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I have been aware of the Nakbar since 1958. I have visited Isreal 3 time, and had several close Isreali friends of the first generation who sought an equitable peace. I am concerned about the ideological camp into which the Israeli government has fallen. This is because of it's negative impart on US welfare and the contradictions our lavish support of this regime creates between our stated national ideals and our practice. Like all Americans I am supportive of free speech.

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  • DNC debate batters Trump-- but Israel support must be 'bipartisan,' says Ellison
    • Could someone please come up with a simple Pledge of Allegiance to Israel for all politicians to memorize and recite on such occasions as a meeting of Democrats (or Republicans) which makes clear their unqualified, unwavering, unshakable unbounded, unlimited loyalty?

      Billions in tribute do not seem to suffice for those who crack the whip over their heads.

      A properly supine declaration would take less energy to recite and no politician would risk the consequences of not appearing to be loyal enough if he/she should adlib.

  • Breaking: UN Security Council passes historic resolution against settlements as two-state solution 'slips away'
    • Enjoy the moment! The Donald is coming to town with Friedman and the Schumer (Shomer) is already there. Further, AIPAC and its minions in government cried out their fealty to Netanyahu even before Samantha Powers had finished speaking.

      And once again, Bibi has shown that he has the power to ignore a sitting American government and appeal directly to those politicians who owe him liege. He has shown once again that he - not our president - is the arbiter in American government with respect to our Middle East policy.

      One may express joy, but not optimism.

      This is probably the last act of conscience we will see before the Embassy opens in Jerusalem and plans are laid for the Final Annexation.

  • More than half of US aid 'to entire world' goes to Israel and it ignores our warnings on settlements -- Kerry
    • You have, indeed, start with despair and work backwards. It would appear that only in this manner can you clearly define the state of things and use it as a departure point for new approaches. Denial has not worked over the past few decades

    • Having followed this issue for more than 30 years, I have only seen an acceleration: in the growth of the settlements; growth of Zionist support on Capitol Hill; growth of Zionist leverage in the all-dominant donor class.

      American support has been and is being swept along toward the ultimate acceptance of apartheid. And the Americans may find themselves shocked at the price they ultimately pay.

      To somehow suggest that there is a hope - sometime, somewhere - that the American stance will change is an increasingly futile exercise and a gross misinterpretation of how the levers of power are pulled and pushed in America.

  • I'm not worried about anti-Semitism
    • Isn't Jaded Kushner going to be Trumps principle advisor? He is going to be Trumps Cromwell, albeit a jewish one . Jewish influence is going to fade?

      The only potential problem I see is that Trump will Hug Bibi so hard he may break a rib.

  • Trump's path to 'most pro-Israel' president paved by bankruptcy expert and real estate attorney who once lived in a settlement
    • I believe that we can now assume that the cleansing of Palestine will move to it's conclusion...aided and abetted, if not accelerated by American money and AIPAC power. In fact, the same would have true of Hillary, with Schumer leading a democratic senate, beholden to AIPAC and donors.

      As Americans, our war on the Palestinians may require a steep price as we go forward, and I hope we are prepared to pay it. Unlike the powerless Native Americans who were driven into exile in their own land, the Arab world is not powerless to exact that price.

      Additionally, as I searched Google on Schumer, I found myself rather limited in articles addressing his ways I have not felt before. Is this just paranoia or are the folks at Google beginning to tweak their search engine. They would appear to have unlimited power of censorship should they chose to exert it.

  • Liberal Zionists see 'window of opportunity' for two states in last three months of Obama administration
    • What a nice idea! And it is fun to dream! But obviously, Obama does not have the independence to back a resolution for a two state solution, nor probably the will to leave office with angry Zionists at the door when he walks out.
      And it is illusory believe that a settlement could be conceived of let alone hammered out involving the shards of Palestinian land remaining and some mythical state of mind in which Israel could politically give up any of the land it has grabbed.

      The Lobby is solid; the candidates are subservient; Schumer will be at Hillary's right hand to be sure she does the right thing for the right-wing Israeli government.

      The Cleansing marches inexorably forward.

  • Desperately seeking a strong man -- Donald and Hillary
    • I was wondering what Hillary's phrase, "take it to the next level" meant. The cartoon is a good illustration.

  • Chosen indeed: all 7 letters run by 'NYT' on Mideast article are by Jews
    • yes, there are Gentile voices on this issue in the the comments sections.
      "Letters" have a more elevated status. Hence the paper tends to stick more to it's core.

