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65 year old male Jewish (adjective) American (noun) living and working in Europe.

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  • Irish senate passes bill banning products from Israeli settlements
    • RobertHenryEller July 16, 2018 at 9:24 am

      What a contrast. Ireland doesn't send us their best people. The country has the decency to ban settlement "goods." Meanwhile, in the U.S., what do we get? Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Rupert Murdoch, Steve Bannon, Kellyann Conway, Newt Gingrich (nee McPherson).

  • Zionism ate my religion, and I am taking it back
    • "I left Gaza a year later, wondering how to be a Jew without Zionism."

      What is there to wonder about? From the time Jews were driven out of Palestine, whether in the 8th century BCE or the 6th century BCE, Jews in the Diaspora were Jews without Zionism for over two thousand, five hundred years. And yet we remained Jews, and Judaism did not die out. Most of Jewish culture derives from Jews' and Judaism's ability to survive without Zionism.

      Here's something to really wonder about: Can Jews and Judaism survive Zionism and survive the State of Israel "speaking for Jews?"

  • 'This is apartheid, there is no better word for it': Calls for boycott growing among mainstream Israelis
  • Israeli government justifies killing child protesters in Gaza: They're not in school
    • And to make sure the kids are not in school, so Israelis can justify killing kids, Israelis bomb the schools.

  • Older Jews are officially terrified of young Jews' views of Israel
    • I am an Older Jew. I am of Chuck Schumer's generation. In fact, I'm older than Schumer.

      He and his generation of Fake Jews (def: "jews" who violate the Commandments to not lie, steal, murder; "jews" who violate the teachings of Rabbi Hillel) should be just as terrified of us Older Real Jews (def: we LIVE the Commandments to not lie, steal, murder; we LIVE the teachings of Rabbi Hillel).

      We Old Real Jews are encouraged by the Young Real Jews who understand what their heritage really is.

      We Old Real Jews, who do not deny for a minute the reality and horror of the Holocaust, ALSO know that the Holocaust was not a free ticket to perpetrate another Holocaust. You can kill a people dead. But you can also kill a people alive. That is what the Zionists have been doing for 70 years, while denying to themselves that they are committing genocide; they believe that if they do it slowly enough, the world will not notice, and they will not be guilty.

      But the world sees; the Zionists cannot escape their guilt.

      The Young Real Jews terrify the Old Fake Jews because the Real Jews threaten to expose the Fake Jews - to themselves.

  • Pro-Israel Democrats concede 'human rights' issue is killing the brand
  • Thomas Friedman justifies slaughter of Arab civilians by 'crazy' Israel
    • Phil: I would couch interpretation of Friedman this way: Israel (and Friedman) want to start from the assumption that Iran and Hezbollah want to attack Israel simply because they hate Jews, and do not want Jews in the Middle East, in "their" territory. No mention is made of Israel's treatment of the Palestinians since at least 1948, "in the name of Jews and Judaism."

    • I am a Jew living in the United States.

      As I am not living in Scandinavia, who would Friedman condone me killing in our country?

  • In 'NYT,' Israeli minister calls BDS activists 'enemy soldiers' and compares them to Nazis
    • My letter to the Public Editor of the New York Times:

      Once again, the New York Times publishes lies propaganda and filth from Fake Jew Nazi Zombie Zionist like The Filthy Little Baggage Handler, Naftali Bennett, without allowing comment? Because the little Fake Jew Nazi Bennett insists, and the NYT is oh so ready for the privilege of kissing a Fake Jew Nazi tushy, and sucking on as Fake Jew Nazi penis.

      You have no shame. You must be Fake Jews too.

      A Nazi is a Nazi. Doesn’t matter if a Nazi is a Phony Christer like Mike Pence or a Zombie Zionist Psycho like Naftali Bennett. If you’re no worse, you’re no better. And then, why should anyone care what happens to you. We knew how to deal with Nazis in WWII.

