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UK National. In the past have spent time in Gaza,East Jerusalem and the West Bank in a working capacity and my experience there has led me to develop deep concerns over the the treatment of Palestinians and their future in their homeland.

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  • Eight more Jews walk out on 'Birthright,' saying tour has no place for Palestinians
    • Apparently since 1999 around 600,000 have jumped on to this brainwashing conveyor belt and the vast majority (around 80%) have come from the US.

      It would appear that up until this year the belt has been operating very smoothly but as the saying goes you can fool some of the people all of the time etc.

      Encouraging that these young people have not been fooled and that the message is getting back to their peers in America.

  • Two Palestinian teenagers killed in most intense Israeli daytime assault on Gaza since 2014
    • "Child Killers" neatly sums up these Ziosavages and the term should be used more frequently to make those thinking of visiting Zioland think again - particularly young American "birthrighters".

      The standard Zio defence of Hamas using civilians inc children as "human shields" is increasingly pathetic. Families going about their daily routines including relaxing and playing in what parks remain in the Gaza concentration camp are not "human shields" they are human beings.

      What is there to like about a "state" full of Apartheid Child Killers ?

  • Ocasio-Cortez hedges criticisms of Israel-- 'I may not use the right words'
  • Irish senate passes bill banning products from Israeli settlements
    • @JLD
      I do hope that the Moldovan bouncer will have his way as in good riddance to a nasty smell but somehow I doubt it. The Irish would reciprocate and there would be IMO a huge backlash in Ireland itself with Scotland perhaps following suit and one would hope from within the ancestral Irish communities around the world . The Zioscum would not want that. But then again their arrogance has reached new levels and there is definitely a lunatics/takeover/asylum scenario at play.

    • @echo
      As you have pointed out I did say it was "of interest". As you will note from my previous comments on this site I consider the 2SS to be a Zionist fraud and a scam and an impossibility .Whatever you think of their overall position vis a vis the colonisation of Palestine I think personally it is fair to say that these individuals have gone out on a limb and risked the consequences from the Zio establishment for encouraging the Irish Parliament to boycott settlements products Some credit where credit is due surely ?

    • A positive result yes but undermined to an extent IMO by the fact that 20 TDs(MPs) voted against the bill and 14 abstained. Would love to know why.
      Of interest in the context of the bill is the support for it from a number of ex-Israeli Ambassadors and other Israelis

  • Netanyahu’s war on transcendence 
    • A very powerful and incisive peace. As said Gaza is not an open air prison. Apart from anything else it presupposes a civilised legal process of trial and confinement and Zioland doesn`t do this for Untermenschen Palestinians. I prefer the use of the term"concentration camp" as being the most apt description as it illustrates clearly to what depths of depravity the majority of Israeli Jews have sunk. For those who would say unfair to compare as in no extermination process I would say simply that it is 2018 and not 1943 and even the most rabid of Zionists probably realise that this is not an option nor is full scale ethnic cleansing. What we are witnessing instead is a blatant and relentless brutality with intermittent feel good massacres on the part of the foreign colonists in an ongoing desperate but totally futile attempt to somehow make Palestinians in Gaza simply disappear.

  • 'Killing Gaza' gives faces to statistics of 2014 massacre, echoing Goldstone
    • @Jackdaw

      " How many Gazans would be alive today if Hamas had accepted the Egyptian brokered unilateral ceasefire? Fifteen hundred? One thousand?2

      How many innocent native Palestinian men women and children would be alive today if foreign Ziobarbarians had not invaded stolen and colonised Palestine massacring them at will and driving them from their homes. You are so full of it.

  • 'You cannot be a democracy and not a state of all its citizens': Jamal Zahalka on what the rejection of the 'State of all its Citizens' bill means for Israel
    • @Marnie
      "Among the religious soldiers in the army, female counterparts are considered a burden and communication is kept to a bare minimum. Should religious soldiers speak to women, it is usually to dictate their immodest dress"

      Will be fascinating to see how this progresses. Zios make great play of how Arab women can`t do this , have to do that etc to underpin the idea that Zioland is culturally a civilised equal rights Western "state" unlike those Arab states locked into a medieval mind set when it comes to female rights and equality.

      Perhaps compromises eg battle helmets with drop down Zio face veils are in the offing?

  • On Rabbi Andy Bachman’s public congratulations to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
    • See Rabbi Bachman`s take on settlements from his website:

      On first read as with a lot of Zioliberals it appears balanced and reasonable seeing both sides etc but scratch the surface only slightly and you unearth either the naivete or hypocrisy or a mix of both. For example no reference to where these"settlers" come from or any real evaluation of their "rights" to be there ie Brooklyn to Hebron with subsidised housing as a bonus. Screw the natives they are not God`s chosen like us.

      Most hilarious of course is that these Ziobonzos continue to preach their belief in the mythical 2SS which anyone with any common would know from an honest evaluation is a scam and a charade. The "two state solution" which he is pathetically endorsing is the blatantly obvious one Zio state/60+ and counting Bantustans "state" solution.

  • First they came for Alan Dershowitz
    • @Peacedoc(LOL)
      " Selective morality or antisemitism?
      Or hypocrisy. Maybe all three"

      Snap = Selective morality or Zionism or hypocrisy. Maybe all three.

      Oops forgot selective whataboutery.

  • Miriam Adelson urges young American Jews to 'have more Jewish babies' and 'lobby governments' for Israel
    • @Mooser
      "His only chance of success lies in talking to non-Jews, and giving them reasons why they shouldn’t assimilate us or marry us"

      By "reasons" I take it that you mean money aka bribes. Or perhaps a free lifetime supply of hair colourant.

      As for his stance on "assimilation" I find it curious that his Wikipedia history refers to him having a father with Ukrainian Jewish/ Lithuanian Jewish ancestry and a mother who is simply described as "nee Tonkin" and having "immigrated from England" with one of his grandfathers apparently having been a "Welsh coal miner". No reference to her or her family having Jewish ancestry.
      Very interesting. It sounds as if his mother may not in fact have been Jewish and either converted or remained non - Jewish. If that is the case then given Orthodox Judaism`s de rigour matrilineal doctrine it would make him at best a "lower caste" Jew and he can`t buy his way out of that one?

    • @Mooser

      "Perhaps the Adelsons and Herzogs will tell us which model of an unassimilated people they would prefer for us, selecting from the available models"

      Sounds like a game of gene pool.

  • The Gaza blockade is illegal-- and so is the use of force to maintain it
    • @catalan.
      Yup definitely SLS Syndrome.Incurable so just wallows in it.

    • @Keith
      "Another smartass comment from Catalan. I think we all get that you are into ridicule, the question is why?"

      Agreed. As for the "why ?" - he/she strikes me having been one of those inherently jealous/nasty / unpopular kids at school who are forever ridiculing the other popular kids and who has " matured " into an inherently jealous/nasty/unpopular adult.

      I think the scientific term is SLS syndrome (snide little shit)

    • @Donut
      "The Law of Return is part of the sovereign state of Israel’s immigration policy. Immigration policies are an unchallenged right of all sovereign states"

      Yup and Nazi Germany`s anti - Jewish policies and legislation were 100 % right legal and unchallengeable as it too was a sovereign state.

  • Jewish allies must understand that solidarity entails a loss of privilege
    • @Boris
      "Obviously, the converts are not the descendants of Hebrews. But the percentage of Jewish converts is very low"

      What do you think Boris is one of Zionism`s favourite "sons" Sheldon (nuke nuke nuke nuke Iran) Adelson and no doubt one of your all time heroes a descendant of ancient Hebrews or Baptist Welsh coalminers:
      "Sheldon Gary Adelson was born in 1933, into a low-income family and grew up in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston, the son of Sarah (née Tonkin) and Arthur Adelson.[8][9] His father's family was of Ukrainian-Jewish and Lithuanian-Jewish ancestry.[10] His mother immigrated from England, and one of Sheldon Adelson's grandfathers was a Welsh coal miner.[11]"

      Skeleton cupboard methinks. You seem so knowledgeable about this Ancient Hebrew malarkey. Perhaps you could do some research within the Zio Archives and get back to us all.