      But I hope that no one is shocked by this selection process. If you are, read Haaretz to understand what is going on in the vast Israel-US relationship. You will get a more unbiased read.

  • Democrats and GOP are in a race to the bottom on Israel
    • Help me out here! I really don't want to accept what my mind is telling me about the likes of Saban, Adelson,Singer and AIPAC. Tell me it isn't true that these guys make Mideast policy and when my grandchildren will go to war and miniature pawns on their chessboard!

      What is the difference between the Trumpists saying there is no occupation and the Hilarites describing Israel with no occupation???

  • 'We are Israel and Israel is us' -- Governor Cuomo ends all the confusion!
    • Even better yet...have New York secede, become an Israeli District and build a wall....and throw away the key.

  • Netanyahu-Lieberman deal tears 'mask off face of Israel' -- but 'NYT' keeps the mask on
    • We would like to think that any foreign dignitary with a record this racist from any other country would be shunned by the American Government. However, we know that Israel is the exception.
      Experience tells us that with it's grip on Congress and the American Defense Establishment - through AIPAC and Co. - it can send us a representative bearing any ideology, no matter how odious, and he will not only be received, but warmly embraced. Despite his Racism and dedication to Ethnic Cleansing, Lieberman will successfully negotiate ever larger extractions of money from the American purse, not just for Israel's security, but so that he and Bibi may pursue, if not accelerate, their agenda of freeing Israel from a meaningful Palestinian presence and their agenda of tightening Israeli Hegemony in the region.

      Yes, the mask is torn from right-wing Israel, but - of more importance to many Americans - a corollary mask is lifted from from the American visage, revealing the true hypocrisy of this country's insistent stance on Human Rights and Pursuit of Peace around the world.

      Hillary's exhalation of "taking our relationship to the next level" will no doubt include a hearty embrace of Leiberman.

  • Clinton will hold fundraiser in Tel Aviv
    • Are her Tel Aviv pickings domestic money or foreign funds? I believe the latter are supposed to be either restricted or forbidden. Or as it seems, does the "special relationship" trump American law?

      Maybe the rule about foreign donations should designate dual citizens as foreigners...

      Okay, I know I am just blowing off steam. I am old enough to know that our elections are not about American citizens freely choosing leaders who will represent American interests first and foremost. Our elections are about exercising the power of money for the special interests of those who have it.
      Phil has illustrated these points quite convincingly.

  • 'Israel will not have better friend in White House than Hillary' -- Clinton adviser assures NY
    • no doubt Hillary will be a BFF for Israel. Fine, let her.
      What is needed is a Friend for the 99% of Americans.
      She ain't it. Bernie is.

  • As NY primary approaches, Clinton and Sanders separate, somewhat, on Israel
    • So...I arrive from another planet and I read this and I say, "I know that Earthling make jokes on April 1..." and I read this article and I say, "so this IS a joke....powerful Country duped by land greedy little back-water...this must be a joke!"

      Then I read earthling newspapers on other days and say, "MY G--, it is not a joke!...even though it sounds like a joke."

      Then I say, "If this is not a joke, then I don't understand their Jokes"
      And then I wonder if the difference between truth and jokes even matters to them...
      So I leave!!!!

  • Senior advisor to Clinton calls Obama's rationale for withdrawal from Mideast 'strange, bizarre, illogical, odd'
    • Can't we have an AIPAC "Stamp of Approval" accompanying the utterances of the Wittes, Goldbergs, Brooks etc, etc of the media so that their orientation toward Jerusalem can be taken into account when they do stuff like this?

      My country is paying too much too often too long for too little return in the middle east

  • Indiana lawmakers seek to silence critics of Israel
    • Just remember that the Indiana Legislature once took several steps toward rounding off "pi" from 3.1416..... to 3.2 and see this effort in that context. They like things extraneous expenditure of intellectual energy to understand the's not that they hate Palestinians.
      It's a genetic thing.
      What other explanation can there be?

  • Garland nomination is moment of humble reflection for US Jews
    • OK! Gonna say it.
      The general wisdom is that we Americans are not one culture or tribe anymore, but that we are now several tribes bound together by some sort of attractive force ... the equivalent of the physicist's dark matter, which is called "diversity."
      But to accept this and then to balance the attractions (and repulsions) of the force of , is it not necessary that the distribution of political power be equally diverse?
      And who could argue that the Supreme Court does not represent political power?

