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  • There are two narratives, but one reality: Palestinian dispossession
    • "After all, moser (Mooser) is a Hebrew word for a Jew who informs on fellow Jews to a non-Jewish authority."

      "Boris" STOP LYING ABOUT ME!!! Anybody can see that moser has ONE "O"! "Mooser" has TWO "O's"! TWO!! And they are pronounced differently. As soon as they stop drinking in moderation, you are gonna get it!

    • "And none of us ignores what you are, you antisemitic racist."

      Oh, say not so, "Talkback"! "Boris" understands a simple truth: "In Israel, all Jews are equal, but frum Jews are more equal than others."

    • "Mooser refused to give me her picture so that I can tell her if she looks Jewish." "Boris"

      You're off to a great start. When the Nazis come again, "Boris", you should offer them your services changing key on their guitars.

    • "I have only pity for people like you — it sucks to be you — but I also accept the fact that you are part of us." "Boris"

      OK, "Boris", if I'm such a big "part of us" , send me a bill, or tax statement, or draft notice, or tell me what to say.

      Better still, write to the US government, and tell them to send me to Israel.

      A please-and-thank-you "nation". And "no, thank you" seems to work quite effectively. Get used to hearing it.

    • "Not at all like the pictures in Der Stürmer"

      You should see me. Patrician arches, legs by Buckingham, body by Adonis, hair like the raven's wing, and a nose by Pythagoras.

    • "Moo, it is called “radical acceptance”."

      'This analysis is nothing new. It is typical of "Boris" writing, which suggests, as it always does, the "Boris" has internalized anti-Jewish hatred, and like those secularist Jews in Europe who looked down upon their brethren or converted to Christianity to escape their Judaism, "Boris" adopts the classic tropes of the self-hater.
      Self-hatred is a disease. It is a sad disease borne of many generations of persecution, but it is a disease. And it is usually the self-haters who cause the worst damage to the Jewish community, precisely because of how small it is'.

      "You chose to ignore reality, I don’t."

      Gosh, I didn't know the "reality" is that bad in Israel, "Boris". Which anti-semites are determining who isn't or is a Jew over there?
      Even in Israel anti-semites get to say who is Jewish? That's awful.

    • " — it is the antisemites who are the best judges of who is a Jew and they will easily identify you just by your looks."

      I wonder why "Boris" is so comfortable with anti-semites telling him who is Jewish? What is his problem?

      "And if you are born a Jew, you will remain a Jew for the rest of your life, and you will pass it to your children."

      Well, "Boris" since well over half of all Jews are marrying non-Jews, can you detail what gets passed on in that case?
      Remember, Jews marrying non-Jews is more common than Jews marrying Jews
      What do their kids faces look like? "Half-Jewish"? Which half, right or left?

    • "However, they don’t hit you in your passport, they hit you in your face. We, the Jews, are easily identifiable. And, as I wrote before, we have Semitic features that are foreign to Europeans, and, as history shows, we had been identified 6,000,000 times before."

      So "Boris" is back to recommending the Nazi and/or Soviet State way of identifying Jews. As far as "Boris" is concerned, the Nazis got it right.

      "Boris" do you think maybe you could come up with a system of identifying Jews which wasn't designed to oppress them (Soviet) or wipe them out (Nazi)?
      That would be nice, you know. Can you do it?

    • " Finkelstein is very easily identifiable as a Jew, as his face has very obvious Semitic features."

      We still must be very careful "Boris"! What if a non-Jew who just looked like a Jew, or bunches of them, tried to pass themselves off as Jewish, just to get the benefits and privileges of being Jewish?*
      Or worse yet, acted as spies and saboteurs?

      Also, "Boris, we need a cut-off point, what with so many half, quarter, and even lower fractional Jews around. A certain purity of blood ( no ripped genes,so to speak) must be maintained. Where should it be set? At what fractional point, quarter-Jewish, third-Jewish, fifth, or eighth-Jewish, should it be set?
      I assume the master-list of all real Jews will be kept in Jerusalem, of course?

