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Age 59 for a little while. Canadian. Left wing socially, conservative economically. Not right wing tho ;)

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  • 100 days since protests began, Gazans reflect on what the Great March of Return has accomplished so far
  • First they came for Alan Dershowitz
    • @Peacedoc

      Turkey went into Cyrprus in order to protect civilians against genocide. Turkey has agreed to the international peace plan. Greece is the holdout.

      Russia is under sanctions for it's actions in the Ukraine. Israel should also be under sanctions. Sanctions make boycotts irrelevant to a very large extent.

      Tibet is not recognized as having been independent from China for over 700 years. It is not recognized as occupied by other governments.

      BDS is the appropriate response to Israeli crimes. I look forward to the day when it is met with full blown sanctions by the international community.

      Currently is singled out by governments ignoring it's depraved crimes against humanity. No more singling out Israel. Treat it according to the law.

  • UNRWA does not perpetuate the conflict, the conflict perpetuates UNRWA
    • @jockstrap

      So clearly you refuse to make use of the state medical system in Israel, right?

      Strange how isn't fostering over population there.

  • Riveting Thai cave story was missing one element -- Israel to the rescue!
    • @eljay

      Supplying them at a profit it should be noted.

      I guess Israel has a captive market to line it's pockets from.

  • Birthright dissident calls on 1000s of Jews doing trip to 'make Birthright uncomfortable'
    • @jockstrap

      No you clearly said
      "But first, the girls need to cover up their skin and hair, so as not to offend the local sensitivities."

      Before you changed the requirement.

      You're also extremely forgetful or stupid as I told you yesterday I don't do work for lazy turds such as yourself.

      Try to focus jockstrap.

    • lol too lay to check yourself again.

      And not only do you fabricate claims you move the goalposts when called on it.

      All one needs to show is a picture that stands in contrast to your claim Shows hair and skin.

      Never trust a zionist. Rotten to the core.

      As if you would pay 36 lol. Yeah I believe anything you say.

    • @echinococcus

      I doubt jockstrap is that misinformed. The web is littered with pics from the West Bank showing women with, as well as without, their hair covered.

      jockstrap is a dishonest zionist, although the word dishonest is redundant, who will lie about everything and everything in order to make themselves look good and defame Palestinians.

      I mean they murder Palestinians in the thousands. Children not a problem, also in the thousands. Over 2,000 kids in the last 18 years.

      A lie no matter how great or small is not an issue for the reprobates that they are.

  • Wah!!! Dershowitz shunned on Martha's Vineyard!
    • Poor little victim. He's well experienced at pretending in that role.

      Dersh is not for civil rights and certainly not free speech and Finkelstein shows. He's very selective what rights are ok and who gets to have them. His attacks against rights aren't even done in an ethical way.

      Boo hoo baby douche.

  • US Jewish leader expresses compassion for refugees at US border-- and contempt for Palestinian refugees
    • @Mooser

      That is restraint the israeli terrorists have never exhibited!

      The abuse the Palestinians are subject to is mind blowing. It's stomach churning.

    • @jon s

      Hey jon? All hyped up for a massacre of Palestinians yet? How's the insignificant "extensive" damage doing?

      Screw you and the morally bankrupt, depraved zionist ideology that infects you.

      "According to our [ed: ICRC] observations, including a chemical analysis of the herbicides in an Israeli laboratory, crops as far as 2,200 meters from the border fence were damaged by the herbicides”, the Red Cross wrote to Haaretz. “Some of the crops located between 100 and 900 meters were completely destroyed, including in some of the areas rehabilitated by the ICRC. [as part of a project to renew the earning capacity of farmers on land damaged by IDF attacks – A.H.] Irrigation pools located within one kilometer were also contaminated. The chemicals used for spraying stay in the soil for months and even years, and may have negative health consequences for people who consume contaminated crops and/or inhale the herbicide.

      Health risks

      The Red Cross message is clear. The damage goes beyond the immediate economic damage caused by the loss of the crops; the spraying has far-reaching health implications. "

    • @jon s

      "Kids? You do realize that recruiting and using child-soldiers, and using kids to facilitate terrorism is in itself a serious crime?"

      I certainly do. As I am certainly also aware there has been zero evidence that they are operating as 'child' soldiers' or anything else.

      You whimpering coward. Any excuse to kill some more Palestinians, eh?

      Never enough child deaths to satisfy you?

      Any fabricated excuse to justify the massacre of civilians.

      You disgusting immoral person.

    • @Mooser

      Looking at all it's traits it's a progressive disease.