      I do agree with the Filthy Little Baggage Boy on one count. Our country should keep out our enemies. And we shouldn’t send Nazis $4 billion a year, supporting Fake Jews.

      Robert Eller
      A Real Jew*

      * Real Jew: One who believes in ALL the Commandments, including not lying, not stealing, not killing. One who follows the teachings of Rabbi Hillel

  • Netanyahu declares West Bank is Israel 'forever,' as liberal Zionists cry out for 'make-believe peace process'
  • Jews are safer in Israel than U.S. because our kids drop their M-16s on the sofa -- NYT op-ed
    • When will the New York Times even allow its readers to comment on pro-Zionist pro-Israel op-ed pieces? They rarely if ever allow readers to respond to this propaganda.

  • Lincoln Center ignored BDS calls and put on Israeli-gov't-sponsored show, but it will surely think twice next time
    • Lincoln Center takes money from the Koch brothers.

      It's a whore institution. Don't count on Lincoln Center to do the right thing.

  • Napoleon, Hitler and the economy -- David Brooks hints that Trump is losing his mind
    • President Holster Mouth is not losing his mind (to the extent he has ever had one).

      Holster Mouth has a monumental incuriosity about the world beyond himself. But in his hatred/envy of men like Obama, partiuclarly Obama, Holster Mouth does have at least an unconscious sense that "men of the world," "worldly men," should be able to talk about anything, and have an opinion, a perspective.

      So Holster Mouth is doing his unpracticed and undeveloped pantomime of what he thinks sophisticated people sound like, much as a child would, because he has no actual experience being such a person.

      George W. Bush had never traveled outside the U.S., except into the border towns of Mexico, before he was president. Holster Mouth has never traveled outside of himself.

      Holster Mouth is not losing his mind. He is using every bit of his mind that he has always used.

      And David Brooks own ability to credibly analyze anything stands on his all too long record.

  • Israel's P.R. campaign is failing: the more Americans know, the less favorable they are
    • The problem is not that more and more Americans don't feel that Israelis don't share American values.

      The problem is that more and more Americans don't feel that Israelis don't adhere to Jewish values.

      I wonder where these Americans get that idea? Could it be from the Ten Commandments? From the teachings of Rabbi Hillel? Such a mystery.

  • Mondoweiss is necessary—so Israel can’t silence me and other Palestinian journalists
    • Mondoweiss and similar outlets are necessary so that Israelis, Zionists and other Fake Jews and Unjews, as well as phony Christians, cannot silence Real Jews like me, who actually believe in and practice the Ten Commandments and the teachings of Rabbi Hillel.

      Israelis are as authentically Jewish and true to Judaism as Trump is an authentic Constitutional President. Israelis and Zionists have also become a threat to the U.S. Constitution, and so are overtly anti-American.

  • Through 'severe pressure,' U.S. can impose a two-state solution on Israel -- Nathan Thrall
    • RobertHenryEller June 1, 2017 at 2:32 pm

      Also unfortunate that hophmi seems incapable of seeing Israelis and Zionists as human beings, i.e., as susceptible as any other human beings to lying to, stealing from and murdering other human beings.

  • If Trump is serious we may be seeing the most significant step in 20 years of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations
    • RobertHenryEller May 29, 2017 at 10:43 am

      "If Trump is serious."

      The author should have ended this piece right there.

      In logic, in computer programming, there is the familiar "if-then-else" construct. If the "if" posits an impossible (in this case ludicrous) condition, nothing gets done in that branch of the logic.

      What Trump does is serious. Trump's condition is serious. Trump is only serious if a liar is serious.

  • Courageous Israeli newspaper is indicted as 'childish' 'contrarian' and 'antagonistic' by the yellowbellied New York Times
    • I love the snotty attitude radiating from the picture of Rosner the NYT's uses.

    • RobertHenryEller May 17, 2017 at 8:57 am

      You miss it? It happened years ago.

