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Retired. Married for 24 years to Palestinian-American, Quaker. Myself of Jewish descent, non-religious. Classical musician (cello). Run my own website,, for which I do all the programming (PHP, MYSQL). Favor an international intervention, as a "deus ex machina", to rescue Palestinians, Israelis, and USA from the tail-wags-the-dog AIPAC-et-alius. This probably means doing an end-run around USA's UNSC veto and doing more-or-less coordinated BDS at nation-state level. Non-Action on Global Warming is a far bigger threat to all the world than the 63-year non-action on Israel/Palestine. On this topic, I am truly hopeless: "I cry a tear for the soon to be late humanity."


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  • Democrats are losing their fear of AIPAC and Haim Saban
    • Yes, all the non-Zionist Billionaires and CEOs of mega corporations have much to answer for, and Palestine -- dear to our heats tho it is -- is but one. Man-made climate disruption (aka Global warming) could have been defeated long ago if the big-money boys were patriotic and interested in anything but their own VERY SHORT TERM profits. (Of course, some big-money folks are disaster-entrepreneurs who seek to make money from the various disasters implicit in climate change and for that reason have no reason at all to fight climate change.)

  • 'New York Times' teams up with Israel to smear slain medic Razzan al-Najjar as 'complex,' not innocent
    • Hmmm -- I wonder -- do Palestinians have the right, now, to kill "complex" Israeli persons? Is that what the NYT -- ever radiant in its reputation as defender of human rights -- is saying or implying? In other words, per NYT, Israeli people who might seem to be "innocent" and "civilians" may in a proper case instead be regarded as acceptable targets for deliberate non-war-crime military killing? and shall the determination of this delicious complexity repose solely with the Palestinians?

  • 'No one is happy with 60 killed' -- Ehud Barak comes to redeem Israel
  • Gaza killings are rending the Jewish community
    • Thanks, Phil, for this piece and particularly for sharing Scott Roth's essay with us.

      I would like to do a "nutshell" on two Jewish tragedies of the last 100 years. First was the holocaust, not solely a Jewish tragedy any more than 1492 in Spain was solely a Jewish tragedy, but a Jewish tragedy of enormous proportions nevertheless. This was not a tragedy without moral failings, but the moral failings were those of the Nazis, not of the Jews.

      The second was the embarkation on the Zionist Project and its follow-up through today, a tragedy of tremendous proportions for most of the Jewish people (and of course for Palestinian Arabs, Lebanese, some others). This was a tragedy of vast moral failing, all of that failing on the part of Zionists, almost all Jews.

      As between these two tragedies, the holocaust -- no fault of Jews -- and the Zionist Project -- only the fault of Jews -- I count the second tragedy as far the worse, because I imagine (wrongly?) that in the long run morality and clear thinking will be particularly important to Jews.

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  • 'NYT' columnist says killing Palestinian civilians is... good for Palestinians
    • Every Zionist creep is listened to as he/she explains what Palestinian think/want/intend and who explains that Hamas (T for "terrorists") want this-and-that (and never mind what non-Hamas Palestinians want); -- BUT no Palestinians, not a Hamas apparatchik and not a man-in-the-street is listened to. No Palestinian explaining what Palestinians think/want/intend is listened to, speaks to America from the pages of NYT. And the Zionists have done such a good job that merely hurling the T-bomb suffices to end the discussion. Just as the IDF soldiers hurl the T-bomb before shooting any Palestinian kid, even in the back.

      What a lousy country we live in.

  • Gaza massacre ends American political oath: Israel support is bipartisan
    • I called Schumer's office on 5/15 asking him to speak against the massacre and after my long impassioned "as an elderly Jew" speech, the pol's assistant's response was, s always, what's your ZIP.

  • For we are God's special victims (an ode to the state of Israel)
    • Thanks for the great poem. No-one who reads it should be able to support Zionism with a clear heart anymore (if they did so before).

  • 'Today is one of the most tragic days in the history of the Jewish people': one American Jew's response to the Gaza massacre
    • This is a wonderful letter and I hope it is read in every synagogue and made the subject of polite and respectful discussion.

      Is it timely? Well, only in the sense that the present events in Gaza are rather riveting. Otherwise, it would have been almost as timely almost any time.

      This morning (or yesterday, 5/15) NPR had someone say that Gazans were protesting the birth of Israel (or creation of Israel). What a horrible distortion! Gazans and other Palestinians don't care if anyone creates a country for themselves -- but they do and did care if those "creators" created their country by stealing Palestine, dispossessing most of the people, killing, looting, and then for next 70 years persecuting the Palestinians.

      Think if your neighbor said he wanted to celebrate his birthday party. Would you mind, object, cry foul? Certainly not. But when you found out that his method of celebration was to burn your house to the ground, then, THEN, you'd object -- not to the celebration or to the birthday but to the burning your house down.

      It is the same, and NPR is so guilty it makes me sick,.

  • Challenging the ongoing dispossession and displacement of the Palestinian people on the 70th commemoration of the Nakba
    • There must always be negotiation, and negotiation must always be political. If "the nations" ("the international community") are to intercede in I/P, there will have to be negotiations -- tho not necessarily with Israel or Palestine as a party.

      What might they talk about while musing about ameliorating I/P? Well, as you say, "international law" including humanitarian and human rights laws.

      Be a hell of a good thing if they'd do it and the sooner the better.

      And off on a somewhat tangent, since large international corporations are big players in international affairs but are prevented not only by self-interest but also by many laws from being concerned with human rights -- indeed, USA law often makes corporations immune from punishment for their own human rights violations -- we should expand the notion of "the international community" to include the great international corporations. Bring them into the fold, into the discussion, into responsibility, and out of impunity.

  • Fighting Nakba denial
    • Today is the 70th anniversary of the beginning of Israel, roughly the beginning of the Nakba (1947-present). today I called my NY senators (Schumer, a whole-hearted supporter of everything Israel does) (Gillibrand, probably a bit less whole-hearted) and my Representative (Velasquez) and told their staff persons how I felt -- I unloaded on them. Iran war, Gaza killings, long-continuing land-seizures, refugees, etc. I told them I was Jewish but that almost my only locus of Jewish feeling was my horror, my revulsion, my anger, at what Israel has done for 70 years and how the USA has aided and abetted.

      Now you have given me a idea -- to phone them again and tell them to stop with Nakba-denial.

  • 'America crossed every red line': Palestinians in Jerusalem protest new US embassy
    • Maybe, O maybe, the international community will wake up t Israel's crimes, as Catholic Church woke up to crimes by priests against kids, as Hollywood (and some places in politics) woke up to crimes by powerful men against powerless women.