    • @Boris
      Most, if not all, Jews share

      1. Common ancestry to the Hebrews of ancient Judea
      2. History of persecution
      3. Support for the only Jewish state

      What even the converted ones? Would you Adam and Eve it ! From Persecuted Zionist Inuit to Ancient Hebrew at the stroke of a Rabbi`s pen !

  • Isaac Herzog won't apologize for saying intermarriage is a 'plague'
    • Apparently in some Zio quarters it`s worse than a plague it`s wait for wait for it wait for it "self genocide" LOL
      See comment from esteemed Rabbi (Dr?) Bernhard Rosenberg:
      "IT is worse than a plague, it is self-genocide. Without bringing up the children in a Jewish atmosphere and educating the children in the Jewish religion , we as a people are destroying ourselves. I encourage a proper conversion . RABBI DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG"

      These weirdos have simply no idea of how expletive weird they are.

  • Israel begins demolishing Bedouin homes outside Jerusalem -- 'Trump's July 4th gift to Netanyahu'
    • "Senior Palestinian official Hanan Ashrawi said in a statement today that the demolitions are taking place because Israel aims to evict the Bedouins and move Israeli settlers onto the land.

      “Words of warning to Israel are not enough. If there is no serious intervention from the international community towards the Israeli government and its belligerent military occupation, other villages will be next, and more Palestinian men, women and children will be displaced for another 70 years to come,” she said"

      Not to worry Ms Ashrawi there is little likelihood of Israel displacing their Vichy PA enablers for the foreseeable future so you and your fellow collaborators can continue to live in style with your nice little earners and ego soothing public profiles. Oh and you can continue to wax lyrical over the mythical two state solution which apparently you gave four months to live in 2010

  • Riveting Thai cave story was missing one element -- Israel to the rescue!
    • @jon s
      "But that’s part of the package and is not unique to Israel"

      No but what is unique to Zioland is that it milks it`s humanitarian role in providing aid and support in human catastrophe situations abroad whilst all the time blatantly committing war crimes in the territories which it controls including ethnic cleansing,collective punishment,extra judicial killings and that`s before we get to the Warsaw Ghetto standard concentration camp which it has imposed on nearly 2 million Gazans the majority of whom are under 17 (just to remind you the Thai boys being rescued are under 17).

      Hypocrisy at its finest.

    • @nathan
      "It sounds rather obvious that taking credit is a type of normal advertising"
      In case it slipped your warped mentality Phil is talking about a group of terrified teenagers. and not a marketing sales convention.
      Zioland true to form will grasp at any form of human disaster around the globe to parade it`s so called "humanitarianism" whilst terrifying torturing and murdering children at will in it`s own backyard.

      Truly a shite unto the nations.

    • The Zioland input (if any ) in this rescue mission has been minimal and Zio coverage of it has been minimal because there has been no conventional PR scavenging opportunities for them such as the archetypal earthquake/tsunami scenario where they get to set up their tents flying the Star of David flag etc. Additionally their is no Zio cave diving expertise. So true to form and clutching at the usual Hasbara straws they have grossly inflated the role and the relevance of their "high tech" which has been provided nb free of cost !! and inflated this to would you believe a situation where the rescuers " are relying on Israeli tech". Truly nauseating all the more so given the courage bravery and skills of the cave divers themselves which the boys are actually relying on. Not to mention the fact that conventional fibre optic is being set up to communicate with the boys:

  • Wah!!! Dershowitz shunned on Martha's Vineyard!
    • Latest on Desperatwitz`s "social exclusion" by Martha Vineyarders in the NY Times:
      Shame that there aren`t any readers comments at least to date. Perhaps he threatened to sue the NYT if they allowed these.
      Anyway he is looking forward to his 80th birthday bash when"all his real friends will come".
      It will be a grand reunion with a lot of closet fascists wearing "I am a true Liberal" badges.
      And if he maintains his Trump worship then the great man may even dedicate and personalise one of his 2 a.m. tweets along the lines "Great party,probably one of the greatest parties in the history of American parties etc"

    • Great to hear that this loathsome creature is being shunned by intelligent moral people. As for silence not being his style he has got himself bang to rights. In any discussion on the Z/P conflict he invariably gets to do his bit without interruption then constantly interrupts and disrupts his opponents when they attempt to give a response:
      I am surprised to date that in these discussions someone has simply not said I listened while you had your say will you please STFU and let me have mine. Then again they probably wouldn`t be able to get in even these words edgeways.
      Norman neatly sums him up.

  • What happens when you say 'Nakba' in Hebrew – an interview with Eitan Bronstein Aparicio
  • US Jewish leader expresses compassion for refugees at US border-- and contempt for Palestinian refugees
    • @AmPer

      "Jericho has been a cosmopolitan city for some 10,000 years" Wow did they have like "Gay Pride" festivals in this cosmic city just like in Jaffa oops sorry I mean Tel Aviv you know with all those Hebrews who were the first to invent stone tools chilling out in fancy costumes.
      "There is no such thing as an “indigenous inhabitant” in Palestine". I bet that is your nightime ritual self lullaby.
      And to be clear = Posterior/elbow syndrome
      If in doubt go for whatabout = boring predictable Zioevasion yawn. But you are right in one respect I have zero sympathy for barbaric murdering thieves who steal land from a native population and then claim that they are being victimised for being criticised as barbaric murdering thieves.

    • Page: 17
    • @American Perspective
      "This is only hypocrisy if you adopt the Arab nationalist position, that the Arab nationalist community of Gaza are the same as the victimized folks seeking refuge on our Southern border"

      Just to get this in perspective. The "Arab Nationalist community" are not and are not claiming to be the same. They are the indigenous inhabitants of what is now Zioland who were expelled by force by foreign colonists and who are seeking to return to their native lands and properties.

      You obviously have difficulty distinguishing betweeen your posterior and your elbow on this.

  • Birthright walkout is met with vitriolic rage in Israel -- 'Radicals' 'You will get raped'
    • @Steve Grover
      "So Mooser, I was in Evanston a few weeks ago and I saw some JVP “people” protesting outside of Jan Schakowsky’s office. I walked over to see what was going on. I was standing next to one of them and I said you stink. So he removed his JVP t-shirt and changed into his IfNotNow t-shirt. And I told him he still stinks."

      Ace chat up lines LOL .The Zionist way of making friends (furry or otherwise)and influencing people. Best see a specialist of some kind. Drugs may be the way forward ie some sort of medically induced mental straight jacket.

    • @Misterioso
      "These figures take into account only those who took the legal route (many Israelis, analysts say, arrive on temporary tourist, student or work visas, then stay). "
      OMG Israeli "Dreamers"! I hope Daft Donald is aware.

    • @Just
      "It’s telling that the ‘free trip and stay’ is what some are so resentful of. I guess they’ll demand loyalty pledges from now on"

      Perhaps they will introduce some sort of cash deposit scheme.Returnable if you don`t ask any awkward questions and toe the Zioline at all times. Baaaa!!

  • "A Watershed Moment in Palestinian History": Interview with Jamal Juma’
    • @DaBakr
      "there is in actuality-a stand off between a tenacious people that believe their cause will prevail against another tenacious people who have built a nation on their ancient homeland that includes the full civil rights of muslims, christians and other religions , races and sexual orientation. all the claims of colour ‘washing’ can’t erase the fact that this is how things are in an imperfect but thriving israel today"

      Mega bollocks.

  • Liberal Zionists say that Israel and the U.S. are in the same struggle against rightwing forces
  • Targeting the most vulnerable: children in detention in the US and Palestine
    • Of course the Ziobot thugs will never forgive the Palestinians for forcing them to detain and lock up their children, terrify them,torture them,deprive them of access to parents,legal advice and social care services.

  • Israeli activists respond to Palestinian call, hang photos of fallen protesters along Gaza fence
  • The pathetic caving of Nickolay Mladenov
  • NY insurgent who said 'Dems can't be silent anymore' about Palestine clips AIPAC poodle in primary shocker
    • @John O
      Great cartoon plus you have introduced me to the word "conniptions" as a bonus. Sounds a lot more upbeat(sic) than "palpitations".

