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  • American Jewish visitor forced to sign loyalty oath in order to get tourist visa to Israel
    • "if Palestinians surpass Israelis in sheer population, Israel will become a literal apartheid state"

      It is not necessary for Palestinians to exceed Jews for the situation to qualify as apartheid. The essence of apartheid is having a set of different laws to apply to different racial groups.

      Apartheid in the palestinian territories exists right now. There is also racial discrimination with 40 different racist laws in pre67 Israel.

  • The Clinton scandals entailed violent threats against people who knew about his sex life
  • You're on a roll, Mr. President, so abstain from vetoing the Palestinian bid to the UN Security Council
    • Kay,

      More than junket trips. A promise to fund any opposition to your candidacy and ensure that the next election will be lost. Basically a hammer lock on Israel policy, and a guaranteed end to your political career if you stray.

  • Where is the antiwar movement?
    • “The beheadings are particularly impactful on people’s sense of outrage. "

      There were no beheadings. There was a poor Hollywood fake of a beheading which was disputed by the Royal college of surgeons as impossible.

      The royal college would surely be in a position to know.

  • Did Snowden blow the whistle because of the US special relationship with Israel?
  • Freed by Gaza, Spiegelman calls Israel out as a batterer
    • The Internet Reformation is shining light on the dark art of politics. How dare Cohen and Cohen say that light shouldnt be shined? For that matter, the Internet is also shining light on sex and real estate, too.

  • 'NO DISCUSSION of Gaza' -- new Zionist etiquette
    • I understand this completely, and this is now the policy in my parents family. There is information on the Web that cannot be discussed in face-to-face conversation. Whole new rules of etiquette need to be developed for the Internet Reformation which we are going through. I also think that the era of classified information is coming to an end, because a LOT of material just leaks on to the web.

  • Entitled ideology supporting 'incineration' of Gaza resonates with Nazi ideology -- Siegman
    • justice,

      lets not also forget that the blood of 20000 Japanese, who have nothing whatsoever to do with the Middle East, were killed by Israel in the 2011 Tsunami and sabotage of Fukushima. Mossad certainly thought that that was ok.

  • No justice, no peace -- in Gaza or Ferguson
  • Salaita’s stellar teaching record exposes political motivation behind his firing
    • From the perspective of the chancellor, her position has some merit. She really does have to be concerned about how a Jewish student might be threatened from the specific wording of his tweets. Which shows what a galactic fuck-up Zionism is! These issues are so powerful that they are beyond the range of university conversation. Thats what the internet is allowing, and why the internet is a Reformation of human consciousness.

  • 'Bombing the Dead' -- Max Blumenthal in Gaza
    • Jackdaw,

      Its not co-equal. Palestinians have arms and rocket launchers for a good reason, to defend themselves and harass Israel in the face of the Occupation. What, may I ask, is the reason to carve Stars of David in peoples furniture? How do you think that will affect people's perception of the religious symbol?

  • Man who saved Jewish boy in Holocaust acts to save Israel from 'racist... quagmire'
  • US branch of the Jewish 'family' owes the homeland 'unconditional love' -- Rosner
    • What is going on is totally at odds with what I learned in Hebrew school. Many of the news events upon which we base our emotions either didn't happen or had a different cause than the one stated (I'm talking here about false-flag terror). I haven't the vaguest idea of what to do with Zionism or Judaism.

      I'm stuck, so after consulting with people, I think that I'll just choose "love" as my religion. Just love your fellow man, and that's it.

  • Propaganda on Palestine: All-Knowing White Man & Angry Black Woman conjure good Jews and evil Arabs
  • 'One nation, one state, one leader' -- frightening slogan at Tel Aviv protest
    • Yonah,

      Elections are less than meets the eye. With the media and the education system indoctrinating people with a narrative and news stories that are not true, elections are safe for the power structure. Democracy is not just elections. The news upon which the voting is based needs to be true.

  • Israel shells another UN school-- and even the US is 'appalled'
  • Portrait of a Zionist
    • Henry,You're misunderstanding. John podhoretz is **responding to** john legend, who is tweeting about john Kerry grovelling before the Israelis. John podhoretz is the Zionist, john legend is not.

  • Claim that Hamas killed 3 teens is turning out to be the WMD of Gaza onslaught
  • Iraqis flee Mosul under threat from ISIS
    • Don't forget that ISIS is a CIA/Mossad entity. Don't fall into the trap of thinking that it's some kind of home-grown, truthful threat.

      This is 4th Generation Warfare, where insurgent groups are artificially created to get other groups to fight each other and accomplish US/Israel's geopolitical goals.

  • 'Are you a fucking leftist?' --Israeli fascists target anti-occupation activists in Tel Aviv
    • Seafoid,

      I'm intermarried (2007), and in the early years I took closer interest in Judaism because I was going to be the Jewish leader in the family. This led to a lot of internet exploration of what was going on, discovering Mondoweiss in 2010. I have uncovered an absolute ocean of lies, and I discovered that I was lied to in Hebrew school when I was growing up, about practically every issue. The internet is causing a Reformation, just like the Gutenberg Bible led to the Protestant Reformation.

      I have left Judaism permanently, and I now have a "don't talk about it" policy with my family, to reconnect with them and maintain the peace.

  • Dr. Ruth says she might shoot you if you don't support Israel
    • An addition point. She thinks that what she is saying is cute. Her self-image is one of a feisty old dame, kind of cute. She is speaking as she would from the 1960s thru 1990s. She also still reads mainstream media . She doesnt realize what the internet and Zionist behavior has done to utterly ruin that cute image.

    • I met her about 20 years ago in a diner on the Upper West Side. The world has changed and my politics and associations have changed totally in those past 20 years, but Dr. Ruth's have not. The best thing to do is understand that she is too old to change and phase her out of our association.