      On this basis, is this delicate balance on which our society rests best served by a court which is constituted of five Catholics and four Jews? As a member of the former confession, I think not.
      The Gods of diversity would demand a Protestant female or even....male. Or maybe one more Afro-American, or Indian-American female or .....

  • Petition urges Sanders to snub AIPAC, hotbed of Clintonism and neoconservatism
    • Everyone who reads this column should listen carefully to her vow of fidelity at the up-coming AIPAC conference. I'm sure it will be dinger!!!!

      Maybe she will explain the meaning of her promise to "take it to the next level.

  • Trump's refusal to name a 'good guy and a bad guy' in conflict is 'anti-Israel,' says Rubio
    • I think the word "debate" implies that apposing ideas are discussed. Vis-a-vis Israel I heard only three guys screaming their loyalty to Israel (OK, forget the donkey!) and accusing the others of not being sufficiently supine to it's will.

      The winner of this debate was clearly Netanyahu...
      But, then, he is the winner of the Democratic debates as well.

  • Finally, Israel issue explodes into presidential primaries
    • I listened to the Republican debate last night and was trying to remember that SNL skit last year, the one about the politicians and the donkey.

      I don't care what Oscar Wilde said about "Life imitates Art.."
      Here, Life and Art are the same.

      It would appear that all the fervent competition to be the most Likud is only a scramble to see who can get to the donkey first.

  • And the winner of the Sheldon Adelson primary is... Hillary Clinton
    • Why should Sheldon give away his money to any of the candidates? Is there one out there who will not take the "Special Relationship" to the next level? Cruz? Rubio? Trumph( who is backtracking on his neutrality statements at Warp speed)? Even Romney, if he should jump back in?

      As for Hillary, You have only to read the articles she has written for the Jewish Press . Even Chuck Schumer wouldn't dare say thing like that! And consider the other sources of her Money. At the end of the story, only Bernie would approach Shelly (can I call you, Shelly?)with some reluctance.

      Sheldon has already won the Presidental election and will have Schumer in control of the Dems in the Senate. What is there left for him to win?? Notoriety? He already has that in spades. His and Bibi's interests would be best served by keeping his head down and letting well enough alone.
      I estimate that with his $100,000,000, he could build at least 30,000 new structures on Palestinian free!!!!!

  • All eyes are on Sheldon Adelson, and even Trump courts him with Israel rant
    • I guess I should have named him. First initial"B". Last name starts with a...well, I'm sure you have figured it out by now.

    • Why shouldn't Adelson and like-minded push directly for the one candidate who embodies all the Republican values and could undoubtedly win as well as carry out Adelson's agenda?

      —Graduate of MIT and a student at Harvard;

      —Staunch Republican supporter and lifetime personal friend of last Nominee;

      —Politician enjoying vast and deep support among evangelical Christians;

      —Darling of FOX news;

      —Proven Uniter of Democrats and Republicans. Record of unanimous or near unanimous legislative support for his programs in States as well as Nationally;

      —Politician with ready access to advice from dedicated Republican operatives among his staff;

      —Most popular orator before the American Congress. Elicits dozens of standing ovations every time he speaks;

      —Candidate able to tap Potential bottomless pool of campaign support from like-minded Billionaire donors dedicated to his cause(like Adelson);

      —Dominant actor in relationship with the new Democratic leader in the Senate;

      —Personage unmatched by any other Republican candidate in his contempt for Obama and his administration;

      —Proven track record of developing barrier walls to exclude immigrants and "undesirables;"

      —Politician with Extensive military experience, including elimination of alleged "terrorists" and their families..both at home and abroad;

      — Personage who exceeds Trump as developer of vast Real estate projects using extensive application of "eminent domain"to remove inhabitants for the "Common Good."

      —Unlike Ted Cruz, has been an American citizen, not once, but twice.

      How could any of the present crop beat him?!

  • Obama to sign AIPAC-promoted trade bill that legitimizes Israeli occupation and fights BDS
    • West bank annexed to Israel by Us speech on BDS forbidden....apartheid institutionalised and protected....Hillary taking relations with Israel "to next level"....

      and next? (Bibi establishes residence on Capital Hill....Mondoweiss suppressed....Criticism of Israel filtered on Social Media and outlawed in mainstream press.....)