    • "Jews have nowhere to go but Israel"
      OMG ! Brooklyn and Florida have become so dangerous for them. The poor things. Hopefully sleazy "Democrat"LOL Dershowitz will arrange the necessary Exodus (for a price).

  • Israeli left leader says intermarriage by U.S. Jews is 'actual plague' and he vows to find 'a solution'
  • One Democratic State: an ongoing debate
    • @Nathan
      "Generally, intelligent people understand that different people see the world differently"
      Generally intelligent people expect other people who claim to be intelligent to see the world intelligently.
      "The Jews see themselves as the returning sons and daughters of their ancient homeland. They see the founding of their state as the fulfillment of ancient dreams"
      That is not intelligent thinking. It is fruitcake fantasy thinking.

    • @Tal
      My hand wringing reference was aimed at Zionists who will come up with any and every excuse including the "name of the state" dilemna to avoid what is staring them in the face. I apologise if it offended you personally as a non - Zionist. Yes Belgium works fairly well but there have always been tensions between French and Flemish speaking ethnic populations. The same applies to Canada/Quebec. Both are considered to be "binational" because of the distinct ethnic backgrounds of two elements in the national population. The official "binational" nature of both countries goes back to 1830 in the case of Belgium and 1867 in the case of Canada.They are completly different from Palestine with its mass liquorice allsorts infusion of colonising Jewish foreign nationals from 1920 onwards.

      The point I have tried to make is that the status quo in Palestine is simply unsustainable. IMHO there will be a breaking point for the PA under pressure from a frustrated and angry younger generation of Palestinians to abandon the ludicrous and yes Utopian idea of two states. It may be in the short term,it may be in the longer term but it will happen. I believe that it is the younger generation of Palestinians who will be the puppet removing force Echo refers to.I.E. Force from within and in due course a meaningful force from without = the inevitable hostility from the outside world to what will clearly be an Apartheid state once the PA is forced from within to give up on the sham pursuit of a 2SS.

    • "That is just 1 example why the ODS will not work."

      The colonists and the natives of South Africa managed to move on from an Apartheid state without a name change. They have also managed to establish a single democratic state which has survived and largely prospered warts and all.

      The faux hand wringing over the name issue is symptomatic of Zionists refusal to give up on the Apartheid Status Quo which they have established and have self brainwashed themselves into thinking will last forever.

      Yes there will be major major difficulties in the transition including the likelihood of major civil conflict and thousands may well die as a result but simple ongoing never ending appeasement of the Apartheid State of Israel is no longer an option and it is IMHO the PA who have become the pivotal appeasers and the effective enablers of this grotesque status quo.

      If the PA were to pull the plug and no longer act as a pseudo Vichy authority on behalf of Zionism then I think a lot of Jewish Israelis will recognise that the game is up. Native born Palestinian Jews including those whose families go back many generations and those Zionists who arrived post Balfour will largely chose to stay. I would anticipate that a lot of those who arrived post 1948 would opt to go back to their native countries.

    • "Today more than ever, people realize that the current regime of blatant ethnic discrimination will never end as long as the “Two States Solution” continues to be blindly repeated as the official, totally dishonest and irrelevant, mantra to ‘peace’. "

      Repeated not least by Abbas and Co and their legion of jobworths. We still await the long threatened Erekat "handing back of the keys" and abandonment of the now blatantly absurd 2SS = only real move which will break the circle and lead to the only viable solution of the Z/P conflict a single secular state with equal rights for all of the inhabitants of Palestine including refugees.

  • A Call to Action from Gaza: Cover your city with posters of the Great March of Return heroes
    • @Kay24
      "This guy is a typical zionist, he attacks and then pretends HE is the victim"

      Thanks for the link to the video.Seriously funny. Did he say that the older "blonde" with shades was his mum. Shurely Shome Mishtake.He looks well Moroccan (no offence to Moroccans) and well she looks Scandanavian(no offence to Scandanavians). Still looks and sounds as if he would need his mum alongside him 24/7 to change his nappies(aka diapers).

      I think that Zionists see themselves more as Aryan/Scandanavian/WASJ`s (White Anglo Saxon Jews) and may baulk at the idea of this creature being viewed as a typical Zionist.

  • Roger Waters plays Munich despite mayor's effort to stop concert over his support for BDS
    • “Munich passed a law last year that prohibits the use of public facilities to persons who support the BDS movement.”

      Does that include public toilets ?

  • Mr. Lansman comes to Tel Aviv: Jeremy Corbyn's senior ally wants to restrict free speech on Israel
    • @Eric
      My take on the interview is different. The interviewer comes across as a pathetic moronic dickhead Hasbarist who simply keeps flogging the tedious boring totally predictable "alleged Anti - Semitism" nag. Jeremy instead of avoiding the interview which was obviously going to be grotesquely biased given the relentless Zioscripted witch hunt being waged against him at least turned up and showed his willingness to answer questions put to him. Whatever he said even if it was yes you have got me bang to rights I am an Anti- Semite and I am going to stand down as Labour Party leader wouldn`t have made a jot of difference to the Israeli Firsters embedded at the heart of UK politics.They are on a Zio roll and would simply keep up the witch hunt as in see we told you so = the Labour Party is infested with A/S as opposed to our beloved Tory Party which is 80% "Friends of Israel" and who love Jews,Israel and Zionism to bits vote for them at the next elections.

      The Zios are unnerved by Jeremy simply because he is not what they are used to in terms of leaders of major UK political parties as well as the obvious fact that he is Pro-Palestinian and he choses not to lick their posteriors.

    • MW is definitely a significant source of learning.Have to confess that I had not heard of Mr Lansman before but will now be following his output on the Z/P conflict closely starting with the Tel Aviv speech.
      His Wikipedia profile interestingly describes him as "an atheist,although he still observes some Jewish festivals".
      I wonder is that perchance like a lapsed Catholic who still buys and dresses up a Christmas tree each December ?

  • US leaves UN Human Rights Council, a 'cesspool' of bias against Israel
  • Mal Hyman's outspokenness on Gaza massacre is a sign of things to come in Democratic races
    • @CaptCadaver
      "is this self loather a tiger without stripes?"
      Still haven`t (fully) found what you are looking for then old son = heinous self loathing jewish bigots.

      Mr Hyman will be delighted that you haven`t filed him under your 5 star Heinous/Bigot category.

      Do please carry on with your self flagellating.

  • IDF snipers: choosing who to shoot
    • @John O
      Yup I think he/it needs to get to the nearest Hasbara recharging station asap.

      As for the cuddly most moral IDF snipers I have an idea where they get their inspiration from:

  • Organizer of the Great March of Return says protests in Gaza 'must go on'
    • @MHughes
      And it could get worse. The Zios might claim by way of retaliation that "Gaelic" football was in fact invented by the Ancient Israelites as was "hurling" and come to think of it cricket,golf,soccer,rugby(Union and League),baseball,hockey,tennis and table tennis,squash and badminton and Tossing the Caber to name but a few all fueled by those incredible calorie rich cherry tomatoes. Oh and of course kilts and sporrans were in fact ancient Israeli garments and accessories.

  • If I had to live in Israel again, 'it would actually drive me insane' -- Shaul Magid
    • @ejay
      … I think Jews have learned successfully to be in America as Jews. The haredim have learned how to live in America, the assimilated Jews have learned to live in America, non orthodox Jews have learned to live in America…

      It seems awkward – maybe even patronizing – to praise those Americans who have chosen to embrace the religion-based identity of Jewish for their ability to live as Americans in their homeland of America.

      So the Jews,like the Catholics,like the Muslims hell even like the Pilgrim Fathers have learned to be in America. Still that bottom line of we are unique,we are special,we are different from all other religious cults = the Zionist umbilical cord.

  • 'Let them eat candy' – Israel’s ideological war against incendiary kites from Gaza
  • Israeli lawmaker: 'Jewish race is the greatest human capital, the smartest'
  • Israeli outpost is evacuated without a shot, even as settlers throw stones
    • @Annie Robbins
      "shorter jack, ‘soldiers don’t exterminate, they execute!’"
      Apparently on very rare occasions Ziotroopers do things which "are not quite right" - you know like shooting defenceless unarmed and wounded 15 yr olds in the back as they run away. Maybe wasn`t quite right but anyone who even dares to call their actions "hasty or negligent" is basically an Anti - Semite don`t you know.