  • 9/11 museum is the Fifth Misuse of the tragedy
  • 'I felt this sting' -- activist describes being hit by rubber bullet fired by Israelis
    • Seafoid,

      You're so right. I've been reading anti-Zionist information now for 4 years, including Mondoweiss and Lawrence of Cyberia. My whole outlook has changed.

      I still had a sliver of room for Judaism, but when you realize that Zionism is the culmination of Judaism, and that Judaism has no power to rein in Zionism, the good name of Judaism is utterly wrecked.

      Personally, I don't know what to do with Judaism in my life. I'm looking elsewhere.

  • Snowden revealed a world of conspiracies I once would have scoffed at-- Bryan Burrough
    • Thank you for this, Pixel.

      I have turned 180 degrees on "conspiracy theory" and it has changed my life. We are entering an era where secrets are collapsing, and conspiracy is really the news. Internet makes it possible for someone's deep files on some issue to be a click away.
      I urge everyone reading to give up the taboo on "conspiracy theory", and just use good logic, reason and science to find the truth about all subjects.

  • When Anja Niedringhaus went to Gaza
    • I read the NY Times story and something doesnt smell right. I need to know more about the Afghan police commander who killed Anja and why he did it. Was he undercover Taliban? Story is missing information.

  • Pollard was in it for money, and sold so many dox Cap Weinberger wanted the death penalty
    • Donald,

      Maybe you should go to Veterans Today. They are really pissed about Israeli spying and consequent control of the political/military structure of the US.

  • Provocateur
    • While the tone of this piece is appreciated, Marc Ellis still holds on to some of the rhetorical claptrap of the Zionist narrative. He wrote, "It was a main instigator for the new Israeli historians and the subversive narrative of Israel’s origins which is now accepted around the world."

      History is a set of events which physically took place on this Earth. There is one and only one history of all people on Earth. A narrative is how the events are strung together to make a story.

      The ethnic cleansing of Palestine began in Dec 1947, and 250,000 Palestinians were ethnic cleansed before Independence was declared, on May 15, 1948. Those facts are unchangeable, forever etched in the historical record. An "alternative narrative" is not legitimate, it was a lie when it was offered by Zionist-controlled newspapers at the time, and forever after, will always be a lie.

      Ellis wrote "the subversive narrative of Israel's origins which is now accepted around the world". The New Historians are only "new" to Israelis. The Arab countries knew the truth all along. The rest of the world which was not under Zionist influence knew the truth all along. There is no "subverting", there is restoration of what is true.

      The entire reason for Mondoweiss is that the mainstream media does not report news about Israel/Palestine accurately, because it is Zionist-owned or -controlled. But that's not new, it encompasses the whole post-WWII era.

  • Ariel Sharon, whose political career was unhindered by civilian massacres, dies at 85
    • Maximus,

      I think that Fisk might well be right. I'm NOT coming from a Zionist perspective here. Israel has the full range of nuclear and thermonuclear weapons, and they aren't meant for Arab states specifically, because that's what the conventional military is for. The thermonuclear weapons can be used anywhere. I used to think that Israel was going to go the route of South Africa, but now I'm not so sure. Israel and Zionism is hooked in with central banking and international finance. South African apartheid ended when world elites decided that it was time to go. It was not central to their interests. Israel and Zionism, on the other hand, have unique religious and financial power. Zionism is about more than the state of Israel itself. It's a world religious/cultic movement which is attached to central banks and the monetary supply of major nations. Only this explains the lasting power of Zionism. It may seem that the Israel/Palestine situation is due for collapse, but if the world central banking wants otherwise, what are the forces that could bring it to collapse?

  • It’s time to put an end to Israel’s ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ nuclear policy
    • lysias,

      i think that the tritium would have to be in water, and if there was no standing water (which is the case) there would be no way to detect tritium. google "gordon duff israel nukes syria" to find gordon duff's additional articles. BTW, he mentions (he really insists) that syria destroyed an israeli dolphin submarine on may 2, and the nuke was in retaliation on may 5. while there is good solid evidence that the nuke went off, i don't know how to confirm the submarine story. not impossible, just not confirmed outside of and Gordon Duff.

    • lysias,

      Apparently the weapon is of a type called MRR, for minimum residual radiation. the radiation is all alpha particles, which are easily blocked by a sheet of paper, or a few feet of air. Syria will not admit to being nuked, because that would necessitate a response, and they dont want to escalate with Israel.

      Regarding the issue of it being a new non-nuclear technology, only nuclear reactions produce the kind of light intensity seen in the video. As Jim Stone explains, the pixels are saturated to 255 in red, green, and blue, or pure white. I totally agree with Jim Stone's conclusions on this issue.

      Israel is also well understood to have used a small nuclear device in the Bali nightclub bombing of 2002. please see . there are other likely nuclear weapon usages by Israel, that dont have as much documented evidence as these two cases.

    • Very important aspect of Israel's nuclear weapon program: it is assumed that the Israelis have never used them, and that they sit quietly "in the basement". That is not true.

      The Israelis were caught *in flagrante* using a nuclear weapon in their attack on Mt. Qasaioun, outside Damascus, on May 5 of this year.

      Please see . and also .

      The video, shot by a syrian in his car, goes from nighttime to pure white from left to right, in 1/20 of a second. the weapon exploded 4 km away from the observer. Only a nuclear weapon can do this.

  • When myths about Jews collide with Jewish reality
    • Message to Marc Ellis about Jewish "conspiracy theory": many have a lot of proof and justification. I won't give details here because I don't want to be filtered. I have changed my views almost 180 degrees on the issue of conspiracy in the past 2 years.

      Take a look at what I wrote 2 years ago on Mondoweiss at July 5, 2011 at 1:01 pm.

      The fact was, I hadn't read anything at the time and showed a usual physicists' skepticism of conspiracy theories.

