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Israel has become a lunatic state using the u.s. To continue is oppressive policies.

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  • My congressman, Ted Lieu, supports human rights everywhere but Palestine
    • I share the author's frustrations and am a frequent caller to Lieu's office to express displeasure with his blind obedience the Zionist agenda. One would assume that his profile would offer a clue to his voting record, but this is not so: an immigrant who should empathize with the oppressed Palestinians, a constitutional lawyer who should be appalled by the free-speech restrictions contained in the anti-BDS legislation proposed by AIPAC, his vote on the Iran/nuclear issue, and attending the Israel junket for newly elected Congressmen.
      We should not give up on Politicians like Lieu but should assume that beneath the surface, that they are rational and intelligent and will respond to reason. I urge the reader to call their representatives in Congress to let them know that their constituents are concerned about the Palestinian issue, and the many abuses of the Israeli government.

  • PLO source denies Abbas plans to propose large land swap deal during Trump visit
    • The book "The Controversy of Zion" by Douglas Reed provides an explanation for the perception that the Israeli Lobby controls our government. During the fog of war (WW2), there was near unrestricted immigration to the U.S. Roosevelt discouraged questioning for Communist affiliations or other loyalty based questions which allowed a number of agitators to enter our country similar to the situation in Russia before the Revolution in 1917 when the Czar allowed the return of the subversives (e.g. Trotsky). The Plan during the WW2 era was to take control of the Executive branch (Morganthau, House, Frankfurter), the Civil service, and the media. The ADL was the enforcer so that any resistance to the Zionist agenda was dealt with swiftly and brutally. Today, evidence that Zionist dictate our M.E. foreign policy is evident as we see the Yinon Plan to fragment countries hostile to Israel ( 7 countries in 5 years). As the Bolsheviks took control of Russia, the same has happened in the U.S. Israel is using our country's wealth and prestige to further its agenda which is not always in our best interests.The goal of the Zionists is recreate Greater Israel and it will not stop until that goal has been attained.

  • The rabbi's daughter isn't buying AIPAC's defense of Israel on apartheid charge
    • Israel's founding mythology narrative-that its Arab neighbors ganged up on them and would not allow it to establish a state of their own, omits the historical fact of the Nakba and the refusal to allow descendants of those ethnically cleansed to return. This is the Original Sin of Israel and must be acknowledged by Zionist before they begin a teach-in of the younger generation who are being enlightened rapidly on college campuses and elsewhere. The lid on the Truth is still there by our compliant Media but alternative info sources abound. If the goal of Zionism in principle and in its interpretation by its early leaders is explained properly, that all of Palestine belongs to the Jewish people and all others are not welcome. Moreover the recreation of biblical Israel ( eretz Israel) includes parts of Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan. As long as our ruling elite maintain their fervent committee to this raging monster, it might actually be achieved,

  • Broad coalition attends teach-in on Israel lobby ahead of AIPAC conference
  • UNC SJP responds to ongoing debate over cancellation of Rania Khalek event
    • The SJP chapter at Chapel Hill is not demonstrating much courage in disinviting Ms. Khalid, one of their strongest voices. Especially when we often see and hear of Palestinians showing brave resistance to the pure evil of Israel's military occupation of their land and lives. Best for leadership of this chapter to do a post-analysis of what was gained, and lost, by this capitulation. Who did you appease.? Will they reciprocate your kind hearted gesture?

      SJP- Chapel Hill: you are dealing with ruthless ideologues and purveyors ofa movement whose goal is to rid Palestine of its native inhabitants and to recreate the biblical Eretz Israel. It means the destruction of nation states which are a threat to Israel's hegemony with the assistance of the U.S. Time not to be naive but an existentialist whose civilization, culture and land are at risk.

  • Head of UN agency resigns after refusing to retract report calling Israel an 'apartheid regime'
    • It is illogical to allow Israel to remain a member of the United Nations as it simply ignores all Resolutions which criticize and condemn its criminal behavior. It attacks U.N. agencies who expose its human rights violations. It continues to operate as an apartheid state yet to expose it as such will subject its accusers to condemnation as this article shows. Our government has been hijacked by a criminal, Zionist cabal. What the citizenry of the U,S. must do is to publicize and expose Israel's harmful influence in our Congress and Executive branch in order to create a populist leader movement strong enough to awaken our Congress to act. How many more wars which are not in our nation's interest will we fight for this ungrateful state.

  • Transnational meetings & meals of resistance: Palestinian-Chileans show solidarity with the Mapuche, an indigenous nation of South America in active struggle for self-determination 
    • I happened to spend several days in Bariloche, Argentina last week and attended a lecture featuring a Mapuche activist who informed us of their tragic past experiences with the Spanish colonizers and subsequent abuses by the Argentine and Chilean government and military. It is encouraging that their movement is gaining traction and are joining forces with the Palestinians. Their goals are similar in seeking land reclamation and a restoration and preservation of their culture. We read with great dismay the plight of the indigenous peoples of these regions and how the colonial powers stole the lands and brutalized and murdered the inhabitants, and to realize that this process is being committed as I write as it has been for the last 6 decades by Israel with help from our own governments. My efforts to seek justice for the Palestinians has been energized.

