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  • Why Israel's Jewish nationality bill is a big deal
    • Not exactly.

      Whereas Muslims demand Islamic law apply to non-Muslims, Judaism has no parallel. Jewish law applies only to Jews.

      In Israel, the minority communities can apply their own religious laws to their own communities.

      The proposed Basic Law is a continuation of the terms of the League Of Nations Mandate in which it is made clear only Jews have political rights but nothing may be done that could prejudice the individual rights enjoyed by non-Jews.

      British Palestine was intended to become a Jewish country in every aspect of the word. Of course, it made the Balfour Declaration part of international law, recognizing the Jewish right to national self-determination.

      In the Basic Law approved by the Israeli Cabinet, all this is consolidated in a fundamental law of the state that entrenches the essence of the Zionist vision: that Israel is the Jewish State and the nation-state of the Jewish people.

      Every country in the word has similar principles about a national homeland. Israel is seeking to make the principles that led to its founding part of the highest law of the state. And the Zionist majority wants Israel to be the Jewish State.

  • Israeli government attempts to shut down Nakba film festival in Tel Aviv
    • Zochrot is NOT being censored. All the law says is Israeli taxpayers are not obligated to fund their subversive anti-Zionist and anti-Israel activities.

      If they want to pay for it themselves, that's fine. But they should not expect Israel's Zionist Jewish majority to underwrite their treasonous conduct.

      A democracy is not a suicide pact.

  • Mamdani's 'holistic' challenge: Anti-Zionists must persuade Jews they can only be safe by dismantling the Jewish state
    • No Jew in Israel is ever going to agree to live as a minority in an Arab country.

      Israeli Jews only have to look around them to see Arabs cannot live in peace with each other. The Arab hate of fellow Arabs is only exceeded by the Arab hate for the Jews.

      The massacre at Har Nof last month of four pious rabbis by Arab terrorists has only strengthened Jews in their conviction Zionism remains morally just and a Jewish State is their only guarantee of survival.

      Anti-Zionists will never understand the depth of Jewish attachment to Israel and the pride Jews take in their country. There are various debates about Israel's future but the central concept of Israel as the Jewish homeland, a Jewish country - defines the present and the future of Israel.

      In a word, Jews will only be safe with Zionism and a strong Jewish State. And there is nothing anti-Zionists can offer them that is a realistic alternative to the sense of vulnerability and existential dread Jews feel. Jewish nationalism is as legitimate as every other nationalism under the sun.

  • 'You don't want us to breathe!': Video captures everyday frustration of life under occupation in East Jerusalem
    • Arabs always complain. They're better treated by Israel than Jews were in any Arab country or for that matter how the Arabs treat their own people in the PA and Hamas dictatorships.

      And then there is their sheer hypocrisy. They'd have a voice in the Jerusalem city government if they cared to vote. They don't and they have no right to complain about their situation.

      Israel is enforcing its laws. If the Arabs don't like it, they're always free to leave Israel. No one is forcing them to stay there.

  • Netanyahu's 'battle for Jerusalem' can't end well for any of us
    • Jerusalem has been Jewish-majority since the 19th Century. Phil Weiss airbrushes that fact out of his discussion.

      Of all the peoples in the world, Jews have no right no live - not in Jerusalem which has been the capital of every Jewish kingdom and state throughout history. This was the message delivered by Arab terrorists who remorselessly cut down Jews at peaceful pray in the city on Tuesday morning.

      The Jewish people reject it and they will defend their capital, their nation and their existence at all costs. Arabs decided to wage a religious war upon Judaism. That too, will end in failure. Arab terror against Israel and its people has been continuing for the past century and is self defeating.

      Those who kill pious rabbis in cold blood in deep-seated hatred of the Jews have forfeited the right to a state. The massacre at Har Nof is a game changer for the Jewish State, the region and the world.

  • Ilan Pappe offers a reminder that the 'ongoing Nakba' implicates many of us in Israel's history
    • The Mizrahi were never Arabs. They spoke Arabic because it was forced on them.

      And the majority of Israel's Jews have no desire to be part of the Middle East that never welcomed them when they were guest there and when they are home now.

      That is part of the Jewish people Israel saved from the fate of the Kurds and the Christians in the Arab World - extinction.

    • What I do see on this board is anti-Zionists who blame everything on Israel treat Arabs like invalids.

      I simply hold them to a higher standard of behavior - the same standards Jews make superhuman efforts to surpass.

      And Zionists get called crazy because Israel is a peaceful and civilized country.

      People are so blinded by hate they can't see the forest around the tree is on fire.

    • I keep thinking about Ilan Pappe's grudging concessions about the justice of Zionism.

      It created the world's first and only Jewish State - provided a persecuted people with a new life in their ancient homeland, it revived the language of the Bible, enriched Jewish culture, gave body to a dynamic and advanced economy and it defied the logic of Middle Eastern tyrannies by establishing a free and democratic state. Above all, it reclaimed a vast wasteland and transformed it into a beautiful country sustained by innovative green technology like drip irrigation and water reclamation that is recognized the world over.

      Pretty impressive list of achievements. The Arab response was and is negative, rooted in hatred and contempt. The Palestinian Arabs have no true national consciousness, no sense of the future and no desire to do anything other than destroy the patrimony of the land's native people. There are a lot of reasons why the two state solution won't happen in our lifetime but basically it boils down to the fact they and anti-Zionists who support them can't articulate one reason why a putative Palestinian Arab state would be different from the states that now populate the vast expanses of the Arab World - many of them, it might be added - are failed states.

