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I live in Australia and I am passionate about human rights. I am a community development officer with local government and I support two states for two people living side by side in peace. I am for non violent support of an independent Palestine, My 19 year old daughter is taking a International Studies degree and the occupation motivated her to study in the hopes of assisting change. I enjoy reading the Mondoweiss Newletter.


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  • The unwarranted presumption of Israeli soldier innocence in the killing of Palestinian medic Razan al-Najjar
    • I have no idea what the difference is between the Israeli shooter who killed her and a premeditated murder. The shooter is highly trained,under no threat and deliberately pulled the trigger aiming for the chest knowing this would kill her. The fact these soldiers appear to have no conscience is in itself a tragedy partially because it echoes the Nazis treatment of Jews because the Nazis to had no conscience.
      Europe, USA, Australia, Britain and Canada continue to approve of Israel's actions by continuing to provide diplomatic cover and must also share some responsibility.

  • Israel detains Palestinian teen with severe head injury, again
    • Calling Palestinians terrorists enables Israelis too trample on their conscience and so justify the most discusting and aborhant behaviour. When human beings loose their conscience and their moral compass behaviour that would sicken most people becomes completely accepted as normal behaviour. The constant message inferred by Israel's government is that Palestinians are subhuman and less than animals so the army and government are free to do whatever they want to any Palestinian at any time. If Israel's behaviour is particularly disgusting then they label the victim as a member of Hamas as the ultimate justification.

  • Nikki Haley blames Iran, Hamas for deaths of Palestinian protesters, as UN officials call to investigate Israel
    • Nikki Haley is reported to have her sights set on running for president so of course she is laying the groundwork to attract wealthy Jewish donars read Addelson. The money she receives will be blood money earned by publicly blaming Palestinians for Israel's slaughter of unarmed civilians but hey what's new people have sold their souls throughout history in return for a shot at power and Haley's just another willing to do the same.

  • By wrecking Iran deal, Trump politicized Israel
    • Trump and Netanyahu both govern by sowing fear and hate. When Trump first spoke out about the Iran deal the only thing he knew was that it was Obama's signature foreign policy accomplishment therefore it had to be scrapped and now he has succeeded in destroying Obama's legacy and like Netanyahu also an Obama hater he couldn't care less about the consequences.
      Israel is on a path of self destruction as no society built on violence and hate have ever survived. No one foresaw the collapse of the USSR or the rise of China.
      Throughout history Jewish people have suffered and when history is written people will point at Netanyahu as the man who made sure the suffering continues.
      As for Trump he has totally destroyed America's credibility and it will take a generation for this too return
      Finally there is not a snowball in hell's chance that North Korea will give up it's nukes.
      Trump and Netanyahu will learn the meaning of the Chinese proverb which says" when you dig a grave for your enemy dig another for yourself."

  • Video: 'If you keep waving the stick, we will shoot you'
  • The remarkable disappearing act of Israel's car-bombing campaign in Lebanon or: What we (do not) talk about when we talk about 'terrorism'
    • The main reason Trump want's to tear up the Iran nuclear deal is because it's an Obama achievement. When he originally promised to rip it up he had no Idea what it was about only that he wanted to destroy anything obama.and this along with Obamacare were top of his list.

  • Another distorted 'NY Times' report on Gaza focuses on 'blazing kites' instead of Israeli snipers
    • The New York times is the mouthpiece of Israel they both want to talk about anything other than Israel's brutal occupation of 5 million people. Thy hype the Iran threat, they bomb Syria, focus on Abbas's comments, absolutely anything that will detract from the occupation. Iran's human rights record is squeaky clean compared to Israel's. I know of no other country that has 2 million people locked up in a concentration camp and yet despite this the NYT still pushes the "Israel is the victim"narrative

  • On sixth Friday of Gaza protests, Israeli snipers shoot 70, but kill none
    • More high fives after shooting 70 unarmed civilians with some probably injured for life then pats on the back and beers all round. I'm sure the IDF officers heaped praise on the snipers for a job well done. How these so called soldiers can live with themselves is beyond me. There was an interview with a World War2 vet recently and he talked about kiling a German 75 years ago and he cried over the memory and that is a real soldier!!