  • Chosen indeed: all 7 letters run by 'NYT' on Mideast article are by Jews
    • Last week the L.A. times published an article about the slow pace of reconstruction in Gaza citibg various causes Including the role of Hamas in allegedly diverting funds from reconstruction to such endeavors as tunnel building. In reply, five letters were published in this morning's edition by Jewish writers who naturally complimented the Times for their "balanced" coverage whereas the one critical of Israel appeared last. Another example of our Zionist controlled media maintaining a pro-Zionist narrative.

  • UN envoy condemns execution in Hebron as 'gruesome, immoral and unjust'
    • Is it not time to remove Israel from the United Nations as it ignores with impunity all Resolutions condemning its behavior. Forums such as Mondoweiss and IRMEP conferences in Washington D,C. which I attended last week are helpful in sharpening our understanding of the conflict, but getting the message out to the MSM is crucial. Once the citizenry become fully aware of Israel's true nature ( I.e. Apartheid, genocidal, false flags) then maybe the moral weight of these transgressions may finally tip the balance to force a reevaluation of our morbid relationship with this evil entity. Because of the enormous control and representation that the Jewish population exercised in the top echelons of government and influential professions during the Weimar Republic in the '30's resulting in a backlash called the Nuremburg Laws, it could be that a movement, far less draconian, could occur in this country especially if the public believes that the U,S, is being milked dry by a foreign state who has it's own agenda which is to colonize all of Palestine.

  • 'Barbarism by an educated and cultured people' -- Dawayima massacre was worse than Deir Yassin
    • The law of Karma provides hope that these monstrous episodes in Israel's bloody and vile history will result in justice for the victims. As we learn more about the true facts about the Zionist Project and its history, the weight of the fabric detailing these crimes will inevitably end this evil regime. Yet we have all of the candidates for President lauding Israel a country that ignores with impunity United Nation's Resolutions and international law regarding its behavior. Likewise for the Christian Evangelicals who should read what the Talmud says about those who believe in Jesus and the goyim.

  • Pro-Israel group wants to send army colonel to your campus to explain battle for west's 'way of life'
    • Israel is not only aiding Al Nusra by treating its wounded at Golan Heights locations, but by providing soldiers and advisors in the field. I am not surprised because Israel is the prime mover, by its Yinon grand scheme, to atomize the Middle East countries into fragmented-Balkanized entities which make them less of a threat to the grand plan for the creation of Eretz Israel which includes all of Palestine,parts of Egypt and Lebanon, and most of Syria including Damascus. The Zionist are very pleased by Syria's destruction. One less rock in the road to deal with.

  • Roger Cohen and Jeremy Ben-Ami go on the road for the two-state solution
    • Cohen's blindness to his hypocritical and indefensible assertion that Palestinians will not have the right to return illustrates his true stance on this issue: all decisions regarding Israel's future must ensure a Jewish majority because Yahweh gave the land to them regardless of the expulsion of 800,000 Palestines to achieve this ratio. The transparent unfairness of this proposal is easily recognized by sentient humans. Liberal thought except for Palestine. How long until the heavy fabric of Israel's rottenness becomes so egregious before a change is forced upon this pariah in the community of nations.?

  • 'Most-read' article at Washington Post calls Israel 'savage, unrepairable society'
    • The U.S. is Israel's main sponsor and will remain so until our compliant Congress and Executive branches of government view our relationship with this rogue state in realpolitik terms. Israel has and is injecting its freemasonry ideas for reconstituting Eretz Israel via the strategic plan outlined in the CleanBreak/Rebuilding America's Defenses documents. When our citizens discover that the destruction of Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, and Syria were pre-ordained according to the grand plan to neutralize all surrounding states of Israel, and not because of any threats to our national security, then a possible transformation of our foreign policy relative to Israel may occur. But first, the power centers: media and our Government must cut the idealogical cord that connects Israel to our political Establishment.

  • On Bret Stephens' hate speech
    • Whenever I want to rekindle my passion for achieving social justice for the Palestinians, I first go the WSJ editorial page which contain editorials and Zionist polemics that normally does the job. Coffee is not needed. B. Stephens is Zionism personified offering distorted claims, breath-taking lies, and, in this article, exposing the real nature of Zionist racism. Also, on Zakaria's CNN program "GPS" last Sunday, he was on a panel to discuss the Syrian situation, and was joined by three other Zionist buddies. CNN is not a reliable news outlet if one desires an accurate depiction of the state of affairs in Israel's neighborhood.