      Crimes by powerful against powerless are always ignored by media and police because the latter are part of the power structure. How can the international community (heads of governments, CEOs of immense corporations) ignore 70 years of Israel's crimes against Palestinians? Easily! They ignore so much more and are good at ignoring.

      Watch the greatest crime of all -- the ignoring of man-made climate-disruption (aka global warming) and the refusal of most governments to commit the funds -- similar to military budgets -- needed to effect climate restoration by removal of CO2 from the atmosphere. See needless world-wide death and destruction happen gradually before your eyes.

      And of course see Palestine swept under every available rug.

  • Israeli government minister justifies Gaza massacre by calling Palestinians 'Nazis'
    • They can be massacred because the other nations will not act. Pure and simple. Like the guy who murdered a girl in a NYC street years ago, with many people watching, and no-one called the police, no-one interfered,

      I think Israel performs atrocities in full daylight on purpose, that purpose being to test the nations, to see what they can get away with. And the impunity just keeps growing, and the nations -- having let Israel get away with so much -- are embarrassed and cannot find strength to complain now, or next time, or the time after that.

  • An open letter from a Palestinian refugee to an ex-Irgun terrorist on the 70th year of the Nakba
    • Beautiful letter, Salman Abu-Sitta. I like especially the stories about Palestinian women who did important work and rose in the societies of the scattered Palestinian world.

      And what can your old friend Uri say, anyhow? And as for Israel, recall that -- as Proudhon so correctly said -- all property is theft. Whether that was true before the invention of capitalism and settler colonialism, I cannot say, but surely Israel is the "poster child" for that (anachist) aphorism in today's world!

  • Comparative literature
    • Throw a shoe? Too close to actual violence for me even if he is too far away to be hit by the shoes.

      I once proposed to a Palestinian friend that the children who were then throwing stones at soldiers should, instead, throw papers (paper airplanes?) with pictures of stones and the word "stone" written on the papers. I supposed it would be harder for the soldiers to shoot at the children in that case. (Of course, one never knows about Israeli soldiers who seem able to shoot at anyone anytime without deathly provocation -- apparently taking any assertion of Palestinian rights or nationhood as a deathly provocation).

  • 'Rather than trying to hide the occupation from the world – end the occupation': Israeli orgs respond to gov't deporting Human Rights Watch director
    • Before 1948, many people had dreams of where "Israel" should be, dreams of boundaries for a "Jewish State". One group which published its dreams was UNGA which published its UNGA 181 (partition). This dream was a sort of proposal for joint action by Jews and non-Jews who lived in Mandatory Palestine (which still existed at the time, a British protectorate or colony). As most people can agree, no such joint action ever happened before 1948 or since.

      I reject the idea that Israel stole/occupied/colonized ONLY territory outside its "partition borders". I reject it because there were no "partition borders" but merely proposed-for-consideration borders. In my view, Israel stole the whole thing. And of course continues to do so today.

  • Jews Say No! publishes 'Moving Forward’ to highlight Jewish National Fund role in the Nakba
    • Israel needs crowd control to control its outta-control snipers. And of course to control its outta-control settlers, police, border-police, and other IDFers.

    • Yes, IDFers highly trained in the morality of being most-moral-army but lousy shots (or rifles tampered with so shots aimed at legs often hit heads). I guess this is similar to "we aimed at terrorists but we accidentally killed innocent civilians."

    • Misterioso: Thanks for this info. The good news is that Americans (and American Jews) seem to be reading the bad news about Israel.

  • Maybe Israel is interfering in our politics over the Iran Deal? Naaah!
  • Israeli cemeteries in the West Bank send a message-- Settlers are never leaving
    • So, another obit -- the 2SS is "dead" because of the Jewish cemeteries in West Bank. (Not in Gaza I suppose. Golan?) More "facts on/in the ground".

      Due to the sacredness of graves, this placing of Jewish cemeteries in occupied territory should be brought to the attention of UNSC as farther indication of Israeli flouting of the law of occupation and lack of intent to relinquish the territory.

      BTW, Russian on tombstones seems funny in a country which used to more-or-less force immigrants to abandon Yiddish and other foreign languages in favor of modern Hebrew. Whatever is the country coming to?

  • The 'fake news' story is fake news
    • Yes, Clinton was uniquly qualified to lose the election and had used political power -- and not innate electability -- to power her way to the D-Nomination. But Trump's Cambridge-Analytics which if not "fake news" is close enough -- finely-tuned targetted propaganda helped a lot.

      Fox News is fake news. Mostly, or so some far-left people say.

      And when NYT ignores the facts about anything -- say about Gaza these days -- are they not purveying fake news?

  • Roseanne Barr says she will fight Jews supporting BDS by educating them about Torah
    • Jews need to love each other,” Barr said.

      OK, fair enough, though I do not accept this weird proposition. Should Jews love all criminals who happen to be Jews? Really? Well, as I said, OK.

      So, Roseanne, what about YOU loving Jewish BDSers? Or am I missing something here?

  • Another distorted 'NY Times' report on Gaza focuses on 'blazing kites' instead of Israeli snipers
    • Israel can continue these horribles, horribles to us, but sweet Zionist fulfillment to them, with impunity, because by now all the governments on earth and outside it know about all this and are unwilling for all the usual reasons to act. There is not yet an "S" in "BDS". And if even one or two governments might, just might, wish to add that "S", which small-country would wish to oppose mighty USA by being first to do so?

  • Philadelphia Jewish groups try to stop publication of article critical of Israel, insist on BDS training for Inquirer editors
    • Please bear in mind that the Jewish Federations is a sponsor of the orchestra’s trip, and that its CEO, Adler, is close to David Cohen, a donor to many institutions and a top exec at the largest cable company in the world, Comcast, which owns MSNBC; and that David Cohen and his wife Rhonda have run fundraisers for the Jewish Federations, and Cohen is a former vice chair of the Federations

      I've always wondered how much of the money spent on political manipulation by major corporations is -- in fact -- spent not (only) to further their own bottom lines but (also) to favor Israel. This David Cohen may well be spending Comcast's $$ to further Israeli interests. How could we know? And how could he not? Imagine his lobbyist saying, "We've given you a lot of money, so go easy on Comcast, and -- please also remember -- Comcast loves Israel."

  • Palestinian group challenges Schumer to visit Gaza and call for end to blockade
    • It is an important teaching technique to tell people how wonderful they are and encourage them to live up to it -- rather than telling them how bad they are and thereby (in effect) encourage them to remain bad.

      I'd be glad to go with members of this group to sit in Schumer's office and urge him to accept this proposal.

  • Is the Saudi Prince becoming a Zionist?
  • The 'One Democratic State Campaign' program for a multicultural democratic state in Palestine/Israel
    • Wonderful. a lot of work has gone into this. You've convinced me.