      One can only hope that currently and increasingly in the future these Ziotroopers following their most moral service on their world back packing trips will be shunned as pariahs wherever they go.

    • @inbound39
      "Were they intercontinental ballistic stones or the harmless rubber coated stones"
      A good point. I think it is fair to say that a high level operational command decision may have been made that since they wern`t life threatening Iranian supplied stones conventional civilised Western standard control tactics were appropriate.Hey and if one of the nearly as as moral as the most moral Border Police Officers had been killed then it would have been described as a "tragic accident". No doubt Herr Bennett and Frau Skaked being in situ at the time would have given evidence along the lines that the cuddly stone throwing settlers in their opinion were in fact " aiming to miss " the Police Officers by hitting the ground in between.

  • 'The Israeli military said,' the New York Times reports
  • Ireland: A special case of Palestine solidarity
    • Irish solidarity with Palestinians is grounded in a shared experience of colonial invasion, the Irish equivalent of Zionist "settlers" = Protestant Plantation settlers and not least the intrinsic Apartheid system which the English colonisers set up and maintained over the centuries. Additionally the native Irish were subject to incremental and wholesale ethnic cleansing just like the Palestinians. A huge number of Native Irish particularly in the wake of the Famine ended up emigrating to America and they were and still in theory are an important element in the US electoral base. What does surprise me and I will be happy to be corrected on this is that there is no apparent groundswell of support for the Palestinian cause within the American Irish community. They seem happy to sing the old songs about lands being stolen,Cromwellian genocide,famines and exile but do not to my knowledge speak out about the similar scenario unfolding in Palestine.
      The same history of deprivation and exile applies to Scotland and the Scottish and there is a strong level of support from within the existing native Scottish community for the Palestinian cause (Celtic Football supporters exemplify that support). But again I am not aware of any groundswell support for the Palestinian cause from within the American Scottish community.

      Happy to be corrected on both points by US based MW commentators.

  • Israeli army arrest Hebron band over 'incitement' music
    • @Citizen
      "BTW, the IDF has now engineered /adapted a rifle specializing in shooting down kites"
      What a shame.All that research and engineering money wasted when they could simply have bought them online:

      Still I suppose if it is ultimately US taxpayer funded why should the Zios worry.

    • All you musicians out there in civilised societies- whether top acts considering doing gigs in Zioland or buskers on the street take note and act in fellowship. Show your solidarity by boycotting everything and anything Israeli. Perhaps take it one step further and write a few songs to show your contempt.

      All you music lovers out there in civilised societies boycott Ziomusic and Zio music shows with the exception of those very few that speak out about Zionist barbarities.

      Can`t be long now before the Ziofreaks led by the likes of Regev,Shaked and Herr Bennett, in the absence of an a la carte "Final Solution" option , recommend designating Palestinian procreation as "incitement to resist".

      What an ugly obscene bunch of "human" beings !

  • Laurie Anderson screams in Jerusalem, but has nothing to say about Gaza
    • @Annie
      "laurie Anderson is a scab".
      A callous self important scab to boot who appears to have abandoned her earlier pretensions to be a human rights campaigner when it comes to Palestine:
      "When love is gone, there's always justice. And when justice is gone, there's always force"

      "Recent revelations of pervasive data collection by the National Security Agency presented an opportunity for Ms. Anderson, whose multimedia work has pondered technology, travel, science, communication and the meaning of America. Over a funky beat from her band, she named Mr. Manning, Julian Assange of WikiLeaks and Edward J. Snowden, the former C.I.A. worker, intelligence contractor and admitted source of the latest revelations, adding, “Let’s hear it for the whistle-blowers!” for easy applause.

      “What’s going on in America?” she intoned. “What’s happening here? What war is this? What time is it? Greetings to the motherland.” Later, she summarized “The Birds,” the Aristophanes comedy, comparing the walls in its plot to walls between Palestine and Israel and the United States and Mexico, calling them “complicated.”

      NB Concentration camp and Apartheid Walls are "complicated" in Ms Anderson`s new universe !

  • The Knesset officially declares that Israeli democracy is for Jews only
    • @ejay
      "I agree that one day – maybe a Thousand Years! from now, maybe sooner – the construct known as “Jewish State” will cease to exist"

      I confess to being more optimistic. The existence of Zioland in it`s current Apartheid form presupposes eternal guaranteed US support. This is no longer a given. Young Americans including young American Jews are increasingly critical of this uncritical support. There is accelerated assimilation which will in turn accelerate this criticism. The Elders of AIPAC are precisely that = Elders.,an older generation of American Zionis Jews whose corrupt Israel First influence will at some point in the near future hit the buffers.

      As for Zioland itself - the Zios themselves are effectively turning their Utopia colony into a de facto fortress and there will be a realisation at some point that this in fact is simply a self made prison and a large number of the inmates will heading for Ben Gurion to get out.

    • @ejay
      "Israel: Jewish supremacism in/and a religion-supremacist “Jewish State”

      Zioland was from day one a foreign colony established by a combination of Western appeasement and Zionist terrorism and maintained and sustained by that same appeasement,active complicity on the part of a bought and bent America and of course the continuing and relentless on the ground most moral Zioterrorism. It has never been a "state" and never will be a state. In due course, and once there is a single equal rights for all the indigenous inhabitants state between the Jordan and the Mediterranean , the so called "Jewish State" will be flushed into the sewer of history just like the "National Socialist" Republic of Germany.

      By that time of course most of the colonial rats will have deserted their sinking Zioship.

  • 'Every bullet has a precise address' – another Israeli journalist justifies the massacre
    • This Fascist thug would have excelled as a concentration camp guard in 1930s and 1940s Germany. Has that "they are all Untermenschen mindset". No doubt children playing football in the middle of the protest camps would have been fair game for the unbelievably moral Zionist IDF murderers if the dust they were kicking up , like the smoke , got into the eyes of the poor little innocent defenceless elite snipers.

      What a revolting piece of "humanity".

  • Knesset foils efforts to end Israeli apartheid
    • @Lenny
      Perhaps then you can rescue a beleaguered and bewildered AmericanPerspective by answering the question " Is Israel a Middle Eastern Country ?"

      BTW "To spout or not to sprout". Are you some sort of gardener with a Shakespeare fixation ?


    • @AmericanPerspective.

      "So the term “Orient” (Eastern) or Middle East, is a Euro-centric geographical term. For Jews and Americans it is not a naturally coherent category. And as a political matter, the contemporary term is actually “Middle East and North Africa” (MENA) – but even that assumes some sort of “Arab” identity or a geographical basis of identity. "

      Still haven`t answered a straight forward question as in "Is Israel a Middle Eastern country"
      You duck and dive and drivel on about not recognising categories or categories being "not naturally categories" having blithely opened with the obvious categorisation of Europe (Euro-centric).

      So once again and for the last time. Is Israel a Middle Eastern country? Hey I will even settle for the MENA answer. Just to give you some sense of bearings. I am a UK citizen.The UK is a European country and yes it will continue to be so after Brexit.France is a European country etc etc. China is an Asian country.India is an Asian country etc etc.

      BTW Loved the spintastic response to my question about your claim that Zioland
      "tolerates minority nationalism (specifically Arab nationalism) in a way that would be inconceivable in the West”

      Don`t fret too much about the dizzy spells - they come with the BS you are obliged to spout.

    • @americanpearspectiver
      I don’t really recognize a category of “Middle East”, or “Arab”. But I’ll address you on your terms.

      You haven`t addressed it. You have very clumsiley sidestepped it by blandly saying that in this instance don`t recognise "categories". Presumably there are categories which you do recognise.You know like European,Asian,African etc.

      Once again are Jewish Israeli citizens Middle Eastern ?

