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Activist for justice living in New York City.

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  • On the Jewish Israeli street, there's no solution to Palestinian issue but more violence
    • There'a nothing that is ever exactly alike but this certainly reminds me of something because had I lived in Germany during a certain period in time I would have lost all my rights, and then subsequenntly throw onto a train to a concentration camp simply because I would have met the criteria of who the Nazis defined as a Jew and, of course, considered "subhuman." However, Israel who uses basically the same criteria based on the Nazi Nuremberg laws (which is a fact) grants me privileged rights and denies others their rights, while treating the Palestinians as the "subhumans." This is ongoing for decades. All this happening while Israel tries to impress upon the world the "lessons" of the Holocaust. and why it has a right to exist? What "right"? To emulate those that you despise. I just cannot make a separation between two sides of the same coin.

    • Let's face it folks. Even stones and molotov cocktails have been a "God given" gift to Israel as though they were weapons of mass destruction. Those were the "military" weapons used during the Intifada of 1987 against an army of occupation who certainly had far more elite weapons than that. To this day, stones still are used, yet those who dare to use it will pay heavily for such "crimes" against their brutal cowardly oppressor.

      When a child throws a stone at an Israeli tank, that child should be depicted as the epitome of courage, instead, in much of this sick world, it is those who command the tank who are portrayed as the victims.

    • Very well said Taxi.

    • I was ridiculed and subjected to insults mostly by Jewish ciizens of Israel, as well as some other Jewish students from other places in the world ,especially ar that time,when I guess these kind of friendships were extremely rare. I was working on a Kibbutz about 1/2 hour from Haifa, and later I would leave that place in disgust, and live in Haifa for awhile where I also encountered many incidents. They said horrible things about Arabs at that time which has never changed, and also which was probably said about Jews in the 1930's. Personally, I couldn't have cared less because no one determines for me how I should live my life. and I'm not one to be intimidated. The best hospitality was given to me by the Palestinian Arabs, and that has never changed.

      There was one person who came to my mind initially when all this began, and that was Anne Frank and what possibly could have happened to anyone who would have still befriended her in public before she was forced to go into hiding. She became very symbolic to me as now I was in a reverse role at that time,

      My lessons in hatred did not come from books, but from my experiences in Israel. This is how Palestinians have to live on their own land as second-class citizens with such vile hatred from people who have the audacity to want to teach lessons about hatred to the rest of the world.

    • I would have to agree with Daana and I speak as a person who had actually lived in Israel for a short while many years ago when things were not so well-known and even before Israel occupied the West Bank and Gaza. What I had done that was so terribly "criminal" was to cross a divide (which I didn't even know existed at that time) and made friends with Palestinian Arabs who were citizens of Israel. I was ridiculed, cursed, spat at, for my choices. I was brought up in an environment with my family where there were no divisions as regarded religions, ethnicities, color, etc., only one's character was the determining factor. Even before I had made these friendships there, I had decided to leave Israel after a while because I found there was something terribly wrong there in the majority of the attitudes of people that was so damn arrogant, and they despised Americans and did not hesitate to let you know that.

      I think the best opinion one can come to and the most objective is when one finds themselves in a particular situation where there is no previous knowledge and when there are no political, ideological or religious associations which was exactly how it was with me. So one of the first things that came to my mind was the 1930's in Europe and I suddenly had this sort of awakening of what it might have been like because I was facing somewhat the same thing in a reverse role. I eventually married one of those friends who I was married to for a number of years, and when I returned to Israel with my new last name, I was treated like an enemy because I had married the "enemy."

      What I would find out many years later that Israel does indeed fashioned itself after that country of the 1930's in its laws and policies. So, it is not just the overwhelming hatred on the part of the people, but it is on the part of the government which gives its full support to the people to behave that way and not conceal it.

  • No room for racism in a movement working for equality and freedom
    • Annie, if you want to speak for yourself, then please do so, that is your right, but who are you to say that her actions offends practically every Jewish person in this movement.

      If I lived during the Nazi period, certain members of my family including myself would have been put on a train to a concentration camp, and certainly robbed of our rights even before that time, and because of the same detestible definiton, I and certain members of my family have privileged rights to Israel while others are robbed of their rights and crimes are carried out against them.

      In all the years that I'm familiar with Greta Berlin, I cannot say she ever exhibited any racism or bigotry towards anyone, but rather was the recipient of hate just for her taking an ethical stand when she certainly could have minded her own damn business. If she posted a video, regardless of what it was, that means nothing to me because I have posted in the past what the Nazis used as propaganda to demonize Jews and certainly not because I believe in what they did or support it, but just simply to show how Israel emulates the Nazis in their own policies and laws which is despicable. That is what should offend all Jews, not only in this movement.