      Now pressure the Israelis, the American politicians, etc. There will have to be massive BDS-inspired pressure on Israel to get them to abandon, even at all, their beloved apartheid state. Once Israelis even begin to think about a different outcome, this proposal will be standing there to be examined -- by them and also by the world community.

      Bon chance!

  • Two officials of Center for Constitutional Rights are detained by Israel, then deported
    • Seems Israel is not afraid of tarnishing its reputaion (its "brand"?) by this and other such actions. If it is willing to openly shoot unarmed-and-unthreatening kids, how much trouble can it get into by harassing a couple of NYC lawyers, anyhow?

      OTOH, maybe they're wrong. Wonder if this was a planned provocation by Franke et al., who must've known that such a response from Israel was a distinct possibility.

      Do Israeli border guards (at airports) coordinate closely with the "political echelon"?

  • Subscribers and donors withdraw support from the Philadelphia Orchestra over Israel tour
  • Young Jews won't cry over the end of the Zionist dream, Beinart says
    • I think Beinart is, in fact, supporting one state, and has made his peace after the death of two-states. His dream is hard for him to forget, hard for him to say goodbye to, but he has done both.

      Soon he'll be for full BDS. Or so I fondly hope.

  • The end of exclusivity
    • Terrific essay! I don't know the mechanics of political alliance-building, but the alliance of Jews into the pro-Palestine movement may well have helped bring black and brown people into the movement, the alliance. At all events, I am proud that some (too few, but a growing number) of Jews are seeing their way to criticising either Zionism start-to-finish (and may the finish be soon!) or merely the never-ending occupation-cum-clearly-visible-apartheid. And in the same way, it is heart-warming to see Palestinians and so many others joining Native Americans and Canada's First Nations in their fights especially against ecological invasions by oil companies, fracking, uranium mining, and pipeline builders (and the governments that validate these invasions).

      Our joint cause becomes a fight against supremacy -- not agaisnt Zionist supremacy alone, or white suprmacy alone, or capitalist supremacy alone, but any kind of supremacy.

      Hear, O Lord, your people are one and are coming together as one.

  • Israel needs Palestinian violence to shift world opinion -- and 'The New York Times' helps out!
  • Adi Shosberger called Israeli soldiers ‘terrorists’ -- and Israel has turned on her
    • I would never have been so brave. Duck, people, duck, because Israel is a walking, talking, quacking psychosis -- and it is armed to the teeth and regularly kills people perceived by it as enemies. There was a book long ago -- Israel's sacred terrorism -- which makes some of the same points. The government says, "our holy soldiers" and Adi calls them terrorists, and both are correct : Israel's sacred terrorism. ( )

  • Portman's move puts pressure on liberal Zionists to take a stand
    • " Jane Eisner of the Forward is upset. She accuses Portman of seeking to “salve her conscience” and “escape social opprobrium” by turning away from the country, rather than engaging it by going to the ceremony and speaking her mind."

      Eisner wants Portman to act like a (good, obedient child of Israel (in this case confounding the State with the People so to speak) and not act like a good and principled citizen of the world. Eisner wants the I/P mess to be and remain a problem for Jews alone -- ignoring the Palestinians of course.

      Portman says that Israel (and herself) exist within the greater world, and that greater world matters, and Israel better get with the world's program. Eisner says, no, no, no, Israel need only get with its own program.

      All of which shows us how unlovely tribalism can be, and suppose Germany had NOT lost WWII, what then? Would the completion of the holocaust, in that case, have been hunky-dunky? But Israel means to win in the I/P and so far it is winning, hands down.

  • Israeli government justifies killing child protesters in Gaza: They're not in school
    • Question for anyone who would repeat this nonsense: what sort of bulwark are the settlements against any modern army? Not even early warning, I'd imagine, unless early warning stuff (i.e., military stuff) is made part of the settlement.

    • However, there used to be an adage among lawyers: "the greater the truth the greater the libel."

      The greater the truth, the greater the libel.
      A maxim of the law in vogue at the time of the English trials for malicious libel, while Mansfield presided over the King’s Bench, but not to be found ipsissimis verbis in any of his published decisions. Mr. Christian, in a note to “Blackstone’s Commentaries,” IV. 150, says, “The words of Lord Mansfield, ‘The greater truth, the greater libel,’ which his enemies wished with much eagerness to convert to the prejudice of that noble peer’s reputation as a judge, were founded in principle and supported by very ancient authority.” The maxim is said to have originated in the Star Chamber. Chancellor Kent, in People v. Creswell, 3 Johnson, 363, says, “The prohibition to the defendant, in criminal proceedings, to give the truth of an alleged libel in evidence, first received authoritative sanction in a court of common law by the nisi prius decision of Lord Raymond in 1731, in Francklyn’s case, 17 State Trials, 626. The doctrine never extended in its scope beyond criminal cases.” In the report of the nisi prius case of The King v. Woodhull, 20 State Trials, 902, Lord Mansfield said to the jury, “My brother Glynn has admitted that the truth or falsehood of a libel, whether public or private, however prosecuted, is out of the question.” “At this assertion of Lord Mansfield,” the report adds, “every man in court was shocked. Serjeant Glynn was astonished, and, on application made to him instantly by several of the counsel and his friends to contradict Lord Mansfield’s assertion, Mr. Glynn, with that honest diffidence natural to him, asked them, ‘Good God! did I admit any thing like what Lord Mansfield says? Did I, in any incorrectness in the expression, or by any mistake, use words that could be so misunderstood or misinterpreted?’” From the lord chief justice’s words in this or in some other and unreported nisi prius case, the doctrine of that day may have become attached to his name, as a doggerel verse shows to have been the case:—
      “old Mansfield, who writes like the Bible,
      Says, ‘The more ’tis a truth, sir, the more ’tis a libel.’”

    • And "defend themselves" must relate to the equally important Zionist mandate: "An eye for an eyelash". Those kids did not threaten the snipers (too far away) and did not threaten anyone outside Gaza (also too far away). Littering (throwing stones upon that ever-so-clean Israeli territory) should not be such an offense as to be punished by wounding-by-firearms, certainly not by death.

      BTW, "an eye for an eye" is an ancient rule intended precisely to undo the ancient form of this also present-day Zionist attitude: if you harm me at all, even think ill of me, I am threatened and I may therefore (with impunity and a clear conscience) kill you. "Ten eyes for an eye."

  • 'Youtube' removes video tribute to Yaser Murtaja and other Gaza victims as 'sensational' incitement
    • Someone should tell youtube to identuify the people who flag these videos as "incitement" and to publish their explanations of in just what way the video is an ilicit incitement. If the other videos NF points out were "licit", why were they "licit" and the one complained of was not?