  • Palestinian group challenges Schumer to visit Gaza and call for end to blockade
    • Of course Schumer won't go for the same reason the NYT won't send a reporter because when the Gaza concentration camp finally ends and Israel leaders are charged with crime's against humanity then they can both plead ignorance in the same way German citizens did when the Nazis were defeated. Ignorance is a wonderfully convenient excuse.

  • Netanyahu's cheap theatrics fall flat, but alas, he has an audience of one -- Trump
    • In 2002 in front of Congress Netanyahu lies that Iraq's non existent nuclear weapons program was so advanced they had centrifuges the size of washing machines, also in 1996 addressing a joint session of Congress Netanyahu said Iran was extremely close to having a nuclear weapon and we mustn't forget his UN cartoon show because then Iran was months away from the bomb so no wonder on 11 November 2011 on an open microphone Nicolas Sarkosy then French President said to Obama, Netanyahu lies and Obama replied tell me l have to deal with him every day. He's a disgrace to Israel.

  • Adi Shosberger called Israeli soldiers ‘terrorists’ -- and Israel has turned on her
    • I see your knowledge of geography is similar to your understanding of the occupation. I'm Canadian,and yes Australia's treatment of its Aboriginal citizens is appalling and totally unacceptable which is why Australia is able to support the occupation at every opportunity and why it's prime minister told Netanyahu that the two countries share the same values.

    • I'm not Australian and l totally disagree with the treatment of Australian Aboriginals both in the present day and throughout history however this has nothing to do with my commentary.The imprisonment of 2million people in Gaza who are used as both target practice by snipers and and weapons testing guinea pigs whenever Israel decides to mow the lawn, this is terrorism.

    • The steady march of Israel towards becoming an ultra extremist society which spews violent vitreol towards anyone who disagrees with it seems unstoppable. The rise of Nazism did not happen overnight but took years to fester and develop, each step towards Hitler's rise seemed logical to German's at the time. Israel is traveling full speed in the same direction with the full support of the population. Later when the inevitable collapse occurs and the horror of Israel's occupation is fully revealed its citizens will say exactly what German's said that is that they had no idea and will plead ignorance despite being informed by the press and online media of what is going on in Gaza and the West Bank just mere kilometres from where they live their privelaged lives, while Palestinians particularly in Gaza suffer despair and poverty at the hands of their occupier.

  • Killing of second Palestinian journalist covering Gaza protests draws international condemnation
    • In a bizarre twist of historical fate Israel treats Palestinians the way Nazis treated Jews which is to view them as subhuman. This enables Israel to kill and shoot Palestinians as if they were animals and as video evidence shows they insult and jeer at their victims when doing this. Israel has lost its conscience and is unable to tell right from wrong. Just like Trump it is unable to accept responsibility for its actions and behaviour instead blaming everyone else. It's small wonder Netanyahu and Trump get along so well.

  • Natalie Portman says, Enough!
    • Thank you Miss Portman for your courage and dignity. Out of respect for your decision l will not speculate on why you made your decision. Again thank you l hope your example becomes a "light unto the world".Shalom

  • Great March of Return organizers: Israeli claims that Hamas is behind protests are lies
    • Mayhem....Israel's claims that Hamas is behind the marches is their way of avoiding reality, in fact who cares. What Israel wants the world to ignore is that they keep 2 million human beings in a concentration camp, people who live in misery without hope. Israel controls every aspect of Gaza's life even to deciding who lives or dies or if Hamas can continue ruling. . It is of no importance if the "Tooth Fairy" organizes the demonstrations the fact is Israel is the "Camp Commandant" and the imprisoned Palestinians are their prisoners and they want their freedom.

  • Israel's genocidal explanations for killing unarmed protesters are only isolating it further
    • Netanyahus lasting legacy will be that he led a government (s) whose goal was to foster hate towards Palestinians and hate doesn't have a conscience or morals its goal is to spread more hate and it's weapons are racism, violence, murder and lies and no society built on hate has ever survived ask any Nazis. To try and make sense of the statements of Israel's government ministers is impossible as you cannot get a sane response from an insane person.