      Zionist infiltration of the United States government and many other governments at the highest levels is an extraordinarily serious issue. Take a look at this ,

      where General Amos Yadlin openly states that "the Military Intelligence Division has established networks for collecting information in Tunisia, Libya and Morocco which are able to have a positive or negative influence on the political, economic and social scenes in the countries." That's straight from the General's mouth, it's no "conspiracy theory"!

      Regarding the United States, Veterans Today has confirmed that John Kerry genuinely believed that the Assad government had used chemical weapons because of bogus intelligence that was *falsely confirmed by a high level Israeli mole* in the national security apparatus.

      I feel sorry for your situation with your lectures, Marc, but truth is truth you need to adjust to the grim reality. Your audiences are not at fault.

  • Seymour Hersh says official story of bin Laden killing is 'one big lie, not one word is true'
  • Obama's greatest achievement-- blinking on Syria
    • I have to disagree with this, Phil. Your article assumes an "MSM" version of events, which is false . Try to recapture the spirit of TWA 800, where you saw that the Official Story was false.

      We know that Obama was against intervention about 6 months ago and was a thorn in Netanyahu's side. But the chemical weapons attack on Aug 21 was very strongly likely, with evidence and logically likely, to have been done by the rebels, NOT by the Assad government. Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia is implicated in arranging the false-flag attack.

      Given that Obama was so resistant in the past, we have to assume that Obama came under some kind of unbearable pressure, perhaps blackmail of some kind, perhaps pressure from international banks. Obama went from being resistant to being overtly eager for the attack.

      Then the loud and sharp response from the American public and from the vote in the UK. Obama decided that he had no choice politically but to put the question to a vote in Congress, he was courting extreme political danger. However, he insisted that he still had the right to attack, no matter what the Congress said. He is still four-square behind it, *even though he knows that the premise, the chemical weapon attack, is false*.

      John Kerry, BTW, used a phony photo of dead bodies to garner sympathy that was actually taken in Iraq in 2003.

      John Kerry committed an unscripted gaffe whereby he offered that an attack could be stopped if Syria turned over all their chemical weapons, but he said "it's never going to happen". Kerry had no authorization to make this offer, and the State Department tried to walk it back, saying that it was "rhetorical". Of course the Russians jumped on it, and the rest is history.

      It was this gaffe that derailed the attack on Syria, of course it is unknowable what would have happened if Kerry hadn't made it.

      The main point is that the elites (Israel Lobby, Netanyahu, international banks) who put unbearable pressure on Obama to attack have not gone away and they want their war. I think that we have a temporary respite before another provocation, such as another false-flag attack, before the elites achieve what they want, another war.

  • Feinstein says she talked to Sanger before Stuxnet story
    • It's a puzzler, lysius, but the Mossad is very arrogant. In 9/11, the Mossad left Hebrew hints and clues that they were behind it, presumably knowing that even if they were discovered, the Israeli operatives would still be released.

      One of the white vans that were apprehended by the NYPD had a mural of a plane diving into the twin towers, and in Hebrew the mural said, "Discover the pleasure of flying model airplanes."

      You would think that spies would be discreet and get the job done without the slightest reference to the source, but that's not the case with Mossad.

  • Passive-aggressive George Bush namechecks neocons for getting us into that mess
    • Krauss,

      Your comment is another reason why it needs to be spread far and wide that Bush and Tenet both wanted war with Iraq. It's why the discussion simply must include the understanding that 9/11 was a false flag inside job. They weren't "played", they were part of a script that was agreed to before the election. In addition, even if Gore was elected, the script would have played out similarly.

  • Michael Scheuer says Israeli lobby has tied American gov't down like Gulliver
    • Lobewyper,
      I say with conviction that Scheuer was a dupe at the CIA because it is apparent that Bin Laden was working for the CIA all the way until his death in mid December, 2001. The CIA chief of station in Dubai visited him in July, 2001 (source, Le Figaro, CBS NEWS).

      So if bin Laden is working for the CIA, and Michael Scheuer is trying to kill him but is forced to stand down 10 times over, we can deduce that Scheuer is unaware that bin Laden is actually working for the CIA, and is therefore a dupe. There is another possibility that he was aware, in which case what he has said is wall to wall disinformation.

      Very important question vis a vis Scheuer: why is he unaware that bin Laden died in Dec. 2001? That was after he left the agency. Dupe or disinformation.

    • Now that I've broken through on the issue of Osama Bin Laden being a CIA asset, and that he died in Dec. 2001, I need to reevaluate everything that I ever read on this. That includes Michael Scheuer, the "former head of the CIA's Bin Laden Unit". Is he a dupe or is he a disinformation agent?

      He said that while at the CIA, there were 10 attempts on Bin Laden, only to be told to stand down.

      I'm going to say that he was a dupe at the CIA, then a disinformation agent. After the bogus "killing" of Bin Laden last year, he is trying to subtly leak information like the above article, without being so explicit that he gets himself killed.

  • Bin Laden docs show that alleged Iran-Al Qaeda alliance is neocon hype
    • This article about Al Qaeda nibbles around the edges of a huge and shocking truth: Osama Bin Laden died in Dec. 2001 after having been visited by the CIA station chief in Dubai (Source: Le Figaro and CBS News). It is further apparent, from looking at circumstantial evidence and events, that *he never stopped working for the CIA*. Al Qaeda, as such, is a sham and a source of untraceable, unreportable, false-flag terror that maintains CIA and military budgets, and a war footing.

      Just as Mondoweiss is a life-changing blog-discussion, I have found another one: This is the blog of Christopher Bollyn, who has done a great deal of independent research and reporting regarding 9/11.

      A word to Dickerson3870: I rebutted you pretty strongly 9 months ago, regarding the Mossad and 9/11. After reading Bollyn's blog, I'm now convinced. You were right.

  • How to win friends and influence people -- to bomb Iran
    • Ha! I figured this out myself while looking at a map. Though, I thought that the secret airfield would be in Turkmenistan.