  • Natalie Portman opens a BDS Pandora's Box for liberal Zionists
  • Roger Cohen scares his readers: 'the destruction of Israel as a Jewish state'
    • These apologists for LZ always need to creep up toward a decent position -- in order to preserve credibility with other LZs. Two points: [1] even a democratic Jewish-Palestinian state on all of Mandate Palestine consigns no-one to the sea. -- This is projection because Israel has been sinking Gazan fishermen into the sea regularly; and [2] a PRoR need not prevent re-establishment of a Jewish-majority state with "Jewish" institutions, provided that such new state is not only smaller than the present (which is coterminous with Mandatory Palestine) but also smaller than pre-1967 Israel, perhaps the size of the city I live in, New York City (all boroughs). Of course, Israelis will say and will feel that they are "entitled" to (at least) pre-1967 Israeli territory. Well, sorry about that. 1948/Nakba was a war of aggression and occupied the entire territory and expelled all the refugees (as noted above) many before the State of Israel was either declred or attacked by any Arab army (however weak or however collusive). The UNGA proposed two states upon agreement by both sides. And it certainly did not propose or envision, but prohibited, displacement of the inhabitants of the two proposed statlets.

      If LZs persist in saying that Jews are entitled to a Jewish state, please agree with them, but say: "a" JS but not "any" JS, and not so as to importantly displace Palestinians. (Sorry this sounds a bit like Merchant of Venice, but here there was no contract, not even an illegal one!)

  • Natalie Portman says, Enough!
    • Some twit says: "no public act of meaningful opposition to Israeli policy will be tolerated."

      Oh? really? I tolerate it rather well. Perhaps the twit meant that "we" (but who are we?) won't tolerate it. Oh well, but no one would expect you to. Was "we" Israeli Jews? Zionists, who (surprise!) do not tolerate opposition to Israeli policies? Maybe "we" is the US Senate?!

      I love the arrogance of that passive voice, "no * * * will be tolerated". Arrogant twit.

  • IfNotNow ups pressure on Schumer to end silence on Israeli killings of unarmed protesters
    • Sadly, Schumer doesn't embarrass himself. He thinks he's doing God's bidding (or sumpin'). He must be brought to heel by pressure politics, there is no other way. Even that might not be enough with a real really really true true-believer.

  • Jewish leader refuses to debate BDS with young Jew, at J Street conference
    • As to small advances, small openings -- the guy who said he'd agreed not to debate BDS was at least open about that -- he didn't apologize for his organization's refusal to debate BDS with Jews (or with non-Jews). His openness is a plus, because it opens a small door to a debate within his organization about whether or not to continue in that refusal (or those refusals).

      OK, a very small opening. Like the Congresswoman who can now say the word "occupation" in public and even give it some flavor by saying "it's awful" or whatever. Not a mere legal term -- or swear word -- any more for her.

  • George Washington University divestment vote cancelled due to safety concerns following threatening anti-BDS posters
    • There is an odd item here -- the claim by someone that the UNI should be protecting the safety and rights of students and that passing pro-BDS resolutions would do so.

      A pro-BDS resolution would not protect the Palestinian students, because even changing which corporations do the dirty in Israel would not stop Israel from doing the dirty. And if the politics of the pro-BDS resolution might make Palestinian students feel better, it would equally and maybe even more so make Zionist students feel bad.

      A pro-BDS resolution should be seen as a protest in world politics, a grain of sand in a large beach of sand, aimed at changing USA politics and maybe Israeli politics. It is not about student safety.

      That said, allowing the vote to go forward is about safety of democratic processes in the UNI.

  • Influential rabbi teaches would-be Israeli soldiers: Genocide is a mitzvah
    • Making nice with the people Jews live among has been a rabbinic teaching for 2000 years. For exactly the reason of avoiding making waves. Nothing new about it.

      But the idea of OKing lots of killing (to make the Jewish soldiers feel good about unnecessary killing) is exactly the sort of thing that strict orthodox Jewish thought has OKed forever and which Israel Shahak famously wrote about, causing a scandal: don't say out loud for the gentiles to hear what we Jews say privately to each other!

      And the army has been doing a pretty good job of misbehaving (from my perspective) for years, even before orthodox Jews came into the army, so maybe this sort of thinking is not restricted to the orthodox and is not limited, by way of justification, to religious ideas. The events of the 1948 part of Nakba were not justified by rabbis.

  • Durham, NC votes for nation's first ban on police exchanges with Israel
  • 'NY Times' coverage of Gaza turns biased again, partly in response to pressure from Hasbara Central
  • Thousands demonstrate at Gaza border in 'Burn Israeli Flags' Friday
    • Is a star of David with two blue lines still (merely) a star of David? Or has it become something else, a flag of the (oppressive) State of Israel?

      Israel did appropriate the star but made it part of a somewhat larger symbol for its flag.

    • Kay24: They are on their own. But perhap[s the Israeli madness (shooting demonstrators/protesters when they could merely be observing them or even waving to them) will convince EU, USA, others, that it is finally time to add up the columns, to tote up the scores, to take official notice of ALL the Israeli violations of international law and ignorings of UNSC and UNGA pronouncements and say, at long last, "enough is enough, and here is what I am going to do."

  • Sen. Warren and 5 congresspeople finally criticize Israel's killings; pressure mounts on Feinstein
    • I guess my second idea has already started to happen, at least on the Israeli side ( ):

      Take for example Likud spokesman Eli Hazan’s claim that “all 30,000 [Gazan protesters] are legitimate targets.”

      Or Defense Minister Lieberman’s claim that “there are no innocent people in Gaza”.

      We should push these statements in teh senator's eyes and congressperson's eyes and ask if they justify mass murder on an even larger scale.

    • What would happen, O you so just senators (and congresspeople), if the [ever so provoking] protesters were allowed to gather within 100 feet of that towering pile of dirt that the snipers sit on (is that the border, btw, or merely part of it?) without being shot and they made no attempt to cross the border? What then? where is it written that Israel (or any other warrior state) may define what constitutes a provocation and then respond to it militarily when the provocation was peaceable (if angry) and did not threaten harm to anyone?

      Or, in the alternative, why shouldn't Israel simply define the mere living-and-breathing of Gazan Palestinians as a "provocation" and shoot or bomb them all? And then, as a matter of course, receive the blessings of these ever so morally-fine-tuned American senators and congresspeople.

    • Hmmm, LJ, still talking the talk even after Israel has stopped walking the walk. Well, good to prepare the way just in case Israel gets religion (so to speak).

  • Global outrage mounts over Israeli killing of Yaser Murtaja, from 'NYT' to Federation of Arab Journalists
    • "Israel is losing its cover in the west."

      Well, not where it counts. These killings are provocations, but not directed towards Palestinians -- directed to the American Congress and administration. And those Americans have failed to react morally. They have backed down, as usual. American pols give Israel "cover" and nothing else counts much.

