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  • Michael Oren says Palestinian activists stage 'kids in American clothes' to provoke Israeli army
    • Brave Ahed Tamimi. Please let nothing happen to this heroic young woman.

    • Someone should investigate this "Michael Oren". He has been impersonating a human being for some time now and it's, well, dangerous FFS. He walks, talks and even dresses like a human being, but everyone knows that he's a fake, an imposter. He's no more a human being than Robot from Lost in Space, although Robot was cuter, had a great sense of humor and was much more humane than this phony human "Michael Oren". He must be stopped.

  • In video tours of Palestine, Nas Daily plays native informant
    • Yassin - This is what happens to a perfectly normal healthy brain that has been transformed and mutated by a zionist education into another dipshit mouthpiece for the zionist state. This is sooooo bad.

  • US vetoes UN resolution on Jerusalem, as Muslim states recognize East Jerusalem as Palestine's capital
    • Praying for their money to dry up.

    • It seems to be the right time for the u.n. to find another site for their headquarters and revoke the membership of the united states, as they are as contemptuous as israel, which should be given the proverbial boot too. At least they have each other. What a mess. Miss Nikki really does a heckuva job seething just beneath the surface.

    • "Shame" is the operative word." Nikki Haley probably has "Made by Israel" stamped on her ass along with all the other u.s. politicians who've been complicit in this charade. Then scratch their heads and wonder why the "Muslims" don't want to 'make a deal'.

  • 'Trump's a crazy man, but I like it' -- the view from Jerusalem
    • “He has a lot of passion. Trump’s a crazy man, but I like it. I think he does things others are afraid to do,” Like staring at the sun? He's your boy.

      What is mistaken for passion is most likely acid reflux. He's stupid and crazy like boobie (throws a grenade in a room full of people, what could go wrong). He does things others show the self-control not to do. It's good to know for a fact what he's all about though. There'll be no more pulling the yarmulke over the eyes of palestinians about the u.s. - it simply doesn't give a shit about them and will continue to do the bidding of the zionist state. Oh that and fight it's wars.

  • The Chanukah of fire and occupation (is not about ancient times)
    • What does klinghoeffer have to do with abu thurayeh?

    • The reality is an amputee in a wheelchair holding a flag was executed by the IDF. I imagine one of those IDF chicken shits figured it was time for him to get his shot off and he chose one of the softest targets his numb nuts could find, Bore-is.

    • A spokesman for the Israel Defence Force said: “During the violent riots IDF soldiers fired selectively towards the main instigators.” So Abu Thurayeh simply didn’t survive the ‘selection’.

      Amon Goeth lives.

  • Child of 12 is roughed up, then detained, by Israeli forces in occupied Hebron
    • I'm looking at the picture above of Fawzi al-Junaidi, surrounded by 20 heavily armed and padded soldiers. Knee pads too. I wonder what they think as they shoot the limbs (those they don't outright execute) in the 'break their bones' tradition of Itzak Rabin and how they would react to a level playing field, where palestinian fighters could blow their kneecaps out, too.

  • 'Leftist' Israeli general threatens to 'tear the Palestinians apart' and 'toss them across the Jordan'
    • "It’s not so strange either, that these words come from Levin. In the past, he has said about Palestinians, that “most of these people are born to die anyway, we just need to help them to it.”

      The thoughts of a murderer that have become normalized by the jewish state. Maybe natfali bennett was channeling those thoughts on his missions, and when he claimed he'd killed arabs and there was 'no problem with that'.

      I agree that israel is mired in trauma - it's everywhere, in the round abouts, the street names, the names of schools, hospitals, etc. In that way it's alot like the american south, mired in the history of defeat against what they term the war of northern aggression. I have no sympathy for the south, only the african americans who continue to be oppressed. I have no sympathy for these jews, because they've forgotten their humanity and act like rabid dogs.

  • 'Will the protesters turn violent?' Deconstructing the media's view of Palestine
    • So it's a crime for an israeli jew to steal the fruit from palestinian trees, but not the fruit from palestinian loins or the land those palestinians live on? Just - 'there are no words' - damn straight. I can't make any sense of any of the events in the world I'm living in. The horror....

    • The question they're really asking is 'are they going to fight back', but they're too afraid to phrase it that way because it legitimizes their anger and frustration. Best to frame all questions in the context of their 'violence'. Unbelievable zionist projection.

  • The world's anger toward Trump gives Palestinians a clear path for action
    • "In fact, we want to work hard to isolate Israel through resistance and the demand that the international community implement the resolutions of international legitimacy, and force Israel to respond to these international decisions. "

      I hope with the isolation the u.s. is experiencing, especially with the u.n. security council's rejection of tRUMP's most recent ridiculous proclamation, that israel will really feel the burn on this one. netanyahooo and tRUMP need to go; I suggest the moon.

  • Trump's 'Lord Balfour moment' is formal recognition the US was never an honest broker
    • "I don’t think anyone over the age of fourteen has ever believed that the US was an honest broker."

      Well, I'm ashamed to say that I was way, way over age 14 when I believed in the US. I stopped believing in the tooth fairy, Santa Claus when I was well under 14. I hung onto the propaganda that the US was something it had never been, a belief that was heavily reinforced by my family, schools, community, my church and later synagogue and the dead relatives who died in her various wars. The scales have fallen off my eyes over the last 20 years.