  • How Gaza came to be trapped 'from fence to fence'
    • Jackdaw, when Israel withdrew it's illegal settlers from Gaza Israel destroyed the their houses to ensure that Palestinians got nothing. Other than removing it's citizens Israel controls every aspect of life in Gaza just the same as the Nazis did to the Warsaw ghetto, they removed their troops but other than that they determined what life would be like in the ghetto just as Israel does in Gaza. Gaza is the 2018 ghetto so as a Israeli paid misinformation writer that must make you very proud..

    • Israel could crush Hamas anytime it wants to but they don't and won't. If Hamas is destroyed Israel would have no reason to keep 2 million people prisoner in the world's largest concentration camp. Israel's right wing government would loose one of its major propaganda tools designed to keep its population subservient through fear. Israel would loose it's weapons designation" field tested" meaning that many of the weapons it manufactures and exports to support their "economical miracle" would not be tried first on Gaza's population. Israel will keep Gazans jailed as long as the world allows it.

  • Slain Palestinian journalist's media org vows to hold Israel accountable 'for this heinous crime'
    • The problem Haley has is not the murder and injury of civilians but how they are murdered and injured. When Israel kills Palestinians or fires at their genitals that's perfectly ok with Haley because the weapons used are guns and all Palestinians are terrorists anyway however if the weapon used are chemical then the USA, UK Israel and Europe cry foul and want revenge. Haley needs a history lesson on Israel's use of phosphorus against Gaza civilians and their subsequent lying about their use.
      This is international hypocrisy by all the actors Russia, Syria and Iran included .

  • Israeli Defense Minister justifies killing of Palestinian journalists
    • Lieberman is the embodiment of everything that Israel has become. He uses physical and psychological violence and lacks any semblance of conscience. What country would appoint a minister who is guilty of brutality against a child , Israel of course. Sadly a government comprising Lieberman, Netanyahu, Bennett and the rest sends a clear message to Israelis that kiling and maiming unarmed civilians is not only supported but encouraged. This is how a whole population looses it's moral compass which is exactly what happened to Germany resulting in the slaughter of Jews and is now happening in Israel with the slaughter and maiming of Palestinians. In both countries the population remain silent and indifferent.

  • Israeli forces shoot unarmed protesters from across Gaza security fence, killing at least 15
    • Snipers everywhere people killed over 1000 injured. The soldiers mother's and father's must be so proud of their sons and daughters. Hi fives,beers and slaps on the back. The IDF brass got to "mow the lawn" and excited because there's more lawn to mow. The snipers got their target practice so everyone is happy. The Nazis killed Jews because they looked on them as sub human and the IDF kills Palestinians for the same reason. Just call Palestinians terrorists and that justifies the most aborhant disgusting behaviour without a conscience. A proud and glorious day for Israelis led by Lieberman and Netanyahu, those paragons of virtue and morality.

  • Landmark 'NYT' op-ed by Jewish official blames Israel's leadership for its isolation (not BDS)
    • Thanks Phil a great piece. I still fail to understand Israel's logic in not wanting a two state solution. The only explanation that makes sense to me is that the Israeli public lead by the right wing is so full of of hubris,arrogance and completely devoid of realty that it thinks that it is above the Torah and basic the decency of humanity and that the world will welcome their apartheid culture and encourage their enterprise.

  • Netanyahu’s AIPAC speech – interrupted
    • A great article which sadly is true. As a non Jew whose family fought the Nazis and their ideology, l abore and condem everything the Nazis did to Jews and minorities l cannot understand why Israel and much of its population support the brutal occupation of Palestinians by using tactics taken directly from the Nazis playbook. Some examples supporting racial purity, creating the world's largest concentration camp, imprisonment without trial, theft of land and property, use of attack dogs, a sophisticated properganda machine and the list goes on.
      Can't Israel see the irony of this that they are slowly becoming like World War 2 German's ,complely desensitized and blind to their own behaviour and ideology.