  • Cartoon: Netanyahu plans fortress Israel to protect against 'wild beasts'
  • Israeli settlers attack a 65-year-old Palestinian shepherd
  • 'Netanyahu at War' on PBS was dreadful but not without interest
    • Annie:Thanks for the comment as it puts me more at ease. It is important that all rifts between communities of our citizens be avoided by frank - but not rancorous -discussions of issues like these.
      If our relationship with Israel were a "normal one" as with countries of similar size...Holland, Ireland... I would not feel perplexed nor concern myself with them disproportionately. But as we are tied at the hip("unbreakable bond".."no daylight between us" ), actions/policy by Israel become American Actions/policy for which I and my children must expect to be held accountable.

      Again, I am thankful for both Mondoweiss and Haaretz for the info and perspective they provide.

    • Knowing PBS, I approached the program with the question: Will there be any Gentiles included in the program? My informal count was that there were 33 speakers in the film and - aside from cameo appearances from George Mitchell and a couple of frustrated Palestinians - the answer was the expected "No."
      AIPAC luminaries, IDF veterans and relatives of Ben Gurion to represent the American point of view...yes. A perspective from from any of the 300,000,000 Gentiles who provide the cash and the bodies to defend Israeli interests...Nada!

      Lisa Goldman complained only about the exclusion of the Woman's perspective..revealing a blind spot that to me does not seem unique. Nor surprising.
      I believe Mondeweiss has analyzed the perspective of Public Broadcasting earlier with conclusions consistent with these observations

      In all fairness, one may speculate that few Gentiles might be willing to make comments which would pull accusations of "Antisemitism down on their heads. Additionally, few public officials - present or past -would be terrified of subjecting themselves to the fury of AIPAC by expressing any criticism of Bibi. If this observation has any validity, it carries an inherent truth about how commentary concerning Israel is filtered.

      I would ask any reader of any story on Israel to ask him/her/itself to note the cultural perspective of the author.

      Ironically, it is only due to the courage and persistence of people like those at Mondoweiss that gentiles like me feel comfortable in making such observations

  • Trump and Netanyahu call it off
    • Ah shucks!
      I was looking forward to this meeting of ideological twins (similar demeanor , speech patterns, distaste for Muslims and...morphology).
      I was especially waiting breathlessly for the joint communique on the proper treatment of Muslims).

  • YouTube becomes Israel's new battleground against Palestinians
    • It is not enough to release this story. Someone must follow up to see if this silencing of inconvenient voices occurs and how widely spread it becomes.

      As we know, sources like the NYT and CBS either heavily censor themselves to eliminate the smell of Apartheid coming out of the Midle East. Both of them have deep ties to Zionism.

      To what extent and using what means Isreal is able to silence free speech in the case of other sources is a critical kind of information that the public must have.

  • West's war against terrorism is Israel's war, Chuck Schumer says
    • So this is the guy who will "lead" the Democrats in the Senate? Lead them over the edge of what cliff?
      Will AIPAC membership be compulsory for all Democratic Members of the Senate? (There might be one or two remaining who are not). Will there be a loyalty oath (not to the US, of course)?

      He is the self proclaimed "Guardian of Isreal." Who in Heaven's name will be ours?

  • Israel wants $5 billion a year in military aid from the US
    • Following the logic of this whole enterprise, if they slap the face of the President a few more times and insult the US a little more strongly, they can probably get 7-8 bill.

  • Who running for president is not 'friends' with Benjamin Netanyahu?
    • vulgar but brilliant.
      just need a chorus and orchestra for recording

    • Who in Congress is not a $Bibibuddy$ ?
      It reminds me a lot of the Mickey Mouse Club...although I haven't figured out how to replace M-I-C-K-E-Y with B-E-N-J-A-M-I-N and still keep the sense of matching the lyrics to the Melody.

      So much about the Lyrics and the Melody in this relation produces disharmony and just doesn't sound right.

  • Iran Deal aftermath brings warnings of donor backlash against Dems
    • We do need a appropriate glossary for this stuff.
      "zionization =(noun) the process of wining, dining and threatening legislators into believing they are Likud Members and not Democrats or Republication. No bite on the neck is required...just money in hand

      "zionize" = (verb) to subject a legislator to "zionization."

      Zion-Zombie= one zionized (while a vampire may bite the neck that feeds him; a zion zombie never bites the hand that feeds him).