      Zionism to be sure, had its shortcomings. But nothing has been so disastrous to the Arabs as the wreckage of Arab nationalism that has resulted in entire cultures that today find themselves locked into a death spiral. Its safe to say Israel will outlive them and the land will remain Jewish forever - a fact that both Israel's friends and enemies will have to come to terms with.

  • As conditions worsen in Gaza, residents ask: ‘Where have all the activists gone?’
    • I'm amused.

      Blame the Jews meme is invoked every time something or doesn't happen - in Gaza.

      The peacenik Left is NOT interested in Arab suffering when they're oppressed by fellow Arabs.

      No one talks about the "brutal and dehumanizing" Egyptian occupation.

      What Egypt is doing now to the Gazans is now far worse than anything Israel has ever done.

      But the anti-Israel crowd is silent because of course that can't be blamed on the Jews.

  • Why I removed my synagogue's Zionist prayers on Yom Kippur
    • Not a word in his entire article about three Jewish kids murdered. Apparently, Dan Fischer doesn't think they deserve to be remembered.

      And he won't express gratitude for 64 Israeli soldiers who gave their lives to protect the world's only Jewish State.

      He has plenty of sympathy for Israel's enemies bent upon the country's destruction but sympathy for Israel's people is in short supply.

      I guess being in the synagogue on Yom Kippur means never having to atone for one's hate of the Jewish State and commiseration on behalf of its enemies.

      That's hypocritical, insincere, deceitful, offensive and inexcusable.

  • Palestine posters archive nominated to UNESCO Memory of the World program
    • Hilarious! Palestinian Arab?

      Those posters were created by Jews for the Jewish Agency For Palestine, a quasi-governmental Zionist Jewish body under the British Mandate.

      The UN is moving to preserve a Jewish Zionist legacy and I'm laughing my ass off!

      Its amusing because not many people know "Palestine" in the 1930s and 1940s was a Jewish country! DUH

  • How to respond to thoughtful people who can't help saying 'but Hamas'
    • Arab imperialism, colonialism and racism are never problems.

      But the smallest people on earth is the one accused of genocide, of colonialism and racism.

      On this site day and night, good and evil and truth and lies are reversed.

      When the biggest problem in the world is Israel's existence, every other problem begins to look like they're not immediately solvable.

      If the Arab World is in the Dark Ages, that's not Israel's fault.

  • The Brits are way hipper about Palestine than Yanks
    • Hippier Brits?

      When they ran Palestine, during the Arab Revolt, their army used overwhelming force to crush it and they employed methods considered unthinkable today from mass detentions, expulsions, hangings, taking human shields, levying huge fines and razing entire villages suspected of harboring terrorists. Which in the end got the job done and shattered the Arab ability to resist.

      The IDF has not even used a fraction of its full power against Hamas. The British accusation that Israel is far more evil is complete hogwash.

  • ‘Lone soldiers’ and young ideologues from around the world contribute to Israeli war crimes
    • Of course, anti-Semites and Israel haters are quick to label Jews fighting for Israel as mercenaries. They're not doing for it money or to advance nefarious goals but out of a strong sense of identification with Israel and its people. For that reason, they're considered national heroes in Israel.

  • Kerry is off the Israel bandwagon
    • What it tells us is more about Kerry than it does about Israel.

      I have never seen Israel unanimously reject an American proposal before - and considering the old joke you lock ten Jews in a room, you'll get twenty opinions, this is nothing short of revolutionary.

      Kerry does not understand diplomacy, have a deep knowledge of the region and the issues and can't craft an agreement that protects the interests of a close ally.

      As I said, the man is a fool and should resign before he does American foreign policy more damage.

    • Kerry is quite simply incompetent and over his head.

      He has deceived every one and has worn away the good will and trust people had in him.

      He is the worst Secretary Of State America has ever had and has managed with alacrity, to unite both allies and enemies against him. That is not a compliment.

      When even Israel's Left considers the man a fool, you know that Kerry is the opposite of a guy who gets anything good done he puts his country's name to.

  • Destruction of Gaza's children is something 'every one of us must confront' -- Jon Snow
    • The real face of these children is Hamas.... which cynically sends them to their deaths as a weapon against Israel.

      It cares nothing for their lives in refusing to abide by international requests for calm, that Israel has repeatedly accepted.

      Gaza's Arabs deserve far better than living under the rule of jihadists who trample under feet the very essence of humanity, freedom and dignity we in the West take for granted.

      While the children of Gaza are maimed and die, the Hamas' leaders live in bomb shelters and abroad in opulent mansions of luxury. Their behavior is an indictment not of Israel - but of them.

      Never in war have we seen more clearly which side is evil and which side is good. That is why I stand with Israel and reject Hamas, its medieval fascism, its lies and its violent nature.

      And I call on every person of conscience on the planet to follow suit.

  • Israeli forces shell UN school where displaced Palestinians gathered, killing at least 9
    • Hamas has to surrender.

      This is the way wars end. If it had any concern for the population, it would have ended all the shooting.

      Further violence is senseless. But no one apparently can talk sense into the leaders of Hamas.

  • It's time for liberal Jewish bodies to take a stand
    • Sure.

      Robert Cohen is an uber -dhimmi. He has never read the Hamas charter or followed its bloody record of terrorism.