  • Iran Deal coalition breaks apart, and J Street looks more and more like AIPAC
    • I had joined JVP with hopes of aligning w an organization advocating for an end to Zionist abuses. Imagine my surprise when they decide to ban and excoriate the very dedicated Alison Weir who I view as a dedicated, highly principled woman who has the zeal of a convert, an analogue to Medea Benjamin in dedication. How could they make such a decision unless Allison was exposing some uncomfortable facts about the sordid history of Israel's crimes, past and on-going? If only Anericans knew of such Operations such as the USS Liberty, the Iraq war intelligence manipulation, et al. No, I believe it has a misleading title designed to be a false ally to legitimite protest groups who do really desire a change in the formula to bring justice to the Palestinians.

  • Ad targeting Sen. Bennet says Iran wants to nuke the world's children
    • Every Congressman ( especially Republican) should receive-hand delivered-a fact sheet noting all of the U.N. Resolutions that have been ignored with impunity by Israel; the false-flag operations it has been responsible for (Ostrovsky is a good source) highlighting the USS Liberty incident for starters. Further, are they aware that Israel is an apartheid state? That Israel measures the caloric intake of The prisoners of Gaza? Providing the information should create enough cognitive dissonance to overcome party ideological cohesiveness to begin the process of deconstructing the Orwellian mind-control that the word "Israel" ignites in minds of our Congressional Masters of the Universe. Code Pink--are you ready for your assignment.

  • Everyone's kicking AIPAC now that it's down
    • IRMEP headed by Grant Smith is an effective organization, under-appreciated I believe in using legal tools instead of rhetoric to bring Israel to account for its many transgressions of international law and it's ongoing extraction of U.S. wealth and prestige for its own aggrandizement. He was instrumental in bringing attention to the theft of nuclear material at the Mossad run NUMEC plant in Pennsylvania in the '50's used to build Israel's first nuclear weapons. IRMEP has also hosted two important seminars dealing with our relationship with Israel and the AIPAC. Kudos to Grant Smith.

  • How Israel legitimizes vigilante terror
    • "How can Israel be so racist........" Judaism and Zionism are not the same. Judaism is the spiritual guide whereas Zionism is a colonial concept whose goal is to recapture all of Eretz Israel which includes parts of the land of its neighbors, namely Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, and Syria. One of the key tenets of Judaism is Tikkun Olam meaning " to heal the world". The Israeli governments have no interest in compromising this goal even though there are daily protest against the Governments' actions. Because of the Holocaust, "Israel can do anything it wants" according to Golda Meier a former Prime Minister. As long as Israel has a sponsor like the United States, it feels immune to outside pressure. Note the large number of United Nations' Resolutions it ignores with impunity. The state of Israel is soiling the Jewish communities throughout the world by its murderous, racist, and arrogant behavior. When it targets and murders innocent children as it did in killing over 500 during the last Gaza foray, people of conscience can not, like you, cognitively reconcile the two entities. Israel is a " lunatic state" as so described by Norman Finklestine. I agree with that assessment and am actively doing my part in transforming this monster entity into one where Judaic principles--the good ones--are operative.

  • Iran Deal's liberation: Judaism is not Zionism
    • Sibiriak: the ultimate goal of Zionism is a resurrection of Eretz Israel which, far from only coveting one half of Israel, envisions an Israel whose borders extend from Egypt, most of Lebanon, two thirds of Syria, and a part of Jordan. The spirit of Hertzl and Ben Guerian is still strong among dedicated Zionist. Netanyahu's father was there at the beginning and Netanyahu will never deviate from that policy. General Wesley Clarks' dramatic revelation that the U.S. was going to "take out" seven countries in the next five years showed the hand of the Zionist hijacking our foreign and military policy to achieve their goal.

  • AIPAC is going out with a whimper not a bang
    • The Zionist influence in our political system has become part of its DNA. Just as the stock market has occasional corrections/downturns, the determined investors will continue to believe that the underlying strength of our economy will result in eventual success. Likewise, the zealots of the Zionist tribe will treat this as a minor interruption in their quest for continued U.S. support-militarily, politically, and financially to reach their goal of a cleansed Palestine of non-Jews, the obliteration of any country that could hinder this outcome, and to increase its borders to include parts of Egypt, Lebanon,, parts of Jordon, and most of Syria. The Ben Gurion Dream is not dead yet and the current Likkud government seems quite capable, and are arrogant enough to move the agenda along.

  • White House uses Cheney to bolster support for Iran Deal
    • Y.Freidman: "...synchronizing Israel and U.S. actions..."? There you have it: the tail wagging the dog, again. The statements underlines the distressing fact that the Iran issue has been a Zionist ploy to eliminate Iran as a strategic threat to Israel's glorious goal of reclaiming the land of Eretz Israel and to use its naive, overly solicitous ally to bear the burden of costs and casualities to achieve its goal. The Zionist influence in U.S. politics has become part of its DNA. Where is the brave politician who will stand up to the evils of Zionist manipulation thereby freeing our country's allegiance to the Likkud agenda of wars, conflicts, apartheid, ethnic cleansing, et al?