  • 'Someone is paying Trump to do it' -- Pompeo elevation shows neoconservative lock on foreign policy
    • Another thing to remember about Adelson he said at a conference in Tel Aviv in 2013 that northern Iran should be nuked and if the Iranians don't get the message then nuke Terahn. He didn't say whose weapons but l assume he meant Israel's. There was no condemnation from Israel so l assume they agree. What a charming bunch of humanity both Israel and the neo cons are they should be ashamed of themselves. No country on earth deserves that kind of disgraceful retoric

  • Colorado congressman's wife encourages messianic Jews to seize Muslim holy site in Jerusalem-- 'Say, It's ours!'
    • The similarities between the way the Nazis treated Jews,stole their property, treated them as sub human and justified their actions and Israel's treatment of Palestinians is so similar that unless the international community is blind its impossible to miss.
      Israel's creation of the Gaza concentration camp,it's indiscriminate use of attack dogs,it's justification for indiscriminate killings and even the blackmailing and torture of Palestinians justified by simply calling them terrorists. When history is written it will show how Israel studied and copied Nazi tactics because they work. The final similarity between the two is their ability to hate.

  • Israeli diplomat calls on American students 'to restore the honor' of vilified word-- Zionism
    • Danny Danyons defence of Israel and his comments about Palestinians and Zionism would make Goering blush. The lies spouted by Danyon regarding Palestinians and Israels occupation are as reprehensible as the Nazis anti semitic comments about Jews. How people like Danyon, Bennett, Netanyahu and the rest of them can live with their conscience is a mystery to me.

  • Video: 12-year old Palestinian recounts detention and abuse by Israeli soldiers
    • Beyond natural outrage I feel something deeply disturbing is happening to Israeli society. The price Netanyahu and previous governments is making Israelis pay for their brutal and violent occupation of the Palestinian people is the loss of their national conscience and integrity so that the abhorrent becomes normal and what once horrified people no longer does. Israelis are desensitized to their actions just as Germans became desensitized to their persecution of Jews and minorities in the 1930's and 40's and we know how that ended. Israel is yet to learn the lesson of karma which says "there is no right way to do the wrong thing".

  • Palestinian steps toward reconciliation met with Israeli intransigence and incitement
    • Israel's excuse is there's no partner for peace as the PLO does not represent all Palestinians so now the argument is Israel wont negotiate with a unity government that way Israel never has to negotiate. The only thing all Israeli governments want is the complete annexation of all former Palestine and the eviction of all West Bank Residents to Jordan and all Gaza residents to Egypt and they are using violence and brutal suppression to try and achieve this..

  • Contest! Design a logo to celebrate the IDF's 70th birthday
  • Trump's speech on Iran deal is an orgy for Israel and its US friends
    • The USA shoots down civilian Iranian aircraft flight 655 and kills all 274 on board then then has to be dragged kicking and screaming to pay compensation, Israel keeps 4 million plus Palestinians under brutal occupation and slaughters 500 plus children in Gaza and Iran's the terrorist!! The Israeli occupation has spawned more radical terrorists both Israeli and Muslim than any other country on earth. In 2013 Sheldon Adelson when speaking in Tel Aviv said drop nukes on northern Iran and if they don't get the message then drop them on Tehran. The irony is Iran is a democracy unlike Israel who wont allow occupied Palestinians the vote and denies them human rights. Its no wonder the middle east is so screwed up.

  • Israeli Supreme Court rules to keep public in the dark about police open-fire regulations
    • When the police gave the court a copy of their regulations regarding their open fire policy I hear that the court's response to the document was" its just a blank piece of paper" and the police lawyer responded " that's correct, the regulations are whatever we want them to be."

  • Chomsky on what 'everyone knows'
    • I would like to add the following thoughts. Israel makes the classical mistake of every seemingly invincible society in history from the Greek, Persian, Roman periods through to more the more recent Ottoman and Nazi regimes.... that they can continue forever and untouchable. This is a mindset built on ego and arrogance which will lead to its downfall just like the others. Like other extremist governments Israel's behavior is cruel and erratic driven by fear and hatred and there already exists politicians in the Israeli government that would risk or even use a nuclear option without a second thought.

  • Dutch citizen files suit against Israeli commanders for attack on family home during 2014 Gaza war
    • No other country on the planet could kill over 500 children in three weeks and and not be held responsible by the international community. The USA accuses Cuba, Iran and North Korea of human rights violations and punishes them for this and none of them has come close to the atrocities committed by Israel in just three weeks in Gaza. 18,000 homes destroyed, as well. The Israeli loss is even bigger, the destruction of its national conscience and the moral compass of its people.