      To me, tRUMP and netanyahu are the same person; they've managed to stay in power lying to a base they don't give a damn about and endlessly searching for the next victim for their constituents to direct their rage at.

  • Photos: 'Day of Rage' rocks Jabalya refugee camp in Gaza after Trump's Jerusalem announcement
    • You're the loser. Every time a palestinian child is killed by the cruel heart of zionism, I wonder if that child could have been the one with the cure for diabetes or cancer; the child that would change the world with his or her kindness, generosity and enormous heart; the child that would be a champion of human rights, but that child's opportunity to shine was rubbed out by a murderous regime hiding behind the mask of 'chosen by god'. By satan, is my belief. You focus on the natural expression of rage, nonviolent btw, and bitch about it. What a tool.

      No one here has the right to criticize what they don't understand.

  • So far in 2017, 20 Gaza medical patients have died waiting for Israeli exit permits
  • Palestinian officials say, Trump 'destroyed' the two-state solution
    • Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow......

    • To quote dear leader "NOBODY KNEW how difficult __________(fill in the blank) was going to be".

      Couldn't get over his snuffling throughout his entire verbal diarrhea, but apparently I was focused on the wrong thing.

      White House Solved Mystery of Donald Trump's Slurred Speech—And ...
      4 hours ago - President Donald Trump's slurred words during a speech announcing his controversial decision to move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem are being dismissed by the White House as the result of a dry throat. “His throat was dry. There's nothing to it,” Raj Shah, White House spokesman, told NBC ...

      Problem solved, the white house said so.

    • "Speaking in Ramallah Saeb Erekat, a former senior Palestinian negotiator, told reporters, “I think President Trump tonight disqualified the United States of America to play any role in any peace process.”

      The u.s. has never done anything than defend the whims of the zionist state. It is a partner in crime and always has been.

      tRUMP's sniffing and gesticulating his way through his speech, with the VP, former Jonny Quest star Race Bannon (steve bannon's older brother) behind him, does nothing more than confirm the cartoon that is his presidency.

      Once again, the hopes and aspirations of palestinians are ignored. Is it only because the zionist cause has incredibly deep pockets? Or has so much dope on u.s. presidents and politicians that a golden shower looks more like a golden parachute? Shame.

  • Trump just 'pushed the two-state solution over the cliff'
  • The only certainty regarding Trump's Jerusalem declaration is that people will die
    • Netanyahu is urging other nations to c'mon join the peace train, get on board now as the circus peanut has given the all clear. Join this party too! Then we can all get on board (except our precious jewish soldiers) and get this war on with iran, as you know, netanyahu has been predicting since the 1990s that they will have a nuclear weapon in 10 years. .

      Benjamin Netanyahu: 'We have to act now against Iran' - Israel News ...

      Israel won’t allow Iran to establish a military base in Syria, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said as he called on the world to halt Iran’s development of ballistic missiles, nuclear power and its support of global terrorism.

      “We have to act now against Iran,” Netanyahu said on Wednesday afternoon at the Jerusalem Post Diplomatic Conference.

      These comments come the same week that Israeli forces allegedly executed two air strikes against Syria, including one on an Iranian military base and the other on a Syrian military research center.

      “We will not let them establish themselves in Syria,” Netanyahu said. “We mean what we say and we say what we mean,” he added.

      During his short talk, his only scheduled English address for the day, he did not address US President Donald Trump's pending recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

      Instead he used the stage to urge the diplomats in the room to send a “cable” to their governments urging more pressure on Iran with regard to human rights and halting Iran’s nuclear capacity.

      He asked the diplomats to support efforts by the US and Israel to create a series of safeguards around the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran that addresses flaws in the agreement that would allow Iran to quickly become a nuclear power once it ends.

      “If Iran continues unabated they will have nuclear weapons in a decade,” he said.

      Tehran is also developing an intercontinental ballistic missile with global reach, Netanyahu said.

      He pointed to a map of the world, including the Middle East, with countries under Iranian influence in black, to show how it was slowly taking over the region, creating a “land bridge’ reaching to the Mediterranean sea.

      Hamas and Hezbollah would “not last a day without Iran,” Netanyahu said.

      To the diplomats he added, protect “the flames of liberty and the flames of progress.”

      If there is a god he/she has a very dark sense of humor to allow such a convergence of homicidal idiots on the planet at the same time. Caroline Glick is in absolute ecstasy.

  • Video: Israeli soldiers harass Palestinian elementary school teachers and students in Hebron
    • "Stop throwing stones and life will look a whole lot better." Get out of their land and their lives will be much better. Their lives are not their own, they live at the whim of the zionist terrorists. F#$% you and your stupid remarks.

      P.S. Israeli 'soldiers'? What army are they fighting - children, babies, old men and women? They kill them only because they can and without having to suffer any consequences. It will be interesting to see how brave these little bitch toy soldiers will be when the field is level and they face a real army, real soldiers. Not civilians.