      "On the other hand, Israel tolerates minority nationalism (specifically Arab nationalism) in a way that would be inconceivable in the West"

      You mean that America`s toleration of minority Israeli nationalism (AIPAC etc ad nauseum) is different?

    • @AmericanPerspective

      Just to clarify then from an American Zionist Perspective point of view Israel is therefore the only Middle East Democracy as opposed to the much repeated"only Democracy in the Middle East". Israeli citizens inc Israeli Jews wheter they have just fluttered in from Brooklyn or Golders Green are just like their fellow Arab citizens = Middle Eastern. Have I got that right ?

  • Israeli drones drop Ramadan blessings leaflet on Gaza-- before four more are killed
    • Army says shooting death of Palestinian teen a case of mistaken identity
      Military prosectors announce they were not pursuing criminal charges against soldiers who shot dead a Palestinian teenager and wounded several others in 2016 in what the army described as a case of mistaken identity.

      “As the troops were operating in a clear operational event that was complicated and intense, the professional failures do not justify criminal proceedings, despite the tragic outcome,” the army says in a statement.

      On a noncriminal, disciplinary level, the commander of the unit that killed Mahmoud Badran, 15, was denied entrance into the army’s company commanders course and left the military.

      On the night between June 20 and 21, 2016, Israeli troops opened fire at a car full of Palestinian teenagers as they were traveling down the Route 443 highway in the West Bank, believing them to be a group of Palestinian youths who had earlier thrown cinderblocks at cars and spilled oil on the road, the army said.

      “The commander of the unit misidentified the car… and the troops fired at the wheels of the vehicle. A short while after shooting, the mistake became known and medical treatment was given to the wounded,” the army says.

      The military notes there were a number of “professional failings” in how the shooting was carried out, but says that the misidentification was “earnest and reasonable.”
      Ergo Nazi standards of justice for wannabe Nazis. And this is accepteed and enouraged by the vast majority of Zionist Israelis and their Gruppen leaders.
      Their forebears in 1930`s Germany were equally "earnest and reasonable".
      Read Gideon Levy`s civilised non - Nazi narrative on this brutal and callous Nazi standard murder:

    • @Jackdaw
      "What’s sick and disgusting is Kay’s comparison between the Holocaust and the I/P conflict"

      Those Jews who were subjected to ethnic cleansing in the Europe of the 1930`s and 1940`s and who were murdered by the Nazis would be sick and disgusted by the Nazi attitudes,behaviour and actions of Zionist Jews in Palestine in the years since then.

      There is one distinct difference however. The Nazis did not so grotesquely and desperately portray themselves as the "victims" as they carried out their carnage.

    • "A wise man considers the results of his actions in advance and chooses the action whose benefits outweigh the costs"

      They forgot to insert "Zieg Heil" or the appropriate Zio equivalent after this bit.

  • The beautiful game: a history of whitewashing international crimes 
    • Perhaps the Yahoo and all of his war criminal fellow travellers in the only democracy etc cabinet will double down and bid for something akin to the Berlin 1936 Olympic Games. I am sure that Sheldon Addledbrain would pay for it and hey if their bids are unsucessful they will always have the eternal only chosen comfort of wailing "Anti - Semitism" and "Sporting Terrorism".

      Then again they may recall the discomfort of the great Aryan Leader witnessing all those Untermenschen winning all the medals whilst the chosen are left with SFA.

      Now if they were to stage a Propaganda Olympics they would of course annihilate the opposition and set world records across the board in the brainwashing events.

  • Literary hero Yossi Klein Halevi says anti-Zionist Jews aren't Jewish
    • "Judaism isn’t only a set of rituals and rules but a vision linked to a place” ~ Yossi Klein Halevi"

      Like wow man it`s all so chill like so cool you know like Narnia you know like Oz.Pass the spliff man this shit is the real thing.

  • Celebrating in Jerusalem, killing in Gaza, pandering in Sacramento
    • "We in Gaza cannot but ask why has no European government spoken out about events which if they had happened elsewhere would surely have been called an international outrage and probable war crime?”

      I think it is down to what has effectively become the "Diplomatic Protocols of Zion".

      No wonder the Zios are in a diarrhoetic panic at the thought of Jermy Corbyn becoming UK Prime Minister.

  • 'Kite terrorism' -- Israeli government takes on 'sarcastic' global press
    • Something seriously missing in the Zionarrative about these horrific existentially threatening kites. Shouldn`t they be describing them as "Iranian supplied kites" ?

    • Mark Regurgitev on the " KiteTerrorism "?

      G`d day Cobber. Let`s be clear Jeremy (or whoever) what we are talking about is a major Kiteastrophy and these are war crimes being perpetrated against innocent insects and a variety of defenceless newts by Hggggggamas who are using one year old infants and 8.5 months pregnant women as human shields.

  • 'I'm targeted by the Israeli army,' Razan al-Najjar said before she was killed
    • @American Perspective
      "I’m just going to suggest that objectively speaking, you sound entirely unmoored from the material reality. And while I’ve no doubt that the passion you exhibit is intended to “help”, in reality this delusion approach is profoundly counterproductive to the actual people living in Palestine"

      Been there sunshine and seen the "material reality" to which you refer so please no condesending so called American Perspective get real comments . As for my quote "delusion approach" unquote being " profoundly counterproductive to the actual people living in Palestine" as opposed to your they should give up the pointless struggle and surrender to overwhelming Malthusion mathematics. Total BS

      Please do focus when waffling on about economic regenerations etc on the simple glaringly obvious fact the ones who are calling the shots (literally) in all of this are not the no doubt well meaning but incredibly naive Portland Trust business enterpreneurs ( whom I did not refer to as shills ) but lunatic and ruthless Zionist politicians who may not be adverse to the occasional financial backhander but who are in no way form or shape interested in an entrepreneurial solution to the Gaza crisis and they are supported in all of this by an increasingly brainwashed Jewish Israeli population ( with rapidly diminishing exceptions ). All they seek and all they are working and have been working for from day one has been a dreamscape re-establishment of an Etetz Israel. Palestinians to them are a sub species and simply an increasingly irritating impediment to the fulfillment of the"dream".

      Your reference to a delusional idee fixee is a hoot. The indigenous population in your perverted logic should do what is best for them and surrender to the entirely non delusional Zionist idee fixe of a return to the "Ancient Homeland" to be effected through massacre,theft,exile and dispossession(check the thoughts of Chairman Ben Gurion, Golda Meir we will never forgive you for making us kill your children et al)

      As for the "Derech Hamelech" reference. Least said.

      "but take their front seat in history and surrender fully" Ditto.

      You appear to think of yourself as some sort of pragmatic geopolitical economic realist but in truth you are no more nor less than an outright racist and a twisted apologist for a bunch of child murdering war criminals.

    • @American Perspective
      "Gaza Connected has a vision where Gaza will be a wealthy hinterland of the Tel Aviv Metropolitan hub (that would include Jerusalem and Haifa). Gaza will have a regional airport, a port that will work well with its neighbors as Israel becomes more chareidi (the Gaza port will pick up the slack on Saturdays), abundant housing, and international connections overseas to Israel, the Arab Republic, and even to the Hashemite Kingdom and Saudi"

      Inc in the document (nb prepared April 2016) is the following statement:

      "Looking forward, it becomes clear that the current status
      quo cannot be sustained. In the absence of meaningful
      progress towards greater openness, conditions in Gaza
      will inevitably continue to deteriorate, most likely leading
      to a profound humanitarian crisis and resulting in renewed
      conflict – effectively having adverse implications not just
      for Gaza, but for Palestine as a whole and the broader
      region. An easing of current restrictions, coupled with
      major investment in housing, infrastructure and economic
      development is required to help promote sustainable
      growth, address the most pressing challenges and change
      the conversation around Gaza’s future"

      Obviously things haved moved on since then. Zioland is hell bent on maintaining the"Status Quo". It has zero intention of "easing current restrictions" and has now initiated an entirely new killing fields dynamic into the equation and clearly the psychpathic freaks who are running the Zioshow have FA interest in doing anything to adjust or change that "Status Quo". The Portland Trust declared ambitions and aims are simply a fleshed out complete with fancy drawings Disneyworld variation on the classic Ziocrap "Gaza could be the New Singapore if only" Hasbara. Nothing on the horizon is going to disturb that Zio mindset especially now that they have had a exhilarating feast of live killings and maimings in recent weeks. Well it has been such a long time since Protective Edge and Cast Lead and Lebanon is not really an option given that Hezbollah are grown ups with real weapons,real battle hardened soldiers and are not a captive population of defenceless civilians (inc one million children being progressively poisoned by the Chosen ).