      Do the Palestinians threaten Israeli "security"? Certainly not. But any moral reaction from American pols would indeed threaten Israeli security. So it is important to know at whom those bullets are being aimed and to realize that -- one way or another -- the kindly folks in Washington know that they are themselves ther targets of those bullets, which are stand-ins for AIPAC's money.

  • The Gaza protests are challenging every facet of Israel's dispossession of the Palestinian people
    • Good to have history. One may wish to believe that Israeli murders of innocents (or of unarmed people at all events -- maybe cross-border returnees are not "innocent" in Israeli eyes) goes back to 1948. I know I wish to believe it. It makes all the rest so much more simple. 1967 was a stage in Nakba, not the beginning but merely a stage. 1948 was the beginning and there has been no end. Gaza-2018 is merely the latest episode.

      State terrorism (by murder in some cases) is Israeli doctrine of long standing. They see no evil in it, or they approve of evil.

  • The search for 'balance' in the Gaza shootings
    • "These innocent victims were “not at the fence or in the no-go zone leading up to fence. ""

      "No-go zone" raises two thoughts for me.

      Where the Devil did a no-go zone come from unless there is a military (belligerent) occupation? Did it arise out of a treaty, a cease-fire (like the cease-fire agreements that left Israel in control of the Golan) ?

      Apparently the meaning of "no-go zone" is unsymmetrical: Palesrtinianws are not to go into it without risking their lives, but Israel may with impunity (so far anyhow) shoot across it at people who are not in it , Or to put it another way, it's dimensions seem to vary (without warning) at Israel's whim. Seems like the action of a military government to me (like the declaration of "closed military zones" -- declared not only in the West Bank but (especially before 1967) inside Israel itself , meaniung that Palestinian Israeli citizens (usually farmers) were not allowed on their own land -- often leading to confiscation of that land after the farmers had not farmed the land for 3 years, an Ottoman rule allowing confiscation of unused agricultural lands which -- presumably -- did not contemplate the concept of closed mikitary zones.)

  • 50 NYU student groups endorse BDS, call on university to divest from companies complicit in Israeli occupation
    • Best statement of its kind I've ever seen. Bravo NYU groups!

      One might add (if it's not there) that failing to boycott is also failing to speak out against the Israeli (or Zionist) evils, and that constant speaking out is as important or more important than boycotting.

      And this coming together of so many groups at a time of trouble for so many groups (think Native Americans at Standing Rock and Bears Ears) must be the future for American youth.

  • Jews must ditch Zionism, now
    • Ditching Zionism sounds lovely to me but will sound very unlovely to many others.

      I believe that some threads of Jewish belief and teaching hold that moral rules binding on Jews are of a universal character -- Jews should not murder anyone, for example -- and that other threads of Jewish belief and teaching hold that moral rules binding on Jews are non-universal -- perhaps to the extent that no duties are owed to non-Jews, who are sometimes described as animals or insects.

      If this is so, then the moral distance between various Jews is as extreme (on this important point) as between anyone else, and one wonders why members of the first group would be supporting members of the second group -- which seems to comprise Zionist Israeli-Jews and some Zionists who are not Israeli-Jews.

      This seems to me to be an agreeable argument (to some Jews) for ditching Zionism and support for Israel.

  • Jews and trauma
    • Israel's treatment of Palestinians may in some cases (there are many Israelis) be a result of trauma, but in other cases it may be a result of inherently brutal character, greed (the brutality of many settlers), political opportunism, etc., all of which are seen among people other than Jews (although such people may also be traumatised, say by horrible childhoods).

      As to Phil's seemingly tribal concern with his "people", I think that his people like my people are the human race, which is rather various; but the thing is that the totality of people calling themselves "Jews" is also rather various -- as I remarked elsewhere

      I believe that some threads of Jewish belief and teaching hold that moral rules binding on Jews are of a universal character — Jews should not murder anyone, for example — and that other threads of Jewish belief and teaching hold that moral rules binding on Jews are non-universal — perhaps to the extent that no duties are owed to non-Jews, who are sometimes described as animals or insects.

      there is such variety along moral lines in various strands of Jewish teaching as to make nonsense of the idea that Jews are "one people".

      Zionist Jews, or the worst of them, say to American Jews, "I am a criminal, protect me from the wages of my sin because we are all Jews." Would anyone answer that call if it were phrased, "I am a criminal, protect me from the wages of my sin because we are all human."

  • Young Jews protest Reform leadership's silence over Passover massacre
  • Israel just lost American Jews
    • RoHa, I think you're right that any blip in the long-nurtured pro-Israel conditioning -- brainwashing and corruption -- of the American ruling class is just that, a temporary blip. On the other hand, if a continuing progression of signs of break up of this long-held vice-like grip on the American oligarchs and their puppets in Congress should surprise us all by manifesting itself, I'll join the cheers. As you say, reports of its death, tho, seem a bit premature.

    • Mooser: Please remember, at all times, that the USA public is fed much misinformation and a great silence about context. How many years did USA celebrate Columbus before a few people began reflecting and speaking out about his bad behaviors (bad from today's standpoint, today in time and today in multiculturalism). So don't assume that people generally understand and know what you understand and know. Zionism seemed "kulturny" in 1898 and probably even in 1930. Settler colonialism was OK for many poeople of white-European backgrounds, and Arabs were despised and disregarded. Now, fortunately IMO, settler colonialism and brutality and refusal of democracy and refusal of human rights are getting more popular. Criticising Zionism from today's standards, (Not that any "standard" is universal -- the standard I suggest clearly does not exist within Jewish-Israelis. Or within the American ruling class come to that.)

  • Pelosi and 9 Dems had 'excellent meeting' with Netanyahu even as Israel sent 'dozens of snipers' to Gaza
    • The UK Labour Party is expelling MKs right and left for "antisemitism". Wouldn't it be wonderful if we (USA DEMs) could expel these 11 for anti-Palestinian / anti-human-right / anti-international-law- ISM.

      Be nice if there were at least a channel for proposing this.

  • Killing Palestinian protesters turns into a PR debacle for Israel
    • Misterioso -- thanks for the scholarship above. Lilienthal et al., terrific sources. What a sordid history this Zionism has, and so many nowadays co-opted to march under its dirty banner.

  • Clashing with the Jewish state: ultra-Orthodox Israelis who reject Zionism
    • Terrific story, and a wonderful thing that these people are standing by the old rabbinic religion instead of caving in to the new Zionist (revisioinist) religion. Maybe these peopleare related to (or the same as) the Neturei Karta ( ) folks.

  • Landmark 'NYT' op-ed by Jewish official blames Israel's leadership for its isolation (not BDS)
    • Yup, the brave blue-and-white line is broken.