  • 'Washington Post' all but leaves out the fact that scientist caught in 'Mossad' sting is Jewish and Zionist
    • Stewart Nozette combines two big interests of mine, space and Israel/Palestine. Nozette was a scientist and project manager associated with the California Space Institute (UC San Diego) in the 1980s, while I was an undergraduate in physics and political science. We attended the space topics luncheon.

      Nozette was not deeply involved with Judaism at all. I didn't know the his father was passionately Zionist. What I do know is that Nozette was a passion.ate Zionist -- except that for him, Zion was the Moon! Specifically, the South Pole-Aitken Basin impact crater, where he helped to discover that there is a great deal of water ice (many billions of tons) in the soil. This water could be used to support a substantial human community. The human colonization is the similarity with Zionism.

      Nozette was a project manager for the DoD's Clementine spacecraft, which discovered evidence of ice on the lunar poles. A story about him: he had budgetary authority for the procurement contracts in the Clementine program. When the funding was authorized, there was a danger that if the political winds shifted, the money could be rescinded. Therefore, Nozette arranged for most of the funding, many tens of millions of dollars, to be spent on non-reversible contracts in just a few days. There would be no chance for a reversal of the decision to fund Clementine. The probe was very successful, discovering radar evidence of water in both poles.

      Alas, the brilliance also led to hubris and naivete.

  • The video that pushed Peter Beinart to speak out against the occupation
    • Mooser and Empiricon,

      Beinart is the norm, not the exception. Beinart is taking the same journey I did. If all of your news sources are Zionist-influenced, or "kosher", you simply will never learn what you have to learn, even if you are intellectually honest. That goes for Ha'aretz as well. You get information, not understanding.

      Without Mondoweiss and Lawrence of Cyberia, I would still be there myself. When I speak to my family about Mondoweiss, they still don't believe it, say that it has an "agenda", etc.

  • Einstein's crime
    • skhan,

      I think that, rather than looking for a book on Israel-Palestinian history that isn't really biased, look at books that tell the Palestinian story wholly, like the Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, and the Israeli story wholly. Each side has something to say.

      I think that it's the conclusion of the commenters on this site that the Palestinians have fundamental facts (photographs, deeds, verified quotes) as well as human rights justice on their side.

      Zionists have a powerful political desire and strong emotions from historical anti-Semitism and the Holocaust. Most importantly, they have extreme power in Western societies, technological, financial, political and media. They have used that power to change the image of the conflict in the minds of the Western world.

      Mondoweiss is about reversing that power and showing the Palestinian perspective to Western readers, with news, analysis, and links to verified information.

  • Wikileaks: Google caught in spy games on execs and 'regime change'
    • Thanks for the link. This sucks. I knew Stewart Nozette at the California Space Institute in La Jolla. Nice guy, passionate for space. He was instrumental in the "Clementine" spacecraft to detect water on the Moon.

      I guess that he was naive beyond imagining. The sentence is fair, I wish that he hadn't done it.

  • 'Daily Beast' ode to Livni makes no mention of Gaza assault
    • Walid,

      The concession that Israel could *define itself* as a Jewish state is not new.

      From Lawrence of Cyberia:
      "The PLO has already made clear that if Israel wishes to be known as a "Jewish state" in the same way that Iran is called an "Islamic Republic", i.e. in a strictly titular sense, they would have no objection to this (or rather, they wouldn't consider this any of their business at all). When foreign countries refer to "the Islamic Republic of Iran" they are simply using the name that that country chooses to be known by, not granting diplomatic approval to a particular religion, form of government or demographic balance within the country (none of which are suitable subjects for diplomatic recognition). In the same way, NATO countries during the Cold War might have referred to Warsaw Pact countries by the names that they chose for themselves, e.g the "German Democratic Republic", but in doing so they weren't commenting one way or another on whether they thought East Germany was really a democracy."

  • When victims retaliate: A response to Bradley Burston
    • Reut suggested delegitimization to mean the rejection of the right of the Jewish people to self-determination or of the State of Israel to exist.

      MK Haneen Zoabi shares with the Reut Institute the right of the Jewish people to self-determination:

      "The framework is to challenge Zionism. And only then, I would define the right of the Jews here. And the right of the Jews is not for a state of their own. **It is a right for self-determination here – not as a state, but rather within a state for all its citizens.** And then this state gives Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs collective rights. Or, it can be a bi-national state.

  • The myth of Israel's favorable treatment of Palestinian Christians
  • Israeli right wing's vision for West Bank annexation (to 'pull the rug out from under apartheid accusation')
    • I would agree to it.

      Oleg, I live in California and I'm white. Whites (non-Hispanic) are 40% of the California population. Let me assure you that life is OK as a white person in California. My president is half-Black. After some curiosity for a few months or so, people just don't talk much about the fact that he is Black, just about his politics or personality. After all, the fact that he is Black, how much is there to say about it? It gets boring for everyone after awhile.

      Regarding voting rights and Citizenship, I don't have to like or have kinship with my fellow citizens. Everyone needs to be able to vote and have equal protection under the law. Government and courts and businesses must work impartially. But liking or loving groups other than my own is not required.

      The same is true with Israel/Palestine. What you should care about is the *way that Palestinians vote* on economic issues, religious tolerance issues, modesty issues, etc. etc. That's only what matters to you. The ballot itself, not the color of the hand that deposits it in the box.

      You may find that the voting patterns of Palestinians would change life less than you think. Maybe less than the immigrants that have already come to Israel.

    • Annie,

      I accept all of your points, and it was really just a manner of speaking, regarding liberal American Jews, etc. Of course all Americans matter. The essence of my question is: will the anti-Israeli Apartheid movement ever be able to gain steam in the Western Democracies if this plan is implemented?

      Additionally, you mentioned in the previous post that Area C has 150,000 Palestinians, not 50,000, and we don't know the reason for that discrepancy. They probably intend to ethnic cleanse the other 100,000. But let's say, for the sake of argument, that they admit all 150,000 Palestinians as citizens.