      The only thing which will give these Ziobots pause for thought is if the untreated sewage starts to drift up the Med and decorates the Tel Aviv beaches. If the smell itself starts to drift across into Sderot etc they may have to seek further US taxpayer money for state of the art odour proof bunkers.

      Tens of thousands of innocent children dying from drinking untreated water won`t even cause a Zioblink. After all "they started it".

  • Israeli forces shoot and kill Izz al-Din Tamimi in Nabi Saleh
    • @Kay24
      "Without that support Israel would be nothing"

      Exactly and the real timeline IMO for the beginning of that support and the Ziofascist two fingered salute to International Law and moral civilised behaviour was June 1967 when they deliberately attacked the USS Liberty and murdered 34 defenceless US sailors and wounded a further 171.
      The US President Lyndon Johnson (remember a Democrat not a mad GOP freak) to keep Jewish donors on side pre re-election deliberately conspired with the Israelis to cover up what was a blatant attack on the United States of America and a horrendous war crime against non combattants in a war.Subsequently there was a frenetic scramble to silence the surviving witnesses and to suppress information about the attack. They even arranged for a massive external repair job on the vessel in Malta so that when it eventually returned to the US the evidence of the savagery of the attack had been effectively covered up as well (as in all shell ,bullet and missile holes replated and painted).

      This incident ranks way up there as one of the most shameful epiodes in American history with the President and his acolytes effectively trashing the bravery and the memory of the killed and wounded and their families. It is equally shameful that the citizens of the Land of the Free have never en masse demanded a full and proper investigation to include testimony from the survivors and the Israelis . The cover up is still in full swing:

      The basic message to the Zios was hey if it suits your purposes you can attack and kill American citizens including American military personnel and get away with it - so us puppet Americans are hardly going to make a fuss when it comes to the slaughter of Untermenschen Arabs.

      Still it is always worth bearing in mind that the Zios are so blinded by Nazi levels of arrogance and sense of impunity that they will at some point over step the mark and their special relationship with the US will evaporate at a stroke.

      And always focus on the simple fact that Zioland is a piddly little country the size of Wales - as they are frequently desperate to point out ( but nb without the hearts and courage and proud culture of the Welsh). There are approximately 6 million Israeli Jews inc occupied territory settlers (the terminally mad ones) the majority of them clinically insane. There are 2 million Israeli Arab citizens within Zioland`s non declared borders and in Gaza and the West Bank approx 4 million Palestinian Arabs. Zioland is surrounded on all sides excepting the sea by Muslims Arabs who basically have a visceral hatred for them which the Zio land thieves and murderers have richly earned. All the Nukes , F35`s,F16`s ,tanks,submarines,cluster bombs and blind as bats elite snipers in the world does not change the simple fact that Zioland is essentiall f....ed. It has constructed and continues to "strengthen" fortress Zioland but effectively has created it`s very own Zio prison with the inevitable interbreeding of bloodlines and a daily diet of Zio brainwashing.

      If I were one of the few remaining decent and moral Israeli Jews I would get myself and my family out of this fantasy hell hole while there is a chance.

    • The supreme Zio war criminal Yahoo has been in London as part of his grand Bomb Iran Bomb Iran Bomb Bomb Iran tour and of course has had to face questions about the Gaza slaughterfest. Theresa May has come down on him like an ounce of bricks (as usual) really going out on a limb and saying that the UK is "concerned" about the loss of Palestinian lives = Third Reich standard appeasement. Now this must really have terrified Herr Yahoo. To be fair to Boris Johnson he actually called for a full and independent investigation into the deaths and injuries although he must know well that this was simply pissing into the wind.
      Jeremy Corbyn on the other hand stated the blunt truth and I hope that when it comes to the next election this is borne in mind by those in the UK who abhor Fascism and Nazism in all its forms and who support the Palestinians in their struggles against the psychopaths running the Zio regime:
      Corbyn’s message was read at a “Right of Return” demonstration attended by hundreds of anti-Israel activists in London on Tuesday.

      “In recent weeks, scores of unarmed Palestinian civilians have been killed in Gaza by Israeli forces,” Corbyn said. “Hundreds have been wounded. Most are refugees or the families of refugees from what is now Israel, and they have been demonstrating for their right to return, week after week.”

      “The killing of Razzan Najjar, the 22-year-old medical volunteer shot by an Israeli sniper in Gaza on Friday, is the latest tragic reminder of the outrageous and indiscriminate brutality being meted out, under orders from the Netanyahu government,” he continued. “The silence, or worse support, for this flagrant illegality, from many Western governments, including our own, has been shameful.”

      “The UK government’s decision not to support either a UN commission of inquiry into the shocking scale of killings of civilian protesters in Gaza, or the more recent UN resolution condemning indiscriminate Israeli use of force — and calling for the protection of Palestinians — is morally indefensible,” Corbyn went on to say. “Britain, which is a permanent UN Security Council member and has a particular responsibility for a peaceful and just resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict, should ensure there is a credible independent investigation, genuine accountability and effective international action to halt the killings — and bring Gaza’s ever-deepening humanitarian crisis to an end.”

    • @Jack Green
      "Agricultural terrorism". LOL. The most moral have F16`s tanks and of course elite supremely moral snipers who apparently have difficulty hitting barn doors at five paces and the Gazans in the concentration camp you know just like those brave resistance fighters in the Warsaw Ghetto have to resort to DIY resistance measures to make the point that they will not be terrorised and slaughtered at will and that they have the right to return to and claim the land which was taken from them by a bunch of low lifes. How many Israelis have been injured or killed by this "agricultural terrorism"? I think you and your fellow Zioterrorists are just pissed off that these kites perhaps are preventing Ziopicnics overlooking the live killing fields in Gaza. Such a hoot,absolutely free and makes a great day out for all the Ziofamily.

      And "contributing to global warming" FFS!!! I suppose this will in due course be included in the Hasbara lexicon as "global warming terrorism".

      You Zios are pathetic and would be considered hilarious if it wasn`t for the fact that you are pscyhopathic murderers just itching for and having your Ziorgasms with incremental final solution episodes.

  • 'I’m an Islamophobe' and 'Arabs lie' – former chief of Israeli Government Press Office
  • The unwarranted presumption of Israeli soldier innocence in the killing of Palestinian medic Razan al-Najjar
  • Heralded by Palestinians as 'angel' and 'merciful martyr,' Razan Al-Najjar is an afterthought in western press
    • @Debacle
      Profuse apologies I missed this little gem and I have not given you the credit due to a commentator who is taking the piss out of himself and what he is saying.

      "Even the fanatical Jews have settled down a bit". "Judea and Samaria",East Jerusalem - yes LOL.


    • @captADKer
      "are u now saying that the accused has to prove his innocence? maybe in ur hami world of hypocritical self losers. now show me the facts for idf guilt or melt away from their fence"

      Wow now you are really spinning yourself dizzy. Just calm down ,deep breaths,relax shoulders and rethink.

      "The Accused has to prove his innocence". Would that be the Hamas accused or just the most moral accused. Remember deep breaths and come to a reasoned conclusion.
      So I am getting the sense that you are saying is that Hamas did not shoot and kill her. So by default you are admitting that the shot came from Zioland. Or are you suggesting that it was eg a private individual in Gaza shooting within Gaza or a private individual (perchance a visiting Ziotourist) from the Zioland side of the concentration camp fence.

      Oh and please do explain WTF a " self loser " is. I know what a loser is. I know what a " bad loser" is but a "self loser"well you have got me on that one sunshine. Perhaps it is simply that you are bored with typing the same old "self loathing/self denying/self hating" mantra that you decided to invent a new one. Not difficult I suppose if you are a passionate and zealous Zionist.