      Or its rejection of peace and exaltation of jihad and death. He wants Israel to talk to folks whose grievance is the existence of the Jewish State itself.

      There can be no compromise with or meeting of the minds with jihadists. The only thing that can be done is to destroy them.

  • The deafening silence around the Hamas proposal for a 10-year truce
    • Hamas must think Israelis are stupid by offering Israel a hudna that it will readily break when its strong enough and when its in its interest to do so.

      Hamas cannot be trusted to observe a simple ceasefire to which Israel had agreed to on several occasions. Israel cannot solve its grievance, which is the existence of Israel.

      Hamas has two choices: it can lay down its arms unconditionally and surrender or face complete annihilation.

      If it has any consideration for the welfare of the Gazans, it will spare them further suffering in a pointless war its waging that brings them no real benefits. Israel did not seek this war. But its determined to finish it and remove the Hamas threat to its people and country.

  • Naomi Wolf walked out of synagogue when they had nothing to say about Gaza massacre
    • Naomi Wolf had not a word to say about Jewish children living under the shadow of Hamas rockets.

      She had not a word to say about the massive tunnels Hamas constructed in Gaza that could have resulted in an Israeli 9/11.

      Wolf had not a word to say about Israel's right to defend itself in the face of massive Arab aggression.

      If she can't find decency in herself to stand beside the Jewish people and Israel in their darkest hour, she should remain mercifully silent.

      And not to mention Wolf had nothing to say about the venomous anti-Semitic outbursts around the world.

      I stand with Israel, its right to defend itself and its right to live in security and peace. All things Wolf would not do.

  • Mainstream piece lays settler teen abduction at feet of 'illegal' and 'indefensible' occupation
    • I'm not surprised at those who whitewash evil and defend a crime against humanity.

      The Palestinian Arabs' savage behavior is exactly why they will never have a state.

      And we're seeing thank G-d, why Israel needs to keep its biblical homeland in the face of all those who seek its destruction.

  • Human rights groups accuse NBC of deceit about 'DIG' filming locations in occupied East Jerusalem
    • Of course it became Arab only after the Arabs ethnically cleansed the eastern part of the city of its Jewish inhabitants. It was not a natural process.

      People should tell the truth. Two thirds of Jerusalem's population is Jewish. But Western consulates in the city treat most of its population as though they don't exist.

      This is what we don't hear. And Jerusalem has been majority Jewish since the 19th Century.

    • There are liars and then there are liars.

      Jerusalem is the oldest Jewish city on earth. I get amused at so-called "human rights" groups working to deliberately expunge the city's Jewish connection from history as though it did not exist.

      I attach little credibility to the protests of people who have never said a word about the 200,000 Arabs slaughtered by Syria. But they are outraged - outraged! that Jerusalem's place as a Jewish city should be highlighted in an American TV program.

      What is at work here is not a concern for human rights. Its good old-fashioned anti-Semitism and politically correct de rigeur Israel-bashing. Of course, a free society is safer for such lying frauds to criticize than a totalitarian dictatorship. On the human rights Animal Farm, some animals are less equal than others.

  • After first visit to Israel, 'Foreign Policy' editor says religious, garrison state has 'passed its sell-by date'
    • David Rothkopf has a problem only with the Jewish State. He has no problems with the world's Christian and Muslim states.

      His estrangement from Zionism comes after the fact not because Israel falls short of international standards. Again, this is ONLY country in the entire Middle East rated "free" by Freedom House.

      There is no objective reason to oppose Jewish national self-determination. No anti-Zionist, including Rothkopf, has mentioned one.

      Whatever the enemies of the Jewish State think of it, it has and will survive in spite of them.

  • Israel’s ongoing colonization prolongs Palestinian suffering and devalues international law
    • It should be pointed out Amjad Alqasis and other anti-Israel activists always get Article 11 of UNGA 194 wrong. The Arab states voted against at it at the time because it did not create a formal, collective "right of return." Instead, it recommended refugees - a wording that could be applied equally to BOTH the Arab and Jewish refugees at the time, be offered resettlement or compensation. Nowhere does it speak of any right, leaving either up to the discretion of the countries involved. Nothing in UNGA 194 speaks of ANY binding legal framework for a settlement of the refugee question and in any case, UNGA resolutions do not establish a rule of international law.

  • Now that Israel has killed the two-state solution, will liberal Zionists support equality or ethnocracy?
    • Your find illustrates the root problem of the conflict is the Arab refusal to acknowledge a Jewish State exists. It has nothing to do with territory, settlements, borders or all of the other excuses trotted out by Israel haters to obscure the real issue. Its an existential conflict. In such a case, no real compromise is possible. Well-meaning people look the other way but the pathologies evident in the Arab World preclude it. Which by the way, has not changed since 1970s.

    • Every Arab state defines itself on ethnocratic and religious principles.

      Jewish peoplehood is more than just a religion: its a way of life, a philosophy, a culture and a civilization. Any one can become Jewish.

      Every state on earth is a homeland for a particular people and yet those who who conform as Israel does, to Western liberal democratic values share a commitment to protecting minority rights.

      Israel has a far better record where the latter is concerned than its neighbors do.

      The principle of national equality means Jews have the same national rights the Arabs claim for themselves. This is not controversial at all.

