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The largest member of the North American Deer family, I can weigh 1500 lbs. and possess palmate antlers spreading up to six feet. Smaller animal or birds often lodge there. My natural enemies are hunters, and SUVs.

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  • How to win the battle for freedom, justice, and equality
    • “trying to stay focused on something limited”?

      Like how "Goodman" came to use an image of Thelonius Monk as an avatar.

    • Mr. Goodman, describes himself thus in his profile:

      "I support Israel against its enemies. I don't label myself a "Zionist," but it won't matter in these parts."

      And keeping that in mind, you have the basis for an honest discussion.

    • “Not you again.”

      Yup. Straight, no chaser.

    • "If you have a specific passage in mind, why don’t you quote it and tell me what your objections are?"

      Well, you needn't. Bye-ya.

    • " I was grateful for the question because the problem of the rights of wrongdoers is important amd quite difficult"

      Oh, I'm sure the ones, it won't be that many, who end up being prosecuted will get fair trials.

    • "If you are saying that in some circumstances there has to be partition along ideological or religious lines then it is surely clear that partition must not be a form of dominance and subjugation"

      And doing that should be fairly easy and simple. All we have to do is double the area and resources and geography of Palestine, and then apportion it fairly.

      Like splitting up a gold mine.

    • " It’s rather important that we keep to them if we want Mondoweiss to be an effective political force"

      Me, I'm gonna go read the "About" page. It gets so lonely while everybody is out politicking.

    • "The rest of your points have the same tone. This doesn’t seem worth replying to"

      Israel can prolong the current situation indefinitely, and time is on Israel's side. There's no need to answer. Stand on your dignity, "Goodman"

    • "We do have rules against personal attacks."

      But you're "grateful for Yitzchak’s question."

    • "anyone who writes comments on the Mondoweiss website that don’t present an anti-Israel slant is a virtual hero"

      You bet "Nathan". That must be what you got the little medal for. And I think Israel wants you to earn the big medal, too.

    • "Unless and until we formulate TOGETHER, Palestinians and progressive Israelis, a clear and detailed vision of how indeed we plan construct a society..." "jeff halper"

      "jeff" , talk to "Nathan" about it.

    • "If not, what do you propose? Or does it matter what the outcome would be?"

      He, "Yitachak", take it easy. Der mensch trakht un Gott lahkht.

      It's really something. Now, now that maybe things aren't going so well, now the Zionists want all kinds of guarantees not to be harmed by the situation they created. I'm not sure that can be done.

    • "Yiyzchak", nobody owes the Zionists anything. They rolled the dice, thought they were up to a colonial project, and now you want guarantees of getting out of it whole?

      Hey, but don't worry, no matter what happens, Israel always has its atom bombs.

    • "Give a convincing reason why Israel should agree to be shut down."

      Never, not even during "white nights" do I imagine Israel would "agree to be shut down". As failure and collapse becomes imminent, the elites (IDF officers, GOI administrators, settlement leaders, economic oligarchs) will "bust out", and try to salvage and launder from the exploit what they can. They'll never "agree to be shut down".

    • ” I understand that you can’t imagine that the Jews have legitimate interests and aspirations "

      So these "the Jews" have "legitimate interests and aspirations", but you can't tell anybody exactly who they are?

      Doesn't sound very "legitimate" to me. Or, again, do we define "the Jews" as "Those individuals who have banded together (or end up compelled) to engage in Zionism"?

    • , "anyone who writes comments on the Mondoweiss website that don’t present an anti-Israel slant is a virtual hero"

      Gee "Nathan", if that's your idea of Zionist heroism, I guess those who speak out in their own person must be Zionist martyrs.

    • " You should be able to find a reason why the Jews should give up their state in more convincing terms"

      "The Jews" have a state? Who knew?

      And this brings us, by circumambulation to the question you can't answer in the first place "Who are these "the Jews" you are talking about?

      I don't think "The Jews are a group of individuals banded together for the purposes of Zionism" will work.

    • "Mooser – You refer me to the “About” page, but I.../...provide balanced reporting."

      So nue, so sue!