    • RobertHenryEller May 17, 2017 at 8:56 am

      Exactly what I was going to write just now. That's what really is yellow bellied of the NYT. They don't have the gonads to ever allow comments on Rosner's propaganda. I wonder why they protect him, and the other Zionist Zombies. The NYT knows exactly what kind of respond Rosner would elicit from their more active readers. The little twerp would have his butt chewed to a pulp.

  • Jews made America great so 'we deserve our influence' on Israel policy, Dershowitz tells Scarsdale synagogue
    • RobertHenryEller May 11, 2017 at 5:34 pm

      Unless we are Jewish Americans who disagree with Dershowitz on Israel policy, and then we can just go fuck ourselves, right, Deshowitz?

      And I always thought America allowed Jews the opportunity to become great.

      Exactly what share of America's defense and intelligence budgets should be allocated to Zionist decision makers? How do we Jewish Americans measure our "disproportionate greatness" compared with other Americans?

  • The war for 'The New York Times'
    • Maybe the NYT is improving. But then Liz Spayd, NYT Public Editor qualified the Barghouti opinion piece with the following:

      "An Op-Ed Author Omits His Crimes, and The Times Does Too"

      Marwan Barghouti is an unusually popular political figure among Palestinians, especially for a man behind bars. He is a charismatic leader who has written three books and for many years has commanded an outsize presence beyond the Israeli prison where he is serving time. He was given five consecutive life terms after being convicted in an Israeli criminal court of premeditated murder for his role in terrorist attacks that killed five people, along with other crimes.

      On Sunday, he wrote a piece for the Op-Ed pages of The New York Times to draw attention to a mass hunger strike for what he calls Israel’s arbitrary arrests and poor treatment of Palestinian prisoners.

      “Israel’s inhumane system of colonial and military occupation aims to break the spirit of prisoners and the nation to which they belong, by inflicting suffering on their bodies, separating them from their families and communities, using humiliating measures to compel subjugation,” he wrote. “In spite of such treatment, we will not surrender to it.”

      In the piece, Barghouti makes reference to his life sentences and additional 40-year term but he does not say the crimes for which he was convicted. More crucially, neither did the editors of the Opinion pages. A biographical sentence at the end of the Op-Ed simply says, “Marwan Barghouti is a Palestinian leader and parliamentarian.”

      I asked Jim Dao, editor of the Op-Ed pages, about the decision not to include Barghouti’s crimes.

      Dao noted that the piece does say the author received multiple life sentences but he acknowledged that it doesn’t state the crimes for which he was convicted. “We are drafting an editors’ note that will provide that information,” he said.

      Here’s the note, attached after our exchange:

      This article explained the writer’s prison sentence but neglected to provide sufficient context by stating the offenses of which he was convicted. They were five counts of murder and membership in a terrorist organization. Mr. Barghouti declined to offer a defense at his trial and refused to recognize the Israeli court’s jurisdiction and legitimacy.

      In the meantime, a rash of readers have objected — in emails to me and on social media — to what they say was The Times’s distorted characterization of Barghouti.

      Here’s Jonathan S. Blank of Alpharetta, Ga.:

      The New York Times and all media lose credibility and contribute to the degradation of journalism when they publish misleading author credentials within editorials and op-eds. The author is described by The New York Times for its readers as “a Palestinian leader and parliamentarian.” That is true, but what is misleading is what The New York Times elected to omit from the description — that the author has been convicted of five separate counts of murder in an Israel civilian court (not military, civilian). To omit that critical piece of information and simply describe the author as a leader and politician effectively prevents the reader from placing his opinions in proper perspective.

      This isn’t a new issue for the Opinion section. I have written before on the need to more fully identify the biography and credentials of authors, especially details that help people make judgments about the opinions they’re reading. Do the authors of the pieces have any conflicts of interest that could challenge their credibility? Are they who they say they are, and can editors vouch for their fidelity?"

      The following is the letter I sent to Liz Spayd:

      "Ms. Spayd:

      Have you also insisted that Israeli authors not omit their crimes when publishing in the NYT? I have seen no evidence that you have done so.