  • Obama gets Wasserman Schultz-- and salutes her 'homeland' with a Netanyahu valentine
    • Regarding foreign of the U.S., I am developing a theory that I believe will actually be a revelation of what is developing before our eyes: the Zionization of our foreign policy. National casualties: Libya, Lebannon, Iraq, Syria, Yemen. Were these attacks on sovereign nations really in our national interests, or rather for the purpose of accomplishing the Zionist goal of Eretz Israel, which is possession of all of present Palestine,plus parts of Egypt, Lebanon,and most of Syria? The U.S is the naive, bumpkin that is the current host for this grand experiment.

  • Debacle for the Israel lobby: Booker jilts Boteach, and Netanyahu sinks AIPAC
    • Is it not time for the Administration to set in motion the proper wheels to require AIPAC to register as a lobby for a foreign government? And to join the IAEA bcause of its undeclared nuclear arsenal? And to honor the numerous Resolutions (u.n.) to cease abrogating the U.N Charter? To remove the Separation Wall as suggested by the ICC? As long as Zionism remains the guiding essential political dogma for Eretz Israel, we will witness a gathering critical mass of opposition to the Zionist state, and it will be transformed or destroyed. The more I learn of the evils inspired by the Zionist dogma, the more I am convinced that the main threat to our world's security and well-being is Israel.

  • Cruz says Iran could set off Electro Magnetic Pulse over east coast, killing 10s of millions
    • A country that is labelled a "democracy" relies on an informed electorate as a precondition for an enlightened government. After hearing this silly diatribe by this charlatan, and noting that Louis Gohmert is sitting beside said charlatan, I fear that our Democracy is a sham. The world wide massive demonstrations in the wake of the Iraq war did not stop the momentum for war. The Iran debate highlites the efforts of one such group--AIPAC which represents the interest of Israel, inserting its interest before the interests of the U,S. Why can't our misinformed electorate see this?

  • US only country to oppose UN holding Israel accountable for war crimes, yet again
    • The Zionist mind does not grasp that the world via the U.N. express their disapproval of Israel's behavior and policies not because of who they are but rather what they do. Talknic stated an obvious truism: that Israel has continually violated international law for 65 years and has ignored Resolutions regarding its behavior with absolute impunity. If the true character of a person could be constructed using the Israeli Government as a model, a person would be created who would be very arrogant full of hubris, devious, aggressive, and ruthless. The state of Israel is not good for the Jews.

  • In letter to John Kerry, 19 reps stand up for Palestinian children behind bars
    • Israel's treatment of children is a strong motivating factor in my efforts to expose the evils that Zionism has caused. I have two young grandchildren and when I read or see reports of children being mistreated, I easily empathize with their grieving parents. Can one even comprehend the grief of a parent who carries the pieces of his enfant son in a shopping bag who was just one of the victims of the recent war. Ban ki Moon's decision to leave Israel off the list of countries guilty of massive child abuse is shameful.

  • State Dep't report on latest Gaza onslaught itemizes children's deaths for first time
    • To feature this as a sign that the winds are changing is sad as it subtly underlines the reality that the institutions that are crucial in maintaining the Zionist power structure will only not cede their influence easily. I believe the State department is heavily represented by Zionist sympathizers and some with dual citizenships. And then to read about Kerry making over 50 calls to lobby against Palestinian statehood at the U.N. serves to reinforce that belief.

      A really disturbing development last week is also relevant. JVP has instructed its staff and other leaders to shun Alison Weir of 'If Americans Knew" . I have heard her speak and follow her work. She is dedicated to bringing justice to the Palestinians along with exposing the insidious and pernicious influence of AIPAC and its undue influence in our government. I have cancelled my membership in this organization which apparently has Zionist in its leadership, which is very problematic.

  • 'Baltimore Is Here': Ethiopian Israelis protest police brutality in Jerusalem
    • Baltimore, as well as several,other major U.S. cities, has sent members of its police force to Israel for training. Why not train with the best in their craft of crowd control and dispersal with valuable experience gained from over fifty years of experience dealing with the unter mensch who infect their land. We are witnessing a targeted group fighting back against the Zionist inspired militarization of our police forces. It would also not be unreasonable to suggest that our foreign policy in the M.E has been formulated by Zionist inspired thinkers whose goals are not compatible with our national interests. Where are the investigative reporters to report on this?

  • The grave danger of derailing the Iran deal -- an interview with Chas Freeman
    • It is rare to have such well articulated truisms in one interview. Too bad that his insights are not part of the narrative about Israel in the MSM. No wonder AIPAC lobbied to deny him the post of Chief of the National Intelligence Council in the Obama administration where his wisdom would surely trump that of Rice and Powers.

  • David Horowitz gets free rein in 'Daily Cal,' which ignores hate campaign against SJP
    • During my recent Chapel Hill visit, I noted in the Daily Tar Heel that Horowitz had spoken and did not disappoint his Young Republicans (I,e. the group that invited him) with his execrable rants demonizing those who are critical of the Zionist agenda. CH as ckg has reported was the scene where three Muslim students were were recently killed purportedly because of their faith. The DTH editor included letters expressing outrage by several students with one written by the student body president. The Young ( and naive) Reoublican president justified the invite stating the need for "balance" in the on-going debate. Just as I concluded, while listening to the young student activist who recently spoke st the Washington D,C. conference on the activities of AIPAC that real change in the discourse will only come about by a generational change in attitudes regarding Zionist Israel, spurred by the activist on campus. Just as attitudinal changes in marijuana use and gay marriage have rapidly evolved, we can hope that the same will occur when the true nature of Zionism is exposed.

