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I can only listen to Pink Floyd when David Gilmour is singing because Roger Waters is a nauseating Jew Hater. Mondoweiss usually rejects my comments. Therefore, they are here on known as Mundanewuss. They must think I am to pro Israel for their tastes. I think people who are anti Israel are fools. If a comment of mine was accepted then my pro Israel sentiment wasn't strong enough. Some of my Mondoweiss furry friends refer to me as a "Zio-Supremacist". I appreciate their understatement.

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  • 'A Jew who tried to abuse this fact' -- Israel deports activist for supporting BDS
    • lemme get this straight. Ariel Gold is a big shot at Code Pink. Ariel Gold and Code Pink calls for the academic, cultural and economic boycott of Israel. Still she wants to attend Hebrew University which is in Jerusalem, Israel which is the Capital of Israel. I guess the Universities in Israel must be so outstanding that a BDShole can't find another college in the world to take classes. Maybe Israel, after throwing her out, will use her in promoting their Universities to the world? I hope so!

  • Birthright walkout is met with vitriolic rage in Israel -- 'Radicals' 'You will get raped'
    • "“Steve”, see my 11:26 am comment for a serious, sure-fire way to ensure Zionism and in-marriage in the next generation."

      So Mooser, I was in Evanston a few weeks ago and I saw some JVP "people" protesting outside of Jan Schakowsky's office. I walked over to see what was going on. I was standing next to one of them and I said you stink. So he removed his JVP t-shirt and changed into his IfNotNow t-shirt. And I told him he still stinks.

    • " IfNotNow is surely leftleaning, but it does not oppose Zionism outright, "
      IfNotNow is JVP-LITE. Both are bottled at the same brewery of obsessive hatred directed against Israel, Israelis and the vast majority of Jews who are pro-Israel.
      So Birthright will start doing a better job of not allowing INN and/or JVP infiltrators to join the trips to Israel. This will result in a negligible decline in number of participants or more likely an increase.

  • Hitchhiking to Treblinka
    • Yeah Poland is a great place for Jews. So it was Jewish persons dream to repatriated to Poland after WWII and enjoy the good life under the communists. The Jewish people are so much better off in Israel or the U.S.
      Phil doesn't like Jewish communal life which is one of the most enjoyable parts of being Jewish. Since, Phil doesn't want to be part of Jewish communal life he thinks the rest of us shouldn't. Jewish Communal life in Israel is easier and it exists all over the Country. I could have been relocated to places with virtually no Jewish Communal life and that would have sucked.

      What Phil doesn't tell you is that Jewish victimhood was intentionally minimized at concentration camps and ghettos that are in locations that were under Communist regimes after WWII. The victims the Communists liked to say were anti-fascists. I'm sure not a single Jew who was murdered during the Shoah was given a chance to say I'm a fascist to save their ass.

  • Roger Waters plays Munich despite mayor's effort to stop concert over his support for BDS
    • Eljay "In your drinks dreams."
      More like great memories for those lucky enuf to be at the 2 concerts

    • And Ringo yelled "Fuck Off Roger Waters!" and proceeded to play Back Off Boogaloo at his concert with his All-Star Band a couple of days ago in Israel.

    • Eljay sez "No kidding! Everyone knows that “Animals” is Floyd’s best album."
      And everyone knows Roger Waters was looking in the mirror when he wrote this verse of "Pigs (Three Different Ones)" on the Animals Album:
      Big man, pig man
      Ha, ha, charade you are
      You well heeled big wheel
      Ha, ha, charade you are
      And when your hand is on your heart
      You're nearly a good laugh
      Almost a joker
      With your head down in the pig bin
      Saying 'Keep on digging'
      Pig stain on your fat chin
      What do you hope to find
      Down in the pig mine?
      You're nearly a laugh
      You're nearly a laugh
      But you're really a cry

      Old Geezer sez: "No one is listening."
      That's right bro, no one is listening to Roger Waters anymore.

    • I bet you never listened to him until he became an Israeli hating slime ball.
      I started listening to Pink Floyd when I was in Junior High. My friends and I loved Pink Floyd we would listen to Pink Floyd a lot. We loved Meddle and the live album Umma Gumma. I particularly liked Piper at the Gates of Dawn.
      Next month is my High School's 40th reunion. His music is banned from the event.