      Lauder's love for Israel seems real, his arguments for it (if that's what he's making) are lousy, and he's missed (or is hiding from the NYT's readers) a lot of facts -- such as existence and importance of BDS and need for international pressure on Israel to achieve any sort of progress for Palestinians. Maybe NYT is stauncher in Likud's camp than Lauder is and wouldn't publish a more severe essay. If Israeli imperialism is "needed" by the USA imperialists, and NYT backs that up, as it seems to, then no argument for a solution to I/P is going to grace NYT's pages.

  • Schumer says he opposed the Iran deal because of 'threat to Israel'
    • ||Anne Robbins: one might think it would occur to schumer (at some point) that perhaps pressuring israel to change their policies might produce results that would in turn change people’s perceptions of israel for the better. … ||

      Yes. It was for 2000 years (am I right here?) a rabbinic teaching that Jews must live like nice folks among the nations -- whether they were nice in their thinking or desires or not -- in order not to make waves and frighten the horses. Now Israel is so strong, believes it has no neighbors who might get angry with it or anyhow do it any harm, and so it refuses to "make nice" in any way with anybody. Who do those old rabbis think they are, anyhow? The new Jew is strong and doesn't bow to anyone. And actually enjoys antagonizing everybody.

      Well, so far it's worked. gotta give them credit for that!

  • Netanyahu’s AIPAC speech – interrupted
  • AIPAC is suddenly getting a lot of bad press, in Jewish papers and 'Washington Post'
    • The perfect image of AIPAC’s wrongheaded attitude emerged Sunday, March 4, the first day of the Washington conference. Outside a session titled “Free Speech and Freedom of the Press in Israel” was this sign: “THIS SESSION IS OFF THE RECORD AND CLOSED TO THE PRESS.”

      Perfect! (Per AIPAC closed session) Israel either has -- or has not -- some sort of free speech, but America should not be allowed to know what AIPAC is saying. AIPAC's speech is not free but expensive!

      Is this part of AIPAC's "Stalinist Orthodoxy" enforcement effort? come here, pay up, and be brain-washed, but the rest of the SUA will never know what passed here. Shhhhh!

    • Phil writes:

      "Baskin is frank about AIPAC’s power (though he says, mistakenly imho, that the NRA is more powerful):

      Many members of Congress are simply afraid to ever challenge AIPAC, not because AIPAC puts so much money in the campaigns of everyone it supports, but because AIPAC’s strategy is also to target candidates that it doesn’t like and put huge amounts of money into their challengers’ campaigns. The candidates that AIPAC wants out usually don’t stand a chance.

      but the quote does not mention NRA. My "take" is that all pressure groups use small gifts to the loyal, and threats of large gifts to challengers of the disloyal, to keep the troops in line. BIG-ZION (AIPAC et al.) has done that for many years. NRA probably does it. BIG-BANKS? BIG-PHARMA?

  • There are only two kinds of Jews, Schumers and Feinsteins
    • Or is it good for the Jews?

      This question has two formulations and thus two meanings. "Or is it good for the Jews?" is one, "Or is it good for the Zionist-Jews (or Israeli-Jews)?" is the other.

      And with Zionist-Jews loving Trump and his followers, many of them outspoken anti-semites, it is clear that the meanings of these two questions are almost opposites. And since there are probaly as many (if not mroe) Jews living outside israel, which, after all, is the more important question (from a numerical or "democratic" viewpoint?

      And should PLO/PA/Abbas do "what's good for the Palestinians living under the Israeli boot?"
      or do ""what's good for the Palestinians?"

      Both groups have their diaspora. Neither diaspora should be disregarded.

  • Pressure mounts over psychoanalysts' 2019 conference, slated for Tel Aviv
    • AR: Thanks for the report. This "conflict" seems to me both positive and negative. It is positive inasmuch as there is resistance, especially from within Israel.

      But its huge negativity is the implicit suggestion that the conference was planned for Tel Avi because of Zionist enticement and uncritical and ignorant Jewish acquiescence (I assume a large Jewish component in the psychiatric profession; I could visit relatives there!). Likely also implicit (most decisions arise from multiple interests) is the idea that an international group would select the conflict-zone Israel on purpose, to give support to one side in the conflict, something particularly abhorrent in the case of a psychiatric conference -- as the essay above makes very clear.

      As to BDS: I think the Israeli resisters to this conference-place are free and clear: they are not boycotting any Israeli products but are merely saying that Tel Aviv is not a good place for a meeting of this kind -- OK for manufacturers, but not OK for THIS helping profession, bad climate.

  • The European Union must act to end its complicity with illegal Israeli settlements
    • Great statement. Sad to reflect that governments, generally, have concerns (national economic, corporate economic, diplomatic, "security") which are far more important to them than human rights, international law, or the wishes of "the people" whom they govern. Certainly true in the USA, UK.

      We must hope that, in every nation, including Palestine, the people will one day be represented by (rather than merely ruled by) their governments.

  • The amended 'Israel Anti-Boycott Act' is still unconstitutional, and still must be stopped
    • They understand winning, which for them is everything. Human rights, democracy, fairness, gentleness mean nothing to a committed Zionist.

    • They are bankrupting us. Passing legislation is cheap. Litigating is expensive and takes a long time. Every win for BDS will be appealed. The lower courts might be OK, but the new supreme court is a tar pit.

  • Zionism, anti-Semitism, Israel — and the UK Labour party
    • Anyone remember when it was regarded as an untrue and anti-semitic canard ( "anti-semitic" often nowadays pronounced as if spelled "anti-semetic", rhymes with "emetic") to say that "Jews control the world" ?

      Well, with the Jewish-Zionist attacks on anti-Zionism throughout EU and attacks on BDS throughout the USA, it seems to me that it is fair to say that "Jewish-Zionists ontrol the anglophone world" ("Zionists" fully spelled out ;-) ) is fairly incontrovertible.

      And the need to cover up this fact is a given. And in the USA it is loyalty oaths (this time to Israel and AIPAC) all over again, 1950's McCarthyism redux.

  • Universities are demanding professors disavow BDS before being allowed to speak on campus
    • In the 1950s, the USA wne through a "Red Scare" and McCarthy period complete with witch hunts and blacklists and loyalty oaths. Congress asked people "Are you now or have tou ever been a Communist?" and people went to jail for refusing to answer that question.

      People might enjoy reading Dalton Trumbo's short book 'The Time of the Toad". Trumbo was one of the refusers who went to jail (for a year) rather than discuss his political beliefs and associations before a Congressional committee. He was blacklisted (as one of the "Hollywood Ten") from working as a screenwriter (at least under his own name: he and other blacklisted writers got around the blacklist be writing under other people's names).