  • Gunter Grass became 'persona non grata' for 2012 poem exposing Israeli nuclear hypocrisy
    • Regarding the Iran/nuke issue, Gareth Porter dropped a small bomb in his talk last week at the seminar addressing AIPAC's influence in reporting that John Bolton took an unauthorized trip to Israel ( I.e not State Department approved) to meet with the Mossad which produced drawings purportedly showing showed some evidence of clandestine activity involving nuclear weapon development. The documents wound up in the hands of the IAEA and has since served as the smoking gun which has ignited the alarm bells since. He elaborates on this in his newly published book.
      I watch with wonder but with increasing alarm at the pernicious influence of AIPAC and the neocons in pushing their war agenda and at some of the rhetoric from our national leaders in Congress. I believe that they have crossed red lines with the zeal of converts.

  • 'United States of Israel' has compromised U.S. 'sovereignty' on Iran policy -- Gideon Levy in D.C.
    • I attended the conference and concur that Levy's description of our Government being compromised by a petite foreign power is accurate and from the viewpoint of Israeli based social commentator who is sympathetic to the Palestinian cause -is even more disturbing especially when we witness a sea of sycophants yelling and screaming for Netanyahu. His comment that Israeli society will never change its ways as long as the enabler--the U.S., finally recognizes the divergence of our interests and the harm to our nation's prestige caused by the excesses of Israel's policies. The student activists who spoke gave me hope that they have the power to change minds and attitudes through their activism. This is their Civil Rights/Vietnam cause celebre

  • How Obama won on Iran
    • One positive derived from the this on-going saga is the stark revelation of the degree of influence of the Israeli lobby in our media and Congress. Netanyahu's address to Congress, Cotton's letter to Iran, AIPAC provided talking points shared by Republican Presidential candidates left many with a degree of cogniitive dissonance that provoked a reexamination of how far our government should go to stand with a small country which practices apartheid, is brazenly racist, which takes our money but ignores our advice, and which rejects our policy of establishing a state for the Palestinians. if only the public would just take a little more time to become familiar with other events on the Israeli timeline of gross abuses: Lavon affair, Deir Yassin, USS Liberty, the Apollo affair, Operation Cast Lead, Mavi Marmara, et al.
      The agreement may provide the Jewish community in the U.S with the time to reevaluate their unconditional support for the Zionist-Likud government whose policies and actions should be abhorrent to those who follow the precepts pf Judaism.

  • Guilford College Hillel becomes fourth to declare itself Open
    • Congrats to Guilford College where the Quaker spirit still guides bold action for justice and to President Fernandes who I sense is knowledgeable of and sympathetic to the Plight of the Palestinians.

  • White House will go after AIPAC next -- Newsweek
    • I am surprised that AIPAC has not been required to be required to register as a foreign lobby. It now functions as a mafia- like organizations that buys and sells our Congressional members using bribery, threats, blackmail etc to have its way and to use the U. S as its host. This would allow more effective monitoring and hopefully curtail the compromising of our elected officials who are lavishly entertained in Israel. In a hundred years from now I hope that our history books treats this issue- the undue influence of a foreign nation on the affairs of our country

  • Netanyahu speech could allow Obama to 'take on the Jewish lobby' as he took on Cuba lobby -- Indyk
    • I say let him come and show the world how our Congress has been corrupted and how Netanyahu's message is not in keeping with our national interest. And what a wonderful teaching moment where Code Pink could greet him as they did to Kissinger. And a few survivors of the USS Liberty talking to the media; signs calling attention to Netanyahu's involvement in smuggling nuclear bomb triggers into Israel; "America is easily led"; and a few placards showing some of the "telegenically" dead babies".

  • The moral hysteria of Je suis charlie
    • Satire Is a method of exposing intrinsic foolishness such as an emperor whose invisible clothes represented high fashion. We then laugh at the extreme gullibility of a buffoon who is swayed by sycophants into believing the contrived fiction. Now, examine satire that mocks and ridicules a person's faith, one which establishes the precepts by which he lives, his ethics and morality, his place in the universe. This is not satire but a purposeful insult and defamation of the existential symbol of a person's core belief. What is the purpose of depicting Jesus,Mohammed, or Buddha in a disreputable way? Is its society showing how much unbridled freedom it has ? I believe the "free speech" aspect of this tragedy has become the wrong litmus test of country's confidence in its heirarchy of ideals. The editors of Hebdo exhibited a cavalier disregard and insensitivity to the Muslim population of France and made the decision to demonstrate how free it was to say anything it chose under the banner of "free speech" as if this was the main determinant of a free society.