      Have you also insisted that the New York Times not omit the crimes of Israeli authors when the paper publishes the opinions of Israeli authors? I see no evidence that you have done so.

      Have you also insisted that the New York Times allow its readers to comment when the NYT publishes partisan opinions by Israeli authors? I see no evidence that you have done so.

      Most Israeli leaders, certainly including Benjamin Netanyahu, have been complicit in the same sort of crimes, and on a larger scale, than this Palestinian you so self-righteously point out murdered innocent people, while you have failed, and continue to fail, to insist the NYT point out his crimes, but not the crimes of murder, crimes against humanity, crimes against international law, that Netanyahu and many other Israelis commit. Are those crimes not worth mentioning? Or is the conviction or non-conviction in un-representative courts your grounds for your double standard?

      You are as guilty as the New York Times is."

      At best, the NYT should be damned with faint praise. The Times is still kissing Zionist butt.

  • Dershowitz gets drunk on water
    • RobertHenryEller April 6, 2017 at 9:30 am

      "I believe there is no weapon more powerful in the fight against BDS than for Israel to develop technologies that the world cannot live without."

      In other words, Israel needs to hold the world at ransom to counter BDS? I thought that was the purpose of AIPAC and Israel's nuclear arsenal. If those are not effective hostage devices, what will water do?

      Unfortunately, Israel has developed something that the world - including real Jews - cannot live with: Israel.

  • Israel’s welcome now reserved only for Jews who back Netanyahu
    • Actually, there are very few Jews left in Israel.

      You think Fake News is a problem?

      Fake Jews are an even bigger problem. And Israel is mostly filled with Fake Jews. And that's an all too kind and polite term for these people. We all know what to more accurately call them.

  • Trump warns annexation of West Bank will cause 'immediate crisis' between US and Israel - Lieberman
    • RobertHenryEller March 7, 2017 at 9:57 am

      Trump heard from his Middle East business partners (The people from the Muslim countries he didn't ban from coming to the U.S.) that they would not be happy with "Greater Israel."

      So Trump is not going to help "Make Israel Great Again."

  • In Jerusalem, Cuomo says the more people try to separate NY and Israel, the closer we get
  • All Palestinians can become Israeli citizens, but they can't vote, says lawmaker in Netanyahu's party
    • RobertHenryEller March 6, 2017 at 9:23 am

      Palestinians can become Israeli citizens, except they can't become Israeli citizens.

  • A defense of UCLA student paper's decision to publish Netanyahu cartoon
    • Not only is the cartoon not anti-Semitic, but it is actually pro-Judaism. The only people it should make uncomfortable is people masquerading as Jews. And around the issues of Palestine/Israel, the problem is not Fake News, but Fake Jews.

      Who are Fake Jews? Jews who, regardless of how ritually observant they are, are what I refer to as "70% Jews." Who are "70% Jews?" They are so-called, or self-styled Jews who nonetheless do not follow three of the Ten Commandments: Thou shalt not bear false witness; Thou shalt not steal; Thou shalt not kill.

      I've been asserting exactly what this cartoon asserts for the last couple of years, and I'm sad that people don't invoke this idea more frequently. The cartoon in fact gives me hope, although the faux-outraged response is all too predictable. Real Jews, people who believe they don't get to pick and choose among the Ten Commandments, or selectively turn their observance of all the Commandments on and off, should be calling out Zionists on this hypocrisy. In fact, "70% Jews," whose self-proclaimed leader is Benjamin Netanyahu, are a greater threat to Jews and Judaism than any Palestinians, or even all Palestinians. Which do we think actually matters to our God, that we occupy a certain piece of real estate, or that we obey all of His Commandments (None of which is that we live in Canaan, or Palestine, or Israel.)?