    • @ech
      Hahaha.. true. But they wear a scuffed pair when pretending to care about anybody but Jewish zionists.

    • @jon s

      A lot of them are kids. It's clear in the videos.

      But as you have it worded that they are all terrorist we now know you are ok with them being massacred.

      A left wing Israeli is a boot shine away from full blown fascist. And the need for a boot shine is merely camoflauge to hide barbaric savage behind it.

    • @hophmi

      That's totally illogical hophead. Not surprised though.

  • Slouching toward Gilead (or how Zionism collapses into anti-feminism)
  • Israeli activists respond to Palestinian call, hang photos of fallen protesters along Gaza fence
    • That could be the casw but it's best case. On the other end of the spectrum they don't feel under threat in anyway given the weight of the israeli terrorist forces and it's just fun and games to them. Hey let's get wasted and go hunting..

      There is anecdotal evidence leaning to the positive with drug use in Vietnam.

  • The pathetic caving of Nickolay Mladenov
  • The defiance that launched Gaza’s flaming kites cannot be extinguished
    • @jackdaw

      "If israel burned down gazan farm land "

      Israel regular destroys Arab farm land and no such condemnations are made.
      "And while I read here all the time how evil Israel is I don’t hear any israelis, from soldiers to shop keepers saying they approve of killing as many civilians as possible."

      I've heard it. Recently an Israel cabinent member complained about an insufficient quantity of collateral damage.

      "stymied by the kites because we are obviously holding back the force that could theoretically be used to quash the kite launchers.("

      Do you mean nukes? You're already using fighter bombers against the launchers.

      Articles covering each of those issues in the ToI. I won't provide the links as you are either knowingly telling a lie or too lazy to even read Israeli news.

    • @jon s

      How's all that extensive damage coming along from all those horrifying terror kites??? I loved your use of the word extensive as that was the only word I was seeing as well. Never any quantification of what extensive was.

      So I found this wonderful article today extolling Israel's vastly superior use of technology particularly as it relates to the existential threat of kites.

      Well whattya know! Hundreds of acres!! Still nothing more precise than that but let's assume that it's 900. According to the CIA fact book Israel has 8019 sq miles. There are 640 acres to a square mile. That's 5,132,160 acres.

      Quick math.... 1.754648% of 1%

      No... that is not extensive. No that is not a threat.
      It is merely a nuisance level activity.

      And you see bloodshed as the only way to adress it.

      You aren't on the left. You couldn't find the left if you tried.

  • Gaza protests are where we say 'NO' to Trump's decision to move embassy -- demonstrator explains
    • @jon s

      Repeating your stock phrase does not add it any credibility and it's still bs.

      There have been no major incidents. It's fire season in Israel so it's fully prepared and staffed to deal with such incidents. These incidents are on the level of nuisance or harrassment.

      You ignored the Palestinian lives of those murdered by Israel during these incidents. How typical. You wonder why I see you as lower than pond scum.

      And it's Israel, once again, that is itching for a fight. We've now learned there are plans to split and occupy Gaza. Israeli culture is like a drug addict that seems to need it's fix of the blood and lives of others. I guess another few thousand deaths in Gaza will tide them over until they can persuade someone to kill a few million in Iran.

    • jon s, is either a whimpering ninny or an outright liar that's hungry for more killing of Palestinians. A number of GoI cabinet members have been calling for more illegal slaughter in Gaza for a number of weeks. They just never seem to get enough in a very very ghoulish way.

      There has been no catastrophe, or significant damage done in Israel by these fire kites. Israel is a modern (but very racist) country with an extensive inventory of fire fighting equipment including aerial assets. There has been no damage to settlements (and if there was then that would be great actually) or humans.

      Israel is like a common street gang governed by ex bouncers, pimps, drug pushers and other assorted low lifes. It and it's supporters still behave like the bunch of thugs they always were.

      Great values! As in none.

  • 'Ali is on the grill!' Israeli settlers celebrate burning of Palestinian baby
    • @mondonut

      Just as no one that has a functioning brain thinks the issue regarding a former sovereign Palestine is at all relevant. It has nothing to do with the validity of Israel or the lack of valididty of modern day Palestine.

      It makes a nice anecdote but that's about it.

  • Palestinian official links US withdrawal from UN human rights body with US taking 'crying babies from their parents’
    • @Annie

      It is difficult to see any difference in principle between Miller's treatment of the 'other' and Israel's treatment of the other for the past half century (plus).

      He may have been raised in the Jewish traditions and beliefs but he became a zionist.