      There is nothing to defend for Greta Berlin. She is not racist and she is not bigoted. She has already apologized on October 5 for any misunderstanding, but it seems that some of you just wish to pursue this which is obvious from the above article dated October 12.

    • I have very little tolerance for bigotry and hatred, but I don't see anything here as what I would consider "honorable" as to the reactions to this, especially when many of you, including Abunimah has been on the anti-semitic hotseat himself. Accusations of anti-semitism are the norm these days even for the slightest criticism of Israel which you are all well aware of.

      While I do think that one certainly has the right to criticize, this has become a witch-hunt for a person who has done nothing but a lot of good for others, and now you wish to join in to make a public spectacle of it. She is no stranger here to most of us.

      So while you stand in judgment of others as to what constitutes anti-semitism, there are many standing in judgment of you for exactly the same thing, and I am sure that the Zionists are thorougly enjoying this. Even the racist Chief Rabbi of Israel at the time who claimed that the Holocaust was retribution from God for Jews who had once sinned did not even cause such a commotion as this..even with his exoneration of the Nazis for their crimes. It never changed his status.

  • Amb. Christopher Stevens appears to have been killed in premeditated al-Qaeda attack
    • I have my own 9/11 theory which has nothing to do with "Al Qaeda" or "terrorists," phrases that have been so etched into the minds of the American public to create fear and to justify any actions of the United States as well as its support for Israel.

      This vile film, released just around 9/11, was and is the provocation for the attack and the turmoil, which obviusly was the intention to create. It preceded all of what is happening now in the Middle East. So, the question becomes, what exactly was the deep motivation behind this? My thoughts go back to September 11, 2001, at a time when the United States was not exactly on the same page as Israel, so that day served to put the USA in Israel's corner, and Israel had the utmost freedom to enage in even more crimes such as invading and attacking Jenin in 2002.

      Now we have the United States once more not exactly on the same page as Israel with its overwhelming desire to attack Iran.

      There's a saying that "all roads lead to Rome," which means that different paths can take one to the same goal, but when it concerns matters like this, then usually "all roads lead to Israel." I could be wrong, but I find all of this highly suspect.

  • Confronting anti-semitic discourses head on: How to avoid self-silencing
    • I so agree with Mooser who said of this article that "you can see this attempt at minimising and trivialising Israel’s sins and crimes coming a mile away."

      It is Israel who has always represented itself to the world as unique in its democracy and comprising the most "moral" army in the world. So when one presents itself as such, it's not unusual that others would expect much higher standards than those countries who do NOT misrepresent them to the world even though they may also be engaging in similar crimes (although I fail to see it). . So my first question to the author would be, where is that country who does make those false representations as Israel does? What country defines itself as "the only democracy in the Middle East," or in any other continent on the face of this earth?

      Anyone who has the audacity to constantly use the Holocaust as a lesson to the world (and which was a major reason for the partition of Palestine as voted by the U.N.) had better learn the lessons themselves first. Israel, emphasizng that it is a "Jewish" state, has not done so, and has rather emulated the Nazis. I don't need to hear about other coumtries.

      If Jews are constantly represented to the world that they have an exclusivity over sufferig than anyone else in the history of this world, that makes it even more incumbent upon any who is Jewish that they do not create suffering for anyone else, including the author of this article. The concern fcr her seems to relate more to "anti-semitism" than the horrific crimes that Israel has carried out for decades.

  • A legacy of two martyrs
    • And thousands of Palestinians have died, thousands of Palestinian homes have been demolished, about 750,000 Palestinains were ethnically cleansed from their lands in 1948, many more have lost ther lands and homes since that tme, millions of Palestinians live under a brutal and oppressive occupation, and all because they are NOT Jewish!

      Why should Israel not be compared to a Nazi state? Its very Law of Return as it applies to the definition of Jews is actually taken from the Nazi Nuremberg Laws of 1935 and how they defined Jews. The only difference is that the Nazi Nuremberg Laws were used to deprive Jews of their rights, while Israel's Nazi Law is to give Jews privileged rights over others and deny others their rights. Same crap, different era, only with the roles played out somewhat differently.

    • I read the Diary of Anne Frank just about a few years after its first publication which left a huge impression on me as a young child coming to the realization that the world was not what I perceived it to be because of my own surroundings in New York City where I lived in freedom and essentially had a carefree childhood. The Holocaust at that time was not an open one really spoke about it (not until Zionists decided to use it as a political tool to defend Israel's crimes). It would be about 12 years after I read that book amd also saw the movie that Anne Frank would become very, very real to me because of my own personal experiences in Israel when I lived there for a short while and crossed a divide that I didn't even know existed.