      But the question here I'm asking is sweeping, and it's also admittedly vulgar realpolitik.

      Only the violation of American democratic values, codified into law and sustained as a self-perpetuating system, can conceivably drive Western Democracies to bring down Apartheid in Israel/Palestine. If the Area C plan makes for a life that is not abhorrent to Palestinians, it's going to be hard to make this into a mass movement.

      Where I'm going with this is that the Palestinian's future is being shaped for them right now, by this Area C plan. If they don't want their life to look that way, they need to adopt a Bi-National State plan, with details, very very shortly. It should look proper to the Western Democracies, like the Freedom Charter of the ANC.

      I brought this up in mid-January in response to the commenter Kalithea, and Hostage responded with this link. . This worried me a lot because it is still promoting a two-state solution at this late date. Palestinians need to get off the pot about this. If they're still spending their political energy on the two-state solution, all they are going to get is Naftali Bennet's Area C plan.

      Ali Abunimah, in "One Country" wrote about the need for a revolution in attitudes in the Palestinians to accept One State, in spite of the misery heaped on them by Zionists. That revolution better take place pronto.

    • The perspective in which I'm offering my question is not legality. Even the Likud promoter, Naftali Bennet, admits that "the world will not accept it", because it's not legal.

      I'm offering my questions in the spirit of realpolitik. Take John Mearsheimer's talk "The Future of Palestine".

      His key point: "This situation, however, is unsustainable over time. Once it is widely recognized that the two-state solution is dead and Greater Israel is a reality, the righteous Jews will have two choices: support apartheid or work to help create a democratic bi-national state. I believe that almost all of them will opt for the latter option, in large part because of their deep-seated commitment to liberal values, which renders any apartheid state ** abhorrent ** to them. "

      The key word here is **abhorrent**. My question: If this Area C enclave system is implemented, will most liberal American Jews find it **abhorrent**, or acceptable, especially when compared directly with the Indian Reservation system in the US?

      When you examine the life of the individual West Bank Palestinian, including rights, self-government, freedom of movement, etc, will most American Jews find it abhorrent?

      Again, I'm offering this in the form of a question, without an answer, because I don't know the answer.

    • As I responded to Annie's first post on this, this is an *extremely* important topic, because it does have the potential to neutralize the Apartheid issue in the West Bank. In my view, the Apartheid issue is the killer issue, that has the power to de-legitimize Zionism.

      Some open questions to the Mondoweiss community:

      By addressing the key points of Apartheid, including voting and citizenship rights within a contiguous space, and unfettered transportation rights (public, not private) between the Palestinian enclaves, will it take the steam out of the anti-Israeli Apartheid movement?

      The Palestinian formal diplomatic position, and Palestinian public opinion, *still* is not yet behind One State. If that transformation doesn't happen very quickly, won't that be tacit acceptance of this annexation plan?

      This plan shares some (not all) aspects in common with American Indian reservations. The key difference being that American Indians all have US Citizenship and enjoy those rights, while Palestinians in these enclaves do not. American Indians who don't want to live on the reservation just mingle in with the rest of the United States.

      However, if they don't change their position in favor of One State, and quickly, then Israel could seek a solution where the enclaves have a relationship with Jordan, and Palestinians who don't want to live in the enclave system will just mingle in with Jordan.

  • Israel Firster
    • Kathleen,

      Just a quick response to Hillary Mann Leverett's comments. They don't seem to make sense to me. While I have the utmost admiration for the Leverett's knowledge and ability to close-read the news and communiques, I think that Hillary may be over-interpreting this.

      Obama and the US Military know that it's truly not in our best interest to attack Iran. The nub of Hillary's point is that if Iran *doesn't change it's course*, that is, if it continues to do what it's doing now, then an attack might be down the road, perhaps after the election.

      BUT, it still wont be in our best interest then either! So put me down for Obama factoring in a plan to weasel out of his "commitment" to Netanyahu after the election, and coming up with another good reason not to bomb Iran. I would suspect that Obama would inform the Iranians of that, too. Just stay enriching uranium within the terms of the NPT, and we won't bomb. If there is an attempt at illegality, then we (might) bomb.

  • Hasbarapocalypse at Ynet: 'Zionism will only cease being demonized when the West stops demonizing colonialism'
    • TomAmitaiUSA,

      I'm glad that you posted that Monty Python YouTube. That scene "What have the Romans ever done for Us?" stand out as a comedic warning to the Left, who usually bicker and quibble amongst themselves so much that they are ineffective.

      This is the key quote from the Wikipedia article.

      Political satire

      The film pokes fun at revolutionary groups and 1970s British left-wing politics. "What the film does do is place modern stereotypes in a historical setting, which enables it to indulge in a number of sharp digs, particularly at trade unionists and guerilla organisations".[24] The groups in the film all oppose the Roman occupation of Judea, but fall into the familiar pattern of intense competition among factions that appears, to an outsider, to be over ideological distinctions so small as to be invisible; "ideological purity", as Cleese once described it. Michael Palin says that the various separatist movements were modelled on "modern resistance groups, all with obscure acronyms which they can never remember and their conflicting agendas".[25]
      The People's Front of Judea, composed of the Pythons' characters, harangue their "rivals" with cries of "splitters" and stand vehemently opposed to the Judean People's Front, the Judean Popular People's Front, the Campaign for a Free Galilee, and the Popular Front of Judea (the last composed of a single old man, mocking the size of real revolutionary Trotskyist factions). The infighting among revolutionary organisations is demonstrated most dramatically when the PFJ attempts to kidnap Pontius Pilate's wife, but encounters agents of the Campaign for a Free Galilee, and the two factions begin a violent brawl over which of them conceived of the plan first. When Brian exhorts them to cease their fighting to struggle "against the common enemy," the revolutionaries stop and cry in unison, "the Judean People's Front!" However, they soon resume their fighting and, with two Roman legionnaires watching bemusedly, continue until Brian is left the only survivor, at which point he is captured.
      Other scenes have the freedom fighters wasting time in debate, with one of the debated items being that they should not waste their time debating so much. There is also a famous scene in which Reg gives a revolutionary speech asking, "What have the Romans ever done for us?" at which point the listeners outline all forms of positive aspects of the Roman occupation such as sanitation, medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, a fresh water system, public health and peace, followed by "what have the Romans ever done for us except sanitation, medicine, education...". Python biographer George Perry notes, "The People's Liberation Front of Judea conducts its meetings as though they have been convened by a group of shop stewards".[26]