      "refer you to the comment of Annie Robbins above:"

      Nathan", the "About" page applies to the articles. The comments are covered by the "Comments Policy" which I have linked for your convenience. Read it. It'll do you good.

    • “In other words, you don’t have a proposal for the Jews that takes into account their interests and their aspirations."

      "Nathan", I personally guarantee that any proposal "Talkback" has for "the Jews" takes into account their highest interests and aspirations, and includes freedom of worship and association, freedom of religious study and the freedom to instruct Jewish children in their religion.
      I would expect no less.

    • "There’s got to be a reason that a community that has fought so hard for its statehood would prefer collective political suicide, but (silly me) I can’t figure it out."

      It's easy. A failure, catastrophe, aMasadadammerung, collective political suicide avoids any accounting by chaos, and allows those who can to get assets(and their asses) out of Israel with a chance to escape responsibility.

    • A coward? "Annie, anyone who writes comments on the Mondoweiss website that don’t present an anti-Israel slant is a virtual hero." "Nathan"

      My, the courage required to write a Mondo comment has sure increased since yesterday, and all that risk for nothing:

      "It's really quite similar to all our comments here at Mondoweiss. We can write the most amazing comments, and yet nothing changes" "Nathan"

    • "Why should the Jews give up their state?"

      Because it did not deliver any of the promised results,( which grew more fantastic with each failure!) because it is a very expensive failure, and Jews all over the world don't like being hostage to it.

      At some point the support will dwindle and the trouble increase and it'll be given up.

    • ." I asked you to deny that the MW website is..."

      Please, please read the "About" page, "Nathan".

      The "About" page answers all of those questions. I was better informed about this website after I read the "About" page. You will be, too.

    • Judaism itself does not have the resources to defeat Zionism.

    • "We have a lot of work to do, and time is not on our side."

      Especially not if it's wasted chasing phantoms and chimeras.

  • Federal judge blocks Kansas law punishing BDS supporters
  • A Jewish 'sickness': Israeli journalist explains young American Jews' support for Palestinians
    • No, not related, "Kaisa". That's real royalty, there. I'm just one of the common herd.

      " I can see why your wife wants to keep you (hanging) around. :-)"

      She says I appear to best advantage like that.
      But I'm tired of standing on a desk and sticking my head through a hole in the wall when company comes. I once started coughing and frightened her bridge club into conniptions.

    • "Looks like you had a dizzying childhood! ;-)"

      Idyllic, virtually vertiginous, for a while. But it hasn't all been swing-sets and smashing up the occasional Subaru. I lost my first rack, went through my first hunting season, they took "Rocky and Friends" off hasn't been all tasty water-plants and willow-shoots. Ach, me krechts, me geht veyter. And now I'm a trophy husband.

    • "You can’t fool me – you were never a kid"

      I was a normal, healthy youngster, as these home movies show.

    • ." They won’t criticize Israel to their friends and family and rabbi, but they are no longer willing to try to defend the indefensible."

      People gotta choose their battles, and nobody wants to lose the battle of wills.

    • "I was clear. JVP is an enemy to Jewish statehood." "yonah"

      That's right, now I remember. "Hostage" used to kick your butt all over the comment threads.

      Anyway here's the JVP "Missions Statement", exposing the deep hostility towards "Jewish statehood":

      "JVP opposes anti-Jewish, anti-Muslim, and anti-Arab bigotry and oppression. JVP seeks an end to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem; security and self-determination for Israelis and Palestinians; a just solution for Palestinian refugees based on principles established in international law; an end to violence against civilians; and peace and justice for all peoples of the Middle East. Current mission statement adopted in 2009."

      Well, "yonah", you've met the "enemy", and is he us?

    • "Most synagogues don’t want to hear from enemies to Jewish statehood. "

      Oh, so that's what synagogues are there for. As an adjunct to Zionism. Recruiting, financing and political support for the "Jewish state" are synagogue's most important business.

    • ," but most synagogues and temples see no reason to give a platform to the enemy."

      So other Jews are now "the enemy"? That should work out well for Judaism. I can see you are very concerned about Jewish survival, "yonah".

    • "At a Reform synagogue in New York last week..."

      ...the zelig of anti-Zionist journalism struck again!