  • You can no more be a socialist Zionist than you can be a meat-eating vegan
    • I know a Socialist who started a grocery co-op in college. This socialist liked airplanes too. He figured away to get a private pilots license without having to pay for it because he had very little money. He got his private pilots license and was pissed because as a socialist he couldn't have a private pilots license and petitioned the FAA to call his license a people's pilot license.

      Later on with the skills he learned from managing the grocery co-op, he opened his first grocery store with a couple of partners. Eventually he had 12 stores throughout his state. While doing this he got an instrument rating, got a commercial license and became a certified flight instructor and eventually got a airline transport pilots license.

      So he saw an ad for a job as a pilot flying an IAI Westwind, and got a type rating and took the job. At that time he was an owner of a grocery store chain, a corporate pilot and a socialist.

      He then bought the IAI Westwind from the company he flew for and started his own air charter company. The company he flew for wasn't using the jet enough for them to continue to own it. His former company became a major customer and there were other customers too.
      He ended up selling his grocery stores to a major grocery chain and grew his charter operation to 12 jets.

      He sold the stores because he likes to fly. Everyday he flies at least one charter along with the other pilots who work for him. Not bad for a socialist.

  • Don't expect Elizabeth Warren or Kamala Harris to be critical of Israel
    • Oy Phillie baby!
      You're a media mogul who claims to be Jewish everytime you spread hatred towards Israel. Can't you throw a couple of Shekels towards a candidate? Don't you wanna to live up to your stereotype and buy yourself some political influence?

  • Literary hero Yossi Klein Halevi says anti-Zionist Jews aren't Jewish
    • Annie, you know JVP won't have pot to pee in to fight in the courts. No one will want to be seen forking cash over to them. I'm gonna sit back and enjoy watching this happen. This might be more fun than watching Jason Heyward's walk off grand slam the other night in the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs against the Phillies.

    • Colleges won't tolerate Israel hating bullshit on Campuses nearly as much and people will simply be more repulsed by Israel hating BS than before. I don't care where they meet.

    • "So if you don’t accept the idea of a Jewish state, you’re not a Jew. And STFU."

      Phil, maybe you and JVP should take his advice. Especially since Kenneth Marcus has been confirmed as Under Secretary of Education for Civil Rights by the Senate. JVP is finished and you are probably too.

  • Rob Malley and Chris Hayes can't talk about Adelson's influence in scrapping Iran deal
    • Sometimes Mooser you just gotta amuse yourself.

    • Phil,
      You know that I am the Jew that causes and has caused all policy that could be considered favorable to Jews and Israel. I also control and have controlled all media and the banks.
      Your welcome.

  • Donald Trump is a hero to Jewish Israelis
    • If Phil feels he needs the services of the company whose brochure you shared and if he can afford them, then engage them. I haven't used their services so I can't recommend them. And thanks for asking for my input.

    • Religious Strings are so descriptive of what they are. Weiss believes Tzitzit are nothing more than silly string.

    • (1) Phil is sexist. Sexist towards Jewish Women. Would he describe the hair appearance of a Palestinian woman who didn't have her hair covered?
      "It’s hard to believe, but he has been very good to us, Trump,” Nehama, a well-coiffed 47 year old with her son, said."
      (2) Phil is Anti-Semitic. Phil doesn't use the word "Tzitzit" or "Tzitzis" but calls them "Religious Strings". Would Phil call a Keffiyeh or a Hijab something other than what they're actually called? He has a disdain for everything a religious Jewish Person wears and all of their rituals.
      "Avraham Feld, 65, an American-Israeli wearing religious strings,"
      (3) Yes a mysoginist and demogogue can do something right. Heck Phil, you were even pumping up Trump until he started speaking from a Pro-Israel perspective early in in his candidacy. Jews in the U.S. lament that it wasn't Obama who moved the Embassy to Jerusalem. But the Iran Nuke Deal left American Jews little hope. I'm thankful that Trump did the correct think.
      "“I thought Trump was an idiot,” Chaya, an American-Israeli of 60, confessed. “He has surpassed every expectation. Though he’s still a womanizer and a loudmouth.”"