      * Of course, "Boris" you can always tell a Jew, sometimes just "by the look in their eyes", but what about the rest of us whose Jew-dar isn't as finely tuned? Any reliable standards we can turn to? I think a man named Rosenberg knew some. Can you suggest a guide for the perplexed?

    • "White Jews from Poland and Russia and Hungary are not indigenous to the Middle East. Cut and dry."

      And why does "Emet" think we will reverse what we know to be true and believe him?

      1)Sometimes, we might do that for people we love very much. In certain non-critical areas. (" Why, that hat is swell, sweetheart"). Is he counting on the world's love for the Jews?

      2) Sometimes, we can be compelled to hypocrisy by something which has complete power over us, and can compel belief or at least agreement by punishment for non-conforming. Does he think we should be afraid, and conform to his beliefs?

      3) And I guess many people, all of us in some ways, can ignore or postpone reality if the pay-off is big enough. If ignoring or contradicting certain unpleasant facts brings big rewards. What pay-off does "Emet" think he can offer?

      And that's what I cannot figure out about "Emet", (and the whole herd of ilk):
      Which one of those three do they think they have working for them?
      In such quantities that it will make us ignore reality and deny our own conscience, too.
      I cannot figure that out. Maybe he will explain it to us.

    • " a real narrative of dispossession"

      Yes, when Zionism couldn't get enough Western Jews and their assets into Israel, all kinds of machinations were used by the Zionists to force Iraqi and other Jews in the area into Israel. Many were dispossessed in the process.

    • "Very interesting bloodline, but I’ll continue to judge you by the content of your character." "John O"

      Well, said Mr "O", but "Boris" seems convinced shouting "I'm a Jew !I'm a Jew!" will get him a whole lot more than any old character content. Kind hearts are good, but coronets are worth much more.

      I've never seen anything like this. They think we are some kind of aristocracy!

    • "As a nation – the Jewish people are the oldest nation existing today" "Boris"

      "Boris", that "nation" nonsense just ain't good enough. If Jews are a "nation" how come Israel cannot tax or recruit Jews outside of Israel, or punish them if they get out of line.

      "Boris", the very first requirement of any nation is to have control of its people. The Jewish nation does not, except for the poor schlimazels in Israel.

    • "Boris" must have Jewish genes! His genes shrink to fit. They must be Levis 501.

  • Fearing breakup of Israel lobby, liberal Zionists stress the power of Jewish unity
    • "Among the Jews he expects to find emphasis on intellect, a sense of moderation, cherishing of spiritual values, cultivation of rational, goal-directed activities, a “beautiful” family life. Among gentiles he looks for the opposite of each item: emphasis on the body, excess, blind instinct, sexual license, and ruthless force."

      No wonder intermarriage is so popular.

    • He (Phil Weiss) has his own Web site and he ..."

      "yonah" you could have your own website, in 15 minutes, and for free. Blogger, WordPress, you name it.

      It never occurs to you that coming to Phil's website day after day, to insult him in the space Phil provides for you makes you look, well, nuts? And very, very jealous, and obsessed.

      "so Phil is probably right that censoring himself won’t win many hearts or minds."

      Good, you thought it out to the correct conclusion. So we're done with this now? Great! You'll call off the Special Investigation into Phil's collusion with Russian anti-semitism?

    • "yonah" what on earth was all that brew-ha-ha and all those hysterical comments about? Why didn't you just say "I've got a book report I'd like to enter into the Archives"?

    • "By the way, the NEW anti-Semitism doesn’t involve Jew hatred, it involves criticism of Israel and/or examining Jewish power in the current political economy"

      Exactly, and here's the beauty part, "Keith"! You know what gives those accusations of anti-semitism their 'bite'? What makes an accusation of new anti-semitism so terrible?
      Why, the fundamentally philo-Semitic nature of the Western World, of course! (Except for those few leftist cranks endorsing the new anti-semitism)
      Or so Zionists seem to think, as far as I can tell.

    • "To mooser a war of ideas question: who was greater buddy Hackett or don rickles"

      "yonah", you have been getting more and more grandiose lately.