  • 'We are you and you are us,' Netanyahu says-- but Obama thumbs him with talk of Palestinians and diplomacy
  • How Tony Judt broke with exclusivist ideology
    • Newclench,

      I agree with the tenor of what you have written here. As the conversation moves towards a bi-national state, a *great deal* of attention needs to be paid to the "bi-" in "bi-national". What will Jewish life look like, on a day to day basis, in Israel/Palestine?

      That's a critical question in bringing this to fruition.

  • Crawfish, gumbo, and the truth
  • Robert Wright says Palestinians have lacked political rights, including the vote, for 45 years
  • Look over there! All eyes on Iran as Israel quietly devours Area C
    • Annie,

      This article, and the link to Danny Danon's bill to annex Area C, deserves *much* more importance.

      If the Israelis are successful in neutralizing Apartheid as a political issue in the United States and Europe, then they have won, for all intents and purposes. It's only Apartheid vs. Democracy that has the power to overcome Zionism. If voting and citizenship rights are maintained in a contiguous space, then the case for Apartheid will be greatly diminished.

      I think that the danger of this annexation should compel the Palestinians to get behind a One-State Solution, together with greatly enlarging BDS, immediately.

  • Norman Finkelstein slams the BDS movement calling it 'a cult'
    • "The full right of return means the end of Israel, period. End of its flag, end of Hebrew, end of sovereignty in every way that is possible for Israel and Israelis."

      Why? A binational state would have two flags, Israeli and Palestinian. End of Hebrew? You would un-Hebrew 5.5 million Jews, 44% of the new population? How?? You wouldnt. Hebrew would go on. Jewish life would go on.

      End of Sovereignty? You're showing a real lack of faith in Jewish power and ingenuity that Jews would not have any power in a bi-national state.

  • Musings on Post-Apartheid Israel
    • tree,

      Very glad you brought up the Shakers, because they serve as an extreme example of beliefs and habits that perpetuate the global Jewish demographic problem .

      General discouragement and/or ban on prostelyzation.
      Purely matrilineal descent.
      Great challenges to conversion to Judaism.

      Jews aren't as far out as the Shakers, but they are *half-way* to being as far out as the Shakers, and this creates the problems.

      It's also fair to say that Judaism isnt truly global, in the sense that Protestantism and Catholicism, and Islam are. If Ashkenazi Jews don't feel comfortable with other racial groups, in terms of conversion, , then how can Judaism be global?

    • Sylvia,

      Thank you for this article, it touches upon questions that I've been asking for nearly two years now, since I fully understood the Apartheid situation.

      You asked about reading this and finding a basic analytical error. I find a lot that I agree with, including that income inequality will continue in a post-apartheid Israel/Palestine.

      I don't agree with using arguments about global warming and CO2 as having a bearing on the JNF forests and resettlement. Global warming is a global, broad, fuzzy, indistinct, messy, and long-term issue that tends to get trumped by pressing economic needs. If there is a breakthrough in the political climate to resettle Palestinians, I think that global warming will take a back seat and that those forests will be fair game.

      The returning refugees themselves will be a potent labor force to built houses, communities, and create settlement. A final point, is that technology has greatly lowered the cost of education for *motivated* students. The return of the refugees to Israel/Palestine will be a dramatic, deeply moving event that will create an atmosphere of very high motivation to build the new post-apartheid state.

  • 'Commentary' covers its eyes and makes Palestinians disappear
  • Live tweeting from the Penn BDS conference
    • Excellent, Robert. Also try to read the blog, and go over the historical essays on the left hand side. You will see that the sources are most often Israeli media. Little by little, the Palestinian story will be explained in a convincing way.

  • 'Corporate Watch' publishes guide on targeting Israeli apartheid
    • Winnica,

      The answer to your question is in how social/political movements operate. The Israel Lobby power is there principly because the issue of extreme injustice to the Palestinians is not on Americans radar, and is even a low priority in Europe. Mondoweiss is a resource for clearly explaining the issue to people who otherwise would not know what is going on, due to hasbara or outright ignorance. The Palestinian story is slowly breaking into the mainstream, including amongst Jews, and will reach critical mass in the years to come.

    • Winnica,

      Israel's National Water Carrier originates in the Golan, which is one of the main reasons for its capture. The aquifer for the settlements runs under Maale Adumim, which is why the settlement was built there.

      Here is a map.

      And this article explains it.

      Take a look at the chart showing the ratios of Israeli water usage to Palestinian water usage. It is 10-1 to 50-1.

  • A regular commenter on this site seeks a more temperate comment board
    • Hostage,

      I learned something here, I read the article, but to sharpen my point:

      As long as there is a division of opinion about what the new non-Zionist arrangement will look like, Israel and its allies will be able to play one side off against the other and prevent movement on the issue. The non-Zionist proposals need to settle out to something people in the world's democracies can comprehend and rally around.

      *The number of States really didn’t have anything to do with the Anti-Apartheid struggle in South Africa and Namibia.*

      Really?? How are equal rights laws, and a non-racist political agenda, supposed to be enforced without political representation and representation in the courts? And how can that happen without voting rights and citizenship in a common State?

