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  • Denial of entry - the real targets are Palestinians
    • @bcg, So if the Jews can wait 2,000 years to return...

      None of the Jews "returning" to Israel are doing so against the wishes of Israel and under the false guise of being a refugee. Israel has an entirely legal immigration policy that permits their entry.

      And for the record, nobody I know of objects to the Palestinians having an idea of where their ancestral homeland is located - the problem is the Palestinians believing that entitles them to a right to enter Israel against the wishes of Israel.

    • What a massive sense of entitlement. Why is the world is Israel obligated to permit entry to her and her fellow travelers? Further...

      Approximately 70% of the population in Gaza are refugees.
      Gaza is Palestine and more than 90% of Gazans are younger than 55. They are Palestinians living in Palestine, right where they were born. Not refugees.

      They are still waiting to reenter what is now the state of Israel.
      Nonsense. Re-enter means having been there before.

      So far their peaceful protests...
      Not peaceful.

      but they are continuously creating more refugees
      More nonsense. Khan al-Ahmar is not creating refugees. The squatters were offered homes and property, and to which they agreed before political pressure forced a change of heart.

      it will split the West Bank in two
      West Bank Palestinians’ access to Jerusalem remains unchanged.

      denial of entry to five members of the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights
      More entitlement.

  • The Gaza blockade is illegal-- and so is the use of force to maintain it
    • @Talkback, Badil even referenced to an UN source

      Yes, BADIL referenced a UN source but in typical BADIL fashion - they lied. Here is the study:

      Title A Study of Statelessness, United Nations, August 1949, Lake Success - New York
      Publisher UN Ad Hoc Committee on Refugees and Stateless Persons
      Author UN Economic and Social Council
      Publication Date 1 August 1949
      Citation / Document Symbol E/1112; E/1112/Add.1

      First of all, it is only a study. And more importantly it says nothing at all about the Right of Return as customary law. But you already knew that didn't you?

      And no once again, UN194 provides no rights at all. GA Resolutions are nothing more than recommendations, they are not (your words) legal opinions. And they cannot advance to either simply by wishing it so. Knowing of course that your hatred of Israel blinds you to facts and reason, I refer you to the UN Charter itself, where Chapter 4 specifically and repeatedly details that the GA makes recommendations only.

      As to your idiotic final question, yes many people have a right to return. But the Right to Return the Palestinians claim does not exist.

    • @Rob Roy, Israel is not a sovereign country and never has been...

      There is so much crazy made-up nonsense on this site it is sometimes hard to sift through, but this has got to be in first place. Israel is not a country. Despite all evidence to the contrary. But let's go ahead and check on a dictionary meaning:

      Sovereignty is the power of a state to do everything necessary to govern itself, such as making, executing, and applying laws; imposing and collecting taxes; making war and peace; and forming treaties or engaging in commerce with foreign nations.

      I understand there is a fair amount of rabid hatred of Israel around here, but if this is what passes as intelligent thought you are not doing the Palestinians any favors with your support.

      Have fun tilting at windmills Rob Roy.

    • @Talkback Just to demonstrate again what a racist and inhumane shmock you are...

      You think that referencing a claim that Badil makes up out of whole cloth actually supports your ridiculous claim. That is too funny.

      And sadly no, repeating the same non-binding words over and over does not make International Law. But just to humor you, lets presume that was true - exactly how many times does it need to be repeated and in exactly which year did UN194 magically turn into binding law?

    • @Paranam Kid

      You and George are both wrong.

      Israel did NOT pledge to abide by UNGA 194 as condition of its UN membership, there is nothing in UN 273 to support that. "Recalling" of a previous resolution in the preamble does not constitute an obligation.

    • @Talkback, I proved that it was no extralegal demand...

      You proved nothing. You invent the idea the 194 was based on existing customary law despite no mention of this supposed fact anywhere in the resolution. And you further cite that a Right of Return was customary law in 1948, which is both unsupported and unprovable.

      And it is beyond ridiculous to think that a UNGA resolution becomes a Chapter VII Resolution if it is repeated often enough. Again, there is nothing in the UN Charter or bylaws that supports such nonsense.

    • @Annie Robbins

      You either have no understanding "return" or "literal" - as the vast, vast majority of Palestinians have never been to where the demand to "return". As for the Jewish emigrants you cite, they did so legally, whether or not they had been there before is irrelevant.

    • @bpm Why is the “right of return” (after centuries) more valid than the right of return...