      I do not make a religious argument because I am religious (I'm not. Maybe I'm even, at best, a 30% Jew. But according to Rabbi Hillel, who I've yet to see anyone effectively rebut, that's the essential 30%. Note also that I don't demand or even ask that Israel take me in, or protect me. Why would I? Israel, and Zionists everywhere, endanger me and every other Jew, and endanger Judaism.), but because the Zionists assert that Israel, right or wrong, must be defended at all costs, because Jews need their own land. I'd have a harder time arguing against that if Israel was in fact protecting actual Jews. But apparently, most Israel so-called Jews are in fact "70% Jews." And for me, that makes them, effectively, "0% Jews." The Ten Commandments is a contract, not a menu. So I use this argument against those who claim they are 100% Jews, when they are only 70% Jews. Not good enough to make any demands based on Jewishness. One of the oft-cited horrors of the Holocaust was Rabbis forced to piss on a Torah. Yet the majority of Israeli Jews, without any hesitation, in fact with some glee, piss on the Ten Commandments. How does that stack up against worshipping a Golden Calf, in God's Eyes?

      This cartoon is anti-Semitic? Just the opposite. What's actually anti-Semitic, as in, a real danger to real Jews and real Judaism (Not the fake 70% kind.), is the policies of the Israeli Right, along with their aiders and abettors.

  • American Jews will 'divorce' Israel if it is at peace -- Foxman
    • Exactly the opposite, Mr. Foxman.

      American Jews are now divorcing Israel precisely because we are sick and tired of Israel not being at peace.

      You are a dangerous and delusional madman, Mr. Foxman.

  • Before there was 'fake news' there was Judith Miller
  • 'Friedman is a warm Jew' -- Israelis approve of Trump's ambassador nominee
  • Leading pro-Israel groups dare not criticize Trump lest they lose access to White House
    • Zionist thinking, in other words: "We must do whatever we have to do to defend Israel. But Jews? Well, Jews will just have to defend themselves."

  • I'm not worried about anti-Semitism
    • Amazing, Phil:

      You just made an argument why Jewish Americans are “safe” because they are now the Establishment.

      Did you happen to notice the recent elections? Voters on both ends of the political spectrum voted decidedly against the Establishment.

      And you just gave the old WASP aristocracy (Who, via the Koch Brothers, et al, are still very much pulling the strings.) an out, saying they are “not in power” anymore. So when the people who are trying to kick out the Establishment keep on kicking, whose butts are they going to see first (With a little help from Breitbart, the alt-Right, etc.)?

      In effect, Phil, your argument itself disproves your thesis.

      How far away is your argument from the rationalizations of German Jews in the 1930s? I see no daylight between them.

      I’m not happy to point any of this out.


      Robert Eller

  • After years of careless accusation, Dershowitz says anti-Semitism charges must be 'very careful'
  • Where do we go from here? Our thoughts & yours on the US election
    • Dear Mr. Horowitz:

      Unfortunately, because of recent events in my financial life, I can not contribute to Mondoweiss' work, much as I think it is important work, much as I value knowing of your work.

      But I do have a recommendation for how you might be more effective. I will state that recommendation here, now, and I will try to follow up with why I make this recommendation. I tried to write something that was close on to my argument for a Mondoweiss shift in strategy, in a comment to a recent Mondoweiss piece about Sheldon Adelson, but when I clicked on submit, the piece disappeared. Unfortunately, I did not copy the piece before I submitted it, and I lost it. The piece had "flowed" from me, and I didn't have the ability to re-create it.

      But my conclusion is this: While the plight of the Palestinians is indeed dire, and should be exposed, and the perpetrators exposed, I don't think the Palestinians summon the sympathy of your intended audience, beyond the choir you're unfortunately preaching to most of the time. Specifically, you don't hit the Zionist establishment for the crimes that they are committing against "their own."

      You are not articulating, at least not forcefully enough, not nearly focused enough, the destruction of Judaism, of Jews, and ultimately, of Israel, that Zionism's "greatest champions" are perpetrating, through their destruction of the Palestinians, their takeover of "Greater Israel," and now, their attacks on the First Amendment, and the U.S. Constitution, in their zeal to criminalize BDS.

