poor bottle rocket level missiles.

    • @Ritzl:

      BTW, excellent English today. Typing too fast to dumb it down?

      You are lucky my English is not so good so I can't understand the above sentence.

      Thanks for the recommendation.

    • Just to remind you that Sderot citizens have no more than 15 seconds before the attacks and no one "drops mortars" for warning them. And, please, don't say that Hamas missiles are not effective; see the photos from Ashdod and Beer-Sheva from today. In both cases Hamas used long-range missiles that hit the cities. Hamas, like Hezbollah, is not a small poor organization but a strong army with advanced capabilities.

  • Protest the Israeli onslaught: Demonstrations planned worldwide against Israeli attack on Gaza
  • Israeli ambassador Ron Dermer gives pro-war pep talk to Christian Zionists
    • @Walid:

      Reading the Israeli newspapers I got the impression that ISIS is going to attack Jordan, Israel ally, and this can cause Israel to enter war with ISIS in order to protect Jordan. I hope it is only an empty rumor.

  • Palestinian rockets: The conversation no one is having
    • @Saeed El Housieni:

      Saeed El Housieni adds, “I personally do not support the idea of facing violence with violence. I don’t support the rockets coming out from Gaza, especially when they’re launched toward highly populated areas,” says. “I think that that the best solution would be a truce followed by a recognition of the existence of one another, opening the borders and co-existing together. Yet, we have to do something to change this unlivable situation — which leaves us with the other remaining solution, which is sadly violence.”

      I agree with you and, like you, think that a recognition of the existence of one another is the best solution and the first step toward peace and reconciliation. I think that violence is not needed from both sides. I, and many other Israelis, support recognition and independent Palestinian state. I hope that many in your side think like you and support recognition in the state of Israel and support peace and reconciliation.

    • @Pam Bailey:

      Although I don't agree with several of your points and analogies and agree with other points, I do thank you that you raised the subject. In my opinion, there is one point that you ignore in your article and I think readers should know: The fact that the Hamas storing ammunition inside neighborhoods, houses, mosques etc. I will be glad to hear your opinion about this fact.

  • Dreaming in Gaza
    • @No More Israel:

      I have to admit, I felt a rush of euphoria on learning that a Hamas rocket had taken out a gas station at Ashdod. I’ve developed a complete revulsion toward Israelis and I want to see them suffer.

      Thank you very much. I thought you participate in this site to call for the end of the war and to promote peace. Just don't call yourself in the future "peace activist".

  • Relentless bombing on Gaza continues: Israel kills media worker, 9 people watching World Cup on beach
    • @Citizen:

      You are one of the veterans in this site and I assume you know me better than others. Although most of you insist I am Hasbara, I sure that deep in your heart you know I am a simple Israeli citizen, a man of peace that want to see the end of this conflict and want to live in peace with my neighbors. I am here to do my best to show you that there are several faces of the Israeli society, not the face that most of you want to see and emphasize. You think I support Israel without condition, but this is your mistake. I am among the few Israelis here that want free Palestinian state and want justice for all victims. I already signed a petition to my government to stop the war in Gaza, but I understand that, like in any conflict, also the other side has to stop the war and to put an end to the sufferings of the innocent peoples. Thanks.

    • @Annie;

      You insist to delete my comments. It shows that you are desperate and don't like to know the truth. Please, send your photos of this innocent children to the Hamas, let them see the fruits of their efforts to wipe us from the map, let them see the consequences of their efforts to build advanced missiles while most of the population have no jobs and no shelter. I hope you won't delete this comment.

    • @Annie:

      I wrote a message to Elliot and I didn't mention anti-Semitism. Anyway, thanks you show again my appeal to Philip Weiss since it is still relevant.

    • @Elliot:

      Thanks for your confirmation.

      You can shout “anti-Semitism” until you are blue in the face. Nobody outside your bubble is buying it.

      Sorry??? Did I mention anti-Semitism???

    • @Amigo:

      Sure it does , as long as you do not say anything that is not all cuddly and cosy about the Apartheid rogue entity.

      Amigo, from one like you that participates in MW for years, I very surprised to read your response. I invite you to Jerusalem, to see Israelis and Palestinians demonstrate in front of the PM's house, demanding to stop the war in Gaza. So, please, don't tell me that there is no freedom of speech in Israel.

    • @Donald:

      I doubt you are sincere–when you first came here I thought maybe you were, but the more I see you write, the less I believe you.....Societies which choose to practice apartheid by popular consent (among those who have the power)

      Donald, I also thought you are sincere and decent, and I think I wrote it to you twice. I wrote here many comments and explained why we don't practice apartheid, but you choose to repeat this mantra. If you think Israel is an apartheid state, I can understand why my comments or me seems to you not sincere and only Hasbara. Any way, I thank you for your polite comment and the information provided in it.