      As the zionist squatters in hebron know, they can throw rocks and blame a palestinian kid going to school. This is nothing but a farce. The 'soldier' asking the principal 'who threw the stone'; seriously? What bullshit. It'll be over soon.

  • Trump intends to move US embassy to Jerusalem, Palestinian president says
    • On a different note, happy 100th birthday Finland - ;^)

    • Trump to call Jerusalem Israel's capital, move embassy
      26 minutes ago
      Al Jazeera

      US President Donald Trump will recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital and direct the state department to begin the lengthy process of moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to the city, according to senior Trump administration officials.

      The announcement, which is expected at 18:00 GMT on Wednesday, comes amid global condemnation of the move.

      The officials said in a briefing that Trump's expected announcement is "recognition of a reality".

      Palestinians have long seen East Jerusalem as the capital of their future state.

      They say that a US move to relocate the embassy would prejudge one of the most sensitive issues in the conflict - the status of Jerusalem - and undermine any attempt by Washington to restart the so-called peace process.

      US officials said that Trump "remains committed to achieving a lasting peace agreement between the Israelis and Palestinians and is optimistic that peace can be achieved".

      But Ali Abunimah of the Electronic Intifada said that one would have to have been "living on another planet for the last few decades to believe that the US was ever an honest broker".

      "What [Trump's move] achieves is truth in advertising," he told Al Jazeera.

      "It is a more honest expression of American policy, which is to support Israel unconditionally, including Israel's illegal colonisation and settlement-building in East Jerusalem," he said, adding that "this has effectively been US policy for many, many years and Trump is simply coming out and being open about it".

      This move by the u.s. couldn't be a more clear declaration of war on Islam, and with a specific, 'special', 'beautiful' nod to their jewish/zionist owners, a war on Palestinians, signed, sealed and delivered with a big fat hechsher in the likeness of the orange don.

    • Not a bit of bias in that, not at all. But then again, he's only loyal to himself and I kind of think that he's actually jerking everyone around. I mean, he wouldn't want to make things bad in israel so soon before his son-in-law and the wife and kids (maybe just Jared) will need to skip the country when he's indicted? Maybe daddy will build them a wall of their very own....

  • Netanyahu ditches US Jews for alliance with Christian evangelicals and the alt-right
    • Wow - everyone's being so gosh-darn honest these days - tRUMP proclaims jerusalem is the capitol of israel and bibi says thanks and fuck off yankee jews - the evangelicals will do just fine (with some minor adjustments).

  • US embassy move to Jerusalem would spark 'fanaticism and violence' and end US status as negotiator -- Arab leaders
    • "US embassy move to Jerusalem would spark ‘fanaticism and violence’ and end US status as negotiator — Arab leaders"

      Isn't that the point? There's got to be new weapons of mass destruction since 2014 that the u.s. and it's parasitic twin 'israel' are chomping at the bit to use on civilian populations.

  • Flynn's plea on Russian influence reveals... Israel's influence!
    • Strange priorities. I think Allison Weir should change the name of her organization to If Americans Knew, Would They Give a Damn?

    • It's so sick , isn't it? And the MSM is going to have to try even harder than before to not speak of or draw attention to that blue-haired elephant that's always in the room.

  • Why a children's book has Zionists losing their minds
  • Letter to a drone
  • Liberal Zionists confront, or deny, the 'Doomsday settlement'
    • "You claim that Israel does not recognize the State of Palestine; however, Israel’s recognition is not a necessary component of statehood". Yet the "state" of israel, when pretending to be 'negotiating peace' but actually doing the jerk to another rollicking round of Let's Pretend and always, always inserts the demand at crunch time that the palestinians must recognize the apartheid 'jewish state of israel'. This jewish zionist privilege in all things under the sun is more than grating on one's nerves. More whining and demanding from the offal of the gods.

  • American Jewish visitor forced to sign loyalty oath in order to get tourist visa to Israel
  • Fifty-five Israeli lawmakers throw their bodies down for 'everyone's child,' killer Elor Azarya
  • Dispatch from Gaza on reconciliation between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority
    • "It’s too bad that no one here has the courage to go on record, saying that the Palestinian struggle should not include such extreme ambitions. And I do wonder if you actually identify with such extremism."

      Courage, huh? I don't feel the need to try and reassure you Nathan, that's up to your therapist. And I don't believe anyone here has the right to tell palestinians what to do and how to do it. Violence by palestinians is met by, to quote an a$$hole from across the pond, 'fire and fury, the likes of which no one has seen before'. If the israeli gov't punished jewish terrorists with the same methods they use on palestinians, I don't think we'd have this conversation. I wonder about you too Nathan, like how you and so many other zionist propagandists can only see jewish lives as mattering. I think I'm done with you.

    • @Nathan "However, the clear refusal to criticize what is obviously a very extreme and violent position leaves the impression that maybe you agree that Israel must be destroyed."

      I haven't even been properly invited to criticize 'what is obviously, blah, blah, blah and maybe I agree yak, yak, yak.