      In short, go after the Zionists for destroying Judaism, Israel, and how they will ultimately and mortally endanger Jews themselves. Maybe that will wake up Jews, and whatever friends they might actually have. And make sure Jews are not comforted because Hillary won the popular vote.

      Zionist "champions" like Adelson are mimicking precisely the delusions of the rich German Jews of the 1930s. To say nothing of what "Orthodox Jews" Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are up to.

      At this point, Zionists are apparently banking on Ivanka being their modern Queen Esther, whispering in the King's ear about the dangers of Haman (Bannon, Pence, etc.). Good luck with that, Zionists.

      Focus on how Zionists are working to effect the final solution that the Nazis could only dream of. Focus on the "brilliance" of a people successfully brutalized for millennia because they were herded into ghettos, where they would be a neat, easier target. And then what is the brilliant solution, from the brilliant Zionists (We're Jews, aren't we? We're the smartest people on Earth! Look at our Nobel Prizes!), to the Holocaust? "Let's build ourselves the biggest ghetto ever, in the Muslim Middle East! And further, let's really piss off the neighbors, both inside and outside our giant fantastic ghetto, by emulating the Nazis! Brilliant!

      Go there, Mondoweiss, and stay there. You are trying to win by appealing to people's better natures. Screw that. It doesn't work as well as appealing to people's fears about their own destruction. Help Jews to see who their real enemies are.

      More to come, even though I said more than I intended to.



  • Challenging anti-Semitism and the Trump presidency
    • Stop focusing on the anti-Semitism of Trump and Bannon, and start focusing on the anti-Semitism of Zionist "champion" Sheldon Adelson, and "Orthodox Jews" Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump.

      We Jews are "really smart people." Except when the subject is being Jewish. And then, apparently, we are the stupidest people on Earth.

  • H to Jake to Malcolm to Maggie to Haim to Huma -- resetting the discourse on Israel in 6 easy steps
    • Where is Hillary on this issue? Where she's always been: With her tongue firmly wedged up Haim's tuches, and through Haim's tuches to Malcolm's tuches, and through Malcolme's tuches to Bibi's tuches.

      A cute little human centipede.

  • Calling someone a 'Zionist' is anti-Semitic and abusive, say British lawmakers
    • How did the U.S., Jews and Zionists once tolerate American Nazis marching through Skokie Illinois, the home once of many Holocaust survivors?

    • "Then we are stupid and we will die." - Pris, "Blade Runner"

      An appropriate response to watching idiot Zionists stoke real anti-semitism by abusing the free speech rights of citizens in democracies.

    • What fools these Zionists be. They will ultimately turn anti-Zionism into real anti-Semitism, by interfering with democratic societies like the U.S. and the U.K., and undermine Free Speech, and get citizens of democracies in trouble for exercising their Constitutional and legal rights.

      Zionists can pull that crap all they want in Israel, if they think they can get away with it.

      But if they continue to try to suppress Constitutional and legal rights of free expression is democracies like the U.S. and the U.K. they will bear the consequences of the blow back, with no one to blame but their stupid idiot selves. What a bunch of idiots Zionists are.

  • Jeffrey Goldberg should come with a warning label
    • You should replace your old, stock photo of the zaftik Goldberg with a newer photo of the now-svelt lizard Goldberg.

    • Goldberg does not support a two state solution. If he did, he would at least tolerate BDS. Goldberg's support for a two state solution is about as credible as Netanyahu's support for a two state solution.

      Goldberg and Netanyahu as just two zombie zionist psycho liars. When Israel destroys itself, and takes down much if not all of Judaism itself, and Jews are no longer safe anywhere. Goldberg will be standing there going, "How did I get this wrong?" I'll tell you how you get it wrong, Goldberg: You put butt-kissing-for-access-and-self-stroking -status uber alles.

      I'll bet President Obama reads what you're really about loud and clear, and plays you for the tool you are, Goldberg.

    • Why should Jeffrey Goldberg come with a warning label?