    • @Annie:

      you don’t like comments like that? you penned 95% of it. i really didn’t like your version either but it cleared moderation. should i have not done that?

      I the past two weeks you deleted many of my comments for nothing. Here is my original reply that @Justpassingby changed. I want to know what is wrong with it:

      "Like any other democratic society, Israel allows freedom of speech and any one can express his views and feelings. You, no more Israel, choose to see only one side, the dark side, that I admit is part of the Israeli society. Try to see other sides of us and you will be surprised."

      This paragraph doesn't contain anything that can insult people. In bad, you can't agree with the argument and I respect your opinion. But, changing this paragraph and insert "third Reich", those who killed 6,000000 of my people, instead of "Israel" is a big evil and I very sorry you published it. You can still delete it.

    • @Justpassingby:

      Disgusting comment!!! no more.

    • @Sumud:

      How do you know? you got your impression since you visit MW and maybe other anti-Zionist sites. Those sites always emphasize on the "dark side" of the Israeli society, make you believe that this side is the majority.

      Several minutes ago, I saw a ten meters long sign written by pupils, on the wall of the Jewish-Arab school "Hand in Hand" near Beit Safafa in Jerusalem says "نرفض ان نكون اعداء" " מסרבים להיות אויבים" means "(we) refuse to be enemies"*. This kind of sign is only one example of the things from Israel you won't see in those sites.

      (*Elliot - please, confirm. The school is opposite to Faradus, in the way to Gilo).

    • @Talkback:

      A Palestinian who criticizes the ongoing occupation of “Eretz Israel” and its crimes against humanity, right?

      No, Talkback, those Palestinians criticize the ongoing occupation of “Eretz Israel” and its crimes against humanity, I can meet even here in MW. I want to meet one Palestinian criticizes the Palestinian authority or Hamas policies (from Palestinian territory, not from Toronto) in any subject: politics, economy, ideology etc. I can wait, Talkback.

    • @No More Israel!!!!

      How does someone like Gideon Levy arise in a society as thoroughly polluted as Israel’s? Where does such courage come from? I would love to meet him one day.

      Surprise, ha, no more Israel? I strongly recommend you to open your eyes little more and learn about the diversity of the Israeli society. Gideon Levy is not exceptional. There are many Gideon Levy's as well as many racists in Israel. Like any other democratic society, Israel allows freedom of speech and any one can express his views and feelings. You, no more Israel, choose to see only one side, the dark side, that I admit is part of the Israeli society. Try to see other sides of us and you will be surprised. You can start here in MW and realize that many anti-Israeli articles are written by Israeli Jews, many sources that MW uses are coming from Israeli Jews. I don't like them, but I glad that we have this kind of freedom.

      I am ready to arrange you meeting with Gideon Levy, but I ask you, please, to arrange me meeting with the "Palestinian Gideon Levy".

  • White House says US can't stop 'tsunami' of boycott and isolation if Israel won't end 'occupations'
    • @Crone:

      I just discovered that the percentage of Jews in the State Department is 52%...

      ...So I ran down the street naked and shouted "Eureka" "Eureka"!!!

  • Israel's war is just beginning and has never ended
    • @Marc Ellis:

      Thank you for your article, even though I could replace the word "Israel" by the word "Hamas".

      I have one question to you, Marc: after all the events occurred in the last month, mainly the kidnapping and murder of the three Jewish and the Palestinian teens, the hatred and incitement and the war between Israel and the Hamas, do you still believe in one state solution? If yes, what is your ME model for such state?

      I do thank you in advance

  • 'Operation Protective Edge' begins: Gaza rocked by Israeli airstrikes as Palestinian militants shoot at Jerusalem
    • @American:

      Take away Isr’s remote killing planes and bombs and put them on the ground against real fighters instead ….. then we will see who gets defeated.

      When one knows that he defending his family, his children, his homeland, no enemy will defeat him - not Arab countries, not Hizb-Allah, not Hamas and not ISIS, your favorite. The only way to achieve peace - is to make peace.

    • @Mooser:

      Very funny, Mehane! Quite the pun! “your lost” (you lose, you lost, you’re lost) instead of “your loss”. Good Gosh, what a sense of humor you have.

      Look, Mooser, Djinn already corrected my mistake in a very elegant way. So, do me a favor, if you don't have nothing important to write, please, just don't write nothing. Thank you in advance.

    • @Djinn:

      I will wait with my response to you since it is not the time. Just tell you that we are not the address.

    • @Djinn:

      I am sorry to hear about your lost.


    • @American:

      Dear ISIS, Gaza needs some help. Get thy jihadist to Israel asap.

