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  • White Jews and uppity blacks
    • Annie,

      but your sentence structure “Assuming them to be anything other than Irish” doesn’t make a lot of sense, because i’m sure there are many other identifying features of irish people — besides simply “irish” (like catholic or mother or whatever). many people use the term white for caucasian as i am sure you know. chances are there are lots of irish who share that concept.

      Well, those identifying features of the Irish people you listed are due to well-documented self-identification. Being Catholic or Protestant, or being a mother are all voluntary actions that most Irish proudly take part it, therefore it is only rational to recognize their choice and identify them as per their own actions.

      However, I'm not sure how true it is saying Irish people are white, since white is a fuzzy socio-political concept, and Irish are not really known for professing such identity towards themselves, despite your allegations. I would like to see sources backing up the claim that many Irish use white to describe themselves.

      While you work on that, here is a few articles that refute the notion that Irish identify as white:

      1. I’m Irish but I’m not white. Why is that still a problem as we celebrate the Easter Rising?

      2. How the Irish Became White

  • Jews need to study the Torah in order to criticize Israel, Beinart says
    • Talcnic

      Being Jewish has two basic meanings. They’re separate issues, both governed by belief. One being a logical belief the other a religious belief
      1) Jewish by birth to a Jewish mother.
      a. the inheritance of DNA which dictates certain physical characteristics of the mother and b. only a mother can be 100% certain she is the parent.

      2) Jewish by religion thru indoctrination

      You make zero sense in both points.

      1. There is no such thing as a Jewish set of DNA passed down by the mother or anything in that nature. This is absolute pseudoscientific bullcrap. Genetics no matter how finely you look into it, would not present someone's faith. You could probably draw some sort of hypothesis predicting a person's faith by examining the circumstantial evidence including DNA but it would remain forever as speculation only.

      2. Indoctrination is not permanent, and often wears off once the person reaches adulthood and start perceiving reality with reason and rationality. At this stage, people consciously choose to believe and do whatever the hell they want, including BS like Jewish DNA and dispossessing non-Jewish folks of their land.

      Once you start to consciously adopt a belief system and behavioral sets, you are obligated to be held accountable for any consequences stemming from your beliefs and behavior. If you want to believe Jews are collectively superior to Palestinians, or Jews have the right to dispossess land of Arabs, you have every right to do so. Just don't complain when people choose to (violently) disagree with you as a reaction to your actions fueled from this belief.

  • 'Does he believe in a God'? -- DNC leaders wanted to undermine Sanders
    • Annie,

      Do you as a mother believe your husband has the right to not pass down the collective wealth of the family to your children?

      If he views it as a "gift" that can be given or disposed off per his liking...would you as a legal partner to such individual object or consent to this?

      I realise the conversation may have strayed far off-topic, but please humour me just in this instance.

    • Annie,

      Your wealth obtained after marriage and creation of children are not legally yours exclusively. There are rights for the spouse and offsprings to claim a part of that wealth, always, even if they didn't have a direct involvement in the creation of such wealth. This is the most fundamental component of family law, which as a mother I would assume you to be aware of. A man who believes he does not owe his spouse and children his wealth is no man.

  • Advice to British leftwingers on kicking racism out of their anti-Israel rhetoric
    • Eljay

      No, what I did was correctly state that I had no choice in my coming to North America. I am here because of the actions of others.

      You do realize that applies to every single individual in the world right? Why not go a bit further since we are being philosophical. You look the way you do because you received all of the genes for your hair, eye and skin color, nose shape etc etc from your parents, who brought you into existence by having sex with non of your help. People treat you the way they do because of your appearance and behaviors, that are purely because of the action of others. And you react to their treatment of you in accordance to your environment and your hard-wired behavior. No choice in any of these.

      You behave the way you do because your mom gave birth to you in a country that prerequisites a certain set of values and behavioral attitudes, along with the genes that are responsible for the way your brain reacts external stimuli such as interaction with family, friends and colleagues as well as random strangers in your life. You also had no choice in neither the fact that you were born and raised where you were, or the specific DNA set that formed the basis of your personality and behavioral traits you inherited from your parents when you were conceived in your mother's uterus.

      You will have no choice on the circumstances that may affect you in the future, nor would you be able to choose your response to the circumstances considering you have been hard-wired to react to every event major or minor in a certain way due to your specific genetic makeup. In a nutshell, you had no choice in existing and will have no choice while you exist. Your statement is indeed correct, I suppose.

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