      "Jeffrey Goldberg" IS a warning label.

  • Security hired by pro-Israel group arrests questioner at Dennis Ross speech in Kansas City Public Library
    • So now Israel and Zionism are concerns of the U.S. government superior to the First Amendment rights of U.S. citizens.

      Money indeed has become speech. And speech has become a crime.

  • Dennis Ross tells American Jews, 'We need to be advocates for Israel' -- and not for Palestinians
    • "And while Ross said that American Jews ought to have a more vigorous debate of Israeli policies, many have gone too far in criticism of Israel. "

      Translation: American Jews can ask pre-approved questions. But don't have the rude audacity to ask for change.

      Now keep quiet, my little mushrooms. And keep those dollars coming!

  • Clintonites oppose 'occupation' mention in platform-- as Cornel West says party is 'beholden to AIPAC'
    • "More overt antisemitism at Mondoweiss."

      The most anti-semitic writer on Mondoweiss is you, hopmi. You and your fellow zombie Zionist psychos are doing everything you can to destroy Israel, Judaism, and make the world ever more dangerous for real Jews, with your sanctimonious snotty smarmy juvenile crap.

      The intelligent response to the Holocaust is not the facist Israeli regime, is not facist collective punishment of Palestinians for the "crime" being in a place you psychotically coveted, is not creating your own racist ghetto.

      You're the anti-semite here, hopmi. And you're too much of a brain-washed puppet to even realize it.

    • Former congressman Anthony Weiner wants the battle to end: he writes in yesterday’s Daily News that the Sanders forces should drop the Israel talk now, and Clinton “should not give an inch.”

      If anyone should not be telling others to "not give an inch," is Anthony Weiner.

  • Max Boot has perfect propaganda on murdering medic-- but Jeffrey Goldberg is silent
    • RobertHenryEller May 31, 2016 at 2:03 pm

      Max Boot's family name was shortened from Bootlick.

    • RobertHenryEller May 31, 2016 at 2:02 pm

      Jeffrey Goldberg's ultimate writing principle is to not screw up the opportunity to conduct the next pro-Zionist U.S. foreign policy interview with the next U.S. President, and to conduct and edit those interviews so as not to lose pride of place with any Israeli Prime Ministers.

      If Goldberg can find a way to serve his own professional interests by writing about the murdering medic, he will do so. Otherwise, Goldberg will simply pass.

  • Don't say the Z-word
    • RobertHenryEller May 11, 2016 at 11:29 am

      "Whilst Zionism does not represent all Jews, it seeks to create a monopoly upon the usage of the term ‘Zionist’, and its pundits are seeking to stifle debate about it."

      Zionists are also trying to monopolize the words "Jew" and "Jewish." They are often claiming that if one is not a Zionist, one cannot be a "real" Jew. Netanyahu simply assumes this, when he claims to speak for all Jews. He clearly means that Jews are all Zionists, inferring that anyone who claims to be Jewish but who is not a Zionist cannot be a Jew.

  • US Jews adopted 'deferential' relationship to Israel, and tabooed dissent so as to preserve US gov't support
    • Actually dissent among Jews, particularly Jewish Americans, is a good thing. Dissent allows the U.S. Government to approach policy on Israel and Palestine in a more productive way.

      If U.S. Government officials understand that many Jewish Americans want a real two state solution in Israel, the U.S. Government can negotiate more forcefully with the Israeli government.

      Ultimately this will be good for Jews everywhere, good to the U.S. and good for Jewish Americans.

      Suppressing dissent has actually made it more difficult for the U.S. to broker a two state solution, or any solution that will treat the Palestinians fairly, and save the Zionists from themselves.

  • Israel demands correction from Sanders: it killed only 532 Palestinian children in summer 2014
    • So how many times has Senator Sanders been referred to as a "self-hating Jew" by right-wing Zionists at this point?

      I wonder how dangerous right-wing Zionists think Sanders is to their cause.