      ...and when those ISIS jihadists that you call for help will be defeated by Israel you all here whine "War crimes...they are innocent civilians..."

  • Please help us continue to cover breaking news from Israel/Palestine, and as a thank you get Ali Abunimah's new book
  • A Call from Gaza: Support our right to life!
    • @pjdude:

      No, don't tell me what I mean. They are targeting on almost all over Israel from the south to the center, even north of Tel-Aviv. Let me remind you that this area contains more than 4 million civilians. I sure it is comfortable to you to think they are firing on occupied territories so you can justify their war crimes against civilians.

    • Because collective punishment is a war crime,

      Missile attack terrorizing more than million Israeli civilians is also collective punishment and regarded as a war crime. Not even a word...

  • Contradicting Israeli officials, family of Tarek Abu Khdeir says he was attacked while in uncle's Jerusalem backyard
  • How long can Israel depend on Mizrahi docile loyalty? Smadar Lavie asks in new book
    • Faisal, Yaatik Al-Afye!!!

      Thanks for your list but the original list made in Arab countries like in Iraq: We, the Muslims, are 1st class and all others, mainly Jews, are lower classes. That's only one reason (not the main one) why I am writing my current comment from Jerusalem, not from Baghdad.

      Ramadan Karim!!!

  • Israeli police and media collude to marginalize coverage of Muhammad Abu Khudair's murder
    • @Woody:

      I am not going to respond to your comment since I said my word but you have one little mistake: The Hebrew words "Important" and "Les..." and the red bubbles are not original. They were written by Noam Livneh in his Facebook page on the screen copy of the YNET news web site front page.

    • @Ofer Neiman Shalom;

      I think that it is really unfair. You copied the YNET (Yediot Aharonot) news web site once to show that the police marginalizes the coverage of Abu Khudair’s murder by Jewish terrorists. You deliberately ignore the fact that most of the time Abu Khdeir was on the main headline in YNET and in other news web sites. I have in my hands the Yediot Aharonot newspaper from today. Several pages cover the murder of Abu Khdeir and there are many columns about the murder including one column written by rabbis condemning the murder in a very harsh language (To whom who speak Hebrew: There are several Rabbis, including the chief Rabbi, asking for Din Rodef to the terrorists:



      I expected to read something positive about the police and the Shabak good work to captures the terrorists as soon as possible, but instead you chose to bring one screen copy from YNET to decrease the Israeli police achievement.

      Any way, I'm glad the Israeli police found the six murderers and thus proved that in Israel there is no difference between blood and blood.

  • Child's beating in Jerusalem brings unprecedented coverage of Palestinian experience to U.S.
    • @Walid:

      Gaza has fired over 80 rockets towards the settlements. It’s unclear if some of those are exploding over Asdod or if they are being shot down by Iron Dome. Lots of material damage on the Israeli side. Everyone in southern Israel in shelters now. ... Can’t tell if those are empty promises or if Hamas some surprises in store for Israel.

      The only surprise is the fact that the poor Gazan people, starving under the siege, can launch hundreds of missiles on Israel including missiles like Fajer that can hit Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem. Surprise, surprise!!!

  • After brutal police beating, Palestinian-American Tarek Abu Khdeir, 15, sentenced to home arrest without charge
    • @Amigo, Sycamores and crone:

      You have no ability to say something good about Israel or any Israeli organization like the police. The Israeli PM ordered to put all efforts to find the murderers of Abu Khdeir. According to Richard Silverstein, who has good sources in Israel, the police arrested the murderers in the same day they found the body of Abu Khdeir and he also reported about it in the same day. I think that this time we just can say "Kudos to the Israeli police".

    • 6 Jewish nationalists arrested in Jerusalem revenge killing of Arab teen

      Correct. It was short time after the murder of Abu Khdeir. I hope that all here that said that the Israeli police will erase evidences and wouldn't do real investigation, at least say something good about the police work.

  • Autopsy report shows Mohammed Abu Khdeir was burned to death; reports spread of other possible abductions
    • @Amigo:

      Why you take only part of my comment? Why you don't quote me saying:

      "I am sorry to hear about the killing of the Palestinian child and I send my condolences to his parents and family. I know personally one of the Abu Khdeir family members."

    • @Amigo:

      Also, why have you not condemned the brutal burning to death of the Palestinian “boy”.

      I was the first one who wrote the following comment:

    • @Ritzl, Just, Amigo, Seafoid:

      Your replies are not relevant at all. I wrote about basic principle in Judaism, not about your assumption that Israel lied to the families. Sometimes you just have to read my comments and to try understand them.

    • @Kate:

      Although 6 days late, but I do thank you that you report about the new information about the kidnapped Jewish Israeli teens. I hope you continue with the (relatively) balanced report.

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