      "The Time of the Toad" is a superlative discussion of inquisition in America. The anti-BDS "loyalty oath" is creating a situation in American universities very much like the McCarthy-period loyalty oaths of the 1950s.

    • In the 1950s, the USA went through a "Red Scare" and McCarthy period complete with witch hunts and blacklists and loyalty oaths. Congress asked people "Are you now or have you ever been a Communist?" and people went to jail for refusing to answer that question.

      People might enjoy reading Dalton Trumbo's short book 'The Time of the Toad". Trumbo was one of the refusers who went to jail (for a year) rather than discuss his political beliefs and associations before a Congressional committee. He was blacklisted (as one of the "Hollywood Ten") from working as a screenwriter (at least under his own name: he and other blacklisted writers got around the blacklist be writing under other people's names).

      "The Time of the Toad" is a superlative discussion of inquisition in America. the anti-BDS "loyalty oath" is creating a situation in Americna universities very much like the Mccarthy-period loyalty oaths of the 1950s.

  • Jared Kushner's swift rise and long, long fall
    • amigo: Why should anyone learn to spell when they can always use spellcheck? Anchors aweigh? Anchors away? Overseas? Oversees? Made due, made do?

      But you have a good eye. I missed that one. Won.

      Anyhow Usher (or whatever his name is) doesn't need brains or experience or news or security-clearance when his game is clearly self-aggrandizement and self-enrichment a la Trump-PRex and not in any way the national-good.

  • Palestine was always on my radar, says historian Robyn Spencer
    • It's always good to learn that leaders -- any leaders -- of the past have recognized the oppression of Palestinians and spoken out about it. If the USA's black population (and Hispanic population) could be reminded about these opinions of past leaders and adopt these views, today and tomorrow, in an active way, it would be much harder for the neoliberal (and still dominating) wing of the Democratic Party to maintain its essentially anti-humane pro-Israel stance, irrespective of BIG-ZION's electoral money. Even immitigably corrupted politicians need votes!

  • Group tied to ex-Israeli ambassador held a 'Truth About Israel' gala at Mar-a-Lago as a 'thank you' to Trump
  • AIPAC conference will feature lots of liberal Democratic speakers
    • Ka-ching!!

      Some DEMs may be honest true-believing hard-right Zios (NY Sen. Schumer comes to mind), but I bet most are just fearful of [1] losing actual, historic AIPAC (BIG-ZION = AIPAC et al.) contributions -- or, much worse, [2] finding BIG-ZION funding opponents in primaries and elections.

      So the "base" (or young, non-"white") base of the DEMs may be sliding out from under BIG-ZION, but the normal DEM pols, the pro-imperialism pro-war pro-neoliberalism DEMs cannot but succumb. Where would they be and what would they be if they abandoned these things? And with $$$ flowing to reactionary REP candidates these days, can we be surprised?

  • Colorado congressman's wife encourages messianic Jews to seize Muslim holy site in Jerusalem-- 'Say, It's ours!'
    • American Congresspersons and their spouses, beacons of knowledge, wisdom, morality, caution, evenhandedness, and the milk of human kindness. I feel so lucky living in a country so rich in such human treasures.

  • 'NYT' writers slam left for intolerance of dissent-- on Israel panel that excludes anti-Zionists and Palestinians
    • And the "need for a Jewish state" implies -- for them -- the correctness of ANY Jewish state, no matter how awful, just as some benighted German may once have said there was a "need for a German state" and therefore Hitler et al. were OK, a reasonable, and acceptable consequence of having "a German State".

      Pfui! I've proposed the only "Jewish state" that I can imagine might be acceptable to myself, and maybe to Palestinians, and that is a small slice of Palestine about the size of NYC, which has a population about the size of Israel's "Jewish" population. If the Zionists "need a Jewish State", let them bhe satisfied with a little one. But when they go from their possibly allowable premise to the wild outrageous conclusion of today's (or yesterday's) Zionism, they go far too far.

    • Indeed, they (Zios) isolate themselves -- discussions about us-and-others held without any others. But woe betide anyone who discusses I/P without Zios present!

      My take on this (apart from seeing the absurdity and immorality of the Zios, what everyone sees, and which the article shows so well, is -- that the zios are getting scared! The "others' (whether dirty nasty Palestinians or dirty nasty anti-Zionist Jews, etc.) are scaring them and they are reacting by circling the Zionist wagons.

      And another thing!

      Someone said Palestinian leadership is like pornography -- he'd recognize it when he sees it. OK, I guess he sees himself as a judge, hunh? But can he recognize Zionist leadership? If he/they deplore the occupation -- so beloved by the Zionist leadership -- I guess he can recognbize it, but merely deplores it, whereas the Palestinian leadership is worse, "like pornography".

      Cheap name calling. But of course, the Zionist leadership is not LIKE pornography, it embodies it. All the torture, killing, imprisonment without trial, arrests of children at 2 AM, kangaroo trials when there are trials at all, and all the excusing Zionist killing (by army, by police, by settlers) while abusively punishing all kinds of Palestinian behaviors, mostly far short of killing.

      Of course, the Palestinians are guilty -- as I am -- of wishing to see an end of the zionist enterprise, and I guess that sounds like an intent to murder to them. After all they've given themselves permission to act as if wishes were realities.

      As if wishes were realities. They wish that they had a right to seize all of Palestine and empty it of Palestinians, and they ACT as if they had that right; and they also act as if the Palestinian wish to end the Zionist horror were itself a reality, and they punish it accordingly.

      No reality anywhere. All over-exposed nerves.

  • 'I faced my Jewish racism' -- an alumnus's call to Jewish students for Israeli Apartheid Week
    • Jon66:

      A lot of people think that refugees -- from war, from dictatorships, from various persecutions, from famine, from drought -- have a right to move to and live freely within a more satisfactory place. But it is never (to my knowledge) suggested that such people have a right to displace the people that live in the place they want to move to, or to call themselves a "people" or a "nation". No. They are called refugees or migrants. They are not said to be "going home".

      Why should it have been different for the Jewish refugees after WWII (or before)? The mostly Polish Jews who promoted Zionism in its early days were reacting to pogroms and other persecutions. They were Poles or Russians or Belorussians or Ukrainians who were being badly treated. They suffered from cultural and sometimes from institutional antisemitism. They wanted to move to a more favorable place, and why not Palestine? Sounded pretty good, and had echoes from religious teaching that appealed even to the (many, many) non-religious Jews. (But many came not to Palestine but to Canada or the USA as my father's people did.)

      You can be persecuted whether or not you are religious! You can persecute whether or not you are religious!

      So I see the Zionist enterprise as a takeover of another people's territory, a displacing takeover when it became an armed takeover (1947-present).