      And this is not at the expense of the Arabs with whom the Jews have offered to share the land by dividing into two national states, one for each people. The Arabs have a problem accepting Jewish nationalism because they see the conflict in zero sum terms. Jews in contrast, look for a "every one can win" solution.

      If Zionism wasn't open to compromise, there would be no liberal Zionists. On the other hand, liberal Palestinian Arab nationalists are non-existent.

      This is why one can in good conscience be a Zionist. Israel's cause is just and by the way, its rated by Freedom House as the only "free" society in the Middle East.

      But we will have to wait a long time for things to get better in the Middle East and that means living with things as they are not as one would like them to be.

    • A Jewish State means Jewish sovereignty and national self determination for the Jewish nation.

      It is this principle of national equality that Jews rightly insist on that the Palestinian Arabs reject.

      Liberal Zionists have no dilemma to face since the other side rejects two states for two peoples. Until that changes among the Palestinian Arabs and they accept Zionism as a legitimate expression of Jewish nationhood, liberal Zionists realize the most that can realistically be done is to manage the conflict.

      All that is possible with the Arabs for a long time to come is a detente but real peace with them will remain impossible.

  • Apartheid label will stick
    • Every Arab country including Palestine is an apartheid regime. They have zero tolerance for Jews and Christians and they segregate men and women and none of them have democratic and liberal governments.

      Secretary Kerry applied the apartheid slur to the only democratic and liberal government in the Middle East. Its unworthy of him. Arabs in Israel have equal rights and a better standard of living than the Arabs governed by Fatah and Hamas do and they participate in Israeli society. There is no segregation in the Israeli Jewish society.

      The truth is exactly the reverse of that averred by Kerry with so many of the other things he consistently gets wrong about the Middle East.

  • Five reasons the breakdown of peace talks is a good thing
    • The root cause of the conflict of course, is the Palestinian Arab refusal to come to terms with the legitimacy of Zionism and a Jewish State.

      Israel will keep on getting stronger as the Palestinian Arabs grow weaker and the latter are doomed by their own leaders to keep wandering in circles for another generation.

      Time is on Israel's side - it did everything it could to achieve peace and has acquired the national unity necessary to prevail in what seems sure to be an on-going conflict that appears destined to last a very long time.

  • When the going gets tough, Roger Cohen gets going
    • Slavery was evil. It was never justifiable and had no merit whatsoever.

      Zionism on the other hand, is good. Jews deserve national self-determination and have shown all the good uses they have done with it.

      That and more in view of their age-old history of persecution and suffering, is one of the many causes for the rebirth of Jewish nationhood.

  • Some liberal Zionists will blame Netanyahu for failure of talks
    • Palestinian Arab unwillingness to accept Jewish nationhood and to end the conflict guarantees that Israel will be able to move forward with its domestic solidarity preserved. The issue isn't about territory; its about Palestinian Arab refusal to accept a Jewish State no matter where its borders are drawn, a stand that hasn't changed since the 1940s. As a result, the conflict is destined to continue since in truth peace is impossible in the Middle East.

  • 'Nobody knew where I was, nobody… I was simply disappeared': An Italian tourist's Ben Gurion nightmare
    • Try that argument at border control in the US, the UK, France, Russia and China and see how far it gets you.

      And what about Egypt from whom Medea Benjamin was denied entry and forcibly deported a few weeks ago?

      Its not unfair and cruel for a country to send someone home. This is its right and its accepted by all states. You have a privilege - not a right to visit a foreign country and you're always a guest in their home.

      So behave accordingly.

    • Every country has the right to control its borders and to refuse entry to any one without having to give a reason.

      Andrea Pesce lied to border control officers at Ben Gurion. By withholding the truth from them about his travel plans in Israel. A lie by omission is still a lie.

      We'll probably never know the real reason he was deported from Israel but Israel was fully within its rights as a sovereign country to deny him entry.

  • Effort to remove Jews from West Bank is akin to Nazi slaughter -- settler spokesman
    • I am on this thread! Of course the difference between Zionists and theur enemies is we are civilized.

      The people your side defends are fueled by hate, fanaticism and and a love of death! That I think, says it all.

    • You describe people with ill will whom you've never met! That is more a judgment of you than it is of them.

    • It never existed. If you google for "Palestine" before 1964, be so kind as to post the relevant results.

    • The British White Paper and its legal instruments constituted a legal and moral breach of the Mandatory towards the Jewish people. It was never accepted by them as the legitimate law of the land. They did everything they could to resist it and after Israel became independent, it was immediately abolished. British colonialism sought to subvert the rights of the Jews and failed. Moreover, San Remo did not grant the Jewish people any rights - it only acknowledged what they already possessed. And those rights ultimately could not be taken away even by the British government.

    • Hebron is Jewish survival exemplified. And it illustrates like nothing else, the truth of the Jewish return to history.

    • Hebron was the first capital of Israel. King David was crowned there. Its the oldest Jewish city in the world after Jerusalem - and the ancestors of the Jewish nation - Avraham and Rivkah - are buried in the Ma'arat Hamechpelah.

      Jews may be a small minority but they have outlasted every adversary. And this will be true as well in the future.

    • David,

      Mondoweiss is an anti-Zionist blog. I'm not sure you're aware of this but between us - we aren't going to get a fair hearing from those who hate the Jews and Israel!

      But for others that read this site, it does let them know Zionists present another side of the story and we have nothing to fear from telling the truth!