    • Kalithea,

      I sympathize with the pain that you feel, but this last part is important enough to call out and ask you about:

      "And Palestinians are going to decide whether they want a ONE-STATE SOLUTION? Reeeally? On what planet? Should I laugh or cry at the absurdity of this pretense?"

      Kalithea, MW has educated me and a great many American Jews regarding Apartheid in Israel/Palestine so that it's crystal clear what DANGER the Zionist state is in. Apartheid is a political nuclear bomb or super-gun that destroys regimes.

      BUT, Kalithea, the Palestinians need to pull the trigger! They need to present a formal, one-state proposal that is the new official position of the PLO, with their diplomatic efforts working accordingly.

      If, for some reason, we find ourselves 50 years from now and the Palestinians are still talking about two states, and are unable to pull the trigger on the One-State gun, then yes, the Palestinians might well be doomed to live in Bantustans.

      It's my opinion that we are still living in the pre-history of the conflict. The Israel/Palestine anti-Apartheid battle can't really begin until that Palestinian proposal is on the table. And that proposal should look like a deal for equal rights for all religions and ethnic groups, like the Freedom Charter of the ANC. As the wronged party, it's for Palestinians to do that. Liberal Jews who sympathize with their position aren't in much position to do anything without that One-State proposal.

    • Winneca,

      Where does the Mondoweiss style come from? It comes from the observation that there is an oppressor and an oppressed, an occupier and the occupied. There weren't two equal sides to Apartheid in South Africa, and there weren't two equal sides to racial segregation in the South.

      The brutality of Zionism has lasted as long as it has by being able to blur out moral distinctions, and blurring out cause-and-effect in the Israel-Palestine conflict, so that strong opinions don't form. Mondoweiss, Lawrence of Cyberia (Diane Mason) as well as journalists like Jonathan Cook, put the cause-and-effect back in order again.

      My own experience once again: I read Haaretz from 2000 to the present, and I got lots of information, but still a lot of mystery. It was a mist of information. It was only Mondoweiss, Jonathan Cook, Diane Mason who clarified the mystery, and the result is heady. It was a pop! pop! pop! sensation, where the particles of information mist aligned themselves so a lot got explained all at once. Many epiphanies all at once.

      Take a look at Jonathan Cook's explanation of his reporting, for example:

      Why my reporting is different
      I have chosen to position myself in the region in two ways - one professional, the other geographical - that distinguish me from colleagues. This approach gives me greater freedom to reflect on the true nature of the conflict and *provides me with fresh insight into its root causes.*

      Professionally, I am one of the few journalists regularly writing about the region who work as an independent freelancer. I choose the issues I wish to cover, so I am not constrained by the ‘treadmill’ of the mainstream media, which require an endless flow of instant copy and analysis. I am also not tied to the mainstream agenda, which gives *disproportionate coverage to the concerns of the powerful*, in this case the Israeli and American positions - in the US media to a degree that makes much of their Israel/Palestine reporting implausible. I also rarely accept commissions, restricting myself to topics that I consider to be the most revealing about the conflict.

      Geographically, I am the first foreign correspondent to be based in the Israeli Arab city of Nazareth, in the Galilee. Most reporters covering the conflict live in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, with a handful of specialists based in the West Bank city of Ramallah. The range of stories readily available to reporters in these locations reinforces the assumption among editors back home that the conflict can only be understood in terms of the events that followed the West Bank and Gaza’s occupation in 1967. This has encouraged *the media to give far too much weight to Israeli concerns about ‘security’ - a catch-all that offers Israel special dispensation to ignore its duties to the Palestinians under international law.*

      Many topics central to the dispute between Israelis and Palestinians, including the plight of the refugees and the continuing *dispossession of Palestinians living as Israeli citizens, do not register on most reporters’ radars.*

      From Nazareth, the capital of the Palestinian minority in Israel, things look very different. There are striking, and disturbing, similarities between the experiences of Palestinians inside Israel and those inside the West Bank and Gaza. All have faced Zionism's appetite for territory and domination, as well as repeated attempts at ethnic cleansing. These unifying themes suggest that the conflict is less about the specific circumstances thrown up by the 1967 war and more about the central tenets of Zionism as expressed in the war of 1948 that founded Israel and the war of 1967 that breathed new life into its settler colonial agenda.

    • Cliff,

      There is a role for the repetition in the Mondoweiss style. I happened to join in March 2010, and the repeated style of MW is what convinces you over time. I was a liberal Zionist, from my family, the other side was never explained to me. I investigated the Palestinian situation together with the growth of the Internet, starting in 2000. I learned some shocking things, but they didn't have staying power. My family easily turned it back with the hasbara arguments that they had learned, and I didn't know any better. The MW style of repetition, with continual debunking of hasbara arguments, led to a lot of education and movement on the issue.

      Here's the deal: There are people joining this argument late, like now, and in the future. There is an ongoing need to keep explaining the situation so that it doesnt get rolled back by the prevailing winds.

    • I think that Mondoweiss is a unique resource, especially in the United States, for it's articles and comments. The Supreme Court, in the case The New York Times vs. Sullivan (1964), regarding libel law, wrote that "debate on public issues should be uninhibited, robust, and wide-open". The same spirit exists at Mondoweiss.

      There is enormous, just enormous value in this new world of blogs, where the reader is treated as an adult to be your own editor. Mondoweiss is not gospel truth, every word true, but the overall thrust of all the articles points readers, particularly Americans, in a direction that never would have been heard without it. It's mostly true, with occasional errors or exaggerations.

  • 'NYT' Travel section features visit to another planet
    • Winnica,
      This is a website that brings out the ugliness of the occupation and the reality of Apartheid to an audience that is numbed-out by Hasbara and the mainstream media. It's immensely important for that reason.

      Anecdotes like the one you mention only serve to smear out and blur the reality of the occupation.