    • @Rogelio

      Sniper rifles, and administrative detentions and 3am raids yanking them from their beds. A very long list. A very common occurence. Routine.

      It should be considered horrific no matter who does it but Irsael gets a free pass despite that.

  • Roger Waters plays Munich despite mayor's effort to stop concert over his support for BDS
    • @Mooser

      Meanwhile, poor Roger Waters, has had to put up with rave reviews and having a couple of million people pay to hear him play so far this year.

      You think Ringo could do better what with there being 1.8bn Jews who can't listen to Waters.

    • " His music is banned from the event."

      That's too funny. Roger isn't going to know or care as he wouldn't collect royalties from such an event.

      A bunch of insignificant nobodies denying themselves the right to listen to music they liked. Make a statement bro! No one is listening.

  • IDF snipers: choosing who to shoot
    • Amazing you know the restrictions they operate under when the gov refused to make them public in court. Wow!

      Seriously jack, did they release them and if so where? If not you're making crap up as you go along. Business as usual in zioland.

      And a happy tutu h u uhh ii to you too!

  • 'Let them eat candy' – Israel’s ideological war against incendiary kites from Gaza
    • While I don't like nazi analogies in relation to I/P and consider them counter productive this line that using a nazi analogy means you've already lost the argument is a pile of hooey. Nothing further from the truth.

    • "According to the law of the State of Palestine, any act of resistance while not in uniform renders the attacker an unlawful combatant (popularly known as a “Terrorist”)."

      Yep that's Israel.


    • How about they just add up the economic cost of all the crops they destroyed using herbicides.

      Eternal victimhood.

    • @jons et al

      I am jumping in with LHunter and adding my Hear Hear to his voice

      jon s you are so full of it. Thousands and thousands... are Israelus that incompetent? Do they deserve a state if that incompentent? Nobody is buying your bovine excrement.

      You describe yourself as a leftist but all you are is another eternal victim of your delusions. Despicable. Disgusting and disgraceful.

      On a serious note jon... 17 fires in the region... Israel is not capable of being able to estimate where they will land and to be near at hand? We aren't talking F35''s or F16's dropping one tonne bombs at will on civilians here.

      You are a total disgrace to humanity. Sticky to teaching state approved history like a good propagandist

  • The dangers of conflating anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism
  • Israeli army arrest Hebron band over 'incitement' music
    • Was it not shaked who declared palestinian wombs an existential threat?

      Oh those wonderful womens rights groups of zioness when they are shunned by other womens groups.

      You really cant be a progressive or feminist if you are a zionist. Total opposites. A confession that i am not overly impressed with progressives anyway.

  • 'Every bullet has a precise address' – another Israeli journalist justifies the massacre
    • How stupid are Israelis? No seriously, just how stupid are they?

      I suspect not all that much but they create and suck up pure jingoistic propaganda like it's koolaid

      "Under the cover of smoke and while the soldiers are busy defending themselves from it"

      Defend themselves from it? LOL... The israeli terrorists have never heard of a gas mask? The crime they commit is so debauched and despicable they feel the need to try to paint murderers as some sort of superhero.


      "anti-tank ditch"

      Huh? Were they afraid Hamas were going to deploy their tank battalions or something?

      It was a ditch to create a killing zone should anyone get through the fence. Nothing more than a means to facilitate murder.

      " The fence was reinforced "

      Not merely reinforced. The israeli terrorists broached the so called sacrosanct border, invaded Gaza, and laid another fence well away from the border fence. Inside another country.

      The border is only inviolate in one direction and that's because it's not a border but a prison wall.

  • Don't expect Elizabeth Warren or Kamala Harris to be critical of Israel
    • @nathan

      Spare me Nathan. I don't have the patience for bs that others that post here display.

      Oslo is effectively dead. Israel not only killed it with it's actions. It has ignored it. It's corrupt PM has bragged about doing just that. I will be willing to talk about Oslo when Israel implements what it was supposed implemented in the late 1990's. Until then it's only being used as a smokescreen for theft, criminality and oppression by Israel.

      Until the rule of law and #BDS hopefully to be followed by full blown sanctions on the country and it's key citizens.

      What do I think of the protests? I think Gazans and only Gazans have the right to make the decision as to whether legal protests are the right way to go. The protests aren't the issue. It's the violations of IHL and mass murders by Israel that are the issue.

      Animosity? Heck yeah... Until Israel obeys IL and IHL animosity is a reasonable response. Just as I feel the same way about Saudi Arabia. Two peas in a pod. Rogue states which should be shunned and sanctioned.

