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  • Democrats abandon the resist Trump movement when it comes to Jerusalem
    • Mr. Gold, what do you mean when you write "Trump’s action has already begun to wreak havoc in the Middle East"? Are you referring to Palestinian terror attacks? There are always such attacks, even without the Jerusalem announcement. What other havoc do you refer to?

      The Jerusalem announcement does not seem like such a big deal. Israel has had its capital in Jerusalem for a long time. As you note, Jordan held East Jerusalem from 1948 to 1967. Why do you think Jordan did not establish a Palestinian capital there during those 19 years?

  • R.I.P., Shiksa
    • people have been predicting doom for Israel before it was even created. Meantime it goes from strength to strength. A million Jewish Russian immigrants moved there in the last 25 years. As Muslim-driven antisemitism grows in France and the rest of Europe there will be more Jews moving to Israel.

  • 'Regime instability' in Iran is aim of leading Israel advocate's memo to White House
    • What makes Unz Review a Jewish website? I read Giraldi's article on a neo-Nazi website, where Giraldi’s articles are frequently featured.

  • New York TV stations smear Roger Waters-- who praises BDS as 'one of most admirable pieces of resistance world has seen'
    • hyperbole much? i guess you tried to top my by posting your own infantile and stupid comment. To review: i previously posted that Waters has a history of being arrogant and wrong. Someone asked me for an example and I posted - among other instances - that Roger was arrogant and wrong to sue his bandmates to prevent them from making a living as Pink Floyd. He's also arrogant and wrong to say that Radiohead does not know enough about the I / P situation.

      Waters is a narcissist with poor judgment. If applies in many areas of his life. Deal with it. His former bandmates despise him because of narcissism and poor judgment.

    • Jordan also denies rights to Palestinian Arabs. Why does Roger Waters never say a word about that?

    • huh? People knock Israel every day. Roger Waters hasn't had a hit song in 30 years but he still gets in the media because of his Israel bashing. It's the only way he stays relevant. But supporters of Israel also have freedom of speech to rebut his spurious claims.

    • @Misterioso - people have predicted Israel's downfall since its creation but it goes from strength to strength - growing in Jewish population due to healthy birthrates and immigration from countries where anti-semitism endangers Jewish survival. The increasingly violent muslim population of France and rest of Europe has terrorized Jewish communities and forced them to move to Israel. In the meantime the Arab world is in a violent turbulence, still run by dictators.

    • @Ossinev - you have a bizarre inability to read. In my post I gave 2 examples of Roger thinking he knows more about Israel than anyone who disagrees with him: SENATOR KRISTIN GILLIBRAND! Of course Roger knows more about Israel than a US Senator! He also know more than Radiohead, as he has said repeatedly - as if Radiohead's members could not possibly know as much as genius Roger Waters (although one of their members is married to an Israeli Arab).

      Example of Roger a bully? Google Rick Wright, the Pink Floyd band member who quit due to Roger's incessant badgering. Ask the other PF bandmates, who Roger alienated, quit on, and then sued and insulted to prevent them from making a living as Pink Floyd. A judge declared Roger was wrong and even Roger now admits he was wrong. If he's wrong about his own band, why would he be right about Israel?

      Jordan makes up 3/4 of historic Palestine. Jordan's population is over 50% Palestinian. The Hashemite kingdom's claim to Jordan is less than 100 years old. Why doesn't Roger insist that Jordan should be Palestinian?

      Try to answer my questions without resorting to insults and aggressive hyperbole?

    • Waters says "She’s [Kirsten Gillibrand] still against BDS, but almost certainly, she—almost certainly, she doesn’t know. "

      Waters thinks he knows more about Israel than anyone who disagrees with him, whether it's Senator Gillibrand or the members of Radiohead. He's an arrogrant, obsessed man who has a history of being a bully and being wrong. He is strangely silent about a lack of civil rights around the world but incredibly vocal about tiny Israel. Clearly he has a problem with Jews.

  • Israel lobby is never a story (for media that is in bed with the lobby)
    • Again, many in Congress were against Obama's Iran deal and invited Netanyahu to address it. Netanyahu's duty is to protect Israel and Iran repeatedly expressed its desire to wipe Israel off the map. Obama's personal hobby seemed to be distancing the USA from Israel. He gave Iran a sweetheart self-policing nuclear program and unfroze $150 billion, which Iran invested in Hezbollah and helping North Korea's nuclear program. And that is Obama's prerogative as president. But Netanyahu would be negligent if he did not oppose Obama's efforts to legitimize Iran's nuclear program in every way.

    • You are misleading or even being untruthful when you write "at the time that foreign leader was trying to undermine U.S. foreign policy".

      At the time, the Iran deal was debated in the Senate, Congress and the military. It was the president's wish, but not U.S. foreign policy. The Congress invited Natanyahu to address it as they have previously invited other foreign leaders.

      And please stop being so shocked that reporters attended a party with an executive from a major media company. I think it happens every day.

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