      Deep breath/exhale. Deep breath/exhale.And again.

    • @captADKer
      "hamas murdered this girl in all credible reliable certitude.
      any proof to the contrary supporting predictable strategic and desperate hami accusations?"

      Can I reassure first of all that I am not a " heinous self loathing jewish bigot" so perhaps you might find it in your grace and wisdom to explain the above given that you appear to be orificing so much "certitude"

      Are you saying that "Hamas shot her from within Gaza ?
      Or are you saying that a Hamas operative somehow penetrated the concentration camp fence and shot her from within Zioland ?
      Or are you saying that a Hamas operative was given a day`s release from the concentration camp in order to liaise with the most moral and provide precise target information for them to morally shoot her ?

      As I said I am not one of your "heinous" etc. Neither am I a lawyer but if you are accepting the fact that she was shot by a most moral sniper doesn`t that make him/ her an accessory to murder as well as those above in the most moral command structure authorising the sniping and the unbelievably moral Zio ministers above instructing their most moral field personnel to instigate a sniping strategy.

      Have to stop there I`m afraid. Starting to weep when I think of Zion and all that morality.

    • @Debacle
      " Another waste of a young human with vast potential who, were it not for the leadership would certainly have been working in a field hospital instead of rushing the border wearing white but no other clear markings she was a medic"

      I think you are in dire need of major reprogramming. I am surprised Hasbara Central has not noticed and issued an urgent recall. Having said that the poor dears must be absolutely rushed off their feet at the moment.

      "working in a field hospital" "rushing the border" "wearing white but no other clear markings that she was a medic". Get a non Zio life.

      Your faux admiration and sympathy comes across as revolting. It is like Himmler opining "if only they hadn`t been Jewish they could have made such a great contribution to Germany".

      BTW It is not a border .It is a concentration camp fence.

    • @Kay24
      "Watch Nikki Hayley get humiliated at the UN, after she begged for support for the US resolution, blaming Hamas for the suffering of the Palestinians, not mentioning the brutality of the occupiers"

      She must be doubly frustrated as she didn`t get the chance to threaten those who did not toe her Zio bent and bought line(see and listen from 03.51 onwards)

      What a shallow vile creature.

    • @Just
      "Israeli sick logic: It did not happen. If it did, it was not us. If it was us he/she was a terrorist. If he/she is not a terrorist, the bullet strayed. If the bullet did not stray, then Hamas is to blame.”
      An excellent summation. I would perhaps also add the Zio default"war zone justification"

      Razan Al - Najjar RIP should be seen as a Palestinian Anne Frank. There will hopefully in due course be a museum in her memory and in memory of all the other defenceless innocent civilians mowed down by the Zio killing machine. And the brutal thugs who slaughtered her ( including the Yahoo,Liebermann and the most moral IDF General Staff who issued the shoot to kill civilians policy) should in due course be held to account and sentenced accordingly just like their forebears at the Nuremberg Trials.

  • 'Disappearing Palestine' maps must spotlight Jaffa
    • @inbound39
      "Zionist logic and propaganda never stands up to scrutiny."

      Like all human beings Zionist Jews have the power of logic so when it comes to basics for example shopping and check out they will automatically and naturally apply that logic as in1+1 = 2. Similarly they will recognise that red means stop and green means go when it comes to negotiating traffic lights at junctions or using pedestrian crossings. When it comes to Zion and all things Zionist however they automatically switch to a completely alien way of thinking which simply defies logic.

      Ergo: 3000 years ago there was an area of land in the Middle East which was conquered and colonised by a group of Semitic language speaking people who practised a cult monotheistic religion which became known as Judaism ( from the name of their temporary kingdom = Judah). In due course along came the Romans (nasty Italian type non followers of the cult ) who dismantled their Kingdom and expelled the majority of them (a small proportion apparently remained and prospered even under the nasty Romans and their various successors)
      The cult survived the expulsion in different parts of the Mediterranian,Europe,Asia and the Middle East and just like Christians/Muslims/Hindus/Buddhists (and in due course all being well it is supposed Pagans and Seventh Day Adventists) continued to practice their religion and it is argued even converted a significant number of non believers to join their cult (again much the same as Christians and Muslims converted non believers).
      All straight forward reasonably factual stuff so far but come the end of the 19th century and a group of individual followers of the cult in various European countries get together and decide that they and all of the other followers of the cult whatever their nationality/colour/height/weight/degree of observation of cult rituals have a "logical" right to reclaim the area of land referred to since followers of the same cult had a little kingdom there 2000 years ago. In the process of course they simply the existence/rights of those that have inhabited the land since those nasty Romans etc.

      At this point otherwise sane and scientifically minded individuals who conventionally would agree that of course 1+1 = 2 and of course Green means go mentally dissolve and argue that in the case of Jews 1+1 = 3 or any number they care to choose and of course it is entirely safe to cross on the Red.
      And anyone who disagrees with them is not logical but is in fact yup you guessed it = Anti-Semitic.

      Remember these "logically minded" nutcases have a large stock of nuclear weapons!

    • @Jerry Hirsch
      "The Jew’s claim to the land predates that of the Arab conquest by 1,800 years so certainly their claim is both earlier and longer"

      I am sure there were quite a few atheists in what is now Palestine before a group of Semitic speaking followers of the Cult of Judaism popped up and conquered and colonised parts of it so I am assuming from your warped logic that being an atheist I have as much of a claim to the land as say a Brooklyn Jew or a Golders Green Jew or a Melbourne Jew or a Bombay Jew.

      Do keep on ploughing the Ziosand.

    • @Jerry Hirsch
      "Your claim that the Palestinian Arabs who are mainly descended from these Arab conquerors are indigenous is unsupported by historical evidence. By your flawed reasoning Spain should also be an indigenous Arab territory because their armies occupied and colonized it centuries ago"

      Nice attempt at cherry picking deflection. You of course failed to mention the opening paragraph which neatly pricks the Zioballoon:

      "This fascinating essay, written by King Hussein’s grandfather King Abdullah, appeared in the United States six months before the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. In the article, King Abdullah disputes the mistaken view that Arab opposition to Zionism (and later the state of Israel) is because of longstanding religious or ethnic hatred. He notes that Jews and Muslims enjoyed a long history of peaceful coexistence in the Middle East, and that Jews have historically suffered far more at the hands of Christian Europe. Pointing to the tragedy of the holocaust that Jews suffered during World War II, the monarch asks why America and Europe are refusing to accept more than a token handful of Jewish immigrants and refugees. It is unfair, he argues, to make Palestine, which is innocent of anti-Semitism, pay for the crimes of Europe. King Abdullah also asks how Jews can claim a historic right to Palestine, when Arabs have been the overwhelming majority there for nearly 1300 uninterrupted years? The essay ends on an ominous note, warning of dire consequences if a peaceful solution cannot be found to protect the rights of the indigenous Arabs of Palestine".

      "By your flawed reasoning Spain should also be an indigenous Arab territory because their armies occupied and colonized it centuries ago"

      Is there such a thing as a logical compass I wonder . If there is I recommend buying one. By your flawed reasoning a branch of the Semitic speaking peoples of the Middle East who practiced the weird cult of Judaism ( the one with all those atypical for the time live sacrifices etc) and who briefly conquered and colonised part of the land known as Palestine 3000 yrs ago have exactly the same claim to possession of Palestine as the North African Muslim Berbers who conquered and colonised Spain 1300 years ago.

      I thought in the standard zioscript Zionism was all about unique God Given,God Chosen rights to a particular piece of territory. Your flawed logic is reducing your cult practitioners to the same level as Goths,Visigoths,Mongols,Vandals etc etc. As in conquer and colonise today/gone tomorrow.Now that last part is spot on.

  • Palestinian medic, 21, is killed by Israeli sniper as she tends wounded in Gaza
    • @Jon S

      "Horrible. Razan impresses me as having been dedicated and brave. Her death should be investigated and whoever is responsible should be prosecuted "

      OMG Jon S emerging from his cosy Zio closet and coming out as a "self hating/loathing/denying (choose any three from three) Jew !!