    • "i am similarly unimpressed w/the so-called-historical homeland approach to colonialist nation building."

      Along with the concurrent effort to racinate Jews into an aristocracy.

    • " and actually troubling oneself or dedicating one’s life for a cause is not the calling card of American Jews."

      Sure, you bet "Nathan". Israel, Zionism, has no need of active support from American Jews. If American Jews did nothing else but simply stop supporting Israel, it would make no difference at all. Zionism would roll on regardless.

    • You know, I remember when I was a kid in the 50's in NY. I was told, in no uncertain terms, that so many Jews of all kinds had died in the Holocaust, and so many families been shattered, that it was extremely rude to talk about or ask about lineage.
      But I guess things have changed. Now we are an aristocracy, with pedigrees to brag about.

    • "Philip Weiss, who is Jewish, is a actually descended from Khazar converts?"

      Of course not! Phil Weiss is descended in a direct line from Moses and Solomon, through King David.

      Go ahead "Jerry", prove him wrong on that!

    • But he doesn't dare suggest a battle of wills with the younger generations?

  • Zionists should be excluded from left-oriented protests
    • " so, if the far left openly reveals its anti-Semitism, it will gain credit and popularity."

      Exactly, "RoHa", and it's a win-win, a two-fer! When the far-left openly reveals its anti-Semitism, at long-last Judaism will be freed of the taint of socialism, communism, and left-wing causes. Jews will be known as loyal right-wingers.

    • "“The nationalist Jewish urge seems quite natural if only because it was born in a storm.”

      With only the assistance of a passing motorist, fortunately trained in first-aid, who stopped to help the bewildered couple.

    • Yes, "Hophmi" is a paid hasbara agent.
      And if his checks don't come on time, he starts posting longer and more frequent comments.

    • The next sound you hear will be "Steve Grover's" head hitting the bar.
      Could somebody call him a cab?

    • ." i thought minority rights were the same for all minorities." "Annie"

      Keep in mind the proposition that "the allrightnik becomes the Alt-Rightnik"

      When "Hophmi" talks about minority rights, he conceives of the movement as it is portrayed on Fox News and other right-wing sources.

      In that view of the "minority rights" issues, minorities are getting all sorts of special entitlements and money other people don't get. So naturally, "Hophmi" thinks some of this "affirmative action" should apply to us Jews, being a minority and all.

    • "Hophmi"! Haven't seen you around for awhile. Don't blame you. Having dispensed with Phil Weiss, it's only right to wait until there is a foeman worthy of your steel.

  • In 'NYT,' Israeli minister calls BDS activists 'enemy soldiers' and compares them to Nazis
  • I'm blacklisted and banned from Israel, but for many others this is nothing new
    • "Let’s take as an example a soldier of an occupation against..."

      Israel's actions are not an "occupation". That is just a term of convenience for the illegal settlement project.

    • "And then there are those with “Reconstructionist” noses."

      I must be slipping. My own sock-puppet set up the joke, and I missed my punchline. Thanks for picking up the slack, "Keith"

    • "that it is illegitimate to take actions against legitimate acts of resistance?"

      That's about the size of it.
      However, don't despair, "Nathan". If Palestine is brimming with easily-extracted, very valuable resources, and provides an almost unlimited amount of virgin land for developing, such that all kinds of people pour in from all over the world,the worst sins of colonialism may be overlooked. So what do you got? A Jewish sentimental attachment to the place? Hmmmm, think that's enough?

    • "The vast majority of JVP Rabbis are Reconstructionist and not Reformed."

      Good Lord! Reconstructionist, Reform, Conservative, and how many flavors of Orthodox?

      How many denominations, factions, sects, (whatever you want to call them), are there in Judaism? Who do they answer to? Where's the unity? Who calls the shots?

      "So go see your plastic surgeon."

      Wow, not even "Boris" has got Jewish facial recognition figured out right down to the denominational level! I bet he could tell me if I have an Orthodox, Conservative or Reform nose.

    • "After all, Mooser’s sock-puppet, “Grover,” knows more about this than the rest of us."

      That's true, but he's not the only Zionist who has hastened to assure us that Rabbis are hired servitors, who must not exhibit any moral or political independence from the Temple Board.