      The 'state of israel', in continuing violation of international law, showing no signs of stopping the theft and bloodshed until every last dunam of palestinian land is stolen and palestinians who refuse to submit to the master/servant/slave fantasy of so many israelis, will be driven off their lands or face certain extermination. This must end by any means necessary. The israeli govt cannot be cajoled into doing the right thing. Of course, there's been no sanctions on israel for her horrific crimes against humanity and there won't be as long as her BFF and co-conspirator the u.s.a., has anything to say about it. The scale of this injustice cannot accurately be measured, but it is obvious to anyone with vision not clouded by so-called tribal loyalties. How much do you figure the palesatinians should be willing to go along with and continue to turn the other cheek? One would have to assume that ethnic cleansing is just fine with you. How dare you attempt to preach morality to anyone.

    • Nathan: Why should anyone here have to condemn a policy that the zionist state alone is responsible for? If there should be any condemnation, the lion's share of it falls squarely on the shoulders of the blood-thirsty netanyahoo government. The hell that's been unleased regularly on Gaza would prompt no other response. Do you imagine you'd feel differently if the shoe was on the other foot? The zionist state has killed thousands upon thousands of palestinians for merely claiming their right to live in their land. The self pity in your post is astounding.

  • Israel has more legitimacy than US because the bible mentions Jerusalem, not New York -- says David Harris
  • Draft-dodger Tzipi Hotovely comes out as an anti-Semite
    • "being Jewish does not make one entitled to Israel." Holy moley Batyashitcrazy - whose side are you on? Anyway, please direct your directive to the director of jewish conflagration of the holey land and cease and desist from the aliyah making already. Time to self-deport!!

      Everything was just groovy between the jews in palestine and the jews in the whole rest of the until the jews in the rest of the world started to smell something rotten coming from THE ONLY DEMOCRACY IN THE MIDDLE EAST and it wasn't shawarma either. So they started to criticize. Not okay! Just because you're a jew and are told 24/7 that israel belongs to YOU via birthwrong and other mind fucking games, and that you must do everything in your power or cry 'antisemitism' until the country you live in caves to israeli demands or turns a blind eye and deaf ears to israel's atrocities wrt palestine, and bring up your jewish children AM YISRAEL CHAI before they realize they're americans, or brits, or french, or whatever....... after you insist on that loyalty, you'd think they could bitch a little? Fuck ya Batya, Zippy, Trippy and the blue haired Bippy.

      Being jewish does not make one entitled to any f$#@%*! thing, PERIOD.

    • Tzipi Hotovely prefers the truth to pandering
      November 24, 2017, 12:48 am 15
      Batya Medved

      Batya came to Israel at a young age, and upon graduating high school served in the Coordination Desk of the IDF's Foreign Press Branch. Batya is fluent in Hebrew, French and English and works in translation and public relations.

      "I have been shocked by the backlash following Deputy Foreign Minister and Likud member Tzipi Hotovely’s recent interview with i24 news, in which she expressed the opinion that American Jews who don’t send their children to war are incapable of fully comprehending the complexity of Israel’s reality. While I’ve read many articles slandering and criticizing her, I have yet to hear one real counter-argument.

      Hers is an unpopular but secretly extremely common opinion shared by many Israelis, and it comes down to this: being Jewish does not make one entitled to Israel. Being Jewish does not mean that it is the Israeli government’s job to cater to oneself. Being Jewish does not give one the right to comment on and criticize things whose reality one does not understand. And neither do one’s donations.

      The only thing that being Jewish means, as far as I’m concerned, is the potential to Israeli citizenship. If American Jews want to make aliyah and criticize a country where they have citizenship, that’s great. That’s how democracy works. But being Jewish does not equal being an Israeli citizen.

      Why does the prime minister need to apologize for Hotovely’s remarks? Why does she need to be rebuked for politely and coherently expressing the stance that most Israelis hold? Israelis fight for this country, pay taxes in this country and vote. Americans don’t. And as long as that’s true, Americans shouldn’t have an automatic say in how Israel runs things.

      Unfortunately, Israeli politicians are more concerned with the American community’s collective outrage than with the truth, and unfortunately, taking offense comes more naturally to said community than listening.

      We don’t share a culture. We don’t share a language. We don’t share borders. So what on earth makes American Jewry think it’s entitled to tell us how to run our country? This reaction is a demonstration that every indignation is righteous except for ours."

      Arrgghhh! Another zionazi with her knickers in a twist because a great many people saw hypocrisy and IMO, utter jealousy, coming from the gaping maw of hotovely. To add to her propaganda and bullshit is ms. batya blowharder. She is the sweeter side of the same coin. Her military service, like hotovely, was a bit of fluff, that only her white skin and connections can buy. But she's as dumb as a sack of hammers. "If American Jews want to make aliyah and criticize a country where they have citizenship, that’s great. That’s how democracy works. But being Jewish does not equal being an Israeli citizen." Now here this you american jewish naysayers - you're only allowed to criticize once you've chosen to enter the fray. You must get blood on your hands first, then you can bitch. I guess it's like that notion of changing this from the inside. Right. The hypocrisy has got to be reaching the 7th layer of heaven by now! Send your money and keep your opinions out of it. I would love to see all the monetary support to the fake state of israel dry up overnight. And then there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth, it'll be yuge.

