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  • The case for US government sanctions on Israel
  • Why the Charleston massacre isn't terrorism, and Palestinian resistance always will be
    • What does "Dit laat my koud" mean?

    • @canofworms, are you being sarcastic? I am anti-Zionist.

    • Hi just,
      I actually have been to the Occupied Territories (East Jerusalem), it was atrocious, I probably will never go back. I guess I sound conservative because I spent some time at a pretty politically conservative college, (Middlebury College in Vermont).

    • I really am Palestinian. I am only "complaining" because every time Israel massacres Gaza, (as they did last summer), it is the result of Hamas shooting missiles. You say that MW and EI publish a "wide variety of voices". I do not think that MW or EI should publish any people who propagate violence, as does the author of the EI article linked in my previous comment. They should develop platforms that strictly condemn violent protest as it further harms Palestinians and overshadows the image of the non-violent movement. It gives fuel to the racist fire that "all Palestinians are violent". I realize that this site is devoted to exposing Israel's violations of human rights and such. I am simply offering a perspective that is not addressed much on this site.

    • Hi just,
      I see what you are saying. Israeli Forces generally respond to non-violent Palestinian protests with violence. Therefore, all Palestinian non-violent protesters are not only putting their lives at risk, but are frequently injured or killed in the process. However, this still does not justify violence as a rational form of protest. Violent protest on the part of Palestinians is met with even more violent aggression from the IDF. If I were putting my life on the line for Palestinians, I would rather do so in a non-violent way. If groups like Hamas used civil disobedience to protest the Israeli siege of Gaza, certainly many of them would be killed. But they would be killed anyway if they protested violently. Civil disobedience is a more powerful form of protest and has more lasting results. This is a more just use of one's life.

      I am simply endorsing civil disobedience as a form of protest for Palestinians instead of violent protests, in the rare instances that violent protest occurs.

    • To add to my initial comment, websites like Electronic Intifada seem to be confused in their position. They should not propagate methods of violent protest. They should explicitly denounce it. Yet articles such as the following do the opposite:

      This is clearly destructive to the non-violent Palestinian resistance movement.

    • Dear Mondoweiss Editors,

      I am a Palestinian-American and I truly applaud the work that you do. You support a position that non-violent protest on the part of Palestinians is the only way to peace and I wholeheartedly agree. However, in situations where Palestinians do engage in violent protest, (i.e.when Hamas shoots missiles into Israel, or when Palestinian protesters in the West Bank hurl stones) you do not condemn these actions as destructive to the movement. I understand that Israel is in the wrong in the first place for enforcing a siege on Gaza and for occupying the West Bank, but violence will never win. I think your coverage should include an admonishment of such violent protest as it ultimately kills the non-violent movement. Please take heed to this perspective, it is not pro-Israel, it is simply anti-violence. Thank you for your time.

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