      But then again the same Jon S in Zio mode describing a typical existentially threatened eternally victimised Zio "nightmare":
      "A personal experience from "Joyless Zion":
      "It so happens that my wife and I were invited to the wedding of a wonderful young couple , last Tuesday evening, in Netivot.
      After the huppah and the first round of dancing we were sitting down for the first course and... the siren goes offf! For a split second I had an imaginary picture in my mind of hundreds of people running around looking for the shelter, pandemonium. Fortunately, that didn't happen. My son-in-law was the first at the table to take charge: "everyone, just stay where you are!" So we all stayed put -and started singing, and the celebration continued. It turned out that the siren was a false alarm, but later that night a rocket did hit Netivot"

      So Jon the celebrations were getting into full Zioswing at much the same time that your brothers in arms a few miles away were so morally killing and wounding innocent men women children and medics from the cosy safe comfort of their sniper locations . Hey you should have set up some sort of live action streaming - you know just like live football on the tele. Now that would really made your party go with a swing - dancing in a circle to the rhythmic music of those expanding bullets being fired. "Have a sniper , have a sniper,have a sniper Venis Mecha".

    • Haven`t heard yet from the great Israeli apologist and ex Australian Mark Regurgitev on the killing of this young medic. Mark as you may well know is now the Zioland Ambassador to the UK and is used as the look to Zio Hasbarist when it comes to defending the indefensible. As MWers may well know his is a tragic story. His family going back many many generations were driven out of their Ancient Homeland by those nasty Romans and they ended up in Australia where he was born in Melbourne. After suffering horrendous discrimination and victimisation there he moved to his ancient etc and with his mellifluous good day cobber twang he immediately slotted into Zio life well just like a native and has now reached the dizzy heights of Ambassador to Pommieland.
      If he were to be interviewed on this murder he would probably say something along the lines off:

      "Let`s be clear. We don`t know the full facts. The IDF is the most moral army in the world they will carry out a thorough investigation. But let`s be clear Hgggggggggggggamas is a terrorist organisation" ad nauseum puke. All with a straight face. Just listen to this revolting two faced scumbag:

    • @Guyn et al:
      For information a translation. Interview of Yeshayahou Leibowitz , Israeli philosopher and Editor in Chief of the Hebrew Encyclopedia.

      "Since the six day war Israel is no longer a democracy. Israel deprives 2 million people of their civil and political rights.In other words there are Jewish Nazis.Jewish Nazis exist"
      Interviewer "Does that shock you ?".
      "I am not shocked. I am stating a fact. If I raise my voice it is because people still ignore the fact. That is why I speak so strongly. Jewish Nazis exist".

  • Roseanne Barr talked trash about Palestinians and Muslims for years, without regrets
  • How an anti-Semitic US law helped bring about Israel's creation
    • @Debacle
      "ancient and modern capital Jerusalem".
      What happened to the medieval etc Jerusalem between those nasty Roman times and 1948 ?
      Was it like a Jerusalem without people for a people without Jerusalem ?

  • Genesis Prize threw Natalie Portman under the bus to protect Netanyahu
    • @Debacle
      " extreme Zionist hating Israeli jew"

      Is that like"self denying" but with bells on ?

  • Israeli court approves destruction of Bedouin village, despite Congressional and EU protest
    • Hey no big deal if you are a Ziobot. After all a land without people for a people without land is simply not marketable if you have all these indigenous Untermenschen wandering around as if they belong there. I believe that Hitler had similar plans for a Greater (Untermenschen free) Germany. Of course in 1939 there was no internet,no smartphones etc so the task was much more straightforward. Zios on the other hand to their dismay have to do the expansion bit piecemeal . Not at all what that dear old moral and kind humanitarian Ben Gurion had in mind:

  • 'No one is happy with 60 killed' -- Ehud Barak comes to redeem Israel
  • Joyless in Zion
    • @Debacle
      " I assume mweissrs get highly irritated at Israelis boasting about Arab supreme court judges, police officials, generals and other assorted jobs in ever sector"

      I believe the two Arab Supreme Court Judges you may be referring to are Christian Arabs.(Joubran and Kara)Yes there was around 2003-4 an Israeli Muslim Arab Supreme Court Judge. Methinks window dressing for the only Democracy in the Middle East or alternatively the only Middle East Democracy - BTW grateful if you would confirm that Israel is a Middle Eastern Country in your Ziophilosophy). Notwithstanding that would be grateful for details of the presumably high ranking Arab Muslim Police Officials you refer to and I am on tender hooks waiting to get your details about the Israeli Arab Muslim Generals.

    • @Citizen
      "Is this David Schwimmer"
      I don`t think so but in any case I think this particular Zioweirdo is a little bit short to be a StormTrooper:

  • Tom Friedman has advice for Palestinians: Embrace Zionism
    • @Naftush
      "And the animosity towards Israel originates in Diasporic fear and outrage over Jews’ asserting their nationhood. The folks here would oppose even a decision by Israel to liquidate itself because such a decision would be an Israeli one. It’s got to be the product of Palestinian “resistance” and/or action by other countries and the “real,” not-my-Judaism Jews of the chattering class and the neo-Stalinist claque"

      Wow you must have used up a couple of rolls unburdening yourself of that lot."Asserting nationhood" - why not assert it in Greenland or Namibia you know lands really without a lot of people for a people who covet another peoples land and no problems in building third fourth fifth sixth in fact hundreds of "Temples". "A decision by Israel to liquidate itself" - difficult call that one but Ziocide is a possibility as in the Samson option and Zios must be getting more and more frustrated at losing their eternal victimhood status. Life may simply not be worth living if they can`t whinge and whine about what the goys have been doing to them though the ages.
      "not-my-Judaism Jews of the chattering class and the neo-Stalinist claque". Ah that would be the old self denying,self hating refrain repackaged - and real honest to goodness Jews simply don`t chatter except when they are frantically reciting to themselves verses of the Quran whoops sorry slip of tongue meant to say Torah . I wonder - do you think that Monsieur Friedman chatters too much and maybe is flirting dangerously with Neo - Stalinist Claqueism?

    • Friedman fits comfortably into the category known here in the UK as "smarmy git".

      "The only answer is that history is full of such injustices and of refugees who have reconciled with them and moved on–not passed on their refugee status to their kids and their kids’ kids. It’s why so few Arabs, so few Europeans, so few anybody, rose to Hamas’s defense. People are fed up with it"

      No mention of the Zio Law of Return and the de facto "refugee status" and "rights" of Jews anywhere anyhow in the world and their multi generation offspring.

      And as for the "People are fed up with it" he no doubt he believes like the good Zio he is that"people" just can`t get enough of the Holocaust and the Biblical "exile" narrative being shoved down their individual and collective throats 24/7 and aren`t in the least "fed up with it".

      Worst of all is probably the fact that that this creep knows full well that Zioland will never allow mass peaceful protests such as the "Tahrir Square Alternative" which he so glibly describes.Each and every protest would be violently broken up with the Zios subsequently blaming the protestors and Hasbarising any resistance shown by the protestors as evidence that the Palestinians simply wan`t to " drive Jews into the sea" and are unwilling to "reach out for peace". Oh and their seriously moral IDF (inc medics) would be able to grab the opportunity for ongoing live practice.

      10 out of 10 on the Pukometer for Mr Friedman I`m afraid.

  • Portman and Perlman, and the liberal Zionist awakening
    • "Jewish life is hemmed with prohibitions to help protect human life, and we praise ourselves for our superior ethical nature. We should remind ourselves that history is full of cruel forces that believed they were fighting against barbarism and for civilization"

      Don`t quite get the "hemmed in with prohibitions". Does this refer to the Ten Commandments perchance? "We praise ourselves for our superior ethical nature" - simply the best,better than all the rest. I`m surprised it`s not the Zioland National anthem - oh wait a minute it conjures up images of Tina Turner and she`s a goy and even worse she`s non - European IOW black. Can`t have that !

      " We should remind ourselves that history is full of cruel forces that believed they were fighting against barbarism and for civilization"

      Got that one. Yup eg Nazis/Triumph of the Zio Will etc.

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