  • Ads Against Apartheid hits LA with Mandela campaign
    • In Los Angeles, I have noted billboards that read: Hamas Wants To Destroy Israel. Those knowledgeable about the I/P situation know how disingenuous that is, but for the Fox News crowd, it inspires irrational fears of Goliath threatening David. The roving billboard is an effective message delivery tool.

  • Some reflections on the 5th anniversary of Kairos Palestine
    • These are disturbing predictions as they assume the status quo to be a constant unmoved by efforts to alter the behavior of Zionist Israel whose goal is the achievement of an Eretz Israel and hegemony in the Midde East and beyond. It is difficult to accept the notion that a colonial state like Israel can commit enormous war crimes, continually ignore with impunity U.N. resolutions, as well as its original sin that is the Nakba. Major historical Movements do not always proceed uninterrupted and Zionism's arc because of the weight of its fabric of abuses, will be predictably altered into an uncertain condition. The Hegelian formula predicts a countervailing force that will form to stop Zionism's inexorable advance. I would like to believe that current efforts such as BDS and the channeling of public outrage into political action will be constructive. Otherwise Zionism will triumph.

  • Why I confronted Gregor Gysi
    • I am currently on a boat cruise through Germany and for our morning news Dailey briefing, the lead story was the event described above. As I ate my croissant hearing the news on the intercom, the grin on my face almost prevented proper mastication of said croissant.

  • NYT's opening to a 'fringe voice' excites rage from Israeli army, journalism, business leaders
    • I noted that one of the pro-Zion responders to the NYT article invoked the "silent majority" support to bolster their position, a phrase used by Nixon during the Waterfate era. Using history as our guide, this support was neutralized by the moral outrage sparked by the Viet Nam war. Similarly, this paradigm is on display by the Zionist's abuses we are witnessing.

  • Over a hundred people join Norman Finkelstein for civil disobedience outside the Israeli consulate in midtown Manhattan
    • His writings and debates with Dershowitz aroused my social conscience to the degree that I have burning desire to expose the malicious cruelty of the Occupier and work to stop this brutal Monster's treatment of the Palestinians. His comments and views in BDS were certainly dismaying, but I do hope that he writes another book on this current massacre. But what title can top "This time, they went too far ?"

  • Video: Outraged constituents confront CT Senator Chris Murphy over support for Gaza attack
    • Excellent. This is an effective way to demonstrate to our whorish Congressmen that some Americans are demanding that our poisonous relationship with the Zionist state must change. I regularly call Senate and Congressional offices and demonstrate( last weekends L.A. Rally). I also noted Mike Peled's -of JAG-call to action to demonstrate at Israeli Consulates. I urge all readers of this site to make your views known in an effective way. The L.A. Times printed my letter to the editor this morning sandwiched between two Zionist writers.

  • 'Jews Against Genocide' hold memorials for killed Palestinian children in front of Israeli govt buildings around the world
    • This was a powerful show of compassion by JAG which also symbolically distances Jews as a people from the Zionists murderers. Judaism as a faith has and is being soiled by the evil inherent in Zionism. This can lead only to more anti-semitism and a enlarging bulls-eye being painted on the land of Israel when ultimately the accumulated evil that has been committed by Israel will destroy it.

  • Detroit shows its soul, as 1000 march for Gaza
    • The counter demonstration in L.A. on Sunday was well attended, although less than the 1000+ who demonstrated on Saturday. The Zionist crowd was loud and boisterous, and the pro-Israel drivers who passed by were usually belligerent with nasty gestures. And then there was the shooting. A car carrying Palestinians with a large Palestinian flag was stopped in traffic at the epicenter of the crowd where the flag was taken away and stomped on. In retrieving it, the Palestinians were beaten and attempted to leave the scene in their car. Then we witnessed a Homeland Security agent raise his gun and fire one round at the fleeing men! No one was reported to have been struck. This is very alarming that a government employee considered the men to be a threat of such magnitude (Hamas, a "terrorist" organization) that he believed lethal force was justified. Then there were the pro-Zionist who sauntered over sometimes posing as reporters who wanted to interview us. The interviews consisted of their questions, then our answers, followed by their rebuttal of our answers. My sign depicted Mother Therese's picture saying Israeli Apartheid is wrong. My questioner admonished me for the sign arguing forcefully. We will overcome.

  • White House says US can't stop 'tsunami' of boycott and isolation if Israel won't end 'occupations'
    • It is surprising that there has not been an effort yet, to my knowledge to delist/cancel/kick out Israel from the United Nations whose by-laws and Charter have been abrogated consistently and regularly with impunity by this pariah state. If Israel would only heed the Resolutions condemning its behavior and those which require its compliance (e.g. Resolution 194) then the basis for a settlement could begin to take shape. As the Likkud has no interest in such a draconian move, it is up to our sycophantic Administration-present or force a showdown.