      Post away... my patience is gone for your disingenuous claptrap.

    • @bcg

      In a typical display of absolute dishonesty Nathan neglects to mention the water off those beaches is unsafe to go into as the criminal Israelis keep bombing civilian infrastructure. Specifically in this case the sewage treatment plant.

    • @Nathan

      "This means that the Palestinians have agreed that there is no right of return."

      you made a huge, and incorrect, leap in logic. That the means/method of resolving the refugee issue will be negotiated in no way negates Palestinian claims to such a right.

      Your leap is no different than the claim that by agreeing to negotiate it Israel has conceded that such a right of return exists.

      Not a whit of difference.

      Also following your logic, Israel, by agreeing to make Jerusalem a final status issue acknowledged it was not (all) Israeli territory despite it's current claims.

      btw the right of return is an individual right and not one which can be negotiated away by anyone, including the PA, on their behalf.

      The rest of your post is paternalistic in suggesting nonPalestinians should be telling them what to do as well as you telling them what to do. Overall though it shows your ingrained racism in deciding they are not qualified or capable of making their own decisions in regards to their struggle.

      Quite a disgusting diatribe but typical of the verbal garbage spouted by zionists.

      Let's go for it? Oh please, Israel has showed that it has no interest in any negotiations whatsoever and it intends to use all the time it can squeeze out to perpetrate it's crimes against millions of defenseless civilians.

    • @american perspective

      The vast majority of those deaths were murders by the drug lords and not by mexico.

      Tibet has never been recognized as an independent state by more than a small handful of nations. It operated independently for a very brief period of time.

      Quebec is not a state and has power in only limited areas subject to the Canadian constitution.

  • Knesset foils efforts to end Israeli apartheid
    • @Mooser

      I see jeffb posting over at 972 sometimes. He hasn't improved with age for sure. Still adheres to the rule of why use only 20 words when you can use 20,000.

    • @American perpsective

      Could you point out anyone who has supported Palestinian political culture with specific reference??

  • 'Why Ahed slapped the soldier' --an interview with Bassem Tamimi
    • Well Miki Zohar MK considers all other peoples as inferior to the Jewish people and says so publicly. He's just a MK or course.

    • ap: "The petty grievances of the far-right ethnic nationalists in Palestine pale in comparison to the grievances of the Alt-Right"

      Tom Corbett has come to life.

  • Literary hero Yossi Klein Halevi says anti-Zionist Jews aren't Jewish
    • @Mooser

      Legend has it that one guy knew that. Sadly he died in an "accident" during a soccer practice at the Beersheva train station.

    • "Modern movements that created forms of Judaism severed from the love of the land and dream of return all ended in failure."

      Failure? How is that failure measured?

      Zionism may have a strong state but given it must excommunicate a large number of people for being Jewish but non zionist it would seem zionism is the failure. It brooks no difference whereas the religion can accomodate the reality that many variations occur under the big tent.

      He may be a literary hero (again by what measure?) but an intellectual he is certainly not.

  • 'New York Times' teams up with Israel to smear slain medic Razzan al-Najjar as 'complex,' not innocent
    • @jon s
      " It’s the kind of distiction that should be clear to any reasonable, decent, moral, person.
      If you don’t see it then you’re the one with the broken moral compass."

      Well that rules out the vast vast majority of Israelis as being "reasonable, decent, moral". Particularly the significant percentage that don't think enough killing has been done. And the elected leaders who call for an ever increasing amount of death and destruction. Based on your equivocation wrt to cold blooded murder are left wondering you would fit on the continuum.

      I can't really think of a country where the moral rot is so pervasive. We have some tin pot dictators where their citizens live terrible lives but for outright moral rot and depravity Israel takes the cake as it permeates every level of society.

  • 'I'm targeted by the Israeli army,' Razan al-Najjar said before she was killed
    • @Talkback

      You are too kind. You get 9 months and have to put up with being considered a national hero if you are a murdering medic.

      No there isn't a country more debased or immoral than Israel in the middle east. Some countries have less rights but in all countries, including Israel, those rights are at the mere whim of the rulers anyway. They aren't real rights. Saudi doesn't pretend or extol it's rights. Israel in absolute denial of it's vile history deludes itself as being a beacon.

      After/during the 73 war I felt guilty for not volunteering. Several people I know did. Knowing what I know now the guilt is solely in ever having thought standing with Israel had any moral basis. There wasn't and isn't. There are others equally immoral but none more so.

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