      I am going to take a wild guess that you meant why is the Law of Return more valid. And that is all too easy to understand. The Law of Return is part of the sovereign state of Israel's immigration policy. Immigration policies are an unchallenged right of all sovereign states.

      The Palestinian Right of Return is an extralegal demand made by the enemies of Israel, against the wishes of and in defiance of Israel.

  • Jewish allies must understand that solidarity entails a loss of privilege
    • @Stephen Shenfield ... an Israeli officials sits in a hidden room and makes the decisions.

      Please tell me this is some sort of snarky trolling. And not something you actually believe.

    • ... after all, doesn’t Israel control all points of entry to Palestine?

      No. Gaza borders Egypt.

  • UNRWA does not perpetuate the conflict, the conflict perpetuates UNRWA
    • @Talkback And if that means the destruction of their lives or livehood it’s not genocide.

      Of course withholding aid is not genocide, what a ridiculous idea. If that were true then you personally would be guilty of genocide for not giving all your money to the Palestinians in Gaza.

    • @Talkback

      The claim was that "The right of return is enshrined in the United Nations Resolution 194" - so commenting on how that is false is hardly twisting of law. And there is a reason that that Palestinians never base their claims on the dubious claim that it was customary law in 1948, and that is because it is both unprovable and untrue.

      And no, repeating something over and over does not make something law. UNGA Resolutions have a specific definition, there is nothing in the UN Charter or bylaws that declares some magic occurs if a resolution is repeated enough times.

      And if you had any confidence in the nonsense you are spouting you would not feel the need to go Godwin with your Nazi crap.

    • @echinococcus

      Holy Crap. Are you being intentionally obtuse?

      There are thousands of Penal Codes in the world, and yes they typically define the terms of theft and robbery. However I suspect that none of them define robbery as keeping what is already your own, which in this case are US treasury dollars that do not belong to the Palestinians.

      And there is nothing in the UN Convention on Genocide that defines genocide as not giving away money that someone else wants.

    • @echinococcus

      Whose penal code and why? Is it going to tell us that Palestine is entitled to US funding against the wishes of the US? Or that Palestine actually owns what is in the US Treasury? Or that it is genocide to not fund the Palestinian, UN provided school system?

    • @Misterioso. Israel is the only state admitted to the United Nations on the condition that specific resolutions would be obeyed

      Ugh. Not this nonsense again. Nothing in UNGA 273 says that Israel's becoming a member of the UN is contingent on its acceptance of those non-binding resolutions, that is pure invention. What is does say is that Israel specifically denied that association, "taking note of the declarations and explanations made by the representative of the Government of Israel "

      Referring to the jurisprudence of the United Nations relating to the admission of new Members, the representative of Israel stated that it was his Government's understanding that nothing but the provisions of Article 4 were relevant in the consideration of an application for membership. That conviction, based on the spirit and the language of the Charter, had been confirmed by the General Assembly resolution of 8 December 1948 (197 (III)), which stated that juridically no State was entitled to make its consent to the admission of an applicant dependent on conditions not expressly provided by paragraph 1 of Article 4 of the Charter.

      In addition to the legal considerations, the representative of Israel stressed the political and moral implications of the resolution and recalled the preponderance of opinion in favour of the principle of universality. In the opinion of the representative of Israel, no Member of the United Nations which rejected principles of totalitarian conformity could withhold its consent to Israel's admission on the grounds that Israel did not share its views on the solution of certain international problems.

    • Robbed? What a ridiculous level of entitlement. Genocide? What a ridiculous level of hyperbole.

    • While you are by and large correct in your assessment of UNGA 194, however you are seriously overthinking the whole. thing.

      As a General Assembly Resolution, 194 is non-binding, it is not international law and it does not confer rights. Full Stop.

      And the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is no different.

  • NY insurgent who said 'Dems can't be silent anymore' about Palestine clips AIPAC poodle in primary shocker
    • @James Canning ...Iran will accept Israel within its pre-1967 borders.

      Why lie? Iran would never do what you claim.

  • LGBTQ Palestinians: Israel uses Pride celebrations to 'normalize and justify occupation'
  • 'Ali is on the grill!' Israeli settlers celebrate burning of Palestinian baby
    • @Talkback ...your claim is that it’s “validity is in the fact that it exists.”

      Yes, it exists as a recognized state. But if you do not like that qualifier go ahead and name any of your unrecognized states that are invalid.

    • @Annie Robbins better yet mondonut, Name the currently existing ...