  • Israel lobbyist Ronald Lauder denounces movie star Danny Glover for boycott call
    • Actually, there have been 45 U.N Human Rights Council Resolutions condemning Israel's action against the Palestinians as of 2013, as well as 42 (forty two) U.N. Security Council Resolutions condemning its actions since 1972. The Great Enabler vetoed them and has adopted the Negroponte Doctrine which requires the U.S. to veto any U.N. Resolution condemning Israel's actions unless it also condemns "terrorist" groups.

  • Why I didn’t make it to Gaza for International Women’s Day
    • I shared an elevator at the recent Summit in D.C. With Ms. Benjamin and felt somewhat small in the presence of a very brave and determined woman whose courage is immense. I traveled from L.A. to attend as my feeling of outrage compels me to help in overcoming the Zionist narrative that permeates our politics and public opinion which does in fact use the U.S. in aiding and abetting this evil enterprise which is Zionism. If only the truth about the origins of Israel's creation-the massacres, ethnic cleansing, blackmailing and bribing ( of American Presidents no less) were widely known-especially by the Christian community, then the tide will turn and a hopeful backlash will be unleashed.
      The Summit was well organized and its message well delivered. This should be an annual event.

  • Being pessimistic is not a solution
    • Malaka, you inspire us to redouble our efforts to bring about an end to the ungodly brutality inflicted on the Palestinians by the godless Zionist state. Your passion and commitment is deep rooted and with others like you, we can prevail.

  • Israeli ministers committee votes to annex Jordan Valley
    • Thank you Hostage for your fact laden posts which adds facts to support our outrage at the Supreme Evil which is the Zionist monster called Israel. Netanyahu is of the same breed of deceitful, duplicitous Prime Ministers who have guided this pariah state to where it is today. Those of us in the MW community must continue to educate the populace until finally It has had enough and Moral America will demand an end to this perversion with a cessation of funding and the U.S. Congress asserts itself.

  • Palestine is no longer a word hesitantly murmured at George Mason U
    • I hope this inspires others on our campuses to take action as you have done. I would encourage you to engage other colleges and universities by identifying then working with them to begin similar movements. I graduated from college in '66 when protest against the Viet Nam war were just starting. Returning to the U.S. in 1968 after a Peace Corps assignment, our country had changed radically with the body politic decidedly against the war. May this be a paradigm for this issue as well. Good work.

  • 'It's hard to see why Israel won't follow white South Africa's road to extinction,' says 'Forward' writer
    • Let us please clarify: is NormanF actually THE Norman Finklestine the author who I once admired? But who shot himself in both feet by proclaiming BDS as a 'cult', and the the Iraq war was about "oil" and not about obliterating a threat to Israel? Norman, if this us really you, do come to your senses, blow out the crap from that fecund mind of yours, and help our community practice Tikkun Olam, the way it should be done.

  • What Comes Next: If the goal is to change U.S. policy, American Jewish opinion can't be ignored
    • The inherent fatal flaw of Zionism which ensures it's eventual demise is its demand to have an exclusive Jewish state with all of the evil attributes that accompany it. The monstrous evil of the Nakba can not ever be neutralized through time alone. When Israel loses its patronage by the U.S. It will have to become a little less arrogant and accept the fact that the indigenes were forcibly removed from their villages, that massacres did occur and that the Palestinians have been brutalized and humiliated far too long. Omar Barghouti's recent essay on this site provides a scenario that may provide a workable remedy.

  • Former State Dep't official apologizes for burying the Goldstone Report
    • Our unconditional support of this apartheid, pariah state notably at the United Nations is criminal as it allows Israel to rampage with impunity as well as to degrade-further-our moral standing among the world's nations. (A light unto all nations ,and Exceptional as well). Since 1970, the U.S.has vetoed over 42 Security Council Resolutions condemning Israel's actions. Remember S. Rice's 2011 veto condemning Israeli settlement activity, one that our own state department condemns. That poor episode illustrated for all to see how thoroughly corrupted our Administration has become, and those before, as a result of our obeisance to the Zionist.

  • 'It is Zionist to think that American Jews have any connection to Israel'
  • Jews without Israel
    • It is understandable why Jews are disenchanted with Zionist Israel. The morality of the Jewish state is antithetical to the precepts of Judaism. Israel denigrates Judaism. How is it possible to "heal the world" when the people of Gaza are allowed a measured number of calories per day by their brutal Occupiers, or when white phosphorous , depleted uranium munitions, and cluster bombs are unleashed on a captive and unarmed population? Those who know what is happening on Palestine are justifiably enraged. They ask if the true soul of Jews is represented by Israel. Jews of conscience should not be silent and these inconvenient truths should be discussed, otherwise the arc of history for the Jewish state slopes downward.

  • Mainstream press openly addresses Israel lobby's role in US policy re Syria
    • Blitzer a past supporter of Israel???? A former AIPAC employee, Blitzer made an editorial comment when discussing the Syrian issue: " I believe we should go ahead" ( bomb Syria) . C. Amanpour also revealed her bias expressing the same thoughtless course of action.