    • There was no Palestinian national consciousness before the 1960s. Palestinian Arab nationalism is a reaction to Zionism and remains as such to this very day.
      The Arabs of Palestine have nearly the same flag as the Arabs of the Hejaz and of present day Jordan. And the differences between them are unremarkable to say the least.

    • The Jewish nation is the oldest in the world after the Chinese. The Palestinians under the British Mandate were the Jews. The Palestine Mandate was intended to establish a "national home for the Jewish people." It is a matter of historical record. No one has prevented the Arabs from enjoying human rights. But its telling the regimes that govern them today - Fatah and Hamas do not rule through the will of the people and they have no popular legitimacy. That is a relevant fact and and any one who defends such dictatorships is far removed from the realities of life in the Middle East. Facts are stubborn things.

    • Tell that to their fellow Arabs who have oppressed them and denied them basic human rights for decades! Those who live in a glass house should not be the first to throw the stones.

    • But you can't refute his argument can you? That is nothing original and authentic about the "Palestinian" provenance of the Arabs. Can you tell us when an Arab nation in the Land Of Israel first existed? Who were its leaders? What was its capital? What contribution did it bequeath to the world? What is the written record of its history? Who kept it alive - or did exist at all?

      Those are questions anti-Zionists don't want to face! But they remain there as a challenge and every Jewish child in Israel can answer every question about Jewish faith, history, culture and about the Jewish nation's leaders, capital, contributions and the record of its history! We Zionists have always had a good case to make to the world. Do you?

    • This "ignorant old man" that you despise has more truth in his little finger than you do in your entire body.

      The British did not give the Jewish people anything they didn't already have; it was Jewish hard work, sweat, blood and tears that built the Jewish State.

      In contrast, the Arabs expect the world to build one for them. No one has ever built a nation by expecting it to coming into existence like a gift from Aladdin's lamp. The Arabs are true fabulists.

      And the Jews succeeded because they were realists and worked a miracle by their own hands. They deserve to keep it because that is G-d's gift to them!

  • Transcript: Netanyahu calls on U.S. Jews to fight BDS-- 'eerie' anti-Semites 'on the soil of Europe'
    • Its one that's going to pay diminishing returns. Israel is the center of a revolution as profound and far-reaching as the Industrial Revolution was in Great Britain in the 19th Century. That made Britain a world power. I suspect the Cyber Revolution will do the same for Israel.

      We're not talking here about conquering territory. We're talking about altering people's work habits, their recreational activities, how they cook, how they sleep and what they learn to make their lives more productive. Israel's contribution here will equal or exceed the contribution Jews bequeathed to the world in the Hebrew Bible. The power to reshape the human mind.

      This is a transformational moment in world history. People don't yet know what that will mean but its one bound to change the world and human history as we've known it.

  • Oppression by consensus in Israeli 'democracy'
    • Zionism has been remarkably successful as nationalisms go - and while Zionism can accept sharing the land with the Arabs without doing violence to the idea of Jewish nationhood, the opposite is true for the Arabs whose own nationalism is contingent on an absolute rejection of Jewish nationhood. Jews see the Jewish State as morally justified because they're willing to compromise on the land to end the conflict but the Arabs are not yet ready to take this step. The reason peace is impossible has nothing to do with Jewish culpability for the Arabs' plight.

  • Palestinian civil society to Oxfam: 'Match words with action', break ties with Scarlett Johansson
    • This is surreal.

      At a time when Palestinian Arabs are starving to death in Syria - BDSers are not concerned with that humanitarian catastrophe.

      N0 - they are outraged that Jews hire Arabs at good wages so they can support themselces and their families. They vent at an Israeli Jewish company that treats its employees decently and makes a popular product that people want to buy.

      The Palestinian Arabs in Yarmouk would love to work for a company like SodaStream. People working together to create a positive future. The BDSers have never hired a single Arab nor improved their well-being anywhere else in the Middle East.

      But they hate the Jews and Israel for making a difference! I like said, juxtapose the image of Arabs being starved to death by an Arab regime with the sight of an Israeli Jewish company treating Arabs with dignity and respect and you can predict which gets BDSers all lit up! That says a lot more about them than it does about SodaStream and the American Jewish ambassador who is its public face.

      And it matters not Maale Adumim was founded in the Judean Desert to the east of Jerusalem where not a single Palestinian Arab has ever lived. It matters not this is one of the "settlement blocs" every one knows Israel would keep in any peace deal. And it matters not that while Israel's human rights record is far from perfect, its infinitely better in its treatment of Arabs than the way the entire Arab World has treated Arabs.

      But BDSers are not concerned about the human rights of Arabs. They simply want to use Arabs are as their pawns in their war against the Jewish State with absolutely no concern about their well-being. They're not fit to lecture SodaStream, Johansson and Israel about making the Middle East and by extension, the world a more livable and peaceful place.

      I like I said, its surreal. And that's not Israel's fault.

  • Oxfam expresses 'concerns' over Scarlett Johansson's support for settlement product
  • Palestine, 1927
    • Yup -

      They sure sound like "Palestinian" Arab names!

      Why do they sound Jewish? Sorry for being so niggling. May Mondoweissers can explain why Palestinian is not always what it appears to be.

    • The Hebrew inscription means Eretz Israel - the "Land Of Israel."

      British Palestine was a Jewish country! Only the Jews were Palestinian and every major company in the country was Jewish.