      Why is better yet to go off topic with an inane question than to expect an explanation of a comment?

      But to answer your question, I am not aware of any existing recognized state(s) that have no borders and are still considered legal entities, including Israel which has established borders with Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon.

    • @Talkback Because the records show ...

      Enlighten us. Name the currently existing recognized states that are not considered legal entities.

    • @Shingo Nor was North America...

      Ah yes, the great Nation of North America. I must have missed that one in the history books.

    • @oldgeezer

      It is certainly relevant to the legions of supporters who make the claim - and who trot out old stamps, photos of soccer teams and bizarre interpretations of the Mandate.

      And for the record, Israel's validity is in the fact that it exists.

    • @Talkback

      If by "dependent state" you mean geopolitical entity, which is exactly what I said, then you are correct. It was never a sovereign state prior to modern day Israel.

    • @Shingo I thought there was no such thing as Palestine?

      You thought wrong. Nobody with half a brain denies that Palestine existed, among other forms, as a geographical region and as a geopolitical entity. That said, nobody with half a brain believes it ever historically existed as a sovereign state.

    • Hilarious. That is a Jewish team.

      Members of the Maccabi delegation of the Palestine/Eretz Australian Touring Team:
      G.Arazi (Manager)
      Zvi Fooks
      Peri Neufeld
      Gaul Machlis
      Egon Polak (Coach/Treasurer)
      Avraham Reznik (captain)
      Menahem Mirimovitch

  • Organizer of the Great March of Return says protests in Gaza 'must go on'
    • @amigo
      - mondonut, someone accused you of being a zionist creep and a facist .
      - Don,t be coy.There is no resistance that is popular to the zionist entity.
      - WTF with.
      - Haven,t you been listening to the leaders of the rogue entity.They claim all “Arabs” (PALESTINIANS) are Terrorists.
      - Notwithstanding your racist undertones ,they tried that and if I recall correctly , the People of Gaza democratically elected a government and the rogue entity arrested and jailed more than half of them within one week.
      - Give it a rest buster.You wouldn,t want people to think you are not part of the smartest people in the universe —now would you.

      - Nobody accused me of being a of being a Zionist creep and a fascist. But despite the fact that it violates the site rules I would not put it past you or your like minded friends - it is what passes for intelligent discourse around here.

      - Attempting to peacefully live their lives and build a country does not need to be popular with Israel.

      - For openers, with the very same materials used to build tunnels.

      - I presume by "rogue entity" you mean Israel. And if you are claiming that all the leaders of Israel claim that all Arabs are terrorists, that is a bold faced lie. And an irrelevant response to Arab/Arab unity.

      - Racist? So now the Palestinians are their own race? And no, they have not tried it. After the 2006 elections the Palestinian politicians immediately refused to cooperate and have since squashed all future elections. Abbas is in year 13 of his 4 year term.

      - Smartest people in the universe? Nobody has ever accused us Irish Catholics of that.

    • There is simply no alternative to peaceful popular resistance.

      Sure there is. Depose the jihadist thugs that rule Gaza and commit the people of Gaza to true peaceful popular resistance (not the phony peace of the Great March). Use the time, energy and resources of Gaza to build a land for its people and not as a launch pad for the next inevitable conflict. Build homes, not tunnels. Convince your Arab bothers to the south of peaceful intent and get that border wide open. Show the Israelis and the world (for the first time) that the Palestinians know how to build a democratic society for its people and not a society for its warlords.

  • 'Let them eat candy' – Israel’s ideological war against incendiary kites from Gaza
    • @Misterioso
      You are one sick puppy
      Zionist creep
      you and your fellow fascists
      you neo-Nazi monsters
      you murderous racist thugs
      Comments Policy
      4. No personal attacks. We encourage spirited, passionate debate, but if you have to resort to vicious personal attack, you’re not advancing the discussion. Stay on the issues.

  • Celebrating in Jerusalem, killing in Gaza, pandering in Sacramento
    • @Mikos

      Ignorance is absolutely not a defense. Feel free to defend your ignorance with an unassailable reference to the applicable law.

    • ...100,000 people
      ...their human right, unassailable under international law, to return

      And more nonsense

  • 'New York Times' teams up with Israel to smear slain medic Razzan al-Najjar as 'complex,' not innocent
    • @pabelmont

      Absolutely. If masses of Israelis attempt to cross into Gaza to "take back" what they erroneously claim as their own, then sure, fire away.