  • Netanyahu's cheap theatrics fall flat, but alas, he has an audience of one -- Trump
  • Portman's move puts pressure on liberal Zionists to take a stand
    • Mooser, thanks for giving me the opportunity to rub it in a bissele more.

      Since in quite a few your in excess of 30,000 comments here on MW you talk about Reform Jews. If you actually check out the attached article to my original comment and scroll through the photos you will see several female Rabbis some Reformed and some Conservative. All of them are younger than Brant Rosen and all of them lead much, much larger Congregations. They are all pro-Israel and speak out against BDS and teach the youth in their Synagogues to Stand With Israel.
      The Celebration of Israels 70th took place at North Shore Congregation Israel which is a Reformed Synagogue where Rabbi Wendi Geffen is the Rabbi. Also present and participating was Reformed Rabbi Karyn Kedar of Bnai Joshua Beth Elohim of Deerfield. Also present and participating was Conservative Rabbi Debra Kamin Newman of Am Yisrael. Debra Kamen Newman just became President of The Rabbinic Assembly of Conservative Judaism. Also present and participating is Conservative Rabbi Annie Tucker of Beth Hillel in Wilmette. Did I mention that these are enthusiastic pro-Israel, Zionist and charismatic Rabbis of large Synagogues that serve a large number of youth.

      Then there is the openly Lesbian Rabbi Rachel Weiss at Jewish Reconstructionist Center that replaced Brant Rosen. She has brought Zionism back to JRC.

      This anecdotal survey says me and my fellow Jews are Zionists and steadfastly PRO-ISRAEL!
      So Gut Shabbos Mooser!

    • Phil sez: "Portman’s move puts pressure on liberal Zionists to take a stand"

      The stand they take is with Israel. Agreeing or disagreeing with Natalie Portman is nothing more than a minor disagreement. The agreement is in Standing With Israel.

      Check out the Yom HaAtzmuat celebration at North Shore Congregation Israel. In particular read what the young Rabbi Wendi Geffen says. The Jewish Communities support for Israel just gets stronger when JVP and other Israel hating groups wage their hatred directed at Israel.,amp.html

  • Natalie Portman's criticism of 'atrocities' leaves Israel's advocates silent
  • The 'Jewish nation' is the central myth of Zionism. It needs to be dismantled.
  • Jewish leader refuses to debate BDS with young Jew, at J Street conference
    • Phil,
      Michael Steinhardt flipping the bird at you BDSHOLES speaks for all Jews. We all think BDSHOLES are idiots and they aren't welcome anywhere. And that isn't going to change. Chicago is lighting up 7 Landmarks in blue to celebrate Israel's 70th!

  • Some Israeli soldiers on Gaza border have reached out to 'Breaking the Silence'
    • Today is Yom HaZikaron in Israel. Memorial Day. I honor those who gave their lives serving in the IDF defending the World's only Jewish Country. May their memories continue to be a blessing.

  • Influential rabbi teaches would-be Israeli soldiers: Genocide is a mitzvah
  • Durham, NC votes for nation's first ban on police exchanges with Israel
  • Jews and trauma
    • "I looked at it Jewishly." No you didn't. You don't look at anything "Jewishly" because if you did you never would've said "My mother was somehow traumatized by the Holocaust."
      Somehow traumatized? How couldn't she be traumatized? And your mother says "She sometimes said that she had one child for each million". And you honor that with Mondoweiss and you say you think "Jewishly"?
      And you mother's best friend Golda says "Is your blog Mondoweiss a desperate attempt to make your name known (a result of your failure to do so in literature), or is it a byproduct of your unresolved conflict with your father? I want to cry. Golda.” And you retaliate against Golda and your mother by cultivating this Lillian Rosengarten character.

      Phil you truly are a pathetic person. The reason for your pathos is the Shoah. And your pathos manifests itself by blaming the Jews and hating Israel.