      Can't wait to see what we get from you once the manic phase passes.

    • "mooser- who needs to google isaac deutscher to find out who he is." "yonah"

      He grey, and very large, and always carries a trunk.

      (BTW, "yonah" the comment in which you indicted Phil Weiss for "preaching to the choir" and wrote the entire comment as a call-and-response Gospel sermon (3:37pm) is classic, one for the ages!)

    • "but he is someone I respect in a way that I don’t respect mw."

      "Groucho Fredman": 'I could never respect a blog which lets me comment so much!'

    • " like coming to a fist fight with your hands tied yonah. phff"

      But "Annie" look who "yonah" brought with him, as 'seconds'! An entire herd of irrelevants: Phil Ochs, Isaac Deutscher, Trotsky,Leibniz, Spinoza, the proletariat, the lower middle class, and David Duke!

      Phil will be trampled in the stampede!

    • They can’t just work hard and study hard and succeed based on merit?

      That's good enough for most things, like "thriving". That is, for social assimilation, employment, education, going into business. If you want to support Israel's intransigence and use the US gov. for the Zionist project, well, it's going to take more than that.

    • "Isaac deutscher, btw, keith, wrote in “who is a jew”

      Good point, "yonah"! If Jews are entitled to redemption of their homeland, the right to take property and lives from Palestinians, we really need to know exactly who is a Jew, and who is not!
      After all, we want the right people to have those incredible privileges. And what if the wrong people start getting them? What if a person went to Israel killed some Palestinians, and took their house and land and wasn't a Jew! That would be wrong!

      But nobody will; tell us who is, and who isn't a Jew!
      "Yonah" when you come up with the thing that enables us to tell Jews from non-Jews, please pass it along to us.

    • "I have 4 siblings and a dozen or so nieces n nephews living in what I call falestin. Does morality require me to care about them?" "yonah fredman"

      Both morality, and biology, and reality should make you care very much about their situation. You should be screaming at the Zionist organizations, and furious with organized Jewish religion.

      But no, it's all Phil Weiss's fault. Yeah, I can see that you Zionists really know how to think things through.

    • "yonah"
      why can't you get it through your head that you spending each day indicting Phil Weiss for antisemitism, on the blog that he set up tells anybody (and especially any Jew) everything they need to know about Zionism and Zionists?

    • "I like Phil Ochs’s song.../... would have us believe."

      And "yonah" takes time out from his indictment of Phil Weiss and Mondo as anti-semitic, to make his regular diary entry in "Yonah's Complaint".

    • "back to the canadian billionaire couple double murder v suicide. any theories?"

      Maybe the Sherman's got caught up in one of those "assimilationist package deals" gone sour?

    • "Why? Because it is self indulgent and feels good.
      Why? Because mw’s antizionism is part of an assimilationist package deal.
      Why? Because mw preaches to its choir and preaches at and disdains anyone not in the choir."
      "Rev. Dr. 'yonah fredman'

      Hallelijah! Right on, Rebberend! Preach it, brother!

    • " Yes leftist zionists are in a tough spot. But no. MW has disqualified itself from helping them to decide how to proceed."

      You should have read the "about" page. Try another site for the guidance you seek. Good luck.

  • Examining 'Ten Myths about Israel', by Ilan Pappe
    • You know, I just realized something. To Zionists, everybody except them is a Palestinian.

    • " It was universally accepted that the Jews are a distinct people (a nation) whose origins are in Biblical Israel."

      Yes, anti-semites never tire of claiming that.

      Oh, BTW, "Nathan" what are the inalienable rights of a "distinct people"? Is there a prize for being a "distinct people" besides those blessings offered by excessive consanguinity?

    • . "That ought to work out well."

      I mean, there's just so much to be gotten out of Palestine, it makes the development of North America look like a rummage sale.

    • "And Nathan simply endorses the antisemitic concept of Jews being a ‘foreign or separate body’ within a nation in the relevant sense of the concept state nation – of not belonging to the nation they are citizens of"

      I wonder who told "Nathan" you get a prize for that?