  • Israel's top diplomat spouts anti-Semitic criticism of American Jews -- 'having quite convenient lives'
    • Reminds me of something Steverino - maybe it's because of the abundance of !!!

    • "I’m a Jew. I’m an American, and I’m proud."

      Of what FFS?

    • I read hotovely's screed and am struck by the envy she has for american jews simply because they're american and most of them only american. american jews aren't 'making aliyah' as they'd hoped. Why? Because america is their home, has been their home for generations. 'Terror attacks' have had little impact on them. The same can be said for here. Israelis are basically chickenshits, waiting for the shit to hit the fan. That says a child's sense of guilt to me. You do something very naughty and are paranoid as hell, waiting for mom or dad to come down on you but sometimes or a lot of the times they don't. I never had parents like that myself. I've come to the conclusion that israeli parents allow or even encourage their children to get away with murder and they do, with the president's and prime minister's approval. I digress. My feeling after reading this snark from tzipi was that she, like most israelis, envy americans and resent the fact that american jews are just not that into the ol' blue and white anymore.

  • Lockheed Martin: A global giant in supporting of Israeli war crimes
    • "But I get what you’re saying. Individual boycotts are a waste of time and it makes more sense for the West simply to do to Israel what it has done to other countries:
      – impose harsh economic sanctions;
      – destroy its infrastructure (while, of course, taking great care to minimize “collateral damage”); and
      – destabilize its government prior to imposing regime change."

      Israel is a rogue state in violation of numerous UN treaties and has committed innumerable war crimes going all the way back to 1947-48.
      I think that israel in fact loves the BDS movement because it's a distraction from what they have gotten away with for 100 years, and it isn't hurting them terribly. If they make a lot of noise about it, scream antisemitism 24/7 and get Emet and co to do the say, and they get the u.s. to make laws against it, all the while they continue to steal more land and murder more palestinians.

  • Top Israeli official admits that boycotting just the settlements is meaningless
    • "Might this action by USA/Tillerson be the straw that breaks the camel’s back..."

      I hope so. The usa is dropping the ball on a lot of issues important to the rest of the world, climate change for one. I hope this will be the last straw and other nations will join together and do what the usa refuses to do. Because, for one thing, the so-called american president is way too busy pretending the white house is a plantation and his job is to keep uppity young black men in their place.

    • "Israel does not have two different economic ecosystems, like, Israel within the green line and Israel over the green line. If you want to divest from the West Bank, Judea and Samaria, you have to divest from Israel, which means you boycott Israel completely.”

      Well that's pretty definitive and much much easier. The 'settlement' labels are a joke and there are too many ways to muck up the works. From the mouth of bigly habara , the entire 'state of israel' is a settlement and therefore should be boycotted in total. For anyone still on the fence about 'israel':

      U.S. Warns Palestinians They Could Lose Washington Embassy Over Abbas' Call to Investigate Israelis

      The Trump administration to the Palestinians: Without entering serious peace negotiations with Israel, the U.S. could shut down Palestinian diplomatic delegation
      Haaretz 18.11.2017 14:28 Updated: 2:29 PM

      WASHINGTON - The Trump administration has notified the Palestinian Authority that unless it enters serious peace negotiations with Israel, the U.S. could shut down the Palestinian diplomatic delegation in Washington, D.C. within the next few months.

      The message was relayed to the Palestinians by the U.S. State Department recently, but it did not include a firm timeline. It was first reported on Friday by the Associated Press.

      U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told the Palestinians that this decision was reached as a result of statements made by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who called on the International Criminal Court to investigate Israel and prosecute actions by Israelis.

      The State Department said that the statements made by Abbas go against a U.S. law which stipulates that the Palestinian mission should be closed if the Palestinians try to take action against Israel at the ICC."

      The palestinians can't continue to the united states to do anything but support the rogue 'state' of israel - they are basically one in the same. I hope that other more enlightened, honest and humane leadership in the zionist bubble outside of the united states and the bastard state of israel will step up and assist with their petition to the ICC.

  • Liberal Israeli leaders were contemplating genocide in Gaza already in 1967
    • Thanks Jonathan for proving that the term liberal can never be paired with the term zionist. Eshkol was prime minister 50 years ago, during the Johnson administration, and now we're 9 presidents past Johnson and the situation has, predictably, become worse. There are no excuses left for 'liberal zionists'. They can't claim they didn't know, didn't see, didn't understand. They didn't care. They believed their rabbis/youth leaders/Hollywood bullshit. Shame on us.

  • Israeli gov't minister says there will be one million West Bank settlers in the next 10-20 years
    • "This will happen – it is only a question of when,” Jerusalem Affairs Minister Ze’ev Elkin said, “adding that it could be anywhere between the next 10 to 20 years, depending on the pace of construction.”

      No, no, no! The issue is the pace of DESTRUCTION and that is increasing daily. They have to DESTROY before they construct. Are you getting that at all MSM?

  • Bret Stephens equates anti-Zionists with white nationalists in the 'New York Times'
    • hophni delivers another scathing cry of antisemitism (323 results found) and you back him up with the power of a steaming bowl of milquetoast. Way to go team ZioS#%$! BDS doesn't stand a chance against the two of youse!