  • Israel's P.R. campaign is failing: the more Americans know, the less favorable they are
  • Ehud Barak says a Palestinian state would be 'non-viable'
    • Barak is a war criminal who did nothing to create a Palestinian state and he's still spouting the same Iran Hamas crap to paper over and excuse his actions.

  • Nationwide 'rally against Sharia law' reflects violent surge of Islamophobia since Trump election
    • What Trump and Netanyahu have in common is they preach fear based hate which results in people becoming desensitized so the unthinkable becomes normal a part of this process involves calling Palestinians and Arabs terrorists to justify the unthinkable. When the Allies liberated the concentration camps at the end of World War 2 they often made the local German population enter the camps to see the atrocities; this shook peoples consciences and woke them up from their indifference and hate. I have no idea what it will take to wake up Israeli or American hate mongers that follow Trump and Netanyahu.

  • Israeli soldiers shoot from towers across fence into Gaza protest, killing Palestinian
    • The IDF or more aptly the "Israeli Death Force" kills Palestinians because they view them as subhuman the same reason Nazi's killed Jews in World War 2. After killing or shooting at Palestinians they can go home eat steak have a beer and boast to their friends. With this sick mentality ingrained in Israel's culture the future looks very black for its citizens. Karma is unstoppable and immutable force.

  • Leonard Cohen song is anthem of Jewish exclusivists
    • I'm saddened that the beautiful song Hallelujah was hijacked in this way. The word Hallelujah means "God be Praised" and to voice it by a group whose creed is racism, intolerance and hate demeans both the song and meaning of its name. I remember K D Lang singing Hallelujah at the 2010 Vancouver winter Olympics and the message was the opposite one of peace and tolerance a message I am sure that Cohen would heartily approve off.

  • PLO source denies Abbas plans to propose large land swap deal during Trump visit
    • Nothing will ever change until Israel feels the pain of not changing however there is an old saying "if the God's want to ruin a man they will give him everything he asks for" so Israel beware of what you ask for because you might get it.

  • Reflections of a daughter of the '48 Generation'
    • Thank you for writing this article, it takes humility to reflect on our past and admit our failings and take responsibility for them so again thank you. It touched me so much to read about Palestinian children starving and the empty gas station.
      I cannot understand the cruelty of Israelis. If I made a list of atrocities attributed to Israel eg killing thousands of children , arresting 20% of population, ethnic cleansing, land theft, imprisonment and arrest without trial, bombing unarmed civilians, torture and many more and gave this list to someone and asked who in the 20th century did this I'm their answer would be Nazi Germany. The greatest theft Israeli has perpetrated is stealing the soul and conscience of its people.

  • Memo to Trump: US won't escape Mideast wars till Israel ends oppression of Palestinians
    • Lets be clear about a few things:-
      The Obama comment" but he was able to do nothing". This is not true, he and all the previous presidents choose to do nothing a deliberate choice to allow Israel to do what it wanted without consequences.
      Regarding Trump; there's only one thing motivating Trump apart from money and that's ego. He wants to negotiate a solution purely to feed his ego and say " I'm so great I did what nobody else could, look at me look at me they love me" Let's see where this goes.
      Lastly Israel's right wing government blocks any move towards peace. Again, this was a deliberate political decision by Netanyahu to choose these coalition partners so peace would not happen and he could say I would like a solution but my hands are tied it will bring down my government he easily could have had a moderate government and included the Arab Join List in it
      Israel does not want to change anything and other than feeding Trumps ego neither does the USA. As Gideon Levy wrote in Haaretz last week he doubts this is the last 50th anniversary.

  • Beyond apartheid: Fragments from the West Bank
    • When future generations of Israeli's look back at this tragedy they will say of Netanyahu and others; you committed terrible crimes in our name but worse you stole our conscience, the very soul of our integrity, you lied to us again and again and we believed your lies. To paraphrase William Shakespeare...Whoever steals my purse steals trash but he who steals my good name robs me and makes me poor. Israel's good name is being stolen.