      One awaits other insighhtful contributions to the lexicon

    • No quite accurate!
      Lincoln had hated slavery from the beginning and had been vocal about it. Why else would his election have triggered session? BUT, he put the Union as first priority, given that the rest of the World was largely governed by powers largely anything but democratic. A split of US territory would probably have resulted in European domination and loss of our system of Government. Lincoln saw this and made a choice...but only a temporary one.

      As for inspiration to become cannon fodder, all soldiers up to the Emancipation were volunteers. While there were abolitionists among the troops, an examination of their letters and other writings supports the contention that they were fighting for "Union," and not Emancipation of the slaves at the end of 1862 and well beyond.

      Finally, the Proclamation came not after a defeat, but after Antietam where the Confederates were forced to retreat and survived by the skins of their teeth .

  • AIPAC is going out with a whimper not a bang
    • Just remember that the American short-term memory is astonishingly short and always susceptible to the latest propoganda.
      And AIPAC has mega-gobs of money to hook congresspersons and reel them in.
      The effort to keep AIPAC-as well as the myriads of legislators they whisk off to Jerusalem for "birthright-lite" visits-- in the spot-light is an essential task that must go on and on and on.

      Kick AIPAC while they are down and keep stomping.

  • 'NYT' and Chris Matthews are frank about Jewish role in Iran Deal debate
    • A little good news if it is appropriate to post it here..

      AIPAC-Joe Donnelly has come out for the of Bibi's most reliable puppets in the Senate and commuter between Washington and Jeruslam. $71, 000 from the lobby last year according tources.

      Does anyone have an idea why he betrayed Bibi and voted for American Interests?

  • Defying Obama on Iran deal, Schumer cites Hamas
    • Twenty six years ago Schumer called for the release of Jonathan Pollard, a clear sign that he felt that Pollard's actions were justified. Fast-forward to the reign of Schumer as head of the Democratic Party. Would any American classified material not find its way into the hands of Mossad?
      His betrayal the peace process with Iran clearly marks him as an Israeli agent (if you ever doubted it)... And he will be in charge of the Democratic Party?

  • Obama tells Americans it is 'abrogation of my constitutional duty' to defer to Israel on Iran Deal
    • There is one undeniable benefit from all this.

      AIPAC-congress can no longer be the passionate attachment that dare not speak it's name.

    • Oh yeh!
      The "two state solution" Great Line.
      Let this be the cry of all those who want an Israeliectomy carried out on the American Policy.

  • Palestinian toddler killed in settler price-tag attack
    • Most offensive of all was Netanyahu's appearance at the hospital where the victims were treated. In this quintessential act of hypocrisy, the Government flashed one of it's two faces to the world.

      This is a governmental system of two parts: one which--though it cannot restrain it's racist rhetoric--presents a face to the world which is orderly, makes parliamentary decisions and carries them out administratively under a sort of judicial oversight. It appears to behave within the boundaries circumscribing a "normal" government. It has courts, police etc.

      However there is a second Government...a group of thugs, answerable to no one (except their interpretation of G-). They recognize no restraints on their murder, arson, theft and violence to achieve the ethnic cleansing of--an inferior race. This Government appears to be funded and supported by the First, but hides it's face behind a mask.
      While decrying the actions of the Second to deflect International condemnation(as Netanyahu did here), the ultimate purposes of these two appear indistinguishable.

      This type of governmental nexus--as well as the type of the purpose for which it was fashioned --are easily recognizable by any student of history

  • Netanyahu played 'decisive' role in Senate bill aimed at stymieing Iran deal
    • I think that if you would address the picture at the beginning of this piece and photoshop out just the raised finger on the left, the result an image perfectly emblematic of Netanyahus attitude toward the Americans not on the payroll.

  • Obama's long & passionate Monday with Saban, Foxman, Hoenlein and other Jewish leaders demonstrates power of Israel lobby
    • The equation of Obama's defending American interests against the interference of a foreign power with "Grandstanding" may be described--euphemistically--as Curious. However, I agree that such behavior is admittedly shocking since it is so unique in recent US history. But not to worry...Hilary indicates that she will readily come to heel.

      Further down, It is not a matter of defending Israel. It is a matter of defending Israeli all costs.

    • This absolutely must get into the conversation!
      FBI director James Comey revealed that all new FBI agents must undergo "Holocaust" Sensitivity Training (Haaretz 4-17-15), calling it the "most significant event in history."
      This is the same Comey who, as a prosecutor went after two AIPAC operatives in a spy case some years ago.