    • Bret Stephens is a writer? And is there more than one of him? And all this time I just thought he was a very unsuccessful comedian.

    • Thanks hophni! Leave it to you to miss the entire point.

    • Substitute white nationalist with zionist - it works without a hitch.

    • Bret Stephens is only good at advertising his white privilege 24/7 and tops it off with his jewish privilege. He makes me ill. However, the more he talks the more he sounds like Steve Bannon or Richard Spencer, so I'd agree that there's no sunlight between white nationalism and zionism. He's talking loud and saying nothing, like someone else.

  • First ever bill on Palestinian human rights introduced to U.S. Congress
    • Where's Keith Ellison? Amy Klobuchar? I would hope more people would be on board with this, especially since its a no-brainer about the appropriate treatment of minors FFS. Of course, this is the country that seems to have misplaced its ethics and morality by continuing to elect public officials who are known racists, rapists and pedophiles. Since the united states is quickly becoming a 3rd world dictatorship, I can only hope that europe will take the reins and adjudicate for palestine.

  • Antisemitism bill hearing reflects disagreement in Jewish community over dual loyalty
    • What could possibly be more frivolous than a hearing WRT making any criticism of the zionist state a criminal act? WTF people! Will there ever come a day when the people of the united states will stand up and demand elected officials' loyalty to the united states and the americans they were hired to serve? Also, there are far more pressing, real life and death issues at hand such as the continued murder of black men, women and children by u.s. law enforcement and the pervasiveness of sexual predators in government - starting from the top down for these elected officials to be working on rather than to continue to dance and clown to the whim of the zionist state.

  • Open letter to singer Nick Cave from the Gaza war protesters he once supported
    • "Marnie, why don’t Jews qualify as Israelis? And there are “nazi officials”?

      Never said they didn't. I made a point of recognizing the israelis that aren't jews - do you have a problem with conversation that isn't always about you? How can you be so obtuse?

      I wouldn't consider Nick Cave a hero; he's just another musician I've never heard of. I'd respect him though.

      The only heros here are Palestinians.

    • Nick Cave: BDS is the reason for my trip to Israel - Israel News ... › Israel News

      Cave explained that, a few years ago, he understood that he wouldn't sign an "Artists for Palestine" petition, calling for artists to refrain from coming to Israel. "I didn't want to sign the petition. I didn't connect to it. I don't like lists," he said.

      Cave said he realized that though he wouldn't sign the petition, he also hadn't performed in Israel for 20 years. Cave first visited Israel to play a concert in 1993, and has returned twice since.

      "That made me feel like a coward, so as soon as I planned this tour, it was important for me to come out against this silencing of artists," he said.

      "I like Israel and Israelis, and it's important for me to do something of substance about this."

      Cave said he had not played in Israel for the past 20 years due to a lack of popularity and to complex logistical challenges involved in organizing shows.

      Interesting. He likes israelis, that would mean the +20% that aren't jews. But the last line, that he hasn't played for 20 years due to lack of popularity - does he mean the unpopular venue that is the zionist state, or his personal lack of popularity? Seems like a tool from jump street. Imagine he will make the rounds of photo ops with various nazi officials here. BDS will continue strong without him.

  • Prince Charles decried White House's failure to take on 'Jewish lobby' over Israel
    • "The Mail says that Prince Charles has very good relations with the Jewish community but is widely thought to hold unorthodox views of the Middle East. A Jewish editor describes the letter as anti-Semitic for its treatment of Jewish influence."

      It's possible to have 'good relations' with someone or some thing and criticize it or question it at the same time. He was speaking the truth and honestly seemed perplexed that the all powerful united snakes couldn't get that zionist gorilla off its back. Accusations of antisemitism - again!? It was refreshing, almost as refreshing as Coca-Cola before they changed the formula.

  • Settler celebration of life of Sarah turns into a torment for Palestinians in Hebron
    • "I'm the sheriff, as I told you. You're welcome to try to argue. I know the law is on my side." And that's it in a nutshell. Thanks for the video. fucking thugs.

      Wishful thinking.

    • The army has no control over these thugs and watching the video and seeing the soldiers pointing their weapons anywhere but at the source of all the problems, the settler trash, I am sick and feel fear for the palestinian population there.

  • Harvey Weinstein's Israeli spy was music video vixen and Israeli air force officer, with Holocaust backstory
    • Exactly! Cheap, tacky, tasteless and been there done that, another israeli FAIL. Also, the singer and the song SUCK.

    • Nauseating harvey weinstein, a wannabe jewish Django. Underneath his starmaker power, nothing but a common sex offender. Rose McGowan is a tough woman. I might be naive on this point, but I feel so hurt and so angry that a woman agreed to be part of a deception intent on bringing Rose down. Stella Penn/Diana Filip is as bad as weinstein for participating in such treachery. And israelis involved in more dirty business - no surprises there.

  • Israeli musicians to Nick Cave: Send a strong message -- refuse to play in Israel
    • The lost boyhood of Majed Mustafa multiplied by 10, 1000, 10,000, 100,000 or 1,000,000. Just business as usual in the zionist state. What's the theft of yet another young palestinian life? The crime that palestinians continue to be punished for is simply breathing. ;^(

  • The Weinstein effect drags in Israel
    • "Journalists chased Lord Stuart Polak into a massage parlour as he tried to dodge their questions as to why, as honorary president of the Conservative Friends of Israel, he’d engineered such a ghastly cock-up."