  • Israeli army statement on killing of Palestinian teenager in occupation is contradicted by evidence at scene
    • This story is very sad but has been repeated over and over again for 70 years Netanyahu, Bennet and hundreds of Israeli leaders,politicians and IDF before them have collectively stolen more than Palestinian lives, land and dignity they have stolen the soul and moral conscience of Israelis and made a mockery of the Jewish religion in the same way that Isis has made a mockery of Islam and that is terrorism in all its ugliness.

  • Trump's vow to move embassy to Jerusalem is now a 'decision-making process'
    • If Trump was to make the deal of the century and bring about a two state solution he cannot move the embassy because that is a deal breaker and saying the embassy is not the embassy of East Jerusalem won't work because Palestinians remember the broken Oslo accord promises.Trump is only about Trump and he will do only what feeds his ego. I believe the two state solution is dead and buried.Look at the problems the settlers have caused over Amona.The sooner the two state solution is buried then the bi national state can be born

  • Video: Palestinian activists set up tent village to protest Israeli annexation and Trump plan to move US embassy
    • The sooner the reality of a single binational state is accepted the better. They can't or won't move a few people out of mobile homes and shacks in Amona so there's no chance that anyone else will move. I wish the charade of hoping that somehow Israel will wake up and realize the mess it's created and change would cease . To paraphrase what Gideon Levy who wrote last year, whoever replaces Netanyahu will likely be much more extreme . Israeli prime ministers have consistently refused to set out a view of what Israel will be like in 25 years . It's time to ponder how a binational democratic Israel is going to survive.

  • When 13 masked soldiers break into a Palestinian house at night, grandparents wake the children
    • I would like to thank Amira Hass, Gideon Levy and the other journalists who write for Haaretz week in and week out. Their work is reviled and they are vilified by all those who support the violent occupation of millions of Palestinians, theft of their land and loss of their dignity. My hope for all of these journalists is that they live to see the fruits of their work which is a just and peaceful solution to this needless tragedy.

  • On eve of Paris talks PA support for two-state solution not shared among Palestinians
    • To paraphrase a quote from scripture we have seen the "weeping and gnashing of teeth' by the Israeli right and settlers over the court decision to demolish the Amona settlement which is a small group of huts and mobile homes. There is no way that it will be possible to move even the smallest settlement to make way for a Palestinian State so to me the argument is not about is there time to save the two state solution its about two states are impossible because the settlers will start a civil war rather than be moved.They are motivated by some messianic crazy thinking that causes them to believe that God wants them living there despite the chaos and suffering this causes. Based on my reasoning, we have to move on from two states for two people to one person one vote for Jews and Palestinians in a greater Israel.

  • Why Israel wants us to say 'terror'
    • I thought for many years that one of the worst legacies of George Bush junior was to brand those who disagree with America/Israel as terrorists and to keep emphasizing it. This label which Israel uses at every possible opportunity is their excuse for carrying out massive human rights violations against Palestinians. Its used by Israel to defend its killing, theft of land not to mention the blockade of Gaza which of course is governed by terrorists. In fact the whole brutal occupation of Palestine is contingent on the so called free world buying into Israels terrorist narrative

  • Israel-Palestine conflict could 'explode' under Donald Trump, Israel supporter warns
    • The fact that Makovsky was on Kerry's negotiating team at all shows that Kerry was the wrong person to negotiate and from the beginning stacked his team in Israel's favor making any pressure on Israel impossible. Solving the occupation is not complicated and is not the Gordian knot its made out to be it's just that Kerry, Makovsky and every other American politician/ Israel supporter over the last fifty years never wanted to make Israel honor its UN and other agreements it made with the Palestinians, period !! Over the years these people all fully aided and abetted the tragedy we now see resulting in Israel the country acting as a petulant child. Israel has lost it moral compass and integrity; a tragic repeat of 1930's Germany. Unfortunately Israel will come to understand the truism that "if the Gods want to ruin a man they will give him everything he asks for" and this did not have to be the outcome

  • The mainstreaming of Palestinian genocide
    • When seeing the look of confusion on Azaria's face he doesn't seem to have any idea that murdering a human being was wrong. One of the legacies Netanyhu will leave behind is he has fostered hate, dehumanized the Palestinians and desensitized a significant portion of main stream Israeli's. He has taught the Israel public and IDF that by labeling human beings as terrorists it excuses all crimes against them including murder. A population who has lost its moral compass has lost its soul and Azaria's act was soulless.