  • Israeli army frames slain medic Razan al-Najjar as 'Hamas human shield'
  • Israeli lawmakers kill 'equality for all citizens' bill before it is even introduced
  • How to tell when defending Israel is actually racist
    • @zaid, Gaza is 80% Refugees

      Gaza is Palestine. And the vast, vast majority of its residents are Palestinians residing in Palestine, where they were born and raised. Despite their historical claims, there are few true refugees in Gaza.

  • 'Disappearing Palestine' maps must spotlight Jaffa
    • @Misterioso, ... indoctrinated Zionist, racist thieves like you to comprehend ...

      So now we know the great Misterioso knows how to cut and paste, if only context was so easy to understand.

      Please cut and paste where the State of Palestine (or people of) exercised territorial sovereignty over the land that was supposedly "returned" to them. And do not forget the part where Jordan was "returning" something it did not possess.

    • @Misterioso, Jordan’s occupation of the West Bank was illegal...

      Jordan "returned" what they did not possess to a people that never had it in the first place.

  • The way to the 'occupied lands'
    • @gamal "tell them why it is right that they can never go home..."

      Go home? She is home.

      A Palestinian living in Palestine, residing in the land and country where she was born.

  • 'A scream to the whole world': Gaza boats carrying students, medical patients, and wounded protesters attempt to break the blockade
    • 20 nautical miles?

      The Oslo Accords are an agreement between Israel and the PLO, not between Israel and Hamas.

  • Tom Friedman has advice for Palestinians: Embrace Zionism
  • Israeli military shot over 500 Palestinians in the head during Gaza protests
    • Wow. Over 500 shot in the head by high velocity sniper rounds but only 112 are dead? Them are some thick heads.

      Unless of course someone is exaggerating. Just a bit.

  • On Gaza: The end will continue
  • Peace begins with Israel ending the Nakba
    • Israel did not massacre a little baby. That is a disgusting lie and you know it.

    • Your kind "concern" for Israel is noted.

    • Nicely stated, but this is the same old, same old Palestinian prescription for peace.

      Israel must take down it borders, the Jewish people must admit to not being a people, they must accept being a minority, they must forfeit any right to self determination and they must allow for Israel itself to be completely dissembled. Israel is supposed to surrender.

      Cue the replies of "of course" and whats wrong with that".

  • Live Blog: Protests continue as Palestinians begin holding funerals for 61 killed in Gaza
  • Ending seventy years of exile for Palestinian refugees
    • @Misterioso, Big sigh...
      @pjdude. again, I get it... (No. No you do not)

      Nice cut and paste job, but I seriously doubt you even read what you posted.

      UN General Assembly Resolution 194: Once again, this is a GA Resolution and it confers no rights. So, a big nope.

      UN General Assembly Resolution 273: While the UNGA resolution that gave recognition to Israel mentioned the earlier UNGA resolutions, nothing in its language says that Israel's becoming a member of the UN is contingent on its acceptance of those non-binding resolutions. Recalling a resolution in the preamble does not constitute an obligation and most importantly, as you noted, the UN took note of Israel's statement that it was not consenting to those resoltions:

      Referring to the jurisprudence of the United Nations relating to the admission of new Members, the representative of Israel stated that it was his Government's understanding that nothing but the provisions of Article 4 were relevant in the consideration of an application for membership. That conviction, based on the spirit and the language of the Charter, had been confirmed by the General Assembly resolution of 8 December 1948 (197 (III)), which stated that juridically no State was entitled to make its consent to the admission of an applicant dependent on conditions not expressly provided by paragraph 1 of Article 4 of the Charter.

      Lausanne Protocol: The Lausanne Protocol was an agreement on the framework for a comprehensive peace plan. Again, no obligation or binding agreement. It was simply an agreement on agenda items.

      UN General Assembly Resolution 3236: Another GA Resolution. Another big nope.

      UN Security Council Resolution 605: If I thought for a minute that you wrote any this, this is were I would call you a liar. That however is reserved for whoever did write it. The word "return" does not appear is this resolution, nor does the resolution attempt to make any agreement retroactive to 1947-48.

      The Magna Carta: Seriously?

      Fourth Geneva Convention (12 August 1949): This came into effect on came into effect on October 21, 1950, and no, it was not retroactive.

      The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Return to his country? And what country would that be? Certainly not Israel. And beyond that fact that the Declaration is non-binding, a mass migration of Palestinians into Israel would deprive Israelis of their rights in UDHR, specifcally Articel 30: "Nothing in this declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, group or person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein."