      To speak to this is not to denegrate the Horrors of the Holacaust. However, in this context one has to wonder whether the behavior of Mr. Comey is his Sackcloth-and-Ashes penance extracted by the Lobby for his sins against them so that he might demonstrate his total subjugation and allegiance to save his career from their wrath.

  • Does Schumer have any idea how angry his constituents will be if he torpedoes his president on Iran?
    • " [M]y name as you know comes from a Hebrew word. It comes from the word shomer, which mean guardian. My ancestors were guardians of the ghetto wall in Chortkov and I believe Hashem, actually [God], gave me name as one of my roles that is very important in the United States Senate to be a shomer for Israel and I will continue to be that with every bone in my body."
      I do not see how he can walk this back; and I get a sinking feeling when I think of him in control of the Dems in the Senate. My fear is that he will defend Israel(not really Israel, but Likud) with every bone in the bodies of our children and last dollar in our treasury.
      Someone would have to explain to me in very clear terms why his appointment does not put AIPAC in charge of Democratic Senate machinery. Just looking at AIPAC headquarters in DC, it would appear that his appointment will considerably shrink the distance to the Capital Building.
      However, on the bright side, such appointment would focus attention on the skewed power structure between the US and the Country his is sworn to defend with every bone in his body and would draw scrutiny to every decision he makes in that context

  • Who cares what Jeffrey Goldberg and Netanyahu don't like about the Iran deal?
    • And with how much fervor will the Iranians seek the bomb when they know there is "no partner for peace?" How long do you think the Europeans are going to follow an unreliable US in maintaining sanctions on Iran once the Netanyahu-republican coalition kills the negotiations? How long are they going to maintain a devotion to US-israeli hegemony in the Arab World?

      Sanctions are a lot like massive bombing campaigns. Both inflict great suffering on the populations involved, but they alone(unless you go nuclear) will not bring a united nation (England-Germany- Japan-Viet Nam) to its knees.

      Iran will be quite capable of seeking a Bomb once the deal is dead and coordinated sanctions disappear. That leaves only War and its trail of unknown consequences.

    • Focusing on the last line of the article. Both NPR andPBS depend almost exclusively on Zionist commentators when dealing with middle-east though the proper perspectives on these problems are infused into the DNA by inheritance.
      Even the supposedly "evenhanded" Charlie Rose show follows the same guidelines. For these reasons, I no longer subscribe to either NPR or PBS as part of my personal BDS campaign.

      Now cometh self-proclaimed "Shomer Yisrael" Chuck Shumer to lead the Democrats. He will undoubtedly be the leading guest on all networks concerning the Middle-east.

      Again, quoting Mr. Weiss, "Both pieces are symptoms of the same problem. Israel and its friends have too prominent a place in our political discourse. "

  • Bill Maher justifies Netanyahu's racism by saying U.S. has done much worse
    • One thing that never comes into the conversation is that we, Americans Pay off two of those neighbors, Egypt and Jordan, to keep the peace with Israel to the tune of another 2.5+ bil dollars.
      And they have stayed "payed off." Additionally, we leveled a third, Iraq, for them.So they are not surrounded by hostile neighbors, thanks to the yankee dollar.

      Every time someone like Maher opens his mouth it all become more clear.

  • New York Times published piece about Netanyahu’s racism, then rewrote all of it
    • It is always fun to see the "Kershner-Rudoren tag-team-for-Bibi" in action.
      I often wonder what a gentile analysis of the US-Israeli relationship in NYT would look like?

  • Netanyahu won. Now what?
    • Like any other infection, this one had to come to a head...and it did. This is a terribly painful outcome for rational people, but it had to happen. Otherwise the ambiguity and obfuscation on issues of colonialism and racism and war would have continued to diffuse the focus on the actions of the Israeli government.
      Now, Bibi has made it clear: perpetual repression of the indigenous population....war on any who throw Israeli hegemony into doubt. The World clearly has before it a credo toward which it must respond.

      This is especially true of the Americans. Bibi's principles have been laid out clearly. Will Congress continue to support them in contradiction to those which Americans purport to hold? Will it continue to veto expressions of it's own policies in the UN?

      Confrontation of these things would be impossible without a Bibi victory.
      Be joyful in your sorrow.

  • Why I hope Netanyahu will be crushed tonight
    • Do you really think the Palestinians will do better with the bland face of Herzog at the fore? I doubt the wheels behind the mask will turn in a different direction, no matter whose face is out front.
      Bibi presents the majority face and keeps the conversation going.
      Who will better stimulate American re-examination of our role in making apartheid possible?
      Herzog? Bibi?