    • . "This above article is a wonderful example of presenting the anti-Zionist point of view that the Jews are not a people (a nation), while at the same time admitting in clear terms that the Jews are a nation."

      Oh, so a non-people decides to make a "nation". That ought to work out well.

    • " Maybe you take a different view but I think that mine is quite plausible overall!"

      "A different view" which "Jon s" arrives at only from the most scholarly, dispassionate, uncorrupted, disinterested and honest motives. No, really, no prejudice involved!

  • Israel’s expulsion of African refugees - betrayal with a kiss
    • "eljay, good work. By simply adding the responses ("Can you dig it", "Damn right", "He's a baaad motha...", etc.) at the end of the lines your version scans with the "Theme from Shaft".

    • "Yeah, it’s a wonder I play the violin."

      Maybe you could set "yonah's" poem to music:

      "And to invoke god in the conversation is the ultimate act of hatred.
      I am deigning to tell anyone what god wants;
      that is just a pile of feces.
      Maybe you enjoy getting feces thrown at you, crone. i don't.
      Maybe in your secular family invoking god is as innocent as invoking santa claus.
      Not to me!!
      Invoke god and you are playing with fire or feces."

      'yonah fredman'

    • "Maybe he is up to his ears in white bread and Mayonaise."

      "amigo" is quoting from a comment "yonah" wrote last year claiming assimilation causes indigestion. Titled "My heart burns for thee, Jerusalem."

    • "yonah" seems almost desperate to distract from the harrowing facts reported in the article.

    • "Of course mondoweiss is more concerned with the interior decorations of rich Jews and not the novels of amos oz. And it calls itself “the war of ideas”!"

      Ouch! That'll sober 'em up, in moderation.

  • Palestinian legislators are 'dragged out' of Knesset as Pence promises embassy will move in 2019
    • "Mikhael", let's not forget to mention that by getting themselves ejected, the Palestinian MKs missed Pence's speech, with all its possibilities, negotiating points, and willingness to compromise.
      Why, they are missing an opportunity!

    • "I agree that..." provided no substantiation at all for your arson-plot accusation against Palestinians.
      Sounds like pure provocation to me. Like the "name-calling" you just conjured.

    • "Calm" seems rather excitable.

    • Anybody sets fire to Chimney Rock, I'm gonna be pissed.

      "MHughes" explanation(2:38pm, above) sure seems sensible.

    • Gee, "eljay", might it be in your interest to determine whether this Palestinian arson plan even exists, first?

    • "this is radically inflammatory news"

      Isn't it, tho?

  • After disturbing tour of Hebron, Roger Cohen takes a step away from Zionism
    • "I repeat that there is something cruel about a journalist visiting a Jim Crow town twice in 14 years (2004, 2018) and noting that it’s only gotten worse, something any activist could have told him, while continuing to defend Israel."

      It gets harder and harder to tell the crackers from the matzohs

  • Abbas's crime was saying that Zionism is a colonial project
    • "But this should not be taken as an excuse for imperfect English."

      We can't afford it. Look at the competition; Norwegians learn Norwegian; the Greeks have taught their Greek. In France every Frenchman knows his language fro "A" to "Zed" (The French never care what they do, actually, as long as they pronounce in properly.)

    • "..."

      Uh-oh. I think they've stopped drinking in moderation.

      Or "Dabakr" has decided to be the barker.

  • No one cares about intermarriage anymore
    • "The non-Jewish establishment sat on the sidelines."

      Trying to guess who was coming for dinner.

    • "It could happen to you"

      Keep your eye on spring. Run! when church-bells ring.

    • "So it’s no longer a second Holocaust"

      Easy there, podner. The quote is "silent Holocaust"

    • "Every once in awhile, Phil reveals himself. It’s never a pretty sight."

      I wouldn't know what to think. The balebatim are a closed book to me.

    • "Forget about it, and move on."

      'Out-marriage' didn't work for me, either. Here's what happened: Some years after I got married, and the marital epoxy was well cured, my wife confessed to me that her family's matriarch fled to America from Germany (or someplace like it) after being impregnated by a Jewish peddler.