    • "Even worse — step out of line on BDS and you can’t become a Conservative rabbi!"

      Why settle for Conservative Rabbis who are merely committed to Judaism, when you can get Conservative Rabbis who are compromised or complicit?

    • Steve Grover: “It is time for JTS to ban JVP members. JVP members have no place in Conservative Judaism.”

      "Steve's" a big booster for Reform Judaism.

    • "You live in a hasbara induced fantasy world.
      Enough said."

      A fantasy world of unlimited philo-Semitism.

    • "JTS is graduating leaders in Judaism including Rabbis, Hazzans and Jewish Educators. Part of the values of the institution is love for the Jewish State of Israel" "Steve Grover"

      And "Steve Grover" copied that straight from the JTS 'mission statement'! It's not something he made up!
      Well, there we go. Can we stop all those silly arguments about Zionism vs. Judaism now?

    • "those who wish to eliminate the ‘zionist entity’ belong on the other 99.99% of the earth’s surface." "Aloeste"

      This isn't fair, "Aloeste"! 99.99% of the earths surface vs. Israel?

      You're not going to give the earth's surface any better odds than that?

    • "but a litmus test on BDS as a requirement for entering JTS seems to me a little extreme."

      "Yonah", the overwhelming crush of applicants for JTS means we can be as selective as necessary. And woe to those who enter under false pretenses, or change their mind.

    • " If it was up to me"

      "Over the years I've devoted considerable time and effort to trying to understand and empathize with the Palestinian narrative, without being alienated from our own people." "Jon s" , wordsearch: "alienated"

      "So I prefer not to be alienated from our people's identity, heritage and culture." "Jon s"

      Basically, "Jon s" if you step out of line, if you make one serious squawk about Zionism, you lose everything. You will lose your job and your family will be in danger. That's life in "Beersheba" You may have to come back to the USA and see Christmas lights!

    • " The author appears to be a trouble making ratbag, who is simply trying to harm the State of Israel and help its enemies- of course what this site is about. "

      So, "wdr" f we get rid of all the "trouble making ratbags" how many Jews will be left?
      Will it be enough?

    • " Oh, I see, Jews are not human. Now, where have I heard that before?" "Emet"

      You said it, "Emet". Why, for the past week, there's been a bunch of anti-semites here arguing that Jewish genes are different from other humans, and that this genetic difference entitles Jews to things!

    • "Talkback, Jews have historic rights as well"

      That's right, Zionists believe it is basically a philo-Semitic world. Just ask, in the name of "the Jews" and you will receive.

    • "James North", don't you see? The more Jews kicked out, the more Jews considered unworthy, why, the more Jewish there is for each remaining Jew!

    • ." So yes Jack, you are a Kapo. The right thing to do was to pull your support a long time ago. You are being used. The term is a “useful idiot”." "Emet"

      "Emet", when you ask people to deny the evidence of their own eyes and study, you need at least one of three good reasons. First, people will deny reality out of love, to an extent. Second, out of fear of contradicting the powerful forces supporting the lies. And third, in expectation of a big pay-off, if they just overlook a few things.

      Which of those three do you think you have working for you "Emet"?

  • 'NYT' praises Israelis for restraint in attacks aimed at Arafat that killed 100s of innocents
    • "And yes, the empire is no slouch when it comes to assassinations and other forms of illegal and reprehensible behavior including support for Israel."

      Every notice how "Jon s" assumes that Israel is entitled to every atrocious thing the US does? Maybe Israel is not big enough or powerful enough to get away with some of the things the US does. Or absorb the costs and consequences.

    • "Let’s have some proportions."

      Good idea, "jon s"! So let's put the historical suffering of "the Jews" (not that we know who that is) in proportion.
      And having done so, we can easily see they don't amount to much, in proportion.

    • " as administered in occupied Biressaba"

      And then rushing to Mondo to proclaim a "terrorist attack on Beersheva". Our Israeli historian.

    • "When I’m asked...."

      Nobody is asking.

    • "apologists for Israel actually make that exact argument."

      "festus", that's true. The comment threw me, too . I had to check.

    • "i was a perfect comment david!"