      In any I-P discussion, if the discussion ends with "there's wrong on both sides", or "it sure is a complicated situation in the Middle East", then Israel has essentially won. Serious injustice will continue. Most importantly, war will continue, 9-11's will continue, because we are unable to address the causes, due to our critical faculties being blinded by propaganda.

  • Arendt: Born in conflict, Israel will degenerate into Sparta, and American Jews will need to back away
    • Krauss,

      I, also, have the willies at trusting PressTV, because it's Iranian TV. I think that in the final analysis, however, the content is OK. Ray McGovern and Philip Giraldi are not stooges.

  • Pro-Israel blogger's call for killing Palestinians earns rebuke from Wash Post ombudsman, clap on back from editorial editor
  • Threatening letter to Obama on chilling Turkey is signed by 7 Jewish House members, says Peace Now
    • Krauss,

      "The conclusion is that reality is complex and not a white/black fairytale of good vs evil."

      The essential point is that the world accepts democracies and the world accepts dictatorships, but Apartheid, the half-democracy based on race or religious differences, is the most unstable and explosive form of government of all.

      Apartheid really IS black and white (I didnt mean the pun). There are no two sides to it. When other Arabs talk to Palestinians in Arabic, Palestinians tell the story about being on the wrong end of an Apartheid regime, and the stories enrage other Arabs. This is the genesis of war.

      Mondoweiss is a news stream that gives insight in English to the anger and war-generating feelings caused by Israeli Apartheid. After a while, you discover that Zionism really is first cause in the modern historical record for a great deal of the conflict in the Middle East and throughout the world. Fighting between the nations immediately bordering Israel eventually settles out. The Apartheid of Israel/Palestine continues to generate anger every day, even when there is nothing in particular going on in the American or Israeli news.

  • JTA wonders why 'Jewish influence' is so 'pervasive' in our politics
    • eee,

      This post at least addresses some economic issues about integration of Israel and Palestine. You ask about schools and hospitals and so forth. Water would come from great use of desalinization. The labor for all of this building would fall heavily on Palestinians (perhaps imported Chinese and other Asians as well?) . Financing would come from major Western powers, Japan, China, etc. Educated Palestinians would be the primary workforce to teach less-educated Palestinians. All it takes is cash. That is a truly worthy goal for Arab and Jewish investment and philanthropy.

      The value of solving the Israel-Palestine conflict is that enormous. Business loves stability, and there are huge benefits to not having to worry about constant wars.

  • Jennifer Rubin's fast track to intolerance
  • Americans who support Palestinian cause must be willing to lose friends
    • Olive,

      I noticed that myself, dont have an explanation. Eleven years ago, on a business trip, I had dinner with an older American couple on the Olympic Peninsula where the husband was a doctor for the Saudi royal family. He told me about the Palestinians being cheated out of their land, and at the time, I thought that it was the height of anti-Semitism, but kept my mouth shut because it was was business trip.

      I didn't know that years later, I would come to understand this.

  • Burg, former Knesset speaker, endorses idea of one state from river to sea
    • DBG, i think that that is just for brevity, but I'm sure that he means the descendants of the refugees in the camps, too. I did the math for an article a few months ago, and most refugees are within the West Bank and Gaza. The refugees in Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan are under a few hundred thousand. The Jewish percentage after full integration of everything is 44%.

      As an American Jew and a supporter of the Jewish community in Israel/Palestine, but not political Zionism, I support using the full weight of (non-violent) economic and political pressure and influence to maintain Jewish rights and safety in the integrated state. The Prime Minister would probably be a Muslim Palestinian, but he would be under (non-violent) political and economic pressure as a check against tyranny against Jews.

      The IDF would stay in the future integrated state, but with a decidedly different doctrine and orders than they have now.

      Obviously, it would be a huge national project to educate, invest, and develop the refugees and to support them where necessary. That means politics as a whole would move to the left.

  • The Jewish-Palestinian book of life
    • Eee,
      This blog is an act of tikkun olam, yes, over events 1000 miles away, because it confronts and educates readers and guides them away from the moral merry go round which is political zionism. Americans would simply never know and this blog is a unique resource.

  • Mourning the Jewish New Year
    • DBG, Annie, Shingo,

      Ahhhh, Jewish decency and goodwill. What a relief! Shanah Tovah.

    • DBG

      I agree with Marc on this. MondoWeiss and the non-Zionist blogosphere has upended the Jewish world for me. If we don't talk about these issues during the High Holidays, and Passover, for that matter, then what is the point of these holidays?

      A Jewish state has fundamental, mathematical problems (the problem: how can you create a Jewish, democratic state in a region that is overwhelmingly not Jewish?) . The problem is as serious as the mathematical problem that the Titanic had with bouyancy.

      Jews need to face this issue one way or another, and it's appropriate to discuss this on the High Holidays.

    • Seafoid and Hophmi,

      I think that rather than talk about annihilationism, we should focus on the "bi-" nature of the "bi-national state". A lot of attention needs to be paid to Jewish security, both physical and financial, in a future bi-national state. Harping on the destruction of Israel just does Israel's work for it.

      I live in California and work with Mexican-Americans all the time. Every day. California is now a majority-minority state. Has California been destroyed? NO! Will the future bi-national state of Israel-Palestine be the "destruction" of Israel? NO! Jews will still live, form vibrant communities, Hebrew will still be spoken, and Jewish rights will be protected. And ensuring that is a worthy use of American Jewish power, not what is going on right now.

  • Knesset to vote on full Israeli annexation of the West Bank
    • If it includes the Jordan Valley, then it will create internal Palestinian countries, or Bantustans. This will be recognized as such by the world and the response to this will be the same as for South Africa. The communication and visuals are vastly better now compared to the fight against Apartheid in the 1980's. Lots of youtube video, eyewitness testimony, etc. BDS and other pressure will build on Israel. It's going to be really unpleasant.

    • Eva,

      Just don't boil my lance.


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