      The Palestine World's Fair Pavilion was Jewish.

  • Kerry (and NYT) carry water for Netanyahu on 'Jewish state' demand
    • The demand has nothing to do with who is a Jew, with Arab minority rights or even with fears Jews living abroad might be suspected of "dual loyalty." Its slander aimed at Israel to distract attention from the real issue. And it was not dreamed up de novo by Netanyahu; it was first brought up by none other than the then Israeli liberal dream team of Olmert and Livni!

      What's the real issue? Its that the Jews constitute a nation in their own right, are not merely individual members of a religion and so are entitled to national self-determination. This is the crux of the issue, that the Jewish nation is asking to be recognized by the Palestinian Arabs as a nation.

      This of course gets in the way of the so-called "right of return" and other one state shibboleths advanced by the Arabs to deny the fact of Jewish nationhood. Its seems reasonable that if the Palestinian Arabs want their right to be a nation acknowledged by the Jews, then they will have to reciprocate and accept the Jews have a similiar right to be a nation as well.

      The formula "two states for two peoples" captures this perfectly! Which is why the Palestinian Arabs have repeatedly rejected it. Until they make their peace with Zionism - no final end to the conflict is possible. Only they can decide when they are ready to finally cross the Rubicon.

  • 'NYT' changes 'Palestinians' to 'Arabs' and removes Israeli responsibility for Gaza shortages
    • Palestine up to the 1940s was associated with Zionism and the Jews - the Palestinian nationals in those days were Jews as was the gamut of Palestinian companies, societies, etc. The Arabs for that very reason rejected the term Palestinian. That was true up to the 1960s. Its the Arabs who engage in convenient historical revisionism - not the Jews.

      British Palestine was a Jewish country, period.

  • Roger Cohen (who doesn't live there) explains the need for 'my Jewish state'
    • Phillip - no, not really!

      Jews have rights in democracies.

      But for most of their history, Jews lived as oppressed, persecuted and despised people - and unwelcome guests in Christian Europe and the Muslim World.

      In Europe, Jews did not attain civic equality until the 19th Century and even then it was bitterly opposed by most Europeans. They were never anything but dhimmis in the Muslim World with no rights.

      Against that background, Zionism was born. And with the resurgence of anti-Semitism throughout the world in our own time, the need for a Jewish homeland remains as great as ever.

      19,000 Jews made aliyah to Israel in 2013 and that number will only accelerate over the coming years. Israel is the most successful achievement of the Jewish people. Its not perfect but then again we all live in a fallen world.

      America is the Great Exception to the historical Jewish experience. But there is no guarantee it will remain that way forever.

  • Cyndi Lauper, the country you are planning to entertain imposes violent segregation, not equality
    • That's one side of the picture.

      On the Arab side, there are forced marriages, temporary marriages, honor killings and of course the hijab and burqa. Women being completely invisible is the Islamic notion of sexual equality.

      Granted, things for women aren't perfect in Israel but they are improving. And women have high profile positions there in various aspects of public life, unimaginable in the male-dominated Palestinian Arab and the larger Arab World.

      So if you want to say Israel has its flaws that's fine but the other side has a long way to go before it achieves true equality. Until then, Cyndi Lauper need feel no regrets about entertaining in Israel.

  • Guilty on Christmas
    • Phillip Weiss admits the Jewish Diaspora is disappearing.

      This is in fact invoked as the argument for Zionism - Jews will only be able to preserve their identity in their own state and be sure they can pass their values onto their children.

      Israel is well on the way to becoming the center of Jewish life as anti-Semitism inexorably liquidates the final remaining pools of Jews still left in Europe and as assimilation does the rest in America. In a word, Israel is THE Jewish future.

      That seemed a fantasy over a century ago but now its one the verge of becoming the Jewish reality of today and tomorrow.

  • Gaza is the only place the world forgets about (or pretends to forget about)
    • They can blame their own leaders - who pour scarce money into attacking Israel instead of improving the quality of life for their people.

      And then there are their fellow Arabs who treat them like dirt.

      All of which has nothing to do with Israel.

  • Shavit and Beinart willfully ignore an anti-Zionist Jewish movement
    • Anti-Zionism is rooted in anti-Semitism.

      The difference between anti-Zionists and classical anti-Semites is that while classical anti-Semites rejected equality for the Jews in existing nation-states, anti-Zionists reject the equality of the Jew as a nation among the nations.

      Now, Jewish non-Zionists don't have to be anti-Semites; they simply don't want to become citizens of Israel and that's fine. But where they become anti-Semites is when they join non-Jewish anti-Zionists to take away from Jews - and only from Jews - the national rights they now possess.

      Israel is a fact and Jews living there have an internationally recognized right of national self-determination. The reason there is no peace is the Arabs reject the Jews having what they claim for themselves. Zionism has no real problem with sharing the Land with the Palestinian Arabs but the Palestinian Arabs cannot see Israel in anything other than in zero sum terms - a Jewish State means no national rights for them.

      There is no debate in the American Jewish Community about the desirability of real peace. As long as there is no peace camp on the Arab side, its not in the cards in the foreseeable future.

  • Remnick asks Shavit whether Zionism is a historical mistake
    • Anti-Zionists have declaring Israel's time has been running out for over a century.

      Zionism doesn't face an existential crisis. The Muslim World does which is basically in its death throes.

      Muslims are killing each other like there's no tomorrow. No society has ever survived in the face of internecine bloodshed.