      Well, it did lack a ":)" or ";)", to be sure..

    • "Where’s the mainstream media on this?"

      Well, it's dark down here deep in the irony mine, but I think I know.

      Israel can't brag about their restraint because they aren't supposed to have nuclear weapons at all!

      I always thought Israel should have signed the NPT, so they could have all the legal nuclear weapons they need. And they could brag about their restraint, too.

  • Stop the attacks on David Palumbo-Liu
  • Struggle for equal rights for Palestinians is 'right choice,' and will lead to 'significant exodus of Jews' -- Henry Siegman
    • " If he does have a plan, he’ll need to be able to identify who is a Jew."

      And who can get out up to their knees.

    • " You are doing it just to annoy me, aren’t you?"

      Please, no. He does that to make it easier to distinguish what he has copy/pasted, and what "yonah" actually wrote.

    • "So I prefer not to be alienated from our people’s identity, heritage and culture.”

      Especially if there is something to gain by it!

      “totalitarianism and terrorism, violence and misery. Not for me."

      So if it gets too bad, "Jon s" has a ticket out. He can return to the US and talk about how right-wing Israelis failed him.

    • " First- as with everyone on this site- he is grossly and consistently underestimated the fear, hatred, and loathing generated by Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism in America and the West. So long as this is a continuing factor, anti-Zionism will get nowhere in the mainstream"

      Shorter "wdr": 'Zionists can always count on Islamophobia'.

      Of course, if "Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism in America" is so scary, imagine how terrifying it must be surrounded by 22 Muslim countries! We must think about Jewish survival.

    • " How many, Phil? ."

      Jeez, "James", do you think Israel will shoot (or more likely, penalize) Israelis who decide they've had enough and join the ‘significant exodus of Jews’?
      I doubt it. Just can't see it. Imagine the howl set up by the Jewish community!

    • "” Thirdly, Israel will not commit suicide, any more than the United States will hand back its land to the American Indians, or Australia hand back its land
      to the Aborigines.”

      Oh, you bet, good comparison. Between the vast natural resources and unlimited land area of Palestine, and the welcome to any person regardless of religion makes Palestine just like the US and Australia.

    • "wdr" do you have a plan to force Jews to stay in Palestine? Jews are people, too, most of them, and can tell when they are being taken.

      BTW, what's the minimum Zionist Jews in Palestine needed to keep the Zionist regime working "from the river to the sea"?

      "Struggle for equal rights for Palestinians is ‘right choice,’ and will lead to ‘significant exodus of Jews’ —"

      That's the most sensible conclusion. At some point there won't be enough.

    • "The best thing about a Nathan post is the snide, disdainful, and arrogant tone, suitable for a racial supremacist in talking to inferiors who believe in silly things like equal rights and democracy." "John Smith"

      Well, when you belong to the most numerous, powerful, disciplined and unified group on earth, which has never suffered a rebuff, well, you tend to get that way a little. Try and overlook it.

      Of course, the possibility exist "Nathan's" attitude is just a very human defensive response to trauma, and a hopeless situation, irrational, and full of false pride. Hard to tell, ain't it?

  • Naked justice
    • Uh-oh, I know what happens next.
      "Jackdaw" is, more likely "Nathan" is writing a long comment which will brilliantly point out all the reason's Zionism benefits everybody else, just as much as it benefits the mystery group "the Jews".
      No, better still, "Nathan" will demonstrate (I don't know, this might take a "Jeffb") that Zionism benefits the world and is actually a great sacrifice "the Jews" undertook on the world's behalf.

    • "There are 50 shade of grey. The issues are not simply black and white, as Mondoweiss would like us all to believe.

      And that's why you're here, "Jackdaw", to show us those "fifty shades of grey"

      And BTW, dodo, it never occurred to you that white isn't a shade of grey?

    • "Raawk! Affirmative duty! Affirmative duty! Raaawk!

      Conrad Lorenz would be proud. His "Jackdaw" learned a new phrase.

      Now he will tell us that "affimative duty" requires Israel to protect those "individual citizens" who move into occupied territory, because they are Jews.

    • " next war with Gaza" "Catalan the equalizer!"

