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  • Isaac Herzog won't apologize for saying intermarriage is a 'plague'
    • “I’m a liberal in my political beliefs,” Herzog told Eisner. “It is not my role in life to be judgmental.”

      Liberal politicians are in my experience the most judgmental. Name-callers - "Fascist", "Racist", "Despicables", "Anti-semitic", "Self-haters", ad naseum... People who use epithets to stop all civil discussion by excluding the opposing ideas by denigrating those who hold them as beneath them and shouting them down before they can even listen.

  • The indefinite detention of Khalida Jarrar is more rule than exception
    • Indefinite detention drives home the fact that "the only democracy in the Middle East" is there by force and is really a military dictatorship and has always been that. Americans believe that Israel was established by UN charter. The reality on the ground and in blood and bones is that it was established by terrorist and military conquest. And it continues to be.

      Americans believe that the West Bank is just part of Israel and that Palestinians should just live with that as if it were a fact. They believe that Gaza is just a necessary reality because some Palestinians just will not submit to the rule of others and that makes them criminals, not citizens of the land that once was their home.

      Who made them believe these undemocratic and un-American ideas? Partisans of the Zionist entity in Palestine by means of their ownership of the media and politics in the US.

      And Talmudic Israelis believe that the carnage at the Gaza fence is necessary as a pagan sacrifice to Satan, a safeguard for the security of the Chosen. Such sacrifices will only increase as the world turns on them.

      The devil is a dictator and a slave-master and a liar and a murderer of souls. "You are of your father, the Devil", said Someone who knows.

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