  • Older Jews are officially terrified of young Jews' views of Israel
  • The problem with Passover
  • AIPAC is suddenly getting a lot of bad press, in Jewish papers and 'Washington Post'
    • It is glaring that Phil Weiss doesn't mention the recent pieces by Caroline Glick and other more Conservative pro-Israel commentaries that are very critical of AIPAC. Phil Weiss won't admit that AIPAC is centrist and represents pro-Israel Americans. Those who support AIPAC like I do will only support peace plans that the vast majority of Israelis decide for themselves and on their own and will not regret for the rest of their lives without bending to external pressure. AIPAC is obviously successful because it upsets people with more conservative views and those who are J-STREET supporters and further left. But anyone who isn't as much a leftist as Weiss is "Right Wing" in the eye of Weiss. Of course I'm speaking to a crowd that competes to out hate Israel more than the next guy, so y'all ain't interested this bit of nuance and truth.

  • For Bari Weiss, Israel advocacy was both ideology and good career move
    • "In looking over Weiss’s back pages, I was struck by the fact that Zionist advocacy has given Weiss quite a career. "
      All this proves is if you behave like a reasonable person and do the correct thing your career and when you don't your career suffers. Bari Weiss has nothing to be ashamed of. The other Weiss, ya know the Harvard Grad, should look to Ms. Weiss as a role model.

  • Rabbi Cardozo: outlawing circumcision would 'end the state of Israel'
    • Mooser "No, but if there was a law, (or even just medical regulations on the operation, for God’s sake!) people could much more easily be sued by their circumcised children. And mohels and doctors, too. Without a law, restitution is nearly impossible."
      So Mooser, why do you want to take your parents to the cleaners?

    • JonS
      Why do you care what what this Ofir guy or any other Mondoweiss fan/BDShole thinks about Brit Mila or really anything else? You know as well as I do that Brit Mila ain't going away any time soon. Any country that tried to ban it will be looked upon as anti-Jewish.
      Also JonS we both know Israel is here to stay for the long haul. The Mondoweiss fans/BDSholes and their ilk aren't worth the time and effort to try to convince of anything. Also we both know the difference between extreme right wing and extreme left wing Jew hatred. The extreme right wing will more likely out right express their hatred towards Jew and Israel. The extreme leftists will say they don't hate Jews, but express their hatred against anything Jews value. They of course are "indirectly" hating Jews for the cause of human rights.
      So I recommend that you point out their hatred and their utter stupidity (they think they are so fucking brilliant) without engaging with them. You'll have more fun that way and Judaism and Israel will continue to prevail and they will continue to bang their heads against the wall.

  • Zionism, anti-Semitism, Israel — and the UK Labour party
    • I grew up in the bubble known as Chicago. I'm not a Zio. I'm a Zionist.
      Who cares that Gilad Atzmon or Jonathan Ofir or Yoni Falic were all born in Israel? All that proves is that assholes are born everywhere. David Duke and Louis Farrakhan were born in the U.S.A.

    • "a derogatory word for Jews? what’s next, banning the term zionist?"
      Often used by anti-Semites as a substitute for the word Jew as a feeble way to disguise their anti-Semitism. Happens all the time by those who are fans of Mondoweiss and by David Duke types. I am a Jew and a Zionist and proud to be in both groups.

  • Schumer and Dems outdo Trump at AIPAC-- there's no peace because 'Palestinians don't believe in Torah'
    • Mooser,
      If I did, I'd remember to comment here more and start catching up to you in the number of posts. I don't want to be anywhere near second in being bananas compared to you.

    • Nah Citizen, I'm good with Netanyahu for now. But that is really for Israeli Citizens to decide.

    • So Marnie,
      Who would you like to see as Prime Minister of Israel?

    • Hey Phil,
      I'm guessing somehow they let you into AIPAC 2018. If that is true, will you do me a favor? Go introduce yourself to Jan Schakowsky. I know she is there. After she gets a good look at you she'll start talking like David Friedman or Caroline Glick. Thanks.

  • Jared Kushner's swift rise and long, long fall
    • Its funny Eljay I know a Jew here and there. They are all Zionists. The Shul I belong to has an Israeli flag on one side of the Aron Kodesh and an American on the other side. On Shabbat we say the prayer for our country and the prayer for the State of Israel in Hebrew and English. I've been a member of this Shul for 30 years. There are about 700 families that are members. I guess as you say we all hate each other, but you couldn't tell that when we are together. Anyway Eljay, you gotta give up on your dream of being a Rottenfüher in the SS.

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