  • Obama lost his English poodle, but it looks like he'll get a French one
    • The similarities in memes for the Iraq wars and this one are odious: Sadaam/Assad are bad monsters; who needs the UN when our national interest are at stake; UN inspectors are superfluous; our intelligence is reliable; time is of the essence to act now; our national interest is to attack. The scripts seem to have been prepared by the same sinister forces from our shadow government which controls our ME policy. The end result being that the world's current super power has been manipulated again to repeat the Iraq war-our worst foreign policy mistake since Vietnam. Our press corps, those who should be the protectors against government abuses, are cravenly sensationalizing the story and in some cases advocating war. The "experts" whose advice and comments are predominantly from the militant camp. Fascism has come to America. Fascism with a tinge of Zionism.

  • Jackie Mason says 'giving' the Palestinians the West Bank is like giving them half of Florida
    • For the Palestinians to negotiate with the Israelis for the return of their land would be like a banker negotiating with the theives for a return of its money.

  • Will we survive the revival of religiosity?
    • The more I learn about the criminal state of Israel, the more astonished I am that no amount of international opprobrium, UNSC condemnation, ICJ rulings, ....has altered the arrogant, murderous, spiteful, duplicitous behavior of this pariah of our international community. The Jabotinsky Iron Wall doctrine can not withstand the accumulating outrages perpetuated against the Palestinans and the world community. Why has not the world Jewish community come to the realization that Israel does not employ the precepts of Judaism, but rather uses it as a subterfuge to gain respect. Judaism=heal the world(Tikkun Olam)=Israel ? Not even close.

  • Manning's attorney calls on Obama to pardon him
    • The ACLU comment noting the disparity in penalties levied against the reporter of crimes committed versus the perpetrators is compelling. It should open investigations and in-depth reporting on the war crimes that our U.S. government has committed during the "War on Terror"). The list should include the massacre at Fallijah and the use of depleted uranium (with a half-life of a few thousand years)which is causing horrible birth defects, the invasion of Iraq itself, civilian casualties of drone strikes, and the list can go on.

  • 'The one and only Jewish state,' Netanyahu says, pounding the rostrum
    • There would be no need for the Israeli/U.S. demand that "negotiations" be the method for resolving the I/P issue IF Israeli would accept numerous U.N. Resolutions condemming its behavior and asking that it comply with U.N. mandates on borders, right of return, occupation, refugees, the Seperation wall, apartheid, transfer of population, et al. Of all people, the head honcho of the U.N. does not give any indication that Israel is a serial violator of the U.N. Charter. It simply ignores them or castigates the U.N. for daring to single it out for condemnation.
      It is puzzling why Israel continues to be a member in good standing in the community of nations when it arrogantly goes about committing war crimes, threatening war, harshly abusing the Palestinians, engaging in collective punishment,etc. The moral standing of the U.S. is being demeaned by our unconditional support for this criminal, pariah of a state. It is time to decertify Israel from the U.N. and establish a trade and cultural embargo. It has sufficiently demonstrated its stay-the-course determination to fulfill the Zionist dream of a Jewish only Palestine from the Med to the Jordan.

  • Palestinians have to suck it up for segregated train lines and 4000 new settlements --reporters grill State Dep't
    • For the Palestinians to have to "negotiate" for a return of even some of their land, is like a bank negotiating with bank robbers for a return of the money stolen from them. If international law was enforced and U.N. Resolutions (regarding Israel/Palestine) honored, there would no need for "negotiations" where the power configuration is heavily asymmetrical. From 1948-2011 there have 42 UNSC Resolutions condemning Israel's actions, 3o of which have been vetoed by the U.S. our Mid-East foreign policy is in the hands of the zealous Zionist. Aux barricades!

  • State Department was right: Israel colonizes the West Bank as peace process continues
    • I believe all sentient humans who are compassionate and who seek justice in this unfair and evil struggle would agree that the letter proposes a wise course of action for the Palestinians to take and demands, feeble as they are, that would at least relieve the plight of the Palestinians. Post WW2, this conflict has resulted in the most serious social upheaval yet. The Rwanda massacres were hideous, but the I/P matter involves state sponsored land theft, mass expulsions, apartheid et al. aided by the shining beacon of peace, freedom, civil rights, law-abiding nation:the USA. It is interesting to speculate what the meaning of: "...we will follow with other action at the right point in time"

  • McCain and Graham flipflop on aid to Egypt-- after AIPAC speaks up
    • Pardon my insensitivity, although I use the term to label behavior modified by the desire to achieve a goal. Men are prone to fall victim to this impulse, as well as women. Whenever you witness someone groveling before someone with power and influence with wider than normal smiles, you can also expect a compromising if one's values. Maybe the word "prostitute" (applied to both sexes) would have been a better word.

    • Taxi: why make malicious, homophobic reference to L.Graham's sexuality (I.e. McCain and his girlfriend.....). If you are attempting to minimize the duo's gravitas via a giggling/snorting smear, reference their whorish relationship with AIPAC. McCain receives more campaign contributions from the Israel lobby than any other senator. That fact, plus the looney tunes stridency of their agenda regarding Israel is more important than speculating who might be the top (or bottom) in their relationship.

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