      What I think is extremely important is the focus on the people who helped to hide the Frank family, and that was was Miep Gies. Anne could not defend herself. She, like so many others, had absolutely no choice in these matters. However, the family who helped hide her were the ones who did have a choice, and they chose to defend the Frank family by helping to keep them hidden with grave consequences to their own lives if discovered. Rachel Corrie also made a choice. She made a choice to leave the comfortable and secure surroundings of her own country to defend people who had absoltely no protection from anyone, nor from any rule of law that does exist today which did not exist in Anne's time on this earth.

      And so the Court blames Rachel for her own demise. Yet, had Anne Frank been discovered (which later she and her family were) the Gies family would have been put to death. Should they have been been blamed for their own demise if that would have happened? Yes, the Nazis would have done that. Should the three Civil Rights workers who came from New York City to particpate in the civil rights movement and killed by the KKK also be blamed for their own murders? Yes, the KKK would have done that. Or Sophie Scholl and other members of The White Rose who wrote pamphlets against the Nazis and were sent to their deaths after being discovered. All of these people could have simply minded their own business and gone on with their lives, but according to the "logic" of the Israeli court, they were all responsible for their own deaths. According to Israel, et ano, "righteous gentiles" do not help Palestinians.

  • White House refuses to point finger at Hezbollah in Bulgaria terrorist attack
    • I notice the comment that..."It is certainly the case that Hezbollah and Iran have been bad actors, as a general matter."

      But as a general matter, Israel and the Mossad have been rather good actors over the years.

  • Would I have been defended against smears if I was Palestinian?
    • I should add to my previous comment that if we were to take the term "anti-semitism" and apply it correctly, then it is Israel who is anti-semitic.

    • I think it has been well-established that Israel thrives on "anti-semitism" as a means to justify its outrageous crimes against the Palestinian people, its existence as a Jewish state, as well as a ploy to draw people who do meet the definition of "Jewish" to Israel as perspective citizens. I find the analogy to "Mein Kampf" outrageous because the actual criteria of who Israel defines as a Jew is factually taken from the Nazi Nuremberg Laws of 1935. So on the one hand, the Nazi Nuremberg Laws of 1935 deprived Jews of their citizenship and rights according to their criteria of who was defined as "Jewish" and in Israel, practically the same definition gives selective rights to those defined as "Jews" and deprives others of their rights. It is two sides of the same coin, and both should be rejected.

      Looking at this from another perspective, there should be no debate over "anti-semitism" as it relates to Israel because all Jews are not semites, and all semites are not Jews. So in actuality Arabs are of the semitic people regardless of religion, however, Jews cannot automatically be of the semitic people by virtue of simply being Jewish. A good example is that converts to Judiaism do not miracuously become semitic. Religion may be interchangeable, but ethnicity and race are not. I just wonder when simple logic becomes a part of the discourse instead of the slandering of people.

  • Israeli celebrity says she enjoyed video of IDF attacking Danish activist because he looked like a Nazi
    • "She said his golden hair made him look like a member of the Hitlerjugend, and said about him and other activists: "they were born anti-Semites and will die anti-Semites"

      Interesting comment because the Nazis had a perception of what Jews looked like also. There were plenty of images to go around in Der Sturmer, a Nazi propaganda newspaper. So what we have here is just opposite sides of the same disgusting coin.

  • Grass smears in 'Times', plus new translation of his 'I've had it with the West's hypocrisy' poem
    • There were many people who were forced to serve during the Nazi regime who did not support it. But the major difference is that those who would oppose it would certainly go to their deaths as compared to those who refuse to serve in Israel and go to jail for a few months. This is not to underestimate anyone who is noble enough to stand up for their convictions in the face of overwhelming opposition, but death is a finality.

      The criticisms should not be against Gunter Grass because he once served in the Waffen SS, but the condemnations reserved for those who have the utmost audacity to walk in the same footsteps and at the same time dare to say "I accuse." The term "anti-semitism" has also been so misused to silence dissent, and it is incorrectly applied (although a coined term) beccause all Jews are not semites, and all semites are not Jews...but Arabs are considered perhaps it's time that the term anti-semitism should be re-applied.

      Therefore, I accuse Israel of being anti-semitic in more ways than I could put down here.

  • Report: Israel to give US only 12-hour warning before attacking Iran because Netanyahu doesn't trust Obama
    • How generous of Israel. Hopefully, they'll give the same notice to Obama before its Mossad assassinates him.

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