      There is no "right" (to my thinking) for Israeli Jews to call themselves a "nation" (or to call Jews generally a nation) and to seize Palestine as if "by right" . No, it was seized by force of arms. It was settler colonialism and, for whatever it's worth, most of the Jewish settlers of Palestine were "white" Europeans. (More generally, most settler colonialism and other colonialism was done by "white" European peoples -- if we ignore such things as Gengiz Khan long ago, the Ottomans, and China in Tibet in 1948).

      All your parallels are non-parallel and illegitimate except one: the Holocaust and earlier pogroms were real and the Nakba was real, and all may properly be memorialized.

  • Former president of Modern Language Association resigns following decision to ban debate on BDS
  • Zionism's tailspin: Stark minority of young California Jews are 'comfortable with idea of Jewish state'
  • Israel’s Justice Minister endorses apartheid -- the Jewish state 'at the expense of equality'
    • I guess an Israeli citizen can say, out loud as it were: "I have decided for the time being not to buy any Israeli products (!?) but I make this decision of my own free will and without announcing any political motive and I am definitely not asking anyone else in Israel to join me in my decision. Ahem. Are you all listening?" Motive is everything!

  • Message from Massachusetts: When we fight we win!
    • Seems like the problem is that legislators (who are, after all, very busy with local problems) know nothing about I/P and require education; and (believing Jewish groups are pro-civil rights) cannot imagine that JCRC (et al.) are asking for anti-constitutional measures.

      Good to educate them to both of these, as well as showing them the split in Jewish opinion on Israel.

  • In propaganda coup for Israel, NYT frontpager ascribes Gaza's misery to Palestinian infighting
    • " Israel has blockaded Gaza for more than a decade, with severe restrictions on the flow of goods into the territory and people out of it, hoping to contain Hamas and also, perhaps, to pressure Gazans to eventually oust the group from power."

      OK, NYT reports (tranquilly, might one say favorably?) on BDS applied by Israel against Gaza. Let us use this as ammunition in the fight -- here at home FOR BDS against Israel.

  • Israeli publisher slams US ambassador for 'perpetuating apartheid' in West Bank
  • NYT fails to report that Netanyahu started air war over Syria as corruption probes close in on him
  • NYT op-ed describing Israel as a place of refuge is missing the word, Palestinians
    • LZ's, when discussing (or refusing to discuss) Palestinians, exhibit what a friend called "deep shallowness". And bad thinking (see Keith above). We were promised. It's ours. They brought their sorrows upon themselves -- by not accepting us, welcoming us. And, oh yes, the holocaust. And 2000 years of antisemitism. They attacked us, we didn't attack them, so they deserve their sorrows.

    • "Admit they live there" is not quite it -- "admit they live in Israel, under occupation, as refugees elsewhere, and in dispersion since 1948" would be more like it. Do not propose to wring small confessions from these people, but rub their noses in the problem.

  • Sentenced to 65 years for helping Palestinians: Read an excerpt from Miko Peled's 'Injustice: The Story of the Holy Land Foundation Five'
  • Israeli diplomat calls on American students 'to restore the honor' of vilified word-- Zionism
  • BDS movement nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize
    • Cash or credit, who cares? What they do works! Unhappily. Neoliberalism (or oligarchy) hard at work, protecting your (sorry!, someone's) rights!

      My guess: The USA's favorite outdoor sport, exporting (or supporting) "democracy and free markets" internationally, means, importantly -- if not only -- supporting the right of big-money (including BIG-ZION) to buy legislative action.

    • On NPR this morning (Sunday 2/11) a report appeared that Poland has passed legislation to outlaw references to "Polish extermination camps" or "Polish concentration camps" of the Nazi period.

      On 6 February 2018 an Amendment to the Act on the Institute of National Remembrance was signed into law by Polish President Andrzej Duda. It criminalizes public statements that falsely ascribe, to the Polish nation, collective complicity in Holocaust-related or other war crimes or which "grossly reduce the responsibility of the actual [German] perpetrators"; scholarly studies, discussions of history, and artistic activities are exempt from such strictures. It is generally understood that the law will criminalize use of the expressions "Polish death camp" and "Polish concentration camp".[4][5][6]

      While the Government of Israel, and Jewish organizations such as the American Jewish Committee, discourage use of such expressions as inaccurate,[7] they view the new Polish legislation as an attempt to restrict discussion of the complicity of some Poles in the Holocaust.

      And, of course, many countries are loathe to hear references to their own sordid pasts (or presents): Japan/atrocities in China and Korea, Israel/Nakba et seq., USA/ genocide of Native Americans. As far as I know, Israel is the only country to pass laws to punish references to their own sins (Nakba law, BDS law), but who knows? Human nature -- and especially right-wing human nature -- is like that. What's odd, but not puzzling, is that many otherwise fairly decent countries have passed laws to outlaw BDS activity and other activities in support of Palestinian rights. Left-wingers acting like right-wingers! Chalk that up as a win for the Zionists. Credit where credit's due!

    • Misterioso: Thanks for finding and posting that video. It needed to be said, and by whom might it have been said better than by Afrique du Sud? A perfect addition to the nomination of BDS for Nobel Peace Prize.

  • Wilkerson says 'Israel's security' was motive for Iraq war-- though not in NYT op-ed
    • To be complete, Wilkerson (or his interviewer) said that Iran serves as a deterrent to USA and Israeli aggression in the region. Not just Israeli. And presumably NYT supports USA imperialism. As mega capitalism (also) seems always to do. And NYT walks with the biggies on many points.

      But this USA and Israeli aggression idea fits neatly with the suggestion, abhorrent to many decent people but apparently true, that there is no daylight between the foreign policies of the ruling classes of the USA and Israel. Both are aggressive imperialists. Both teach their citizens that the countries and their militaries are special, beyond the reach of international law, exceptional, and ever so moral.

  • Pro-Israel Democrats concede 'human rights' issue is killing the brand
    • "They worry that the issue is becoming politicized: that the Republican Party is becoming the address for Israel support, and before long leading Democratic candidates will distance themselves from Israel. Then Israel will be under real pressure to change its Jim Crow foundations."

      Well, altho this could bring pressure on Israel, what it really does is create pressure on DEMs who must look for money elsewhere than the very, very few very, very rich Zionist donors -- who are leaving DEMs and going to REPs.

      Happily -- because of the Sanders and especially the Trump phenomena -- new rebel (resistance) DEMs are attacking REPs by attacking establishment DEMs in primaries. This needn't mean anything for I/P, but it might. I hope it does. It seems to go hand-in-hand with the polls announced in this post.

      Happy days are here again? Well, we'll see next Nov.

      One take-away from the polls is that younger/browner DEMs are getting the H/R information about I/P somewhere, I wonder where from, FOX news? CNN? NYT? MondoWeiss?

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