  • Sheldon Adelson is not the problem
    • I don't disagree that in the past Israel has had, more or less, a free pass from the American people. Partly something to do with the judeo-christian thing. But I would contend that this is not because of the inherent virtue or mutual interests of the two countries, but mainly rather because of the Image making by popular media (the "Exodus" movie being a prime example and the innumerable Holocaust films and dramas of victimhood) and because of the "antisemitism" barrier constructed to make criticism of any Israeli act punishable by cultural and political exile.
      Now come Sheldon and Bibi(along with a host of sycophants..many in the American Congress) whose very actions and demeanor make it impossible to maintain the image and consequently the barrier.
      We are just commencing upon the National conversation we have long needed to reassess the cost that we as Americans pay for our subservience to Israeli policy...and the crass and crude behavior of these twins has enhanced that conversation. Of course, thankfully, Mondewiess and others have been present to expose it. Hopefully Bibi will win again and help us take the A out of AIPAC.
      So I say.....Hats off to Selley and Bib...we wouldn't be where we are without ya.
      We love ya!!!!

  • Selective voting in the land of Greater Israel
    • This is's the internal national policies of Israel that HAVE created the Apartheid State. Who is blaming the religion already? A large portion of the people driving apartheid (outside of the Settlers) are non-religious. Blaming them has nothing to do with religion except when they hypocritically exploit it for ethnic cleansing. And blaming the fanatics in the settlements has nothing to do with "blaming the whole religion!"

  • Big front-page NYT article on 'settlements' does not quote one single Palestinian
    • But this is the rule...not the exception. Go to Brookings Institute...go to foreign policy...listen to Charlie Rose...the Washington Post. You don't even have more than the occasional gentiles, let alone Palestinians or other Muslims who might be sympathetic voices.
      This is just another article among articles and must be pointed out.

      The last line about "American Innocence" is apt since, like the ethnic cleansing of Natives here, we are supporting and participating the the cleansing of the Palestinians....

      "this innocence of the American is not a natural innocence, that innocence which is prior to experience; rather, this innocence is gained only through an intense suppression of the deeper and more subtle dimension of American experience.”

  • Senator who spearheaded letter to Iran got $1 million from Kristol's 'Emergency C'tee for Israel'
  • Congress flooded with letters urging members to #SkipTheSpeech of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu
    • Somehow I find the urge of Finestein, Dubin and other Democratic boot-lickers to somehow sanctify the Bibi visit almost more disgusting than the Boehner invitation. Their overwhelming need to protect their AIPAC donations by finding a venue to pledge their fealty, yet still appear faithful to their president creates a gap of hypocrisy that cannot be bridged.
      Wrong can be made right, but there is nothing to do for hypocrisy.
      At least the Repubs are straight forward: destroy Obama, even if it brings us closer to yet another war.

      I hear the echos of a New Anthem derived from "Santa Claus is Coming to Town, in which "Santa Claus" is replaced by" Netanhayu."
      Finestein and Durbin hear it....
      ...He knows if you've been bad or good so be Good for goodness sake!!

  • Netanyahu claims to know 'details' of Iran deal -- and State Dep't mocks him
    • Was Perdue attending that Full Tuition Training Center for US Congresspersons in Tel Aviv where so many have matriculated?
      Looks like he passed his first exam with flying and white.

    • Isn't there some one working in the White House kitchen or a groundskeeper who has that day off when AIPAC welcomes the White House rep? Since one of these folks in more likely to have a child in the military who would be affected by Netanyahu's war...he or she could bring a useful perspective to the "War-drum Gang Bangers" of AIPAC.

  • Boteach and Israeli ambassador say everything from BDS to Abbas places Jews under threat
    • With every article (including the utterings of Indyk in Brookings this morning)it is undeniable that US foreign policy in the Middle East is principally structured to protect Israeli hegemony in the region.
      With shifts in energy reserves, oil is no longer an excuse for squandering blood and treasure in the area. What else remains?
      As long as Isreali policy is built on destabilization of states it does not control (Egypt and Jordan are "controlled" through American money), and we support it, we will be up to our ankles in blood.
      The Americans need to establish priorities of national interest. If Israel is to be put above all other interests....then accept perpetual war.