      Very impressive - journalists doing their job. No country has more dumb tools or a bigger zionist shed than the u.s. And u.s. journalists are so quick to back down it is embarrassing.

    • A cringeworthy interview on Trump Television with Boris Johnson:

      Under-fire Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has lavished praise on Donald Trump during an interview with Fox News, lauding the US President for “penetrating corners of the global consciousness”.

      Amid mounting calls for his sacking over comments that could see a British woman receive a longer jail sentence in Iran, the Foreign Secretary told the right-wing news channel the US President was “one of the huge great global brands”.

      Asked about perceptions of the US President from outside the states, Mr Johnson said said his method of tweeting early in the morning “no matter how rambunctious” was an effective way of communicating.

      He continued: “And yes a lot of people don’t like it and a lot of people relate to it. In an age when people have been turned off politics it’s more direct and it’s more communicative than a lot of previous presidents”

      “I think you’ve got to realise the American President is just one of the huge great global brands – he is penetrating corners of the global consciousness that I think few other presidents have ever done.” The Independent.

      Talking about a president as a global brand and penetration in the same sentence - I know its off topic but since the topic is Weinstein, maybe not so much.

    • Oh snap! The only thing I can think of is that the UK has some big dumb tools in the zionist shed. Governments should know by now that dealing with the israel government is very risky business - Theresa May must be another slow learner.

  • Israeli forces target Palestinian schools, teachers in East Jerusalem and Hebron
    • Wait a sec - does the us/israel have an unshakable bond or unspeakable?

    • Where's your proof and reportage? Why should anyone believe anything you post? You almost had it perfect though, maybe you should have ended your post with 'believe me'.

    • They did that very thing to newly emancipated African Americans, burning schools and churches all the way up to the 1960s.

      There was no uproar in the US when Native American children were sent to 'American' schools, forbidden to speak their languages, worship as they were taught by parents, wear their clothing or keep their braids.

      I was thinking that what the US and israel have in common is "the Cause". The south lost the civil war, but has been fighting it in one fashion or another ever since because of their claim to a specific heritage, one so singularly special that it must be defended constantly from the dangers of miscegination and a polluting of their special blood. It means a constant struggle. It's the same thing with zionism I think. No wonder the US and Israel have what's been called an unshakable bond.

  • 'American Jews are losing it bigtime' -- Netanyahu gov't official slams '80 percent' assimilation rate
    • "Assimilation, one of the credos of this blog, is antithetical to Hovotely’s statement. Her cause is the continuity of the Jewish people, a cause that is treated with disdain by this blog".

      The jewish faith isn't being practiced anyway Yonah; zionism is the religion of the so-called state of israel and if that dies, hakol b'seder.

  • Jewish leaders seek to shut down anti-occupation movie in MA because it 'sniffs of Nazism'
    • "Lappin said he does not dispute that people have the right to see the film and make their own decisions about its content, but he said it should not be shown at a church."

      Nice of him to decide where the film should not be shown.

      It should be shown in synagogues and churches all over the united states.It would be better

  • Gerard Butler, Gene Simmons, and Pee Wee Herman help raise $53.8 million for the IDF
    • It's kind of tied into the grand tradition of white privilege the u.s. is so bound to. This is likely to get the ridicule it deserves but on very small venues and not on MSNBC or CNN. The photo op above is so disgusting - sgt. nathan poses with fists, not thumbs up. Guess he didn't take his cue from Mr. Hollywood. I appreciate the info though, will say away from any films with Gerard Butler, Peewee Herman and fellow propagandist Chaim Witz.

    • You're so right Jerry! I've always pictured the spokesperson for the state of israel as a washed up bloated, orange complected has been member of a shitty 70s band who went by the moniker 'the demon'.

  • Israel denies entry to Amnesty International staffer due to alleged 'BDS activities'
  • 'Daily Californian' cartoon of Dershowitz dripping blood unleashes another furor over anti-Semitic canards
  • UN rapporteur urges sanctions on Israel for driving Palestinians 'back to the dark ages'
    • Waiting for JeffBee to give a sanitary explanation of why this is okay. Explain away zioturd! And continue to prop up and defend (not with your life of course, some other useful idiot - maybe a zionist christian - ooh yeah!) the shithole called israel.

  • Smear campaign is defused as Tom Suarez speaks at UMass
    • It's astounding how the truth gets these zionists so aggravated they look like they need an exorcism. The more truth that comes out, the louder they squeal.

  • R.I.P., Shiksa
  • US Jews need to stop criticizing Israel if they want two-state solution -- Israeli liberal
    • David44 -

      Exactly! More hugs? The israelis have been hugged and kowtowed too for 70 years. Way past giving a time out; all that's left is corporal punishment. I love the way they try to spin israelis as being so fragile that they need hugs. The israelis are the US's largest beneficiaries of largesse at the expense of americans, who, when they aren't getting screwed by their own government, have to take it up the tailpipe with the zionist enterprise. Hugs? Americans need to be hugging each other and tell israel to fuck off. #BDS!!!!