      And my Dad said his ancestor, a itinerant Jewish small-merchant in Germany (or someplace like it) fled to America after impregnating a Gentile girl.

      I can't do anything right.

  • Israel as a perversion of Judaism and the modern nation-state
    • "Besides Israel’s actions this herd is the other reason why Israel is hated so much"

      "Talkback", I have no idea, cannot figure out what they are trying to do. Can they really be this unconscious of their effect?

    • "He seems to think that Mondoweiss is occupied by Zionists and that he can expel everybody he likes"

      Have you ever seen a herd of ilk so afflicted with grandiosity as the self-selected egos-on-the-half-shell who advocate for the kosher-crusader state?

    • "So, this comment is not an answer to any question, just a simple response to you – buzz off!"

      Wow "Boris" the way you seized control of this thread was impressive.

      Like an intellectual Entebbe raid, or something.

    • "They are the ones with the Levi-Strauss label"

      "RoHa" send your formal wear to the cleaners. I see a Nobel prize coming your way. Brilliant!
      I was thinking they should look for genes that shrink, since so many Jews undergo analysis, but that proved a faulty indicator.

    • "You’re anti-Semitically conflating Zionism with all Jews and all Jews with Zionism"

      Except "Boris" cannot tell me, or anybody, who "all Jews" or indeed 'any Jew' is. He keeps on referring us to the Nazis for a system of Jewish identification, which is out of the question. So I never do know if I am truly "in the tent", do I?

      Now let me see, where shall I put my trust,
      in a system which takes no notice of my religion, lets Jews worship as they please, and doesn't care what I call myself, and allows me to call myself anything I want?...

      ...or the Zionist system, which predicates everything on being 'a Jew' but cannot tell me who is, and who isn't one? So they can keep me guessing? So I can keep proving it?
      Screw that noise.

    • "Arab countries had expelled their Jews – none left in Iraq,"

      Ah, so that's what "Shock and Awe" and "Operation Iraqi Liberation" was all about.

    • "Iraq produced the Babylonian Talmud and remained the center of Torah scholarship for long after that."

      That was one hell of a "thank you" we gave Iraq for it, huh?

    • ." At least 2020."

      So what? Does it give Israel the ability to compel any person outside of Israel to do anything?
      "DaBakr" nothing about our genes, religion, culture, you name it, compels Jews to be stupid, and go over the cliff with Israel.
      In fact, if necessary Zionism will be repudiated.

    • "And your “survival” is living as subjugated people in a ghetto."

      ROTFLMSJAO!!! You mean the "ghetto" which supports Israel, and can even convince the country to give Israel lots of money?

      The "ghetto" that doesn't even count Jews? The "ghetto" which doesn't draft Jews just for being Jews?

    • "I am replying to you only because I like to play with your handle."

      "Boris", there are much better sites for that. This isn't really the place.

    • "Mooo, your membership is in your genes.."

      Sure, you bet. If there are "Jewish genes" I'm sure I've got plenty.

      But that membership can't make me (or any other Jewish person outside Israel) pay taxes, or draft me, or order me around. Can't even make me like Israel.
      So what good do Jewish genes do Zionism?

    • , "after the Holocaust Jews are forced to acknowledge that that’s how the world defines who they are."

      Ah, I see, you finally admit it is the world that has the power to define the Jews. But in return, we get rights to Palestine, and the right to get rid of the Palestinians? Such a deal.

      But you still haven't told us what it is about blood which makes it Jewish? Remember, "Boris", the human genome has been completely mapped.
      Which ones are the Jewish genes? They will have designations, what are they?

    • "This entire article is that being Jewish is no longer based on any religion"

      But you still won't tell us what it is based on? Are we back to sending you pictures so you can tell us?

      How do we know whether Israel is a place for real Jews, or just a place for whoever the Zionists think might be useful?