      Meanwhile Israel is a country where people have freedom and normal lives. Israeli Jews would like their Arab neighbors to have the same thing they do but the Arabs are not yet at the point of admitting their century-long effort to wipe out Zionism and the Jewish State has been a catastrophe for the Arabs.

      Someday, they will really accept the obvious. Until that time comes, Israel will have shoulder on facing the costs of a grinding conflict - which its well-equipped to do.

  • Israel's war on Christmas rages on
    • Adam - you're a world class hypocrite!

      The real war on Christianity is happening around the Arab Muslim Middle East where Christians have been massacred, churches desecrated and shelled and Christians denied basic human rights, including freedom of religious worship.

      But you choose to focus on Israel being afraid of Christmas, which you know perfectly well is NOT true!

      Your silence on real crimes being perpetrated by Muslim Arabs against the persecuted Christian communities of the Arab Muslim Middle East is sheer chutzpah.

  • John Kerry's framework proposal sets the stage for the ‘Gazafication’ of the West Bank
    • Jordan wants Israeli troops along the entire length of the Jordan River - which coincides with the Jordan Valley.

      The Palestinian Arabs don't like this but if a neighboring Arab country wants separation from them, they're hardly in a position to object.

      That said, I don't see Kerry's proposed "framework agreement" going anywhere anytime soon.

  • 'It's hard to see why Israel won't follow white South Africa's road to extinction,' says 'Forward' writer
    • The comparisons are overblown.

      Israel is not in danger of disintegrating while its enemies are drowning in their own hate.

      What prevents peace is not Jewish stiff-neckedness but the inability of Palestinian Arabs to accept the Jews as their equals and decide to end the conflict.

      That is a grinding one but the Arabs are the ones who bear most of the cost - not from Israeli policies but from the decision of their leaders to hold out for victory over the Jewish State than to accept a compromise peace.

      I don't see the latter happening for a very long time.

  • ASA members vote 2-1 for academic boycott of Israel
    • The ASA's boycott is legally untenable. You cannot discriminate on the basis of national origin, prohibited by federal and state civil rights and anti-boycott laws.

      As many of their members are employed by public institutions, they can and will face criminal sanctions for participating in an illegal boycott of Israel.

      The ASA may not listen to reason and the law in its advocacy of bigotry but they will listen when it affects their bottom line.

      Wait for the lawsuits to be filed soon.

  • After attending Mandela's memorial, Knesset member's blood rejected in gov't drive because she is African
    • The USA and Canada ban African blood donations to safeguard the blood supply against AIDS and other diseases.

      This doesn't make them racist and neither is Israel for pursuing a similar policy. The Knesset MK's offer had to be rejected on valid medical grounds.

      Anti-Zionists don't want to be bothered by the facts, they want to find any negative to beat up Israel with. Pnina Tamano-Shata could have treated with more tact.

      But to jump to the conclusion "racism" was involved does a disservice to the truth and benefits no one.

  • Israeli ambassador's present to Obama -- settlement cufflinks!
    • Jerusalem is one of the oldest inhabited Jewish cities in the world.

      Anti-Semites and Israel haters get upset at being reminded of Jewish antiquity - because the Jewish presence there preceded that of the Arabs by thousands of years.

      Jerusalem isn't a "settlement." Its the eternal capital of Israel!

  • Iran & the Nuclear Question: Framing the debate, one picture (and one think tank) at a time
    • You have a totalitarian regime gang-pressing Jews into supporting a policy aimed at the extinction of the Jewish State. This leader of this regime just de-humanized Jews as "rabid dogs." And we all know the fate of a rabid dog.

      Given the Nazi atmosphere of incitement and hatred of the Jews and Israel in Iran, the regime's abuse of its Jews to justify its anti-Semitic policies is even more grotesque.

  • Turn the Gaza lights on
    • The Hamas government refuses to buy fuel from Israel at market prices. And it prefers to spend its money on building tunnels to export terror to Israel.

      Its all about priorities. Palestinian Arabs live in literal darkness because their leaders have other ideas than their welfare in mind and they're either too afraid or intimidated to demand change.

      The current crisis is not Israel's fault. Hamas manufactured it the way other totalitarian regime have manufactured crises - to keep their people in line and quiescent. People preoccupied with daily survival are also highly unlikely to have the strength or to find the time to challenge the existing order.

      I don't see that changing in the foreseeable future.

  • Are you blind (to Palestinian rights)?
    • All of which applies equally to the Jewish as well as Arab refugees. And note that UNGA 194 nowhere speaks of Palestinian Arabs as a nationality nor does it confer upon them any rights in perpetuity, which go unmentioned.

      Its a weak reed for the anti-Israel crowd to lean upon.

    • GA resolutions are not legally binding and do not create international law.

      And the UN Charter specifically forbids the UN from interfering in the domestic affairs of states, such as their sovereignty, right to control their borders and to decide on citizenship and the rules of residence.

      The Palestinian Arabs are not citizens of Israel, have never lived there, have no claim of loyalty or allegiance to it and therefore are not entitled to assistance from it. All this is settled international law and UNGA 194 doesn't create any collective right of return - it merely presented Israel with a recommendation that it was perfectly within its rights to disregard.

  • 'Quietly, with no fanfare,' Israeli army delivers Philippine baby alongside NBC's Dr. Snyderman
    • This is the most effective form of hasbara for Israel - which wins the Jewish State goodwill and friends abroad.