  • New report details Israel’s ‘broad systemic abuse’ of East Jerusalem minors
  • Video: 12-year old Palestinian recounts detention and abuse by Israeli soldiers
    • The cowards. They prey on children; the only preamble is that they are 'other' children, therefore not really children at all, not afforded the cover of innocence that all children, but in particular jewish children are born with and have until someone or something snatches that away from them. As I listened to this child recount what happened and his calm demeanor while speaking, I thought about the trauma he suffered and the collective trauma of his family, friends and community at the hands of 18 to 21-year-old conscripts who've been fed a steady diet of might always trumping right, the land belongs to the jews, the arabs are the enemy, the arabs hate us, they tried to kill us, we are the masters here, etc., from the breast all the way through high school and at the height of all the programming awaits the army. The chance to show those arabs, those so-called palestinians, just who runs the shit up in here. The child they arrest, no charges of course, none are needed, they're arabs after all, just little terrorists-in-waiting. They (army) file no report documenting what they did and why, just business as usual. Maybe it was a slow day. Maybe they were trying for a little 'friction activity', arrested the little terrorists. That's okay though, they don't fight back, they're soft targets, so get your aggression, frustration, boredom, whatever that goes through the vapid mind of the 18 to 21-year-old greenshirts and call it a day. No report necessary. Who's going to ask and who's going to care. We've been told all our lives we can do whatever we want and to whomever we want and anyone who disagrees or doesn't like it or some other whiny shit like that = enemy.

  • Newspaper ads offer employment help for new immigrants to Israel -- but only if you're Jewish
    • (Christmas time- Bah! Humbug!)

      Think of the barbecues you could have started.

      the jewish army you love so much - is this the one JeffBee?

    • Hey there Jack. And they left thousands behind. I know some that were spit on in the street. They brought them here to serve as a permanent underclass, to give the mizrahi jews something to feel superior about. They are citizens that are treated like the bastard child at the family reunion. Israeli MK declared israel is for white people. You've got to work a bit harder - maybe you need a hasbara refresher course.

    • You are over there, not over here, so you don't know and you don't believe the hundreds of reports here and elsewhere on the net that racism is as israeli as hummus and pita, which is actually palestinian, which they stole, but maybe you'll understand. You don't accept the most obvious crimes of the zionist state, so you aren't saying anything new. Just plug your ears and repeat the phrase that doesn't amaze "I don't agree with you that Israel is particularly racist". It means so much coming from someone who'll never experience it.

    • Whataboutery and denial, the zionist dipso duo. Whoops, forgot ad hominem attacks so that, whataboutery and denial, the zionist trifecta of trash.

    • Reality time? What do you know about reality? And again you speak volumes about topics you know nothing about. "So all the comments about skin color are racism are simply nonsense. The Jewish Agency is not racist in the slightest. I have no idea where you people get these crazy ideas." Here you demonstrate your notion that one room in the jewish home can be filthy and unliveable but it doesn't affect the rest of the structure. You are dead wrong, again. No one has to prove what has been proven already again and again on these pages. Israeli racism is very well-documented. It's up to you to prove it isn't JeffBee and with more than hasbara.

  • In order to receive hurricane relief, Texas town requires residents to reject Israel boycott
    • This isn't being pro-israel. It's being forced, like a rape, but that's the only way israel gets love.

    • Demanding loyalty for tRUMP is horrible enough, but to demand citizens of one country to make an oath to the citizens of a foreign government is brand new territory. I don't understand how the so-called current president of the US can make unconstitutional demands (NFL players must stand - NFL says forget about it) on americans and lose, but a foreign govt which murdered US sailors, US citizens and flagrantly violate UN articles, that foreign govt or agents for that foreign govt can make demands of fealty in exchange for disaster relief a reality then everything is truly upside down, wrong is right, etc, etc, etc. #BDS

  • Palestinian steps toward reconciliation met with Israeli intransigence and incitement
    • If I remember correctly, israel chose to launch an offensive on Gaza the last time Hamas and the PLO were trying to negotiate a peace between themselves. Israel reacted to this as by making a war on civilians, killing over 500 children out of the +2200 Gaza fatalities, the majority of whom were civilians. I am worried by the latest venom sprayed by netanyahoo and his govt with these latest peace talks between the PLO and Hamas. And they would do that too because first its been over 3 years since the last one so the lawn mowing services provided by the IOF is overdue and secondly, per blueberry netanyahoo, 'there is nothing Israel wants more than peace with all our neighbors'. When he says peace, he means to unleash hell.

  • Contest! Design a logo to celebrate the IDF's 70th birthday
    • A photo of Deir Yassin massacre side by side with a photo of the little boys murdered by the IOF while playing on the beach in Gaza 2014 with a caption like The Israel Defense Forces - nothing ever changes.

      The logo by Carlos Latuff is perfect.

  • Who can save Israel now? Labor leader emulates Netanyahu
    • Isn't it terrifying what an innocuous word like quiet has come to mean in ziospeak; just like what they did to the meaning of like mowing the lawn. There's no end to the depravity.

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