      I wonder how many right-wing Zionists think Sanders is as potentially dangerous to Israel as they thought Yitzhak Rabin was.

  • Shocker: 'NYT' forum on anti-Zionism tilts toward equating Zionism with racism
    • I posted the following comment in response to Daniel Gordis' piece in this "debate:"

      [Begin comment]

      "Israel was created to ensure the safety and flourishing of the Jewish people. Rejecting it constitutes an assault on Jews."

      This is true. But too many Zionists are threatening that safety and flourishing.

      Anti-Zionism is not against the existence of Israel. Anti-Zionism is against the policies of occupation and apartheid. And don't tell us about Palestinian terrorists. You'd as soon entertain a critique of the Warsaw Ghetto fighters.

      Anti-Zionists include many Jews who are concerned about the fate of Israel as a Jewish State. They see Zionist policies as the greatest threat to that State. Jewish Israeli treatment of Arab Israelis and Palestinians is not congruent with the teachings of Rabbi Hillel. I don't care what Jewish rituals you practice. If you're not a good human, you're not a good Jew.

      Israeli Jews have always had a choice: They could erect their own ghetto, which seems to their choice (We know ghettos worked so well for Jews in Europe.). Or they could create a state where Arabs and Palestinians thrived as most Muslims do not throughout the Muslim world, making them the envy of that world.

      But most Zionists have chosen otherwise. I feel bad and angry about the treatment of Palestinians. But as a Jew, I truly hate and fear Zionism creates among non-Jews. Anti-Semitism is historically unreasonable. Zionism as practiced is making anti-Semitism seem less unreasonable.

      Treat Palestinians collectively, and don't complain when you are treated collectively.

      [End comment]

      I received a decent number of recommendations on the comment, which was encouraging. New York Times readers are ahead of the New York Times on this issue, but that is not unusual.

    • Zionism did not have to be racism. That Zionism is racism is a choice.

      The silence and suppression of criticism by the New York Times, on the other hand, is what I would call anti-Semitism. Because I believe the policies of the New York Times in fact do harm Jews and Judaism.

      If the New York Times actually cared about Jews and Judaism, they would rescue the facts and the truth.

      A friend just posted a Thomas Sowell quote on Facebook: "When you want to help others, you tell them the truth. When you want to help yourself, you tell others what they want to hear."

  • Sanders is in Jewish tradition that rejected exceptionalist nationalism of Zionism
    • RobertHenryEller April 4, 2016 at 8:53 am

      Sanders does not seem anti-Zionist, so much as anti-Netanyahu, anti-Likud, anti-AIPAC, anti-occupation, and anti-embargo.

  • As NY primary approaches, Clinton and Sanders separate, somewhat, on Israel
  • Liberal Zionists are losing control of US discourse, and they know it
    • Jews who believe that the teachings of Rabbi Hillel are intrinsic to being a Jew, regardless of whatever other rituals one does or does not attend to, are not going to feel a kinship to an Israel that does not govern itself by the teachings of Rabbi Hillel.

  • A 'Genius' approach for fixing New York Times pro-Israel bias
    • If one posts a Genius annotated web article to Facebook, can one's FB friends see the annotations as well, or do they have to get the Chrome extension or bookmarklet in order to see the annotations?

      Also, is there any indication, if one goes to some random article, that a previous reader of that article has annotated it with Genius?

    • RobertHenryEller April 1, 2016 at 8:10 am

      Apparently, the offices of the New York Times are also Occupied Territory.

  • Israelis don't exist
    • An Islamist is distinguished from a Muslim as being a Muslim who believe that both Mosque and State are governed by the Quran.

      Following this model, perhaps we have to create new words for most Jewish Israelis. Perhaps we should call Zionists "Jewists," or "Judaist," for Jews who believe both Synagogue and State should be governed by the Bible, by other Jewish sacred texts, and ultimately, by Rabbis who will be empowered to say what the law is.

      Just like the Imams and Ayatollahs in Islamist countries define the law, the lawful, and the law breakers.

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