      I can't think of an army that has more experience in dealing with humanitarian catastrophes than Israel.

      I wonder if Phillip Weiss actually cares that Israel - yes Israel - is actually saving Arab lives and Israel has been quietly treating civilian victims of Syria's brutal civil war and even delivered Arab babies!

      This isn't what you see from a country that's indifferent to human suffering and Israel gives humanitarian help wherever its needed.

  • The victims of drones have come out of the shadows
    • Hakimullah Mahsoud was an Islamic terrorist responsible for the New Times Square bomb plot. He was responsible for the murder of CIA officers in Afghanistan. And he is directly responsible for the deaths of thousands of Afghans and Pakistanis. He had innocent blood on his head and his elimination in a drone strike was completely justified. Those who plan and engage in terrorism and jihad have forfeited their right to live on this earth.

      Certainly, collateral damage is regrettable - but thousands of more civilians will die without targeted drone strikes against those who sign their death warrants by dispatching terrorists to kill them and their families. And as long as Islamic terrorists remain active, primed to murder and destroy, drone warfare will remain a necessary tool to put an end to their grisly rampage that is devouring entire societies across this planet.

      Medea Benjamin is looking at only one side of the picture. The other side is far more horrifying. Evil cannot be contained by appeasement and peace talks. It must be uprooted and destroyed before it can harm those who do walk in the path of God on this world.

  • Stop the demolitions in Jerusalem!
    • Jeff Halper hasn't bothered to look at a map! Ramat Shlomo is in north Jerusalem west of the so-called Green Line. Its not anywhere in east Jerusalem and was part of Israel before 1967. If he lies about the geography of the city, you can be sure he lies about other stuff as well.

      Jerusalem has a Jewish majority since the 19th Century. There is no way it could be made more "Jewish." The term "judaization" used by Arabs - is an anti-Semitic buzz term to imply Jews are outsiders in the city. Nothing could be further from the truth. Then again, just how much credibility does Halper have when he parrots Arab propaganda that ignores the Jewish role in Jerusalem? And it says a lot about Mondoweiss that it swallows this without doing the slightest fact-checking!

  • Israeli pol says Jews can talk about the lobby like blacks can use the n-word
    • The American people support Israel because the two countries have shared values as liberal democracies and market economies and they have strategic interests in common in the Middle East.

      If that didn't exist between the two nations, all the influence of the Israel Lobby wouldn't matter. Israel has a far easier time of it in Washington than its tyrannical adversaries who hate America, oppress their own people at home and just resent American involvement in the Middle East.

      Jack Straw, like much of the British Establishment doesn't really understand why Israel is held in high esteem by Americans and it has nothing to do with the pernicious powers of Zionism. And Einat Wilf is correct that any one who ascribes almost supernatural powers to the Jews is trafficking in anti-Semitism.

  • Israeli gov't upholds denying entry to American teacher in Ramallah
    • Under the Oslo accords, Israel retains overriding responsibility for security and border affairs.

      If the Arabs have a problem with it, no one forced them to accept autonomy from Israel.

    • If Israel was acting out of the norm, I would agree and if the rest of the world elects to give up control of their borders, Israel should follow suit.

    • Sorry, but there are no rights to pass through one state to travel to a third. Again, a state can refuse passage through its territory to a third country without having to give a reason.

    • But the Jordan border crossing and Ben Gurion airport are nowhere near Ramallah. She has to deal with Israeli border control. And they have the right to decide if she can get in. If not - as in this case, tough luck. There exists no entitlement to enter any country without its consent.

    • Hasby,

      Under the agreement, both sides can still refuse to admit each other's nationals.

      I simply pointed out this is customary international law. There is a reason the US is mum. It might elect to deny admission to a foreign national someday and justifiably doesn't want to be accused of hypocrisy.

    • A sovereign state is entitled under international law to refuse admission of a foreign national and does not have to give a reason for its denial. Israel did nothing here the world's other 192 states don't do.

  • Why does Uri Avnery know so little about Palestinian citizens of Israel?
    • In the first place - Israel has no official eastern border - the Armistice Agreement with Jordan left them up for future negotiation. The same thing is specified in the Oslo Accords. And UN 242 makes no mention of borders, only that they should be mutually agreed upon by the parties.

      But only Israel is blamed for having territorial claims. This is a double standard.

      As for Israel's privileged treatment of Jews, Ireland, Italy, Finland, Russia and China give preferential treatment to returning nationals in order to reinforce and preserve their national character.

      The only country in the world blamed for seeking to remain Jewish is.... Israel! And Uri Avineri would be correct this is a double standard. Many of the circumstances are unique to Israel but they still don't violate minority rights.

      It should be noted the apartheid charge lodged against the Jewish State comes from racist Arab countries that are themselves apartheid regimes based on religious supremacy and discriminatory treatment of non-Muslim minorities. Pot meet kettle!

      Israel is expected to be more perfect than every other country on earth. And Israel's critics give it no credit for its liberal, free and open society. None of its neighbors anywhere come close to Israel in preserving life, limb, liberty and the security of property for their citizens.

      Avineri would surely agree: enough with the double standards!

  • What Comes Next: Strategy before solutions
    • Don't forget those natural gas and oil shale reserves. Given that the kingdoms of the earth run on oil, the West will be changing its tune on Israel soon enough.

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