    • “Jews … are united through their common history”

      To a point, yes, and I'm sure millions of Jews all over the world will be distressed, and possibly horrified as Israel continues to fail.
      But there's no way, for all your "united" shibboleths to force Jews outside of Israel to go over the cliff with Zionism.

      I'm sure you understand, "Boris", it's a matter of Jewish survival.

    • "So…the essence of sharing the religion-based identity.../... committed by Jews against non-Jews."

      "Boris" is simply trying to work out some magical reason why the Jews all over the world, and many in Israel, won't see the failure of Zionism, and act appropriately. They will.

    • "Everybody knows that the International Civil Aviation Organization is antisemitic and wants to deny the only Jewish people’s enternal right to fly by flapping with their arms"

      You got it in one, "Talkback"!

    • "and also a venture intended to preserve Jews."

      No, you don't know that. The Zionists say that. It is absurd.

    • "There doesn’t seem to be any transition between one vague assertion and the next."

      Well, "Yitzak", that's how it goes. You will just have to determine which is more important, which may have more effect on us; our interpretations of ourselves as Jews, or how others perceive us?

    • “A Jewish national characteristic I hadn’t thought of: conjugal relations” "Naftush"

      "Naffila" I don't know what your Rabbi told you, but non-Jews have them, too.

      So "Naftush", I'm waiting. What is it about "conjugal relations" which distinguishes Jews? What's the "national characteristic" in Jewish "conjugal relations" Please, spread yourself on this topic.

      And keep your eye on those Haredim in Israel, I think they're way over "nearly half the time".

    • "Naftush" did you know Jews the right to fly by flapping our arms? (to the extent we don't interfere with civil aviation, of course) So do you! Every Jewish person has that right! Nobody can take that right away from us! I can even sell non-refundable tickets to see me do it. There's only one problem. Do you know what it is?

    • "A Jewish national characteristic I hadn’t thought of: conjugal relations"

      Exactly! That's why our demographics are so bad.

      And as far as the sections of the Jewish people who are reproducing rapidly, are they cheating, to gain an advantage over Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform Jews who scrupulously observe (like Mikhael!) the "the laws of "family purity"?

      And how's the divorce and out-marriage rates among Jews?

    • ." Jewish nationhood in Israel traces directly to national elements of Jewish nationhood pre-Enlightenment. Other than territory, it’s all there: language, dress, even cuisine, *and* religion."

      "Maybe it has to do with the fact that Jews couldn't have sex for nearly half the time..."

  • Israeli forces kill Palestinian and destroy three houses belonging to relatives in reprisal for settler killing
    • "Israeli forces kill Palestinian and destroy three houses belonging to relatives in reprisal for settler killing"

      This is an even harsher penalty than is prescribed for non-Jewish Torah study. Perhaps the "Jewish courts" will overturn the sentence on appeal.

  • The checkpoints, by Rawan Yaghi
    • "It’s not a numbers game. " "Emet"

      "Emet" a colonial project is very much a numbers game. (Especially when there's no 'draw' to the area except mythical religious association, but let it go)

      Like this number, "Emet": what's the minimum number of Zionist Jews needed to keep the colonial project moving toward its goals, and not having to give ground?
      Oh, here's another: What's the maximum Israel can spend on the occupation?

    • "Within your lifetime , Boris, the Kirya will be sacked."

      "Boris" won't know. He will be here at Mondo, insisting it is still standing.

      "– all these are fighting words."

      Yeah, don't hit your screen too hard, Boris you might bust a knuckle. If you spit on it wipe it off with a cotton towel.

    • In the early.../...Palestinian.

      Here's "Emet", with a blundering herd of irrelevants again.

      Although I do find your unshakable belief that the world so loves the Jews, that all you have to do is claim something as "Jewish" and the world will give it to you, a little naive.

    • ." So what’s your point anyway? "

      "Emet" is convinced everybody is just aching to do what "the Jews" want.
      Zionism is based on an assumption of world-wide philo-semitism. (Or at least the important parts of the world.) How else to explain the fact that "Emet" (and so many others) believe that just saying something is "Jewish" means that everybody should want to give it to you?
      They never have to explain why Zionism could be or should be good for anybody else, they seem to think all they have to say is "It's good for the Jews" and everybody must say "Why sure, take it". Never seen anything like it.