  • Netanyahu's holy war, and the coming Jewish schism
    • Early in Obama's first term racism targeting Obama was evident . There were bill boards in Israel showing him and underneath emphasizing his name add to that the fact that we is black and there you have the foundation of this ongoing campaign of disinformation bordering on outright racially motivated hate. In Israel Jews of Ethiopian descent have suffered countless acts of race related discrimination and even violence against them and solely because of the color of their skin. A sad sad statement on the culture of hate that appears to be nurtured by segments of the population but by no means the majority.

  • Trump has a 'magic moment' in June 2017 to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, Israel lobbyist tells NY synagogue
    • There was a recent article in Time magazine which said how many more times does Netanyahu have to say he will never agree to a Palestinian state from his words in the last election to his now famous, i You Tube clip boasting he killed the Oslo accord and the article summarized what is know obvious and that is there will be no Palestine that dream is dead and buried so lets move on as quickly as possible. Israel will come to understand the meaning of the ancient proverb which says "if the Gods want to ruin a man they will give him everything he asked for" and Israel you asked for this and that is a Palestinian majority .

  • Starving Yemeni children, bloated US weaponsmakers
    • Its really sad that Yemen is the forgotten war while the USA, Britain and others accuse Russia, Iran and Hezbollah of war crimes in Syria in an effort to draw attention away from their role in this tragedy. Weather it is Yemen, Syria, the Israeli occupation of Palestine or slaughter of children in Gaza; the US, Israel and Britain use the label of "terrorist" or 'war against terror" to justify gross human rights violations and crimes against humanity as justification fot their actions and to portray the image that they are the "good guys".

  • Trump may kill Netanyahu with kindness
  • Video intifada
    • I have felt for a long time that Netanyahu's greatest crime is to teach Israel's Jewish and Palestinian population to hate and hate and hate; he has stolen their conscience and soul. Nazi Germany's greatest crime was to teach German's to hate and hate and hate Jews and minorities. When a country looses its soul and conscience it looses its sanity and once that is gone social, political and finally national destruction will always follow and good examples are the Roman Empire and Nazi Germany. Its not too late but Israel's doomsday clock is rapidly approach midnight.

  • I continued to act as if I was above feeling afraid. Till the last war
    • Sadly the greatest crime Netanyahu has committed is to teach Israelis to hate and and at the same time be indifferent to the suffering of Palestinians. This is a soul sickness a cancer of the soul which no miracle drug can cure.

  • BDS victory in Mennonite Church Canada
    • There's a lot of garbage written here and this number is one.....200 million Jews united to what they claim was there homeland .In the last century the highest number of Jews worldwide is accepted as 17 million in 1938 prior to the Holocaust and today if every Jewish person in the world even those who claim Jewishness but not accepted, the number climbs rises to 20 million. We don't have a just solution because people read this garbage and lies like this and believe it.

    • I am very familiar with the various Mennonite Church Conferences across Canada and I have profound respect for them and their integrity. Do not under estimate the importance of these 31,000 people as many Mennonites are highly successful business people and not just farmers. They remind me in many way of Jewish people whose religion and national identity are closely aligned their influence is far greater than their numbers suggest so this could well be an evolving story.
      Thanks Rochelle for this story and it reminded me of my many Mennonite friends who I really miss as I no longer live in Canada

  • Israeli pronouncement on policing West Bank solidifies one-state apartheid regime -- Erekat
    • Abbas is a big part of the problem because his actions stop Israel and the USA paying the price of the occupation. Some of the steps the Palestinians without Abbas can take, suspend for a year armed or actions involving the use of force, join every UN organization available and force the USA to honor their legislation and not fund or participate in these committees, withdraw 100% security cooperation with Israel, for tens of thousands of Gaza residents to sit as close to the boarder as possible and go on a hunger strike, refuse all USA funds, form a Palestinian Ministry of Civil disobedience and wherever possible always play the recording of Netanyahu boasting he is destroying the Oslo accord. Palestinians need to get rid of Abbas and get smart. My suggestions won't be a solution of themselves but they will start to exact a real price from Israel and the USA

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