    • @pjdude, the same right everyone fleeing from war has...

      Once again, if you want to claim a legal right, go ahead and tell everyone where that right comes from. Name the law, the treaty, the agreement or whatever you have.

    • @RoHa, Zionists don’t understand morality at all...

      Ha! Claiming the moral high ground by way of bigoted, sweeping generalizations.

    • @Mooser

      Yea, that is "simple". It is not however a legal right.

    • @gamal

      Whose God?

    • @pjdude

      Then by all means, tell the world from where this "right" springs.

    • Once again, the Palestinians have no "right" to "return". But props must be given for pure inventiveness, both for invoking non-existent 1945 customary law and bizarrely discovering a RoR within the trials of Nazis.

      And for the millionth time, UNGA 194 provides no rights at all. Nor does any General Assembly Resolution.

  • Jews Say No! publishes 'Moving Forward’ to highlight Jewish National Fund role in the Nakba
    • @Mooser

      People have the impression (incorrectly) that Israel uses illegal ammunition from the endless lies and propaganda spread by the likes of Code Pink.

    • @Misterioso "The Remington M24 uses 7.62mm bullets that expand inside the body..."

      More nonsense from Code Pink. The M24 is not limited to any particular round, yes it can fire an open tip M852 (more accurate competitive match round) but can also use the M118 full metal jacket.

      Stating that Nato 7.62mm bullets "expand inside the body" is either purposely misleading or uniformed BS.

  • The remarkable disappearing act of Israel's car-bombing campaign in Lebanon or: What we (do not) talk about when we talk about 'terrorism'
    • On a warm September day in 1920, a few months after the arrest of his comrades Sacco and Vanzetti, a vengeful Italian anarchist named Mario Buda parked his horse-drawn wagon near the corner of Wall and Broad Streets, directly across from J. P. Morgan Company. He nonchalantly climbed down and disappeared, unnoticed, into the lunchtime crowd. A few blocks away, a startled postal worker found strange leaflets warning: “Free the Political Prisoners or it will be Sure Death for All of You!” They were signed: “American Anarchist Fighters.” The bells of nearby Trinity Church began to toll at noon. When they stopped, the wagon — packed with dynamite and iron slugs — exploded in a fireball of shrapnel.

  • The 'One Democratic State Campaign' program for a multicultural democratic state in Palestine/Israel
    • Key to any solution is the return of the Palestinian refugees and their descendants, or compensation and resettlement for those who choose not to return

      There is mot much need to read beyond this statement, everything else is nonsense. Dismantling the IDF, Israeli security and police forces; redistribution of wealth (of course it must be seized first); redistribution of private property and a "thorough decolonization".

      This is no more than a plan for Israel to surrender.

  • Flaming kites mark fifth Friday of Gaza protests
    • @echinococcus : Violent or non-violent is totally irrelevant and misleading.

      Claims of non-violence certainly are misleading, they are in fact a complete lie. All of the repeated, multiple and non-stop claims that the Great March protests are peaceful and non-violent are indeed complete lies. And it is not irrelevant to point out the truth.

      As for the rest of your nonsense (and implied threat), I am not Zionist, nor Israeli.

    • @oldgeezer : By selectively extracting portions of text...

      I did no such thing, that is an exact quote in its entirety. The story claims burning tires were rolled towards soldiers and flaming kites sent to burn in Israel, those are not my claims but the author's.

      And for whatever reason, you chose to believe that those activities are peaceful. And non-violent.

    • @Keith : You conflated them with Molotov cocktails, hardly a “fact.”

      Did you even read the story?

      Last Monday, Four kites affixed with flammable cocktail...

    • @Keith : you most certainly are blowing them all out of proportion.

      My only comment on the kites were that they are neither peaceful nor non-violent. That is a simple statement of fact. Sorry you are having such a hard time with the obvious truth.

    • @Cazador

      Because who else to blame for anti-semitism but the Jews themselves.

    • @Misterioso : Cite one example of an Israeli soldier being killed or wounded..

      So anything other than killed or wounded is peaceful and non-violent? Since when?

    • @oldgeezer; So you are being quite dishonest in suggesting that they were being rolled towards soldiers.

      It was not my claim, read the story genius...

      The March organizers believe that more than 30,000 Palestinians participated in Friday’s events, during which attempts were made to damage the security fence and roll burning tires toward the soldiers.

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