    • ." There is no “Jewish land”."

      Find Palestine on a map, then draw a circle around it. Now, it's circumscribed.

    • "Palestinians will need to accept that the Jewish religion was alive and active long before Islam came to this world..."

      ROTFLMSJAO!! "Emet", I am sure that the Palestinians can see, very clearly, what is going on with the Jewish religion. They can see it very clearly.

      And "Emet", old pal, you just be sure to keep on saying that our Jewish religion requires and entails Zionism, and Judaism is why Zionism does the things it does. That's a sure way to gain sympathy and support! On both sides of the tent-flap.

    • "It was Jewish land "

      That's nothing "Emet", I've got Jewish furniture! Here, sit, right here on the dahvenport. Comfortable, no?

    • "Islam, the type practiced by the Palestinians, rewards death."

      At Mondo, they are drinking in moderation.

  • Once again, 'NYT' says Judaism = Zionism
    • . "It is about sustained indigeneity"

      If a Ziocaine episode results in "sustained indigeneity" (No such word, and, you spelled it wrong) of more than four hours, consult your medical provider immediately.

    • " Does this “uninterrupted consciousness” create any right?"

      "Talkback", they always want to talk about "rights". Like "rights" can substitute for adequate numbers, resources and organization. Oh, I forgot, the right hisotorical framework (where have you gone, Seventh Century? A "nation" turns its lonely eyes to you!)

      I mean, c'mon, a "nation" which works by please and thank you? A "nation" which cannot compel, tax, or sanction its own members?
      A "nation" of nothing but sentiment? A "nation" who doesn't really know who is in or out and to what extent.

      All the Zionist talk about "rights" is just a way of trying to make Zionism everybody else's responsibility. And cover for their own inability to deliver what they promise.

    • " Zionism was initially a marginal movement which did not become popular prior to World War II and the Holocaust, and not real popular until after the six day war. "

      That's funny. The popularity and support for Zionism pretty much correlates with increased acceptance and prosperity for Jews in Western countries.
      And seemed, to me, to start slipping around, oh, 2008. Has the battle of wills been lost?

    • "No, they are not."

      They are not very concerned about Jewish survival? This is very distressing information. I was counting on them. Elites, don't fail me now!

    • What am I going to do with over 500 servants? (If my arithmetic is correct)

    • See, Zionists are very concerned about Jewish survival. That's why they insist every Jewish egg must be in Zionism's basket, and every Jew is implicated in Zionism.
      That seems more like a suicide plan than a survival strategy.

      They bind Judaism to Zionism like it just isn't possible for people to dislike something because it is Jewish. Isn't that a dumb thing to do in what is (according to them) an anti-Semitic world?

    • " chief rabbi of Israel says only purpose of goyim is to serve jews, life of goyim worth same as donkey. "

      I guess a knowledge of numerology is no guarantee against being innumerate. He obviously can't count Jews.

  • Braying donkeys
    • "Uhhhh….no."

      "Jackdaw", just discovered his Play-Station controller doesn't work with Mondoweiss.

    • ." I’m obviously used to Jew haters."

      That's funny "Jackdaw", I was sort of thinking that about you. 55 years in the US, and now a scant five years in Israel, and you will do anything, even spend hours at Mondoweiss to avoid the company of Israelis, and speaking Hebrew.

    • "Last time I ask you,"

      Uh-oh, I think "Jackdaw" is threatening to stop commenting. What will we do?

    • "The Palestinians I see daily..."

      "Jackdaw" you grew up, lived 55 years in the US, and fled to Israel about five years ago.

    • "Stay on topic, you pathetic hack."

      Gad, there is very little more pathetic then the way these poor schlimazels invest themselves with "ownership" in the site.

    • "Nobody in Israel is thinking long term."

      Deuteronomy 28:53

  • Documentary on Israeli-Palestinian dialogue -- 'Pomegranates' -- leaves the viewer even more despairing

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