  • Warren supporters can't talk about Palestine
    • putting it is a little different terms, you cannot win election in a country dominated by big money unless you are a submissive. If you want to have a chance, you must go to the AIPAC "red room"

    • Didn't she make her first trip to Israel recently. Is there a better indicator that she will run?

  • Netanyahu's disaster: speech cost 'omnipotent' lobby a veto proof majority for Iran sanctions
    • I say "50 Shades of Grey Last night:
      NEW GAME
      Treat it as an allegory with the US legislators as Anastasia and Christian (sorry about that) as Isreal.
      Go through the film and find the metaphors in the relationship between them.
      You get one point for each metaphor.
      Like start with the "play room" as AIPAC

  • Dear Mr. Netanyahu, please don't cancel your speech
    • Endgame:
      By his speech and assult on Obama, Bibi inflates the importance of sanctioning Iran and wrecking negotiations, even though his own intelligence people say Iran is not near a bomb. This creates bargaining capital to be traded if he agrees not to persist in wrecking the negotiations.

      Obama stands up to him, but by doing so, a situation is created in which he must pay a price and give the bib something big to keep the Money flowing from the lobby.

      To make things right with the donors, Obama backs off on pressing the peace process and looks the other way while the Bib and Co gobble up the remaining shreds of Palestine.

      Since Iran is not going to be allowed to get the Bomb, it is a win , win for the Bib.

  • Speech to AIPAC could give Netanyahu his out
    • I guess that since the Pope--as representative of all Catholics--will speak to Congress, Bibi wants to establish hisself on equal footing.

      Seems reasonable!

    • It is suggested that Bibi speak only at AIPAC since the congress would be there anyhow. But why not have the AIPAC meeting right on the floor of Congress since AIPAC runs that show as well. Save lots of money moving folks from the halls of Congress down to the Convention Center. AIPAC could bring their Lobby Squads--which generally bang on the doors of individual Member--right onto the Floor. More convenient for all.

  • Biden will skip Netanyahu's speech
    • by 2011 (according to the Forward there were 37 such fatalities out of about 6000 total for Iraq and Afganistan. looks like about 0.6%.

    • Can't we just have the AIPAC meeting in the Halls of Congress this year. All the participants for both Meetings will be in one place anyhow...just save them from having to gather up and move from one building to another.
      AIPAC always sends the lobby squads to hit each rep...this way teh squads wouldn't have far to go to carry out that task before stepping across the hall to the AIPac gathering.
      Efficient it would be!

    • Ya gotta love it! Watching those congreessmen and senators squirm when they think about not attending the Circus. Will they lose their AIPAC check? Will they lose their all paid expense trips to Israel next year? Will they lose their front row seats at the March AIPAC meeting.

      And how could that affect their lucrative post-congressional careers

  • Catnip and civilians -- a report card on the 'New York Times'
    • My suggestion is to read Haaretz before going to NYT (moderately good on Movie reviews and Sports....jury out on some of those weird Sam Shifton recipes) if you want the real skinny on American Foreign policy or the latest on settlement, slaughter or subjugation

  • Zero (0) Palestinians quoted in 'NYT' piece on rift between US and Israel
    • Several commentators addressing that piece also objected to the insistence of "equivalence" between Bibi' s slap in the face and Obama's response.

      My take? Oh! Pleeeeease let Bibi not change his mind and let it be on National TV with the camera focused directly on the Applause Machine following Netanyahu's presentation of Likud interests while trying to insist that War with Iran is in our Interests. Let the Light Shine In!!!

  • Netanyahu speech could allow Obama to 'take on the Jewish lobby' as he took on Cuba lobby -- Indyk
    • Yah, Martin!
      "Jewish Lobby" is kinda....maybe...well..forgive me for could say,...anti-semetic...?
      Walt and Mearsheimer were...well... a little more specific. They didn't include ALL Jews.
      Howaboutit Martin?

    • Thank Heaven! Now, when I see all those Senators and Congressmen slobbering at the next AIPAC meeting, I can utter the word "Jewish Lobby" and say that Indyk made me do it. (But, please, Martin, let's say" Zionist Lobby" for clarity).

      But I say, Let him (lower case "H") come! Play his speech on every channel and App! Let everyone see that he does speak for the Republican Party and that the Republican party is Likud.

      If you read all the recent comments on this subject in the NYT you will see how much benefit there is in this whole kerfuffle in shinning light on "America's most important relationship(as a white house spokesman said last week).

  • Surprise-- 'NYT' publishes straightforward report on Israeli human rights violations in Gaza

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