      Don't you mean: "next Israeli attack on Gaza"? Gaza has no capacity to go to war with Israel.

      " It’s just terrifying thinking about it."

      And every Jew in the world a hostage for Israel, too. Something like a devastating attack on Gaza could cause a social re-appraisal of Jews in Western countries.

    • "With regard to whether the crime of “conspiracy” is a recognized violation of the laws of war"

      "Jackdaw" which declared, legal "war" are you talking about? Has Israel declared war on the Palestinians?

      And, if I am not mistaken, it is ostensibly against Israeli law to settle in the "occupied" territories.

  • Israel, are you a real state?
    • "thanks for posting"

      And there are two more comments in "abu yusef" archive, both well worth reading. I hope he finds time to comment here again.

    • "Jonathan Ofir – You tell us that you were indoctrinated with Zionist dreams. I have a hard time believing that you were “indoctrinated” at all"

      Even tho I have never met the man, only read his articles on Mondo, I am going to make bold to thank you, "Nathan", in Mr Ofir's name, for the best laugh he's had in a while.

    • "Nathan", you have the most absurdly inflated idea of Israeli and Jewish power.

    • Well, "RoHa" that's exactly the point. Nothing disruptive, invasive, expulsive or even genocidal has ever touched the Jews, so our families tend to run along very conventional nuclear lines. We get nervous about people who aren't as aidel gepochket as us.

  • The not-so-secret life of Mathilde Krim
    • David Woolman wrote “rebels in the riff” which is mainly a record of the military campaign of the Riffians, which was fast, astonishing and pitilessly brutal and oddly chivalric at times"

      Algebra, astronomy, alcohol, and now be-bop. My cultural chauvinism is fast disappearing.

  • There are two narratives, but one reality: Palestinian dispossession
    • "(Sarcasm off)"

      "The true victims of ethnic cleansing are one million Jews who were driven out of Arab countries by those Arab governments who care so much about your precious Palestinians... If only you had eyes to see you would realise you are a shill for fascism and Arab colonialism. You have swallowed lies and misinformation about Israel apartheid when the true practitioners of apartheid against women and minorities are the Arabs, including the Palestinians" "Bataween"

    • "I think I love you..."

      So what am I so afraid of? Afraid that I'm not sure of a love there is no cure for?

    • "Here are the 3 characteristics that help identify Jews:"

      Thank you. Finally, some objectivity! Facts, not ancient legends or pseudo-science!

    • "Ah so he was getting on for 1500 years old when he became a Grand Inquisitor."

      No wonder he was so Inquisitive! Waiting a millennium or more for a well-deserved promotion can really sour a guy.

    • " Mooser, ungulate doctissime, I do not think that might makes right but that it makes obligations."

      Really? And which of the "obligations" of might do you see Israel as inclined to honor?

    • " The “original sin is the terminology of the article. The article itself defines Zionism as “colonialism” "Nathan"

      And you know what, "Nathan"? Even in today's world, where efforts are made to invoke international law, you can get absolution for colonialism if you have some powerful reason, some desperately valuable resource to offer if colonialism proceeds.
      I don't think rebuilding The Temple is it.

    • What fantastic powers do Zionists think are inherent in the words, the words "people" or "nation" and "state" or "State"?

      Never been able to figure that out.

    • "lsrael because its superior power makes it the most important potential negotiator, should say what they would consider a fair long term situation."

      "MHughes" endorses 'might makes right'? And Israel's "superior power" comes from the fact that the US pays Israel's "security" bill.

    • "But don’t despair my friend, we now have our own state"

      Oh, really? How big is it? As big as...?

    • "After all, moser (Mooser) is a Hebrew word for a Jew who informs on fellow Jews to a non-Jewish authority."

      "Boris" STOP LYING ABOUT ME!!! Anybody can see that moser has ONE "O"! "Mooser" has TWO "O's"! TWO!! And they are pronounced differently. As soon as they stop drinking in moderation, you are gonna get it!

    • "And none of us ignores what you are, you antisemitic racist."

      Oh, say not so, "Talkback"! "Boris" understands a simple truth: "In Israel, all Jews are equal, but frum Jews are more equal than others."

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